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Radio broadcasting is a one-way wireless transmission over radio waves intended to reach a wide audience.

Record Labels Clear Channel Lahore Fort East Coast New Vision George Strait New York South Africa North Carolina Sri Lanka South Carolina New Jersey Steel Mill

Visit Tamworth and end up on the local radio stations FB page lol.
99.7, 96.8, 98.7...these DU cut-offs read more like bandwidths for radio stations!
Today on WOR, one of the major New York City radio stations, a female newscaster said that the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision means that certain employers can refuse to cover birth control for women under the PPACA if they have religious objections. If you go to the WOR Web site right now, you will find a headline to that effect. On PBS's The News Hour, Judy Woodruff said the same thing--that Hobby Lobby meant that the PPACA's requirement that employers cover contraceptive services does not apply to employers with religious objections to this requirement. Since what the Supreme Court actually said was that people with religious objections are exempt from providing 4 of the 20 named contraceptives--and must provide the other 16--I wonder where WOR and Woodruff got this idea. Since Woodruff is Mrs. Al Hunt, I have my suspicions in her case, but I do wonder.
Peloetletse Clarity on BDP non participation in Gabz FM elections debates This serves to clarify the Botswana Democratic Party’s (BDP) non participation in the Gabz FM radio elections debates. We confirm that indeed the BDP shall not take part in the aforementioned radio debates: to this end, we also state for the record that the BDP is not party to any memorandum of understanding to take part in the said debates. While we would have loved to participate, we cannot accommodate all radio stations with requests for electoral debates. We shall not be taking part in these debates in part because we already are party to a marathon of similar electoral debates with two different radio stations. Suffice to say some may argue that the audience may be different but as per research, one of the private radio stations at which we already agreed to take part covers more or less the same demographics as Gabz FM covers. While elections debates are an exciting and useful thing, a monotony of the same thing does not ser ...
We are challenging all radio stations to come on board and support Random Acts of Kindness Day. We want all age groups to be involved. Massive day of fun and get planning on how you can make someone's day.
2100 miles in 2 days, but I made it. 8 hours of my drive was listening to 1 of the 2 radio stations in new mexico. I now know every spanish song and have been lucky enough to hear every verse of the bible. Just finished a beer with Aaron William and might just have another one. Gonna be an extremely busy day tomorrow of moving my chair around the pool to follow the sun. Its only supposed to be 106 tomorrow.
Well, I wrapped up 22 years at Huskeradio today. I was blessed to get to work with the best in the business. This past year was especially fun as our family grew to 5 radio stations. I will miss everyone at KX104, AM 1240 KODY, The Hawk 98.5, Rock 100 and Sunny 93.5. You guys are like family and I love you all very much!
Kasey Lansdale has been bouncing around on the International Country chart, got up to 14 and is now 15. Hear her song here. check these comments out from one of the radio stations Kasey visited. WJSQ's Rising Stars and Music on the Menu I wasn't having the best of days. It was hot and there was this yard that had to be mowed, and chores that needed to be completed, because I had an artist coming to the studio to record a Rising Stars show. I really didn't know if I could muster up the energy to be a convincing host. That all changed! Things I've learned ... If you're expecting a visit from Kasey Lansdale, prior to her arrival, dim the lights and don sunglasses, because the room is about to get very bright! She's a creative tornado at the peak of her energy, and she *** you right in. There's nothing you can do about it. Relax and enjoy the ride. That's what I did, and as Kasey sang, just a few feet away, I knew I was watching a star on the rise. Her songs have wheels. Although it's not the same as being .. ...
Ndiri kungonzwa kuti Musanyepere is the most voted song on all radio stations,since tapinda muma charts takagara pa number 1 and today's power fm top ten is MUSANYEPERE VANHU...
Storms that struck before dawn may be what disabled the NOAA weather radio stations for hours in the Quad Cities area.
On this day in 1998, Maryland-based Radio One purchases Bell Broadcasting for $34.2 million. Bell Broadcasting, founded by Dr. Wendell Cox and Dr. Haley Bell, had own radio stations AM 1200 WCHB and 105.9 kiss-fm since 1956 and 1960, respectively. The men held the distinction of being the first blacks in Michigan history to own a radio station. Cathy Hughes is founder of Radio One. This Day: African American Life in Detroit
Wah, Wah, Wah, Sean Hannity!! You're disgusting, I'm so glad the Radio Stations here in Utah took you off the air!
found office space in Pilot Mountain.. for the Radio Stations.. Sacred Circle meetings.. very nice location.
Kanti why niso mara u guys are busy calling urselves my friends mara anikaze na dedicator not a single song in any of Radio Stations ,so now here is the chance to prove ur love , dedicate 6 songs to me on Prime Time(Metro FM) or eMfuleni wothando (Mhlobo Wenene) good nite
I have digressed from my original plans for today. I had planned to givr a shout out to all veterans who might be reading my posts -- then I wanted to get more specific to my family and friends. I had a 2nd or 3rd cousin to go missing during the Korean War. My mom told me most of what I know about him. He was the son of Anna Mae (I was named adter her) and Raymond Clarkson, and I knew his sister Joanne. It was later determined that he had been killed during that war. Thank you Tommy Clarkson. The next person I want to feature is James Russell Merriman who I worked with at WEKG & WJ. SN Radio Stations in Jackson, KY. His on the air name was Diamond JIM.It was a pleasure to work with him, and our listeners loved him, too. I had not worked with him long before I discovered that Diamond Jim did not have a lot of days that he wasn't in pain from a war injury, but he almost never missed work due to his injuries. I salute James Russell Merriman, Viet Nam War Veteran. I want to recognize Riuchard Justice ...
- Update for Kachina Village and Forest Highlands Evacuation Pre-Alert. The Pre-Alert is still in effect and will be monitored by County Emergency Management throughout the day along with watching the fire fighting operations on the North end of the Fire. Stay tuned, register on the Code Red site, and listen to local Radio Stations. Call the Slide Fire Information number as well at 679-4173 for additional information, thank you.
I can't believe I didn't get this special announcement posted this morning. PLEASE, stop calling your local TV and Radio Stations. I will make the announcement now. This is Day 13 of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life "30 Days Of Change" Today Is: "Sunday School?" Donate 25 cents if you went to Church today, but you only have to donate 10 cents if you went to Sunday School also! You can now relax, I will try not to keep you all on pins and needles anymore..
Israel Radio Stations.Listen to over 3000 Radio Stations. Listen to Online Radio - Webradio - Netradio - FM and AM Station -WebTV Policescaner. Broadcasting Worldwide.
Last rehearsal today for Totally Awesome 80's what a fun show. Tomorrow we have the show at 7pm at Zanesville High School. That is the end of the Drama Club season what will I do with my time? Well next week I will be going to see Bruce Springsteen with my good friend co-worker Kitty Malone on Tuesday! Then I will be preparing for Easter Sunday dinner with Phillip Mock and family. Easter Monday I will be leaving for Disney World where I will get to spend time Sarah Cultice for her 21st Birthday! I will be back for one day April 27th and will be leaving for Denver on April 28th to work with Lincoln Financial Denver with Efficio Solutions Inc. for training in the Radio Stations. I hope to see my dear friend Michanda Lindsey while in Denver. I will be returning to Ohio on May 2 and will be ready for Diva Weekend. So blessed and looking forward to some fun times with people I love...Have a great Thursday!
Thomas Vincent Cann, a T.V 3 reporter in Cape Coast has been diagnosed with an end stage kidney disease and is currently on a renal dialysis at the Central Regional Hospital. The situation, according to medical doctors means two of his kidneys have virtually stopped functioning and this poses a grave danger to his life. A kidney transplant that costs over a GH¢100,000 is thus required to help him undergo a kidney transplant operation in either South Africa or India in order to save his life. A Musical Concert dubbed ‘SAVE THOMAS CANN NOW CONCERT’ is being organized by Radio Stations, tv stations, presenters, djs and musicians in Cape Coast to seek funds to help SAVE THE PRECIOUS LIFE of our brother and friend. DATE : 29TH MARCH 2014 VENUE : LONDON BRIDGE TIME : 6PM ARTISTES : TEEPHLOW, REBJOE, ORKORTOR PERRY, JUNGO, KOBBY SYMPLE,MIKEY GH, AKOS WINNER OF TV3 MENTOR 7, SKUULBOYS, SMALLBOY WONDER, TUUTULAPATO, CAPONE GHADAFFI, REAL MC, BOGGY WEDNESDAY/TEMPO, OJA 420, LUDA X, OSAABERIMA, BRA WAYOE, PREZD ...
Listening to online radio stations in other markets always confuse me during rush hour.
Share the *** out of it since radio stations won't play it!
My mom is changing the radio stations and "its time" comes on and she leaves it like she loves imagine dragons she needs to admit it
"Happy" has to be the most versatile song ever. I've heard it on so many radio stations from the soft rock channel to the ghetto one though.
Did you know that Christian radio stations like your Z88.3 reach over 35 million people across the U.S.? Z88.3 Board Member Dwight Bain had the opportunity to talk to Christian radio leaders from across the country about the future of Christian Radio and why stations like Z88.3 are so important to the communities they serve. We are so thankful for TEAM 88.3 and would love to ask for your prayers for Christian radio leaders as they learn, grow and are encouraged this week through the Christian Music Broadcasters conference.
I would rather drive in complete silence than listen to the same four songs they play over and over again on most radio stations.
All my radio stations are static except 95.1 and 93.1..Is this a sign I need XM?
glad it's playing on radio stations in the US! Hope it gets more airplay!
