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Rainbow Nation

Rainbow Nation is a term coined by Archbishop Desmond Tutu to describe post-apartheid South Africa, after South Africa's first fully democratic election in 1994.

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yeah. We are a rainbow nation and we love our own.
Abelungu really did not see us. Then we must believe the rainbow nation washed away evil hearts just like that.
Oh my LORD Nkwinti is contextualising land question within colonialisation of a special type and rainbow nation
Wow South Africa what a lost (South Africa our beloved country)is the anyone there at least to stand up for the true rainbow nation?
Nd Tell Mandela rainbow nation turned out to be a myth 😢💔
We deeply mourn the loss of uncle . A man of patience, wisdom and a pillar of the Rainbow Nation. May his soul rest in peace.
How can the 'dream' of a rainbow nation truly exist when white privilege is still abound?
A struggle stalwart and founding parent of the Rainbow Nation.
-Director General Sh K K Sharma addressing nation and on on 102.6 MHz FM Rai…
silent on all the black migrants killed in RSA. Xenophobic or racist both wrong.
What a remarkable first two sentences in the lead story in USA Today - factual, too infrequently said:
In the meantime I've been painting. I'll release some works titled "Mandela's Rainbow Nation" and "The Donald" in April and May 2017.
"Mandela" the legacy of the liberal West - when you make a terrorist an icon and insist on "an utopian Rainbow Nati…
narrow minded shallow stupid defender of racism, we dnt need people like u in this country. We a rainbow nation
SA is the rainbow nation for f$&k$ sake !! where's the unity !? come on people, Madiba preached unity. we can't let him…
What you think i'ma do after test week? Gonna go through the rainbow nation
Black womxn are not safe in this Rainbow Nation.
"White, British identities have never recovered from the loss of the Empire"
Pure sophistry. Presumably, without GB influence, Malaysia wd now be a rainbow nation?!?
Last week I posted some words about the GAP.. but here are the right ones..Thank you
I cringe whenever somebody talks about a rainbow nation. Wake up it's a fallacy sold to cover up the atrocities of apartheid. Forgive who?
but yes, realising that the Rainbow Nation doesn't really exist, is eye opening.
The only "rainbow nation" u'll find in the township are the different shades of BLACK people and COLOURED people.
I think that's the image a lot of people clung to during his incarceration. That we'd claim back what was taken. Then poof. Rainbow Nation 😮
Yup. The rainbow nation project failed, so let's get real here.
Resurrecting the Rainbow Nation: Can we dare to hope again? . Inspiring by
Annie's article on the Daily Maverick today :
The Rainbow Nation didn't equip us to live with ourselves & each other post Apartheid so we shouldn't take that nec…
This Rainbow Nation is SUCH a tricky, tricky business. I will never be ready.
- especially in this Rainbow Nation. This thing was a global behemoth of PR spin, not by any means a pedagogical project of social cohesion
This Rainbow Nation thing puts us through so much as a country - people genuinely just saying any ol' thing nje!
The ruling party introduced "rainbow nation",which was a great idea. Is the party still living in that standard, I doubt.
I knew it was going to get worse from here. I had that feeling in me. So much for one "Rainbow Nation". . SMH.
Immigrants make our communities stronger. We must embrace diversity and fight for what diversity has to offer our nation.
In his book ‘We Need to Talk’,Professor Jansen states that in 1994, Nelson Mandela introduced the idea of a rainbow nation momentarily...
Cape Flats and all the other townships in Cape Town will suffer before the suburbia. South Africa. A rainbow nation…
hallelujah. African as a whole - we are the rainbow nation , decided by history and not wanting to move forward,love before hate.
South Africa, a country referred to as the Rainbow Nation, encourages repeated attacks on African migrants
The rainbow nation will one day be known for killing &slaughtering the people feeding our children
Rainbow Nation was a fallacy how much evidence do we need for thus to sink in..
Dear South Africa and the World the "rainbow nation" Nelson Mandela had is a farce. You can't put a band aid over a third degree burn.
Why is this shocking? That's completely normal in the Rainbow Nation
I think FaZe should have a Rainbow Six Siege Team
Its good! This will show the blind black folks that white people don't want to live with them in their land. Rainbo…
Cheers to A-Star Cupcakes for the chompables at tonight's event. I tasted the rainbow, and it was lush.
She wasn't black, she was a rainbow nation colour
Cultural Marxists and Communists South Africa and the great rainbow nation is a sick liberal pipe dream Delusional…
::does big *** rainbow happy dance on the grave of The Book That Should Never Have Almost Been::.
then she was on some "we live in a rainbow nation. I should be allowed to experience other cultures"
Wow you're best of sticking to your rainbow nation view because you're to dumb to see fact over pandering.
