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Queen Rania

Rania Al Abdullah (Rānyā al-‘abdu l-Lāh) (born Rania al Yassin on 31 August 1970) is the current Queen consort of Jordan as the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan.

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Queen Rania of Jordan visited the Georgetown University Institute for Women, Peace & Security in Washington D.C, USA. h…
King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan meet with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at the United State…
[!!] Happy birthday to our lovely husky-voiced and queen of awkwardness maknae ♡
If anyone is looking for a new challenge in impact evaluation this role may be of interest.
Role models can inspire. Campaigns can motivate. But if we want...
Jordan's King Abdullah II and Queen Rania arrive at Windsor Castle, west of London
Honoured to include as one of '25 Women Changing the World'. She writes about
I'm amazed by the misconceptions about Muslim women and the ...
I think change needs to be egoless. It's not about my leaving...
New year wishes from Queen Rania, King Abdullah II and their children
Queen Rania calls for collective global response to refugee crisis during *** visit
You gotta start somewhere... to my OG favourite song Give Love A Try - 🖤
We shouldn't judge people through the prism of our own stereotypes. --- Queen Rania of Jordan 🇯🇴
Her Majesty Rania Condoles families of Martyrs of the operation.
Holy scripture does not hold women back. It's the people that...
Ask Queen Rania to prevent her palestinian clan to represent Hamas in Jordan That was the deal wasn´t it?
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King Abdullah & Queen Rania have been at the forefront of fighting terrorism. Beautiful country, sad to see these i…
Kuwait born Queen Rania of 🇯🇴 Jordan has an impressive, renown high-powered career.
GLAMOROUS: QUEEN RANIA OF 🇯🇴 Jordan is also a dedicated who champions education and uplifting the p…
Two most prominent Middle East Royals and Philanthropists : Queen Rania of Jordan & her sister-in-law, Princess Haya bint Hussein of Dubai.
Queen Rania of Jordan is 46 and would've been a better choice but I get your point.
Wish you all a joyous season and a blessed NEW YEAR with your families and loved ones. Queen Rania Award. The...
Great to have King&Queen Rania Al Abdullah-Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan&Mrs Baird visit Fort St PS to see entrepreneurial educa…
All I want for Christmas is world peace, Queen Rania's wardrobe, and bigger boobs!
Queen Rania, Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Sofia and more of 2016's best royal style moments 👸>>>…
When girls are educated, you get effects that cascade through...
We need another revolution in the Arab world. We need an educ...
Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan wears during her visit in London
Queen Rania of Jordan has 4.6 million followers via
Queen Rania of Jordan looks a picture of elegance on tour of Australia via
Queen Rania honours winners of 2016 Queen Rania Awards for Excellence in Education
Proud to be part of the launch of the first phase of Queen Rania Teacher Academy’s pre-service professional diploma program…
Sorry Charles! Meet the royals that REALLY matter in the Middle East
I won " Queen Rania Award Excellence in Education" , and was hounered by her Majesty Queen Rania, thanks Allah for…
As a child I sometimes used to travel to the West Bank to v...
Congratulations to this year's recipients of the Queen Rania Award for Excellence in both teachers and counselo…
Eighty percent of my life is normal like any other mother. ...
I liked a video Queen Rania speaks with Oprah on the Oprah Show Part 2
Queen Hyeme! Queen of husky vocals Queen of being awkward Queen of being in Rania Queen of forgetting dances
The week's best royal style featuring Princess Caroline, Queen Rania and more fashionable royalty…
look how Trump respect king Abdullah and his daughter Queen Rania's friend in 4:00 mints
Supported by Queen launches in three spaces in downtown Sept 1-9
Queen Rania of Jordan talks empowering women and championing the young:
Leila Al-Fayeed is basically the fictional Queen Rania. She reminds me so much of her and it's not just the clothes.
