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Purple Line

The Purple Line of the Chicago Transit Authority is a branch line on the northernmost section of the Chicago 'L' rapid transit network.

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"Will Metro’s Purple Line improve the health of Langley Park residents?"
CM Evans threatening to block Purple Line land transfer:. Remember the Jim Graham fiasco?
Tree clearing for Chevy Chase section of Purple Line to begin Monday
U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruling gives Purple Line green light to move forward
Delhi Metro Heritage Line: With art installations and 3D panels, the new Purple Line is sure to flatter; take a lo…
ATTI: to Valley View Bus 295 on the Purple Line is at the Lair:5/17/2017 4:04:54 PM
No more mixing colors on your own. We've added purple, orange, and green to our line up! Watch them in action:
A crop fur from the spring line, it's a really nice light purple
Judge Leon should relinquish control over the Purple Line
when 2 grown *** men stood in line at Coors Field to get a picture with the Purple…
I am so excited about Elizabeth Line
Shameful affront more in line with supermarket tabloids than has just exposed himself as a…
Now is Purple Rain, a musical or a movie about music? I'm realizing I left Walk the Line off my list but a…
Notice to proceed given for sect 2 of In English, work can begin on subway to Century City.…
Who's planning to line up on for the exclusive purple vinyl? Find your store:…
Make your voice heard on the art for our future Purple Line stations! Tonight!. Prince George’s County Stations...
Hi. You repaired my phone back in December when a purple line appeared vertically on the screen. Since then it's been [1/2]
I literally know every line off of the color purple lol it's sad
See what to expect from the public art that will be placed in the Purple Line stations.
Just got into and have found series 1 & 2 on !
Baby say she want a line I gave her purple potion
Metro combatting smelly train cars with new deodorizers via
Public art proposals for Purple Line stations shown last night via
This is the next dress in my new line of baby girl summer dresses! I love the shades of purple in this dress.
Everything you need to know about tonight's meeting re: Purple Line Station Art
Aye it's still functioning. But has a mysterious purple line through the middle of it.
Note to self: the purple line actually doesn't stop at Southport, it goes all the way to Howard 😑 Just a quick trip to Evanston this morning
'Purple is the last color of the rainbow colors so it means i will trust and love u for a long time' - Taehyung 🐯💜 https:/…
WRL is hosting a Teen Job Fair today, Thursday, April 27th at the JCC Library - Located on the Purple Line 2 Route.
【LINETheme】. Purple lightning shining on a white background. ⬇【Store】.
"Charlie the purple unicorn, I like it." Skye moves with the line, now they were almost at the gate.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Here’s a look at some of the artwork that could be in Purple Line stations
Purple Line stations will be full of artwork. Check out some of the possibilities. via
UDASH Purple Line is delayed this morning due to minor mechanical issues. Expect delays. We hope to be back on schedule by 8:15.
It's really hard to get around parts of MoCo & Prince George's without a car. That's why we need the Purple Line. https:…
ATTI: to Valley View Bus 102 on the Purple Line is on Willey Street approaching the Lair:4/27/2017 9:11:03 AM
ATTI: Bus 102 running the Purple Line has arrived at the Depot:4/27/2017 9:04:15 AM
About 20 ppl speaking in support for the Purple Line extension to Arts District.
I will be riding CTA Holiday train (Red Line & Purple Line) from 95th / Dan Ryan in Roseland Chicago South Side...
2 more week I will ride CTA Red Line, and Purple Line from 95th / Dan Ryan Station to Linden Purple Line.
Firefighters responding to person pinned under CTA train at Foster. Purple line suspended.
Mis line! I especially love mismagius, my favorite color is purple
Ancient elephant remains found at Purple Line construction site
And to think we've been driving over this guy every morning on our way into the studio!
Here Are 10 of the Latest Designs for Montgomery County’s Purple Line Stations
A poor soul committed suicide by jumping in front of the purple line train...& I hear ppl complaining about their commute tf a soul is gone
This a-line cut was made for twirling. Style 4272 dress with gathered bodice and full skirt in Purple.…
The line is forming. Will you be here and get your Purple Out shirt! Doors open at 5!
From the incident at 900 Foster in Evanston, Il. earlier this afternoon.
