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Queen Sofia

Queen Sofía of Spain (née: Princess Sophia of Greece and Denmark; born 2 November 1938) is the wife of King Juan Carlos I of Spain.

Queen Sofia of Spain King Juan Carlos Princess Letizia Crown Prince Felipe Princess Diana Princess Cristina Prince Philip

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Okay, but Sofia Vergara's wedding dress is goals.
Queen Sofia, if memory serves. He said she was sweet.
No, it's Sofia who is the mother-in-law and the real Royal. Letizia is just the parvenu queen.
[🎉] [Babys & Warriors know that a queen can also be cute. (2) | © bbcblackjack
infact MADRID=the MUST-WIN next event in front of Queen Sofia+ Mayor Manuela +ALL Of SPain Watching
and sima and I are frnds now. She said hello to me . U know.sofia and mayar I love pets
Coty and Heather for prom King and Queen 💓👑😂
I don't think Zola and Sofia can handle another break up.or a long distance relationship.
Friendly reminder that Sofia Robbin Sloan Torres is Callie's dream
Also, Sofia's name is spelled Sofia. Not Sophia lol
With Her Majesty ,Queen Sofia,of Spain,after Sohinimoksha 's performance.
Spain's Queen Sofia kicks off Madrid's Kermes diplomatic bazaar for charity
Frederica of Hanover, consort of Paul of Greece and mother of Constantine II of Greece and Queen Sofia of Spain, was born on 18 April 1917
my babe sofia gained a lot of followers nowadays QUEEN
Look at our queen! Back when she was a princess and identified as "Maria" Hargitay
👆Tell me that the DUB Smash Queen doesn't exist and reel as well. The very same 👑 that was called yaya dub.
Oh Queen, they thought you were like his dumb puppet ⚡ Sofia Vergara slams website for saying she endorsed Trump.
Sofia, u still relevant and a queen for me
this is for 12x20. Callie already "decided" to take Sofia to NY so now I'm confused as to what could be going on🤔
Everything about makes me emotional and I don't understand how such a perfect human was crafted . I love you. My queen .
"Stupid fake journal.never again use my name to invent stupid fake news. QUEEN
I have a feeling that Seth will return as a face after his injury & beat Roman.
Ikr, but they feel proud from inside, lel.
Booklyn Bridge and American flag patriotic ART 16 x 20 by Sofia Metal Queen
Today in Jewish History (1976) At Madrid synagogue, Queen Sofia of Spain becomes 1st Spanish royal in 500+ yrs to attend a Jewish service.
Royals in pink! Queen Sofia and Infanta Elena of Spain:)
Ltd ed mug of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, Juan Carlos I of Spain, and Queen Sofia
Day 17: I'm grateful for the talented His designs for the Queen are the BEST! http…
Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello share the first photos of their romantic honeymoon:
Weekly Obsession: Sofia Vergara’s Wedding Dress - I like wedding dresses that are bold, different and makes...
What should we expect from Queen Hillary, the Oft Confused? (Stickers at
Wait...torez from greys is the queen on Sofia the first😂🤔
Queen + Adam Lambert to perform in Bulgaria's capital Sofia on June 23 2016 67: ...
Film series at the National Museum and Art Centre Queen Sofia
Sofia Vergara is the queen of product sales. I really want the Ninja coffee machine. Lol ☕️
New artwork for sale! - "Moon is calling... Night can become endless" - https:…
Bey and Rih better clutch those Grammys, cause when queen Sofia Grace comes on the scene.bih! They are over!
My mother is a queen. Unfortunately she's the queen of lagging.
Vote for or in our Rock Star Wars battle:
this scene in Sofia the First where the satyr is playing a song for the Ice Queen reminds me of when Link plays Saria's Song for Darunia
My daughter doesn't like sofia the first lol i gotta get rib of this bag 😂
it's okay. At least you'll be a dancing queen 💃
Sofia is the queen of Larry shippers we all are gonna agree bc she broke the Wellington curse
ADMAF and Spain's Queen Sofia College of Music sign cooperation agreement
mani follow me , mani you' re the Queen 18
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Queen Silvia, Carl Philip& Sofia attended the opening of "The Lilian Look", an exhibition on Princess Lilian's style
More pictures of the set on Queen Street East in Toronto. (credits tagged on Instagram)
Sofia oh my god thank you 💕 but says you, you're literally a queen ☺️👑
In the car by yourself vs with your little siblings 😇😂 w/ Sofia C, Nico C (Vine by
Kat and Isaiah filming on Queen Street East in Toronto. (via sorealsim and shadowhuntersig | IG)
queen is contacting queen, I repeat, Queen is contacting queen
Live like a queen on your measly Canadian dollar in Bulgaria. I did:
I just realized you did Queen Miranda's voice! My daughter LOVES Sofia and my love for Grey's Anatomy just makes it so awesome!
