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Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice is a 2004 American teen musical drama film directed by Sean McNamara

Hilary Duff Roger Daltrey Kat Dennings Jason Ritter Hillary Duff John Corbett Johnny Lewis Beverly Hills Hotel Steven Tyler Charlie Bartlett

And now Raise Your Voice is on so I'm ready to cry and fall in love with Oliver James.
Take this sinking boat. And point it home. we have still got time .. Raise your hopeful voice. You had the choice. You have made it now
first off don't you ever raise your voice at me ever again. Second off you didn't watch it before CW and hated on Bucky
This isn't right but we all know its happening it. Raise your voice we can stop this!!
Everyone needs rolemodels.Raise your voice for future generations.Please RT. 👇. 👆.
Raise your voice for scrapping the farcical trial procedure and for
How you raise your gun before you raise your fists? But how you raise your fists before you raise your voice?
Don't let fear keep you quiet. You have a voice. So use it. Speak up. Raise your hands. Make yourself heard. Whatever it takes.
Silence can destroy get up and raise your voice make some Noise
Egbon you get Solar energy for your house, the one you buy with your Raba, *** na me you wan raise voice for?
Ooh ! Don't chu dare to raise your Voice at me , WOMAN
if I'm trying to be civil and you start to argue with me or raise your voice don't expect the outcome to be good:-)
All friends and followers please raise your voice against the Electoral fraud of 2013 May 11 Gen Elections. Riaz Kiani…
The behavior of angering at someone is rarely effective. Whether you raise your voice, yell, call names or...
Like don't *** papers out of my hands and raise your voice asking me "what's not to understand?!" & how "annoying" dbl txt'ing is 🙄🖕🏼
If you raise your voice to make a point, people will hear only the volume not the content.
Do not raise your voice, improve your argument.
Thanks for connecting. ~Raise your words,not voice, It is rain which grows flowers,not Thunder~ via
If you raise your voice at me for no reason I have the right to defend myself like *** .I'm not your child..I have parents thanks tho
"Don't raise your voice, improve your argument." - 🙏.
Raise your words not your voice. It is rain that grows not thunder. — Rumi
Ok, everyone. Raise your hand if you actually expected a voice like Jüri's to come out of that body?
And to customers who shop at sales: please do not raise your voice. You're only making the situation worse.
“Please raise your voice for so I could smile again” | W/ filter puppy 💚 thank u for everything 💫
Your voice matters.Join campaign on your voice against VVIP racism on
Russian govt knows how to handle them.Raise your voice and get your head blown off
Raise your Voice against Corruption. Join Imran Khan for a Grand Jalsa in Bannu tomorrow.
Apparently in today's world ONLY IF you raise your voice to give your opinion, you're speaking the truth!. Stay silent n you get a nice BPL!
Hour 5 of team bus ride and currently tearing up to closing scene of Raise Your Voice starring a young Hillary Duff
Video: talks about Raise Your Voice in an interview with https:/…
Raise your words and not your voice. Its rain that grows flower, not tunder.
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Raise your voice for those who can't
State-sanctioned & in doesn't want you to raise your voice
Best thing I read today: "Don't raise your voice. Improvement your argument." - Archbishop Desmond Tutu
If you support free expression on the Internet, raise your voice against the
"Girl raise your voice at me again and ima choke your *** out". me:
Join hands and raise your voice to make Delhi safe for MEN. . Men and Boys Seek Justice !!
Don't raise your voice ... Improve your argument
raise your voice. I do. I'm not famous but I strive to be heard.
i love your quote "Don't let fear keep you quiet, you have a voice, so use it, speak up, raise your hands, show your answers...
What's the point of trying to raise your voice, if no one ever hears?
Dont raise your voice at me.who you think you talking to? Lmao
Sha G,,, Zabardast... Keep raise your voice. Salam to your courage.
