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Costa Rican culture is heavily influenced by Spanish culture, with the exception of Limón and the Cordillera de Talamanca.

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Hi Just moved to The Berkshires after spending 6 years in Costa Rica. Look forward to trying your products soon. Pura Vida!
Rainy season is officially here in Costa Rica 🇨🇷 🏄 serene in sun or rain, our slice of paradise. Pura Vida live you…
totally awesome 8 days here, back home and so sad! Miss Costa Rica and your hotel so much! Pura Vida x
I finally love where I live...Pura Vida in Costa Rica!
There is no doubt that sunsets in Costa Rica are nothing short of breathtaking. A Pura Vida shoutout
don't get on your knees in the final. It messes your vocals! You gotta win! . Pura Vida! Your fan from Costa Rica!
"Pura Vida" is Spanish for "pure life", a Costa Rican philosophy that encourages the appreciation of life's...
Best birthday ever today zip lining the jungles of Costa Rica! 🇨🇷 So thankful to be able to be here. Pura Vida!!!…
New Listing! Turnkey home & guest house in Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Contact RE/MAX Pura Vida for more info &...
I want to live life as many Costa Ricans refer to as "Pura Vida" - with a deep sense of gratitude, peace, optimism + appreciation.
Pura Vida is coming to perform at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe for a Don't Miss out!…
I want to order some Pura Vida bracelets so bad. 😩
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hello to every fan of the around the world from San Jose, Costa Rica 🤘🏀🤘 good luck to our young players. Pura Vida
Good luck to my tonight from San José, Costa Rica Game # 1 🤘⚾🤘. Pura Vida Maes.
This Quartz was dug up in Arkansas, and it's only been touched by a few human hands. Pura Vida
Decided to have a rolling party over here at Top Shelf! Got some fresh Pura Vida and Golden Goat joints! Come and g…
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Start the off with a retreatWELL adventure in Costa Rica and experience pura vida!
not a fan of RC selling pura Vida bracelets in gift shop w no notice that they're for charity…
Providing La Pura Agua to hundreds in the land of La Pura Vida. Learn about the impact created when Agua Viva...
Pura Vida & Happy Find out what Pura Vida means to this beautiful country of Costa Rica!!!...
A N A N D A | pure bliss = pura vida (pure life) for me ... I was here for over three months…
I also bonded with my mentor teacher because we are both Pura Vida
Stop by our table in Campus Center now we are also selling Pura VIDA bracelets. Only $5 and all profits benefit Relay & Teddi
Thanks ff:) Take a Walk on the Wild Side in Barefoot Luxury : Pura Vida.
Have a Beautiful Butterfly of a day: Pura Vida.
March Middle School Spotlight on sites! Students learn about their families and self. "I am from pura vida life!
Working on being a Pura Vida bracelet rep. So get at me for 20% off 😍
Wishing you a day of Barefoot Luxury: Pura Vida.
Another year of criteria starting with the team! Let the begin 🎉
Pura Vida on GuideDoc, the biggest rescue attempt in the history of the Himalayas. Link on the bio.
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset last night with dinner. Pura Vida!
$5 cash will get you an awesome Pura Vida bracelet!! Interested, see me throughout the day.
COOL OFF IN TRUE PURA VIDA FASHION! Check out the the latest adventure
Missing time? Have a look at this moment lived in Read it then close your eyes..there you are :) ht…
Thank you WHITE IBIZA for for being in your top 10 of Ibizas Beach Restaurants and of couse for nominating us for...
same😭 I miss the pura vida life and our whole group and how we had so much fun omg I'm gonna cry
This is all I'm wearing today pura vida!
Little Giant Ladders
Pura Vida: This is "Pura Vida - Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama 2014" by on Vimeo, the home for high quality vi...
Tranquil view from my room... Pura Vida indeed
Time to plan playing one of our events.