For as long as we keep playing this rainbow nation nonsense. This will keep playing itself out.
When white people are poor, they get articles written about them. When black people are poor, it's just a normal day i…
We cannot allow this in the so called rainbow nation. That name has to be changed.
Find Music of the Rainbow Nation, Capitalist Duets, and Basia Bulat in this week’s Urban Planner.…
'Rainbow nation'?! You're a disgusting racist hag, Katie. And didn't you get your man from someone else? Fcking hypocrisy
Let me find out you got rainbow on yo feet
TO THE RAINBOW NATION, thank you for loving this child of God. Thank you for sowing love. Every time we…
How South Africa's "born-frees" are questioning the Rainbow Nation and banging on the door of the post '94 consensus
Another sad indictment for the Rainbow Nation. I was at school with David Rattray who met the same fate in the...
There is nothing rainbow about our nation unfortunately
SouthAfrica is supposed to be Rainbow Nation. Have u ever notice there is no Black in rainbow, nor white. Amazaing. . .
We're a rainbow nation = colour doesn't matter. Please play person best suited for position because of talent NOT skin colour.
This includes father of the Rainbow nation self... the entire ANC leadership and their cocktail parties in Kempton.
Pride of the Rainbow Nation on display for the world to see.
The fine line between a rainbow nation and a constitution that justifies the continued poverty of black people post '94 on their own land.
I didnt know Somewhere Over the Rainbow was in Blacksburg???
This new democratic, rainbow nation, SA seems to have become a looters, murderers, protesters, rapists paradise!
South Africa reconciliation day! Lets embrace our rainbow nation and become 1!
Celebrate your culture and the diversity - Are we a Rainbow Nation?.
The myth of the rainbow nation explodes - again!
Notion that his music broke thru the racial lines is same as believing in 'rainbow nation'. Where are they now?
Its funders must be exposed so that we know ukuthi iziphi ley'hlama working against the rainbow nation they quote so much when they want to
After watching and thinking about the rasicm we are currently experiencing... One question pops to mind. Are w…
Rainbow Nation Party: DIGRACE Each year you show profits & Executives get big…
Well well. Rainbow nation's political parties fighting against students who just want a free education. SIVOTELANI?
. Or have you finally decided that maintaining the Rainbow Nation fallacy is proving too difficult a task?
Ah look at this. Rainbow nation my left butt cheek
25 years of matching patients and life-saving unrelated bone marrow donors in the Rainbow Nation.
We are the most beautiful rainbow nation that even tourists are jealous and want to live here ;)
Let us celebrate the Rainbow Nation this Heritage Month
Thank you for inspiring our rainbow nation, you will be deeply missed 🙏🏻
Let's build our Rainbow Nation not break it down
Heritage Day is this Saturday! Find great things to do to celebrate:.
Under Zuma we have no has morphed to a nation of or
Just fu if you ask me. Under Zuma our vision of vanished-we a nation of or
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We must declare here and now that racist UCT and preservers of ytness that the notion of a rainbow nation no longer hold…
That would mean too many whiteys in this "rainbow nation" team would it not?
Mandoza will go down as the only South African artist who almost erased racism and painted a rainbow nation with Nkhalakhatha…
Support 'Rainbow Nation' by via Buy a Tee today!
Yhu ha.a this whole Rainbow Nation ideology was a trap.
So Gauteng MEC of Health can't understand Afrikaans... yooh Rainbow Nation... Shame Benoni next to Boksburg...
For a country dubbed the "Rainbow Nation" for its ability to move beyond its apartheid past, South Afri...
"Unity" is just another Prog Unicorn... a la the "Rainbow Nation".
We are finally as a nation waking up to the fact slick suits don't represent IQ levels and good policies. Hooray 😊 Mark Barnes says we should move from 'Rainbow Nation' to 'One Nation'. I strongly agree!
3) 'ENCOUNTER with MANDELA, the Total Strategy reigns' ..Spiderweb entangles the prospects of the Rainbow Nation, the looming issue is what
Banner of the population intending to overthrow the nation destruction is Rainbow flag in Japan. [ Diffusion to! ]
Back in the day when didn't have rainbow nation hair...
I think it has been abt highlighting the Rainbow nation myth, abt reflection & also abt facing reality
I spoke to about the Rainbow Nation in this week's City Press. Check it out.
Fans in South Africa will be watching the game with club legend Kevin Ball!
