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Queen Bee

The term queen bee is typically used to refer to an adult, mated female that lives in a honey bee colony or hive; she is usually the mother of most, if not all, the bees in the hive.

Lil Kim

I'll take one in each color please: red, white, black, royal blue and sunflower yellow! Here comes the Queen Bee.
Sort of wish I was down south today to see Queen Bee getting into Formation at the Rose Bowl 😔
Honey Bee - Bring back the pollen for the Queen Bee in this exclusive C64
is it too soon to call you queen bee?. Naw!! Lol 👑👑
he really does smh I just found out *** from Philly
while she has detail protecting her with guns! Queen bee.
Oh gee. This song just sent me into a whirlwind of memories. Sigh. Please no depression tonight. Puuulleeaasseee
Spurs struggle with them and that athleticism
that's true smh I'm just hoping we can get at least 1 competitive series that won't result in a blowout
lol live on my futon, I'll tell my residents that you're an RA in both zimm and Davis
Thunder-Spurs gonna be some kind of series.
no lol that's why I had Ivonne text you about my party
Nah Lil' Kim's deep tone when she spits love it. Queen Bee 👑💟
Who Wore it Best.?. Was it The Queen Bee Aalayah?. We put a modern twist on the traditional bee…
or are you going to do cartwheels and make friends with a bee. LILLIAN IS THE QUEEN
Mira Bee,pls,follow we account news of 4th Impact in Brazil. is ,pls queen!Thanks ♥
Queen Bee gets a kick out of teasing us all with her new HBO special ‘Lemonade’
I'm like waiting on some honey. But there ain't no queen bee. Everybody's laughing. Some say I'm silly
I see Bedstuy Fish Fry in my near future.
I still haven't gotten past it tbh smh "All The Man That I Need" came on and I seriously almost got so emotional bruh
how you queen bee and cater to women and ONLY cater to specific sizes of women? and leave others out...
I'm a queen bee so eat it up and crown it
A queen bee uses her stinger only to sting another queen bee.
ohhh thank goodness! I though you were abducted by aliens.
yeah I just called and it went to voicemail.. I'll let you know if she calls back
I think her phone is dead. But she usually calls me around 530.
she hasn't texted me, I'll try to call her
you're like the queen bee of smack talk. And u keep it to football…
Goonsquad just couldn't keep it in their pants for ten seconds in defense of the queen bee, could they?
The worker Bees deliver the money. They have great allegiance to the Queen Bee.
Just heard that my Queen Bee gonna sing with Adele for her next single! waitToHearIt
I wouldn't mind seeing Queen Bee turn up in the CWverse and teaming up with Bug-Eyed Bandit
I always want to be Queen Bee, not the Bug Eyed Bandit.
Find out something new about myself every year..
Lil Kim really built like a queen bee
I have to go buy this color correcting concealer tomorrow.. Yeah I'm just now coming to the conclusion that I actually need to do that
“Taraji P. Henson is me when someone tries to video record me on snapchat 😂 so silly 😂
*smirks* Thanks. *puts it on, and gently grabs your hand* You ready queen bee?
The Queen Bee is coming to the on Friday, April 1st!
All guys go through peasants before they make their way to the queen
Heck No! Give it to Queen Bee Kim K has all that ugly *** clothing!
The difference between a boy and a man
I ain't getting on my kneees, you bow down to me👑👑
Well, someone tell to wake up & splash reality on their face & focus on Queen Bee Not Kim Kartrashian!
Ha ha ha f* I look like 💁🏽 I look like yes and ya look like No
I don't want to live in a Society where people think Kim Kartrashian's clothing is more influential then Queen Bee's
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Camila Cabello is supposedly the "cute one" and the queen bee of Fifth Harmony, yet she's easily the worst singer of the five.
She really thinks she is the queen bee of this show
I want a rod set but I don't feel like it
Kenya is so delusional. When did she become the Queen bee
I still want a pair of those Jesus sandals.. 100 bucks
Queen Bee Lil' Kim set to perform in New York on April 1...
