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Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Israel Emanuel (born November 29, 1959) is an American politician and the 55th and current Mayor of Chicago.

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Today in shifting goal posts -- imagine if Rahm Emanuel or had told reporters to get better sources…
He looks like Rahm Emanuel and is just as malicious.
Justice Dept. says Chicago violated immigration laws related to earlier grants — but does not say how
Wait remember that parody Rahm Emanuel account I'd do that one.
And just like that, YOU have gathered almost 7,000 signatures in the push to PLEASE restore the UPTOWN!...
Rahm Emanuel hoping to hang on to his sausage after
*** in they right mind will vote to for Rahm Emanuel no body in the black community no truth in him
black people will not every for giving Rahm Emanuel dicktar o passer racist immigrant man he be out you will see
community you *** will see Rahm Emanuel sixteen shoot and a cover up man will ever for gat
them *** fool on Chicago to night channel eleven wttw the friend of Rahm Emanuel
Hi, this is a pic of the Mayor of London & Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, at 'WeWork' in Moorgate on 17…
Rahm Emanuel: Our heart is having aided and is true. DACA
Mayor Rahm Emanuel,Your days in office will eventually come to and end. And Chic…
Black on black killing does not matter to Rahm Emanuel, Obama radical left and BLM
Here's the problem . Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. since May 16, 2011 and no TERM limits lol
Rahm Emanuel should be charged for this. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, exp…
Wanting to be in murder is such a great accomplishment. Rahm Emanuel is just great.…
Congress you need to pass a bill asking Rahm Emanuel to condemn and try to stop black on black violence in Chicago. Oh he…
. Sorry Mayor Rahm Emanuel has already inherited the name 'Tiny Dancer' because he used to be a ballet dancer.
Rahm Emanuel banned because he fears for the Presidents safety the way bullets fly around Chicago. http…
Chicago & Rahm Emanuel have the Honor of being THE Murder Capital! That is mostly black on black as well. Point tak…
Won't happen with our police hating mayor Rahm Emanuel! When his son was mugged, he sure wanted the…
Hey Pete since you are Mr politics how bout a mention in the MMQB that rahm Emanuel has Gaul to run f…
You are %1000 CORRECT~!!! If Rahm Emanuel is not a MOBBED Up DRUG KINGPIN, no one is! Follow the money!
Jewish state of Israel is now a Jewish city-state of Tel Aviv -- Rahm Emanuel
With my friend Rahm Emanuel, one of the strongest climate advocates in the U.S. Keep up the good work !
Rahm Emanuel strategy if dozens no some things he watches want other politicians do he do it to he said that
I ❤️ Chicago and what Rahm Emanuel is doing to fight !
l was their as a cops in the1981 Rahm Emanuel give you a pipe dreams he no it not going to work using it keeps people quite
Emanuel says Trump's unpopularity with Chicagoans makes his job easier, politically
l dozens kare if Rahm Emanuel put ninety police out on the street are three thousand police on the streets
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Northwestern and Ben-Gurion University to collaborate on water research
That's just homicides. The actual numbers of victims of violent crime is much higher.…
You have *** liberal mayors like Rahm Emanuel from Chicago more worried about harboring cr…
Rahm Emanuel is a complete failure as mayor.
Mayor Emanuel says President Trump's unpopularity with Chicagoans makes his job easier "from a political standpoint" ht…
Chicago Records 500th Homicide for 2017: Report!! Where is Rahm Emanuel & Obama?
How come you never said until now you were chief advisor to Rahm Emanuel?
Chicago emissions drop 11 percent as Rahm slaps Trump on climate change
you see Rahm Emanuel have the Chicago police department set on they hand with unsolved murder that should not happen
You mean as in "Never let a crisis go to waste" Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, borrowed from Saul Alinsky?
Rahm Emanuel said "Never let a good crisis go to waste..." Houston Mayor agrees..hopes to bla…
Amen the Town of Chicago was DOOMED the day Rahm Emanuel became Mayor & Obama claimed Chicago home CHICAGO should V…
I think it's obvious liberals don't have answers here is Rahm Emanuel's results
We the black people of Chicago's South Side demand that BLM organize a march on mayor Rahm Emanuel and have him rem…
Rahm Emanuel, The mayor who stands by and blocks federal law enforcement from assisting his police as African American youth…
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Interesting op-ed from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel about what Chicago's doing right on transit.…
I like to thank mayor Rahm Emanuel for keeping the south side of Chicago contained! Mayor Rahm loves his south side people!
