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Rafe Spall

Rafe Joseph Spall (born 10 March 1983) is an English actor on both stage and screen.

Daniel Craig Rachel Weisz Rose Byrne Mike Nichols Harold Pinter Timothy Spall Simon Baker Stephen Merchant Ang Lee Hot Fuzz Tobey Maguire Paddy Considine Life of Pi Jim Broadbent Anna Faris Stephen Graham Suraj Sharma Ridley Scott

rafe spall looks like nikolaj lie-kaas in prometheus hence I'm having a really hard time
Rafe Spall in The Shadow Line. Dynamic, fun, necessary and personal.
T' miniseries will go into producshun thishere summ'r an' will star Be Barnes, Ryun Eggold, Michael Raymond James, Rafe Spall an' Henry Thomas as t'menfolk who hepped start t'Amurkin Revolushun.
Brit actor Rafe Spall has been cast as a leader of the American revolution in new historical drama Sons Of Liberty.
Ben Barnes, Dean Norris, Rafe Spall, Henry Thomas and more set to star in History's SONS OF LIBERTY miniseries:
Breaking Bad's Dean Norris, Rafe Spall to star in Sons of Liberty
Happy for you. Working with Rafe Spall will be great fun. What does it mean for you filming season 2 of
Saw Rafe Spall today. He is cool and looks like a pimp
Very excited to be attending opening screening of film 'Year 7', written by Rafe Spall. At Working Title, tonight!
What if being friends has its benefits ? Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver, Rafe Spall,...
Shaun of the Dead is on again. Rafe Spall going from that to this is always a good thing
Oh dear Rafe Spall. Eurgh. I think less terrifying than the face hugger. But only just.
And they could have done better than Rafe Spall as the lead. He's funny but didn't have the likeability to pull off the role successfully.
I'd Iike to see a movie in which Brendan & Domnhall Gleeson battle Timothy & Rafe Spall to the death. Ivan & Jason Reit…
HOW did I Give It A Year just fly under the radar like that? Streaming on Netflix now. So brilliant and funny. Even the bits that offended me did so masterfully. Stephen Merchant and Rafe Spall blew me away.
I'm just gonna go ahead and say I'm in love with Rafe Spall.
Coffee at ERHall this morning. In time to see the reindeer being delivered and a band of cheery elves in costume! Sadly no sign of Jim Broadbent, Warwick Davies or Rafe Spall who must have been inside Santa's workshop. All filming "Get Santa",out at Christmas. Reindeer are little!!
Tobey Maguire was cast as the Writer in Life of Pi, even filming his scenes but was replaced by Rafe Spall.
‘One Day’ Movies (PG-13, 1:47) The director Lone Scherfig (“An Education”) chronicles the not-quite courtship of an almost-couple — Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess — who meet as university students on July 15, 1988, and are revisited on that date in subsequent years, as they make their way through careers, relationships and other challenges. The story, based on a novel by David Nicholls, ultimately plunges into maudlin nonsense, but along the way there are some very fine moments, thanks to Ms. Scherfig’s offbeat pacing and the work of a supporting cast that includes Romola Garai, Patricia Clarkson and Rafe Spall. Start from : 2011-08-19T04:00:00.23Z . On every mon,tue,wed,thu,fri,sat,sun,. , NY Tel:
Rafe Spall got the best line though, let's be honest.
Rafe Spall and Jennie Jaques as William Holman Hunt and Annie Miller in the TV series “Desperate Romantics”, 2009
great news. Is Rafe Spall still the lead?
I thought Rafe Spall was initially cast as Stelfox?
Could work - I read ages ago that Rafe Spall had been cast, which seemed better age-wise, but Hoult could be sinister
Nicholas Hoult interesting choice for the lead,I thought it was gonna be Rafe Spall. He'll probs be very good though.
Remembered my dream. Was married to Jordan Belfort (the Leo version). We crashed a helicopter into the sea. Rafe Spall was there.
Watching I Give It A Year. Well good film. Rafe Spall is gorgeous.
I still think I Give It A Year is a cracking film. I could watch Rafe Spall in absolutely anything.
Life of Pi star Rafe Spall says he has still not been invited to the Oscars despite the fact that the film has been nominated for 11 awards. The actor has a ...
Why does Rafe Spall always play the looser role? He is heavenly 💗
Today I saw Rafe Spall buying a tortilla in Trinity Kitchen in Leeds. . Lunching with the stars, me.
Rafe Spall's good, though. Did you hear our podcast review of it?
If Benedict Cumberbatch didn't play Sherlock then Rafe Spall should have
'My dad's one of the funniest men in the world,' says Rafe Spall. 'I grew up with him making me laugh so much I'd beg him to stop. To this day, he makes me crack up.'
the tattoo I did of you and Rafe Spall is in SkinShots magazine. Just so you know 👍
I Give It A Year is a brilliantly funny film, Stephen Merchant is superb as always as well as Rafe Spall
Convalescing at home watching Miss. Marple repeats. Spot rafe spall in this one. Eye candy for my one good eye :-)
Rafe Spall is a brilliant actor, he doesn't get enough credit if I'm honest!🎥
Nice afternoon in Leeds with Cath and T'ainsies at Brewdog and Reds. Also spotting Rafe Spall.
