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Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is an American television series that was broadcast on NBC from March 26, 1989 to May 5, 1993, for a total of five seasons.

Scott Bakula Dean Stockwell Dr Sam Beckett Scott Bacula Sri Yantra Pam Dawber

And, you make a quantum leap equating civil & human rights to extremism w/ no substantive link. Horrible…
I'm all in for more Quantum Leap. "Dr. Samuel Becket never returned home... Or did he?" 👍👍👍👍
Jennifer Egan left the cult of postmodernism for her latest novel.
Next on Quantum Leap: Sam Beckett, a victim of a science experiment, finds himself trapped in an alternate universe.
Might be a good time for that quantum leap got a jump in
Star Treks, best to worst: next generation, deep space 9, Voyager, original, quantum leap
My life is exactly like Quantum Leap, except I never get to leap.
The ignorance yr quantum leap part of why we are in the deep poop we are.
Did we end the game last night w/ your favored 11 on off. on the field? Watched replay twice and KJ an…
It's late, and of course I have the theme tune to Quantum Leap stuck in my head. Oh boy.
How much better are the BluRay editions of Quantum Leap with It makes the DVD look like VHS:…
Applications to be part of the Quantum Leap Planning team are now out!. Apply now:
I never knew MLP and Quantum Leap took place in the same universe.
From Command & Control leadership to Empathetic & Authentic leaders. Learn to think beyond the boss ht…
Olene, try this and see God move some quantum leap in your life, it's not even a joke!! . By the way, I like…
"Love this series, just like Quantum Leap with a romantic twist" -Reader review.
I admire Egan a lot, I think she's a classy and excellent writer. Thinking her new one will be brilliant:
"Doing is a quantum leap from imagining." ~
Weren't Twilght Zone and Quantum Leap there, too? Or not right away?
To me, he just didn't bring a captain's authoritative voice to the role. Thought he was much better in Quantum Leap.
I just turned 55, and feel: wow! I’m lucky, in that I have always been able to make a living
Excellent interview with Jennifer Egan talking about the stunning Manhattan Beach, which is published this week. https…
Jennifer Egan on writing in the era of Trump
Oh, I was hoping this was actually abt Quantum Leap. Great show.
Jennifer Egan: ‘I was never a hot, young writer. But then I had a quantum leap’ - Manhattan Beach by...
Ok so far I’ve seen references to Quantum Leap and Magnum. Is Airwolf next?
Remember when they had that episode of Quantum Leap when Sam Beckett met ?
Project aims to ease large scale goods movement by inland waterways. Will also pave way for a quantum leap in the tourism se…
From a more knowledge-technological estimation it is rather a quantum leap.
I added a video to a playlist Quantum Leap Theme's
An apparent quantum leap in photogrammetry from and
All the very best son..just 12 hrs or so for the release of . Your quantum leap!!. World shall watch Dhauli n shiver...
You are my favorite actor of all times! Absolutely loved you in Quantum Leap.
I could see that. He hops around servers like sam from Quantum Leap. With…
Top Points for sees take a quantum leap into 5th place in
Lots of interest in in Japan. Our growing list of users there is proof. Read the Nikkei article
artist spotlight: Big Thief (has already taken a quantum leap forward with 'Capacity.…
I can see what you did there. Quantum leap mode.
Can Quantum computing eliminate city traffic jams?
got a fresh copy of Logic Pro X and a new Rode NT1A condenser projects are about to take a quantum…
New "cosmic census" will be a quantum leap for humanity. We have so much more to learn about the cosmos, ev…
How can you deny a quantum leap forward in video gaming?
Tonight I'm clearing my mind by watching Quantum Leap.
Will there be a tangent at some point about the Quantum Leap episode featuring young Stevie King (S3E5)?
The paranoia comes from the quantum leap to believing Trump's campaign was spied upon for partisan reasons.
