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Quinn Buckner

William Quinn Buckner, commonly known as Quinn Buckner (born August 20, 1954 in Phoenix, Illinois) is a former American professional basketball player and coach.

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Quinn Buckner with his own spin on Murphy's Law on this game:. "If it can go wrong, it has."
given truth serum, there's no possible way you enjoy working with Quinn Buckner. He never ever stops talking.
I remember Quinn Buckner saying it would take until January to figure it out. Now we are here & they've won 4 straight. Love it.
that list only has DTs. Campbell was the 3-4 DE and Buckner Quinn 4-3 DE
connection at Thornridge, where Quinn Buckner led the Falcons to 1971 & 1972 Illinois state championships.…
This quote from Quinn Buckner is proof that Indiana has the best commentating team in the league.
Quinn Buckner needs to retire. His commenting during Pacer games are just dumb.
Quinn Buckner is so biased. a few nights ago Christiano Felicio hung on the rim and he said Felicio had no respect for the game.
Quinn Buckner is hilarious bro lol.
Quinn Buckner is absolutely horrible with the yellow marker tool lmao
Quinn Buckner jocularly notes how uncomfortable looks when a camera is on him. Could it be any other way?
Quinn Buckner's pure excitement over Myles Turner blocks is one of the best parts of a Pacers broadcast.
the Pacers leading 16-5 on the Nets, shooting 54.5 percent and Quinn Buckner has gone born again preacher. Praise Jesus in Indianapolis
Monta Ellis, Quinn Buckner and Grigson to Chicago for Butler, Jordan's retired number banner, the White Sox and the…
I love Chris Denari and Quinn Buckner doing Indiana Pacer games together. They play tomorrow give them a listen.
When it comes to watching the Pacers with their broadcasts, you're quickly reminded just how irritating Quinn Buckner is.
“He kicked him in the stomach... with his knee.”. Quinn Buckner, ladies and gentlemen. .
I'm always surprised that you don't like Quinn Buckner. He's enthusiastic, makes solid points, what more are you looking for?
really? You don’t like Quinn Buckner? He’s really good at predicting plays before it happens i’ve seen...
nbc just predicted john Anderson and ross perot ahead of t party candidate Quinn buckner
"34 points is a lot in a quarter, 43 is more" - Quinn Buckner, Indiana Pacers color commentator (still like him though).
Quinn Buckner just described the Colts perfectly. No identity. He was talking about the Pacers but if the shoe fits
Other players of note to wear No. 21 for IU - Winston Morgan, Bob 'Slick' Leonard, Quinn Buckner
Quinn Buckner on the IND broadcast now: “Defense is about will, offense is about skill.” . I don’t entirely agree. Defense takes knowledge
Richie Adubato and Quinn Buckner never started a season 0-5. This is going to be a rough one,
But Quinn Buckner's Mavs got off to a 1-23 start. Surely it can't be that bad.
Unsure which frustrates me more when watching the Pacers: Quinn Buckner or watching the Pacers attempt to defend? Both leave me exhausted
Listening to Quinn Buckner mis-pronounce The Greek Freak's name in about 30 different ways in one quarter.
Yo bring Clark Kellogg back...Quinn Buckner jus ain't biased enough for me dawg
Hot take Quinn Buckner is a goofball
Quinn Buckner and I echo each other commentating Pacers games.
Tonight, the Foundation and will honor Quinn Buckner at their signature fundraising event.
Former IU basketball star Quinn Buckner has been appointed to the university board of trustees by Gov. Mike Pence.
Isiah Thomas, Quinn Buckner, Steve Alford … the Hoosiers could sure use your help right now …
traded Quinn Buckner for him as I recall.
Ray Hudson is like *** Vitale, Ron Santo, Gus Johnson, Quinn Buckner and Bill Walton rolled into one. Dude's exhausting.
The FANS voted. Here is your Indiana all time starting five. Thoughts? 🏀. Steve Alford. Isiah Thomas. Calbert Cheaney. Scott May. Quinn Buckner
I can't believe still nobody hasn't told Quinn Buckner he does TV and Not radio. ...We are seeing the same things you are!
