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Radio Australia is the international broadcasting and online service operated by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Australia's public broadcaster.

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Future of refugees on unclear as Australia closes main centre. I spoke with earlier today:
Radio Australia in Tok Pisin!. We are starting Workshops today in: Research and Clinical Audit, Pacific Emergency...
I've read quite a lot about the island, but I can also understand Tok Pisin, the PNG lingua franca, thanks to Radio Australia & some books.
I liked a video Radio Australia to Leave Shortwave Write to them and let them know you are listening
First of new Sydney ferries graces the Harbour, carrying name of pioneering Australian doctor | ABC Radio Australia
"My message to Canada is this did work in Australia, stay firm in your focus" Hear full interview:
Songlines that criss-cross Australia televised as a series for the first time - The Sydney Morning Herald -Click t… https…
Ylona's interview here in SBS Radio here in Australia .
Ylona at SBS Radio Studio sharing her music in Australia .
What is America’s largest radio network iHeartMedia bringing to Australia?
Our good mate Haugy is looking for a bit of support to keep Australia's first and only 24/7 Rock-Metal Radio...
Listen to AMR on either of these links. . . TKOS coming up!!
Indigenous Australia News Top story: Louis Theroux: the condition of Australia'… see more
Disappointing reminder of how bad Australia is at promoting Indigenous voices/media, that visitors talk like this.
why does Abc pay radio hosts to glorify hunting and eating of endangered
Abc radio host was glorifying eating this morning! Disgusting!
Louis Theroux: The condition of Australia's Indigenous people is 'massively fascinating' -
Just did an interview with ABC Radio 621am live across Australia.
Doco star Louis Theroux keen to explore Indigenous Australia
Penny Wong's 'get it done' message via Who can blame Senator Wong? Most of Australia is sick of it.
Louis Theroux says after a week in Australia he is surprised by how invisible the Indigenous population is
Strategy of ABC Radio (Australia) over the next five years. This is excellent. (Never saw this at the BBC)
In the opinion of Pigeon Media, Pigeon Radio Australia, people are becoming intolerant and annoying. This pigeon...
"The colonial gaze" - the condition of Australia's Indigenous people is 'massively fascinating'
.Craig Hutchison on radio deal: “We now have coverage into close to 95% of regional Australia"…
AUSTRALIA Radio..for JOINTPOP. Vegemite Sandwich ??..say what..just Doubles for us. Join Peter Hatton on The Big...
Dr Euan Ritchie speaking about the crisis in Australia
no.1 Radio Show. Catch the vibez on Urban Movement Radio
Trichotomy Chase TRICHOTOMY are one of Australia’s most inventive contemporary music...
Media content should be diverse, so the media owernship is important.
I'm in McDonalds in Australia, radio is playing the new song, and it's They're interviewing Dami Im. This feels so weird...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Baby I'm in Love with You in heavy rotation AMP radio Melbourne Australia.
I almost crashed my car laughing at this lady who called up the radio station this morning and said Hong Kong was a city in Australia
we are a nascent radio startup in Australia - always loved you - and love this clip - we got traffic!
I guess if couldn't win and destroy from within, having a win is just as good. :p
DTN Australia: Game of Thrones Book of the stranger recap: Daenerys on fire, Sansa finds family and Margaery ...
Australia is starting a 'Eurovision Asia' and will be back next year, in Ukraine
bzetechshow: Thanks EuanRitchie1 for warning us about Australia's crisis. Podcast here:
Thanks for warning us about Australia's crisis. Podcast here:
listen now DJ Niceness - Inna Grooves show in the mix Urban Movement Radio
First Dates Australia, Episode 4: The one with the Kiwi in it
Having a little bit of home in missing my usual morning radio alarm clock! ❤️🍀☺️
a bit disappointed that the 'Host of Australia's radio show' would be so dismissive...
even a mere "cough" on radio can be pick up in Australia or Norway! Every1 is on the interNet!
Cheers for Easybeats! The first song I hear as I turn the radio on this evening. Love from me in Sydney, Australia.
George, Gary and Matt tell us what to expect from the current season of
Protests in Manus and Nauru as Australia 'stalls' on policy - Radio New Zealand
"Burke found farmers were often paid more than the value of their land not to clear." FAIRY DUST says rural radio.
