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Quebec City

Quebec (or ; ), also Québec, Quebec City or Québec City is the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec.

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Igor Larionov, without prompting, says there should be a second NHL team in Toronto. Adds that he'd love to see one in Q…
New Year's festivities are in full swing on Grande Allée in Quebec City.
Quebec City, finally, I'm gonna visit you.
Enjoying New Years Eve dinner at Le Charbon Restaurant in Quebec City. My hubby says this is the best steak house h…
Your late to the party.. Apparently Quebec city is now doing it too...
Ahh I love how Quebec City is their safe place. That makes me so happy.
I will one up u.Leafs make playoffs And win a round. Bold Prediction a team will move to Quebec City this year.
Alternative headline :. Chicago had more homicides in 2016 than New York, Los Angeles, the provinces of Québec,...
That might be in Québec City on March 31-April 1, you should come see us as we do our usual pony panel ^_^
Eastern Canada has 90% of all the great cities, like Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Quebec City for example.
hi! My name is Normand Guerin for Québec Canada my city vald'or happy new year 2017. You fantastic analysis of the basketball
Room upgrade at Hilton in Quebec City, luv when that happens. Yah 2017
An idle threat to move an NHL or MLB franchise to Quebec City or Montreal, respectively, becomes a real proposal but fails.
Best weekend of 2016, saw my idol in the PIT (Purpose Tour/Quebec City) I was th happiest girl in t…
Paid 6 bills to get my hotel room raided and to get left behind in downtown Quebec City for 3 hours...
Too bad Gary Bettman couldn't have been cropped out of the photograph. Maybe 2017 expansion announcement to bring a…
Back from the family condominium in Quebec city. Awesome like always! Back in MTL tomorrow for the game! 🇨🇦❄
be thankful you don't live in Quebec city (I'm in heaven) 🤗
Personally, I can't wait for the Vegas Golden Knights to get moved to their rightful home in Quebec City
City's average wind this December was just 10.8km/h, 3.6km/h below the average of 14.4km/h.
Best places to in 2017 ? Quebec City most European city in the Americas h…
woah a road trip to Quebec City would be so
Look what I found in Quebec City on New Years Day! Just one of many out enjoying a walk!
The Old Port section of Quebec City is so beautiful, you would love it!
Visited Quebec this past summer! Beautiful city and fascinating history.
Exploring Quebec City for New Years has been one of my favorite getaways. So much to see in such…
THANK YOU for your show in Quebec City
Clark City, Quebec after storm surges which destroyed everything in it's wake!. Praying No one was hurt.
Happy New year From Québec city to all. Peace and healt in First. After realise your Dreams... Love for our planet in 201…
Spent a hot August day wandering around lower Quebec City and found 3 Craft Brewers within 20 minutes of our hotel.…
please Aaron come to Quebec City or Montreal Canada ❤❤❤❤
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Province"s first baby of 2017 born in Quebec City at 201 a.m.
25 December 1635 - Samuel de Champlain, French explorer and founder of Quebec City, dies of a stroke at 61.
"Thunder Bay, Sudbury and Quebec City are among the Canadian cities where officers use this technique." FYI!.
Move the Avalanche to Quebec City. Even the leafs are blowing them out. How embarrassing.
This cute little town is like a mini Quebec City without the chateau
National Champions! Le Rouge et Or! Quebec City is back on the top of Canada! Wow!!!…
Aldo the donkey & Holly the goat, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Quebec City. Part of our family.
Beautiful chauteau Frontenac in beautiful Quebec City with all its old world charm
Blades Barbershop by PARKA, Quebec City – Canada: . The concept of mixing old-school and new-school is transl...
Quebec City police defend decision to stun nine-year-old with Taser
The Bruins fell the Canadiens on a late goal in Quebec City.
Zone Nordiques 360 - The NHL is still considering Quebec City for a future team
Zone Nordiques 360 - McGuire: The NHL has to go back to Quebec City
Seriously just put a team back in Quebec City already.
Well guess NOW the relocation rumours of an NHL team to Quebec City wont die ;)
Blue seats and blue dashers in this new rink in Quebec City. How long before the Nordiques are back in the NHL?