About my dj Adidja Palmer started his career as a teenager in 1993 with his first recording "Love Fat Woman", released on Alvin Reid's label "One Heart", using the moniker "Adi Banton", a homage to Buju Banton. Palmer was later part of the three-member group "Vybez Kartel", keeping the slightly altered name after group split up, and became a protege of Bounty Killer, for whom he claims to have written nearly 30 songs, including "Gal Clown". Vybz Kartel rose to prominence in 2003 after a string of hits in Jamaica. The year culminated in a pre-planned on-stage clash with Ninjaman at the annual dancehall festival Sting in Kartel's hometown of Portmore. The clash turned violent when Kartel's crewmembers, as well as Kartel himself, threw punches and assaulted Ninjaman onstage. While Kartel's manager initially blamed Ninjaman for the fracas, Kartel himself quickly apologised to Ninjaman and Sting organizers for the fracas. Four days after the incident, the two artists appeared before the press to announce a set ...
My dad had my car for ONE day and all my radio stations are changed and the time is 2 hours ahead. ***
BBC Online radio stations seem to be struggling too...
Alright, 3 local radio stations have our flyer and will announce on their stations and put the information on their website. I'm getting the word out slowly but surely!
“I wonder if listened to the Spanish radio station today.” Well all my radio stations are set to it so yeah. Lol
Just the other day I was going through my playlists on my iPod. I clicked on my R&B playlist...10 songs in I started to shake my head in disbelief --what happened to all the great R&B groups?! Today, in 2014 I can't name a single well known, well marketed or publicized R&B group. Sure many of our favorite groups still put out good albums and tour, but does the media grant them the respect they deserve and do the major radio stations play their music? No. There are a few solo R&B artists that get their music played on the radio regularly that are worth mentioning, but groups? Forget about it. The 1990's was the R&B renaissance. It's hard to argue against that statement; actually impossible to argue against. Boyz II Men (my all-time favorite naturally) practically led the charge. So incredible was Boyz II Men --their influence so great-- that they left the door open for other legendary groups like New Edition, the one and only, to return to form (ie. 'Home Again'). But much of our youth today don't know wha ...
All the white radio stations cut out Juicy Jay's part of Dark Horse 😂😂
It's 2014, why do radio stations still play the same 20 songs every day?
"Jersey radio stations are SO much better than florida, omg" no one cares...
got to be featured on ATL's radio stations. Make sure you watch out for our ad on 102.5 Praise FM.
Why do radio stations play such crap
i keep checking stations to see if they took my request to play LETS GET IT ON THE RADIO🎵💞
HarrY Nillson on 2 radio stations at once.
India has over 250 radio stations, 850 TV channels and 93,000 registered newspapers and magazines
...the radio stations here are nothing short of wonderful...Tom Dooley (hang down your head) is playing on the station I'm listening to right now...
Coming up at 5:30 EST, Louie Gohmert guests on the radio show.
is new single!! Share it and request it on your local radio stations!!!
Why Should White Gods Listen To Black People? March 19, 2014 | Filed under: Editorial,Featured | Posted by: Editorial_ Staff Pic: White Jesus; HASNT he pulled it of? AFRICANGLOBE – Africans are the most pious bunch of *** sapiens in the world right now, judging by our total surrender to prayers as the answer to all our problems. We are the only group of people on earth expecting God to climb down from heaven to run our governments, businesses and domestic affairs for us. The vogue is to do nothing for ourselves because some devilish extraterrestrial God will fill the pot-holes on our roads, provide us with regular electricity, create jobs for the jobless, put drugs in our run-down health clinics, and books in our empty university libraries, if we pray hard enough. Some smart guys, capitalizing on our naiveté, have set up what is now the only viable and lucrative industry in our society. Unproductive and contributing nothing to national productivity, but the religious leaders collect tithes to buy pri . ...
Outta all the tickets i been winning from these radio stations the ones i really want i can't win lol
Radio stations aren't the proper name anymore. They should be renamed to ""Story of my life" by one direction stations"
Download free App and listen to and listen 2 radio stations worldwide!
USA! is the NEW SINGLE from Request it on your local radio stations + SPREAD THE WORD! …
Radio stations need to stop playing sad songs
Looking for media in NYC. NYC blogs, magazines, radio stations, youtube channels specializing in Hip Hop (not specifically)...looking to...
How is Drunk in Love playing on 3 of my 6 radio stations at the same time?
holds still no. 4 on official Croatian radio airplay chart. Radio stations LOVE the song!
how far are we away from Indy radio stations simulcasting The Punter's interviews?
Call up your local radio stations and request and turn it up Don't let them pass them by!
Man, NJ needs some better radio stations, because everything we get blows
I live in the UK why is my radio only picking up German radio stations
Any reports of Radium no longer working with BBC stations? So far Radio 4 and 5Live not loading up. kthnxbye.
Don't get why radio stations would blacklist new song. It's far better than a lot of the stuff out there rig…
Shoutout to everybody who purchased the new single "SLAB" and anyone who bought the CD. Make sure and call your local Radio stations and request dat new Garza.
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Let's the via the tune in app and Web Radio Central
Also, come Charlotte radio stations are pushing this on their websites. Kind of makes me sick.
Keep requesting at your local radio stations!!
Still grateful to radio stations that cut out Juicy J's part in Dark Horse
To all my fans world wide, my latest track titled U and I tonight z now in ur Radio stations and selections. Enugu,Ebonyi,Lag,etc
The school day is on today. Please note. days are not run by our club, therefore we do not say whether the day is called off or not. If school days are called off the CRL/NRL hosting the day will contact the radio stations and the schools to advise of the cancellation. Thank you.
That moment when ur riding along, minding ur own biz, flipping thru radio stations (2 confirm that no, ain't nothin' on, as usual) & u stumble on2 the 1st few bars of Lalah Hathaway & Robert Glasper honoring Stevie Wonder. Why didn't some1 TELL me???!! I'm in front of somebody's Quickie-Mart tryna regroup 2 see client.
This year's Pour le Merite award goes to Terry Jaye. Terry is currently the morning show host on WJJR, MIX 98.1 in Rutland and the operations manager for all five Catamount Radio stations. Each year on Founders Day, we honor an outstanding individual from the region who has exhibited care, support and leadership through substantial engagement in volunteer activities that have contributed to the betterment of society.
.ayee yall stop bein lazy n spread the word !thsi is a movement im tryna get yall n bham on to sum !!!wen it hit yall gone wish yall had part of it ! ATTENTION!!! Tryng to *** up with a documentary About bham !!!rt we gone give the world a story n *** out our shell about how we living day to day the struggle about school just a bio of everybody n the city I need all artist or producers ,anybody because everybody got a stoRy! Its gone be about people everyday life from the studio to the barbershop, to the malls, the projects, neighborhood everywhere! so if anybody interested or have any ideas or etc inbox Me! Ex: like hood novies that blowed up, (loud pack ) ghetto stories, blood line,. We are the future our generation will take over! y not start young who wana explore n travel n get this movie to blow up n etc inbox Me asap or call me 720-4292 buisness purposes only!! tryna get this to drop by the summer! then travel to different radio stations all over the world n get the word out for B'ham
Wassup B-real I remember the best days of hearing you guys on the radio stations here in the city of los angeles and the best interviews on 92.3 the beat with Julio G,westside radio or Theo with the afternoon drive drops and always have been a fan of hip hop radio stations and think it would be awesome to hear them again all on one station like power 106 fm is there anyway that there can be a reuniite for us to bring them back into the hip hop scene or radio station scene
HOW TO CHOOSE A WIFE - by LARRY IZAMOJE(CEO,BRILLA FM) In choosing women young men particularly entrepreneurs should never judge a person based on physical appearances alone. Physical appearances or beauty should not be your only basis for picking a wife because it is fleeting. In another 10 years that lady's body will start to sag and wrinkles would begin to set in. As a young entrepreneur or any young man, look for a woman who shares your vision, who shows interest in your business, who dreams the way you dream and who is ready to nurse and help you. Not many ladies would have married me when my wife did. Many years after our marriage we faced many storms but she believed in me and followed me. There were times when it was her salary that footed most bills but she still believed in my dreams. Today she holds my cheque. She can withdraw anytime she likes and anytime she wants. Most of the booklets are presigned by me. That is my reward for her faithfulness, support and dedication. Even at that, she is st ...
Flipping through radio stations & hear Alice in can I not stop & listen? That's part of my childhood right there lol
I wrote the following in December 2012. Times have changed and with this the space upon which the subject characters stand. Did an implosion take place inside the politburo? Can the empire survive this implosion? Time will tell! I read with enthusiasm celebrations on social media at the PM Raila Odinga's assertion on 25th December 2012 that there are no prefered candidates in ODM. I have also been amused at the vitriol that has been poured at Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo's statement yesterday that the Siaya Governor's ticket has already been given to Dr. Oburu and therefore any competitor should defect to other parties as there will be no room for competition in ODM. The PM's Preidential Campaign Secretariat Manager Eliud Owallo has today issued a statement reaffirming the PM's earlier statement and disowning Jakoyo Miiwo's statement. It is worth noting that this secretariat is simply a presidential campaign secretariat that has no authority to commit ODM as a party. It is curious that the official ODM party sec ...
Congratulations N Big Thanks 2 upcoming artist,n stars,as kale radio stations fan,i will give support to ua tracks,wananisalimu na ata some atujaonana kimacho!,we will meet.
"Religious groups enjoy a loud and robust public voice. They own television and radio stations all over the country (all tax exempt, by the way). They own publishing arms, and they maintain various outreach sites on the Internet. The ability of religious groups to proselytize and spread their theology is limited only by the imaginations of their leaders."- Robert Boston, from the article "The ultimate guide to debunking right-wingers’ insane persecution fantasies."
