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Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is an American television series that was broadcast on NBC from March 26, 1989 to May 5, 1993, for a total of five seasons.

Scott Bakula Dr Sam Beckett Dean Stockwell New Orleans Star Trek Breaking Bad Knight Rider

Quantum Leap. One of the G.O.A.T. television shows.
I come home and watch Quantum Leap on Netflix because I'm a effin G!
today was a quantum leap. I believe the two things you mentioned going to happen rather quickly!
I almost bought a Scott Bakula action figure. ...but it was from Enterprise, not Quantum Leap. So it was a sad no-go
A Quantum Leap in web technology helping with to create their own fortunes
Oh I'd forgotten about them. Mostly all I remember from that series is the Quantum Leap Reunion Episode.
Time for another white 'quantum leap'?
Why did Sam never return home? – At the end of the finale of Quantum leap, a title ca...
Called GENIUS by Google Insider ... Discover web technology that's a quantum leap ahead of its time
Really craving a Quantum Leap cobb salad with garlic fries. bring me one!
but how does it compare to my classic Cam'ron/Quantum Leap "Oh Boy" joke?
Thank you for letting Quantum Leap still be on your site.
Fantastic Quantum Leap reference on today. Not enough love these days.
Ed Miliband went back to 2014. Then 2010. Now 1979. Best episode of Quantum Leap ever.
THE SECOND ONE. Much like Quantum Leap, maybe his next leap.. Will be the horse-leap home?
Watching an old episode of Quantum Leap and apparently this is what apartments look like in 1999.…
I'm here for Quantum Leap and Knight Rider remakes lol
Can he do a remake of "Quantum Leap" next? "Manimal"? "Knight Rider"? . I want to test his franchise revival powers.
Is "knows the entire opening monologue from Quantum Leap" considered a special skill?
That's not bad, but it is a little weird ;-) I've never seen Quantum Leap.
"Doing is a quantum leap from imagining."
I cant be the only one who wants to see a Quantum Leap remake.
Another quantum leap in traffic levels for MetaBomb. Every time I think we've taken one post a day as far as we can it surprises me again.
Is it bad that I read AI as a guy's name then got a bit sad when I realized you weren't making a reference to Quantum Leap?
Catching up on some Quantum Leap with the best actor I've ever seen Meeting him is still on my bucket list to pick his brain
QUANTUM LEAP is coming to COZI 25.1 on May 27th!
Loved the end of Buffy. Hated the end of Quantum Leap. So unsatisfying!!! Still makes me mad where Buffy was perfect.
A quantum leap in vertical transportation? A pictorial presentation of the Articulated Funiculator:
DATA: Still "past" info, 1's-0's. Quantum-leap thinking ahead of curve, out of the box about Data needs training.
sad I missed you last night, big fan of quantum leap! great new show! Bon courage
- The technological leap we will make when we have Quantum comps will dwarf anything we've seen over the past 50 yrs.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Bolden tells that which he called "quantum leap forward" remains on schedule and on budget for 2018 launch
I want to write a TV show. It’s like quantum leap except the person leaps through time each time they fart.
Who is to say that in a few more years it won't have improved another quantum leap?
"With ~50X more Californians as Icelanders, this initiative has potential of making a quantum leap in biomedicine” -
More like a moderately well-off middle aged woman's Quantum Leap.
I don't remember Early Edition, but it sounds like a poor man's Quantum Leap.
Neither does "quantum leap"! Quantum: "The smallest amount of a physical quantity that can exist independently".
Doing is a quantum leap from imagining.-Barbara Sher .
Idea:comparison website that instead of comparing insurance with insurance,you compare it with cool stuff like penguins,robots &Quantum Leap
Quantum Leap Your Cash: See how you can accelerate your business revenues through opportunities & r...
Quantum Leap on is missing key episodes, but bogus episode numbers hide the gaps.
One small step for man... One giant leap for space-time. Quantum Leap is NEW to shomi!.
First day at Emerald City Comicon! I hope to find a Scott Bakula figure from either Star Trek Enterprise, Quantum Leap or Looking.
I'm gonna rewatch all five seasons of Quantum Leap. I wish I had a Sam Beckett to stop me from getting credit...
