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Rain Man

Rain Man is a 1988 drama film written by Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass and directed by Barry Levinson.

Dustin Hoffman Tom Cruise Barry Levinson Best Picture Adam Sandler Erick Rowan

Yeah! The GF is bringing rain to Barstow - bless you. U da man even though no speedo dance! Blessings
Light up the end/start of your week with the latest and greatest gaming podcast
From a Sesame Street muppet to Dustin Hoffman's Rain Man: 7 depictions of...
You need to respect Mboro that man prayed for rain and God answered
I think that being a husband and a husband of a family is a real man. (Rain, Harper's Bazaar Korea April 2017)
uh oh... you can forget the Oscar, because you'll be going from Rain Man to full retard.
. Going to do your impression of Rain Man doing an episode of Drunk History?
Rain Man on pbs. Remember when Tom Cruise was just a movie star? This is why it's better to not know too much about people
Dec. 16, 1988, the film Rain Man starring Tom Cruise & Dustin Hoffman was released in theaters.
Today In 12/16/1988: Rain Man is released, first (and only) film to win Berlin Golden Bear and Best Picture
He won Best Actor 4 My Left Foot; and even won against Dustin Hoffman who was in Rain Man
Our Undisputed Classic this week, it's Tom Cruise at his most Tom Cruise-y ness. — watching Rain Man
you're like Kevin Malone in the mobile office episode. You become Rain Man when it comes to counting pies.
President Snow and God talking about blowing up Rain Man and Lorna Cole over an Ebola infection on Sundance Channel
Former Phillie Dustin McGowan?? Given my Rain Man-like Phillies recall, there are clearly some recent seasons I am choosing not to remember
his track "Rain Man" is him going off about absolute nonsense for 4 minutes straight, yet it's one of the best songs he's released (imo)
"Tony Blair and George W. Bush was like a United Nations production of Rain Man." Robin Williams
"Judge Wapner, definitley Judge Wapner" - Rain Man, when asked what he was thinking about while jerking off.
Ughh working in this rain is too much man frfr
ya! you too? I know its only thursday but look at this. im way down for yeezy in the rain but MAN.
That point when referring to someone as "Rain Man" would be a compliment...
hey nordan I know how you feel man the teachers do the Same to me peace
Saw a man walking to work today in the rain. Stay safe out there everyone 😔
A new favorite: Rain Man Feat. Oly - Bring Back The Summer (Not Your Dope Remix) by on
man, it was perfect weather when I first moved now it's tropical rain forest season
I don't wanna go to work in this rain man
I love rain but man I just want it to be sunny already. Ruining my summer.
Man Strom, from x-men needs to chill with all this thunder n rain, in Houston.
Nothing screams "I'm a man" more than grilling burgers in 30mph winds while my sleeve catches fire. . But hey, the rain…
I just want to go by food but this rain man
This rain from the government... They're trying to flush us out man 🙄🙄
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When people ask me to do exhange rates in my head like im rain man 💁 🔫
Check out this interview by Iko Rain Man on the "What The Faulk Show" ~
The original inspiration for the Rain Man. Interesting
It's been raining in Paris and the weather is a mess.. As expected Taemin the rain man
Viewers couldn't get out of their heads!. hits No. 1 on China's QQ Music Chart
Can't wait to take over Sam Houston Race Park with Datsik, Snails, Crizzly, Rain Man & more!
If it really was raining men I bet Rain Man could count how many were piled up on the ground in seconds flat.
. You went full on retard. You can't do that. Dustin Hoffman, Rain Man, Tom Hanks. Forrest Gump.
on Mill City Radio: Bring Back The Summer (f. Oly) by Rain Man at
Watching the main dynamic in Scent of a Woman makes me think that Martin Brest was wanting to compensate for refusing to direct Rain Man.
,, I mean for example, you know the savant syndrome ? You know Stephen Wiltshire or you heard from Rain Man ? ☺😋
The library. Directed to scan some books with my eyes, doing my Rain Man thing. Richard Christian Matheson. A...
Kanye West is like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man but he only says Kanye West.
the last 3 days I got to watch Forrest Gump, American Beauty, Good Will Hunting, Rain Man, Lawless. It's been a good time
movie night aka watching a low-budget, 1-star horror film where the ghost is a growling Rain Man & none of the stars have …
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Just booked a corporate party at Caesars Palace in the Emperors Suite where they filmed Rain Man/ The Hangover.
the Rain Man said it was lateral move to Va Tech on his show yesterday. Like Bash I think it's a big jump up.
