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Pulitzer Prize

The Pulitzer Prize is a U.S. award for achievements in newspaper and online journalism, literature and musical composition.

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Storm Lake (Iowa) Times, who appears to have a TOTAL of 9 employees (most of 'em related) just won a Pulitzer Prize. h…
2017 Pulitzer Prize winners. The ones I've read so far are worthwhile reminders of the value of great journalism.…
Gwendolyn Brooks was the first African American to win the Pulitzer Prize in poetry. . .
Congrats to U-M professor and alumna on winning the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in history!
Review of Heather Ann Thompson's "Blood in the Water," awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for History.
Lit Walk author Heather Ann Thompson is a Pulitzer Prize winner! Less than three weeks to see her in person.
Congrats to Heather Ann Thompson whose bk Blood in the Water won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in history!
Pulitzer Prize awarded to sham journalist reporting fake news! Press in…
Heather Ann Thompson, a professor of history, was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her novel.
Prof Heather Ann Thompson’s book “Blood in the Water” has been awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for history:…
University of professor wins Pulitzer Prize in history - Apr 11 @ 9:42 AM ET
Congrats to Pulitzer Prize winner We interviewed her about Blood in the Water in 2015 in two parts:
Congrats to Dr. Thompson on a Pulitzer Prize for Blood in the Water, which draws on our collections. Learn more:
Blood in the Water: The Attica Uprising of 1971 and its Legacy by Heather Ann Thompson has won the Pulitzer Prize. htt…
University of Michigan professor wins Pulitzer Prize in history
Congratulations Heather Ann Thompson for winning the Pulitzer Prize in History! Here's her advice from our author's wa…   10% Off
Hilton Als won a Pulitzer Prize today. His piece on Moonlight stands among the most beautiful writing on film, ever.
Congrats to for winning the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting. 🕵 🎉 https:…
"I sit with piles of newspapers around three-week-old page proofs, and people can come in and start yelling at me."
All the names has called this year's Pulitzer Prize winners - Business Insider
Wins Pulitzer Prize! This is a prize for all our partners, for collaborative journalism, for teamwork
Wait. They gave out a Pulitzer Prize for criticism, and my mother didn't win it?
Jonathan Bachman was a finalist for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography with his photo “Taking a Stand in Baton…
congrats to the Pulitzer Prize board, for wisely honoring with the national reporting prize
[Rappler] 2017 Pulitzer Prizes awarded for work on U.S. election, PH war on drugs
Peggy Noonan won a Pulitzer? What the *** She's been phoning it in since the 80s... 1/2
Failing New York Times has been awarded the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting. I hear there wer…
Congrats to my terrific colleague on his Pulitzer Prize. Exciting day for him and The Post.
A+ list of Pulitzer winners though personally wanted to win one for his 'fake news' reporting
Inside the NYT newsroom during the 2017 Pulitzer Prize announcements on Monday. The winners:
How'd we do this year? You might ask. (I did) Well, every named individual for a journalism award is a white male.…
Giving The NY Times a Pulitzer Prize is like giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize
.a real class act, devoted part of his Pulitzer speech to readers who helped him, incl. https:/…
NYT wins the Pulitzer Prize for investigating "online harassment" because something something Russia
Art Cullen of the Storm Lake Times just won a Pulitzer Prize. If you doubt small-town journalism, think again.
prize for Hisham Matar's The Return - (now read it)
Congratulations to all the 2017 Prize winners! Full list with finalists + winning work available here: https:/…
So deserved-- a Pulitzer Prize for 's outstanding reporting on Trump's "charitable giving."
From darkness to the feel good story of the day.
wins the Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting! HUGE congrats to the whole team of 370+ journalists! Big than…
Proud to be a part of this extraordinary series of stories that won 2017 Pulitzer Prize for international reporting http…
ProPublica (4th in just 9 years!), Daily News, Post's Fahrenthold win Pulitzers via
Congrats to for winning the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction! Have you read The Underground Railroad?…
Colson Whitehead, David Fahrenthold, and more among the 2017 Pulitzer Prize recipients:
The 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction goes to Colson Whitehead for 'The Underground Railroad.'