After watching the latest episode of the Flash did anyone else immediately think of Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap? "Oh boy".
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Someone should remake Quantum Leap. And in one episode Dr Sam Beckett should accidentally reanimate as and go back in time...
…or possibly like Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap right after a jump.
"Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Dr. Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap →
Ah, the Vietnam episode of Quantum Leap, with Tia Carrere as a Viet Cong, and Puddy as a Navy SEAL.
. Try watching a pregnant Sam Beckett in 8 1/2 months, Quantum Leap. Now THAT was some spot on acting!
Great to see on Family Guy. Sam Beckett leaping into the body of Quagmire would be a good episode of Quantum Leap :)
this fic has super tapped into my love of Quantum Leap but also the angst of Dr. Sam Beckett *swoon*
Scott Bakula, stop being in things that aren't Quantum Leap. No one buys you as a non-time traveling regular dude.
give it up for Scott Bakula from Quantum Leap
You might be on to something. There's a chance that Dr Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap has gone rogue and set her up for a laugh.
This Penn Zero cartoon is basically Quantum Leap if Sam Beckett was An ***
- When I was younger I used to watch a lot of Quantum Leap and Touched by an Angel. Lol
It's weird that I start with "Dog Days are Over" in my head but I end up with the theme from Quantum Leap. What witchery is this?!
Be the type of person others want to be around. Andy Andrews. (Quantum Leap *** Dillingham)
Wow the boy with green hair (movie title: The Boy With Green Hair) is Al from Quantum Leap
India on Brink of Quantum Leap, Modi Tells Investors Here is the opening of this informative report from Reuters: (Reuters) - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised on Sunday to pursue predictable policies and ensure stable taxes, in a speech that sought to address concerns for foreign inv...
Love that you have been play8ing "Airwolf" and "Quantum Leap" late at night. Any chance of airing "Greatest American Hero"??
If you can't come up with a Halloween costume next year, just say you're Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap. He could be anyone.
you buggers have ruined Quantum Leap for me!
Why do people use the expression "quantum leap" to convey the idea of taking a gigantic leap forward as applied to whatever revelation is being talked about. Most people probably don't know what a quantum leap really is. Putting it extremely simply, it's when an electron jumps from one orbit to another without actually physically crossing the space between orbits. This very weird action happens, of course, at the atomic scale. So a quantum leap is actually something that is mind bogglingly tiny! I dunno! If any one knows how it came to mean having a big progression I'd love to know.
Aahh Liquid Deep by far one of my favorite groups in all Africa!! True testimony of a quantum leap of…
Millar's Authority: Dialogue takes a quantum leap in quality in the second arc, while retaining Millar's penchant for the unpleasant.
Homelands slowly becoming more epic than Quantum Leap
Is it the Quantum Leap sound effect they're using?
watching Quantum leap and saw this :D
Surely there's a remake of this eventually?. Quantum Leap TV Intro:
QUANTUM LEAP WITH JULIE KINTZ. TONIGHT 5pm Pacific 8pm EST. Tune in and hear two amazing activists for brain...
What if Harry Styles IS a young *** Jagger sent through time to right what was once wrong. . Que Quantum Leap music !! .
you're so old you still think Quantum Leap plays after Raw
Quantum Leap starring Scott Bakula, following Raw, right here on USA.
That's like a Quantum Leap episode: "Sam, you're stuck in the body of THE Arnold! You have to bleed bad puns to kill this thing!"
when you take a quantum leap to a worm hole next to Saturn
2015 taking responsibility to be the man I am to be ... always have but another quantum leap has occurred another shift in paradigm
The art of snow removal in Mississauga has made a quantum leap.
My love life is like Quantum Leap. I flit from date to date hoping the next will take me home but in the end I never make…
loved you since Quantum Leap 😍 hope you're always doing amazing 😊 it would mean the universe and more if you saw this xo 😘💕
We're proud to offer a performance guarantee. More reasons to make the quantum leap:
Pumpkin pancakes! I've been waiting all week for this!! \o/ @ Quantum Leap Restaurant
Heartening see Japan PM Abe re-elected. India now looks forward to taking quantum leap in WorldClass Infra Projects, busy time 4 Gadkariji
I added a video to a playlist Quantum Leap Nerd | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim
I used an entire episode of Quantum Leap for a short story essay at school once, got an A :D
I've just reached the bit about Quantum Leap.
