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Rachel Dolezal

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Rachel Dolezal is white but identifies as black and looks African American. Should she have access to affirmative action?
Clarence Thomas wants out; she wants in!!!. Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal gets new African name via
Was telling my aunt about Rachel Dolezal giving herself an Igbo first name & she said she doesn't wanna talk anymore & hung up on
Rachel Dolezal is the Jocelyn Wildenstein of ethnicity.
I'm going to be like Rachel Dolezal and change my name. I'm stuck between Jessica Ashley Smith and Erin Rachel Miller.
Rachel Dolezal just legally changed her name to reflect West Africa:
Why are we as a society willing to support Caitlin Jenner but not Rachel Dolezal?
Pathetic, somewhere along the line she lost touch with reality. via
Rachel Dolezal on brink of homelessness
This bit is totally key to the Rachel Dolezal story - and it is hard to see how Dolezal isn't right.
black, white whatever. This woman is real. I want this book.
Rachel Dolezal told the Guardian she'll be homeless next month. I don't believe that. She is publishing a book with a maj…
OH WELL. || Rachel Dolezal on brink of homelessness, living off food stamps
In fact, what led me to was comparing what happend to Rachel Dolezal vs. Jenner. I tried to figure o…
Rachel Dolezal: ‘I’m not going to stoop and apologise and grovel’
Rachel Dolezal, now identifying as transbroke af, lulz. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I like to ask "if transgenders are right, why is Rachel Dolezal wrong?".
Me reading this article about Rachel Dolezal not being able to prosper.
Isn't it fascinating that one cannot identify their way out class or ethnicity, but gender gets a free pass. Let... h…
As Caitlyn Jenner was being lauded for coming out as transgender, Rachel Dolezal was vilified for identifying…
Actually, Rachel Dolezal is biologically closer to being Black than Caitlyn Jenner is to bei…
I thought I'd have something sarcastic to add, but I actually felt pity... . The worst of identity politics. .
On the brink of homelessness and living off food stamps - Rachel Dolezal still believes she did nothing wrong.
Rachel Dolezal's on the "brink of homelessness" because nobody will hire her. Life comes at you fast.
If you believe in transgenderism you owe Rachel Dolezal an apology.
Rachel Dolezal wanted to fraudulently eat off blackness. It's not working out for her.
.Maybe he could hire Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal & Elizabeth Warren to increase diversity
2020 White House Dem choices: Elizabeth Warren, Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King because they want to reach out to transracial…
Umar Johnson's entire career in higher education is theoretical. Dude is like the Rachel Dolezal of black matriculation.
I liked a video Tariq Nasheed on Rachel Dolezal, Dr Umar Johnson, Thoth *** and Cointel Pro
She is the Rachel Dolezal of Islam. That fake hip hop Rosie Perez shtick gets worse & worse. She's just a white Ara…
James Franco is the Rachel Dolezal of *** people.
Is that Wanda Sykes or Amy Schumer wearing bronzer like Rachel Dolezal?
Former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal to speak at a North Carolina Martin Luther King Day celebration in January.
Rachel Dolezal invited to speak at a Martin Luther King Day celebration in North Carolina
Bruce Leroy, African dude from Don't be a menace to society, black Luigi and Rachel Dolezal
Apparently being white limits opportunities...Rachel Dolezal, Elizabeth Warren.
I identify as black b/c of my dad &his family that raised me but Rachel Dolezal got my gov subs on that angle2
This Rachel Dolezal 2.0 lookin *** really trying to fire me up like I don't know I'm an ugly *** *** So she had to resort to going 4 Irma
She & Rachel Dolezal are exactly the same and disgusting...
Sure and Rachel Dolezal classified herself as black...
I’m sick of y’all & that picture of Rachel Dolezal with that dry *** haystack wig 😭😭😭
So Rachel Dolezal is writing a book?
Wonder how Rachel Dolezal would have identified in 1860. wanna know.
With graduation season being here I can't help but to think of the Rachel Dolezal scandal and all we went through during that time period!
I'm still not fully convinced that Rachel Dolezal isn't a comedy skit character they've committed to for years.