I know as Callie but my nieces know Sara as queen Miranda or Sofia's mommy 😂✊ but either way it goes, my family loves Sara 💕
In Bulgaria you can live like a queen. travel livelikeaqueen sofia bulgaria costofliving
Today is the day when a beautiful hotspice was born!! Happy 28th birthday to the queen herself, Blake Lively 😍💕🎉🎀 http…
Sarahs Choice the first book in a 6 book series from the Queen of romance
I just realized that is the voice of the queen in Princess Sofia
Queen Silvia, with P Carl Philip and Pss Sofia, attended the opening of the “The Lilian Look!” exhibition today. http:…
THE LIFE H.R.H. Prince Felipe of Asturias, later King of Spain,and H.M. Queen Sofia of Spain
Queen Sonja, CP Haakon, CP Mette-Marit, Pss Martha Louise, and Ari Behn will attend the wedding of Prince Carl Philip to Sofia Hellqvist
Our Queen. Congrats beautiful on your best actress in a drama series at the Critics…
Queen Mathilde of will be present at the Wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia of
Queen Mathilde will represent the Belgian royal family at Carl Philip and Sofia's wedding
Queen Sofia of Spain opened a Book Fair in Madrid
An honor to meet her majesty Queen Sofia of when presented The Voice of the Free Children in
aw thanks B you're my real life Blair Waldorf bc you're a queen but much sweeter 💕💕
"My parents saw Queen Sofia's inner sanctum, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt!"
I'm not beautiful queen, I'm just beautiful me
Earl & Countess of Wessex will miss Trooping the Colour this year as they represent The Queen at wedding of Carl Phillip & Sofia Hellqvist!
royalwatcher: Queen Sofía attended the RTVE Orchestra 50th anniversary concert at the Monumental Th
Sofia probably had E start watching GG to fall in love with S but here she is with an icon of queen B
You're my ☀ my 🌙 and all of my ⭐ . ✨ I love you more than everything Queen ✨. If this gets 200+ rt's will you follow me…
lol 😁 you are beautiful of course, hope you are well today queen Sofia? x
Happy birthday to the queen of EHS, happy birthday beauty! I hope you have a great day! 😘💕
who me if you talking about me Sofia I would be honored to because you're beautiful and deserved to be treated like a queen
Queen Sofia opens book fair in Madrid
When your drunk *** neighbor plays trap queen loud af at 3am on repeat and tries to sing along😒. 9 times & still going strong…
Princess Irene of Greece, sister of Constantine II and of Queen Sofia of Spain, was born on 11 May 1942
Andy Murray defeats Rafael Nadal to win Madrid Open: In front of Queen Sofia, Murray did the unthinkable and m...
Smoking out the competition at the Queen Mary West Coast BBQ Vintage
For such a tiny baby Sofia literally takes up all the room in my queen sized bed..
Andy Murray receive what seems to be an instrument of the Spanish Inquisition from Queen Sofia
Queen Sofia Presents Trophies at Mutua Madrid Open 2015: Queen Sofia delivered the winners’ trophies at the Mu...
you're amazing. I'm huge fan and my 3.5 yr old daughter LOVES the queen on Sofia. She remembers your voice when I watch Grey's.
Queen Sofía of Spain condoles Bulgarian Royal Family after the death of Kardam, the Prince of Turnovo (Photos: Hola). htt…
happy birthday to Queen B 👸🏼❤️ from Blair Waldorf to Life Partners, you kill it all xoxo, your biggest fan (gossip girl)
Children's book written by 10-yo Queen Victoria to be published in June:
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of course Spain has rain the queen is even called REINa Sofia REINA SOFIA (me btw)
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The queen is still reigning by 2k, keep voting
Actress Sofia Milos looks radiant wearing the Alacria Queen at an event in Los Angeles. htt…
The beauty of color blue ;) Pic from "Fire & ice" series. Sofia Metal Queen - model of Ameynra bellydance fashion...
