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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (or ), officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (—literally, Associated Free State of Puerto Rico ), is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

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Despite its own damage from Hurricane Irma, Puerto Rico is taking thousands of refugees from the U.S. Vir…
Not a drill. Maria is forecast to be a major Cat 3 hurricane with forecast track taking it over Puerto Rico and the Virg…
is now forecast to become a major hurricane (category 3+) on Wednesday as it gets very close to Puerto Rico. htt…
Here we go again. 3 storms in Atlantic. Maria could be a problem Leeward Islands to Puerto Rico as strong hurricane
Puerto Rico's is one of the hottest things in Spanish rap and he's ready to blow. .
heres me in Puerto Rico w Tego rapping about Oscar Rivera Lopez. Sit.
THIS MAN HAS BEEN FOUND, just arrived in Puerto Rico due home to NY @ week's end. Thank you Red Cross, US Military,
.killing it with this about the shock doctrine privatization effort on Puerto Rico's electric grid
Hurricane Irma unleashes the forces of privatization in Puerto Rico by
Vultures circling the wreckage of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Irma are closing in on a long-sought prize. https:…
Puerto Rico is home to 3.5M Americans--more than 21 US states. Yet PR has no voting representation in the Congress. ht…
Here's a snapshot of federal support in the U.S. Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico for Hurricane
Ingraham appears to not know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States and that Puerto Ricans are Americans
Sailors in Puerto Rico are stepping up to provide aid to Caribbean neighbors http…
Best wishes from Puerto Rico! Praying for you all! 4 days without power but blessed to be alive!
Happy 81st birthday to atg lightweight champ and personal pick for Puerto Rico's greatest champ ever Carlos Ortiz
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csr sup Anthony says 82yr grama gets cause her bill goes to California no Puerto Rico
...Um... Puerto Rico is part of the US...
We got her out this morning!! She is safe and sound in Puerto Rico!!!
ThankQ Looking forward to getting it when I visit Puerto Rico. Looks dope!
Listen to the sound of this in Puerto Rico...! 😱
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will assist Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands restore electrical systems.
Selena Gomez worked with to help vaccinate some of the 200,000 stray dogs on t…
I know, but UsVI and Puerto Rico had some significant damage, and they're easily forgotten
A reminder for US journalists: Puerto Rico is part of the United States. Puerto Ricans are US citizens.
Florida is not the only place being/gonna be effected by Irma. Pray for the Virgin Island, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Florida 🤞🏾.…
Hurricane Irma strikes Puerto Rico before moving toward Florida. Here’s what to know
parts of Puerto Rico are without water & power
Stop with your prayers and fake tears and do something about the United States sabotage of Puerto Rico and it's economy. https…
Our emergency teams on standby to *** & provide lifesaving relief in Caribbean as needed.
hi, new follower here from Puerto Rico. I hope you have a good day. God bless + take care :)
Yes baby Irma it's a very powerful hurricane prepare and stay safe I witnessed his 135mph winds when…
Puerto Rico breathes sigh of relief as spared Irma's worst - via
Americans payed dust to Puerto Rico when Irma pass through Puerto Rico
Put the same respect on Cuba, Barbuda, Puerto Rico, Haiti, D. Republic, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua that you put on…
.one of our search & rescue teams, headed down to Puerto Rico yesterday to support response operations.
You just gonna forget about the Caribbean islands that were affected (Cuba,Puerto Rico,Dominican Republic,Haiti,US…
Oh wow! This is terrible. Prayers for Cuba, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico. This is bad. 😳
Reminder is a US territory. 50,000 people without clean drinking water. . Irma's impact on Puerto Rico ht…
Prayed for the people and my family in Puerto Rico to be safe, and God made that happen! Now prayers to my family in Florida!🙏🏽
Virginia's swift water and search and rescue team landed in Puerto Rico to help with Irma recovery efforts.
If I was in charge of Naming Hurricanes I would have named it Hurricane Ivanka. Just to see the headline "Ivanka blows a…
The USVI and Puerto Rico are US territories, that's enough to show your support. We don't care where your cruises took y…
Which of these of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is your favorite?. .
NY Task Force 1 joined in Puerto Rico to assist in rescue efforts. Thank you to all of the search/rescue teams.
Why is there so little coverage and images from the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. What is the status of the islan…
Puerto Rico praying that you put more bud in that skimp *** blunt coño. Tu ta loco?
The USAR team landed in Puerto Rico this morning where they'll assist in rescue and recovery missions.
