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Quad Studios

Quad Studios Nashville is a four studio recording facility located on Music Row in Nashville, TN. The studio was originally opened in 1971 as Quadrafonic Sound Studio by session musicians David Briggs and Norbert Putnam.

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22 years ago today, Tupac was shot five times at Quad Studios in New York City. . "Five shots changed my life."
YO ALL MY PEPS in NYC Pull up to Quad Studios and check out my bro newest offering…
“Pac gave BIG his first shows and really help put him on, and after the 94' quad studios shooting, he saw…” —
This Fri.. Quad Studios... My 10hr session.. You in Manhattan @ 8pm pull up on ya boy..…
😂😂😂 the door open now who y'all wanna see next ? @ Quad Recording Studios NYC
Should have Slid to Quad studios when I was up there all this week.
Biggie clearly set Pac up at Quad studios the man was upstairs in the studio while Pac getting robbed them *** *** near killed Pac
Bottom of the frame is done. Now it's time for quad to go around the top. @ Greycloud Studios
Top day yesterday, got the boys to make a row in Quad Studios Then had a top time with Jay Hillyer putting...
idk. Just giving you a connect if u wanna perform at Quad studios lol
Get a free flu shot tomorrow at the WOC studios from Get details as Dan & Dan visit with Ken!
Today in 1994, Tupac was shot 5 times at Quad Studios in New York City.
The incomparable & legendary is live in our studios to chat about her role in 'The Quad' - tune in!
2Pac knew Biggie & Puff knew about him getting robbed at Quad Studios & didn't warn him
I been super lowkey but now I'm up & up @ Quad Studios
Hittin Quad Studios in a few ...I can't help but think a Pac everytime I'm in there . 🙏
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*** why did I not know the day after Tupac got shot at Quad Studios he went to court and got convicted of Sexual Assault.
quad studios, blastoff studios, premier, terminus, and more. I got you if you wanna get in and I could get you a deal
Can't believe me and my homie are going to Quad Studios to record my new demo...yo...Biggie was there...Pac got shot there, crazy history.
Get me the blueprints to quad studios in NY and I'll get the grants to build it in DC since nobody wants to make big boy studios in our area
Nyc here we come! Legendary Quad Studios. Session this Sunday with my bros & Brent…
Raddio on Instagram: “Behind the scenes footage from the photoshoot at Quad Studios...
I liked a video Very rare video of Tupac days before his 1994 shooting studios.
Great times last night at Quad Studios finishing up Ft New record. We…
December 1, 1994. Tupac leaving the hospital after the Quad Studios shooting.
Tempest are taking roaming photography in the Quad, presentation photos are in Marquee & the Studios Parliament Hall
Our team at roaming Quad, presentation Marquee & Studios Parliament Hall
Puff has goon-ish tendencies. No doubt in my mind he had Pac set up at Quad studios.
Do you think Universal Studios will have an attraction where I can ride on the back of a quad with ?
In a session with universal right now 😍😍😍 @ Quad Recording Studios NYC
Go "Behind the Scenes" into the iconic Quad Studios with TSB as we record our soon to be released single "Ready 4...
If you're a Biggie or Tupac fan you'll know where I'm at right now. @ Quad Recording Studios NYC
"Diddy” Combs were aware, a week in advance, that Tupac would be ambushed in the 1994 shooting at New York’s Quad Recording Studios .
Local guys J-Con are the artists and it was recorded by Fabio Arauz. I believe you met him at Quad Studios in Nashville.
with the wonderful in quad studios last night in NYC!!!
Yeearrss ago. Quad studios smallest room at the time, studio D. Recording the infamous…
Hanging out at Quad Studios today helping out on some mixes with Denny Knight. This console rocks.…
DJ Jazzy Jeff presents Vinyl Destination: Farewell Fluid In the third episode of Vinyl Destination Season 2, DJ Jazzy Jeff and his crew prepare themselves for two days of press in New York before making their way back to Philadelphia. Continuing at Shade 45 with Sway, the guys talk music and their favorite movies starring Will Smith. Can you guess which one is Jeff's favorite? Next the guys make their way to Fuse TV before Jeff’s guest appearance as an “unofficial” member of The Roots on Jimmy Fallon. Though filming was not allowed, a video of Jeff and Black Thought went viral showing us just a snippet of what happened during a commercial break on set.Jeff then swings past Quad Studios where he engages in a few interviews and one in particular in which he explains the meaning and seriousness behind the Fresh Prince of Bel Air hand shake. Finally, the guys head back home for a farewell party at one of Philadelphia's most legendary DJ spots, Fluid.
Monday = Looking forward to catching up with Showcase after their second recording session at Quad Studios last Monday.
A must read Tupac. Shakur TREATMENT WRITTEN BY DETECTIVE WILLIAM COURTNEY A can of worms was opened last week when prison inmate Dexter Issac, an associate of hip-hop mogul/gangster James “Jimmy Henchmen” Rosemon, claimed he was paid by Henchmen to rob Tupac at Quad Studios in 1994. There is currently a nationwide manhunt for Jimmy Henchmen, who is wanted by the Feds for everything from cocaine distribution to murder. Of course, Mr. Henchmen denies these charges. With the skeletons of the 90′s resurfacing, now is an ideal time to revisit the story of another shadowy figure and Henchmen associate involved in the Tupac case: Haitian Jack. For the uninformed, Brooklyn’s own Haitian Jack (pictured above with Tupac) is one of the most feared gangsters ever to walk the streets. He basically strong-armed his way into the inner circles of both Biggie and Pac. A detective by the name of William Courtney, who claims to have intimate knowledge of Haitian Jack through his investigation, wrote a movie tre ...
