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Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai is a soap opera on Zee Tv produced by 4 Lions Films. Qubool Hai airs at 9:30 pm (IST), moving phir subah hogi to 11:00 pm (IST).

Karan Singh Grover Surbhi Jyoti Vikrant Massey Zee Tv Mohit Sehgal Sanaya Irani Fatehpur Sikri Pavitra Rishta Barun Sobti Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke Rang Rasiya Akshay Dogra

Barkat is to get married to that 70 yr old man n that Mir Khan is forcing her to say qubool hai n zaya come n try to stop it
Watch the video «Qubool Hai 11th April 2014 Part 2» uploaded by Cool1001 on Dailymotion.
request all my muslim brothers and sisters not to watch tv serials,specially 'Qubool Hai' and 'Beinteha',they are beautifully crafted to divert the minds of muslim youth by showing a different culture not at all related with muslims (Like playing holi,wearing jeans etc by girls,keeping the hairs open,going to dargah for every reason and much more) My humble request to you all please stop watching all these nonsense stuff!
Why there continuos reports of him having already signed Qubool hai. He should not take it. The show is doomed.
Can you pls confirm if KVB has accepted Qubool Hai. Qubool hai fans are not happy at all and want it shut down. Dont take it
is it true tht kvb is in qubool hai? Do reply
Qubool Hai and Beintehaa forever top my list of shows with best dialogues and diction! (& i have a thing for urdu talafuz :p)
Difference between Spiderman and Qubool Hai ;-) — feeling loved
I loved your new forum 32 pics with the Qubool hai cast. You looks so cute and adorable in all the pics.
Guys :-)Dont be miss Today epi ...nd very big epi nd open a new keep nd Watching Qubool Hai its Show Started 16mint Ago
POTD - Vaquar Shaikh and Surbhi Jyoti on the sets of Qubool Hai
Hey guys Telebuzz brings to you an exclusive interview of Asad and Zoya from Qubool Hai. They talk about Tanveer's re entry, Zoya meeting her father and thei.
Breking News - Qubool Hai to have a time leap - Qubool Haiis set to take a leap of 22 years, by April end. Just...
hie mohit. How r u?? Loving ur work in Qubool hai!!!... Do u remember me we have talked on fb??
Qubool Hai . Will Tanveer be trapped and will the truth come out
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Yup.. Sure... If you are a Qubool Hai fan, they do pick up the April edition.. Have interview…
Qubool Hai | Fun We Get Up To . Being with all the artists on the set of Qubool Hai is immense fun.
hai . To nights epi was good but not much mohit scenes :((
Indian Drama serial Qubool Hai full episode video, written updates, romantic scenes, Drama songs, promo video on youtube and dailymotion. Watch Online free all Hindi serials, movies reviews, watch movies and latest news on Youtube High Quality Links Videos:    Qubool Hai 10th April 2...
Why is Tanveer from qubool hai so horny omg
Banana and cheeko shake. And im all yours. Qubool hai x3
Hey there I am watching qubool hai it is an indian movie very romantic come and join me I know that you will love it
Qubool Hai is new serial of Zee Tv. Watch hindi drama serial Qubool Hai online. Free episodes and updates of Qubool Hai available online. Download and watch episodes of Qubool Hai. Hindi SerialsAnd Hindi Dramas. Watch Qubool Hai online for free. Zee Tv Serial Qubool Hai. episodes are available...
Qubool hai. My condition is that you dance non-stop at my mehndi night and secretly feed me when the maasis aren't looking, k?
seriously !! I so wanted to see who's that barkat but again they showed pehle tha Inkaaar ... Qubool hai ! 👽
finally Tanvir caught in today's epi :D after Asad's inkaar k tanvir Qubool nahi hai :D w8in for next epi
Zoya,the most witty actress of Zeetv (Qubool Hai). Honestly speaking her smile is so sweet,sweet like a budding red rose. She is so cute.
Qubool hai I believe all pakistani girl are watching Zee Tv right now
Heyy guys me doing qubool hai is false shall just be me and doing our nach for you guys!! ; )
Love SaJan Love MoNaya .. once i was in love with MJHT .. missing it lyk helll evn today... nd loving Qubool hai spe. fr u
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I love most of your shows especially Qubool Hai. I love the characters and I'm a diehard fan on Zee
Who can lend me the series QUBOOL HAI?
Modi finally admits to being married. Dare we say, "Qubool hai"?
Qubool Hai gossip: Asad agrees to marry Tanveer, to trap her Qubool hai on Zee Tv is presently showing that Asad (Raqesh Vashisth) and Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) have come to know that Tanveer is responsible for Rashids death and not Mamu. Therefore they are planning to get evidence against Tanveer. But Zo...
Who will be the lucky one to meet Zoya?: Qubool Hai's Zoya is all set to meet her fan number 1. Check out who ...
I did enjoy qubool hai so much and its my favorite show and special you mr Karan Singh Grover
Qubool Hai has amazing people to work with. Whether it is the people who work behind the camera or in front of it. From Vidya Sinha to Farina Parvez, each and every one of the cast is a pleasure to...
What channel num bet does Qubool Hai come on
Which show did you enjoy the most tonight :). 1.Beintehaa. 2.Qubool Hai. 3.Rangrasiya. 4.Ye Hai Mohabbatein...