Way to go Quebec City. Great things happen to those who wait.
There should be hockey in Quebec City
They've got banners honoring the Nordiques, as well as the junior Remparts, here in Quebec City.
On the train to Quebec City. Last time I was there it was to cover a Nordiques game. Has much changed?
These macaroons tasted as good as they looked💕 @ Quebec City, Old Town
Vacation Canyon St Annes East of Quebec City. Playing on Slack Lines over Canyon sort of thrilling, No?
tell me about the Quebec City winter carnival. Is it legit? It looks awesome and it's not far from me.
Quebec City from Levis - our hotel is just to the right of the setting sun in this photo.…
We're stoked to announce that we'll open for Max & Iggor Cavalera for the Return to ''Roots'' Tour in Quebec City!
Discover the beautiful Quebec City and its surroundings. .
hotel deals sites 15 CAD at auberge bishop in Adelaide
As I watch this greatness I threw up a Road Warriors vs. Dino Bravo & Rick Martel match from Quebec City on YouTube.
An outpouring support after a terrible tragedy. A link to the crowdfunding page can be found in the article.
Grandmother takes marathon training in stride: An 80-year-Old Quebec City woman is training to run her first ...
Three Rivers is halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.
Quebec City, not too far from the Chateau Frontenac.
Quebec City. So much to see and do.
Omg, what a time to have a little accident, on a trip. 😒. Oh, I would love to see Quebec city. You lucky duck. 😒
twisted it on my vacation in Quebec City... 😕 then at work...
Boot Camp schedule for the week end. Come and see NHLers in a training tournament in Quebec City!...
Big thanks to always welcome to Quebec City
W. Nyamitwe in Canada, attacks against Human rights oganizations!
W. Nyamitwe &Luc Michel in that was not a conference but propaganda
don't you dare break your leg this year, I want to come celebrate christmas + ur birthday in quebec city
Quebec City is cleanest city I've ever visited. C'est si Bon!
need help getting rebooked ASAP for my flight that was cancelled tonight from JFK to Quebec City!!
About to head into the best restaurant in Quebec City. My mouth is a watering. My son said definitely said no lamb.
Quebec City, Quebec looks like it's somewhere to put on my bucket list 🇨🇦🇫🇷
Is there anyone who's a fan of zayn and live in Quebec City (Canada). I can't be the only one, I really wish I knew someone 😛
Quebec City! Excited to announce that we're coming your way Sept 26th with +
Nothing big going on in Quebec City; oh just a porcupine hanging out in a tree!
Knockout Fest in Quebec City tonight. sebkeg's 35th b-day. Bring wine.
CANADA! Tickets & VIPs are on sale TODAY for our shows in Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa:
I'm in Quebec City for the start of our new tour so lots of …
The NHL should 100% bring a team back to Quebec city. What a gorgeous, fun city to see a game in.
our office is located in Quebec City, Canada!
Cross-Canada train trips are all too short...are you heading for Quebec City or Halifax?
When you suddenly encounter a wild porcupine on a city street in Quebec City. He was visibly…
Prayer walking in Quebec City with a team from Mountain View Baptist Church, Utah
I live in the Quebec City CMA. I'm a natural-born Canadian. After taxes, I fall below the low-income cutoff. My mom was born in Canada.
In Quebec City for the first time in over 10yrs and we decide to spend our night at the movies.
😊 Could be nice that you come to Quebec city!
James!!! I'll go from Japan✈️ See you in Quebec City on Your Birthday🎂 CAN'T WAIT!
We have FINALLY recovered from our at + performing at the Hilton in Quebec City tonight More soon!
Big news for the mixed martial arts scene for the province of and the city of ! 
This Quebec City octogenarian is training for a marathon! The story tonight at 6
Relive the 2016 Intl Convention in Quebec City by watching clips of opening ceremony & general sessions!
where?. in Quebec City. "the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in his temple the"
i am glad that your goin back next game. the care of yourself because the ti cats need you. A great fan. Marcel Vézina from Quebec City
just left Gatineau on our way to Quebec City. Then on to Nova Scotia in the morning.