Awesome! Looks like you really enjoyed it. Pura Vida!! :)
Join us Friday October 28 3-6pm for a Vendor Day with Pura Vida, creators of protein bars, granola, seeds, and trai…
Yes, but it will not be our last! Pura Vida is alive and well in my soul!!
BTW Happy our favorite and most Pura Vida animal!
another season will begin soon I hope my will have a good year from your Fan here in Costa Rica since 1987 . Pura Vida
good morning from San José, Costa Rica to every Fan of the Cubs around the world the best is yet to come . Pura Vida Maes...
It will be the first woman President of the United States of America. Congratulations from Costa Rica, Pura Vida.
Music Monday x The Pura Vida Playlist = 🎶😎👌🏻 Link to the playlist in the bio
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In Costa Rica 'Pura vida' means “pure life,” a feel good expression used as a greeting!
thanks for the follow. Familiar with Costa Rica?.PURA VIDA...8 years in Costa Rica & now in San Juan del Sur!
The unveiling of Luna with Kaftan and Resort wear queen, showcasing her latest collection, Pura Vi…
Thanks Tayannedantas for following! Tons of snippets and tutorials you can find at Pura Vida!
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Yes! I teach Mon at 6:30 at the Lumiere Space (124 St and 111 Ave) and Weds at 6 at Pura Vida (149 St and Stony Plain Rd.)
The face u make when u leave for Costa Rica in 3 days!!Matthew 28:19-20 Cristo es la Pura Vida.
The Ben Curtis Family Foundation is AMAZING and we are so thrilled that we were able to team up with Pura Vida...
Follow this awesome trip hosted by to Costa Rica. . Pura Vida!
This is our "High-5" to you! The best moments caught at the Park in April. Pura Vida!
Are you even Costa Rican if you don't own a "Pura Vida" bracelet? 🇨🇷
thank you for getting back to me. Pura Vida from Playa Jacó Costa Rica
This is our "High-5" to you! A highlight of friends & family that vacationed with us at ORP this April! Pura Vida!
Ready to fast forward the best 24 hours and be in this beautiful place with a very special guy 💙 Pura Vida! .
great memory Feb 3rd at on St. Petersburg,Fl . Pura Vida from Costa Rica
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Our view from behind our villa in Costa Rica! This is from today's sunset walk! Pura Vida!…
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Project Graduation is selling Pura Vida bracelets for $5. They also help provide jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. See Mrs. Kelly!!
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That's reason why us loving Keylor Navas . Pura Vida!
I just want all the Pura Vida bracelets in the world.
this-pura-vida said: also... if Rubio does not win the nomination will you not vote at all or would you...
yeah, and the ripple of water coming off his shell is gonna spell Pura Vida in cursive
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I love my daydreams this week... hanging onto the Pura vida as long as possible!🌞 by apiolanichols
Life is too short to deal strictly in dollars.
Ordered my Pura Vida bracelets and I'm super excited 🔥
Today's was written from Here's why I recommend a holiday by yourself:
That rocks! One cool step at a time.Let me know if I can assist. Pura Vida, Mike
I need more pura vida bracelets in life, not problems
Escape the rain and head to Costa Rica! So much more than a tourist trap .. -
Living pura vida at ISG team retreat 2016.
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Be sure to check out Enochs Pura Vida Club's Autism Awareness 5K Walk/Run this weekend!
I am in LOVE with this company! little bracelets with a BIG story My review:
Vida Pura Spa on Valentines weekend massages are almost filled up! We have a couple of spots available! cal…
Counting down the days until our retreat in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica! :) . Pura Vida! photo: Rajani
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What is "Pura Vida"?? Read all about where minimalism meets happiness in the article below:
That natural high. Beautiful day at the park today. // Pura Vida!
Luxuriate wth your loved one at Vida Pura Spa this Valentine's weekend! Relax by getting a chocolate covered...