Qubool Hai 9th April Written Update. Episode starts with Haider, Humaira, Zoya and Asad are planning their next...
RaQesh as the new Asad in Qubool Hai (SBB)
Heyy can u please ask Zee Tv for the trps of qubool hai for this week??
Qubool Hai : Gaffur plans to reveal truth to Zoya on the day of her walima | INDIAN TELEVISION WORLD
Memorable moment of my life Qubool hai.Qubool hai...
Qubool hai: Injured and ghostly, Nikhat does a 'zombie' walk! Dadi thrilled, Sameera petrified
Qubool hai 21 march 2014 watch online -
Qubool Hai : Zoya aka Surbhi Jyoti with a baby girl on the sets
Asad and Zoya, Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti is playing Lead Role in Zee Tv's popular show Qubool Hai
Bring ayan aka Vikrant Massey back to Qubool Hai.please please please.want Ayan back in the show...miss him!
is Vikrant coming back to qubool hai???
Qubool Hai: Mamu decides to tell Zoya the truth on her Walima. . Qubool Hai: Tanveer and Razia to attempt ruining...
My response to Asha Tony “See the serial has moved forward and the the entire team is doing well..Qubool Hai Zee Tv is one of d 4 to 5 serials in Zee Tv dat is really doing well...If u don't like the serial, don't watch it.But ya, plz dnt b a pessimist nd criticize so much nd continuously.If u can't encourage something, atleast dnt let it down.” Sorry a v.long response to ur comment- thank you for your advice . I am not pessimist ( even if u think so I'm not affected. I 've my values). The way with which the serial started and how every episode I watched and enjoyed, matters a lot to me. I have every right to critically comment any serial which I watch or watched.. This passion for the serial made me to interact in Face book which I had never done before. If I am commenting critically , it is out of sheer disappointment of the way it has been dragged and giving all wrong values to the viewers bothers me. You cannot punish somebody because the parents have done something wrong. If so where is the indiv ...
Omg. There's half naked scenes in Qubool hai
Karan Singh Grover urges fans to stop campaigning for his return on Qubool Hai; supporters deny
even this one is cute. I think I shud watch qubool hai :)
ohh. Never watched that serial. I like zoya of qubool hai. She is cute.
its bcum just like Pavitra Rishta ! That show is on 4 soo long but its getting same trps as qubool hai
Qubool Hai . Will Zoya recognise herself in the photo with mamu Will Nikhat succeed in her plan
when will you return in qubool hai??Please come back.I miss ayaan very much:-(
The makers of Qubool Hai are all set to bring Ayaan back in Humeira’s life. Ayaan had walked off from his home when he learnt that Asad,his
Qubool Hai | Haider’s Truth Haider Shaikh (Mohit Sehgal) is not a man who minces his words. He...
Bring back Ayan aka Vikrant Massey back to Qubool Hai!Want to see Asad and ayan bonding back...We fans request you...please consider
Qubool Hai | BTS | Store-room Scene - Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) has been looking for her father and...
AWOL like other Qubool Hai urf Bermuda Triangle denizens.
i relli miss u as nuzhat in Qubool Hai
Qubool Hai . Will Zoya recognise herself as a child with mamu. Walima preparations to start Tanveer to spoil it
I love the background music in 'Qubool Hai' serial when Asad-Zoya together ''Mitva Ishq pe zor nahi''.
. But for most guyzz following back is QUBOOL HAI and for girls HAYE in sabko.
Qubool Hai: Will Zoya recognize the little girl in the pic? r u excited about upcoming track ?
Qubool Hai upcoming news: Tanveer plan to fail with Asad and Zoya r u excited ?
I just hope some kinda miracle happens and karan will return to Qubool Hai ! It's high time ZEE understands what we want !!
Sunayna Fozdar's colourful holi on sets of Qubool Hai!
Karan Singh Grover asks fans to move on!: After quitting Qubool Hai in December, the dishy dude received many ...
Qubool Hai 19th March 2014 - Qubool Hai 19th March 2014Links will be activated as soon as show starts!Check...
Qubool Hai’s leads took part in the Holi Celebrations with the cast of Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke team. The shoot...
in Zee Tv Qubool Hai, may return back to show on fans demand. Reports have it that the Content Head of ZEEL, Ajay Bhalwankar has retired
Karan Singh Grover may return back to Qubool Hai on fans demand.Karan Singh Grover, who became a household name with his character Asad
Tanveer from the drama qubool hai is so evil...the drama would be boring without her !
Karan Singh Grover is a ladies man. Correction, one lady's man. Charming and chivalrous is how we find him whenever we meet him on the set of Qubool Hai, a drama on Zee Tv where he plays Asad Ahmed...
Qubool Hai s Karan Singh Grover tells us his best buddies in the television industry !!
Qubool Hai: Will Farhan succeed in exposing Khushboo as Nikhat?
Zee Tv’s Holi festivity is all set to rock!! And the platform for it has been set on Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke (Shakuntalam Telefilms), one of the popular shows on the channel!! However, amidst the festive atmosphere, Rachana (Mahima Makwana) will have some grave problems, with her life being in danger. Yes, you heard it right!! As per the ongoing track, Rachana has an impression that someone has been following her, and she feels it is Kabir (Piyush Sahdev) who is behind all this. However, the master planner behind all this will be Sonal (Chandrika Shah) who will be determined to kill Rachana and stop her from getting close to Kabir. So what will she do? A source tells us that she will seek help from the master planner Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta) from Zee Tv’s popular show, Qubool Hai to help her kill Rachana. We hear that both the scheming ladies Sonal and Tanveer will plan to make Rac ...