I liked a video It's Never Too Late to Recreate with/Quantum Leap Expert, Toni Coleman Brown
…and for rec. I’m not saying that’s o.k. but some obscure reg. or financial crime is a quantum…
Calling emerging & aspiring ready to make a quantum leap! Join our Speakers Academy
Ok making Eleanor wear that tiara & sash it a quantum leap in mental torture
Traditional leadership is often unilateral, goal-oriented & focuses on improving efficiency
All the talks from Capital's Quantum Leap event in Munich, feat. leaders from ecosystem
And, yet, there is no actual mention of Quantum Leap. tsk-tsk
Flipped over to the movie channel after Quantum Leap ended and was greeted to…
Never saw HtoH. Quantum Leap had Dean Stockwell, Scott Bakula and by the second series was being seriously…
Quantum Leap is back!!! Next Friday and every Friday after. Start your Carnival Bank Holiday…
Hey so Scott Shaw was legit in a Quantum Leap episode and here he is, what a time to be alive.
Loving my Quantum Leap and Rockford Files Blu-rays. Any chance of The A-Team?
Nick Ashford died and came back as Chaka Khan? Is this Quantum Leap?
needs to, and can, Quantum Leap its Development |
With promises of time travel to the 70s, I want to know if I'll be able to Quantum Leap into Russ Meyer's body for a day.
It's 2017, I'm watching "Emergency!", "Quantum Leap", "Simon & Simon", listening to Coltrane and Max Roach albums... I'm really fine w/this.
If you ever want to experience every episode of Quantum Leap, take a walk down Tujunga Blvd in the valley. Totally feels…
I had a crush on Scott Bakula when I watched him in Quantum Leap when I was younger.
I like to imagine that every character that Scott Bakula plays is just a continuation of his character from Quantum Leap.
And yes! Scott Bakula is amazing. Quantum Leap, Enterprise, Necessary Roughness. I'll watch anything he's in.
Did you ever watch the show Quantum Leap? If you did, then this scene made you sob. I did.
I'm sure Trump has seen Quantum Leap once and that's all he thinks he needs to know about quantum physics. I'm...
My power better not go off in the storm; I just discovered even though Quantum Leap isn't on Netflix anymore it's on
Unfair analysis. The forwards made a quantum leap in terms of technical skills in the last two decades.
So sorry for your loss. I just watched him in Quantum Leap yesterday. He was a great actor.
it could also be the world's worst "Quantum Leap" episode.
responded with "I made a quantum leap into the presidency. So nobody knows quantum physics better than…
Oh man. So sorry. Just watched a Quantum Leap with him the other day.
They moved Quantum Leap and messed that up too.
Continuing to binge and loving it. High recommend it if you’re looking for a Quantum Leap / Voyager-esque type of show.
To the Glory of God alone! We successfully kicked off our three day power packed anniversary conference: Quantum Le…
We have to make a quantum leap in consciousness to really relate to other sentient beings and nature if we want to survive as a species.
Who will hire me to talk about Quantum Leap?
Please join me as we take a QUANTUM LEAP in transformation and truly EMBODY Love and Your Truth! I’m going to...
Twilight Zone then Quantum Leap. Great storytelling. Keep you busy for a little while. Then Poirot and Miss Fishet.
Timeless is like Quantum Leap if the Evil Leaper were introduced at the start. Works because it's there all along and it's Goran Visnjic.
I've only seen 1 commercial but NCIS: New Orleans looks like the worst episode of Quantum Leap ever
Trudeau explains quantum computing. We'd be lucky if the cheeto could describe the premise of "Quantum Leap."
Are you 18-24 or know someone who may benefit from taking our workshop Quantum Leap, A World Changers Mindset...
Happy birthday to the dude who played Dougie on "Family Ties" and guest starred on "Quantum Leap". Have an epic day 😎🎂
I was there by Quantum Leap and X Files. Only 8 in 1990 so was just too young.
I was 12 thankyouverymuch. It was very formative. Then Quantum Leap in that timeslot. Then XFiles.