So he's like Rachel Dolezal's male counterpart?
If you were mad Rachel Dolezal lied about being black but you aren't mad Elizabeth Warren claimed to be Native American you're a moron
"Transracial" Rachel Dolezal spotted at Howard University filming documentary on race:
I guess it's like him getting into it with Rachel Dolezal and calling her Aunt Jemima, which I can easily imagine him doing.
Rachel Dolezal was happening this week, a year ago. And my feelings are still pretty much the same: I want her arrested.
bc they can't reconcile not being able to identify w something they feel they're *supposed* to care about. real Rachel Dolezal.
God you're stupid. We can acknowledge the good as well as the bad. Go back to being Rachel Dolezal.
Tough decision in November, do I go with Trump or Clinton? I think I'll vote for Deez Nuts with Rachel Dolezal as the VP
Rachel Dolezal is reportedly making a movie about "race and identity” at the historic HBCU. She doesn't give up😅
3) White woman Rachel Dolezal lied about being black and was hired by the NAACP
I'm in tears at my time hop.. This day last year was the discovery of Rachel Dolezal and
Mulan probably wasn't a real person. Wouldn't it be more like mocking Rachel Dolezal by calling her "Angela Davis"?
This girl is white... She wanna be Rachel Dolezal so bad.
Rachel Dolezal and Sen Warren should spend time together they have so much in common
are both of these clowns not white? Or are the Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal, Elizabeth Warren PoC? Aka mental illness
Hamilton Collection
So if Rachel Dolezal and Jeffrey 'Shaun' King can identify as 'black', why don't blacks identify as white if privilege is so pale?
Gerry Adams now, like Rachel Dolezal, is transblack. . Not even Chris Morris could have written this.
Showing up to the Rachel Dolezal book signing like
And that's true whether the dragged is Rielle Hunter, Justine Sacco, or Rachel Dolezal
Why is Caitlyn Jenner self evidently a woman and yet Rachel Dolezal is self evidently white?
That our stupid media will be more accepting of a Caitlin Jenner over a Rachel Dolezal reflects our society's hypocrisy, or its vanity
Rachel Dolezal will not be played by Zoe Saldana. Congrats Scarlett Johansson
Race fraud Rachel Dolezal is back and she's still not really black!
So I watched Rachel Dolezal's interview on Today this morning. The only thing that keeps coming to mind is Steve Martin on The Jerk.
Rachel Dolezal is trending again. Gives me hope for a Steve Martin "The Jerk" sequel.
Rachel Dolezal makes me want to watch to watch Steve Martin The Jerk
Ugh, shame on for giving Rachel Dolezal a platform AGAIN. It's time to forget her and move on.
I wanted Rachel Dolezal to come on and tell everyone shes an Asian space ranger now.
Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King should have a baby.
on a lighter note, Katt Williams got his rear end whooped by some little kid. He whiter than Rachel Dolezal now
I'm going to be Rachel Dolezal for Halloween, I think... please don't hate me.. If I don't do this, WHO WILL?
Why did Rachel Dolezal disappear in a puff of disgrace but Shaun King didn't?
I assume that black persons are not "true white persons," just as Rachel Dolezal is "no true black person."
I never would've thought a white woman sang this gospel song. Not saying whites can't, but she Rachel Dolezal'd me.
Who'll replace If wants a white host, there's Rachel Dolezal. If not, there's Rachel Dolezal. https:…
Why isn't there a modern Morton Downey Jr. show? I want to watch Lil B, Chuck C. Johnson and Rachel Dolezal argue about NASA funding.
Goodbye Sandra Fluke. Move over Rachel Dolezal. Here is the new face of the happy progressive ... Melissa Click
I really want to Rachel Dolezal myself into Jewish culture
i feel like Brittany Howard is probably Rachel Dolezal's style icon
I had no idea that Rachel Dolezal was a featured real housewife of Potomac.
Charlotte Rampling. Marion Cotillard is a 9/11 truther. Julie Delpy apparently wants to be Rachel Dolezal.
