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Rachel Maddow

Rachel Anne Maddow (born April 1, 1973) is an American television host, political commentator, and author.

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I know I'm not alone in saying that Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Lawrence O'Donnell & others like them give me hope. Togeth…
Watch Alex Jones do impressions of Bernie Sanders, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow just illuminated another way for Trump to be put in Jail. This one involves Ivanka too.
"Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, talks with Rachel Maddow about his interview with Vladimir...
Rachel Maddow had David Cay Johnson talk about RYBOLOVLEV, the Russian fertilizer king, whose private plane shared…
Rachel Maddow is is such a vodka aunt and I love her
Yes, Rachel is back on the air tonight. (Also, YES! Rachel Maddow is back on the air tonight!)
When I put on MSNBC and see Brian Williams and Chris Matthews on instead of Rachel Maddow
Brian Williams is a weak substitute for Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews will be just more white noise no a case like Maddow presents
Rachel Maddow is now characterizing all mentally ill people as dangerous just to defend gun control!
Not a gambler, but willing to bet Jon Stewart or Rachel Maddow will take Trump down! They don't fear his threats!
Find 20min & watch this brilliant, stunning story from last nite's Rachel Maddow show. No one else is covering this:
Rachel Maddow u *** begging 4 recording town hall meeting was new level o pathetic thought o your hands on anyone's footage = nauseating
New Jersey Rodney Freylinghuysen phoned in his town hall meeting. Rachel Maddow hoping for more tape recordings of personal touch 2 constits
I hope you, and Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O'Donnell will know what to think of this.
Adams isn't a scientist. I began an experiment. I followed Rachel Maddow. The things I'll do in the name of science...
Elizabeth Warren, Samantha Bee and Rachel Maddow - 3 wise women. Bannon, Trump and Pence - The three racist
I heard about this. According 2 Rachel Maddow, the list has been posted elsewhere.
UPDATE: Warren calls into the Rachel Maddow show to discuss the ordeal. Says everyone should read King's letter
Rachel Maddow reads parts of the Coretta Scott King letter Mitch McConnell couldn't bear to hear in the Senate.
Chris Hayes Lawrence O'donnell, Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid are the ones to wa…
when did Rachel Maddow change her name to Christopher Hayes?
That's what I say about MSNBC anchors Rachel Maddow and Christopher Hayes.
Wow! Sykes and the pathetic and irrelevant George Will. Might as well be Rachel Maddow and Paul Krugman...
Rachel Maddow is honestly a despicable human being. She is the epitome of a left wing nutjob. Good news no one watches her…
No matter what I select on YOU TUBE Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, it is flooded with Trump videos. One Joe Scarborough brought O'Reilly
Who was that woman that looked like a blond Rachel Maddow that used to…
At 8 o'clock, tucker Carlson and Rachel Maddow are both on tv. 8 o'clock is the most annoying time to watch the news
Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence McDonald & Joy Reid are the only reasons to watch now.
That Women's March had more *** than a Rachel Maddow and Sally Kohn dance party at Lilith Fair.
Is that Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes? . I can never tell the difference. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Rachel Maddow likening trump inauguration to Nixon ..she was hoping bush sr to die. ..a witch
Rachel Maddow did a story about the crisis in West Africa RIGHT NOW, in Gambia. They're about to have a war.
WON'T. O'Donnell does, but Joy Reid does, and Rachel Maddow. That's it.
Tucker Carlson is winning d ratings war BIGLY. So far, he is leading Rachel Maddow, O'Reilly, Hannity and Megyn Kelly. Good one for Fox News
Having only pictures of Rachel Maddow, Liza Minnelli, or Cher
She's more like Joe's sex kitten. Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow & Joy Ann Reid are the gems of MSNBC.
She'll go well with character assassinators & McCarthyites Rachel Maddow and Joy Anne Reid
If "influencing" is the standard whereby interference is judged, arrest Martha Raddatz, Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow, etc.
.Wait'll they find out Tucker discovered Rachel Maddow and Willie Geist.
In before Megyn Kelly goes full Rachel Maddow for NBC debut
Rachel Maddow shares the results of a review of last year's Sunday national politics talk show guests.
Joy Reid is good and Rachel Maddow is awesome...the rest suck! Bring back Olberman!
Kelly Anne Congame was downright embarrassing on Rachel Maddow's show last night.Trying to justify lies DT told about Martha Raddatz.
