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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (or ), officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (—literally, Associated Free State of Puerto Rico ), is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

Oscar Lopez Rivera San Juan Puerto Rican El Yunque National Forest Puerto Ricans United States

would you ever do a Central American tour? and visit like Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Ri…
12 more days til I hit the beaches of St. Kitts, Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and The Grand Turks.
Plus instead of leaving from FL, now we're leaving from Puerto Rico lol. We have stops in:. St Maarten. St Kitts. St Lucia. Antigu…
found a painting of Ann Perkins in Puerto Rico doing the Tom Haverford pose while holding a coffee…
I had no idea Puerto Rico was part of the U.S 😂😂
Thats a tourney in Puerto Rico. Shine might be a possibility for me..
Got family in Puerto Rico lets go Bree 🌹
The University of Puerto Rico is at a strike in an attempt to negotiate the budget cuts with the Fiscal Control Board.
Thanks to a debt caused by US vulture funds and the government of Puerto Rico throughout the years, they imposed a Fiscal Cont…
10 days until Puerto Rico, one month until and one month and 2 days until I'm in Disney with my best friend 😍😍
your source for article on Puerto Rico plebiscite could not be worse;AAV true embarrasmet to the good US citizens o…
Shalom just said that u can drive to Puerto Rico
People all over the globe on Fire. This is what winners do . This guy is in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷.
Congrats to EWE alumnus Brandon Davis UCSB who will be playing on Puerto Rico U19 team.
I wanna go to Puerto Rico and Cuba and all those Latin countries. They LIT
Remind me not to practice my Spanish in Puerto Rico.
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Spanish can be tricky. Words have different meanings in different countries. In Argentina, "bicho" is a bug. In Puerto Rico it's a ***
Some white dude told jeimy he just came back from Puerto Rico not too long ago lmfao dead
Me when I came back from Puerto Rico
So content with my life rn 😌 and this time next month I'll be in Puerto Rico with my boo 😍🌴
Smoking a blunt with my mom on the beach in Puerto Rico
He's the 15th manager in history, but 6/23/10 he became the 1st manager ever from Puerto Rico! https:…
It is high time for Puerto Rico. residents to be recognized as. equals under law,as required. for all USCitizens under th…
Puerto Rico will become our 51st state before the end of this year... Nice...
Kinda wanna move back to Puerto Rico. Manifesting that island life 🌴🍍
My love for puerto Rico will never die. I had such a great time there
Graduation of Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, Orlando Campus. Bilingual Speech about diversity and inclusion! https…
what I would give to be sitting outside in Puerto Rico listening to the coqui's rn
I dont want Diego to fall in love with me. Ugh. This too intimate bruh. I just wanted to party & go to Puerto Rico. This is gone too far.
I be with ricans in lil Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
Puerto Rico def. Cuba, 3-0, to advance to semifinals of Pilar with 10 pts in the win. Will play Dominic…
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Despacito being on the radio every other song really makes me feel like the only Spanish I know is "Puerto Rico"
Comment on PUERTO RICO REFERENDUM VOTES FOR STATEHOOD… by Carolyn: Another reason for…
June 23, 2017 at 11:00PM Puerto Rico isn't a State of the Union yet.
Last year, Puerto Rico. This year, Cancun. My parents just love leaving me to babysit while they get lit
Adams currently on a cruise and he just called me from Puerto Rico to wish me a happy 9 month and I think my heart is going to explode
Missing, Logan Airport area, rescue dog arrived from Puerto Rico today, got away from rescue grp. Call this # if seen…
First saw a machete when then future MIL was using one to "trim the weeds" in the back yard/jungle in Puerto Rico. Impressive tool!
I just signed the petition to support statehood for Puerto Rico! Add your name!
When I get back from Puerto Rico who wants to hang out lmao 😂
Puerto Rico votes in favor of Becoming the 51st U.S. State
How's Puerto Rico? Do you ever get to see the average people?
This is how we do it down en Puerto Rico HAPPY BUTTDAY CHIA
Is it on worldwide? Haven't seen one yet on Puerto Rico...
An honor/blessing to meet w/ the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee to discuss my future of repping this country🇵🇷
Yesterday, a taxi driver pulled down on me and had some stupid sour in Puerto Rico. I ain't been to sleep since
It's the R.I.C.O me and all my amigos on a flight to Puerto Rico we finna get in . . wa he had say ? 😂😂😂
Puerto Rico has something for everyone who loves a Caribbean Island with the convenience of travelling in the US. ……
Anonymous said: just watching the puerto rico ep, where maci is talking about ryan and how he deserves to...