Join Peter Hatton on The Big Fat Indie Show on Northern Quarter Radio on Banks Radio Australia, Monday night from... http…
He was greatest ever radio and he may have even the of radio in Francis.
.says Australia has one of highest company tax rates in OECD on
Good thing ahead radio wave opportunities sympathy impending around think about not right drag australia: zObajf
your request! I wd send request2 BBC, Radio Australia &wait with batted breath if they wd play!! 70 80s! 2/2
From Australia to Texas and beyond, meet the voices that'll dominate radio in 2016.
the snow surprised me but of course.. Ive been to the radio telescope in Australia and yep i def bought up bug at gift shop
Welcome to Events In Australia Including Radio Shows ;) Our FB Page has been in hiatus for far too...
Tribute to Di Apprentice on Australia Reggae Radio on the Zare Demus Show Reggae Down Under right now. Playing...
the amount of times I've heard stiches on the radio in Australia in the past week is insane
yes thanks, following from Australia. Interesting how Chile Fire Brigades are named after different countries.
Benjamin Law puts multicultural Australia in the spotlight. Funny book
Ofc my grandmother does but honestly as long as they're the right person if they're from Australia, America idc
In the car there were 4 grown men with me blasting Justin Bieber on the radio on the way to the cricket 😂😂 Gotta love Australia.
hi, is there any radio coverage in New Zealand or Australia this year? Thanks
No panic he's white! Channel 7's reporter mauls Miss Australia Monika Radulovic.
Please give a like, love you long time!
Tiny House Australia shows the big benefits of small living
5 years today since floods. Some of the wonderful people I've met now on Australia All Over
Radio Australia: president revokes pardons of 14 convicted MPs;
PNG government accused of dragging feet on WCCI - Radio Australia
Did Australia pay traffickers?: The Australian government stands accused of shirking its international obligat...
Australia to prosecute Heartbleed pentest in desperation to pin charges on Anonymous radio host
Russell said on a radio show that he fancies you.
Google by far Australia’s largest advertising medium. Not TV, News Print, Radio, Billboards. Just where our eyeballs are.
Thank YOU, Amber. Australia is in for a *big* treat when Love & Mercy arrives "down under". For now, enjoy the radio show!
Jarrad spoke to Radio National about Amnesty International Australia's investigation into the high rates of...
Team PNG lead this year's Walk Against Corruption in Port Moresby - Radio Australia
Solomon Islands' climate plight the focus of an upcoming documentary - Radio Australia: Solomon Islands'…
Fabulous young Australian Muslim voices via Radio National for your listening pleasure, including experiences
GUESS WHAT? FERRIS WHEEL is a June Top 5 song on Stars of Tomorrow 2RDJ Radio! I LOVE AUSTRALIA!! Voting for soon
.is available now to all stations in & via Please download and add!
.is on the radio now discussing if Australia paid bribes to people smugglers
⭐️ • The BBC at War, BBC Two, review: 'intriguing': This documentary about the Corporation's reaction...
Good stuff on Radio National this morning:
My Stackin' Paper track got radio play in Australia! 💸💸💸.
Really?! It was a radio-only single in Australia when I lived there and they played it a lot, but never been a fave of mine
Just had my 2nd interview on the radio! This one was for a radio station in Australia. This is crazy!
When my dad calls from Australia to listen to the Samoan radio through the dam phone 😪🔫 the neighbours can probs hear the radio 😂😂😂 caring✊🏻
Another top 20 in Australia with just radio plays being the only promo. YAS GIRLS!
Banner in solidarity with anarchists facing persecution in
Willow’s first radio single, Overflow, reaching ears and hearts Australia to Kansas to Kenya! Request it and let it OV…
Just requested by my fav to the largest radio station in Australia and they played it! 🙋🏼…
w/ ‘Suis ta route’ on the GAYest radio station, Australia’s
TV on the Radio slays Australia set with “Game of Thrones” cover
Macquarie Radio Network : Jun 2015 growth predicted as unsure.