BBC launches new writers strand with Working Title The BBC is working with Working Title TV on a major new drama talent strand The Secrets, which will feature new writers. The Secrets is a series of five films, each with a secret at the heart of it. Dominic Savage is directing all five episodes, working with four of Britain's upcoming writers who are new to television drama - Elinor Cook, Nick Payne, Ben Ockrent and Sarah Solemani. Nick Payne’s first of two episodes will star Olivia Colman, Alison Steadman and Steve Oram. Episode one by Elinor Cook Winner of the George Devine Award 2013 for Most Promising Playwright, Cook recently collaborated on a play with Joe Ward Munrow, and last year was part of Paines Plough’s The Big Room in association with Channel 4. Elinor Cook’s episode tells the story of a man who is married to two women, and, living a secret double life between them, is exposed. It explores whether monogamy is ever a realistic proposition. Episode two by Nick Payne Nick Payne’s play . ...
Been actor spotting in the hotel. Theres a film crew in. Spotted Jim Broadbent, Rafe Spall and another guy thats in Benidorm. Apparently Warwick Davis is here also. Filming Get Santa.
Just saw Stephen Graham leave and then Rafe Spall was sitting at next table eating breakfast.
Celeb spot of the day . Rafe Spall at Leeds train station. (Google him)
UK shoot begins for Christopher Smith's Get Santa Shooting begins today in London and Yorkshire on Get Santa, starring Jim Broadbent as Santa Claus, for writer/director Christopher Smith and Ridley Scott's Scott Free London, the BFI, Screen Yorkshire and Altitude Film Entertainment. Get Santa is written and directed by Christopher Smith (Black Death, Severance), produced by Liza Marshall (Before I Go To Sleep, Life in a Day, Red Riding trilogy) Days before Christmas, reindeers are found running loose through the streets of London. Nine-year-old Tom (played by newcomer Kit Connor) hears rustling outside his house and is astonished to discover Santa (Jim Broadbent) in the garden shed. Escaping the wreckage of his sleigh and desperate to return to Lapland, Santa has come to ask Tom and his dad Steve (Rafe Spall) for help. But Steve has just been released from prison and all he wants is to stay out of trouble and spend time with his son. Only after Santa is arrested - for trying to liberate his reindeer from ...
LONDON -- Christopher Smith's Get Santa -- starring Jim Broadbent as the title character and produced by Liza Marshall of Scott Free London and executive produced by Ridley Scott -- has added Rafe Spall (Prometheus), Stephen Graham (This is England, Gangs of New York), Ewen Bremner (Black Hawk Down)...
The BAFTA nominations are in! Sally Hawkins has been nominated for best supporting actress in Blue Jasmine playing alongside Cate Blanchett. Sally Hawkins is acting alongside Asa Butterfield. Eddie Marsan and Rafe Spall in our film 'X Plus Y' which is out this year. From the producer of Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom, X Plus Y tells the story of a young maths genius who has his logic thwarted by the one thing he can’t make sense of - love. More info on X Plus Y at BBC Films' site:
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz play Betrayal takes $17.5m in 14 weeks Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz's revival of Betrayal has taken $17.5 million (£10.7m) in just 14 weeks. The new Broadway production of Harold Pinter's classic play was met with mixed reviews but was hugely popular due to the presence of the married actors. Betrayal opened on October 1, before closing on Sunday (January 5). Top-price tickets went for $275 (£167) and $499 (£304). Also starring Rafe Spall, the play became Broadway's second most successful production in 2013. Nora Ephron's play Lucky Guy, starring Tom Hanks, topped the list with takings of just under $23m (£14m). Directed by Mike Nichols, Betrayal tells the story of a wife who has an affair with her husband's best friend. It also set the record for highest-grossing non-musical in a single week in Broadway history over the Christmas period, earning $1.44m (£0.8m) for the week ending December 29. Pinter's 1978 play was inspired by his affair with BBC television presenter J ...
SAN FRANCISCO: THE FIRST 100 DAYS - DAY 63 It doesn't dawn on me how little I've gotten out of the house these days...until we actually GET OUT. Bear rented a Zipcar again, so we could run errands at the neighborhood Walgreens (read: more DRUGGGZZZ), and we bought dinner in from Wendy's, to make catching a movie easier before he had to go to bed, (which he is in right now). We saw a cute little sci-fi romcom from Ireland called EARTHBOUND, with Rafe Spall and David Morrissey. (Yes, AGAIN with the David Morrissey). A lot of Americans probably thought he popped out of 'nowhere' when he appeared as the Governor on THE WALKING DEAD, but Dave's been a busy guy 'across the pond' for quite a while now. I keep waiting for him to eventually pop up on GAME OF THRONES. It would be something to see him have a mini-reunion of sorts with his BLITZ co-star Aidan Gillen. What's on tap for tomorrow? Making appointments, and maybe just putting out feelers to the job recruiter who called. Not getting my hopes up, but we ...
A good way to spend a cold winter's afternoon? Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall doing Pinter.
'Life of Pi' is a 2012 American 3D live-action computer-animated adventure drama film based on Yann Martel's 2001 novel of the same name. Directed by Ang Lee, the film's adapted screenplay was written by David Magee, and it stars Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Rafe Spall, Gérard Depardieu, Tabu, and Adil Hussain. The storyline revolves around an Indian man named Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel, living in Canada and telling a novelist about his life story and how he survives a shipwreck in which his family dies at 16, and is stranded in the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker. The film had its worldwide premiere as the opening film of the 50th New York Film Festival at both the Walter Reade Theater and Alice Tully Hall in New York City on September 28, 2012. Life of Pi emerged as a critical and commercial success, earning over $609 million worldwide. It was nominated for three Golden Globe Awards which included the Best Picture – Drama and the Best Director and won the Golden Glo ...
