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Queen City

Queen City is the name or nickname of several populated places.

Cebu City Queen City Ex North Carolina Super Bowl Opening Day

Emilia Clarke💞 . Daenerys Targeryen, Queen of a city built on dust and death.
Not to mention, next week's is in the capital of Flair Country — the Queen City herself; the namesake of the Champion.
Please keep Chattanooga, my home city, in your prayers. Such a tragedy for so many families & our community. 🙏🏼💙
The Hornets couldn't slow down the red-hot Grizzlies. Memphis extends its winning streak in the Queen City.
📷 they were the king and queen of gotham city. 
Sasha VS Charlotte in the Queen's City. Who's gonna win?
So the MLS guy's coming to Cincinnati next week. He's stopping to see the infamous Queen City Kop out for…
I don't know how I feel about this. Now she is saying her hometown is Charolette, NC not "The Queen City".
God shave the Queen. Can't wait to see the new tunnel to being built, linking the City to Citi, and Baseball being r…
Getting to see the queen vs in The Queen City next wk for the title. Happy Early Christmas to me.
The Dark Queen, statue depicting Cleopatra II or III, dressed as goddess Isis. Discovered in the lost sunken city of Thon…
seems to have a queen & her name is Catherine ... A dark knight shall rise from the ashes of this burning city
Hornets unable to dig out of early hole in 105-90 loss to Griz - Queen City Hoops
On Sunday, October 30, 2016 at approximately 2:11 PM, the Cumberland Police Department responded to Queen City...
Beautiful fall day in the Queen City @ Uptown (downtown charlotte)
Just came back from visiting a very wonderful city. Absolutely loved it. And enjoyed it.
Update your maps at Navteq
When the Queen has a press day & you couldn't hunt her down in the city but was able to see the results! 😍😍http…
When it's your homecoming week! And the whole city and campus about to be litty, yeah 🔥🔥 https:/…
Hard to belive Americans created Sex & The City. This outrage over buddy banter is bizarre, Queen Victoria will be mahapleased.
Mexico City round 1, see you for round 2 TONIGHT !
Not me but my friend who lives two doors down (small town) yes urban area but not inner city. Oh, wait my doctor is…
Apparently all of the African Americans live on the same block in an inner city & you can't go down the street w/out getti…
THANK YOU for a beautiful evening at City Winery. A PLEASURE to meet you & you KILLED it onstage!!! "YYYAAASSS QUEEN!!" ;)
I like being in the same inner city you are. It's kind of pretty here.
I had no idea we had an inner city in Maine. After all, I'm one of the African Americans and according to Trump, I'm…
Now that the debate's over, I and the rest of THE AFRICAN AMERICANS will go climb back in our inner city shacks. Have a nice…
Getting Homecoming Queen was such a highlight.I love you Midwest City 💛
Steak city jumbo shrimp extra season 😩
I know y'all watching The Debate 🙄.. But anybody trying to go to the Queen City Fair? 👀
"They became the King & Queen of Gotham city. And God help anyone who disrespected the Queen.".
Birmingham the best city in Alabama, hands down. 💪🏾
I am African American and I have a lot to lose . And no we all don't live in the inner city
Can someone please inform this man that all the Blacks do not live in the inner city?
Many thanks to the City of for the use of Queen's Park for today's race. Excellent ven…
One of my favorite songs is Inner City's 1988 house track "Big Fun"
everytime he brings up the 'inner city' I wanna puke bc it's literally just pulling from the welfare queen stereotype aughh
Also, doesn't seem to realize that black folks don't only live in the "inner city."
Not all African Americans live in the inner city sir
Not because he ran against Queen Hillary. Just that he's a rapist who defrauded the city of Atlantic City.
Is Oliver Queen still able to protect Star City without his team? Stream the S5 premiere of to find out!
I hope that will one day bring back the Buffalo: The Queen City shirts. I have one, but want to buy it in a hat form.
-- BIGGEST criminal to be in Queen City since ex-Mayor Patrick Cannon !
An inspiring afternoon performance in the Queen City. They must've all gotta hold of some bad Skyline Chili.
