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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico (or ), officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico (—literally, Associated Free State of Puerto Rico ), is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic and west of both the United States Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

World Baseball Classic San Juan American Samoa Dominican Republic United States New York Puerto Ricans Yadier Molina

UPDATE: Coast Guard searching for Florida-bound plane missing after leaving Puerto Rico
US Coast Guard says radar and radio contact with the plane, en route from Puerto Rico to Florida, was lost with the pla…
Puerto Rico bankruptcy continues to hammer some mutual fund NAVs.
With San Juan, Puerto Rico as your home port,cruise the vibrant isles of the Lesser Antilles
"This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico... 🇵🇷" El Viejo San Juan🎺🙌🏽
2010 Florida Marlins team trip with my Mom❤️ @ San Juan, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico said the same thing. Then they started begging for money. Samoans seem cool with being American territo…
Because of the horrible food in Miami I deserve a trip to Puerto Rico! Now the food there is legit everything.
Puerto Rico sets May 17 for first hearing in debt case
Puerto Rico Oversight Board asks Judge Swain to consolidate GO & Cofina cases. They want to rush a hearing for next…
“Puerto Rico’s water system is failing. Serious investment is required to secure safe and clean drinking water...”
Lol yea fool puerto rico us territory no passport needed save your money
I go watch videos on 3:00 but I live in Puerto Rico so I don't know what time that would be there
Puerto Rico sets May 17 for first hearing
lmao watch her go to Cabo or Puerto Rico for summer break 😂
Puerto Rico must not waste its second chance via
In other news, living above your means might have dramatic consequences...
Puerto Rico & Venezuela are in much worse situation right now. Inflation is as high as 740%
Thousands of University of Puerto Rico students are gathered today to decide whether to continue student strike.
I vote for for the in the top social awards . Puerto Rico needs you guys. Please come
I'm going to Puerto Rico this month never been so excited to get away 😅
Sending you lots of hugs from Puerto Rico. ILY 💕
Tell Puerto Rico’s Oversight Board: Stop the Devastating Cuts to Education. Write one here:
Did you know that current sitting Sandra Sotomayor [SCOTUS] just recently came to us from PHARMA bankrupted & spoiled…
Puerto Rico’s children have already suffered major cuts to school programs, libraries and supplies in the last deca…
You don't need a passport to go to Puerto Rico lol
Democrats are trying to bail out insurance companies from disastrous and Puerto Rico with your tax dollars…
Someday when you come to Puerto Rico you are going to see how much PR Army loves Bts💖💖I hope someday I can…
Puerto Rico drinking water is worst in US: report: - France 24 - Live news
"Despacito... This is how is we do it down in Puerto Rico" uhhh fire me to the side of the pool with a cocktail ☀️🍹
So we will get Justin to perform Despacito live, I'm so here for this, take me to Puerto Rico already
I'll agree with you when Judge Swain says that all proceedings in this matter will occur in a court in Puerto Rico 😀
May 7th, 2013 - lauren in the airport in Puerto Rico
Should I let him take me to Puerto Rico. I can't hold back let's go TOOONIGTJHHTR WOAAHHH
He insisted on buying that on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. Probably the only minorly hipster thing he owns.
Jazees usually MIA but when I talk to her she brings up Puerto Rico like 5 times every 30 min... but I'm glad my bffls getting a vacay 💖💖
this is how we do it in Puerto Rico 💖
Ohhh my God,I like when you smile you look so beautiful 😍😍😍 When will you come to Puerto Rico?…
[!] Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 has given BTS a total of 8,300+ votes in the last 24 hours,. TOTAL = 124,500+.
Needa get my passport so I can go to Puerto Rico, hope trump let me come back 😂😂😂
Report finds 99.5% of Puerto Rico's population gets water from sources that violated federal standards…
Jordan to her grandpa: when do you guys go to Puerto Rico? . Her grandpa: Jordan we went to Puerto Rico in January
I'm tryna go to Puerto Rico this summer to
More fun from our beauty 's Puerto Rico wedding !! Such fun dancing 💃
Puerto Rico is closing 184 public schools displacing 27,000 students in May in an effort to save money, not lives. https:…
Dani, does ship to Puerto Rico? Last time I tried to buy my coins tu wasn't in the options :-(
Puerto Rico's first bankruptcy hearing set for May 17
Step Dad in puerto rico is u know where im posted 😎😏😏
Their only wish was to have Christmas with us, so we surprised them in Puerto Rico
Bonds from Puerto Rico’s record $3.5 billion junk offering in 2014 are hitting fresh lows
Next time someone dares to say University of Puerto Rico students aren't providing alternatives, throw this article in their…
Mother's Day is closing your order by tomorrow May 11th for delivery in Puerto Rico by May 13th.