What about the one with Quantum Leap
Never knew Marella in Airwolf was the narrator in Quantum Leap. Mind blown.
So far today on CarterMatt we've. 1. Compared to Mega Man. 2. Talked & whisky. 3. 2 Quantum Leap references. Feels right
The first main stage presentation of the week, Gary Keller’s Quantum Leap kicked off Family Reunion 2017.
Quantum Leap: Had a conversation w/ someone last night about the Peter Pan syndrome one can fall…
i would have also put quantum leap but i Know the...quantum leapers?
i need quantum leap and young pope to be on netflix for I can watch at any time without giving up on finding a good site
The secret of Quantum Leap technology of Laser Polarized Bioholography by WAVE GENOME LLC lies in the fact that...
to sell to Japan, China? Use it here and we willbe worse in air pollution than China! We justtook a quantum leap backwards if here!
I'll bet if MacGyver had a screwdriver and access to the Quantum Leap machine he'd be leaping into all kinds of hot bodies.
Those who Dream Big, Dream With God and take a quantum leap of faith in the right direction.
Oooh that'd be a good Quantum Leap episode too...
"Quantum Leap - oh boy, that was a show. A lot of people were like, wow. Bigly. If our computers could do that? Yuuge."
I liked a video from What Is Quantum Jumping? Quantum Meditation Leap Reality
Watching Quantum Leap. Remembering the good ol days. When we could say retarded. Without people crying lol
Black history shout out to Deborah Pratt. A legendary writer in television. Yes she wrote 4 Quantum Leap.
Nice read: Quantum Computers Ready to Leap Out of the Lab in 2017 |
we need the next 'quantum leap in productivity' to be forensically targeted at reducing inequalities. That's the mission!
You had me at Roddy McDowall, to be honest. I remember loving the fact he was in Quantum Leap.
Give me Scott, Eisenhower and Lutz, and Quantum Leap. Keep your Adam Sandler blather
Not only do I get Quantum Leap references but Scott Bakula himself? Bless you,
Quantum Leap! (The only other thing I've seen Scott Bakula in) It's a great show and yeah, things like this happen often on QL 😁
After 'Quantum Leap,' a lot of sci-fi things came my way, and I had to ...
Only a wanderer of the planet may rediscover this quantum leap of peace. Materialism is the antithesis of potential.
Will 2017 be the year than quantum computing becomes practical?
Infrastructural development is core to the quantum leap of progress that Pb have experienced in last decade during…
loved Quantum Leap. Imagine the possibilities with today's technology.
ok, so it's like the best ep of Quantum Leap but it's also deeply unsettling
If only you knew the ABJECT IGNORANCE that quantum leap offering speaks U would hide. Shame on you. Do some homework.
Benj: "No, those are just his eyelashes.". Me: "Nuh-uh. They do not look like that at any other point in Quantum Lea…
practice of prayer effects a quantum leap of its own kind. It takes us, spontaneously and unexplainably, into the realm of spi…
"wanna watch quantum leap?". Me: "nope". "saved by the bell: college years it ...
it is very much like sports cars. A quantum leap is required to change the design concept.
Our Understanding of took a quantum leap after the , Who would've Thought?
So you liked QUANTUM LEAP and STAR TREK? . Try reading BLACK SCIENCE from
This can potentially provide quantum leap in
The first thing you must be willing to do when you're ready to uplevel and quantum leap as an entrepreneur...
With expect quantum leap in .. renaissance in ..
mom: im naming my cat ziggy. dad: like the comic?. me: like from quantum leap?. my younger sister: like david bowie?. LMAO we all had dif. ones
i figured they would "go there" but I also forgot Quantum Leap was doing this stuff 30 years ago
Seriously Netflix? I was right in the middle of binge watching Quantum Leap. Take a crappy movie out and put Quantum Leap back in!