I don't think people by nature are extremists. You will never find a population of ex
His Majesty King Abdulla II and her Majesty Queen Rania honored us with a visit to our exhibition at The Hangar...
Queen Rania of Jordan talks about family ties via
First time in a while that I drive past Queen Rania st. and frankly it might be the last, at least me being the driver, horrendous traffic
of the Queen Rania of Jordan piece by SS17 . All of…
Children who have an education grow up to lead healthier lives - earn higher income,
King Abdullah, Queen Rania attend the launch of the National Strategy for Human Resources Development :
Social media are a catalyst for the advancement of everyone's rights. It's where we're
Jordan Queen IMMEDIATELY arrested uncle of Chattanooga terrorist,but Ob ama delayed lowering flag.
Queen Rania-- you are loved and admired by female tech startups in Gaza! Thanks for all your support http…
still amazed by her Queen Rania speech..heared it over 3 times.
ATM Queen Rania Al Abdullah's INQUIZIE ranking is 272. Agree or disagree?
Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah at the launch of The National Strategy for Human Resource Development...
In education, technology can be a life-changer, a game changer, for kids who are both
Instagram video by Queen Rania Al Abdullah • Sep 5, 2016 at 5:21pm UTC
I think that, as is the case offline, we should not be tolerant of hate speech, racist
Remember when Nick Jonas was a rapper?
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Queen Rania shares the lessons she's teaching her daughters
Queen Rania opens up about the biggest lessons she is teaching her daughters
Queen Rania of Jordan kicks off her 46th birthday in a dazzling... by via
Queen Rania: There is no time to waste on education reform: Amman, Aug 28 (Petra) –– Her Majesty Queen Rania ...
📷 08/23/2016: Today, Queen Rania of Jordan visited the National U17 Women’s Football team while they...
Crown Prince of Jordan graduates from University: King Abdullah and Queen Rania have been on-the-go for much ... https…
Queen Rania visits girls school to mark Jordan's...
“Once you hear their stories you can’t un-hear them” on post visit to IRC Greece programs
A woman caring for her children; a woman striving to excel in the private s...
King Abdullah II and Queen Rania of Jordan will be in Belgium on a state visit
Jordan's Queen Rania on the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Jordan by via
Why can't U try to make me feel as a queen?!
I assume my invitation to the Linguists Dinner just got lost in the post 😊😊😊
Dear Queen Rania you are doing an Excellent job and Thank you so much for representing the Islamic community so well :)! -Sana.
Queen Rania calls for collective response to refugee crisis during *** visit
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Thank you for visiting programs and meeting with refugees: via
From Queen Letizia to Kate Middleton, we round up the best royal style of the week!
ATM Queen Rania Al Abdullah's INQUIZIE ranking is 318. Agree or disagree?
Powerful column by on the neglected voices of “All we want is a new chance at life.”
Queen Rania of Jordan: No one chooses to be a refugee.Refugees are refugees because the alternative used to be death
"A refugee is what you become when you've run out of choices" after visiting IRC programs via
Perfect elegance by Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan wearing a gown at the
As Salaam Alaikum honorable dear Queen Rania .May I friend ship with you .? from many years I like u.
I'd rather be dealt with as a person than a persona. With my children, I'm ...
Well, my husband is supportive of my work, like advocating for dialogue bet...
Marines murdered by Islamic terrorist in Tennessee,Obama celebrating Ramadan.Lowered flag late.
Michelle no match for Queen Rania of Jordan
Michelle cudn't handle the grace,beautyOf Queen Rania of Jordan on her visit to the White House
I think generally, in life, I try to always ensure that there are periodic ...
What does the Syrian refugee crisis REALLY look like in Jordan? shares with
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Saudi women should not remain submissive: Queen Rania of Jordan made ...
Jordan's Queen Rania one of the leaders at urging for more inclusion of women: http…
Way to go, Queen Rania. You can be satirical without being gross and intentionally hurtful.