I have 110 new followers from USA, Puerto Rico, Germany, and more last week. See
Irma silver lining: Puerto Rico can now become a state w/o disrupting the 50 star flag, what with Florida being wiped from existence
Your next Amazon hubb should be in Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico. We would be an excellent bridge...
"It could skim Puerto Rico this afternoon or tonight, passing just north of the island.". to bear down on ~. to engulf ~ . to skim ~
Now would be a great time to exempt Puerto Rico from Jones Merchant Marine Act of 1920!
The Latest: More than 1 million people in Puerto Rico are without power after fearsome Hurricane Irma.
Puerto Rico could be without power for six months after Hurricane Irma
Delta flight races Hurricane Irma to Puerto Rico and back — and wins.
Puerto Rico on edge as Irma is forecast to deliver heavy rain and dangerous coastal storm surges later today
It's official: Culebra and the rest of Puerto Rico to miss the inner eyewall of Hurricane Irma. Yay!
Hurricane Irma knocks out power to more than 1 million in Puerto Rico, about a third of the island's population
They really did that? Yes, they did. Puerto Rico, last flight out today.
I just talked w/ Gov. of Puerto Rico about Hurricane Irma & reaffirmed US people's support. As said, we are…
A hurricane the size of Ohio is about to hit Puerto Rico but cable news just waiting until it gets nearer to the white…
To friends in Puerto Rico and South Florida...home to my family. Mucho Amor ❤️Stay safe and take care of each other!
TO ALL OUR DEAR FRIENDS in Florida, Puerto Rico, South Texas, and Montana. You are not alone. We are thinking and prayi…
Pray for the safety of those in path--the Caribbean, US & British Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico & FL. h…
El Pasoans in Puerto Rico as Hurricane Irma makes its way
El Pasoans in Puerto Rico as Hurricane makes its way:
Parts of Puerto Rico, including San Juan, expected to be without power for four to six months ht…
for security reasons and for we will not have social newtwork Puerto Rico. Thank you and I will b…
is wrecking Saint Martin... . Puerto Rico is next and Florida still to come.
I'm sure the people of Puerto Rico who might be without power for months will feel better now
Prayers for my island , Puerto Rico 🇵🇷💗😭 god bless my family and others tonight 👏👏👏
Casting a virtual safety net over Puerto Rico and all our friends on that island. PR was our second home growing...
my hope is the mountain range in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico can slow down and weaken a bit
Worry for Florida, but fear also for Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico. Much less able to withstand.
I know Irma coming may seem scary for us in Florida but send some prayers to Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba & the…
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Irma is now a category 5! Please keep Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba & the Bahamas in your prayers! They…
Trump declares states of emergency in Florida, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands ahead of incoming
Residents and officials in Puerto Rico and Florida preparing for Hurricane as it strengthens over Caribbean.
Praying for the well being of everyone in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic & Cuba as hurricane approaches. 🙏🏼
Please pray for Puerto Rico, the hurricane is now Category 5, going 175mph its worst than Harvey and PR is so small 😰 it c…
While we recover from Hurricane Harvey, please add Puerto Rico in your prayers as our Astros brothers' families are bracing fo…
Irma continues to strengthen, approaches Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico remains in predicted path
Keep the northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico in your thoughts tonight
Hey lovelies, please keep those in the path of Hurricane Irma in your thoughts. I'm from Puerto Rico and we're gonna get hit by this. 💙
⚠️now a Category 5 hurricane. If you live in FL, Puerto Rico or in the path, you need to prepare NOW.
Reminder: the US mainland isn't the only place that matters. Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands will be hard hit by
To the people in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands , I pray for you all. 🙏🏽
hope that the impact on the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico will not be disastrous, but it would not take a very large shift south for the
Our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands could face Irma, a Category 5 storm, by Wednesday.
Lord, protect the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Florida during this hurricane.
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Idea from last week to to get ready in front of Irma Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico looks like it had merit
Irma is forecast to hit Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico tomorrow, then continue toward the Dominican Republic & Cuba.
Most US coverage is focusing on Florida, but this is a nightmare scenario for Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
Hurricane Irma: storm heads to Caribbean as states of emergency declared
Irma is no joke. We don't know exactly where it's going. But from Puerto Rico to Cuba to Florida and all the way up to NY,…
Irma hits the US citizens in Puerto Rico before it hits Florida.