Dear white people : I can glady speak for the black population when I say .Trade. Yall can have Stacey dash ,we want Rachel Dolezal back
Rachel Dolezal should win an Oscar for best actress for her role in "I'm a Black Woman Born White" !!!
We, the White Delegation, would like to turn over Rachel Dolezal and Iggy Azalea to the Black Delegation.
White guy on fb offered us Rachel Dolezal for Stacy Dash. I figured that was fair
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Rachel Dolezal is the woman who is white but she's been acting like she's black head of NAACP chapter etc look her up
Rachel Dolezal my dream white girl. She been riding with us since before black lives matter
Rachel Dolezal has white guilt. She is ashamed of her white skin. And her white parents. So she now is a black woman? This …
With all the White Guilt liberals out there could Rachel Dolezal cases start becoming "The New Normal"...
We the black delegation will trade for Rachel Dolezal at least she wants to black
At this point, it doesn't matter who. We'll trade Stacey Dash for Rachel Dolezal! Stacey just gotta go! should attend the Oscars this year! I heard that Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal are hosting.
I swear to god if that's Rachel Dolezal next to Uzo Aduba and Viola Davis...
if he's black and Rachel Dolezal is black does that mean i'm white?
piece on Rachel Dolezal: "Her answer to her critics is to name her unborn son after Langston Hughes."
Every time I see Melissa Harris-Perry, all I can think of is that she is about as credible as Rachel Dolezal.
What do Rachel Dolezal, Walter Palmer, Jared Fogle, and Kim Davis have in common?. Nothing until New Years on
I wonder if is aware that has been pulling a Rachel Dolezal.
"White privilege" isn't great enough for Rachel Dolezal or Shaun King.
Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal, 'Barack Obama', George Bush all naturally born from Caucasian women.
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Why were SJWs outraged at Rachel Dolezal (formerly of NAACP) but Shaun King (Black Lives Matter) gets a pass?
We the black delegation would like to trade Raven Simone for Paul Wall or Justin Bieber. Shoot, even Rachel Dolezal.
You must be the male version of Rachel Dolezal. You judged someone because you THOUGHT he is black, now call him a racist.
Yo why does Kathleen Cleaver look like Rachel Dolezal tho?
The Comedy Central roast of Rachel Dolezal is off to a great start
Rachel Dolezal admits she was 'biologically born white'
Indomitable | The online home of Chauncey DeVega: Rachel Dolezal, Alice Jones' Nipples, the...
CBSNews: Rachel Dolezal sued Howard Univ. after claiming to be victim of discrimi…
If you want to be Kanye West or Rachel Dolezal, print out a mask.
Someone told me to be Rachel Dolezal for Halloween I'm crying
Sure, wear the Rachel Dolezal curly wig. But the dark makeup = Blackface. DON'T do it. That's why SHE got in trouble, duh
I want to be Rachel Dolezal for Halloween.
Oh & btw: the "NO BLACKFACE. PERIOD. NOT EVEN ON HALLOWEEN" rule applies to everyone who wants to dress as Rachel Dolezal for Halloween too
Actually, you can. Or would you state just as passionately that Rachel Dolezal has every right to claim to be black?
Being trans like Caitlyn Jenner ≠ pretending to be black like Rachel Dolezal
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I'm busting in as Rachel Dolezal clapping on the 2 & 4 gotdamn it
Starting to understand why Rachel Dolezal didn't want to be white tbh
Patiently waiting for a crying MJ, Rachel Dolezal and Joe Biden to come thru
me & my roommate have been discussing this. She is half-black & Ojibwe so this is like the Rachel Dolezal(1/2)
I'll be Rachel Dolezal and dress up with a bag wig and some Chinese slippers
Why someone like Rachel Dolezal might try to change their racial identity
When your Edina Monsoon is suddenly interpreted as Rachel Dolezal. 😐😐
I can't tell if that Shaun King guy is like Rachel Dolezal or what.
An Indian, a Black woman and a Black man walk into a bar…. Oops! turns out it was Elizabeth Warren,Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King.