Queen City Ex will forever remind me of Shawn and my friends
The cube is coming to the Queen City! Beyond Rubik's Cube opens this Saturday. . Details:
I'll miss staring at this archi of our house for no reason. Off to Queen City of South. Adios mi amore, Tacloban ❤
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The Chinese Cutie from Queen City of South - CEBU! More years to come and more years together!. 10Years With KimChiu
Hope the wedding was fun and the Queen City treated you well.
Che kex out of the hotel and omw to the Charlotte airport. It's been a treat, the Queen City is interesting.
Team in the Queen City is out crushing it today at the doors! Making CLT more RED everyday!
link up cuz you one of my idols and you in the Queen City what's good man!
SB play-off for 2nd with Queen City tonight at Hughes Springs at 6:30PM. Varsity baseball plays Hughes Springs at MV tonight at 6:00PM.
Had a fun dance workout class with Queen City dance out at the crews road Rec center in Matthews with Peter...
was in the Queen City tonight. What a nice , down to earth guy. Great representative for the Celtics.
Us Columbians in Charlotte are patiently awaiting the news of a expansion to the Queen City. 🙏🏻
I kinda wanna head to the "Queen City" aka Charlotte and stomp through the city for a hot minute...
The cherry trees are in full bloom at one of the Queen City's most beloved spots, Freedom Park!…
Watch: the massive beer shower hits the Queen City of the South
And an extra hour and 15 to get thru the Queen City.
Opening Day in the Queen City, life is beautiful
*The Queen Returns to her Royal Palace in PenDragon City and sits on her Throne* I am Back
Wish I was back in the Queen City for Opening Day today
I was at a loss for words as I watched the weekends storm roll out of the city...
Missing Opening Day today for the first time in three years😕 The energy is crazy, jealous of all the people in the Queen City today⚾️
Overheard: Oliver Queen to the citizens of the Glades (3x12): You did not fail this city. And, I promise,...
Missed Thurs' Queen City Improvement Bureau? It's rebroadcasting right now on
Meet the minorities in tech in the Queen City
MEMBERS: Help us move Queen City Bee across the derby finish line with new members!
And Trump is the only Republican Candidate who contributed to sanctuary city politicians.
Queen City loving on the Gem City...The Cincinnatian's Guide To Day-Tripping in Dayton | Cincinnati Refined
Yes to being back in the Queen City
160404 enjoying the breath of fresh air in Queen City of the South, (c)…
My dad is so over protective over me even thoe he is in another city 😭❤️ I miss him so much he is literally my Bestfriend
All our 9 rooms offer majestic views of the ocean, Queen's Necklace and the city skyline. https:…
Thank you for the huge response to this week's fundraiser!
Her mainsprings poured into the vast mass of farmers in sea were even more dependent than the city workers.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Queen City would never play me like this
Queen City Prophets with the 2 pt win. '17 Cincy Aiken SG Lonnie Berry was getting buckets!
Friends, please check out Jodi Schwan's latest article below - then take a moment to purchase your $35 tickets...
Opening Day weather in the Queen City! ❤️🌥⚾️
Thinking about should I have a graduation party ? 🤔 or just take a few friends and take a party bus to the city 🤔
Visit the Queen and book your London trip today!
Congrats to and Sebastian Rodriguez for being Deans List Regional Semi-Finalists at Queen City Regional
.Huge response to this week's family fundraiser.
Thrilled to have represented this morning! throughout the Queen City!
Wishing I was in the queen city today ❤
Opening Day is here! ❤️⚾ yet another reminder of how awesome the Queen City is.
Thank you to my friends, family, supporters, and the city of Boston. Your support means more than I can express. Thank you❤️
A team full of Kings in the Queen City. .
Stunning Ferrari 488 GTB and Audi R8 Spyder added to the Queen City Dream Cars Exotic Auto Rental Fleet -
2 of 5 stars to Queen of Babble in the Big City by Meg Cabot
Today is a de facto holiday in the Queen City of Cincinnati: It's Here's a quick take on it from me
Baseball is back today in the Queen City!!
Very excited. Let's get this passed at Queen's Park so we can ask if this is right for our city.
Under what tag should I enter the next Queen City Melee tournament?
We've reached the Final Four! Vote now between Dell Curry, B of A Stadium, and Bill Walker.
...Thank you Cape Town for being my city for the past 4 days! I had…
Congrats to on ONE YEAR of ministry. We believe that the Queen City will never be the same!
