First Thoughts

Pum Kash

Omg me being fat is still a discussion? 😂 ok since we playing that game let's make your fishy pum kash and your missing edges a discussion.
this is it. Not all chicks pum pum is tun enough for them to just lay on their back
Y'all knew wearin draws all the time ain't good for ya? Especially when they tight. Let the pum-kash breathe.
👏👏 You gotta work hard for the Pum Kash 🐱
Mama Dee got pum kash tattoo'd on her 😳😳
lol why haven't you left yet.. I knew u wanted the pum-kash
Ooooh *** - is about to call stores LIVE ON looking for "Pum'kash":
Pum-kash Lolol. What kinda name is that for any product??? Pum-Kash ??? Lolol . No Lord Jesus!
Catch me at the top of the year January 4th on All Eyez On Me TV chatting it up about my New book, Pum-Kásh and...
Ha I see you in business with MAMA JONES now huh Finnesse Bailey, after she gave you the PUM KASH, she gave you 50% of the PUM KASH fragrence lkn ***
Is there any good Pum Kash out there?
Somebody is gonna get this bottle of mama Jones Pum kash perfume for xmas...
Gotta get my girl some Pum Kash this Christmas, MB mall got it? Or is it like Ashby flea market quality...
The face you make when Mama Jones tried to spray Pum Kash on you at the flea market
"I'm running around with no head like a chicken with no head on my head". -Pum'kash Finest Mama Jones
Like you went & MARRIED someone never never hitting this pum kash ever
Ya bishh come home selling like Pum-kash leave her
I'm not gonna put it anymore effort towards this L.O.V.E. stuff. Let it come to me!
I need to minimize my contact list.
If your inner thighs look burnt imma assume your pum kash stank.
Cant wait till my perm grow out so I can wear my fro!!
Speaking of Jim Jones, did Pum Kash come out yet?Featured at a swap meet near you. Cuz who doesn't want to smell like a *** and gym socks
He want dat Pum-Kash “Why is asking me these dumb questions😑”
My friend just called me & said let them lil heffers faces look like pum-kash
awww im just seeing this. I love u too pud!
I'm in love with my bestfriend . We don't talk everyday but when we do its like we never skipped a beat. I love you.
*** s be like "I just want the pum kash Shah stop it"... 😷🙅
yes I know and when I be crying or what ever she just does thing that make me stop
yes and now GURL I be talking to her and she be kicking me back I be like that's her way if talking to mommy
I stayed crying with both pregnancies... I felt so alone...and like u said I would just go in my room and rub my belly!
I know the feeling. pregnancy brings sooo many emotions..and sometimes u can't even find the answer!
yes I've been too emotional these last couple of days!!
I pray I get this job!!! The lord blessed me this far I pray he continue to bless me!
Thinking how to my my future girlfriend into a lakers fan
I wish my boobies would stop leaking!!!
What I just seen in the walmart parkin lot! Only if I wasn't looking like a bum!
"Being single is not for me. I love being in a relationship when it's with the right person." Me too
But who tryna buy me a bottle of Pum Kash?
I have a thing for guys with nice arms! & if u got a tattoo on the arm oh lawd!
Bumped into an old JHS friend and he told me I broke his heart ...I feel so bad had to apologies a million times... I feel bad! :-(
You see from when I hear that, Kash evaporates and Shannagay walks out in her pum pum shorts!
I am sorry y'all but this was a question me n my friend got into early this morning n we was talk bout diseases n he told me he can look at someone n now Tha have something now to y'all can u look at someone n know they have an STD ? I said no
Just walked in a bathroom stall after someone. WOOF! o_O Ladies.sigh.please bathe daily and if thats not helping go get medical attention b/c thats hazardous!
just give me 24hrs with I will be sooo happy! He knows how to keep me laughing!
I want someone to talk to at night time...
I just want pum kash for valentines day . 😞
Question for the females: who's buying momma jones perfume (PUM-KASH)
lmfaooo i was JUST saying that in my head. i dont like that pum-kash 4 real
Lmfao said Olivia needs to be making jingles for Pum kash commercial
really tho.. Lmao bxtches throw the PUM KASH and start walking around with the idea he's there's FOH LMAO
Pum kash probably smell better than that lol
... Right I am so mad I left my cake and a plate .PUM-KASH!!!
when you feeling down just spray a little of that " PUM KASH " 😂😭😂😭 im !
I'm gonna buy my next gf some of Mama Jones' Pum Kash ;} lmaooo
my cousin && them WOLVES did their thang tonight! won the playoffs!!
Morning everyone ! Have a good day I know I am being in atlanta all day!!!
If my pum kash wasn't so fat I would've fa show been in the broke my fall lmmfao
*** she got him with the pum kash. My man Huck let his guard all thee way down
Im ready to go to sleep and wake up for tomorrow !!
Frank and Wanda leaving V 103 oh no the world is ending!
Lol good morning baby u want some pum kash
I want the perfume PUM KASH for xmas .. lmao
Guess I will hit up ga dome on friday !
