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Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai is a soap opera on Zee Tv produced by 4 Lions Films. Qubool Hai airs at 9:30 pm (IST), moving phir subah hogi to 11:00 pm (IST).

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Qubool Hai yes thats better than this
Not sure which one between "Qubool hai!" and "Khana lag gaya!" should be paid more attention to at a wedding.
08. Whose relative thought tht surbhi has one more sister in her real life when she visited the qubool hai...
04. Which city is going to telecast in Qubool hai??. Poits-10
Too late to start Qubool hai so no thanks 😭
"Qubool Hai | New Entry Some of the comments made are literally 'meow' -people got their claws out!
just read Qubool Hai's summary on wiki man this show has gotten so messed up...
Qubool hai "Marry me so that I have someone to talk to at this hour..!!"
Welcome to the family Qubool Hai I hope you will be fine not only externally, but also soul ☺☺
Watch the story unfold in the show Qubool Hai with new location, twists and turns as new Sanam (Additi Gupta)...
Qubool hai 3 with new faces nd new entry. Another sis of Aahil:. Shazia is being played by Kamya Choudhary.
Qubool Hai | New Entry Nazia is being played by Ankita Bahuguna.
And from here...a new season of qubool hai nd a new story wll be start...don't miss monday episode.only on Zee Tv
Sehar learns the truth about her family - Episode 542 - Qubool Hai
Ya:).i knw bcoz v al love jyoti. Oly bcz of her i always do watch d shw,il watch oly qubool hai n addicted to it.:-)
in this DP you are looking like the actress of "Qubool Hai" ...😀😀
Qubool Hai | New Entry Qubool Hai will see new entry with the story now moving to...
loses Memory and lands in Pakistan as Someone's wife in - Promo.
yeah I know ash will be online but in qubool hai kv was sooo good
I am awsome Dear was watching qubool hai
Sanam lost her memory like are you kidding me qubool hai is getting worser and worser everyday now I'm not liking it
qubool hai is my 1st 4lions show that I cannot tolerate watching frm the begining also😩
qubool hai is nice ya And do u watch
Qubool hai is getting on my nerves. Why can't they just let the storyline be happy for a while.
Drama, Revenge and Suspense to galore in Qubool Hai Season 3! In the upcoming episodes, a...
Which show has the most romantic scene? Beintehaa, YHM or Qubool Hai? Guys vote for Beintehaa's Zain & Aaliya
Tanveer to die; Amrapali Gupta to return as Tanveer's daughter in Zee Tv's Qubool Hai.
Qubool Hai - Zee Tv USA | if SaSe lose this time im quitting this show man hadd hoti hai
m also a big fan of yu nd surbhi..m from yu both...nd live qubool hai..May yu both live long
Tanveer to learn about Sanam-Seher being twins in Qubool Hai. So the big secret will finally be out!. The popular...
Revelation amid Neeli Chaand Raat in Qubool Hai!. An interesting twist in the tale to be witnessed in Qubool Hai.
Breast Cancer Awareness
plz give ur valuable feedback on my drawing of Surbhi Jyoti from Qubool-hai
Entertainment News:. Qubool Hai: Tanveer to get shock of her life!Deepika dedicates her award to...
I liked a video Qubool Hai - Watch Full Episode 59 of 17th January 2013
i know u watch Qubool Hai too along with KYY, do u watch any other shows?
Tia Bagga . Qubool Hai Latest Promo :. Tanveer to know the truth about Sanam and Seher soon !!.
Qubool Hai: Tanveer to get the shock of her life!
Qubool Hai 9th January 2015 Episode Watch Online Hd Video Today Watch Online Qubool Hai 9th January Written Update,YouTube Daily Motion in Parts videos. WrittenUpdate.Asia is a great platform where you can get all the exciting dramas running on Star plus, Zee Tv, Sony tv, Colors, Life Ok. We will provide every new Episode Watch Online urgent bases of its telecast on television.
Hey, Sengupta just posted a new video on YouTube. Check it out Qubool Hai - Episode 575 - January 08, 201
Qubool hai today episoide was so exited
Not that I have heard off. Here's the article I read:.
The evergreen Jodi in for Rahat and Haya ❤️
Sorry to say but I read somewhere that Qubool hai will go off air next month is this true???
Humsafars: Will Arzoo and Sahir say ‘qubool hai’?: It’s a dilemma but Arzoo has to choose In the recent episod...
