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Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls is an international steel arch bridge across the Niagara River gorge, and is a world-famous tourist site.

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My Princess Penny left this world 12/1 in my arms a heart attack took her to the Bridge…
The most beautiful girl crossed the rainbow bridge; best friends to the end. Ill miss Woosiker Woo forever https…
Personal level. Exactly to the minute, 1 year ago my heart and soul went to the rainbow bridge. Miss you SB!
Our sweet Lilah crossed the rainbow bridge today😿. She was a shelter favorite, and loved by many. After surviving...
Tuna will be crossing the rainbow bridge tomorrow. I am glad I got to see her perform.…
But he suffered b4 he died. I know he's happy now. At rainbow bridge.
There aren't enough dead cops, bad habits or half decent people on this rock to bridge even the smallest gap. Life's no rainbow; it's ***
so sorry about Charlie... Tomorrow is my Osa's date... just remember you'll have an angel waiting by the Rainbow bridge 😘
A fur baby is still family. Prayers sent. My he cross the rainbow bridge to peace.
so sorry for your loss. Play well at rainbow Bridge TG. Thinking of you all.
RIP TG you have crossed the rainbow bridge to a better world 🌈🐾💗
"There are those that come into our lives,. touch our hearts and we are never the same."~. RIP Avery. Over the Rainbow Bridge ~…
Dora made her way over the rainbow bridge today. We are so grateful to have been rescued by her 5 years ago. We...
One day we will be reunited over the Rainbow Bridge!!!
Rainbow bridge looks out over Donner Lake
RIP to Top Gear Dog, run free at Rainbow Bridge. Xxx. .
My sweet baby Twinklebeam passed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. I'm gonna miss her tremendously. She was one…
you'll be missed pretty girlie cross over rainbow bridge little one sending Mindy Richard and the girls lots of love x
Twinkle ❤ crossed rainbow bridge yesterday evening at 12 years old, we were all with her. She was a legend. Heartbroken https…
RIP Zelda. Dig to your heart's content at the Rainbow Bridge, sweetie. I'm so sorry she's gone. 🌈🌈🌈
For all our cats who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge...
RIP sweet girl. May the trip over the Rainbow Bridge be full of open car windows and fresh air.
When you go to rainbow bridge 's the one there under the bridge asking you to answer a riddle to get across
Lovely lighting on bridge across Liffey in tonight
The opening of the 12th Gate at Lake Titicaca signifies the weaving of the Rainbow Bridge, the tribe of awakened...
Today we got word that our good friend, Frankie crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Frankie was 17 but…
A mixed bag. Finished my new aquarium, but my favorite betta went to swim under the Rainbow Bridge and beg for heavenly popcorn
😢sad news RIP enjoy the rainbow bridge 🌈
A rainbow of colors glow in the falling snow on the Rachel Carson Bridge in last night from the North Shore ht…
Meek Mill standing on a bridge somewhere in NY with Nicki wig on listening to a Drake album crying featured in NBC s Science of Love
Rest In Peace My sweet Farrah, one of the great loves of my life. She went to the meadow by the Rainbow Bridge to w…
Rest in peace, Tori. You were the best puppy I could have ever asked for. I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge. 💕
Southeast TX - Golden Triangle - Taken from the Rainbow Bridge viewing the Memorial Bridge over the Neches River
Bretagne - the last 9/11 SRD - crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June
Sad news. Minnie Pearl has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Condolences to her Mama and siblings. Visit: Zoe Blue and...
Our hearts are heavy as we have learned that Max has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Please keep his family in your...
This is Corona. She was the beloved girl of Joe and Sheryl Wheaton. Corona went to Rainbow Bridge recently and...
Replica Statue of Liberty in Odaiba, with the Rainbow Bridge behind it, Tokyo -…
Sadly another kitty has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge . Penfield just past Womma Road and Main North Road...
Rainbow Bridge and Falls, Watkins Glen, New York, USA Watkins Glen State Park is located outside the village of Wat… ht…
So sad to hear that the mummy of our Frankie's babas went to Rainbow Bridge in the early hours of this morning 🌈
The worst for me was destroying the Rainbow Bridge and then acting like it was no big deal. WHAT.
Poor thing. Fly free to the Rainbow Bridge my furriend. Love follows you.
TIL Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that connects Asgard to Midgard is pronounced BEEF-roast.
Kota traveled the rainbow bridge to meet his brother Keno some time back, but only found out a…
So yellow ~~ It now looks like this at Hanriver park near Banpo Bridge. You can even see the rainbow fountain and...