Meeting with H.M. Queen Rania of Jordan at the Royal Palace of Brussels
award at FIFA annual awards in 2001. Previous recipients include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Franz Beckenbauer,
Queen Rania of Jordan looks to 2016 as she shares royal family's New Year photo
Queen Rania of Jordan: Let This Be an Opportunity for Business Unusual via
"I'm talking, of course, about the rise of irreligious terrorists" Queen Rania of Jordan
Explore the rose red city of Petra with Queen Rania of Jordan via Google Street View...
Let's drop the first "I" in "ISIS". What's beyond doubt, is that there is nothing "Islamic" about them. -Queen Rania-
Book about diversity: The Sandwich Swap by Queen Rania of Jordan Al Abdullah. .
Best royal style of the week: Check out what Queen Letizia, Queen Rania and Princess Mary were weari...
Queen Letizia, Princess Beatrice, Queen Rania, Princess Mary: a gallery of the week`s best ro...
Queen Rania of Jordan is also in London attending Day 1 of the Women in the World Summit at Cadogan Hall.
Queen Rania of Jordan is very beautiful.. God *** ..
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Queen Rania of Jordan wears many hats. Learn about her other roles in activism and beyond:
I added a video to a playlist HM Queen Rania interview with CNN. Part 1 0f 2
It was my pleasure in my visit today for my children's at queen Rania Hospital to see my kids and draw the smile...
Great Doors opened up for Ahmed meeting queen Rania. Now travelling the world!
Jordan’s Queen longtime champion of and speaks up for refugees:
Jordan's longtime champion of and children, speaks up for via
I couldn't agree more. I had an amazing time in 2011 working with this great Queen Rania initiative!
On HM We need to put ourselves in their shoes; are not leaving by choice.
The happiest of birthdays to my Queen 💕 happy birthday Rania, love you…
moved up on InQuizie celeb ranking by "1". know Y? Goto & tell “Queen Rania Al Abdullah's fans
Queen Rania is truly an idol. Not to mention the fact that she's overwhelmingly beautiful!
Queen Rania meets with Hollywood royalty at the UN Summit in NY.
Jordan’s longtime champion of women and children . So proud of my Queen . She is our role model
Speaking alongside Queen Rania of Jordan at the
Jordan’s Queen Rania, longtime champion of women & children, speaks up for refugees: http:/…   10% Off
Victoria Beckham meets 'inspiring' Queen Rania at summit
Victoria meets 'inspiring' Queen Rania at summit
Queen Rania, Naomi Campbell, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Gates and more support the UN's Global Goals
Saw many people that I look up to and admire. Gilberto Gil, Queen Rania of Jordan, Malala, to name a few.
Queen Rania: 'This is a tremendous crisis': In an exclusive interview with CNN, Jordan's Queen Rania talks abo...
Queen Rania of Jordan wearing wearing the tiara of Princess Haya, her sister-in-law.
Queen Rania of Jordan, consort of Abdullah II, was born on 31 August 1970
Our latest 'Style Crush' Queen Letizia looks impeccable in off-duty style:
I just know that I'm driving up & my friend will drop me off at the tube stop near the venue... Are you fasting on Friday?x
you can still plan loll! I'm guessing they will right after the weekend? X
I literally cannot wait for Friday! but im annoyed they still haven't emailed with the deets bc that means I can't plan... x
Join us & Ambassador to support classrooms. Watch his message for you.
Taking off eye makeup is the bane of my life.
Queen Rania of Jordan: «Extremists rely on the complacency of moderates».
E-book . About king abdullah and queen rania marrige and there love story .
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E-BOOK about king Abdullah and queen Rania love story . . .
Extremism is alien to our values — Queen Rania: Queen Rania made the remark in a televised message sent to the...
Looking forward to seeing you guys in London!