I can't wait my brother to be around greatest in the flesh and support are legendary Wilfredo Benitez f…
Nanette DHRM Puerto Rico and team celebrating her executive award! Huge focus on associate development!
"I'm sure Puerto Ricans like looking up Puerto Rico". Yeee, you're not wrong bud
This Saturday has us talk about art inspiring social change & awareness about Puerto Rico! https:/…
We port out of Puerto Rico, then we go to Curaçao, St. Kitts, St. Thomas, and Aruba!
2000 Residents of U.S. colonies are citizens, but cannot vote. Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, r citizens w/o votes.
This just in: staff barred from mortuaries in all 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico and American Samoa.
All the people jamming to Despacito today but it's a song about Puerto Rico-- thanks for the revelation
Puerto Rico to close 184 public schools in move expected to save millions of dollars amid a deep economic crisis.
The next president should push for statehood for Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Amer…
San Juan wins and mega favourite Jaileene Rivera from Ponce comes second. Do you think Puerto Rico just missed...
Okay,but are we lower than the territories - Puerto Rico and American Samoa?
Puerto Rico declares a form of bankruptcy. The U.S. territory has about $73 billion of debt.
in US territories: 40134 cases in Puerto Rico,1022 in US Virgin Islands,132 in American Samoa as of 04…
Puerto Rico's bankruptcy fate is now up to Chief Justice John Roberts
Puerto Rico's governor turns to courts to protect the U.S. territory from crushing $73 billion debt.…
May 3, 2008: Carlos Delgado passes Juan Gonzalez as the HR leader for players from Puerto Rico with a three-r…
Yo if they get a divorce you'll hear me CACKLING across all 50 states + DC + Puerto Rico + American Samoa
Puerto Rico announces historic debt restructuring in court - ABC News - via Scialsm suck
2 weeks of in Puerto Rico! San Juan this week and Ponce next. Come check it out!
Well I already have 2 more trips planned this year, so Puerto Rico will probably wait until 2018
Puerto Rico files for record US debt restructuring via
Puerto Rico announces historic debt restructuring in court
Version of Puerto Rico story now up
Puerto Rico announces historic restructuring of $70 billion debt
Puerto Rico's governor announces restructuring of a portion of the U.S. territory's $70B debt through courts.
Puerto Rico creditors sue over debt-cutting plans via
Puerto Rico's creditors had filed a barrage of lawsuits against them.. a bankruptcy was imminent .
So,we're bailing out Puerto Rico with funds we borrow from China & others,while ignoring our own future bankruptcy?Nice job f…
So this was the guy taking a pretty good photo of Spider-Man at the may first March in Puerto Rico
Sloane Crosley, a k a on how it took three trips to finally end a relationship.
The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, said he would move the island’s debt crisis into federal...
Might just end up back in Puerto Rico ✈️
US responsible for Puerto Rico under NAFTA. What would a claim look like for CDN or MXN investors in this default?
Puerto Rico files for record US debt restructuring
/2 ... as finished product. And said companies already get tremendous tax breaks to…
Thinking Puerto Rico should be made a state anyway:
Puerto Rico seeks bankruptcy protection for public debt
Just to let people know everyone is welcome in Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is moving towards the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history by…
Puerto Rico files for Title III bankruptcy protection.
New post (Puerto Rico To Request Bankruptcy Protection) has been published on Worlds News Hub: Latest World ... -…
Opinion => Why the good people of Illinois should care about a Puerto Rico bailout
Like a ship being forcefully rocked waiting 4 all its people to crawl thru water to the land thats misfed it
President Trump is blaming Puerto Rico. The PR people need relief from greedy hedge funds, not blame.
Check out to understand the current economic crisis in Puerto Rico
Trump can explain how Puerto Rico's need to seek bankruptcy protection ONCE is different from him doing it MULTIPLE TIMES.