Terrific day in the city. New favorite restaurant Trattoria Trecolori. Then Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Rafe Spall in BETRAYAL. Fascinating. Got home before the snow got nasty. Good times!!! Thanks, Beth.
The star system might be waning in Hollywood, but not when those stars take to the Broadway stage. The Mike Nichols-directed revival of the Harold Pinter play Betrayal, which stars Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall, just set a new Broadway box office record when it grossed $1.44 million...
I just finished watching the film "I Give It A Year"- a British comedy. Two people marry hastily after only knowing each other for a short period of time, and discover rather immediately that they are ill-fated. Minnie Driver is hilarious. Simon Baker is adorable. Cast also includes Rose Byrne (Damages), Rafe Spall, and Anna Faris. *Disclaimer: Dan Razer's writing is a little colorful in some scenes. If you get offended easily, this one isn't for you.
Saw Betrayal this week with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz & Rafe Spall. Must swot up on Pinter plays. Rafe v good.
Amazing play in broadway with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz & Rafe Spall
Laura and I just saw an excellent play called Betrayal starring Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig, and Rafe Spall
After LOL'in at I GIVE IT A YEAR, my new crush is Rafe Spall.i need you in my life 👍💕
Betrayal: Ghastly and dull. Tired and beaten up story of marital infidelity, (not surprising as it's a rehash of 1978 Harold Pinter play) saved only from entertainment flatline by the delicious Daniel Craig, and the standup performance of Rafe Spall ... Feeling a little betrayed myself!!
3rd row center for "Betrayal" by Harold Pinter with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Rafe Spall. Directed by, my teach, Mike Nichols!
Timothy Spall, Rafe Spall and Ash Spall all went to National Youth Theatre.
I want to be like Rafe Spall when I grow up.
Monday 23 Dec. Yesterday, we'd got to the hotel so early, there were no rooms ready to check in to. We'd expected this, left our bags with the Bell Captain (the guys that organise the porters and looking after stored idea why they are called this) and headed out to wander around before lunch with The Cousins. I couldn't believe how warm it was yesterday. Christmas carollers were singing "We're Having A Heatwave". People were in t shirts. I half expected to see sunbathers. Shame, as I wanted a light, romantic dusting of snow gently falling. The nearest I got to experiencing delicate white flakes swirling in the air was standing beside a guy with bad dandruff as we waited to cross the street. We headed to Time Square just to see the lights etc. It was heaving. We weren't after cheap theatre tickets...thank God. The line (yep, I already speak the lingo) was of Biblical proportions for the discount ticket office. (Dawn Hart: we passed the theatre where Rafe Spall is appearing. I left a note at the ...
Betrayal - a tantalizing threesome tale.. Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall ensure that they leave no haunting shades of thought and instead make you laugh and love :)
Saw BETRAYAL tonight on Broadway with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weiz, and Rafe Spall. I scored last minute tix on Stubhub and only had to pay $30 for each instead of the $104 they charge at the box office!
Got to see Daniel Craig, his wife Rachel Weisz, and Rafe Spall perform 'Betrayal' today. Fantastic show!
Stephen Merchant os bloody hilarious in I give it a year...and rafe spall and Simon Baker are HOT!!
Saw Betrayal last night on Broadway. Big disappointment. Review in New Yorker Magazine nailed it. 90 uninspiring minutes for a ridiculous ticket price except when Rafe Spall was on stage. Huge talent. Craig and Weisz totally miscast and 100% dull. Never thought Mike Nichols could direct a show that was so "mailed in."
NYC:Theater: Betrayal. The Squeeze and I went to see this brilliant Pinter play. As with great plays, it spurred heated discussion. There's love, passion, guilt, lies, secrets, power plays and more going on. But, it's all very stiff upper lip British well-done by Daniel (James Bond) Craig, Rachael Weisz and Rafe Spall (who walks away with the show). But these characters are hard to like. We had a drink at MOMA afterward, and there was a holiday party made up of a large group of very well-dressed 20-somethings. We figured ivy educated associates of a big law firm or young investment bankers--think American Psycho. I'm sure some of them are very likeable...after they step out of their Zegna or Prada armor. But I digress. The play moves backward in time, effectively using projections to note the years, like mine did (to the consternation of some) but in the other direction. Apparently, great minds think alike but in different directions--think Newton v Einstein v Bohr. But here, Einstein's time reversal ...
I saw Craig and Weisz in "Betrayal" last night at the Barrymore. Daniel Craig has wonderful stage presence. I'd rather see Rachel in film. Rafe Spall was also good.
Just back from hours of walking! Time for a little rest before watching Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and distant relative Rafe Spall on Broadway!! Very excited :)
I can't believe I forgot to rave about Pinter's "Betrayal" I saw on Broadway last weekend. The rawest version I've seen yet, which had something to do with Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz sharing the stage, together with an excellent Rafe Spall. Mike Nichols directed. It was pretty much a sure-fire terrific 90 minutes of theater.