This guy's like Rain Man in sweat pants, and he just won $7M via
Rain Man for Best Picture, Director, Actor over Mississippi Burning?. Geena Davis in The Accidental Tourist over Frances McDormand?
Nobody found shot It was "Rain Man" (1988) by Barry Levinson. Next shot in 5min!
Rain Man is a 1988 American drama film directed by Barry Levinson and written by Barry Morrow and Ronald Bass. It...
along came polly. Ray Farmer thinks hes good yellonf "Rain Man" as he shoots bricks
A Beautiful Mind, K-Pax, Shutter Island, Rain Man or What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Which one to watch for my Psych extra credit? 😩
Man, looks like NC is in for a lot more rain and wind. Prayers go out to the people in the Bahamas!
."Rain of Light" canopy completed after 30 million man hours. Check out the incredible photos here
I'm feeling major drain from the rain right now it's sapping my soul man my soul!!
Let the rain begin. Cuddle time with my fat man. 💙😇
Weather man say it will be sunny within the next hour, then when the next hour comes he's like nah nevermind I was playing it's gon rain 😒
Ya it's weird to see rain, man. But good weird!
"I'm a wanderess. I'm a one night stand. Don't belong to no city. Don't belong to no man. I'm the violence in the pouring rain. I'm a hurricane"
What Man don't like suckin' on a titty while the game is on???
A hurricane WILL hit the E. Coast nxt week in the form of rain, hail, snow & Earthquakes. ALL this IS done by The Son Of Man!
I feel ya man stand out in the rain and feel the deep sorrow
When are both of you gonna man up and do the best prank of all time on rain and banks?
I miss Oregon weather man. Where's the rain at
Ask yourself, are you worthy of R. Kelly when the man said, *** *** *** *** weather man bout to make it rain?"
,I love- i love you man(puns😂), it would make my day of you could follow me back.Fav YouTuber by far!Subbed since 200k ❤️
Man, that's some spoilers right there.
Jackson is a really quirky young man. Very mixed heritage in ... http…
JoCo..saw a man driving a truck w garbage & luggage in passgr seat & in the truck bed..his girlfriend/wife/friend in the rain..what even
Megan Rain (thrusts her *** into the air knowing her man will take care of her needs!
The playa dust from Burning Man is finally leaving my driveway due to the rain. Kind of hate to see it go...
Overjoyed you guys are back on in Madison for the 5 o'clock hour. Haven't heard Rain Man in ages.
Come on mr weather man please get rid of the rain for Thursday and Friday!!!
It's raining, it's pouring, the old man created a machine that causes it to rain at all times. Most of the world is under…
Usain is a grown *** man. Mek him have his fun and make it rain.
I looked so good this morning man I hate the rain
Tom sounded like rain man talking about shirt. What was that about.
Man I wish I knew it was going to rain I would've bummed it out :(((
Man I wanted to go to the state fair too... stupid rain 😧😧
I was working in the rain today and my cigarettes got wet so I shot a baby.
So far no rain and I even got a slightly used bus pass from a nice hustling man
Oh man a hurricane bout to let the rain loose on the DMV this weekend. HU homecoming gonna show who faithful to the partying
That was me on the block trapping hard in the rain *** like a old man with the cane ***
Man if it’s like that game…That was miserable!! If It’s gonna rain wish t would rain pre game not during
Listen...that rain is something serious man
Man the person I need to eat it, does. Regardless of rain or shine 👀. That's all that matters ☺️
Man I just might skip dinner with all this rain
On the other hand enjoy this LOL I love rain man
Falcons avoided the rain but not the loss to CB West 216-213. Justin led the way with a 39, Ryan a 42 and coach O'Meara 41
Why is this man riding a motorcycle in the pouring rain
Just drove past an old man dancing in the rain!!! I'd say that's Ax
Man it better not rain when I longboard to my car 😒
Man, I sure do love it when the rain comes to California. for about 2 minutes... >>;;
Play Trouble Man while you drive to work in the rain.
Ah man, I just moved back to PDX. I was hoping that I could get one to solve the winter rain problem. Good to know.
Just gave this homeless man sitting in the rain some money I feel so bad I wish I could take him home but I ain't bout that life 😔
I'll never find a man wearing rain boots attractive. Nope, just not happening.
