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Rae Carruth

Rae Lamar Wiggins (born January 20, 1974), known as Rae Carruth, is a former American football wide receiver in the NFL for the Carolina Panthers.

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Right, because until the last couple years there were no problem children like…
Remember gents...Rae Carruth was one of the first of woman can force you to be a have options.🤣😇🤣
any reason for the Rae Carruth profile pic?
You mean O.J., Rae Carruth, that kind of "humanity. ?
There are plenty of clueless tone deaf morons in the male dominated world of the , like Jeff Ireland who asked…
before the we get the helicopter footage of him hiding in a trunk Rae Carruth style?
Rae Carruth BM lived long enough to write down that he shot her.
Man just read up on the Rae carruth story. he get out October 22, 2018
Whynot? I’m sending Alex a Rae Carruth jersey for his collection
Man of the year? Maybe if you put Rae Carruth and OJ as his competition
This can’t be right. Rae Carruth was convicted of murder.
GTFOH. The pregnant woman, Cherica Adams, he murdered needed redemption. He can go straight to *** Who defends Bl…
Rae Carruth man of the year just doesn’t have the same ring to it
Time to pull out the Rae Carruth jersey and watch the Vikings get murdered.
Rae carruth’s son turns 18 as carruth’s prison release looms the sacramento bee -
Other "great", heartwarming stories ESPN has reported on: Len Bias, OJ Simpson, Rae Carruth, Ray Lewis (who now wo…
Rae Carruth’s prison release nears as son he wanted dead turns 18
I remember that too. I just saw that Rae Carruth had six catches for 107 yards and a TD that game too. wow
Rae Carruth had six receptions for 107 yards and a TD against the in 1997. Wow.
Just don't start Rae Carruth'ing over child support.
That’s a Rae Carruth moment inspiration right there
Man, Rae Carruth is getting out next year...This is the system in place. Gotta take it…
Rae Carruth's prison release nears as son he wanted dead, full of thank yous, turns 18
Charlotte Observer story about Rae Carruth's son Chancellor Adams, the son Rae tried to kill. /1
Well we’re at it can we get Rae Carruth to let us know how he felt about it?
If you've got Ray Lewis, Rae Carruth and OJ in fantasy then you're killing it.
I get Ray Lewis for the set, but how come no O.J. Simpson or Rae Carruth
First Vick, then Lewis. Hey, Rae Carruth, you want in on this? Darren Sharper? OJ?
Today would've been Cherica Adams' 42nd b-day. Former gf of Rae Carruth; Murdered in 1999. My story from late 2016:
Len Bias most severe case... Johnny Football... OJ Simpson ... Aaron Hernandez .. Rae Carruth just to name a few
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Aaron Hernandez when he gets to *** and sees Stevie Stephens and Rae Carruth
Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, OJ Simpson, Michael Vick, Tom Brady *** is going to have a solid offense in the future.
I had him as my starting TE in my all killer fantasy team. O.J. was the running back and Rae Carruth was my all star
Speaking of athletes who murder, Rae Carruth is set2b released from prison in 2018!A triumph 4 sociopaths everywhere!
Is it just me...or are there psyche similarities between Aaron Hernandez and Rae carruth?...bad stuff
Remember when the Panthers wore Rae Carruth's jersey number? classy
Can we get that 30 for 30 on Rae Carruth??
Never forget the Rae Carruth story...Its sadder than Aaron Hernandez's.
I think the Aaron Hernandez saga has officially trumped the Rae Carruth saga
Maybe we should acquit Rae Carruth of some minor charge as well.
Can't say I disagree, I guess I can feel a little empathy for his family, they didn't deserve this. Still not past Rae Carruth
Can u do a Rae Carruth panthers jersey?
Aaron Hernandez is dead but Rae Carruth will be out soon. . He deserved the same fate as Hernandez imo.
survived by his close friend and cofounder of DSA rae carruth
*** you pouncey *** sure got some cool *** friends, hernandez, incognito... who else? Rae carruth?
Rae Carruth or Aaron Hernandez, sorry, but I have no sentiment for people who squander silver plate luck handed to them
Somebody needs to be waiting to punch Rae Carruth in the face as soon as he steps out of prison.
Like the Ravens were supposed to predict Ray Lewis & Panthers Rae Carruth. Crazy right.