Shane ain't looking so good these days
Queen Rania shows us her favourite corner of her home:
Ryan Reynolds had no idea Blake Lively Instagrams memes of him
So today has turned out to be the best day ever 😍😏👸🏽
front row with talia, heather, holly and rania. Omfg
Shoppers left with "burning mouths" after eating doughnuts contaminated with cleaning fluid
Queen Rania exudes class, sophistication, simplicity and wit! 😍
Our latest Style Crush in the series has taken by storm.Guess who?
Queen Rania of Jordan | pretty princess in blue with with hat | Keep smiling to the king |
Queen Rania of Jordan in lovely Rochas dress
I love this dress on Queen Rania of Jordan - kind of like a tuxedo in a dress...but not. :)
royalsandquotes: Royal Ladies in BLUE - Queen Rania of Jordan
Breast Cancer Awareness
I'm sure you will this time, don't give up! ❤️ Xxx
Oh no that *** I'm so sorry to hear that! 😰 Maybe this time you might get a chance 😃❤️
Did you at least get to speak to him?! :) I waited for hours there too, it was manic!! Xxx
Hey , see you in London. July 17th here we come!! 🙌🏽🎤😎
AWW that's so exciting, I'm excited for you! I went to a Jonas Brothers concert in 2008 when they supported Avril and 2009! :)
Queen Rania wants you to see one of her best-loved spots in her house! 🏠
Do you, like Queen Rania of Jordan, have a favourite little spot in your home? 🏠
Find out here where Queen Rania of Jordan keeps her Koran! 👍
What do your actions say about you? "It is what we do that defines who we are." Queen Rania Al Abdullah
Queen Rania is everything I want to be. She's such an amazing role model.
of Jordan shows us her favourite corner of her house - Take a look! 🏠
Queen Rania shares her photo diary as she steps out in style to encourage peace during Ramadan
Jordan's Prince Hussein prepares to celebrate his 21st birthday with Queen Rania
I congratulate the people and government of Jordan led by His Majesty, King Abdullah II, Queen Rania, Jordan...
Voices of King Abdullah & Queen Rania of Jordan, Pres right not to call ISIS Islamic,
Queen Rania as role model: "The Queen of Jordan: Social media can show an Arab world beyond ISIS"
Queen Rania honors supporters of Jordan River Foundation on its 20th anniversary
Queen Rania: Jordan confronting hijackers of Islam - Al-Arabiya
Meet the royals of the Middle East who REALLY matter (including Queen Rania ... - Daily Mail
Queen Rania: Jordan confronting hijackers of Islam (via / rp
Her Majesty Queen Rania participated in the largest march the country has ever witnessed - Downtown Amman.
took to streets with banner paying tribute to murdered pilot. She led thousands of ..." via
Is it me or is Queen Rania of Jordan actually quite hot? And not just because she lives in Jordan.
Queen Rania joins thousands of Jordanians in mass rally to denounce pilot's execution
Queen Rania marches in support as all Jordanians today unite against terrorism. Downtown Amman
Jordan's Queen Rania joins march for murdered pilot
Queen Rania & King Abdullah. True leaders of the people.
Heartbreaking scene of Queen Rania comforting widow & mother of pilot. Unfathomable what family must be going through h…
Jordan's joins thousands in rally for pilot
Queen Rania of Jordan joins protesters on the streets of Amman -
Queen Rania leads thousands of protesters on the streets of Amman 2honour 'Martyr Moaz' who was burned alive by ISIS http…
Rania my Queen beautifull many good night
Queen of Jordan joins thousands in rally for pilot via
Queen Rania and thousands of others march on the streets against
"All they did was make us angry & united" - Jordan's Queen Rania's interview with
Jordan's joins march for murdered pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh who was burned alive by
Queen Rania leads thousands of ISIS protesters to honour murdered Jordanian pilot
VIDEO: Queen of Jordan joins anti-IS protest: Jordan's Queen Rania talks to the BBC at a rally in Jordan's cap...