Qubool Hai 8th January 2015 Written Update:. Scene 1:. Location: Ahil’s residence. All are shocked at the sudden...
Humsafars: Will Arzoo and Sahir say ‘qubool hai’?
Actually it's my fault.. I've ended up watching the start of Qubool hai and now I'm tryna catch up.. 😐
just watching Qubool hai series,,,I can't sleep yaa -_-
Why is Amrapalli Gupta not shooting for Qubool Hai?. .
from qubool hai on Zee Tv to blockbuster movies like alone wid bipasha
After much drama, Arzoo and Sahir finally say qubool hai in Humsafars
Qubool Hai: Sanam's plan to fail as Aahil falls in Tanveer's trap !. A major revelation has now taken place in...
lol yes but what about how did ther get to Qubool hai that is why I think
"PV Preview: Humsafars – OMG! Arzoo and Sahir finally to say qubool hai!...
Major revelation and conspiracy drama in . .
My Kaptaan is so Shy Person... He'd have said "Hm" Instead of Qubool Hai..
Major Revelation And Conspiracy Drama In Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai Gear up to watch intriguing twists and turns...
Qubool Hai Qubool Hai : D I'm here for the good news you've all been waiting for. - Mufti Saeed
me to I bet ther will say qubool hai on Monday but ppl say on Friday
Qubool hai bt once upon a time not now...
Qubool Hai 10th December 2014 Zee Tv Drama Online, Qubool Hai is star plus drama it plays from Monday to Friday on Zee Tv Channel is goign to present the Qubool Hai full episode on Zee Tv on this page, dailymotion video,, playwire are also available. So Zee Tv Drama Iffet , Today Drama Qubool Hai, Qubool Hai Full Episode,daily motion online today episodes. [ 179 more words. ]
: Will Sanam be able to set things right after learning the truth about Seher?
Click here for related post:Qubool Hai | BTS | Fun with the cast | Part 8
Seher to choose Money over Sanam in Qubool Hai ?
for thous who missed Y'day episode.. Qubool Hai 12th November 2014 Written Update...
Qubool Hai: Sanam finds out that twin sister Seher is with Aahil!. A very big secret is soon going to be...
Watching qubool hai since fell asleep on me😭
yes exactly I will always be committed to Qubool Hai & it shall remain my bae number one😍👌
To all the kajen fans say strong! Don't let psycho jodi fans get to u! Sad that saraswatichandra and qubool hai did this to us!!
a sad scene but what a performance, missing asya like never.Qubool Hai June 25 Episode Song:
aw, yeah homework first! Hopefully you catch up. What episode of qubool hai are you on?
you are so cute and I love u and I like your personality in qubool hai(haya) please Reply me please
Neha Laxmi,our cute Najma from Qubool Hai 1emoji -currently she is playing the role of Surbhi in Sassural Simar...
hi Surbhi 😘 my name is Sarah . I am one of your fan from egypt 😘💕 I watching qubool hai on the Internet and is a wonderful ♥
Jennifer Winget with Surbhi Jyoti on the sets of 'Qubool Hai'
He's ugly. So is Barun Sobti. Don't like the new guy in Qubool Hai either...don't really like TV guys 😂
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Guys, keep VOTING for Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti on ITA Awards 2014 for "Best Actor / Best Actress" ! You can vote more than 1 time, so let's vote for KVB, Surbhi and 'Qubool Hai' as much as we can on and lets's make them win. Voting Link :
Qubool Hai: Tanveer gags Sanam in order to get her signature!
I liked a video from Qubool Hai - Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti wish Eid
With whom Surbhi Jyoti had best chemistry so far in Qubool Hai?
Most Stylish Faces on Indian Televison. The lass who has been a part of Qubool Hai for a long time... ht…
Sanam tries to rid Aahil of his past memories – Episode 499 – Qubool Hai
Apko ye nikaah qubool hai?. Aahil~qubool hai 😍 remember this make me feel so so happpy!
Although I've finally come to terms with the whole Halala situation but idk HOW I ll watch Rehan Aaliya say Qubool Hai to eachother I mean 😳
I can bet they will emphasise on the qubool hai part & hamaray dil ko aur jalayenge
Qubool hai is such a waste of time they keep adding stupid useless characters *shakes head*
How will aaliya be able to say qubool hai to any other guy other than zain.😢😢
. BT aaliya ka bhi to socho . She have to say qubool hai other guy not her zain
but it's torture for us 😭😭 I don't know how I ll be able to watch Zain sit there while Aaliya says Qubool Hai to someone else
Ugh. Can't believe they are going to show this halala stuff like other Nikkah's. Both dressed up, emphasis on the "qubool hai" ugh torture
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, how can Zain sit there & watch his love & some other guy say Qubool Hai to eachother?!! I mean.