This is a fantastic piece of journalism A story that is both tragic and inspirational
Thanks a lot Aaron Hernandez! I don't know who to draft for my cold-blooded killer fantasy league. I guess Rae Carruth will be my pick.
In other news, Rae Carruth is scheduled to be released n…
Or on their way ie. OJ, Ray Lewis, Rae Carruth, Travis Henry...I could go on.
Rae Carruth is about to be let out in 2018. Anyone remember this killer?
please tell me Rae Carruth is number 1
Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth cases share gruesome similarities and one big difference
The people Aaron allegedly killed were all gang members/drug dealers.…
It is a sad waste of promise. Rae Carruth story also comes to mind. Senseless selfish in the moment a…
Mean Machine currently scouring the waiver wires for available TE. Rumors of a trade deal for Rae Carruth pending.
Awful Aaron Hernandez news recalls a different tragedy involving an NFL player and hope that better days are ahead: https:…
The Hernandez news and his daughter made me randomly think of this piece on Rae Carruth's son.
Rae Carruth. Williams From the Nets. Other stories that mirror this issue. Should not be trying to bring humanity to AH
NEW: The cases of Aaron Hernandez and Rae Carruth share tragic & gruesome similarities -- and one huge difference: https:…
Sometimes...I just wanna lock Skip Bayless in a cell with Aaron Hernandez, Orenthal, Ray Lewis, Darren Sharper, Mark Chmura and Rae Carruth
Rae carruth sat there and watched her get shot...then drove off
suge knight, Aaron Hernandez, OJ simpson, nfl player rae carruth. LIKE. y'all have life handed to u and jus don't wanna know how to act smh
My barber was in prison the past 6 months and he said Rae Carruth was the barber at the prison he was at man what
or maybe you played on the Pats with Aaron Hernandez? Panthers with Rae Carruth?
I cant believe Rae Carruth is getting out soon.He only received 24 years for murdering his pregnant GF&disabling her unborn son for life SMH
just saw Rae carruth on route 1. Heading towards the stadium
browns hired art briles. some of the other potential targets for the offseason are:. Aaron Hernandez. Lindsay Lohan. OJ Simpson. Rae Carruth
this reminds me. Isn't Rae Carruth scheduled to be released next year?
This Rae carruth documentary got me in tears
Coming from the guy with Rae Carruth as his avatar
we hope that's not the case. After OJ and Rae Carruth, I put nothing past dudes nowadays
I hope the Cubs somehow acquire Jonathan Papelbon and Delmon Young and Rae Carruth so there can be no doubt they are the villains
Arod AND Pete Rose. This would be like the NFL having OJ and Rae Carruth on the NFL postgame show.
Jon Harris, passed on the Barbers and Rae Carruth...wait a minute...
On the news here. A man hires a hit man to kill his pregnant girlfriend. This sounds like Rae Carruth all over again. Smdh.
Panthers are 1-4 and Rae Carruth ain't walking through the door
This game is such garbage even Rae Carruth turned it off at halftime and went back to his cell.
Hide a snitch in the trunk like he Rae carruth
Bucs' Embree met with son of ex-Panther Rae Carruth: A special bond has been forged between Bucs assistant Jon…
Here's more on bond between Bucs' Embree and Chancellor Lee, from Sentinel's
Chancellor Lee, son of ex-Panthers WR Rae Carruth, is not at game tonight, but Bucs assistant Jon Embree spent time with him Sunday night.
Rae Carruth gets out of jail in 2018. The are so terrible, I actually wonder if he could help their WRs.
Re " Loathing USC". sick article against a great school which continues to 2 own CU in FB.. Write about Rae Carruth. ***
I think Trump has OJ Simpson, Rae Carruth and Aaron Hernandez on his fantasy team.
Human spirit lives in son former Panthers player Rae Carruth left to die 17 years ago.
Human spirit lives in Carruth left to die - Oct 9 @ 7:06 PM ET
Big Ben really did get away with rape and Ray Lewis got away with Murder...Rae Carruth and OJ Simpson probably stil…
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Human spirit lives in son Rae Carruth left to die
Are you serious? Donte Stallworth was also guilty of murder. Rae Carruth killed a pregnant woman. And so on
is NOT Rae Carruth, Ray Lewis or Ray Rice. should stick to things he is familiar with: Failing drug tests.