***New video out rn Rainbow six siege funny moments***
Would it be anti "Rainbow Nation" if we were to have an awards ceremony for black excellence? Like the BET honours?
apparently our National rainbow doesn't comprise the 43 colours! We need to sing a dirge for our lost Nation.
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Praying for the rainbow nation had time don't last forever, magbuye Africa !
I ask myself .why can't we enjoy being a the only rainbow nation in the world . is it so hard to love one another .# regardless of race
South is still polarised (race reflects wealth) and desensitized ( Penny Sparrow). The rainbow nation ploy was just a trick.
Taylor was just there to balance the "rainbow nation".
At times black people tend to make themselves victims of Rainbow nation
Anger is not only from apartheid but also from the lie afterwards of the rainbow nation
Bare "Shaka sold the land for a mirror & Zuma sold the rainbow nation 4 a plate of curry" - Maybe mathata ke Mazulu
go win not for your fans but for South Africa fly high the flag of the rainbow nation
I knw they say its a cold world but we need to luk afta our country as example to others in order 2 make it a safe & better rainbow nation
Big up to u and your team on the fabulous selection of the Friday stand in. Such diverse people representing the Rainbow nation
Siyasi RainBOW!Nation was with Mush,Nation with PPP & Nation with PMLN - ALL Enjoy VVIP SEC Nation Without 24HrsP & SEC Y?
South Africa is a rainbow nation to the Gupta's not us, its a place of milk & honey, soon China will capture us also b vigilant
Our Constitution is a pillar of strength for our rainbow nation. Born in 1996,we celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2016
Why does the BBC insist on calling South Africa a "rainbow nation" when it's thuggish is seeking to erase white from that r…
Happy . Look what we found at the end of the Rainbow Nation. . *I use 'we' very loosely*
Breast Cancer Awareness
Caught my first rainbow ever on the southernmost trout river in the nation, not a big one but…
Wow. I couldn't get the rainbow in but still, has to be one of the prettiest schools in the nation
"The ANC Youth League is more relevant now more than ever... the rainbow nation dream is fading away" - Cde Ndumiso https:/…
Free peanut butter cups for all of Rainbow Warrior nation
Bbz please Tata Madiba is gone, The TRC Reunion show will never happen + the Rainbow Nation is a myth. Be realistic.
Rainbow Nation - African Marketplace :: great from via
.multimedia collage work interrogates the myth of the Rainbow Nation -
Rainbow Vuvu Festival brings and fun to It's a celebration of the Rainbow Nation coming in March 2017
What is Mandela's Rainbow Nation? Is it the fact that the South African Reserve Bank is privately own by few white families? 😳
New lied to the world Rainbow Nation all just a smoke screen
I'll believe in the Rainbow Nation when and if they add the colour Black to the rainbow.
Rainbow Nation, Born Frees, Braai Day, etc are carefully crafted concepts to tame, control revolutionary consciousness in young black ppl
"You are either a Zulu, Sotho, Tswana of Afrikaans in South Africa, there is no such thing as a Rainbow Nation"
Our "Rainbow Nation" can be rescued by new generation - Mmusi, Thuli, Lindiwe Mazibuko et al. The old order have sucked our $-trough dry.
We belong in this nation new post on the White House in rainbow colors.
Reno apologizes for replacing Stars and Stripes with rainbow flag
ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE, MULTIFACETED MINDS, thinking as one glorious rainbow, we'd be boundless, think about America.
South Africa is a safe haven of white racists and supremacists. That's a reality of Mandela's rainbow nation
There is no rainbow nation. Let's start there. Apartheid did not officially end cos whites suddenly decided we are human.
I am not trapped in any mentality. Apartheid is real, No amount of rainbow nation BS is going to convince me otherwise.
How about for a last night of our wonderful stay in the Rainbow Nation.
Yes. All the colours of the Rainbow nation. United in our differences towards a better SA as Mandela dreamed
Reality checks Paramount, let's not fumble then hide behind race card, when promoted its rainbow nation when not race
The rainbow nation exists in Hiddingh student's heads!
hehehe no not , why u want to prove I m 4m rainbow nation :0
hehe its helps me ;) if I dont do ppl think I m from rainbow nation
What does it mean to be human? The question can be raised at the metaphysical or spiritual level; and doing so, Dr…
South Africa is a shock to many Europeans who think the rainbow nation exists. One asked me in a restaurant why ppl sit only with own race.
Such wonderful work by Rainbow Nation Recycling Club & We'd love them to enter the Awards!
you don't want it with the King of Rainbow Road
Top story: Ethiopia leaders oppose Obama’s stance on *** rights – LGBTQ Nation see more
i'am proud to live in a rainbow nation Mzansi
"Nation building will not work in the new migrant ethnic America". That's one thing proven (apparently) by a Rainbow nation via
That Rainbow nation privilege.. "Charl guy? Took his savings and followed all the auditions?"
