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Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap is an American television series that was broadcast on NBC from March 26, 1989 to May 5, 1993, for a total of five seasons.

Scott Bakula Star Trek Dean Stockwell Dr Sam Beckett Battlestar Galactica Source Code Star Wars Red Dwarf Mo Anderson New Orleans

VERY BIG NEWS from credentials market just took a quantum leap forward!
Lollipop - quantum leap fwd version of android; available soon on Earth
If I could adapt one tv show into a movie , it'd definitely be Quantum Leap. The comedic possibilities are endless. Ziggy says so.
In Quantum Leap do you think Sam could smell Als cigar?
One more time for the Diamond Quantum Leap- delay, flange chorus and more, all in one small pedal, what's not to...
She could keep taking on new secret identities, sort of like Quantum Leap, but with bisexuality and spy-boots, across various series.
I got the theme song to Quantum Leap stuck in my head right now. Been watching it lately and it's held up very well over time!
Shame they're only a quantum leap in length.
highlander is amazing! Not so keen on the series, but films are good. I am watching quantum leap from the beginning tho 😊
Back on Terra firma for an hour or so, at least the next flight will be the flight home, in a quantum leap styleee. Sort of.
Health equity report: "first time a state agency report calls out structural racism. Quantum leap forward." -Vayong Moua.
Really sad to hear news about Jimmy Savile. Remember writing to him to ask if I could meet the cast of 'Quantum Leap'.
"A reboot of Quantum Leap where, in the pilot, they jump into present day body." Wonder how often he's pitched that idea?
Today refuse to be bitter because better is coming! May God infuse you with the ability to quantum leap to your next place in Him!
I got a chance to go over to Quantum Leap Farm today on behalf of U R CrossFit, CrossFit Triumph, and CrossFit...
Quantum Leap in Quality and Total Value to Customers by Matan at SGIA 2014 ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Rural connectivity in the district of is likely to get a quantum leap.
it was all down hill from quantum leap to be fair and the Incredible Hulk series!!
can we Quantum Leap and buy at Market Prices $1,500 under
Application intelligence is desperately required for network managers. See the next evolution in network visibility.
Quantum Leap-style intro for my new gameplay video is so epic it might melt faces. It will be on the channel later today.
Ever wonder what some of my favorite TV shows have been over the years? One of them is: Quantum Leap
Forever late check. In : show reminds me of quantum leap.
Late check in. New series for me. Like the guy from quantum leap on it. Always watched quantum leap
"Quantum Leap" via the link in our profile to the full 12 minute documentary on the very find…
Looking for a leap in your LIFE? Learn the blueprint for LUCK in and see….
Quantum leap back in time to 1984 by simply referring to soap opera 'Emmerdale' as 'Emmerdale Farm'.
Take a quantum leap to increased profitability with Business Acceleration. .
Had to explain what a Quantum leap leap is .
quantum leap on syfy uk on 27th October
Enterprise Development: achieving a quantum leap; KPMG'S Josphat Mwaura will be speaking at the East African Business Summi…
Bishop Noel Jones preaching from the series Quantum Leap.
[East West Quantum Leap voices of the apocalypse] - by
Heading to EuroFinance in Budapest? Book a meeting to learn about the quantum leap is making in
MOBE: Do you know what a quantum leap? In quantum mechanics,...
quantum leap! wow imagine being able to travel from 1 planet, galaxy, to another? Can happen
The caterpillar death is a quantum leap of creativity - the butterfly is a completely new creature.
Huge Scott Bakula fan! Since the 1st episode of Quantum Leap.
One of my favorites episodes of Quantum Leap "Scott Bakula sings Imagine" -
Football's like Quantum Leap for John Motson, isn't it? Every game he is completely surprised by what he's seeing. 'Oh! A tackle!'
.Also "Northern Exposure", "Quantum Leap",& Canadian cult classic "Breaker High" with young Ryan Gosling would be pretty awesome
I'm not sure what it means that every great creative idea I have would require me to acquire the rights to Quantum Leap.
Shaar: Tripoli free of terror mode of thought, but requires a quantum leap amid fabricated ISIS and terror rumor...
Quantum Leap launch getting ready to go down! Jump onboard! Use your own Quantum Leap bonus and combined, the launch comes back even quicker! Thanks and good luck! :)
About Google Knowledge Vault: "This is a quantum leap" Tom Austin, a technology analyst at Gartner in Boston
Join Priceless Woman October 14th at 7pm as we dive in to the Limitless Life Sessions. This will change your life. Are you tired of going through the motions? Think you can't go any further than where you are? Join the Limitless Life Movement and take a Quantum Leap into your destiny. No Limits!!! No Boundaries!!! LIMITLESS LIFE. Take control of your family, your finances, your emotions and your dreams!! DREAM BIG!!! DIVE DEEP!!! SOAR HIGH! 121 Lou Lane Spring Texas 77388. Free Childcare... Giveaways...Vendors and More...Don't miss this moment to never be the same.