Rain Man-ed my way to realize the new doctor competing with Bailey in was in love with Adam Sandler in Big Daddy
Rain Man-ed my way into realizing the new doctor competing with Bailey on was Adam Sandler's love interest in Big Daddy
Mack please meet My associate David aka Rain Man. He is a Legend that worked with peeps like Tupac & Bone Thugs.
Pat Tabler in "Rain Man". "10 minutes to Wapner. Definitely 10 minutes to Wapner. Got pop in that bat. Hot bat. Yah, definitely free swinger"
Just saw the replays back from yesterday... 👀🙈 felt like "Rain Man" lol, just need to score 🙏
There are some strange 70s things in my head. Tanya Tucker - Lizzie and the Rain Man.
Maureen Lipman - "more Rain Man than Birdman" - ponders the hazards of a precarious profession
Today: Tom Cruse is older than Dustin Hoffman is in Rain Man and 2 years younger than Jack Nicolson was in A Few Good Men
At age 4 we are like Rain Man; we answer questions from half an hour ago. Don't think anything into it.
Was privileged to see a preview of Love & Mercy last night. Paul Dano was great as Brian Wilson. John Cusack was great as Rain Man
Me waa likkle rain too. Place hot man.
I am gonna meet 5sos when they come to my city rain or shine man
Hey man! Hope you had a good day! Sorry about all the fan stuff that happened. Hope it gets better
Finally took the top off the jeep. Weather man: so it's probably gunna rain this week.
This man will put up w me through sunshine and rain, and still treat me like a queen.
I'm watching and one of the plaintiffs is like a real life Rain Man.
so many fakes of you man this one had me excited till I realized it wasn't you I was like I got a follow but no :(
“let's hope it doesn't rain on Eid, ne.” Er man! Die kinders se outfits 😂
He's making it rain with McDonald's fries. man goodnight. I can't.
They found the man with the red wheelbarrow streaked with rain beside the white chickens! Good. Was depending on it.
Thanks Big man upstairs for the rain.
NO MAN, a weh deh storm-like rain yah come from? All dem lightning yah a flash, getting me all scurred. Fuss...
Aww man I slept through the sudden downpour of rain :/
Keep the man that treats you like a queen but you have to walk in the rain, rather than ridin in a limo with a man who tre…
So wah? Mi caah have light and rain same time ? Bloodclaaat man
Greeks explain their referendum votes - There's a Greek saying that goes, "the wet man is not afraid of the rain."...
Can bet TVJ's weather man didn't predict this rain 😏
Deh a work wid a bag a man wen I should be home wit a nice sexy Chica in this rain
No man! If rain a fall a Portmore den is proper lashing the rest a we ago get! Bc we KNOW ova deh
Da rain yah really comeen like when you borrow people man a night time and him deal wid u propa and just cut gone.
Man driving in the rain is so peaceful and I love it but I feel like I took an unintentional detour through the ocean
Driving the truck in this rain is a death wish man, casi me doy en la madre en un pinche poste😄💨
lol wuss like how I know how Jamaican man behave anytime rain start lick.
but Criag mek it seem like rain ah di only time gyal jump on a man.. you know wah nvm.
"'s about to rain tonight man, I can feel it in my balls" -Chuck
The stands at Wrigley Field are pretty empty after a lengthy rain delay... ... but is still there.
The weather man has reported Light Rain and 16C outside. Time to get out the
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Me feel like a Craig make the rain fawud still, man start cuss and it just fawud
MAN!!! I see so many similarities between Singin' in the Rain and The Artist. Jean Dujardin even looks like Gene Kelly.
The no rain thing a yard did serious man.. everybody seems to be happy
Whosoever obeah man responsible fi dis rain deserve a good tip.
The weather man said there was no rain in sight! Happy
Never realized Dr. Harding in JURASSIC PARK (the guy with the Triceratops) was the same guy who played the doctor in Rain Man.
*and for some reason Raymond Babbit (Dustin Hoffman’s character from Rain Man) is there & he keeps saying “yeah” over & over*
Watching "Rain Man" for the 1st time. Dustin Hoffman and are BRILLIANT in this. How could I have missed this all these years??
"Rain Man" with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise showing now. on
Watching "Rain Man" Starring Dustin Hoffman & Tom Cruise on No commercials makes the movie interesting.