Thank you for 15 years Thunder, I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge one day. .
These guys are all together once again. I wish I could visit the Rainbow Bridge 😢💔
Scruffy crossed the rainbow bridge today. love you little guy, forever in our hearts you'll be.❤️
Wait at the Rainbow Bridge This Is the Story of the Passing of a Boy's Beloved German Shephard and How That German
Just going over the Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo
Big sale on all Rainbow Bridge jewelry!
With Love From the Rainbow Bridge. . Delta and Bravo were originally rescued from a truly deplorable situation.
Exactly a month ago today my baby Toby crossed the rainbow bridge. Was the most heartbreaking…
LuLuBelle you were special, you were loved & thank you for gracing my life baby with my Bones in rainbow bridge
big hugs... he's over the rainbow bridge playing with all the other doggies. RIP Holden.
Just checked Rainbow Bridge site, It is Monday night Candle ceremony. Check it out whenever U feel up to it.
I did the Rainbow Bridge ceremony for my Pomeranian. I did whole service, music, incense, the works. Invited friends.
Cryspy suddenly went 2 the Rainbow Bridge May 11. Please give his mom strength & love! http…
***CROSSED OVER RAINBOW BRIDGE***. SIGHTING - DECEASED CAT - (TAURANGA) B.O.P. We hate making posts like this but...
then he wrote the Rainbow Bridge poem.
to one of my favourite photos from last year Provencher bridge, capes & rainbow wings
Bucky has gone to the rainbow bridge. 💕 This is probably one of my favorite photos of him. He's…
Unfortunately, we had to help our beloved Cinco to the Rainbow Bridge today. Your purrs and… h…
Our sweet Simba has crossed the rainbow bridge. I'll miss your loving affection and attention-demanding ways. 😿😿😿
We're going to rendezvous November 9th at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls for one last outlet shopping spree.
In Loving Memory of my Furry Buddy of 22 years. Made his journey to Rainbow Bridge Mothers Day. So miss his purr
I love kittens too but senior cats definitely deserve to be cared for until their journey to the rainbow bridge.
TBT- My Furry Border Son Ben. He went to the Rainbow Bridge 5 years ago today. He was such an amazing dog. 😢❤️
Banpo Bridge and the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain in Seoul, South Korea. This is the world's longest bridge fountain …
It's great to know someone who doesn't fault you for 'being wrong', but sees it as another viewpoint across the rainbow bridge
Foster Rocket Man went to the rainbow bridge tonight. He was loved by us for a year. Run free, little one!
Iris takes its name from Greek word for a rainbow which is also the name for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris.
Boxers, short hair and all. I had just rescued her then. Sadly she's gone now. Rainbow bridge and all that
I've just raised 27p for Bonnies Rainbow Bridge Fund simply by shopping with JD Williams via
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Rainbow Bridge-used by millions of visitors yearly. Opened in 1941 it affords a stunning view of the falls.
Woof DISGUSTING "name & shame" this low life forever. RIP Elmo, have lots of fun at *Rainbow Bridge* xx
ROCKY HAS GONE TO THE RAINBOW BRIDGE. He came in as a tiny kitten a few years ago after been seen by a tourist...
Aw, good. They can all frolic at the rainbow bridge together. JayJay, too. :) x
Wish I was on that rainbow bridge with all the dead dogs I've ever owned
If the Asgardians are so advanced, why doesn't the Bridge have a hand-rail for safety?. Seems dangerous to me.
RIP HarleyDog, best dog ever. My sweet boy has crossed the rainbow bridge at 14.
Rip Hugo pal, I bet you are a 'ra, ra, rooing' at Rainbow Bridge, big hugs to Hugo's parents 💔 Xxx
Beautiful Idgie - gone to rainbow bridge. Sending love to the humans at this sad time. Blessed to have known you 💔 htt…
Its been a week since Queen Guinevere left us to go across the Rainbow Bridge. Miss you more than ever Meow Cat! 😢💖
My random desktop pic 2day @ work-hey Prince, as you pass the Rainbow Bridge, can you please say hi 2 Lady for us?
My sweet boy Rusty has passed away. Play hard with your brothers Loki and Reggie at the rainbow bridge, little one.😢
See how you can help us.every little bit helps.
No tears left. Oberon the crossed the rainbow bridge today. Already missing him. Rest In Peace little buddy.
