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Rajai Davis

Rajai Davis [RAH-jay] (born October 19, 1980) is an American professional baseball center fielder with the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball.

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We know Rajai Davis will leadoff Game 1 vs Lester. Davis doesnt have a postseason hit. Bunt it to Lester. Every fricken time.
I know I just pledged my allegiance to the Cubs but I also love the I met Rajai Davis and Jason Kipnis this summer...
only reason i want Cleveland to win the ws is because rajai davis
oh most definitely. It just *** because now I have to hate Rajai Davis :(
Taco Bell is giving away tacos for stolen bases in the World Series? Do they know about Rajai Davis?
I'm using this photo as my bobblehead entry. You still owe me for catching that Rajai Davis homer at G…
Recalling how the Giants dumped Rajai Davis for no good reason back when and also recalling how despicable that 2007 team was.
The fact that I met rajai Davis this morning and hen was snapchatting Mike Napoli tonight makes this the best day ever
Hey Hoynsie - what the heck happened to Rajai Davis? He was one of our better hitters most of season, now 3 pitch Ks. James Avon
Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli career against Jon Lester combined: 20-56, three homers.
Another reason to root for Ind. is that Rajai Davis, former Tiger, is on the team. Always a smile on his face. Give him a ring!
Rajai Davis gonna kill Lester on the base path
Franciso Lindor (left) and Rajai Davis. 2 great sets of stirrups, but Lindor loses points for the spotted sanitarie…
Here's Lindor and Rajai Davis from last week.
1 - to make Tigers fans sad. 2 - Making it with two former Tigers in Rajai Davis and Andrew Miller. 3 - Tigers kept L…
Your buddy Wilner said the Jays should sign Adam Lind and Rajai Davis this morning. His 1% credibility is gone.
and he wants to sign Adam Lind and Rajai Davis.
Wilner wants to sign Adam Lind and Rajai Davis. GTFO
Huge congratulations to New London, Norwich area native and current Cleveland Indian, Rajai Davis on making it to the World Series!
I added a video to a playlist Rajai Davis after Indians win
Four players in the ALCS share a birthday today: Jose Bautista, J.A. Happ, Josh Tomlin, Rajai Davis.
odds of getting of gif of Rajai Davis's finger gun after catching that long fly ball?
some love to Josh Tomlin or Rajai Davis on their birthday?
last time was '97. We lose Napoli, coco, rajai Davis. Hopefully gain a healthy Brantley.
Edwin Encarnacion takes Andrew Miller to base of wall in LF where Rajai Davis reels it in.
while watching the alcs, Rajai Davis replaced Coco in left!! The pain of being a life long A's fan!!
and more importantly, Josh Tomlin's birthday AND Rajai Davis' birthday. what a celebration and sight that would be…
2 former going to the Rajai Davis and Yan Gomes wow
they're very much a "ballclub". Francisco Lindor is something special, Rajai Davis deserves a friggin ring, they beat the Jays
I am glad to see my former Rajai Davis, Dan Otero , Terry Francona & Ty Van Burk…
. Congrats to my dude... Rajai Davis . A.K.A Rah-Digga.. Headed to the World Series...…
14 of CLE's 25-man ALCS roster have only played for CLE at MLB level. Yan Gomes & Rajai Davis ex-TOR. Andrew Miller pitched for 5 others.
Happy birthday to Jose Bautista and Rajai Davis, teammates on the 2005 Curve and now facing each other in the https…
A team that has both Coco Crisp and Rajai Davis is going to the World Series. What a time to be alive.
Is it just me or does rajai Davis's glove look excessively big
also had to argue with my dad because he thought Rajai Davis didn't have a hit the entire regular season
Today, Rajai Davis & Jose Bautista, both born on Oct 19th, can join the short list of players to hit post-season homers…
@ B8-3o: Darwin Barney flies out to LF Rajai Davis.
@ B8-0o: Dioner Navarro singles on a ground ball to LF Rajai Davis.
Rajai Davis developed swag in his late 30s, infinite respect to that man
RAJAI DAVIS with a catch to start the
So, Rajai Davis on the basepaths seems unnerving to people
Russell Martin doesn't seem to be enjoying the Rajai Davis experience
David Ortiz's sacrifice fly cuts the Indians lead to 4-2. Nice catch by Rajai Davis in center field, down by his knees.
