Rahm Emanuel & Scott Walker

Rahm Israel Emanuel (born November 29, 1959) is an American politician and the 55th and current Mayor of Chicago. Scott Walker (born Noel Scott Engel on January 9, 1943) is an American-British singer-songwriter, record producer, and the former lead singer of The Walker Brothers. 5.0/5

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Hillary. Toni Preckwinkle, Rahm Emanuel & Barack Obama are just not that different from Gov. Scott Walker, Bruce Rauner, Jeb Bush and Sen. Mark Kirk. We have GOT to do better.
Ann Coulter's contstant use of the "R" word is terrible and insensitive. What I find interesting is that 75% of the people posting outrage on FB about it have whithin the last two years have called Mitt Romney, Scott Walker or Rahm Emanuel a Nazi or worse. Its funny sometimes the hypocrsy of the left!
I am amazed at all the right-wing union haters that now are screaming for the NFL to pay the referees' union what it's asking, so the incompetent replacement refs can be run off the field, pronto! This is the same kind of fight during which the same union busters were on the other side, just weeks ago, in the Chicago teachers' union strike. There, experienced teachers were – and still are – at risk of being replaced by inexperienced substitutes with no control over educational conditions and captive to the profit-seeking motives of a crowd of misguided capitalists. And yet, in that fight, so many liberals (to say nothing of Scott Walker and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel) cheered on the union busting with cheap replacements. Perhaps because we do not get to see how inexperienced teachers struggle to manage a classroom – just as scab refs struggle to manage a game – the effects of the union-busting are applauded, not jeered. Decades of lies and millions of dollars have gone into the campaign to make Am ...
Joshua Culling writes on NRO: During the Democratic National Convention I wrote about a clear contrast between the policies of Illinois natives Barack Obama and Pat Quinn, and their Wisconsin counterparts, Paul Ryan and Scott Walker. We now have another anti-reformer to add to the Illinois column: C...
Lou Dobbs just ask whether Rahm Emanuel was The new Scott Walker in Chicago or just another stooge in the Democratic Party - I think it was a rhetorical question.
Boy, Big Barack must be conflicted! In 2011, when talking about Scott Walker, he said "Some of what I've heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain, generally seems like more of an assault on unions." Now his former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is seeking a court order to force the teaches back in the classroom? I can see you being a little confused at this one, Big O.
Unions are under attack in the United States—not only from people like Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, but now, with the teachers strike in Chicago, from the very core of President Barack Obama’s inner circle, his former chief of staff and current mayor of that city, Rahm Emanuel. - 2012/09/12
Who remembers when President Obama said he would walk the pick lines? Where was he with the people of Wisconsin during the Scott Walker fiasco? Where is he with the Chicago Teachers Union? This is his home state and he hasn't said word the first.Rahm Emanuel is carrying out the retrograde educational policies which predominately effect poor and minority communities! The privatization agenda is in full swing! Race To The Top is just one example of this...the endgame is to have nationwide corporate-managed school networks paid for by public funds but run by private managers...hedge fund managers are waiting on the branches like vultures waiting to swoop in because privatizing public education is potentially a multi-billion dollar industry..Michigan is the template and Cory Booker is attempting the same with the Newark Public school system..unfortunately they have been state controlled since 1995..long before he got in office..The President talks about stripping away certain provisions of NCLB but the whole ...
John turned one direction and the rest of the first responders following him turned the other way as they rushed toward the World Trade Center on 9/11/2002. John is the only one that survived and he came along with another first responder to speak at the AFSCME Council 31 Convention in Oct. of 2002. Our hearts went out to the first reponders and all victims of 9/11/2002 then and now. Public Servants were heros then, sadly while we still say "We will always remember" Public Servants, fire fighters, teachers, and state employees are being attacked today as over paid and lazy. How soon many of our politicians such as Rahm Emanuel, Pat Quinn, Scott Walker, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have forgotten the heros of 9/11/2001. Stand in Solidarity with all Public Employees as they fight for their dignity and the ability to continue doing quality service today. They were victims then, and are victims now!
Rahm Emanuel is Pulling a Scott Walker in Chicago: via
They may be voting to recall Scott Walker in Wisconsin today, but if Rahm Emanuel doesn't watch his step, he may be facing a similar amount of public discord...
I'll be on Fox & Friends Wednesday at 6:45am ET to discuss the impeding Chicago strike authorization vote and what Rahm Emanuel could do with the reforms Scott Walker passed in Wisconsin.
SPRINGFIELD -- Mayor Rahm Emanuel took his case for reining in soaring pension costs to state lawmakers today, saying change is needed or Chicago's "quality of life will suffer."
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