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Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926) is the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms, and head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations.

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😂😂😂 I love the way you ask this question. Just imagine Queen Elizabeth & Theresa May asking Boris for explanation.
A great team effort delivering SoS to HMS Queen Elizabeth today. Very proud of 845 Sqn and the way they conducted t…
OK--this is just silly. Now we've gone all the way back to the days of Queen Elizabeth & Shakespeare. We really n…
Independence Day Archival Video-Princess Alexandra representing HRM Queen Elizabeth, handed over power to the Prime Mi…
Hide it before Queen Elizabeth finds out, steals it, then claims it's a gift. . Learn from us South Africa, Sierra Leon…
Who is Princess Alexandra? Is she a cousin of Queen Elizabeth the Second ?
Queen Elizabeth asked Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, to take the lead on symbolic Day of Remembrance ceremony.
Queen Elizabeth, the Navy Wife! See a Throwback Photo of the Young Royal Mom and Handsome Prince Philip in Uniform https:…
Queen Elizabeth delegates Ceremony to Pr Charles Long way to go to appeal to younger Brits.
What better way to spend a Sunday afternoon? event at the beautiful Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge?
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s secret to weathering turmoil through 70 years of marriage:
Paradise Papers, like Panama Papers, show how elites over 7 decades, from Queen Elizabeth to Bono to Oxford to Apple to H…
Anti-monarchists want a full investigation of Queen Elizabeth's finances after Paradise Papers revelations
as Anne when it came to love. How could a child of King Edward and Queen Elizabeth not be? "I am so…
70 years ago, Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip said ‘I Do’ - Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth and the Duke...
And if U give Corsi a euro he will tell you stories about Queen Elizabeth. Remember…
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Olivia Colman will be playing Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, succeeding Claire Foy who plays her in her younger years.
Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth in "The Crown" on Netflix...Excellent casting choice.
Netlix casts a new Queen Elizabeth for Seasons 3 and 4
Queen Elizabeth uses her handbag to send secret signals to her staff when she needs help getting out of a conversation with someo…
Today in 1965, Queen Elizabeth decorated The Beatles with the Order of the British Empire.
OTD 26OCT1965 receive their MBE awards (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) from Queen Elizabeth II a…
Not a bad view of Queen Elizabeth from the Sky Observation Wheel.
Why do we even need to recast Queen Elizabeth?! Claire Foy was perfect! 😞
'Broadchurch' star Olivia Colman will replace Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth in 'The Crown'
Queen Mary is going to fug Queen Elizabeth up!
New post: "Olivia Colman will succeed Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth in Netflix's 'The Crown'"
Long live the Queen: to take over role from in Ssn 3. Ssn 2 opens Dec. 8.
Queen (Sarah) Elizabeth and I pay a visit to her native country at hoco @ England
Elizabeth is the queen of petty. Lmfaoo. One of the reasons I love her so much. Fetus Jason tho.
Olivia Coleman as Queen Elizabeth in The Crown? Oh my! Can we at least have a David Tennant cameo?
On this day in 1965, The Beatles receive their MBEs from Queen Elizabeth II - check out these cool pics.
Claire Foy's Queen Elizabeth II voice is my ASMR go-to
Olivia Colman will take over the role of Queen Elizabeth II in starting with season three!
Queen Elizabeth II has won over $8.8 million from horse racing prize money in the past three decades http…
In which the part of Queen Elizabeth II is played by Doctor Who.
WOW, Elizabeth Clenci says the most beautiful words about justice that I have heard in a while! Striking…
Netflix's The Crown has found its next queen as Olivia Colman takes over from Claire Foy in seasons 3 and 4:.
On this day in 1965: The Beatles recieved their MBE's from Queen Elizabeth, they smoked weed in a palace bathroom prior to t…
For a moment there, I though she was going to succeed Queen Elizabeth II.
Is it true? Olivia Colman will play Queen Elizabeth on It’s not a drill?! YAS QUEEN. Every pun intended.