Jason Kipnis singles on a line drive to left fielder Andrew Benintendi. Roberto Perez scores. Rajai Davis to 2nd.
With 365 career steals, OF Rajai Davis leads the AL for the first time.
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Miguel Cabrera is suddenly channeling Rajai Davis down the stretch. Manufacturing runs with his injury-prone legs.
Tyler Naquin's new nickname is TyNaq the Destroyer along with J-Ram, Party, The JK Kid, Klubot, Cookie, Cowboy, Rajai Davis is Oven Mitt.
Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli have combined for .257 38 HRS 117 RBIS and 31 SB's. Meanwhile Todd Frazier is hitting .217 30 HRS 68 RBIS 8 SBs
“Pretty sure Oscar Taveras could play a better LF than Rajai Davis currently.” look at this scu…
Rajai Davis with a 2 out base-hit in the bottom of the 7th. Proceeds to steal 2nd, 3rd, and then home on a wild pitch
Rajai Davis grand slam walk off was great too
Rajai Davis talking about his "slash" bunt in the 9th. Totally on purpose.
have to drop one of the following in a 12 team points league - Kris Davis, Rajai Davis, Kole Calhoun. Who should I pick?
Jason Kipnis Instagram featured Rajai Davis today. . Rajais face says it all.
Rajai Davis' face on this bad pitch 😂 (via
Opposing ace, new Boston Red Sox start pitcher David Price toes the rubber against Rajai Davis in the bottom of the 1st. Sox plated 4 off CK
Cleveland's Rajai Davis, the ex New London High great, climbs the wall but cannot make the catch on a double by...
Tyler Naquin homers (9) on a fly ball to right field. Rajai Davis scores. . NYA 11, CLE 7
Cleveland CF Rajai Davis (rest) is doubtful tonight versus the Yankees.
Rajai Davis will start at LF and bat 7th vs New York Yankees on Thursday.
Cleveland's Rajai Davis becomes the first Indian to hit for the cycle since Travis Hafner in 2003.
Rajai Davis for a fraction of the cost has outpeformed Jason Heyward
Pre-Game is ON THE AIR! Jerry talks to broadcaster Tim Belcher, I've got cyclist Rajai Davis. First, me & !!
Travis Hafner, who had Cleveland's last cycle in 2003, on Rajai Davis achieving the feat:
Every little league coach should show their team Rajai Davis busting it out of the box and getting a double out of a pop fly.
The same day the Indians "lost out" on trading for Todd Frazier, they agreed to sign Rajai Davis.
Rajai Davis, Billy Hamilton, Tim Anderson. ROY who u got is it close?
Tyler Naquin Eduardo Nunez, Rajai Davis, Seth Smith, Jonathan Villar, Jose Ramirez and Josh Tomlin do good work tonight.
I was a big fan of the Mike Napoli & Rajai Davis signings in the offseason and they've proved to be awesome signings. Well done,
The Rotation at 3pm on I break down Rajai Davis and Leonys Martin doing their best Marlon Byrd impressions...
Rajai Davis, Chris Gimenez, and Lonnie Chisenhall. Run better Indians, you can't.
Tribe is 1.5 games back and missing 2 of top 3 players. They also started Marlon Byrd, Rajai Davis, and Michael Martinez in the OF yesterday
Now you're comparing Rajai Davis to Kenny Lofton? Are you kidding me? C'mon man.
Let's go Tribe!!! Sale out after 3 1/3 innings. Rajai Davis channelling his inner Kenny Lofton w/ that baserunning.
Love watching Rajai Davis steal a run looking like Kenny Lofton.
Rajai Davis with his best Kenny Lofton impersonation yet
Rajai Davis just went Kenny Lofton on the White Sox.
Strike out of Marlon Byrd but Rajai Davis steals second base. Tying run in scoring position for Michael Martinez. Sox up 7-6, T9.
Rajai Davis, Marlon Byrd and Michael Martinez due for Indians in T9 vs. David Robertson.
The Tribe cut it to one in this back and forth affair. They'll have Rajai Davis, Marlon Byrd and Michael Martinez due up at bat for the 9th
Miguel Cabrera beat out Francisco Lindor, Rajai Davis in battle for American League Player of the Week.