Puerto Rico voted to become the 51st state. So what happens now?
With over 500K votes, 97% of the U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico voted for statehood.
Bipartisan Coalition pushes for Puerto Rico statehood in Orlando following plebiscite vote
Play the rest in Puerto Rico. Got it.
DESPACITO. This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico. I just wanna hear you scream "¡AY, BENDITO!"
Current mood: getting grindr boys to subsidize my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico
Support the U.S. Citizens of Puerto Rico Sign the Petition today:
If Puerto Ricans are US citizens, why don’t they have the same rights as all Americans? Explore Puerto Rico’s unique stat…
Delivering the will of the people to Congress and the International Community. Puerto Rico has chosen
I cannot wait to go to Puerto Rico 🤤🙏
It's a good thing I brushed up on my Spanish in Puerto Rico over the last few days, as I have to host and MC the... htt…
Not only in America but Canada to China Dominican Republic Puerto Rico anywhe…
Illinois Comptroller: 'The State Can No Longer Function'. -US has it's Greece too. (and Puerto Rico).
In Puerto Rico at Los Colobos (6409) with our new friends Pedrito and Migdy! Great partners!
I'm gonna skip on Puerto Rico, I might have a one night stand and end up pregnant... and having to…
I checked in at Puerto Rico's Cafe on
Puerto Rico is doing so well, we better do the same & give tax breaks to attract jobs!!…
Wepa! I'm Kiara, I'm 17 & I'm from the Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico! I love speaking Spanglish, wild…
Need to make a trip to Puerto Rico man
Afro Carribeños from Cuba, and Puerto Rico however, were allowed by Spanish slave owners to preserve their culture. Drums…
Chairman of the Democratic Party supports Statehood for Puerto Rico! . Equal rights now!
I have like 35hundred things coming in the mail and if they dont come before i go to puerto rico I will cut someone
Happy Beautiful examples of mangrove soils in Farajado, Puerto Rico. (Photos by Tamara Heartsill-Scalley at…
honestly good luck. Finding vegan food (and explaining it) was *** the puerto rico trip
Good Morning from the Island of Puerto Rico! 🌺🌞🌴 How's everyone doing today?
I just got asked if I'm from Puerto Rico
I wanted to meet u guys but I'm from Puerto Rico
Pharma-BioServ, Inc. is seeking a Process/Quality Engineer for the Southwest area of Puerto Rico. Please see post...
Got a free trip for 2 to go to Puerto Rico
K-9 Reba of the ATF Miami Puerto Rico office keeps her handler company at work. Learn more at
The government of Puerto Rico employs the most people on the island, yet if you call a government office none of them will…
I should've went to Puerto Rico for my birthday
You can fly to Puerto Rico for $346 round trip from LAX on American, Delta or United - LA Times
lots of love from Puerto Rico have been waiting all weekend for this game my weekends feel off cuz I don't get my qriket brakes
When you took the boys to Puerto Rico where did y'all stay? I'm thinking of taking my son next summer.
Puerto Rico voted to join US as 51st state! Of course they did! Bankrupt and want American taxpayers to bail them out! 23% v…
I'm talking trips to Puerto Rico say the word and we go
What. You better get it on Amazon! Lol, I get stuff from Puerto Rico all the time on there. All…
Mixed message from congress on Puerto Rico
Yes, it's an offense to whom believe in democracy. A silent no voting protest can't count as a vote against state…
When are you guys coming back to Puerto Rico? Can't wait to see you again!
Lets make Poland the 51st state. Screw liberal Puerto Rico.
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is once again available on Android and iOS devices in Puerto Rico.
The same American austerity viceroy who ran Ukraine's economy into the ground is now in charge of Puerto Rico's https:/…
hi my name is Amanda. I'm 14 years old, I'm from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and sometimes I can't take things serious... 😭😂…
Borrowing to fund pensions could make California the next Puerto Rico - California Political Review
. GOOD JOB !!! A lifetime committed to help our people in Puerto Rico. THANK YOU MR. YOUNG!! https…
Ok sir. That has nothing to do with what I said. Can you argue about facts? To hard for you? ...
This article says Puerto Rico will hold another plebiscite in October. That is incorrect. That was only if independence won.