Is that a restriction? As Al Calavicci said...'Don't do anything I wouldn't do; but if you do take pictures.', (Quantum Leap)
Take a 'quantum leap' and ask where will you be and doing in the next five years!!
Workforce retention has changed over the recent decades, but there is still one workforce group that you can depend …
MT digitizing land documentation, a quantum leap in mobilizing income and equity for small landholders.
ooh I loved quantum leap. Yay, something new to get hooked on lol
I liked a video from How I Made My Quantum Leap - Bill and Steve Harrison Quantum Leap -
Let's add some time travel & have a Korean Quantum Leap, 1 case/episode.
quantum leap “Erdogan: "If you remove mandatory religious education, drugs will take its place."”
Quantum Leap Group (seeks to empower young & talented Nigerians who want to become successful. Sign Up Now @
Camel Art Contest is poised to take a quantum leap by touching 10 million participants in 2014. Are you one of them?
I think it's about time for a gritty reboot of Quantum Leap
Who remembers the days of dial-up internet? How much of a quantum leap would UFB be for
If only we apply 80% of the advice we give to others, our lives would take a Quantum Leap! Happy Week.
I added a video to a playlist East West Quantum Leap: "Ra" Demo (World and Ethnic Instruments)
HK students, HK always enjoyed freedom but never had democracy, which is a gradual process instead of a quantum leap
Africa's Quantum Leap: Will you be there when it happens? - Growth markets via
loved your character Sam Beckett of Quantum Leap
I got trained as a wrangler. So on weekends, I can go down there and work quantum leap, ropes course, zip line, and giant swing
BEAM ME UP! A breakthrough in the world of quantum physics, researchers teleport data! http…
When you quote Quantum Leap in an NFL context, you know it's trouble. L
Halfway through 1st episode of . Much darker than 1st episode of Quantum Leap. . Less coastal than 1st episode of Tremé.
I don't know this Quantum Leap thing, but you should never take Enterprise seriously
I'm blessed for only find out about Quantum Leap later or I wouldn't be able to take Enterprise seriously
which I just realized could actually happen, totally forgot bellasario did quantum leap too, they did do a magnum pi homage once
This is the best random episode of Quantum Leap I've ever stopped to watch. Sam might be a vampire!
Watching on Quantum Leap. Man doesn't age! Mind over immortal vampire matter?
Ok nerdos, I'll watch one episode of Sliders, Battlestar Galactica, Quantum Leap or Star Trek. Which one.
Technically speaking, a "quantum leap forward" is the tiniest possible advancement something can make.
Imaging-Resource: Photokina Q&A: Can the Samsung NX1 redefine pro performance with a quantum leap in technology?
Scientists make quantum leap, teleport data from light to matter
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Are you going to watch the New Orleans edition? I'm a big Scott Bakula fan (Quantum Leap=great) but I don't know about a new NCIS
Scott Bakula as 'Sam Beckett' & Dean Stockwell as 'Admiral Al Calavicci' in Quantum Leap (1989-93, N
Harry Crane (& the computer) could secretly be Dr. Sam Beckett and all of Mad Men was just a Quantum Leap through the 60…
I totally misunderstood and started hearing that in my head in Sam Beckett as of Quantum Leap's voice.
13 years ago Dr Sam Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator... and vanished.
Tonight on Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap leaps in the rewind episode.
Bumped into twice in the last two days. Maybe it’s some sort of Sam Beckett/Quantum Leap thing going on ;).
In our country today young people are crying out for inclusion in the political space, however nothing comes easy as political inclusion without active participation. Paxton Blair once observed that there has been in recent years excessive emphasis on a citizen’s rights and inadequate stress put upon his duties and responsibilities. Civic engagement goes beyond voting. Civic responsibility is about becoming active citizens in all spheres of our polity. If we can are responsive as young people it is natural that our government would be responsible. Dietrich Bonhoeffer once said ,action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility. It is important that we start taking little actions today that would result in a quantum leap tomorrow. One of the way we can access the political space is to become active citizens, and take responsibility today for the future we desire. As Abraham Lincoln advised “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”
There is no quantum leap to success. Small baby steps taken everyday will take you beyond what you can see today. Just take your steps, today.
Kuwait seeks ‘quantum’ leap in economic structure: finmin: KUWAIT CITY, Sept 9, (KUNA): Kuwait is seeking to ...