O LORD GOD OF HOSTS! Save Your People All, of Puerto Rico and of USA from the Hurricane Irma
It is about the current situation there in Puerto Rico after the state of emergency was announced.…
Thank you. Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are part of the U.S. and the news media needs to be corrected.
Hurricane Irma strengthens to Category 4 storm; states of emergency declared in Florida, Puerto Rico
I ask you to pray for my country Puerto Rico as we will have a hurricane( Irma. ) on Wednesday !! 😭🙏🏻
So Puerto Rico has what, only $15M for disaster relief? Puerto Rico really needs statehood…
If was tuned into me Puerto Rico would have
Florida, Puerto Rico declare state of emergency as Irma strengthens to Category 4 hurricane
man pray for Puerto Rico, Haiti, the whole Caribbean. They get hit the hardest 💔
Prayers here all the way fro Philippines! Please stay safe Puerto Rico!
Puerto Rico needs our help and support Californians.
I'm going to sleep. All I ask for is a little prayer for Puerto Rico. It's going to be super catastrophic and it's so so scary.
Puerto Rico have declared a state of emergency due to Hurricane Irma, prayers to the people of my island.🙏🏻
Everyone in Florida & Puerto Rico I'm most definitely praying for y'all, please be safe
Hurricane Irma: Puerto Rico declares state of emergency ahead of Category 4 storm
Look at the size of Irma in comparison to Puerto Rico
everyone please pray for me and my country Puerto Rico as we prepare for it is category 4. God please pr…
News: "Hurricane Irma headed towards Puerto Rico. We advise all Citizens of PR to prepare." . Puerto Ricans:
The people of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 are US 🇺🇸 Citizens. Let's not forget about them in their hour of need.
This woman was so upset by all the stray dogs she saw in Puerto Rico, she quit her job to save them all 🐶❤️ (via
If makes landfall in Puerto Rico or USVI, it will make history: First time for two Category 4 landfalls in the US i…
Florida Gov. Scott declares a state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Irma’s potential landfall on the continental US.
Hurricane Irma: Florida and Puerto Rico brace for storm – BIGGER THAN HARVEY
Hurricane Irma is heading for Puerto Rico. Best wishes to and team... and to the wild parrots in its p…
What? Can't wait to pledge 1 million dollars to help Puerto Rico with Irma? Or is a new hat design in the pipeline?…
As Hurricane Irma strengthens. Florida and Puerto Rico are preparing ahead of time
Florida declares state of emergency as Hurricane Irma is upgraded to a Category 4 storm
Rebuke this Hurricane Irma trying to threaten Puerto Rico and the United States!! . I ask for Grace & Mercy !! In Jesus name - Amen
Hurricane Irma, which is now a Category 4 storm, is expected to hit the Caribbean and possibly US mainland this week
I really hope and Pray Hurricane Irma doesn't hit South Florida, I'm also keeping Puerto Rico and all of the Caribbean in my…
JUST IN: National Hurricane Center issues hurricane warnings for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as Irma surges ahead https…
BREAKING: Hurricane triggers new warnings for the Leeward Islands, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands: htt…
Hurricane Irma has strengthened to a Category 4 storm, prompting emergency declarations in Florida and Puerto Rico
On the left, Puerto Rico and the eastern Caribbean. On the right, Category 4 Hurricane Irma. (Image taken just now, via G…
Highlight from this weekend's Decatur Book Festival: a writer from the Bronx came out and another writer from Puerto Rico. Love.
- Hurricane Watches in effect for Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. Potential threat for Florida later this week and week…
Puerto Rico declares a state of emergency ahead of Irma
Puerto Rico governor declares state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Irma
Puerto Rico's governor declares a state of emergency ahead of powerful
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IRON UPDATE 💙 Iron arrived late Friday night from Puerto Rico. He has damage to his spine which has made him...
5 AM: Hurricane Irma continues WSW; Puerto Rico, DR/Haiti in the cone of uncertainty. In the Bahamas by Friday. FL shoul…
Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 in da house at Daylight Beach Club party pool. @ House of Blues Las Vegas
Forecast for Irma looking more dire for Lesser Antilles, Puerto Rico, Bahamas, and east coast. Still think Gulf of…
Rico: Hurricane Irma forecast to affect Puerto Rico and NE Caribbean from Wed 6 Sept
I might go to El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico at Ford Amphitheater at Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn, N...
With trips to China, Puerto Rico, MN, Japan & Surf Expo planned for Sept, our schedule is getting full. Make your End of Season appt today!
Puerto Rico is so beautiful. Photos from Santa Isabel, Salinas and Guanica. Southeast of the island.