I'm playing this at work and my coworkers are slightly confused at the transition from Busta Rhymes to El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
We're please to let you know that, Leo Olazagasti, 2016 Fall Graduate hailing from Puerto Rico, is now working...
Top story: PUERTO RICO Using Texts as Lures, Government Spyware Targets Mexican… see more
I support a fully free and independent Puerto Rico. That's the only way for this…
The flag with 51stars belongs to Puerto Rico.
The fact that my my own mix was aired live on an internet radio station from Puerto Rico is absolutely amazing!! Gotta keep at it! 🎧
I want to go Puerto Rico and drink a Malta on the beach with a alcapurria in my hand with Héctor Lavoe playing in the background lmao
As always Jorge Ramos does not educate himself on the political facts about Puerto Rico a…
Puerto Rico - Gary Browne named a top performer of the week (14 points, 9 rebounds & 10 assists).
Spiritual Retreat of the Province of the United States and Puerto Rico, with Fr. Thomas Rosica, c.s.b.
Puerto Rico bondholder asks court to disqualify 2 fiscal board members for this and more go to …
Giants have selected OF Heliot Ramos out of Puerto Rico. Last OF Giants picked in 1st was Gary Brown, who played 7 gam…
use their first-round pick on a slugging teenage outfield prospect from Puerto Rico. Story:
Giants first round pick in MLB draft: Heliot Ramos, an outfielder from Puerto Rico. An outfielder ... CALL HIM UP.
Congressman Jose Serrano called the Puerto Rico vote boycott "cynical and unnecessary."
Puerto Rico: We want to become a state so that we are taken seriously, and treated with dignity by Americans. Florida: I ha…
Directly from Poland, for the first time in Puerto Rico, considered one of the best death metal band of the...
I am Pro statehood I truly believe Puerto Rico should become a state. Puerto Ricans have been…
Puerto Rico mulls political status in new referendum: Puerto Ricans got the chance Sunday…
This Sunday night Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rico with myself,
I'm watching Teen Mom and Gary thinks Puerto Rico is in Mexico
Puerto Rico needs or and I'm not the only one who agrees! 😊
Great news! The zika virus is no longer considered a public emergency in Puerto Rico after health officials...
Super helpful run down of what the referendum vote in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 tomorrow means:
This is the lunch they used to give us at school in Puerto Rico. 😢 The states played us.
Someone take me back to Puerto Rico ☹️🙏🏻
Ramirez-Soto academic background includes study of higher education in Puerto Rico, US ...
Long live Puerto Rico, how do you translate that into Ev dating any race? That's so wrong, and to s…
"Today might be the best day of my life!" felt right at home in San Juan, Puerto Rico!
Puerto Rico's governor to hold Sunday referendum on possibility of island's statehood.
what did you looking back take away from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷
Puerto Rico should pursue independence. We do not need another leftist state
Planning a trip to Puerto Rico with Kay have been stressing, and we just start thinking about it😭😭😭
Votes Sunday on Statehood Issue Should the U.S. government make it the 51st state?
Mainland US activists need to remember to fight for Puerto Rico too.
Isn't Puerto Rico a Russian sympathizer? Connect the dots CNN, I bet they love Putin!!!
It's a two way street. What does Puerto Rico bring to the table if it becomes a state??? More debt.. No thanks.
I think it would be great if Puerto Rico was a state. I'd like to purpose they split Cali before making any new Flag. 😛
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Y'all better be getting nasty for Puerto Rico Day 🍻😬❤
Puerto Rico FC was unable to come back and fell 1-3 to the San Francisco Deltas. . READ: https:/…
Puerto Rico NEVER asked for a bail out and the debt is being renegotiated. Fox and CNN mis…
Puerto Rico could become the 51st state
Puerto Rico, vote like your future depends on it, because it does. On June 11, get out and vote. 🇵🇷 🇺🇸
If you or anyone you know lives in Puerto Rico, please vote for stateghood on Sunday. It is about time to grant them stat…
I'm talking about trips to Puerto Rico
In Puerto Rico, Sunday's vote will measure the desire to become the 51st state
Puerto Rico could become the 51st state -- let's brush up on it!
About to hit the polls tomorrow but I want to throw this out there. Should Puerto Rico become a state??
A must watch for everyone who has asked me where Puerto Rico stands on the Statehood topic!