The line begins! Get here for this years annual Purple Out! shoots off at 5:35 and to con…
ICYMI, Ice Age fossils found at the Purple Line Extension site near Happy https:…
Purple line trains are operating w/ residual delays after earlier accident involving a pedestrian near Foster in
Fire and Police departments respond to fatally struck at by Purple Line this afternoon. @ Purple…
Some Purple Line trains are operating with residual delays after an earlier med emerg on the tracks near Foster. Bus Shuttle still avail.
'Once you get a couple bones, you might have a bone bed.' What's next for fossils found along Purple Line route…
A touch of black in the outer corners of the eyes and a little more purple on the lower lash line would complete th…
CTA Purple Line service suspended after person hit, killed by train
UPDATE: Person struck by Purple Line train has died, service still suspended:
- Purple Line service suspended after person jumps in front of train in Evanston
CTA's Purple Line service suspended after person struck by train near Foster stop.
Yes, the buses stop at/near stations along Purple Line. See station staff for help finding bus.
no. Delay it for like 20 min! I had to uber from linden purple line b/c purple line shut down. Taken almost 2 hrs...
Man struck by CTA Purple Line train in Evanston dies. Read Blog:
Pls take care of yourselves y'all ⚡️ “CTA Purple Line Suspended after Person found underneath/hit by Train”.
I'm stuck waiting for the purple line because some *** threw themselves in front of the train at Foster
Purple Line service shut down due to police and fire activity at Foster Street. Buses are running between all stops.
Kris Spriggs, Nick Farmer, and Johnny Curran will lead the Purple Eagles up front tonight, while Keegan Harper retu…
Rerouted due to Purple Line Closure. (@ Ogilvie Transportation Center - in Chicago, IL)
Man Struck By CTA Purple Line Train In Evanston Dies: (STMW) — A man struck by the CTA…
Nothing like having the purple line shut down because someone fell onto the tracks in the middle of rush hour 😬
Person stuck under CTA Purple Line train in Evanston
CTA Purple Line service suspended after person hit by train
Music to our Green & Purple Line users' ears we're sure. Those pesky axle counters are being replaced:
Purple Line delays aren't stopping plans to build new apartments next to a future station in Chevy Chase:
CTA Red, Orange, Green and Purple Line service resumes after South Loop gas leak
What is your favorite Metro Rail lines? Blue, Expo, Green, Gold or Red/Purple Line, and why.
I would take the Red Line or Purple Line to Civic Center/Grand Park, and then transfer to Line 94 Northbound at Hill/1st...
Take the Red or Purple Line to get to from Civic Center/Grand Park station!
Week Ahead: MoCo Council to receive Purple Line update today. Public hearings on proposed tax increase this week
Residents object to ceding roads to state for Purple Line
cold cream and scrub. I had purple all along my hair line first time I did it.
UMD and City of College Park officials show excitement for Purple Line. .
purple/red line not traveling east to Union Station past McAurther Park currently
Does the Sepulveda pass tunnel planning include connection/extension to Purple Line or is it all L/BRT or standalone?
left my bag containing sisters purple headphones and old shirt, North Stand, N3, Seat 103. Phone line closed
|| The Crystal Ball Medea knicker ||. || Part of our full bottomed Medea line, these purple…
costs double for Montgomery Co. via
Hello would you know why laptop looks like this. Below purple line is reflection of screen top & flickers
"Very Nice Purple Line Hook Earrings" available now. View it & buy it at:
Maryland wants Montgomery County to cough up $14 million more for the Purple Line:
Is a red/purple line on a different part of my arm?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Line of purple in the clouds at Moosonee on a warm morning. 5 celsius, "false spring".
Purple awesomeness at the finish line of our Graduation 5K
Is he wearing one of those Dieter Harman syrups without the purple felt line ???
I do love hip thrusts but when you haven't got the best sponge the purple line you get the next day isn't great 😂
Yes. And you can forward to multiple at the same time. The line that picks up first gets the call
Straight, short line from the purple band-aid woman to this person
TriMet can't afford electricians, but the Purple Line will open 9/12/25
New bike trails coming to College Park:
.dominating in every aspect, but the actual score line. Possession 67-33 in the purple's favor after first half.
Seven Things to know about The New Purple Line Agreement: via
next up is that purple line going through the big M
Is that the line for the black nikes and purple shroud?