Not sure if you know this but Olivia Coleman is going to be in The Crown. She'll be taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth II.
Queen Elizabeth II has earned over $8 million in horse racing - WCTI
Capt. Kyd had the pleasure to meet Vic and Len who served on the previous HMS Queen Elizabeth
Here’s the problem with a female president who is visibly attractive. This was the issue (allegedly) with Queen Elizabeth I
Netflix has crowned its new Queen Elizabeth II. Your new monarch? Olivia Coleman.
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urbselect: she knows - Queen Elizabeth Made the Most of Her Title by Buying a McDonald’s
How about no! Claire has done a beautiful job playing the Queen Elizabeth. Keep her and just age her using C…
Queen Elizabeth standing in the way of prince Harry and Meghan Markle's june wedding plans: qua
Paintings of Queen Elizabeth the 1st OK Tim I'm really gonna need for U to stop😂
What is Prince Harry's top priority after the birth of the third royal baby? Queen Elizabeth reveals.
I'm surprised why are you still asking me the role of Queen Elizabeth in UK. While there's informatio…
Trump official has a flag raising ceremony just like U.K.'s Queen Elizabeth
Ha ha ha love it, can't stand the guy, Queen Elizabeth is the real Osama bin laden p…
Three cheers for Queen Elizabeth: Donald Trump's state visit just got cancelled
While ur at the name changing don't forget the lakes victoria, George, Edward, Albert... oh & Queen Elizabeth national park
Can you believe Madam Sonia Gandhi is worth $2 billion, richer than Queen Elizabeth via
However, on your way back, passby at in the Queen Elizabeth national park and…
These are things I'd change if I was a president of an African country. Can't be having Victoria falls & Queen Elizabeth na…
Queen Elizabeth national park adventure is calling
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip released a short statement.
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Queen Elizabeth to Withdraw from Illuminati. - Appears to have been persuaded by Lord Jacob Rothschild -.
Minsk Overseas Navy Enterprise places £50 reserve bid on aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, in the event of Labour forming the next govt.
Queen Elizabeth with her dad King George [via
Buckingham Palace was bombed whilst King George VI & Queen Elizabeth were in residence in 1940. https…
Queen Elizabeth hospital in .. look up an be surprised at beauty you can chose to see ;)
Queen Elizabeth hospital .. love the lines of the atrium
These are the fragrances that Princess Diana, Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth wore on their wedding days
Should be: First Minister and Queen Elizabeth the Second open third forth road bridge to fife.
Quality no smoking enforcement and hygiene at Queen Elizabeth hospital
So yesterday, on the FOURTH, Queen Elizabeth the SECOND opened the THIRD road bridge over the river FORTH
This person is absolutely correct!Queen Elizabeth the First of Scotland! Nicola Sturgeon is First Minister of Scotl…
Where's the outrage for Queen Elizabeth taking a week to condemn the white supremacist Hurricane Harvey 😤
Brill tour from Commodore Rigby in Portsmouth w/ great to see HMS Queen Elizabeth and families welcoming ***
Fife really does this engineering thing pretty well. First HMS Queen Elizabeth, now the
Imagine going there looking like "Queen Elizabeth" next thing you come back looking like "Shaka Zulu" after a war! 😬😬😬😬
Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth, Angela Merkel Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher.on and on. Hillary lost…
Queen Elizabeth reminds me of my professor in college who used to have a large stick up her *** 24/7
I believe its official name is the Queen Elizabeth tower. "Rioting on my own" would be a great name for an autobiog…
As Prince Philip waves goodbye, perhaps it's time for Queen Elizabeth, too
Re-name because it's name derived by Walter Raleigh to honour Queen Elizabeth's *SUPPOSED*…
Queen Elizabeth 🇬🇧..parking up for a quick pint on her way into dock ⚓️
* | HMS Queen Elizabeth: UK's new £3bn aircraft carrier dismissed as...
Do not drone over HMS Queen Elizabeth, flight restrictions 16th August, Solent.