Rae Carruth and Ray Rice didn't even get as much hate from NFL executives than how much Kap is getting
they do. Rae Carruth, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice , that punter for the Giants, etc etc
SO let me get this straight...the last person hated so much by the NFL was Rae Carruth?so they approved of Hernandez & Ray Rice?
Colin Kaepernick has the right to sit down. People have a right to not like it. But please. He's not Ray Rice or Rae Carruth. Locate chill.
Rae Carruth hired hitman to kill girlfriend. NFL executives should be called out on this outrageous comparison.
Keep in mind...Aaron Hernandez, Greg Hardy and Ray Rice are all since Rae Carruth
that's just insane. You think players like Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Josh Gordon, Rae Carruth, or Darren Sharper didn't lose fans
Aaron Hernandez, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Josh Brown inflicted harm on others, but Colin is the most hated since Rae Carruth ***
Execs saying they haven't seen this much hatred since Rae Carruth like Ray Rice never existed. I'm tide.
"Haven't seen this much collective dislike...since Rae Carruth." That's a lot of Ray Rices to skip over.
Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth & OJ Simpson should have been forced to compete in the Olympics in a Suicide Squad-type scenario.
How about a 30 for 30 on Rae Carruth? Ray Lewis? Ray Rice?
I know. Stupid. Rae Carruth & OJ kill people, & not even on the list. You'd think the guy would at least Google if too young
I mean not as kind natured as Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth or OJ, but only slightly less despicable than Greg Hardy? For real?
Log my vote for Rae Carruth as most hated.
No Rae Carruth or Darren Sharper on that list?
I don't do hate, but I'm surprised Aaron Hernandez & Rae Carruth didn't make the top of the list.
I'd rather date and get pregnant by Rae Carruth than vote for Trump.
yeah Rae Carruth and it's not even close.
I kid you not, I have seen Rae Carruth jerseys around
Being drafted by the 76ers is like being Rae Carruth's girlfriend.
The 3rd best murderer in NFL history (IMO). O.J. & Rae Carruth 1 & 2. Hope ur son is outta jail to say happy b-day!
team counsel roundtable - crisis management, Richard Thigpen experienced this in big magnitude: Rae Carruth & Greg Hardy.
If it was a "murderer's row" as that guy claimed, where was Rae Carruth and Aaron Hernandez? But...carry on..
Had my fingers crossed that the Panthers would let Rae Carruth announce the 77th pick via Skype from jail...
I'm serious, why isn't Rae Carruth present for the pick?
He got the Rapist's vote cinched with Tyson-Maybe Rae Carruth & Aaron Hernandez can help him with the Murderers?
Rae Carruth should be the special guest pick announcer.
If you haven't read the great article:
Apparently Rae Carruth was unavailable to announce the Panthers pick.
jerry get Rae carruth to announce our pick?
Any idea who's announcing the pick for Carolina? Moose?. (No, not Kerry Collins or Rae Carruth, wise
you'll be stoked to see Rae Carruth announce the Carolina pick then.
The should throw a curveball and let Rae Carruth make the selection.
Some team is searching for the next OJ, Aaron Hernandez or Rae Carruth
"Well, sir, clearly Rae Carruth's plan was not sound."
Rae Carruth so foul for killing his baby momma
I hope Nkemdiche gets that pet Panther and names it Rae Carruth.
are hoping that Aaron Hernandez is available in the 3rd Round. Source tells me Rae Carruth.
Rae Carruth is in prison. Little and Stallworth weren't good enough for the risk. Im not justifying it.
not only is weed an issue, you gotta worry about Tunsill going Rae Carruth on his stepdad now.
lmaoo he make Jonathan Ogden look like Rae Carruth.
Tiki Barber was drafted after Rae Carruth in 1997 too.
Sadly, this made my day. Side note: Does "The Juice" get to watch with Rae Carruth?
"We started an 'Anthol' book club: this month: The Shawshank Redemption" Yours, OJ, Rae Carruth, and Aaron Hernandez
Rae Carruth didn't even get suspended,
Rae Carruth is 42 years old. He may never play in the NFL again.
The Manson Family AND Rae Carruth could all be out of prison by 2018.
Rae Carruth had a hit man kill his kids mom. I think that's the guy.