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just watched new promo. It will be hard for me to see aliya saying qubool hai to someone instead of zain. Bt you lkd beauty♥
.fake. fell for & said qubool hai to Islam long ago.To pose as sickkular, she wears sleeveless
Write your problems on a balloon and let it go qubool hai style..i prefer flushing it down the toilet jab we met style
Qubool Hai: Will Sanam leave Aahil for good?: The couple had a crazy, romantic and drunken night – of course t...
my fav. show guys.. watch it on Zee Tv.. :-* — watching Qubool Hai-Zee Tv
Qubool Hai is like so interesting now😁
I love u so much you are very nice and najma in qubool hai
Qubool hai continues to be in top 10:) dis week..very happy..nd content.. 'choomantar' is still on everyone's mind
Haya is not convinced with Raahat's decision - Episode 498 - Qubool Hai
Why r u quitting qubool hai kvb there is no one like u who play the role of aahil so plz don't quit ?
I added a video to a playlist Qubool Hai TV Serial Aahil REVEALS his dangerous past to Sanam !
reveals his dangerous past to Sanam on Location Qubool Hai must wtch guys
SaHil love might change to misunderstanding Sahil. Seher-Rehan sharing secrets. Tanveer’s...
Will Sanam and Aahil consummate their marriage???. The couple has left their inhibitions under the...
But zoya was the best personality on Qubool Hai with KSG
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Qubool Hai: Will Sanam and Aahil consummate their marriage ?...
I didn't watch bb8 or qubool hai today bc of the slow wifi in my house ugh
Breaking News ! Qubool Hai: Karanvir Bohra to quit the show ?. The actor apparently has creative issues with the...
No offense to Amrapali, but Tanveer needs to leave Qubool Hai.
yay your online loving every episode of qubool hai specially the dance sequence if you ever come to the U.S.A plz come
Last night's episode was so eventful! Catch the best scene here :
Yeah I haven't watched a tv show after Mohit Sehgal's departure from Qubool Hai. Now my other favorite actor Harshad is back with
'Bandhan' likely to replace 'Qubool Hai' on Zee Tv: WTH is this? can`t close :(
Ma'am I think everyone would just LOVE it if you made an appearance on Qubool Hai!!! Please do it for your fans!!!
She was in kahaani ghar ghar ki, and saas bhi.. I miss old dramas :( which do you watch? Qubool Hai?
The day was beautiful since both my serials, as well as Hai, had one of their best episodes ever! Loved it!
what is your favorite thing about Qubool Hai di ?
Qubool Hai. Sanam finds a old newspaper with a photo of her parents with Tanveer. Sanam goes to Tanveer. Tanveer says she does not know them
Qubool Hai | Interview Preview | To Beat Monday Blues. Today being a Monday, that too the day after friendship... http…
Qubool Hai 6th August 2014 Written Episode. Episode starts with Sanam is distraught as she talks to Rehaan about...
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What is ur most fav scene whch u think u hav dun best in qubool hai
My family thinks I'm mad because I watch episodes of qubool hai and but they don't know you are my 1Nonly
You make Qubool Hai what it is! Hats off! The show would not be the same without you! Thanks for all your hard work! Appreciate it!
2.3 begins the season Qubool hai, you shot him?
I was just wondering, isn't it Haram to consume alcohol?? Then why is Ahil drinking in qubool hai??
Qubool Hai: Will Razia Begum and Tanveer join hands to get rid of Sanam?: During Dawat-e-Eid, Razia informs Ta...
Tia Bagga. Qubool Hai - Jealous, insult, romance, dance for Aahil and Sanam...
Qubool Hai | Interview | Surbhi Chandna and Deepak Wadhwa . The final part of the interview with Surbhi Chandna...
hayyyeee.main to kab se ready hoon.qubool hai ( says 3 times) :-P lolz
“Fab pic: mr khan's eyes and his killer look!! Uf! Qubool hai has nvr been the same
Missing karan and dill mill gayye and the old qubool hai :(
Qubool Hai is a must watch for me I cant live without that lol atm, & there rest are just to kill my boredom tbh & I watch EMA
Qubool Hai. Rasiya Bi is back. Tanveer finds out sanan is Azad zoya daughter and is shocked
I love todays episode of Qubool hai!!! Just Amazing ❤❤❤
Raqesh Vashisht, the highly acclaimed actor in Tum Bin along with TV serials such as Nach Baliye, Qubool Hai and...
