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Rajon Rondo

Rajon Pierre Rondo (born February 22, 1986) is an American professional basketball point guard with the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

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Vince Carter and Rajon Rondo were living in 2009 tonight.
(2010) Rajon Rondo somehow finds Ray Allen and hits him on the money for the assist.
Pelicans Injury Alert 🚨. -Tony Allen and Jameer Nelson out. -Anthony Davis questionable, will update. -Rajon Rondo, Jr…
But guys like Ben Simmons, Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, all are making that pass 10/10 becaus…
Can’t wait for Jim Carrey to portray Rick Carlisle in a movie and pick fights with Rajon Rondo and Nerlens Noel on…
Rajon Rondo just told and that Darius Miller belongs in the three-point contest, Jrue Hol…
wassup can you put rajon rondo last game as a Celtic on YouTube ?
"There's a chance that he ends up being a point guard on a championship team...but it may not be as Jason…
Yeah that caught me offguard seeing Tony Allen on the…
I can see Lonzo, at best, being a Rajon Rondo type player. A good player that can be really good if surrounded by b…
Rajon Rondo with one of the most disrespectful high school dunks
Needs to be a loaded team. He's like a bad defensive Rajon Rondo.
Rajon Rondo (sports hernia) has been going through shooting drills after practices.
People keep saying I look like rajon rondo. I don’t see it.
Am I missing something isn't he basically an over hyped Rajon Rondo.
If Rajon Rondo would’ve been playing tonight..Lonzo’s points would’ve been cut in half or maybe less than that.
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8 points (3/13), 13 assists, and 8 boards for Lonzo Ball. This is looking like a Rajon Rondo statline tbh.
Rajon Rondo has had this statline every game of his life but since its Lonzo everyone loses their minds
I liked a video Rajon Rondo Emotional Boston Celtics Return Tribute Video in HD
Was a big fan of kg when I first started liking basketball! & then Rajon rondo soon after
Rajon Rondo getting shots up after today's practice with Ian Clark and Jrue Holiday
Tony Allen just did the Rajon Rondo pass fake
*** Since when did Rajon Rondo play for the via
New Orleans Pelicans point guard Rajon Rondo is inactive tonight in Los Angeles, but he...
Pelicans won't have Rajon Rondo tonight I think. Holiday is a decent defender. Lonzo could have another good night
I also have a few drafts about Syd fron The Internet being Rajon Rondo’s long lost twin. But again, Im being good tonight.
I added a video to a playlist How to Shoot a Floater With Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, and Chris Paul:
The worst owner in sports. Had a core of Nash, Stoudemire, Marion and Joe Johnson. Let Johnson wal…
please embarrass Rajon Rondo 2night after he disrespected my disabled dad with PLS at the Ritz this morning
I dont like Lonzo but I think he will be good with time. Like Rajon Rondo good
Rajon Rondo wears his reply to the racist, divisive, lying, man-child in the White House.
The pick in the draft just woke up as Rajon Rondo from the perimeter one morning. Incredible.
Rajon Rondo threw an alley-oop off his head to Eric Bledsoe at the Kentucky Alumni game. 👀🔥 . (via .
Rajon Rondo with the sick off-the-head alley-oop pass to Eric Bledsoe at the UK Alumni Charity Game. FULL VIDEO:
Are you excited for Chicago Bulls Preseason against former bulls player Rajon Rondo. Can the Chicago Bulls be 6-0.
have "missed" out on D. Rose and Rajon Rondo... maybe it's destined for to start this year and Ian Clark/Hart back him up
Sources: Free agent Rajon Rondo has signed his one-year deal with New Orleans for $3.3M.
After a turbulent season with the Chicago Bulls, Rajon Rondo is starting fresh in New Orleans.