Gov. Hogan announces winning Purple Line bid, Purple Line Transit Partners, and instructs Dept. of Transportation to move…
ATTI: Bus 141 on the Purple Line is on Chestnut Ridge Road approaching Chestnut Hill Apartments:1/18/2016 8:30:41 AM
ATTI: Bus 144 on the Purple Line is on Stewart Street near Sunnyside:12/31/2015 2:29:03 PM
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Today's 2015 greatest hit, by Will the appear on the map?:
Victim of storm Frank - one lost favourite purple running jacket, whisked of a washing line, (obviously shouldn't...
I added a video to a playlist Roblox Mind the Gap: Purple Bus Line (Routemaster)
Race-baiting? My comment would be same if he was white or purple. Was in response to folks claiming he broke no law.
Welcome to Betty Krislav's blog: Purple Lagos debuts ready to wear line
ATTI: Bus 144 on the Purple Line (to Dwntwn) is @ Chestnut Hill Apts to Valley View:12/30/2015 7:19:52 AM
KBS Gayo Daechukje performance line-up for 1st half and 2nd half. 😊
You are still walking a fine line, trying to juggle serious re... More for Libra
Click here to watch it, it's free: Tattooed hottie Brandi Love taking her purple sexy line…
Now I need to learn how to live on the purple line. Sianzipa
omg did you go in the end... I'm looking thru random profiles and at least 80% all want meet ups on purple line LOL
Does everyone on Carousell stay on the purple line
I don't ride on the purple line much and it is SO FREAKING NEW
That was poetic xD It's an extension of the land behind the purple line! Aye! *salutes - a tear falls*
My favorite line if the night..."If you wear purple and gold, you find away stadiums."
The body only tells the truth in moments like these xD You've crossed the Purple Line XD
Check out some U3 Radio gear plus the Purple World Clothing Line here
2015's greatest hits of Will the Purple Line appear on the Metro map?
The guy in this picture came to oppose the Purple Line.this is like a scene out of VEEP!!!
Their Rising Sun stages, Ojungbanhap, Purple Line, Mirotic will never be irrelevant.
A California appeals court on Thursday upheld the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Purple Line...
every Friday morning, the Purple Line is supposed to be leaving 27th and Ramsey at about 9:40AM. This is the third week where the
Nature Conservancy scientist: Environmentalist support for Purple Line is an example rest of country should follow
and MTA invite you to a public meeting on the Purple Line, Sept. 17 at 7 pm in Silver Spring:.
Maryland governor: Purple Line funding from Montgomery, Prince George's is in (Video) - Washington Business Journal
Hogan letter to Mikulski says county funding in place for Purple Line - The Washington Post
They have to do work to enlarge the rail yard by Union Station as part of the Purple Line project.
This leg of the new Purple Line has been the most controversial one would require tunneling under Beverly Hills High School.
Kudos to County Executive Ike Leggett for green lighting extra funds to build the Purple Line.
Listen to the Kojo Nnamdi show at 12p to hear CPCUP board member David Iannucci talk about the Purple Line:
County leaders are concerned about paying even more to support the Purple Line: on
Montgomery, Prince George’s officials are relieved by Purple Line decision
Queuing traffic from the Huntingdon Street works onto Mansfield Road / Forest Road junction are delaying Lime and Purple Line buses.
Maryland's transportation secretary might have told Governor Hogan to approve the Purple Line. Will he listen?
Lots of discussion of pedestrian control/safety in the Purple Line design through Langley Park. Already lots of jaywalking here.
What's your opinion - should the Purple Line be MoCo's top transit priority?
The City of Takoma Park gives its input to Governor-Elect Hogan on the Purple Line.
Great turnout this morning in downtown Silver Spring at the Civic Center to discuss the Purple Line.
Beverly Hills thinks that building the Purple Line is basically asking for ISIS to target them.
Former GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney is helping Barbara Comstock raise campaign funds. Comstock is running against Democrat John Fourst for the congressional seat in Virginia's tenth district. Romney was scheduled to be at the private fundraiser in McLean last night. There's a possible link to another violent crime for the suspect in the case of a missing University of Virginia student. The sheriff's office in Campbell County, near Lynchburg, Virginia, is investigating whether Jesse Matthew was involved in the death of 23-year-old Cassandra Morton in 2009. The cost of building the Purple Line is going up. Maryland transit officials say the price tag on the light-rail line connecting Montgomery and Prince George's counties now stands at two-point-45-billion dollars, up 21-million from its estimate in July. A new law decriminalizing marijuana in Maryland takes effect today. While possessing small amounts of pot will no longer mean possible jail time, those 21-years-old and older caught with less tha ...
