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Queen Elizabeth

Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926) is the constitutional monarch of 16 sovereign states known as the Commonwealth realms, and head of the 54-member Commonwealth of Nations.

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Westminster in Queen Elizabeth's Reign 1593 (Norden's Survey) note the Convent Garden, now Covent Garden
Queen Elizabeth has just granted our Royal Charter. We are now a company
For Peter Thiel, the rest of the sentence after "AMERICA FIRST" is "in line to pledge allegiance to Queen Elizabeth" ht…
As part of his purchase, the new adviser to Trump’s “America First” administration swore an oath to Queen Elizabeth. http…
Queen Elizabeth in a discussion with Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru , during her visit to India. . 1953, Allahabad
The state visit with HM Queen Elizabeth is on with in spite of *** rioting Welcome to our Country Mr Presiden…
'Ghost' of Queen Elizabeth caught on camera in baffling video - Daily Star
I don't understand: "Writing about her husband’s death, Queen Elizabeth later said in a letter to his mother Queen Mary..."
Lord Mountbatten, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth, was killed by the Irish terrorist group Sinn Fein in 1979. England did not ban the Irish.
Trump has accepted an invitation from Queen Elizabeth and will go to the UK later this year. For decorating tips?
Queen Elizabeth forced to miss Christmas Day church service with 'heavy cold' -
This stained glass window in the National a Cathedral in DC was dedicated to Queen Elizabeth in 1922 when she visited!…
and Queen Elizabeth and Katy Perry and Oprah Winfrey and John Kerry and Princess Kate and Rockefeller and Rothschild a…
I remember watching Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations & the crowds in front of B/Palace were so great, journalists couldn't ..
As a little girl, Queen Elizabeth referred to herself as 'Tillabet
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip at the horse races, 1968.
Queen Elizabeth predicted to die this year
Labour forced Lewisham hospital to join up with St Mary's and Queen Elizabeth's. Now in massive debt. it's not that simple
I actually have a collection of teacups commemorating Queen Elizabeth's coronation and silver jubilee 😊
9 January 1972. The ocean liner RMS Queen Elizabeth was destroyed by fire in Hong Kong harbour.
Queen Elizabeth of England is d queen of d coast sucking & feeding on d blood of & Shame to this e…
Why is everyone so obsessed with We asked star Claire Foy who plays Queen Elizabeth in the Netflix drama
...imagine Queen Elizabeth doing the Macarena as the Spanish Armada sank. 🤣
Queen Elizabeth makes first public appearance since coming down with heavy cold
Queen Elizabeth attends church service in first public appearance in month
Queen Elizabeth II Appears in Public for the First Time in Almost a Month
The death of Queen Elizabeth will be the most disruptive event in Britain in the last 70 years via
Queen Elizabeth was also born on the Aries Taurus cusp
Today, Queen Elizabeth made her first public appearance since her illness in nearly a month.
If that was a grilling I am Queen Elizabeth. KC lied abt ACA and you gave no proof to the contrary
And what colours were the men wearing?.
Queen Elizabeth II makes her first public appearance since Dec. 9
Queen Elizabeth II has attended church for the first time in two weeks, after missing two Sundays due to ill health ht…
Queen attends church service at Sandringham | UK news | The Guardian - ha ha ha !!!
Queen Elizabeth I’s long lost skirt to go on display after being found on a church altar in Herefordshire
Queen Elizabeth I passed a law which forced everyone except for the rich to wear a flat cap on Sundays.
Queen Elizabeth Heads to Church with Will and Kate in First Outing Since Illness - Yahoo News
Queen Elizabeth II goes to church after recovering from heavy cold
Queen Elizabeth II attends church after missing 2 weeks
Queen Elizabeth is back The 90 year old arrived in Sandringham, England to attend Sunday church ser: на
Vintage Crown Devon Ashtray to Commemorate the Coronation of King George VI & Queen Elizabeth (Queen
Prince William will be the next king of England, Queen Elizabeth has dec... via
Queen Mary 2, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth on the Clare hills.