The secretary of homeland security told Rachel Maddow the DREAMers should be allowed to come out of the shadows:
Obnoxious people say that Chris Hayes looks like Rachel Maddow, but he actually looks way more like Chris Jansing.
Rachel Maddow rips the press for not reporting that both Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates are on Exxon's payroll:
Other than Ari Melber, Steve Kornacki, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow on Friday nights, I'm done with MSNBC.
We now live in a time when Rachel Maddow talks about retaliating against Russia and GOP transition team says WMD in Iraq inte…
Martha Raddatz, no wait Andrea Mitchell. um Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow... There are just SO MANY that fit the quote!
Rachel Maddow covered it as is Ari Melber - subbing for
Newsworthy: Tim Ryan facing Pelosi for House Dem leader - Congressman Tim Ryan talks with Rachel Maddow about t...
I watch Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes. Tamron Hall. It's the only progressives I can find.
We must stay active but wean ourselves from most corporate media like and (except AMJoy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Tamron Hall).
I can stand Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and one or two others. But I do NOT consider MSNBC to be "…
Why Trump's confusion about what a 'blind trust' is matters
maddow journalism 🇺🇸the 4th estate can't have democracy without it. 🇺🇸Truth to power💪🏻
In just a few minutes I'll be speaking with Rachel about Trump's victory & how we'll keep fighting for working…
"'University' fraud allegations aren't going away"
Rachel Maddow just said that Melania's jewelry line on QVC is listed on his transition .gov web site. Boycott QVC.
U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren gives me hope. Thank you, The Rachel Maddow Show. :-)
After GOP wins, Paul Ryan puts Medicare in the crosshairs
OH so now MSNBC Rachel Maddow are talking about his kids running his business calling it a blind trust REALLY? So NOW you'r…
Senator Warren after Trump wins White House: "We stand up, and we fight back"
As usual Rachel you were so good and chock full of info!
"We are not turning this country over to what Donald Trump has sold." - Elizabeth Warren
So and are having a discussion about the threat to journalism by Trump. Hm. Chris and Rachel are pretty clean
Rachel as much as I love you. I can't turn my TV on yet.
Senator Warren: 'We stand up and we fight back' via
Elizabeth Warren: "We fight back. We do not back down. We do not compromise, not today, not tomorrow, not ever." https:/…
Tuesday: "I'm voting Trump because he'll protect Medicare!". Friday: Paul Ryan announces: "We're killing https:…
"'Not my president' protests prompt Republican complaints"
"Dem senator: A Supreme Court seat is 'being stolen'"
Don't worry Rachel, Trump won't act like a violent, tantrum throwing liberal. Do you hear how stupid you sound?…
Senator Warren: 'Get out there and volunteer'
.on what worries her most about President-elect Trump
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
You, Rachel & a few others are the only ones in MSM I trust. Great anger at media but respect for true journalists
First time I laugh today: gf asks what happened to Rachel Maddow's glasses, realizes she's thinking of Great British Bake-O…
Rachel Maddow interrupted reporting of Trump’s victory to assure viewers that they weren't in *** It's true TVs in H…
Thank you Rachel Maddow and Eugene Robinson for speaking out for some of us who feel terrified.
MSNBC is trying the same. Rachel Maddow and Eugene Robinson are pushing back on it.
Nice Deb did a nice job writing on Robert Creamer and Rachel Maddow back in 2011, both repeated visitors to Obama.
If I wanted to watch Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow co-host a show, I would have watched their shows, your mask has come off.
omg! That article ..."looking and sounding like Rachel Maddow" ...SOFA KING FUNNY!
Rachel Maddow just reported an emergency GOP meeting in Washington DC is ongoing. Amazingly, this election just got even cra…
Rachel Maddow: Donald Trump may no longer be the Republican nominee
Rachel Maddow scoop: Elena Kagan's pilot floated for the Fields Medal for her proposal on nuclear power.
Rachel Maddow, Christiane Amanpour, Gwen Ifill. We need more WOMEN to moderate the debates. https:…
My congresswoman, Barbara Lee, is verbally whaling the daylights out of Donald Trump on Rachel Maddow's show.
Kristen Welker you need to take notes from Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow. Stop the GOP.
Yes. The person who didn't have Rachel Maddow do an *actual* presidential forum. Entertainment /= information
ICYMI: Our national field director Frankie Heredia talked with Rachel Maddow about mobilizing Latinos in Arizona.
Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid, Colonel Jack Jacobs, Lawrence O'Donnell, Chris Mathews, no journalists at Fox so...