Be a Man , Stop violence against women . Raise your voice against this
If you're marching in the today RAISE YOUR VOICE & remind governments to stick to at http…
A5: (2/2) Learn about the issues, raise your voice, volunteer, & together let’s help the save lives | …
Yes Oliver plz don't raise your voice at babe thnx
If you can't make her *** you ain't allowed to raise your voice at her. -Ghandi
Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument. .
are you ready by three days grace makes me sad because it reminds me of the car crash in Raise Your Voice
If you dont raise your voice against landgrabbers, this will be the result. Learning for other cities also.
We need your voice! Together, we can raise 2MM meals for hungry kids in a single day!
forces abducted student leader Hafeez Peerzado today. Raise your voice to save his life.
Sign the pledge now to promise to raise your voice to ensure that governments, businesses ...
All my boys raise your voice let me hear it. L. Del Rey, yeah! Wanna hear you cheer it. Lana Del Rey
Raise your voice for safer working conditions in American poultry plants
Don't raise your voice at my girlfriend
Raise Your Voice to Raise Wages: There are many signs that the economy is recovering, but we still ...
Well this movie so inspiring people who love singing and want to be a musician.. I very love… ★ Raise Your Voice —
*Mean Girls voice*. "Raise your hand if you feel you've personally victimized by black men. ". Shonda Rhimes: 🙋
As far as teen singing movies go, that's my favorite. Although "Raise Your Voice" is really pretty great.
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Raise your words not your voice. It israin that grows plants not thunder.
Raise your voice, stiwks and stones iay break my bones
sir please raise your voice for SCAM VICTIMS TOO,FRAUD DONE BY UPA
Tell Ontario to strengthen Attend a public town hall in your community!
Don't raise your voice at me whilst rocking thong sandals, sir
People who showed faith in the big name of DLF,badly deceived and cheated.Please raise your voice against DLF.Keep on pro…
Doesn't matter what people say, doesn't matter how long it takes; believe in yourself and you'll fly high. -Raise Your Voice
Cut me down, but it's you who'll have further to fall. Ghost town and haunted love. Raise your voice,…
In a loud environment like a bar, you’ll want to speak louder, but don’t raise your voice. . What to do?
Good morning from Manila! "Don't raise your voice, improve your argument."
Raise your voice, stickd and stones may breakemy bones
When you are obliged to correct a child, do not raise the voice to a high key. Do not lose your self-control.
BATs time to raise your teacher voice & tell UR story - Please fill out BAT Quality of Work-Life in Education Survey h…
Oh Why not go on?. Oh Why not raise your voice?. Let's over come them all and proceed forward. 【The Courage to Take Action】
Raise Your Voice and register in opposition to the state sanctioned bill /
My fellow brothers of Phi Gamma Delta will be hosting Raise Your Voice for Relay tomorrow night. Come…
John Corbett in "Raise Your Voice" is pretty much my favorite version of John Corbett♥♥
How about Off the Sidelines: Raise Your Voice, Change the World by Kirsten Gillibrand, more at:
“If you can walk you can run, if you can talk you can sing” - Kristin Lindell, Raise Your Voice
I've been in love with Johnny Lewis ever since Raise Your Voice.
If anyone has a copy of Raise Your Voice with Hillary Duff in the San Marcos area, holler at yo gurl.
Support Small Island Developing States in terms of - Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level v
Maxine Richardson of Riverdale heard our call to She sounded off about potholes on the southwest side of I-285. Jerry Carnes 11Alive Commuter Dude took her complaint straight to GDOT. Tune in to 11Alive News on Monday morning at 6 AM see what we were able to get done thanks to Maxine raising her voice! Click here to see how YOU can Raise Your Voice!
UVM Alpha Chi Omega gets serenaded by the at our Raise Your Voice philanthropy event
I cried when Paul died in Raise Your Voice and then Terri sang Someone's Watching Over Me at the end
Kat Dennings (born Katherine Litwack;[1] June 13, 1986) is an American actress. Starting with a role in an episode of the HBOdramedy series Sex and the City, Dennings has since appeared in the films The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Big Momma's House 2, Charlie Bartlett, Raise Your Voice, The House Bunny, Def...