This white kid that just got a golden ticket epitomizes the Rainbow Nation 🙌🏽
You're only supposed to have one main. You can have many sides, but only one main. Rainbow nation of mains nogal
Look at us! Judah, a nation once pure and black as coal, is now a rainbow coalition of browns and yellows. Still we refuse instruction.
really now? But isn't it the rainbow nation and all I mean the pres. is black
It's so nice there by the rainbow nation:
yesterday sang national anthem using old version they did'nt include english and afrikaans Umbuzo: are we a rainbow nation in EFF.??
South Africa a rainbow nation, ( my foot) keep on blaming e foreigners half a loaf better than nothing.
hehehe tread carefully my learned friend that is Mandela's Rainbow nation u referring to
U r right, we can't hide behind religion that's why rainbow nation isn't working. Some whites uses it conveniently like u.
I said we need Mugabe or Dubai approach & stop being apologetic. Rainbow nation was a farce
KAJALB New York has Fishing Spot Pulaski noted for Rainbow Trout. South Africa is known as the Rainbow Nation
VJ was behind the lights on WH. Google it.
South Africa is a rainbow nation if you look at the collective participants to
What I saw yesterday in Ellis Park stadium, it's not rainbow nation. Tata Mandela nd others didn't fight for what I saw yesterday
Tribe follows tribe, and nation follows nation, like the waves of the sea. It is the order of nature, and regret is useless.
Nywe nywe its a anti black team that celebrates and emblem that endorsed black segregation...miss me with selective rainbow nation.
Thanks to all that came to participate.We had the over 60 the under 60 love our rainbow nation thanks
Zuma does absolutely NOTHING to address at least some of the troubles plaguing the rainbow nation & eventually the crap WILL hit the fan,
Congrats to our athletes at Sainsbury London,they're doing good. Fly the rainbow nation flag guys.
I guess that statement left both the church and the rainbow nation 👀👀 arafu??
Transformation minister that's what we want to see in the then our support will be of a rainbow nation
Can you think of a quest our can accomplish in The Rainbow Nation?
Everybody wants happiness, and nobody wants pain, but you can't have a rainbow, without a little rain.Remember that RE…
.My take on the failing Rainbow Nation narrative: Whites skipped over to Reconciliation without adequately und…
Former Jomo Cosmos of South Africa defender, Ayo Oluwafemi has added his view against xenophobic attacks on foreigners in the Rainbow Nation
is to prove that it is still a Rainbow Nation. Another big responsibility for African National Congress. Good luck
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It is with tears in my eyes that I write this status update. Comrades and friends, I would like to inform you that international rights for "Memoirs of a Born Free: Reflections on the Rainbow Nation" have been sold to a United States based publishing company, Seven Stories Press. Part of the media statement as released this morning by my publisher, Jacana Media, reads as follows: "Jacana Media is delighted to announce that international rights for Malaika wa Azania’s Memoirs of a Born Free have been sold to New York City-based Seven Stories Press. In making their offer, Dan Simon, publisher at Seven Stories Press, compared Malaika to “a young Steve Biko, someone I have long revered for the directness and clarity and power of his vision and his words.” The Press plans to publish in the US in 2015, and will be seeking further international publishing opportunities in the new year for the young firebrand. Jacana Media congratulate Malaika on this publishing coup..." This is my gift to my mother, Dipuo ...
The bad side of the Rainbow"This white lady speaking Zulu but! She's on another level of the Rainbow Nation
Mandela & Tutu’s Rainbow Nation denies the Mickey Mouse of all religions, the reverend Dalai Lama, a visa 5 years running. India, fevered by anxieties of a Rightist takeover, has coopted Mickey into its religious festivities.
be inclusive see people not colour!! And the only blue tribe I ever saw was in the movies not SA... Rainbow Nation??? Not in SA
Today's speech from Steve Farrell, worldwide coordinating director, Humanity's Team ~ with other pictures from the day's events. To Graca Machel, to Ms. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, to Mr. Mandela’s children, his grand-children, his great grand-children and the entire family; to Mr. Sello Hatang, Executive Director of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, to President Zuma and members of the government; to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to members of the Humanity’s Team Global Council, distinguished guests, to the people of South Africa –It is a singular honor to be here with you today to present our Humanity’s Team Spiritual Leadership Award to the late Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela embodied all we honor and hold sacred in Humanity’s Team and it is a great privilege that we give our Spiritual Leadership award to him posthumously during today’s ceremony. I’m going to share briefly about Humanity’s Team as we begin because you may not be familiar with us. We are a global grassroots spiritual moveme . ...