--- Northwestern University Tour --- As the days of August come to an end, and the eve of Labor Day arrives around the corner, last minute vacations, college visits and preparation of school are on the minds of one and all. Selecting NU’s college tour was fairly easily online. Next I mapped out our trip; directions led visitors through Chicagoland expressways. I contemplated driving after reading the campus parking policies. I curiously pulled up an online map and clicked on the public transportation icon. I discovered it was possible to make a trip from Chicago to Northwestern University via the CTA elevated trains. It was pretty simple. We got on at the Midway Orange Line train; we got off at the Harold Washington Library stop, waited for the Purple Line train heading towards Linden, got on and then exited at the Davis stop. We walked 3 streets and there we stood in front of Northwestern Admission Office. We started our trip at 9:10 a.m. and arrived at 10:50 a.m. The trip was $2.25 one way ...
Join for its Purple Line public meeting tonight at Forest Manor Multi-Service Center, 5603 E 38th St. Starts at 5 PM
Brown, Lime, Yellow, Purple Line buses are not serving stops along Mansfield Road between Woodborough Road and Forest Gate due to Carnival
Beverly Hills High School, which has long opposed a Purple Line extension slated to run underneath school grounds, has spent at least $3.1 million of voter-approved bond money in a losing fight against Metro in court over the subway line.
7:20 a.m. I lost my chance to have a first experience with a hookah, when the alarm clock awakened me. I had had two extended episodes of sleep during the night, each one at four hours, for the first time in weeks! 9:00 a.m. Breakfast meeting (about ideas, events, people -- see prior post) with Lucha at Modern Eats. My notebook has a page of action items. 11:35 a.m. Drove to E. Hollywood with John, parked at [Church X, where the pastor and his husband have given us carte blanche to use the parking lot anytime], walked to the Metro, took the Red Line to the Purple Line to Koreatown. 12:30 p.m. Lunch with Tanya at POT, the restaurant opened a month ago by chef friend Jude Parra. The table was spread with so many utensils, so many plates, so many textures, so many colors, so many forms ... all to be newly recombined with each bite ... like a Vacation Bible School project, only edible. 3:00 p.m. Arrival back at the house. Ready for some serious hammock time. When was the last time I had such a stretch of unde ...
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Campus section of MN light rail suffers from highway-style traffic lights- I hope Purple Line at UMD avoids this
Anti-Purple Line candidate Deborah Vollmer talking about representing farmworkers as a lawyer, working with Cesar Chavez.
The Federal Transit Administration has just issued a Record of Decision for the Purple Line, basically approving the 16-mile light rail line between Bethesda and New Carrollton. It's one of the last pieces needed to build the line, which is scheduled to break ground next year and open in 2020.
Purple Line came out in 2008. Park Yoochun has been telling people he wants to touch himself for 6 solid years.
Thursday’s Planning Board meeting will include the mandatory referral of the Purple Line project. Get all the details
It's official, Third Coast Comics will be hosting a Captain America:The Winter Soldier Midnight Screening at the Cimemak 18 in Evanston on Thursday, Apr 3rd. Rejoice! There are 2 ways to get your tix: In Store: Come to TCC and buy them for $12 Paypal: send $12 to docmidnightbe added to a guest list and therefore you'll also be bypassing lines and the ticket window at the theater. We'll meet at the movie theater bar at 9:00 for general geekery and when our bartender is set up in our theater, we'll take or seats and it'll be all good. IMPORTANT: This is midnight show which will end somewhere after 3:00am. Consider your transportation needs as the Purple Line will not be running to Howard at that time.
France, which ran trains to death camps and whose subsidiary will bid on Purple Line, may have to pay up.
Change of plans! We're meeting in front of EVK at 10:30AM! Walk over to the Jefferson/USC Expo Line stop together. Take the Expo Line towards Downtown LA to the 7th/Metro stop. Transfer to the Red/Purple Line (go down the escalators) and take it to Union Station. Get off at Union Station and walk through the station towards Olvera Street. The museum will be on the left down an alleyway between two old brick buildings.
Want to hear some updates on the Purple Line? Then join tonight in Silver Spring to learn more!