No prob landing, but a flight to Puerto Rico was the ONLY time in my life the entire plane clapped/cheered like a c…
A resident of Arecibo, Puerto Rico pleads guilty to illicit trafficking of protected corals. Pi…
Since Puerto Rico is not part of the world 😂💔 is good to know there's gonna be blessed fans on the US
Cholo came back from Puerto Rico talmbout "reggeaton be lit" 😂😂
205 abandoned canines that were likely to be euthanized in Puerto Rico due to overcrowding arrive on U.S. mainland.
Puerto Rico is heading to the fact that it's a [REDACTED] film and a solid [REDACTED]/10.
Hello, great question! There are no international charges while in Puerto Rico. You use your domestic pl…
💜THANK YOU💯 Please replace with monument to the Taino Indians of Puerto Rico he slaughtered.
Desposito... that's how we do it down in Puerto Rico! (Or ladies restrooms at CSNMA.)
Welp... we have discovered the first con of the Puerto Rico idea . Whatever these people's deal is
Obama pardoned a terrorist, Oscar Lopez-Rivera, responsible for over 100 bombings in US and Puerto Rico.…
are there international charges for Puerto Rico?
OMG I'm at University of Puerto Rico after 30 years!!!
INF/RHP Alexarmando Diaz from Puerto Rico. Alex led PRHSAA in home runs with 7 and a batting average of .535. His role mod…
photos of backstage in Puerto Rico in March 2015!
I'm going to Puerto Rico for my 30th bday!!
More than 200 dogs from Puerto Rico shelters airlifted to U.S. by animal welfare advocates. https…
Just Pinned to travel: My first time in Puerto Rico view from San Cristobal out to El Morro
I might move to Puerto Rico where the rest of my fam is, start fresh 🤔
After listening to and on JRE, I think I'm moving to Puerto Rico.
come to Puerto Rico and party with me !!!
Abandoned dogs saved from near certain death in Puerto Rico with airlift to mainland U.S.
Little Giant Ladders
just ordered mine ! I'm from Puerto Rico.. hope it comes 🙏🏻😂
What a great yr! Engaged, played in WBC 4 team Puerto Rico, playing with the boys in blue…
Shelter welcomes two dozen dogs from Puerto Rico
My parents are in Puerto Rico having a great time while me and my family are struggling to buy some water over here lmaoo!!
Breaking: to pay $96,000,000 fine for discriminatory practices with interest rates in Puerto Rico & ot…
Drew really out here reppin the Bronx and Puerto Rico I love him
Minor earthquake, 3.39 mag was detected near Rincon in Puerto Rico -
Hundreds of abandoned canines arrived on the U.S. mainland in an airlift organized by animal welfare advocates.
"We are at the and there are a lot of Puerto Rico fans." -Read why the 🥇 is feeling the ❤️:
I produced this video while I was in Puerto Rico. Beatric Film baby!
"This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico" ❤️🇵🇷
Let's talk about tattoos. this is the beast!!! Compatriota boricua en Puerto Rico…
puerto rico already knows they are incest but not as bad as the Clintons & Obamas combined so relax andy rod meet me in starbuck but no pics
Freddie Mercado - opening at Gallery in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Friday, August 25, 7pm.
8/18/17 A date that I will never forget 🙏💕😍. JJCC Concert in Puerto Rico.
Dogs rescued in Puerto Rico wait for homes in New Jersey
Looking forward to your perceptions of the border situation in Laredo and recent visit to…
Blue Beach in Puerto Rico is one of the World's Best Beaches
More than 200 doomed Puerto Rico dogs saved by airlift to US - ABC News - via
3.4 in Mona Passage, Puerto Rico, users download the Earthquake app for more information,
I'm too excited to go back to Puerto Rico next summer😍 thats truly my home and where my heart is 🇵🇷
Omg Newark airport is the WORST!!! I got to my flight from NJ to Puerto Rico with 2.5 hours til my fl…
Please follow me Love you from Puerto Rico
I hope you get better very very soon! Lots of love from Puerto Rico
I love Puerto Rico and it's people. Beautiful p…
Need See you , my dream is have your follow and mett you . love you from Puerto Rico
Walking thru El Barrio/East Harlem & loving the Cuba and Puerto Rico mural
Puerto Rico is what it would be like if all of Rikers Island and Spanish Harlem moved to the caribbean
Happy birthday to radio personality Joe Frank (August 18, 1938), author of “The Queen of Puerto Rico and Other Stories” (1993).