Queen Rania says fight against Islamic State "not just Jordan's war but that of every Muslim" http:…
22/1/2015: King Abdullah II, accompanied by Queen Rania, started his participation in the 45th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, by meeting heads of delegations and representatives of major companies taking part in the forum. His Majesty met with King Philippe of Belgium, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, President of Panama Juan Carlos Varela Rodriguez, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, and discuss with them bilateral ties abs regional issues. He, accompanied by Queen Rania, also met on the sidelines of WEF, with the chairman of Emmar, and the CEO’s of SESCO, Google, Nissan and Renault companies and discussed with them cooperation between Jordan and their companies.
Queen Rania of in powerful attack on | Daily Mail Online
King and Queen of Jordan Send Wishes for 2015: As they do each year, King Abdullah II and Queen Rania have sen... http:…
Queen Rania: Extremism’s Innocent Victims: Children and Islam. Source: Huffington Post Queen Rania of Jordan, Queen of the Hashemite Kingdom
"Their parents didn't tuck them into bed last night; they buried them" srsly luv Queen Rania & this article she wrote
Queen Rania of Jordan warns Isis is 'hijacking' social media and dragging Arab world 'back into the dark ages' - http:…
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Jordan’s Queen Rania on Tuesday urged support for US-led airstrikes against the ISIS, saying future of West Asia and Isl…
Queen Rania of Jordan delivers hard-hitting speech at Abu Dhabi Media Summit
Jordan's Queen Rania attacks ISIS for 'hijacking' the Arab World via
Queen Rania of Jordan has called on the Arab media to fight attempts by the Islamic State of Iraq
Queen Rania of 'Extremists rely on the complacency of moderates' .
Mom! You remember looking after me when I was young? You had to look after Wex, Gui and dad. Dad was the peskiest. Always been bullying me behind your back. Wex will be the kind one and Gui will assist. You know why he did that? He knows one fine day, he wants to have you back. He is not going to get this pesky little girl win his heart. To show you how true he is. He did not know he bullied his own daughter. He made me looked at all his fun toys like building cars with metal sheet or his modified racing car or his whole bag of magic tricks or his bicycle which he purposely loosen the stand and hopefully I will climb and fall which I did! Luckily no cut as glasses were strewn all over. No. I did not get reprimanded as he hoped. But everyone was glad I did not get any cut. Dad. Bleah :p He tried killing me again at work to move up. He wants his title back. Tried killing the wrong person. Maybe we are eyeing the same title. I was not stressed. In fact I enjoyed every minute of the work challenge. Even with ...
Letter to Queen Rania of Jordan Your Majesty Queen Rania al Abdullah of Jordan Amman - Jordan I live in Brazil, a country far from your beautiful Jordan, which I have never visited. However, as a Jewish doctor with a deep interest in the tragic events of the Middle East, I was happy to read your column today on O Estado de Sao Paulo, one of the leading newspapers in Brazil. In your touching article you tell us about , an imaginary place where people live in utmost disgrace and suffering. And you mention that Gaza is not just a dystopia but a reality in our days – perhaps the most tragic place on Earth at the present time. I could not agree more with Your Majesty. Any reasonable person in the world has been deeply touched by the scenes of human suffering seen on television in the last few days. And - as Your Majesty correctly points out - 1.8 million people live under siege, surrounded by enemies, seeing their houses and personal belongings destroyed in this senseless battle. According to Your Majesty, . ...
must read : a concise history of Jordan's responsibility for the Palestinian people
"And the camera flashes, make it look like a dream." QUEEN:
Queen Rania is still the most gorgeous mashallah
Queen Rania is a dime piece forreal though.
Queen Rania of Jordan in a Video says the Koran does not Subjugate Women,she has Apparently Never Read It
And Queen Noor is fantastic as is Queen Rania. Great women doing great things.
Then I'll create a petition requesting Modi to give asylum to Queen Rania.
