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Quinnipiac University

Quinnipiac University is a private, nonsectarian, coeducational university located in Hamden, Connecticut, United States at the foot of Sleeping Giant State Park.

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A new poll by Quinnipiac University put support for the Republicans’ American Health Care Act at 17 percent.
Only 17% of Americans . support the Republican healthcare bill, . according to a poll released Thursday . from Quinnipiac University.
Just took a telephone poll by Quinnipiac University. It's legit. If u have strong views on what is going on, I urge you to answer the phone.
AMAZING unofficial visit today at Quinnipiac University! Loved everything about this place!💙💛
Majority of Americans trust the media more than Trump: poll University sponsored, yeah that'll be unbiased. Lies
According to a Quinnipiac University Poll released Thursday morning, a vast majority of U.S. citizens believe in...
In a Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday, the president's approval rating was only 38 percent, the lowest of his term so far.
According to a Quinnipiac University Poll, Americans trust "fake news" media more than they trust President Donald Trump.
Quinnipiac University Poll: More people trust media than Pres Donald Trump. 52℅ trust media more. 37℅ trust Mr Trump more
Quinnipiac University is in the conservative strong hold of Connecticut.Need I say more.
A new poll from Quinnipiac University suggests that while people may be broadly unhappy with the mainstream...
Independent Quinnipiac University Poll finds: Trump and out of touch with Americans, U.S..…
Did anyone think they would get a truthful poll out of Quinnipiac University?
Quinnipiac University Poll sample was 25% R- how biased is that
Quinnipiac University Poll; 55% of those polled disaprove of the President. New low.
New surveys from Quinnipiac University and McClatchy-Marist reveal that Trump continues to be seen as dishonest,...
The poll was taken at Quinnipiac University. A private college. Questionable at least.
"President Donald Trump's popularity is sinking like a rock," said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac Universi…
A new wordmark is released by the university in attempts to align to higher education industry convention: .
Quinnipiac University Poll: 52% of voters trust the media, with only 37% saying they trust Trump more.
A new Quinnipiac University Poll has found that 93% of U.S. voters support legalizing cannabis for medical use,...
Two polls released this week offer another downside to President Trump. New surveys from Quinnipiac University...
23 (UPI) -- A Quinnipiac University Poll shows that President Donald Trump's job approval rating has decreased to...
A graduate of Quinnipiac University and a brother of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, Ben Preller, has passed away. Our condolences to the family.
The Championship will be Central Washington University vs Quinnipiac University - Nov 20
Congrats to our very own Michelle Cuervo for signing to Quinnipiac University today, D1 Volleyball 🏐 We love and support you b…
Proud to announce my commitment to Quinnipiac University. Thank you to my family, friends, and coaches who helped me along t…
The fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi will be a new addition to the Quinnipiac University community this coming fall.
Malloy's job approval rating is just 24 percent, one of the lowest of any governor in any Quinnipiac University Poll ever.
Hamden resident inducted into Quinnipiac University's chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, the national honor society for...
"A poll by Quinnipiac University in February found that 39 percent of voters didn’t know Mr. Portman well enough to have an opinion."
University Prof. White says fluid needs vary from person to person, but she recommends 8-10 cups a day -
Quinnipiac(the pollsters), Paier School of Art, University of NH, Southern State, Gateway, Albertus Magnus, Berkley Divinity
I'm reading/talking at Quinnipiac University, where my wife teaches, on May 6. Very worried about embarrassing her.
Fitness Coordinator: Overview: Quinnipiac University is accepting applications for the full-time position of ...
officially committed to Quinnipiac University class of 2020 🐾💙
S'proud of for deciding on Quinnipiac University for the fall. Who knew bricks could attend college! 🐒🤗🎉
I somehow managed to survive two decades @ Quinnipiac University
Nick Raj () will be attending Quinnipiac University next year!