Hoping for a better Epi tomorow With SaHil scene/s(or am i asking for too much) SaHil-Less & Aahil-Less epi hum Mein Qubool nahi hai
No Sahil scenes today :( Qubool hai is just incomplete without Sahil.. Hope to see more Sahil scenes tmorrow
I honestly love love love qubool hai. 👍 love from Malaysia. I wait every night and sacrifice sleeping time for this show.
Yes, the media said that after KSG left "Qubool Hai" -_-
so done with Qubool Hai atm almost all scenes of Aahil and Sanam are taken from one show or another. yawn! loving Rahat & Hay…
loving qubool hai more and more everyday !! My excitement craves for tonight here in new york city !!
I love Kumkum Bhagya and Qubool Hai man. Can't choose which one is the best among them.
Qubool hai - two words with so much to follow:.
“Qubool hai is now such a stupid drama 😤”
Qubool hai is now such a stupid drama 😤
Qubool hai: Aahil to insult Sanam in party and blame her to hurt Rehaan’s feelings. Qubool Hai is going on Sanam...
Photo: New Post has been published on Qubool Hai 6th...
Omg no I missed it tonight cuz my cousin was watching wwe tonight.. I'll read it though!
LMAO I didn't know it was a show!! lol I remembered that scene from kabhi khushi kabhi ghum where kajol …
Qubool Hai - Karan Singh Grover has been replaced by Raqesh Vashisht!!
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Ahil plans a small get together for his friends in Qubool Hai! Zee Tv's most loved and popular show...
Remembering Eid celebration of Qubool Hai with Karan Singh Grover.jst watching those episode...
Qubool hai: Rehaan to come in the way of Tanveer's plans to get all the property Popular show Qubool Hai on Zee Tv has once again captivated the fans with its interesting storyline. It is now seen that Aahil (Karanvir Bohra ) and Sanam (Surbhi Jyoti ) have got married, but there is no love between them. The marriage was set up by Tanveer just so that she could save the property from going away to charity. However, by using her evil tricks, her son Rehaan (Shehzad Sheikh) has now become against her. Rehaan is furious with his mother for getting Sanam and Aahil married in spite of knowing that he loves Sanam. It will soon be seen that Rehaan will plan to take revenge against Tanveer for shattering his dreams. He will spoil Tanveer’s plans of getting the property in her name. The upcoming track surely seems to be quite interesting.
[UNTAGGED PIC] :and Aditya Roy Kapoor promoting on the set of Qubool Hai
PIC SET 2 - Parineeti Chopra & Aditya Roy Kapur on the sets of Qubool Hai ( ) to promote . http:/…
Guys from today ITA awards voting is starting. Its Indian Television Academy awards not Indian telly awards. Both are different . Hope everyone have voted for telly awards so now its time for Television academy awards. You can vote till 15 of September. Here is link KVB,SJ and QH in following: Dash ka sitara(best actor)...Karanvir Bhora Dash ki dhadkan(best actress)...Surbhi Jyoti Desh ka dharavahik(Best serial)...Qubool Hai ❤ Yasmin
Hi guys wanna pictures of Qubool Hai | Dr Raahat and Hayaa- Mysterious and Moody? I am sure that all want that.
Hi frnds...We are back with the latest update about the Qubool Hai Cast (offscreen).Hope you will enjoy the pictures related to :- Qubool Hai | Some Tears ;-( and Some Smiles :-)
I only watch Qubool Hai and my favourite couple is definitely Aahil and Sanam
Tia Bagga. Qubool Hai / Some Tears and Some Smile. What is in store for Sanam Ahmed Khan, some Smiles or some Tears ?
you guys should promote Qubool Hai more and give us like a Maha Episode. Its one of the best serials.
Don't miss the Daavat-e-Eid special episode in the show Qubool Hai!. Where the entire Zee family would…
i like EMA before 9th may but now serial is not going well...& after that Jodha Akbar & this days i like Qubool hai also
Qubool Hai | Some Tears and Some Smiles. The FIFA 2014 has seen some great moments in football. Germany has taken...
hello karanvir sir. I m huge fan from malaysia n just in love with your acting in qubool hai. Keep up the great work.. ☺
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Rachna with shail and dayal in a new avatar. Dont Miss the idd spl dawat-e- idd by z tv.gr8 entertainment.Qubool hai
I think I'm just gonna rant about my fave qubool hai scenes later bc no one here wants to talk about it :p
oh I found out, she is lead of Qubool Hai TV show! Didn't know they share outfits in TV.