Rahm Emanuel is doing such a fine job as mayor of Chicago. Mayors everywhere should take notes. Takes notes, then d…
someone should send Jim Baker and Rahm Emanuel in there for a weekend and lock the doors.
Hope to see Mayor of Rahm Emanuel in next year celebrating 25th aniversary of and…
Phoenix needs Rahm Emanuel as a Mayor, not enough murders.
Rahm Emanuel became Mayor of Chicago in 2011. Since then, 19,253 people have been shot. What exactly does he have to d…
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Supt Johnson. nominated for (fast and furious) gun salesmen of the year award
What do expect for a horrible mayor Rahm Emanuel, just another puppet of OBama's. Those Dems really help the commun…
Rahm Emanuel is mayor of the homicide capital of the USA. He does nothing to stop the murders of African American youth in t…
The only way Rahm Emanuel is mayor of that city is fraudulent voting.
AG Sessions:. STATEMENT ON CHICAGO LAWSUIT. The ppl should demand Rahm Emanuel focus on the 19,253 ppl shot in Chicago si…
Apparently this Chicago pastor doesn't know, either.
Emanuel to illegals: "We want you to come to Chicago" Cities should take him up on his offer w/…
Is the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel trying to run all the blacks out of the city
This explains why I couldn't walk in downtown Miami and why 200++ cops were blocking traffic
Find out how a city becomes a in this new article by at
was right. Leftists are demanding that George Washington's statue is taken down.
Sessions: Chicago's sanctuary city policies are 'lawlessness'
"This is lawlessness": Attorney General Jeff Sessions criticized the city of Chicago for its sanctuary city policie…
State the obvious for crying out loud!!--Chicago is a war zone--Rahm Emanuel should be targeted by the…
It boggles the mind, that voters keep reelecting DWS, Rahm Emanuel, & Lindsey Graham? They've been at the top too long, should be at bottom!
Rahm Emanuel: Remove Trump's Big Stupid Name from his Building in Chicago - Sign the Petition! via
Chicago Bishop calling for removal of G Washington statute and renaming of park.
Rahm Emanuel is suing the DOJ? He is political scum. The families of Chicago deserve better. Almost as pathetic as Bill…
I joined as a guest on his podcast to discuss my most memorable meal. Take a listen 🎧 https…
Now lets see if these culturally disrespectful Americans will support having their heroes dishonored to appease...
Chicago pastor urges mayor to remove George Washington statue, rename park over slavery
Rahm Emanuel has rediscovered his national voice. But Chicago's mayor still struggles to repair his image back home.
Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago, Former Obama minion and his brother Zeke, architec…
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Reportedly, Rahm Emanuel is a suspect in the assassination of mayor Harold Washington of Chicago in 19…
Trump is right to confront Rahm Emanuel's sanctuary city by
Rahm Emanuel should spend half the time fighting surging crime in his city as suing about sanctuary city funding. Priorities.…
Chicago files lawsuit against Justice Dept. over sanctuary city. Rahm Emanuel says it's blackmail, we shouldn't have to follow…
Rahm Emanuel defends new lawsuit over sanctuary cities - CNNPolitics ➜…
Jeff Sessions smacks down Rahm Emanuel's sham lawsuit — says NO sanctuary city will get ANY amount of federal money! https:/…
Emanuel reveals some new details about the city’s impending lawsuit against Trump's Justice Department…
Cut ALL federal funding for Sanctuary Cities. Stop electing losers like Rahm Emanuel
The corrupt Clinton legacy is being carried on by slimy Rahm Emanuel.
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel more interested in defending illegal aliens than ending the black on black murder epidemic. Sad.
How many murders this year alone, Rahm Emanuel wantd money for his own gain, he harbors rapists, murders, drug d…
Chicago stands with to sue Trump Monday will help Chicago pro bono contact us!.