Tell the MVP & Defensive Player of the Year that I'm hiding like Steve Harvey impersonating Rae Carruth.
seeing Rae Carruth on the field gave me the chills for a second. That play crushes Flutie to Phelan.
I guess we are lucky Rae Carruth didn't have HOF type numbers.
Is it bad that everything time I write a post about Mac Carruth I want to call him Rae?
With a potential 2018 release date, is it too soon to draft Rae Carruth in a Keeper Fantasy Football League?
we're hoping to hear back from Sarah Koenig so we can get that Rae Carruth dairy cow eyes angle
It's crazy that Rae Carruth gets out in two years, possibly less.
I hear the coveted Rae Carruth endorsement is still up for grabs.
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Rae Carruth however, still holds the crown.
"The People Vs Ray Lewis" "The People Vs Rae Carruth" let's make it happen. Talk to my lawyer for the consulting.
Where's Rae Carruth when ya need him!
My Rae Carruth jersey is stashed away in a trunk somewhere
Wouldn't hurt our feelings if left . Think Rae Carruth and murdered pregnant girlfriend. .
I wonder if Rae Carruth is still in prison
He would say that about Rae Carruth if he was representing him
I'm sure Rosenhaus would even try to convince he has teams interested in Rae Carruth for a workout.
😂😂😂 bih was in the trunk like Rae carruth
Might be faker than a $3, but even if true, it's better than Rae Carruth.
I get chills everytime I think about this kid having cerebral palsy
Rae Carruth coming out in 2years. Wow
All the news bout your football team ain't been good news.Rae Carruth!
Rae Carruth was that *** But things happen.. We go see him in 2 years.. he about to be released from prison.
Just over 2 years left until Rae Carruth gets out of prison.
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Oh nvm... Rae Carruth did try to OJ & *** got caught sleeping in a trunk...nvm
Rae Carruth should've been tried for murder, not conspiracy and got the death penalty. Idc idc idc
I know after Rae Carruth's crazy *** I think athletes and anyone else are capable of any and everything.
"are you more Ray Lewis, Aaron Hernandez or Rae Carruth?"
You know, the Rae carruth that was convicted of conspiracy to murder his pregnant girlfriend
I just saw a top 20 NFL players who are jerks in real life list with Peyton ahead of Rae carruth no joke
Too official bruhs be on that Rae Carruth ish fr fr
aside from murder how is Rae Carruth different from Dez Bryant?
This girl out her mind 2k a month for clothes?!? Man I can't even fault Rae Carruth no more
. carnac,. Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth, O.J. Simpson. Dallas Cowboys free agent hopefuls, are they available?.
Well, Rae Carruth will always be "Sweet Lil Rae-Rae" to his mother. But to the rest of the world, he's a murderer.
early 90's Cowboys would be best. Worst would be Aaron Hernandez or Rae Carruth
He's a pervert and a cheat now. Watch out Aaron Hernandez Rae Carruth, and OJ, y'all might have company! 😉
Will they sign Rae Carruth, to go opposite Of *** Bryant?
Guessing you don't have a Rae Carruth!
My butt has been tight for years. S/ Rae Carruth.
Look at rae'mundo carruth over here
I liked a video from Rae Carruth moved to lighter-security prison in NC
who was that guy laughin in booth like a clown? I kno who it wasn't thats rae carruth.
Boy, I will never forget when Steve Harvey was gettin on Rae Carruth's HEAD.
You think Rae Carruth is watching this game?
I wish Rae Carruth still played for the panthers.
s/o Rae Carruth for backpacking the today against the
wonder who Rae Carruth is cheering for in this game
at this rate, they may let Rae Carruth play in the 2nd half.
Think Rae Carruth is cheering right now? My will come correct against the in the but now I'm really SCARED!
Rae Carruth probably in jail collecting all kinds of commissary!
Seattle better hope the ghost of Rae Carruth comes wandering in to the stadium
If you wasn't a fan when Rae Carruth was playing then you not a fan BYE
yeah, because the guy who saw Rae Carruth and Greg Hardy is worrying about Cam and the kids.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ex-NFL player Rae Carruth hired hit man to be sure this baby wasn't born, but now that baby is 16
Cam Newton needs to go on & get this super bowl ring.. panthers been *** since rae carruth left the team 😂
If I were him I would sit Aaron Hernandez and Rae Carruth next week.