Beyond Dali, head to Queen Sofia Arts Center to see other art from the likes of Picasso.
A children's book written by a 10-year-old Queen Victoria will be published in June:
Queen Sofia celebrates Good Friday with the Spanish people
I am yet to try the queen's fav honey!
Children's book written by the young Queen Victoria to be published
when you fancy taking Sofia the zoo can i tag along please 😘 thanks queen!
Spain’s beautiful royal family celebrate Easter in Mallorca
sharing Queen Sofía of Spain comforts Bulgarian royals following death of Prince Kardam - he..
King Juan Carlos of Spain & Queen Sofia of Spain at Spanish Royals Meet the Emir of the State of Qatar and Sheikha at
Crown Princess Letizia of Spain & Queen Sofia of Spain at Spain's Princess Letizia and her daughte
//I changed this acc, I wanted to start a new saiyan//
Sofia looks so adorable run why can't she be like this all the time
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In Madrids museum triangle (close to the Prado, Thyssen Bornemisza and the Queen Sofia Foundation), Villa Real is...
Queen Sofia takes her sister to a touching concert
Patience up watching Sofia the first
Mama is still adorable even if she's already dancing silly. Can your queen groove like this? credits to tita vivs
Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like the game of chess, the queen protects the king. http:/…
it's okay I have puppies and sofia likes sugar cookies and birthday cake ice cream
Sofia prints off nudes and staples them to her assignments to get good grades
that's not a lie lmao Sofia's kissed like 2 boys lol
Me: Sofia it's time to get out the tub Sofia: Girl gone
O.o girls I have to buy new Elie Saab dress then!! We have to look good next to Queen Miroslava!
The guillotine blade that beheaded Queen Marie-Antoinette in 1793
King Roland: "What if she falls down?" | Queen Miranda: "I guess she needs to pick her self up." –A scenario from Sofia the First
omg I'm obsessed with queen new video
Tamaura, which means she's erased from the family of TJ/CJ and sofia.
// Mel Would lose but tamaura has her secret power thing and dawn well I'm Just waiting for a fight
both Tamaura and mel dawn, if he could even kid goku can do it
//To be honest mel was weaker than raditz himself alot weaker almost weak as Tamaura
followers now even with your mel account when you made before I even before I became TJ
//Everytime you say you would change you never do it back then, you and I used to be neck and neck with the-
//You can change it to a raditz account that way you can still RP with us because according to it all he's--
and since Gine is in universe 13 K9 will give a task, hopefully an easy one.
//Not to mention Gine can't date Turles because she is his aunt
I like cause he knows all the memes. He should be meme queen 2k15.
This is the "Hornska Waggon" made in 1761 and used by Swedish queen Sofia Magdalena.
TMs King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia of Spain Open an Exhibition in Madrid. (VIDEOS)
TM King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia attend the Opening of the exhibition "The Portrait in the Royal Collections.
Nov 7 ladies... My Princess Adik and My Queen Sofia who make me a better person "with each…
Princess Cristina won't face trial on charges of money laundering.Decision made by 3 judges in Palma. Cristina in Geneva with Queen Sofia.
Queen Sofia is reportedly in Geneva with her daughter Princess Cristina as they wait for verdict on whether Cristina will face fraud trial.
iTunes Radio has named Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga the King and Queen of Pop! 👑
Disney on ice we have two Sofia's and a queen Elsa in the family 👸👸👸👦 @ Rabobank Arena, Theater…
How Sofia of Spain spent her 76th birthday as a retired queen
What's Queen Sofia doing now that she's 76-years-old and retired
Her Royal Highness Princess Irene of sister of Queen Sofia of HELP HERE ALSO>
you also might want to clean up, fact check your recent profile on Queen Sofia.
"A team of friends can figure out any mystery. –Sofia (Sofia the First)" I will be the Queen You always Dreamed of
someone needs to expose Sofia and it's going to be me
Gothic fashion for everyday, by Sofia Metal Queen. Maxi skirt, bicolor: via
American Flag patriotic art by Sofia Metal Queen: via
Space ART: Galaxies, Full Spectrum of the Universe - by Sofia Metal Queen: via
Sofia literally takes her pillow and comforter off her bed everyday after I make her bed and drags them every where she goes
You're a queen you should be gettin all that someone's got
Sofia do that 😂😂😂😂 she brings me clothes and shoes too like " bye bye" 😒😂
Last night, the Snow Queen's plans were revealed. Look out, Storybrooke.