Opps that's called the TRIANGLE. Ask Rambis, Shaw, Floyd, and Quinn Buckner how TRI worked for them w/o a HOF crew?
Go to urban dictionary and search smothered chicken and find out why I want Quinn Buckner to stop using the phrase.
Quinn Buckner is an analyst after my own heart.smothered chicken!
only thing I want to hear from last night is Quinn Buckner talk about smothered chicken and gravy!!!
Quinn Buckner's reaction to the Lebron block is the greatest thing on the internet right now 😂
Quinn Buckner, color analyst of the Pacers is absolutely horrendous. I have never heard a bigger homer on a broadcast. Terrible.
think it was a Turner mistake not moving to where he needed to be. Via My man, Quinn Buckner
Does Quinn Buckner get paid to say "now that's competing" ? He's said it at least 15 times tonight
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Quinn Buckner called pin off the glass smothered chicken I'm so geeked😂 Myles got his first career double double.
Omg Myles Turner just blocked LeBron and Quinn Buckner lost his goddam mind
Quinn Buckner is far and away the worst announcer in the nba. My God is he irritating
Few things are better than hearing Quinn Buckner scream "Smothered Chicken!"
Chris Denarii and Quinn Buckner are as bad as Jim Nantz and Phil Simmons.
Quinn Buckner makes me never want to watch games.
Quinn Buckner, “This is smothered chicken all day!” Myles Turner making Lebron look foolish outchea!
Quinn Buckner just got me so hype on Myles' block of LeBron
I want to mute pacer games when I watch them, bc Quinn Buckner is so annoying. We don't need an explanation for everything bruh
Quinn Buckner is a basketball legend. Won at every level. What have you ever done? Show respect.
Love Quinn Buckner right there emphatically saying "Monta Ellis."
Quinn Buckner is a very balanced color commentator.. Works for the Pacers broadcast but he's not biased...
Quinn Buckner said the Cavs were having trouble scoring. They have 58 first have points. What does he expect, 70?
I'd almost rather hear Chris Collinsworth call football games than have to hear Quinn Buckner call basketball games. Both are awful.
Quinn Buckner is hard to listen to. He is clueless when he talks
Quinn Buckner won't stop talking. How can Pacer fans stand this?
Is Quinn Buckner the color analyst for the Pacers? Wow. I almost forgot about him. He was one of the worst NBA coaches of all time.
The distraction on the shot clock last night was making Quinn Buckner crack up! Nice!
Just asked Quinn Buckner and he said no, and then agreed with himself there isn't.
According to Quinn Buckner every Pacers timeout is a "good" timeout. Never an avg or bad timeout by Vogel. cc:
Former star Quinn Buckner with the week's No. 1 sports quote: on Bobby Knight.
Paul George did no wrong Detroit started it going after George Hill. Wish Pacers would have someone replace Quinn Buckner.
The didn't win, but considering they were down 17 and fought back, Quinn Buckner liked their determination.
Geez Quinn Buckner just killed Trey lol... "Trying to act like he's strong and he ain't done a thing!"
Quinn Buckner with the line of the night: Trey Lyles acting like he's done something and he hasn't done a thing all night."
Quinn Buckner just threw shots at Trey Lyles lmao
Quinn Buckner is so fun to listen to. "Oh! That's the stuff!" "Ohhh yeahhh P...G!!!"
I hope Quinn Buckner is in good shape bc I kinda worry about his health w some of these incredible plays being made
Quinn Buckner: The Utah just picked up his Jazz.
I want Quinn Buckner to be IU's next coach
I'm the black Quinn Buckner, how about them Hawks? 👎🏽
"Young man!!" Lmao . Quinn Buckner has the best dunk commentary
Pacers gotta have the best broadcast team in nba right ? Quinn Buckner and denari are awesome
Quinn Buckner is a freakin GREAT analyst. Always great.