Aw. Rajai Davis, did that ball miss you or are you afraid of Rick Porcello? Come on, man up and stay in the box you puss
Recounting the unusual strikeout of Cleveland’s Rajai Davis on Friday
This GIF represents Rajai Davis' bat as well as the Reds bullpen:
Upton or Gose replaced by Austin Jackson or Rajai Davis
Rick Manning on Rajai Davis losing two balls in the sun: "You can't catch what you don't see." I've watched tons of those sun balls in AZ.
Trevor Bauer in on relief for Joba Chamberlain, Jose Ramirez stays in the game at LF. Rajai Davis goes to CF.
Aaron Sanchez, Rajai Davis and more value plays for tonight.
Davis' speed on display on great grab, RBI triple: Rajai Davis saw the pitch leave Danny Salazar's hand. The I...
I just realized how much I’m gonna miss Rajai Davis this season. Loved that guy.
Hopefully we don't end up having to count on Cowgill or Rajai Davis heavily. Cowgill, if at all much longer.
he can't do anything but run. And is retarded on defense. Left handed hitting Rajai Davis
I had a pretty solid early slate today, considering Rajai Davis didn't start (and got me zero points).
Glad to see the Tigers' promo video featured Rajai Davis, current Cleveland Indian
Why was Rajai Davis in that hype video lmao
I can tell it's fantasy baseball season because I'm suddenly very invested in the play of Rajai Davis, JJ Hoover and Martin Prado.
I don't need to watch another game to know Rajai Davis ***
Rajai Davis strikes out three times in debut via
Juan Uribe, Rajai Davis and Marlon Byrd are offended good sir!
Took a quick look at the tribe box score after work. Why on Earth would you ever bat Rajai Davis leadoff?
Price's striking out Rajai Davis on that slider in the first inning made me forget about Jon Lester's existance
Thank God we have Rajai Davis at lead-off. 3 whiffs. Great quality for a leadoff hitter.
Brock Holt lines out to left fielder Rajai Davis.
Rajai Davis is the 1st leadoff batter with 3+ K's on Opening Day since Doc Johnston in 1913.
Rajai Davis doing his best Michael Bourn impersonation in the lead-off spot today
Rajai Davis is the first player with 3 K in his Indians debut since Bip Roberts in 1997
Mookie Betts is really good at baseball.
Rajai Davis was a sweet signing so far.
Naquin stays in to play CF, Rajai Davis moves to left & Marlon Byrd to right; Joba Chamberlain comes on for the 8th
Rajai Davis is one strikeout away from a
Fourth is Rajai Davis being on the Indians.
Hanley Ramirez singles on a ground ball to center fielder Rajai Davis.
Rajai Davis lines out to right fielder Mookie Betts.
Mookie Betts stealing a triple/inside the park home run from Rajai Davis.
Marlon Byrd, Rajai Davis, Juan Uribe. Is Cleveland a city of misfits or what? How are these guys still playing?
A major league team is starting Juan Uribe, Marlon Byrd & Rajai Davis. On opening day. 2016. Wonders never cease
Not a good Tribe debut for Rajai Davis - 2 K's ... Price has 7 strike outs... Indians with no hits after 3
Rajai Davis having no chance against Price there is a nice reminder that the Indians more or less took the winter off.
The pride of New London, CT: Rajai Davis up to bat.
David Ortiz doubles (1) on a line drive to center fielder Rajai Davis.
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Indians are early frontrunners for the "that guy still plays?" lineup of the year with Rajai Davis, Juan Uribe, Mike Napoli and Marlon Byrd.
Juan Uribe, Mike Napoli, Marlon Byrd, Rajai Davis - this CLE lineup is a real potpourri of random journeymen
By my count, 5 players wearing pants up. Rajai Davis, Francisco Lindor, Marlon Byrd, Bryan Shaw, and Trevor Bauer…
Nine of David Price's 11 pitches in first inning were fastballs. He struck out Rajai Davis on a fastball, Jason Kipnis on a curve.
David Price strikes out Rajai Davis to begin his Red Sox career.
David Price K’s Rajai Davis on three pitches. Worth every cent, clearly.