Counting down the days until the "Raise Your Voice" for Lifeline event being held on Saturday, March 1st. Doors open at 8pm. Starting at 9pm, and changing every half hour, you will be able to hear some the finest musicians from Pittsburgh and other communities. Lots of good food in the kitchen. $10 donation at the door goes direct to Lifeline-Chicago to benefit the orphaned children of Serbia. Bring your spare change to "fill the jug". Also have autographed Andrew McCutcheon jersey, autographed Tim Duncan basketball shoes and more. Hope to see you there!
Public Call by President .let's see how many of you will respond to him on 11th Jan 2013 at Karachi Press Club ... Raise Your Voice
I laugh every time I see a commercial for Two Broke Girls cause the actress who plays Sloan in Raise Your Voice is a main character.
If I ever work in film, I'm going to remake cute little tween films into traumatizing horror flicks. Think about how awesome Raise Your Voice would have been if it was about Jason Ritter wanting to wear Hillary Duff's skin as a suit. Or if Grease was about a group of Satanist bikers who lure in teenage virgins to sacrifice. I'd watch them.
What year was Raise Your Voice released again because Hilary Duff's phone is a Nokia. the block type... ._.
"Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth..." William Faulkner
Its not everyday raise your voice you know 😠
Raise your voice for Everton. Lets get behind the blues
Dear raise your voice to save our Alma mater.
Our campaign against domestic abuse. Raise your voice
Don't ever try to raise your voice at my bf, especially over something that's not even that serious.
Don't raise your voice at my dog or his eyes will pop out.
Foto: "And raise your voice, every single time they try and shut your mouth"
Raise your voice at me and I can promise you that will be the end of our conversation.
When you are losing an argument to don't raise your voice, improve your argument.
Never raise your voice. Just improve on the quality of your argument.
loved her dignity album. On a side note Raise Your Voice remains as the only movie I have watched 4 times at the cinemas.
Now you're so quick to fall on failure and so quick to raise your voice, like if I can't find a mistake to blame, we didn't have a choice.
Money talks so you gotta raise your voice.
And raise your voice every single time they're trying shut your mouth
Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.
Don't raise your voice. Improve your arguement. 👌
The same old you couldn't even raise your voice and ask me to stay – I wouldn't anyway. ~
ObamaCare is the fight to pick right now. We The People have to speak. They work for US! Raise your voice. Show your Colors!
As we sing together raise your voice out high, sing out to the mountains, sing out to the sky..
Raise your voice, sticks and stones may break my bones. I'm talking loud not saying much
We ask that you pray & raise your voice for safe spaces for LGBT youth. May your thoughts & prayers also be w/ Jane this difficult weekend.
Raise your glass, don't raise your voice.
Good morning Heavy Lovers. Always raise your voice for coz we all fight for the same and for evrybody
If you raise your voice at me, ima get louder. Idgaf what you talking bout. Shut tf up. I'm talking.
The second you raise your voice in a debate, you've already lost.
"i’m a delicate little fairy please do not raise your voice or say mean things to me bc I will burst into tears"-sadly this is me recently
To see what the harvest will bring You wanna raise your voice? Don't be scared to breathe Don't be afraid to hurt
I'm re watching "Raise Your Voice" and man I love this movie but I never realized how much Hilary Duff really can't act. D…
You can't make any mad faces or raise your voice around my dog because it hurts his feelings. 🐶😳
Stand up for your rights. Raise your voice against ballot piracy by
Don't raise your voice, improve your argument. So, I can call you a real fighter.
I can hardly speak I understand. Why you can't raise your voice to say?
“Don't raise your voice, improve your argument." -Desmond Tutu
Don't raise your voice.., improve your argument.