Got a dark skin friend that look like Rachel Dolezal . Got a light skin friend that look like Rachel Dolezal
Susan Taffe Reed the Rachel Dolezal or Elizabeth Warren of smh
This amazing "Partridge Family" clip (via could serve as the first scene in the Rachel Dolezal biopic.
Rihanna says Rachel Dolezal is a ‘hero’ for ‘waking people up’. October the 6th, 2015. By Joe Williams. Source:...
I need a partner to dress up as either Rachel Dolezal or Kim Davis with me for Halloween.
This is like Rachel Dolezal all over again, except that Ben Carson believes he's white and hates wearing makeup
Rachel Dolezal got busted for claiming she's black. But Corey Feldman keeps right on pretending he's Michael Jackson.
Rachel Dolezal is claiming to be White
Rachel Dolezal is good example of when u teach your kids white guilt. Sometimes that decide to renounce their own people. Toss their parents
Rachel Dolezal identifies as a white woman.
Ugh. Rachel Dolezal is booked as a panelist at a United Nations event at the Ali Center in my hometown.
say what you will about Rachel Dolezal but she looks great lately!! it's like she took a youth potion or something
When summer 2015 started, we didn’t know who Kim Davis, Cecil the Lion, Caitlyn Jenner, or Rachel Dolezal were.
Now we have a candidate who's doin a Rachel Dolezal/Shaun King psycho routine. crush him.
Rachel Dolezal, GOPClownCar, those black lives matter girls, and now Kim Davis. What wonders will 2015 continue to bring?? ❤️❤️
I went to this hippy doctor and his wife was Rachel Dolezal
» Rachel Dolezal Shaun King is no Rachel Dolezal: Look who's calling him white » NEWS » New South…
Rachel Dolezal, Vanessa Place, Kate Gale and Michael Derrick Hudson all walk into the hotel bar at AWP2016...
Taylor Blake starring as Rachel Dolezal in "I identify as black, okay? I'm transracial." 😂
Dang Idris Elba is "too street" to play james bond..but Rachel Dolezal isn't "too white" to play a black woman. Hmmm, ok! 😒😒😒 y'all kills me
. Leigh Alexander was once the biracial version of Stefanie Joosten. Now she's the aGGro Rachel Dolezal.
COMMENTARY: "The Identity Explosion" - Just when you thought Rachel Dolezal's 15-min freak show was ov..
That's the Rachel Dolezal version of Russell Wilson, isn't it?
Liars Club, Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal, Brian Williams, Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Bill Clinton all have one thing in common.
Shaun King & Rachel Dolezal should star in a remake of this classic Seinfeld episode.
But if Rachel Dolezal's race mattered, then surely Shaun King's does too. How can anyone be mad about one, but not the other?
Not sure what's the truth about Shaun King. But some people I know who tore Rachel Dolezal a new *** are saying his race doesn't matter.
Also, p sure Rachel Dolezal got her hairstyle from Angela Davis.
Rachel Dolezal doesn't know if she's African American? We talk about it on Show 29! Peep!
Maya Rudolph debuts her Rachel Dolezal impression on Late Night ...
do you know about Rachel Dolezal? Must have pay more attentions about "self expression" a.k.a
is it true you, Mel Gibson and Rachel Dolezal are reforming the nWo?
Someone gonna say what if Christopher Reid pulled a Rachel Dolezal. Nah, he looked pretty light skinned to me...
And I'm upset because Yolanda Adams borrowed Rachel Dolezal's wig .. But I'm just gonna have some seafood salad and talk it over with Jesus
Can we as Black people just swap Raven Simone for Rachel Dolezal and call it even??
She's going to write a book.Huge shock. *yawn*. Rachel Dolezal: the world may be confused about who I am, but I'm not
Isn't it funny how all this Rachel Dolezal stuff circulated before Charleston/Sandra Bland, NEVER DURING, and conveniently afterwards?
Did y'all read that VF piece on Rachel Dolezal? How her heritage test showed up while the reporter was there? *dead*
Spokane, Wash., city council votes to remove Rachel Dolezal from police oversight committee -
WEEKEND FROM THE MOUTH OF MIXIS: . Rachel Dolezal has me thinking. As someone who actually is racially mixed, who...