Changing of the Guard: Rachel Maddow's show catches "Kelly File" in key demo as MSNBC surges via
Megyn Kelly plummets in TV ratings, tied by Rachel Maddow!
Rachel Maddow explains how Clinton health conspiracies made their way from InfoWars to Fox News primetime
MSNBC host Rachel Maddow body double gig is far more impressive than his debunking skills. My response comi…
Steve Kornacki just turned the Rachel Maddow show into the republican hour. That's all he wants to talk about. Click!
Not like the quality you get with Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow. Lmao. Lying losers.
Trump camp a series of indignities for McCain: Rachel Maddow looks back at how John McCain helped Mike Pence ...
Rachel Maddow defers to Nicole Wallace when the latter attacks Hillary, e.g., "speech at DNC has wrong lead-in"
Rachel Maddow: Parallels between the 2016 GOP andDNC races--and the 1968 Democratic National Convention
MSNBC Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper both covered it tonight. Only thing on GOP platform Trump insisted.
dude that's what I'm saying. If u read Huffington Post articles ALL DAY and watch Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow on CNN all day
. If I was at the all purpose pee-pot between Rachel Maddow & Anderson Cooper I'd feel exactly the same way.
I like Rachel Maddow and like to here what she has to say about things. But I like Anderson Cooper & Jake Tapper too! lol
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No one needs to guess what Rachel Maddow thinks of Donald Trump. A critique of Trump is far more convincing from Rick Wilson / Ross Douthat
This is hysterical: Rachel Maddow & Brian Williams (!) trying to sell this story. That's all you can come up with?
How about Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow for co-presidents?
He was swallowed the second he took Comcast's 6 figure money to push Hilary & mock Bernie Sanders,just like Rachel Maddow was.
Rachel Maddow on success, social meltdowns and the GOP's *** moment
Rachel Maddow: Joni Ernst has 'Second Amendment Remedies' Too! has murder on her mind. VP?
he needs to do like when Khalessi stole Varys and Tyrion. Ben Shapiro as Sec Def (Varys) and Rachel Maddow as VP (Tyrion)
It will all come out in the wash and Nate will join Rachel Maddow with the other discarded lonely socks of msm.
I'll give you a topic: Becky Anderson is CNNi's Rachel Maddow. Discuss!
Please inform Rachel Maddow of the breaking news. Current polls show a Super Majority of D's now support legal marijuana!
"My first *** bar": Rachel Maddow, Andy Cohen and others share their coming-out stories
Could someone buy Rachel Maddow a pencil she can GET TO THE POINT!
Very relevant considering recent events: Rachel Maddow on the GOP-White Hate Link -
"Why do you throw a bomb at Sherrod Brown at this point in the campaign?" - Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow just asked Sherrod Brown whether Bernie will be cherished or reviled by Dems. The answer is in his hands.
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If Michele Bachmann was a Democrat, Rachel Maddow would support her over Sen. Sanders, simply because of Mrs. Bachmann's gender.
This is MAJOR! Thomas Roberts, Rachel Maddow, Steve Kornacki, more. NBC OUT: A Letter From the Editor via
Well, she did kinda tell us to *** off during that town hall with Rachel Maddow.
Question.has anyone ever seen Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow in the same room? I think they're the same person + MSN…
Rachel Maddow's new obsession. Trendy new Trmp socks w/ totally lifelike hair, as modeled by Gov. John Hickenlooper.
now our intelligence combined can at least get Ted talks attention what you think lol or Wendy Williams ok Rachel Maddow
Yes indeed. Rachel Maddow is a holier-than-thou biased screamer, and when Brian Williams is on, they are unbearable. ht…
I liked a video from Dr Ben Carson RightLy EXPOSE LiBeraLs like MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's
Sen. Kaine exhorts Congress to do its job: Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia talks with Rachel Maddow about ...
Nick Gillespie owns Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher over Fast and Furious democrats omg watch the whole thing
I'm sorry that valid site crashed the browser on your overpriced Apple product. Here:
yes, I did not see it either, heard Rachel Maddow report that recently & rather sick for Mrs. Clinton to be laughing
was watching Rachel Maddow . Videos-suggest u do. Learned tody in April,bef Ny primary both Jane. & Bernie
Via : Trump on defense over audio of faked call
A current-affairs book recommendation: Drift by Rachel Maddow, more at:
Sorry, manini. I'll read about that when it becomes a real issue. Meanwhile, enjoy ...
I called Gary Johnson is ready to derail the ;) MSNBC
Rachel Maddow has developed in to the most intelligent voice in America from the left. And, she's exactly right...