Qubool Hai . Haider and humeria are married. Will Humeria ever accept Zoya. drama ahead
Qubool Hai is a Muslim Social Drama in the "Rom Com" zone. It is the story of two families related by blood and yet distanced by circumstances. It is the sto...
Anyone gonna watch this..ewww not me .
Who is your favourite? Samrat from Doli Armano, KT from Sapne Suhane, Naren/Rithvik from Pavitra Rishta or the new Mr Khan from Qubool Hai
Hey guys Telebuzz is back with some latest updates of the most loved show Qubool Hai. The show's latest rumors that are circulating say that the show is goin...
Qubool Hai: Humaira-Haider get married, Zoya holds Tanveer at gun point!
Qubool hai, the episode where Zoyaan nikah happens. Argh, the episode which made me to cry long time ago :(
Tanveer's NEW plan to kill on Qubool Hai FULL EPISODE 12th March 2014
I dont like that zoya of qubool hai! Yuk
In the February 7 Episode of Qubool Hai, Dilshad informs Asad about Zoya who prevents Dilshad's death. Asad tries apologises Zoya for his rude behaviour towa...
Qubool Hai- Zoya Farooqui and Asad Ahmed makeup and hair Stylist tips in TV Show "Qubool Hai"
Vikrant Massey aka Ayaan join qubool hai again?If yes what will be his reaction when he see Humaira and Haider are married to each other.
We all fans of Qubool Hai want Ayan aka Vikrant Massey back to the show.Missing Ayan a lot in the story...plase please please!!
my favorite show is qubool hai from day one. It is the best show ever
Qubool Hai | Kab Hai Holi?. The festivals of colors is just around the corner. (God! how many articles begin like...
Haseena spots Ayaan and Asad while they perform on stage. Watch latest "Qubool Hai" Episodes on
i am the biggest fan of u.Really really missing u on qubool hai ,plz come back.
Vikrant Massey: Will he or will he not enter Qubool Hai?
Today's Question. Who all watching Qubool Hai after Karan's removal..?
Dilshad from Qubool hai nd Akbar's mom Hamida bano is the best mom on zeetv
Qubool Hai . Will Haider marry Humeria. Tanveer is playing games again.
something i have watched with so much interest after iss pyaar is Qubool hai...but it has come down to 50% after KSGs exit
We miss you a lot in Qubool hai.Please come back.
Mohit Sehgal is awesome as Haider in Qubool Hai giving good scenes of him..
Watching qubool hai with uvni while eating popcorn :-D
please tell KSG to come back in Qubool Hai. No one can play Asad's role better than him. HE IS THE BEST!!
Bring Ayan back in Qubool Hai.please please please...we wsnt Vikrant Massey back to tge show...Miss him:(
karan you live Qubool hai shows Bout still miss you lost :-)
So i start watching Qubool Hai and till now it’s so cute. I really love Zoya and what is this cleany Asad...
She expects Sudhir Chaudhary to chant Nikaah Qubool hai Qubool hai on
Qubool Hai : Zoya aka Surbhi Jyoti gets candid about what she likes about Karan Singh Grover
People keep sayin dis and that abt Qubool Hai spoiling the name of watch Be Intehaan too darlings -,-
Qubool Hai's Tanveer, and Sonal plan to kill Rachana; Kabir to save her .
Post Qubool Hai, Karan Singh Grover returns to television with Jennifer Winget
Raqesh Vashisth can never replace Karan Singh Grover in Qubool Hai!
Madhubala And Qubool Hai Less Intriguing Now?. Tell us what you feel about these daily soap operas. Read More...
ok i cant find this scene from Asad cry on Qubool hai
my interview with nikhat ( archna taida ) of Qubool Hai soon u can catch her in her new avtaar as khushbu . who will come to woo haseena , Farhan (Vishal Nayak) and mesmerize him with her stunning looks
Madhubala And Qubool Hai Less Intriguing Now?. What do you think is the major reason? Read More and tell us...
Qubool Hai - Episode 343 - February 18, 2014 - Preview wow to awesome good like Very one in qubool hai If mis
ok let see goine hapine this after noon iam watch Rt. Me watch qubool lol hai it's awesom :). Enjoy night 💕😊Rt
No competition between Rangrasiya, Qubool Hai: Ashish Sharma: That drives her crazy too. But she’s used to all...
i wnt to thnksss mr Karan Singh Grover so much for giving us Mr rakesh vashist the superstar of qubool hai
In the December 6 Episode of Qubool Hai, Dilshad gets happy on seeing Asad at Rashid's place. Zoya and Asad decide to stay there until Rashid gets well. Razi...
Vikrant Massey makes a return to Qubool Hai. Vikrant Massey, the new Ayaan in Qubool Hai, quit the show in...
hey friends good news from Qubool Hai that AAYAN is back!
Madhubala And Qubool Hai Less Intriguing Now?. . TRP or rather TVM are the sole parameters to decide which show...
Missing Karan in Qubool Hai.. Hope he gets to do a new show soon...!! ;)
The quiet hero of the Hindi serial on Zee Tv has redefined the concept of love by his actions... Asad rarely says anything very emotional – anyone who watches Qubool Hai knows that while he loves Z...