This dedication goes out to Rachel Dolezal, Andrea Smith and Elizabeth Warren.
No matter what you think about her, this is a very interesting interview: "Rachel Dolezal breaks her silence" -
“i was drawing self portraits with the brown crayon instead of the peach crayon” — Rachel Dolezal
All white ESPN commentators are Uncle *** Thats the white equivalent of an Uncle Tom. And Rachel Dolezal is still an Aunt Jemima.
I wonder if it "identifies" as orange or brown...or black, like Rachel Dolezal.
Aunt Diane asks her brother's White wife how she feels about Rachel Dolezal. Everyone hushes to he…
Maya Rudolf just gave America what they wanted and did a Rachel Dolezal impression 🙏🏽
Move over, Ward Churchill, Elizabeth Warren and Rachel Dolezal, there's a new fraud in town. .
Richard Seymour- "I care not one iota what Rachel Dolezal does nor what she needs to label herself."
She must attend the same self-loathing meetings as Bobby Jindal, Clarence Thomas, and Rachel Dolezal.
That Moment you realize Debra Lee look like Rachel Dolezal
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Rachel Dolezal has everyone looking at Deborah Lee like
Ms Deborah Lee outchea looking like Rachel Dolezal bruh..
I think we should *** whether Debra Lee is black, her perm looks too much like Rachel Dolezal's
"On Today show Rachel Dolezal told Matt Lauer she identifies as black. Even more incredible: Lauer identifies as a journalist"Jodi Miller
When Debra Lee said "Look around",. Rachel Dolezal was in the crowd like...
Debra Lee giving me Rachel Dolezal right now.
Rachel Dolezal probably saw Tori Kelly and was like "oh so I gotta know how to sing to be invited?" 😂
Clarence Thomas still wishes he could be a Rachel Dolezal in reverse. 😠😠😠
Hey Clarence Thomas! Since you refuse to be black in any way shape or form. Why don't you rule that Rachel Dolezal can have yours??
Clarence Thomas for Rachel Dolezal will even things out. Everyone gets what they want. 😏
Is it possible Clarence Thomas is the original Rachel Dolezal and he's been a grumpy old white guy in disguise this whole time?
Thomas makes me think he has a case of the Rachel Dolezal only in the opposite way.
I guess the next rising minority will be the trans-racial community, what with Rachel Dolezal claiming to be...
If I'm being honest, I would offer up Clarence Thomas for Rachel Dolezal.
I don't care what anyone else says, Rachel Dolezal is still more black than Clarence Thomas .
If Bruce Jenner can become a woman, and Rachel Dolezal can become black; then why the *** can't I be a Dinosaur?
can someone please swap Clarence Thomas for Rachel Dolezal?
Rachel Dolezal have more black culture than both Clarence Thomas and Ben Carson combine. .
Clarence Thomas might be the bizarro Rachel Dolezal.
Clarence Thomas is our Rachel Dolezal. I really believe that.
" Angel, in the name of this fake black white lady, put relaxer on your hair " - Mom on Rachel Dolezal 😂
"Deciding to be Black doesn’t mean Rachel Dolezal inherited the burden of Blackness. She still..."
Followed up by Mike Fagan: "I haven't seen racism in Spokane till I saw Rachel Dolezal". Make it a double.
please do not ignore the wonders that are Rachel Dolezal and Joyce Mitchell when considering future made-for-TV movies. Thanks.
The Fix: Maya Rudolph’s spot-on Rachel Dolezal impression (Video): Something tells us the Lifetime network wou...
What happens if the white person was Rachel Dolezal? .
What we can’t afford to forget about Rachel Dolezal: A master class in white victimology
I believe that's a load of hogwash. If white privilege is sooo grand, explain Rachel Dolezal.
Rachel Dolezal, Dylann Roof : Tragic history of white America’s love-hate relationship with blackness via
I'm definitely sitting next to two white women sympathizing with Rachel Dolezal and comparing transgender to "transracial" and no no no bye
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the real victim of white genocide is Rachel Dolezal
So if Rachel Dolezal says it, does she go to jail? Or is she good since she doesn't identify as white?