Visit Quebec this summer. Non-stop flights and great prices from Mexico City with Air Canada rouge.
Outpouring of support for newborn after mother-to-be killed by speeding car
Popular on 500px : Welcome to Quebec City by Aivoarm
Dinner tonight was shared platters of charcuterie and various pork and pickled veg in a Quebec City brew pub. Kids ate bread, whatever. Win.
Best part of Quebec City: duck confit in everything.
Hotel Online - Lixi Group Set to Open 160-Room Courtyard by Marriott in Quebec City, Quebec
Light heavyweight champ and participating in a charity event today in Quebec City.
Had a beautiful stroll around Quebec City before the show tonight. Doors at 7 at L'ANTI Bar! Come hang!
Along with Quebec City and Louisbourg, Stirling is one of only 3 communities designated as a National Historic Site. htt…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Jeff Ament lighting things up in Quebec City on 5.5.16.
A severed pig head’s gift basket was left outside a Quebec City mosque earlier this week.
NHL bets on Las Vegas: Sin City is getting a hockey team; Quebec City's bid put on hold.
Jeremy Jacobs: "Quebec City is a tremendous hockey town and is certainly a candidate for future expansion"
Quebec City moved an arterial road inward from the St Lawrence River to create a public park.
PSS: Montreal, Quebec City to impose pit bull bans; and all of Quebec may soon follow: Pit bulls could end up...
The historic Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City, my home for the next 6 days. @ Fairmont Le…
A visit to Quebec City in la belle provence will give you a site like this… …
'It's fortunate that the mayor is protected by police': Quebec City pit bull ban sparks social...
Outrage, threats in response to Quebec City pit-bull ban
Gr 8 Class doing a workshop at the Albert Gilles Copper Museum in Quebec City
Quebec City isn't a slam duck with the dollar in its current state. I say this as a Canadian myself.
Prof Maurice Bric of University College Dublin will give a lecture in Quebec City on Ireland and Quebec connections.
Watching from Shout at the Devil 1984 Tour - Quebec City, Quebec DVD!
Don't miss out on this year's summer retreat in the beautiful and historic Quebec City, Canada! Register Now!...
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I don't just rap about it. Sipping in Quebec City 💯 @ Quebec Old Town
Who's down for a road trip to Nova Scotia? Hotel and gas are covered, stopping in Ottawa, Quebec City, and Fredericton along the way
Montreal Canadiens to meet Boston Bruins in Quebec City this fall - Montreal Gazette montreal canadiens
A veil of fine volcanic ash circles the earth. Waves of frost advance, and capture Quebec City. — May 12 1816.
Microsoft Azure cloud platform now available in data centers in Toronto & Quebec City:
Bar Harbor boy performs with Pearl Jam in Quebec City: Video - Central Maine
Spend a cool night in Quebec City in this intricate ice hotel, featuring 44 thematic suites. https:…
Some French Onion Soup and French wine at Uncle Antoines in Quebec City
Quebec City mayor pitches new Winter Olympics bid, with skiing in B.C. or Lake Placid via
Peter Black's column for Life in Québec takes us on a walk around Quebec City with a difference.
Lake Champlain, Montreal, and Quebec City in the last 24 hours.
hi!! Where in the province are you from? I'm from Quebec City :) I've never met other French Canadian banas before
'It's not a surprise': Quebec City mayor says on U.S. rejection to help host 2026 Olympics
It's not eastern Ontario hockey related but can we please get NHL franchises in Saskatoon, Quebec City and Halifax?!
Parts of east-end Montreal, Quebec City near the river and Saint John, too. I'm less well-versed on BC coast.
Phillipe Couillard in favour of Olympic Games in Quebec City: Premier Philippe Couillard says he is in favour of…
Quebec City mayor meets IOC president in Switzerland to discuss Winter Olympic bid
Premier Philippe says he would like Quebec City to host an Olympic Winter Games, as long as cost is reasonable.
Does Hurricanes owner have eye on Quebec City? - Montreal Gazette
Carolina Hurricanes owner says there's no way his team is moving to Quebec City.