You may be right but I don't think Williams really has the influence that, say a Rachel Maddow…
IMPORTANT! Watch Rachel Maddow prove that ALL of Trump’s violence against protesters is being done on purpose -
Mr. Trump is so god, my god!
Clinton offers fresh support for key progressive priorities via
Trump adds Amazon and its CEO to his list of enemies | MSNBC
Lying vying for VP pick, to endorse following lead.
Sanders campaign surprises with no TV in California strategy via
Obama: 'We don't have time for a meeting of the Flat Earth Society'
It can be painful listening to the truth. Rachel does it like no other.
Trump on his tax rate: 'None of your business' This is because he pays zero income tax and has done so for years
Rachel Maddow is the biggest threat extremism, racism, mindless conservatism and religious hypocrisy have.
And now a pivot back to the left because of stupid f*^&@ California
People like Donald Trump's head of finance, are what drove us to in 2011
Trump, exposed, plays defense over audio of faked call via
About to talk with Rachel about the House GOP's sneaky new budget provision to weaken the rules on Wall Street.…
The GOP has been consistently voting down bills to improve the VA. VA Privatization is the GOP agenda.
When giant corporations see the TPP deal & the American people don't, we all lose. Watch my interview with htt…
Just a few minutes away from my talk with Rachel about the TPP trade deal. Hope you'll be watching!
Tonight I'll be talking with Rachel about the top secret TPP trade agreement. Tune in!
Last night I spoke with Rachel about how I’m fighting for working families. Take a look:
Tonight I'll be on Rachel talking about the new paperback release of my book, A Fighting Chance. Hope you'll be…
Clinton offers fresh support for key progressive priorities
Perfect example is Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes she looks more manly than he does but I guess
Rachel Maddow explains how to beat Donald Trump: “Go at who he is”
Privatizing VA care on the table for Republicans in 2016 via
This is why Rachel Maddow writes all of his material
Video: Poll: Trump less popular than lice, still backed by GOP voters
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CBS Heads to a Gun Range with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow
Klobuchar: Trump campaign an attack on America, democracy: Senator Amy Klobuchar talks with Rachel Maddow abo...
Trump kicks off presidential bid in the mud: Senator Amy Klobuchar talks with Rachel Maddow about peculiar li...
Bernie calls for a Democratic version of Fox News while appearing on MSNBC's Rachel Maddow show
Judging from the comments, Rachel Maddow aired this not long ago. Keep in mind though, DNC rejected Errol Morris's Kerry ads.
O ly if Joe Reid and Rachel Maddow "lean forward". The others are hoping for the return of "Jim Crow" laws...
Mike Murphy chief Jeb Bush strategist relegated to MSNBC to talk with Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow about how smart he really was. Ha!
So Sally Kohn, Joe Scarborough, Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes are all the same person, right?
Graphic novels I read (and recommend): A combination of recommendations from an Ezra Klein and Rachel Maddow p...
Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams blame 'impediments to voting' on Millennials staying home
The combo of Niccole Wallace, Eugene Robinson, Rachel Maddow & Brian Williams is really a credit to MSNBC.
Cruz state party victories may be for naught: Rachel Maddow and Steve Kornacki explain that for all of the dra...
Best to hand those tissues to Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams, Tamron Hall, Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and Anderson Cooper.
Imagine if Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper started their own news network together...❤️
I think Steve Benen and Rachel Maddow need to admit they are endorsing Hillary. People think they are neutral
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I no longer watch after the debate. CNN, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, Anderson Cooper are full of 💩
Megyn Kelly with Al Sharpton and Anderson Cooper with Cruz! OMG! Not watching Rachel Maddow! So it's Daniel Michael Lynch
If Donald Trump had made the Megyn Kelly comments about Rachel Maddow all of the Fox News guys and GOP candidates would…
Megyn "100% MAN" Kelly tries so hard to look like Brucie Jenner. But, no cigar. Looks more like an ugly Rachel Maddow.
Tonight's Rachel Maddow is supporting my "Paul Ryan is real life Frank Underwood" theory
Megyn Kelly is starting to sound more & more like Rachel Maddow. Make of that what you will.
must be a Rachel Maddow fan. Do you have the alarm set to MSNBC. Of course Mika Brzezinski will do
I eagerly await asking Sean Hannity or Rich Lowry to read a category after David Muir and Rachel Maddow got turns.
My advice: Avoid talking to or about Chris Matthews, Ralph Madcow aka Rachel Maddow & Megyn Kelly-they're bad news for you.