Excited to announce that I'll be attending Quinnipiac University next fall
I'm proud to say that I am officially committed to play intramural badminton at Quinnipiac University!!
Quinnipiac University school of Doctorate of Physical Therapy class of 2020/2023 💙💛
Quinnipiac University Poll: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton lead in Connecticut via https:…
We are so grateful for all of the wonderful Quinnipiac University students that devote their time volunteering at...
I'm proud to announce my commitment to play college hockey at Quinnipiac University! Thank you to everyone who has help…
Maybe the only time we minority had a chance to prove oursleves at POTUS, fail'n miserably!
Corey Clifton (Jersey Hitmen 16U) has committed to Quinnipiac University for 2018-2019
How do you like this:. A new Quinnipiac University Poll out today says that Donald Trump has a 14-point lead on Cruz.
Quinnipiac University's latest poll has Trump's unfavorable number at 61%. A whopping 54% of voters said they...
The latest Quinnipiac University Poll shows that Donald Trump defeats either Ted Cruz or John Kasich in...
It's from an article in Politico which addresses findings from the Quinnipiac University national poll
Quinnipiac University Poll (03/23/2016) shows Bernie Sanders 10 times more likely than Clinton to beat Donald...
LIVE: Hear from Quinnipiac students who were at Brussels Airport at time of the attacks this morning.
is hosting a hazing investigator training at Qunnipiac U in April. Find out more and register at
Prayers to all those affected by the bombings today in Brussels.
BREAKING : 4 Quinnipiac University students who were in at the time of the attacks are safe.
Four Quinnipiac University students safe after Brussels terror attacks.
Four Quinnipiac students who were in Belgium during Tuesday's terrorist attacks are safe, according to university officials.
4 students in Belgium are safe after deadly Brussels attacks, university spokesman confirms
The 4 students in Belgium are safe, including 3 who were at airport during attacks
4 Quinnipiac University students in for Spring Break are safe
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Quinnipiac will be sending a fan bus to Albany to represent as the top seed (per university email):
"My boyfriend wants me to call him daddy during sex... I think thats weird...thoughts?" - Quinnipiac University
Place your order at the tablet at BYOB! It's fast and easy! @ Quinnipiac University
Keith Rhodes, of Quinnipiac University: "Marketing is an art and a science."
Did you know DCU have signed a five-year collaboration agreement with Read: https…
Keith Rhodes, VPof Brand Strategy at Quinnipiac University is presenting on the importance of "Brand" in higher Ed.
Gotta believe everything happens for a reason.. Quinnipiac University Class of 2018 (can't wait to see you everyday 🙃
Here are some photos from our painting party with the Women's Lacrosse Team at Quinnipiac University on Friday,...
Quinnipiac forms partnership with Dublin university - Nonstop service from Bradley International Airport to Dub...
56% don't like her abs.catastrophic for democatic cand.,Trump hasn't spent any dime on her yet
New entry into WAN from Find out more here - ©Nathaniel Riley
wins across the board. also note Hillary is net unfavorable outside of Dem party, unlike Bernie.
A Quinnipiac University survey released today put Clinton on top in Florida's March 15 primary with 59 percent of the vote to Sanders' 33
You should come to Quinnipiac University for a speech.
HRC campaigned on that claim too until all the polls showed the opposite: 1. 2.
In close Ohio race, he gets 46 to Clinton's 43, per last week's QU
Black voters R more favorable of than and trust more than .
some university polls are pretty good (e.g. Quinnipiac)
George Washington University: "you'll hear back from us in April." Me: "I heard back from Quinnipiac in November." 😛
yes she does. In Ohio which is a must win state and in general
Dems would be screwed if Kasich was the Republican candidate. Surprisingly close with Trump/Clinton too.
Better for Clinton than last month's Q poll, which had her tied with Drumpf/Cruz and losing badly to Rubio.
takes down Gannon University on Sunday afternoon, 280.545-258.960 to improve to 4-1
Quinnipiac University, who are pretty highly respected in this. Here's the poll data from Feb 18.