The man who treats his woman as a queen is deserved to live as a king.
Sofia Richie for Flaunt!! I chat with the bubblegum teen queen about her pops Lionel Richie, BFF Kylie…
My because every needs a companion. of the day
HRH The Duke of Aosta, first cousin of King Constantine II of the Hellenes and Queen Sofia of Spain, turns 71 today.
baby be the class clown and I'll be the beauty queen
So if I bought Corn Flakes and English Muffins Sofia Loren would come and live with me?
Watching Sofia the first with my little bother and every time queen Miranda talks all I see is your face in my head 😂😂 .
Double circle skirt Bellydance fashion by Sofia Metal Queen at Ameynra: via
skirts by Metal Queen. designs: via
Why?U know I'm the Nip Queen, is it so surprisng?
currently watching you Queen Miranda with the little girl I nanny for.. your my fav on Sofia the First. 😉
Queen Sofia inaugurates the 2nd Annual Alzheimer Symposium, Barcelona . Photo by: Miquel Benitez/REX
I love that Sofia doesn't wake me up anymore she just plays until I get up lol this child be up at 6am everyday
*nodding* Yes, Tara &Karen are keeping the Queen very happy. We approve
You can be queen. I will drool on the side ;-)
Uh oh - do I have some competition for Nip Queen?
My offering to the Queen of all Nips.
I love lana to death because she is queen. Does anyone else like lana del Ray? -Sofia
Queen Sofia of Spain attends closing ceremony of academic year of 'Escuela Superior de Musica Reina
I know you didn't. How could you disappoint your Queen of Nips? You would never... 👸 😁
Didn't I post you a nip separately? ... Well, if not. 4 U, Queen of Nips
I didn't win queen this week, but Sofia should.
Sofia is obsessed with lip gloss and lipstick smh
First images from IPA Press shooting for at Queen Sofia in Barcelona being processed now...
Just voted for hoco queen and it felt
Sofia The First has no right to call herself that, because she's not the queen. Massive headed ***
Sofia is the best aesthetician ever
Im not gonna get in tht relationship bc ik he makes my queen happy do I respect for tht
You are definitely a queen Ashley and I've seen you in skin tight jeans. They look great on you.
Planning a map for guide on the Kuiper (1981) vs. guide stars on SOFIA (2014).
Guernica is Queen Sofia not Prado. Sorry not sorry.
I'm Sofia, american great-granddaughter of Gypsy Queen Sofia from Germany...
Sofia showing off her Queen Elsa hair in mommy & daughter morning selfie @ Kidsville Learning Center 8-28-14
Also when he pointed out that the baby is Sofia Coppola I said MY QUEEN!
Apollo killing Ganymede by piercing his eye, Christine de Pizan and the Book of the Queen.
Sofia Loren is manipulating 4 men at once in arabesque, slay my queen slay
Queen of the goddess gowns... Sofia Vergara in Roberto Cavalli
“I just played with Queen I'm the happiest girl alive! AH SCREAMINGHJJG
Namibia: Queen Sofia to Live and Farm God's Way. [Namibian]THE Queen Sofia resettlement farm in the Outjo...
Queen Sofia resettlement farm in Outjo district was once pride of Namibian government’s resettlement programme:
people don't acknowledge how funny Sofia is
Sofia Vergara is the queen of mermaid dresses. Noone else should be allowed to wear them
baby girl, babe, kitten, my love, sweetheart, baby ECT. LIFE YAS YAS YAS
I love me some Queen Bey- but I don't see how Sofia Vergara is some horrible person for her joke last night, but Beyonce is Mother Feminist!
"Sexy accent, brains, body & booty... Yep Sofia Vergara has it all [PHOTOS]" Queen Vergara
This is how Sofia Vergara responded to accusations this joke was sexist:
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Okay, I changed my mind..I may not want to be a drag queen when I grow up anymore...I wanna be Sofia Vergara!
While the VMAs had Queen B dancing to a neon sign, had Sofia Vergara standing on a rotation plate.
This casual sexism right here. This objectification 😒😒😒 undeserved by the queen Sofia Vergara
Queen Sofia Vergara looking stunning as always on the Red Carpet!
Sofia Vergara can officially retire the mermaid dress. is the new queen.