Happy birthday I hope your day is amazing 😊🎉 Pura Vida
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I want a Pura Vida bracelet so bad 😍😩
105F's four week intensive Hot Yoga Teacher Training will be held May 14-June 11, 2016 at Pura Vida Resort and...
Thanks again Costa Rica for the epic memories from 💭Pura Vida mae
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Both St. Mary's and Meadowbrook schools made it safely to Costa Rica! Enjoy your expedition! . Pura Vida!...
We're in the midst of Check out the amazing events going on:
The WaterAtlas DataMapper gives you continuous water quality, hydrology, and rainfall
Pura Vida 💫 outtake from our shoot in Costa Rica. 🦄
Been off line. Too busy vacationing in Costa Rica! Pura Vida baby
Sophia Happy Birthday🎈🎉, Congratulations 🎊!, blessings 😊 and I hope you enjoy it to the fullest 🙌. I love u 💋. Pura Vida 😘✌🏼
Anytime I see anything about pura vida bracelets, I immediately think of you ❤️ I know how you love them!
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Back from 10 days in glorious Costa Rica where Ann and I played in the sand and walked in the cloud forest. Pura Vida.
What can I say?! "Pura Vida!" Great to in Costa Rica with these guys. @ Gracie Barra…
When is going to be getting in some more of the Pura Vida bracelets? I would like to order a dark gray one when available.
Lovin our Pura Vida bracelets AND this view
Jason Hicks and I are sitting in with the Pura Vida choir tonight at the U of M Recital Hall from 6:30-7:30pm.
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I love my new Pura Vida bracelets but one smells bad & is too waxy... I'm sure it will fade and loosen up once it breaks in but just warning
Love my new Pura Vida bracelets Jill got me for Christmas😊
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they are called Pura Vida bracelets and are only about $5.00 charity bracelets and each one is for a certain cause😇
When your dating life consists of you and your brother at pura vida 😂
good company and a willingness to explore. Pura Vida!
idk whenever I decide to get out of bed
I'll be at forest hill again tomorrow ***
Rehearsal for Pura Vida performance at peace fest this Saturday! I got the sneak peek and I have to urge you not...
pura vida! If it wouldn't traumatize my teenager I'd be moving to Costa Rica/Guancaste. So beautiful!
My dog Bella got all excited when she saw you bring "Bella" to
Yo even my dog Bella can't get enough
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that last report on Kanye was dope! 💯. Always tuned from the Pura Vida land. Costa Rica 😎
Special Forces diploma. Feb 1983. Pretty good achievement for a 21yo. Hard work and a never quit attitude. Pura Vida.
This has been the absolute fastest month of my life. Tonight is my last night in Costa Rica, so ceZy. Pura Vida ❤️
Pura Vida baby! 2 days til Costa Rica with Team Epic Self. I think the Beginners Course is at…
This Friday we're going to Pura Vida Sky Bar & Hostel Bucharest for a piano session. Join us!
good morning my Zayn in Costa Rica :*. Pura vida!! (Pure life) :'D
To get my nails done, an anchor pura vida bracelet, or an ivory Ella shirt is one of my hardest decisions this summer.😭
shout out to my homie who's music made my youth fun growing up and help bring us 2Pac, thanks for following much respect
What does the proverb mean? Focusing on what's truly important in life, explains
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Pura Vida is just becoming popular but it's been around for like years
REVIEW | Pura Vida, Santa Eulalia: . You’ll find a lot of good places to eat in and aroun...
Live sustainably. Live the pura vida life. Schedule a visit soon.
3:34 am post..😂😅 but seriously Pura Vida Ice is lovvve😍😍
Famous Monday's at Pura Vida!. Enjoy DJ Frank Mendez today from 2pm -7pm and . our evening program with Paco...
Living raw bread from the raw vegan bakery
I was living pura vida before you knew where that country was on the map
My brother did the emoji dm challenge and he tells people they're fam and they need to hang out and I get "we need to go get pura vida" FAKE
😏💩- nice emojis, we need to go to pura Vida soon..
