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Raggedy Andy

Raggedy Ann is a fictional character created by American writer Johnny Gruelle (1880–1938) in a series of books he wrote and illustrated for young children.

Raggedy Ann Anna Quindlen

Raggedy Andy from my shop Andy doll
Y'all can start calling me Raggedy Andy. Thanks
Yal just let yal friends walk around looking like raggedy Andy 🙄
Spent many an hour there with my mother. I have a very tacky set of Raggedy Ann & Andy Christmas ornaments from...
"I looked like Raggedy Ann going to a funeral...for Raggedy Andy."
Check out Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy in Burgundy Clothes-Collectibles via
So faggoty faggoty faggoty *** . Anatomy God made Raggedy Ann and Andy, . Not Raggedy Andy and Andy and Andy.
Now I just found a raggedy Andy to go with my…
her doll body haunted by the semen of raggedy Andy, as the story goes
I'd rather help you take you raggedy andy looking *** out to the curb on trash day.
Check out Vintage pattern to make Raggedy Ann and Andy Children Pajamas IRON ON TRANSFERS via
The most precious birthday message was a waving hello from Raggedy Andy. Friends, I knit this Andy over 40 years...
Cuz you on bumble lookin like raggedy Andy while Tom Brady's twin on there flossin, *** ..
My world design ethic is to take the Greedy from Raggedy Ann and Andy and turn it into an entire planet.
And when he leaves he won't be an immigrant. I have been an immigra…
This man's raggedy Andy cheeks and plaid shorts didn't help a big ol case of being a giant weirdo that played magic the gathering
Yes, I still have my Raggedy Ann and Andy.
14) I slept with my "blankie" til my early twenties and cried like a baby when I decided to give it up. It was a Raggedy Anne & Andy print.
Raggedy Anne and Andy were in my class too. A…
That's cool. I just had the desk,books, Raggedy Ann and Andy 😊
A Raggedy Andy doll came to life and is now testifying before Congress
🙂🙂🙂 In the nicest possible way: boy, get your Raggedy Andy As out of my notifications before I beat your $3 *** and make change. 🙂🙂🙂
Raggedy Andy Clown Dollavailable at The Sandy Sandpiper (link in bio)
Bundle of 2 Aurora Dolls - Large 16'' Classic Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy
Yall remember Raggedy Anne and Andy dolls or im just old??
Check out Handpainted HP Classic Raggedy Ann and Andy Ready to Hang Glitter Ornament via
Reminded me of this really weird Raggedy Ann and Andy animated movie.
Raggedy Ann n Andy in 3 sizes--UNCUT Patterns--40-70% off Patterns n Books SALE by altcollect
Check out Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls Signed by Judith Harper Handmade hard to find via
how charming! I wanted Raggedy Ann & Andy dolls at 16 yrs old and got them for Christmas from…
I'm watching The Devil Wears Prada on my flight home and have some thoughts about Andy's raggedy *** boyfriend, Nate.
Glad to hear I wasn't the only child traumatized by a "Watership Down"double feature. I saw it paired with the "Rag…
Thankful for my Raggedy Ann and Andy from my Mawmaw. And I borrowed Bella's handmade cloth cats too, because I ❤ th…
Is that a Raggedy Ann/Andy in the background?! 😍 My sisters had them when I was young. I haven't s…
... it'd probably work better than Raggedy Anne, Andy, and Rag Doll.
The vets named him Raggedy Andy but I dont like that name. I decided on Stumpy, or Tri-Pod. 😂
Star Wars or Raggedy Ann & Andy what was on your pillow in the late 1970's. Vintage pillow…
20 inch Raggedy Andy rag doll Brown hair red and gray Patriots football clothes with the I love you
. Nothing new. Boy dolls have existed for years. Bro (60s) had Raggedy Andy, son (40s) had Dapper Dan. Sure there are others.
. Hey 4 eyed Raggedy Andy, KKK your sign references was born in the Democratic Party & your Robert Byrd was a Leader!
Shawn Hunter and Jennifer did Brad dirty. Made him dress like Raggedy Andy with no Raggedy Ann.
Spent the vast bulk of the bed like a Raggedy-Andy-head, stretching out the more I looking.