Listened to a little of NOLA sports talk. Both the hosts are comparing Tim Frazier to Rajon Rondo smh…
This Just In: Free agent guard Rajon Rondo reaches agreement on a one-year deal with the New Orleans Pelicans. (via The V…
[Larry Brown Sports] Report: Lakers still trying to sign Rajon Rondo after Kentavious Caldwell-Pope
Free agent guard Rajon Rondo met with Lakers president Magic Johnson in Los Angeles today, league sources tell ESPN.
The Lakers met with free agents Rajon Rondo and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope on Tuesday.
IN THIS ORDER: The are interested in Dion Waiters, Jamal Crawford, and Rajon Rondo.
REPORT: the Bulls have waived Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
Only one of the "Three Alphas" remain after Bulls waive Rajon Rondo, trade Jimmy Butler
Bulls waive Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan - The Chicago Bulls announced today that the team has waived guards R... https:…
The Bulls have released Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan today
Bulls waive Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan, prepare for free agency
Bulls announce they have waived Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
According to the team has waived Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
The Bulls have waived guards Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
I want Rajon Rondo to sign with Minnesota.
Free Agency done left Woj with some cold sides like Rajon Rondo and Thickems Lowry
Rajon Rondo showed you what it looked like
The timberwolves need to sign rajon rondo
Bulls waive veteran Rondo after only 1 season - via App
Rondo a free agent again as Bulls waive former All-Star guard after just one season in Chicago
When you hear the Timberwolves are interested in Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose
waive Rajon Rondo, down to just one ‘alpha’, by
First Isiah Cannan and Rajon Rondo out of the Bulls, now Paul George to OKC! What next?
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Down to 1 Alpha. The Bulls officially waive Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
Bulls just waived Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan. Point guard minutes will go to Dunn, Payne & maybe Grant as the rebuil…
Rajon Rondo still got game think he fits in nice with the Pelicans
Bulls waive veteran Rondo after only 1 season
The Bulls just announced the release of Rajon Rondo ...
Timberwolves interested in free agent PGs: Rondo, Teague, or Rose (via
Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan have been released by the Chicago Bulls.
The Bulls announce they have waived veteran point guard Rajon Rondo.
The Spurs, Cavs, Raptors and Pelicans are all potential teams that could sign Rajon Rondo.
Rajon Rondo was waived by the Bulls today. The Bulls had a -2.1 net efficiency when he was on the floor last season, +2…
11 years ago today Danny Ainge fleeced the Suns by trading a future 1st round pick that turned into "cash consideration…
Bulls announce that they've released Rajon Rondo
Bro what if Andre Iguodala and Rajon Rondo go to OKC 😧
What will Bulls do with Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade? -
What will do with Rajon Rondo and Dwyane Wade? (
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One would think with the trades that the Bulls won't bring Rajon Rondo back. Nothing official but would seem Bulls will go w…
After the Cam Payne, Jerian Grant, and Rajon Rondo evaluations, I'm probably not going to trust Bulls' evaluation of Dunn
Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade reportedly don't want Rajon Rondo back. They could recruit Kyle Lowry to Chicago.
Ray Allen, Kevin Garnet, Rajon Rondo and Paul Pierce is definitely a compatible match up.
Ray Allen chimes in on last night's Area 21 featuring Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce & Kendrick Perkins
How the Chicago Bulls can use Rajon Rondo correctly this season
Rajon Rondo discusses his first season with the Chicago Bulls...
Rajon Rondo talks first season with Chicago Bulls...
Believe it or not, the Bulls want to run it back with Fred Hoiberg and Rajon Rondo
'Really good chance' that the bring back Rajon Rondo via
NBA: Rajon Rondo has "really good chance" to have $13.4M option picked up for next season, says Bulls VP John Paxson
John Paxson and Gar Forman news conference is over. The clear winner: Rajon Rondo.
The Bulls are likely to retain Rajon Rondo, plus several more takeaways from today’s John Paxson/Gar Forman presser: https…
Bulls EVP John Paxson: 'Really good chance' team will exercise option on Rajon Rondo via App
John Paxson: 'Really good chance' Bulls bring Rajon Rondo back.