I understand what Pura Vida means after being here. Kindness, beauty, simplicity, peace, appreciation, love. I will remember …
I need pura vida bracelets and the blue lokai bracelet 😍
*** ya bruh 11:55 " We letting the hatchets chop and the Mac-10's pop pop"
hey homie we gonna have to call you Skinny Joe. Keep up the good work and spittin out dem dope *** lyrics boricua
Welcome to Costa Rica. Hope you both have a great time here. Pura vida✌
Chillin watching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, love these movies
A close up of the look I did with electric palette and Pura Vida Glitter…
Last nights look inspired by using in Pura Vida and electric pallette
so I maybe just ordered 3 Pura Vida bracelets. oops.
The perfect way to end the weekend. Pura Vida!
Pura Vida Signs in Incredible craftsmanship and they're nice too! Imagine that! :-)
Warm and nice place in Costa Rica. PURA VIDA !
We are so happy you're here with us! Pura vida! :)
Battered sunglasses that have seen so much! Getting ready for some sunset magic!!! Pura Vida!.
Purchased the California Coast keeper Alliance from Pura Vida. I like keeping blue, brown, and green bracelets I can keep on all the time.
I still have plenty of Pura Vida bracelets for only $5 a piece to help support our sweet little fierce Charlotte! 🎀💕
Super stoked that I will be perfecting my Spanish speaking in Costa Rica for a whole semester ☺️ pura vida
Available for purchase at Pura Vida Worldly Art in Charlotte, NC
Straight chillin and being lazy on this Sunday...I ain't going nowhere's!
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Reppin my cute lil Pura Vida consultant today with my Autism and Down Syndrome Awareness PuraVida Bracelets!
Off to Manuel Antonio for our first hostel stay! Pura Vida! 🌻
Pura Vida at Hilton - A little bit of Brazil shine on Ras-al-Khaimah - Pura Vida at Hilton RAK - A little...
Almost midnight here in Costa Rica. Waiting for the poker brat to win his 13th WSOP bracelet.Pura Vida, go Phil
Pura Vida! This is the life in Manuel Antonio, via &
Photo of the Day! Pura Vida. Horseback riding in Costa Rica. Photo by Fernando Colella.
Came home to my Pura Vida bracelets in the mail and new foster kittens ❤️
Thank you neverrebelph jinoboy5 for this cute set of Pura Vida bracelets! 😄
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Breast Cancer Awareness
I need a Lokai bracelet to combine with my Pura Vida bracelets.
Pura Vida bracelets are super cute, pretty cheap and the best part is that you support Artisans in Costa Rica and a variety of charities!
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Living the Pura Vida, Caonha Dillon trains on overlooking Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica
Timelapse of one of the clearest days we had at Arenal volcano in Costa Rica - Pura Vida! @ Kokoro…
Thank you everybody for the birthday cheer, another one down with many more to come. Now its down to business, Finnish packing, take a nap, take a nice hot shower, leave for BWI at 230 am, San Jose Costa Rica, My brother from another mother @ 1 pm. The 2015 season begins !! Pura Vida !!
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I low key want some more Pura Vida bracelets
Somewhere under there there's a "Pura Vida" sticker with a Costa Rican beach scene.
Had to stop myself at only 2 Pura Vida bracelets. I wanted to buy all of them. 🙊
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my Pura Vida bracelets came in finally and I couldn't be more happy
Get your necklaces and Pura Vida bracelets for Christmas, all proceeds to Cyberbullying ed :)
Assorted pix from recent trip to CR - pura vida!
Couple here looking for a 1-2 bedroom in the northern area of Santa Teresa with high-speed wifi/secure for longterm beginning October or November 1- PM me if you have any leads. Pura vida ;)
pura vida mae — collaredqueen: Thursday night football and good... | via Tumblr
Don Omar - Pura Vida (from Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game LP) Official soundtrack and film from Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful Game "Pura Vida" available on...