Quantum Leap gets a mention - you're right about the others though. And Blade Runner didn't need to be there
Blade Runner but no Quantum Leap, Slaughterhouse-Five, Star Trek 4, The 4400, or Time Tunnel? You're doing time travel wrong.
Watching Tomorrow's Worlds,interesting that the JFK episode of Quantum Leap was inspired by the creator meeting Oswald whilst in the marines
If you could go back in time, Quantum Leap style, to the French Revolution
British pig producers are making quantum leap in biosecurity.
Able Friend dazzles at Sha Tin: Australian-bred Able Friend made the quantum leap from. a Wyong Maiden to Group...
End of the night slide into a quantum leap!! or maybe might have been there.
I just uploaded 'Quantum Leap By Indian Scientists? (Hindu 2000)' to
Humanity's next leap forward is to tap into their Quantum Consciousness. Its the 90% of your mind that you've not accessed …
Fascia was founded in order to make a quantum leap in the industry , processing and management of exhibitions and creative marketing.
You don't hear much about people using "Hey Ziggy" as their voice command trigger phrase. No one dying to feel like Al on Quantum Leap?
Ultimate Rebrander: A quantum leap in PDF e-book rebranding. Turn your affiliates into super…
seems like quantum leap in headcount ..starting to feel like pampered ELOI & worker MORLOCK class in HG Wells Time Machine
his stand up has improved since heading out to blackzilians. Took a quantum leap. Congrats
Consciousness is a quantum leap from the physical to the non-physical dimension.
Sounds interesting. The last time travel show I watched was Quantum Leap!
My boy made the quantum leap congratulations
This achievement is even more meaningful as we're now reaching the completion of our "Quantum Leap" journey: Emir
We r at a crossroad-time 4 Quantum Leap to transcend Mind & Ego and function from our True Self is NOW. Raj Yoga/Meditation is the way to go
Apparently the show is put together from the clips, but still there should've been more time travel. Glad Quantum Leap got in.
Success is not some outrageous equation, or a quantum leap landing you into the highest tax bracket…
A quantum leap doesn’t require effort.  It requires a changing of your mind, openness + a shift in your thinking.
"I was John Malkovich before being John Malkovich was fashionable". Sam off Quantum Leap.
Congratulations! I think. Quantum Leap as Clark unveils UK's network of Quantum Technology Hubs via
Quantum Leap reunion on Yay! Al and Dr. Sam Beckett together again!
"Quantum Leap was all just one big lead-in to Quantum Productions." - Dr. Sam Beckett . I think that's how the...
Maybe Dr. Sam Beckett out of Quantum Leap leapt inside the driver's body, and is currently talking to his holographic pal, Al.
In the last 12 weeks I've watched all of Friends, Desperate Housewives, Sex&the City and Tru Calling. Now on to Quantum Leap!
Brian Cranston was good and all in Breaking Bad; but Scott Bakula's performance in Quantum Leap changed my life
"'NCIS: New Orleans' to stage 'Quantum Leap' reunion with Dean Stockwell" via
Mogget is hilarious - a great character. He's a bit like Dean Stockwell in Quantum Leap - helps Sam out - kinda :D
Watching in quantum leap,seems strange him not being cpt archer!,thanks !
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In quantum leap I always wonder if Sam ever gets a day off.
Well I read this through and found it inspiring. Every story motivated me. It...
If you"re in the Fire Service and believe every firefighter regardless of financial means should have the ability to be buried in a uniform please read. :Dear Bereavement Uniform Program (BUP) LinkedIn Members, Greetings from the Lighthouse Uniform Company, BUP headquarters. It’s been an extraordinary few months for the Bereavement Uniform Program and I wanted to share some of it with you. Back in August, at the IAFC’s annual conference, we had a chance to introduce the BUP to the Executive Board of the VCOS, the largest section in the IAFC and the BUP’s natural connector between the paid and volunteer firefighting world. The VCOS’s acceptance and involvement in the program could have been a quantum leap toward every firefighter, paid and volunteer, active and retired, having the choice of answering their ‘last call’ in a Class A, at no cost to the family. It seemed like a match ‘made in heaven’ and was recognized as such by the VCOS Board which moved and passed a motion to formally endo . ...