This is a good time to remind everyone, Rahm Emanuel was Obama's chief of staff.
Rahm Emanuel to SUE TRUMP over new SANCTUARY CITY RULES Hard-Left DEMS transform Chicago into Det…
Rahm Emanuel "it's illegal for Trump to withhold fed $'s from sanctuary cities". (as the law expert harbors illegal immigrant fugitives)
How the *** can you defend sanctuary cities and what Rahm Emanuel is doing? You…
Chicago to sue Trump administration over sanctuary city funding threat Mayor Rahm Emanuel a Phoney-Democrat Puppet ?
. Rahm Emanuel,sue the txpyrs of USA for your beng such a dysfunctional mayor!Govt.will counter-sue and f…
Chicago plans to sue Trump administration over immigration
Rahm Emanuel does not represent Chicago. I repeat. Rahm Emanuel does not represent Chicago. We hate him as much as the rest of the world.
Rahm Emanuel and all other elected officials that aid illegals should be arrested and removed from office.
“Chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns in a debate," Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said
Rahm Emanuel your city is on fire with thousands dead in the streets but you wanna sue the President? Awful.
R Emanuel has a lot of gall 2 be critical of anything! Chicago is an absolute mess; record of murder &…
Believe nothing that scam artist Rahm Emanuel says he's going to do.
This man is a disgrace to Chicago, to Illinois, and to the nation whose laws he refuses to uphold
Doubt if these people agree. . Chicago Townhall: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama Called Out by Residents.
Rahm Emanuel wants to sue the president over sanctuary funding.I say We The People sue this jerk for flooding our country dangerous illegals
Rahm Emanuel to sue Trump admin for not letting him defy federal law (open thread)
Mayor Of chicago Rahm Emanuel said the city sue Trump administration over funding threats to sanctuary cities
I hope Chicago gets rid of Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner!! Make Chicago great. Vote these two out!
Chicago suing DOJ over sanctuary cities rule. Rahm Emanuel says city won't "be blackmailed into changing our values".
Emanuel trickles out details about lawsuit against Trump's Justice Department
Rahm Emanuel: Trump admin trying to blackmail sanctuary cities .
Please everyone pay attention to Rahm Emanuel!
Instead of saying all the things that he won't let Chicago do, Rahm Emanuel ought to say Chicago will abide by F…
Chicago to sue over 'misguided' sanctuary city warning...but it's ok for Rahm Emanuel to protect dangerous illegals?
Isn't Chicago run by Rahm Emanuel?. Democrat mayor. . Did you hold his feet to the fire?
Residents of Chicago now know that mayor Rahm Emanuel "welcomes" violent illegal alien criminals into his bankrupt, crime in…
In 8 years lol. Rahm Emanuel left because he got elected Chicago m…
Send Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his CPD Sup. over there with MSM to report - taking the ICBM's off the streets…
Rahm Emanuel is really just Cyrus Beene playing mayor.
Observation on Rahm Emanuel. When this Obama Liberal became Chicago mayor, not immune from same violent minority fr…
Rahm Emanuel has FAILED Chicago as a Mayor he needs to step down 84 blacks killed in june 12 killed in july so far he is doing…
A "junkyard dog" is needed and when complaints like the one BHO had,Rahm Emanuel t…
When is Rahm Emanuel going to plead guilty in the cover up of the Laquan McDonald case?🤔😒
Way to go Rahm Emanuel. Keep your focus on Sanctuary status while your city circles the bowl.
Watch this bright young man drop the mother of all Truth Bombs about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Sanctuary cities. 👏🏼…
Rahm Emanuel is a fake Democrat. Must be, to withhold high school diplomas from those who have earned it, unless...
Researchers eviscerates Rahm Emanuel's evil+stupid "get a job or no high school diploma" policy. DOJ study shows
Mike Madigan, Rahm Emanuel, and the bloated unions will save us!
Do you live in Chicago? Obviously not or you'd know how horrible Rahm Emanuel truly is.a disgusting crooked politician
SMH...about the only negative thing about returning home
He's just as bad as Rahm Emanuel in Chicago given away freebies to illegals I think Los Angeles is doi…
I don't know how he's done it, but Rahm Emanuel has entered a level of evil past either party.