Have to share this from my friend Alan--a brilliant letter from a Brazilian doctor: An article, with a very negative discourse about Israel appeared today in one of the major newspapers in Brazil, written by Queen Rania from Jordan. A friend of ours, one of the best cancer MD in the country answered as per enclosed letter. We believe it is worthwhile reading and be widely forwarded. It comes as a very positive attitude of the Brazilian Jewish community, considering the most stupid and irrelevant attitude of the Brazilian government presided by Ms. Dilma Roussef in regard to Israel vs. Hamas. Dilma Roussef, for your curiosity, was a well known Communist active terrorist and in the 70's was personally involved, with guns in her hands, in the kidnapping of the American ambassador in Rio and several other terrorist incidents. We may be losing the war thru the decadent-but still very forceful-printed/TV "media." Our own narrative may have a chance if we learn how to use smartly this new and highly successful . ...
I knew Saudi, Egypt & Syria were complicit. But Jordan too?? I used to be a fan of Queen Rania!! -
"Syria war refugees allowed in Jordan, except if they're Palestinian Shameful Queen Rania...
Queen Rania blogs: "Gaza: The makings of a modern day dystopia"
A Lead Trainer is needed at Queen Rania Teacher Academy in Apply now:
I would love Kate to become a queen like Queen Rania of Jordan, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands or Queen Letizia of Spain.
CONGRATULATIONS Ms. Suzanne Jabbour for being awarded the 2013 North-South Prize of the Council of Europe in recognition of your lifelong commitment to the promotion of human rights and fight against torture within prisons and detention centers. The North-South Prize is a prize awarded each year by the Council of Europe to two personalities, one from the “North” and the other from the “South” who have stood for their exceptional commitment and outstanding achievements in the protection of Human Rights and North-South solidarity. Previous winners of the Prize include personalities such as Kofi Annan, Simone Veil, Queen Rania of Jordan, Mary Robinson, Mária Soares, Bob Geldof, Lula da Silva, Graça Machel, Souhayr Belhassen or Stéphane Hessel. The jury decided to award Ms. Suzanne Jabbour along with His Highness Agha Khan this year’s prize.
Found this at the ILO just now - presented by their majesties king Abdullah II & Queen Rania of Jordan. . This...
Great lecture organized by Iman Early Learning Center about teaching the 21st century child under the patronage of HM Queen Rania
King Abdullah of Jordan and Queen Rania are celebrating today their 21st anniversary. I love this couple
Proud to be part of a great initiative visit
An article in Jordan Times about Her Majesty Queen Rania's visit to
FIFA Vs FIFA! Queen Rania, what happened to 1GOAL and 80 MILLION Students?
AMMAN — Her Majesty Queen Rania on Tuesday joined a group of young volunteers taking part in activities carried out at Al Mattal Citadel by two local initiatives: Ahel Al Balad and Art for All. Ahel Al Balad, a non-political, community-based movement, aims to spread awareness and create positi…
Too excited about the 21st pool fashion shoot Charles Svingholm will also be showing he's new collection Charles who's designs have been spotted on many high profile celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nancy Dell Olio, Sienna Miller, Tamara Mellon, Coleen McCloughlin, Sally Farmiloe, etc, and his list of clients also includes Queen Rania of Jordan, top model Helena Christensen and TV presenter and former Miss Great Britain Liz Fuller. Charles also dressed violinist virtuoso Ching when she played for Prince Edward at Windsor Castle. This will be a catwalk with some cool celebrities. We also also have a very cool Beautique that will be styling this crazy shoot with same fab accessories to die for think Las Vegas everything big and shiny. My team with some new faces is going to nail this we also have a cool fashion magazine in the US wait for the images. Hard work but we love it
Hi to Janice Jagonia Sacala ..aning remember this place.we came here before year 2000 ito yong romans theather sa ibaba nang palasyo ni hercules..(Citadel) dito sila pg may palabas manood its all around jordan like this n jerash..near my this place there is a secret way for the royalties to come here from the palace.but until this time nobody find out where is that way.. Gladiators are mostly watched here. Aning I still have our pictures I n Mt.Nebo..the tomb of Moises..and pictures here in romans theather do you want I post it?this picture is her highness Queen Rania..Queen of Jordan...the real cinderella..