Sometimes in order to be successful and reach great heights, a quantum leap of faith is required.
Hey to everyone. As an intro, I'm probably one of the older, not necessarily wiser, members of the group, I grew up watching the original Batman, Adam West, remember the original Superman series, and started watching Star Trek as soon as it was canceled and went into syndication (my brother still hates me). My main geekdoms are generally the movies and tv series. Currently, loving Doctor Who, Arrow, Supernatural, LOTR and past loves include Torchwood, Quantum Leap, Xfiles, Star Trek, Star Wars, all the superhero movies too numerous to mention. But still my all time favorite has to be Highlander (series and first movie). Totally geeked out meeting Adrian Paul last year. Totally. Actually went to a Highlander Con in 2001.
Studies have found that Scott Bakula is badass, and quantum leap is awesome!
A fascinating and intriguing study that might pave the way for a quantum leap forward in establishing a...
Apparently I just did a quantum leap during yoga so, you know, might be a bit of a guru.
“one of the most sucessful tv dramas of the last 30 years involed time travel”-->Star Trek or QUANTUM LEAP?
Happy 40th Anniversary ACHS - thank you to all our members, surveyors and supporters celebrating at Quantum Leap Conference in Syd.
We have Netflix. Netflix has has Quantum Leap. By syllogism, life is good. and be jealous.
I thought I was watching Quantum Leap for a second
Quantum Leap TV Intro. Just finished the first season
If you are excited about this so called 'quantum leap' in the iPhone that they seem to clam every September... (1/2)
I hope I was helpful with that info? Go 2 the iTunes Store. It was recommended to me when I got "Quantum Leap "
Makes me wanna watch Quantum Leap again. Best sci-fi show ever!
from my MEET THE BEATLES to your 45...quantum creative/social leap!
If that Trillion dollar defense budget went towards education. The progress of humanity would take a giant quantum leap into progress
The Quantum Leap CD is in my car and I listen to it wherever I go. It's been months, & I never get tired of it.
That quantum leap gif always makes me laugh
I am in the middle of a Quantum Leap and Walking In the Supernatural... whoohoo! Anyone want to come with me?
There is no quantum leap to success. There is only this:
Excited to hear from on progress of patient safety innovation at Quantum Leap Conf
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Realising, far too late ...that Source Code opens with a Quantum Leap reference.
A program for people committed to personal growth, spiritual expansion and ready for a quantum leap in their lives.
Anyway we can get Bob to quantify this "quantum leap"? Is he learning to play defense?
McKenzie "I think he's going to take another quantum leap forward from what we saw in the playoffs"
Must-read quotes from McKenzie on Nathan MacKinnon. He's about to take another "quantum leap forward."
Thank you to for speaking at The Quantum Leap conference. Next up, Bill Moss AM of
If Rob thinks it's okay to solicit support from rapists, then my hatred of him has taken a quantum leap.
Or pencil lead-pencil graphite, tin foil-aluminum foil, or even the colloquial use of quantum leap (big change vs small change)
Bae must make that quantum leap real quick and come massage my abdomen, Gluteas maximus and emotions.
Apple wearables is a true Quantum Leap! personal life monitored, new perpectives in social web driven activities
Ready for wireless charging? Apple's the one company that can initiate a quantum leap forward
Batteries are the Achilles heal of cardiac devices. Overcoming batteries would be a quantum leap for our patients !!
It absolutely does that. And that's great. But I was hoping for a quantum leap in computing in general.
When you blow your nose and it feels like your sinuses have emptied but there's nothing in the Kleenex--that's a quantum leap.
Francesa : "The are close enough where if they spend money, they can make a quantum leap next season."
ha! I loved Quantum Leap and the Princess bride. If you put a mustache and wig on Bakula, he could make a decent Inigo Montoya!
For a long time as a kid I thought Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap and Mandy Patinkin of Princess Bride were the same person.
It's very efficient. They are disrupting the market for muggers with a quantum leap in target identification.
There is NO quantum leap: make your ally!
“The Quantum leap in the Evolution of consciousness -
I hope it's an iMop. Mop technology stalled with the Vileda Supermop. It's a great mop, but I feel like we're ready for a quant…
The Xbox One Kinect is ridiculously good. I've been shocked. It's a quantum leap over Kinect 1.
Apple, the whole ApplePay is cool but you really stop playing quantum leap with the live stream.
If you want small changes,work on your behaviour, If you want quantum leap changes,work on your paradigms.
Connections, quantum leap through the multiverse
I want to see the new Dr go back & prevent Quantum Leap from getting cancelled, saving the world from Scott Bakula's bad NOLA accent.
Humanity's quantum leap will occur when we learn to live in harmony with our environment and not to destroy it
Have you ever seen the Marilyn Monroe Quantum Leap episode?