[Breaking News]Queen Elizabeth almost shot by guard while on late night walk in Buckingham Palace: via
Queen Elizabeth 'nearly shot' by Buckingham Palace guard while on a late night walk.
Queen Elizabeth nearly shot by Buckingham Palace guard...
Robert Gabriel Mugabe was knighted as a Knight Grand Cross in the Order of the Bath by Queen Elizabeth
So many little subtleties that r required 2 make u truly believe you're watching a young Queen Elizabeth grow. Executed nearly perfectly imo
The Countess of Barcelona and Queen Victoria Eugenie glitter for Queen Elizabeth's pre-wedding ball, 1947:
Annus horribilis would be the most perfect description for 2016. Queen Elizabeth should've used this expression now!
Victoria Beckham will be honored by Queen Elizabeth this year as an OBE:
Queen Elizabeth is on her deathbed and Buckingham Palace is covering it up.
31.12.1600 Queen Elizabeth has created a joint-stock company - the English East India Company.It was in the film "P…
Our friend, violinist Adrian Garrett is visiting wards at Queen Elizabeth Hospital today. Playing pop to classical, patients &…
The UK's queen Elizabeth has recognised Chris Ofili's contribution to art. The Tate Gallery explains the...
Landmark day as Queen Elizabeth goes about her business
You: Jumin's cat is Elizabeth 3rd. Me, an intellectual: The name of Mr. Han's felis catus is the successor of a particular English queen.
Congratulations! DAME Elizabeth named in Queen's New Years honoured list for services to nursing &
Wah!!! Grow up. It's the *** fight game, not tea time with Queen Elizabeth
Welcome passengers & crew Queen Elizabeth Enjoy your stay
TO WIN: TARTE SWAMP QUEEN PALETTE & A ROSE GOLD CHROME BRUSHES✨🌹. (Must be following me so I can DM the winner) https:/…
Queen Elizabeth II says Jesus helps her see the value of doing small things.
Queen Elizabeth was the only person who celebrated a milestone birthday this year:
Dear Queen Elizabeth: with all due respect, your son is an *** Please pass the crown to Prince William. Signed, the Co…
I think YNW has an exclusive source inside the BBC
Really should be asleep right now but too busy applauding queen Elizabeth II bc she's 90 freakin years old and rockin t…
. While you knew that the oppressive gov there can't stay for a second without the support of Her majesty Queen Elizabeth.
What sort of food does Queen Elizabeth eat daily? by Ruby Gower
Fun fact: Queen Elizabeth has kept corgis at her feet for years, so Putin is not the first to have an orangish pet with short…
Queen Elizabeth Four months Visiting Scholarship for Students from India and Commonwealth…
Did you know In 2012, a couple invited Queen Elizabeth II to their wedding as a joke, and she turned up
BEST AT LOW TIDE!!!. "A stunning sunrise from the Cape Queen Elizabeth walk on Bruny Island thanks to ClairJulia...
Queen Elizabeth II awarding Dame Angela Lansbury with DBE for services to drama, charitable work, and philanthropy (Ap…
Congratulations to Sir Andy Murray who has been knighted in Queen. Elizabeth's New Year's Honours List. What a phenomenal…
In order to finance the country's overseas exploits, Queen Elizabeth I introduced the first national lottery in English hist…
Everyone is up watching the UFC fight and I'm up trying to see how young Queen Elizabeth's tutoring sessions are going
Hamilton Collection
The Queen is not dead, says Buckingham Palace
Why is it when I see Queen Elizabeth trending I worry that she's died but when I see Bristol Palin trending I don't worry one little bit?
Queen Elizabeth had Princess Diana murdered by the MI6
So Queen Elizabeth is ok? When I heard that a British queen died last night I did not expect it to be George Michael
WATCH: Queen Elizabeth II delivers her annual Christmas message. The theme of this year's message is inspiration.