Former Kentucky players with at least 42 points scored in an NBA playoffs game: Rex Chapman, Rajon Rondo, John Wall
This series is just building toward Rajon Rondo's Willis Reed moment for Game 7 in Boston.
Little throwback, Rajon Rondo no look oop to Kenneth Faried 🔥. Via IG/timelesssports
Rajon Rondo out, Isaiah Canaan to start at point for Chicago Bulls in Game 5
Joe Johnson and Rajon Rondo have been 2 of the most impactful players this playoffs. What year is it?
the out-of-game Rajon Rondo catch us win the game,hhh
Bulls guard Rajon Rondo has a broken thumb and is out of the playoffs indefinitely
Did anyone else notice this about Rajon Rondo??
The Bulls keep finding these young point guards and they all can't play. I never imagined Rajon Rondo would be so important t…
Watched the Celtics play for the first time in years. Saw Rajon Rondo on TV on the bench. Assumed he was still our point guard. I was wrong.
Took Rajon Rondo getting hurt for the Seed Celtics to win a game against the Bulls.
Rajon Rondo with his hand in a cast is legitimately a better option than anything else at this point.
Even in street clothes, is Rajon Rondo trying to make an impact on this game 👟 ❓❓❓
I liked a video Rajon Rondo final Mavericks game. Quits on his teammates.
Bulls G Rajon Rondo out indefinitely with a thumb fracture he suffered in Game 2.
Rajon Rondo says he was stretching his leg. NBA determines otherwise and fines him $25k for attempting to trip Jae Crowder
Rajon Rondo, from invisible to indispensable. .
I used to be so in love with Rajon Rondo. 😭. I'd rewatch all of his highlights on YouTube over & over.
Playoff Dwyane Wade ✔️. National TV Rajon Rondo ✔️. Jimmy G Buckets ✔️. . I don't want to say the Celtics should be afraid,…
Wilbon on SC moments ago "Rajon Rondo's not walking through that door"
Breaking: Rajon Rondo fractured his right thumb in Game 2 of the Bulls’ series against the Celtics.
Update: Rajon Rondo has been fined $25K for attempting to trip Jae Crowder
Rajon Rondo says he's grown as a leader in CHI, in part b/c of advice from a couple of his former Celtics teammates
Bulls' Rajon Rondo: "When you tear an ACL, your leg gets stiff on you." Very true, but he tried 2 trip Jae Crowder.😉. h…
The Celtics have fallen into a two-game hole thanks in large part to the high-level play of Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler and Dway…
Thank goodness for Rajon Rondo's inj. I won't lie but that played a big part to winning 2 games in a row.
It's a sad day for all of us when Dwyane Wade needs Rajon Rondo to carry him.
Nate Robinson calls for Bulls to sign him in wake of Rajon Rondo injury
Rajon Rondo was fined $25,000 for sticking out his leg from the bench in an apparent attempt to trip Jae Crowder.
Celtics Notebook: Rajon Rondo fined for sticking his leg out at Jae Crowder.
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NBA Playoffs: Bulls' Rajon Rondo fined $25,000 for attempted trip of Celtics' Jae Crowder in Game 3via App
Charles Barkley says the "got lucky" with Rajon Rondo going down with his injury. (Via TNT)
I asked Rajon Rondo before the game what it would take to play in this series. He said "It depends on the Man upstairs."…
Patrick Beverley, Rajon Rondo each fined $25,000 by the NBA
Rajon Rondo fined by NBA for trying to trip Celtics' Jae Crowder from bench -
Me and Rajon Rondo have the same cast
No 2016 free agents more important in the 2017 playoffs than Joe Johnson and Rajon Rondo.
Rajon Rondo had claimed he was just stretching his legs, but he was stll fined for trying to trip Jae Crowder.