Rain Man is a *** of a film. Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman are unreal in it
Dustin Hoffman's acting in Rain Man is impeccable
Rain Man. Dustin Hoffman steals the show with his dedication to the role, Tom Cruise is good too, some good character development. 7/10
Join us for a Saturday night Dustin Hoffman double feature. Rain Man at 8pm & The Graduate at 10:15pm.
Date Night of the Iguana. Live and Let Die Hard in the West. No Way Out of Africa. Rain Man of Steel. Black Hawk Down Under.
All purpose parts banner
When your brother is more Rain Man than Dustin Hoffman.
Realizing a little too late that watching The Graduate and Rain Man back to back was a pretty bad idea. Thanks a lot, Dustin Hoffman.
Although out of place in 'Rain Man", Paul Shaffer's *** gospel song about homosexual men probably IS the all time remix anthem.
'Rain Man (Witty Amusing Shower ceramic sculptures/statues ststuettes)' by Paul Cox is now available from
In the car.. I hate the rain when I have things to do man
There's a goddam rain man on the bus solving rubix cubes in 30 seconds
This rain/snow mix irritating man. Can it be summer already???
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the rain isn't over cause man does my thumb hurt
good luck man. I'm proud of you. Rain check still valid! 😁
Why is it supposed to rain tomorrow 😑 Ruining my plans man
If only acid rain could make the world go trippy, every boring business man would surely be a hippie
poor guy on a motorcycle, hey man I didn't know it was gunna rain either🙈
Why try to understand in hurry? We stand in the rain with man for many hundreds of hours. How can you understand?
Man, today I'm tired. Feel like sleeping, must be the rain.
“Man it's cold outside”man wya im in the rain looking fa you. Imma bring yo stuff back !
I'll be a 50 year old man and my alarm clock will still be blasting out Shut Up And Drive every morning, come rain or shine
I'd LOVE 2 c u on the road.I'm sure ur a great driver huh RAIN MAN?!
How did it go from being so nice out to pouring rain
I love you keep up the good videos man
. She'll always be a storm . And he'll always be the guy that dances in the rain.
Today can eat a bag of *** It started with rain, and it ends with irrational man grumping. I do not like this day.
Yai I am always "in the city" (okay half an hour away) ... what question. And how can you hate rain man. Sad.
really? Oh man I missed out on all the rain
😂 according to Aprea, Jass drives like rain man. Lmaooo 😂 😂
Sent someone to love me,. I need to rest in arms, . Keep me safe from harm,. In pouring rain. . Better Man by Robbie Williams
Man, I’d forgotten what a good rain looked/sounded like.
keep doing what ur doing man don't let any bring u down u the best Rain
A slow warming trend is expected this weekend into early next week, with 60 likely on Tuesday! Rain remains likely Sund…
Is a poor man rich in solitude, or will Mother Earth complain?. Did the beggar pray for a sunny day, but Lady Luck for rain? .
Some fella staring at me like feckin rain man.
I really wanna 1v1 u man I need a challenge
*** lol. Yeah man, definite rain check.
:D :D :D man that was great! Well...first it has to rain...with sunshine. Then freeze time & Run for the rainbow!
This old man offered me to go under his umbrella and I'm like nah b I like the rain
Cuz when the rain falls, it don't fall on one man's house top, remember that ...
"If we can put a man on the moon, we can play softball in the rain." . -Mr. Bunt's wise words
They're watching you when you drive up. That's how it works. They're gonna give Daddy the Rain Man suite. You dig that?
Man the rain is going down faster in Cazenovia than Miley Cyrus with her Boyfriend on a first date. Lmfao
Please weather man don't let it rain on Saturday
My man better fix it!RT co. "Whenever I eat from a pot I pray that it doesn't rain on my wedding day
EXACTLY MAN... They never give RAIN a chance to shine. He has SUCH a great story 💧💧💧
My man Tim from Boening bros . Looks banged up from rain lol ! 🍺👍cheers Tim u need a stiff one .
It kook like it's gonna rain today man!
Why does it always rain on concert festival day? Literally all the time, man.
I wise man once said, if you're looking for a rainbow, you gotta let the rain pass.
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How a cowgirl breaks a young man's heart. ~ BRING ON THE RAIN ~
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It ain't always sunny man the rain comes, mix the kush with the opiate make the pain numb
There are things that hurt 4ever man; At 1st it hits you in waves, & then like rain when it drizzles, but it will never completely fade.