Now 2016 took Queen Elizabeth white knuckling thru the end of 2016 year like
MSNBC, referred to Queen Elizabeth's spouse, Prince Phillip, as her husband. They could not research his bloody name and title?
BREAKING: Queen Elizabeth to appear in Star Trek IV (ht
Queen Elizabeth with her first corgi, *** in 1936
Queen Elizabeth will die on New Year's Eve, but Buckingham Palace will say she died on New Year's Day to take the heat off 2016.
Maybe your brand of royalty. Cannot hold a candle to the Queen of Canada Elizabeth 11
Sure sounds like Sharon's days are spent praying to Queen Elizabeth & hating America
Queen Elizabeth forced to miss Day church service with 'heavy cold'.
The Queen's speech in full: 'We can do small things with great love' 90 and still kicking!
The life of Queen Elizabeth II: It has been 64 years since Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the British throne. On…
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Queen Elizabeth II bestowed with honorary membership in Starfleet Medical for
actually the UK did say merry Christmas up till queen Elizabeth I I she says happy Christmas because "merry" is used to .
Queen Elizabeth of England is d head of Gov , so she must bear d consequences of arming Yakubu Gowon & Obafemi Awolowo .
Queen Elizabeth of England must be held accountable 4 committed by Yakubu Gowon & Obafemi Awolowo. She is a
Queen Elizabeth mentioned Saint Teresa in her Christmas speech. Let's see nationalist politicians refer a little mo…
Queen Elizabeth did not attend church on Christmas Day, Buckingham Palace announced Sunday after confirming she...
Queen Elizabeth misses Christmas church service with cold. Details:
Don't die Queen Elizabeth. God help England if Charles ascends the throne.
Feel better your majesty! Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip canceled their annual Christmas trip due to illness.
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip postpone Christmas travel plans due to "heavy colds"
Queen Elizabeth reportedly approves of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship
New post: Queen Elizabeth approves of Meghan Markle according to US Weekly
Queen Elizabeth II was crowned on my bday, June 2nd; 42 years before I was actually born. She owns corgis, makes sense why I want corgis. 🤗🐶
Exclusive: The Queen is "fully supportive" of Prince Harry's romance with Meghan Markle — get the details!…
Queen Elizabeth steps down as patron of 25 charities—find out what she handed to Princess Kate featured in NBC s Science of Love
"I had been living a lie. I thought I was a queen... and then I met Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter." - Queen Elizabeth II
Today is and Important day for George Stanley, William Lyon Mackenzie and all fellow Canadians. Queen Elizabeth the second has approved of
"Mighty things from small beginnings grow as indeed they grew from the small child of Bethlehem." -Queen Elizabeth…
My imagined reaction of Queen Elizabeth II binge watching Netflix's "The Crown" and hearing things that were kept from her: "What?"
Queen Elizabeth Steps Down as Patron of 25 Charities — Find Out What She Handed to Princess Kate via
award for Support To The Armed Forces goes to Fisher House and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham Charity.
Queen Elizabeth stands down as All England Club patron
Kay's dad: Elizabeth I know how to calculate the yr u were born get a calculator out.76 beers,subtract your age,add 40 wings. He was right💀
& interesting to see the relationship between Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip as well as the Queen's relationship w/ her sister.
SERIOUS QUESTION: do you think Queen Elizabeth and Philip have watched The Crown? God, I hope so.
Queen Elizabeth II to step down from her role as patron of 20+ organizations at the end of her 90th birthday year.
Queen Elizabeth II steps down as patron of Wimbledon . -via
The Crown: 5 Reasons to Make Netflix's Royal Drama Your Holiday Binge (or "rebinge" it's that good) vi…
I bet if I'd specified Queen Elizabeth it would have given me Wlizabeth 1 deets
Queen Elizabeth of England & her Gov armed Yakubu Gowon& Obafemi Awolowo who committed against
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I wonder if Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth watched The Crown. That'd men she had a Netflix account. I'd like to think she did an…
Queen Elizabeth of England is Queen of d coast. She is Satan. She drinks human blood. To *** with satanic Queen.