I've been hearing black magic playing lots on the radio in Australia, it's doing really well here :D
South China Sea: US calls for immediate end to China's island-building; vows more patrols | ABC Radio Australia
The behind the project.It is the world’s largest radio telescope, and it'll operate in &
& w/ ‘Hope Never Dies’ on the GAYest radio stn, Australia’s
w/ ‘Warrior’ on the GAYest radio station, Australia’s
Lol we're doing these hashtags just to win and get to play 'Your Number' in Australia's Radio Show k
& w/ ‘Chain of Lights’ on the GAYest radio station, Australia’s
A 17 year old faces terror charges in Australia.
If becomes magazines, radio & TV will run out of news to bore us with Enough of &
A bit of a faux pas at the Parkes radio telescope in Australia.
Married At First Sight Australia: Why the legalities don't matter - via
Welcome to Australia..Love to interview you guys for my radio program while your here:))
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Sitting in a tiny town on the West coast of Australia when I hear come on the radio
Tough pill to swallow. 17 years of mysterious outer space radio frequencies turns out to be the office microwave
I want to come live in Australia to write and be on sports radio. Are there any strings my favorite mayor anywhere could pull?!
Chile volcano: Authorities order evacuations as Calbuco erupts again with new ... - Radio Australia
Radio interviewed Archbishop on bioethics, marriage & his appointment to the CDF. Listen:
hello from Australia! Are you listening to the game on a radio station? If so which one? Cheers
Someone created a Wikipedia article about "3WAY FM". Help expand it!
Australian teen on terror charges: Australian authorities charged a 17-year-old with terrorism offenses after ...
Tune in to Jordan Green's interview on the SOT Radio Show in Sydney Australia this week!
Tune in to my interview on SOT Radio show in Australia this week!
the astronomers at the Parkes observatory in Australia bought a new microwave oven in 1998.
Sunny today! With a high of 26 c - Listen to the latest news bulletin http://
hi mom we were on the radio in Australia 2day .
Well done, Australia :P Microwave oven to blame for mystery signal that left astronomers stumped
My tiny son is on the amazing new radio show around Australia tonight!
All purpose parts banner
aw I was asleep australia always misses it 😭😂 looks like I'm setting my alarm next time
⭐️ • Have I Got Election News for You, review: 'a welcome reminder of the ridiculousness of politics'...
Radio Australia: Australia is the latest country to come under the spotlight of the Pacific Island Forum's...
Rap God came on my radio and I thought it was Igloo Australia
iTunes Radio is also available in Australia
Lana Del Rey will have a radio interview in Australia on Triple J, July 6 between 6-9 pm
A whole community in Australia is reading 'LoveWins' with our radio book club .
would you be up for a radio interview in Australia? We've started an on-air bookclub & we're currently reading 'Love Wins'
.- Do What You Like on Australia's LGBTI radio station - new single on iTunes now! Welcome back T…
The GOGO radio show is featured at 08:00hrs on
Tatts renamed ubet soon punter friendly if only we could get the radio show on digital radio in south Australia
Google-News- Severed finger found in ute - 3AW: Sky News Australia Severed finger found in…
NOW: It's P for Polocrosse in with Did you know the sport was invented in Australia?
30 April 1930 A radio telephone service between and the UK was inaugurated.
Listening to 'West Australia Aboriginal heritage under threat' with the ABC Radio app
Widow wins court case to save dead husband's frozen sperm from being ... - Radio Australia
Chef Shannon Bennett is happy to be part of the MasterChef Australia team - via
Bookmark this page to listen in to the Restore Australia Radio Show TODAY April 30 at 10 am Australian Eastern...
⭐️ • Nick and Margaret: the Trouble with Our Trains, BBC Two, review: 'frustrating': While presenters...
⭐️ • Britain set to host world's largest radio telescope: The headquarters of the project which will aim t...
Talking the end of FM radio in Australia w/ the on now. Norway's doing it, should we follow suit?
ABC Radio: Aboriginal vaccination rates are better than the rest of Australia.
Norway is set to shut down FM radio in 2017, is this the way of the future for Australia? speaks to Philip Shine from
After the news on - switches off FM radio in 2017, could do the same? The joins us soon.
Im beyond proud of Cam, his song was number 1 in Australia last night and it played on our biggest radio station..This i…
Tune in to on ABC Radio Australia tomorrow 7.45am to hear discuss relief e…
Australian cattle genetics being taken to PNG to improve local beef pr - Radio Australia
Tuvalu's northern islands still reeling from Cyclone Pam | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia
Fog causes delays at with diverted to other capital cities - Radio Australia
Gull Force monument on China's Hainan Island recognises mystery of Australian ... - Radio Australia
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Radio Australia interviews Powes Parkop, the Governor of NCDC Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, about the recent...