Scientists in vaccine development met Queen Sofia of Spain at symposium
Sofia shut up before I block u again
Those summer nights seem long ago, so is the girl you used to call "The Queen of New York City"
Dear john,fighting,what to expect,sofia the first ready to,the queen,G.I joe, remember me,charlie cloud,brave,barbie.
Sofia's floating palace. Her Mum or the Mermaid queen... Both alright in my eyes.
I still can't get used to calling Felipe&Letizia King/Queen. Sofia and Juan Carlos well it for so long.
The Queen of Letizia with her princesses Leonor and Sofía in Casual Summer Street
Last weekend watched the grand beauty, farewell my queen and re watched Sofia coppola's Marie Antoinette- old school Europe over load...
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Russian model and beauty queen Sofia Rudieva
"We can be king and queen someday, We'll never throw our dreams away"🎶
fashion skirts by Sofia Metal Queen. via
Queen Sofía of Spain, the only woman in the world daughter, granddaughter, sister, wife and mother of…
That awkward moment when swag sex comes on while you're stuck in traffic and people can hear it
Just noticed that Sofia has a bigger head than her mum the queen
deserves to feel like a queen and be happy. I pray she is bc she deserves it
“The cast of with Direk Cathy, Khalil Ramos, Sofia Andres, Kathryn & Daniel
Queen of cougar land RTSofia Vergara is tight right now.
You could never fill my shoes because you'll never have what's under my hat.
Queen Sofia of Spain with Luis Gomez Acebo, Duke of  Badajoz (Infanta Pilar´s husband and cousin of
The Infant Christina of Spain The Duchess of Palma De Mallorca Daughter of King Juan Carols I and Queen Sofia of...
Royal Look-Back: Proclamation of King Juan Carlos June 17, 2014 Seeing as King Juan Carlos will formally abdicate the Spanish throne after a long reign tomorrow, the blog has decided to look back at his accession ceremonies which took place in 1975. On November 22, 1975 following the death of General Franco, Don Juan Carlos de Borbón was proclaimed King of Spain. The proclamation ceremony took place at the Spanish Cortes (Parliament), where the new Queen Sofia and the couple’s three children were present. In the gallery above were several members of the King’s family, including his sisters and aunts. A clearly emotional King Juan Carlos was greeted with an enthusiastic burst of applause and shouts of “Viva el rey!” from the crowded Cortes. Before the King, on a cushioned stool, were the rarely-seen the Spanish crown and sceptre. Spanish monarchs are not crowned, the regalia were only present at the ceremony as symbols of the monarch. Several days later, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia attended a ...
On Thursday King Juan Carlos will abdicate in favor of his son Crown Prince Felipe. His consort Queen Sofia will thus let her daughter-in-law become the new queen consort. Queen Sofia was Princess of Greece and Denmark - and a family that have seen many abdications as well as being overthrown by republics. Her brother King Konstantine and his Queen Anne Marie, Princess of Denmark was exiled finally in 1974. Queen Frederica was born Princess of Hanover and Prussia - both her grandfather the Kaiser and her mother and father lost their Hanoverian thrones as well. So this must be a bitter sweet event for the Queen. At least see will see her son become King. As Princess for Greece and Queen of Spain she devoted her life to the service of the people.
rince Harry will represent the British royal family, on June 24 to the scene to help out England's game against Costa Rica. In addition, he will watch the day before Brazil hosts the game against Cameroon. "Royal fan group" has been a World Cup regulars. When the World Cup finals in South Africa, Spain, broke into the historic final against the Netherlands. The final day, the stands of the two countries have a strong fan group: Spain's Crown Prince Felipe and then his wife Princess Letizia and Queen Sofia; There Netherlands Crown Prince Alexander couples. That game, Spain clinch the trophy. Felipe could not hide his excitement: "This is a perfect finals!" It was Spain's "loyal fans" King Carlos did not go to the match due to health reasons. After a lapse of four years, the Netherlands against Spain again, this "Revenge of the Fallen" 5 to 1 rout of the Netherlands to Spain, but the Spanish royal family did not attend, because on the 19th of this month, will hold a formal Crown Prince Felipe coronation cer ...
Here are some photos of Spain’s King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, along with Crown Prince Felipe and his wife...
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Queen Sofia shakes hands with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at an annual Session of the UNICEF...