Does it seem like the song "happy" is on one of the local radio stations all the time? Every time I get in my car it's on.
havin my way back wed made me start thinkin n askin myself what happened to rock music here in S.A.?? our radio stations have gone downhill, the concert promotors suck!!! we have had very very few big shows here. seems like other surrounding cities are makin all the money from us havin to travel a good distance to see our favorites bands. just isn't rite! if it wasn't for ALL the local music seen we have here whether tributes or self written music we really wouldn't have much of anything!!! I know theres a lot of u that r like me n cant afford or have the time to travel to Austin ,corpus, dallas. Houston. don't know what it is ,maybe stubbornness, greed, bad business.. what ever the case may be I hope someone steps up to the plate n make some changes. I hate havin to wait for fiesta or some festival once a yr. to catch a big show!! dun ranting!! we now return u to ur B.S. on F.B.:)
We are so thankful to have suck kickass radio stations supporting & playing Wes Ford And The Foundry music! Thank you so much to all of you!
In case you’ve ever wondered…. It’s a question more and more drivers seem to be asking these days: “What do those signs that say ‘red detour’, ‘black detour’ ‘blue detour’, ‘green detour’ mean?” The answer is simple. The signs have been put up to help direct traffic around a crash or other emergency that might close the interstate. The colored detour signs permanently mark detour routes that are able to accommodate the larger trucks that normally travel the interstates. The routes were predetermined by PennDOT, State Police and other emergency response agencies. “Blue” and “black” detours generally run northbound, “red” and “green” detours generally run southbound. The detours are designed to take traffic around any emergency that might block the interstate. In case of such an emergency, interstate traffic will be advised to follow either the red, black, blue or green detour.” Drivers will be notified the detour is in effect in several ways. Before each color s ...
Click here 17:22 for a hidden message in GTA V If you want me to upload other radio stations just post a comment. Songs: Snoop Dogg - "Gin and Juice" 0:05 Ic...
This is the first of two albums that the 'Catso, Porco, Rozzo' band released in the spring of 1979 on BENT RECORDS, managed by Jim McConnell and produced by Alan Duffy at Phase One Studio. This product got the biggest reaction because of the Album cover itself where I am seeing chewing on a big piece of steak. Photo session was at John McKee's photo studio and he used the open lens method of moving the camera around to give the three headed effect. Radio stations were calling from all over the country wanting telephone interviews. Jim McConnell and myself were held up at the border with this album for 4 hours that year being checked out and practically dismantling the van before allowing us into the states. All albums (vinyl) were distributed by 'Records on Wheels' and 'Sam the Record Man' .
NEW FOR THE USA: has Officially hit the radiowaves as the NEW MARS SINGLE! Request it with your favorite local radio stations + get ready to help push it to on the countdowns! Watch the Short Film for the song from LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS, available right here:
So the thing is, on the radio stations tv stations everyone is talking about the violence in schools out of school at fast food restaurants it has always been around just we did not have the technology that we have now cellphones so everything is been taped and recorded and placed on the internet ppl just getting an inside look of what goes on in schools
RADIO STATIONS: my mainstay was KSEL. What was your station? And, if you remember the names, who were your favorite DJs?
Why don't radio stations support local talent?
I hate how much the radio stations in Missouri edit songs.
Experiencing total 80's flashback with the radio stations out here :)
Today!!! Wednesday, March 19th 2014 - Strong Survive Promotionz Proudly Presents: Phosphene at The Roxy Theatre in Denver, CO. Sometimes things fall apart so better things can come together. This is the mindset of Chicago’s hottest female-fronted hard rock band “Phosphene”. Vocalist Jeni (of Persistence Of Memory), Drummer Andrew (of Beautiful Nightmare), Guitarist Joey (of The Tragic Loss Of Veronica Lake), Bassist Michael (of The Last Petal), and Guitarist Dan ( of Epiphany Dawns) quickly fell together after parting ways with their previous bands. Keeping their spirits resilient in the face of overwhelming odds, Phosphene is known for being the hardest working band in Chicago. Relying on their talent, their message, and their unconditional love for Rock n’ Roll, Phosphene took off into the music industry with a running start and continue to make big moves as they embark on their 2nd year together. Working as a highly driven quintet, the band finished their first full length album, Any Last Words ...
Time to dash outside to actually experience a bit of blue sky and sunshine - I have NOT been amused by the local radio stations playing any and all songs with "Rain" in the title.
To all of our Filipino and Taiwan friends...we are looking to break our music out in the Philippines and Taiwan this year! Please message us if you have any contacts with local radio stations, promoters, or music venues! Thanks in advance!
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Goooh. I miss the radio stations from back home. Also I love this song a lot.
Second leg of the Spring Break Tour starts tomorrow! We're going to miss our CO homies like always. But don't fret! You can hear your boys on these fine Colorado radio stations: KEPC 89.7, KRCC 91.5 and KRXP 103.9!! So call em up and say !! Love y'all!
Artists: Our 14yrs of promoting new talent has allowed us to provide National Exposure via Major Media outlets including CNN,, XXL Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Hot 97 DJ Funkmaster flex, DJ Enuff,, Major FM Commercial radio stations, and much more. If you are looking for Major Exposure and have a marketing budget, here is what we can do for you: Click link to see many local artists we've promoted on a National Level
    Population: Ukrainians in Russia 1.93 million (1.4% of population) (about 10 million unofficially) Russians in Ukraine 8.33 million (17.3% of population)   Schools: Russia: 10 schools where Ukrainian language and culture are studied Ukraine: 1256 schools with instruction in Russian, with 694 331 students    Printed media: Russia: 7 newspapers and inserts in Ukrainian   Ukraine: 1176 Newspapers in Russian     Radio stations: Russia: 1 radio program in Ukrainian   Ukraine: From 5 to 74% of total broadcasting in Ukraine (depending on Region) is occupied by TV and radio programs in Russian   Civic organizations Russia: About 100 Ukrainian Civic organizations At the same time, Russian government twice prohibited the activities of federal Ukrainian organizations and twice refused their registration Ukraine: 103 Russian Organizations     OSCE assessment: According to a monitoring of the state of ensuring educational rights of ethnic Ukrainians in the Russian Federation and ethnic Russi ...
YES!!! Finally announced -- the line up for the 2014 Boise Music Festival on June 28th. On the mainstage, you'll see American Idol winner Lee Dewyze, Sir Mix-a-Lot, rock group Tonic's lead singer Emerson Hart, Fitz and the Tantrums, LMFAO (sing it with me...We Party Rock) and Train! Your favorite radio stations will have tickets galore! Hope to see you in the crowd.
Today is a very blessed day for Jason and me. We haven’t yet convinced Will that it’s not HIS birthday but he understands that something about today is special for Darby Kate. I can’t explain my emotions. They are too difficult. I am missing her but know beyond any doubt that she wouldn’t miss me enough to come back if she was given a chance. That gives me peace in my heart knowing that my baby is happier and more loved where she is than anything Jason and I could give her. She touched both of us so much and the tragedy we both went through taught us a lot. There have been struggles in our lives throughout the year and times when I knew just to turn it all over to God. We have been blessed to be having another baby girl, Charlie Jane, who is supposed to arrive around May 4th. Many of our close friends have witnessed how much we have been blessed over the last year and been right along beside us with the struggles as well. I want to share one personal story of how Darby Kate’s short lif ...
Studying for a test in my car before class...because that's how I college and two different radio stations are playing the national anthem almost simultaneously. 'Merica!
ANNOUNCING FOR THE USA: IS THE NEW SINGLE from it on your favorite local radio stations, share the song, and check out the Official Short Film directed by Bartholomew Cubbins! LET'S MAKE IT —
Why is Katy Perry on 3 radio stations at the same time?? Go home radio, you're drunk
QUESTION: If the radio stations play it, the TV Shows portray it, the billboards promote and the magazines write about it, how can the majority of people do anything else but think about it, talk about it and live it?
Government has released a set of stringent regulations which all broadcasting media houses must comply with. Flanked by his Minister for National Guidance Rose Namayanja, Director Information in OPM Simon Mayende read out the new regulations in front of members of National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) at Imperial Royale Hotel in Kampala on Tuesday. “These are rules we have had enough consultations about and have been agreed upon between us and broadcasters and other stakeholders. We have had consultative meetings from across the country,” Mayende stated adding they don’t expect any of the 250 radio stations in the country to flout these regulations. One of them which Namayanja, Mayende and Godfrey Mutabazi whose UCC organized the meeting emphasized most is the one requiring all media houses to compulsorily allocate prime time to promote government programs and public relations. Each radio will be required to avail at least one hour fully availed for government agents to explain government progr ...
finally found out how to listen to 92.1 fuzz In colorado! we need better radio stations! im stoked!
So sick of seeing these post by radio stations about prayer in school. All they are doing is making sure we argue so they have somethiing to talk about on their low ratted station. It don't matter prayer in school or not. If you want to pray yo can talk to God anytime you want nobody can take thst from you. So to answer the question God never was kicked out of our schools.
While listen to the new Rick Ross cd, I felt it was a little bit too early to be so crunk. So I started flicking through radio stations and stop on the Ricky Smiley station. It just so happened to be on a praise break. So I listened and at the end of the gospel song Pastor Freddy Haynes started to say a few words. The word for today was " let the bad in your life be transportation to the good. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not coming." I'm not a spiritual person but I am a believer and I felt that was a powerful message and needed to be shared with my FB friends and family. Love you all and be safe. Now back to the Ross.