Barnes joins George Springer, Nick Ahmed, Mike Olt, Scott Oberg and Rajai Davis as Huskies in the majors
but we have Rajai Davis and Lonnie Chisenhall! Too many OF to allow Naquin! And JRam! Derp derp derp
Familiar faces in Indians camp: Dan Otero, Guillermo Quiroz, Juan Uribe, Colin Cowgill, Rajai Davis, and last but not least, Marlon Byrd.
Could see Rajai Davis and Tyler Naquin platoon in center, I suppose. Davis would seem like a waste of money to me, though.
Austin Jackson is the same guy Rajai Davis is...Geez Indians
I mean, they've been making moves all offseason! Tommy Hunter, Mike Napoli, Ross Detweiler, and Rajai Davis
Rajai Davis: 35. Mike Napoli: 34. Juan Uribe: 36. Folks is this a ball club or a *** retirement home?
I guess that's one way to sell Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis while the Tigers signed Upton and the Sox got Frazier
>> What will new Cleveland Indians Mike Napoli and Rajai Davis contribute this season?
Hamilton Collection
Randy Wolf. Might Moya has struck out 7 to go out and catch Rajai Davis?
Is there one Cleveland starting pitcher that Rajai Davis is happy not to be facing this year? "All of them," Davis quipped.
Rajai Davis has Cleveland skyline as his background pic, and C cap as his profile photo. I like this guy already.
Yeah, me too. Best role probably in platoon with Rajai Davis, but that would require Tyler Naquin or a trade/FA for CF.
Wow Joe Thatcher just hours after Rajai Davis just hours after Mike Napoli just days after Joey Butler Tribers are winning 700 games in 2016
Rajai Davis, Todd Frazier, and a Busy Day for the Indians, by Stephanie Liscio:
What do you guys think about the Rajai Davis and Mike Napoli signings?
The Indians starting OF is Rajai Davis, Collin Cowgill & Lonnie Chisenhall? Michael Brantley better get healthy quick.
Yep, which is why I hate hearing we have interest in Rajai Davis and Shane Victorino. Lol
because Rajai Davis and Shane Victorino are much better options!
Brantley update should be coming tomorrow. remain interested in Shane Victorino and now Rajai Davis.
Trade for Ozuna - grab Rajai Davis and Juan Uribe. That's it. That's what I want in a post-Gutz world.
Collins will probably play the percentage of time in LF. Still will get a RH-hitter. Don't rule out Rajai Davis returning.
I'd like to see the Ms target FA OFs Denard Span, Rajai Davis, Gerardo Parra and SPs John Lackey, Doug Fister, Marco Estrada.
you've got Rajai Davis, there's no spot for Harper
Just got home, thank you Rajai Davis.
Rajai Davis is now 3-4 with a triple and a HR off of Glen Perkins. A lefty, Anthony Gose, was on deck...
this is where WAR pisses me off. Rajai Davis has a 0 defensive WAR and Anthony Gose has a -.8 on baseball reference. Fielding error by LF Rajai Davis. Kevin Kiermaier scores. Nick Franklin to 3rd. Daniel Nava to 2nd. Evan Longoria to 1st. [2/2]
VIDEO: Watch CF Rajai Davis make a diving catch to rob the Jerry Sands
Rajai Davis robs Sands of extra bases with all-out diving catch in center to end top of the 4th. Tribe 0-for-12 with 3 BB vs. Simon.
Diving catch by Rajai Davis in CF denies RBI for Tiger killer Jerry Sands. Tribe still seeking 1st hit off Simon despite 3 walks thru 4th.
Rajai Davis is bad, goes is bad, Collins is horrible, McCann has been brutal lately, every pitcher is HORRIBLE exept jv and Wilson
@ B4-3o: Troy Tulowitzki lines out to LF Rajai Davis.
Jose Bautista flies out to Rajai Davis. Both players were born on 10/19/1980
@ B3-1o: Josh Thole flies out to LF Rajai Davis.
@ T3-1o: Rajai Davis lines out softly to 2B Ryan Goins.
Just after striking out Rajai Davis on 3 pitches, the next 2 go for a homer and a single.