It's Opening Day in the Queen City. Go Cincinnati! Shock the naysayers this season!
See you tomorrow here in Telaje,Tandag City! Ingat sa biyahe Queen J!
WorBots 4145 robotics Queen City regional runner up
Happy Birthday Glad to have you in the Queen City.
Congrats to SHARP for finishing 6th & Girls of Steel for finishing 12th at the Queen City Regionals. Way to go!!
Today is one of those days I miss living in Cincinnati. No where does Opening Day like the Queen City. Wear RED.
2 bedroom (Downtown Toronto – Queen and Bathurst): 2 bedroom, unfurnished basement apartment of a house for re...
The Queen City Thunder rumbled to a win with the help of Jordan Diggs and Brandon Sturdivant. https:/…
HRC is coming to the Queen City, but when? Plus, hear from a local former democratic leader, coming up on
Yellow air quality index means moderate PM2.5 pollution in Queen City. Wonder if will lite up tonite?
Have a safe flight going back here in your hometown, Queen City of the South, Cebu City. We pray for your …
Have you been down to check out Cincinnati's startup space Union Hall? It's a Queen City gem.
The weather is nice, the sun is shining, and the Queen City is looking fabulous as always. Come out tonight and...
- leaving today, worked w the Claim Jumpers and Queen City. Great time in Denver:)
So close yet so far. Going back to Queen City of the South. @ Tagbilaran Port Area
Our salute tonight is to Camden, the Queen City on the Ouachita River & home to Matt Stone of my campaign committee.
we may have to check out the dunk contest next year in the Queen City!
The 2017 All-Star game heads to the 'Queen City' Charlotte, North Carolina.
Ah Denver, Queen City of the Plains! My love for you is everlasting. @ Denver, Colorado
Taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway looking over to the Queen City (Charlotte, NC)
Booyah can't wait to be in the Queen City for
Glad imma be in Charlotte tomorrow and Sunday, Super Bowl weekend and my panthers in it.. Queen City bout to be lit!🔥🔥💯
A big thank you to Levi and Evan of London Jack's fame, Gail, Kelly and Mitch at Aloha Hot Tubs, Queen City...
Digital Marketing Manager - The Creative Group is in need of a New Digital Marketing Manager in the Queen City!...
Charlotte, North Carolina. This Sunday you are invited to the Queen City screening for the "Take…
NC State AD Debbie Yow: "We are confident that Wolfpack Nation will travel well to the Queen City."
"Perhaps the crown jewel of Queen City weekly social rides is the Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride" Thanks to...
Following Paris attacks, Manchester police, FBI work to step up security measures in Queen City: During a swea...
Make sure you hit up a Gold Star Chili or LaRosa's Pizza while you're in the Queen City
Queen City be celebrating the end of the yearBone Fish grill Dec. 5th. In Huntersville come join usa great lunch#
Cincinnati Barry larkin Stars of the Queen City bobblehead / 2015 SGA New
We will be in Queen City tonight at Queen City First Baptist Church. It will be an outdoor Fall Festival and...
I'm trying to go to the Queen City fair
Late night mission to see the best view of the Queen City 😍
These simple mugs from CG Ceramics are a study in minimalist design.
Nasa Cebu na c . Welcome DJP sa Queen City of the South . .
It feels so good to be back in the Queen City
GRN Queen City (Global Recruiters) Robotics, automation play a big role in Gartner's top 10 predictions
Another day in the books Charlotte. The sun just set over the Queen City October 09, 2015 at 06:53PM
blocked me ages ago as I wouldn't let him speak on behalf of city fans
back in the Queen City!! Uptown moves to then to Roosters. Going to be a good night with the Fam.
Why I want to cry seeing my classmates kids on the homecoming court. Say what you want to about Queen City but...
Driving home from culver city listening to some queen on the radio :-)
Click here to watch former New York City Ballet soloist, Kathryn Morgan, dance Snow Queen at...
But I never saw the good side of the city, til' I hitched a ride on a river boat queen.
Grew up listening to those,bay city rollers,queen,the Quo,Peters&Lee I was youngest of 4
Want some good exposure for you brand? Well be a trophy sponsor for the Queen City Awards! Tax deductible!