Jerian Grant to start in place of Rajon Rondo for Bulls
Chicago Bulls Jerian Grant will start now in place of Rajon Rondo who is out indefinitely. Michael Carter-Williams wil…
Wire: Rajon Rondo on possibly tripping Jae Crowder: 'When you tear an ACL, your leg…
PG-SG Jerian Grant started Friday's Game 3 at PG in place of star PG Rajon Rondo (thumb).
Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade each scored 22 during Game 2, but it's Rajon Rondo whom the Celtics are zeroing in on:
With the up 2-0 on the in Round 1, will Rondo continue to play well?
"When they ask questions I always try to give the best advice and lead by example." - Rajon Rondo on his younger teammate…
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[Insert picture of Rajon Rondo's outfit last night]
NBA Playoffs cheat sheet: 7 cool plays you missed from the Raptors, Bulls, and Clippers Game 2 victories.
Rajon Rondo now with 7 assists, dishing them to 5 different players.
Rajon Rondo has recorded double-digit assists in a Playoff game for the 42nd time in his career.
Rajon Rondo is the 2nd Bulls player with 10 assists and 5 steals in a playoff game over the last 30 seasons, joining Mic…
Rajon Rondo now has career playoff averages of 14.4 points, 6 rebounds, 9.1 assists and 2 steals in 96 games.
ICYMI: Rajon Rondo and have taken a 2-0 lead over the Boston , and he deserves some credit: . http…
This was an incredibly important play by DeAndre Jordan that counts for nothing in the box score.
Bulls' Three Alphas reunited and reveling in newfound chemistry via
Dwyane Wade used to play against Rajon Rondo in the playoffs. Now, he's happy to be his teammate. https:…
Rajon Rondo fills the stat sheet with 11p, 14a, 9r & 5s as the take a 2-0 series lead. .
Rajon Rondo is the first player to have a line of 11 PTS, 14 AST, 9 REB & 5 STL in the since...Rajon Rondo in 20…
NBA vets & continue to deliver in the clutch for STORY: (via
Rajon Rondo tied a Bulls postseason record with 14 assists in Game 2, but he created more points off those...
Imagine letting Rajon Rondo eliminate you from the playoffs in 2017
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Rajon Rondo was back at it Tuesday night against his old team in this
RAJON Rondo and Robin Lopez the most improved
one thing let rajon rondo shoot outside. Give him space.
"He's been in a lot of these big moments... and he's going to continue to lead us." - Fred Hoiberg on Rajon Rondo.
Prime Rajon Rondo is top 5 PG of all time. Don't @ me.
Remember when fans loved postseason Rajon Rondo? They got way too much of that guy tonight.
The last time Rajon Rondo had 10+ Ast in the playoffs?. Game 7 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals... for the Celtics.…
It's "Dawg" days of playoffs, and Rajon Rondo is eating it all up, by
This is one of the best descriptions of Rajon Rondo I've ever seen.
So Rajon Rondo is telling teammates that the Celtics quit last night. If there's anyone that knows about quitting in the play…
Avery Bradley: Rajon Rondo told teammates Celtics 'gave up' in Game 2 |
Many reasons for playoff resurgence but none bigger than Rajon Rondo. Column
With at the controls, Chicago Bulls are running and gunning | Rajon Rondo
Rajon Rondo turned back the clock to help the Bulls pick up a huge Game 2 win.
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman give credit to Rajon Rondo for gelling with Dwyane Wade and Ji... - via App
"Fred Hoiberg is doing a helluva job putting us in the right situations to get wins". -Rajon Rondo . U handle Otta b BIG Fail
This is Gold. Listen to Fred Hoiberg talk about Rajon Rondo.
Celtics notebook: Rajon Rondo steps up game at Garden, leads Bulls to 2-0 series lead
Rajon Rondo pulled out all the moves tonight for the Chicago Bulls!