Flipping through the radio stations and hear Heaven is a place on Earth on K-Earth. Omg the 80`s are on the oldies station :(
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Hey folks, as you know, I work for the best radio stations in Maine. WKIT 100.3 and WZLO 103.1 are hosting our Made in Maine Expo on Saturday May 3rd at the Brewer Auditorium. It is for local businesses with Made in Maine products. If you're interested, or know someone who might be, feel free to message me and I'll give you all the info. Spots are going fast, so even if you think you MIGHT be interested, let me know!
Any radio stations or online-stations, podcasts interested in adding the new single "Coming After You by The Beat Movement to your playlist please inbox your details, link and email.
How come I can stream live Radio Stations from overseas with no interruption to my Internet but as soon as I listen to 4BC1116 it interrupts and stutters/slows the feed ?
The only reason someone has not killed Justin Bieber is that when an artist dies, all Radio Stations play his songs back-to-back. :P
What I meant to say in that first post is I do not regard BBC Radio Stations as good.
everyone Request "BABY" at your local Radio Stations...lets flood the request lines!! thanks so much. MY WORLD 2.0 count…
There is a jingle sponsored by Oyo state government on Radio Stations in the state. It is on availability of Pipe-borne water in every nook and crany of Ibadan City. That people living in Ibadan can now get water through the water pipes. Also, the jingle contained a promise from government that all abandoned water dams/works in other parts of Oyo state would be completed to produce clean and drinkable water. While, i salute the government on this, i hope, it will be a reality. However, is it true that water is coming out of pipes in Ibadan? Good morning
All of us need to get together and Keep True Traditional Country Music Alive! Artists like Tracy Lawrence, Mark Chesnutt, George Strait, Alan Jackson, need to be played on Radio instead of all of that Rap Crap! It is shameful what they've done to Country Music and George and Alan said it best when they said, "They Committed Murder Down on Music Row." Call these Radio Stations, Write them, and tell them what True Country Music Is! Come on People let's get Real Country Music back where it Belongs!
Radio Stations - Coast to Coast AM Looking forward to joining host, George Noory next Tuesday when we talk "Abbey"
DopeWayne CONGRATULATIONS You have been selected to perform at The Unsigned247 Tour. We provide a great opportunity to perform in-front of a nationwide audience, giving Unsigned Artists the chance to showcase their talents. All shows on the tour will take place within the USA and Europe. Cities and states include: UK - London, Birmingham, Manchester. USA - California, Texas, New York, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, Tennessee, Missouri, Maryland, South Carolina and Washington. Additional states and cities will be added soon. WHO ARE WE We are a medium sized events company established to help the ordinary unsigned Artist stand a good chance at getting their music heard by the right people. For each show during the tour we invite National press, Radio Stations, Management companies, talent scouts and A&R's in order to find new talent to pass onto Record Labels. We have been organizing events for around 5 years including venues at the AEG O2 arena
Ma, frustratingly our TV/Radio Stations promote this "Noise". Total Chaos in Benue now but on State Radio all is Calm.
Hi everyone! How is it going? Did you listen to my new song "ROSA"? It's going on Radio Stations in Sri Lanka now. If you have heard the song on Radio, can you please tell us on which radio station did you hear the song ROSA?
Common... even the big Tv and Radio Stations charge money. Online platforms are the new era media. Even bigger than many stations.a
Barry wrote: On Sunday morning I will be interviewed by 11 regional BBC Radio Stations. The subject is Ronnie Biggs, redemption and can people change? This is my schedule: 0708 BBC HUMBERSIDE 0722 BBC MERSEYSIDE 0738 BBC LEEDS 0745 BBC CUMBRIA 0752 BBC COVENTRY & WARWICKSHIRE 0808 BBC NORFOLK 0815 BBC SUFFOLKE 0822 BBC NEWCASTLE 0830 BBC BRISTOL 0838 BBC WEST MIDLANDS 0845 BBC JERSEY Listen in if you can :)
When I was a child, my grandparents use to tie a rope to the back door, and tied the other end to the Barn, so that when it snowed, we could use the rope to find the Barn to milk the Cows, and use it to find the house when done with chores. My grandparents had to figure out what and how much supplies they needed for 14 children on my Father's side, and 13 children on my Mother's side, plus extra for grandchildren and Farmhands and neighbors. There were no Weather Stations or Weather Broadcasts, only an occasional Weather description on the Radio, most Radio Stations were too far away to tun in, and there were no City or County or State Snowplows, for clearing the roads, my grandparents and the neighboring Farmers, made the existing roads into town and to the Grain Mills, and made the existing Schools and Churches, so Taxes were not high like they are now, and there were no Government Laws that prevented them from using the Bible to teach reading and writing and arithmetic in School like in my great great ...
Geography Of Pakistan Complete Information For PSC Exams GEOGRAPHY OF PAKISTAN • Steel Mill is in Bin Qasim • Old name of Jacobabad is Khangharh. • Kot Digi Fort is in Khairpur district. • Peshawar means city of flowers. • Warsak dam (near Peshawar) is built on Kabul River. • Tirich Mir mounts of Hindu Kash separate Afghanistan and Tajistan from Pak: • Islamia College Peshawar was founded in 1914 by Sahibzada Abdul Qayum. • Quaid Azam Medical College is in Bahawalpur. • Choukundi toms are located near Karachi. • Atock Fort was built by Akbar. • The land b/w Indus & Jehlum river is called Thal Desert or Sindh Sagar Doab. • Ruins of Harapa found in Sahiwal. • Lahore Fort was built by Akbar. • At Toonsa Sharif the borders of three provinces meet. • With Gilgit & Baltistan the frontiers of three counties meet. • Tochi pass connects Pak: with China. • Pak: has 6 international airports. • Pak: has 27 Radio Stations. • —- district, —- divisions. • Pak: railways factory ...
I hope you all realize that Uganda is fast becoming another North Korea... Kampala RDC Hashaka has ordered and threatened all Radio Stations not to host mayor Hon.Elias Lukwago..
Na so all Radio Stations go just de Find Johnny with Nice Stuff tho'. Dope Music by that Ghen Ghen Yemi Alade.
Big Break Power 106 and the Big 3 LA Radio Stations in the house!
If a commercial you don't like plays on one of 2O,OOO REAL Radio Stations, you Hitch-a-Ride somewhere else. Simple.
KDUR made it into the top 5 Radio Stations in the Reader's Choice Awards. Help to make us vote KDU...
View a list of Free solomon radio Radio Stations from SHOUTcast Radio – Home of Internet Radio
Radio Stations are not about playing talented artists or quality Music, they're about maintaining relationships with corporations.
I received a nomination to be inducted into the HALL OF FAME for the dramatic arts in Nigeria at the National Theatre Iganmu on the fourth of July this year, I thank those who thought me fit for the offer. However I am today calling on all Nigerian artists to boycott political parties, companies and individuals who believe that people in the performing arts are clowns and praise singers who are politically and academically daft. Radio Stations, Television Stations use our works to make up for there air time with out paying compensations. Perhaps they believe that some of us never attended Universities and never slaved to produce the music, the plays, the articles they use to sustain their stations. After spending nights writing a play and begging artists to join me in recording the product I am subjected to go and find money to buy airtime to air it. Monkey they work Baboon they chop. I was sacked from Village Headmaster because I insisted that artists be paid repeat fees in those days; just like they do ...
Lookin' back on the whirlwind that has been the Month of June for the Dallas Moore Band. We have been fortunate enough to have "Blessed Be The Bad Ones" added to SiriusXM Outlaw Country and Radio Stations all across the USA,Europe and Australia, made a TV apearance in Louisville,Ky,been featured in the new Book and Cd Outlaws Still at Large, rolled the many miles to make the stage every night in Florida,Alabama, Tennessee,Kentucky,Indiana and Ohio, played music and visited with Jody Payne, David Allan Coe, Confederate Railroad, Pure Grain, Wayne Mills, Jackson Taylor & The Sinners, Bobby Keel and the Ballistic Pinto's, and many more. I'd like to thank Mrs. Jenna Danielle Moore for haulin' our drunk *** all around the country side in the Ol' Black Wagon. It's been a Helluva Ride and We Appreciate Your Support!!! On TODAY, the Final JUNE JAM at Win,Place or Show in West Chester,Ohio I'll be kickin' and pickin' an afternoon/evenin' of BadAss Acoustic Jams with several of my Honky Tonk Hero's and Friends jo . ...
Emmett Till was only 14 years old in 1955 when he whistled at a white girl and later was beaten, shot in the head, and thrown in the river with a 70 lb. cotton gin fan tied to his neck with barbed wire. Lil Wayne has a song, that if you can get past the "N" words and drugs and *** you will find these lyrics: "beat that p***y up like Emmett Till" I can't control what happened in the past, nor am I proud of it. I wasn't alive then, but I can show respect for people such as Emmett Till. You want to talk about offensive? That's about as low as it gets. Radio Stations should stop playing his music, stores should pull his cd's, he needs to be dropped from the t.v. To show so much disrespect to a 14yr old boy who was brutally murdered is disgusting and should be highly offensive to anyone and everyone. But, it won't happen.
*The first 100 Fans that purchase the new Deluxe Edition "Magica" CD from the Dio Store will receive a FREE BONUS 3 Track CD that was ONLY sent to Radio Stations as a Promotional Item! This is a very cool Dio Collectible that you can't buy! These will GO FAST! Limited to the first 100 orders! Order the Deluxe Edition of "Magica" right now to get your Free Bonus CD! Click Here To Order:
Alphonso Stewart “Don’t Break My Heart” Single launch party, Thursday 25th July 2013 at Dukes 18- 20 Houndsditch, Aldgate, London, EC3A 7DB, this night promises to be a night to remember. “Don’t Break My Heart” is the Third track from Alphonso Stewart’s new album, Reborn. Not content with hitting you with slick lyrics with Track like “You Know” which Alphonso has commanded a sexy, seductive ‘slow jam’ snap with a heavy baseline and transatlantic feel played on Radio Stations around the UK. He also had a hit Single called “Let’s Dance” that was played on KISS, The Box, Magic, & BET. In combining these sounds Alphonso has taken this track to another level and which some critics are calling “Don’t Break My Hear” a Pop Banger that appeals to the younger generations. Appealing to connoisseurs of R&B and Soul music this single has the possibility to explode. Alphonso Stewart, hailing from East London, has worked with various established producers who have compiled hit tracks fo ...