I feel like it's time for qubool hai to get a new intro montage
On the sets of Qubool Hai with her ardent fan!
Namaste :) I an from the Caribbean. New fan of Qubool hai. Love your acting as well as the rest of the cast's.
QUBOOL HAI - Sanam & Aahil "might" get married.& live happily ever after...the end 😂
Dinner time with family means getting together in dining room & bearing the torture of "Qubool Hai".
*Big twist On Hai Let see this . Nida's plan for Sanam fails again
we want promos of high time Nikah here n no promo pretty plz :)
Qubool hai for weekdays. Shararat and kzk for weekends!!! curing kv fever :):):).
From the shararat days to qubool hai .. You have been my favourite. Please be forever on the screen ! Much love :)
it's my khwaish too, want to hear Zakir say Qubool that million dollar voice !!!
This is lata dancing on baby doll in qubool hai!! Pls watch...
HI! :D just wanted to let you know that you have been doing a FAB job on qubool hai! chemistry with sanam is on point! :)
i love the intro to qubool hai it makes me sing along like QUBOLL HAI
you are just doing a mindblowing job in Qubool Hai. Keep up all the good work 👍👍
Hai qubool toh aaja jaana _. Complete the line and tell us what you thought about trailer -
Pavitra Rishta was sad today, Kumkum Bhagya also sad, Qubool Hai also sad. Great day thanks :/
Don't act like you've never raced home just to watch Qubool Hai.
Raziya to be back soon, all these twists and turns. Impatient to see it's destination :D.
Qubool Hai 25th June 2014 Written Episode The episode starts with Tanveer talking to Ahil about...
pandaa u offline. Im going as well, going to watch qubool hai and ek hasina thi. bye take care
when will you give the written link for today's episode of Qubool Hai ?
Qubool Hai to see the re-entry of Razia Begum and a new villain!. he Zee Tv show has been keeping its audience at...
Just look at the crap shows here even Muslim shows like Qubool Hai and the one on Colors when u compare in acting no class at all.
Eagerly waiting for today's epi & also upcoming epis too Qubool hai is getting intense & interesting day b day
Qubool Hai | Deepak Wadhwa as Raahat. Deepak Wadhwa is perhaps opposite of what his character is in Qubool Hai;...
New twist in to fall in love with after ahil's and nida engagement ...
plz give us a mahaepisode of qubool hai...plz yeah watched JA
Dear Zee, give us Maha episode & regular promos coz story & Qubool Hai is doing great right now story wise & execution wise!
""Upcoming Track"". Qubool Hai latest twist: Rehaan to fall in love with Sanam post Aahil-Nida engagement. In...
Qubool Hai 24th June 2014. Written Update. There’s no Qubool Hai. episode on 24th June 2014. due to an hour special episode. of Kumkum Bhagya.
Was there a Qubool hai episode yday?
Karanvir's instagram. ' Sleeping beauties of Qubool Hai
That can stay on hold I have to catch up with Kum Kum bhagya then balh then pavitra rishta then qubool hai
I think your favourite show is qubool hai
oh okay... I watch Beintehaa and Saraswatichandra...☺ smtimes madhubala,qubool hai
Qubool Hai. Lawyer tells Tanveer Ahil will get the property but he refuses it. Ahil agrees but is told he has to get married before 30
Watching qubool hai in this early morning
don't do this again .missing qubool hai & our SaHil/AaNam/SurVir.
OffScreen masti on the Sets of Qubool Hai (y) :D :D :D
yeah but at the same time i am missing Qubool Hai too :(
I really like qubool hai and saraswatichandra nowerdays... Interesting twists n great chemistry :)
Mohit on upcoming Father's Day: Mohit Sehgal who was last seen as Haider in Qubool Hai on Zee Tv : I will take my father out. We will chill, relax and drink together. I will have dinner with him. But for me big thing is spending time together; on Father's day I will try spend maximum time with my father.
Do u watch Hindi Drama from Zee Tv ? Do u watch Qubool hai ? ☺. I mean i knw u watch ! But do u watch ?