Colson Whitehead has won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction
Little Giant Ladders
THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD by Colson Whitehead wins the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
Colson Whitehead wins the Pulitzer Prize in fiction for 'The Underground Railroad' (so deserved
JUST IN: Daily News wins its 11th Pulitzer Prize for investigative series with on nuisance abatement law https…
Daily News, ProPublica win Pulitzer Prize: An investigation that led to sweeping changes by the NYPD……
Well deserved for their work on nuisance abatement !Daily News, ProPublica win Pulitzer Prize
Somebody give Tim Minear the Pulitzer Prize for directing
Four theatres sign on for Trump play by Pulitzer Prize winner, Robert Schenkkan
Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Auburn: “In theater you can see your vision through to the
Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Jimmy Breslin dies after bout with pneumonia; known for NYC "Son of Sam" chronicles &…
Jimmy Breslin, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York journalist and author, dies at 88
He's won an IRE award, a George Polk award and a Pulitzer Prize. Been a reporter for 5 decades. Why do you think he stole?
Plenty have heard of him. David Cay Johnston won the Pulitzer Prize for his NYT coverage of taxes and tax loopholes. https:…
. Recipient of the Pulitzer Prize, an IRE Medal and the George Polk Awar…
. David Cay Johnston, Recipient of Pulitzer Prize, an IRE Medal & the George Polk Award.
Book of the Day: This second novel of trilogy won 1933 Pulitzer Prize for Stribling
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It was the correspondent Walter Duranty that covered-up the crimes of and won a Pulitzer Prize for it.
The Wikipedia article on Phineas Gage should win a Pulitzer Prize:
In 1949, Arthur Miller won a Pulitzer Prize for Death of a Salesman, his play about the tragic demise of Willy Loman, an aging salesman.
Spend the weekend with us and take in a show of this amazing Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning rock musical.
Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan talks about the research behind her forthcoming novel, “Manhattan Beach”
Pulitzer Prize winner Jennifer Egan talks about the death and rebirth of her forthcoming historical novel
Just a reminder that 2x Pulitzer Prize winning historian Alan Taylor will be speaking here next week!
Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Doug Pardue of Charleston Post & Courier on FB: "I am retiring today from Daily Newspapers."
Journalist Sonia Nazario helped us celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month 2015. She won the Pulitzer Prize for her...
Did you know that Joseph Pulitzer, founder of the Pulitzer Prize, was actually an immigrant from Hungary?…
Pulitzer Prize winner and former Seattle Post-Intelligencer reporter Andrew Schneider has died. He was 74.…
I've always had a soft spot for Walter Duranty and Joseph Stalin, not our enemy and Pulitzer Prize winners!
How can u profile New World and not mention Pulitzer Prize-winning story linking firm to Wen family?…
In 1997 became the First Jazz Musician to win a Pulitzer Prize for Music in 1997 http…
and the dumbing down of America continues. We don't need no Pulitzer Prize media when we got us some tabloids
Meet Black Singles 300x250
My 1. Get insulted by a prize winner CHECK!
I was just insulted by a prize winner , I'm so honored, I have so many people to thank.
yes I am aware of what it means. I'm a writer. I won the Pulitzer Prize. You?
Just found out my professor won a Pulitzer Prize for criticism and was a finalist two other times. Crazy.
"Are you sick and tired of hearing (Donald Trump questions?". Michael Irvin - the next Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.
-David deserves a Pulitzer Prize. I've been in his shoes at a regional level & his bravery astounds me.