[Rare Pic] Queen Bee lookin' sexy in her bra top, and 🔥🔥
I wasn't treated like a princess my daddy was *** me but at least I'll know how to fend for myself in the real world
she really thinks she's queen bee huh? Last yr going home & having them fly her back & busting her phone & …
It really bothers people when you out here not looking to be accepted. You just doing you and minding your business. Peo…
Queen Bee created the beehive. Please stop referring to Beyonce's fanbase as bees. It's been taken by Kim fans 1…
From Komalavalli to Queen Bee: Looking back at the early years of Jayalalithaa
Shoutout to this bee. You were the dancing queen, young and sweet. Only seventeen. Bye bee.
Loving that hat in your avi Tarence!! 😍😍
The fact that Kim K is more famous than Paris Hilton now just shows that those girls who peak in 2nd year aren't always gun…
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Recognize QUEEN BEE. Not Queen Bee & NICKI MINAJ & I can say the same for Kim as well.
Lydia's face when the new, but temporary queen Bee of BHHS Entered
so will the OG QUEEN BEE be honoured in your museums or nah!? She'd be the most perfect edition. 👑🐝
what the *** 's been SWORMING your mentions for TWO YEARS NOW!!! Crown the Queen Bee
Get it right this time! Lets award Queen Bee for her Legendary styles i…
Wait did Mother Talzin just say "magics" well she can because she's a master manipulator and the Queen Bee---ach
LIVE on Queen Bee and The Drones writing a new song in Manchester, England. Symphonic Metal.
TIL the modern use of the word “drone” is from a 1930s remote controlled variant of the Tiger Moth aircraft that was known as the Queen Bee.
like someone who threatened the Queen Bee in a hive
Lauren Conrad of course Queen Bee of Laguna Beach and The Hills. She's like me cross me once and whatever friendship we had DONE!!!
Happy Valentine's Day to the 5-time Knockouts Champion and Queen Bee of Impact Wrestling. Have a great day. :)
If you're just arriving at for you can catch DJ Queen Bee & her mix of bass heavy tunes
Bristol music 'is all about the bass' Queen Bee
Hanging with the Theta Nu Xi Butterflies and a Queen Bee of Alpha Pi Omega!
There's only one Queen Bee and that's Lil Kim. King Bey can go sit in the corner. We're over her
Watching the Super Bowl like... I'm just here to watch the Queen Bee and Bruno Mars 🏈
What does a queen bee do when she burps? Issues a royal pardon!
I liked a video from Queen Bee Makeup/Hair Tutorial
YOOO happy birthday to the queen in this bee hive 👏🍰🎉🎁
well ain't you the Queen Bee of Cooncasians
totes. I like the rest too! I just miss the flashbacks and her queen bee role
Guys whom i dont care aggressively seeking for attention need to be appreciated with a crown telling hes such a queen bee.
Nagham made Siri refer to her as Queen Bee. 😕
"Family Goals" A Family that shoots together stays together.
Fettuccine is queen bee in the pasta social circle. 👸
Others' pettiness and insecurities are no reason to hide your talent, beauty & joy. Kick some queen bee ***
the birds and the bees and now a Queen Bee is pressing charges
Normani if this gets 200+ rts will you follow me??? please queen i love, you are my inspiration 💖👑🙈 https:/…
My mom's family's Bee Gees obsession is somewhat concerning.Only somewhat because they'd prob say the same thing about my Queen obsession xD
man I am ready to see SexyStar she Is the Queen Bee!!!
Bee 🐝 The king ♔ or Queen ♕ of your own Etheric Domain. Trademark Yourself, Bee 🐝 Your Brand & watch the Abundance of Ener…
The queen bee is the busiest in the summer months, when the hive needs to be at its maximum strength!
.is Queen Bee in the new trailer for
agreed. She views Kyle as Queen Bee competition. Forced and fake on both sides.
Does anyone have the queen bee answers for ap stat
if this scene from 10 Things I Hate About You doesn't make you cry then i don't know what will
Queen bee only in public perception.She's proactive and has first mover's advantage behind the scenes. Temp advantage
The backing done anent queen bee spermatozoa – are you break on horseplay farmarama?: ctnlLmMk
The only "Birthday" plans I've made is my weekend getaway tin KZOO w and I'm perfectly okay with that. ☺️
📹 Collab w/Matty Queen Bee ’s awesome version of an awesome original by HumblePimp ☺️
I added a video to a playlist Grand Funk Railroad - Queen Bee
You betcha! And, the Queen Bee of their tirade is Meghan "Attention *** Kelly. She's sold her soul to Islam!