News from the Rainbow Nation.. No not that one; Aussie soap goes crazy
On Aquino's SONA: Time for a rainbow nation
sit down FW, we remember who you tried ti sabotage our rainbow nation after Madibas release
As South Africa is a rainbow nation country. Happy eid mubarak to the Muslim community
I expected chad le clos to pull a michael phelps on us, all gold everyrhing. So hacked with the rainbow nation of medals.
What a beautiful representation of our rainbow nation African Sevens Rugby team gold @ da
Conversations about Rainbow nation forgiveness & justice, may be more about power & continued...
A letter from Chief Rabbi: this is our rainbow nation directed by our Chief! What a legend!...
You don't have to answer this, it's more of a reflective practice, but what is the teachings or knowledge of the rainbow for your Nation?
Or maybe teaching the African child about his true history will disturb the rainbow nation building process?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Too bad for beloved country, our Rainbow nation!!!
"Rainbow Color" - What the Nation needs is not the Color Green, Yellow or Blue. - LOYALTY to the Philippines !!...
"What the country needs is a “rainbow nation”,where the ultimate loyalty of the citizens is not to a particular political party or ideology"
Retiree who was attacked at Ford Nation for wearing rainbow cape talks to Star's
I still want to try this rainbow nation thingy majig.
The best animal puns in the world .
In primary, back in '95, I attempted to date a white girl. Was an optimist in the rainbow nation. Didn't work out well.
Retiree was testing Ford Nation by wearing rainbow cape, attacked at Ford Fest
'Mericah is the happiest nation on Earth. Either because we only interview sheeple, the one percent; or because of our rainbow brigades.
"Oh look we got a couple of blacks playing OUR sports, we are a rainbow nation" White South Africans
AMEN to that,closet racists RAINBOW NATION only when it suits their own cause
Sunset and partial rainbow over Canary Wharf, London.
Rainbow Nation = Media Myth - again another example of too many verkrampte mense still out there!!
I watch WoodenMic & wanda if the numba of mentally ill persons in our rainbow nation isn't heavily underestimated
What an awesome moment by para lympic atlets. Da pride of da rainbow sa
in U.S. is just another thing Tom Clancy foresaw in a novel, Rainbow Six. Scary thought. via
The rainbow train continues to move along.
i totally agree with u what u saying but sadly he is white &SAFA only look rainbow nation with no white
The nation should not forget in Eid festivities . Mubarak to Muslim Ummah.
as long as it has the Gaudini-Wiki seal of approval all is well in the Rainbow Nation!
Do you believe SA is a rainbow nation?
Blacks here is a simple test you can do at home to quantify just how mentally enslaved you are. If you agree with any of the following you are totally mentally enslaved: * You believe South Afrika belongs to all who live it * You believe in the idea of South Afrka being a Rainbow Nation * You consider Mandela to be an Icon and Hero of the Struggle. A True Liberator * You consider the ANC to be Heroic Liberation Movement * You consider Thabo Mbeki to be a Hero and Giant of Afrika * You do NOT have any sense of ownership of your Stolen Land and Vast Mineral Wealth. Instead you actually see all the White Settler Thieves that currently own our land and mineral resources as the rightful owners. * You think Blacks that want the Land the Land and Mineral Wealth back are lazy. And want everything for free instead of working for it all. * You think Blacks that want our stolen land and mineral resources returned want to Ruin "Our" Economy. * You think you own the car and house you live in for which you are heavily ...
Has The Western World’s Love Affair With South Africa Ended? Ever since that historic emergence of Nelson Mandela from nearly three decades of incarceration, the peaceful transformation into majority rule and the Truth and Reconciliation Hearings, the world has had a Love Affair with South Africa and its People. Mandela –Mania has continued to this day, being seen as representing forgiveness, reconciliation, lasting peace and national unity not seen since the formation of the United Nations after 1945. The adoption of an ultra-liberal Constitution, which provided a promise of a just and humane society was further hope that the post-independent dictatorships and demagogues in post colonial Africa, were a thing of the past and that South Africa was the new hope for a continent fraught with conflicts, political instability, poverty and perennial under-development; hence the Love Affair with the Rainbow Nation since 1994. The road ahead still required attestation that this “experiment” would work; th ...
A nation truly becomes united in crisis like -we all join hands & pray. wish we could do this even when n…
From 1994 new rainbow nation more than 85 000 whites died under blacks and still continues!!!.