Mozzarella sticks and Quantum Leap because that's just how I roll.
Quantum Leap..the fact that Sam never leaped home still till this day pisses me off!!
That's right but a quantum leap at this time.
Lately when I meet someone clueless I like to give them the benefit of doubt and imagine Sam from Quantum Leap has just jumped into them
Enjoyed listening to the Firefly & Quantum Leap episodes of the TV Resurrection Podcast
Ren Kennedy - Two more sleeps before my quantum leap to LA , if you are there, let's get in touch - work to do!! xo
Is the city ready for that quantum leap into the upper tier?
I was just humming the A-Team theme but it somehow morphed in the Quantum Leap theme which made me think of what a messed up show that'd be.
So, in the opening for the video of Lights (amazing song) looks like she's standing in the Quantum Leap Accelerator.
The quantum leap Boykin has made as a passer this year inspires confidence.
Quantum leap after effects template
Having possibly been the most boring person through school this is quite a quantum leap.
kind of like Quantum Leap, the good hearted hero
Make a quantum leap that will impact your entire life! Please join me for a Breakthrough at Santa Fe Soul...
Thank you for bringing us HD Quantum Leap, love this show.
Its not only me who is having revolutionary thoughts, I feel everyone wants to have a quantum leap for his 30s - 40s !
Awaiting the quantum leap of vehicle design ~
...cont... ...why the frig did i go from tutoring on ancient Greeks Last week to the War of 1812 This week?! Leap
Any possibilities for real-time modelling for emergency response project and more
its a step fwd. Schools are one thing, accepting that there may have been a big bang is almighty quantum leap.
Your word associations are mind boggling. How did your mind make that quantum leap between "form" and "Medium"? Incredible.
I have to question waking up at 5am humming the theme to Quantum Leap only for it to change to Kriss Kross Jump. What does the day hold?
If no one shows up, call me. We can get a pizza and watch Quantum Leap. It's still on the air in Canada.
Loving this! The Fund invests in entrepreneurs working towards quantum-leap discoveries that reinvent the operat…
Terrence Jones is active and productive already. Houston needs him to take a quantum leap defensively this year. Oh...Harden too.
I adored Quantum Leap back in the day watched it religiously even if sometimes behind a cushion. My 1st Sam & Dean (Stockwell)
I get you people slow humming nursery rhymes while they rock creep me thanks to Trilogy on Quantum Leap
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
one of my new favs. Still like Best since Quantum Leap.
With Yum yum! One of my favorite places to eat. (@ Quantum Leap) on
"Objection, your honor. The defendant is quoting the opening of Quantum Leap."
yeah did the quantum leap thing and corrected a wrong. Could have used him the past couple seasons though.
Quantum Leap guy is on NCIS now. Man that show was hot.
I was wondering if Pride going to be Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap for Halloween!
Day 74 of It's a night for Quantum Leap! This show seriously always puts me in a good…
Lucky you Adam!! Hi Scott! - used to watch Quantum Leap every week! :-)
Israel & the kosher wine world has truly made a quantum leap in white, rose, and sparkling wine quality - BRAVO!.
A side note: Has anyone else noticed how Simmonds' puckhandling has taken a quantum leap forward? He can handle...
Halloween Party at Quantum Leap on Thurs Oct 30, 7-10PM. Live music - food truck - Costume contest with great prizes! …
Mubarak! Now this is what I would call is the Mother of all blockbusters! A QUANTUM LEAP ! A new er…
Awfully early in the series to jump the shark... Quantum Leap stars for reunion in NCIS: New Orleans
Quantum Leap the Next Generation: Sam leaps into a pedestrian at the corner of Windsor and Chebucto...
Quantum Leap on I will be having plenty of that, quality viewing
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
Jean Houston calls this century “Jump Time, ”a critical point where we can make a quantum leap to create a new civiliz…
Watching 'Quantum Leap'. - is the idea behind this show possible?