It's either me, M.L. Carr or Quinn Buckner or all three
Found out that Cedric Maxwell could be responsible for the "smothered chicken" phrase made popular by Quinn Buckner
Quinn Buckner and Jeremiah Johnson preview tonight's game between the and (via
Paul George. Blake Griffin. and Quinn Buckner preview tonight's game vs the Clippers.
I'm begging you to please do a podcast with Quinn Buckner.
Today- at 4:05 Quinn Buckner at 5:05 5:35 & talks at 6 all with
"World Peace tried to run him over." - Quinn Buckner on the broadcast. Ron Artest is the comedy gift that keeps on giving.
"Hugging Quinn Buckner"...wasn't that a Mitch Albom best seller?
cheers to new friends and meeting THE Quinn Buckner!
read this in the voice of Quinn Buckner. OH MAN, FLYING SMOTHERED CHICKEN
Quinn Buckner is a one of a kind announcer lol
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"I think Lavoy Allen's a better shooter than 39%." - Quinn Buckner. I cannot wrap my head around the logic here.
Where does Quinn Buckner sit in Bob Knight's best PG list?
Quinn Buckner in the house at tonight along with Myles Turner, Chase Budinger, Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas.
Jordan Hill, Toney Douglas and Quinn Buckner are at the Greenwood-Whiteland football game
GW home vs Whiteland tonight. 7pm. Sr. Night. Pacers in the house w/ Quinn Buckner. Chance for a share of Mid-State title. Who's in?
Excited to see Myles turned, George Hill, and Quinn Buckner tonight
Hey, the Quinn Buckner giggle fit is back! The offseason is over!
Great to have and Quinn Buckner back in the house for basketball. Paul George looks great. They may be pretty good
Pacers will be in attendance for Friday's football game vs. Whiteland. Quinn Buckner, George Hill and other players are scheduled to attend.
Smart reminds me of the peak Quinn Buckner who led good Bucks teams and won it in college. Physical, tough
Played against U of L and UK in 1975 Final Four, teammate of Junior Bridgeman & Quinn Buckner in Milwaukee.
as opposed to, say, Lenny Wilkens, Don Nelson, Pat Riley, Rick Adelman, Jerry Sloan, Quinn Buckner — all ex-players I never saw
Thrilled to see 2nite's Brady Awards 4 Quinn Buckner & my old boss Holtz
Congratulations to VP Quinn Buckner on his induction to the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame!
Big congratulations to our analyst Quinn Buckner, who'll be enshrined in the College Basketball HOF ->>
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John Havlicek, Quinn Buckner, Charlie Scott among eight new inductees to College Basketball Hall of Fame
Really thought they were gonna be cracking open the champagne at the Quinn Buckner residence tonight.
Quinn Buckner reminding us where a 3 1/2 hour nap in the shower, right?
Quinn Buckner talking about how the Pacers kept their poise after blowing a 14 point lead.😐Time to turn the TV off and study.
good for Quinn Buckner but I don't know.. I just hate that it was a foul because he was trying to make room
I watched the replay lol. Quinn Buckner even said it was a foul.
AUDIO: went w/& to discuss the nobility of Coach Dean Smith:
Hey, I'm on TV! Thanks and Quinn Buckner for entertaining my idiotic musings. Nothing…
Quinn Buckner a little too confident in that "push"
Hey does anybody like quinn buckner???
Sorry to nitpick, Quinn Buckner played for Indiana University, not the Tar Heels. Does not diminish Coach Smith's legacy at all.
Yogi Ferrell also just passed Quinn Buckner on Indiana's all-time scoring list.
Yogi Ferrell just passed Quinn Buckner on IU's all-time scoring list.
Quinn Buckner reminding us where a 3 is made from.