Puerto Rico is requesting bankruptcy protection, setting up a showdown with Wall Street
It’s like Puerto Rico really wants everybody to think that it’s Greece
Puerto Rico has most opaque financials of any US public entity. Govt services are abysmal. Great push for technocratic appro…
Love Jorge Ramos but they have a blind eye for Puerto Rico. We're not immigrants and therefo…
Next January planning to visit Puerto Rico. Ponce and San Juan exactly. Any good sightseeing tips for those locations?
The decision covers residents in Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa and th…
the Massacre at Wounded Knee, the Scottsboro Boys, the Tulsa Race Riots, forced sterilization in Puerto Rico, O…
RECORDERO HOY: Training on the Multiple Listing Service of Puerto Rico -
Is protest the new brunch? Rico @ University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras…
We will not be silenced @ University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
"They'll tell the story of tonight!" @ University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
"And when our children tell our story" @ University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
"But I will gladly join the fight" @ University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
"I may not live to see our glory." @ University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
Congress can't fund a $12B border wall but agrees to pay Puerto Rico $295M Medicaid?
Puerto Rico's middleman to the WH may not be delivering results
For the next two weeks I'm going to:. 🌴Bahamas. 🌴Puerto Rico. 🌴Haiti. 🌴& St. Martin. Anyone from any of those places?
DrunkenHour Lowsteppa big up the Puerto Rico crew! 🇵🇷. DrunkenHour Lowsteppa big up the Puerto Rico crew! 🇵🇷. — Defected Records (DefectedR…
Attract More Business with the Multiple Listing Service of Puerto Rico -
Trump delivers on promise to offset tax cuts by selling "naming rights" to U.S. assets:. Puerto Rico shall now be referred t…
Puerto Rico has more army soldiers per capita than any other US state. Israel received more taxpayer money than PR.
Please name the 4. Make sure to leave out Japan, Puerto Rico, Cuba, South Africa, Holland
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
Hey, Loser. Puerto Rico is part of this Country that the Russians got you to run. Ask a grown-up about it.
This slice of Puerto Rico paradise was my view this morning during a rooftop yoga session at La Concha Resort. Sigh. As…
Welcome then the new citizens of the states of Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, Marianas, Washington DC and Russia.
I will assume he has no clue about the issues in PR. Ivanka please tell your Dad to google / Puerto Rico - Wall Street…
You have the opportunity to fix it . Puerto Rico wants statehood now with equa…
via Why isn't the US media covering the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus protests?...
Learning the high commission secrets tonight in Puerto Rico... who else wants to know the steps that Lawrence Tam...
Meanwhile somewhere in Puerto Rico sits one Angel Pagan sipping a mojito!
.why oh why did you have to add a southern Caribbean cruise for next summer?! Ur killing me with Aruba & Puerto Rico!
Great Wall of China, Italy, South Korea, and the islands of Puerto Rico and Maui. Not many coaches can say they got a chance…
Puerto Rico: 22 persons injured during protest at the Legislative Assembly in San Juan
Its black history month. So I am starting a thread on black history in Puerto Rico. I've missed 12 days so far so Ill…
Justin Bieber onstage performing at the show in San Juan, Puerto Rico tonight. (April 18)
Another video of Justin and Luis Fonsi performing "Despacito" tonight in Puerto Rico.
Latin America's oldest what? What about Puerto Rico and it's 119 years under the US…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jesus from Puerto Rico walks softly and carries a big carrot dressed as the Easter bunny during…
Team USA vs Puerto Rico. Which country will walk away with its first World Baseball Classic title?
Dinner on point... for those that don't know this is a "tripleta" the proud sandwich of Puerto Rico knows tripletas…
Why are you remaining silent? Your SJU employees are not involved! .
Having fun with old photos from two separate trips to Puerto Rico last year. Here is one from the last few hours o……
Where have gone eating in Puerto Rico?
I'm talkin' trips to Puerto Rico, say the word and we go
Political and leaders fight for rights in Puerto Rico via
Gotta do a presentation tommorrow at 8am on why Puerto Rico should become a state😅
u must b talking abt Puerto Rico bc d.r will 4evrr b in the Caribbean
Can't wait to jump off waterfalls down in Puerto Rico w/ the fam in less than a week.