Is ABC's Forever like a cross between Tru Calling and Quantum Leap?
What I propose is a huge quantum leap in how the entire chat user interface is designed and set-up.
A leap into quantum computing: The meeting place between EE and quantum computing
Do you think David Bowie was singing about the Ziggy from Quantum Leap?
Just stumbled across a cop show with Al the Bartender looking like an old man. Surely the last episode of Quantum Leap was only a week ago?
God, the intro to Quantum Leap makes me tear up.this is what my brother and I shared. This is one of the greatest shows ever
Got a feeling the show Forever is the new Quantum Leap :-)
I am just waiting for Sinbad, Kathy Ireland or the guy from Quantum Leap to join the USC football team.
IQC PhD student Thomas McConkey has started a blog on quantum computing for electrical
.I dreamt Quantum Leap came back to TV. When Sam leapt into his 1st new life, it made me so happy I teared up.
Check out the final piece of our 4 part Video Blog Series: How to Quantum Leap Your Thinking. This week's...
Can't help but think of & the show's theme song while reading this new blog ...
What is the Quantum Leap Foundation and what does it have to do with
My friend Thomas and fellow phd is writing a blog on quantum computing aimed at electrical engineers:
Showtime on 87.7 and Ben and I try a new bit where we just read old "Quantum Leap" scripts at 12:15.
I watched Quantum Leap back in the day. And he was great in Enterprise. Looking forward to seeing it. Eventually.
Now you can purchase the replays from The Quantum Leap . Telesummit! Just go here:
how do U ppl make the quantum leap that Pres O is responsible 4 a stupid Grouch video. U/R silly ppl!Crazies
Just realized that show already exists: it's called QUANTUM LEAP! Whoah!!!
A leap into quantum computing-a blog containing current work being done, and challenges in quantum computing.
TV Pilot: A Quantum Leap-like show, where guy is perpetually stuck in the 80's bouncing from one RAD 80's thing to the next.
You know you're old when you refer an actor as "that guy from Quantum Leap."
I'm really glad you in a new role. I'm a big fan from sense the Quantum Leap days. Good luck Can't wait to see it.
Telltale should make a Quantum Leap adventure series voiced by the same guys, in episodic format. Oh boy!
Got to be the Gear S by a mile surely - in built 3G so not reliant on a phone.That's a quantum leap forward isn't it?!
3 people you would shag but you're not sure why, mine are Simon Pegg, Sam from Quantum Leap and Mcguyver . Go!
Dat one life don take quantum leap.
Dreamed I looked normal to myself but in the mirror, I was El DeBarge. Was it a Quantum Leap to save his career?
yes, she was overly excited for Quantum Leap every week cuz of Dean.
So apparently there is a Full House revival in the works, minus the olsens. I would honestly rather see quantum leap come back.
Sitting hear watching quantum leap also in tears and don't know why
will be speaking in Israel next wk on health telematics and at WHO. For in field medical, clear this quantum leap needed ASAP
CW for Thu 28 Aug 2014: Quantum sales leap, Cunard maidens, Carnival Legend, HAL and more
I found the freestyle rap sequence at the climax of the Season Three Finale of Quantum Leap to be particularly inspired.
Sirjee what you will get with you after the visit will give our country a quantum leap.
Today I feel like Becket from Quantum Leap smacking my phone to get the dam thing to work and get service
LOST, Breaking Bad, The Office, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Futurama. The only one I'm FRUSTRATED with is Quantum Leap.
Oh you remember that Quantum Leap episode where Sam leaped into Mr T
Im sorry but in the end they all do. Quantum leap to Battlestar Galactica, they all do in the end.
Holy Crap! There's a woman across from me that's never heard of Doctor Who. And people are trying compare it to Quantum Leap.
Why was Quantum Leap so good but its theme song so awful?
When are we pitching that Quantum Leap sequel series?
Obviously, it's a Quantum Leap in advertising.
worth looking at or persist with 32 bit for the moment? Is it a quantum leap?
For Halloween, I'm gonna dress as Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap while wearing vampire teeth and tell people I'm Scott Drakula.
Are The Hives part of a Quantum Leap episode? Lead singer's got a Sam Beckett-esque look about him.
Dr Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap was my first love.