Quinn Buckner: "This game might be too big for Whittington." Uh, ya think? A T-Wolves preseason game is too big for him. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I wish I could make an audio montage of all the awkward things Quinn Buckner says
The night that the Pacers play the Cavs is the ONE night where I like Quinn Buckner as an announcer.
that would save ya from having to listen to Quinn Buckner
Roy Hibbert pump fakes from mid-range, puts the ball on the floor and drives towards the basket. Quinn Buckner: "Oh boy." 😂😂
Haven't watched many pacer games this year because they are trash but wow is it great to hear Quinn Buckner's beautiful voice
Quinn Buckner is the worst broadcaster in the NBA. I'd rather listen to a combo of Dr Quinn medicine woman & Bill Buckner
We’re pleased to announce that Quinn Buckner captain of the 1976 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship team and vice president of communications for Pacers Sports & Entertainment, will join the Summer Philharmonic next Saturday (6/28) as narrator for the performance of Frank Proto’s "Casey at the Bat." Additional featured artists for the orchestral concert include conductor David Effron; trumpeters John Rommel, Leah Hodge, and Evan King; mezzo-soprano Marietta Simpson, mezzo-soprano; and dancers Cassie Dishman and Morgan Stillman.
Peter Veczey and Bill Walton both picked the Knicks in the 1993 Eastern CF against Jordan. Quinn Buckner picked the Bulls.
I just hope Chris Denari and Quinn Buckner are ok
Chris Denari wraps up the first half of action in Miami with the Indiana Pacers trailing, 49-44. Be sure to tune to Fox Sports Indiana immediately following the game for locker room interviews, highlights, and analysis with Chris, Quinn Buckner, and Brooke Olzendam.
Did Jason Kidd learn that sick inbounds play from Jim Cleamons, Quinn Buckner, Cotton Fitzsimmons or Mike Woodson?
«Chris Webber has to be the worst commentator on the planet. He needs to be stoned to death» no... Quinn Buckner
Listening to Chris Webber is painful. Still better than listening to Quinn Buckner though.
I hope Quinn Buckner called in sick tonight
Quinn Buckner's criticism late in the game might be the most pointed I've heard from him.
Quinn Buckner said perfectly. "Total, lack on concentration & effort. Pacers never should've been in this position". Pacers were +1 w/ Roy 2
Quinn Buckner is the only thing that makes this watchable. He's just the best.
Quinn Buckner is speaking the truth on the broadcast right now. No way should the be in this situation in this series.
How does Chris Denari not punch Quinn Buckner on the reg?
Quinn Buckner needs to learn to finish his thoughts when he's announcing games.
Quinn Buckner is the crappiest announcer in all of sports!
Why is Quinn Buckner an analyst for Indiana STFU commentate the game
Quinn Buckner would defend any call the refs make.. Regardless of how obvious it is.
let's listen to Quinn... Buckner lol
Quinn Buckner can't announce for Pacers next year. Nice but is now just awfuk. Croshere was much better or anyone else.
Quinn Buckner is a horrible commentator.
Quinn Buckner "I'm going to go for a drink, cover me"
Listening to Quinn Buckner do a lopsided game is like being waterboarded.
Quinn Buckner is insufferable to listen to on Pacers broadcasts
Quinn Buckner needs to take his diabetes somewhere else
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On the bright side for the Pacers in the first half, I thought Chris Denari & Quinn Buckner performed very well. They came to play.
Just when you think it can't get any worse...Quinn Buckner makes another comment.
Quinn Buckner can X and O all he wants, I'd rather just listen to Dan Dakich call a spade a spade
Quinn Buckner is funny! Now he's talking about a game of pick up lol
Quinn Buckner is about to make me watch this game on mute.
please come back and call games!! Like you way better than Quinn Buckner!
According to Quinn Buckner, apparently this is the playoffs. But my question is, why does he hate the Pacers?
that just mins after *** Quinn Buckner was saying on tv that this is playoff basketball you're not getting reg season call!
The last thing i wanna do is listen to Quinn Buckner call this game
The pacers game has been on for 10 minutes and Quinn Buckner has already said "this is the playoffs" 12 times. Trust me i know this.
I HATE Quinn Buckner! Almost time to turn on slick Leonard on the radio instead of this crap out of Quinn's mouth!!
Quinn Buckner needs to be fired ASAP !! Gotta watch the game on MUTE 😑😤
I'm dying I need to go elsewhere to listen to this game in peace. Quinn Buckner's voice is trash
How many times will Quinn Buckner say " this is the playoffs"?