Obama DOJ did a crooked political favor to help Rahm Emanuel get re-elected ! USA vs Wel…
Rahm Emanuel doing a bang job as ever.
Career DOJ attorneys bowed to Holder to do political favor for Rahm Emanuel. Suppressed…
Brought to Chicago by it's fearless Democratic leader, RAhm Emanuel
Another holiday weekend in Chicago. 100 people shot. Rahm Emanuel is the worst mayor ever.
Rahm Emanuel writes piece bragging on Chicago's trains---leaves out how he has made rich richer/poor poorer ht…
"'We are still in': Rahm Emanuel’s futile and stupid virtue signaling"
Redeem yourself John by throwing any rotten tomatoes at effigy of Rahm Emanuel in stockades !
Take that. Emanuel is so full of himself.
int'l news! Soon the World will be proud of how you run a large city. That's Rahm Emanuel everybody!
Rahm Emanuel is a worthless mayor. The Feds can jump in and hopefully cleansweep th…
little of nuting to get a vote Rahm Emanuel covers man
Donald Trump: "I'm gonna be the worst leader in the history of leaders.". Rahm Emanuel: "Lol that's cute."
Rahm Emanuel has done a Horrible job as mayor of deadly Illinois! Impeach him!
This bozo makes Rahm Emanuel look good.
I totally agree w/u on de Blasio. He & Rahm Emanuel are 2 peas in a pod also.
Deflection 101: Emanuel says Trump is real loser in NY Daily News slapdown
Random thought: Rahm Emanuel is a consistent turd.
You know things have reached bottom when Chicago is laughing at our subways. Way to go Big Bird!.
If there's one person I trust when discussing Chicago Public Schools it's definitely & definitely *not* Rahm E…
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I have a lot of thoughts about Rahm Emanuel, but this sums it up perfectly
Look at Rahm Emanuel's long list of prestigious positions and influence in the Democratic Party and then look at this racist…
100+ shot, 15 dead in Chicago over the 4th Rahm Emanuel cares more about illegals & refugees. Throw him out of office ht…
Glad you put Rahm Emanuel.. He biggest Crook in Crook (Cook) county..
When I was a young man, this thing was locked at night - Ohio Street underpass night closing advances:
I thought we had agreed about that thing with mentioning "ethics" and "Rahm Emanuel" in the same sentence.
When a city itself takes part in doing this you have to wonder what kind of leadership it has! Open…
Emanuel splits with inspector general on police reform, defending approach to partner with Trump Justice Department…
More rot and revenge from Rahm "Obama-flunky" Emanuel. It was absolutely intentional!
They should get the same sculptor to create a pile of dead bodies. outside Rahm Emanuel's home & offi…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is talking to Elon Musk about an underground high-speed rail line from downtown to O'Hare airport ht…
Does Rahm Emanuel get a pass for his part because he's a dem? No one is above the law or just doing what morally right
Rahm Emanuel is destroying the gems of the south side for a golf course.
After Laquan McDonald shooting indictments, Mayor Rahm Emanuel still defends no court oversight of police reform:
Emanuel splits with City Hall watchdog on court oversight of police reform
Hard to believe democrats every election vote for the same democratic crooks. Chicago's obama & rahm emanuel come to mind!
Drain the swamp of corrupt Rahm Emanuel!
7th & 8th graders confronted Rahm today with and "Hey hey, *** *** Rahm Emanuel he got to go"
Rahm Emanuel just got booed while dedicating a kids baseball field in Humboldt Park
Elon Musk is talking to Rahm Emanuel about digging a tunnel under Chicago
Emanuel hints at ethics law rewrite after lobbying violations found in his emails
Rahm Emanuel & don't want in Chicago bc that would require an actual investment in…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel hints at a rewrite of Chicago ethics law after lobbying violations found in his personal emails:…
Tunnel to O'Hare so Tiny Dancer can escape El-Chapo-style upon Chicago's collapse? .