Loved Rajai Davis when he was here. That guys has wheels
Time for the game! RAD with a 3-pitch of our pal Rajai Davis to start the game! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Nice seeing you again Rajai Davis :p
Coming Soon to FSD: A Workplace comedy starring Rajai Davis, based entirely around trying to watch him hit a knuckleball.
Well Rajai Davis looks exactly the same.
@ T1-1o: Rajai Davis strikes out swinging.
21C/70F and mostly clear in Toronto at first pitch, a strike from R.A. Dickey to Rajai Davis.
Nice applause for Rajai Davis at the done tonight. Well done Toronto he did you no wrong.
I just saw a signed Rajai Davis jersey 😃
Detroit Tigers lineup: Rajai Davis to lead off in series opener against Blue Jays
or rajai Davis with the walk off grand slam which ultimately led to another first round exit against Detroit again
TBT working with Speedster Rajai Davis and other MLB guys in Connecticut while running a Velocity SP...good times!
I would like to sign Rajai Davis or Austin Jackson too to platoon with Almonte
Rajai Davis contributes out of lead-off spot against Angels via
I thought don't walk Gose he can steal a base. But they are clueless also. Rajai Davis is way under estimated. Silly platoons in baseball.
Rajai Davis will not be in the starting lineup for Thursday's game vs Los Angeles.
Rajai Davis needed to lay out for that. No excuses.
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Rajai Davis leads baseball with 270 steals since '09.
Rajai Davis was a 38th rounder out of UCONN. 😳
The last pitch, Rajai Davis swung at a ball that nearly hit the guy in the on-deck circle.
Rajai Davis is the Tigers' last out of the night. Ironically, he was the final out of JVs no-no vs the Blue Jays
Gose walks with 2 outs. First and second for Rajai Davis
Hector Santiago got distracted by Rajai Davis and Miguel Cabrera made him pay.
My man Rajai Davis can steal some bases boy!
Methinks Santiago payed a little too much attention to Rajai Davis on second. Forgot who was in the batter's box for Remembers now.
Rajai Davis with a dying quail single to lead off the 5th for the Tigers
I’d bring back Rajai Davis next year for cheap and hope the next manager knows that Gose and Davis have to be strictly platooned.
Running catch by Trout to rob Rajai Davis of a base hit. Not too many things get by him
not sure who's on tomorrow but here is my cAsh lineup plus rajai davis
Bless You Boys :: The Tigers need a better center field plan for 2016: Anthony Gose and Rajai Davis just aren'...
Dis *** has CarGo leading off and matt kemp batting 2 then his 3 hitter is rajai davis lmfao
Rajai Davis will start at LF and bat 1st vs Los Angeles Angels on Wednesday.
Tigers lose a one run game, never use Ian Kinsler, never use Rajai Davis despite getting a slow, replaceable runner on in the 9th.
Why in the darn heck would you not have Rajai Davis run for Tyler Collins right now?
Rajai Davis has walked 18 times in 284 PA
. It's a protective oven mitt for his hand when he slides. Rajai Davis was the first to use it.
FTR Rajai Davis has a 2.6WAR over the last 2 seasons in 250 less AB's a higher wRC+ 53 SB and a 130 ISO..but he *** .are fun
Asked Rajai Davis the other day if this team had a run left in it. He kind of smirked and said, "Well, we can sco…
Rajai Davis gets hit by a pitch. Week's best photos
Pretty amazing that Rajai Davis occasionally starts in center field in Comerica Park.
Looking at potential free agent targets for the tribe. Some interesting names: Colby Rasmus, Austin Jackson, Rajai Davis, and Justin Upton
I want Rajai Davis, Zach Duke and Oliver Perez back for the LET'S GET THE BAND BACK TOGETHER
maybe a DL stint once they can pluck someone off the waiver wire . Nava? Or trade Rajai Davis?
A lot of Jays "fans" now probably don't even remember Rajai Davis
Rajai Davis almost got an inside the park hr😂
No Rajai Davis of NL? He's more accomplished than turgeon.
I once thought Rajai Davis was a future Royal but he hasn't been yet.
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All of this trouble started with a Rajai Davis bloop down the right-field line with two outs. now trail 6-1 in the fifth.
You think Rajai Davis ran the bases well just now? He stopped at the store and brought me milk between hitting the ball and scoring the run.