Do not raise your voice at me Roke Blas tha thiiird. I will cut you
Don't raise your voice , raise your argument ~
Raise your voice as small biz has for 3 years“Unions are worried about the rising cost of health care when Obamacare starts.
Heart touching article , dont be disheartened and please continue raise your voice against injustice.
Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument!
in a bunch of movies where for the sake they abuse Hindustan. Nation first. Raise your voice. Always +1
it is good to know that u raise your voice against the odd one . Stay blessed
. Thanks for follow! I think I want to continue to raise your voice in order to stop the slaughter of dolphins soon as possible🐬
Islamabad is a beautiful city and it should remain like this, no need of sky scrapers. Plzzz raise your voice in Assembly.
. phoneblock raise your voice and spread the world ;) . amaazing project :D
Raise your voice! But sticks and stones may break my bones..
Kindly Raise your voice against this incident We want
Dont raise your voice, improve your argument instead
I'm going to watch raise your voice now
A smart Statement. "Never raise your voice, Just improve the quality of your Argument". Life IS Much Like...
My father always use to say, "Don't raise your voice, Improve your argument"
Don't raise your voice but improve your argument
Watching raise your voice with Allex and court and realizing the whole thing is filmed in flagstaff in your town da faq
I've met you twice and you raise your voice at me and treat me like crap. Real cool bro. Real cool.
What are you doing right now? :) x — Watching Raise your voice! :'( I love this movie but it's so sad x
“Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.”
Never raise your voice just improve the Quality of your argument.
must b an easy gig for politicians. Just raise your voice at the end of a statement to get a clap.
Jason Ritter dying in Raise Your Voice is a pretty devastating blow.
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I've been crying ALL night watching Raise Your Voice, Step Mom, and Raising Helen 😭😭 what's wrong with me ?!
Watching the last bit of "Raise Your Voice." Holy crap this is bad. And why is the beautiful John Corbett in this nightmare?
Broward County Sheriff's Office releases PSA, "Raise Your Voice, Not Your Hands," in anticipation of verdict in...
San Jose, CA, May 30, 2013 — CreaTV San Jose, one of California’s most dynamic community media centers, is turning five on July 1. In celebration, CreaTV is launching the Raise Your Voice campaign with the debut of San Jose’s first Free Speech Wall, which will visit one location in all ten City Coun...
God, I'm a mess. Here I am sitting in work crying because of the ending in Raise Your Voice. *** you, Hillary Duff.
totally forgot Kat Dennings was in Raise Your Voice omg
I don't think there is a Juicy Couture sweatsuit colour that didn't wear in Raise Your Voice
Only just discovered Jason Ritter from was Hilary Duff's brother in Raise Your Voice. Like what. That movie was my life at 13
Great day in the studio recording our new song "Raise Your Voice." Can't wait for y'all to hear VT's 1st original album. Should be out in October... :)
"I wonder why they're not featuring Joyful Noise and Raise Your Voice." -
We will gather around the world to raise our voices to be heard as one. We ask the World Health Organization to add Trigeminal Neuralgia to their "Health Topic List". "Raise Your Voice"...
Don't raise your voice if you don't want me to look crazy, say crazy things, & act crazy.
Never be afraid to raise your voice. (Thanks
Did they just show the mean girl Robin from Raise your voice on the Grammys red carpet? Or was that just me?
I've seen 2 girls from Raise Your Voice! We just need
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Watching Raise Your Voice as I sort out my folder. I love this film, Hilary Duff is amazing okay
Once you raise your voice... I stop paying attention..
Desmund Tutu " My father always said, do not raise your voice, improve your argument "
Raise it all you want, honey. - will be happy to here your voice from over there :)
Raise your voice We'll see you in two days at The
Make sure you don't raise your voice at her even tho your mad cuz she's already upset!
Don't raise your voice - focus, and improve your argument. You cannot force change upon others, but only hope to guide them to it.