Ooh, I LOVE me some Quantum Leap. Petition to bring back Dr. Sam Beckett!!
it's like you're a cross between Bni Borg and Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap
If you've watched Quantum Leap, is like Sam Beckett. He has touched others who will touch future generations. :)
Notice your physical body is created by your subconscious beliefs about yourself. By identifying with your immortal body of light rather than your physical body, you recognize the real you lives forever. To see yourself as an ever-youthful embodiment of the immortal soul body is to feel ageless and know you do not age. When subatomic particles travel near the speed of light, they do not collide but pass through each other. The higher the speed of particles, the more de-materialized the become, and the more they spread over time and space without specific location or time. By the same principle, you can raise the vibrational frequency of the matter composing your physical body into a higher octave of energy. To convert into pure energy is to bring the 'light body' to the forefront. This already exists as part of your subtle body or immortal soul. Lifting the vibrations of the physical body to the octave of the soul body is called 'quickening'. In other words, the vibrational frequency of your phys ...
How do I identify if I have a 3rd dimensional connection or empathic tendency ? "In higher dimensions, everything radiates its own nature. You know it, by becoming it. You are part of it . You pass over to the standpoint of the other and know it as it knows itself - from the inside-out. Knowing by becoming permits deep and rapid communication of feelings. this makes you empathic. Sun /Moon /People/Social Situations will have direct impact of your being. Many are empathic. Some more some less depending of consciousness level. In the third dimension, the higher dimensions , everything is illuminated by an inner light ( not auras visible to many) it is a direct expression of the spiritual frequency. Frequencies / vibration that identify you in the higher spiritual frequencies. There is no reflected light from an external source such as a sun or moon. The inner light is modulated by the entity’s individuality, which expresses as a distinctive array of sound /color/ numbers / = frequency that enables f ...
Detective fiction just took a quantum leap.
Love is painful, but pain is certainly blessing,coz it brings growth,demands, transforms,also gives us new birth. Love brings heart in relationship,when heart is in relationship there is pain,always, if pain is avoided means pleasure of life at all is missed,with this we become human with `love` are problems. But greater problems, greater opportunity as It shatters the crust of ego,it makes ready to take final jump,the quantum leap. Love is training ground,school to learn first lesson of beauty,of the blessing and of the benediction of disappearance to learn that pain is blessed whenever something penetrates we interpret like pain ,When love and love's arrow goes deep in heart ,we never see pain,we see its benediction and feel joyous.
TNT Dinarians We'll be taking a Quantum Leap soon! This moment in time will be remembered Forever! Go RV!
Oshey quantum leap '' Look very well before you leap. ''
“Mike Jones is fighting on Saturday. I thought he had quantum Leap'd somewhere else a couple years ago rap?
It Would be a quantum leap in terms of quality, application and a validation of the post itself
Small step for man, quantum leap for particle kind!
Ha, I see. Well I hope our favourite creator or Quantum Leap is happy.
For their own good too! Stressful to interact with people who are a quantum leap above them in intelligence levels
That is a quantum leap in stoopid commentary. Beware!!!
Prakasam women register quantum leap in literacy - Will this reduce or increase against men?
Quantum Break looks like the biggest leap in gameplay on consoles since devs got FPSs to feel natural on a controller
So I guess they are remaking "Quantum Leap" and naming it "Forever". A trained TV mind cannot be fooled.
Did you know that Quantum Leap was cool with the whole Washington Redskins thing? Im so conflicted now
I'm like the Quantum Leap guy only I insert myself into trouble spots and tell people to compare their problems to folding a fitted sheet
What began as a QUANTUM LEAP podcast interview about the comic book I published became an overview of my career includ…
I need the hope and idealism of Quantum Leap.
The $ and corruption is a quantum leap greater than old Clark's back deck, but present Clark gets a pass???
. I remember a QUANTUM LEAP where he jumped into the body of a New Orleans bordello owner.
Quantum leap: Could superfast computers take us back to a digital dark age?
Network for Women in Business, Toni Coleman Brown re-launches ground breaking 2006 Quantum Leap in digital August 21
Quantum leap for cruise line with new ship
Hey - great 2CU yesterday. We clash on two shows but would love you guys 2C Oh Boy! The Quantum Leap show. Freestival. 2.30.
As a kid, I associated Donald P. Bellisario with Quantum Leap. Now? It means that is starting.
He looks like Scott Bakula from quantum leap
Check out my complete QUANTUM LEAP interview w/everything from my early comics career through $…
we would love for you call in 2nite 9pm eastern. Live with cuz! 818.369.0368 h…
Live from with cousin 9pm eastern. 818.369.0368
Speaking of QUANTUM LEAP, here's QL artist and me with star Scott Bakula -- holding our comic book! http:…
Quantum Leap: Every episode from all 5 seasons of this Emmy Award-winning, ground-breaking sci-fi classic seri...
Quantum Leap was a great show that is a fact. Do you think it is time for a reboot? Possibly with Bakula playing the role of Al?
Finally succumbed to an infection that's being trying to get me since father's death. But 49 days feels like a quantum immune system leap.