Today's your last chance to bid to meet & see Daniel Craig, Rafe Spall, Ian McKellen and Joanna Christie on Broadway
660 MOVIE FOR 2013: "Life of Pi" (2012) *ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITES! Now playing "Life of Pi" - Directed by Ang Lee starring Suraj Sharma, Irfan Khan, Tabu, Rafe Spall and Gerard Depardieu. 4 Academy Award® winner including Best Director: Ang Lee** & Best Cinematography and Nominated for 7 including Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Score and Best Picture. "I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go. But what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye. I was never able to thank my father for all I learned from him. To tell him, without his lessons I would never have survived. I know Richard Parker's a tiger but I wish I had said, "It's over. We survived. Thank you for saving my life. I love you, Richard Parker. You'll always be with me. May God be with you." - Pi Patel AFI - Movie of the Year: "Life of Pi" is an immersion into the world of imagination - one so powerful, so deeply transformational, that it stands as a cinematic monument to the power of storytelling ...
It may be the hottest ticket in town, but Betrayal was a bit disappointing. Best part of the show, hands down, was Rafe Spall. Two shows with two knights tomorrow!
Rafe spall is so pretty in such a strange way...
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Being kind is the most important thing I've ever been taught. That's what my parents always told me - more important than ambition or success is being kind to people. The cornerstone of my life. What I aspire to is to be kind. Rafe Spall
British movie night with I Give It A Year and The World's End. Rafe Spall was terribly awkward, but funny, in I Give it A Year; and Simon Baker was an Aussie hunk. Now, forward with Simon Pegg -- watch out, the end is nigh!
My nerdy review of The Worlds End The last film in the cornetto trilogy The Worlds End brings a look at an invasion unlike any I’ve ever seen. The writing styles of Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg are very apparent in the film. From the dialogue to the action sequences that are of nothing more than starting a car. The easter eggs which I will get into later are also a delight to behold. I truly enjoy anything that these guys are involved in. The movie starts off strong and does not disappoint. I found that there are no moments where the movie drags or is struggling to entertain. I wrote this little review out of boredom and sadness, but more on that later. NOW the easter eggs... Simon, Nick, and Edgar had a Television shown in 1998 Called Spaced. It was Nick Frosts first acting job, and a sleeper hit in the UK as well as the US later on. In The Worlds End the first sequence was used to explain the entire movie just like Shaun of the dead, and it also contained music use in Spaced. The next is the cast obvio ...
What do you get when Mike Nichols directs Daniel Craig, Rafe Spall and Rachel Weisz in Harold Pinter's Betrayal at the Barrymore on Molly Matera tells all...
I GIVE IT A YEAR - comedy Anna Faris/rafe spall I give it a year charts the first year of nat and josh's mismatched marriage - from the outset this won't be a traditional romantic comedy
My mother has an extra ticket to see "Betrayal" (with yummy Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall) on Tues Nov. 19th in NYC (Barrymore Theater). Email, message or just find a way to let me know if you are interested in joining her. Ticket is free, my mother as your theater partner is the bonus.
So, Daniel Craig live on stage and me in row F. Play was Betrayal. His real life wife, Rachel Weisz, plays his wife. New guy, Rafe Spall, was remarkable. Watch for him. Acting was impressive by all. But back to Craig. So much more attractive/sexy live. Broad shoulders. Such piercing blue eyes.
Mad how ur watching a film on sky starring rafe spall then a think a knw that name bit of google n its timothys son ha mad a used to play him at pool aswell when he was a lad
Friend Estha and I saw Pinter's "Betrayal" with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall this afternoon on Broadway. Not a wasted breath in their mannered " on form" conversations. The players were brilliant.
Yesterday, my son, his wife, my wife and I where at the Barrymore Theatre, NYC for the showing of Betrayal. This amazing show started the husband and wife actors, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz and also starting Rafe Spall, which was really the start. It was 90 minutes, with no intermissions, of amazing set changes from the couples living room to the flat of the bedroom being betrayed to vacationing in Venice to being in a restaurant to being at a party. We all just loved this amazing play, but it did not stop here. We then went to the Frick Collection. We are lucky to have our daughter-in-law as the Assistant to the Director of the Frick. And the Frick is filled with Rembrandts, Turners, and also Vermeer's. But on this day it also had another Vermeer, The Girl with a Pearl Earring. It is a rare and beautiful painting and we saw it. After spending an hour and a half at the museum we then went down to the Village. We went to The Highland. This unique restaurant with a scot flare was wonderful fro ...
Ok, so Betrayal was elegant, spare, funny and painful... And had plenty of "Pinter pauses." I'll be hoping for Tony nods for the cast- Rafe Spall is a bright new talent. And much, much better looking than his dad, Tim (Peter Pettigrew). :-)
Just a few more minutes til we see "Betrayal' on B'way starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall! The concierge at the hotel said that ticket brokers are selling seats for $700 each-- tempting, but Daniel and Rachel are the reason for the trip:-)
DID YOU KNOW: Tobey Maguire was originally cast as the Writer in Life of Pi. Though he filmed his scenes, he was later replaced by Rafe Spall The director thought Maguire was too famous for such a small role, and would have been distracting.
Saw the fantastic play, Betrayal, tonight and met two of its stars Daniel Craig and Rafe Spall as well as its famed director, Mike Nichols. Extremely talented artists but also really genuine and real people.
Betrayal was top notch. Fantastic performances from Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Rafe Spall. I had never seen another production of this play before, and I found it funny, tragic, and earnestly genuine. Set design was mind-bogglingly good as well. Had a great opportunity to listen to the director Mike Nichols and Spall speak afterward, as well as a little farewell from Craig. Great experience overall.