Quinn Buckner just summed up the NBA "NO! It's the playoffs, you're not gonna get a foul"
Worst part about the Pacers game tonight is having to listen to Quinn Buckner call the game..
Quinn Buckner and Magic Johnson being the other two?
we didnt break it but we got around 150 people maybe. Plus quinn buckner and bill brooks were there!
Lance needed Quinn Buckner to tell him where to tip the ball on that jump.
Video - recaps the 1st half: After the game, join Chris, Quinn Buckner & on
Also, people should stop talking about Quinn Buckner and his support for Roy. He is paid to be a bit partial to the team.
setting a WR and playing with Quinn Buckner and Bill Brooks! Doesn't get any better
4900 W Stones Crossing. Join Quinn Buckner, Bill Brooks and hundreds of other players. We have to beat 660 participants.
Quinn Buckner is an effen *** We do not need to force anything to hibbert
Ok, as much as I hate Van Gundy's much as Quinn Buckner .I have to admit he's right about Hibbert and his offensive moves and shots so far. Keep at it Big Roy, I'm rooting for you to regain the previous form and beat OKC.
Nope, think Quinn is back Wednesday. Too bad. Croshere is light years ahead of Buckner as an analyst.
Is there anybody missing Quinn Buckner? Or nahhh
why has Quinn Buckner been missing games?
Guessing Scotty May, Kent Benson, Tom Abernathy, Quinn Buckner, and the rest of the 1976 undefeated Indiana Hoosiers are smiling right now.
... With Kent Benson, Quinn Buckner and Scott May. Yeah, that's a shot at the absurd coverage of the pathetic annual Dolphins celebration
Your are thinking 1981 Hoosiers. They were not undefeated. The 1976 Hoosiers last team undefeated. Quinn Buckner, Kent Benson, etc.
I suppose Kent Benson, Scott May, Quinn Buckner and teammates are somewhere having a glass of champagne.
I wonder if Bob Knight, Scott May and Quinn Buckner just lit cigars and popped champagne.
Kent Benson and Quinn Buckner can call Larry Csonka and Bob Griese... 38 years without a perfect season.
So 4 all the Lance haters(I'm talking to you Quinn Buckner) boy has the ability to carry this team when needed.See 3rd qtr last night
I was thinking of Quinn Buckner guys. Thanks for nothing
“better than Quinn Buckner!!!” You think so? I've always liked Quinn. No one beats Mark and Slick.
"That's a smothered chicken" -Quinn Buckner I can hear it in my head right now
I love Quinn Buckner but its good to hear Croshere for a change
You know it's good when Quinn Buckner is excited.
I love Quinn Buckner but is so much better!
This is just what the Pacers needed, no Quinn Buckner!
I really like watching the on TV so much better when Quinn Buckner is replaced by
I bet Quinn Buckner has a perfect bracket
No one in the world can guard David West. Just ask Quinn Buckner. If you don't, he'll tell you every game anyway.
in honor of Quinn Buckner we should get trending lol
I love FSI because I enjoy Quinn Buckner and Chris Denaris voices
I'm glad pacers are getting some national television time, but there's nothing like hearing quinn buckner.
Quinn Buckner said PG made a bad decision then got hyped we he got the dunk ! SHUTUP And stop hating on him !
Quinn Buckner points out Hibbert has struggled all night, but that's nearly EVERY night these days. Good finish there
"He's not a sung hero, he's pretty much an unsung hero." - Quinn Buckner on George Hill
Quinn Buckner is the most mute worthy commentator in sports.
Quinn Buckner: "Paul George was looking for a foul..." We know.
"Don't complicate the game like we complicate life..." -Quinn Buckner bringing his personal life to the workplace
Quinn Buckner is my favorite. "Don't complicate this game. Like we complicate life."
Quinn buckner sounds high as a kite
Drinking game: every time Quinn Buckner says the word "active."