Today in 1899: Treaty of Paris comes into effect. Spain cedes Puerto Rico to U.S. Fierce Puerto Rican fashion: https:/…
Puerto Rico execdir says fiscal plans are not complete for GDB & Prepa. Plan certification req before debt restruc…
trips to Puerto Rico, say the words and we go 😋
The fact that my flight to Puerto Rico is through is really making me not want to go now. 🙃
Omara Portuondo is coming to Puerto Rico and I'm just saying that I am available to go to it with someone on a date. :-)
I'm so scared I'm grabbing my passport and headed to Puerto Rico
"Dude" was previously running the streets of Puerto Rico but is now a Denver doggy with a wonderful family! Welcome to Pet Station Dude!
Offer students insight into Puerto Rico's fascinating past with this video – in Spanish! – from
I love Puerto Rico but it has the grossest beaches compared to other Caribbean beaches Ive been to
These 3 Puerto Rican scientists are helping to save endangered parrots, turtles and manatees
Massachusetts homicide suspect captured trying to board Bradley flight to Puerto Rico
I got finesse babe to get this shopping money for Puerto Rico 🤣😏😘
26 charged with trafficking cocaine at Puerto Rico airport
Can conservationists save the manatee? Viva Puerto Rico premieres on Wednesday, 8pm, 📺:
And yeah the people practically meant where I was raised all my life. But YES Puerto Rico is only an American Territory.
A few ideas in mind. miami and Atlanta, Texas and New Orleans , or Puerto Rico
pero like I'm so cute I deserve to be on beach drinking questionable sangria out of a Capri sun-like pouch in Puerto Rico ***
We will stand with the Puerto Rican workers in El San Juan Hotel until they have a fair contract.
I wish we were back in Puerto Rico honeymoonin!
Puerto Rico, just two show until yours. The arena is getting ready to receive Justin and his fans.
Sapeleme & Shake Body by Roxy Dancer & Sherrie Silver Me and in Puerto Rico this summer
Why does everyone insist that Puerto Rico isn't a country and that we're a state.
PRESS RELEASE » CBP reports a significant spike in counterfeit merchandise seized in Puerto Rico 🗣on
Fundamental Advisors is not offering workers fair wages & benefits, NY Officials condemn.
This thread is on the invasion of reggaeton in the 2000s. Underground sounds of Puerto Rico became popular in NYC+ Miami duri…
Carmelo Anthony plots his team’s future: his soccer team in Puerto Rico
Saw these old cars running fine in Puerto Rico
Viva Puerto Rico: Meet the 3 scientists trying to save our parrots, turtles and manatees
sabrunjameeel: Leaving in a few hours InshaAllah for vacation w family to Puerto Rico, duas that it's a safe trip pls. Bismillah 😋☺️
USA does it!. With a 2-1 win over Japan, the Americans have reached the World Baseball Classic final. They'll play Puerto Rico. h…
The great wrote about Puerto Rico, India, and the solitude of the beach at night for
Yadier Molina hopes WBC success will spark a revival in Puerto Rico.
"128 Miles east of Puerto Rico surrounded by the Caribbean Sea" .
"Just last week, the President of Puerto Rico's Senate Thomas Rivera Schatz rolled back an administrative order...
Monmouth County SPCA gets grant to ship rescue dogs from Puerto Rico
ReadersGazette: A Decent Woman by Eleanor Parker Sapia Ponce, Puerto Rico, at the turn of the century... Ana Belén…
Artist turns an abandoned tobacco factory in Puerto Rico into a colorful space for the local community:…
Trivia for 9 April: What passage separates the Domincan Republic and Puerto Rico? Answer 9 april at
Was main pitcher for Puerto Rico in Maybe the would have interest in Ervin Santana?
South beach with my homie that I met back in Puerto Rico! It's always a blast when he comes and scoops me from Miam…
Just landed in Puerto Rico next stop is St.Croix Virgin Islands aka home. . 😬🤘🏽
The sky is so beautiful and clear in Puerto Rico All I can think about is dece 🌻✨
They're out too but they don't bug me here for some reason. But in Puerto Rico they tear me UP
Please TURN your eyes to Puerto Rico. They are our common wealth and desperately hurting.
My followers live in 10 countries: Puerto Rico(44%), USA(33%)... Get your free map!
"Puerto Rico is one of the coolest places I have had the priviledge of visiting," Charles Barkley. 🇵🇷
Dazzling photos capture the beauty of Afro-Latinas in Puerto Rico
Seventh Place Match. Puerto Ricans attacked and blocked more. However only in the first set,...