Queen Elizabeth of England supplied d zoo niGEria weapons b/w 1966-1970 with which they committed against
"Sometimes I wonder why I'm single, then I think if Queen Elizabeth can live and rule without a man, so can I.". -Random L…
Her last name is Tudor. She was Queen Elizabeth I's big sister. Daughter of Henry the 8th. Mary was a very devout Catholic
Queen Elizabeth does not need a passport. Since all British passports are issued in the queen's name, she just...
New Portrait of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles Released for the Queen’s 90th Birthday Year via
Marking the end of her 90th birthday year, Nick Knight shot a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth.
Your majesty Queen Elizabeth we love ya like a mother but the tribe has spoken.ITS TIME TO LEAVE OUR ISLAND…
Great image of Queen Elizabeth with her son Prince Charles. Portrait made at Her Majesty birthday celebrations. Now…
Sinatra was honored to perform for Queen Elizabeth ll. Thanks for the memories your majesty as we count down to Frank’s…
I'm With Her (Majesty). Wonderful to meet Queen Elizabeth. From the Queen to Elizabeth Warren, girls run the world!
Prince Andrew & Prince Edward are evidently illegitimate sons of Queen Elizabeth, by two different fathers, not Philip
last night was amazing. Juliet Stevenson as Queen Elizabeth and Lia Williams as Mary. Can't imagine other way!
No one can deny that Queen Elizabeth II has been a positive female role model. I'm sad that soon, we will have kings for a very long time.
In honor of The Crown recently premiering on Netflix, we take a look back at HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's…
The Christmas Broadcast, 1957 via HM Queen Elizabeth questions the throw-away culture and its insecurities.
ELIZABETH, i can make the Devil cry? What I would do to a stranger. Then tell them, I am MK grandfather, My little monster, lol, our Queen.
Scarlett Overkill: This is Queen Elizabeth! And I really, really, really want her crown!.
no u have to say it as gaTAI only queen elizabeth says gaTAL
The CROWN, brilliant new NETFLIX TV show detailing the early life of Queen Elizabeth, her family and Churchill. Well scripted and acted..
Elizabeth said I don't care if you're my husband, I am your Queen *** Kneel.
Will Queen Elizabeth II write herself a letter when she turns 100?.
Dr John Dee 1527–1608, the great Elizabethan polymath, and agent for Queen Elizabeth I, used to sign letter back to the Queen, 007...
From Queen Elizabeth II's early years to Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding, this is the British Royal Family…
Sooner or later, Elizabeth would become The Queen
oh my gosh i love queen elizabeth THE MOST FOREVER
I've heard much complaining from over there recently. Shall I ask Queen Elizabeth if she will accept the US back?
The young Elizabeth II: life before she was Queen
Route 19, 57 & 59: Trams along Elizabeth St in both directions are delayed due to a tram fault at the Queen Victoria Market.
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Playing some games with the hubsand @ Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
If i do drink such it better make my English sound like im queen Elizabeth's great granddaughter
The Watchers were a network of agents who intercepted letters, cracked codes, and captured possible dissenters to...
Make no mistake, UK is preparing for war: New aircraft carriers could carry over 50 warplanes in ‘surge’ conditions https…
Queen Elizabeth didn't choose the life the life chose her
During my recent official visit to the UK, I met with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll, at Buckingham Palace.
pero like why u copying me glass of wine and show on queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth had secret teams around the world, crouching in alleys, impersonating couriers, always listening
I hope one day the has some ring side managers for singles and tag teams. People like Paul Bearer, Jimmy Hart, Queen Elizabeth
A single Queen Elizabeth class can carry the same number of aircraft as all three of her predecessors together.
HMS Queen Elizabeth will host F-35B, Merlin, Chinook, Apache and Wildcat on her first deployment. This 'no planes' nonsen…
Queen Elizabeth the Second served in the second World War as a mechanic.