Raise your voice is such a good movie
Obviously I can't hear you & then you wanna get mad & raise your voice because I'm not responding. HELLO?! I HAVE HEADPHONES ON!
If you ain't my mama or dad you aren't allowed to raise your voice at me you better chill.
The fake voice they put when Hilary Duff sings in Raise Your Voice doesn't even sound remotely like her...
Take this sinking boat and point it home We've still got time Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice You'll make it now
Hilary Duff in raise your voice just STOP
Raise your voice for free & fair elections. Educate people about their right to vote. Any other options?
Discretion is being able to raise your eyebrow instead of your voice. - Anonymous
*I stand up but not moving* No, I won´t! I don´t appreciate you commanding me like one of your elves *I raise my voice*
Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument.
Triangle activists, join in the activities: Great way to raise your voice to stop & have some fun!
Delete those people n show no mercy..
Someone's Watching Over Me by Hilary Duff used to make me cry because of Raise Your Voice.
Roger Daltrey at last night's Raise Your Voice event.
Just filmed the Raise Your Voice benefit at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Got to see Roger Daltrey, Lionel Ritchie and Steven Tyler perform.
This Thursday at the Beverly Hills Hotel, two of rock’s most enduring singers will pay tribute to the man that’s helping them endure, Dr. Steven Zeitels, with a private dinner and benefit concert for the Voice Health Institute. The Raise Your Voice benefit, which will help to fund research into voca...
John Corbett is the voice in the new Walgreens commercials! I knew the voice was familiar sounding (: i loved him in Raise Your Voice:-)
GENDER BIASED LAWS IN INDIA: Raise Your Voice: In some states of India, especially in Andhra Pradesh, "Slapping" of a women can land you up in Jail, under section 354 of the IPC (additional provisions included). And even saying the four letter word, F*** or gesturing about this word, towards a women/girl/lady can give you 1 year Jail term. This is under section 509 of the IPC. SO, MALES BE CAREFUL-and mothers/sister be aware that you son/brother do not get caught in these draconian sections of the IPC and unnecessarily land up in Jail. More such draconian/gender baised sections of the IPC in my future posts.!!
No Rape - No Violence.. Need Safety for Women.. Like this Page and Raise Your Voice against Injustice.
What'z goin on peeps!!! Now I know it's been a long time, as u would agree...Family Comes First. We recently had a beautiful boy by the name (Jaydon ) and his just wonderful...I had to put the music world of creation on a hold...A few day's ago I came up with a very impressive/ interesting idea for a new song and with the modern technology of smartphones, just made It so much easier to accomplish your goal...I also just wanna send a big ( big upz) to the peeps supporting me with (Raise Your Voice) much love and appreciation.I really value ur patients...The new song will be bigger, brighter and a lot more vibrant... (LET'z GET IT ON) B-)
don't raise your voice. But you need to be kicked out! Lmao. Ain't been to either one of the parties.
How you gone raise your voice to me then tell me to breathe? ***
Raise your words, not your voice. Its the rain that gives water to grass, not thunder.
Raise your hopeful voice, you have a choice. ♬
Watching raise your voice.. movie ever!
Talbiyah and the Sacrifice It has been narrated from Imam Ali [Ibn Abi Talib] (peace be upon him) that he said, "Jibril (Gabriel) descended to the Noble Prophet Muhammad (blessings of Allah be upon him and his family) and said to him, 'O' Muhammad! Command your companion's al-Ajj and al-Thalj. The al-Ajj is to raise your voice in pronouncing the Talbiyah (Labbaik Allahumma Labbaik) out loud, while the al-Thalj is to slaughter an animal (on the day of Eid)."
Don't raise your voice at me. and he is in his room mad about something...
Whoa chill bro, you know you can't raise your voice like that when the lion is here.
I want to go to a school like in Raise Your Voice 😁
"Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice" ~ Glen Hansard
Don't raise your voice, improve your argument. Please .
Cinderella story, and now Raise your voice... Thank you Hilary Duff!