Quantum Leap DVD news: Box Art for Quantum Leap - The Complete Series | via
Prakasam women register quantum leap in literacy
Scott Parker must think he's in an episode of 'Quantum Leap'
Prof Yemi Osinbajo SAN writes a fitting TESTIMONIAL for Governor Rauf Aregbesola.enjoy "Response to Mr. Eyieyie on Aregbesola" - By Prof. Yemi Osinbajo - August 7, 2014 I was greatly saddened to read the material written by Mr. Eyieyien urging "The Remnants” to vote out the current Governor of Osun State Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola and vote in Chief Iyiola Omisore. I am also still somewhat puzzled as to how what appeared to be an opposition to a bond issue and other sundry allegations degenerated to the running down of the APC as an Islamic party, a propaganda tool notoriously deployed by the PDP through its various organs. Are we as Christians now being urged to support the PDP or what exactly is the message? Reason, is one of the most important contributions of the Gospel to development. From it emerge the practical concepts of fairness and justice for all, especially our enemies. Which is why lynching, even of an intellectual kind is unacceptable. I am not an unbiased intervenor, I had the good fortu ...
I don't wanna live in a world where you type "quantum" and google doesn't automatically suggest "leap."
Dammit, Scott Bakula, just do a new season of Quantum Leap!
So the girl who plays Spencer is the daughter of the woman who produced Quantum Leap, which was one of my favorite shows back in the day.
Another quantum leap for computing>>IBM develops a computer chip that 'functions like a human brain'
So nice to meet you at Quantum Leap! Love your energy and your initiative. Let me know how I can help!
Shout out to and his Quantum Leap joke. I understood that reference.
Book Excerpt: "Even if things are going well, and you want to take a Quantum Leap, you must challenge your thinking"
are you talking about Buddy Holly or the episode of Quantum Leap where he was Buddy Holly? Or are you hanging at Roxie’s?
WOW what a week!!! Two days of personal development in Quantum Leap with Oklahoma's own Mo Anderson. 3 homes...
My pregnant sister is in need of to quantum leap into her body for the next month or two so she can relax without her belly
well Dean Stockwell was awesome will cylon clones in BSG so I'd go with Quantum Clone Leap :)
Quantum Leap is seriously the cutest old show ever
probably not. May as well make a quantum leap in logic and say it does though.
What an incredibly exciting week this has been! Went through some very intense quantum leap career training, with...
I think you should use the macgyver theme song sometimes. Or quantum leap. Like when u use knight rider or curb themes.
Quantum leap in lasers brightens future for quantum computing
Yes. Though ultimately we're hoping to have a whip-round and buy Ziggy off Quantum Leap.
Having a great night at Quantum Leap Winery
What would be a better crossover, Quantum Clone Leap or Storage Clone Wars?
When we succeed in raising our frequency permanently, and high enough, we permanently change universes and make a quantum leap.
Take a QUANTUM LEAP with TIME MACHINE band free concert at grandstand. OH BOY!!!
Gloria Mayfield Banks is an inspirational speaker. Her 10 step to quantum leap is a must follow.
Do it! Do it! I went from Machine Head to the Quantum Leap soundtrack earlier :-D
From the blog: 3 Simple Steps to Taking a Quantum Leap in Your Biz
That explains why finales like B5, Quantum Leap, and Lost resonate the most with me, it’s all character stuff, not plot.
Come to think of it, creating a conspiracy without active conspirators represents a quantum leap in conspiratorial technology.
Tonight we are playing name the 80's theme tune... ♫ Quantum Leap – The Daniel Caine Orchestra
I just realized that if Quantum Leap were being done today, Al would have had an _actual production tablet_.
Martin Jetpack: 'Quantum leap' over previous model via
Proverbz ft Devlin - Quantum Leap (Music Video) | Link Up TV still listen to this.Hard bars h…
You need to watch Quantum Leap. :) Archer will become a distant second to Sam...
Random thought of the day.Quantum Leap was an underrated television show.
Aye! Sometimes i'll smell a lassie's perfume and it'll remind me of an ex or something. Pure Quantum Leap back to a specific time.
I'd start with one of those ads that frames a "quantum leap" (in technology, etc.) as something really BIG.
It stars Dean Stockwell so I'm pretending it's a feature length episode of Quantum Leap. Can't wait until Sam leaps into the Erotica video.
When I dream, it seems like a Quantum Leap. Wake up out of my sleep, and seen the same thing. But in a different state or being. The Premonition of Stephen King. Not the one to cause a scene.