Belgium King Albert II of House Saxe-Coburg-Gotha blood related to U.K. Queen Elizabeth and Consort Prince Philip abdicated in SRA scandals
HMS Queen Elizabeth is likely to embark some USMC F-35Bs for initial trails & well into first part of her life.
does the 28 bus to beamish past by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital?
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terrible service in you Queen Elizabeth Hospital store, waited 50mins for food which never came, bye bye lunch break not happy😭
Hi Nana, sorry you're experiencing problems - is this for Queen Elizabeth or Lewisham hospital?
Good morning from the wonderful city of Kota Kinabalu! We're now bound for our first visit to the Queen Elizabeth 1…
Aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, built in Rosyth, will be the largest ever surface warship.
The birth place of Queen Elizabeth, regal Mayfair is home to more than 2,000 reveals ~…
A few weeks before the jubilee began in 2002, Queen Elizabeth di...
Workload has now eased at Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital Emergency Dept
Queen Elizabeth 2 Hospital is busy. QAS & Qld Health are working together to resolve delays
The late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was known to her family as Buffy. Buffy.
I have been contacted by so many people to suggest the A59 is about Queen Elizabeth, Gen Richard Vickers and Prince Andrew.
Fidel Castro, Queen Elizabeth and China's former leader Jiang Zemin... all born in 1926.
my little brother was showing his friend a Canadian dollar & his friend says "maybe its from England bc Queen Elizabeth is on it"
The Queen at 90 presents an intimate portrait of the life of Queen Elizabeth. Watch it FREE on
Series. Not sure who the actor is who plays Queen Elizabeth's father, but he is really good, too. Matt Smith as Prince Phillip.
Queen Elizabeth poses for a group photo with construction workers
in love with ... partly because of Matt Smith but mostly because it's about Queen Elizabeth 👸🏻
Betty Kathleen Smith worked as dressmaker for Norman Hartnell in London who made Queen Elizabeth dress in 1947
I always see Queen Mary as the last Tudor monarch, Queen Elizabeth took England into the new world while Queen Mary remained in the old one.
Prince Harry receives Queen Elizabeth's blessing for engagement with Meghan Markle; Kate…
FYI: Queen Elizabeth had a bouquet of White Orchids and sprigs of Myrtle and had it placed on the gravestone of Unk…
Not many jockeys, let alone an apprentice can say they've rode winner for HM Queen Elizabeth and HH Sheikh Mansour in the same year.
yes! love me some Royal drama. Crown was good! Follows the life of current reigning Queen Elizabeth.
King George VI & Queen Elizabeth at the QEW dedication ceremony in 1939, St. Catharines.
Oh, Queen Elizabeth. You're the one that I wanna be with ♫
*** when Elizabeth first became Queen, she was GoT S1 Sansa, within a year she became the MOTHER OF DRAGONS. Spine of steel.
I'm here watching the crown thinking it was the other queen Elizabeth show with Jenna Coleman
William Buick partners Francis of Assisi to a 10-length romp in the Queen Elizabeth Stakes.
Queen Elizabeth: I know something of a woman in a man's profession. Yes, by God, I do know about that.
Francis of Assisi in a race of his own in Queen Elizabeth
Watching a show about Queen Elizabeth with your British roommate is ill-advised
The Secret History of Elizabeth I's Alliance With Islam We can all learn from the past. True in business and in life
Queen Elizabeth National park is Uganda's best national park.
Rare pictures of Queen Elizabeth II serving in World War II.
Boat cruise on Kazinga channel Queen Elizabeth National park.
Tour to Queen Elizabeth National park in Uganda ,contact us for more.
it's about Queen Elizabeth when her dad died and she became Queen
Watching a miniseries on the lives of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip!! Natalie's Friday nights at psu stay lit!!
I did not know queen Elizabeth had a daughter😲
Surgeons from Adelaide's Queen Elizabeth Hospital saved 50-year-old man's eye after operating to remove the barb.
I'm really liking the new show on about Queen Elizabeth II & how she became Queen.