Prabhu Deva visited some popular Radio Stations of Mumbai today for promotions Stay tuned to your Radio stations to hear his experience while making
Saturday night I am playing at a dance in Gaeil Triucha GAA club, St Mellans Park, Emyvale Co Monaghan. Hope you like my new single 'Rumour Has It' . Going out to Radio Stations this week.
Hey there! I am thankful we made it home safely. Please say a prayer for Colorado Spring, the fire has been devastating again. Back from the Chicago area. I love this dedicated route that gets us home for Sundays.Thanks DTS! Found a great church. I appreciate each of you! Your the best! Keep the faith! I am here if ya need me OK? I am thankful for the Radio Stations that continue to play our song "You Found The Key" our song has moved up to on NMW Country Main Charts!!! Thankfully we are moving up!!! Hope ya have a great weekend! Love ya'll. JD :)
Over 70 DJs/Radio Stations are presently playing tracks from VANCOUVER! I'd thank each and every one of you publicly but it would be too long a post.
After Thabo Mbeki`s birthday Radio airwaves will be richer.Its gonna be David Mashabela,Tim Modise and Ishmael Abrahams 09h00 -12h00 midnight on different Radio Stations
Blog By: Tony Co – 6th Batch Zoraida Vasquez Ang, Dah for short, was a veteran anchor way back in college, and had since then nurtured her trade to perfection which became handy even without prior notice in times of socials that call for it. Not only the skills, but also the looks made Dah a hands-down choice to steer the night away at the 2013 CLSU - Kabuko Reunion. Nilo Sigue, Dah’s male co-host, was plucked from a stack of masculine voices because everybody had been buzzing about his golden transformation as a DJ in one of the local Radio Stations in Mindoro. He was the Lionel Richie of CLSU back in college. In fact, he gained the moniker "Lonil" up to now. But at the last hour, Lonil called-up in a hoarse voice saying he cannot make it because of a serious ailment he contracted that day. So I immediately admonished him to seek medical advice from the most popular health care center in their remote barangay. But Lonil was quick to reply that he was already holding a quack doctor's prescription that ...
Playing today on Radio Stations, WMFC, Monroevile, and WPPG, Evergreen. 06/03/13 Birthday Y’all Listen Up! It was 15 minutes past midnight on this day in 1952. Dr. Woodrow Eddins walked into the operating room ready to perform what his medical training had taught him. To Dr. Eddins it as just another late night call; he probably hated to get up and go, but duty called. The whole procedure probably took less than one hour, but to a waiting family it was a miracle. The lady on the operating table had miscarried three children. This night, by God’s grace, David Wayne McMillian was born. Thirty seven years later in the bush of Africa, a young Mkamba mother was in hard labor, and she was dying. Missionary Wayne McMillian helped deliver a young boy. Mother and child survived. Every life touches another. When God calls in the middle of the night, how many generations will be changed by our faithful response? That’s the Word. I'm Wayne McMillian, pastor of Mexia Baptist Church. THANK YOU ALL FOR ...
'Tenpenny Joke' Alternative Rock on 5,600 Radio Stations worldwide in 150 countries. Check them out at
UGANDA POLICE close down The Monitor, and its Radio Stations, KFM and Dembe FM after declaring the newspaper's premises a scene of crime.
distribution & submission lists delivers your news & music to 5K Radio Stations
Listen to your choice of 15 plus Radio Stations online at All News Radio page
An Appeal to Clear Channel regarding what is currently being broadcasted on our local Radio Stations. Clear Channel Appeal Document
Check out the new cruise flyer/poster for Monday nights at John Barleycorn Schaumburg beginning this Monday, May 6, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm! All cars, trucks, motorcycles, and clubs welcome! Oldies Music by BGV Motorsports, All American BBQ specials starting at $5.00, Goodie Bags and Dash Plaques to the first 25 Cruisers, a Top Vehicle Award each night, Radio Stations stopping by and bands throughout the season, and fundraising for Cruise Night Charity of Choice, Clearbrook! Bring your friends! Bring your family! Don't miss out!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 2013 AFRICAN GLOBAL DJ AWARDS NOMINEES ANNOUNCED AT THE PRESS CONFERENCE IN ACCRA, GHANA March 1, 2013 – Accra, Ghana – Nominees for the maiden edition of the African Global DJ Awards “AGDA Awards” were officially announced at the Press Conference event on Friday, March 1 at the Labadi Beach Hotel, in Accra, surrounded by press corp., industry colleagues, entertainment executives, DJs, friends and well wishers. The press conference was attended by several key industry folks like Bola Ray- On Air Personality for Joy FM Accra home of DJ Black, one of Ghana’s premier DJs who was also nominated for multiple AGDA Award. Also in attendance was Cool FM’s On air personality Freeze, who’s co-anchor, DJ Xclusive was also nominated for multiple AGDA Awards including best Radio DJ of the year (see full list below). Top African DJs, Entertainment Executives, Radio Stations and Club owners who also came up with the categories as well compiled the final nomination list. “We are very ...
When is the last time you have 50,000 people in you store?? Special offer to Cell Phone Companies or Providers!! We would like for you to come out Beach Fest, sell your product, sign up new customers or promote your services and store! Whens the last time you had 50,000 people in your store?? =D Become part of the biggest music festival in many years in Corpus!! Great Opportunity to build your clientele and get more personal with the community!! Beach Fest has over 70 Artist, 4 Stages, we are advertising on the top 8 Radio Stations in South Texas, TV, and all of the local papers!!! Special Sponsorship Offer of $400! you will receive: you receive 25 VIP Tickets VIP table at after Bourbon Street After Party and St Patricks Day Block Party VIP Tables at Beach Fest Banners on every Stage or Area (must Provide Banner) A 10x10 Canopy or larger at Beach Fest (Must Provide Tent) 10 Free T-shirts 75% off Fall Festival and next year’s event A $4,600 Value!! And Gold Sponsorship Title !! or you can help by Special ...
THE NEXT ENTERTAINMENT MILLIONAIRES 2 WHAT ARE THE NUMBERS? How big is the entertainment market, what is the crowd size, is it a viable enough number to attract the budding entrepreneur? Femi puts the numbers as 70% of the population being under 40 years of age- the catchment age bracket for most entertainment content. Toyin takes it further, “After the break of broadcast monopoly in Nigeria, entrepreneurs now own TV-Media stations, Satellite Broadcast stations and TV shows” According to him “There are over 140 million Nigerians, with 10 million in the Diaspora. We have over 50 TV and Radio Stations and counting. The top music artistes are now selling over 5 million copies in the first 3 months” He paints a bigger picture “The Sub-Saharan African economy is the next consumer generation. There are approximately 1 billion people in Africa, with 74% being between the ages of 15 and 35, 64% of the population receive free-to-air TV and there are more than 100 million TVs, with 34 million of these fo ...
A society that is tide by FEAR can never evolve. FEAR kills creativity and imagination. FREEDOM gives courage and catalyzes passion. The only way to inject the spirit of hope and inspiration is by creating an allowing atmosphere where new ideas and thoughts flourishes; by creating a platform for free dialogue, discussions, debates and expressions of thoughts and views. Indifference, weariness, despair, and aspiration failure to engage on matters of our country should no more be a hallmark to my generation. Shying away from anything that sounds politics is shying away from the future we want to our children. Discussing politics is neither a taboo nor playing with fire. We need more Free press, newspapers, magazines, TV and Radio Stations, blogs and websites, books and researches, art and music, policy think-thanks, professional associations, Vibrant CSO’s…We need to hear many voices. Ideas will not kill us; killing them will. !!!
KISUMU'S FIRST TV STATION SET TO GO ON AIR SOON Yeah you heard that right, we've heard Radio Stations in Kisumu for a while now buh Osienala (a local NGO) have pulled another first with the fist ever TV station set to broadcast from their offices in the leafy suburbs of Dunga hitting the airwaves in the next few weeks. The organization secured frequency for the station years back but have not been able to set up the station till now with the coming on board of foreign development partners. Sources from Osienala have indicated to Kisumu's Best Kept Secrets that preparations are currently under way with the TV studios being set up at the Top floor of the organization's offices. Dave Ngiri Odira (formerly a producer with Radio Lake Victoria) will head the TV's production department. The station will début with pre-recorded programs as more preparations are made for live transmissions.
I refuse to sink. Love this music. It's a AtomicMusicBomb ready to explode over the air waves. Attention! Radio Stations!
Teams and Players of IPL 2013 Edition 6, Taken from IPL blog. Teams and Players of IPL 2013 Edition 6 are out and you will be excited. IPL 2013 opening cermony tickets are expected to cost between 1800 – 10,000.Rs . Price depends on the type of tickets for opening ceremony. We are getting close to IPL Auctions. Panesar is looking hot this auction. England players would be participating and *** are out of Auctions this time. Sun TV has grabbed Hyderabad team now. Very interesting..NEW NAME – sun risers hyderabad. Here is a few lines about Sun group taken from Sun website. This is an interesting article about Sun group. Sun Group, India’s largest media conglomerate has power packed Thirty Two Television Channels with the reach of more than 95 million households in India. Sun Group’s channels can be viewed throughout the world including U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It also has 45 FM Radio Stations, Three Daily News Pape . ...