Stone cold, Dolph Lundgren, that guy from Quantum Leap, the only thing that could make chuck better is Sean Bean
since Dr Sam Beckett can't Quantum Leap in to my body and stop me from buying this awful iPhone I've had Id love to
"You can dye your hair green like Al in Quantum Leap, played by Dean Stockwell!"
The first half of my career in comics was spent writing licensed comics while trying my darnedest to break into the super hero-side of things. That said, I've still got a wish list of (non super hero) licensed characters I'd love to write comics for: 1. Indiana Jones. 2. Doctor Who. 3. Star Trek. 4. Star Wars. 5. Steed & Mrs. Peel (The Avengers). 6. Red Dwarf (if anyone could get the license). 7. Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets). 8. Quantum Leap. 9. Rocky & Bullwinkle. 10. Quick Draw McGraw. I know that last one seems REALLY random, but watching a Quick Draw McGraw cartoon is one of my earliest memories as a kid. Not just of TV or cartoons. It's one of my earliest memories period. I did so much work for DC/WB/HB, it feels weird that I never pitched a Quick Draw short story. It's one of those weird regrets you get in life. I can't explain it, but there you go. Some of the licensed stuff I've worked on: Mighty Mouse, Ren & Stimpy, Disney's Aladdin, Looney Tunes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, ...
A10. Source Code, get Zachary Levi as the lead, mission every week, like Quantum Leap. Would be awesome sauce.
Where's Quan? This dude is always in space...or just spaced out. Quantum Leap. Galaxy Rider Super…
If I win the lottery, I'll commission a new Quantum Leap episode in which Scott Bakula goes back to tan young Simon Cowell's *** hard.
I'm going to re-try this post because at 4AM before coffee, it was all screwed up. Ever since I heard Mo Anderson do Quantum Leap a couple of years ago, I've become obsessed with the 7 streams of income and working HARD to keep them as passive as possible (although none are completely passive). In those 2 years, I've built 4: The Real Estate Team The Ballen Method The All Star Agent Network and Profit Share. I need to get to the 6th income stream which will be investments, but it's time to add first and I'm not sure WHICH it should be. Richard says he will support me in ANYTHING as long as it ADDS to the current income streams rather than replaces them. (great advice) So, here's what's on the table: - Expanding The Ballen Group Nationally (although is that really another stream of income or the same stream?) - Coaching / Consulting - Stepping into Leadership (low on the list only because I don't want a job - Officially taking our first clients in the Marketing Company - Starting the referral company I re ...
If only this reaction shot were clearer it'd be awesome. I blame Scott Bakula's Quantum Leap powers.
watching Quantum Leap always makes me wonder if we're all just Dr Sam Beckett leaping from one life to another to help others...
I've always said I'd go to the 60's if I could Quantum Leap... Now I'll specify US:. B&W Photos by Ian Berry. via
Leon Lett. Corn leon let the almost winners take Grayson from my home after the Vanderveer. I was certain they would do it before my Quantum Leap. The almost winners took a gamble and lost. I knew in part because of the almost winners shenanigans that I would end up at TD Ameritrade. TD Ameritrade was introducing its lean methodology when I got there and had a great cafeteria. The almost winners took another gamble and lost. The last person John Coffey worked with at TD Ameritrade was Miriam Eckblade after he got off his Gladys Knight and the 30 day PIP. Dallas. Las Vegas. Miami. Miriam. 3 and 4 slots. - 1200. Miami Dolphins. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Rhode Island State US-RI RI 44 The University of Rhode Island is the principal public research as well as the land grant and sea grant university for the state of Rhode Island. Its main campus is located in the village of Kingston in southern Rhode Island. Address: 45 Upper College Rd, Kingston, RI 02881 Acceptance rate: 85% (2012) Enrollment ...
You know, now that I think about it, I did love the original Star Trek. And Quantum Leap. And the original Battlestar Galactica
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Maxim and I can't agree on Quantum Leap. He won't accept the science behind it, although he is totally willing to believe the science that allows Whoopi Goldberg to run a cocktail bar on a spaceship in the future.
I went through my youth watching Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Quantum Leap, The X-Files and Space:1999 on a crappy little TV and now I have a big screen plasma TV to watch people making cakes and getting angry about it
Mark my words; there's a NCIS spin off in the making. Oh Scott Bakula how do we love thee! I know Donald Bellisario does, Quantum Leap much anyone??? Mark it:) it's coming! And I'll watch it!
Watching the Quantum Leap episode with Neil Patrick Harris. Wow, he is so much more awesome now.