Rajon Rondo fills the stat sheet with 11 points, 14 assists, 9 rebounds & 5 steals as the Chicago Bulls
Certainly never thought Rajon Rondo would be winning playoff games at the Garden in Boston ever again
Bulls feel they can knock off top-seeded Celtics with huge contributions from Jimmy Butler, D-Wade and Rajon Rondo - Nick Friedell (ESPN) …
Jerian Grant steps up for injured Rajon Rondo in Bulls' win over Magic - Chicago Tribune
Ray Allen wasn't the only former Celtics player Rajon Rondo failed to invite to the 2008 NBA title celebration.…
Rajon Rondo says Boston Celtics will have 10-year anniversary for '08 title -- and Ray Allen is not invited
Single game performance JamesOn Curry scoring like 65 against Andrews,Rajon Rondo in AAU scoring around 50 and John…
Bertrand is comparing Isiah Thomas to Rajon Rondo right now. Close to being done with Beetle
lets not forget Celtics had Tony Allen, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett stop it bro
For tomorrow night’s game at the Detroit Pistons:. Rajon Rondo (right ankle sprain) is QUESTIONABLE. Dwyane...
The Steph Curry pregame shooting exhibition just ended...but don't worry we can now watch Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan.
right, my favorite part of this is the very best version of Michael Carter Williams is Rajon Rondo.
Not mad at all that I just sat through this entire compilation. Also, Greg Stiemsma appearance and the Rajon Rondo-…
What a great trade that was. A salary dump so you could sign Rajon Rondo (gone), Marco Belinelli (gone) and Kosta Koafas (being shopped)
...Michael Carter-Williams put up 12 points, Robin Lopez and Rajon Rondo both with 10 points.
You put Rajon Rondo and Matt Barnes on a court together. Of course there will be fighting.
Rajon Rondo should take his frustration out on a folding chair. What's the worst that could happen?. Regards,. Enes Kanter
Drama is erupting in Chicago as the faltering Bulls go into a full-on meltdown.
1. The year is 2025. Rajon Rondo has returned home to America after retiring as the all-time assists leader in Chinese basket ball history
Rajon Rondo posted this on his Instagram! 👀
I want everybody on the Bulls gone, Paxon, Gar Forman, Fred Hoiberg, Rajon Rondo, Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler, all them n…
Rajon Rondo throws shots at Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler on IG👀🔥
If cavs were to some how get Carmelo Anthony and Rajon the words of Vince Carter.ITS OVER! ITS OVER!
Live look-in at Rajon Rondo, who has been placed in timeout indefinitely by the Bulls until he learns that "social med…
why are y’all on the internet arguing about Rajon Rondo at 2 AM EST?
Cavaliers should make a push for Rajon Rondo
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⚡️ “Rajon Rondo unloads on his Bulls teammates”.
Imagine Rajon Rondo being the best leader on your team in 2017 💀💀💀💀
Rajon Rondo on Instagram "The young guys work & show up. They don't deserve blame. If anything is questionable, it…
I just want everyone to know, Rajon Rondo did this with perfect timing. He knew cavs needed a PG & the trade deadline is in a couple weeks.😂
People seem to think Rajon Rondo isn't playing because he can't. No... Rajon Rondo isn't playing because his head coach is a…
Rajon Rondo's latest post on Instagram is a special one. This is what playing in Boston does 💯. Isaiah Thomas even comme…
Evan Turner wants the to settle their locker room beef in a boxing match
Bulls' Rajon Rondo fires back at Dwyane Wade, Jimmy Butler on Instagram .
Why do we take anything rajon rondo says about a lockerroom seriously against Dwayne&jimmy?