CTA/METRA ALERT: Purple Line and Union Pacific North trains delayed due to police activity around Davis in Evanston.
1991: Groundbreaking for Metro Red Line (later, Purple Line) Segment 2 takes place at Wilshire/Western at the site of the future subway station. At the ceremony, Los Angeles County Transportation C...
As Beverly Hills's very expensive hissy fit continues, Metro is moving forward with early construction activities on the Purple Line subway extension...
Gov. O'Malley says Maryland's higher gas tax will benefit the Purple Line and various road projects:
I'm thinking about going to Woodfield Mall next Friday. I wanna take the CTA Red Line from 95th / Dan Ryan to Howard. Get on Purple Line from Howard to Davis, and get on Pace Suburban Bus 208 from Davis Station to Woodfield Mall. This is gonna be intresting ride!
305 Photo of the Day: Purple Line: Today's photo comes from Michael Wayne Cole's Flickr. If you'd like to see...
announces L2 (Purple Line) closures for Easter Weekend from Pg. Gràcia to Sagrada Família
Monday morning brought a messy commute, as CTA Brown and Purple Line several thousand passengers rode into the Loop to begin their work week. The Wells St. Bridge construction is underway.
wait, Maryland's state house and senate is led by two guys named Busch and Miller? will the Purple Line run on swill?
yeah if I have a choice and I'm just getting off at the Civic Center than I'm going to just take the Purple Line over the Red Line
A new group is joining the cause for transportation dollars to build the Purple Line light rail and Bus Rapid Transit system, both of which supporters say would
I'm excited MCYD will host my Senator Jamie Raskin, Sierra Club's Chris Hill, Michele Douglas with Public Policy Partners and Jonathan Sachs with the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce next Tuesday to hear from them about 2013's biggest legislative opportunities and how MCYD members can most effectively advocate. We're going to be talking about these issues and more: • Assault weapons ban • Raising the minimum wage • Limits on magazine capacity • Death penalty ban • Anti-fracking bills • Transportation funding for the Purple Line • Paid sick days • Small business development • Offshore wind
A plan to spur redevelopment in Long Branch relies heavily on the impact of the planned Purple Line stations
Long Branch's proposed sector plan would focus on Purple Line and pedestrians: on
Capital Bikeshare, the Purple Line, and Silver Line are among the best transportation projects in America, according to the Sierra Club's annual list of the 50 best and worst. Virginia also scored 3 "worst" slots with sprawl-inducing, environmentally destructive highway projects around the state.
The view from roof. In the background is the CTA Red Line, Purple Line and Brown Line's Bel
The Montgomery County Council is preparing to push transit funding in 2013, looking to advance the Purple Line and BRT:
I am going on the saturday. Got your whatsapp & I tried to call you but your line was busy... :)
man idk. I felt like the Rugby line was his best one besides Purple and Black label
I was a good member of the LA public transportation community today. I helped a young and clueless woman find her way from Fullerton to Wilshire/Western on the Purple Line. I helped a young woman from France (she spoke limited English) avoid getting lost on the red line by telling her not to go to Civic Center and to exit Union Station and go to Olvera Street to find the Pueblo De Los Angeles. (Escalier, Escalier, A Gauche. With a warning that the restaurants on Olivera street are assez bien.) I only watch French comedies now, but I can break it out on the wild streets of LA. The good metro karma paid me back by announcing delays on the Expo Line and I was able to wrangle my kind husband to pick me up on Fig/Jefferson to avoid the late Surfliner. I'm starting to think this LA Metro thing is a workable system if we riders always help one another. I need to recoup my good karma soon by getting lost on the Paris Metro soon.
purple line! Dont worry!😂 i teach u all how i go school everyday.
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There is a purple line between every gr8 relationship...jst so u knw it...nufin seperates us 4rm d luv of Christ...
Rim eyes with Black Liner, then smoke the line with Purple Shadow! Makes brown/green eyespop.
Top of the line, all on my grind, purple be easin my mind.
The Eagle's offensive line must be big dog lovers.
yea I dyed it for halloween and had it for like almost 2 months, huge purple line down the middle!
Lol no..i was jus here watching purple rain..and that line came to mind
I naik purple line i rasa so close to baby heh
Let's see if I can like Purple Line...
What's the fastest way to get to orchard from purple line, transfer at dhoby right
If I ever mention the word purple "purples cool." Mom stop that's Bella's line not yours
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