Hey guys.I m doing balika vadhu also,so plzz watch Monday to Saturday and ,today 8 pm on colors! And also watch qubool hai 9:30 pm on Ztv:)
Surbhi Jyoti of Qubool Hai makes it to the cover page of GR8!!
Haider to fail in love with Humaira in Qubool Hai.
Qubool Hai: Zee Tv Show - Watch all episodes of Qubool Hai online. Get orignal videos and latest stories of Zee Tv serials & show online at Zee
we want KSG back in qubool hai he is the best KSG is the Best Asad! Please Bring Him BACK
bring KSG back and see the trps of Qubool Hai go up in the sky
learn from your mistake and bring KSG back in Qubool Hai
please tell KSG to return to Qubool Hai for the sake of his fans
please tell KSG to comeback on Qubool Hai We really miss him Plzx
The actor, who suffered a back injury, will return to the show
In the May 20 Episode of Qubool Hai, Asad tries to express his feelings to Zoya. Zoya on the other hand, considers his attempt, to be his refusal to marry he...
Please come back to Qubool hai, its not the same without you anymore Please ! :(
View on "Vikrant Massey makes a return to Qubool Hai"
Vikrant Massey makes a return to Qubool Hai
NewsFlash: Vikrant Massey makes a return to Qubool Hai
In the January 21 episode of Qubool Hai, Zoya notices a stranger (Prashant- Punar vivaah) at Yash and Aarti's doorsteps. Ayaan gets annoyed on Taya Abbu's de...
I think u should learn from qubool hai how they raise the trps with good story after lead being changed
Qubool Hai is hopeless now. As much as I want Vikrant back, I don't think Vikrant should come back.
started watching from yesterday! Its totally different from Qubool Hai so cliche type of feeling will not come! Must watch!😃😄
Haider to fall in love with Humaira in Qubool Hai: via
Qubool Hai 28th February 2014 Written Episode. Part 1. Nikhat (in her new stylish avatar) tells Farhaan. .i like...
Qubool Hai latest: Humaira doubts Haider for marriage commitments Qubool hai on Zee Tv is presently witnessing lot of issues and drama in Asad (Raqesh Vashisth) and Zoyas (Surbhi Jyoti) house and among family members. One side Nikhat is planning with Nazma to take revenge against Farhan and Haseena.
Qubool Hai . Nikhat and Najma are planning to take revenge. Zoya is trying to figure out who her dad is Humeria is planning her wedding
Bring back Ayan aka back to HAI.. . Please please please.'s a request!!!@ . We fans miss him a lot!
Its not me in the icon, its Zoya from Qubool Hai :)
Watching zee cine awards wait fr artis like priyanka chopra salman khan deepika and my hero yoyo honey Singh Mumbai artis all coming soon zee drama like qubool hai punarvivah and Pavitra Rishta see u guys
lmfao could u tell more about Buffool Hai. Who's that is it raqesh or qubool hai lmaooo ?
Qubool Hai Asad to entertain Zoya by playing Guitar
What are Nikhat and Tanveer planning to do with their haters?
Vikram needs to find a good movie to star in. Forget his role as Ayan and qubool hai
Just watched yeatoday ep qubool hai OMG she's pulling a trick On then of what they did to her
He is a Muslim bway. Do they have kundalis? *** I should have watched Qubool Hai more carefully.
Madhubala N Qubool Hai face Trps downfall dats d fact after Our Superstars exit there's nothing to watch it
I am sure that qubool hai trp will be increase
Azad are zoya in qubool hai Zee Tv programme whom do u tnk as osum in it ???
What fans from ZEE against Karan Singh exit from television show Qubool hai?
So far, I think I like Mein Na Bhoolungi better than Qubool Hai, ever since Karan Singh Grover left the show :(. He needs to come back!
Qubool Hai 27th February written episode. Nikhat is back in her new avatar. She is back as Khushbu to avenge...
Topic for Today's discussion.. In your opinion, what may be the reason for getting poor ratings for Qubool Hai..? 1. Removal of KSG. 2. Weak Storyline. 3. Unwanted Twists.
o God! qubool hai come back with that stupid mitvah song again!
Qubool Hai 27th February 2014 Written Update Haseena, Farhan, and Sameera are discussing about Khushboo. Haseena says she just looks like Nikhat. Farhan and Sameera convince her that it’s just a coincidence. They all know Nikhat can’t return. Sameera taunts Farhan that Nikhat used to get scared on every small thing, and this Khushboo doesn’t even care about anyone. Khushboo comes there and they get quiet. Khushboo asks if they should proceed for dinner. Farhan says they were just waiting for her. Sameera kicks Farhan. They go for dinner. Zoya serves dinner to Asad and makes her duppata his fan. Asad says it’s okay. She asks him if she should feed him with her hands. Asad looks surprised. She feeds him with a spoon, and then starts getting naughty. She asks him how was the food. Asad says very good. She says she will go and get salad. Asad grabs her hand and pulls her back and makes her sit in his lap. He now starts getting romantic with her and says there are other duties of a good wife as well. H ...