I don't see nothing but this Puerto Rico 🇵🇷trip ... See u SOON !
I love coming to Puerto Rico. I wish I had more time to spend here but it's a quick trip for me...this time ;)
★ Amazing Places ★ on (Top things to do in Puerto Rico! Enjoy the beautiful pictures of San Juan, El…
USA/Puerto Rico: We offer many exciting and fun helicopter rides. Call us for locations and how to book your flight…
I'm so excited to be coming to Puerto Rico!!! 🇵🇷 💚
I need a vacay to Puerto Rico like asap lol
An op-ed that skillfully summarizes the crater size economic and political hole that the colony of Puerto Rico find…
What are you doing Sunday? Come join us as we take on Puerto Rico FC! BeLoud tix are $20 & include free 🌭!
Puerto Rico betting on medical marijuana to help ease financial crisis . …
Y'all, I'm going to Puerto Rico on Sunday and y'all already know what I'm gonna be listening to on the plane
Puerto Rico greeted us with a lovely home to stay in just steps from the beach. I may have frolicked in the moonlight.
Brutal austerity imposed on Puerto Rico - comparable to what's been done to Greece - should get more attention.
"If the word 'colony' was once judged too harsh, at this looks like an understatement."
Puerto Rico was great, but I'm so glad to be home, even though I'm 2 hours later
Slavery was abolished in Puerto Rico on March 22, 1873. March 22nd is a national holiday in Puerto Rico.
Emancipation Mosaic in the dome of the Capitol of Puerto Rico. Acknowledged as one of the most important events in PR…
Breast Cancer Awareness
I was raised in a all black home. My only Spanish speaking aunt lived in Puerto Rico. The only person I could speak it to was her
Here is the monument commemorating the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico in 1873.
You can come to Puerto Rico and catch these hands 🤗
We've sentenced Puerto Rico to a Greece-like economic catastrophe
Bigger than anything the people of Puerto Rico I thank you all so much for taking me in. I really appreciate you with mu…
Caguas, Puerto Rico. The monument shows the bronze sculpture of a Tainan Indian with arms extended in sign of we…
Great to see Indian ⚽️ back in Mumbai on Sat. Here's a tiny extract from 's book after the Puerto Rico game.…
Who tryna go to Puerto Rico with me ? Deadass
We are proud to announce our partnership with for "Despacito in Puerto Rico". Come and explore
"A source on the Hill with ties to the GOP told Caribbean Business that Trump will not invest political capital...
.named Puerto Rico's tourism ambassador after 'Despacito' video's global smash success.
We should beat N. Korea to the punch and nuke Guam. It'll warn the other territories (like Puerto Rico) to stop thinking about statehood.
View of part of the Central Mountain Range of Puerto Rico from highway 143 The Panoramic Route.…
How can Americans have 2 Presidents?. Live in Guam or Puerto Rico...ext ext. These islands should become states. Or Georgia should elect one.
According to the new legislation, transportation network companies such as Uber, Lyft and others must demonstrate...
Hamilton Collection
Territory is literally the US legal euphemism for a colony. Guam, Puerto Rico, n the Virgin Islands sure aren't soverign…
Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C. Could Be the 51st and 52nd States Someday | Reader's Digest
Jorge wrote my name on the sand. Que cute. What a headass 😌 he's bringing me a turtle from Puerto Rico & if he don't, I don't wanna see him.
Ill take you. But in Puerto Rico. I wish there was one tho *sigh*
why Mother? Why you don't tour on Puerto Rico and show ur love to us live! Miss u!
If I was christy I would be locked up for whooping Todd in LA and Puerto Rico and every where else
I'm Ivia! An illustrator from Puerto Rico. I like trying to express feelings and i'm occasionally late for bandwagons!
Thank God we dont have seasons in Puerto Rico
Idk if I want braids, sew in long, bob, curly, st8, or wavy what for Puerto Rico😩
Life is beautiful here in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
Puerto Rico is on a mission to become the “most competitive destination” in the U.S. (via
Where are they coming from ?Cowboy players from OK AR MO TX IL FL NY CA Puerto Rico Aruba Dominican Republic & Cana…
I hope Jordan whops Matt all over Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico’s to serve in National Governors Association economic committee - h…
. Ken I'm a Fan from Puerto Rico!. How many years Bruce have remaining on his contract? Also where I can fine players salaries?