Cox Sells 25 Radio Stations - Cox Media Group has sold 25 radio stations in six markets as part of a realignment of its broadcast portfolio. 21 stations were sold to Summit Media and four stations were sold to Connoisseur Media.
Kass FM Washington DC which was reported recently by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission as one of the two vernacular Radio Stations spreading hate speech in Kenya are at it again today discussing LAND ISSUE in spite of the warning by the IG of Police Mr. Kimaiyo and NCIC chair Hon. Msalendo Kibunja. The main agenda of this so called Kwaneek program is to divide the latest unity (cohesion and integration) between Kalenjin and Kikuyu nations. This is something which is unacceptable. We are urging Hon. Kibunja and his team to take action against these idlers. We know that they are campaigning for Rao but they should deal with the issues at hand. Surely, you gain nothing if you are still thinking that your community is so special than others. We need to build a strong united nation which its main agenda is define by the emerging issues which requires our input. Kwaneek you are out of touch with reality. Please take time to evaluate your action. Remember, you are doing more harms than good.
On a daily basis, songwriters struggle to get their work to the right ears. Those practices often lead to a dead-end road. Sending email, mailing hard-copies with your resume, a CD with your best songs to Radio Stations, Record Labels and a long etcetera. Well, we have turned the process upside down. What if users could have all those music supervisors, A&R's, talent scouts and music needed enterprises in a single place? We have created a comprehensive system that allows them to find your work, review it, and request it in a couple clicks, but, if users feel attached to the old-fashioned way of proceeding, we have also created Webwood for a faster and simpler emailing. With Webwood, users can send unlimited songs, with a single click, to any email. The process: Users upload their tracks to Webwood. Prior to publication, songs must pass a moderation phase. A&R's decide if the song meets the minimum quality standards to be included in the general catalog and search results of the site. After that, songs fal ...
My new single is on its way to all Radio Stations just now, so hope you you enjoy it. Be sure to request “Let the Song Begin”
Please let us know what your favorite Radio Stations are and where they are. We are going to release " Proud to be a Country Girl "to the public now and want to decide where it will debut. Thanks
Good news for all upcoming/rising artistes If you can sing good music and has already recorded your tracks. Here is a rare opportunity for you to distribute and promote your music in Nigeria. To djs Radio Stations in Lagos/Port harcourt Tv Stations Social Magazine for reviews and so many more click here to read more and make your order!
Jetstar you *** will not refund $475 taken from my account because of a query. Their attitude is take us to court. Do not ring them to enquire about times of flights available in an emergency AND give them your credit card details. $475 is not airfaire from Darwin what is this amount. Now they run out of water on a flight, imagine the toilets, etc. etc. Hopeless airlines, cancellations, etc. etc. Will be going to Consumer Affairs and copy of all details to Radio Stations, TV stations, etc. and yes JETSTAR I will take you to court because I am a 70 year old pensioner raising grandchildren and will get legal aid!
To all DJ's, Radio Stations and Promoters. Do you donate any of the proceedings earned from functions to a local community organisation, charity or as sponsorship to small groups on a regular basis? I'm not referring to the charity which begins at home, more to external outreach! Or if you know someone that does and you can promote the work they do. Please respond. X
Labour Day 1988, “The Blues Own” with Blaine Morrison first aired in the Annapolis Valley, NS. Flash forward to Labour Day 2012 and Blaine has been on the air with the show every single weekend since, with the show entering its 25th season on the air, now heard on Radio Stations across Nova Scotia...
  MR .PRESIDENT WHO ARE THE “ BAD BOYS”AND “REBELS?”. I was befuddled and dazed by the statements attributed to you in the two dailies, namely New Vision and daily Monitor, all of Friday 11,2013. The statements are: “We shall sort the “bad boys”- Museveni.” “They are bad boys (in Parliament).  We shall sort them out like you separate the chuff from millet. Don’t get worried about them”, “There is no one who will win the war of fighting NRM.  I am not worried about those fighting it and they cannot win that war”. Then on 12th January 2013, during the evening news 10:00 o’clock on Bukedde TV, you indignantly rebuked some Bishops and Priests for talking about things they don’t understand since they are “amateurs”.  You promised to counteract them. Also you have threatened to close down some Radio Stations or cancel some programmes (some are already closed) from such Radio Stations. All the above is being done to muzzle and curtail the “freedom of speech and expression ...
We just got word that 12 Radio Stations will be airing Fighters Against Child Abuse Public Service Announcements on the East Coast! We are truly blessed and excited! Finally stats about child abuse will be heard daily! Next up, West Coast Radio Stations! Great job Dayton! ~Joey
All I can say is I would like to know who got George Strait or Blake Shelton Tickets through TicketMaster? Because I logged on at 10 am exactly it is now 11:06 and after starting my search THREE times and waiting and waiting how could there be now tickets letft? UNLESS the Rodeo and Radio Stations got them all!
Titus Glover paaa! Hw could he? If he got wind of the Judge who was going to sit on the Nana Addo against EC case, is it on Radio Stations (Citi Fm and OK Fm) that he should go and declare it? Right now look @ what he has caused. Meanwhile he is aware that nobody should know Judges who sit on cases in court. U got to kno and went ahead to broadcast it, Abaah!!
Show and Save your favorite TV shows from being cancelled by voting for them on our site. we mail the results of the vote to TV Network , Network Presidents, Producers, TV Studios, Newspapers, Radio Stations, and other Media Outlets.
Saint Lucia's airwaves are saturated with Radio Stations, and listeners have a hard time sticking to 1. DaMajority wants to know, which out of the list are 3 of your Favorite!! Click on your top 3 options, then click vote... to see the results. Voting Stops at 1000 votes. You are allowed one chance
The Bob Charles Show will be on LIVE on 12/27 12/28 & 12/30 so here's still work to be done. We started out in June as a Little Show just telling people about their Credit and by August we began taking on International Guests and a Waiting List of Guest one month long, that want to be on, not to mention acceptance by 4 other networks and The Entire Crystal Skull Network which spans the Globe and we're adding Holland in January so it's getting bigger faster then most Radio Stations could hope not to mention everyone's help in allowing the Show to Grow, from Diane ( My Researcher ) and Myself to the entire Crew, WE Thank EVERYONE ! I see where we are now as just the Beginning and with Hard Work we can Like The Turtle and the Hare race set a Perfect Example of Kinetichifi to the Other Networks, They Better Move Over Cause Kinetichifi and Everyone involved is going to pass them all right by. This week is a good one to reflect on, what we are doing and where we want to go and My January was boo ...
12 Days to go! Woke up this morning thinking what if we start walking in 12 days and nobody supports us. We have done everything we could up to this moment to generate support and although we have had over 500 people follow us on fb, and 6 people assist us with financial donations totaling 7k over the past 5 months ... We have had no support! Radio Stations, Newspapers, Corporate Companies, Industry, Small Business, Television Programs, Plea's on FB, Stands at Shopping Malls, pamphlet drops have all fallen on deaf ears! However, the requests for assistance keep coming in from Animal Rescue Centers, Childrens Homes, Old Age Homes, The Sickly, The Abused, The Homeless, and the Destitute. I have asked people to donate R10-00 (less than the price of a beer) and I have been told that they couldn't afford it (unfortunately the Brutal Fruits in his wife and his hands told me a different story). I've seen people hide when they see me coming, sent out countless emails that went unanswered, left hundreds of message ...
Do you think Radio Stations are sabotaging Government Programmes?
ABOUT SUN GROUP Sun Group is India's largest media conglomerate with 32 Television Channels, 45 FM Radio Stations, & 3 Daily newspapers. Dinakaran is one of the leading Tamil dailies with daily sales of over 1.4 million copies while Sun Direct is one of the largest DTH (Direct To Home Satellite TV service) service providers in India having more than 7.5 million subscribers. The Sun Group also owns Sun Pictures (the film division of Sun TV Network) and SpiceJet - India's most preferred airline. If it is happening South of Vindhyas, it’s on Sun Group and now we are taking this one-step forward with the induction of Southern India’s very first IPL team Sun Risers. Cutting across geographical boundaries, the Sun Risers is the spirit of the South.
Many people are waiting for the new releases of Twelve Records. We have an amazing line UP ready to be out in Q1 2013: I CAN BE - THE STYLE FREE - Mecca Digital Hi-Fi (Kev Kruz) with Joe Crugliano special REMIX CHANGE - THE STYLE with a brand new VIDEOCLIP (produced by Swift Ruben Vidal) SHINE - Joe Crugliano and Chanelle (Charlene Blair) BAD BOYS - Joe Crugliano Vs. Leo Lippolis II LOVERS - THE STYLE feat. Natasha Watts PLUS an EP of Deep, Tech, Soulful House from Joe Crugliano and a new Single of Vicky Martin and Joe Crugliano! Twelve Records is now promoting the releases trough an extensive network of DJ's and Radio Stations (2500!). If you want your next song or remix be published, distributed and promoted by us, we are ready to bring you to the next level!
For the latest headlines on OneNETnews, WARNING: The next headlines may something explicitly mature, distressing and inappropriate content. Viewer's discretion is restrictively advised. 1. BREAKING NEWS: The episode of MLP: FiM has been leaked today at 3:00pm (Manila Time) is the Wonderbolts Academy. That will be originally aired on The Hub. Simulcast on OneNETtv Channel & WEAZEL News and Radio Stations like WKTT, WCTR & Independence FM also airing in the same day in the US throughout GMT -11 to GMT +8. 2. Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao lost the champ than Juan Manuel Marquez last Sunday by December 9, 2012 at 9:00am (Manila Time). If you predict Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao would retire, it would be starting at the final update of My Little Orgy from Equestria Untamed on Palcomix News and Mobius Unleashed, The 3rd Season FINALE of MLP: FiM or right before/after the Philippine Brony Elections. 3. EXCLUSIVE: Palcomix source from Mobius Unleashed is My Little Orgy in the Series Parody of MLP: FiM is out since October 3 ...