Look all the hard work our students from Drexel University, Kalamazoo College and Quinnipiac University are doing...
I'm pretty sure the Quinnipiac University Polls r among the most methodologically sound and,.therefore reliable.
in this country we call it the Quinnipiac University Poll I guess lol
Someone told me yesterday they assumed Clinton was more 'electable' vs the GOP. Not true! ➤
Let me remind you which Democratic candidate consistently beats each GOP candidate. Source:
Hillarys corporate news media sponsors do not own this students at Quinnipiac University neither does Fox
Here is some interesting research...
Biden/Clinton numbers getting more headlines, but Qpiac also has Bernie Sanders beating both Trump and Jeb:
Just accepted a graduate assistant position at Quinnipiac University!!!
Trump is leading by 16 points in the Florida Quinnipiac University. Losing my home state will help me win the nomination.
it's a national poll. Quinnipiac University is who ran the poll
Quinnipiac Univerversity National Poll, it was mentioned in the graphic.
Quinnipiac faithful with strong showing against Yale - QBSN via
check the Quinn then if you want fair poll...
Quinnipiac University is crazy about hockey:
A Quinnipiac University public safety officer is pursuing his dreams as an actor on the big-screen.
A University public officer, who also is an discussed his career Sunday with -
OK, class. Open your books to section 452. It’s on polling. Just like the previous 451 sections. -At University
Bernie, I love you but please paste the link to Quinnipiac for all of the nutcases trolling you
Watch Robert Alfaro, a University public officer and professional on at 7:45 am Sunday.
So not only did I find the perfect dress for prom, but I also got accepted to Quinnipiac University with a Dean's Scholarship of $20,500
Interesting that it is a Quinnipiac University Poll.
New Quinnipiac University Poll: surges past in Iowa
Sanders up, Clinton down, in The difference a month makes. https:…
the source is irrelevant. The numbers in the highly respected Quinnipiac University Polls are (relevant).
New Fairfield high-schoolers participate in STEM workshop at Quinnipiac University
First we got praise from then the endorsement and now has us UP IN IOWA!
Thank you to the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine at Quinnipiac University students for another incredible...
Quinnipiac University Poll shows that Iowans find to be the most trustworthy of the Dem candidates: http…
Laura Lundblad (East Coast Wizards) has committed to Quinnipiac University for 2017-2018
As a part of Quinnipiac University's, QU 301 program, one of our brothers had the chance to…
Thrilled to announce my commitment to Quinnipiac University. Thanks to everyone who has helped make the dream a reali…
Finally and I agree on something. He and I both want to run against the other. Guess who wins?.
yeah man. Research is hard sometimes:
Looking up information is hard for some (all) Republicans
Question the moderators should ask: Why are all of you losing to Bernie Sanders in the polls?
The Vermont senator wins 49% of likely caucusgoers in the Quinnipiac University Poll released Tuesday, compared to Clinton's 44%. -The Hill
Bernie Sanders beats Trump in Quinnipiac University Poll. Hillary Clinton would ALSO beat Trump, by a more modest...
Quinnipiac University Poll: 28% of Republican primary voters would "definitely not" support Trump. .
Quinnipiac University, you and your fake poll have been
This is a POLL tainted by Bernie Burnout Students at Quinnipiac University
And accepted into Marist College and Quinnipiac University's Doctorate Physical Therapy program w/ the Dean's Scholarship!!! and we 3-0 🔥
And The Hill is just reporting a Quinnipiac University Poll. There's no right wing bias in it. It's not even their poll.
Percentage of likely Democratic goers supporting Clinton vs Sanders – by age .