I think the Betsy Palmer clip is from Queen Bee. Dickie Moore = Miss Annie Rooney, Ekberg = La Dolce Vita, Best = Verboten!
May be they sacrificed the Queen Bee! May be impunity at work!
Queen Bee as a Rose bearer From the mythic movie "Coming To America" ... Beautiful, but too bad she is wearing...
For some reason when y'all get together you in Queen Bee its fire its kinda like and Biggie Smalls yah work is not done
THE JACKPOT is at the QUEEN BEE MARKET! This Large space with outdoor/ indoor Vendor tables is your go to source to sell! Come join us!
BREAKING: Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have just withdrawn divorce papers, will give marriage another shot.
10 Signs You're a Queen Bey from Beyoncé at the Tidal X: 1020 Concert -
Maduri was massive that time. Sridevi was fading. And she became Queen bee. Salman was struck. HAHK helped.
We are so excited to present you with an opportunity to win a FREE $35 organic produce package from Queen Bee...
The queen of rap slaying with the queen bee 👑
The real queen bee || lydia m. No hate to Malia though she's my werecutie (Vine by •the lahey diaries•)
Can't fwith Queen Bee would have been a nice video with Full Force. This is who I am and Hold it now with Havoc!
You'll see who the true loser is. *looks at Jessica* her. And you'll see who queen bee is. Me. *smiles*
I didn't know what it was im in the living and I kept hearing something tap on the window got up and it was the bee.
Watching their all nuts but Carla is the queen bee of them all soo funny.hehe :P
You can call me queen Bee. And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule. Let me live that fantasy 👌
Print: Queen (Bee) of Clubs by TeighlorMadeArt via via
Digital's queen bee, is helping announce today!
Smiling Beyonce scolds assistant for fussing over her fierce plunging dress on red carpet : She's long been known as the Queen Bee. A...
the one and only Queen Bee! so beyonce go find something else to be cuz you aint never going to be queen b!
sometimes i wanna call you but I know you want be there..
Fun Farm Fact: A worker bee lives about 6 weeks. The queen bee can live to be 5 years old!
Queen bee and nickis' performance at the tidal concert was so amazing 💅🏻💅🏻
Does sparing the rod really spoil the child? Queen D talk about parenting styles and their impact on children.
The thought of it coming down to Hillary & Trump makes me legit not want to vote smh.
reminds me of the episode of adventure time with the queen bee that gives Finn his arm back~
His time has passed, it's Hillary's turn to show who's the real queen bee.
people are spending 1 crore in block elections :-) A missed call by Queen Bee would have yielded at least 75 Crore
My little dog is barking on Bee Gees,but I am singing along our lovely Donna!LONG LIVE THE QUEEN DISCO!!
BREAKING: Biden confirms he will NOT run for president in 2016
Of course my must go to the one and only Queen Bee, my baddie for…
If you dont know about nicki you know now. The queen slayed last night with the queen Bee
I'm too much of a Queen, Brat, etc to settle to bee nothing BHT first & onTop yakno? 😊👋✨
domain names
Beyonce and nicki minaj both in Brooklyn thinking they Queen Bee Lil Kim
Forgive me for my sins. For the known and unknown
Fred Meyer Monthly Coupon Book – Great deals on cream cheese, pasta, and more! via Queen Bee ...
The Moron was disciplined by Queen Bee in his new office today. No Venetian blinds, so I could see his motor-mouth going a mile a minute.
Bacterial extracts digested by the Queen Bee and packaged in Vitellogenin w/ which the offspring are coated!
See what Queen Bee brings back this week on her Back in the Day Jams Show on The Soul FM
All the real Gs and real Bees come out bumble with the Queen Bee!
I think for Nikki Bella it's that swagger, that skill, and that body that makes her the Queen Bee diva
Just posted a pic on Instagram with the jacks!. IG -
Sometimes I wonder if I'm happy with the person I've become
What I wanna know is.. Why is Kian so beautiful? 😫😍😫😍
Hey, Don't let society lie to you. You're beautiful just as you are
Queen Bee is Lil' Kim's name and Her fanbase is the Beehive. SHE started it, no matter how you choose to see it 🐝🐝 https:/…
.you couldn't be more wrong. If i were a bee i wouldn't be "Misha Pollens," i'd be "Queen Bee." You should fact ch…
What creates a queen bee? This article touches on the interesting factors involved:
At birth, baby kangaroos are only about an inch longer than a large water bug or a queen bee.