Queen Elizabeth is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
It was during this period he was granted by Queen Elizabeth II, Lord of Mann in several activities each year.
When you do the stuff but stuff does poop and the microwave doesn't sing to Queen Elizabeth, but how can 5 be 3, I see ducks
Review: Netflix’s The Crown Makes the Most of an Unknowable Queen Queen Elizabeth II may be the most famous person
Queen Elizabeth II is such a badass
strides away to win the G3 Queen Elizabeth Stakes for
Britain's Queen Elizabeth II listens to a prayer during the Remembrance Sunday service at The Cenota
Do y'all realize how badass queen Elizabeth is?!
How often has Queen Elizabeth been told to smile?
Queen Elizabeth II riding an elephant in India
I am also. def not watching the bad Netflix show about Queen Elizabeth and drinking, no sir.
star Claire Foy on playing Queen Elizabeth in new series.
Queen Elizabeth meeting a former race horse during her visit to the National Heritage Centre for Horseracing in Newmarket…
Twelve U.S. presidents have come and gone while Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne.
Shouldn't Queen Elizabeth be an executive producer for 'The Crown'?
Inside Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s complicated marriage
A Lesson in Royal Etiquette: 7 Things to Know Before You Meet the Queen via
The Real Crown: 5 things to know about Queen Elizabeth's 3-lb. crown (and its 317-carat diamond!) https…
definition is changed from karl marks to samajwadi ladwad ( destiny rule).queen Elizabeth will be ashamed to see it.
Buckingham Palace on When this flag stands over the Palace it tells you that Queen Elizabeth is in residence.
nope...known the rumor for years...should we talk Kevin Annett findings and the Vatican and Queen Elizabeth t…
Queen Elizabeth will use a lighter wreath on Remembrance Sunday to account for her advanced years.
I have an idea, let's launch an investigation into the Pope's server, and may as well do Queen Elizabeth while we're at it.
Although amazing engineering feats, HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales are more than simply under-gunned and sub-par, they lack planes.
Newswire: John Lennon’s sarcastic letter to Queen Elizabeth found in old record sleeve - William Hughes
Draft of John Lennon's protest letter to Queen Elizabeth found in record sleeve
Nobody ever said swan trapping was easy! Annual exam time for birds. Originals swans donated by Queen Elizabeth in 195…
Queen Elizabeth had Sea Dogs that used piracy to raid foreign like John Hawkins and…
Students from Queen Elizabeth are telling us their journey with their mental health club.
Queen Elizabeth has held an audience with SA Governor Hieu Van Le overnight in London. https…
South Australian Governor Hieu Van Le meets Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace. Full report in 7 News at 6pm.
Ready for High tea for 200 at Queen Elizabeth hall
The Costa Concordia has been re-floated and will be scrapped. Ex RMS Queen Elizabeth has been partially salvaged.
King Bhumibol Adulyadej pictured at Buckingham Palace in 1960 with his wife Queen Sirikit, Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburg…
A look at Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth & Matt Smith as Prince Philip in new trailer for Netflix series 'The Crown' https:…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Prince Phillip took Queen Elizabeth's last name. His name is Mountbatten.
Queen Elizabeth and US Pres. Eisenhower at the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway, St-Lambert, Quebec, 1959
Prince Charles may be passed over in succession should Queen Elizabeth die now. These guys are ready for the crown!
Bet she's Granny's favorite! 👶🏻Princess Charlotte looks like her great-grandma Queen Elizabeth via
Queen Elizabeth national park also has tree climbing lions
I am trying to picture Queen Elizabeth on Margaret Thatcher yukking it up.. Not presidential.. common-
I want to see 's Queen Elizabeth debate 's Sarah Palin. We could call it the inbred wars.
Claire Foy and Matt Smith star as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in The Crown
What a fruitful day in Queen Elizabeth national park. The game drive was amazing and boat safari…
places to visit when in uganda . Murchison Falls, Kibale Forest, Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest
Queen Elizabeth royal carriage makes its way ... -
Ahh, my old nemesis... finding a way to get to the Queen Elizabeth... we clash again in battle.