Thanks for showing Quantum Leap! :) Great to have it back on TV. One of my faves.
Good to see Quantum Leap back on the box!
Watching the first episode of Quantum Leap. Don't make Sci-fi like they used to.
Watching Quantum Leap and feeling a bit old as the last episode went out over 20 years ago.
Awesome moment, Quantum leap comes on sci fi and Ben runs in "which one is it mam" 😊😊😊
after Quantum Leap and Breaking Bad, one of the best shows ever.
Is there a Quantum Leap reboot or is old Quantum Leap actually on my telly soon?
I think they should do a re boot of quantum leap
Oh how I used to love quantum leap back in the day.
Is it true that they're rebooting Quantum Leap? Will you and Dean Stockwell be involved?
Tom Hanks in "Bosom Buddies"? He wore a dress much more often than in Quantum Leap! Tyler Perry?
My iPod just shuffled to Scott Bakula singing highlights from Man of La Mancha on the Quantum Leap soundtrack
Great church service prophesying a Quantum Leap in our house it was amazing how the reached out and grabbed it! We declare we are thriving and we are in our Quantum Leap Year!
ancestors speak to me, they say grind hard, my elders speak to me, they say find God, a stranger spoke to me she said times hard, travel abroad and let my mind drift, quantum leap and a paradigm shift
Watching I've had a serious crush on Scott Bakula since Quantum Leap! ❤
Just watched your episode of Quantum Leap. Forgot you were in it. A pleasant surprise to be sure.
Support my Vision and Mission ➡ FREE ENERGY means Quantum Leap for...
Awesome. Quantum Leap is on SyFy in a couple of weeks. The wife is gonna hate me with all this sci fi I've been indulging in recently.
This'd make a great episode of Quantum Leap, except Sam has to stop a gun nut shooter from making Aurora twice as bad.
People are almost ready for this quantum leap into the future. But being first is a scary place!
YES. It's like a quantum leap of awesome from the Nexus 5.
VERY BIG NEWS from credentials market just took a quantum leap forward!
Lollipop - quantum leap fwd version of android; available soon on Earth
If I could adapt one tv show into a movie , it'd definitely be Quantum Leap. The comedic possibilities are endless. Ziggy says so.
In Quantum Leap do you think Sam could smell Als cigar?
One more time for the Diamond Quantum Leap- delay, flange chorus and more, all in one small pedal, what's not to...
She could keep taking on new secret identities, sort of like Quantum Leap, but with bisexuality and spy-boots, across various series.
I got the theme song to Quantum Leap stuck in my head right now. Been watching it lately and it's held up very well over time!
Shame they're only a quantum leap in length.
highlander is amazing! Not so keen on the series, but films are good. I am watching quantum leap from the beginning tho 😊
Back on Terra firma for an hour or so, at least the next flight will be the flight home, in a quantum leap styleee. Sort of.
Health equity report: "first time a state agency report calls out structural racism. Quantum leap forward." -Vayong Moua.
Really sad to hear news about Jimmy Savile. Remember writing to him to ask if I could meet the cast of 'Quantum Leap'.
"A reboot of Quantum Leap where, in the pilot, they jump into present day body." Wonder how often he's pitched that idea?
Today refuse to be bitter because better is coming! May God infuse you with the ability to quantum leap to your next place in Him!
I got a chance to go over to Quantum Leap Farm today on behalf of U R CrossFit, CrossFit Triumph, and CrossFit...
Quantum Leap in Quality and Total Value to Customers by Matan at SGIA 2014 ...
Rural connectivity in the district of is likely to get a quantum leap.
it was all down hill from quantum leap to be fair and the Incredible Hulk series!!
can we Quantum Leap and buy at Market Prices $1,500 under
Application intelligence is desperately required for network managers. See the next evolution in network visibility.
Quantum Leap-style intro for my new gameplay video is so epic it might melt faces. It will be on the channel later today.
Ever wonder what some of my favorite TV shows have been over the years? One of them is: Quantum Leap
Forever late check. In : show reminds me of quantum leap.