Fans Impact: Karan Singh Grover may return to Qubool Hai as Ajay Bhalwankar steps down as ZEEL Content Head Mumbai: Finally the enormous love of audiences and our continuous efforts to unearth the truth behind Karan Singh Grover aka Asad Ahmed Khan's expulsion from Zee Tv's popular daily soap 'Qubool Hai' have been rewarded as Ajay Bhalwankar, who has been the Content Head (Hindi GECs) of ZEEL since last 17 years, has stepped down from his post. We have been taking up the questions of show's audiences who were not ready to believe Ajay's claim that Karan Singh Grover behaves irresponsibly and often comes to the sets drunk. Looking at the viewers' love, we have been raising questions that is the reason of Karan's elimination as Asad have been manipulated? And finally the efforts have paid. Ajay decided to step down without giving any proper reason but it is being speculated that after Karan's sacking from the show, he wasn't feeling comfortable working with ZEEL as viewers were continually pouring hatred c ...
Nikhhat to re-enter Zee Tv's Qubool Hai as the 'stunning and hot' Khushboo |
Qubool Hai actor Karan Singh Grover celebrates his 32nd birthday on a yatch Karan Singh Grover turned thirty two recently and celebrated his birthday on a Yatch. The actor who is currently in the news for quitting popular daily soap Qubool Hai seems to have put aside all the controversies and enjoye...
Select websites and media have been praising Karan Singh Grover to unprecedented heights ever since the television actor exited from the popular Zee Tv show Qubool Hai. His fans are said to be ‘demanding’ Karan’s “comeback” on the show, while constantly running down Raqesh Vashisth who has taken on…
Playing a grey character of Haider in Zee Tv’s popular show Qubool Hai, Mohit talks about the motive of Haider’s consummation with Humaira. It seems that love is blooming between Haider and Humaira these days in Four Lions’ popular show Qubool Hai on Zee Tv as the two were seen consummating in the recent episode of the show. But there is some interesting twist in store for the viewers. We were quite inquisitive to know more about the same and hence contacted Mohit who tell us, “I think the story needed it because of the revenge track as Haider is trying to take revenge from Mamu (Tej Sapru). That’s why the consummation scene had to be included and Haider had to do it. Right now it has happened just for revenge but later on may be Creatives will do something about it and then the love track might also happen. I really don’t know what’s going to be the next step of Haider because it all depends on the creative team. I get to know about the upcoming episode track on every single day.” So, has ...
Keep Voting- With Ajay Balwankar exiting Zee, will KSG make a comeback in Qubool Hai?
Qubool Hai 17th February 2014 Written Episode. Part 1. Haider and Humaira are touring in Fatehpur Sikri. Haider...
Qubool Hai | Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. Qubool Hai brought splendor to the show with outdoor shoot at Agra...
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Valentine’s Day special: Raqesh Vashisth, Surbhi Jyoti, Asha Negi, Rithvik Dhanjani talk about love! are painting the town red and everyone is talking extreme mush… if you’re not diabetic yet then read to know what the television stars have to say Raqesh Vashisth reveals his plans with his onscreen lover and real life partner, Surbhi Jyoti, Asha Negi, and Rithvik Dhanjani explains what love and Valentine’s Day means to them. Asad from Qubool Hai – Raqesh Vashisth – “Valentine’s Day this year is very special as we are shooting a beautiful wedding track for Qubool Hai at Taj Mahal. This episode will be aired on the day of love – Valentine’s Day. Besides, me and my wife celebrate each and every moment of our lives to the fullest. But on Valentine’s Day I will surely make her feel ultra special and make it a day to remember. We will end the day with watching Qubool Hai together.” Zoya from Qubool Hai – Surbhi Jyoti – “Valentine’s Day reminds me of the commitment to love someone ...
Mumbai: Zee Tv’s Asad & Zoya, who are gearing up to solemnise their wedding by saying ‘Qubool Hai’ were in a shayarana mood on the day of haldi.
Lily did you hear? Ajay Bhalwanker resigned and Karan Singh Grover might be back on Qubool Hai? I stopped watching a few months ago myself.
GUL KHAN has advised that all of those who wishes to see Karan Singh Grover back as Asad in Qubool Hai to please...
Read how Karan Singh Grover to reappear in Qubool Hai: Pardaphash Poll on PardaPhash
Raqesh Vashisth stands nowhere in front of Karan Singh Grover as Asad in Qubool Hai, reiterate viewers
Madhubala and Qubool Hai with fast-track storyline are rising on the TVM charts. Zee Tv’s ‘always in the news’ show Qubool Hai has picked up on the TVM charts recently. The show has registered a growth from 6.2 to 6.9 TVM (TRP = 3.3). After the exit of Karan Singh Grover, the story...
Karan Singh Grover who was tagged as 'unprofessional' and been sacked by zeetv defaming the actor with baseless roumours.Ksg is a dedicated actor. zeetv has to apologise to KSG and bring him back to Qubool Hai.also zeetv has no value for fans emotions. please join your hands & help us to make zeetv...
2013 had seen multiple changes, with Karan Singh Grover losing his role on Qubool Hai; with Sanaya Irani starring in a new show; Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy getting involved in a relationship.. There...
Tanveer to re-enter Asad and Zoya’s Life in ‘Qubool Hai’. Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai, where the plot currently is...
Razia's plan keeps Mamu-Zoya (father-daughter) away. Qubool Hai on Zee Tv is showing a hard time for Mamu who is...
Tanveer plans to spoil Asad & Zoya's marriage again?. There is huge fan following for Zee Tv Qubool Hai for...