I will arrive at 4 Queen's Road, City Of London at 22:40 (local time)
City gunna be Hella cold this weekend, the Ice Queen returns 😜🙌🙌🙊
Queen city bound for the weekeeenndd
Outkast creates Atlanta as an urban city through literally sonic urbanity for working class folk pre-Olympics -
I end up in walking tours of the city sometimes and I don't want to be rude and shove through, but like I'm going to work
Tomorrow in Kansas City, MO! Come out to see Red Queen's Grand Marquis !.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
A lovely afternoon in the Queen City!
what if Barry's dad moved to star city, got a job for Queen consolidated, hoping to see another arrow/flash cross over :)
and I are likely doing sushi in Queen Anne before fleeing the city, if you want to join for dinner.
Man did I miss Oliver Queen telling the bad guys that they've failed the city 😌😌😌😌
When queen was in your city but you had no clue 👀
18 hours till I'll be northbound for First trip back to the Queen City since Summer of 2014. Should arrive downtown about 3-4pm
Cidery is open before the breweries. Kicking Charlotte off at Red Works. (Queen City Common)
Don't miss the Queen of Pop, in your city
Queen of da tun it's wrap turn up London City.
We all know Oliver Queen will be back in Starling City by the end of this episode, right?
I can take on my brother, but the entirety of that city. I admit is too great.
By next year da queen city gone luv FOD
Ready for playoffs in the Queen City
Magic brewing in Queen City?. Five reasons the could be Super Bowl contenders:.
A rainy Saturday morning in the Queen City requires and our comfy
Roadtrip @ Queen City of thr South. I will return! @ Mandaue Bridge
The to go around the Queen City of the South! @ Basilica Minore Del Sto. Niño Church,…
Check out this article: Kingmakers of the Queen City -
La boxe en Toronto: Kingmakers of the Queen City:
Kingmakers of the Queen City: Stevenson scores another meaningless win.
Kingmakers of the Queen City: Premier Boxing Champions, that prizefighting cruise ship steere...
Check out take on last night's event. Can boxing make a comeback in Canada's Queen City?
Guess who's coming to Queen City for 41!. The Queen of Bakanal - Destra Garcia! SATURDAY JULY 25!...
Carolina blue sky over the Queen City for tonight's vs. preseason matchup on
Will be appearing in the Queen City tonight?!
Reading: Higley teen spruces up school for Eagle Scout project: Higley teen spruces up school for Eagle Scout ...
Looks like all the Divas are owning NYC this week!!
The Queen has finally arrived in the Queen City!!! ✨👑💅🏻
Now yal know cincy LGBT brings the city out.. So tomorrow the Thompson house is the only place to be
Boarded and starting trek back to the Queen City. Can't wait to get back home
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Queen City Loganberry wit a Labatt Blue on my welcome home shyt!
Idek why I agreed to go out the city wit my mom 😩
bless queen! Please take a minute to check out my new single CITY LOCKS! 🔥🔥🔥🔥.
God save the Queen. and . SwErv save the Queen City
Re watching city v Chelsea and just noticed when Costa tried to rape mangala he had blood on his shirt. Why wasn't it changed
I need to make a trip to Livingstone & Queen City 😩 I need to my rods 💘
Yes. The new record is beautiful. I can't find a bad song on it. Atom City Queen is probably my fav. So dissonant.
It pays to go in Buffalo. The Queen City is the most cost effective area in NY for solar panel installation.
August Newsletter. Summer is coming to a close in the Queen City and Carolina Family Healthcare is ready to get...
"so your funeral home is way out in the country then?". Hey ding bat, I can see the city limits sign from my desk.
It's not just big animals like foxes and birds that thrive in cities
3more days before the Queen City Awards nominations start! Get your supporters 2 nominate August 24- October12 on
This Saturday at 3pm will host Woodrow Wilson (DC), Laurel Highlands (PA), and North County (MD) in the Queen Ci…
.alums in Charlotte are counting down the days until the Gamecocks visit the Queen City.
Proud to be a sponsor of God Save the Queen City which is next week! Tickets are still available on…
Update your maps at Navteq
Frmr Ford City, Pa. homecoming queen and Ravens cheerleader sentenced to 48 weekends in jail in rape of 15-yo boy
Can you send some of that, relatively, cooler air to the Queen City this weekend?