Two-time Pulitzer Prize winning American historian and journalist Barbara W. Tuchman was born Jan 30, 1912
3. The book illuminated the medical practices and sexual attitudes of the era and was awarded a Pulitzer-Prize and Bancroft Prize
Pulitzer-prize winning photographer Jack Dykinga reflects on his career: Digital Photography Review via
"Most critically acclaimed Pulitzer, prize winner, best storyteller thug narrator my style greater"
he is a conservative, a psychiatrist, Pulitzer prize-winning writer, permanently paralyzed as a freshman at Harvard…
There's a Pulitzer Prize out there for the taking!
Tahar Rahim will star in the series, based on Lawrence Wright’s Pulitzer Prize-winning 9/11 exposé.…
Pulitzer Prize-winning poets to honor Gwendolyn Brooks legacy
Born in Delhi, India, Gobind Behari Lal studied at & then won a Pulitzer Prize in 1937
Pulitzer prize-winning elevates the voices of girls who escaped militant Islamist group Boko Haram.
Pulitzer prize worthy scoop for you... Do you think Russians did it?
.is bringing a Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about popcorn, projectors and passion to
Harvey, a Pulitzer Prize-winning comedy by Mary Chase, opens at the Abbeville Opera House 2/3.…
7pm Tonight: Lecture with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jhumpa Lahiri at the The Suzy Newhouse Center for the Humanities htt…
"France is not just our annoying ally. (...) France is becoming our enemy" signd by Pulitzer Prize winner, sept 2003
The novel that made favorably compare me to my hero, Pulitzer Prize-winner John Cheever.…
A timely new story collection by Pulitzer Prize-winning author (Feb. 7)
A painful, but necessary acknowledgement of our national crisis by Pulitzer prize winner Chris Hedges.…
There are only 2 people who have won a PEGOT an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Award and a Pulitzer Prize: Marvin Hamlisch and Richard Rodgers
Based on Jordan Harrison’s 2014 Pulitzer Prize nominated play about a not too distant future where we can have...
Farm country by Pulitzer Prize winner Mary Oliver. Brilliant and dark.
PEGOT* Bc he got that Pulitzer Prize too!! Only Richard Rogers and Marvin Hamlisch have PEGOT...
Edward Albee passed away. Prolific playwright, Pulitzer Prize winner, friend and mentor to my husband He wil…
Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Michael Goodwin: not calling first on in news conf. signals new rules.
Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Michael Goodwin: Everything has done so far could have done but didn't .
mike Cernovich deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his autism
He also depends on the National Enquirer, a paper that he thought deserved a Pulitzer Prize.
Tony and Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Doug Wright has summed up my fears succinctly and thoughtfully:
Before he was POTUS, John F. Kennedy won the 1957 Pulitzer Prize in Biography for his work titled "Profiles in C…
Pulitzer Prize-winner Joby Warrick on 'Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS': Journalist Joby Warrick won the 2016…
Julian Assange I believe is telling the truth I think he should be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in journalism and…
I'm not gonna say are a Pulitzer prize-winner...I'm sure you can make out new words
These are the winners of the 1980 Pulitzer Prizes: These (pictured) are members of the juri…
Not that August Wilson's genius has been a secret. He did win a Pulitzer Prize for Drama after all. But many people don't go to see plays.
Great read, thanks! And may I recommend "Legacy of Ashes" by Pulitzer Prize winner Tim Weiner for anyone who still…
Pulitzer Prize winning NYT photographer shares images & reporting from 3 weeks on the Mosul front.
whatever happened to Pulitzer prize and integrity in journalism? Does the media have no pride? Shame!
Also, this journo should get Pulitzer Prize for the earth shattering exposé on human rights violations by Mo…
yes absolutely I agree oscar worthy Grammy worthy where is the Pulitzer Prize for excellence in silences
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Bwaa-ha-ha ... next Snopes will get a Pulitzer or a Nobel prize! They're passing them out "on the come" to anyone, eg, Obama!
The life of American 2016 Pulitzer Prize winning author.
13 photographs from the front lines around Mosul, Iraq, by a Pulitzer Prize-winning Times photographer
Pulitzer Prize winning site. No slant, or mercy for any party. .