Qubool hai is based on TANVEER ONLY !! When AsYa was there it was TANU TANU TANU and Now SaHil still ANI TANU !! As my sisters say show should be called Tanveer Hai
Qubool hai: Sanam lands in Aahil’s arms! Badi Begum pleads Sanam to go to cemetery alone, will Sanam die?. Rahat...
Review of Qubool Hai 13th June 2014 Hi everyone!! I’m glad Rahat witnessed Munisa’s husband deed and has thrown him out of the house. Munisa is another Simmi (o
I would say qubool hai soo quickly at our shadi.
i guess so :P now watching qubool hai.
Missed Qubool Hai and zeetv didn't upload today's episode. Why the suspense man?
Qubool Hai. Shaiob is after Haya. Haya runs to Rahat room but he has headphones on. Will Haya get saved
Qubool Hai. Badi bi tries to tell sanam something but cant speak. Sanam gets lost and ends up at char rasta which badi bi told her
When Aahil makes his entriyaan the entire athmosphere changes...Qubool Hai is lucky to have you And we are super proud of you KV!
Qubool Hai . Sanam to get attacked re badhi bi will . will she survive.
Qubool Hai History..again..upcoming dont be miss credit-Tia
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Tanveer decides to Kill Sanam after knowing Property papers location in ‘Qubool Hai’. In the coming episodes...
Have you seen our latest post? Qubool Hai | BTS | Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti Scene
through a fellow who watches Qubool hai. Also I knew his wife cos she played Sneha in Kasuti which I watched.
The world around me is getting committed and hitched with all the "I do" and "Qubool hai", Roka and ring ceremony and here I am still trying to figure out what my favourite colour is. :/
Wish u a very very Happy Bday Surbhi!! Ur d soul of Qubool hai :') love you always
Qubool Hai: Aahil and Sanam to get closer: Qubool Hai: Aahil and Sanam to get closer
hey guyzz... Do u knw y KSG left Qubool hai..??? bczzz his MOVIE is coming bipashaa..!!
Ashish Kaul to play Aahil’s father in Zee Tv’s Qubool Ha. Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai, produced by 4 Lions Films will see...
Neha Lakshmi Iyer To Enter Sasural Simar Ka! Posted on Jun 12, 2014 in Sasural Simar Ka | 0 comments | Post a commment in Share Post the leap in Colors’ Sasural Simar Ka, Simar’s husband Prem will get engaged to Neha Lakshmi Iyer who will be seen as Surbhi. Rashmi Sharma Telefilms’ popular show Sasural Simar Ka on Colors has been in the new for its two years leap. According to the latest update from the show after the leap Simar (Dipika Samson) will be seen with a different family along with a new husband and a two year old daughter. Sasural Simar Ka has always entertained its audiences with its gripping twists and turns. So now after the leap show will take a huge turn as Prem will be seen getting engaged in the show. After Simar’s death, Prem is too depressed and looking at his condition, Bharadwaj family convinces him to get engaged for the sake of his daughter Anjali. According to the sources, “There is a new entry in Sasural Simar Ka after the leap who will be cast opposite Prem and she wil ...
In the December 31 episode of Qubool Hai, Zoya is on her notorious spree teasing Asad. Haseena's relative (the inspector) thrashes Ayaan. Asad comes to his r...
Reentry in Qubool Hai? i think you meant to say BeIntehaa? Am I right? 💁
Qubool Hai is told from the perspective of three protagonists. Ayaan is an amiable charmer, while his brother Asad is angst-ridden and intense.
No Aahil in Qubool hai. Im shocked! I mean the show lead actor is him. Can we see him more then the useless characters. No insult.
Qubool Hai . Haya says sorry to Rahat. Badi bi tries to tell sanam something.
Qubool Hai Precap Promo 13th June 2014 (Written Update). Badi ammi continues to say danger to Sanam, and requests...
Ashish Kaul to play Aahil's father in Zee Tv's Qubool Hai
Qubool hai is Qubool Bahi hai when ur nt visible on d screen prince ! Ur d bulb to the shw ! Luv u ! , ,
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I am watching Qubool hai nd u frnds.
Today's Qubool hai episode, will do an edit shortly ✌
Qubool Hai: Tanveer to hire goons to kill Sanam; History to repeat itself!. Mumbai: For all the loyal viewers of...
New Post (Qubool Hai 12 june 2014 dailymotion Full Episode) has been published on
Tanveer to order henchmen to kill Sanam; Aahil to come as a saviour in Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai. Viewers will witness...