Hello sir can you tell me when qubool hai will end
Watch the video «Qubool Hai 31st January 2014 Video Watch Online pt2» uploaded by dm_52739f3be1825 on Dailymotion.
Click here for related post:Qubool Hai | Haider and Asad Scene. The scene after Asad fin...
Lool this woman in Qubool Hai slyly looks like kassims mum
A request please quit qubool hai..this role is exclusive to KSG. U will suit in another serial but NEVER AS ASAD
On location of TV Serial 'Qubool Hai' Asad blaim to siddhqiue: via
Yeah ofcourse :) i watch Qubool hai and Rang Rasiya only :)
In the October 30 episode of Qubool Hai, Ayaan embraces Asad on meeting him. Humaira's mother instructs the family that they must not eat anything before Nik...
No Qubool hai without Karan, he is the only Asad
OK I also watch other serials on zee like Qubool hai, jodha Akbar and DID but out of these my most fav is Ek Mutthi Aasmaan
qubool is finished no kabhi no qubool hai bcoz kabhi can only be asya.bring KSG
Tanveer to re-enter Asad and Zoya's Life in 'Qubool Hai'
Karan is the only Asad, we want him back in Qubool Hai
Peu howz Qubool Hai??? Radzy asking for backup plan... I will plan this way instead...
- No karan= No Qubool hai or bring him back zee or he is ill o…
Qubool Hai . Mamu tells Azad where Zoya is Humeria was so rude to Najma mamu makes her apologise and he is nice to Dilshad
Those who have given me the support and strength to take this Mission this far. Thank You.. Now everyone always wanted to know if we have made a difference to ZEE. YES we have, If you don't know this , than let me enlighten all. For the last 3 days including today, WE have been barred from posting our TREND details on India Forums. Inappropriate words apparently. All our trend announcements are made professionally so what are the inappropriate words i WONDER. We are effecting them but they are trying to show otherwise. Can we get Stronger now and come out full force to trend today tomorrow and whenever needed. We are tagging RV today so that uncleji realises that he is no longer required. Trend details for today Trend details for today 31/01: Attention to all TV Audience: please come and join us today let's make a difference in the TV industry….. Please trend with us today and get your friends to do it. This trend will run for 2 days. We request each and every one to do it all the time, whenever possibl ...
Zee Tv’s ‘Qubool Hai’ will soon air Asad aka Raqesh Vashisth and Zoya aka Surbhi Jyoti’s wedding. For more news...
Watch the video «Qubool Hai 27th January 2014 Part 1» uploaded by shows2022 on Dailymotion.
In the November 19 Episode of Qubool Hai, Haseena instigates Nazma against Nikhat. Dilshad meets Rashid and agrees to his decision of staying together for the rest of their lives. Raziya tells Shirin about the unknown enemy who is sending her the warning messages. She also instigates her against Ras...
Post Karan Singh Grover's exit from Qubool Hai the story is running at a jet speed. Is this a strategy for TRP?
Read how Post 'Qubool Hai' Karan Singh Grover still in hot demand | Read on PardaPhash
Can we please get our ayan aka Vikrant Massey back in Qubool Hai...we fans badly miss him...and we want our AyRa back..please please
Have to ctach up with Pavitra Rishta, Punar Vivaah and Qubool Hai.
Qubool Hai 30th January written Episode: Asad and Haider reach home safely with Zoya. Asad directly charges Siddiqui and Razia for their crime. When Siddiqui totally breaks down, Razia still stays stubborn. She challenges Asad that he would never be able
Qubool Hai | Haider and Asad Scene. Raqesh Vashisht and Mohit Sehgal are friends from before they joined the show...
please comment on this disgusting article!!!. Karan Singh Grover
I hate watching qubool hai, first they change cute ayan and than the other ayan leaves and now they changed asad like what!
Qubool Hai is becoming too dramatic I don't like it
Watch the Jan 30, 2014 episode of Qubool Hai Subscribe to the channel by clicking To watch more episodes from this show go to
Hey raj can we please get news on Vikrant Massey aka Ayans return in Qubool when is he gonna come back...miss him!
I'm head over heels in love with the guy in the series after qubool hai. God! I can't take it. He melts my heart.:'(
Qubool Hai - Asad and Zoya's wedding to be STOPPED by Tanveer: via
Asad and Zoya to get married in Agra in Zee Tv's Qubool Hai. Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai, produced by 4 Lions Films is... http…
my son Ashish Sharma RUDRA OF Rang Rasiya .and Archana Taide NIKAHAT OF QUBOOL HAI got married .today .one year back .TO DAY IS THEIR FIRST MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY .seek your blessig and wishes
A5 the top fiction properties on For this Quarter are Jodha Akbar, Sapne Suhaane Ladakpanke, Qubool Hai .
Fans want Karan Singh Grover (aka Asad) back to Qubool Hai show. Zee Tv has asked Karan Singh Grover the lead of...
Qubool Hai: Asad challenges to expose Razia in a month's time. Qubool Hai on Zee Tv saw some changing moments... http:…
Will Zee Tv give in to public demand and ask Karan Singh Grover to come back to Qubool Hai?. But will KSG be...