Check out Raggedy Ann and Andy Vintage Lamp Early 1950's via
"And when one is thinking lovely, kind, beautiful thoughts of course one has no time to become lonesome." . ~Raggedy Ann and Andy
"You look like an over grown Raggedy Andy doll!'
Thinking about pattern making some Raggedy Anne and Andy doll 😊
Hmm, I wonder Bibendum was a model of the Greedy, which appeared in Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure.
Raggedy Ann lifted up her dress showing her upside down red triangle to Raggedy Andy as they lay on the big comfy bed.
Raggedy Ann in the Deep Deep Woods Raggedy Ann and Andy and Nice Fat Policeman
Check out this Raggedy Ann and Andy talking alarm clock I found on eBay:
Mom remembers waking up to Raggedy Ann and Andy's voices
And I dare raggedy Andy next door to say something about my dryer.
Pic of the real Annabelle doll...& was like *** BC my mom decorated my nursery in Raggedy Ann & Andy theme!
Wondering what happened to my old Raggedy Andy...
I remember Raggedy Ann and she had a friend called Andy 👍🏻
Can't forget the kiddies! These stuffed animal friends are keeping raggedy Andy…
Drew the Greedy from "Raggedy Ann and Andy: a Musical Adventure" from memory
Hey guys, the stream is about to go live over at Tune in for good times with
unrelated question for you, Raggedy Andy...When was the last time you bathed??? Inquiring minds want to know!
--last few years i just wear my other face out, what are you thinkin'? Cuz i'll have none o' that lame Raggedy Ann & raggedy Andy ***
Fun fact: There is an annual Raggedy Ann and Andy festival in Arcola Illinois.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Why tf lil yachty look like the black version of raggedy Andy?
Raggedy Andy doll from my shop Andy
I'm cutting this raggedy Andy *** hair off right when I get home next week
the Raggedy Ann and Andy movie was kinda frightening to see as a 5 yr old in the theater
Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy by ALEXLITTLETHINGS via gifts
vintage handmade Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy by ALEXLITTLETHINGS via
And a wonderful friend to Raggedy Andy.
Ma’am, you woke up with that thread stuck to your face because you love Raggedy Andy and that’s fine, but don’t like to me about style.
Adorable pin set with bonus blocks Pin. Raggedy Andy Doll. by via
'vintage handmade Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls with porcelain face and hand' via -
StinkyTatoes Raggedy Andy Timmy got crazy with the scissors
Raggedy Andy Timmy got crazy with the scissors
I still have my Raggedy Ann & Andy from your grandma & my original sock monkeys she made me :)
likes Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy Pictures by K. Pawley - Plate …
I did it! They're pretty Raggedy Ann and Andy but I DON'T CARE! The next pair I make will be better. 😏
I christen this in the name of the Lord of light: the raggedy Andy comb over banthin 300. 😃
The only thing we can be sure of every day of our lives is there being a couple on Lets Make A Deal dressed as Raggedy Ann
I was actually painted as Raggedy Andy once while passed out drunk
Girls calling themselves China Doll when they know very well that they looking like Raggedy Ann and Andy. 🙄
Here is Andy all cleaned up no longer raggedy. He is very sweet and is about 4 pounds.
Meet raggedy Andy, hopefully after he's done with his beauty treatment it will be just Andy.he's…
1977 Raggedy Ann and Andy mirror wall set
don't forget about raggedy Andy too...
CTMH D1174 CHRISTMAS MAGIC ~ Raggedy AnnE & ANDY, The greatest gifts are not...
2015 marked the 100th year for Raggedy Ann and Andy, a great classic toy! We're looking forward to more fun and...
Some Raggedy Andy liberal gurly type. He really does need to grow a pair.
Matt Stafford looks like a human Raggedy Andy doll.
Traditional gifts, homemade with love♡ Ready to be shipped ♡♡. Check out this item in my Etsy shop
Should fix Buddy up with Raggedy Ann, she just got out of a messy divorce with Andy, and could use a night out!