I love when people go to Puerto Rico and brag about my country
Bro Puerto Rico is so disenfranchised by the US, more people need to be talking about it
hello Mr.President. Is it true you already know that Puerto Rico would not become the 51 state?
Remind me never to invade Puerto Rico. Walls for days 🙌🇵🇷 San Juan show tonight can't wait!
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Hard to believe it was Brysen's first bottoming scene during our He's SO good at it. https:/…
Well tomorrow's the day that might change the fate when it comes to Puerto Rico's subdivision unit status, for better or for worse.
Puerto Rico votes on statehood on Sunday — for the fifth time. Here's what's at stake. - Washington Post ……
Yall can catch me in Puerto Rico searchin for my wife 😎🙄
Puerto Rico Day celebration kicks off with night of salsa dancing in Brooklyn
It’s time to hit the dance floor with Got moves like is headed to Puerto Rico t…
How Puerto Rico’s vote on Sunday could change the future of America forever
john1234: 2016 Presidential Debate: what are your thoughts on this Puerto Rico Votes
Puerto Rico goes to the polls for statehood 51 state? . 70 billion in bankruptcy. Will Americans object? .
Happy. Puerto Rican day – ♫Puerto Rico by Frankie Ruiz, from with LiveLyrics®
This Sunday, U.S. citizens of Puerto Rico will have the opportunity to express their preference on the future political sta…
Tomorrow a vote will be held on the future status of Puerto Rico. I hope that everyone participates.See my Op-ed:https:…
Say yes to new adventures! Thanks to PR Fun Tours in Puerto Rico at E…
🎬💥10 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 private island exploring! Scenery can change the…
You have to wonder about people. Puerto Rico, that small island in the Caribbean that the United States owns but...
IN 1952 America granted self-rule to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, which it had obtained from Spain in 18...
Puerto Rico's best Adventure Tour El Yunque National Forest and Bioluminescent Bay Tour with PR Fun Tours in...
Bruh, come to Puerto Rico, you can pretty much graduate for free if u play your cards right and it's relatively cheap.
American soldiers living in the US Territory of Puerto Rico are treated as 2nd class Citizens b…
El Yunque National Forest with PR Fun Tours in Puerto Rico book for your Adventure Today…
Atlanta highschooler dies in plane crash while touring in Puerto Rico -
Officials report an high school student died in a plane crash in Puerto Rico. will continue updating this story.
If I lived in Puerto Rico my body would be more appreciated
Can't believe I'm going to Hati, Puerto Rico, Belize, St. Marts and St. Kitts coming later this year😻
Puerto Rico winner George McNeill is 3 under through 9 and just three off the lead here at Tied for second here i…
Manny gets double-teamed by Randy and Brysen under the Puerto Rican sun.
Go off the eaten track in San Juan and find the culinary secrets rippling just beneath the surface:
I hope I see you when you come to Puerto Rico because I can't go to your concert but it will make me happy to see you in person
I have 18 new followers from Puerto Rico, Spain, and more last week. See
Show us your Century! Thanks for Luis L. for sharing these terrific shots of his 2200 CC from Puerto Rico. . ::
FFFWeek 2017 welcomes Jonathan Davila to our runway all the way from Puerto Rico! .
Ed Sheeran, Puerto Rico, can you pls find out what hotel he's staying in?
Last time I was in NY it was to fly to Puerto Rico. This time we just say about it a lot. Thanks…
All shooters you mention born in US except Boston and 2014 Fort Hood. Boston moved here at…
Puerto Rico,an island of the Caribbean also watch turkish series on tv or internet. I love all your series specially CVS.
The great majority of people who support statehood for Puerto Rico can't read this sentence properly.
I want to be a Heart to Heart Ambassador and your contact in Puerto Rico
Someone come with me at the end of July to my beach house in Puerto Rico!!
thanks for jamming me up so badly. 3 failed take offs in Antigua and an emergency landing in Puerto Rico!!
"I could have worn my Puerto Rico chanclas" 😂🙃💀
🤔 I should be on my way to Puerto Rico with you lol
Right. But about that Communist terrorist Lopez Rivera... whose bombs killed New Yorkers and maimed…
Studies available in Puerto Rico for Puerto Rican patients with or without breast cancer.
Congress expected to ignore Puerto Rico's vote for statehood...