. Yes, our 'family member' was springer and chocolate lab. He reminds me of her face. :-) She went over Rainbow Bridge.   10% Off
while we're mocking W.Blitzer for saying "Purple Haze," I should admit that yesterday I said "Rainbow Bridge" when I meant "Graffiti Bridge"
New slogan:Beneath a rainbow of rejection stands a sturdy bridge to female friendship
RIP Freddie,run free at rainbow bridge xXx
Truly heartbroken. Heidi has crossed over the rainbow bridge 19-04-08 - 22-04-16 🐶 love you so much
A rainbow is a colourful bridge that arches over the sky, like a big back hump, or a knobbly knee, or a pig hunched over i…
RIP Dayko. Gracias por tu sacrificio. See you at the other side of the rainbow bridge!
Button: Greatly missed and fondly remembered by his family. Run free at Rainbow Bridge Button. Rela...
So fitting of Prince 2 pass on with a beautiful rainbow. A bridge from earth 2 heaven & a comforting sign...
She had incredible guilt because she had Joey in her life after I crossed Rainbow Bridge. As soon as she let go...
My oldest little fur baby crossed the rainbow bridge today I'm gutted, but had her for 20 years ... loved her for 20 yrs love
Little Fleur is over the rainbow bridge :'(
When icons who transformed our concept of gender cross the rainbow bridge, it leaves a significant vacuum.
Breagha is sadly another victim of the railway and has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Run free beautiful girl. xxx
CHUNKS MATHER . Crossed the Rainbow Bridge on April 21, 2016 . In Loving Memory . Made for our friend, Miss Clare...
Help support local theatre students: see Rainbow Company's Bridge To Terabithia this weekend
In honor of Berlioz crossing the rainbow bridge 💕
May he be in peace at the Rainbow Bridge, accompanied by all the animals.
Brent Nathaniel Hunter 1 h · The Rainbow Bridge. · . It is not who is right, but what is right, that is of...
My baby, Robin, has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, and is now cancer free. He's now united with Sweet Pea, Jojo, and my grandparents.
Ahhh Sam. I know how upsetting it is to lose a cat. They say when they die they go over the rainbow bridge. RIP xxx
It's Josie. Last night, our Oz crossed over the rainbow bridge after 15 years on Earth. While we're heartbroken,...
Let's go Crazy while U continue2 party like its 1999 on that Rainbow Bridge Under the Cherry Moon 💜
We would be honoured to feature your loved ones on our Rainbow Bridge slideshow page on our new…
No :( at Rainbow Bridge with Migs. How heartbreaking Sam. Big hugs x
IEBR's Vic went to the rainbow bridge on 4.18.16. His medical bills continue to be astronomical. We are holding a...
Bless sweet Kandi. Now at the Rainbow Bridge today, thanks for the Love. Mama Lori Loves you ❤💔❤Xo
Hugs & Prayers for Tilikem. You're in God's hands now. If you go to Rainbow Bridge you'll finally find pe…
Tsar & Carter and all our other 4 legged friends playing pain free over the Rainbow Bridge. )
SAD UPDATE: We have a sad update about Tiki, formerly Bo Duke- he crossed the Rainbow Bridge this weekend. This...
Rutger, be at peace at the Rainbow Bridge. (Leo)
Wonder dog Kai crosses over the Rainbow Bridge. Be sure to read the DI tomorrow.
My encounter with Ty at Lake Powell: About 8 years ago, I was hiking back to the boat from Rainbow Bridge. I ...
Our hearts are breaking today. Our sweet, lovable and precious Bailey has crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She...
Had a nice ride on the rainbow bridge in Halong Bay at night. :). Shot with the A7s
Always in our hearts until we meet at Rainbow Bridge.
Miss Lacey has gone over the Rainbow Bridge but not forgotten.
Sorry to hear about the crossing of the Rainbow Bridge by your fellow companion! Pls send us Her pic/story 4 our site honor page
The Rainbow Bridge Poem all OTRB are forever in our hearts
Racist at Niagara Falls told me to go back to my country so I pointed to the Rainbow Bridge to the U.S.A. and asked him …
Karen Carpenter! Sat down to watch The Bridge. Keep getting lost in Carpenter’s transfixing larynx. Her voice sounds like a rainbow.
Don't you love this view when you're passing through Rainbow Bridge?
It is with great sadness we share with you that sweet GSRA Alum Izzy has crossed the rainbow bridge. She came to...