The real fake is Rahm Emanuel - Chicago places 'Real Fake' sculpture in front of Trump Tower via the App
Emanuel to go it alone on pension contributions as Rauner opposes his favored plan
Emanuel suggests city's definition of lobbyist should change after his emails showed ethics violations…
If it's anything like your 1:1s with Rahm Emanuel, it'll be good!
Rahm Emanuel's summer reading list: No beach books for the mayor - Chicago Tribune
There are no limits to false accusations. Rahm Emanuel admitted knowing about the murder of Lequan. T…
your city is falling apart financially bc u let Obama "place" Rahm Emanuel as the, good luck w/that!!
A full-service mayor, Rahm Emanuel lends a hand whether at City Hall or in Pilsen, writes…
Rahm Emanuel while assisting Obama an WH was caught by FBI and put under House Arrest. Had to leave WH & setup as Mayor.
Rahm Emanuel when asked by how Trump team is doing: "Thank God I'm the mayor of the city of Chicago"
John, Go ahead and say his name ... Rahm Emanuel! Oh wait ... Do you impeach mayor's? If we are lucky & if we ask n…
Thoroughly DISGUSTED with Illinois Democrats, Rahm Emanuel, CPD and Governor Rauner. They ALL need to go.
Rahm Emanuel is a terrible mayor I would never take any advice from him. Fix your city first Rahm!
Rahm Emanuel, the mayor who will go down in history.
Rahm Emanuel refuses to respond to police reform pressure from Lisa Madigan
Penny Pritzker, JB's sister, was welded at the hip to Rahm Emanuel as he waged war against public schools and the Chicag…
I have a friend in Chicago, Rahm Emanuel&Val Jarrett hate Clintons, gearing up for 2018, Mish Obama for P…
Well to be fair our big world city New York elected Bill Diblasio. Oh and there is Rahm Emanuel in…
Take them to fed court, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel tried doing the same thing hiding that Police kil…
As Chicago sees 2 black kids murdered every day, Democrat mayor Rahm Emanuel has nothing to say but "welcome illegal alien…
What message is Rahm Emanuel sending? Most murders in Chicago young Now he welcomes illegals,what about Afr-Amer.?🤔
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Neoliberalism describes Bruce Rauner to a tee, and by extension, the mayor, the man he mentored, Rahm Emanuel. -KL
Chicago should GROVEL for help. Terrible mayor Rahm Emanuel is.
Why would Rahm Emanuel take a mayor job when he could make bank after getting Obama elected? What is…
Please contact the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, and tell him that.
Rahm Emanuel, the blatantly anti-black mayor of Chicago. Who's policies are hurting poor Black Folks, who was also…
needs a real mayor, not Rahm Emanuel !
They can thank their worthless mayor Rahm Emanuel.. probably getting money from the gangs..
most in Chicago, thanks to Obamas buddy Rahm Emanuel leadership as mayor.
Now run for Mayor Kurt ! and kick Rahm Emanuel out of City Hall and Rauner out of Springfield. Retire Madigan & fix IL
[Because it works has worked wonders? No.] Chicago's Rahm Emanuel pushing more gun control - Washington Times
Rahm Emanuel met Weds with Betsy DeVos in DC but Rahm's $ backers knew DeVoses since 2010 billionaire summit…
Rahm Emanuel has had a lot of trash ideas, but this one is cottage cheese covered in cat hair and toenails
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to require HS grads to show proof of getting a job, an apprenticeship, or college: . ht…
Question: Rahm Emanuel was a once rockstar for Obama & Dems, why become mayor of such terri…
don't believe the lies by Rahm Emanuel liar cover man Eddie johnson supt police crimes is up kill is up in Chicago
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I'm not far off lol Ken Williams-Bennett, Deputy COS to > Rahm Emanuel > Ari Emanuel of William Morris talent agency
77-"Rahm Emanuel, mayor of Chicago. Chicago is a Leo Chart. Queen has always controlled this nation through Chicago.".
"Dozens" of possible lobbying violations by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel being investigated yet silent.