I'm sad that I can't see you today in Puerto Rico, but I'll see you on September 5 💕 😭
Won second place in the Puerto Rico Comic Con with his Imperius cosplay. The Puerto Rico Comic Con i……
Puerto Rico, poverty, pandering and the parade Eddie Borges gives a much deserved rhetor…
Puerto Rico has defeated me wholly. I lost my dignity and voice. Going back to New York sounding like Young Jeezy.
Nothing in this Act shall be interpreted to restrict Puerto. Rico’s right to determine its future political status, including b…
'm talkin' trips to Puerto Rico. Say the word and we go. You can be my freaka
Why not go to Puerto Rico next for your vacation?
walked by a little supermarket in Condado, Puerto Rico and "Bad at Love" was playing! ❤️💛
We are still in time to count with your support and endorsement of the June 11 plebiscite in Puerto Rico. A…
Why Washington must save Puerto Rico from the 'Medicaid cliff' via
Bentley got us going to Puerto Rico for HIS birthday but refuse to do any water activities😂
Posting ALL my Puerto Rico pics to my App!!! Didn't feel posting everything on social media
My brothers gf is going to Puerto Rico with us, someone come with me 😩😞
Correct me if I'm off base, but British imperialism looks a lot like American imperialism. Eg, our w…
Today in 2012, the Astros draft Carlos Correa, making him the first player from Puerto Rico to be selected number one…
Idk, the Annexation of Puerto Rico was pretty awesome
FFFWeek 2017 welcomes Ricardo Rivera to our runway, straight from the island of Puerto Rico! .
I get to be a tourist in San Juan Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 for a little bit 👍🏾…
Germany. Italy. Puerto Rico. Russia. Czech Republic . Japan. What does it even mean??
[ ] 1 US tourist dead, 2 injured in Puerto Rico… |
Great manifestation of the Spirit in Puerto Rico
A view of El Yunque National Forest in the 1940s. At the time it was estimated that only 6% of Puerto Rico was forested…
Fraunces Tavern bombing kills four, injures dozens in 1975 from Puerto Rico terrorist group
Lincoln College signs 6'7 wing Edwin Rivera from Puerto Rico he is currently playing for the fiba U19 team…
"So are you guys from around here or Puerto Rico?" . *silent pause* . "Uhm. It's Mexico, and no. We are from brunswick"
Puerto Rico is a colony.The min wage is slavery.The debt bondage is illegal.The US govt holds it in chains.Goya? Yankees? Que?
Spc. Aleina Ramirez Gonzales of Puerto Rico, perished in a mortar attack on forward operating base in Tikrit,…
Carole Radziwill and boyfriend bring PDA to Puerto Rico
Hurting higher ed only serves to further weaken prospects for island. Weaponizing Accreditation" in Puerto Rico.
University of Puerto Rico's accreditations is being threatened by MSCHE because students striking against austerity…
University of Puerto Rico students are striking against austerity—and in retribution, might lose their accreditation
A bondholder fight over just $16 million could determine the fate of Puerto Rico's entire $74 billion bankruptcy
The answer to Puerto Rico's debt is NOT to drastically cut education funding which lifts people out of poverty! https:…
Puerto Rico militant Oscar Lopez Rivera freed from custody after 36 years
is free, and believes Puerto Rico will one day be free, too! READ: via
First images of Oscar Lopez Rivera leaving jail in his native Puerto Rico
Oscar Lopez Rivera: Long live Puerto Rico, of love and liberty!
Voices of freedom, this was the choir from the University of Puerto Rico that welcomed Oscar López Rivera.
Oscar Lopez Rivera: I want to say that my fight will continue for the freedom of Puerto Rico.
Oscar Lopez Rivera: My heart and spirit are with those students fighting in Puerto Rico.
Oscar Lopez Rivera when asked if he will stay in Puerto Rico "I am Puerto Rican so I will stay in Puerto Rico."
Lopez Rivera, 74, is to be released from house arrest in Puerto Rico today. He'll be feted across the island and in Chicago later…
Do you have to fly over the Bermuda Triangle to get to Puerto Rico 😖
.must be held accountable for its role in promoting & profiting from PR’s troubled transactions. https…
Puerto Rico having a blast with our incredible associates!!Wow! What an amazing team! Very high standards! https…
I want to go for an adventure in Puerto Rico 😭
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Such Bravado! Your retiring but Rice unmasking off radar, But Comey fictional memos…
does she live in Puerto Rico, if so can I visit her?