HMS Queen Elizabeth, which arrived in Portsmouth today, is longer than the Palace of Westminster. Read more here:
Britain's newest, largest aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives at home port
HMS Queen Elizabeth, the UK's new £3bn aircraft carrier, has arrived at its base in Portsmouth. Read more at:
Queen Elizabeth recognized as one of Africa's Incredible Natural Wonders. Thanks for telling the world what we've known…
Been in those pubs on several occasions. To see how large the Queen Elizabeth is compared to them is awesome…
Flight trials from HMS Queen Elizabeth's deck are on track to begin next year. The UK already has 11 F-35B jets. .
HMS Queen Elizabeth: Navy's new flagship a true feat of engineering
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
"HMS Queen Elizabeth to be operational for 50 years" claims more like ready in 50 years, still no fighter je…
Time lapse footage from on board HMS Queen Elizabeth shows the moment she entered Portsmouth. Full story:
Supercarrier HMS Queen Elizabeth 'puts Britain back in military elite' -
Mind the gap! HMS Queen Elizabeth squeezes through the harbour entrance to make her debut in Portsmouth
Queen Elizabeth the 1st was not a slave trader
Enter HMS Queen Elizabeth: new aircraft carrier pictured off Bournemouth coast
Great Britain Men land for practice at the as they get set for Saturday's game vs Greece!. Tickets: https…
Propelling the Royal Navy’s latest warship HMS Queen Elizabeth home to Portsmouth
The Queen Elizabeth Class can convert sea water into more than 500 tonnes of drinking water each day ht…
DefSec welcomes our mighty new warship to her home for the very first time. Read more at ht…
What a welcome from her new home port. is now coming alongside at Portsmouth Naval Base.
"Behind me you can see and doesn't she look brilliant?"
Mental numbness due to charm of the first family. slobbering slaves put up posters akin to queen E…
Here is HMS Queen Elizabeth committed to entry and making her approach to Portsmouth now. https:/…
Theresa May: HMS Queen Elizabeth 'signals Britain's role on world stage as global power' - https:… featured in NBC s Science of Love
ICYMI: Today's defence-related media coverage includes HMS Queen Elizabeth's arrival at her home dock and more
12 hours ago HMS Queen Elizabeth was welcomed into harbour
The HMS Queen Elizabeth, the biggest ship ever built for the British navy, has sailed into its home port
Some beautiful snaps of the HMS Queen Elizabeth coming to her home port of Portsmouth Harbour!. 📸 📸
Harriet Baldwin, Minister for Defence Procurement thanks all those in the delivery of HMS Queen Elizabeth.
Watch the historic moment HMS Queen Elizabeth entered her new home for the first time. Full story:
BBC News - HMS Queen Elizabeth: Everything you need to know
Lee Anthony Marshfield sent in this great photo of the arrival of HMS Queen Elizabeth in to Portsmouth Harbour this mor…
A huge thank you to all of you who supported the ship's company and contractors of HMS Queen Elizabeth today. Welcome home,…
UK's biggest warship HMS Queen Elizabeth sails into home port for first time:
Welcome home is proud to support and the future of UK sea power.…
The Prime Minister spoke on board 'the biggest and most complex warship ever built for the : https:/…
Full story of HMS Queen Elizabeth arrival in Portsmouth will be up in a while on including i/v with Admiral Lord West.
Thousands expected to watch HMS Queen Elizabeth arrive at Portsmouth - West Sussex County Times
cannot be adequately be addressed without indicting the WEST:. Manifest Destiny. King Leopold II. Queen Elizabeth's race codes
I see her Grace doesn't know Queen Elizabeth is both Tudor and Howard.
So Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth are my friends. Yay me.
watching eilidhdoyle team captain for @ Queen Elizabeth…
British Queen Elizabeth prefers William as successor -
queen spumante/the queen elizabeth II commemorative cup:
No, Queen Elizabeth did not pass the crown to Prince William via
Need to watch that one on Netflix about HRH Queen Elizabeth.