Yes Jason Txxx Are you kidding? Thank you for submitting my name to the Pulitzer Prize, awards for this year.
Matt Davies, from his Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoon portfolio, in 2003; still true, sadly:
Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Joby Warrick reveals how the strain of militant Islam now raising its banner...
2) What a circus world some have designed for us. To exploit the natural resources, they give Noble Peace Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Oscar , etc
Gwendolyn Brooks (the very first AA Pulitzer Prize winner) is rarely mentioned by AA LITERATI as one of the greats. But Nik…
Fake? Seymour Hersh is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist
but Pulitzer Prize winners and Bob Dylan refuses to show up
Glengarry Glen Ross is a by David Mamet that won the Pulitzer Prize in 1984.
How the Washington Post Lost its Pulitzer Prize by Faking the News
THE CAINE MUTINY is 1951 Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Herman Wouk - you know, Mr. "Winds of War" - a sibling fart novel.
The APS is pleased to announce the election of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Linda Greenhouse as President.…
Joseph Goebbles was a true purveyor of Christian German values & his writings were Pulitzer Prize worthy…he will be missed.
An interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist and critic Art Spiegelman on
Which voice actor was once married to Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Chabon? Only we know the answer.
Higdon is a Grammy winning composer, a Pulitzer Prize in Music winner, and currently teaches at the Curtis Institute.
You can bid on a signed copy of Nick Ut’s iconic and Pulitzer Prize-winning photo “The Terror of War”:…
Why did the Lady Mary sink 65 miles off the coast of Cape May on March 24th 2009? Pulitzer Prize winning reporter...
'The Age of Jackson' by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History
Pulitzer Prize winner, The guns of war by Barbara Tuchman available in Giant Print and Talking Book
We were thrilled to host Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Ayad Akhtar this week. He had wonderful words of inspira…
STOKED that Pulitzer Prize winning author William Finnegan will be reading at Fort Gansevoort…
A new review of the history of the iconic New York hospital BELLEVUE, by Pulitzer Prize-winning David Oshinsky:.
Omg, Donna Tartt, am not expecting these. You really deserve the Pulitzer Prize. Tae! 🙌
THE BASICS: TRUE WEST, a play (1983 Pulitzer Prize in Drama Finalist) by Sam Shepard, directed by Scott Behrend,...
Wynton Marsalis, a trumpet player and Pulitzer Prize-winning composer, has written—wait for it—a violin concerto:
Iowa owner Michael Gartner had a hand in this team. But we talk w/ him about his Pulitzer Prize
Update your maps at Navteq
Pulitzer Prize winning author talks about Hemings, Jefferson...
"National Enquirer Now Legit, According to Pulitzer Prize Board ..." Well if the lefted winged Pulitzer Prize boar…
the tribune editorial board trying to win the Pulitzer Prize in inanity
When watching tonight remember Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial board of Oregonian sat out rise of American fascist.
Arthur Miller, American playwright and husband of Marilyn Monroe who was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, was bor…
The 2009 was awarded to United States President Barack Obama. . Pulitzer Prize board. duh!!
This is the fight the Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial board of the Oregonian is sitting out.
Katherine is a Pulitzer Prize winner and board member 🍺📕
I’m reading the Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. It’s Fiction. Won the Pulitzer Prize. Really enjoying it.
Did you know Pulitzer Prize winner Art Spiegleman was coming to speak at Texas Tech University? Well now you do.
Pulitzer Prize winner The Clintons, Obama & George W. are the people who created this endless war https:…
Pulitzer Prize-winner Lawrence Wright spoke with today about the rise of terror:…
Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Tracy K. Smith on the books, movies, and music that are important to her…
Join us tonight at 7 p.m. as we welcome Pulitzer Prize finalist Eowyn Ivey to share her new book, "To the Bright...
The NY Times reviews the "remarkable new book" by the Pulitzer Prize-nominated author of The Snow Child, Eowyn Ivey:
Robert Lewis Taylor was one of a half-dozen Pulitzer Prize-winning authors to have lived in
Lee Camp interviews Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges about the corporate totalitarianism that has...