I think trump just "totally committed" to the Republican Party the way I "totally committed" to quinnipiac university
looking for that Netanyahu stat finding only something re should support Israel %
Explains every morning of a Quinnipiac university student residing in commons
Here is why Hillary is going to win in 2016. Ten million more women voted in 2012 than men>
So excited to say I've been accepted into Quinnipiac University! Thankful for another great option to have! 😄
Congratulations to two of my students and for their acceptances to Quinnipiac University and Boston University.
New Quinnipiac University Poll: Iowa women back Clinton over Sanders
Breast Cancer Awareness
Quinnipiac: Iowa: Women back Clinton over Sanders 2-1 in Iowa Democratic Caucus; economy remains top issue for...
Who should Dems want as presidential candidate -who is harder to beat?.
Ireland 1916 at Quinnipiac University: Hosted by the College of Arts and Sciences, Ireland's Great Hunger Inst...
.maj IA voters say no guns for people on terror list. Ask candidates why they voted against.
Donald Trump is running neck-and-neck with Sen. Ted Cruz in Iowa, according to the latest Quinnipiac University Poll of Iowa Republicans
Chaska native Peter Tufto, via St. Thomas Academy hockey, has committed to Quinnipiac University. Playing for Vernon in BCHL this season
Terrorism doubles in importance as deciding issue who to support for GOP nomination in Iowa
3 months of Republican polls show Carson's crash and Cruz's climb htt…
Congratulations to former Nick Jermain's commitment to Quinnipiac University (NCAA D1)
Quinnipiac University Polls Carson, Cruz, Christie, Rubio and Trump against Clinton — only one loses
Quinnipiac University Poll DETAILS ...Tops Carson in three key areas
I think your calls for Paul too drop out are a lil' premature...
.continues to make gains. Another poll has him in the Top 5 - this time ahead of & https…
First after shows Hillary Clinton with +11% lead over Bernie Sanders in Iowa.
poll=Rigged. Quinnipiac University is tied to Rockefeller et al. Q is, why's MSM taking their poll seriously?
Good luck to as they open their regualr season with a non-conference matchup vs. Quinnipiac University on...
BREAKING: quinnipiac iowa poll has moving into 4th led by surge w younger voters a week after college tour htt…
Quinnipiac poll is big flip in Iowa: Early Sept was Trump over Carson 27-21. New is 28-20 Carson over Trump.
Tell why it's SO wrong to make a parody video about orphans: sign the petition https…
Hear a first-hand account of surviving the Holocaust.
According to a recent poll holds 40% of likely caucus goers support here in the big news!.
A Quinnipiac University Poll of Republican caucus voters in Iowa showed Mr. Trump in second place, with Ben Carson in first. It was the
Back at Quinnipiac and already being photographed by the university.
New poll: passes Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina in Iowa! He keeps moving on up!
Sanders and Clinton much loved by likely goers https…
No laughing matter. Campus parent/family wknds can be stressful for young people who lack family support >
- Sanders and Clinton much loved by likely Democratic goers
Quinnipiac: Clinton back on top in Iowa, leads Sanders by double digits.
BREAKING: A new Quinnipiac poll confirms I have moved into the top 5 in Iowa ahead of Jeb Bush and Carly Fiorina!
Quinnipiac matchups show Hillary losing in each swing state #
A month ago, the two were flip-flopped, and it was Trump leading with 27 percent in a Quinnipiac University Poll and Carson who was in
Q poll also finds that 88% of "very liberal" IA Ds views Hillary favorably. Cuts against the narrative.
Clinton back on top in Iowa Q poll as debate viewers say she beat Sanders 2-1.
Thanks to Trey Gowdy and the GOP, Clinton back on top!
In a Quinnipiac University Poll released Friday of likely Republican caucus participants in Iowa, Perry record support from just 1 percent.
Sanders 41%, Clinton 40% in new Iowa poll by Quinnipiac University
Quinnipiac: Kasich a Clear Favorite of Ohio Voters: A new Quinnipiac University Poll on swing states shows tha...