" It's lit " was NYC jail slang if you heard that you had to be on point
Welcome to High School. Where we care about dress code more than health code 😕
Look at the size difference between the queen bee and her workers!
Queen Bee stans are on tonight always showing love !
come to the show I love you queen bee sup Ed your old *** my *** I'm bigalbraxton.
If a queen honey bee is removed from her hive, all the bees in the hive know she's missing within 15 minutes.
I hate how my dad gets mad at me then an hour later tries to be all cool with me
& everyone going to school or working & grinding each & everyday, keep your head up! Keep grinding. Everything will all pay …
is about become the queen bee I have no doubt your new stuff will slay everyone and everything
Bee gees, Kool and the game, ron con Coca-Cola, John Travolta, Queen, ABBA
Isn't this the craziest news?! You can't tell by looking at her but "Queen Bee" Lil' Kim is...
Did you hear about the Rose that grew from a crack in concrete ?
Yall been slurping tom brady all day, yall jaws don't hurt?
The lovely Allison of reppin in her "The Teaches of Peaches" for the Queen Bee…
omg you're so lucky!!😩😩 smh one day I'll see him in person lmao
Rule You will refer to as simply Queen Bee or Mutha. 👑🐝💁🏽
*gasps* I'm so jealous!!! lmaoo you got really good seats too😛😛
I love and I rep Queen Bee ALWAYS but I will not compromise my integrity or my hustle for anyone!
Y'all got this, worry less and live more.
he's one of favorite players of all time & I've never seen him play in person smfh definitely need to make this happen lmao😩
you and me both! I've seen him play MANY times but never at Staples.
you're welcome girl!! now I gotta make that trip out LA to see Kobe play at The Staples Center before he retires!!
So excited I have this a week early, so worth the money
Happy Birthday to one of the most talented performers of our time, Happy Birthday Queen Bee 👑🐝
Loving the update which is just to get ready for taken king. So hyped right now for next Tuesday…
At the royals they're at my stand, at starlight they're at my stand. Call me queen bee
you were my fave!! I'm so proud of you making top 4 and know that you will succeed with your future endeavors. Never give up!💛❤
"And you know, ain't no one like the Queen Bee. Have you speakin' in French, ooh-la, oui oui, c'est la vie" - 👑🐝
Reminder: Carmelo Anthony has a no-trade clause. All the rumors from today stem from a Zach Lowe article.
Order Miche Bag Online!
VIDEO: Woman caught having sex with unconscious man in Virginia parking lot
Now 50 Cent is being sued over the concept of
Jovi Im listening to Bon Jovi,Are you okay about Melo and all.
Thx “Happy birthday Meet the woman who took Queen Bee's street style to the next level:
I can't wait to see the one and only Queen Bee @ Chene Park friday September 4. 👑🐝
Will the Queen Bee become knockouts champion again ?
The ones mocking God are Fake copy cats of the true saints , they are the great pretenders , they follow the Queen Bee and she the 'Source'
The Prada Momma the dolce and Gabbana dripping the blue hypnotic martini mimosa sipping.the Queen Bee
"And that is why you don't know Tori Vega. She acts like the Queen Bee. You know?"
No matter how old I get, I'll never be tired of laughing with my Queen Bee. Thanks for all your hard…
Queen Bee and the pollinators vs Queen Elizabeth and the . - finish the title. who is worth more?
Lol I would have ended up on an episode of criminal minds or something.
lol yeah you just gotta dedicate yourself to it. I love being fluent in Spanish
Being pretty doesn't keep a man. Being a GOOD woman barely keeps a man. The only thing that keeps a man, is a man who …
Today some creepy lady at the gas station said she liked my braids & then tried to convince me to go to her house to braid her hair.
Rosetta Stone will get you there in 2 months lol
I wanna learn to speak fluent Spanish
You're so weak for your I'm perfection and you're a worker bee. Quit staring. Back to work 😈 http:…
When your toddler takes up the whole queen size bed and you try to move him and he ends up sideways with his feet...
Queen Bee Gotti, Hello, please kindly visit my bio and my site to join a free iPhone giveaway! Thank you!