TIL There are only two people who have won Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony Awards and a Pulitzer Prize: Marvin Hamlis…
'Virginia Woolf' Playwright Edward Albee Dies at Age 88: Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Edward Albee has died in suburb...
Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Edward Albee dies in suburban New York City at age 88. Via
Guess you dont believe pulitzer prize winning fact checker
Edward Albee, the three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, has died at 88. Albee’s most famous work was Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
I still can't believe it. The theater will never be the same without Edward Albee. May he RIP.
She’s been lying to us all along – Read Article by Pulitzer Prize Author Bill Safire 1996 https:…
Pulitzer Prize playwright Edward Albee, has left us @ 88. "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe" - genius. http…
One of America's greatest contemporary playwrights
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? playwright Edward Albee dead at 88: Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwri...
Pulitzer-winning playwright Edward Albee dies at 88 at his NY home: reports: Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrigh...
this image captures so many different moments, solitude, sadness, boredom. Where's my Pulitzer prize?
BREAKING: Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Edward Albee, who used biting humor to challenge US norms, dies at age 88.
The incomparable has left us but the plays he left behind will never be forgotten. Thank you, Edward. https…
'Virginia Woolf' Playwright Edward Albee Dead at 88: In more than 25 plays Edward Albee skewered such mainsta...
"Sara Teasdale was the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for "Love Songs" in 1918
Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, was last staged in the UK 12 years ago.Get ur tickets now
This, if accurate, is extremely distressing news from the Pulitzer Prize winning South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Angela Davis to exec produce her own biopic, written by her Pulitzer Prize finalist niece
Get tickets to see Pulitzer Prize winning poet & memoirist Tracy K. Smith (USA) in her only QLD events Fri 26th Aug
And for Fiction we have the Pulitzer Prize winning Olive Kitteridge by Booker long-listed So much prize action!
We also have fiction book Olive Kitteridge by Pulitzer Prize winner which 2 of us have already read & love!
James Alan McPherson, first black writer to win Pulitzer Prize in fiction, dies at 72 -
Remembering James Alan McPherson, the first black writer to win the Pulitzer Prize
Yeah methinks rants so he'll win a Pulitzer Prize like did Dream big like does
17/24 "All the light we cannot see" Anthony won Pulitzer prize of fiction for this
And Pulitzer Prize winner born in Mexico City, but who's counting...
Because of the Olympics, I'm going to declare my self-fulfilling statement now: I'm going to be a Pulitzer Prize winning writer in 2yrs.
That's the kind of brilliant observation Sully is famous for, Pulitzer Prize stuff right there folks
I will not ever be able to fathom how she won a Pulitzer Prize.
Almost. He is a Pulitzer Prize winner raised in Mexico City, studied in London and was chief of Jerusalem Post. 😆
I need this photo to win a pulitzer prize
Lol. really? Ok. Perhaps this - Pulitzer prize winning writer in both Chinese and English. Better analogy?
o it no N it was More like a subcoscnious assessment pulitzer arrested noble clinton peace prize clinton is the eyes of the world
📷 flashinggreen: Found: Comic by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Herblock in Scholastic Teacher...
Sounds like Pulitzer prize winning comments Stevy. The awards a joke jist like its namesake. WSJ is useless
Gobind Behari Lal was the first Asian to win a Pulitzer (in 1937)
Jhumpa Lahiri is the first Asian American to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (in 1999)
Trump questions why the never got a Pulitzer Prize, while discussing Ted Cruz’s father
That's interesting! & are bringing the winning book to http…
No. It's by a Pulitzer prize-winner who's covered Trump for 30 years.
Bradley Cooper and Todd Phillips are bringing Pulitzer prize winning book to as a miniseries -
I want a Pulitzer and Nobel Peace Prize in this lifetime. And I want to be unapologetically sophistiratchet every step of the way.