Zapiro ha a telle o a Le ke tla. I wonder where does he get the guts to publish such a cartoon. It safe to say if he thinks the President's brain is there that's what he thinks about all black poeple. He is one of those who are giving the rainbow nation a middle finger. I am expecting the law enforcement agencies to respond to this cartoon with maximum force, unless we are a Banana Republic this action will go unpunished.
. This is just like the Rainbow Nation, it doesn't exist..
I aggre with you but the problem black is not there,that means black people have no place in Rainbow Nation
good on you for telling the truth on how the rainbow nation is been mismanaged by the ANC Daily Mirror http…
Id rather die poor than falling for the idea f Rainbow Nation,id rather die poor dan serving captalists,id rather be an outcast dan bein ANC
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They fought for freedom together and now they're separated because of the race they belong to. Rainbow nation is not visible.
Black skin,white mask u know the author? reading# since SA is anti-black n we live in fake rainbow nation
Rainbow nation cake, that white icing is best part, but I don't see black
Deck collapses after 25 people try to take a selfie in front of a rainbow on it.
Cape Town is a melting pot and an epitome of the rainbow nation.
exactly unfortunately there's quite a few of these people with such views around SA so much for Rainbow Nation...
Respect for human rights is a leitmotif of the Constitution of the Rainbow Nation, with its extensive constitutional guarantees of equality!
//mine told me we have a rainbow nation. Black and white isn't in the rainbow. Rainbows are racist
I want to congratulate my granddaughter, Kyra for her performance tonight. All, three performance were outstanding,Falling Slowly, Seven Nation Army, and the late Michael Jackson, "Smooth Criminal. The Choreography was great. She also won Platinum at Rainbow National Dance Competition. Keep up the good work Kyra.
Time to rethink how we capture beautiful moments? 25 people attempt selfie on a deck with a rainbow?
Deck in Myrtle Beach collapses after group attempts a selfie with a rainbow
"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated". M. Gandhi
here in SA we have all kinds hence y we the rainbow nation
LMAO. Rainbow nation vibes. Everyone is catered for, you know!
But Im proud of my SA rainbow nation
You will enjoy ur stay in our beautiful rainbow nation. I couldn't say 4 sure the best routes cuz it depends where ur going to stay
This is what I saw while I was waiting for Hamish outside his school gate the other day, and it made me so optimistic for the future of our country: a black girl and white girl hugging each other goodbye. Another little black girl, this one physically disabled who obviously finds it difficult to walk up the stairs, holding hands with and chattering happily to her friend, a pretty blonde girl, who was equally animated and helping her - it was very obvious she wanted to, and hadn't been asked (I watched this disabled little girl over the next few days, and she seems really popular, and always chatting happily to someone). Hamish emerged, surrounded by his new friends, black, white, and Indian - he and a black boy had their arms around each other's shoulders. As we walked to the car, a black girl stopped us with "Hamish - how do you do the sticky foot experiment again?" and a white girl from the back of a car "Bye Hamish!". A new child in Hamish's class (Hamish is no longer the newbie!), a black child wi ...
how do we move forward with this, do we continue to entertain rainbow nation thing or declare that SA belong to us (blacks)?
really Sello? Rainbow nation is just in your mind dude, its a theory...suit yourself! Go around PTA Streets and tell me!
Google shows rainbow banner for LGBT-related searches via
why argue language wen a person is nomore...a praise is a praise, SA is a rainbow nation!!!
I agree! we have been sugar coating rainbow nation
Is that why the ANC has deviated from what he stood for...? We are very far from being a TRUE rainbow nation!!
have ever watched the documentary tittled "Behind the Rainbow Nation" ?
Google shows rainbow banner for LGBT-related searches
We are painting the city in the colours of our Rainbow Nation today
Tomorrow In Sha Allah all South Africans between 07:00 a.m-09:00 p.m wll decide which party en president wll lead the Rainbow Nation for the next 5 years.The Independent Electoral commission to me has been on top of the game despite of some small issues attributed to the chairperson.The relaying of results live using advanced technology makes the Election a credible one matching international standards.Personally am going to hav ma ears and eyes focussed in the western cape bse of its historical links en significance.Good luck to whoever wins.
We will be having Soup Kitchen tomorrow. Feel free to come and help us when we serve the kids and the rest of our community. Bring your kids to come and learn, know and understand the history behind this project. We will start with our preparations from 09:00am and serve from 12:30pm. We are Rainbow Nation! God bless africa. Happy Freedom Month :).
The South African Music Awards (SAMAs) was held over the past weekend as the Rainbow Nation celebrated its 20th...