I'm gonna finally go finish watching quantum leap
Netflix viewers, I recommend Travelers. It's like Continuum with a bit of Quantum Leap thrown in. Highly addictive.
Sometimes, your next small step forward requires a quantum leap in your thinking
1center: $IPTK.0.035..a quantum leap in aircraft technology is about
Since we’re rebooting anything and everything, can I get a new Quantum Leap over here or what
"The teaching of Jesus is a quantum leap forward in human moral philosophy" - Richard Dawkins. Don't quote me! Or him
Coming over all Quantum Leap: "hoping each time, that my next leap will be the leap home. ".
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Al's clothes in quantum leap are the dream
.Understanding geometry of rotating Sri Yantra inside torus waveform best way to create the quantum leap…
He must be due a con soon!! I need to meet him, Quantum Leap is one of my favourite programmes ever.
Understanding geometry of the rotating Sri Yantra inside the torus waveform is the best way to create the quantum leap.
Whoa, whoa, whoa...all of Quantum Leap is coming to Blu-ray next month. Ummm, YES!
EMO Trans “Quantum Leap Over the Competition” with Oracle Cloud. EMO Trans is a global shipping and logistics compa…
Poor kids... ;) Prisoner & Quantum Leap are great. I'd recommend Are You Being Served. Dark Shadows, if you can find it.
Indeed. Thanks to my parents, we watch shows like that...and Taxi, Cheers, MASH, the Prisoner, Dragnet, Quantum Leap etc FT
Just got this Fronto leaf about to take a quantum leap
Hello everyone it's Scott Bakula from quantum leap
Great clip on world's 1st commercial by Cdn co
How about a Quantum Leap remake where Sam Beckett is trapped in the past, leaping from life to life, putting wrong what o…
Anyone watch Timeless? Dean Stockwell, Scott Bacula and Ziggy want their program back! Bot much of a Quantum Leap for me to watch it again
i think Jalen just called KAT the Scott Bacula of the NBA. Something about him taking a Quantum Leap.
and now I want a Black-ish/Quantum Leap spinoff with Deon Cole's Charlie as the new leaper.
What happened to the consciousness of the host bodies Dr. Sam Beckett entered in Quantum Leap?
At least when they reboot Quantum Leap years from now there will be lots from 2016 for Dr Sam Beckett to try put right.
I don't think I've ever loved a character more than I loved as Dr Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap
Yes. And Sam Beckett just vanished at the end of Quantum Leap. A mini series would make me all swirly. Yes. I cried.
Old episodes of Quantum Leap are better than so much of what's on TV these days. We need more Sam Beckett in our lives.
Hard pressed for a Halloween costume idea? Just insist that you are Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap.
You're not talking about Sam Beckett, the main character in the 80s/90s TV series Quantum Leap are you? No?
Quantum Leap / mash up. Dr. Sam Beckett is dead. Glenn is stuck in the waiting room. You're welcome, Hollywood.
So I guess after HRC will be Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap?
Heh. Well, that Sam Beckett never found a way home was never really in doubt. Quantum Leap just said it.
Still blows my mind that Linda Hamilton ( The Terminator) & Scott Bakula (. Quantum Leap ) are the parents of Chuck Bartowski in Chuck .
Saw my first eps of Doctor Who. Happened to be season 6 ep 1. So far reminds me if Quantum Leap met Drop Dead Fred.
old grey whistle test. Quantum Leap. Day of the Triffids. Anything with Peter Capaldi. Animal Magic. Johnny Ball.
Mom: -watching Quantum Leap (a show from the 80s)-. Me: -looks at screen- Is that Teri Hatcher?. Mom: I don't know. Wanna look it up?
Cllr Di Giorgio advocating for a Quantum Leap. Spoiler: Sam Beckett could control his leaps the whole time!
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
It's Quantum Leap, only with Sam Beckett as the same person each time.
Write an episode of Quantum Leap in which Sam Beckett leaps into Damon Lindelof and must rewrite the ending of Lost.