A deep friend is like rainbow, when the perfect amount of happiness and tears are mixed, the result is a colorful bridge between 2 hearts'
i saw the same sign in 1984. One of our testers took this: rainbow bridge donner lake
I like Skittles. Taste the rainbow bridge
Jimi Hendrix and his Band of Gypsys crossed the Rainbow Bridge before people knew what it was. The Power of Love.
Oh Jennifer :( He crossed over the rainbow bridge. What's so sad is his family is sad. X-tra love to you all. Tell
MOM??? They said you passed over the Rainbow Bridge!
. So sorry 2 hear dat Captain Jude has passed over the Rainbow Bridge sympathies 2 yr family & ZSHQ♥
--along the rainbow bridge and into Asgard, she stopped to look around as she took a Deep breath and smiled. She was--
Remember a pet who’s crossed the rainbow bridge with a custom ornament this year.
RIP sweet Duchess. Run free over the rainbow bridge. Love, Rémy
We have 4 dogs, altho my Dachshund is very sick and may be leaving us soon for the rainbow bridge :(
My sweet Sammy crossed the rainbow bridge today. You will be missed, my sweet boy. via /r/…
RIP Paddy, gained your wings today. Run free with Sam over the Rainbow Bridge 🌠🌈
Cassie is cheering the Tide from the Rainbow Bridge today but her Mom said this pic always makes her smile.
So Snickers is chilling at the ol Rainbow Bridge (hit by car). 😕. Thanks to and for trying to help a bro out.
always going to be too short. To the fur angel over the rainbow bridge, love you. RIP baby.2/2
I know what you're going through. is happy at the rainbow bridge
On fb they say your dead pets meet you at rainbow bridge.
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I loved you Pp. So sorry I didn't say goodbye. I will see you on the other side of rainbow bridge when it's my turn.
Our friend Voodoo went over the Rainbow Bridge today, so sad, she was such a great girl. we miss u
RIP Tanzy , go find Hope at rainbow bridge X 🐾💕🌈
My heart reaches out to comfort your heart. Jackie lives forever at rainbow bridge waiting for you
Today my family's precious cat, CeCe, went over the Rainbow Bridge. She had a long and happy 18 years…
RIP Rocco! I have loved spending the last 8 years with you! Go do zoomies over the rainbow bridge!
THE RESCUERS. Unlike most days at the Rainbow Bridge, this day dawned cold and gray. All the recent arrivals at...
RIP Spud, hope you take a safe trip to Rainbow Bridge and play with all the other dogs.
If you believe didn't see the video prior to the $5M pay off I have a bridge 2sell you. Includes a troll and a …
/cross the rainbow bridge. Done. Pizza?
RAINBOW BRIDGE - This little guy who his finders named "Romeo" darted out the door and has unfortunately has...
aww mama luvs da seniors! Our Elvis was 13 and blind when he crossed da rainbow bridge.
RIP our sweet resident cat Ickle. Run free at rainbow bridge
A deep friendship is like a rainbow.When the perfect amount of happiness and tears are mixedThe result is a colourful bri…
Sweet foster Herschel went over the Rainbow Bridge today... Please send a prayer to him and his foster family... 💜
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If anyone wants a 2560 x 1440px desktop image of Rainbow Bridge in Bay here you go:
Slow shutter app on an Bay, Rainbow Bridge. Cool beans...
sending warm thoughts on your loss. One of the family crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
Sad and heartbreaking day for family Daisy crossed the Rainbow Bridge today Run Free Daisy
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge from Canada back to US. American Falls to the left, Horseshoe Falls to the right.
View of the Rainbow Bridge and American Falls and the Niagara River from the Skylon Tower.
Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls is closed for an ongoing New York State Park Police investigation. Body recovery in the gorge.
Special shout out to my pup over Rainbow Bridge, Montana. Miss you baby 💔
My family cat, Angel, crossed the rainbow bridge today. She was almost 15 years old and although she…
Aww... His soul is still with you hun. They don't leave the ones they love x❤x (Read a poem called Over the Rainbow Bridge) x
Mama and Dada with Lucie in the comfort room before she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with…
I mourn for both of you. I hope there's a rainbow bridge up there in heaven. World is too cruel for you. Rest in peace now C&J
Milethia Thomas left feedback on The Rainbow Bridge for The Impact
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge:
RIP Jerico Cecil's brother who has also been killed by poachers, now they r reunited over the rainbow bridge 😢
Sad day for the pack. Winston crossed over the rainbow bridge last evening. Brooklyn strong to the end!