Marking 20 years of being a rainbow nation
Tomorrow marks a very important day. freedom day. Equality, Liberation...a rainbow nation was born on the ballad...
So very thankful for my 9 years at TEP. I have learnt from the most amazing people, visited unique places, been inspired by so many entrepreneurs who risked all to follow their passion, got to know my beautiful country and the cultures that make up the Rainbow Nation and have an awesome group of special people :-) that I can call friends. What an absolute privilege!
Safely back home :) thanks to all our wonderful family and friends and the beautiful Rainbow Nation for an awesome holiday :)
strain foundations of 'Rainbow Nation' via
apartheid ended why before that. Democratic freedom came 20 years ago...we can all vote for who must lead our rainbow nation
I think it was planned for me, being the last weekend in the rainbow nation
Today our aces and will be flying the Rainbow Nation flag in the semis ALL THE BEST GUYS!
I'd like to recommend a fascinating memoir I'm reading now: Lost and Found in Johannesburg, by Mark Gevisser. He uses his boyhood fascination with maps of the city he grew up in to explain the bizarre physical and social constructs of apartheid. Though this narrative vehicle, he examines his own multi-ethnic Jewish heritage in South Africa, and the various awakenings (sexual and otherwise) that led him to cross many of "the impermeable boundaries that were set around the life of a white suburban boy." It will make you look at your own city or town with fresh eyes, guaranteed. It will also help readers to appreciate how difficult it is for the newly-born "Rainbow Nation" to bridge these boundaries.
two black men screaming racial slurs at each other in Madiba's rainbow nation. sies.
Woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. I was possessed by an idea for a standup comedy routine.involving cross-cultural relationships in SA, a subject in which I have been awarded an honorary PhD from the Babes of the Rainbow Nation. I want to tell people about the real battles I have fought or surrendered to.the real clashes...the negotiations.and the reconciliations I have experienced.between the covers of my bed. It might be X-Rated, certainly PG at the very least.but I must tell my TRC stories. I have immunity I guess, being an Italian in Azania, with my violin case and my music stand. I'm putting a sample of all this on video and posting it on YouTube [but not before I take out a Life Insurance Policy].
Not in Mesa? No worries. Watch the live stream here:
The rainbow nation celebrates 20 years of liberation.
Go like follow share this group grown and sexy no drama ladies please rainbow nation
They call us the rainbow nation but we dont live wth eachothr,ths country is lead by greedy people Gandhi once said there are enough resources 4evryones need nt 4someones greed ths mayb the tym tht u cn become the greatst substance of ur dreams unless u live in a shak,dnt speak english and dnt knw wht ths poem means tell me hw impossible 4people who walk on gold do nt knw hw 2 read,ask them abt photosynthesis mouths open lyk a yawnng brd whts the weathrforcast 4 2day its raing notes n coins south afrca is an old fashion mat who knws hw 2 sing evn bettr knws hw 2 cass who knws hw 2 prey whn hes abt run out of luck who knws hw 2 laugh realy hard tht her tearz run into her a rock who knws tht race is a fart becoz whn the lights are off evrybody jst fart f ths was a movie i wudnt wht 2 see the end
I try not to plan but here is a potential thought process for the near future...spend my bday in Tennessee with new friends, should have a vehicle by then so afterwards drive to west coast, then potentially hit rainbow nationals then Oregon country fair then go to SeaDog nights gypsy carnival then potentially travel around the country some more if not just the west coast and hopefully somewhere between everything visit some friends and family and if all goes well between now and then maybe pick a friend or two up to take on the road with me
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KomSit Project Stellenbosch The experience of seeing the colors of the rainbow is something we all can relate to, it often has a magical feel stirring some deep inner emotions and reflections. I hope that this bench can be the place where people of all sorts of different backgrounds and walks of life, can sit down, relax, regain energy, reflect, chat, laugh, share experiences to carry on making this country the most beautiful ‘Rainbow Nation’ in the world!
Poem by Bongiwe Mlangeni Zwo dzhia miningwaha na miningwaha,U rabeLA vhudi-imeli,Namusi rikha mbofololo,Ro di imela The story of apartheid is like a tale of a posterior,We are finally coherent to one another long ago Africa was Asunder,But because of our heroe's determination,We are a united rainbow Nation UbomiImpilo sele iye kwe linye izinga,Kaye ikusasa layo li qhakazile,Sele siyishile iizondo sathabatha uxolo,Be ukhona isiqalekiso phakathi kwe Mzanzi,Kodwa ngoku wonke amanxeba a pholile Because of democracy I have a voice,I am a citizen of my country,I can vote,as I have a choice,E ke ya kgona,ke a bua,ke a tletleba I can choose the dreams I want to follow,I can sleep on a pillow of joy,Because finally I am free,I can climb a tower to success by my dearly democratic life Our faces are glowing with smiles,And now we can stand tall,As we wave our African flags and be proud to say,We are who we are because of what we are,We are Africans.AMANDLA!AWETHU!