Radio Australia: (Australia) Jaycee Chan, the son. of kung fu movie star Jackie Chan...
to lead massive Pacific economic growth in 2015 | Radio Australia
Radio Australia via UAE heard here in British Columbia at about 2300 UTC on 9855 and 9890.
Food processing plant to create hundreds of jobs in American Samoa - Radio Australia
AUS FM Julie Bishop vows to fight possible cuts to the foreign aid budget | ABC Radio Australia |
Family planning push to address the issue of maternal deaths in Papua New Guinea | Radio Australia
Radio Australia's record collection is featured on today's Vinyl Frontier. When too much re-verb is never enough
Treasurer Joe Hockey 'really genuinely sorry' for hurt caused by 'poor people ... - Radio Australia
Radio Australia is axing their daily Asia-Pacific current affairs news programme. An odd decision and a wholly wrong one.
Last time on Radio Australia which ends this week :-( US under pressure to get tough with Myanmar over human rights htt…
(ABC Radio Australia): 30+ years of state backed persecution of Ahmadis Muslims in Pakistan
(ABC Radio Australia): No place safe for Ahmadis in Pakistan
Radio Australia's will continue, as will hourly radio news bulletins. Tok Pisin service survives, but will be reduced.
Fate of asylum seekers remains unclear as Government deflects questions from UN ABC Radio Australia via
PM visit to marks a turning point in relations | Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
targets indigenous business entrepreneurs to keep jobs and profits in the country | ABC Radio Australia |
Campaigning in final stage in Cook Islands for Wednesday's election | ABC Radio Australia |
Legal battle over the arrest of Papua New Guinea's prime minister Peter O'Neill | ABC Radio Australia
at Radio Australia has confirmed Assistant Commissioner Thomas Eluh has been suspended.
New Zealand PM celebrates with Samoa at start of Pacific tour | ABC Radio Australia via
Darwin flights to resume as volcanic ash plume from Sangeang Api in Indonesia ... - Radio Australia
Report: NZ aid to train community police in Papua on hold - Radio Australia
PNG Hunters will need to adjust for CQ Capras game - Radio Australia
Rave reviews for American Samoa football documentary - Radio Australia
Australia Flags Major Changes To Foreign Aid Spending CANBERRA, Australia (Radio Australia, Apr. 30, 2014) — Australia's Foreign Minister has flagged major changes to the way the country determines its foreign aid budget. Julie Bishop says the Federal Government will soon introduce a performance evaluation system for foreign aid, with an emphasis on value for money. She says it will ensure the foreign aid system is affordable and sustainable, while still being effective for countries in Australia's region. "Despite billions of dollars in foreign aid over recent years some nations will not meet one of their millennium development goals by 2015, and in some instances they have gone backwards, this cannot be allowed to continue," Ms Bishop said during a speech in Melbourne. Ms. Bishop says some of the countries receiving foreign aid have not experienced any economic growth. She says the new system will ensure taxpayers' money is spent on programs which are responsible. "In the near future I will announce t ...
Wow. ABC's Radio Australia has won permission to broadcast China-wide. This is huge.
Authorities *** earthquake damage in Papua New Guinea and Solomon ... - Radio Australia: Radio Australia...
Israel Folau withdrawn from NSW Waratahs Super Rugby line-up by Australian ... - Radio Australia
Education, women in leadership on agenda for Australian senator's ... - Radio Australia: Education, women in l... http:/…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Julie Bishop criticises Bob Carr for 'breaching confidences' in new memoir of ... - Radio Australia
West Papua backers raising 'false hopes' - Bob Carr | Radio Australia (when he was FM)
Swains Island MP calls for representation in American Samoa parliament - Radio Australia
Government sends teachers back to school in American Samoa - Radio Australia
Beche de mere at risk of extinction in Western Pacific | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
Where To For The Pacific Islands News Association? FIJI, Oceania (Radio Australia, Feb. 24, 2014) — PINA, which represents the interests of journalists in the Pacific region, has been registered as a company in Fiji. The members of the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) have been told at the Annual General Meeting in New Caledonia that on "legal advice" they could not vote in a new president. A Suva-based PINA executive said Moses Stevens from Vanuatu, who has been president for the past four years, would have to be re-elected for another two-year term. PINA, which represents the interests of media professionals in the Pacific region, was recently registered in Fiji as a company limited and was no longer listed as a charitable organization. The legal advice given was that the same leadership team should remain in place during the "transition". This has caused some consternation among former PINA members. "Unfortunately PINA is being defined by what is happening in Fiji," Kalafi Moala from Tonga's T ...