LL can still get it too.lips need to be in the Smithsonian lol
Sir as per ur wife is queen bee of this mafia.if so,abandon her or sue ppl with malicious
You'd never cheat if you were in love
ThankU for always being there 4me. I would absolutely be lost w/o u💯 HBD to my Big Sister😘 Queen MF Bee 🙌🏼❤️
"The modern Cleopatra but they callin me Isis'👸" - The Queen Bee 👑🐝🎤🙏. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
My brother - "if someone said give me $1,000 or I'll kill her, I'd give them $2,000."
50 cent is sexy. He that perfect blend of street/professional and his body isn't half bad either 😏😉
My other ish and her nose is contoured to death yes lol
recap: Sexy time, cattle feed and a new Queen Bee
Sting like a Bee .. Just living like a queen .
Little Giant Ladders
I like baby kittens but I do not care for cats! Ugh
I added a video to a playlist Queen Bee Tribute
Could tonight be more beautiful? We're so lucky to call the Queen Bee our "home" stage. 2 more chances to see HAMLET! http…
Bae helped me with my resume. So excited to put in apps for a second job! Need to save up lots for my move :D
Australia is the only continent that has yet to become infested by the Varroa mite. Despite diligent border...
Bo-bobo's intro was him thinking he was a queen bee because he was in Hive City it was crazy
Beelite Fact of the Day: Royal Jelly is the powerful, milky substance that turns an ordinary bee into a Queen Bee.
Defend your Queen Bee from the enemy wasps that want to take over your hive. Wave after wave, how long would you...
Queen Bee syndrome for women in the workplace is a myth - EG Board & Leadership
‘Queen Bee syndrome’: the myth that keeps working women in their little box
Had a great time proteming at Bethel meeting tonight! Miss Kinsley, Missouri's Queen Bee, was…
Do you see the Queen Bee? Her body is almost twice as long as other bees and she has attendants all around her.
halao Girl Bee ..I suppose the word World Tour will suits u lava and know that I am YOURS Queen Bee mcwah
Queen Bee of the intergalactic Ravenspan's cosmic honey hive, for men at the mountain's peak, old testament style, I'm 39 in Nepal, no lies.
Junior Mafia was the shyt back in the day...Lil Kim didn't write none of her versus but she will always be the Queen Bee to me
Is it just me or does the intro to Queen Bee (Basie) sound exactly like Satin Doll? O.o
So excited and ready to see you get your title back this week, Madison Rayne. Good luck, Queen Bee.
So what comes to mind for me is: Whiskey Point, Wheeler's BBQ, Volman's grocery, Crocker Theater (especially the Saturday kids matinees), Schneider's bowling alley, Woolworth, Spiess, Ackerman's, Gromer's on Liberty St., Queen Bee, Prince Castle, Star, Mr. Burger, the car dealers on Grove, Borden's and when we only had 1 high school. Oh and can't forget about Keeney's and Sportsmans Lodge. Just to mention a few
In nature women are @ the center of things.the secret societies know this.Queen Bee.even ants have aQueen...males are da babysiters
It's good to be the Queen Bee. Watch the new episode here:
Our 10th Annual Buy Local Holiday Open House happens today, tomorrow and Sunday. Here's the deals: -T-Shirts: Buy 2 and the 3rd is half price. We have a great selection of tees right now. A great gift that will get used. -Navel rings:Buy 1 and the 2nd is free. The best deal we've ever offered on body jewelry. -Queen Bee: 20% off select QB purses. One of our oldest and coolest lines. Handmade in Portland, OR. We just received a large order of Queen Bee wallets and purses. -Vintage: Take 20% off any vintage clothing or accessory. -Ugly Sweater Deal: Buy any ugly sweater and get a bag 'O Bling pin accessory kit for just $7. Save $3. Really takes the sweater to a whole other level. -Free tote: Free MP tote with any purchase over $20. While supplies last. Not valid with piercing fee. -Queen Bee wallet give away: Like, share, comment or tag the Queen Bee photo here on fb. Someone from that group will win one of the pictured QB wallets. We pick a winner at 5pm on Saturday. Must be in the store to win. Thanks ...
Queen Bee(my wife) went for St. Louis to beat Denver on espns' pigskin pickem.