Tribune the email is why Rahm Emanuel fail to regulate ride share New York mayor. No background check for convict that drive people atound
"I want to thank Rahm Emanuel for not endorsing me.I don’t want the endorsement of a mayor shutting down schools and fir…
hopefully enough snow to cause Paris Mayor to cancel her trip to see Rahm Emanuel
2/3 backing of some party heavyweights. Sen. Chuck Schumer & Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel - both of whom I never cared for 🙂
Governor Bruce Rauner fire the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for not doing his job and having a sanctuary City for the illegal Mexicans.
Rahm Emanuel protects these scum, somebody tipped them off of train supply. Smells like a BIGGER RAT INFESTATION MAYOR
The utter destruction of Obama, Bill Ayers, Rahm Emanuel and the entire Chicago gangster squad has only just begin.
Cure Violence WORKS. tell Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to fund this group so they can do their great work here at...
Yo when are you gonna run for Mayor of Chicago? Rahm Emanuel's gotta go!
What EXACTLY is mayor Rahm Emanuel doing about these murders himself???
Mayor says he's calling in from Chicago's City Hall, where he just had a meeting with Rahm Emanuel.
When is Rahm Emanuel gonna get off his *** & act like a mayor ! He should be working diligently to curb the violence !
But, but Rahm Emanuel was former Chief of Staff of our Savior, Barack Obama!
Be careful what you wish for, Rahm Emanuel.
Rahm Emanuel working on the 1989 campaign to elect Richard M. Daley as mayor of
: Will Rahm Emanuel do something about Chicago violence other than "talk
Its Rahm Emanuel's town. He should be asking for Specific Actions from Trump. He is the Mayor & what's the Governor doing?
Rahm Emanuel Will you not do something to help your own City?
It seems to me Rahm Emanuel should know exactly what Help He needs from Trump. He clearly does not know what to do.
will Rahm Emanuel? Corrupt to the core as are all D'rats.
And how long does Rahm Emanuel have to be mayor before HE does something???
Hello friends, welcome to Chicago. - Rahm Emanuel
Rahm Emanuel lookin for to take over Chicago's PD, b/c of his Ineptitude, Deliberate Defiance, OR STUPIDITY, an Emanuel Family Trait?
$16 million for neighborhood business districts on S and W sides
Mayor Rahm Emanuel should be held accountable for his *** poor management of Chicago!
Rahm Emanuel on Trump's Chicago remarks: Does he "care enough about violence in our city to do more than talk or tw…
Perhaps federal government should take over Chicago since the "mayor" is incapable of managing the city.
Uber, Rahm Emanuel's private email, and the massive world of hidden lobbyists
and the Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel act's like it's all Trumps problems and does nothing. Did u see his b.s.letter?
I stared at that Rahm Emanuel statement in slack-jawed wonder. And he'll get 80% of the vote, too.
.Rahm Emanuel slams Pres. Trump over remarks about city's murder rate during congressional address
Supporting the City of Chicago with Anna Valencia, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Trina Fresco
To which Admn Rahm Emanuel made "specific requests for enforcement integration?" GOP in WH mere weeks! Did Obama not respond to him?
I suggest sending in the National Guard to shut Rahm Emanuel and his dem machine down. What say you?
Here's one:. My mayor Kasim Reed, the Rahm Emanuel of Atlanta, loves him.
Our job is to violate ethical standards and try to use clout w/ Rahm Emanuel to help my mother's business.…
What if Chicago had a Republican mayor instead of Obama&Clinton Old Deal Democrats' buddy Rahm Emanuel, earlier fundraiser for proWar Dems?
As Mayor, Rahm Emanuel has done nothing but hurt Chicago! Now he's always making statement in the need! No re-election for you.
Ms. Alvarez, you're not saying Rahm Emanuel is a latter day Jim Crow mayor who disenfranchised black voters by impo…
The father of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was a member of the Israeli Likud Party.
Newsflash senator President Trump is not the mayor of Chicago tiny dancer Rahm Emanuel is the mayor of Chicago
They think immigration laws are a joke. They think gun laws are a joke. They think mayor Rahm Emanuel & his 50 thieves are a joke.
David Plouffe sent an e-mail to Rahm Emanuel that cost him $90,000
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel presents himself as dignified but should bow his head in shame. Words can't describe how awful he is.
Rahm Emanuel boasts a remarkably broad set of experiences for evaluating the young administration of President...