Radio Australia presenter Phil Kafcaloudes speaks with Pacific Peoples Health Editor Innes Logan and Dr Ron McCoy, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. “I was really impressed by this (Pacific Peoples Health) approach which I thought was quite innovative….just the approach was very p...
Palau Senators Inspired By Australian Women Politicians CANBERRA, Australia (Radio Australia, Feb. 13, 2014) — Two senators from Palau say the women in politics they met during a recent visit to Australia have inspired them to be better politicians. Jerilin Senior and Rukebai Inabo spent time in the Australian capital, Canberra, and visiting the constituencies of Australian senators and MPs, as part of the Pacific Women's Parliamentary Partnership Program. Senator Inabo has told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program she's "learned to be a better politician" by spending time with Australian women politicians, watching how they work. "I have learned so much from being here and I think I'll be a more productive senator," she said. "It's not campaigning, it's keeping in touch with the people. One (Australian) senator also mentioned the fact that you maintain that relationship and you come to know the issues that affect your people. That makes you a more effective senator. "I also learned a lot from partici ...
No country is free if it is landlocked: top Derg official Ethiomedia February 12, 2014 About This Ad Fikre Wogderes Fikreselassie Wogderes WASHINGTON, DC - Landlocked Ethiopia cannot say it is a free country because it is dictated by the tiny port state of Djibouti, a former top leader of the military regime told an international radio recently. Fikre Selassie Wogderess, who had served as prime minister for a few years during the military dictatorship between 1974 and 1991, told SBS Radio Australia that Ethiopia is chained to obey the demands of Djibouti as it doesn't have any other choice. "If not, its existence would be in danger," Fikreselassie said with a tone of resentment. Fikreselassie, who was released in October 2011 after 20 years of imprisonment, said any country that doesn't have its own port is not considered a free, self-reliant and independent country. "It's very disturbing to any Ethiopian who has witnessed the downfall of the country to the state of landlocked. Future Ethiopian government ...
Neil Finn of New Zealand bands Split Enz and later, Crowded House is Australasia's most lauded and loved musician. He joins us in our Radio Australia studios to share a song from his current release 'Dizzy Heights'. He's definitely still the master of the melody.
American Samoa to be a hub of Pacific tuna industry - Radio Australia
United Nations calls for a rethink on PNG's plan to restore capital punishment | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia
American Samoa to offer immigration amnesty - Radio Australia
PNG Police Brutality Highlighted In Human Rights Report Police abuse, gender violence, sorcery killings highlighted MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Jan. 22, 2014) – Police brutality in Papua New Guinea has come under sharp scrutiny in this year's annual report from global advocacy group Human Rights Watch (HRW), which says while PNG's natural resources have fuelled economic growth, "consistent" poor governance and endemic corruption has made improving living standards in the country difficult. Elaine Pearson, HRW Director in Australia, says there are serious questions surrounding the country's mobile police squads, which have been deployed to Australian-funded asylum seeker detention centres on Manus Island. She says squads are "particularly notorious for human rights abuses," and HRW has documented detainees being beaten and tortured. Both PNG and Australia have been urged to stop using them in security roles. Violence against women and girls in PNG was another factor contributing to the negativ ...
Long time Radio Veteran, Pearson Vetuna who is now retired. Began his career with NBC and later went on to Radio Australia- Tok Pisin Service. I had the opportunity and privillage to work and rub shoulders with this professional man. Vetuna and I sharing ideas together at work...2011
This is John Papik from Radio Australia- Tok Pisin Service... I nickname him as the clock man.