So cute! Our other kitty who crossed the rainbow bridge was also a rescue. Both indoor only.
Guinness can now begin his journey to the Rainbow Bridge where he will not be in pain any more. Run & play sweet boy h…
Rainbow Bridge,Tokyo, Japan ❤ maybe one day i will be there ,. there's nothing impossible 😌❤
not to be the total birdge nerd AGAIN. But the Rainbow Bridge in the Tri trailer looks REALLY good xD
dear President Stupid: why are there no HOV lanes on the Rainbow Bridge, love Dad
Crossing the Rainbow Bridge. I literally walked from Canada to America.
Regardless of what the websites and gmaps say, avoid the Rainbow Bridge at all costs
Too bad-No rainbow flag on Burrard Bridge for Vancouver Pride | Metro
I'm so very sorry Zoey and family. Know that sweet Guinness is with my Bowzer at the Rainbow Bridge. ❤️…
It's been 1 month without you here & I miss you everyday. Hope the rainbow bridge is treating good my friend.
We're in line for Rainbow Bridge, only left lane goes to bridge
Gundam show was meh, the gundam itself is okay, rainbow bridge is not rainbow, cari restoran onigiri tak jumpa. :(
Labradorite: the rainbow bridge of gems via
The boards on the rainbow bridge rattled a little louder with this crossing. It was just sweet Cody on Wheels...
So kareshi told me it's okay, she's happy now and can run freely in rainbow bridge together with every other cats
RIP Manhattan :( You are safe now on the Rainbow Bridge.
My pal through thick and thin crossed across the rainbow bridge this morning. RIP Otis. I hope there are a...
This is Madison, our sweet 10-year-old poodle that crossed the rainbow bridge the day before Thanksgiving. Even...
Great bike ride capped with a rainbow over the Bridge of Lions!
Hekeleh. Then you don't name it Rainbow Bridge lah. Blergh.
"Just to let you know, the Rainbow Bridge is usually white. They will light it up in rainbow colors from December until Jan."
I love these! Great way to remember a furry friend who crossed the rainbow bridge!
Our little guy Buddy in his new home!! Huge thanks to Terry Gray of Rainbow Bridge Kennels for fostering him.
Run free across Rainbow Bridge...a life taken prematurely :-( x
It's a year since Dad's girl Ruby John went over the rainbow bridge. He still misses her :( It's a shame we never met
Since April 2015 BWB has been working with Gillian’s Rainbow Bridge to create a more professional business model and to source income throu…
Today we celebrate my Uncle Warren who passed this year... we all will walk the rainbow bridge when…
"began from here. Photos of one book! It's linking from "Rainbow-Bridge" to Ms.Niji. http:/…
Rest in peace Bulkee. See you at Rainbow Bridge
For our pets who are at rainbow bridge
"What you seek, it's a bridge. More like a Rainbow Bridge."
stand tall & proud as you cross Rainbow Bridge. You opened hearts & minds to cruelty of
A rainbow yarn bridge arches over LA:
RIP Boots :( You are safe now at the Rainbow Bridge.
Just wrapped shooting on the US/Canada border on the Rainbow Bridge overlooking Niagara Falls!
My beautiful Sundee has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I love you and will miss you forever. 💔😢
you are a caring and loving person.. bless you and MooMoo is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge
Jocelyn was headed to the Rainbow Bridge today but Mike wasn't having that! She is safe but she needs a foster...
My sweet Bailey, who was taken to Rainbow Bridge too soon. He chose me, off the street. I miss him so much.
In walk frm Rainbow Bridge to Table Rock, take a cruise on hike the play on
Cdn side: Walk from Rainbow Bridge to Table Rock, visit the Niagara Gorge, play on & take a for sure.
Rainbow Bridge, Tonalea is the largest natural in the world, 290 feet high, 275 feet across.
So very sorry to learn Fischer has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Peace to you and Banner.
We have received the sad news that Ozzy crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our sympathy goes out to the family.
Sad Update. It breaks our hearts to report that Scout has been found, but has already crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Rainbow Bridge is gathering to greet BENEDICT (cat) for his family and friend .
and enjoy aerial views of magnificent Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge and Monument Valley.
Luxury hotel in bayarea. You can watch Rainbow Bridge view.