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When you deprive people of their right to live in dignity, to hope for a better future, to have control over their lives, when you deprive them of that choice, then you expect them to fight for these rights. Queen Rania of Jordan
HM Queen Rania sees work of I'm proud to support this initiative.
I just saw Queen Rania for the first time...
Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah joins a group of youth taking part in volunteer activities being carried out...
My question about Queen Rania was rhetorical. She does not engage in terrorism. She is a friend of the United States.
Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan does not seem to care for Queen Rania of Jordan. Telling, don't you think? How many people has she beheaded?
ICYMI ==> Ten facts about Queen Rania of Jordan on her 43rd birthday via
Queen rania looks so much younger than him 😩😩😩
I thought I was think. Gosh look at Queen Rania. Beautiful tho. Feeling better about my weight now
My goal in life is to be Queen Rania.
The 21st anniversary of Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania of Jordan. God bless you both!
Queen Rania of Jordan is the epitome of class 😳
I'm obsessed with Queen Rania of Jordan. She so beautiful.
Great to have supprt from HM Queen Rania at the project in
It's King Abdullah's and Queen Rania's anniversary today 😍 awww
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Happy Anniversary Her Highness Queen Rania and His Majesty King Abdullah!God Bless you and Your family!Best wishes with love...
Happy 21 anniversary to our idol queen rania al abdullah and our great king abdullah bin alhussein…
Thats it you guys I'm marrying Queen Rania's son.
The best ideal for all ladies,beautiful queen rania .i love her.
Everything about her is almost perfect; I'm talking about Queen Rania.
Thank you queen Rania for your efforts and guidance in project Edraak
Happy 21st anniversary to our beautiful Queen, Rania Al-Abdullah, and his Majesty King Abdullah II.. ❤️
Dear Queen Rania, you and the King Abdullah make a great couple and I applaud all of your efforts to make Jordan a progressive nation in the midst of a turbulent However, if you truly support love, and then you should work to instate a full in the country of is an outdated form of It is time to bring true democracy and to the Middle East. --Yours Truly, a descendant of the region
Happy anniversary her highness queen Rania and his majesty King Abdullah :')
[Jordan] 21th Wedding anniversary for King Abdullah II and Queen Rania
Happy anniversary queen Rania, God bless you and our beloved king❤❤
Queen Rania of Jordan launches Arabic platform Edraak in partnership with edX via
They should call Queen Rania the fountain of youth. She still looks amazing and young after all these years
From Queen Rania to the King of Jordan. ;>)
New post (Where does Queen Rania live?) has been published on Jordan Amman Official Website Link Below:...
Message by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdulla of Jordan in support of Plan's Because I Am A Girl campaign. October 11th is the first International Day of the...
If one girl with courage is a revolution, imagine what feats we can achieve together. ~ Queen Rania of Jordan
look how true queens are:. She is born as Queen:.
If you could have dinner with any political figure, dead or a... — Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan. You know why.
Queen Rania wearing same dress you wore in Morocco during the celebration of the Independence Day
IN YOUR HOLY STEPS: Jordan's King Abdullah & Queen Rania walk with during a welcome ceremony in Amman. (DOWN) King Abdullah bids farewell to Pope Francis, who is leaving for the West Bank after his visit to Jordan at Queen Alia International Airport
Pope Francis is greeted by King Abdullah II of Jordan and his wife Queen Rania, as they meet in Amman's Al Husseini Roya... : via
Like and share to encourage Queen Rania to open our gift, sent by Katie Couric, and meet with us to bring access to education to students in the developing world!