Late check in. New series for me. Like the guy from quantum leap on it. Always watched quantum leap
"Quantum Leap" via the link in our profile to the full 12 minute documentary on the very find…
Looking for a leap in your LIFE? Learn the blueprint for LUCK in and see….
Quantum leap back in time to 1984 by simply referring to soap opera 'Emmerdale' as 'Emmerdale Farm'.
Take a quantum leap to increased profitability with Business Acceleration. .
Had to explain what a Quantum leap leap is .
quantum leap on syfy uk on 27th October
Enterprise Development: achieving a quantum leap; KPMG'S Josphat Mwaura will be speaking at the East African Business Summi…
Bishop Noel Jones preaching from the series Quantum Leap.
[East West Quantum Leap voices of the apocalypse] - by
Heading to EuroFinance in Budapest? Book a meeting to learn about the quantum leap is making in
MOBE: Do you know what a quantum leap? In quantum mechanics,...
quantum leap! wow imagine being able to travel from 1 planet, galaxy, to another? Can happen
The caterpillar death is a quantum leap of creativity - the butterfly is a completely new creature.
Huge Scott Bakula fan! Since the 1st episode of Quantum Leap.
One of my favorites episodes of Quantum Leap "Scott Bakula sings Imagine" -
Football's like Quantum Leap for John Motson, isn't it? Every game he is completely surprised by what he's seeing. 'Oh! A tackle!'
.Also "Northern Exposure", "Quantum Leap",& Canadian cult classic "Breaker High" with young Ryan Gosling would be pretty awesome
I'm not sure what it means that every great creative idea I have would require me to acquire the rights to Quantum Leap.
Shaar: Tripoli free of terror mode of thought, but requires a quantum leap amid fabricated ISIS and terror rumor...
Quantum Leap launch getting ready to go down! Jump onboard! Use your own Quantum Leap bonus and combined, the launch comes back even quicker! Thanks and good luck! :)
About Google Knowledge Vault: "This is a quantum leap" Tom Austin, a technology analyst at Gartner in Boston
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Is that a restriction? As Al Calavicci said...'Don't do anything I wouldn't do; but if you do take pictures.', (Quantum Leap)
Take a 'quantum leap' and ask where will you be and doing in the next five years!!
Workforce retention has changed over the recent decades, but there is still one workforce group that you can depend …
MT digitizing land documentation, a quantum leap in mobilizing income and equity for small landholders.
ooh I loved quantum leap. Yay, something new to get hooked on lol
I liked a video from How I Made My Quantum Leap - Bill and Steve Harrison Quantum Leap -
Let's add some time travel & have a Korean Quantum Leap, 1 case/episode.
quantum leap “Erdogan: "If you remove mandatory religious education, drugs will take its place."”
Quantum Leap Group (seeks to empower young & talented Nigerians who want to become successful. Sign Up Now @
Camel Art Contest is poised to take a quantum leap by touching 10 million participants in 2014. Are you one of them?
I think it's about time for a gritty reboot of Quantum Leap
Who remembers the days of dial-up internet? How much of a quantum leap would UFB be for
If only we apply 80% of the advice we give to others, our lives would take a Quantum Leap! Happy Week.
I added a video to a playlist East West Quantum Leap: "Ra" Demo (World and Ethnic Instruments)
HK students, HK always enjoyed freedom but never had democracy, which is a gradual process instead of a quantum leap
Africa's Quantum Leap: Will you be there when it happens? - Growth markets via
loved your character Sam Beckett of Quantum Leap
I got trained as a wrangler. So on weekends, I can go down there and work quantum leap, ropes course, zip line, and giant swing
BEAM ME UP! A breakthrough in the world of quantum physics, researchers teleport data! http…
When you quote Quantum Leap in an NFL context, you know it's trouble. L
Halfway through 1st episode of . Much darker than 1st episode of Quantum Leap. . Less coastal than 1st episode of Tremé.
I don't know this Quantum Leap thing, but you should never take Enterprise seriously
I'm blessed for only find out about Quantum Leap later or I wouldn't be able to take Enterprise seriously
which I just realized could actually happen, totally forgot bellasario did quantum leap too, they did do a magnum pi homage once
This is the best random episode of Quantum Leap I've ever stopped to watch. Sam might be a vampire!