Check out Primitive Folk Art Americana Raggedy Ann Andy Doll 4th of July via
then you got ppl like Wayne scoring the Lauren londons of the world 😒😒😒 knowing Wayne looks like raggedy Andy
I'm giving away something for you on Raggedy Ann or Andy! Vintage Christmas Or. Get it here -
& Andy Quilting using patchwork and applique via
Hurry , order now♡. Check out this item in my Etsy shop
Raggedy Andy doll from my shop Custom Clothing! Here->[]
Remember your childhood stories of Raggedy Ann and Andy? Well here they are for ...
vintage illustration of Raggedy Ann and Andy on a carosel 1943
Yup. What I was really thinking was “Look at this moron with Raggedy Andy hair. Christ.” I know you.
Raggedy Ann and Andy Original Cel with Certificate of Authenticity Cel is framed
CIN reading their press clippings coming off a big win vs SEA. Rex got somethin for Raggedy Andy
Our sumer park show is 'Raggedy Ann and Andy.'
Wyatt kept kissing this Raggedy Andy doll!
Check out Raggedy Ann and Andy Framed Illustratration by Johnny Gruelle 12" X 9 3/4" via
1993 PSX Set of 2 Rubber Stamps Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy by CowsintheFog via via
Min -3½ ‘Twas a time when Raggedy Andy’s team would be a fine live dog in this spot. ‘Tis that time no more.
Wow! I just won this for free, Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy Buttons Brand New!
Raggedy Andy doll from my shop success
the Raggedy Andy story had the 'past hurts from rejection' theme you keep sharing about. Healing of memories is the answer
Friends, family, I'm doing raggedy Andy for our annual kickball tournament to raise money to help LGBT youth.
Special sale of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls on Oct. 17 and Oct. 18 will benefit Childrens' programming at... http:…
Raggedy Ann/Andy are RAG dolls, that's where thr origin derives, not children in poverty. So it's not mean :)
Come Sunday, The Defense is going to knock the stuffing out of Raggedy Andy.
A little this morning with the help of Raggedy Andy.
October 2013 Cover: Baby Willow and her dog, Lilly, are the perfect Raggedy Ann & Andy!
Raggedy Ann and andy christmas bulbs. By, Bobb Merrill 1974 and 1975
Four Color Raggedy Ann and Andy, 1943. 2nd title in series. F/F+
You and should do a Halloween tutorial. Jack and Sally or Chucky, Bride of Chucky or Raggedy Ann and Andy??
Y'all say what y'all want about N*all. I'd let his raggedy Andy behind get it to this day
This song makes me so emotional now Tokyo dome memories
I love dolls ,I have a child's play doll and a really old raggedy Andy doll
I swear Griffin is made out of Raggedy Andy material...literally exploded with every tackle.
Wow! I just won this for free, 2 Raggedy Ann & ANDY SEWING PATTERNS FOR STUFFED DOLLS FROM 10 -
In my HeyDay as Im 63 now, U knew was a Gal & was a guy.
Pills! Pills! Bills! Pills! Bills! A sign of the times that rhymes Amanda Bynes. Drop that raggedy Andy Serkis. Circle jerkus!
*** over bros" in this epic Raggedy Ann vs. Raggedy Andy battle royale. Real winner? 70s red shag carpet
Check out raggedy andy classic by aurora via
"You see, Andy," Raggedy Ann said, "you did find a treasure! We're eating it!" Raggedy Andy's Treasure Hunt, 1973.
I just listed: 'McCall's 5567 Raggedy Ann and Andy 36" Dolls with Clothes', for 32.95 via
That's pretty much it. Like creepy raggedy Andy
I hate to hate Nene. I'm tired of her raggedy *** on rhoa
Check out Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls World of Miniature Bears New In Cases Vintage with COAs via
Nene wig look like Raggedy Ann and Andy
I just listed: 'Simplicity Sewing Pattern 9447 Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls, One Size', for 7.50 via
Same author wrote the poem that led to Raggedy Ann and Andy.
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is an incredible film! Andy Serkis is always amazing
It's the "Red Headed Step Child Syndrome", Raggedy Andy gets beat like one, over and over on.
The Andy Dalton play worse than his sister the Raggedy Ann today. Now forever he the Raggedy Andy
I think you just said it. They're stuck with Raggedy Andy in the same way the Bears are stuck with Cutler.
The gingerbread man, the red ridle, raggedy andy. They are all going home.