Peter Karmanos denies the rumors that the Hurricanes are moving to Quebec City. No Save the Canes ticket drive. Yet. https…
Awesome Surprise 50th gift from & Woody at yow headed East for wknd of Masters & Quebec City delights with Ren tks fam
Going to Montreal then Quebec City with my wife on biz trip. Can I do QC in 2 days? Worth staying at Chateau Frontenac?
The buyers are hoping to profit from Quebec City's rich history. A new Baggage Battles is TONIGHT at 9pm ET/6pm PT
A9: Quebec City is the closest city with that special charm. My husband and I enjoyed a lot last time we went
Quebec City mayor talks with other cities for joint 2026 Olympic bid
Watching put the room into a swoon at our sold out show here in Quebec City. Next up...The Bona Fide!
A picture of my foot for some reason. Quebec City tonight, Ottawa tomorrow, Montreal Friday w/
Mr. K and Sec 5 VP James Peterson with delegation in Quebec City to speak out against bill 86 tomorrow morning.
New artwork for sale! - "Hotel Chateau Frontenac in Quebec City" -
GMs preview potential expansion draft rules if league decides to put team in Las Vegas or Quebec City by 2017-18 YES
The Duke and The Duchess of Cambridge outside the City Hall in Quebec City, Canada
Will these be available in the shows in Canada as well (Ottawa, Quebec City and Toronto?)
thanks for the AWESOME performance and all your dancers last Sunday in Montreal ! Hope you are back soon. Come to Quebec City! :D
The Morning Skate: Canadian dollar might prevent NHL expansion in Quebec City for now, no King Henrik apology
Lmao Avalanche fans chirping wild fans about cups. Must be nice to have a contender put together and move from Quebec City
Alex Harvey wins World Cup silver in the Ski Tour Canada in Quebec City. Cue all-out pandemonium in honour of the local hero.
Throwback to Capital Conquest '14. We'll be teaching again at Budofest VI in Quebec City (April 9-10) and at...
Bobby Hull played his last game in Quebec City against the Nordiques on December 12, 1979. Three days later on Hull showed up late for..
Some visited Quebec City this enjoying dog sledding, the Ice Hotel & Winter Carnival.
Unique mental health team in Quebec City treats psychotic patients at home
Tell me Cap how in tarnations does a guy like you survive in Quebec City lmfao & ppl complain about Harvard Yard lol...
Heading to the 13th Congress of the International Association of Biomedical Gerontology in Quebec City
Nice! I only ever got to Hull, Quebec City, and Mont Ste Marie.
Mary Cassatt at the Louvre. Edgar Degas. Soft ground etching 1879-80. Museum of Fine Arts, Quebec City.
prospect Dmytro Timashov returns to Quebec City tonight to face his old team the
Beautiful chic in the heart of Old Quebec City. Check out for a romantic getaway
Couldn't sleep and saw photos from my old iPhone. This is the one of all trips that I love so much, Quebec City.
I believe in new age nonsense like Quebec City building a 500 million arena for a junior team
Outside of Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, is every large and mid-sized Canadian city now down to a single press newsroom?
Discovering old and new in Quebec City
Apparently it's still Xmas in Quebec City! I guess if it's this cold it may as well be...? @ Old…
Romantic Nights on the old streets of Quebec City. Link in Profile.
Russian peewee hockey teams have been banned from a major international tournament in Quebec City next month.
I woulda laughed in your face if you told my 16 year old self that when I'm 20 I'd be spending money to see JB in Quebec City.
when you have some time do visit Old Quebec City not too far from Montreal
Quebec City, Canada is so beautiful! Browse these 31 photos of Old Quebec's cobblestones, flowers, f
HRM by design is terrible for this city. Its a built out plan to inhibit progress. Quebec City blends old a…
Please play Citizen Erased and/or Bliss on the 23th Jan in Quebec City, Never saw them live in 8 years :(
With ice melting across central Canada, Quebec City hockey players take to the street for an Xmas faceoff.
I don't share the same worldviews or values the NHL have, as I'm sure Quebec City would be a great market for NHL hockey
Are they the Phoenix or Arizona Why do they still have a hockey team out there? Move them to Quebec City. Ramenez…
and its raining here in Quebec City 😭
Quebec City. It's so pretty there, even more so at Christmas.