Will the real Cynthia Bailey please stand up?! I guess now that she has job security w/o the Queen Bee, Black Barbie has turned up.
forex girl forex_girls :. Queen Bee 2intimeofpeace :jannarden Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Where are you?
Lil' Kim and daughter Royal Reign as Queen Bee and Baby Bee
1. Queen Bee, you're my girlfriend and you hate Ronnie Radke
Photoset: lovinemison: So the Queen Bee wants to be the Mother of all Dragons. I’d die to see you in that...
When you in the front seat bumpin some fire from the AUX & everybody in the backseat going wild.
R I P to the PRETTY girl that lost her life at Alcorn Tonight😢😞
Why do people push you away then act surprised when they can't pull you back? ¯\_( ˘͡ ˘̯)_/¯
"A bee without its stinger is like me without my Queen Bee...pointless.
Obama's gonna be Royale, yeah he will be the Queen Bee!
it's like saying something on point smh I hate today's dumb lingo lmao
my dad always gives me money before telling me to clean something LOL
👸👑🐝 you ain't no queen lol jk show love Homie
A blunt and some head would be so clutch right now
She's bee my Queen. Since we where sixteen. We want the same things. We dream the same dreams Alright.
I guess so, talking all this crazy ish, looking all pitiful. Smh
Nothing is gained from ripping other women apart & there is enough for everyone to have what they want. It's so much more rewarding lifting others up, than ripping them down. Good girls finish first- be kind to each other. You might be the "queen bee" now but it won't last forever.
I am the ultimate thrift shopper y'all, Pink Chuck Taylors for $2.99 mhmmm!
Give yourself a chance to heal. Hurt people end up hurting people, and you deserve a good love after all of your pain. B…
Everyone watching AHS and I'm here awaiting the online link like
not yet smh I usually take the train though smh tryna save up for Christmas👐
I think I have a new friend! Alma from Queen Bee's, super sweet and definitely looked out for…
@ Mr Padilla for talking about Beyoncé's singing. She is queen bee. is a shame... one of the reasons why I moved this way...cheaper
I miss living in NY man but it's just so difficult with these prices steadily rising & the gentrification going on smh it's a shame
She sure thinks she's queen bee doesn't she :)
...I'm 70 west... and I don't blame U one bit.
both.. I used to live in the city but currently I'm in the county.. tryna move back to Queens😩
I visit NY several times every year, but I've been living in MD since 2001 smh
"I got my eye on the guy in the woolrich coat, don't he know queen bee got the ill deep throat?"
The musicians and management of KLASS would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us realize yet another successful Haiti Summer Tour, better known as La Tournee Estivale. Generous funding from our sponsors--Digicel, Europcar, Total Gas, and Rapidite Bank--helped alleviate costs associated with travel, lodging, food, security, and advertisement. Our two backup vocalists--Tasia and Queen Bee--did a wonderful job providing background vocals during our performances. Our fans came out in very large numbers, day and night, on a regular basis to show us their love and support. Last but not least, there is the media who granted us interviews, wrote flattering articles, aired live broadcasts of our performances, and constantly delivered images to our audience all over the world with their reports. We are very grateful to all of these aforementioned businesses, individuals, and press for their roles both on stage and behind the scenes in making this summer 2014 tour possible.   After this mon ...
Preview Zumba Gold(R) video for those thinking of attending class. Queen Bee's Art & Cultural Center is North...
If you are not a Queen Bee keep your dern mouth shut about ALPHA PI OMEGA
Stevie Nicks is one of the most recognisable figures in rock 'n' roll history - very much Fleetwood Mac's 'Queen Bee'
My running gear to prepare for the "Queen Bee" half marathon... kwillyface I blame you for the money I…
CHAPTER 9 - "Queen Bee"...No matter how much a doctor warns the Queen, her fate becomes the doctor's demise.
"Merkel is Queen Bee" lol, one is hitler the other one wants to be.
June 16, 2014 Subject: "Being In The Will of God" Scripture: Psalms 32:8 Greetings Family! There is nothing more important in life than to be in the will of God!!! God wants to instruct us & teach us the way (Psalms 32:8). But, the truth be told, we are not putting the quality time & effort required to know Him. We are spending more time watching TV, talking on the phones, hanging out with friends, & caught in the busyness of life. In order to get to know someone, you must be willing to spend time with them. Family, being in the will of God yields protection, provision, peace & promises!!! Today Pray & ask the Lord to help you prioritize the things that matters most to Him. Learn to be still, listen & obey His voice of instructions. Family, it remains to be seen what the Lord will do for the one who who chooses to follow & remain in His will!!! For, the safest place in the whole wide world is in the Will of God!!! Bee Encouraged Always!!! Love you Family!!! Have a bless day!!! Queen Bee & The God ...