Vava'u has narrowly escaped a direct hit, but Ian is now headed directly over Ha'apai at a wind speed of 270km/h - enough to pick up and throw around cars. It will pass to the east of the capital Nuku'alofa but they could also experience damaging winds later tonight. Tonga's National Emergency Management Office says the country is fortunate to have escaped the worst effects of Cyclone Ian. Director Leveni Aho told Radio Australia there are no reports of death or injury at this stage, and only sporadic reports of structural damage. AUDIO: Tonga 'lucky' to escape worst effects of storm (ABC News) A state of emergency remains in place as the storm moves away from Vava'u and onto the islands of Ha'apai. Mr Aho says although the danger period is not over, many Tongans are counting their blessings. "Yes, it's very strange how the eye of the cyclone was very narrow and yet so powerful. I think we are extremely lucky with very little damage reported," he said. Tonga's Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre is forecastin ...
FOREIGN Minister Julie Bishop has expressed concerns that the ABC is not meeting the terms of its $223 million Australia Network contract, after receiving negative feedback from its target audience. Ms Bishop's comments come as one of her most senior bureaucrats has admitted the department was "closely monitoring" the ABC's management of the overseas network. Justin Brown, the first assistant secretary in charge of public diplomacy at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, has told Sydney broadcaster Michael Smith in a letter obtained by The Australian that there is "ongoing contact" between DFAT and the ABC to "identify what is needed to ensure the integrated Australia Network-Radio Australia service becomes a more effective vehicle for advancing Australia's broad and enduring interests in the Asian region". A tender process for the 10-year soft-diplomacy broadcaster was scrapped in controversial circumstances in 2011 and responsibility for the service handed to the ABC. The Gillard government had ...
Asia-Pacific reported deadliest region for journalists in 2013: IFJ - Radio Australia: Radio AustraliaA...
PNG economy has tough year in 2013 | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
Blanchett gets Golden Globe nomination for her lead role in Blue Jasmine | ABC Radio Australia via
Marshall Islands Raises Sex Trafficking Concerns With United States MAJURO, Marshall Islands (Radio Australia, Dec. 10, 2013) — The Marshall Islands President Christopher Loeak has called on the United States to help his country fight sex trafficking rather than simply name and shame it. The Pacific nation was listed in the US Trafficking in Persons Report 2013 as a place where women from East Asia are forced into prostitution to service fishing crew members from China and other nations. Mr. Loeak told Radio Australia's Pacific Beat program his nation has not been able to verify such statements. "We've voiced our concern from the beginning," he said. "If they're going to do anything about it then they should be able to help us, so we can help them. Maybe provide training, or whatever would be helpful to solve the problem, instead of just passing our name in the international community." The US Department of State report, released in June, says women are recruited with the promise of legitimate work, but ...
Climate-Related Funding Critical For Pacific Nations: ADB Economist says nations should look at improving procurement MELBOURNE, Australia (Radio Australia, Dec. 9, 2013) – Pacific countries have a lot to gain from getting better at obtaining climate-related finance, according to the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The Pacific has a major problem dealing with the economic impact of cyclones and other catastrophic weather events. The damage bill for cyclone Evan in Samoa in 2012 was US$200 million, and memories are still raw in the Cook Islands from the five cyclones experienced in just five weeks back in 2005. ADB economist Emma Veve says predicted temperature rises will have significant economic consequences in the region, possibly resulting in losses around 12 percent of a country’s annual GDP for some of the larger Pacific nations. Veve says ADB research has shown some countries could need between US$500-$700 million a year to prepare for worst-case scenarios, which she says sounds like a lot of mone ...
I like this headline. What else is new? "Corruption Watchdog Says More Than Two-Thirds Of The World Corrupt BERLIN, Germany (Radio Australia, Nov. 04, 2013) — The latest survey on global corruption has found that more than two-thirds of the 177 countries surveyed are corrupt. Global watchdog Transparency International has released its Corruption Perceptions Index for 2013 and New Zealand and Denmark tied for first place with scores of 91 out of 100. Singapore came in at fifth spot and Australia was in the ninth place. Transparency International Australia's Director Grahame Leonard told Radio Australia that despite coming in the top ten, Australia had slipped four points, which is "quite considerable". "Australian companies trying to do business are the ones who suffer at the result of this deterioration in our rating," he said. "We're campaigning very hard and lobbying our new government to have a national anti-corruption strategy, which Australia does not have." Myanmar has shown marked improvements i ...
