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"So... former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, what was your contribution towards the amazing new Queensferry Crossing?". "I…
Trip to South Queensferry for a lesson on the new Queensferry Crossing planning to open in May
Officials confident Queensferry Crossing will never have to close - Edinburgh Evening News
The 230mm gap between the central and south towers of the Queensferry Crossing this morning. Picture: https:…
If your is with the Queensferry Crossing, become part of history and put your-selfie in the picture at h…
Now, the bridge is in the Guinness World Records book. BBC News - World record for Queensferry Crossing over Forth
Fantastic view of the Forth Bridges as Queensferry Crossing reaches out to connect
When's the Queensferry Crossing supposed to be finished by?
Queensferry Crossing from the Auld Grey Toun. With those blue skies it's hard to imagine that it is due to turn bad for tomorrow. MICHTY!
Edinburgh MSP demands documents into Queensferry Crossing delay
Another call for excl by and I on who knew what and when for Queensferry Crossing delay
FIFE NEWS: Scottish Government was warned of weather delays for the Queensferry Crossing ... (via
Waiting for result? Read and I's exclusive on who knew what around Queensferry Crossing delay
View from my window. Queensferry crossing is getting there. Photo taken by B Jobson
Queensferry crossing nearly there...As a child, I thought trains went up and down the chords of the rail bridge!
Transport Scotland admits to five-month delay on Queensferry Crossing...
Queensferry Crossing Roadworks update . Please note that this information is updated weekly for the following...
You might not realise how quickly windspeed increases the higher you are working
I worked at the visitor centre for the new Queensferry crossing for a few months so it's especially interesting to me.
A wide shot of the new crossing from North Queensferry, had to park half on pavement and walk onto the beach to...
Queensferry Crossing, is now trending in
The southern approach road to the Queensferry Crossing. It won't be this quiet next year! Pic:
Forth Bridge with the new Queensferry crossing nearing completion in the background, taken from the Hawes Pier,... https…
from Forth Road Bridge, of Queensferry Crossing, wednesday twilight.
We are distraught to hear today’s tragic news from the Queensferry Crossing. Our sincere condolences to everyone affec…
bloody *** The umbrella Corp are building the Queensferry Crossing!! 😨😱🚗🏊
VIDEO: How to build a new Forth crossing: Work is under way on the Queensferry Crossing, the new bridge over t...
The morning view from the north tower of the Queensferry Crossing. Pic: Jan Bodnar
Work has begun lifting the deck of the new Queensferry Crossing into place .
First time driving over the Forth Road Bridge in a number of years this week. Great to see the Queensferry Crossing going up.
Queensferry Crossing has become the UK tallest bridge with the of 3 new towers http…
From 1798 until 2012, it was great to see new Queensferry Crossing & Buchan; Angus; Moray; Perth & delivers less each year. It's a
So, let's take a large spire of the Hub, add in the Forth Bridge, a crane on the Queensferry Crossing, add in a... http:…
Talking of setting, St Margaret's Hope Lodge has been /slightly/ compromised by the Queensferry Crossing:
Forth Rail & Road bridge with the new Queensferry Crossing being built behind
Your new route home from work in 2016? An aerial view of the southern approach road to the Queensferry Crossing:
I'm quite glad the 'New Forth Road Bridge' is to be called the 'Queensferry Crossing'... I really did not like 'Caledonian Bridge'.
It's been announced today that the new bridge over the Forth is to be named "Queensferry Crossing". Not sure about this.. Caledonian Crossing has a better ring to it I reckon. Either that, or just simply "Queensferry Bridge" would have sufficed. What do you guys think?
"The public's choice of Queensferry Crossing reflects the area's rich history and the continuing link between the two communities."First minister Alex Salmond, speaking this morning, said: "It was Queen Margaret who introduced a ferry to carry pilgrims across the Forth."
A major new bridge over the Firth of Forth will be named the Queensferry Crossing, after securing more than a third of votes in a public ballot.
First Minister Alex Sammond has announced the new road bridge being built over the Firth of Forth will be called the Queensferry Crossing. ,
Alex Salmond announces Queensferry Crossing as the name chosen for what will be called by nearly everyone, The New Bridge. He said its "Scotland’s bridge to the future" - Fife is the future? Really?! *** s teeth...
So the new bridge in the Forth has now officially been declared as the 'Queensferry Crossing'.what do you think of the choice?
The name for the new Firth of Fourth bridge will be revealed today. Any guesses on which it might be? I have a feeling it'll be Queensferry Crossing.
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