Basically, Queen Elizabeth put up with Philip's cheatin *** and wanted Diana to put up with Charles' and it wasn't happenin
Jordan’s Run the Runway raises funds to ensure campers can attend YMCA Camp Queen Elizabeth. Join us September 15th! https:…
Queen Elizabeth has always been regal 👑 See her complete evolution through the years:
As Queen Elizabeth's marriage and also empire crumbles around her, she should do just what is required to guarantee the British monarchy mak
So proud of Suhani Jalota, who built her company during our Melissa & Doug program & was honored by https:/…
Lol now thats funny, since you have no clue to Queen Elizabeth's role in YOU…
Read 11-y-o Nathan’s letter to Queen Elizabeth and maybe write him & his mates one of your own? The Queen did.
Several fact checking sites say this is definitely not true. Queen Elizabeth has made no announcement
Breast Cancer Awareness
Interesting King William to be next King of England?
Queen Elizabeth II on 'Dancing Queen': "I always try to dance when this song comes on, because I am the Queen, and I li…
Cladding to be stripped from Queen Elizabeth University Hospital
Queen Elizabeth officially announced that she will be passing down her crown to her grandson Prince William and... https…
A warm welcome to the passengers of the Queen Elizabeth, arriving in Port of Cromarty Firth,
Queen Elizabeth has four drinks a day.
Queen Elizabeth knocks back four drinks a day here here!
Everyone is OBSESSED with what Queen Elizabeth drinks - and there's a very good reason why
This is my favorite story of the day! Queen Elizabeth knocks back four drinks a day via
Today, I bought a can of Simpkins candies with a picture of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip on it.
Oxleas House on the Queen Elizabeth hospital site in Woolwich - j…
Ballydoyle likely to be represented by Highland Reel and Idaho in King George VI & Queen Elizabeth, says Kevin Buckley press conf
Queen Elizabeth's reaction to Princess Diana's fatal car crash claim in new documentary:
Trump to make “dummy visit” to the UK amid concerns an official visit could embarrass Queen Elizabeth: report
Queen Elizabeth's family tree. The Black Nobility are the founders of the Committee of 300 which is also known as the enlightened ones.
former Pope Benedict (Joseph Ratzinger) secured an agreement with Queen Elizabeth as head of the Church of England to conceal child rape
School mum told me this morning that my outfit looked like Queen Elizabeth in The Crown, on safari in Kenya. So her…
Queen Elizabeth and King James VI/I were very different, but you could chat them up with the same line: "So sorry they beh…
Realising the NASA leader can no longer differentiate btwn Margaret and Queen Elizabeth, coast people have said
Now I understand why Raila mistook Margaret Kenyatta with Queen Elizabeth. There are some resemblance for sure
my son George and his friend Harry who attend Queen Elizabeth's Grammar Alford were treated at Glenfield Hospital. 90 miles.
I'm at the Queen Elizabeth about to watch Phantom of the Opera. Why no Ghost of the Theatre?
Really in a mood to watch Bette Davis play Queen Elizabeth the 1st right now.
Felipe & Letizia offered Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip a copy of the correspondence between Queen Ena and King Alfo…
King Felipe and Queen Letizia look at a display of Spanish items from the Royal Collection with Queen Elizabeth and…
Really expecting to come up with a "and here, Queen Elizabeth meets with local racketeer James Bulger."
Queen Elizabeth's pocket pistol, a giant basilisk cannon on display here at the Naafi restaurant. See for yourself! http…
Chelsea is a class act. Comparing your sleazy spawns to them is like comparing Queen Elizabeth to…
should come to Vancouver because Queen Elizabeth theatre is on Hamilton Street
Dame Evelyn Glennie made a Companion of Honour by Queen Elizabeth
1588-Queen Elizabeth defeats the Spanish Armada cementing England and world power! Bye Spain.