My God!!! CBS just aired a musical tribute to 75 years of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, 5 minutes of pure pleasure, it gave me goose bumps!!! One Shining Moment!! Mark Aguire, Ray Meyer, Bobby Knight, Magic, Larry Bird, MJ, Quinn Buckner, Jimmy V, Bryce Drew, Bill Walton, just to name a few!!! Loved It!!! March Madness is a great time of the year!!
Chris Denari, Quinn Buckner & Brooke Olzendam is prolly the best commentating team that i knw ;p
Quinn Buckner irritates me sometimes. What happened to Austin Croshere?
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Quinn Buckner is not the kind of commentator Pacers should have because he agrees with bad calls against them. He tries to be politically correct and is critical of Pacers. Hard to listen to him anytime they play. Rather have Clark Kellogg .
Quinn Buckner is Clark Kellogg's long lost cousin with the food references.
Calbert Cheaney, Isiah Thomas, Quinn Buckner, Dane Fife, Greg Graham on the floor with Bob Knight coaching last night
Just had an amazingly fun show in Movie VS Movie at ColdTowne with Quinn Buckner, Lacy Shawn, and Jon Bolden representing the cast of Theatresports. Thanks for having us, Joshua Krilov
Re: Milw Bucks - come on guys, only have 140 characters. Here's more; Cummings, Pressey, Breuer, Mickey Johnson, Ricky Pierce, Quinn Buckner
- Quinn Buckner ., you know, that guy they just signed.
I longer have a taste for smothered chicken after seeing Quinn Buckner's face on this
I grew up in Illinois, but I got to see Quinn Buckner play high school basketball a few times.
Cody's next target is Quinn Buckner, but he has a ways to go. Buckner scored 1,195 points.
If you haven't seen Quinn Buckner go crazy watch this
I would rather watch the Pacers lose 1000 games with Austin Croshere doing color than watch them win a championship with Quinn Buckner.
I'm rejoicing in the fact that Quinn Buckner is not commentating this game.
Just saw the Quinn Buckner "smothered chicken" call on the Mahinmi block. The greatest smothered chicken call in Quinn's career.
Quinn Buckner at his finest in the TWolves/Pacers game two nights ago - - Enjoy some
This is what we miss when we're actually at the game -
the smothered chicken of all smothered chickens “MT Enjoy some -
Don't watch it. I dare you. MT Enjoy some -
In case you missed it during last night's broadcast - - Enjoy some
watch and enjoy quality commentary on Ian Mahinmi block.
Pacers TV announcer Quinn Buckner Smothered Chicken...dude goes on the play by play
“- ...quality commentary on this block." Soak up text book color commentary.
Turn your speakers up - - Our friend provides quality commentary on this block.
New Post - Quinn Buckner likes his smothered chicken!
Quinn Buckner, Ian Mahinmi and a plate of smothered chicken. |
normally a big fan of Quinn Buckner as a broadcaster but that's awesome
Magic Johnson, Jerry Lucas, and Quinn Buckner! There lol made me look up the third
Dear Cuban I have survived the 80’s and the great lost against the Lakers. I was a huge fan of Derek harper, Rolando Blackman, Sam Perkins the original German Detlef Schremp I was here for the original Mavericks 6th man of the year Roy Tarpley I watched us draft Cherokee Parks, Randy White, 1st rd pick Jim Farmer and Samaki Walker I watch the Chinese players Wang ZHI-ZHI shoots nothing but threes I watch Quinn Buckner and Jim Clemons try to run the triangle offense with Robert Pack and Eric Strickland I watched when they called us Reunion Rowdies and you could buy cheap seats and walk down to the bottom I watched a 19 year old German progress from a kid to a man bringing Dallas a Championship What I can’t watch is that trash you’re putting on the floor. I’m a MFFL, but I need pepto bismol
Tough decision to make and I need some advise. In the man cave should I do great athletes signed jerseys or IU greats. Quinn Buckner, Steve Alford, Keith smart, Isaiah Thomas, Damon bailey, Calbert Cheaney or Michael Jordan, Larry bird, Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretzky, Ernie banks, Kareem abdul jabar, pistol Pete, wilt chamberlain.