I doubt she even let me go to Queen City. 😂😂
Check out on Even better,let them know if your school/org should have one in Oct!
welcome to the Queen City, best friend! can't wait to make so many new memories together
Three more days before the Queen City Awards nominations start! Potential nominees make sure you get…
Tomorrow it's all about the kids! Bring your family over to the 4th Annual Queen City Community Day!…
A special thanks to all my friends n Queen city
Excited that my boys are finally gonna be down in the Queen City today !!😎
Rusty Dusty Resale. 901 west Main Street suit . League city Texas. Next to the Dairy Queen . In the McClain...
Indian Queen Marble in Milford, Utah for the best marble selection to suit your taste
Sounds exciting. I'm coming to work in the Queen City Aug. 31 and not in news.
Vegan Queen Isa Chandra Moskowitz Opens Brooklyn Restaurant: New York city vegans and flexita...
The biggest venue in the QUEEN CITY THE GRAND OPENING OF MANSION hosted by…
From the Queen City to the City of Brotherly Love ~ American History Ashbrook Colloquium
East Harlem kids "very excited" for Pope Francis' visit to school, plan questions for him:
Inside city on a friday? What have we done to deserve this treat?
THANK U KANSAS CITY. had so much fun tonight! i love venues like that, i could see all your magical faces. love …
Check The Queen City, one of this week's recommendations. See rating:
Rec fest, Queen City, color run check in, let's go
I think what Ryan Lefebvre was essentially saying is that he feels at home in the Queen City. As did all those al…
Have you discovered the 'Queen City of the South'?
Nicknamed the Queen City, and its resident county are named in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz,
Check out Bangor Maine! Thank you Darlings Waterfront Pavilion for another great night in the Queen City!...
Dragon boating has found a new home in Cebu. Expect more action from the Queen City of the South. Dragons rule!
Queen City bike Ferry. So cool. Get 10 free rides this month at Saddle. Be fit before Fall.
Look who I just ate lunch with in the Queen City .Dean and Deluca flow. South Park Mall on deck.😁😁
Hanoch Young brings a message of unity and action to Meridian Mississippi. If you are in the "Queen City" or...
At Texarkana Texas High for the final day of Reps from Tigers, Queen City, Pleasant Grove, Ore City and L-E coming in.
Paralympic Team Trials Set For Charlotte Next Summer: Great news for the Queen City & our sport!
Check out Queen City History & Education's tours, leaving from Arnold's and Washington Platform.
There's a cold blooded reptile display at the Queen City Exhibition,the Conservatives have set up a campaign booth early.
After 2 days of rain, the Queen City Ex opened to sunshine and a big crowd.
The 2nd half of the baseball season is underway! Grab your Reds tickets from Queen City now!
has tickets to the McDonalds Queen City Battle of the Bands on the way!
ACC Championship 2015 Queen City Club Breakfast — with Babette Jamison Cauble at BB&T Ballpark. Great view of the field!
Vanstone: Winless Roughriders absorb another blow: The Queen City Ex has just begun and, coincidentally, it feels...
In which city you would like to live? — The city that never sleep
Warming up in the Queen city! We just hit 83F and Partly Cloudy.
Artists, crafters and makers! Apply to be part of the first-ever Queen City Craft Show on http:/…
A little throw back to takin pics with random dudes in Queen City to wish this crazy girl a big Happy…
Long time no selfie. Straight from the streets of rainy and sunny Riga city 🐝 |
Our coaches will be calling! The Queen City's quest to connect with YOU!
The Royals are utterly confusing reporters with 'Trap Queen' references
It's a popular event every year...the city of Jacksonville's senior prom. Meet last year's prom queen…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
The Queen City. Good to call it home
Royals fining one another for not using Trap Queen lyrics in interviews is my trade deadline highlight:
Schedule for the six times back to back Road March Champions out of St. Thomas while in Queen City for
Being a queen in three kingdoms city
Carnival calories don’t count | Video: Jason Au has one piece of advice for those attending this year’s Queen City…
In which city you would like to live? — there are lots of them
The Queen City Piano Project needs community support to become a reality in Bangor this October. Check it out!... http:…
please this is so unfair, you come to my city after I've left the country! I'm missing my queen 😔
New conference center-hotel coming to Mercedes & other happenings in 'The Queen City' - in minutes on the Valley's Morning News on
This could be the funniest thing you read today... Royals using 17 and 38 in their answers:
I've never been so tired of this city as I am today. Wow.