Gerald Ford dances with Queen Elizabeth during a White House honoring the Queen's US Bicentennial visit to Washingt…
Well, one of the House Doorkeepers, in his autobio said he told Queen Elizabeth she could not wear her hat into the chamber.
Some wild speculations as to what Justin Trudeau and Queen Elizabeth could've talked about in 20 minutes.
Princess Elizabeth, King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth of the UK and LtGen Jimmy Doolittle beside the B-17G ‘Rose…
Queen Elizabeth. Please save Charlie gard. If he was prince George or Charlotte, would we have to fight? Your our biggest hope. Please speak
She is such a treasure. She begged her dad to let her be in military service! Drove a truc…
Queen Elizabeth II is hosting Justin Trudeau at Edinburgh. How nice Canada has a smart, respected leader, unlike you.
Katsina-born Nasir Yammama receiving his medal from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, as a winner of Queen's Young…
The largest warship built for the begins sea trials, powered with a range of our technology
Here is a glimpse of Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth's grand transformation prior to reopening on June 30th, 2017!
Except for the Queen. Elizabeth. Her bio was pretty boring. But her family made up for it. 😀😀
Queen Elizabeth II attended the premiere for the 1958 Dunkirk movie, so it's wonderful news that her Grandson is atten…
Windows XP left open to cyber-attack on HMS Queen Elizabeth as well as in NHS?
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave Queen Elizabeth II the Canadian flag that flew on the Peace Tower on
Trudeau has audience with the Queen after receiving honorary doctorate in Edinburgh
Thanks to everyone who came out to see The Queen & The Duke as they officially opened the Queen Elizabeth II Canal.
Today, Trudeau met with Queen Elizabeth and, in his brainless, superior way he commented that she could speak on a variety of subjects. 🤣😳
Trudeau meets Queen Elizabeth in Scotland. I bet they had a great time. Painting eachothers nails while they watched the Bac…
On America’s birthday, the British royals did the most proper English-y thing of proper English things ever.
ICYMI: Prime Minister receives honorary doctorate in Scotland before meeting with Queen Elizabeth…
'Always an honour': PM Trudeau meets with Queen Elizabeth
Seen this? Ladies can now change tires too:. I wonder if they know Queen Elizabeth used to fix cars.
I was wondering if the water fountains are operating at queen Elizabeth park? Thanks
I think Queen Elizabeth is my all time fav song by cheat codes
Trudeau received an honorary doctorate in recognition of his advocacy for equality and diversity .
July 5, 2010 - Queen Elizabeth II during a dinner at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada
I'm sorry I mean no disrespect but what's Queen Elizabeth doing on this list?
.had an audience with her Majesty Queen Elizabeth at Holyrood Palace in Scotland. ht…
Justin Trudeau casually hung out with Queen Elizabeth II, to the internet's delight
July 5, 2013 - Bruno Mars leaving the Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal.
Today in Edinburgh, Prime Minister Trudeau and Ms. Grégoire Trudeau are received in audience by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth…
Queen visits The Kelpies to open Scotland's new Queen Elizabeth II Canal
HMS Queen Elizabeth - on board the Royal Navy's new warship: in pictures
Rose Quartz celebrates independence day by killing Queen Elizabeth
HMS Queen Elizabeth receives airborne guests: Merlin helicopters from 820 Naval Air Squadron have today made……
This rose is Queen Elizabeth. It's breathtaking and smells divine; get to close n' the thorns will get you. She is…
Queen Elizabeth with Dr Nazir Ahmed, the first chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission,appointed by then PM Hussa…
Congratulations to the crew of HMS Queen Elizabeth as the new flagship of the Royal Navy begins her maiden voyage!
I went to school with a kid named Mister Green and my BIL worked on a film shoot with a girl named Queen Elizabeth.