Queen Rania of Jordan: "Girls with dreams become women with vision"
“Often, social progress doesn’t come from governments looking down, directing change. It comes from communities, families, and individuals looking up, driving society forward themselves, fueled by nothing more than an idea or instinct to do good. It comes from civic engagement.” — Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah
Majesty Queen Rania I invite you to Popayán, Cauca - Colombia.
Queen Rania of Jordan is also the Queen of Instagram.
omg this video in class right now...Queen Rania of Jordan is gorgeous
Queen Rania of Jordan joins Christiane Amanpour for an exclusive interview. For more, click here: .
Queen Rania at a dinner to celebrate the visit of the Governor General of New Zeland to Jordan
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Queen Rania's post on Instagram.! I am not sure if Queen Rania knows it but she has put her finger on the key element that makes a society powerful. The post below that accompanied a picture of a block mason explains in simple terms what made America great. The American Constitution gave its people fertile ground in which to pursue their own selfish dreams free from excessive government and third party intrusions. When an individual goes about their day to day lives pursuing their own selfish dreams for themselves and their family they are unknowingly and unintentionally adding to the wellbeing of society around them with their productive behavior in which they are involved that serves the wants and needs of their fellow citizens. Such is the hidden magic of a free market system that is unleashed when citizens are allowed to live their lives as free and unencumbered from third party entities, (such as government), as possible. A successful society is accomplished by keeping government and third parties ou ...
THE VIEW FROM JORDAN Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan INTERVIEWED BY: Tina Brown, Founder, Women in the World, and CEO, Tina ...
AMMAN — Her Majesty Queen Rania on Sunday visited the Eskan Al Jamaa Mixed Secondary School and checked on the progress and outcomes of two projects carried out by the Jordan Education Initiative (JEI). The “Fursati Liltamayyoz” (My Chance to Excel) programme is designed to bridge…
Be the queen of venus like the beautiful and famous Al Jadeed TV. Presenter "Rania Mazbouh" @ Tony…
Queen Rania of Jordan. Queen Consort to King Abdullah and his equal partner in the administration of Jordan.
Pope Francis received this morning in audience the King of Jordan, Abdullah II and his wife Rania. "Welcome Majesty" were the words of welcome by Pope Francis. King Abdullah in turn welcomed the Holy Father saying that it was a pleasure and an honor to meet him, and he conveyed the greetings from his family and all the people of Jordan." "It is an immense honor to meet you ," said also Queen Rania. King Abdullah began the conversation while stressing "the immense respect he has for what the Pope does and also for the Catholic Church." Dialogue and negotiation to end the conflict in Syria During the cordial meeting, several topics of mutual interest were discussed, especially the promotion of peace and stability in the Middle East, the resumption of negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, and the question of Jerusalem. A special attention was paid to the plight faced by Syria. In this regard, it was reaffirmed that the voice of dialogue and negotiation between all components of Syrian society, with ...
"Queen Rania of Jordan needs more appreciation
Queen Rania of Jordan needs more appreciation
Queen Rania visits secondary school to check on JEI activities
CNN's Fareed Zakaria interview with Queen Rania of Jordan to discuss women in Islam and Mideast peace.
It all starts with TaeNy... Here comes the dork queen, kwon yuri!.
queen of and of Palestinian descent ♥
People be hatin on Queen Rania because she's Palestinian, don't hate Appreciate
Queen Rania 😍... She is so beautiful, but not just that. She cares about the people. U gotta respect her, she demands it through her actions
We saw her majesty Queen Rania Al Abdallah driving her car today! That was goood.
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Her Majesty Queen Rania driving her car in amman alone, returned our hellos smiles waving back to my wife & I, truly she's a Queen of Hearts
Queen Rania s post on instagram today! Allah ytawwel 3omrek
Queen rania, i have so much to say about her but will conclude it with having her as a wonderful role…
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