Hulk defending the Rainbow Bridge, by John Buscema and Joe Rub …
our darling Imp has crossed the Rainbow Bridge ... after a long battle with nephritis following Lyme Disease ... she was 12 years and 4 months old ... the only female ever to defeat Martin for Best of Breed ... mother of Jordan, Imp, Banner, MacAfee, Ready .. and *** Achilles, Alfalfa ... such a smart smart girl, opened latches and was often missing only to be found somehow having found a way YET AGAIN to open the gate to the pond to let herself in for a swim ... we are so grateful for sharing her life !
To Brenda Miller Rest in Peace little Furby God is flying you over the Rainbow Bridge on the wings of a butterfly Welcome to Pekingese Rainbow Bridge sweet soul
THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS AT RAINBOW BRIDGE 'Twas the night before Christmas, at Rainbow Bridge too. We Bridgekids were thinking as always of you. We'd seen how the holidays weren't bright this year, Heard you whisper so often, "I wish you were here!" We know how you wish you could just stay in bed And sleep through the holiday lying ahead, When all celebrate with their loved ones so near... Unless they have loved ones on this side this year. But we're no less alive here, on the other side. If you could just see us, you'd've laughed and not cried. The dogs all in harness, pulling the sleigh. The cats all in Santa hats pointing the way. The pet birds all flying back over the rainbow, Bound homeward in spite of Earth's darkness and snow. All the pets that you've lost, pets for whom you've cried, Flying home on this Christmas to be by your side. If you feel warm fur brush you when no pet's around, Hear a soft bark or purr, just a ghost of a sound, We're trying to tell you we're visiting this way, And our vi ...
thoughts and prayers are with you & your family. Maybe this will ease your pain a bit: Rainbow Bridge
R.I.P. Big Shu. Another brave warrior gone to soon. Love goes with you to Rainbow Bridge. XXX
I know you are out shopping and wrapping and getting ready for the holidays! I adore humans. Sadly for me I probably won't have a Christmas or holiday. You see Friday I will probably be at the Rainbow Bridge. I am only a year old they think. I had babies and some people rescued my babies but they left me! I thought I would die right there!! You see, we have the same feelings as you do!! I was happy for my babies but I just wanted to go too. The nice people at the shelter say I am the sweetest most submissive girl, who gives kisses. My tail wags when I get to go potty. I see no reason to not be happy. I choice to be until I know for sure I won't make it out! I have things against me. I am a big girl at 55 pounds. I also know that they say I am a Lab with the dreaded P word. Just a touch of Pittie. Most in here are so nice. My name is Isadora. Isn't that so pretty?? Angels would just love to save me, but they truly are out of fosters. To be saved by them, you would have to put in a foster application for .. ...
Lulu (now Ladybug) has been rescued!!! All rescue placements are special, but Ladybug's is exceptionally so. She was rescued by CAWS - Community Animal Welfare Society in the name of nine year old Shayla Annis. Sadly, Shayla passed away on November 22nd. Shayla's nickname was Ladybug & she was a huge animal lover. All of us at The Humane Society of Utah would like to express our sincerest condolences to her family. Ladybug's second chance is in honor of Miss Shayla & her love of all animals. We know the happy kisses of her furry friends are raining on her face in joyous reunion at the Rainbow Bridge.
Statue of Liberty, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower, Odaiba, Japan. Photo by Curtis and Juanita.
Rainbow Bridge - Angel Phi here with us.. Gathering to watch Honours flight.
My mother loved her cardinals and had a few trained to eat from her hand. After she crossed Rainbow Bridge into the Summerlands, a female cardinal appeared at the memorial service and disappeared when it ended. Coming home from work the first day back, a male and female cardinal flew right up to my windshield and paused in mid air as though it was she and my father who had crossed before her. They are always at the right place at the right time.
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From K9 Heroes: The world lost a true American hero on Saturday. Our beloved Brutus crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
The three officers are being questioned at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, officials say.
The Thornton's beloved baby boy, Simon Peter, crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. He brought us 17.5…
WELCOME AT RAINBOW BRIDGE On the morning of September 11, 2001, there was an unprecedented amount of activity at the Rainbow Bridge. Decisions had to be made. They had to be made quickly. And, they were. An issue, not often addressed here, is the fact that many residents really have no loved one for whom to wait. Think of the pups who lived and died in hideous puppy mills. No one on earth loved or protected them. What about the many who spent unhappy lives tied in backyards? And, the ones who were abused. Who are they to wait for? We don't talk about that much up here. We share our loved ones as they arrive, happy to do so. But we all know there is nothing like having your very own person who thinks you are the most special pup in the Heavens. Last Tuesday morning a request rang out for pups not waiting for specific persons to volunteer for special assignment. An eager, curious crowd surged excitedly forward, each pup wondering what the assignment would be. They were told by a solemn voice that unexpected ...