It doesn't have to be Monday for Nordan to be my man crush
I'd be willing to see him not as a DJ but to hear his production minus his former "krew". Apparently he's...
We ain't gotta wait for the storm to pass man let's go dance in the rain -Serge
I hope you all enjoyed this story, because it's true. Now my *** is wet and the Chinese man with bags on his feet is LAU…
Rain Man embarks on first solo tour wit…
Man I never loved this rain so much lol. No snow in sight
The new Rain man 😎. I wish him good luck in his new solo career.
I thought, "Alright, when has a Chinese man ever been wrong" and decided to tape bags to my feet and walk in snow. THEN …
After walking around and not owning any boots, my shoes and socks were wet. The Chinese man looked stupid but was a prac…
Earlier today I saw a Chinese man tape bags around his feet because he didn't own any boots, and I thought he was an idi…
The fact I have gone nearly 25 years without seeing Rain Man before is not acceptable.
oh man. I drink talking rain all the time. Time to mix it up ;)
Map Man = spatial gaming on DigiBeta in the rain. With boats, bikes or boots.
Rain Man embarks on first solo tour with stops in Miami, Chicago, New…
Looking for a man who can make it rain even on a sunny day
See what sounds like without Krewella​.
Prayers for Rain down healing for this anointed man of God!
This dude look like Acid Rain from SVU. This guy has seriously leveled up.
This rain man makes me wanna just go to the crib roll up n chill.
An all new RAIN MAN SHOW will broadcast at 5PM MST (4PM PST / 7PM EST). Use your TuneIn App Search "Rain Man" or...
Baws man! Another 2 rain drop Saturday and I still haven't found a Santa Linya nr Glasgow to climb in the rain.
ah the rain falls from the sky the smartest man in FG is on
Man is it dry in the We have had a few spits and I hope that we get rain tonight!
OMG the little man that stands on Broadway everyday rain or shine. Makes my day every single day. I always honk and wave 😜❤️👴 BUT
Nordan Shat unfollows after follow sprees, hot! Interview with the man himself tomorrow night.
Rain Man embarks on first solo tour
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Great Download. compares your addiction to history to Dustin Hoffman character in the movie Rain Man.
Wed 25th Feb 16:00: The in is currently Light rain and 10C | Max: 10C Min: 3C -
no Ooh! That's not right,wish it could rain here man,we been baking in the sun since last year!!!
For the rain it raineth every day. But when I came to man’s estate,. With hey, *** the wind and the rain,
Just saw a man get down on his knees in the rain to make a joke about *** I think it was homophobic but I admire the commitment.
Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of a gift he does not give. (Proverbs 25:14)
Kudos! Our man was right on the money with the timing of this rain!
You no need tell blind man say rain dey fall... the guy go feel am
Every now and then he pulls a Rain Man...
Here is an update :. Working on 2 new tracks now!. A solo track😈 and a collab with my man
UR 12th man are the season ticket holders.The ones who shout through rain & shine & U just shat on them from a great height
Love bonds. Growing up female. Heavy rain. Chinese fantasy. Con man Will Smith. Opening Friday in Toronto:
“I'd rather walk in the rain with a man who treats me like a queen than ride in a Benz with a man who doesn't value me👊” 🙌
Hate the rain so much man, imagine how morally happy everyone would be if Britain was sunny all the time!
I can't believe anybody has not seen The Quiet Man but I haven't ever watched Rain Man, seen lots of bits but not the whole
domain names
“Rain Man. Eminem” hardest jam on that LP crazy beats!
Man, I did my hair & it ain't even go stand a chance against the rain. 😑
Man, the predicted snow looks alot like rain. lol
yeah I'd like to see you get in the rain withrow man Larry and see how long you pathetic
This morning, I watched a woman stop her car on an exit ramp in the pouring rain so she could get out and give a homeless man her umbrella.
Man I really went all the way around to get to building 2😂 I was not bout to walk in that rain it's too cold
Speak of the devil, it's the attack of the rain man. Chainsaw in hand, blood stain on my apron.
And get what? Direct tv goes out every time there is a rain cloud! Especially out here in west Broward.
Through the smoke a silhouette I can barely see. . There’s a man with an axe, standing in the rain.
Oh man. My weather app now has a notification setting for the day's rain/snow forecast. Why wasn't this always a thing???