Trump boosts GOP registrations in Florida: Rachel Maddow reports on seven counties in Florida where Republican...
If MSNBC had any guts they would've given Trump a choice between Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell or Rachel Maddow
Elizabeth Warren or Rachel Maddow would either one make a great President. Hillary, not so much.
Fake bill is a sleazy RNC fundraising mailer: Rachel Maddow calls on the Republican National Committee to...
a brand like Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow is more appealing to corp media than an actual journalist, duh!
Watching is so comical! Rachel Maddow & poor Brian Williams are so awkward together & act uncomfortable. Williams face tells all.
Rachel Maddow is just giddy in the presence of Brian Williams, and who can blame her.
Brian Williams with Rachel Maddow is kind of hilarious. It's like Overworked Uninformed Unctuousness meets Snarky Oxford Ph.D.
If MSNBC was smart(they don't appear to be) they would develop a news program with Rachel Maddow and Brian Williams hosting. Great chemistry
Brian Williams & Rachel Maddow are The Best at election coverage!
Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow should just host everything
I get the feeling that Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow hate each other.
I write Brian Williams' and Rachel Maddow's going-to-commercial banter. Thank you!!
Primary night = open mic night for Brian Williams (and sidekick Rachel Maddow)
The Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow combo is my favourite duo on TV. Weird and wonderful chemistry and wit.
Hate to say it, *** seem to love her... Ellen, Ellen Page, Gloria Steinem, Madeline Albright, Rachel Maddow...
I have to get glasses and was thinking Rachel Maddow or Gene Shalit, though my budget is leaning toward Dahmer or Corey Haim in Lucas.
It's like how Bill O'Reilly points out Fox's ratings every time Rachel Maddow calls him out on something.
Donald Trump's Violent Rhetoric is Protected Speech, For Now: . Last week, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow tried to make ...
reminds me too much of full of dividing hate in a world where what we need most is loving unity. Sad
Me too! is fantastic, I don't mind Brian Williams being on but DO NOT give him top billing over Rachel
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Boehner backs Paul Ryan for GOP nomination via
Ouch, RAchel Maddow comes not to praise Marco Rubio, but to bury him. Here's her post-mortem.
Trump is deliberately inciting violence at his rallies! Telling people if they beat up protestors he'll pay...
You really could smile more... Maybe Rachel can mansplain this to you
Boehner backs Paul Ryan for GOP nomination - MSNBC
Boehner backs Paul Ryan for GOP nomination: The former House Speaker has taken a look at the Republic...
Puleze; I recall old days when all could speak their mind & it was OK: Rachel Maddow | If You Only News
. First time I heard of Kevin Swanson was on Rachel Maddow show. She did 20 minutes on him/Cruz. It was disqualifying and devastating
China uses Trump to make case against democracy via
Rachel Maddow at her best as she runs through Trump's rallies and rhetoric chronologically
I'm proud and happy of Bernie Sanders and what he has done but as a realist, the math is improbable. Unless he...
Nope, Knope has the best pant suits.and so does Rachel Maddow
It used to be that we disagreed over the basic facts we were fighting over,...
This week is about to devoted to politics, coining Trump hair jokes, and watching Rachel Maddow into the late hours of t…
Hillary won every state, but 90% of MSNBC was about the 5 men. Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow seemed depressed about Hill…
other then Rachel Maddow as evidence, what facts do you have to back your statements up
I liked a video from Rachel Maddow Shows How Donald Trump Incites Violence
Hatch: Court blockade will limit 'mistreatment' of nominee via They get more ridiculous every *** day
I respected her intellect at 1st but she's turned into the GOPs bitter, blonde version of Rachel Maddow.
Rachel, did Bernie even congratulate Hillary? If not, that is a sign of poor character.
Rachel Maddow: Violence at Donald Trump's events is not an accident:
hi rachel! can Kasich lay claim to unbound delegates ahead of Cleveland & make his chances of nomination more probable?
Obama delivers a harsh truth about today's Republican Party via
The beginning of the end of the Republican presidential race
The Republican Party's Chosen One exits...: It's difficult to remember a candidate who enjoyed the kind o...
Democratic race nears its end point after...
Insane how is transforming into Rachel Maddow before America's eyes. At this rate, she'll be brunette and out befor…
Democratic race nears its end point after Clinton's sweep via
Gov caught in Texas sized lie using his own studies concerning voter fraud.
watching good honest news show like Rachel Maddow, Last word with Lawrence O'Donnell,Hardball with Chris Matthew, Chris (10/11)
I thought Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes were the same person...