Black History thoughts - 1969 Pirates - A Forgotten Legacy The lore of high school basketball in Illinois chronicles the many accomplishments of legendary athletes and teams that have shaped the landscape of sports at every level. Names like Isiah Thomas, Mark Agguire, Terry Cummings, Quinn Buckner, and Doc Rivers, speak to the rich legacy of Illinois hoops. But before these and other household names came on the scene, there is one team that set the tone and tenor for a future generations of excellence, not only on the hardwood, but in the history or our state, our nation, and the national consciousness. The 1969 Proviso East Pirates not only changed the game on the floor, but simultaneously altered history. Their state title came at a time when America was ushering in a new era of race relations and equality at the pinnacle of the Civil Rights movement. Ten boys from divergent backgrounds came together in the midst of an atmosphere of rancor, bitterness, and angry confrontation that gripped their school, ...
If you don't know ppl like Howard Cosell, Brent Musberger, Quinn Buckner, *** Stockton, etc then you don't really know American sports
and the other six are Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Jerry Lucas, KC Jones, Quinn Buckner and Clyde Lovellette
ESPN's Seth Greenberg just compared OK ST's Marcus Smart to Quinn Buckner -- the player, not the coach.
Except for that one time vs. Minny that left Quinn Buckner unable to speak.
The football coach that Quinn Buckner played for at Indiana? Yup,
Never knew that Quinn Buckner also played football at Indiana for two seasons, leading the Hoosiers in interceptions as fresh. and soph.
Was it when Quinn Buckner was on the line?
Michigan (vs. Indiana (this Saturday evening in Bloomington on ESPN. Brings back fond memories of 1976 when they faced each other for the NCAA championship at Philadelphia's Spectrum. I was there. It was great! The 86-68 victory was Bob Knight's first title. Quinn Buckner, Scott May, Bobby Wilkerson, Kent Benson, and Tom Abernathy. What a team! One of the greatest in history.
Still reeling from Quinn Buckner's reaction to this block last night
Okay P-fans! This week, we're going to be out of town. But PPFF continues apace! This week's show is Stand-Ins, and you, the public, get to pick who plays each of us. Nominations are now open! Post your ideas below, and once we confirm availability with the nominees, we'll have official voting. Who would make the cutest Kareem? The raginingest Roy? The craziest Kaci? The very best Valerie? Base your nominations on any criteria you want. Looks, playing style, etc. are completely irrelevant.
Quinn Buckner is crazy that's not a foul. AI clears PG falls that's not a foul.
Quinn Buckner gets on my nerves bad
I love watching the on but Quinn Buckner does not know when/how to stop talking
... you guys rock. Quinn Buckner is the worst color commentator ever!
Quinn Buckner calls his pinky finger his 'baby finger.'
Quinn Buckner is so awful at his job.
Does Quinn Buckner have eagle eye vision or did the eye doctor make up my 20\20 vision?
what is Quinn Buckner talking about. That's inconclusive at best
Quinn Buckner: "Gallinari does not want to shoot the ball." [Gallinari shoots]
Is there a Quinn Buckner translation app?
block and the smothered chicken call by Quinn Buckner should both be on
ey..Paul George just got a block and Quinn Buckner screamed "A fresh batch of smothered chicken by Paul!!" LMAO
Love how quinn buckner constantly calls denari "partner". I know is with me on this one.
Quinn Buckner is calling Paul George's block at the rim smothered chicken.what?
Lmao at quinn buckner "smoothered chicken come get u some young fella"
Quinn Buckner's call on that PG block made my night. "SMOTHERED CHICKEN, YOUNG FELLA!"
Quinn Buckner is currently auditioning for the Food Network...
You just got done smothered chicken! Lmfao! Quinn Buckner is on it
"Some smothered chicken by Paul!"-Just one Quinn Buckner gems I'll miss in Columbus
Quinn Buckner is my favorite announcer/commentator. The man is hilarious.
"9 turnovers (before half) is arguably a good number of turnovers." - VP Quinn Buckner
Listening to Quinn Buckner speak is painful sometimes.