I know i saw photos :) i been to like 8 islands i think from Puerto Rico down to Trinidad
Wish I had some friends in Puerto Rico 😓
Not sure I've ever been colder than I just was going from that 90° Puerto Rico day to a 36° Stow night but I'm back and burnt as ever 😎
I liked a video from Cars and Coffee Puerto Rico
From Puerto Rico the new six for Judson Bowling Program. Congrats to all!
ICE, CCSF arrests 4, seizes 1.6 tons of cocaine in Puerto Rico
Julio Melendez, coach of . "Although we lost against and the possible world...
Puerto Rico COFINA bondholders ask U.S. judge to rule in debt fight
I'm really tryna be back in Puerto Rico already 🤧
Children playing in the fountain. . San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Just wanna be in Puerto Rico already
Next destination is Puerto Rico then Mexico then New York then California . Live life
i'm super sad that my family doesn't have the money to go to puerto rico for my tio's wedding :(( I was so pumped. I love puerto rico sm :(
"Puerto Rico too close to Mexico, I don't think Trump want you here" YELLING 😭😭😭
Puerto Rico has 3.5 million people, more than the Dakotas, Wyoming, and Montana combined. Why isn't PR a state?
cya Puerto Rico... it's been wayy too real❤ be bak nxt time
Cuba,Miami(for the 20th time),Puerto Rico,China 2017 is such a great year 😬
Bowman Academy grad DeJaun Marrero is making his mark in Puerto Rico's Basketball Superior National league.
A Decent Woman .Ponce, Puerto Rico, at the turn of…
Puerto Rico gov approves referendum in quest for statehood |
Tell you what: Let's make Puerto Rico a state, and turn the plains back to territories.
World Music-Highlight of the day from Puerto Rico: Various Artists - "Puerto Rico" [2000] Putumayo World Music
Enjoying the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan. San Juan, Puerto Rico.
His name was Xavier and he was truly too beautiful for me to even comprehend. He's from Puerto Rico and loves punk and I love him
When you get back to New York from Puerto Rico
Estanilsao Matias Vachino and his new era in See what he says about his experience...
Well Puerto Rico has been real but on the plus I have open crib for a week 😍
I just want to move to Puerto rico 😍😩
1. Mexico is in North America, not Central America. 2. Puerto Rico isn't a country. It's a commonwealth of the United States.
Please ask them if they could come to Puerto Rico cause we really love them here! 🇵🇷
were you born in the usa or puerto rico? — Puerto Rico, and for those who are uneducated Puert...
Some interesting statistics here, but kind if overshadowed by the fact that Mexico is in North America and Puerto R…
Thank you Sanjana. Give me your email address to send you a message and to put my colleagues in Puerto Rico in contact with you.
Why Cory Booker Went to Puerto Rico -   United States Senator Cory Booker visited Puerto Rico at the end of las...
The last time I think Beyoncé hasn't come to Puerto Rico was in 2013,, and I think like at least three kpop groups have been here ..EVER
Puerto Rico votes on statehood in June. Do the Puerto Rican WBC players want to be part of Team USA? *** no."
I want to go to Puerto Rico, Egypt, Dominican Republic, Switzerland, Morroco, Dubai, Bora Bora, Thailand, and Jamaica.
Unfortunately, that would mean hurting GOP and we would have DEM dominance and become 1 party nation w Amnesty. Pue…
Puerto Rico KNOWS what the people want
Governor explains why he thinks Puerto Rico should become a U.S. state.
Also, the finance friendly bill endorsed by Hamilton creator is destroying Puerto Rico.
Today is the big day! Join Dr. Guy Harvey in Puerto Rico for will have a representative there-- go say…
Residente of the duo Calle 13 weighs in on Puerto Rico while being a guest star at The Daily Show with Trevor...
It's just that in Puerto Rico "cortar la grama" is more common. The literal translation is "cut the grass".
Puerto Rico needs to happen sooner rather than later for me.
Escaping a New York winter for the natural sunlamp of Puerto Rico.
Dan Gladden "I found out that if Puerto Rico would've won, they were going to fly back and have a celebration.". Uh, Dan...they did that.
Golden sun. Golden sand. Golden World Baseball Classic team. Bask in the warmth of a victory celebration in Puerto Rico.
Senior Dragonboaters shine in Puerto Rico: Paddlers bring gold to Fort Langley from Pan Am Club Crew Championships…
Great to meet with Dr. Rafael Rodriguez-Mercado, Secretary of Health and Human Services for Puerto Rico.