We need Pura Vida written in ur accounts! …
We need Pura Vida written in ur accounts!
Sky and I are booked for Costa Rica baby! I can't wait to share Pura Vida with my and of course introduce her to Eddie Ryan and the Ryan's! Life is good y'all, oh life is good.
Pura vida...Evita's voyage to the South Seas: Batteries, batteries, batteries
Sully Erna takes you behind the scenes at fest with Pura Vida Tequila ! ht…
Revolt On The Rio Grande is two weeks from today! You could head backstage to take a shot of Pura Vida tequila...
All of a sudden my vocabulary consists of "Mae, varas, diay & pura vida"
Take me here now!!! >> Searching for Pura Vida in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula via
I would love to learn how to live the Pura Vida life.
Check out new work on my portfolio: "Pura Vida Pilates"
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It's always sad to say good bye. I'll see you soon my second home. Muchas gracias por todo y Pura Vida!...
Just bought a pura vida bracelet in honor of Ashley. Missing you today girl.
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Sounds like Pura Vida and Congo Ashanti Roy are at the Black Ark: Belgian band Pura Vida has managed to create...
Happy Birthday! Today it is my birthday too...Pura Vida desde Costa Rica!!!
Don't just dream about visiting Costa Rica, it has to be experienced!! Come and discover the happiest country on earth! ~ Pura Vida!
Pura Vida! The story behind the most important phrase to know when visiting .
Organic Costa Rican coffee beans on sale now at Savoir Fare, AC’s gourmet food store! Pura Vida!
Sloth Kong continues his reign of tears as Costa Ricans weep for joy. Pura Vida! Viva La Sele!
Love, Unity, Pride for our little but AWESOME country. We are so proud to be Costa Ricans ~ Pura Vida
Every morning when I was at Pura Vida in Costa Rica, I saw these birds. They were truly amazing and what a gift. There tails sway back 'n forth like a pendulum on a clock. Can hardly wait to go back to Costa Rica this fall.
Another amazingly magical day in the Jungle. We travelled to Hare Krishna Temple an hour or two away, had the most incredible ride and destination was the highest of vibes, cleansing and blessings of Love! Pura Vida
I have to go for my USSF E license tomorrow. Might be the first person in history to get it drunk. Pura Vida!
Did you know Pura Vida doesn't only make bracelets? They have tons of merchandise & today, their…
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Hey there! My business partner Alfio B Carroccetto and I own Pura Cycling Studio in Wesley Chapel, FL. We have Spinner NXT's in our boutique studio where we offer cycling, core, yoga and small group training classes. We are going into our 2nd year of business and are having a blast! Live it love it, Pura Vida!
Give them a look on the Pura Vida bracelets website. They are the sale Beanies
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Ok, so Pura Vida bracelets are REALLY waxy. Colorful though. :)
Seriously can't wait for our Lokai & Pura Vida bracelets to come in ⚫️⚪️💚
"Pura Vida: Butterflies of Costa Rica" is the 2014 theme for the Butterfly Show. The Krohn Conservatory is full of butterflies, tropical plants, and more.
I have this serious problem where if I'm bored, I start buying Pura Vida bracelets.
Support your favorite charity or collect your own personalized set of Pura Vida bracelets, beanies,…
So I think I've found my new obsession 😍 Pura Vida bracelets are made in Costa Rica by local artisans.…
Here are my Pura Vida bracelets! The green one is for Bipolar awareness and the yellow one is for depression! 💚💛
Strip in Avon, Pura Vida in public square, stino da napoli in river, tinkers creek in valley view. Got more if you need
RIP Peter - you're in a better place now my Costa Rican friend... Pura Vida hermano. "The Dash. by Linda Ellis. . I...