This man cracked me up last night. How would you tie your techno phone in a nylon during the rain rather than put it in your purse or bag.
I woke up happy thinking I was hearing ice, but it was just rain . mch playing with my emotions man
The kids are already outside throwing rain balls and building a rain man.
For me the best thing about that joke is that it's wrong. Tom Cruise's character was 'Rain Man' not Dustin Hoffman's! ;)
My daughter's counting cars as we drive down the road, like some kinda Rain Man nerd. She's up to 274 but she missed o…
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Jack Nicholson in the shining, Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.
Top 20 Misleading Movie Titles and What They Should've Been About. 20. 12 Monkeys - A group of simian rebels escape from zoo captivity and wreck havoc in the city. 19. Twister - Based from the classic board game, a group of teens are put in very compromising positions by an unseen force named "The Spinner". 18. Rain Man - A young dancer with the ability to make it rain whenever he dances must compete with a rival for street cred. 17. Monster's Ball - The sequel to Monster's Inc. in which Sully and little Mary's friendship blossoms to the next level against all odds. 16. Pauly Shore is Dead - Pauly Shore dies. 15. Raging Bull - A young bull needs help from his family to overcome his affliction with Mad Cow's disease. 14. The Crying Came - Like the Hunger Games, a young girl must cause pain to opposing faction and make all the members cry as much as possible to survive. 13. Candyman - A neighborhood hero that looks like Sammy Davis Jr. gives out sweets and treats to all the children. 12. Failure to Launch - ...
Watched Good Will Hunting and Rain Man for the first time ever. ☺️
As Robert Osborne mentioned, Barry Levinson (director of Diner, Rain Man, Avalon, Bugsy, Wag the Dog) was one of the writers.
Heavy rain on the Cape. Man I'd love to be at the beach now in the rain.
Our love . Driving the. Rain . Dustings of. The night . Falling over us. Like magic ..
Man it'll snow on one side of the town here and rain on the other here
So when the weather man says there's a 20% chance of rain in Florida, he really means there's a 100% chance
We didn't win crap on football boards but ya didn't go 2 $1,000.00 draw they drew me 4 $10?0 :( so $1.50 nite w/Rain man & Dolphins football
Money keep a *** goin to better things, man, I take it to the bank, I ain't make it rain.
I'm making it rain n my room! “Ladies if ur man left 145$ on da dresser is u gone complain or take it and say thank you??”
in chico! Man I was spinnin in a parking lot bc of the rain. I'll hit you friday!
Well my love about to hit my pillow I don't like when it rain man this make me sick
"ICYMI: Ryan Fitzpatrick's son is REALLY good at multiplication. VIDEO: we have a little Rain Man!
Man my bike tire exploded while I was riding in the rain
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A wise man carries his cloak in fair weather, an' a fool wants his in rain.
Got ready to go to a soccer game in the rain and I don't get any credit for it because. No man.😐
And the rain man is swimming in the dark
“It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow”man
I just witnessed the best turn up by the man
Now I don't take pleasure in a man's pain. But my wrath will come down like the cold rain . And there won't be no shelter, no place you can go
So Rowans gimmick is basically being Rain-Man?
Erick Rowan getting that Rain Man pop from me with the Rubix cube.
Erick Rowan is like Big Boss Man meets Daniel Bryan meets Rain Man.
I added a video to a playlist Eminem Rain Man Instrumental
I think I'll watch Rain Man. His underwear is from Kmart, he doesn't know who's on first base, but he sure can count quickly.
Does anybody know when Rain Man 2 is coming out?
Wal-Martism is my religion. The Almighty Booty and The Rain Man are who I pray to. Money and *** is what I believe.
what wine goes with Dolphin fans and rain? Sorry, I just had to. Hope you are doing great man.
Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots.
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Man seeks soulmate: . Must like Pina Coladas, . getting caught in the rain, . & making love at midnight. . [Apply within.]
•| Helped a blind elderly man cross a busy street in the rain. He was lost, & no one was helping him. Got him on the bus & he is good now 💫
no no no I said freezing rain not snow! You can not build a freezing rain man or have freezing rain ball fights!
I though it was gonna continue to rain *** man 😩
I don't care what the wheather man says when I step in the party I make it rain
I'm not a brilliant man, but I feel like asking Geno Smith to play on MNF in the rain is a recipe for some truly God awful football.
Man that wind and rain had my car flying all over the road..smh
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