Niagara Falls - July 1991 Niagara Falls is the collective name for three waterfalls that straddle the international border between Canada and the United States. From largest to smallest, the three waterfalls are the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. The Horseshoe Falls lie mostly on the Canadian side, it's length of brink: 2600 feet. Height: 167 feet. Volume of water: 600,000 U.S. gallons per second. The Maid of the Mist is a boat tour of Niagara Falls. The boat starts off at a calm part of the Niagara River, near the Rainbow Bridge, and takes its passengers past the American and Bridal Veil Falls, then into the dense mist of spray inside the curve of the Horseshoe Falls, also known as the Canadian Falls.
Oh sweetheart! So sorry for your loss. Charlie crossed the Rainbow Bridge and enjoying the company of other animals. ~Dr. C~
Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. Sorry I'm late with the updates but we have so busy. 3 Broadway shows in 3 nights in New York… Wicked, Jersey Boys and Lion King. Then to Philadelphia on the way to Buffalo NY, for the 2 nights here. We spent the day at Niagara Falls. Man what an awesome sight. We walked over the Rainbow bridge to Canada from the US side of the falls to the Canadian side and got some great photos of the Horseshoe Falls.
i know! Really does suck. Have you read the poem Rainbow Bridge?
I am happy and sad at the same time.. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE??? I am happy for my friend celebrating their birdie's hatchday, but at the same time a friend loss her precious fid to Rainbow Bridge.. My heart aches for all the loss fids.. :'(
Here are two pics of the Rainbow Bridge that I took.
Pal - our golden oldie - in long term foster with Shannon We got these lovely photos from Shannon who has been fostering Pal since June. Pal is the only remaining terrier of our 3 OAP's - Peanut went to rescue a few weeks back, and poor Oreo went to the Rainbow Bridge. Poor Pal is deaf as a post and in Shannon's words, an "old gentleman". We are grateful to Shannon for committing to give this old boy a loving home environment where he feels safe and gets plenty of care. A very low maintenance chap who was just looking a retirement home xxx
I am so sorry about Max! I just lost my 7 month old puppy to kidney disease. I am sure you have read "The Rainbow Bridge"
I was challenged by Patty Pyles to post three reasons, for five days, why I am blessed. I have to challenge three people to do the same... 1. I am blessed to have such wonderful parents who love me beyond measure. 2. I have a husband who loves me and all my moods! 3. I have six Furbabies (three here and three at Mom's) that are my world and I have many Furbabies that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge that I will see again one day. I challenge Tammy Casey Woods, Shawn Poff Sergent and Valerie Bernard.
One of Lokis favorite place was the rainbow bridge,it was bright and relaxing as he listened to the water and looked up at-
Beautiful shot of the Rainbow Bridge in CA by goodthompson.
RIP Wyper. A brave lad now gone to patrol Rainbow Bridge. So sorry for his Dad and those who loved him . xx
We're pretty sure this old gal is ready to ponder what's on the other side of the rainbow bridge.…
RIP...thoughts are with the handler and his family...over the rainbow bridge☹
RIP, sweet Bosco. Thank you for all the joy you gave us. I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
Walking the rainbow bridge to a more colorful & happier life
RIP Wiper, go quietly into that good night. Over the Rainbow Bridge
- She crossed the famous Rainbow Bridge...😩
I'm so sorry to learn about Lola crossing over the rainbow bridge.
We at NYBC are stricken with grief and sadly announce that our Roxy girl had to cross the rainbow bridge. No more...
oh no 😔 run free at the rainbow bridge Max ❤🌈
thanks Cystal. He went to the " rainbow bridge "8-4. Broke my heart.Got another puppy that God choose just 4 me. SEAN.
It was time for another sweet little soul to cross the Rainbow Bridge and travel the world. I met Bean a couple...
😢Run free at rainbow bridge Beth, thoughts with your family 😢
Lily, beloved budgie of is crossing the rainbow bridge.
R.I.P little angel. So sorry nobody stepped up to save you. We tried. We cared. Safe now, over The Rainbow Bridge.
So sorry sweet angel that nobody stepped up to save you. R.I.P darling, safe now, over The Rainbow Bridge.
So sorry that nobody stepped up 2 save you. We cared. We tried. R.I.P sweetheart safe now over The Rainbow Bridge
RAINBOW BRIDGE [RAINBOW BRIDGE] Delays to United States, 30-60 Minutes Reported on August 24 at 12:17 PM.