Just watched the latest Qubool Hai bts segment. Surbhi misses Karan a lot !!! And she even said that he is an amazing co actor :') 😍
We want Karan Singh Grover back in qubool hai as Asad 24
Raqesh Vashisth is the new Asad in Qubool Hai
hi surbai H R U .. Love u as zoya in Qubool Hai ... U r so sweet ♥
I've watched 150 episodes of Qubool Hai in 2 days and in love with the chemistry between and
What's in store in Qubool Hai..?. The Zee Tv's show hit the small screen in October 2012 and even after about 310... h…
Why was Karan Singh Grover sacked from Qubool Hai? Zee Tv explains… via
Qubool Hai news: Surbhi Jyoti supports KSG (Asad) Article 31Dec. Sudden exit of Karan Singh Grover has created... http…
I favorited a video Qubool Hai : "Looking Forward to scenes with Karan Singh Grover" - Mohit Sehgal
Qubool Hai - Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer to reportedly start a PROD...: via
Qubool Hai - New Girl in Karan Singh Grover's life!. Guyss this is limits..too many accusations..enuf is enuf
Video - Karan Singh Grover REPLACED by Raqesh Vashisth in Qubool Hai 27th December 2013
Qubool Hai - Karan Singh Grover to soon release an OFFICIAL STATEMENT of being sacked
According to the ongoing news of Karan Singh Grover fame of Qubool Hai getting replaced in the show, we spoke to his co-stars about his sudden replacement and their views about the actor.
Coming up...exclusive explosive interview of Karan Singh Grover on Qubool Hai…
Raqesh Vashisth replaces Karan Singh Grover in Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai?. We have just wrote about popular...
The Karan Singh Grover no-holds-barred interview; actor opens up on Qubool Hai controversy
The happenings of the television world are pretty erratic at times. This morning the world woke up to media reports of beefy actor Karan Singh Grover being sacked by the channel from the popular show, Qubool Hai (4 Lions Films). … Continue reading… [ 468 more words. ]
Sign this petition if you don't want Karan Singh Grover to leave Qubool Hai! If you want to see KaBhi then please sign this!!! I love KaBhi n AsYa won't be the same without Karan n Surbhi doing the roles!if Karan doea leave...
Zee Tv sacks Karan Singh Grover from Qubool Hai; channel keen to sign Gurmeet, Barun,Mishal or Kushal as the replacement Gul khan said she is lookin for KSG' s replacement.She said" “We are looking at a big alternate. Gurmeet Choudhary, Mishal Raheja, Kushal Tandon and Barun Sobti are the names we are pondering on. And one actor the channel is very keen on roping in is Mishal.”
BREAKING NEWS Karan Singh Grover to be replaced in Qubool Hai the male lead of Qubool Ha
Qubool Hai's Asad, Karan Singh Grover, is going to be replaced due to his unprofessional. “We have initiated legal action against him,” said makers of show
Qubool hai completes 1year. Asad and team celebrate.
this is my favourite serial .I like so much this serial.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Qubool Hai : Karan Singh Grover to recreate the magic of Salman Khan on tv
Qubool Hai : Asad aka Karan Singh Grover sweeps the floor on the sets
Qubool Hai : Asad aka Karan Singh Grover enjoys his bike ride on the sets
Met Karan Singh Grover ( Asad ) and Surbhi Jyoti ( Zoya ), lead actors of 'Qubool Hai' with Isha Blossom!
Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi is to go off air soon is what we have learned, however, we did have a word with Manav Gohil and Gautami Kapoor who star in the show with the cast of Qubool Hai, Kar...
Qubool hai cast and crew celebrating 300 episodes..! ~Chet~
Qubool Hai - 19th December 2013 : Asad to become the OWNER of Rashid's property
Qubool Hai : Tanveer pushes Zoya off the hill
Asad to become the sole owner of Rashid's property in Zee Tv's Qubool Hai |
Qubool hai should run live more than 5 years
Qubool Hai: Karan Singh Grover loves his fans more than awards..!!
Nikhat's life to be in danger in Zee Tv's Qubool Hai |
Qubool Hai's Karan Singh Grover sings birthday song for his fan..!!
Sanaya Irani & Mohit Sehgal's shows to clash on TV Love birds Sanaya Irani and Mohit Sehgal find themselves pitted against each other in this race as their two shows Rangrasiya and Qubool Hai on Zee Tv share the same slot. Returning to the silver screen in a new Rajasthani flavour, Sanaya will play the role of a demure, gaon-ki-chori while Mohit was roped in to play the role of this flamboyant guy who will try using his charm on another lead character of Qubool Hai. Sources tell us that both Mohit and Sanaya are said to be complete opposites in real life. While Mohit is a diehard romantic, Sanaya is more realistic, which seems to suit both their roles to perfection in their respective shows. The promos of Colors' upcoming Rangrasiya suggest that the story does away with the conventional love story to replace it with an avant-garde saga that may be of either love or hate. Well only time will tell which one of them will emerge victorious and eventually win this race. ~ Zayn Malik Fans Adda :) Xx
Sanaya and I have learnt a lot from each other, says Mohit Sehgal! It has quite a few years since TV heartthrobs Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani has been seeing each other. All set to be seen in Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai, Mohit was asked about his take on working with his real-life girlfriend Sanaya.On this, he said, "We would love to work together again in a show. But when writers pen down characters, they keep our personalities in mind and that hasn't happened yet. We were approached for Nach Baliye last year but it didn't work out then. This year too we were approached but she was busy with Rang Rasiya and I got busy with this show. Maybe next year we'll do Nach Baliye!" Even though the duo is too much in love, still marriage is not in the cards for them. "Not yet. We are both concentrating on our careers at the moment. We want to devote a lot of time to each other when we get married and at this point it's not possible. As and when we decide to get married, of course everyone will know about it." Further, h ...