What about a Rae Carruth jersey? I found it in the trunk of my car...
I'd be interested to see one on Rae Carruth or Lawrence Phillips
Only two more years and I can finally break out the Rae Carruth jersey again
just like Rae carruth threw their lives away.
Wow Rae Carruth supposed to get released in 2 years wow time flies
You know its a weird day when you bring up Rae Carruth and Lawrence Phillips.
The Boy They Couldn't Kill: How Rae Carruth's son survived and thrives via SInow. Wow! Just wow! The world we live in
The title of best incarcerated athlete award now goes to either Rae Carruth or Aaron Hernandez
Now that the Vikings are out the playoffs I hope the Panthers win the Superbowl for Rae Carruth's son who is their biggest fan.
a microphone cover is an odd thing to keep in a trunk -- Rae Carruth
for a minute I thought Robert was going Rae Carruth dark on his call when he mention collection to get rid of Bob McNair
3 FAQs on the saga of the Adams family and Rae Carruth
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Carton, Rae Carruth and Aaron Hernandez are innocent right? You goof.
Bro you stoopid that's obviously Rae Carruth
Hey you should do a segment about fatherhood and redemption for Rae Carruth
Why do you have Rae Carruth as your profile pic? Surely there's something better than an attempted murderer you could put there.
ID is doing Rae Carruth's story lol
Nah bro admit it. Ya boy is the new Rae Carruth
If he's the goat than so is OJ Simpson, Adrian Peterson, Jameis Winston, Mike Vick, Ray Lewis, and Rae Carruth
Which penitentiary league player would you rather have: Lawrence Philips or Rae Carruth? PPR
Rae carruth is out in 2 years 10 months...should start a count down mocking the justice system Rae Rae release party
I liked a video Mugshots: Rae Carruth - NFL Hitman
1999 RB Rae Carruth captured sentenced 18-24 years for conspiracy to commit murder of his girlfriend & unborn child
so cool that you hired a savage murderer like I can't wait till Rae Carruth is on
Cherica Adams died 16 years ago, today. Rae Carruth is set to be released in 3 years, for her murder. Praying for the family.
exactly. the one time we had somethig like that the guy got benched before the facts even came out. Oh yeah and Rae Carruth lmao
I'd be inclined to spit on Rae Carruth if I saw him on the street. Like from deep within.
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Golic you don't think an NFL player will kill someone.How about Rae Carruth, Ray Lewis and Aaron Hernandez. ***
A sweaty Nate Newton hugged me the Thanksgiving day Rae Carruth was arrested. Long story.
Rae Carruth is the definition of an ***
lol I think half ofpanthers fans didnt becomefans til about week 10 this year. Probably don't evenknow who Rae Carruth is
correction, he gets a Rae Carruth jersey.
Atlanta got 21d WITHIN the first quarter? Christ, not even Rae Carruth planned that good of a kill
and the first one I got was Rae Carruth, got it for a KILLER deal... :-D
The Rae Carruth case still to this day makes me sick to my stomach.. And the fact that he gets out in like 3years is so eeery
they should do OJ and Rae Carruth tho
. Come to think of it, 'TWO4ONE' could be Rae Carruth's plate
Anybody know where to find a signed Rae Carruth jersey?
I mean he did have a bar mentioning Rae Carruth lol
Crazy knowing Rae Carruth is gonna be a free man in 3 years.
who was the best attempted murdering WR, Rae Carruth or Marvin Harrison?
They're each barely a step below Rae Carruth.
We need to diversify your pop culture interests. Watch Steve Harvey's Rae Carruth bit from "Original Kings of Comedy."
An incredible story from my old mentor at about the life Rae Carruth nearly stole. Awesome read, Scott.
The boy Rae Carruth hired a hit man to kill turns 16 today. My update on his life:
After sadly missing out on Rae Carruth,Lawrence Phillips and Aaron Hernandez now Jerry Jones is ecstatic on being able to lock up Greg Hardy
Make me get you pregnant on purpose its legal to rae carruth you bc I fear for my life as your BD
Jerry Jones is looking to acquire another ex panther...Rae Carruth.