Most steals in a half 8 by Quinn Buckner, Milwaukee Bucks (vs. New York Nets) on November 27, 1976
If i was a baller in the NBA, methinks I'd go with uni jersey # 6 or higher... like 18... 28 (quinn buckner?)...
Quinn Buckner of joins us right now to talk all things with
Big Show today with .. Quinn Buckner, Matt Painter, Greg Lansing and under way at 3pm
3:50 Greg Lansing ISU, 4:05 4:30 Quinn Buckner, In Studio after 5p, and Purdue HC Matt Painter on the show today
Hawks win again!! Bobby Knight, Quinn Buckner and Don Shula gotta be smiling.
Quinn Buckner and Scott May and the great David Thompson would be very proud to see the U of Indiana has decided to put the Brothers back on the floor
GM, I don't care for Quinn buckner either, but they clark calling the gm last night.
Ive heard Quinn Buckner say "the back of the backboard" enough in the last 2 min to last a lifetime
Listening to Quinn Buckner talk about the ball hitting the backboard is just hilarious. "It jettisoned... effectively... to the left." WHAT?
Quinn Buckner may be the most biased commentator in sports
"Smother Chicken on it!" - Quinn Buckner at his best on a David West block.
The day Quinn Buckner comes up with an original thought is the day I become Pope !!! 😡😡😡😡
PACERS! Hearing Chris Denari and Quinn Buckner is music to my earsxJq
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Next week's blog: A 1972 trip to China with a college all-star team that included George Karl, Lon Kruger and Quinn Buckner.
It's only a matter of time before Quinn Buckner just calls LaMarcus Aldridge soft...
especially when Quinn Buckner is calling the game. aye aye aye
Quinn Buckner just used his words in the nicest way to call an NBA player soft that I've ever heard.
And that's why I hate Quinn Buckner. Really? Most improved player and you go with West? You real dumb, for real!
Kings of the NBA Trivia: At Indiana, Scott May & Quinn Buckner were on the first NCAA title team for what head coach? A.) John Wooden B.) Bob Knight C.) Mike Krzyzewski D.) Dean Smith
So far I've got (not in order) Reggie Miller, *** Vitale, Bob Knight, Dan Dakich, Clark Kellogg, Quinn Buckner, and Tim McCarver.
Quinn Buckner looking like Michael Strahan with those teeth
Motherhood is the strangest thing, it can be like being one's own Trojan horse. Rebecca West, 1959 August 20 Birthdays Demi Lovato turns 20 James Marsters turns 50 Amy Adams turns 38 Dimebag Darrell Abbott (1966 - 2004) Fred Durst turns 42 Al Roker turns 58 Ron Paul turns 77 Robert Plant turns 64 H.P. Lovecraft (1890 - 1937) Jacqueline Susann (1921 - 1974) Benjamin Harrison (1833 - 1901) Connie Chung turns 66 Isaac Hayes (1942 - 2008) Al Lopez (1908 - 2005) Quinn Buckner turns 58 Todd Helton turns 39 August 20 In History 1998 - Quebec is not allowed to legally secede from Canada, because it needs Federal approval 1960 - The country of Senegal becomes independent from the Mali Federation 1940 - Russian exile, Leon Trotsky is wounded with an axe by Ramon Mercader & dies next day 1882 - Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture debuts in Moscow. 1866 - The American Civil War is formally declared over by President Andrew Johnson This Day in Business 1920 - The first commercial radio station is introduced in De ...
In honor of the 2012 London Olympic Games, did you know that Indiana Basketball has produced gold medalists in the 1960, 1976 and 1984 Games? Walt Bellamy (1960), Quinn Buckner (1976), Scott May (1976), Steve Alford (1984), Bob Knight (1984) and Tim Garl (1984) GO HOOSIERS!!!
Quinn Buckner is only 1 of 7 basketball players to have won the "Triple Crown", which is winning an NCAA Title, NBA Title, and a Gold Medal.
Can't believe Pat can even touch Quinn Buckner or Terry Porter!"...
It is not Quinn Buckner, Isiah Thomas or Damon Bailey despite many beliefs. It is Jasper's own Michael Lewis.
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