"The 'White *** Hall of Fame needs a new wing for Rachel Dolezal":
Covington's Annie Spell shares bond with Rachel Dolezal: A white president of an NAACP chapter
Rachel Dolezal is gonna come forward tomorrow and admit she's white
"How on Earth does Rachel Dolezal get her white hair to behave like black hair? http:/…
Rachel Dolezal wanted to boycott Exodus because of white actors pretending to be African. AWESOME.
Charles Paul Freund on Rachel Dolezal and the 'White *** Hall of Fame
Rachel Dolezal sued Howard University for anti-white discrimination
Rachel Dolezal boycotted Exodus: Gods and Kings because it cast white actors as Africans
How might radical self love have helped Rachel Dolezal love herself enough to be honest? Read how!
They gettin on my *** for saying *** bc they thought he was white, but Rachel Dolezal had a hood pass …
yeah exactly. Was the context you heard it in about Rachel Dolezal??
As I see how Rachel Dolezal is trending I wonder if Iron Eyes Cody would have been treated any differently.
Rachel Dolezal "a part-time professor in the Africana Studies Program." So awesome on so many levels.
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I'm like Rachel Dolezal, I used to be white, but now I'm black.
Rachel Dolezal suffers from a bad case of the white man's burden syndrome.
Rachel Dolezal is no longer listed as factuality at Eastern Washington University
The Autobiography of Rachel Dolezal as told to Brian Williams.
People comparing Michael's skin condition to unrelated situations such as Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal
Rachel Dolezal is the new face of Dunkin Donuts? How unlucky is the Dunkin Donut advertising team?
It is the story of Kalief Browder, and not that of Rachel Dolezal, that really matters, writes Ta-Nehisi Coates:
Gonna win this lottery and get me a white Nubian queen like Rachel Dolezal
Rachel Dolezal will most likely will do time in prison for comitting fraud against Federal Aid for college education.
Now they just need to add Rachel Dolezal or Anthony Weiner! More Lying Crapweasels for a crapweasely network!
What the heck is with that tan Andrea Tantaros has? She looks like Rachel Dolezal.
So Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner, Rachel Dolezal is now a black woman and Adam Lambert is now 1990's George Michael.
Dr. Michael L. Brown on Rachel Dolezal, Bruce Jenner, and "reality relativism."...
Rachel Dolezal's story will make for another thrilling cable TV movie of the week. But then she'll f just American.
Bisexual race fraud Rachel Dolezal checks one more box in modern celebrity: SEX TAPE . via
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What do you think of Kelly Osbourne's pic mocking Rachel Dolezal?
Dolezal voted off commission: The City Council of Spokane, Washington, unanimously voted Rachel Dolezal off th...
Rachel Dolezal voted off Spokane volunteer police commission.
Race faker Rachel Dolezal could get her own reality show:
Rachel Dolezal has been offered a reality show amid her race faking controversy!
This Michaela Angela Davis woman on CNN is making me think of Rachel Dolezal.
Did you miss our Rachel Dolezal song this morning?? You're Nuts If You Don't Think She's White:
Rachel Dolezal seems to have found the solution to Affirmative Action
Excuse me white people we the black community already have to deal with Rachel Dolezal. We are NOT taking Dylann Roof. This is yall burden !
What does the Rachel Dolezal story mean in the broader societal context?
Rachel Dolezal: Name notoriety + shapely body = $.for those believing wealth is the ultimate reality.
My issue with Rachel Dolezal is she only got black on the surface. Find ur oldest relative and chop his foot off. Then u can be in the club.
Love my Linkedin influencers! I was really upset first reading of Rachel Dolezal. A nice fact to ponder- WHO ARE WE?
"Duke Anthropologist Lee D. Baker on Rachel Dolezal: "The “outing” of Rachel Dolezal exposed the collective...
Bruce Jenner and Rachel Dolezal are drinking at a bar...Brian Williams was there too!
I wonder if the media is gonna try to throw us off from this story in Charleston like how they did the pool party in TX with Rachel Dolezal
So Bruce Jenner, Brian Williams and Rachel Dolezal are at a bar...