Rajon Rondo posted this on his Instagram. 👀😳
Rondo has what Butler wants? A Ring! Rajon Rondo's latest Bulls comments should be the end of his NBA career
Is that a wrap for Rondo?. Rajon Rondo takes to Instagram, fires back at Wade & Butler after criticism of Bulls https:/…
Rajon Rondo just posted this on his Instagram! 😳
Holy lord Rajon Rondo just went Manhattan Project on Wade and Butler 🌋🌋🌋
Rajon Rondo sends huge shade at Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler in Instagram post:
Rajon Rondo calls out Bulls teammates Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler for their criticism of the team.
Rajon Rondo made this post on Instagram, attacking the leadership of Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler.
👀 Rajon Rondo posted to Instagram a day after Dwyane Wade & Jimmy Butler spoke to the media. MORE:
Also, Rajon Rondo is and will always be one of my most beloved Celtics. I don't care what anyone says about him.
Rajon Rondo is FED up with the Bulls and the team leaders, calls out Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler. https:/…
Rajon Rondo makes a statement on Instagram. Wow.
Rajon Rondo sounds OFF on his teammates, woah.
Rajon Rondo is going to kill it in the Chinese Basketball Association.
Wow!! Rajon Rondo just drilled Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade. We will discuss this on at 6:00 p.m.
Darren Collison just defended Michael Carter-Williams as if he was Rajon Rondo. Rajon Rondo enters the game.
Bulls Video: Inside the numbers of Rajon Rondo's mind-boggling 462-minute free throw drought - Tom Haberstroh (ESP…
I'll see your Jameer Nelson french fry & raise you Rajon Rondo letting me get the last box of Thin Mints
Thank you Rajon Rondo for acting professional with this horrible front office.
Rajon Rondo said the explanation he received for his benching was "they're trying to save me from myself", not knowing…
Rondo expresses distaste with his benching (Yahoo Sports)
domain names
Bulls give away Rajon Rondo bobbleheads; Rondo has a great seat for promotion
'Bulls***' - Rajon Rondo angry at Chicago Bulls for benching.
I know I'm a little late but sho , why you gotta bench my bro Rajon Rondo for ? 😏 .
Rajon Rondo taking it one day at a time. READ:
Taj: "It was great to have Rajon back." Hoiberg said Rondo likely will stay in rotation.
"We're a much better team with him on the court." . - Taj Gibson on Rajon Rondo
Benched says time with Bulls a lot different than what I anticipated
best sidekick he's ever had is Rajon Rondo last season and they didn't resign him. The Kings never draft well either.
Rajon Rondo returns for Bulls, calls B.S. on explanation of benching
5 players i dont want on my team: Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Joakim Noah, Mario Chalmers& Mike Dunleavy.
A Rajon Rondo bobblehead is stupid no matter how many minutes he plays.
First Rudy *** then Rajon Rondo, after that Aaron Afflalo, now Paul Millsap's career might be done...…
Rajon Rondo bobblehead night is Monday at the United Center
Why dont the Cavs trade Rajon Rondo to be the back up for Kyrie Irvin...wah do u think?
Who wins in this trade scenario between and . get Rajon Rondo. get Shumpert, Felder, McRae
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Best Trade for Rajon Rondo: Ricky Rubio If Gar Forman and John Paxson are looking for a trade…
LeBron says not finished making big moves, demands a back up PG, "It's my last time saying it!" (via Rondo
. what is left to trade?. James Jones and some leftover XXXL Shawn Kemp jerseys to the Bulls for Rajon Rondo?
if you had a choice for backup point guard would you want Mario Chalmers or Rajon Rondo?
Rajon Rondo's future with the Bulls appears to be up in the air after benching - Comcast…
Report: keeping an eye on Rajon Rondo, Mario Chalmers.
Come back later for my column: "Is a traffic cone a better fit for the Bulls offense than Rajon Rondo?"
Hey I gave this whole sports writing thing a try, check it out. Hope you all enjoy it.
.Podcast Recap: Rondo a fit in Memphis? & on that & more. http…
or the 2008 Celtics - Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Kendrick Perkins, Rajon Rondo, Ooops should I continue?