"The gave us Nelson Madela and a Rainbow Nation is now reduced to a national Shame headed by a Thief
At the Rainbow National Dance Competition waiting for Ari to perform her 1st competition solo.
I've read a very sensitive article today lovely friends. There's a new crime which South Africans will be informed about very soon. To impregnate a disfigured and hideous lady will be a serious crime and an accused charged with such an offence will be sentenced to life imprisonment. It is revealed by researchers that to impregnate a disfigured lady negatively affect the beauty of our rainbow nation.
Started my day with a smile - CA mountain climber plants rainbow flag on highest peak in – LGBTQ Nation
I want a rainbow nation,petty the only white ppl living in my good r those doin drugs
LGBTQ Nation shared the following link:...
rainbow nation and new era,it's seems Dr Mandela only black leader vision,current leaders are not to practical practise.we need to emphasize these issue
27th April 1994, the dawn of a new country with a constitution which guaranteed the right of every individual to self determination and which gave citizenship and a home to millions of dispossessed and marginalised people. Viva ANC, viva Mandela, viva, viva, freedom Friday. (This is for the millions of brave and beautiful members of the rainbow nation) just remember that birth does not come without pain, hang in there, history will cover you all in glory. Peace and love guys, random acts of kindness and tolerance will bring rewards. Viva!
Wishing our beautiful country a happy 20th birthday for Sunday and let us all continue fighting for true democracy for our rainbow nation!
For how long must we beg whites to respect us and our cultural rituals? Is this the rainbow nation Mandela negotiated for?
my dear friends, family, enenmies, loved ones, churchmates, ex friends etc.. let be one thing and stand together for one rainbow nation. DA its not met for whites or supported by other colour, but it a political party that formed by whites in order to bring anti apartheid. lot has heppened in our country which no one is proude of but but time has changed. i don't love DA because of who is rulling or how many supporters are their but because i believe in CHANGE. yes ANC its our democracy party, but that doesnot mean we owe it to our lifes, let vote for Change 7 MAY
Racial conversations with this guy can be funny I tell you, we both refer to white people as whites. I've known him for years yet I've never seen him with a white woman. I remember one scenario at Emperors Palace ngibambe my Mlungu wami and naye abambe u-Dakie wakhe; as always. I promise you Henri Mineo at times does forget that He is ''white''. How far have we come when it come to race and all, are we genuinely a ''rainbow nation''? Would you date or marry a Mlungu? Happy ''Freedom day'' in advanced.
27 April is a remarkable day during which the shakles of bondage were broken,and the new dawn begins,so as the people we shall be cautius of the remarks we make and work towards the unification of this beautiful rainbow nation.
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Excited about what is happening in the rainbow nation right now!
Just like the most of us, I, too, get mad when more drama keeps popping out from nowhere in this beautiful land. However, I still believe that's what keep us closer as a people. This is unquestionably one of the most awesome countries in the world. I mean looking back at the past 20 years of freedom. The good that this rainbow nation has achieved outweighs the bad. How I wish we could just stop this little racism mentality we still have left, and help people like Thuli Madontsela to beautify this land.
2 da gud ppl of rainbow nation. I hope nilale kahle nonke cz I can c evry1 is smillin' lol.
Sensation flames striker Frank Gabadinho Mhango, who is currently at Bloefontain celtin in the rainbow nation has vowed to fight for the topscorer prize of the PSL. The striker has 9 goals while Benard Parker the leading scorer has 10 goals. Celtic have two games remaining to wrap up their season. Gabadinho told ZBS that he's hoping to top the scorers list by the end of the season. He said, " I eat football, I watch football, play football and dream football"
Bcoz its realy a `rainbow nation fild wif difrnt races,cultures,languages n all in al the people r friendly n kind`,i quote this fron an international visitor i once conversated wif.
Merit to cdr Madonsela for making it into the world's top 100 list of influencial ppl, demerits to those dragging the legacy of our rainbow Nation
This is not a Rainbow nation cause it died when Mandela got layed to rest RIP Madiba without this goverment is totally Corruptified Loadsheddings left right and centre like Moyes was fired Zuma mustnt go he must just Leave
Hey Marxists, how's that rainbow nation thing working out for you?
Ppl please help me here who exactly came-up with this RAINBOW NATION theory...?
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