Ana Navarro to her defender cnn Don Lemon: "NAACP Rachel Dolezal is coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. She needs to give that wig back to Wanda Sykes"
Brian Williams staying at NBC. . Rachel Dolezal staying "black". . Alexander Hamilton... Sorry, Alex.
My boss & I started talking about Rachel Dolezal and ended up talking about American muscle cars and flights to Paris. Today was a slow day.
Dolezal's parents speak out about her childhood: Rachel Dolezal announced on national television that she…
We are all going to feel so silly when it turns out that Rachel Dolezal has been Andy Kaufman all along.
. Rachel Dolezal is about as crazy as Andrea Tantaros is Hot.
Anyone think Henry Louis Gates is kicking himself for not getting Rachel Dolezal on Finding Your Roots?
Rachel Dolezal should be a guest on The Maury Show, maybe then she can have definitive proof of her heritage.
TMZ reporting...Rachel Dolezal had gone to "palm Beach" (spray on tanning salon)...word is that she used the "medium tan"...
Told the lady at Palm Beach Tan I'd like the "Rachel Dolezal"
Rushanara Ali pulls out. Chuka Umunna has pulled out. Barring a Rachel Dolezal move from Tom Watson, it's an all-white field.
Wednesday Words Of Wisdom. For all but especially, Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal. It's not what you're called, but what you answer to.
Rachel Dolezal: 'No biological proof' she has white parents
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Rachel Dolezal could learn a lot from Jan Brady
An interesting read Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Rachel Dolezal, Isaac Hayes, and Al Jolson
As a part of the Rachel Dolezal race discussion, the looks at 5 Chicagoans who dealt with a related topic:
What if Rachel Dolezal is actually Andy Kaufman and we're all being epically trolled right now? Think about it.
Rachel Dolezal has always been black except when she sued Howard University for discrimination
well I never said they didn't lol. But that Rachel Dolezal stuff seems like a skit straight from Dave Chappelle or SNL. Crazy
OK the way it would work is, we put Rachel Dolezal, Adrian Shankar and Jack Warner on an island ...
“Rachel Dolezal has a right to be black”
MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry: Despite white parents, Rachel Dolezal may be black via
Dave Castillo's blog article about Rachel Dolezal copying images from Dee Rees movie Pariah.
I'm shocked or anyone hasn't done a Marc Mero "Johnny B. Badd" joke on Rachel Dolezal yet.
We're not surprised…. In the interview that Rachel Dolezal did with The Today Sho...
I’ll be talking Rachel Dolezal with on the Tom Joyner Morning Show in a few minutes! Tune in!
Race-baiting racist left dirt bag Rachel Dolezal lying as she breathes - criminally defamed Marine Corps!
" Neville doing his best Rachel Dolezal." n this comment about neville teaming with primetime players HELP
Bruce Jenner is called courageous, Rachel Dolezal a fraud. Huh? What am I missing here? Is her only mistake not coming o…
Brendon Urie compared Caitlyn Jenner to Rachel Dolezal and I threw up in my mouth congrats on being the next Drake Bell
Rachel Dolezal's new show MUST be called 'Black Like Me' 💩
"Rachel Dolezal actually just single-white-femaled all black women. We don't need oppression cosplay. We need allies, not r…
Rachel Genteel has signed on to bring Rachel Dolezal up to new school fakeblack life in a reality show
I found an old photo of Rachel Dolezal's brother
How the world is reacting to Rachel Dolezal: Rev. Sharpton talks to Midwin Charles and NBC News’ Amber Payne on how and why social me...
Who is less delusional Donald Trump or Rachel Dolezal? Tough Questions
A 16 yr Black girl in Bmore was raped, strangled, + house set on fire while Rachel Dolezal plays dress up. Rest in power
The Outing of Rachel Dolezal and American Anxiety with Race by Lee D. Baker
White folks playing Black folks in Hollywood is "Disturbing", says Rachel Dolezal. Really, you can't make it up.
I would sell my soul to Michael Bolton to write the authorized biography of Rachel Dolezal.
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