Never raise your voice or your hand, keep it cool and calm or walk away
Oh my god, someone come over and watch Raise Your Voice starring Hilary Duff with me. ??
. Throw up your hands and raise your voice... Monorail. Monorail. Monorail.!
"Artists feel things differently than regular people" - Raise your voice.
is immoral to justify Drones...Wakeup Pakistan and raise your voice against Drones..before its too late to regret..
You raise your voice, I raise my hand... The back of my hand!
I just got into an arguement with a mime like Marcel Marseau. He raised his hands over his head et kept motioning. So I told him straight up, "Don't you raise your voice at me". I guesd I better not quit my day job. Me trying to be a commodian really stinks. Good night Mike!
well your phone *** cuzz i did! Oh i ain't mean to raise my
Think it's important that adolescent girls' issues are addressed in next debate? Sign our pledge today!
I swear its Springfield's only choice. Throw up your hands and raise your voice!
Someone send me a link of where i can watch Raise Your Voice online for free and ill pay you.
Break your heart, never raise my voice boy let down ya guard! I know it's a lot to ask trust in me I can make a diff rght now you'll see.
Raise your voice, Sticks and stones may break my bones, Talking loud not sayin much...
I still love the movie raise your voice.
Y'all both going to be up there ? And excuse me don't raise your voice at me Lol
watching Raise Your Voice and the feels..oh gosh the feels
You should never raise your voice around a lion.
Raise your hopeful voice. You have a choice. You've made it now.
If you ever raise your voice at me your just asking me to scream at you.
Just because you raise your voice when trying to make your point doesn't mean you're going to get your point across.
hi Hilary. Been a fan since I was little: bck from Lizzie McGuire& Raise Your Voice😀 I luh luh luh love you
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Tonight is not the night. Do not raise your voice at me yo.
I really wanna watch Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff right now... 🎶
In this world we have to take chances, sometimes they’re worth it and sometimes they’re not, but I ‘m telling you now, you will never know until YOU TRY,,, AND NOW U TRIED I"M SURE IT WORTH IT YALA BENA B2A :) RAISE YOUR VOICE & SAY UN ! WHAT ??
Tell the voice in your head to keep it down and raise the volume of your heart which is what you should be listening to
Uhg! .The neighbor girl who thinks the house is a jungle gym, and thats its ok to run up and down the stairs, and jump on other peoples furniture, and doesnt listen to anyone even if you have said the same thing a hundred times in five minutes, but the moment you raise your voice out of frustration she cries because you made her feel like a "bad girl".IS HERE!!!
"She's not your Ferrari, Lamborghini or Mazzerati. If you think of her as a private possession then that's your mental disability. Whenever you feel like you put her to 1st, 2nd, or 6th gear. Don't make her cry intentionally - have Allah's fear. She's not a user but a companion. Smile and thank her for even the way she cries and cuts for you an onion. Don't raise your voice she's your wife."
Don't let anyone tell you that you're not strong enough. Don't give up, there's nothing wrong with just being yourself. That's more than enough. So come on, and raise your voice. Speak your mind, make some noise. And sing, HEY HEY!!! MAKE SOME NOISE! HEY HEY YEAH!
Did you know that more people where killed in 2010 by drunk drivers in the U.S. than in 11 years of war in Iraq? Why does this continue to be okay? Raise your voice against drunk driving!
Before you snap so rudely at someone, before you roll your eyes and give a look that says go somewhere,before you raise your voice and hurt feelings,consider this.Would you want to be treated that way or your children treated that way?Remember, the Bible says to do unto others as we would have done to us and I was always told, what goes around comes around, so why not just be nice ?
"Now, the time is now, we can still turn this around, raise your voice like a weapon, until they fall to the ground!"
Don't raise your voice . Improve your argument .
American drone attacks in Pakistan have killed at least 176 children since 2004 and number is increasing. Many children as a result of this brutal bombing have been made permanently disabled.