I aint gt no *** so ima buy a box of momma jones pum-kash & pass it around to every girl I see
Who buying Mama Jones Pum Kash for their baby mama for Christmas
Don't forget that 'PUM KASH' by Mama Jones for ur gift baskets this holiday season. -_-
I'm now seein dis post, Gerlz btr don't go dur... Pum-kash, dat name is a classical one.
lmao best believe I roc my pum kash!
im great thanks for askin! Getn ready to hop on this road. Wbu?
What is Pum-Kash/Momma Jones perfume a mixture of Pum Pum and Cash
Don't buy your significant other Pum-Kash for That's not going to end well..
lol girl yeah I don't get to have a weekend
I just saw the commercial for Nicki Minaj's perfume... Wonder what that smells like. Sweat, Desperation & Pum Kash? Word to Jim Jones momma
Some y'all chicks be smelling like mad Pum Kash !! Lol
Omg I want that nicki Minaj perfume I want the big one tho / pum kash?
Pum Kash doing split stock for the whole Harlem 🙌
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
now you gotta buy me pum kash for Xmas. Its only right .
“If Lil' Kim came out with a fragrance, what do you think it would smell like?” pum-kash
can somebody buy me pum kash this Christmas ?
Honestly tho when is PUM'KASH releasing ??
I hate bzys who keep taken pics of demselves. Dude can ya do it witout pum'kash out dur! Ain't staren but *** niga its out! sally da camel
My lil brother just asked my mama to buy him a pack of condoms! Lol.
yeah bestie. You have to come over when we both back in town. Happy Thanksgiving and iloveyou.
It always warms up my heart when I see my brother I love him!
Wait my phone bill was only $45 lawd Jesus this is a great day... Pum Kash 👐
If she dont take her ghetto old *** and go sit down somewhere..smhRT Who wants momma Jones pum kash??? Lol
Just rode by nccu..and thought of so happy birthday girl!
I went to Macy's to smell Nicki perfume & Terah asks the lady if they had mama Jones Pum Kash .. no one wants to smell that lol
Good thing about road trips is that u can just sleep!
Stop being haters. At least she's doing something. Don't hate the player hate the game.
This Xmas I'm buying all my haters Pum Kash🙌!!! Don't say I ain't Neva do nuthing for ya😉
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Donald Trump looks like he wears Pum Kàsh
I swear these females at school be smelling like Pum Kash !
This is for Mama Jones and Love n Hip Hop fans."Pum Kash " gotta love Mama
Man that Pum-Kash perfume probably gon smell good. Y'all sleep! Lol.
Wait, Kim baby name is Kash and now Kandi wants a son named Kash (because she bought the house with cash) and then there's Pum Kash 😲
My mom is a fool talking bout my ex boyfriend ex need pum kash perfume smdh lol I'm done with my mom she crazy lol
With every tee-shirt purchase a free bottle of Pum-Kash 🙌 (XL's & M sold out)
“Who is planning to buy their favorite ladies some Pum Kash for Christmas this year???” *waits for replies😳*
know the only place u can find Pum Kash is on the corner of 125th and Lenox lol
Y'all are letting my mentions have it about Pum Kash LOL ... I'm gonna RT
honey I'm tellin you right now if a Macy's counter girl shows me Pum Kash I will scream! LMAO
I'm sure the only place they'd sell Pum Kash is at the corner store, bus stop and welfah office.
Im not buying a gotdamn thing called Pum Kash.
I'm tipsy and fanning myself ... Let me spray some Pum Kash on myself LOL
-- nah she ain't step on the couch and have her pum kash in this girls face while deckin her. This didn't happen. Nope.
Are you ladies ready for PUM KASH.LOL
Mama Jones is to cute tonite wit the Pum Kash perfume
Mama jones really serious bout har pum kash
“& are buying their girlfriends pum kash for Christmas” lmfaooo hel no
Y'all laughing, but y'all know y'all curious about what Mama Jones Pum Kash smells like. LMAO!
This getting for all the females in my life for X-Mas "Pum Kash!! "
I need to get me a bottle of Pum Kash!!!
& why would anyone want to smell like a Pum Kash .
PUM-KASH is dumb funny . Mama Jones had 0 sense .
Mama Jones cant be serious, she's coming out with her own fragrance called "Pum Kash", lol I'd like to know wat she think pums and cash smell like together lol this lady is too
When you first get to Job Corps they check out your teeth, drug test you, examine your Pum Kash / Dingalings and give you a HIV test.
Watch out now! In this week’s webisode ofMama Jones’ World,Mama Jonesis at it again with one of hercrazyschemes. This time it’s a perfume line called Pum Kash. She teams up with her partner in crime, Freddie, (you know Freddie, producer of the hit song “Psychotic”) to film the commercial. We know yo...
Ok I REALY what to know who would wear Mama Jones perfume Pum Kash (would stands for pu$$y getting cash) if it smell anything like she look, that shSHANK lmao
Mama Jones, Mama Jones? SMDH. "Pum Kash"? For real? Sounds more like what a woman might wash instead of wear! Lol
All my ladies, I need some sponsors to help me with my new perfume called Pum Kash" any help ROTFL Mama Jones play to much"
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