How long? Not long, I can't wait to return to PR. Repost Cayey, Puerto Rico…
Everything a Puerto Rican owns says "Puerto Rico" on it.
I just spent over an hour reading about the ethnic history of Puerto Rico and it's like the more I learn the less I kno
Puerto Rico doesn't condone terrorism; neither should you,
(with sponsoring) announces will honor FALN terrorist . . https:…
I was really about to tell on my father 🌚 but he just called me and said we going to Puerto Rico 🤐
I think all of Puerto Rico just want him to retire too. He will fight some bum an…
Despacito this is what we in puerto rico
Watching Matthias' snapchat story like oh wow Puerto Rico is a nice place then Sami choking on his wee smh
Hanging out with Rory before his trip to Puerto Rico. Cool dog!
She keeps my grandpa's house to this day, and moved back to Puerto Rico years ago, even though she didn't want to, because in her family...
New Artwork: Cathedral in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Acrylic on Canvas (40 in x 30 in.)
The beautiful island of Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the USA
I leave for Puerto Rico in like 12 days with my girls and I can not wait omg
Why I loose my rights as a citizen when I move to Puerto Rico? Born NJ, Disabled Vet in KS. Can't vote if I move in gen ele
Your next trip pays for a terrorist-honoring parade in NYC. .
Here are 12 memorable adventures in Puerto Rico you shouldn't miss...
I'll be flying up from Puerto Rico just to see them on GMA! is there a meet & greet in NY at all???
can drivers take you to el Yunque from San Juan in Puerto Rico?
Your next BigMac pays for a terrorist-honoring parade in NYC. . https…
If Puerto Rico becomes a state things will get better, and we don't loose rights
Best thing to come home to: Being told you're goin to Puerto Rico for a week in October 😍
🔴 "You Above All; Inspiring Humanity" really? You are sponsoring a terrorist in the Puerto Rico NY Parade😡
On May 16 two years ago I was in Spain, last year I was in Peru & this year I'm in Puerto Rico... May 16 is a good day. 😂😍
If Puerto Rico stays as is it will not get anywhere they will neither get better nor get worse
Really taking 18 units fall semester so I can chill out in Puerto Rico for 5 months
Tomorrow Oscar Lopez Rivera will be released from house arrest in Puerto Rico.
.chats & what it was like to perform with in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 Watch:
Puerto Rico is insolvent. The governor's long-term solution: Make it the 51st state.
Please sign this pettition to audit Puerto Rico's 78$ billion debt. (Remember to confirm signature through email.)
I'm off to Puerto Rico. I'll catch up on tennis if i can.
Ohhh I see the small islands by Puerto Rico
Still gonna go to Puerto Rico doe need to find me a cute Latina to swallow my kids
God is your father and He is the richest in the world. Teaching LIVE in Dorado, Puerto Rico!
Explore the wonders of National Forest 🍃💦 This is Puerto Rico!
Your next Coke pays for a terrorist-honoring parade in NYC http…
so if Puerto Rico becomes a state... what happens?
Find out how Puerto Rico spent its way to a $74 billion debt
Unions did not cause Puerto Rico's and shouldn't be used as scapegoat. I oppose measures that will take a…
Daily I voted for for Top social artist. Puerto Rico
UPDATE: Coast Guard searching for Florida-bound plane missing after leaving Puerto Rico
US Coast Guard says radar and radio contact with the plane, en route from Puerto Rico to Florida, was lost with the pla…
Puerto Rico bankruptcy continues to hammer some mutual fund NAVs.
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With San Juan, Puerto Rico as your home port,cruise the vibrant isles of the Lesser Antilles
In the distance is the island of Vieques, PR @ Yabucoa, Puerto Rico
2010 Florida Marlins team trip with my Mom❤️ @ San Juan, Puerto Rico
There are places in this world that will never be safe for humans to access. Example A: Vieques, Puerto Rico. 📝🎥📸: https…
Puerto Rico said the same thing. Then they started begging for money. Samoans seem cool with being American territo…
Because of the horrible food in Miami I deserve a trip to Puerto Rico! Now the food there is legit everything.
Puerto Rico sets May 17 for first hearing in debt case
Puerto Rico Oversight Board asks Judge Swain to consolidate GO & Cofina cases. They want to rush a hearing for next…
“Puerto Rico’s water system is failing. Serious investment is required to secure safe and clean drinking water...”
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