Radio Rebel & Debby Ryan

Radio Rebel is a 2012 Disney Channel Original Movie based on a novel titled Shrinking Violet. The movie was directed by Peter Howitt, written by Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott, and stars Debby Ryan as Tara Adams. Deborah Debby Ryan (born May 13, 1993) is an American actress and singer. Ryan is best known for starring as Bailey Pickett in the Disney Channel Original Series The Suite Life on Deck. 3.0/5

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Heya guys it's Joshua smith/RR which means Radio Rebel monitors Debby Ryan sorry for the disappointment but happy Halloween listeners
I relate to the 2012 Disney Channel Original Movie "Radio Rebel" starring Debby Ryan
Radio Rebel is on tomorrow at 1pm/12c & then 16 Wishes is on at 9pm tomorrow then AGAIN Wednesday at 2/1c. It's a Debby Ryan week!
Um the guy from "Radio Rebel" with Debby Ryan plays her stepbrother
Im over here watching Radio Rebel for the 5,000 time. Im obsessed with Debby Ryan and Disney movies
Debby Ryan gets ready to take over the airwaves in this new still from Radio Rebel. In the upcoming DCOM, the 18-year-old actress plays Tara Adams, an introv.
hey guys enjoy this little sneak peek of Debby Ryan's new song We Got The Beat from DCOM Radio Rebel watch the premiere Friday February 17 and tomorrow ...
Radio Rebel is a disney movie starring Debby Ryan, Sarena Parmar and Adam DiMarco. Radio Rebel is rated NR. Radio Rebel DVD, Blu-Ray is available, trailer for viewing and reviews for reading.
Radio Rebel with Debby Ryan will premiere on RTL (biggest channel in Germany) next Sunday at 20:15 (primetime)
movie of the day Radio rebel starring Debby Ryan
jessie as in the movie is called jessie?? I like Debby Ryan... she not bad. go watch Radio Rebel or smth.
Radio Rebel is actually a really good movie, Debby Ryan is an excellent actress :)
Disney Darling is more than just a "Radio Rebel!" She's our featured Christian in Hollywood this month!
Hater: "I hate Debby Ryan. I hate SLOD, JESSIE, Radio Rebel.." Me:"Aww that's sweet you watch her programs"
I love Radio Rebel and Debby Ryan and that movie is on on Fridayyy :D
Debby Ryan, who you may know from the hit show Jessie, stars in the recently released on DVD original Disney movie Radio Rebel as Tara, a shy high school junior by day and podcast prodigy by night named Radio Rebel. Radio Rebel herself, Debby Ryan, had ti
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Me and my dauhter is watching Radio Rebel. She likes that movie. She likes debby ryan.
i watched a Radio Rebel a few minutes ago :D it´s great film with Debby Ryan :) she is super actresses :)
So I watched Radio Rebel for the first time... It was kinda cool ya knw... Debby Ryan *sigh* LOL
i love Shrinking Violet Novel! That's because Disney Channel have a movie based of this book titled "Radio Rebel" starring of course no other than Ms. Debby Ryan.
if you love Jessie,follow me if you love Debby Ryan,Reply if you love Radio Rebel.
Young Hollywood shared the following link and had this to say about it: ENTER TO WIN! Click on the Sweepstakes button, "like"us and enter!!! darling Debby Ryan recently stopped by the Young Hollywood Studio and personally autographed a copy of her inspiring movie 'Radio Rebel', and now that...
Just watched Radio Rebel. Simple but an inspiring movie. Debby Ryan is so gorgeous.
two thumbs up for Radio Rebel the Movie! I like you there, Debby Ryan!
i hate Debby Ryan , but i love Jessie and Radio Rebel .
i actually like the movie Radio Rebel. idk why i just like Debby Ryan. She's so down to earth
Ive alsomet Debby Ryan and the guy from her movie wats it called oh radio rebel lol
Check out the music video to 'We got the beat' taken from the Disney Channel Original Movie, Radio Rebel starring Debby Ryan. Radio Rebel will be premiering on 1st June 2012, only on Disney Channel UK.
radio rebel was okay.It was really predictable to me and for some reason Debby Ryan bothers me. other than that it was good
Debby Ryan is trying too hard. She was on Suite Life on Deck, she has a movie called Radio Rebel &she has her own tv show; Jessie.