Shutterfly – FREE 8×8 Photo Book when you donate to the American Cancer Society via Queen Bee ...
Here's the tally so far for Queen Bee names: Miranda: 5 Beetrice: 2 Elsa: 1 Queen Isabella: 1 If you want your child's name to win, share with friends/family to vote! Child of winning name gets a day in the FunZone or Gem Mine, plus 3 honey sticks, on us!
We have one vote for Queen Isabella! Place your vote to name our Queen Bee by commenting the post with your favorite! Voting ends Wednesday.
Thank you everyone for coming this weekend to meet the honey bees, and a huge shoutout to Ken Walters (Yellow Bee, LLC)! Here are the Queen Bee name suggestions. Vote for your favorite by commenting this post. Winner will get free admission to the Funzone or Gem Mine, plus 3 honey stick flavors! Queen Anna Elsa Beetilla the Hon Larger Mouth Sally Betty the Bee Queen Honey Yellow Bee Queen Isabella Ella Beetrice Honey Beeonca Miranda
“I'ma throw shade if I can't get paid 😴” Lil Kim the Queen Bee so you best take heed. Shall I proceed? 🙊
Lil Kim's boyfriend and the father of her unborn child, Mr. Papers, says he plans to marry the Queen Bee:
Wendy & the Lost Boys. Their version of Queen Bee. This band is a lot of fun and Elwoods is a great place to see them or any live music. I've eaten dinner there several times and it's always excellent! Support live music...Support live music venues! It really IS important!
Lil' Kim celebrated her baby shower with an extravagant bash in New York City Saturday (May 10). Since the Queen Bee loves her glitz and glam, the event was truly an elaborate affair.
What do you get when you bring Mom to the Honeycomb for Mother's Day lunch this Sunday, May 11th from 11:00-2:00? HUGE POINTS!!! $13.99 (tax and tip not included) buys you either Bacon-Wrapped Chicken with your choice of 2 Sides (choose from Orzo Veggie Blend, Seasoned Green Beans or Marinated Tomato and Cucumber Salad) OR 1 of our Award-Winning Specialty Salads, your choice of 1 of our delicious, homemade desserts (choose either Ding Dong Cake OR Strawberry Shortcake) and your choice of Drink! Treating Mom like the Queen Bee she is has never been so easy. See you there!
Find the queen bee, meet bee scientists & make a beeswax candle for your mum this w/e at Scitech
You can call me queen bee and baby I'll rule 👸
"Who is that,Queen Bee?" the guard asks. "That's none of your darn business!!" Bee shouts out. The guard begins to cry. More next time.
...when Queen Bee feels another separate energy signature. "I'll kill them later,there's something else!!" she says.
Here's the latest from Insectia Vol.13-Queen Bee's guard warns her about that she is going up against a bunch of Cyber-Insects and that's..
A real man will pitch in with their family take care of the Queen Bee of their family. I don't know about y'all but love my Grandma Rosa... Hope see don't ring the bell on my lol j/p whatever she needs.
I remember saying to even as Lyndal begged to differ that the “Queen bee” won’t produce more honey as the workers leave the hive
"And well never be royals . You can call me queen bee."
Ima miss my sisters at MCLA!!! I love you all and i am so proud of yall man!!
She's the queen bee! A star. Those other two are just her little workers
When you crack a joke in class but nobody laughs
Bee dubs DQM stands for drama queen mode.
I want to kiss you but I also want to light you on fire at the same time
Listening to queen bee ,wit my boop or whatever !
Today is the day the queen bee comes home.hopefully the readjustment is not too painful---the nest is refeathered
I don't wanna go into class BC my teacher might make me recite the poem again
I hate when girls come to a new school and act like they're queen bee & they run the place.. pls sit down none of us like you.
Seth Rogan sorry I didnt bow down when I asked 2 meet u was probably a bit shy and didn't want to be over the top but sti…
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