Qubool Hai upcoming: Sanam agrees to work again in Aahil's house -Qubool Hai: Sanam decides to join back at Aahil's place to hide truth from Dilshad In Qubool hai on Zee Tv, Aahil ( Karanvir Bohra) and Sanam ( Surbhi Jyoti) will be going through some confrontation soon. As seen Sanam is now tensed that Dilshad is discharged and Sanam hasnt told her that she is jobless. Dilshad is assuming that Sanam is well settled with her job in Bhopal. Hence Sanam will decide to break her ego and go back to Aahil and request him to keep her on the job. Since Sanam is in desperate need of money, she will bear the brunt of his insults also. In tonight's episode, Aahil will agree to keep Sanam back on the job as a cook. Aahil will insult her and tell her that she is now at his mercy. After this sequence it is said that Aahil and Sanam's equations will change soon ~ yasmin
Mohit Sehgal to replace Vikrant Massey in Qubool Hai. Will fans be able to accept this replacement again?
Men grab more screen space on prime time. It is no longer a woman's world in daily soaps and reality shows. Male protagonists and anchors are emerging stronger with more screen time Soapy trails The men on Indian television are on a comeback mode finally. After spending years in the sidelines letting the female counterpart mouth the paisa-vasool dialogues and grab more screen space, men are calling the shots on prime time TV soaps. Karanvir Bohra as Aahil in Qubool Hai, Vivian Dsena as Raja in Madhubala...Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, Siddharth Shukla and Shashank Vyas as Shiv and Jagdish in Balika Vadhu, Mohit Mallik as Samrat in Doli Armaanon Ki or Vikas Manaktala in Main Naa Bhoolungi, Ashish Sharma as Rudra in RangRasiya and Rajat Tokas as Akbar in Jodha Akbar, these leading men are not only emerging as strong characters in their respective shows but are also reason for the impressive TRPs their shows are raking in. Producer Rajan Shahi shares, "Seven years ago only female protagonists were considered important ...
After a lot of controversies, the cast and crew of Zee Tv's popular show finally get a reason to celebrate Zee Tv's Qubool Hai, which has become quite a favourite amongst the masses right from the ...
Qubool hai: Sanam exposed to Aahil in the lighter's flame! Will romantic flames burn for the two? |
Telebuzz is back with some latest updates on Qubool Hai on Zeetv. In 13th May 2014 Episode you will see Sanam & Aahil’s Biggest celebration Click Here to Know more about Qubool Hai
Qubool hai was learning experience wid lots of fun.
Beintehaa and Qubool Hai - On a macroscale, the shows focus on two completely individualistic story lines, minute similarities are evident.
Parting ways or going to come closer? Aahil -Sanam(Qubool Hai)
Parting ways or going to come closer-ahil sanam -qubool hai.
Have you seen our latest post? Qubool Hai | Divy Nidhi Sharma and Surbhi Jyoti Interview – Part 1...
Watch the video «Qubool Hai 12th May 2014 Pt4» uploaded by Down1001 on Dailymotion.
Qubool Hai 12th May 2014 Written Episode. Scene 1:. Location: Ahil’s haveli. Latif is reprimanded by Sanam for...
In the March 4 Episode of Qubool Hai Zoya learns about her father to be in Bhopal, after showing the picture she had with her to an old person. Rasiya inform...
what's up with ur right hand? I noticed it has been bandaged up since u started in Qubool Hai. Jus curious.
Hey guys, if anyone wants to post relate qubool hai, surbhi and kanvir . You can most welcome to post your wish.
KSG back on the set of Qubool Hai...
I fell in love wid ur love story in qubool hai...
Karanvir Bohra, the new handsome will romance the leading lady Zoya aka Surbhi Jyoti of Zee Tv's popular show Qubool Hai. The show is about to take a 20 ...
According to them it is because of her KSG left qubool hai! She had to block them! They said a lot of mean stuff :(
Dear All, Thank You all for the comment you all made on yesterday's Pictures and all and Today i am back with the same process as Yesterday.. Firstly Before Posting pictures and link of the picture i would like to thank to my special Friends Surbhibornstar,sana5, ... | 4019873 | Qubool Hai Forum
Qubool Hai | Not Such A Nice Guy After All – Gorky M We saw this picture posted by Gorky M on his...