Wait, what if Quantum Leap was real & this reality is the way he is because Sam Beckett failed to put right something that once went wrong?
The Clumpany is like Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap.he's out there somewhere. masquerading.
If only Sam Beckett could just Quantum Leap back 2 that 1st slave trade & say "ehh..ya know what? Seems like a bad idea We'll pass."
Wow, a super young Jason Priestly is in this episode of Quantum Leap.
"This article is about the Irish writer. For the Quantum Leap character, see Sam Beckett..."
Thank you, for having Dr. Sam Beckett leap into this important Quantum Leap skit. :)
Believing that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap...
I liked a video "Quantum Leap" Returns with Scott Bakula as Sam Beckett
Colbert and Scott Bakula revive 'Quantum Leap' to stop Donald Trump via
talk about Quantum Leap ya *** Can I be the official Johnny Mnemonic of the podcast? Keep up the good work.
Humble query: which one out of The Great Leap Forward and the Quantum Leap is bigger, comrade?
Been watching Quantum Leap with my son. Can you imagine being in that show and constantly being told to ignore Dean Stockwell?
Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell and Donald Bellisario owe me at least two more episodes of Quantum Leap, what happened to Alia and Sam?.
life goal: get good enough at sewing to construct jackets. - recreate every disgusting jacket Dean Stockwell wore in Quantum Leap. - blog?
Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell, and guest star Bruce McGill were only three to appear in the first AND last episode of "Quantum Leap".
Scott Bakula should reboot Quantum Leap, I get it if Dean Stockwell said no, when you're 80 you don't have to work if you don't want 2
80s geeks! The new Geeky Monkey magazine is on sale now. I write about Quantum Leap and interview Danny John-Jules!
It's a shame we can't call it a Quantum Leap...
Dubai Ruler: 25 per cent of all transport to be driverless by 2030: It is making a quantum leap in the employm...
Steelwing "Reset, Reboot, Redeem" is a quantum leap back to the 80's. Old-school is strong with this one. Review at
Take the leap into hyper-converged on April 29 at 3:30pm in Tempe, AZ. during our event!
It is making a quantum leap in the employment of artificial intelligence for the service of mankind and…
"There is no such thing as a quantum leap. There is only dogged persistence -...
Pam Dawber's husband. Tonight will probably catching up on LL Cool J. I won't watch the Quantum Leap one, it annoys me :)
Actually, a quantum leap is rather small ... ;).
Which one? The one with Pam Dawber's husband, LL Cool J, or Quantum Leap dude?
Started Kamen Rider Decade, kind of an odd mish mash of Dial H for Hero and Quantum Leap feel, I dig it
Make a quantum leap to the modern data center with VMAX All Flash
I reckon Harry is actually the current identity of Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap. Can't go home until Cameron resigns.
If you truly look forward to a quantum leap in your life, join me as we examine, Changing the Picture, at Laico...
Loved Quantum Leap back in the day. Hasn't aged too well, though. It's just too warm and lovely.
I added a video to a playlist East West Quantum Leap Goliath VST Download free
Scored 112 points in AOL Quantum Leap. Do you think you can beat me? Play for FREE
“Building Innovation Culture” – 1-day workshop by Vikas Chawda at AMA on 05.05.16 | My blog
The major disruption, but a quantum leap in spider-risk
A tiny step, leads to a quantum leap.
78 p slideshare testimonial on how boosted their SEO results with a quantum leap
From the archives Impasse: Inviting a quantum leap
The major disruption, but a quantum leap in cyber-risk
The ending to Quantum Leap was ridiculous!
Quantum Leap The complete first season Blu-ray review
So what is BEYONCE'S music genre?? *** this Queen just made a quantum leap & created her own.
I took a leap from $130K in sales to $2.2 million in in less than a year THEN I it again
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Fanfic idea: Quantum Leap & Bubble Bobble, which has shrinking down for a journey inside the human body
PBHS a quantum leap for Sabah — Najib: “Yes, we have many projects in Sabah such as Sipitang Oil & Gas I...