"You are you, and you've never been more beautiful."- Debby Ryan as Tara Adams on Radio Rebel
Radio Rebel i like it. Tara Adams (Debby Ryan) is a shy seventeen-year old senior at Lincoln Bay High School who dreads speaking to anyone in the school hallways or getting called on in class. But in the privacy of her bedroom, she rocks out as a podcast DJ named "Radio Rebel." Her alter ego gives inspirational messages to her fellow high school students and in turn they become her protégées. Her stepfather, Rob (Martin Cummins), runs SLAM FM, Seattle’s hottest FM radio station. When he finds out that Tara is Radio Rebel while listening to one of her podcasts at the request of DJ Cami Q (Mercedes de la Zerda), he decides to let Tara fill in for the open DJ slot at SLAM FM. Keeping her Radio Rebel alter ego a secret, Tara becomes an instant hit because her radio show encourages her classmates to be themselves. She has fun; on one occasion, she hosts a dance party during lunch at her high school where Principal Moreno (Nancy Robertson) has banned her students from listening to Radio Rebel's podcast. How ...
.talks about Radio Rebel, Jessie and Emma Stone. Take a look:
Lol Radio Rebel got Debby Ryan, now Debby Ryan on Jessie. It'd be funny in the night where there's Radio Rebel, Jessie & Suite Life On Deck.
Have you ever seen the movie Radio Rebel with Debby Ryan?
Radio Rebel On DVD 6/19: My oldest daughter loves Debby Ryan. She has every since she was in…
I'd prefer Radio Rebel than Shakes It Up. Debby Ryan is uhmazing but Bella is annoying.
- See photos of Debby in the studio!- Click to Subscribe!- Become a Fan!- Follow Us!Joslyn Davis and Dana Ward chatted with Debby Ryan all about the DVD release of her movie "Radio Rebel." Find...
if you've said any of these today: "Ariana Grande" "Strawberries" "Debby Ryan" "Radio Rebel.
Debby Ryan's Radio Rebel is available on DVD! In our interview with Debby she told us all about how she is similar to her Radio Rebel character Tara!
We just chatted with Debby Ryan who spilled all about her Disney Channel movie Radio Rebel - she got to play a teen who has a super secret life as a DJ! She told us about filming, bonding with the cast, and how she keeps in touch with her former co-stars. Be sure to check out Radio Rebel on DVD, in ...
Tara Adams is the main protagonist in the Disney Channel Original Movie, Radio Rebel. Tara is a high school teen living a double life. You’d never guess that Tara, the quiet, shy girl, is the voice of the edgy radio personality: Radio Rebel. As her on-air personality becomes increasingly popular, she must figure out how to handle both her fans and critics, all while being true to herself. And she also really likes Gavin but never tells him and gets super shy around him. Tara is an anonymous radio host named, Radio Rebel, on SLAM FM. She says that she used to be very shy and afraid to be wrong. She started Radio Rebel to say what matters to her. She has a major crush on Gavin. Her best friend is Audrey and they both have rocking styles. Tara knows where she stands and how to stand up to others, even if she's not there in person. Tara mostly stands up for the misfits on her radio show, Radio Rebel. In the end she takes a risk and reveals who she is at morp. Tara is portrayed by Debby Ryan.
Enter to win a DVD copy of Radio Rebel signed by Debby Ryan 6/27
"You Deserve to Embrace your awesomeness." ~ Radio Rebel :D I gotta watch that movie! Debby Ryan is my favee actress.
My Life is like the movie Radio Rebel. Like ? Actually it is exactly like Debby Ryan's character Tara .
On 26th May 2012, I had the honour of attending Debby Ryan's Meet & Greet Session! Debby was in Singapore to promote her new upcoming movie Radio Rebel, whic...
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Below you can watch a video of Debby Ryan meeting with her fans in Singapore on May 26, 2012. Debby was in Singapore to promote her movie Radio Rebel. How
Debby Ryan and Adam DiMarco stars on Radio Rebel premiere on Disney Channel.
Did you see the new film by Debby Ryan - Radio Rebel :)
Premiere of Radio Rebel! Debby Ryan is Radio Rebel! premieres June 17 part of Destination Disney Channel!
Just watched the premiere of Debby Ryan's Radio Rebel bet u like it, trust me!
Watch the premiere of Radio Rebel this Friday on Disney Channel at 8/7c. SUBSCRIBE! Follow me @
Taking over the airwaves on RadioDisney @ 3pm PT/6pm ET today. Don't miss it!! I'll be talking about my movie Radio Rebel and it's premiere tonight on Disney Channel. Spread the word.
Here is Debby's cover of "We got the beat" by the gogo's which she did for her new DCOM Radio Rebel. This rip is from Radio Disney.
Debby Ryan's got the beat! Radio Rebel premieres Friday, February 17 at 8/7c on Disney Channel! Want more video online? For FULL LENGTH EPISODES of Disney Ch...
Debby Ryan: 'Radio Rebel' Premieres TONIGHT!: Debby Ryan glams up for the premiere of her new…
Debby Ryan: 'Radio Rebel' Trailer!: Debby Ryan wears hot orange pants as she arrives back at…
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