Anthony Gose singles home Rajai Davis for 4-1 lead. Guy in seats behind plate with Jeremy Bonderman jersey stands up to applaud.
Two-out RBI single for Anthony Gose. Rajai Davis scores. 4, Orioles 1, 5th.
Not sure how Schoop ended up getting hit by Chris Davis' throw to second-base. Rajai Davis caught Davis napping, but still don't understand.
That Rajai Davis bloop double ended a streak of 12 straight retired by Jimenez. Bizarre play, to say the least.
Rajai Davis thought two bases off bat, never stopped. Wasn't thinking throw from RF would peg Schoop, which allowed him to take 3B.
I could watch videos of Rajai Davis running all day. He flies.
Rajai Davis is on third after he doubled and advanced to third on an error by Nolan Reimold, who hit Jonathan Schoop with an errant throw.
Rajai Davis hits a soft double to shallow RF and moves to 3rd base after the throw from RF hit the cutoff man, who wasn't cutting it off.
Rajai Davis doubled with 2 outs. Jimenez had retired 12 in row. Reimold's throw from RF nailed Schoop, who stays in the game
. is exactly right. Rajai Davis is gone in two months. We don't need to see him every day.
Rajai Davis will start at LF and bat 9th vs Baltimore Orioles on Sunday.
I am the rajai Davis of my generation.
Question is how do you replace Pagan..Blanco /Maxwell platoon not good...either Maybin or Rajai Davis would have been good pickups
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Rajai Davis just stole 3rd with 2 outs and Tigers down 6-2. FYI, you can't sac fly with 2 outs, and P Brad Brach has 0 WP in 47 IP. Hmmm...
Rajai Davis stole 3rd base with 2 outs in the 8th and his team down 6-2
Apparently, there's some Rajai Davis/Cardinals buzz. Checking into it.
Tigers lineup: Alex Avila at first base. Rajai Davis in left.
Ben Revere the spiritual successor to Rajai Davis, based on that route to the ball.
plus we already did this with Rajai Davis
do you think cespedes trade opens everyday at bats for Rajai Davis? I need steals!! 🏃🏾
Detroit Tigers lineup: Rajai Davis in left field, Ian Kinsler batting third ...
I thought they used their challenge on the Rajai Davis attempted steal?
If Kawasaki and Rajai Davis can hit for a walkoff, there's hope for all of us.
Live updates: O's get on the board thanks to Tigers error: Rajai Davis will play left field for the ...
challenge call that Rajai Davis is out at 2B in the 4th; call stands, runner is out:
so u want me to say: Tigers baseball player Rajai Davis was safe stealing 2nd in Mlb baseball
If we finish 1 short of the GIDP record, you can thank Rajai Davis.
challenging call of Rajai Davis caught stealing at second.
We will give you Joakim Soria, Rajai Davis, Alfredo Simon & Alex Avila for Dellin Betances
As this story explains, also listening on Alex Avila, Alfredo Simon, Rajai Davis, along with Price, Cespedes
Kyle Ryan, Rajai Davis, and Shane Greene, for a starting pitcher would be great right about now, we don't even really use Davis anymore
Whatever happens, I just hope that at least one hastily customized Rajai Davis jersey crosses path before the end of the season
Kind of sounding like Rajai Davis is now a St. Louis Nice speed off the bench.
Rajai Davis is not Starting,. Replace with Ben Revere. . Take out Gary Sizemore to make up the $200. Put in Jay Mayberry. .
That line drive to left by Rajai Davis is big reason Rosario is in left & Arcia is in Rochester.
Sean Rodriguez w/ a fly to CF that Rajai Davis can't quite track down. S-Rod pulls up at 3rd w/ 2 outs in top 13th.
Sean Rodriguez gallops all the way to third after Rajai Davis misses a diving grab in center. Cervelli up …
"Austin Jackson gets traded mid game, gets replaced by Rajai Davis to a standing ovation from the Detroit crowd."
Rajai Davis looked like Willie Mays Hayes but was thrown out at the plate in the first inning.
Admirable smarts and hustle by Rajai Davis. And a perfect slide. Took a perfect throw and tag to get him. Good piece of baseball, two ways.