How many times do you think has thought about trying to get Rae Carruth out of jail? Women' killin? Man that ain't nuthin!
this guy is also a huge fan of Rae Carruth
This Fox WS pregame panel is breathtaking. If Fox has the SB, pregame show panel is OJ, Rae Carruth and Lawrence Phillips.
Are you actively trying to be the biggest scumbag in sports media? Are you trying to get Rae Carruth out of jail too?
You'd probably support Rae Carruth too, just because.
Gotta love watching Rae Carruth on the ID channel...(so much sarcasm)
If Steve Smith Sr doesn’t go into the HOF for any reason outside of being the next Rae Carruth, I’m fighting the HOF. Favorite this.
We need more Greg Hardy's in this world. Rae Carruth too! Uh, no. Jones is a senile old man.
Dead *** this is why I don't understand how an athlete could be your hero. . Could be Rae Carruth under that mask.
This is about the third show I've seen about Rae Carruth. Funny how each one has a few pieces of info that the others don't have
Rae Carruth was a whole nother level of evil.
i mean if Rae Carruth is gonna be on the list. shouldn't he be
It's so good to see him. His mother's story made me cry all those years ago. was a monster!. Ex...
Excuse my language.but Rae Carruth is a *** !
When Rae Carruth is released somebody should kill him. Just wishful thinking
This grandmother is my shero! Oh what love…. 9 Investigates: 15 years later: Rae Carruth's teenage son
This is such a powerful story, I remember when this tragedy took place I was 16 years old and this is when I...
In a week my BD & colleague have both reminded me that Rae Carruth (F-ck him) son name is Chancellor. That gives me the feels. ❤️💔
I was briefed on the case after I remember Rae Carruth was found in that truck in TN a few years back
Reading about Rae Carruth's son and his daily struggle has me in my feelings 😪
Rae Carruth gonna walk out of prison like denzel did at the end of American gangster
that would be Rae Carruth, not Ray Lewis.
Wrong Ray boo you meant Rae Carruth lmfao
Corey "Philly" brown changes his name like Rae Carruth changed his number maybe that's the wr we should compare him to
The Cherica Adams/Rae Carruth story will always get me...
How can & along w/ rest of media say is face of I'm from Charlotte. Rae Carruth ring a bell?
If I've learned anything from. Aaron Hernandez, Rae Carruth,. OJ Simpson and Darren Sharper,. it's that nothing good comes f…
Cowboys might sign Rae Carruth if he still has a decent 40 time... . Jerry Jones gives no fuks
Oh believe me, with the baggage in Charlotte ... Rae Carruth? ... I was more than a little concerned by the phrasing.
The NFL should create a video 4 rookies and vets with Rae Carruth, Lawrence Phillips and Aaron Hernandez as the subjec…
S/o Aaron Hernandez for joining Rae Carruth as the dumbest NFL criminals of my lifetime
Do the "issues" of Aaron Hernandez soil Urban Meyer? How about Rae Carruth and Bill McCartney? Or OJ and John McKay?
Rae Carruth has to top that list, right?
Does Rae Carruth have a future with the Cowboys or is he disqualified because his victims are dead and cant be "helped"?
Hardy & AP on the same team? Should also get Ray Rice, Darren Sharper & Rae Carruth while they're at it!
someone tell Jerry that he could probably get rae carruth out and signed to a contract if he tried hard enough.
Hey Rae Carruth you don't want it lil man I will destroy you
Watching I know this is a dramatization but Rae Carruth was not this dark. I know it's not important but it's bothering me.
Rae Carruth in the brain thinks he's a bar master
Reminds me of *** in CAR dressed in prison garb bc of Irvin at a gm. . Few months later they were Rae Carruth'd
lmfao that's such a joke. the Artest thing was an absolute joke. and I guess NFL players beating their wives and Rae Carruth
Aint rae carruth boutta get out too
Good thing Rae Carruth wasn't a better player.
I would just say my name is Rae Carruth 😂
“Saints had a hitman as their DC & a serial rapist as their defensive leader. Franchise gonna burn in *** and ”Rae Carruth
cannot recall a more disgusting story since Rae Carruth
he was trying to outrank Rae Carruth as dumbest football player turned murderer in history.
Yes I have. He is a precious soul. Which makes me even angrier at Rae Carruth for what he did to him and his mother.
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