Raggedy Andy needs these WRs to kick it in gear.
was the background noise to my Raggedy Anne/Andy. Knew him before I fully appreciated his presence at ESPN. RIP Mr Scott 🙏
and Andy I Love you by via Available
oh man. I actually remember the Raggedy Ann and Andy show. Those all look terrible.
Well it looks like Raggedy Andy has had enough. -_-
"So Raggedy Andy cap tap that candy."
PAC the GOAT, debate your Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls if u disagree
Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy Collectible Set of Banks Hair Made of Bright Red Yarn and Clothes…
If my heart were made of candy. Like Raggedy Ann or Andy. You could cut me open. Insert a new one. & stitch me up good as new. …
Check out Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy sheet set flat and fitted EUC via
2015 - the 100th anniversary of Raggedy Ann. Happy . Andy came later.
Throw back to when was both Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy!:)
Raggedy Andy watches in horror as Anne is torn appart by a playful puppy
.Meanwhile, Raggedy Andy has something unfortunate to confess to Ann: he lied about his vasectomy.
The Clippers cannot defend at ALL...Curry is gonna own the CP3 matchup and David Lee may not be able to stop Raggedy Andy but Raggedy Griff can't guard him either...if I'm Doc Rivers I'm feelin some type of way because the Dubbs are gonna punish those small guards if they can't get any offense from the SF spot...if they get this game Dubbs in 6.
I would guess early to mid 70's Halloween (clearly I did not dress like this for any other occasion other than Halloween) I was killing it as Raggedy Andy no doubt... Many of you are jealous I am sure... but that is just how I rolled in the 70's!
The animated Raggedy Andy doll known as Rand Paul has been busy this weekend making lots of stupid platitudes about single moms and the war on women, which he insists -- just in case you had any doubt at all -- women are winning.
kinda need for stanford to get rid of his mohawk *** u dont look like Robert DiNero in Taxi look like punk rock Raggedy Andy.not a good look my dude
She once took Raggedy Andy to the prom, Dana Perino.
Has no one else commented on Raggedy Andy's Cat attire yet? What's up with that?
The only thing I'm asking for for Christmas is Raggedy Anne and raggedy Andy.
Ed Sheeran is the IRL version of Raggedy Andy and Hollywood should make a live action film
Remember Raggedy Andy?? The poor kid in third grade with a rope belt?
This *** up here looking like a life size Raggedy Andy Doll.
Hilarious Etsy listing includes "Tips for putting the wig on a kitty" via
Don't think Caruso would go for this.
Update your maps at Navteq
Video: raggedy-andy: 3-amsecrets: this is my favorite thing tyra banks has ever said Tyra Banks can be...
rag arm.rag arm.ur the raggedy Andy of the Sox buddy congrats
I was Raggedy Andy one day in first grade, unTil leaving Church having learned to make a square Hot-- fair, but not. :]
I'm the original Me and my apparent arch-nemesis, Raggedy Andy.
Raggedy Andy. That's all I can think of.
raggedy Andy? No way. They already have size up front. They need guards desperately
Photo: raggedy-andy: Babby’s first cross stitch thanks to the kit in my first box.
This is long, but very worth the read. by Anna Quindlen, Newsweek Columnist and Author If not for the photographs, I might have a hard time believing they ever existed. The pensive infant with the swipe of dark bangs and the black button eyes of a Raggedy Andy doll. The placid baby with the yellow ringlets and the high piping voice. The sturdy toddler with the lower lip that curled into an apostrophe above her chin. All my babies are gone now. I say this not in sorrow but in disbelief. I take great satisfaction in what I have today: three almost-adults, two taller than I am, one closing in fast. Three people who read the same books I do and have learned not to be afraid of disagreeing with me in their opinion of them, who sometimes tell vulgar jokes that make me laugh until I choke and cry, who need razor blades and shower gel and privacy, who want to keep their doors closed more than I like. Who, miraculously, go to the bathroom, zip up their jackets and move food from plate to mouth all b ...
Rag-doll Physics in full affect today. Just call me Raggedy Andy.
Awe he bought me Raggedy Andy 's companion.Raggedy Ann. Thanks Jack. :D
C'mon, you gotta admit Ryan White's little bob haircut is hilarious. Looks more Raggedy Ann than Raggedy Andy
SWEET ! I just scored the Raggedy Andy to match my Raggedy Ann !