Order Miche Bag Online!
I'm still waiting for him to win the Pulitzer Prize for codeine crazy
Gwendolyn Brooks, the 1st African American to win the Pulitzer Prize for poetry !!
just you wait! Pulitzer Prize winning cookbook coming your way.
Advice from a Pulitzer-prize winning AP Reporter: "Question everything, including if your mother really loves you."
So you think NE getting the Pulitzer prize is silly? You might want to tell that to Trump!!
Bronze Star, Pulitzer Prize recipient Robert Mullins to be buried in Boulder City
He loves Pulitzer Prize-winning work just the same as your everyday gossip rag
This week we’re giving away a major work by an acclaimed best-selling author – and a Pulitzer Prize winner at that.
Water by the Spoonful by Quiara Alegria Hudes is my pick for this week. Pulitzer prize winner. Smart, funny,…
New York Times' Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Thomas Goes to the Wall - Rolling Stone
Do you hear that Atlanta? I've been endorsed by a Pulitzer prize winner!. Better get your *** down2
Winner of the 2008 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award for Best New Play,
I bet you think National Enquirer needs the Pulitzer prize too!!
We're gonna need sarin gas to clean this up.
honestly... what kind of Pulitzer prize worthy journalism
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Politifact, the Pulitzer prize-winning fact-checking project, determined Hillary was the most truthful candidate in the 20…
A great writer, a great thinker, & a generous teacher. We've lost a great voice of reason. James McPherson dies @ 72 h…
PS. If that riff in bag of bones doesn't win you a pulitzer prize nobody deserves one. Just saying. I'll end my fan moment now.
So should win a Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting for this
How did Pulitzer Prize-winning change their ruling on emails?.
if anyone thinks Catherine Herridge should get a Pulitzer Prize for coverage of
Our Maud Howe Elliot won the first Pulitzer Prize awarded to a biography for "The Life of Julia Ward Howe"
Tracy Letts ("Counterguy") won the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for his play "Augus..
Road Trip by Vijay Seshadri - 2015 Pulitzer Prize winner in poetry & my former teacher / Great…
Good job reporting the locations of the police officers to the enemy. Clearly you are a Pulitzer prize candidate. https:…
The fact is, we don't have much longer. Paul McGuire and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Troy Anderson...
Thank you for crushing my Pulitzer Prize dreams by jacking up the bar. Thanks for making stuff.
Pulitzer Prize winner Sydney H. Schanberg, who inspired "The Killing Fields", dies at 82
Happy birthday to Anna Quindlen, whose New York Times column won the Pulitzer Prize for Commentary in 1992!
Sidney Schanberg, a Copy Boy who became a Pulitzer Prize winner, the man who lived "The Killing Fields", has died: https:…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Sydney Schanberg, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and subject of the movie "The Killing Fields," dies at 82.
In 2015, police shot and killed 990 Americans. Unarmed Blacks killed at 7x rate of whites: http…
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sydney Schanberg has died at 82:
Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sydney Schanberg dies at the age of 82  -
15 haunting photos of the Vietnam War taken by a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer
The Making of Donald by my friend and Pulitzer Prize winner, David Cay Johnston.
Pulitzer Prize photographers focus on images “bigger than their frames.” Eddie Adams Workshop. BH online video
The Tuscaloosa News' interviewed by Don Noble for a PBS special on Pulitzer Prize winners in Alabama.
Rabbit at Rest Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, the Howells Medal, and the National Book Critics Circle Award   in
'Poetry is life distilled'. Gwendolyn Brooks, first African-American woman to win Pulitzer Prize, born today in 1917 https…
What is fact what isn't:Janet Cooke, reporter Washington Post,was awarded Pulitzer Prize in1981for feature writing..
What do Rita Dove, Jane Smiley, Richard Russo, and Junot Díaz have in common? A Pulitzer Prize, and ht…
"Janet Cooke, reporter for The Washington Post, awarded Pulitzer Prize in 1981 for story about 8 y/o heroin addict."