Let's get one thing straight, I do not do favors or not tel you something about your car because I know you or even because I don't know you and you simply did not expect to hear it...I have told my friends that they have to spend large amounts to fix their cars as we as family members. *** I even told my mother on Christmas eve two or three years ago that she needed to buy a car that evening because she her's up...please do not cuss or raise your voice to me when it comes to me telling you there is something wrong with your vehicle, I don't own it/drive it so blame yourself or anybody that does drive that vehicle. Thanks Anthony
Do you Agree? Then don't share only. Raise your voice.
Empowers the youth to bring about a change in the world. It is a platform to voice your concerns to create a future that makes us proud.
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For all those who are complaining about march 14 actions and statements, go to Martyrs Square at 5pm and raise your voice loudly you'll be heard
Awaz uthao - Raise your voice. Come forward and change the system. It is our responsibility.
"Dont raise your voice, improve your argument" Desmont Tutu!
When I do laundry don't demand to know where things are, let alone raise your voice at me. Also don't ask me questions when you know I have a hard time remembering things cus I have to remember 50 million other things. next time do your own laundry!
A break from study now watching raise your voice with my baby
Some of us woke up this morning thinking " how will I get through this?" heres a little reminder: GOD HAS NOT FORGOTTEN YOU!! Stand still and trust his work. Dont lift a finger or raise your voice. He is the ultimate professional and he will solve this just as he has always done but you got to let him do it HIS way!
Remember that moment when you realize you have the power to change things if you just raise your voice?
Next few hours are very crucial for Estelle ship (aid of medicines and food), since the ship is about to reach Gaza and Israel will try to intervene and stop it. Please pray and raise your voice and concern for the distressed condition of Palestinian for the sake of AHLUL BAYT (as)
Every parent should know the dangers of meningitis. Visit this site and learn how to protect your kids.
surprise! hoofbeats radio show is broadcasting SATURDAY morning this week. care to raise YOUR voice? guests welcome.
But test everything; hold fast what is good. 1 Thessalonians 5:21 ESV My son, if you receive my words and treasure up my commandments with you, making your ear attentive to wisdom and inclining your heart to understanding; yes, if you call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding, if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God. Proverbs 2:1-5 ESV And it is my prayer that your love may abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve what is excellent, and so be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, Philippians 1:9-10 ESV
Join us Sunday, October 21st, 2012 for CFRU’s RAISE YOUR VOICE Annual Funding Drive. CFRU is featuring Family Programming that whole morning. Family Matters will be broadcasting live on location at the Children’s Art Factory in Downtown Guelph. After that, stay for Deb’s “Creatures with Neat Features” and an episode of “The Mom Show”, with disco music for kids. It’s going to be a fun time. I hope you join us!
If your guys a yeller, just say - when you raise your voice it lets me know that you're feelings are hurt and you feel scared.".enjoy the silence
This is a great phrase. A wise person, Maureen M Kieffer, once taught me "Cooler heads prevail." This is pretty much the same premise. Good advise.
Dont raise your voice, improve your argument...!
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Bongani Ndlovu is a coach at the Waves for Change programme - an after school HIV and Lifeskills intervention that runs in the townships of the Cape and uses surfing as a tool to engage at-risk youth on the issue of HIV/AIDS and conquering stigma
Watching Raise Your Voice just makes me sad that Johnny Lewis is dead.
Gary Wilson from gives an International Great Lakes excecutive: Raise Your Voice!
Guelph's Community and Campus Radio - Raise Your Voice funding drive on October 19th to 25th - DONATE!
Kat Dennings in Raise Your Voice is the most perfect thing
Sad to hear about the death of Johnny Lewis. He was always my favorite in that old Hilary Duff movie, Raise Your Voice.
Omg Johnny Lewis (halfsack on Sons of Anarchy) dated Katy Perry and was Kiwi in Raise Your Voice with Hilary Duff. Ahhh so sad and tragic.
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