Tonight! joins Rachel Maddow for an exclusive interview. Don't miss a minute. Tune in at 9pmET.
Your right, I just saw Rachel Maddow talking about protest- the darkest day in politics then...Town Hall w/Kasich:¥
Rachel Maddow is NOTHING like Bill O'Reilly or the clowns at Fox News. 10X smarter. 10X more honor.
Rachel Maddow is fulfilling her responsibility as an anti-fascist journalist right now.
Rachel Maddow is telling the truth in the face of Chris Matthews' equivocation.
bruh the guide legit says Kasich Town Hall and they just bounced from Chris Matthews to Rachel Maddow w/o even mentioning it 😂
What's up MSNBC? Rachel Maddow - one on one with Hilary, Chris Matthews, town hall with Hilary. Where is Bernie?
Instead of they debate in watching Liz Warren on Rachel Maddow
Senator Brown from Ohio and wife Connie Schultz getting big props from Rachel Maddow tonight! Brown as VP...hmmm.
Some women I look up to in journalism: Rachel Maddow, Gwen Ifill, Soledad O'Brien, Christian Amanpour, Candy Crowley
Melissa Joan Hart starring in God's Not Dead 2. Haven't been this heart broken since I found out Rachel Maddow is a ***
Special election coverage with Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow & Chris Matthews starts tonight at 6 p.m. ET on
Rachel Maddow worked at a comic book store in Fresno—and went by the name, Gary Daniel Phillips Jr.😌
Did you watch Rachel Maddow today? 100 yr old pipeline under St. Clair River to start pumping crude???
Oh my God someone on Rachel Maddow just gave a scenario that has Paul Ryan named the nominee at the Republican convention.
Once again FOX moderators with BIAS are no different than Gwen Ifill, Rachel Maddow,Chris Mathews,et al
Rachel Maddow explains how a fringe conspiracy theorist with ties to Donald Trump because a GOP county chair:
Very happy with Brian Williams/Rachel Maddow duo for election coverage and glad Chris Matthews is not there to interrupt.
Brian Williams to Chuck Todd: Welcome to the big boys table. Wha? Aren't Rachel Maddow and Nicole Wallace sitting there, too? Faux pas.
I'm watching Rachel Maddow rn and istg, everyone who has endorsed him in the past couple days has white supremacy ties.
I can't threaten to boycott MSNBC cuz I've liked Rachel Maddow since her radio show in 05. But I sure can't watch Weekends w Alex Witt.
As Brian Williams pushes into Rachel Maddow's show, I think of Melissa Harris-Perry, Sophia, & Miss Celie. Melissa saying to Rachel...
All HACKS...Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow, Chris Wallace, Little Georgie S, Matt Lauer, and on and on and on.
please just have a day of Tamron Hall, Chris Jansing, Andrea Mitchell and Rachel Maddow...the rest can go...
Well, unless Chris Mathews has said it, it didn't happen. Either that or Chris Jansing, or Brian Williams, or Rachel Maddow.
I applaud Rachel Maddow for not just rolling her eyes and sighing loudly at Nicolle Wallace like I'm doing on my couch. She's a pro.
Nicolle Wallace to Rachel Maddow: "I know I'm talking BS but please let me finish."
Nicolle Wallace is way less obnoxious when she's on w/ Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow. just saying...
At what point does Rachel Maddow attempt to stroke Nicolle Wallace's hair on-air? Chemistry...
Nicolle Wallace: You look like a young Republican. Rachel Maddow: Don't be creepy.
Maddow interviews VP Biden, Thursday, 8pm ET: Rachel Maddow talks with Craig Melvin about her upcomin...
Wow MSNBC is re-running Rachel Maddow's documentary on the Assasination of George Tiller tonight
Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC are far left-wing.HRC is not left-win…
Rachel Maddow discussed the Washington Free Beacon’s poll of the Nevada Democratic caucus Frid... via
They have been trashing Hillary 4 months.Chris Hayes & Rachel Maddow not as bad. O'Donnell rarely has good word 4 H. https:/…
MSNBC has Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel Maddow discussing election results with Brian Williams. Just thought that sentence w…
Chris Matthews, Brian Williams, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'donnell. If they bring in Sergeant Ed Schultz, I will speak in tongues.
Is it weird that I find Abby Elliot super attractive but ONLY when she's playing Rachel Maddow on SNL?
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