*** you need to pay a 50¢ toll to walk back to the us from Canada over the Rainbow Bridge. lol
*Bosco returns the piece of Fritzie's heart Fritzie gave him when he made the trip across the rainbow bridge*
Check out “Shimmer”-luminous rainbow panels just installed as public art on the Congress St. bridge. Only steps from Grand Circle Gallery!
Experience Hendrix LLC and Legacy Recordings will reissue the first two posthumous studio albums from Jimi Hendrix, The Cry of Love and Rainbow Bridge. Neither of the albums have been available for decades with Bridge never coming out on CD and Love last being issued in 1992. Both will be put out on…
Thank you,Thor.*he grins at you.He walks away and decides to take a walk on the rainbow bridge*
. 'The Cry Of Love' & 'Rainbow Bridge' will be remastered and is releasing on 9/16/2014. Read here: http…
Photo of the Day: Rainbow Bridge at Night, Tokyo. By Mirco Paffrath . Upload your photo at:
RIP SAR Dog Beth, go quietly over the Rainbow Bridge.
. So sorry about Stripe. Cool-looking cat! . RIP Stripe, you are already running free over the rainbow bridg…
I walked from the United States to Canada! @ Rainbow Bridge
there's a really exciting bit where it loops round to gain height and then thunders along the Rainbow suspension bridge
Buy or borrow, Aussies! Also in CA,ES,BR,GB,FR,IT Please share with friends, too! Reviews at
Deeply touched by this interpretation of the Rainbow Bridge.
Need Sunday plans? Why not check out this massive city park that's home to an iconic rainbow bridge:
Rainbow Bridge tonight. Come dance and party with a great band. Raffles,wings,fish,onion rings,mini corn dogs and $3 Bloody Marys all part of sunday funday.
RIP my beautiful Ivy...wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge xox
Run free over the Rainbow Bridge my sweet Lily Dale! Mommy's heart is breaking and I miss you so much!
The Rainbow Bridge trail maintenance is complete! And just in time as the rising waters of Lake Powell are only days away from inundating the low section of trail, a result of last year's flash flooding. Thanks go out to Aramark and NPS maintenance employees for taking on the task of keeping Rainbow Bridge open and accessible all summer long.
It is with great sadness to announce the passing of retired K9 Sapper due to an aggressive medical condition. K9 Sapper served the Lee County Sheriff's Office from June of 2006 to April of 2014. Sapper was partnered with Deputy Kirkby for past seven years with the Highway Interdiction Team. Sapper was also partnered with Sgt. Hoerner under the K9 unit. During K9 Sapper’s career, he had numerous narcotic and currency seizures. K9 Sapper also played a key role in a local currency seizure that turned into a federal money laundering case that involved multiple agencies in Florida and Massachusetts. On Monday, Sapper made the journey across the Rainbow Bridge with Deputy Kirkby at his side. Sapper will be greatly missed.
Aren't we all just running down the streets of Baltimore to avoid the slaughterhouse? I applaud you Bull of Charles Street. May we meet one day at the Rainbow Bridge.
With a heavy heart I need to tell you that our little Aileen is in kitty heaven. After talking to 3 different doctors, we have all come to the same outcome of thoughts. Little Aileen was left to go to her place at the Rainbow Bridge very late last night. Her condition had deteriorated every day now for the past 4 days. She had no bladder or bowel control and her little tummy was so huge, causing discomfort. The time she was here was filled with playtime and being loved on. She passed while being petted. She was also playing with her friend Mr. Thomas's tail while he was grooming her. A peaceful, quiet passing. Thank you for loving her. Sometimes when death happens, we swear we will never give our hearts out again. We talked about this twice on chat yesterday. Here is my thought on this. Love is actually a renewable resource! We can never run out of love, if we so choose to open our hearts. It's there for the giving.and for the taking. What an awesome gift! And if we love, we will always have memories. F . ...
We were looking at doing something visual again this time as the ribbons for Rainbow Bridge at Hyde Park got a lot of attention, people did come over to find out what we were doing and then listened to what we had to say. Seany has had the brilliant idea of 'typing' people, us lot plus members of the public, who are game :) We are just working on the mechanics of it but we will have some big posters saying what is going on, some saying if we are type or not and some saying what happens to us. If anyone has a giant tape measure that would be awesome, if you have a muzzle please bring it along and you can be exempted :) More details will follow.
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