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Pictures from Qubool Hai – Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti. We have videos that will definitely make you happy...
"I am missing Sanaya on my birthday" - Mohit The very good looking and heartthrob of TV industry Mohit Sehgal who rose to fame after playing Samrat in Miley Jab Hum Tum and now playing Haider in Zee Tv's Qubool Hai has turned a year older today. The birthday boy is having a working birthday today and is missing the lady love of his life Sanaya Irani who is busy shooting out of Mumbai. Mohit got a nice surprise yesterday which was planned by Sanaya and he told us, "I did not plan that much for my birthday because I had an early morning shift. To my surprise, some of my friends like Kinshuk Mahajan, Akshay Dogra and his wife, Barun Sobti and his wife, Jaskaran Singh, Shaleen Bhanot and Daljeet Bhanot came together at my home with a cake which Sanaya had sent through them. It was a very good surprise plan and a cake with something special on it. All my friends stayed at my place for around half an hour and had a good time together. It was all Sanaya's plan to send them at my place so that I won't feel lonely ...
It's birthday time for Mohit Sehgal Two good looking, popular actors of the television world viz the handsome hunk Mohit Sehgal and the stunning Sonarika Bhadoria are celebrating their birthdays today (3 November). While Mohit has recently joined the cast of Qubool Hai, Sonarika was last seen as goddess Parvati in Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. Starting by wishing them a happy birthday, we went ahead and asked them as to how have they planned to celebrate this special day? Informed Mohit, “Well it’s a working birthday for me and there are no plans as my girlfriend Sanaya (Irani) has gone to Jaisalmer to shoot. But she has sent me a beautiful video where she has wished me. Last night, some of my good friends like Kinshuk Mahajan, Barun Sobti, Akshay Dogra and their wives came over to my place and surprised me. Sanaya, who could not make it, promptly sent a birthday cake for me through them. So, after we cut the cake, all of us partied for some time as I had to report for an early morning shoot. If I leave early ...
not enjoying, no Qubool Hai and Punar Vivah!! This is not OK :'(
Qubool Hai - Pavitra Rishta - Aankh Micholi - 2nd December Combined Episode Ankita is dressed as bride sweet and simple .. Purvi and Arjun looked tensed and were not comfortable with each other .. Archana's mehendi was soo beautiful even better than the brides' Ankita's groom Naren Karmarkar keeps her hand in his tight grip Archana's MIL plays a trick to bring together arjun n purvi by dance competition .. Arjun n Purvi dance on .."Hum tere bin ab reh nahin saktey ..." Romantic slow close dance ... Soon Naren's reality of being mentally deranged individual is brought to light by the boy who loved her .. Beautiful performance follows On song .."panghat pe aakey sayinyaa . ... Oh Radha tera jhumkaa ..." Ankita requests Naren to leave her hand as it was hurting ..but he refuses to let her go Her boy friend calls her to warn Ankita about the mental state of her groom .he tries to dissuade her but she is not in a mood to listen .. Archana tries to patch up Arjun Purvi rishtaa ... Two mother in laws perform a n ...
K now biggboss over...watching qubool hai now !
Watching Qubool hai..after a very long time
Totally agree with you... No AsYa no Qubool hai
Qubool hai...qubool hai...qubool hai...! 1st for Past, 2nd for Present and 3rd for Future...!!!
Hey! How many watching QUBOOL HAI right now. . . . . . Comment Fast
GREAT NEWS !! KSG has started shooting again for Qubool Hai and soon we will get some amazing scenes !!! If you are happy then hit like fast !!!
Karan Wahi: I hate Gautam Rode – he is too hard working! It's crazy when they come together onscreen. Their witty one-liners and random jokes leave you giggling. And their chiselled bodies and great looks. oh-so-hot! Gautam Rode and Karan Wahi are hosts of the couples dance reality show Nach Baliye once again and are rocking the stage with their comic acts as bade and chote. The duo talk about fitness, their roles on the contest-show, and what makes them crazy. How does it feel coming back to the show and working together again? Karan Wahi: It feels great. What is your equation with each other? Karan: We don't have to meet every day to create an equation, but it's great. The gap hasn't changed anything. Just 'coz we are friends doesn't mean we have to meet every day. He has his own set of friends and I have mine, but whenever we meet we start off from wherever we left off. Tell us one bad thing about each other. Karan: Gautam is too hard working and I hate that about him. He is a perfectionist and I can ...
Spoilers of Qubool hai for this week .
Spoilers of Qubool hai for this week ..
TRP CHARTS. Qubool hai 11th position overall and 3rd on Zee Tv. Guyss qh dekho at 9.30 every evning and trps badhao. Shinu
TRPS this week . Qubool Hai at 11th Rank overall with 5830 (5646) inc from last week. 3rd at Zee.
Sickening Man was preparing to say "qubool hai" with his daughter Mumbai: Man raped daughter for over a decade; fathered her child
spoilers!. 1) Billo rani entry soon in Qubool hai !. 2) Asad and Zoya are going to New York,There is a 3 yrs...
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