Date with Rachael Weis, Daniel Craig and Rafe Spall ...massively excited.
Reviews round-up for BETRAYAL with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz & Rafe Spall that opened on B'way last night:
Matt Wolf reviews Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig and Rafe Spall in Mike Nichols’ Broadway production of 'Betrayal’, Harold Pinter’s powerful play about an adulterous love triangle
Congrats & to the company of Pinter's "Betrayal" starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Rafe Spall, opening on …
Wait...they're doing a Broadway revival of Pinter's Betrayal with Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig & Rafe Spall? How did I miss that? Must. SEE.
Opening tonight is Harold Pinter's play "Betrayal" which tells the story of Emma (Rachel Weisz), married to Robert (Daniel Craig), who has long had an affair with Robert's best friend Jerry (Rafe Spall). This uniquely-structured play runs backwards through time.
Photo Flash: First Look at Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall in ... -...
BAZ BAMIGBOYE checks out Rachel, Daniel and Rafe Spall on Broadway.
I perused the playbill for the latest production of Betrayal staring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Rafe Spall high above the tower of seats that the Barrymore Theater calls the rear mezzanine. I was looking for something. The last time I saw a Harold Pinter play I was left more confused than anyth...
So do you think you know which actor didn’t play Shakespeare? If you guessed Ian McKellan, you are right! Despite being one of the most famous modern Shakespearean actors, he never played the man himself. Here are the films and shows where the other actors did play the Bard: Colin Firth- Blackadder: Back and Forth (1999) Rupert Graves- A Waste of Shame: William Shakespeare and his Sonnets (2005) Rafe Spall- Anonymous (2011) Tim Curry- Life of Shakespeare (1978)
Let’s start the day off right with a little Shakespeare trivia! Which of these actors have not played William Shakespeare in a movie or TV show? Colin Firth Rupert Graves Rafe Spall Ian McKellan Tim Curry Come back at 4 PM to find out the answer!
xD tru dat. But it does have Rafe spall xD
gonna watch Rafe Spall for 20 mins, hopefully these losers will be gone soon. this is the WH title match? 1st up? jesus.
The following is a transcription of a recent text exchange between Samuel W. Flint and myself: SAM: "I shall now watch your favorite movie: the great damon lindelof's Prometheus." ME: "DON'T." SAM: "Too late." ME: "I'm sorry." SAM: "I'll report on my results tomorrow." ME: "Dude, seriously. Spend two hours looking at cat gifs. They're better written." SAM: "However: Rafe Spall! You'll remember him as one of the Andys from Hot Fuzz. He's in it. Like him." ME: "Whatever. You've been warned." SAM: "But... charleze theron... HOT!" Approximately 24 hours later... SAM: "You were right, btw. Ever so right. Why did Ridley Scott bother making that?" ME: "I'm so sorry you had to see that."
Loved the play BETRAYAL. Rafe Spall and Rachel Weisz were first rate, and Pinter's unsentimental dialogue actually added to the pathos of a broken marriage and a hollow affair...Daniel Craig was strictly okay and despite his top billing as Bond, he does not electrify the stage. A person stood me up tonight and so I go to bed with a deeper understanding of the play's title.
The celeb fun continues - Tori and I just ran into Rafe Spall (who steals the show in Betrayal ) on W 47th Street. We shook his hand and gushed over him. Only slightly embarassing...
Just saw Betrayal at at Barrymore Theatre, with Rachel Weiz, Daniel Craig, and Rafe Spall. Good show!
Can we talk about how gorgeous Rafe Spall is in Hot Fuzz? Cuz I watched it again last night and every time he was on screen I was like ***
Just watched earthbound, story is so crazy that it's brilliant, good job rafe spall :p
It’s all rehearsal and no play for Betrayal stars Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig and Rafe Spall this summer, but ...
I Give It A Year is a GREAT film. I heart Rafe Spall bigtime.
Simon Baker and Rafe Spall are both gorgeous, gorgeous men.
Derivative drivel. Awful, awful film. I want to cheese grate Rafe Spall to death
omg omg i'm going on the lit field trip i get to see Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz and rafe spall on broadway in november omg oM G OMG
The scottish kid in really reminds me of Rafe Spall. Is anybody else thinking this?
Thank you to Rafe Spall for our first feature interview...
Rafe Spall on Broadway in Betrayal (our lad!)
Just seen Betrayal at the Barrymore starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Rafe Spall. Really good!
Enjoyed Betrayal (3rd Broadway preview). Excellent cast, but Rafe Spall is the standout.
Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz made their debut last night in Betrayal! Performances begin October 1 and...
"Betrayal" tonight with Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall. Expectations are high. Like OMG!!1!
also rafe spall was on the phone and now I don't know what to do with my life
It takes a special kind of actor to steal the show from James Bond & his Oscar winning wife. Well played, Rafe Spall.
Great to see Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz Rafe Spall at this evening at the Barrymore. Pinter play reimagined w/ elegant staging.
Good 1st run. Bit bland overall. Weisz less compelling than expected. Rafe Spall impresses. Only better from here
Daniel Craig & Rafe Spall after the show- (Rachel Weisz snuck out the back door!)
Happy previews to Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig, Rafe Spall and everyone at
Timothy and Rafe Spall, Margaret Rutherford, Johnny Shannon who was so good as Harry Flowers in Performance. Chaplin!
Break a leg to the and crew of which begins performances tonight!