Fiji hoping for power performance in South African Sevens - Radio Australia: Fiji Broadcasting Corporation...
Provincial leader promises new Mt Hagen headquarters on track for completion | Radio Australia
Hindus Condemn Cook Island's Bishop's Comments on Diwali Source FIJI, November 19, 2013 (Fiji Sun): The Vishwa Hindu Parishad Fiji says comments by Cook Islands bishop, Tutai Pere, condemning Diwali celebrations held in the island nation are saddening. VHP Fiji national president Jay Dayal said the bishop was forgetting the values of Christianity. "At the same time, we in Fiji are fortunate and so ever thankful to our government that Fiji is a secular nation that allows freedom of religious practices and personal beliefs bringing everyone together during their respective festivals," Mr. Dayal said. "As a Christian, the bishop should learn to love his neighbors rather than enforce his imprudent personal beliefs on others that divide a society in a tiny island nation like the Cooks, said Dayal. Bishop Pere was on Radio Australia labeling Hindus as idol worshipers (listen to the full recording at ... tion-as-blasphemy/1220374). Mr. Dayal said: "Diwali is a festival of light not idolatry or blasphemy against ...
Maldives to inaugurate new president after Mohamed Nasheed's shock run-off defeat | ABC Radio Australia
New Solomon Islands hospital to train medical professional in the region | ABC Radio Australia
Rescue archaeology for consensual development in New Caledonia | ABC Radio Australia via
Wrap of the 1st round of games, and how the Pacific nations are faring, for Radio Australia http…
Indonesia says embassy spy claims just not cricket as Australian ambassador Greg Moriarty questioned by Foreign Ministry...(Radio Australia)
Award to Radio Australia reporter for documentary on Papua New Guinea land rights.
Breaking: Research shows climate change is causing issues for El Nino - Radio Australia
Thanks to ABC National Radio Australia for broadcasting On thurs again. Great honour
Malaysian court rules use of 'Allah' exclusive to Muslims | ABC Radio Australia
China calls for 'de-Americanised' world economy in wake of US shutdown, debt stand-off Radio Australia via
Report: Perceptions of China and Australia - a text book issue - Radio Australia
Advocate for girls' education inspires Pacific initiatives | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia
The Pacific feeling the effects of the US Government shutdown | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia
Sportsware manufacturer opens up a plant in Fiji - Radio Australia: Sportsware manufacturer opens up a plant i...
Gospel radio... Australia why don't you have this!
Khmer News-ABC Radio Australia Daily News in khmer 12 October 2013 Recommending you to watch or Listen other...
Drake and Jay Z on the same track on radio
DLP Senator vows to keep up pressure over West Papua | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
Shout out 2 ZIFM radio u guys rock... wish ere was an online streaming radio...Australia keep t up
Shakedown Radio Australia - October 2013 - Hip-Hop & RnB - Podcasts free to Listen and Download -
Government tackling shortage of thousands of teachers | Radio Australia
North Korea warns of 'all out war' over US military drills | ABC Radio Australia via
Check out our mates over at The Bloke Show Podcast (MA15+). Featuring Wrestle Radio Australia's CHAY LOPEZ!
Fiji and Samoa knocked out of Rugby Sevens opener - Radio Australia
JPS NTR-1 noise filter at work with Radio Australia in London earlier tonight. Can't believe this box is 20 years old
Radio calls for less regulation: COMMERCIAL Radio Australia has fired a shot across the bow of the media watch...
featured on a new edition of Podcast (PG). > h…
Cyclone Phailin lashes India's east coast, more than 400,000 people evacuated | ABC Radio Australia via
"Refugee advocates want pregnant asylum seeker removed from 'inhumane conditions' on Nauru | ABC Radio Australia" ( )
Bodies of three US Marines found on Guadalcanal | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
Internet freedom on the decline around the world | ABC Radio Australia via
Internet freedom on the decline around the world - Radio Australia |
Listen to our latest edition for an EXCLUSIVE. HOT OFFER from our partners
to all in tonight's 25th ACRA awards ! . Commercial Radio Australia
Lawyer says PM is undermining free speech | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
Researchers warn record temperatures could hit as early as 2020 | ABC Radio Australia via
Samoa still considering sex offenders register - Radio Australia
Happy Fiji Day from all of us at ABC Radio Australia!