David Plouffe fined $90,000 for illegally lobbying Rahm Emanuel on behalf of Uber (h/t
Some Democrats are becoming self-aware. The vast majority are still locked in the throes of hysteria.
Rahm Emanuel: Too many Dems care more about being right than winning
Rahm Emanuel pushed through minimum wage hike - but city rarely enforces law, has fined nobody v…
Democratic Chicago is the murder capital of the world. Democrat Mayor Rahm Emanuel is hard at work to get us killed !!
Novice 15th Ward alderman Raymond Lopez says Rahm and the city's spending priorities are all wrong. .
Go cover the endless violence in your city. Write about the terrible job rahm Emanuel is doing. Im glad she got shut down
Rahm Emanuel is wrong — Dems need adrenaline, not a 'chill pill,' to beat Trump's GOP - Chicago Tribune
Guess was so busy she didn't see Rahm's advice to "take a chill-pill."
Interesting take on the need for Dems to be pragmatic while focusing on practical, broad-base economic issues. .
The upside of having a Cultural Revolution in the US is that people like Rahm Emanuel would be paraded through the streets in…
Rahm Emanuel's harsh wake up call to dems: ‘It ain’t gonna happen in 2018’ .. or 2020.
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What if both Rahm Emanuel and Bernie Sanders are right about what ails the Democrats?
Not a fan of Mayor Emanuel:Dems Need to Take 'Chill Pill' but he makes some good points on wedge & 50 state strategy
Rahm Emanuel: Dems need to take a chill pill, it ain't gonna happen in 2018 [VIDEO] -
Keep in mind, Rahm Emanuel was the architect of the last democrat majority...
Wow 😳 I agree with Rahm Emanuel on something? Is the World 🌎 still spinning on its Axis?
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a surprising message for his fellow Democrats: "take a chill pill"
Rahm Emanuel to fellow Dems seeking to regain political power: 'Take a Chill Pill'
Democrat mayor's like Rahm Emanuel will have no qualms about carrying out Bett Devos' agenda.
.to discuss public transport, roads & streetlights in Thurs speech
In 2012, Rahm Emanuel also forced the Chicago Teachers Union to strike for the 1st time in almost 30 years.
In Chicago, democrat mayor Rahm Emanuel undertook the largest scool closing in US history, 50 schools in one city in one yea…
Democrat Rahm Emanuel says the Democratic Party won’t be back in power anytime soon
Rahm Emanuel to Democrats who think they can win back the House:. "It Ain’t Gonna Happen In 2018! Take a chill pill..." https:/…
personally I just really want my mayor (Rahm Emanuel) to fist fight Paul Ryan to the death. Seems like a good matchup.
Rahm Emanuel wakes up in the morning and sits up in his bed]. Rahm: Welcome to Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel.
Patrolling the friendly streets of Chicago. Let's make it easy,. Fire the Mayor,Rahm Emanuel (that's when things we…
“I ran for mayor because I believe firmly in what the city has to offer.” –Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago
"Chicago has lowest cost of living among big cities in the US" - Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago
"Furlough days, we say no, Rahm Emanuel's got to go," chant a crowd of Chicago Teachers Union members gathered outside the May…
Trump has threatened to send troops to Chicago if mayor Rahm Emanuel fails to put the villain Oddjob behind bars. My take? It's about time.
"Alex Jones on Rahm Emanuel and the Israeli Administration 11-7-08".
as long as Rahm Emanuel is Mayor it will continue to be a problem. Pathetically sad. Praying for intervention for a…
OBAMA's former appointees. Rahm Emanuel is now mayor of the murder Capitol. Janet Napolitano pres of rioting & tuition scandal
couldn't address the “carnage.” In response, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said he wanted greater involvement and funding from the federal
I'm running against a woman who's got David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel ru...
So was Rahm Emanuel. Of course neither of them was actually on it. Neither was David Axelrod.
After 8 yrs of Barry Soetoro & 5 yrs of his special 'buddy', Rahm Emanuel, this happens... ...almost EVERY day.
Read Fran Speilman--Chuy 2019 Email me at clembalanoffwith your thoughts. Also share this far and wide!!.
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