I would rather a Pulitzer Prize as my happy ending. I would rather die in contentment as a Noble Laureate.
Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Rhodes has been interviewed for this project and gives his perspe...
clothing brand goes back to its roots with new visual identity using Pulitzer Prize poet Tracy K. Smith:
judge, Pulitzer Prize-winner Tracy K Smith once described the soul as being “as present and ephemeral as sound.” This Sunday
by Margo Jefferson is out 2 June. Read an extract of the Pulitzer Prize-winner's memoir here:
Pulitzer Prize bestselling author and prof Jared Diamond to receive Humanist of the Year award
Art Spiegelman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning artist, worked on the original line of Garbage Pail Kids trading cards.
Pulitzer Prize winning author & Prof. Jared Diamond will be in London next month -
Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer Robert Caro shares a few of his favorite things
Novelist James Agee died today in 1955 in a New York taxi cab. Won a posthumous Pulitzer Prize for his novel A DEATH IN THE FAMILY.
I was guest on Triple Take. Guest Pulitzer Prize winner Rick Bragg. SO…I’ll probably win one too.
Dele Olojede, the only African to ever win a Pulitzer Prize, wrote the Inaugural Speech that President Musa Yar’Adua read…
Listen to Pulitzer Prize-winning author Marilynne Robinson on "The Divine" via
T.S. Eliot and Pulitzer Prize winning poet Paul Muldoon shares his knowledge in "One Thousand Things Worth Knowing":
Tune in at 7 p.m. to hear a Pulitzer Prize-winning author discuss the “empire” of Thomas Jefferson’s imagination:
Today in May 1941: Pulitzer Prize in literature awarded to Robert Sherwood for There Shall Be No Night
I'm reading Bruce Catton's "A Stillness at Appomattox," A Pulitzer Prize winning book, regarding the last year of the Civil War. Great read!
Tune in to SCETV May 5 @ 8PM with Pulitzer Prize-winning commentators Kathleen Parker and Jim Hoagland
So proud to celebrate the work of honoree Suzan-Lori Parks, Pulitzer Prize-winning…
Check out the bio of US Ambassador to a Pulitzer Prize-winning naturalized citizen in public service!
composer Henry Mollicone & librettist Tony Award-Pulitzer Prize winner Sheldon Harnick praised the premier. don't miss it!
Pulitzer Prize-winning author of EMPIRE FALLS, Richard Russo, to speak Saturday, May 14, in Wilmette:
Oxford Researcher Receives Joint Turing Award and Pulitzer Prize for the Development of Provably-Correct Automatic Comma Insertion
National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize winner Tracy K Smith discusses her work.
Congratulations to the Pulitzer Prize winners of 2016!
thanks! It's good to be friends with a Pulitzer Prize winner! 😉
CONGRATS to Dexter Thomas-UCR Class of '06 Alumni- for helping produce a Pulitzer prize winning package!
Congrats to Greek photojournalist for winning the 2016 Prize for Breaking News Photography
"The Wire" creator David Simon is working on an adaptation of Tim Weiner's Pulitzer Prize winning novel
Some Luck: A Novel From the Winner of the Pulitzer Prize: A Powerful, Engrossing New Novel the Life and Times of a
4/28 @ 7 Pulitzer Prize winner Gregory Pardlo (DIGEST) will read in NYC.
When will the Pulitzer Prize for best Meme be added to the existing categories?
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
4 NYT photographers have won the Pulitzer for their photos of Europe's refugee crisis
Congratulations to the many female journalists who have been named as 2016 Pulitzer Prize winners. Meet the winners:
Biz editor on talking layoffs, Phil Knight's philanthropy and Prince's $300m estate.
Pulitzer winner Viet Thanh Nguyen: 'My book has something to offend everyone'
I will politely read your *** like a Pulitzer Prize winning novel, slam you shut and sit you on a shelf to collect dust. Hold my tongue God.
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