Tonight Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall begin previews in BETRAYAL on
Break a leg to the cast of the revival of which starts performances tonight,
The new revival of BETRAYAL, starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Rafe Spall, begins performances tonight.
You guys. Rafe Spall was amazing. Daniel Craig was really great, and Rachel Weisz was good...but Rafe Spall was amazing.
Rafe Spall, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig in the same play on Broadway. Amazing. What I would give to see that.
That was a great movie. I'm sure it will become a cult movie, up there with 'with nail' and 'clerks' . If you haven't seen it yet... Watch 'earthbound' Rafe spall is an amazing actor...
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Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Rafe Spall discover plans for a Broadway revival of Harold Pinter’s “Betrayal” with fewer pauses and “more animal.”
Is it wrong I wish Rafe Spall was Rufus Sewell.
Rafe Spall and Paddy Considine as the 2 andy's - i mean that's just silly
Rafe Spall...really thought it was Michael douglas
Betrayal, Starring Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig & Rafe Spall, Set to Open on ... -...
Tickets for Broadway Revival of "Betrayal," With Oscar and TWA Winner Rachel Weisz, Daniel Craig, and Rafe Spall,...
Rafe Spall and Paddy Considine are DEFINITELY in my Top 5. They've blossomed in the last 5 years. Yum.
AMAZING NEWS for E who has been cast to play the role of Young Nathan in X+Y. A feature film directed by Morgan Matthews & also attached is the amazing Asa Butterfield and Rafe Spall. Well done E so proud!
W/C 6th June 2013 Six new films this week. First is Disney's 51st animated film, WRECK IT RALPH, where the bad guy in a video game sets out to prove he's a true hero. In the thriller FLIGHT, Denzel Washington stars as an airline pilot who is hailed as a hero following an emergency landing, until questions arise as to who or what was at fault. SWEET VENGEANCE is an epic story of revenge set against the backdrop of the American Old West, and stars Ed Harris, January Jones and Eduardo Noriega. Sylvester Stallone is back as a hitman in the action-thriller BULLET TO THE HEAD. APARTMENT 1303 is a horror starring Rebecca De Mornay revealing the true history of that apartment following a suicide. I GIVE IT A YEAR is a British comedy which lifts the veil on the realities of the first year of marriage, and stars Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall.
If the new Doctor turned out to be Rafe Spall, I would be rather pleased! Equally Aneurin Barnard or Ben Whishaw... Or, ooh, Idris Elba... *too many ideas* I suspect, though, that it'll be Olivia Colman. And I'd be happy with that too!
Directed by Dan Mazer. With Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Alex Macqueen, Stephen Merchant. A look at the trials and tribulations of a newlywed couple during their first year of marriage.
good luck to Kristen Scott Thomas, James McAvoy and the magnificent Rafe Spall whos performance was outstanding. Good Luck. :-)
Look who it is - Rafe Spall. If you've got any questions for the Life of Pi and I Give It A Year actor, send them in…
Just eyeballed Rafe Spall in shaun of the dead. Would never have got that in a million years
it IS Rafe Spall working in the shop with Shaun isnt it?
he's married to her out of Hollyoaks. Bummer.
'Kinell, Rafe Spall was carrying a bit of timber in Shaun of the Dead!
Watching you'd never have thought Rafe Spall would escape his dads genetic legacy and turn into a total hottie
I can't believe how fat Rafe Spall used to be!
Rafe Spall was a right porker in Shaun of the Dead
Jesus christ, Rafe Spall in Shaun of the Dead. Definitely gotten better with time that one.
I never new Rafe Spall was in Shaun Of The Dead
Noel in Shaun of the dead is Rafe Spall?! How did I not know this?
Oh my God. Fat Rafe Spall! Did not know he was in Shaun of the Dead
I love Rafe Spall's performance in Shaun of the Dead.
Who's in that? :) Also "I give it a year" is quite good too... though I have a bit of a Rafe Spall crush!
Wish I could see ' Constellations' starring Rafe Spall just one last time...
the trailer looks very good too. and I'd really like to see a worthwile movie with Rafe Spall in the near future =p
finish your drink every time Rafe Spall looks quizzically at Irfan Khan
meant to add PS loved Kill Your Friends and Rafe Spall will be magnificent
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'I give it a year' may not be the best reviewed comedy but I enjoyed it. Rafe Spall was quite a joy 2 watch, even where u r not suppose to:)
Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, Rafe Spall to Star in Broadway Revival of Harold ... -...
Rafe Spall looks so different in Life of Pi from when he was on Shaun of the Dead!
Today I discovered Rafe Spall is Timothy Spall's son. Wat. Wat. The world made perfect sense before this moment.
What a lovely, sincere fella that Rafe Spall is.
Watched the Life of Pi last night, class film but the fact Rafe Spall is pretending to be American in it unnerved me
English actor Rafe Spall wants to be the next Hugh Grant
Meet BA nominee Rafe Spall. He is very gracious & generous in comments to James McAvoy
Can I suggest you to go watch "I give it a year" a very funny movie with Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Simon Baker and Anna Faris ?
Watching Life of Pi. Oh look it's Rafe Spall, Timothy Spall's son. I bet y'all have watched at least one movie with Timothy Spall in it.
Life of Pi's Rafe Spall to Join Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz in Broadway's ... -...
Jason Maza, Freddie Fox, Rafe Spall, Damien Molony, Myanna Buring and Alan Parker are among guests at the First Light Awards this afternoon.