Barber: Hey Rajon, what kinda cut do you want?. Rondo: A cut from the Bulls. Barber: Say no more
Rajon Rondo went from looking like the next big point guard to barely getting playing time. It's sad. He's so talented.
The Cavs are reportedly interested in Rajon Rondo.
NEW talks trading Paul Millsap, the Rajon Rondo situation and more!
Cavs next move to counter the Warriors: acquiring Rajon Rondo
LeBron the type to make Rajon rondo a all star again
The New Orleans Pelicans would be a perfect fit for a Rajon Rondo trade
Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett. AND Rajon Rondo was there. Instead of joining them like Durant did, he went…
There were the Celtics that had Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Rajon Rondo. So no he didn't.
The Cleveland Cavaliers are interested in having Rajon Rondo and Mario Chalmers to backup starting point guard Kyrie Irvin…
Rajon Rondo and Mario Chalmers on Cavs' radar as backup PG options.
SLAM Week in Review: Cavs trade for Kyle Korver, Rajon Rondo gets DNP-CDs, Bogut's future in Dallas & more.
The Cavaliers have Rajon Rondo on their radar, according to Cleveland beat writers.
Swollen left knee forces Dwyane Wade to join Rajon Rondo on Bulls bench
Will Gottlieb discusses Rajon Rondo and the Bulls on Sports Feed...
And there's a lot of room between "The Process" and signing Monta Ellis and trading for Jeff Teague or maxing out Rajon Rondo.
keep Rondo on bench again in second half
Eh 20ppg isn't bad at all, it could be worse, like the dumpster fire t…
Derrick Rose balling in New York, Rajon Rondo getting benched in Chicago. . This is what the Bulls organization deserves, hope it continues
Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Thomas combined for 52 points and 1 ast tonight.
Is Rajon Rondo about to lose the starting point guard role on the
Rajon Rondo benched for the second half as Bulls lose ..
What was the point of signing Rajon Rondo? Teams are not even guarding him. They want him to shoot the ball but he won…
Sounds like Rajon Rondo may lose starting point guard spot in Chicago
Jimmy Butler vows to keep Rajon Rondo engaged after benching
Bad day for Austin rivers and rajon rondo!
I'm just glad the "Rajon Rondo is a top PG" talk is over cuz that was always incredibly dumb
Chicago Bulls: Rajon Rondo gets benched in loss to Indiana Pacers
Problem with "No Heart" for the game. Just plays for the money.No heart since he left Boston.
Is Rajon Rondo on his way out of Chicago already?
Rajon Rondo benched in second half for second time in a week - via App RAJON!! Cleveland Awaits.
"We’re all in this together so we have to make sure Rondo’s mind is still with us.". - Jimmy Butler on Rajon Rondo
rajon rondo just sneezed while i was playing 2K
Rajon Rondo was and always will be a magician with the basketball! Some of his passes in Boston were crazy!. 📽: (HouseOfH…
Rajon Rondo benched for entire 2nd half vs. Pacers. When asked about it, Rondo says he wasn't surprised.
Little Giant Ladders
Bulls keep Rondo on bench again in second half
Rajon Rondo on receiving explanation for benching: "Negative"
Video: Rajon Rondo on being benched during second half of Bulls' loss to Pacers via htt…
This makes me smile. 😂 "Is Rajon Rondo already past his expiration date in Chicago?"
Bulls bench Rajon Rondo for entire second half; Rondo says he's not surprised
Before Draymond Green ever kicked an opponent, Rajon Rondo was doing his thing at Kentucky
Very excited for Fred Hoiberg to try telling Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo what to do next year
Rajon Rondo suspended one game by Bulls - Related Articles:
Rajon Rondo started the day with conduct detrimental to the team and the Bulls ended it with conduct detrimental to eyes.
Tonight's episode of "Watch the Bulls lose a totally winnable game" is brought to you by:. Rajon Rondo Drama
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