News of our petition supporting Fr. Hezel was picked up by the Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
Lote Tuqiri released by Wests Tigers to return to rugby union with Irish side ... - Radio Australia
wonder if watch Women's political leadership modelling.
CRA wrote "It is unsustainable and inequitable for free-to-air radio broadcasters to be subject to Aust music quotas"
Mix It Up Radio - Australia's Talkback and Music Radio Station - Listen Live and join the Chatroom -
Paul Grabowsky did a fascinating interview with Radio australia earlier this week. if you missed, you can hear it...
Why Australia leads the world in Breaking Bad downloads via
Australia rejects calls to give more rights to New Zealanders | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
Not sure I'll ever get sick of these sunsets. @ DMG Radio Australia
Cuisine News - Chefs back push for Pacific cuisine on five-star menus - Radio Australia: Chefs back push for P...
Pacific Games to create business opportunities for Australian businesses - Radio Australia
Tonga's first call centre dials in to lucrative international market - Radio Australia
New rugby sevens coach says Fiji was "the only team for me" - Radio Australia: FijivillageNew rugby sevens coa...
Paul Grabowsky recently gave some fascinating insights into 3when he talked to Radio Australia. Check it!
My interview on the water leaks @ on ABC Radio Australia with Annie Gaffney.
Ahmaddiya leader concerned over the sect's persecution in Pakistan | ABC Radio Australia
Report: Summiteers head to Brunei for EAS - Radio Australia
Just days into the betelnut ban, claims Port Moresby looks cleaner | Radio Australia
Police commander says PNG bank robbery was an inside job - Radio Australia
Did an interview with Radio about UNSAVORY ELEMENTS Exploring the stories of latest ethnic minority
Next event: Australia's great Asia project at the halfway point; Mr Graeme Dobell, Associate Editor, Radio Australia
John Prior. Here is a submission from Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) to the Australian Communications and Media...
Tonga's new call centre industry takes on the world | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
Auckland chef aims to develop Pacific cuisine - Radio Australia
news Hobbit feet, Frodo's sword among Lord of the Rings auction items - Radio Australia
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Egyptian militants launch attacks after dozens killed in clashes - Radio Australia
Samoa welcomes Australian approach to Fiji - Radio Australia
Excited about getting this week's Wrestle Radio Australia out in JUST A COUPLE OF DAYS!. Slex interview leading up...
Nauru recruits its citizens to support local police - Radio Australia: Nauru recruits its citizens to support ...
This debate is well worth the listen.
Whoa! Cool just finished a live phone interview for Radio Australia with radio jockey Campel Cooney.
Thank you to everyone that listened to Reptile Radio Australia tonight - I enjoyed myself and I think it went pretty well :)
Vivid memories of waking up early to listen to on Radio Australia during 92 Aus tour.. best commentary ever 1/2
Contaminated water leaked at Fukushima via Radio Australia
Girls rewarded for exhibitionism. MTR + Olympia Nelson discuss on
Is warning kids of risks of sexy selfies backward + interfering? Discussion with Olympia Nelson on
Tony Abbott reassures Indonesia he will respect its sovereignty on asylum seeker issue - Radio Australia
Future of democracy under scrutiny after poll delay | Asia Pacific | ABC Radio Australia
Yes!! Finally Love More is on the radio!! Australia need to lift there game if it's taken this long.
Corruption watchdog still to verify claim on civil society groups | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
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foreign cuts under the spotlight in New York | ABC Radio Australia
Anti-poverty campaigners at Global Citizen Festival urge Tony Abbott to ... - Radio Australia
Scores missing in South China Sea as typhoon heads for Vietnam - Radio Australia
Give the latest Wrestle Radio Australia a listen!
Wrestle Radio Australia with Todd Eastman & myself. Plus Chay Lopez brings the laughs, Rhi & Chris join me for...
and listen on ABC NewsRadio and Radio Australia
Vanuatu PM accuses UN of ignoring Papuans - Radio Australia
Historic family reunion in Malaita for blackbirding descendants | Pacific Beat | ABC Radio Australia via
Natalie Tran’s joined the line-up for the Commercial Radio Australia conference. We look forward to her thoughts
Report: Abbott urged to put Papua rights on the agenda - Radio Australia
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