Happy National Cheesecake Day! Go Enjoy a slice in the or at your local place!
Thank you, for solving the mystery of the 1738 postgame references
big shout out to River City Star , for playing Queen C music...
Shrimpboat disappointed me greatly, yesterday. Maybe I can find a redeemer today in the Queen City.
Weekend need to bring that *** on. Carowinds and some Queen City night life is callin me 😎😎😎
Newly Renovated 2 level unit on Queen Street | 2 bedroom | City of Halifax | Kijiji
What attracts tourists to your city? — The QUEEN!
Kansas City Royals fining each other for not using 'Trap Queen' lyric
4 weeks left to enjoy FREE live music in the Queen City at Bangor's Cool Sounds Summer Concert Series!
We are super excited that the proceeds from the annual Queen City Shootout will benefit YWFF! The event is the...
enjoy the Bull City tonight queen! If you have time stop by Dame's Chicken and Waffles in downtown Durham and have the greens
The wheels are turnin and We are on to the next city! Goodnight!!! Xx
7 tips to avoid breaking the bank at the Queen City Ex
*** be like "I run this city!" but got no car...lmaooo yea I guess you gotta run fam
good girl!! Only takes one to get the motivation back 😊👍💪
Join us for the last weekend in July at these spectacular open houses happening across our beautiful Queen City!
Mets Morning News: Frazier is king in the Queen City
Suddenly ready to experience the college life. Esp. Since I will be experiencing it in the Queen City 😆😆
Rick from the Queen City, I hope that LL Cool J "Rock The Bells" you requested got you ready for that gym you said you're headed to!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Great to get away - we LOVED Oak Island - but it is absolutely wonderful to be back home in the beautiful Queen City
Let's step up REDS FANS and represent the Queen City! This is our town, our park! The vote counts. http…
Ladies and gentlemen, Merle Haggard in the Queen City.
Update 4: Every single person has called me "y'all" and ive been called a queen at least twice. This city is fantastic
Oh yea. Life's gettin good in the Queen City.
Sydney: $99 for an Overnight City Escape for Two People in a Superior Queen Room at Leisure Inn Sydney Central
when i was. a young boy. my father. took me into the city. to see a marching band. but they unexpectedly broke up. hE SAID…
Yeah, apparently he was the city council president, so was next in line.
Lets talk about all the vacant homes Baltimore City ::: Blocks and Blocks are vacant ::: :::
I feel like this is when I should mention that Sweden doesn't have Dairy Queen. . And my city doesn't have Starbucks. . Feel my pain!
Legacy precautions could have averted tragedy at Queen's -
NEXT UP..REGGAE is a MOVEMENT :. SUPPORT!!big up Yard Promote &queen city beats. Thk yuh all.bless
The wait is finally over! Welcome to The Queen City Awolnation!!!
To save my city After 5 years on a hellish island, I've come home with only one goal "My Name is Oliver Queen"
From the Video Vault: Doris Day, the Queen of the Queen City
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Legacy precautions could have averted tragedy at
We just entered the great state of Texas Via I-30 heading to Queen City TX where we will be…
Sex and the City 2 on tv3 YASSS QUEEN 👑
"West Queen West" is the best Toronto can do to describe an area of the city defined by how far, yet how close it is to Queen West.
Legacy precautions could have averted tragedy at Queen's
Fall Jewelry Trends: Make a Statement : Charlotte Shopping News & Where to Go in the Queen City
Bringing a little into the city. My favorite things and @ Carney's on Queen
Lebron is the apitomy of a Drama Queen. opting out REALLY BRO!! Bron will return to Cleveland why put that city on suicide watch AGAIN.
Panama City memories flood into my head every time I hear Trap Queen😅
You're the king and baby I'm the queen of New York City.
Heard a rumor 3rd Star of the Queen City bobblehead is Pete Rose and MLB approved. What have your heard/think?
Steve. Thanks to Cincinnati Bell and CBTS for hosting me today. I appreciate all you do for the Queen City
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