8 times Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton posed the same way:
Rose Kennedy is Queen Elizabeth who is a man in a woman's body and she hates Marguerite DeWitt because she is Queen
- Julie Andrews . - Made a dame by Queen Elizabeth . - Has a breed of rose named after her. - Queen of Genovia
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Queen Elizabeth just took Kate Middleton on a ride in her Range Rover
Queen Elizabeth controls and has amended U.S. Social Security, as…
Queen Elizabeth is given special citation for her steadfastness in dress—a first for
Betcha didn't know Queen Elizabeth has sculptures of her&her Welsh Corgis. So, I'm basically gonna be like Queen Elizabeth when I grow up :)
Queen Elizabeth thought It was Tania cause of her wild imagination but it turned out 2 b Danielle, Prince Charles has a sister
Queen Elizabeth is hiring a live-in housekeeper for Buckingham Palace - More on the Blog
Princess Diana will be remembered for her philanthropy far more than Queen Elizabeth will be. That's for sure.
Queen Elizabeth was confounded when King Abdullah of Saudi told her he can stop women & men from driving in UK by ceasing oil export 😉
ROADWORKS on Peter Brown going towards Queen Elizabeth slow moving traffic in the area.
Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth. I hope you live forever. 😉 God Save the Queen. 👑
Still the best Olympic opening ever Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Queen Elizabeth
Oh no - I've dated Will Smith and Queen Elizabeth
This bulletin brought to you by Queen Elizabeth gives up her Balmoral bed to save £3m s...
I hope you just got this out of your head so I can get it stuck again 🎶dancing queen🎶
New images reveal Olympicopolis vision by Allies and Morrison and O'Donnell + Tuomey
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship is a great opportunity to gain international work experience. Due Aug. 5.
You are about to be the nurturing mother of an entire nation. No woman has devoted herself thusly since Queen Elizabeth I.
Dangerous Woman should be Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's CBB entrance music and nobody else.
Fav new thing: that time her Maj wore green screen...
Getting one more sleep then we'll be heading to for our voyage on the Queen Elizabeth! 🛳😃
Saw photos of the newest sorority house at UA. Almost laughed out loud. It looks like it should be Queen Elizabeth II's house.
do a conspiracy theory of Queen Elizabeth II being a shape shifting reptile
Virgin Queen (finally to table, where Elizabeth earned her name, and victory.
On this day HM Queen Elizabeth II did this. 😱
Grab a slice of luxury and treat yourself to a 5 night luxury cruise on Queen Elizabeth this summer
The Queen permitted Pres Mandela to call her Elizabeth. Not even Pres Obama given this privilege . Vote
Revealed: Brand new images of London's Olympic cultural legacy project
Designs unveiled for new £1.3 billion cultural quarter in London:
Right? Christine Lagarde and Queen Elizabeth get away with it -- maybe it's a Euro only thing.   10% Off
Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 64 years. . In that time, the United States has had eleven Presidents.
queen Elizabeth support the restoration of Biafra. by doing so God almighty will increase ur yrs
like to see Queen Elizabeth gone from your currency would look more independent, change engl. to Esperanto FRCA
1991 Oscars dressed as Queen Elizabeth I of England w/ $41 million jewels.
Work begins on Coteau Creek Hydro Station. Boundary Dam and Queen Elizabeth Power Stations are commissioned.
Over the years, Queen Elizabeth has worn every color in the rainbow.
Queen Elizabeth is buried in York inside the Church of the rose window
Another closer look at one of Queen Elizabeth's impeccably made hats from the 1970s on display this summer
Please note due to years of watching Kids in the Hall I now pronounce maple syrup like Scott Thompson doing Queen Elizabeth
If you're coming to - the Royal Standard is flying high over the castle. HM Queen Elizabeth is at home. Tea & scones, anyone?
Britain's new leader Theresa May greets Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace
A new exhibit shows what Queen Elizabeth wore over nine decades
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