TBone Edward, his latest released "Countryfied" Produced by Doc Holiday and his Legendary "A" Team and recorded live at Quad Studios in Nashville, TN. For mo...
For those of you just joining in here...i've been pulling back the curtain a bit lately on the writing and recording of some of my songs. Here's the latest installment. Perfect Love: Loosely based on the arc of the love affair between one of my older brothers and his wife. The song follows them from Shaker Lake (in Cleveland where my family is from) to Rockaway Beach (where my sister-in-law grew up) to the '64 Worlds Fair (they really DID meet Robert Kennedy there), all the way to an autumnal country lane... somewhere in New England let's say. I don't remember much about the writing of the song at this point except that i had lots of verses i didn't use and kept refining the ones i liked for quite some time. I remember EVERYTHING about the recording of the song though...especially when James Taylor dropped by to put down his vocal at Quad Studios near Times Square in NYC...sometime in the winter of 1990. I had been very fortunate to meet James a few years before i got signed to Atlantic. He had been a lif ...
2pac was shot 5 times at Quad Studios in NYC, 18 years ago Today: Nov 30th 1994: The shooting ignited the so called "East vs West" Beef
Phillip Phillips recorded his album in Quad Studios. Same studio Biggie recorded in.
Well, this is it! Patrick is truly blessed! February cannot get here fast enough! We are so thankful for ALL our blessings. Things, even good things, could have gone a lot differently. Patrick is officially signed to record 2 songs at Quad Studios in Nashville in the first week of February, for Doc Holiday. All I can say is. listen to your radio next year.
It's official: Phillip Phillips' debut, The World From The Side Of The Moon (19 Entertainment/Interscope Records), will be released on Nov. 19, the American Idol winner's label announced on Monday. The album was recorded at Quad Studios in New York City and produced by Gregg Wattenberg (Train, O.A.
***Where my drummers at!!!?? Jireh Management Group is currently in search of contestants for a new reality show, to air on major networks in Winter 2013 entitled Americas Next Top Drummer. This event will be hosted by celebrity drummer Gerald Heyward and World Famous Producer Stanley Brown. Contestants will be judged by professional drummers and entertainers who have already made their mark in the music industry. This competition offers for its contestants the opportunity to expose their talents to promoters and music industry executives looking for fresh talent. Our judges are looking for drummers in the genres of Gospel, Jazz, Rock, R&B, Neo Soul and Country music. Casting & Auditions will be held at the world famous Quad Studios in Midtown Manhattan. Register now and compete to see if you have what it takes to be Americas Next Top Drummer!
One of the greatest mysteries in hip-hop has finally gotten some closure because Jimmy Henchmen confessed to planning the 1994 hit on Tupac Shakur at Quad Studios.
Only two Sundays remain to qualify in the "Sing your way to Nashville" competition. Warm-ups begin tonight at 7pm, contest starts at 9pm. $1,000 first prize plus a full day recording session at Quad Studios on music row in Nashville.
Wow, it looks like one of the biggest mysteries in rap music has finally been solved. Back in 1994, Tupac Shakur was shot at Quad Studios in NYC, an attack that many believe sparked the East Coast/West Coast rap fueled. Tupac blamed the shooting on Diddy, Biggie Smalls, and Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond...
Jimmy Henchman admitted to setting up 2Pac in 1994 at Quad Studios in NYC.
During a "Queen For A Day" proffer session last year Jimmy Rosemond confessed to his involvement in the 1994 shooting at Quad Studios.
Jimmy "Henchman" Rosemond reportedly confesses to his involvement in Tupac Shakur's 1994 Quad Studios shooting,...
It has been confirmed, that Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond was in fact the man who set up the infamous shooting of Tupac Shakur that occurred in the Quad Studios in NYC. Henchman has been confessing to a humongous amount of past crimes in the recent months, because he is attempting to work out a deal ...
In all likelihood for Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemond, the shas been introduced to the fan. Not only was Henchman found guilty last month for operating a drug ring and indicted for murder on Friday, but he has finally come clean about his role in the infamous Quad Studios shooting of Tupac Shakur. Th...
Im up reading this entire article about Jimmy Henchman admitting to having Pac shot at Quad Studios in 94...which makes me wonder what would have happened had Pac knwn it at the time...would he have signed to Death Row? Would him and Big still be alive? That one incident changed HIP HOP forever..
Jimmy Henchman confessed to authorities he was the mastermind behind the shooting and robbery of Tupac Shakur in 1994 at Quad Studios
that's not accurate. Cuz when Pac got shot at Quad Studios on 48th St. Nyc. he survived. We (the people) wanna know who killed him?
A convicted murderer, long suspected of involvement in the 1994 Quad Studios shooting of Tupac Shakur, has finally admitted to committing the crime, a
Monday Night football had it's theme song and now recording artist "CHRIS RIDE" has cut the theme song for NASCAR RACING. The song is titled "THE NASCAR SONG "BUMP AND GO" and was produced by Doc Holiday in early 2011 at Quad Studios in Nashville using Doc's Legendary "A" studio team. After months and months of re-writes to fit what we all felt that NASCAR needed the song to represent, it has finally reached the point where everyone feels, the song now does what it has to do. A music video starts production on April 1, 2012 and currently Doc's studio team is busy editing 15 second and 30 second commercials using the song as background. Listen to the unfinished version of the song here:
Tracking at Quad Studios today with Steve Mandile, John Howard, Chuck Tilley, Dennis Wage, B. James Lowery, Pat Severs, and Mills Logan...
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