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Justin's first time in Puerto Rico. October 19, 2013, what's written on the papers is: "We'll never leave you" ❤ https…
Clinton: DPRK missiles, systematic weakening of Glass Steagall, bankrupting Puerto Rico by repealing Sec…
August 09, 2017 at 11:00PM Puerto Rico isn't a State of the Union yet.
It makes no sense how many beautiful women are just walking around Puerto Rico. Jesus Cristo. 😍
Great! But. Um. Puerto Rico, listed as for several states is not considered int'l travel. ! 🇺🇸
are you coming again to Puerto Rico?
Sir, they're threatening Guam. . Is that an ally?. Sir, it's part of the US--like Puerto Rico. . So it's Mexico.
Hey lines of people waiting for food in the city of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico
It's amazing how little thought most people in the US put into this. Like what do you think Puerto Rico is exactly. Use…
Without biebs that song would still…
Grateful for the corrections; confident in my ability to improve; example of a lifelong learner not afraid to try http…
Maybe we distract vacation DJ Trump with TRUE NEWS that broke Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 beat New Jersey in little Little League
Puerto Rico would be perfect for a destination wedding (Girl We Got A) Good Thing de Weezer ♫
You should ask the ppl of Puerto Rico how well that has worked for them. It's call Capitalis…
there are only five bioluminescent bays in the world and three of them are in Puerto Rico
Here are great tips on exploring Puerto Rico. Starting with El Morro fort. GO! check out more beautiful photos
I want to move to Puerto Rico frfr open up a lil shop or 2 and just live
Puerto Rico makes a hit and now you spit anti-Trump bs? Disgusting article riding on others success. Se…
Freehold Township loses heartbreaker to Puerto Rico in Intermediate World Series title game
One Oregon dispensary made $70k the First month it was open in a small town. Generating Tax $'s. It can save Puerto Rico too!
Zach Gorman's walk-off home run sends Freehold Township to the championship game in the LL Intermediate World Series against Puerto Rico.
Story time: I almost died in an open grave in Puerto Rico trying to be a good friend
Question! What should be my hairstyle for Puerto Rico? I'm open to wigs, braids, sew-in, whatever!.
This company trying to open an office in Puerto Rico counts having a BA/BS froma school outside of PR as a plus. Ca…
Puerto Rico filed what could be the mother of all municipal bond bankruptcies
Puerto Rico creditors open to mediation in bankruptcy court | Reuters ➜…
Really want to open up like a club/bar/ restaurant in Puerto Rico when I go pro.
Puerto Rico. I can ship media mail there as well as the US so I try to open my giveaways to both
Had the opportunity to recite a piece called "Black Mermaid" at an open mic in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 🎤
What's my motivation? I keep a tab open onmy phone browser of the place I'm staying at in Puerto Rico. It makes me not want to murder.
have your destination wedding in Puerto Rico for an unforgettable experience
My best friend just showed up from Puerto Rico. I'm so excited 😭😭😭💕
I been doing these squats hunny imma be stacked for Puerto Rico 🤤🍑
I had like a 30 second window and I couldn't pull the trigger. Her necklace that she had was when she w…
The Mi Gente song slaps! For some reason it reminds me of Puerto Rico.
Puerto Rico is a nice spot to be at. They have cities you do not wanna catch yourself in
Austin keeps saying gracias to everyone in Puerto Rico send help
Puerto Rico's Arecibo Observatory is out of this world! 🚀🌌
After partying for a week straight in Puerto Rico idk if I even want my ticket for lolla anymore
From Puerto Rico to Paris in October ✈️ $90 what let's go
I wish I was in Puerto Rico right now
GBY Let us rise up and build,lets strengthened our hands and work for Puerto Rico we all LÖVE...
East from New Jersey,Europe/Africa from Italy,and Caribbean from Puerto Rico have all arrived. Only a few team left before w…
Hey!✌ I'm Fabiola my second name is Brinell and I'm from Puerto Rico♡🤘.
You really don't need a lot of money to travel my tickets to Miami and Puerto Rico were only $120 each
Everyone else is over here going to Europe, cuba, and Puerto Rico for summer and im stuck home crying and being depressed.😒
MISS PUERTO RICO - Dudes, bikini's and fun in the sun CH 7❤️
Amazing end to a day filled with culture and great Music ! Que viva Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
I have 19 new followers from Puerto Rico, USA, and more last week. See
Puerto Rico did not get taken over by the Russians and you "freed" Cuba from the Soviets for some deranged government and stock market
Hola🌺 my name is Yolmarie and I'm from Puerto Rico baby🇵🇷. .
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