Listen to Australia's Radio Stations online and live with web streaming. Visit!
On Monday, November 19, 2012, the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Chinedu Offor, in an interaction program on one of the Radio Stations stated that contractors who had been paid without doing their work will be arrested and prosecuted. The Rescue Mission Government of the Stat...
Google TV device. Logitech Revue. Comes with Full Keyboard. Browse the internet and download Google apps on your TV, watch Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, Pandora Radio and other Radio Stations plus much much more!! Like new. $100 or better reasonable offer via
Hi and welcome to our newest likers: Jordan, Paul, Fadua, Simon, Nathan, Kate, Samantha, Ron, Chayne, Jenny-Marie, Matthew, Robert, Jason, Nette, Patrick, Alex, Hue, Deanne, Cec, Laura, Lauren, Elisabeth, Cat, Christine, Carol, Lynne, Kimberly, Tracey N Ian, Cameron, Bente, Jiri, Mardi, Joanne and Tracy. We hope you all enjoy our posts and info. WELCOME to the Central Coast's NUMBER ONE Gig and Entertainment Guide - The ONE STOP SPOT for all things Central Coast! Very proudly, WHATS ON CENTRAL COAST website rockets toward the million visitor mark. Whats On has been dedicated to the promotion of the beautiful Central Coast and everything it has to offer including the many brilliant entertainers and venues since 2004. We haven't stopped there - Whats On has thousands of listings for Restaurants, Cafes, the popular Kidz and family entertainment and activities pages, Accommodation, Radio Stations and of course the number one online *GIG GUIDES* dedicated to the Central Coast. Get the local info from a tru ...
Altiyan Childs new single Headlines hit the Radio Stations today , he still sounds amazing. Brillant voice.
Welcome to the original KYA RADIO 1260 San Francisco!Click on any link to listen live to any of our Radio Stations. KYA is the original on line version of the original KYA. There are many copy kats but this is the REAL DEAL! Look at our photo gallery of KYA stu...
BANG-BANG!!Ryhmefest Blog! Chief Keef is a “Bomb”, he represents the senseless savagery that white people see when the news speaks of Chicago violence. A Bomb has no responsibility or blame, it does what it was created to do; DESTROY! Notice, no one is talking about the real culprits, the Bomb maker or the pilot who is deploying this deadly force (Labels, Radio Stations). Its easier to blame the bomb. Bombs are not chosen for their individual talents, they are tools used for collateral damage. To think of the persona of Chief Keef as a person would be the first mistake, he will more then likely come and go without us knowing much of anything about his personal pains, struggles, great loves and ambitions beyond rap. He is a spokesman for the Prison Industrial Complex. Every corporation is expected to grow at least 4% each quarter, many prisons are privately owned with stock being traded on the open market. If these corporations were to do commercials, jingles and promotions who would they hire? You got ...
God morning families and friends, Mr. Sun is already shining beautifully over the Saranac Valley. Hey Radio Stations did you skip Thanksgiving? Whats up with Christmas musics already, at least wait Thanksgiving is over with holy moses!
Following Bill & the band around for a day. TV Interviews, Radio Stations, Backstage, And Soundcheck.
Just got a call from Kanawha County Schools. The 2 Hour Early Out has been changed from Next Wednesday 11/28 to THIS Wednesday (Day Before Thanksgiving) 11/21. REALLY Wish they would have just passed this along to All the TV & Radio Stations to share.
Over 1,000 Radio Stations to find your favorite NFL Football Team's game…
Do you know the radio stations number like kiss is "kiss 100"!? Trying to find BBC1 xtra but cant :( x
What's with the radio stations playing sad love songs on a SATURDAY!
I don't appreciate the radio stations saying good morning to me when I am just getting home. And have to wake up in 2 hours...
But we can't expect Entwistle to know what specifically programmes are doing. He has four channels, eightish radio stations
Album State of Mind on AirPlay Direct for radio stations. Wish you a nice day. Bonne soirée à tous.
Time for Rhythm Brothers on Send your requests & dedication or listen online!
I want to finish grad school and one of the local radio stations are looking for a few speciality shows. So much to do..
Got Me Good is gonna be played on these stations this weekend in the listed hour.
My single will be out 1st at community radio stations nje!
Let's let radio stations know we want new music!
Radio stations played WWFM but since, more nothing... :(
For you iPhone/iPad users. Download a free app from the app store. All radio stations and...
4 TV channels, 6 national stations, countless local radio stations, one of the most comprehensive news sites.
The BBC: for the same price as two months of Sky all we get are brilliant TV channels, around 50 radio stations and an unrivalled website
In other news: that new radioplayer is a bit crap, no? Better reception from foreign streaming radio stations.
Adverts on radio stations should never happen
Two Way Radio stations - Modern Means of Connection: In this overly busy world, interaction plays a very importa...
JAZZLYN LITTLE -SERIOUS PROMO: via please support my new single "SERIOUS" tell your radio stations to play it
ALL radio stations lol you'll control the airwaves! It's not bad being goofy sumtimes its good to balance out with being serious.
hehe i should be aired on all radio stations right? Hehe. I like beeing a goof sometimes. But i can be serious 2 Sometimes
My cars the shizz because it gets all the wpg radio stations and I'm in the rez lmao (I'm sick of my cd's) lol
I actually couldn't give a damm about the tv, but BBC radio output for all of their stations (ex radio 1 obviously) is brilliant
U know the holidays r here when radio. Stations play christmas songs
There just isn't any good 80's stations on the radio anymore :/
Dis ondo radio stations can b so borin like...abeg na wetin b d frequency of that orange fm self...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I disagree coach, almost all our radio stations have been fully behind Banyana even before they left for the competition.
"Uncommitted" is on the rise. Please call your local stations and request it be played on the radio.
Do people who call radio stations to request a song know about the internet?!
I like having a radio app where I can pick up radio stations outside this country. They're almost always playing Nirvana somewhere.
Love Is Easy comes out in about 15 hours in the UK, so keep an ear out just in case any Aussie radio stations decide to premiere it :)
Funny thing about country music radio stations they play the same songs every hour smh
People that phone up radio stations to tell there *** little stories make me sick!
S/O to the Dj's & the radio stations. Y'all deserve a lot of love.
Can someone let the radio stations know that I will never like Rihanna's new song and that they need to stop trying. Thank you.
On a rainy afternoon in October, Jill Winzoski, a 38 year old reporter at The Selkirk Record, walked into her boss' small office and took a deep breath.
Its almost 3 am and all I can.think about is this Christmas single I got for you guys! Hits national radio stations Dec. 1st!!
Group Warns Gov. Ajimobi Against Yanking Down Splash FM Radio Mast In Oyo State November 9, 2012 - 23:32 — siteadmin  By SaharaReporters, New York Following the threat by Governor Abiola Ajimobi to pull down the broadcasting mast of Splash FM 105.5, claiming the radio station has become the voice of the opposition in Oyo State, The Global Alternative Agenda has appealed to the public and the media to stop the governor from executing his anti-media policy. In a statement signed by its President, Oludare Ogunlana, The Global Alternative Agenda warned that an attack on the media is an assault to collective freedom, and deserves condemnation from the all citizens. “If we fail to stop Ajimobi from pushing us to the dark ages, the consequences of the governor’s action would be disastrous to the future of Oyo State,” the statement said. Mr. Ogunlana, a former President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), recalled that Nigeria’s experience during the military era shows that a vic ...
I see another set of "over 25s" DJs is being given the boot at As ever, it's the Menudo of radio stations.
And thanks to all the radio stations for playing my new song. Silahkan di request! :) Thank you.
Cold Rock - 3 TVs on 3 different stations. I don't know if the volumes on. You wouldn't be able to hear it over the radio. Sensory Overload
Hate it when radio stations just repeat the same crap songs
Radio stations playing good local music its a brand new day.
Yes, we NOW have 3 Sports radio stations for Portland-OR area :(
I'm stations still play "Freestyle" singles upto now...
I have just flicked between radio stations when had finished and there it would be starting again
K-DST, V-Rock and K- rose are the best radio stations on any GTA
*** yes, sir! lol I never really understand why all radio stations have them!
All the radio stations in grande prairie are filled with country music, listened to my first R&B country music.
Dear radio stations, One Direction has more songs than WMYB. Sncerely, a fellow Directioner. x
Today is a Bananarama kind of day. Also, nice to hear Sunday Times trailing on SPH radio stations. Great medium crossover usage.
So coming home tonight, I discovered 2 radio stations already playing Christmas songs! Love this time of year!!
There are more than 1500 newspapers, 1100 magazines, 9000 radio stations, 1500 TV stations, 2400 publishers, owned by only 3 corporations.
A great photograph by my friend, William Pike, who went into the Ugandan bush to meet Yoweri Museveni, when he was a guerrilla leader. William went on to become editor of New Vision, President Museveni's newspaper, and now runs a series of radio stations and newspapers in Kenya and Uganda.
As I receive my award! Btv, radio stations are all here. Thanx a lot to you my friends, you've been nothing but an inspiration to my life.
I'm not sure how I feel about radio stations referring to Glycerine by Bush as classic rock.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Thanks to Shorty and Mike Savage: Ever wonder why most radio stations suck anymore? Check out the documentary "Corporate.FM". Not sure where to find it other than Amazon, but when I find it, I'm watching it!