The view on our trip to from my dear blogging friend Katie Hornor who met us there from Mexico!...
If you want to watch the viral video from people my school playing violin for Star Wars premiere in Quebec City
Quebec City at 3am after a heavy night of drinking this weekend wow 👌🏻 ❤️
Need see-through-clouds glasses :( . See the over Montreal on Tue Dec 22, 5:05 PM via
New opening at Urban Outfitters in - Gerant De Departement
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Entirely shot on the in Quebec City by Couldn't be more proud.
Young padawans from Quebec City play the theme on violins with lightsabers
much easier than having to go to Quebec or Kansas City!😎
Click here to discover how you can join the indigenous church planting movement God has begun in our city!
Why would City, which is predominently French, have a German Market?
Come back to Quebec City soon babes ❤️
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I'm going to at Theatre du Capitole in Quebec City, Canada - Apr 14
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Be a tourist in your own city! Day 22 of suggests a night in Quebec City's hoteldeglace…
(my coworker is from Québec City). (my coworkers are from everywhere). (this isn't much of an exaggeration )
any chance you’ll be making an appearance at TurboFest, a juggling festival in Quebec City, Jan 7-10?
It's How about checking out the beautiful Christmas market in Quebec City?
A tranquil culinary oasis reflecting the character and joy of
Conversations by top quebec city qc influencers in the last week
Making good time on the drive to NB, currently between Montreal and Quebec city.
We want you and the boys in Quebec City at the videotron Center ! :)
Wishing I were here right beautiful! Reminds me of Quebec City, not sure if it is or not?
made headline of french newspaper in Quebec on her filming a chocolate ad in Quebec city.
Quebec City! More tickets are available for the September 14 show now!
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I wish! when u'll be in quebec city, we'll hang out ok
We are pleased to be exhibiting and speaking at the CERIU Congress Infra 2015 - Quebec City Conference Centre.
Quebec City has nice live webcams, too. I love watching the skaters. 55 degrees forecast for Christmas Eve--55!
6 reasons to cuddle up in Quebec City – an enchanting winter wonderland
A fabulous look at from one of my dear blogging friends who traveled with us!
sending you snow wishes from Quebec City for the birthday of the little Shep! Happy birthday little an…
Tickets are on sale for the CAN vs BEL tie in Quebec City Feb 6 & 7 starting at $15: http…
And if you move to a city that HAD a pro team, adopt that history. It's obvious the next team in Quebec City will be called Nordiques right?
I'm on the podcast at the 8:30 mark. Quebec City built their arc, now they just need a Noah to show up with animals
A typical street scene of the wonderful historic buildings in downtown Quebec City.
2015 Dodge Ram for MacPek of Quebec City! With 450 sucsessful conversions we were the obvious choice!.
view up the hill in Old Quebec City, Quebec
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Big roady to Quebec City tonight. About 5 movies worth of driving before hitting the ice tomorrow evening vs. Académie Saint-Louis
Leaving Quebec City! Thank you for an excellent lunch, and everyone who was involved with Project: Secret 😈
A Story of How Ubisoft's Quebec studio became the master of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate
today. an't chat with buds here because it's non-stop spoilers. Empty Joe, DET no care, move them to Quebec City.
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The 2015-2016 season of the Red Bull kicks off in Québec City -
.waves to the Canadian crowd here in Quebec City and gets in the ring to face
: I've read that Quebec City is the top relocation spot with the new arena open.
Many empty seats at Joe Louis Arena. move Wings to Quebec City rather than build a new arena
Quebec City ready for its tenth Red Bull Crashed Ice 61
A walking tour of North America's oldest walled city, Québec City:
A lot of empty seats in Hockeytown but no screen grabs suggesting the team be moved to Quebec City. Weird.
We love Quebec! We love Ice Cross Downhill. Here are the highlights from Quebec
Top quebec city qc articles from last week
Signing up for a second RCC to Quebec City from Montreal next summer! Sponsors?