My vote goes to our beloved and one and only KaBhi ALL CREDIT GOES TO TUMBLRAny thoughts?? SimplySmile2014-05-10 16:52:00 | 4018830 | Qubool Hai Forum
sir ur wife is too cute nd strong player in kkk . Nd ur role in qubool hai is too nice sir
Hey guyz.I made this video for all qubool hai lovers.plzzz watch it and comment tht how is it?...
my ama ll be 60 next yr... qubool hai :D
Karanvir Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti play Aahil Razaa Ibrahim and Sanam Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai. We spoke with them to introduce to us their characters. And here is the part 1 of that interview. Who ar...
why r u saying dat uzms is promoting qubool hai? I dont watch it now
Boy... Now isn't this BIG!! Qubool hai completes 400 episodes!! Which episode has been your favourite in the past 2 and a odd years?
Qubool hai Serial Fame Surbhi Jyoti to host the Show on Zing TV
We've played the best football in the country, have the best striker in PL, have the best goal scorer, have the best assist, and goes on & on. What else to say!!! All Man u fans will now wait for Qubool Hai and others next season with Dall Puri on the Sofa!!! Or they will watch & support man City again like they did this season!! pityful fans! We're just the best in the country if not in the world!!! YNWA!!!
Qubool Hai: Will Aahil throw Sanam out of his house? -After losing herdhabaand her land, Sanam is in Bhopal to...
Qubool Hai: Sanam decides to leave Bhopal -Mumbai:At the on-location shoot of "Qubool Hai", Sanam is waiting for...
big congrats Karan to u and entire team hai on episode hope u guys keep going and going "lots of love"
There was a time when half of the qubool hai fandom disliked now look everyone's in love! glad I'm his fan since kzk😁💜💜
wish u all d best KV u're really gr8 in qubool hai hope may u achieve a lot of success.. GODBLESS:-)
Yesterday, 'Qubool Hai' has completed 400 episodes. Congratulations to the team and all the fans 'Qubool Hai' !...
Fans page for the actor and producer Karanvir Bohra who currently playing the lead role in Qubool Hai
Maha Guruvar On Zee Tv To Bring Twist In Jodha Akbar And Qubool Hai Posted on Apr 29, 2014 in Jodha Akbar , Qubool Hai | 5 comments | Post a commment 1 May being a holiday, creatives at Zee Tv’s popular show Jodha Akbar (Balaji Telefilm) and Qubool Hai (4 Lions Productions) are busy chalking out plots to keep viewers enthralled and engaged. Jodha Akbar, which is already in news for the real life animosity between the Director (Santram Verma) and the lead actress Paridhi Sharma, will get to see the hatred move on screen where Akbar (Rajat Tokas) will get to know the real intention of her badi ammi, Maham Aga (Ashwini Kalsekar) and will take away all her responsibilities off her shoulder. This insult will not be taken up lightly by the woman who will decide to strike back at the king in near future. Apart from this royal drama, it will be time for some shocking revelation in Qubool Hai. As seen so far, Aahil’s (Karanvir Bohra) entry post leap has spiced up the scenario and now revelation of his identity ...
Shahrukh Khan lends car to Qubool Hai actor Karanvir Bohra: SRK has lent one of his car to Karanvir after the ...
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TOP 10 Most Popular Serials of History of Zee Tv. Qubool Hai (2011-still). Kasamh Se (2006-2009). Banoo...
Qubool Hai will see death of Rashid Ahmed Khan (Vaquar Shaikh). The way he was killed in the show was nothing short of hair-raising action. So, death by natural causes? Of course not. There is some...
I hope barkat finds out everything and for the wedding she says Qubool nahi hai
Barkat is to get married to that 70 yr old man n that Mir Khan is forcing her to say qubool hai n zaya come n try to stop it
Watch the video «Qubool Hai 11th April 2014 Part 2» uploaded by Cool1001 on Dailymotion.
request all my muslim brothers and sisters not to watch tv serials,specially 'Qubool Hai' and 'Beinteha',they are beautifully crafted to divert the minds of muslim youth by showing a different culture not at all related with muslims (Like playing holi,wearing jeans etc by girls,keeping the hairs open,going to dargah for every reason and much more) My humble request to you all please stop watching all these nonsense stuff!
Why there continuos reports of him having already signed Qubool hai. He should not take it. The show is doomed.
Can you pls confirm if KVB has accepted Qubool Hai. Qubool hai fans are not happy at all and want it shut down. Dont take it
is it true tht kvb is in qubool hai? Do reply
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