Dear networks: why not reboot Quantum Leap? Give it another shot!
Waiting for Quantum Leap to come on
PBHS a quantum leap for Sabah — Najib: Of all these projects, the Pan Borneo Highway S...
$VDRM this can make a quantum leap to .50 with 1 big deal
Great episode. Includes a much needed mocking of the anti-Leap crowd.
If you put all those cameos together in one film, you'd have an awesome episode of Quantum Leap!
Much like Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap ~ I end every work conference call with "I love you" hoping that one day ~ someone will love me back
but one was a captain in Quantum Leap and friends and the other had Bob Loblaw Law Bomb.
Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished... He awoke to find himself trapped in the past
A Quantum Leap video game that's basically reverse-Hitman; each stage Sam Beckett has to fix someone's life/stop them from dying. Boom.
your other cat should rest easy. its sporting a white fleck in its hair just like Sam Beckett did in Quantum Leap.
Blast from the past . When you try and Quantum Leap your phone
JAGUAR’S QUANTUM LEAP 1 The digital print has a background of Newton’s notebooks and is a…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
If an is pushing quantum leap or make 10 grand in 3 months or less run far away
Also think nano array capacitors quantum batteries. cc: :)
Another step forward for quantum computing. No doubt like the early days of transistors.
Quantum Leap reboot but Steve Brookstein leaps into the bodies of notorious Peadophiles.
Someone just made the 'Ziggy says' noise that was exactly to match AIOTM's sound of it. And probably Quantum Leap's. I didn't tell him.
From the paper:. "RESULTS:. Studies support what we describe as a paradigm shift or "quantum leap" in the...
In an experiment, a outperformed a conventional machine by 100 million times.
27 years ago today, Quantum Leap premiered. It originally aired on NBC for five seasons, from March 1989 through...
How a Fredkin gate could be a quantum leap forward for computing {csmonitor}
Chinese tech set to take quantum leap
How does tugging someone's hair, or biting their arm (on a park bench?), make the quantum leap to Sexual assault?
What if every character that Scott Bakula has played in the last 20 years has just been an extended episode of Quantum Leap?
How do I sign up for a Quantum Leap? via
Your life will change if you learn how to talk to banks
Easter Sunday, kids at grandmas and I'm watching quantum leap. and chocolate, what a great start to the day!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
NCIS.. Scott Bakula in a dress again is making me wanna watch Quantum Leap 😀
Hey which one of you Quantum Leap fan fiction writers has ever broken their hand or fingers? Tendons especially.
“If the world is to achieve the we need a quantum leap in women’s economic empowerment”
In 1989, the first episode of the science-fiction series “Quantum Leap” aired on NBC TV.
Chinese tech set to take quantum leap via
Scored 85 points in AOL Quantum Leap. Play for FREE i unlocked y…
I congratulate you for your quantum leap!
Happy anniversary to my fav show of all time, I'm wary of reboots, but this article makes a good case.
Idea of photonic computer'd be developed more than 15 yrs(small deer read journal)Quantum leap's like neuron transduction?
Anticipating the quantum leap of my success
Quantum computers could offer a giant leap in speed—but only for certain applications
Not only is MacGuyver on Netflix, but so is Quantum Leap! My gosh, my childhood is coming back to me!
I almost made a Quantum Leap joke before I realized that was Scott Bakula. So we're still cool
Theorizing 1 could time travel in his lifetime, Dr Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator & vanished
Quantum Leap was such a great show. Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) never leaped home. 😢
Electronic Device Insurance
in that case, you need Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap.?
In this episode of Quantum Leap, Sam Beckett leaps into the body of a Welshman. "Boy oh...".
trivia: What drink did Dr. Sam Beckett order from the bar in the series finale of Quantum Leap? Extra points if you know the size.