Some of the players of the Bilderberg Group The following, including Henry Kissinger; the Bush's; the Clintons; the Romney's; and the heads of MI6, Nato, the International Monetary Fund, HSBC, Shell, BP and Goldman Sachs International, along with dozens of other chief executives, billionaires and high-ranking politicians from around Europe. This year also includes a visit from the supreme allied commander Europe, and a return of royalty – Queen Sofia of Spain and Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, the daughter of the Bilderberg founder Prince Bernhard. Thursday (today) is the opening day of the influential three-day summit and it’s also the 60th anniversary of the Bilderberg Group’s first meeting, which took place in Holland on 29 May 1954. So this year’s event is a red-letter occasion, and the official participant list shows that the 2014 conference is a peculiarly high-powered affair.
Good to see King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia at the final
Was that Queen Sofia and Juan Carlos i saw!
Their highnesses King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain are present at the stadium.
A portrait of Queen Olga of the Hellenes in old age by Laszlo. (1851 – 1926), was the Queen consort of King George I of Greece and briefly in 1920, Queen Regent of Greece. She is the great-grandmother of Queen Sofia of Spain, the paternal grandmother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the great-grandmother of Charles, Prince of Wales, heir apparent to the British throne.
The week's best royal style in pictures including: Princess Letizia of Spain, Queen Mathilde of the Belgians, the Countess of Wessex, Princess Victoria of Sweden, Queen Silva of Sweden, Princess Mary of Denmark, Queen Sofia of Spain and Queen Eilzabeth II
This morning, Pope Francis received in audience King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain, in his study adjacent to Paul VI hall at the Vatican. The royals went on to meet with Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin, accompanied by Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, secretary for Relations with Stat…
Pope Francis today met with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain!
“i hate when ppl call anyone with nice eyebrows queen there's one queen in this world: sofía”
It's not the end of the world Sofia calm your ***
I had Sofia at 19 own car, own place bills was paid and she never wanted for a thing and STILL not
red of model Sofia Metal Queen: via
Vanessa Hudgens is literally the queen of Coachella 😍👑👒
Vanessa Hudgens is literally the queen of Coachella 😍
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Beautiful antique Queen Sofia's lace veil worn by future queen of Sweden with cameo tiara at her Sto
'King George V, Accompanied by Queen Mary, at the Opening of the . Galleries', Sir John Lavery, R.A., 1926
She's being called the "Queen of the what are your thoughts on past festival looks?
Inspired by Queen Sofia (Spain) comes La Reina in a beautiful dress by She's ready to go home with you! ;)
BTW, I don't know if I have any heritage from Spain, but Queen Sofia of Spain is Greek and I'm a HUGE fan! :-)
No chance!! I'm the queen of kids parties!! You don't even know who Sofia the First is I bet!! :)
I don't think I've ever met a human that's as wild as me besides Sofia
Beautiful inside and out. Our Teen Queen 💗 - kaye
Debedus just brought the body count to 157,081 by icing ❥Δ¥Ữβ❥ Queen Sofia.
Don't be a drag, just be a queen. Whether you're broke or evergreen. You're black, white, beige, chola descent
Because you make me happy,my little brother.
The way our teen king looks at our teen queen... ❤ ❤ -AC
with Sofia Metal Emerald of Ameynra fashion: via
Sofia - bellydance, black magic style: via
The Queen has risen. Thanks for watching!
Sofia's header represents the love we share
Emerald Peacock beadwork. One of my best beaded paintings. Sofia Goldberg aka Sofia Metal Queen
Kate Middleton interacting with the Queen of England's portrait is the best thing you'll see all day.
It was an honor to present The Voice of the Free Children to Her Majesty Queen Sofía of in
You're the king and, baby, I'm the queen of disaster.
with tambourine. Sofia Metal Emerald of Ameynra fashion: via
neon Ameynra fashion by Sofia Metal Queen: via
King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia present Enrique V. Iglesias with the Order of the Golden Fleece,...
William Barton is one of three acclaimed musicians we have invited to the School to celebrate the Centenary of the Chapel next week. William has been playing the didgeridoo for over 20 years; he first started to learn the instrument in Mount Isa. He has worked with many traditional dance groups and fusion/rock jazz bands, orchestras, sting quartets and mixed ensembles, and has been touring internationally since the age of 15. William is a 2012 ARIA winner for best classical album, Kalkadungu. Some of William's major career highlights include: * G-Day USA tour with Adelaide Symphony Orchestra * City of London Festival * Private concert for Queen Sofia of Spain * World Expo Shanghai * Beijing 2008 Olympics, opening ceremony * ANZAC Day, ANZAC Cove * London Philharmonic Orchestra, Royal Festival Hall You are invited to watch William perform at a free concert in the Chapel of St Mary & St George, on Wednesday evening, from 6.30pm-7.30pm. William will be accompanied by selected Guildford Grammar Schoo ...