Tip of the cap to Rajai Davis for a great catch to rob of a two-run homer in the 2nd.
Oh my Rajai Davis!!! Robs a 2 run home run from Cody Ross with a leaping catch to keep the score 1-0 Detroit!
Detroit Tigers lineup: Rajai Davis back with team, leading off; Brad Ausmus shuffles up lineup again
Detroit Tigers lineup: Rajai Davis to bat seventh, serve as designated hitter in second game of series
Detroit Tigers lineup: Rajai Davis will bat seventh, serve as the designated hitter
It only took a couple pitches to see Rajai Davis had no chance against Francisco Rodriguez in that at bat unless K-Rod made a huge mistake.
"I would have preferred Rajai Davis, I would have preferred Andrew Romine. Not Hernan Perez, he's awful. But Bryan Holaday."
Avisail Garcia with an RBI single and Jose Abreu cruises into third as Rajai Davis bobbled the ball. Tie game, Adam LaRoche up.
Adam Eaton hit it hard but right at Rajai Davis in CF as strand go-ahead run at 2B (Micah Johnson doubled).
Rajai Davis and Gose pretty much are Dee Gordon
Best three catches by a Blue Jay ever: Devon White's in the World Series, Rajai Davis's in 2012 .. and yours! Congrats!
Am I late to the Rajai Davis looks like Craig Monroe party?
Rajai Davis slaps one up the middle, past a diving Neil Walker, and it’s 1-0 Tigers.
Your opinions of Rajai Davis play on that collision? Francona OK with it.
Tate telling me to play Freddie Freeman and Carlos Gomez over Miggy and Rajai Davis 😂😂😂.
Detroit Tigers lineup: Anthony Gose in leadoff spot, Rajai Davis moves to ¦ 63
Jose Iglesias is on second base, Rajai Davis is on first base, there are no outs and Ian Kinsler, Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez loom.
Couple of injury updates: Joel Hanrahan still feels soreness in his arm and Rajai Davis is fully recovered from his groin injury.
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this season. Tyler Collins or Rajai Davis filling in as DH won't be worst thing. I imagine we actually put
My most listened to Dan Dickerson clip of 2014: the Rajai Davis "ultimate slam." Enjoy it again, won't you?
Reminds me of an outfield the Indianapolis Indians boasted back in 2007: Nyjer Morgan, Rajai Davis and...Andrew McCutchen.
Imagine if the Jays resigned Rajai Davis and traded Colby Rasmus last offseason...
Rajai Davis out of lineup vs. Twins
Sometimes, I get the sense that Rod Allen has at least one life-size Rajai Davis statue inside his home.
Rod just called Rajai Davis incredible. Really was a good play though.
This loss hurts worse than the Rajai Davis grand slam.
Wait, I lied. A's lost in the Rajai Davis walk off grand slam game. Think that's they're only one though.
still odd to see Rajai Davis playing regularly with the Tigers as we saw no need for him. AA may be looking for work soon...
but my OF is Ender Incantra, Rajai Davis, and Leyonis Martin lol
On the plus side, I finally found out how the Tigers game ended. Rajai Davis grounded out. I was halfway to the car at that point!
Notre Lame vs University of Meshuggeneh update: 31-0 with 12 and change remaining. Rajai Davis gearing up for the 32-run homer.
Watching rajai davis in the bottom of the ninth hurt my heart
Rajai Davis is at the melting pot omfg
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Tigers challenge call that Rajai Davis was out at 2B in the 4th. Call confirmed, runner is out.
challenge call that Rajai Davis was out at 1B in the 2nd. Call overturned, runner is safe.
Rajai Davis grounds out and the win the first two against the , Good news if you are a fan
Rajai Davis grounds out to shortstop for the last out of the game.
I remember when Giants traded for Rajai Davis in 07. That was a great trade at that point in time.
Rajai Davis what was his best Giants highlight ( Nothing) LOL
Alex Avila strikes out looking for the second out of the bottom of the ninth. It's all down to Rajai Davis with the down 5-4.
Appears as if the batters are gonna be Zeke Carrera, Alex Avila and Rajai Davis hitting for himself.
Update Davis gets single after replay overturns call
MLBcom: Davis gets single after replay overturns call
Davis gets single after replay overturns call -
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