KITTENS! Someone just asked if we have any kittens. I thought I'd share the list here. Except for the "Christmas Kittens," there are photos of all these kids in the "available for adoption" and the "needs a foster home" albums: Pashima and Trouble (sisters), Chelsea and Snowball (sisters), Hickory (orange male), Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy (orange sister and brother - a very rare orange female!), George Weasly (very wild and wily little feral grey fellow), Mycroft Holmes (grey tabby with thumbs - a total love-bug), Sable (pretty female torty-tabby), Patches and Cookie (cute brother and sister), the little semi-feral Ste-Eustache female (grey and white), and the "Christmas kittens" -- because they were born December 26th -- Noella, Holly, and Buddy the Elf!
(for Aad’s last dance)   The supermodel barrister framed in red ringlets, curls that have picked too many locks at Gitmo, says she will christen me M.A. “You are mildly amused, no matter the horror, no matter your fear. This is not the superficial acolyte snuffing the candle of hope. This is your power.”   I am glad she sees M.A. where I see only Raggedy Andy and his monkey pals smashing Korbel Bruts on the prows of the last container ships to leave a hollowing Gdansk, hollowed and hallowed be thy name in the manner of River Rouge, Superior Copper, Vorkuta, not the sit-down strike to claim sacred space, but a final dispensation of tools that a sock-puppet can scarce appreciate sans opposable thumbs.     An engineered infrastructure smears layered gray goo over the former colors of striated crust, so a Gumby dance is preferred. Better to be mildly amused at a stumbling two-step than a Katyn massacre.     We trade hurt arrows over the essays describing the engineering of music and dance. “Righ ...
Faggoty faggoty faggoty Raggedy Ann and Andy,no! Raggedy Andy and Andy!
This vintage sewing pattern, McCalls 2531, makes the officially-licensed Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy dolls. It is uncut, with the original
Well, I'm sad. Someone gave me an old Raggedy Ann and Andy. Since they were dirty, I decided to wash them- bad choice. Raggedy Andy literally flipped his wig;-(.
Johnny Gruelle (Dec 24, 1880 – Jan 9, 1938) American artist, political cartoonist, children's book author and illustrator (and even songwriter). He is known as the creator of Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. He had such confidence in his design that often he would create the final ink work without first sketching in pencil. He was born John Barton Gruelle in Arcola, Illinois. His father Richard Gruelle was an artist affiliated with the Hoosier Group of Indiana artists. His first well known cartooning work was Mr. Twee Deedle which Gruelle created after he beat out 1,500 entrants to win a cartooning contest sponsored in 1911 by The New York Herald. Mr. Twee Deedle was in print from 1911 to 1914. Gruelle gave his daughter Marcella a dusty, faceless rag doll which she found in the attic. He drew a face on the doll and named her Raggedy Ann. Marcella played with the doll so much, Gruelle figured other children would like the doll too. Gruelle's Raggedy Ann doll U.S. Patent D47,789 was dated September 7, 1915. ...
This is the mascot for Tappara, Jannik Hansen's Finnish club. I think it's Raggedy Andy on bath salts.
My student's costumes are driving me crazy!!! Almost done tho. Mama Romah just fixed Raggedy Andy's Wig
There's got to be somebody more qualified to save Santa Claus than Raggedy Ann & Andy.
Q3 I have a Raggedy Ann and Andy I loved carried everywhere lol
Anyone else still have their Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls? The girl doll must've had some type of voodoo done on her!
Raggedy Andy knew he was becoming a man when he noticed yarn where there wasn't yarn before.