Birthday lunch for legendary tenor: Spain's King Juan Carlos, right, and Spain's Queen Sofia, second from left, pose with Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, second from right, and his wife and soprano Marta Ornelas during a lunch to mark his 70th birthday, Wednesday, at the Zarzuela Palace in Madrid.
Amid recent highly publicised scandals, the Spanish royal family has decided to reduce their annual budget by 2 percent this year, while the salaries of King Juan Carlos, Queen Sofia and their children have all been frozen, reported AFP.
Queen Sofia of Spain visits CEDEL Foundation headquarters on 27.01.14 in Madrid, Spain
Pro-Life Queen Sofia of Spain: "It is necessary to respect every living child, every child that has begun to live...And to be in favor of life is not backward, nor is it something confined to Christianity. It is to follow the natural law." HM Queen Sofia of Spain
Queen Sofia of Spain and Prince Felipe of Spain attend the funeral for Princess Of The Two Sicilies, Margarita Bourbon
"Sofia the First is a possible adaptation of Queen Sofia of Spain's life." SMH u keep dancing around that topic Disney
The Greek Sisters : Queen Sofia of Spain and her younger sister Princess Irene of Greece.
Different Queen Classifications Queen Regnant - female Monarch who reigns in her own right. A Queen Regnant ascends to the Throne because she is next in Line of the Succession. Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Margrethe of Denmark are all Queens Regnant. Queen Consort - wife of the Reigning Monarch. A Queen Consort is a Queen by virtue of her marriage to the King, not in her own right. Queen Sofia of Spain, Queen Paola of Belgium, Queen Sonja of Norway, Queen Silvia of Sweden are all Queens Consort. When Charles and William become Kings Regnant in due course, their respective wives (Camilla and Catherine) will be their Queens Consort. Queen Dowager - a widow of a deceased King Regnant. A Queen Dowager holds the title from her deceased husband. Queen Fabiola of Belgium (widow of the late King Baudouin of Belgium), Queen Noor (widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan) are Queens Dowager. Queen Mother - a widowed Queen Consort whose son or daughter with the late King Regnant is the ...
Princess Marina of Greece, wife of Prince Michel of Greece wearing a sapphire version of Queen Sofia of Spain's Van Cleef & Arpels ruby necklace.
Diana Princess Princess of Wales curtsies before Queen Sofia of Spain
King. Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain, Young Prince Felipe, Prince Charles, Princess Diana with Harry and William. Palma de Maillorca, Spain
queen of bj n silicon gowhore n Sofia...
H.R.H. Prince Giorgi Bagration of Mukhrani , The Queen Sofia of Spain , King Simeon of Bulgary,Queen Margarita of Bulgary ,at Helenas Kirby Bagration of Mukhrani home.
LIBERTY - Zen philosophy in esoteric surreal ART of Sofia Metal Queen (+...: via
Yours Truly is on itunes omg its gonna go gold soon slay queen
Sofia The First The Floating Palace is on yay queen Miranda!! I miss Callie can't wait until Callie is back on my tv!!
look i colored Queen Miranda on my sister's Sofia the first book
I got a heated blanket and I feel like a queen rn...
4. I loved how when they were all setting up the tent he was sittings there like the queen
thank you for the amazing article! My head just swelled up bigger than the guys' that watch my videos! Muahh…
Photoset: pandander: Queen Sofia of Spain visits Panda cubs at Madrid zoo (x)
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Spain's Queen Sofia has been booed by angry crowds as she arrived to open a new hotel in Cangas del Narcea, northern Spain. Police had to hold back ...
. Sorry Sofia we dnt hve tym 2 vote for dat drama Queen she is vry clever n worst player
In line were The Queen by then followed by Radio Ga Ga by Queen :)
Thanks baby 👌 Sofia kills it with anything she does. She is queen 🙌
How dare you guys even think of spamming Louis on his birthday, you should be spamming his lovely girlfriend Queen Eleanor Ca…
“i'm hungry” Sofia go get us something to eat and then we can have a sleepover in your queen size bed...
We're bigger than we ever dreamed, and I'm in love with being queen
you remind me of Queen Miranda from Sofia The First x
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