FREE ROOM AND MEALS IN Costa Rica! WHEN: From now through July 1st WHERE: Staying in a separate bedroom in my house in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. The Caribbean! WHY: I have just been discharged from the hospital following heart surgery, and I need some assistance. WHASSUP: Not homecare! Not invalid! I just need an extra hand lifting, reaching, carrying etc. Also, someone to keep an eye on me in case I need assistance (should I faint or be in pain). In the final days leading up to July 1st, help in packing two suitcases with my belongings and escorting me to the airport on a shuttle. I prefer one person for the whole three weeks, but will consider an overlapping visit of two persons. PERKS: Strolling along the beaches of the Caribbean Sea. Home-cooked meals (shared) of organic and/or locally sourced foods (I am not a vegetarian). Occasional meals out in town. Your own bedroom, shared bathroom. Living the life of Pura Vida. MUST BE: Able bodied. Congenial. No food/religious/political intransigence. Have a se ...
Summer Trivia has started. Can you name this place in Costa Rica? The first person to guess, we will send an Imperial shot glass as a prize. Keep guessing until we let you know the winner. Pura Vida!
Today marks the last day of my five month journey through South and Central America. In my time I saw ancient ruines, helped throw festivals, meditated and learned, slept in caves, cars, beaches, huts, bungalows, tents, hotels, and hostels. I grew and learned. I lost one instrument and learned another. I saw the dark fierce jungles, the sandy blissful beaches, mystical lakes, and sacred mountains. I learned about the ways of the Maya and Inca. At times I felt happy, awe-struck, sick, relaxed, anxious, and invigorated. I got two new pairs of shoes, a few new shirts, and a new set if eyes. Finally, I met some of the most amazing people I've ever come to know in my short time in this world. In some ways I feel sad, but mostly I feel that this is just the end of one chapter to start anew. Is this another ending or a start? Matiosh, Pura Vida, Invitashaki, Gracias
Say juWhat! Costa Rica on the side burner for now... Pura Vida here we come. yo Stuck with me mientras till i...
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" Right? We are 2 chicks that loves riding bikes and care about the environment, so instead of driving around to get to our favourite trails, we will bike, why not! We are planning a spring bike adventure right here in our backyard, to hang with friends, explore new trails, new towns and meet new people. To make this happen we are hoping our friends will be able to help us out! Our plan is to leave Whistler on May 20 and ride to a different town each day. We would love if you can show us your fave trails and ride with us! We are hoping that through our awesome group of friends, we'll be able to find a host in each location to help us on this journey as we'll only bike with a daypack. The Route Plan thus far: May 20 - Whistler to Squamish -Leaving from Rainbow at 9am, riding Alpine flank to Pura Vida, to Train Wreck to Sea to Sky Trail to Squamish May 21 - Squamish to North Van -Leaving Squamish in AM time TBA, riding TBA May 22 - North Van to Maple Ridge -Leaving f ...
Pura Vida! A phrase that caught our attention ever since we stepped foot into San Jose! What does it mean? It means Pure Life or Happy Life. Ticos, (slang for Costa Ricans) use it as an expression of their satisfaction with life. After all, Costa Rica has long been voted as “The Happiest Country in…
Costa Rica is the strut! Canopy/zipline management through the Cloud Forest and reuniting with my brother Marco after 9 years... Pura Vida!
The rustic, tropical landscape and 'Pura Vida' (pure life) energy of Costa Rica make it the perfect location for a yoga retreat.  Harmony chose the remote, wild beach of Santa Teresa for our retreat to really 'get away.'  The journey through mountain ranges and lush rainforest to the coast of our pe…
Going to the Springsteen show tonight in Raleigh. Can't wait! Thanks to my awesome Wife I got to see him on the first leg of the Wrecking Ball tour and now the Boss is back!! Can't believe my good fortune! Pura Vida baby!!
Pura Vida, Vegans!!! Come get your Chef Mayra taste at the Spring Festival Tivoli Village today 9 am...
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