HMS Queen Elizabeth dwarfs Royal Navy ships as she takes part in sea trials in her maiden voyage
The HMS Queen Elizabeth has a better turning circle than Rob Kiernan
The current throne chair (left) was commissioned in 1939 to accommodate Queen Elizabeth, Consort to George VI, for…
Queen Elizabeth gets a raise as British royal family‘s travel bill is revealed
Queen Elizabeth gets rich(er) thanks to wind farms; Astronomers detect orbital motion in pair of supermassive b...
Easy does it - Queen Elizabeth leaves her building dock for the first time.
It's a grey day in the North Sea - as HMS Sutherland has found escorting HMS Queen Elizabeth as the carrier puts...
HMS Queen Elizabeth sets sail in the dawn of a new age for Royal Navy carrier operations
Royal Navy’s largest ship HMS Queen Elizabeth sets sail for first time
Royal Navy’s aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth sets sail for first sea trials
HMS Queen Elizabeth could be vulnerable to attack
HMS Queen Elizabeth could be vulnerable to attack . .
Russia will envy Navy's new aircraft carrier, says Fallon, as HMS Queen Elizabeth squeezes under rail bridge -…
Navy's stunning new flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth will be the envy of Russia, Fallon claims
🙄. Queen Elizabeth could be vulnerable to
The Royal Navy's new £3bn aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, has sailed out of the dockyard for the first time
HMS Queen Elizabeth - onboard the Royal Navy's new warship, in pictures
> | HMS Queen Elizabeth could be vulnerable to WannaCry ransomware attack... ...of the Rosyth basin in Fif…
Old defences and new - HMS Queen Elizabeth from the walls of Blackness Castle
I know its a general hospital, but even Queen Elizabeth in KK is not this bad
HMS Queen Elizabeth due to set sail from Rosyth for sea trials.
HMS Queen Elizabeth the UK's biggest warship to set sail- we need alot more
Yorkshire resident calls police on Queen Elizabeth for not wearing seatbelt via
Its about setting precedent,in this case police department set precedent calling the resident's call a Joke.
Because he in the photo. Should i compare hin to Queen Elizabeth? You lot are…
Queen Elizabeth II Vows to Protect LGBTQ Rights, Will not be Meeting with *45 for tea Anytime Soon
Me: She's serving elizabethan realness. . My BF: More like the Diva Plava Laguna as Queen Elizabeth realness. Me: I love you.
4 of 5 stars to Fashion In The Time Of Queen Elizabeth I by Melinda Camber Porter
Pretty sure superfans Queen Elizabeth and Mikhail Gorbachev enjoyed tonight's episode of
Why Queen Elizabeth always wears gloves -- and more secrets from her glove maker:.
> | HMS Queen Elizabeth: Facts about new aircraft carrier her leave dock in Rosyth The oldest memb…
Why was the Queen reported to the police earlier this week?
Royal Navy's largest ever warship to set sail
06-26 British Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, flanked by...
Queen Elizabeth II delivers speech in UK parliament, pledging successful Brexit. Follow us for more.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
THE Royal Navy’s biggest ever warship will make her maiden voyage today following monumental costs and reports R...
The Queen loves the queens - Queen Elizabeth vows to protect LGBTQ rights.
Anonymous said: Can we please talk about "Every king needs his queen" on POTC3 script when Elizabeth is...
With the right marketing I'm 70% sure pluralities of both party bases will write in Queen El…
HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier takes to the seas
Royal Navy’s new £3BILLION warship sets sail 'stalked by Russian spy operation'
Gandhi ji gifted Khadi handkerchief to Queen . Elizabeth on her wedding.PM in Man ki Baat.,
Judy Dench's Queen Elizabeth best thing in film.
Little mix are the queens of the UK. Queen Elizabeth II who
Queen Elizabeth II is above the law. In the UK, no criminal proceedings can be taken against her and nothing she does c…
HMS Queen Elizabeth expected to sail Monday -
Just commented on Queen Elizabeth might have given a subtle nod to the EU with her hat -
George Bush jr/sr. & Obama are BLOOD RELATIVES. ALL are related to Queen Elizabeth, Madonna, Vlad the impaler, Tom Hanks, Lincoln & more
City of London Dragon boundary mark | London Bridge | Tower of London | Queen Elizabeth's 91st birthday at Buckingh…
There was no mention of a Trump visit to the U.K. in today's
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In an address to UK parliament, Queen Elizabeth II made a pledge to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination
During Queen Elizabeth's Parliament speech, some noticed that her hat had a striking resemblance to the EU flag, sp…
WATCH: UK’s path to hard Brexit revealed in Queen Elizabeth’s speech.