Surahn Watching The World DFA Records Directed and Edited by Gina Gammell single & EP for sale digital.really soon. tomorrow maybe?
The Billion or so that Romney raised from his fat cats, mostly went to media. Clear Channel, which has most of the radio stations in America is a Bain Capital company. News Corp, Fox news, got a lot of money as did the Cable companies and news papers. The Republicans gave the money to themselves and took it off their taxes. The small donations to Obama went into the same pockets. Yes, or no?
After almost three months from the Santa Clara *** flood our Little Boutique will re-open tomorrow. We have made some changes including changing our name to TrenZy Boutique. We have more variety of boutique items, like really cute maxi skirts and jackets and we will be adding more clothing in the months ahead. Come by tomorrow November 10th from 11 to 2 and get free Domino's pizza samples and register for our prizes and lots of "flood" sale items. There will be two radio stations broadcasting live at the grand opening of the Santa Clara Town Square. Should be lots of fun. Hope to see you there.
one of my favorite radio stations in GTA III cause nothing is better then classical opera while running over pedestrians being chased by the pigs after killing a hooker to get your money back (any gamer work there salt know what im talking about) and now double cleff FM
First night in the apartment. I look out over Island Park and the lights of downtown Fargo. The internet connection with i-29 seems strong, and I have good reception on all three public radio stations. Pretty nice--all that's missing is Sheryl.
I love Christmas but it is far too early for radio stations to be playing the music
R&B or maybe even jazz would be better because all of this rap is not good. Orlando don't have any good radio stations :-(
Why are radio stations already playing Christmas music?! Way too early!
Anyone else notice the new radio stations. I was driving home from Steamboat today and hit the scan button on the radio. The scan stopped every few ticks. Every station was a reggae station. Puzzled.why would so many reggae stations be on the radio?
The two hit radio stations up here (99.5 and 100.5) have been playing Mandy Moore songs the past two weeks. Looks like someone found their long lost VHS taping of Total Request Live in the closet. 12 year old songs on hit music stations. Pure Michigan.
I did this last Christmas for my entire family...I had SO MUCH FUN SHOPPING LOCALLY and up-cycling gifts, that I am definitely doing it again this year!
Hey fb fam...I was just listening to one of our radio stations and they were talking about etiquette on the first date, what should you do and don't do? One of the things some female guest had said was to pay for a woman's dinner..what do you all think a man should and shouldn't do? I feel like a man shouldn't have to pay for a woman's dinner on the first date...they should go dutch. why should he be obligated to pay for you not knowing you well and you turn out to be someone he wish he'd never met...
"THE BRO CODE" 1) Bros before *** The bond between two men is stronger than that between a man and a woman because on an average, men are stronger than women. That’s just science. 2) A bro is always entitled to do something stupid as long as the rest of his bros are all doing it. For example... If only one Spanish dude were to run down the street in front of a bunch of angry bulls, people would have been like "Dude, come on!!". The license to be stupid is why we have bros in the first place. 3) If a bro gets a dog, it must be atleast as tall as his knee when full grown. Corollary to this states, naming a lap-dog after a pro-wrestler or a character from a Steve McLain movie does not absolve a bro from this article. 4) A bro never divulges the existence of the bro code to a woman. It is a sacred document not to be shared with chicks for any reason. 5) Whether he cares about sports or not, a bro cares about sports. 6) A bro shall not lollygag if he must get naked in front of other bros in a gym locker ro ...
November 16th download the new single "Every Praise"!!! Available on iTunes, etc!! call in and request it!!
Come on all you RADIO stations DJS, MUSSOS out there Get behind Kiwi Star Search Flying without Wings and support our Youth. Our children of Aoteroa.
East Coast. You were cold and wet. However, DC101 I miss you. Tool, House of Pain, Rage Against the Machine, Metallica. *** good radio. California radio stations are for cream puffs.
Derek Stansbury Ron Harris have you seen this from Sea Tac Busted. 11/06/12 - KGY says "You Asked For It" -We have heard this one before. The past few months, KGY/Olympia has been making a shift in format, from live and local hosts to what listeners really want to hear. Apparently, when KGY asked South Sound listeners "What do YOU want to hear?" - listeners overwhelmingly responded, "We want to hear the same drivel we can hear on many other Puget Sound radio stations. We need more of that national talk-radio - can't get enough of it, in fact, with all the talkradio stations in the region, we believe there is room for at least another." KGY listened to the masses and has changed format, bringing Dennis Miller, Jim Bohannon, and Micheal Smerconish to the 1240 airwaves. As KMAS Shelton, KVI Seattle, and KLAY Lakewood do, KGY maintains its local commitment, that is, the morning show.
Lmao "Bandz a make her dance but Obama will make you vote." I missed Montgomery radio stations.
Rupert Murdoch, who bought the Wall Street Journal five years ago, now has his eyes on two more major and venerable American newspapers, the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune,
Funny they are playing the Oppa Gangnam Style song on major radio stations lol. Oppa Gangnam Style!
On one of the local radio stations. They were talking about taking your kids out of a remembrance day assembly due to religious beliefs.I seriously have an issue with this. Do we need to remind people why this country accepts people from every country through our borders. We give you shelter, we give you money, we support your retired people, without having to be in this Country as long as those of us born here. We have allowed you to take from and add to our traditions and now you think your kids should not attend, be grateful, to our Veterans who have fought so that you are able to do this. Seriously I think this Diversified Canada has hit an all new low... To me it is very simple you don't want to say thank you, get the *** out go back to where ever you came from.And to those of you who are seemingly using the Bible as an excuse, I think that you may want to read a little closer.You have taken our Lords Prayer out of our sc hools and now you use the Bible as an excuse not to thank our War Hero's becau ...
Why can't our radio stations play good music? Rapid has Ke$ha dammit! We need good music... Or, at least better music. lol
The U.K. plays better music on their radio stations.
As the holidays approach, the giant Asian factories are kicking into high gear to provide Canadians with monstrous piles of cheaply produced goods -- merchandise that has been produced at the expense of Canadian labor. This year will be different. This year Canadians will give the gift of genuine concern for other Canadians. There is no longer an excuse that, at gift giving time, that nothing can be found that is produced by Canadians hands. Yes there is! It's time to think outside the box, people. Who says a gift needs to fit in a shirt box, wrapped in Chinese produced wrapping paper? Everyone -- yes EVERYONE gets their hair cut. How about gift certificates from your local Canadian hair salon or barber? Gym membership? It's appropriate for all ages who are thinking about some health improvement. Who wouldn't appreciate getting their car detailed? Small, Canadian owned detail shops and car washes would love to sell you a gift certificate or a book of gift certificates. Are you one of those extravagant giv ...
The Yellow Ribbon Guard is hoping to make a dent in shipping costs for the “Send Santa to the Troops” fundraiser with a radio-led Bowl-A-Thon on Saturday, Nov. 10 at Bay Lanes.
Because if you give them to me, I'll use them to listen in on the encrypted radio stations that the unicorns are using, the, ill use them to discover the unicorns' whereabouts, thus proving the existence of unicorns, and I can only do it with Tiesto's K267's cuz only they have high enough sound quality to discern which channels are being used by unicorns. So, if you want unicorns (cancer curing, gold poopin, diamond crying unicorns) give me those awesome headphones.
Did Michael Jackson write only 3 songs in his career? If you listen to LA radio stations, that's all they play - 3 of the same songs. Are the other 100 songs not approved by the Clear Channel now? Ridiculous!!!
Radio stations on 100.3 and 101.3 are playing xmas music already they been since the 3rd.
So... Was gonna complain about all the radio stations going to Christmas format today-that is... Until I heard Josh Groban on the way home:)
1 Hour on gas line at N.Conduit and 150th st. Need top ten list of things to do in your car while waiting on line. finding new radio stations
My Son Scott and his two friends have really started something amazing here, The two are running across the entire state as he goes with them and talks to churches and radio stations and anyone he can to raise money for cures for Malaria in Africa. This is truly amazing and you all should pay special attention to what is to come out of this. There will be more information coming about all they have planned.
Heard Christmas music on the radio stations and in some department stores...already.REALLY?
I hate when radio stations play portions of songs...
LOL they're playing Christmas music on one of my fav radio stations SWEET!
So proud of my kids right now. A little while ago I was working on a vehicle out in the garage and the kids wanted to sit in there and listen to the radio and pretend they're driving. Well. They were scrolling through the radio stations and came across my favorite station (88.7 Way FM and they were playin my favorite song by Matt Redman (10,000 Reasons) and my son screams out "stop! That's favorite song!" To be out here and to be workin and listening to my kids sing along to Matt Redman just made my night. Well then my wife calls and tells me it's gettin a little late for the kids to be outside and to bring them inside. As soon as they got inside they ran to my daughters room so I sat with my wife for a little bit before I came back out to the garage. Before I walked out I went to my daughters room to see what they were doin since they were bein so quiet and I walked In there to find my 10 year old son reading the Bible to my 3 year old little girl out of that little orange Bible she hasn't put down since ...
Wohoo my radio station's playing all 90's music memories lol
That Young Scooter "Cuban" song has to be one of the worst tracks I've ever heard. I understand the radio stations like to give shine to local artists but C'MON MAN
I can't believe there are two radio stations in the capital district playing Christmas music already..seriously what happened to waiting till after Thanksgiving!
Dear certain radio stations, Don't you ever look at a calendar? It's November. Christmas is in December. Save the 24/7 holiday music for next month. Signed, a guy who could care less about most of the music you play for most of the year, but thinks you suck even more right now.
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