Now a days you got these wack reality Tv shows,Basketball wives, Mob wives, Graffiti etc Top 10 tv shows back in the days was; 1.A team 2,Greatest American Hero 3.Bionic man/bionic woman 3,Quantum Leap!!! 4.Automan 5.The fall guy 6,Good times 7Dukes of Hazzard 8.Sanford and shun 9, Gilligans Island 10*Martin *** are y'all watching? LMAOOO
I will say, I like them both. I like Scott in Quantum Leap. Never saw Lucas Black before and was impressed.
Also, my recent story addition includes a Quantum Leap reference. I love Dean Stockwell and Scott Bakula
Found an autographed copy of the CD soundtrack to Quantum Leap, autographed by Scott Bakula!
Take a trip through time with the daring Dr. Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) and his hilarious hologram guide, Al (Dean Stockwell), in all 22 extraordinary, groundbreaking episodes of Quantum Leap: The Complete Fourth Season. It's adventure like you've never seen, with each amazing episode from this eight-time Emmy-nominated season now digitally remastered for incredible picture quality. Journey back as Sam and Al...
The last Star Trek show Enterprise with the dude from Quantum Leap in it Scott Bakula... Reminds of Red Dwarf lol every fade out I hear the bridging music from Red Dwarf...
If you don't like the road you're on, you can make the quantum leap to the road that is leading where you want to go. puff puff pass💨
What *** called it Quantum Leap and not Trial By Era
1st day attending Rock the Stage! (Take the Quantum Leap in Business) with Karen McGregor and it was exciting and nerve racking all wrapped into one. I was very outside my comfort zone sharing my personal story but super proud of myself for being so vulnerable. Another win stepping outside my comfort zone :)
Gonna watch all of chuck then quantum leap
Me: "Ever seen Quantum Leap?" Kids Today: "No?" Me: "Oh boy!" (If you don't get that joke then you don't deserve to follow me)
Astonishing Spiderman & Wolverine the Quantum Leap version - make it happen! -
Scott Bakula is going to quantum leap away from you and your chicken hut if you don't stop coming at him bro.
The Verdict: Blackhawks have taken a quantum leap since last outdoor experience
Quantum Leap is 20 years old and still kind of ahead of it's time.
The Spike S-512 Project is really a Quantum Leap in Aeronautical Engineering. Unlike the current incremental Aircraft Design Philosophy, the S-512 is being designed from scratch. To be part of this, for me, is really exciting.
Book Excerpt: "There comes a time in every business, when you want to make a shift to a new Quantum Leap..." h
I'm going back to my in like flynn moment with it - the Nutty Professor. I told Commander Barry Pochron when I was on the USS Abraham Lincoln to gather software requirements for the software application, ABS, that it must be tough being away from your family for so long (6 months and more at a time) and I was grateful people like him were willing to do that for me. I was being honest but I could tell from a split second slight manifestation in his facial expression the importance of what I just said. I was being completely honest too.. being away from my family for so long is not something I would want to do and I was grateful for it. His endorsement of me and 21CSI.. a few paragraph email.. led to 21CSI's first substantial funding and traction to grow a bit. I knew that split second facial reaction would happen and I would pick up on it before I made my Quantum Leap. That is A1 tragic magic. USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72) Ship USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-72), is the fifth Nimitz-class aircraft carrier in ...
friend and I are talking about best tv shows of last generation of TV. i said MASH or maybe Quantum Leap.
Oh boy! so Scott Bakula is still my guilty crush! Ever since Quantum Leap, then a Star Trek captain and now he's gaying it up in Looking!
ECONOMIC CRISES OF PAKISTAN : Economic Crisis of Pakistan Dancing around the fire is not the solution to any problem. One should try to see beneath the surface in order to grasp an idea about the basic issue. Deposit a stream of strong words and announcements made by the past rulers of Pakistan, nothing concrete has been done to introduce a proper economy revival plan. Rather the situation has taken a quantum leap for the worse. At present the sorry state of the economy, tops the problems facing the country. Seeing the horrible economic distress, some still suggest restoring to the begging bowl and further subjugation of donor agencies as the only solution to it. Such an approach can not provide a way out; it aggravates the situation and amount to commit suicide. Therefore, the present leadership has realized that there is not option but to reshape the economic strategy altogether. The economy of Pakistan has fallen up to this extent that it requires serious attention and endeavor to revive its state. The ...
MARCH 2014: My month of Quantum Leap!No slacking at all!!!
"You are a privileged child of the universe, and this [body] is your abode for now. The caravan of life will stop in other places, at other times. You are on a journey of healing and transformation, and the opportunity for your next quantum leap of creativity is right now."
Personality Integration--integration of the parts. This is the goal of practitioners of Personality Integration Psychology-- the Quantum Leap new psycho-spiritual system that can lead to Transformation. Called by many Psychology With Soul, this revolutionary new down-to-earth system embeds our Spiritual Nature at the center of the psyche.
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