Well I think I can confidently say Quebec City at Christmas time is the prettiest place I have ever seen. Pictures don't even compare 💝🎄🎉
alekmackie / "Buy the ticket, take the ride...", a boy, his bike, and a journey to Quebec City and back. Follow my …
Great view of Fairmont Chateau Frontenac from the ferry that goes between Quebec City and Levi just…
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Leaving quebec city right now for mtl!!! Tonight is the last !!
All the drama and action from Quebec in one clip. Watch it now:
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Sipping warm red wine at German Christmas Market in Quebec City. Perfect!
The Quebec City Christmas Market is underway and bustling! A German tradition alive in Old Quebec.
Father Thomas Doyle talking about sex abuse of minors in the Church in Quebec City tonight.
To all my Canadian I'll be in your beautiful country in 8 days !! Montreal & Quebec City get ready for me 😻
Flag at half mast at the National Assembly in Quebec City
With great pride our very own Youth member is been mentioned in the assembly National in Quebec City!! Great job...
Search for best price guaranteed on hotels in Quebec City! Booking
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
DRONES WORLD TOUR: Muse have added a 2nd date in Quebec City in January. Details:
.finds "strong evidence" of housing overvaluation in Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City
ArcelorMittal is the title sponsor of the 2015 Quebec City, Nov 28. Read more - cc:
The 51st edition of the Vanier Cup, presented by is set for Saturday, Nov. 28 at 1 p.m. in Quebec City.
"On the eve of the election, Margaret Atwood was speaking in Quebec City at the 81st annual congress of PEN...
This is my view right now as we cruise up the St. Lawrence River to Quebec City - so much colour!.
Video: NHL stars agree Quebec City, Las Vegas will both ‘be very exciting for hockey’
Stunning picture of in Quebec City. Picture by madonnalicious reader Hugo. La Vie en rose!
Getting ready for my light heavyweight fight in Tampa and Quebec City 👊🏼😈
Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier is such a beautiful park! Quebec City has so much to offer for all travel types! h…
Protesters try to block access to cabinet meeting in Quebec City: Premier Philippe Couillard i...
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Agent needed in at Banque Laurentienne. Apply now!
We have a brand new amphitheather here in Québec city (Centre Vidéotron), it would be nice for you to come!
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Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
"Dear Quebec City, we have a weeks worth of treats headed your way. Love, Montreal"
: First Drive: 2016 Toyota Yaris Review: Quebec City, QC – This is a big year for Mazda, having lau...
When will the be ready for Always count on the NHL to make the wrong decision... via
City of Montreal quietly developing, releasing mobile apps
Great Hockey atmosphere at Centre Vidéotron in Quebec City. Why is it that it feels beat tonight 4-1 http:/…
I don't believe that rogue poll, Conservatives likely in 4th place in most areas of Quebec except Quebec City ar
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montreal is a ghost town, quebec city is a travel through town 2 get 2 Toronto + the rest of Canada. Writing is on the wall!
Looking for a temps partiel disponible en tout temps
Frommer's EasyGuide to Montreal and Quebec City 2015 (Frommer's Easyguide to Montreal & Quebec City)
Map antique off the City off Quebec Poster
If it didn't work electorally, Harper wouldn't do it. He'd slit his mum's throat for 50 votes in a Quebec City-area riding.
Map antique off the City off Quebec Poster: . ...
had the guts to make a difference & denounced Harper's crap. Waiting for & City Mayors to do…
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Quebec City is one of my favourite places to -it's so romantic! Just make sure your wallet feels the love too
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Follow the buzz around Quebec City tonight! starting at 10 PM (EST)
Québec city comicon is in 2 weeks and for once i'm actully ready. Both of my cosplay are finish and…
Nobody from Quebec City in the room then? LOL
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79: "Molson reluctantly accepted the because it feared a backlash not only in Qc but in Western Canada"
"Of course, TV plays major role in the Quebec City bid."
"Attendance wasn’t the problem when the Nordiques left town in 1995."
The community box thing here in quebec city is Crazy, harper on crack. Canada Post has screwed this up. No rhyme or reason t…
Nice city. I think you'd LOVE Quebec City.. the old area. It is GORGEOUS, Kat. Lots of stonework... cobblestone roads...
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