Quinnipiac University Poll of three key states -FLA/Ohio/PA Biden faring as well as or better than Clinton vs top GOP 1
Poll Says Virginians Split on Confederate Flag on License Plates: A new Quinnipiac University Poll shows Virginians…
Quinnipiac University or Seton Hall University! Can go to both of them... Which one to go?
the sleeping giant state park, after hanging with me at Quinnipiac University
A Quinnipiac University Poll found that in a year dominated by corruption scandals, 58 percent of voters had a bleak view of Albany and
Hillary Clinton's lead in Iowa is 52% to Bernie Sanders' 33%, according to a new Quinnipiac University Poll.
Hillary's support among women is hovering in the high 40's/low 50's vs. most GOP candidates. That's really bad news. ht…
UNH joins Norwalk Community College, Quinnipiac University and other campuses in the state to be tobacco- free and smoke-free
Kasich Tops Hillary Clinton in Ohio, But That's the Least of Her Troubles:   Yes, the Quinnipiac University Poll
- Dean's Secretary, School of Nursing Job at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT.
Quinnipiac University is now looking for qualified applicants in Hamden, CT.
Get a new from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT.
Would you like to work at Quinnipiac University? A new opportunity is now available in Hamden, CT.
Searching for in Hamden, CT? Send your to Quinnipiac University.
. Robby Mook -evidence all over the place:Hillary has 'trustworthy problem'. ht…
I'm not sure what is going on here lololl!!! @ Quinnipiac University
Shawty you the best I'm just keepin' it real 😜 @ Quinnipiac University
(2017) Dj Johnson is receiving interest from Quinnipiac University (DCP) 🏀.
Quinnipiac University Men's Soccer grad Freddy Hall gives back to the community he is from (St. George's...
56% of approve of job done by but only 35% support Mayor vs via htt…
We only have a few spots left for our first ever "College Days" camp at Quinnipiac University in CT! If you...
My second article for about things to do over summer break! Give it a read!
Dems not feeling the Bern in FL, OH, PA, says PA GOP pri is 5-way race (incl Carson)
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Shout out to a friend of mine on getting that basketball scholarship at Quinnipiac University. So glad for you man
Congrats to our very own for getting a scholarship to Quinnipiac University for basketball.
Marco Rubio runs best against Hillary in 2016 presidential matchups with top Republican contenders in 3 swing states. http:/…
1/ With the usual FL Q-Poll caveats, several numbers pop out in their FL/OH/PA poll.
I already did my bachelors in Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. Right now I'm applying to schools..
Another day, another poll! in first place in crowded Republican primary in Pennsylvania:
Rubio & Jeb! in FL, Kasich in OH pulling close to 20%. hello, name recognition effects.
Poll finds New York voters back tax credits for parochial school parents: A new Quinnipiac University Poll on ...
Senator Marco Rubio leads the Republican field in the latest Quinnipiac University Poll. Tonight we'll bring you... htt…
USA: Quinnipiac University Poll reveals that only 38% of Americans believe President Obama is a supporter of Israel.
QU Softball Travels to Fairfield on Tuesday for Interstate Conference Game: The Quinnipiac University softball...
Very proud of Anne Hall, St Anthony's Class of 2013 and currently a student at Quinnipiac University, who was...
Connect with us at Take Back the Night at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT on TUE MAR 31 at 9:15 PM:
A recent Quinnipiac University Poll ranked Fox News as the most trusted cable news network in the country.
Quinnipiac University Poll has with big lead over other Dems in Iowa
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Bush, Clinton an even match in Florida: A Quinnipiac University Poll released Tuesday shows former Gov. Jeb Bush…
University of Richmond, University of Mary Washington, Spelman, Quinnipiac University and like 2 others. Did you commit?
Connor McDavid has decided to play for Quinnipiac University . *wins national championship*
Quinnipiac University and GiantIvy are now connected and ready to bring the best jobs to you!