With those rosy cheeks, if Aaron Craft had red yarn for hair he would look just like a Raggedy Andy doll.
get back in your Raggedy Anne and Andy blankie!
baked these Raggedy Andy cookies to decorate his
Storybook room theme is Raggedy Andy Tales with fabric
Raggedy Ann and Andy Quilted Christmas Holiday by craftcrazy4u via
Very true. My nickname for him is Raggedy Andy, because that is who he looks like.
lol thank U Raggedy Ann's eye has rotted off but Andy still plays Twinkle Twinkle.Were bought at Sears
Enter to win Aurora Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls and Giveaway
Gifts-Raggedy Ann & Andy Paper Dolls Join in the fun of Pin & Win Contest!
shut up. It's Raggedy Anne and andy. :P
Not a fan but raggedy Andy is balling for the
What could be better than Handmade Cloth Raggedy Ann and Andy 26 inches tall as a special gift this Christmas
Ashlyn has a love/hate relationships with her baby dolls. She is carrying one around telling her "No, no, no!" then pokes her in the eyes and states that they are eyes and then hugs and kisses her. Now she is brushing her hair and is introducing her to a Raggedy Andy doll.
"You know what, Raggedy Ann - the deep woods is the best place of all for having wild, terrific adventures, that's what!" said Raggedy Andy. Even in story books, boys are after one thing!
Is it me? or is it more entertaining watching the Macy's Day Parade with the sound off? Grown men in Raggedy Andy Suits, Floats promoting the latest teeny bop-singing hopeful and classic Santa's hi-fiving dancers.
Past raggedy andy, new yorks, finest was doing chest compressions, hope he made it
December 4th at the baked potato I will undertake my most ambitious outing as a band leader. I'll be asking my band of Jedi to play everything form Sweedish death metal to Musica Cubano to Jazz to FZ to R&B to TV themes and more Come and see fo yo sef Raggedy Andy rides again 12/4
UPDATE: As of 1pm today (Sunday) we still have no power. Richard washed some clothes for the kids in the kitchen sink and was able to hang them out to dry in the cold sun yesterday. He is putting the finishing touches on their Halloween costumes - Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy for the village costume parade tomorrow. The Governor suspended festivities to Monday. The generator is almost our of gas again, but some good friends, Rocco Robert Williams and his wife Elly Lonon are sharing some of their surplus with us in the hopes this is ending soon. A gas station in the area got power and quickly sold what they had left. We are under ration by the ending number of your license plate. Tuesday, my day off, is the day for my car luckily so maybe I can get some fuel. The train to our town will not be running for quite some time - month(s) as a large portion of tracks were washed out at a major switching yard. It will be chaos on nest week at people are returning to work. Oddly, the driveway is getting paved tomorr ...
It was 31 years ago on Halloween Night, I was dressed as Raggedy Anne, waiting anxiouslly for (Jeffrey) dressed as Raggedy Andy to pick me up for a Halloween party at Jeffrey's cousin Alan's house. Jeffrey rang the door bell, My Dad answered the door, Jeffrey gave my dad his hand (Jeffrey was wearing white gloves) He ask my dad "How would you like another Son In Law". My Mom and Dad's hands went up in the air, then came down. They both said "Mazel Tov". My Dad said, "Marion get the Manchivats wine. L'chaim". That was one of the Best Days in My Life!!! The expression on my Mom & Dad's Face was Priceless. I wish they were here today!!!
Ate at Smokey Bones, went to The Florence Antique Mall (again), found a Raggedy Andy doll for Easton, Bray was so pumped for them to match! Now at Home Depot, then heading to Farm Haven for the Pumpkin Farm & all that jazz ;-) yay!! I love fall.
You are the Zelda to my Link, the Princess Peach to my Mario, the Minnie to my Micky, the Kairi to my Sora, the Ramona Flowers to my Scott Pilgirm, the Leela to my Fry, the Ms.Pacman to my Pacman, the Aeris to my Cloud, the Lucrecia to my Vincent, the Roll to my Megaman, the Princess Leia to my Han Solo, the Daisy to my Luigi, the Amy to my Sonic, the Chichi to my Goku, the Raggedy Ann to my Raggedy Andy, the Yuna to my Tidus, the Princess Garrett to my Zidane, and you are the Yin to my Yang. This is strange I know, but it is for somebody special. That is why I love air.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Enter to win a Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy or Fancy Pal from Aurora World Inc
At John Wayne Airport with Raggedy Andy.he just got patted down!!! Poor innocent little doll
I'm Raggedy Andy. Get the Out of my bounty hunter meeting.
Cartman: "What are you supposed to be, Stan, Howdy Doody?" Stan: "No, I'm Raggedy Andy, Mr. Cartman."
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