Leap Year was invented by Donald Paul Bellisario, who coincidentally also created the Emmy nominated series, Quantum Leap
beautiful pictures of you and Dean Stockwell acting together again so many fond memories of watching Quantum Leap as a teenager
Quantum Leap on Blu-ray in March. Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell save the world as they travel through time.
Quantum Leap is about man actor Scott Bakula who leaps back in the time different years during modern era.
since I consider you both a Quantum Leap scientist and a Tremors seismologist, if Scott Bakula was in Tremors, could he leap-
Dr Sam Beckett stepped into a Quantum Leap accelerator in 1999 as he wanted to avoid the millenium bug & overpriced bar entry on NYE.
Like the sort of scene Dr Sam Beckett would leap into in Quantum Leap.
Dr. Sam Beckett accidentally jumps into The Doctor. Fulfils his promise to use Quantum Leap to make the world better by killing himself.
I never liked the last ever episode of Quantum Leap. Because Dr Sam Beckett never returned home.
It's 2016 and I've still got the hots from Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap 😎💦💦
After a girl notices me reading "Waiting for Godot", she asks "That's by Dr. Sam Beckett, right?". I give her props on the Quantum Leap joke
Idris Elba and Granada Television must not be allowed to remake Quantum Leap
domain names
Line it is Drawn: Dr. Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap meeting Rip Hunter
Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap just said "I'm a medical doctor" and somewhere Scully's eye twitched
Idea for Quantum Leap ep: Sam Beckett is the producer of Morcambe & Wise - his mission is to tell Eric to do the grapefruit chopping again.
I had a dream that I was Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap's boo and we went to a STEM conference together and it was really nice.
Albert has been working on special theory of relativity for several years. Remember the show Quantum Leap!?
Battle Creek, Falling Skies, Quantum Leap and The Fosters... Gf's choice that one.
"It fell in line with what I did later on with Quantum Leap." -- Dean Stockwell on the body-switching aspect of "A Quality of Mercy"
to:. 43.for his quantum leap improvement at the rear for in the 2015/2016 Season.
its been forever since ive seen Quantum Leap. I recall it ending on a downer with distressing implications. True?
Since they got switched by the Quantum Leap Accelerator.
[me laid off work]. Hub: so what did you do all day?. Me: well I definitely wasn't reading quantum leap fan fiction that's for sure.
Quantum Computers able to defeat in 10-20 years - computing
2016 will be UKOG's year and car manufacturers will at last take their own quantum leap into stored renewable energy
100,000,000x: How much faster Google says its controversial “quantum computer” is at solving a specific type of...
Bernie's election would represent a quantum leap towards economic & social justice. Thus he's worthy of support.
'Quantum Leap' gave me a huge opportunity as an actor. The nature of the role an
a bit niche, but Every Second Counts always ends up as Quantum Leap for me.
Quantum leap in $46m funding has computing hopes running high Michelle Simmons is taking the challenge.
ELI5:Why is the term "Quantum Leap" used to describe a large or significant change when actually the word quantum m…
Google's latest ambitious project: A computer that’s millions of times faster than the most powerful machine today.
What China did to take quantum leap into Information Age? Created 37 experimental new "Schools of Software"
A Look at the Numbers Behind Some of 2015’s Biggest Tech Stories
Quantum Leap was verbal at his PEAK. Nothing else compares/has compared. Also Teriyaki Boyz had CONNECTIONS.
Quantum leap for Indian Navy as long range surface-to-air missile fired successfully
QUANTUM LEAP is getting an HD upgrade, with the first season getting Blu release from ViaVision on March 2nd.
“Dream Big– Dream With God”is an enlightening teaching &quantum leap in the right direction. https…
Hi there. Season 2 episode 2 of Quantum Leap is not available due to clearance issues. Hope that helps!
Quantum leap in income occurs when you different deliverables from business, and see yourself in the marketing business, not as a biz owner.
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