Quinnipiac shuts down fraternity, expels a student over hazing
“Quinnipiac University shuts down fraternity over hazing charges MattyBats gone wild again?
Half of NY'ers would rather toast alone than w/ H. Clinton, de Blasio or Cuomo. Where's the intellectual curiosity?
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is New York’s most sought-after New Year’s Eve date, according to a new poll. In a Quinnipiac University Poll released on Monday, 37 percent of voters in New York state say they would like to see the ball drop with Clinton, while only 8 percent c…
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Mitt Romney, the Republican Party's unsuccessful presidential nominee in 2012, leads the field for the 2016 election among Republican voters, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released on Wednesday. The former Massachusetts governor would have a slight edge over potential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton by 45 percent to 44 percent in a general election, the poll found. ...
The chasm between how white and black New Yorkers view Mayor de Blasio is wider than ever, according to a new poll. A Quinnipiac University Poll released Tuesday found support for the mayor among b...
A Quinnipiac University Poll published Monday shows a dead heat in the Iowa Senate race, with Democrat...
Bob Beauprez for Governor Ron, Earlier this week, Bill Clinton came to Colorado to campaign for John Hickenlooper. It shows that liberals are scared – and they’re pulling out all stops! Please help me stand up to the liberal Democrats. We need to elect Bob Beauprez as our next Governor. For months, John Hickenlooper’s friends — President Obama, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton — have come to town to rally liberals and raise money to attack Bob and his character. The good news is that even after all these attacks, Bob is still leading in the polls. According to a Quinnipiac University survey that came out Wednesday, Bob leads by 5 points. This is great news. But we cannot take anything for granted. As your Secretary of State, I can assure you that every vote counts. If you haven’t already done so, please DROP OFF your ballot TODAY. Thank you for your continued support! Sincerely, Scott Gessler
The mean and personal Florida governor’s race remains deadlocked, with Gov. Rick Scott and Charlie Crist each getting just 42 percent of the vote in the latest survey from Quinnipiac University.
from the dorms at Quinnipiac University, NHL Gamecenter time
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's approval rating is at a near-record low, according to a brand new Quinnipiac University Poll released this morning. The finding comes amid a drip-drip-drip of revelations concerning gross mismanagement of the state's $81 billion pension fund. Less than a year after Christie trounced Democratic opponent Barbara Buono 60 to 38 percent, Christie's approval rating stands at just 46 percent, with 45 percent disapproving of the governor's performance. [ 403 more words. ]
"I got a bj from a girl so gross I had to go to church on Sunday..." - Quinnipiac University
Registration is now open for the Region I Administrators in Graduate and Professional Student Services (AGAPSS) one-day conference, “Building a Comprehensive Graduate Student Life Program”. The conference will take place on Friday, October 17, 2014 at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. This year’s conference will focus on the growth and development of graduate and professional student services. Beginning with a keynote by Dr. Gina Grubb Frank, Dean for Graduate Student Affairs at Quinnipiac University who will discuss how she has developed a graduate program and assisted in the opening of a graduate and professional campus at her institution. Following the keynote, there will be a small series of “Ted” talks which will allow the attendees to explore the range of programs and services provided on a variety of campuses. The afternoon will feature roundtable discussions with a closing panel of deans and vice presidents, providing participants with the opportunity to continue the . ...
Quinnipiac University looking for Twerk Lessons. Applications open tomorrow.
2014 Election for Governor, Poll Results by Party Identification & Gender h…
Quinnipiac poll: Wolf's lead over Corbett 'prohibitive' in Pa. race: A Quinnipiac University Poll of Pennsylvania...
83% of NY voters say government corruption is a serious problem. Stop corruption!
Laura thinks she's teaching her first day at Quinnipiac University tmrw but jokes on her, it's just gonna be me in every class, hanging out.