Hot Fuzz (2007) Funnier than I remembered. Timothy Dalton, Paddy Considine and Rafe Spall steal every scene they're in. Perfect cast. 4/5
Rafe Spall shows he’s a hands-on dad as he cradles his tiny son on stroll joined by wife Elize du Toit
Watching Life of Pi. Keep expecting Rafe Spall to say "You've got red on you."
.sits down with Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall, star of the Brit comedy "I Give it a Year"
Rafe Spall is a very pretty man, his gummy smile is lovely.
Dear Rafe Spall: I love you, but *** kind of accent did you just use for Life of Pi?
Live in the uk? Go and see 'I GIve it a Year' this weekend starring the incomparable Rafe Spall
Who knew that the rubbish Rafe Spall in 'One Day' can look surprisingly handsome in the film 'Life of Pi' :)
Rafe Spall to Simon Baker: i could drink you in. Highly inappropriate but fitting. Lol. But their kiss wasn't in the deleted scenes.
Happy Birthday to Rafe Spall, son of Timothy Spall -
Hate how comedians are in serious programmes. Miranda Hart should not be in 'The Midwife', nor should Rafe Spall be in 'Life of Pie'!
1 liked it. But I really like Rafe Spall
Q: Jon Hamm, Rafe Spall or Chuck Norris: which of today’s big screen birthday boys taught high school drama in St. Louis?
I Give it a Year: Rafe Spall, Rose Byrne and Dan Mazer discuss new film - video
Well the actor Rafe Spall turns 30 today & Birmingham City's goalkeeper turns 20. Think it's special to them! ;-) x
Successful Nat and struggling novelist Josh know that they can get on despite their differences. Determined to prove their doubting friends wrong, they set t...
Wow! I had a dream about Rafe Spall, and I'm just sitting here right now and realising - omg, it's his birthday!!! ♥
Oh my Lord.I was watching Shaun of the Dead last night only to see Rafe Spall as a hideous fat teenager...take a look!
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Thank you very much to Timothy & Rafe Spall who are both wearing my wristbands & showing their fantastic support! :)
Attention Life of Pi: you had me until the clunky "Rafe Spall explains the metaphor to those too dumb to get it" part.
I'm gonna weigh it tomorrow. Rafe Spall is a bloodclot as is the mentalist
Watching Shaun of the Dead and who should appear but Rafe Spall looking like this... Inexplicable.
Ridiculous seeing Rafe Spall in Shaun of the Dead. He has blossomed.
when/whete is Rafe Spall in Shaun of the Dead?? x
When you realise that Rafe Spall was on Shaun of the Dead...
Have you spotted Rafe Spall. Extra points if you have.
Rafe Spall is one chunky man in Shaun of the dead!
Rafe Spall has changed 'just a bit' since Shaun of the Dead
how dumb am i? Watching shaun of the dead and only just realised noel=rafe spall! Im such a tool,how could i never have noticed??
Spotters Badge for me: a young, slightly chubby Rafe Spall in Shaun of the Dead.
Rafe Spall is a right fatboy in Shaun of the Dead. Love finding a random movie on a Friday night
Can't believe that's Rafe Spall in - he looks SO different!!
Rafe Spall in Shaun of the dead. That is all.
Update your maps at Navteq
Rafe Spall losing weight was a fantastic choice
Shaun of the Dead on ITV2, still can't believe Rafe Spall is the fat kid
New celebrity obsession: Rafe Spall , introduced to me by myself proclaimed Best Picture Life of Pi
New interviews with. Rose Byrne, Rafe Spall, Christoph Waltz, Helen Mirren & Gemma Arterton all at
From Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee comes the Oscar-winning inspirational epic adventure drama film Life of Pi. Based on Yann Martel’s 2001 novel of the
Very enjoyable, kinda have a crush on Rafe Spall now
Rafe Spall in One Day = who is this guy Rafe Spall in Life of Pi = gorjess bb lemme hug the life outta ya
So according to the Empire Awards, Rafe Spall is a newcomer?
In the movie romcom based on this Mila Kunis interview, Rafe Spall should play the "petrified" reporter -- Vulture -
Adventure | Drama - A young man who survives a disaster at sea is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor ... a fearsome Bengal tiger.
fairly impressed with Rafe Spall in especially the digital picture frame stuff
Hope to god Rafe Spall comes back for a third season of Pete Vs Life
Directed by James Bobin. With Zach Galifianakis. An eccentric slob named Ignatius J. Reilly lives with his mother in New Orleans' French Quarter.
Star of Rafe Spall visited our unit last week!
YES! Is it with Sally Hawkins and Rafe Spall? It was amazing. I loved it - is it on in Oz? x
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Just realised Rafe Spall is in both Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz?! Doesn't even look like same person.
Interesting! Left-field vote, could work. Rafe Spall . . . he was excellent in Anonymous.
Rafe Spall . . . he was excellent in Anonymous.
Rage Spall? I don't think I'd like him. Rafe Spall. RAFE
Paddy Considine and Rafe Spall in Hot Fuzz make my day. I can't get over how fantastic this film is.
What has happened to me? waking up in the afternoon 2 days running?! No no no, this will not do.
I saw "I give it a year" yesterday at the cinema, and you look like the lead guy Rafe Spall. He even acted like you
2ndly asks "is that Rafe Spall?" Never noticed before. Whilst checking on IMDB discovered he's married to Elize Du Toit!!!