Watching on Quantum Leap. Man doesn't age! Mind over immortal vampire matter?
Ok nerdos, I'll watch one episode of Sliders, Battlestar Galactica, Quantum Leap or Star Trek. Which one.
Technically speaking, a "quantum leap forward" is the tiniest possible advancement something can make.
Imaging-Resource: Photokina Q&A: Can the Samsung NX1 redefine pro performance with a quantum leap in technology?
Scientists make quantum leap, teleport data from light to matter
Are you going to watch the New Orleans edition? I'm a big Scott Bakula fan (Quantum Leap=great) but I don't know about a new NCIS
Scott Bakula as 'Sam Beckett' & Dean Stockwell as 'Admiral Al Calavicci' in Quantum Leap (1989-93, N
Harry Crane (& the computer) could secretly be Dr. Sam Beckett and all of Mad Men was just a Quantum Leap through the 60…
I totally misunderstood and started hearing that in my head in Sam Beckett as of Quantum Leap's voice.
13 years ago Dr Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator... and vanished.
Tonight on Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap leaps in the rewind episode.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Bumped into twice in the last two days. Maybe it’s some sort of Sam Beckett/Quantum Leap thing going on ;).
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There is no quantum leap to success. Small baby steps taken everyday will take you beyond what you can see today. Just take your steps, today.
Kuwait seeks ‘quantum’ leap in economic structure: finmin: KUWAIT CITY, Sept 9, (KUNA): Kuwait is seeking to ...
Sometimes in order to be successful and reach great heights, a quantum leap of faith is required.
Hey to everyone. As an intro, I'm probably one of the older, not necessarily wiser, members of the group, I grew up watching the original Batman, Adam West, remember the original Superman series, and started watching Star Trek as soon as it was canceled and went into syndication (my brother still hates me). My main geekdoms are generally the movies and tv series. Currently, loving Doctor Who, Arrow, Supernatural, LOTR and past loves include Torchwood, Quantum Leap, Xfiles, Star Trek, Star Wars, all the superhero movies too numerous to mention. But still my all time favorite has to be Highlander (series and first movie). Totally geeked out meeting Adrian Paul last year. Totally. Actually went to a Highlander Con in 2001.
Studies have found that Scott Bakula is badass, and quantum leap is awesome!
A fascinating and intriguing study that might pave the way for a quantum leap forward in establishing a...
Apparently I just did a quantum leap during yoga so, you know, might be a bit of a guru.
“one of the most sucessful tv dramas of the last 30 years involed time travel”-->Star Trek or QUANTUM LEAP?
Happy 40th Anniversary ACHS - thank you to all our members, surveyors and supporters celebrating at Quantum Leap Conference in Syd.
We have Netflix. Netflix has has Quantum Leap. By syllogism, life is good. and be jealous.
I thought I was watching Quantum Leap for a second
Quantum Leap TV Intro. Just finished the first season
If you are excited about this so called 'quantum leap' in the iPhone that they seem to clam every September... (1/2)
I hope I was helpful with that info? Go 2 the iTunes Store. It was recommended to me when I got "Quantum Leap "
Makes me wanna watch Quantum Leap again. Best sci-fi show ever!
from my MEET THE BEATLES to your 45...quantum creative/social leap!
If that Trillion dollar defense budget went towards education. The progress of humanity would take a giant quantum leap into progress
The Quantum Leap CD is in my car and I listen to it wherever I go. It's been months, & I never get tired of it.
That quantum leap gif always makes me laugh
I am in the middle of a Quantum Leap and Walking In the Supernatural... whoohoo! Anyone want to come with me?
There is no quantum leap to success. There is only this:
Excited to hear from on progress of patient safety innovation at Quantum Leap Conf
Realising, far too late ...that Source Code opens with a Quantum Leap reference.
A program for people committed to personal growth, spiritual expansion and ready for a quantum leap in their lives.
Anyway we can get Bob to quantify this "quantum leap"? Is he learning to play defense?
McKenzie "I think he's going to take another quantum leap forward from what we saw in the playoffs"
Must-read quotes from McKenzie on Nathan MacKinnon. He's about to take another "quantum leap forward."
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