Dude you gotta fix this fast .. we went from the Queen Elizabeth to the Titanic fast
The newly named SD Tempest will be the official tug for when she arrives in Portsmouth later this year.
Queen Elizabeth makes quick change from blue into YELLOW for Royal Ascot
.and are two of the stars Queen Elizabeth will honor on her birthday: https:…
Caption should have read:. "Queen Elizabeth sets out Brexit legislation while dressed as EU flag"
Yank here I know nothing of EUvsUK I love Queen Elizabeth I hop…
Queen Elizabeth expresses her own view on Brexit while reading speech written by Theresa May
It's like an oven in here 😓 — feeling hot at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
Trump UK visit absent from Queen Elizabeth's speech
Queen Elizabeth II vows the UK will protect on basis of sexual orientation
Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, has been hospitalized for an infection.
3 Hats Worn:. 1. Queen Elizabeth II. 2. Laurel & Hardy. 3. Folks on Gulf Coast. =. Better holding on to see-. With the…
LONDON (AP) -- Queen Elizabeth II delivered a speech to Parliament on Wednesday outlining the British government...
Last time at Ascot for Highland Reel. ...King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes glory 🏆.
Queen Elizabeth snubs Donald Trump in speech to Parliament
.refuses to bow to Queen Elizabeth​ ahead of and gives a cheeky wink instead.
Not true, Queen Elizabeth is alive as well
and steal the show at Trooping the Colour parade for Queen Elizabeth's 91st birthday
Queen Elizabeth vows to protect LGBTQ rights, will not be meeting with Trump for tea anytime soon http…
Some people say the hat Queen Elizabeth II wore to her Parliament speech bore striking similarities to the EU flag
Queen Elizabeth, in speech to parliament, noted she'll host King & Queen of Spain in July for a state visit. No mention of…
Prince Philip, husband of UK's Queen Elizabeth II, admitted to hospital.
Picture of the Day: Elizabeth Woodville, Queen to Edward IV, 1790, engraving.
BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth II announces a new commission for countering extremism.
The evolution of Elizabeth, as shown by banknotes.
I'm sure the hat was carefully chosen. If not it would mean that Queen Elizabeth II (and her staff) would not pay a…
91 year Queen Elizabeth, her husband Prince Philip taken to hospital. In parliament doing her duty. Love the woman.
footage of Queen Elizabeth, Gov. Rockefeller and Nixon at "Dedication ceremony of St. Lawrence Seaway, 1959"
I Think it's the new (ish) Queen Elizabeth helicopter in Glasgow and a Dauphin Hospital in Euro but i…
You should inteview David Ickies about how Queen Elizabeth, Al Gore, and Boxcar Willie, are reptillian aliens
Is Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth now ready to be Grandmother to little British-Afro-American kid(s)?.
WATCH: just about a year ago - President and Mrs. Obama meeting with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at Win…
Massa is better than anything to a uncle tom, but IDI Amin is not as bad as Queen Elizabeth
Oh to hear Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles' reactions. Philip's I already know: bloody ***
Queen Elizabeth needs to hand over the keys of The Tower Of London. Muslim Ragheads like Jewels for their encrusted knives.
Yesterday, Queen Elizabeth, joined by the Duke of Kent, were at Buckingham Palace to present new Colours to the...
First *** I thought u named it mop after Marie Antoinette or Queen Elizabeth's pug. Secondly ur litera…
Want to give someone a really great gift? From the Queen Elizabeth in the 3 fleet Cunard Line.…
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