Rafe Spall lost a ton of weight. Congrats man, you're still funny. Except in 'Life of Pi'.
Rafe Spall kinda looks like in Life of Pi.
I didn't mean to, but I seem to have watched all of Shaun of the Dead again. Rafe Spall is practically UNRECOGNISABLE.
Rafe Spall is almost unrecognisable in this
Weird how Rafe Spall has went from the Fat Guy who goes " You've got red on you. " to being in Oscar winning films.
Watching Shaun of the Dead. The young Rafe Spall is currently in residence.
Give It a Year, super funny with the brilliant Rafe Spall. Best bit when member of the audience echoed his joy at estate agent scene!
Don't care what the reviews say, I loved it and laughed so much is a cracking film, loved Rafe Spall and
Omggg Rafe Spall has changed sooo much?!:/ +
Just realised a younger, chubbier Rafe Spall is in it! "You've got red on you."
Am reeling from super hotty rafe spall being a not at all hotty in Shaun of the dead. He bloomed. Totally bloomed.
Oh and Rafe Spall's American accent lol why make him do one, he can't lol
in the 1000 times I have watched Shaun of the dead I have never noticed that Rafe Spall is the shop assistant
OMG. Watching Shaun of the dead. Annoying blobby *** who disrupts the team briefing at work us rafe spall. Pre fit.
Haven't seen Shaun if the Dead in a while. Young Rafe Spall O.O
Oh wow, totally didn't recognise Rafe Spall in Shaun of the Dead! He looks so different!
Went with the misses to watch "I give it a year" surprisingly a seriously funny film! Rafe Spall is a chip of the old block!
That's sorted. and I are going to share Rafe Spall (not at the same time, that'd be weird).Poor Rafe.He's going to be everso tired.
FRANK OCEAN accepts his award for International Male Solo Artist from Jourdan Dunn and Rafe Spall at the 2013 awards
If someone could get me a Rafe Spall I would be eternally grateful! Ta.
Stephen Merchant and Rafe Spall are an incredible comedic pair
Empire magazine awards, Rafe Spall has been nominated as best newcomer:
to our Jameson Empire Awards nominees Rafe Spall and !!!
Still, all credit to Rafe Spall for his nom. May he win, and approach the award like it's a hammerpede, simply to *** off the naysayers.
I have a new crush. Rafe Spall. He is tasty. We share the same birthday
Tom Robinson looks a lot more like Rafe Spall's dad than Timothy
Rafe Spall teams up with Rose Byrne for new comedy I Give It A Year
Rafe Spall in Irish flick Earthbound. Check out our review here:
Also, Rafe Spall was apparently born in East Dulwich! Maybe you'll bump into him at the bus stop too
Has anyone seen A Good Day to Die Hard (or die hard 5 to make it simpler?!)
Is it just me that thinks Geoffrey Streatfeild and Rafe Spall could be brothers?. Also . John Paul Connolly and Lloyd Hutchinson. Anyone? Ronan vibert and Alan Rickman always thought that. Any more? Could be fun.
I give it a year was just brilliant. =) Had a good perv at Rafe Spall.
BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW CATEGORY: Directing INTERVIEW WITH: Ang Lee FILM: "Life of Pi" =BEGIN TRANSCRIPTION= Q.I require to ask the question in English first and ask you in Chinese. If you like you can answer in Chinese, please. I guess everybody in Taiwan is jumping up and down right now. Taiwan is probably starting to sinking because everybody too happy for you right now. So can you do you mind to share your excitement and your journey for the whole process and how excited you are? A.As you know, 90 percent of the movie was shot in Taiwan and they gave us a lot of physical help, location and also financial help. And that's a town of passion; everybody try to give their... So my best wish to win this is actually come up and thank people I need to thank, including people in Taiwan. So it's a very sweet moment for me. I have to say I screw up little bit because there are six Indian names I want to mention and I couldn't say them very fast, so I skip them. They're Irrfan Khan, Tabu, Adil [Hussain], Ayu ...
Beasts of the Southern Wild was the best film nominated in that category. Ang Lee is the guy that Tony Maguire with Rafe Spall
ah Oscars see here is something I have never liked. Chicago.. I think it has something to do with Catherine-Zeta Jones that I just want to turn my tv off every time she appears on it... Im not sure why
I know it's wrong, but Jack Whitehall-m...
Photoset: Andrew Scott and Rafe Spall attend the after party on press night for “Macbeth” at one Whitehall...
sounds perfect to me! It is a toss up between this and Die Hard, but I fancy having a good chuckle. Plus, love Rafe Spall.
Stephen Merchant, Rafe Spall, Anne-Marie Duff and Tamsin Greig among the audience here for
Rafe Spall looks so different in Shaun Of The Dead
Sorry but Simon Pegg and Rafe Spall were both at the Brits I hope they were sat at the same table so much
Definitely have a crush on Joseph Gordon Levitt right now
'I give it a year' is a brilliant British comedy, is hilarious. I'm worryingly similar to Rafe Spall's character though..
I would add Rafe Spall to the list. The play Constellation in which he starred needs to come to Broadway.
Anyway, just watched One Day&enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would AND, yet another film with Rafe Spall in. He really is excellent
Thought for the day: Nearly went for Rafe instead of Raf (son 2): just seen Timothy Spall's other children are Pascale and Mercedes. Phew.
Saw I Give it a Year last night. Hilarious. Rafe Spall particularly brilliant.
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