I don't think I could of picked a prettier school 😻 @ Quinnipiac University
No surprises here - opposition to has grown to an all time high according to
Mail would be much appreciated! Please send me some: . Brendan Smith . Quinnipiac University . 275 Mount Carmel Ave Box 2880. Hamden, CT 06518
First weekend at Quinnipiac was great to say the least lol. @ Quinnipiac University
Quinnipiac University Men's Soccer Alumni save this date, September 20, 2014! Dust off the boots and get a run in...
Apply for a at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT.
Member Post: Historian of Education Diane Ravitch to lecture at Quinnipiac University
Do you have an interest in joining a at University? Check out our website for more details
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I'm starting a petition. Anyone want to change Quinnipiac to Wu-Tang University?.
Before Quinnipiac University, it was Quinnipiac College, before that it was Quinnipiac Correctional Facility and thats when Troupe was built
President Lahey (President of Quinnipiac University) speaks just as aspiring as President Obama does or President Clinton did.
"Hanging out with all guys at hoping to get some action; maybe theyll be down if I let them hit -quinnipiac university"
Photos: freshmen move into residence halls in
Education historian to speak at Quinnipiac 7 p.m. on Wed October 8th at Quinnipiac University
Quinnipiac University Poll reveals the majority of those who responded agree with me, Obama is the Worst President in United States History
Quinnipiac University Poll finds opposition to fracking in NYS has risen and is now 48 percent, highest in NYC.
Finished unpacking ...most of my stuff @ Quinnipiac University
Medicinal use only 44%, Personal use 35% in new Quinnipiac University New York Marijuana Use poll.
HUGE shout out to Holy Cross, ECU, Quinnipiac, Towson University, and Robert Morris for unlocking WiGo on the first day!
Quinnipiac University debuts new law school facility
new finds increase in opposition to in NY:
Quinnipiac University debuts a new law school, in North Haven.
"35% of NY State voters want to legalize marijuana for personal use. 19 % say should not be legal" – Quinnipiac University Poll
Poll: 79% in New York say legalize for personal or medical use. Only 19% say keep current law.
It's Game Day at the University of Maine! kicks off the 14-15 season of Maine Athletics 2day v Quinnipiac. Good Luck Bears!
This is total nonsense. How do you explain THIS?
"I was having a bad day so my girlfriend showed up to my house in lingerie. Needless to say my day got better" - Quinn…
"Oh, you're coming into college with a high school sweetheart? don't worry, we can fix that" - Quinnipiac University
On the heels of a recent Quinnipiac University Poll that found 92 percent of Americans, including gun owners, support background checks on all gun sales, Everytown for Gun Safety today issued its first “Gun Sense Voter” questionnaire, 10 questions for political candidates to tell Americans where the…
Hillary Clinton is leading all potential Republican 2016 presidential challengers in Florida, a new poll says. According to a Quinnipiac University Poll released Thursday, the former secretary of state holds at least a 7-percentage-point lead in match-ups against potential GOP challengers in the pol…
MAKE THE TIME TO SEE THE MOVIE “AMERICA---WHERE WOULD WE BE IF THERE WERE NONE” AND COMPARE IT WITH WHAT PEGGY NOONAN WROTE. Subject: The Daydream and the Nightmare Once again, Peggy hits one out of the park. She has always been a brilliant and eloquent analyst. She is deeply incisive but never crass and disrespectful. If you read this treatise carefully, you will no doubt note that she actually exudes sympathy for the man...not bitterness. I have to agree...a delusional man like this is truly more pitiful than acrimonious. The Daydream and the Nightmare Obama isn't doing his job. He's waiting for history to recognize his greatness. By Peggy Noonan Updated July 4, 2014 5:37 p.m. ET I don't know if we sufficiently understand how weird and strange, how historically unparalleled, this presidency has become. We've got a sitting president who was just judged in a major poll to be the worst since World War II. The worst president in 70 years! Quinnipiac University's respondents also said, by 54% to 44%, th ...
Whoever he is, he apparently played at Quinnipiac University for the last two seasons.
Sequential Quinnipiac polls are pretty reliable, but it works for me if you deny. : )
“"Boys get "friend-zoned" because they don't have the balls to actually make a move - Quinnipiac university” jason😂
Every poll shows her beating everyone Rep & Dem
You mean this poll that left adored and promoted before but now...?.
Really? You mean same poll that Left lauded before? .
In the 2016 presidential race, American voters back Hillary Clinton over leading Republican contenders:. 47 - 38...
A new Quinnipiac University Poll showed that when asking the same questions using "gun control" instead of...
New poll finds 92 PERCENT of U.S. voters support background checks for all gun buyers.
Americans are nearly unanimous in supporting background checks for all gun buyers, according to new Quinnipiac poll: http:…
1% of ppl in poll think Ike was worst president. Maybe they just hate the interstate highway system?
"One time this girl was sucking my *** & she started crying about her parents divorce ... She kept sucking" - Quinnip…
92% of Americans want universal background chks according to recent Quinnipiac poll. Come on Congress!
Asleep at the Switch: The American Political Mind is in a Sad State. "Last week Quinnipiac University launched a ne…
Mark Levin: Quinnipiac University Poll: Obama is the worst president since World war II
Rand Paul leads the field in the latest Quinnipiac primary poll!
Rep. Predicts: 'Romney Will Be Next President'... A recent poll from Quinnipiac University found that 45 percent of American voters believed the U.S. would have been better off with Romney as president, compared to 38 percent who stated the U.S. would be in worse shape. The same poll also found that 33 percent of voters believe President Barack Obama is the worst president since 1945. Asked whether Mitt Romney still had the presidential “bug” ahead of 2016, Romney kept the focus on campaigning for Republican Senate candidate Scott Brown. “I got the bug to help Scott — that’s about it,” he said.
Polls still look good for HRC. Rand Paul holds steady in GOP
. Interesting poll results. O, the worst POTUS since WW11.
Scott Walker's national favorability rating -- a dismal 21% at end of 2013 -- has fallen to 18%.
A new Quinnipiac poll finds Democrats lead the generic House ballot 41% to 39%.
New Quinnipiac Poll - Dead Heat for GOP Hopefuls. Don't Know leads at 20%
at desperate who after all of his essays & bluster still at 1% nationally among GOPers
Americans Say Obama is the Worst President Since WWII, Quinnipiac University National Poll FindsBy Nick Sorrentino on July 2, 2014 Bush II comes in a very close second. The country perceives that the United States has been under particularly poor management for (at least) 14 years. And the country i…
Poll after poll shows President Obama’s approval rating dipping recently, and one new Quinnipiac University Poll finds that voters say Mitt Romney would have been a better choice in 2012.
more study on the US needed "Obama being regarded as quick on his feet, not prone to gaffs"
Umm, we don't all love him - show pony. WE LOVE him but it seems his own countrymen can’t stand the sight of Obama.
A new Quinnipiac University Poll shows shocking data that 8% of Americans are racist. The poll rated Obama as the worst president since WWII. However, 8% say he’s the best, despite his foriegn policy blunders resulting in the murder of an ambassador while he slept to prepare for a fundraiser, the 29 unanimous smack downs by the Supreme Court over abuse of power and clear lack of understsanding of our Constitutional system, the IRS scandal, fast and furious gun running scandal, AP scandal, James Rosen scandal, NSA eaves dropping scandal etc, etc. plus the unemployment remaining obscenely hight, the national debt to never seen before levels, the labor participation rate at record low levels, on and on and on… sheesh it’s tiresome keeping track and yet… Ouch, he *** From Washington Times… And yet still many say he’s best president ever. Of course, we know what that means. They ...
Most Americans agree last two presidents are the worst since WW2. (Bet the next one will be even worse).
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