CHAMPIONS! 🇺🇸. Team USA cruises to its first World Baseball Classic title with 8-0 win over Puerto Rico https:…
Jose Berrios just came on in relief for Puerto Rico and struck out the side vs. Giancarlo Stanton, Jonathan Lucroy, and I…
Royal Canadian Air Force Canadair CP-107 crashes into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Puerto Rico during a nigh…
Extra fired-up Marcus Stroman steps up huge for USA vs. Puerto Rico in WBC final
Adam Jones said they heard before the game Puerto Rico had a flight and parade scheduled and that it didn't sit well with them…
Puerto Rico has the better looking women but we have the better baseball
Obama apologizes to Puerto Rico for shameless display of American pride in WBC win. Says example of US Imperialism&bullying!
Odd report on World Baseball Classic about how crime in Puerto Rico has dropped during WBC. Reminds me of Aquille "Crime Stopper" Carr
Obviously pulling for USA, but Puerto Rico gave us Hector Lavoe, Tito Gomez, Frankie Ruiz, and other great ones. So lots of love for PR.
National liberation and ending American imperialism is in Puerto Rico's best intrest, not becoming the 51st state.
Are you thinking on coming to Puerto Rico in your tour?😃😎 We don't see you since Demi Lovato's Neon Lights tour
If the game starts and Puerto Rico's starting pitcher is Carlos Arroyo then Team USA is in trouble
Meeting with Patricia N. Dombroski, Regional Administrator of discussing food programs in Puerto Rico.
RECAP: Puerto Rico walks it off in the 11th to move on to the World Baseball Classic... by…
Puerto Rico advances to World Baseball Classic finals with walk-off win
Ángel Pagán's 7 hits are tied for 2nd-most on Puerto Rico. In 2013, he had 12 hits, 2nd-most of anyone in the World Base…
Puerto Rico will play for the World Baseball Classic title for the 2nd straight time. Lost to Dominican Republic in 2013
Carlos Correa's 3 HR in the World Baseball Classic are the most for any Puerto Rico player in a single WBC
BG Rosende, commanding general of the ArmyReserve/1st MSC, an U.S. Army Reserve unit from Puerto Rico, visits his...
this team hasnt played Japan yet, but they know what they'll get from Puerto Rico. Maybe some unfamiliarity on Leyland's end?
If USA wins tomorrow that championship on Wednesday versus Puerto Rico is a MUSTTT
Baseball would be a lot more fun to watch, and more popular, if guys could strut and celebrate the way Puerto Rico & Net…
I have 20 new followers from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and more last week. See
This is why the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Puerto Rico are tied.
Puerto Rico outlasts Netherlands to advance to WBC final
Puerto Rico's in! Who will they face in Final? Find out tomorrow when USA faces Japan at Dodger Stadium:
should i spend money on this pitbull, enrique & cnco tour or should i just wait until Mas Alla Tour comes to LA & go to puerto rico instead?
Humble Team devoted to God! Great win over Team Netherlands. Go Puerto Rico!!!
I destroyed my nails but it was worth it just to see this ending. ¡PUERTO RICO!. .
Wow! Words can't explain what this feels like. Honored to be part of this! PUERTO RICO...World Baseball Classic Finals! Empuja…
I dont think I have ever enjoyed a game so much!! PR's spirit is so infectious!! . VAMOS PUERTO RICO! 🇵🇷
Puerto Rico is heading to the FINAL!
Puerto Rico is headed to the World Baseball Classic final after beating the Netherlands in 11 innings h…
Go Puerto Rico! Diaz is just a kid out there having the time of his life!
Carlos Correa, waiting for his girlfriend, moments after helping Puerto Rico reach the...
Puerto Rico is having all the fun at the World Baseball Classic! 🇵🇷. (h/t
Yadier Molina gave more strike outs than the Puerto Rico's pitcher rotation. 🇵🇷
Get excited Puerto Rico! You’re going back to the World Baseball Classic Final!
No matter who wins tomorrow, Puerto Rico winning Wednesday would be the best story and best for baseball.
So if USA beats Japan in semis ofdoes that mean we are champs since Puerto Rico is technically a state?
Jorge Lopez will pitch tonight for Puerto Rico in the WBC. Here is my feature from '15 on Lopez & his young son…
.joined after Puerto Rico defeated for a spot at the semis in Los Angeles! htt…
It is close to midnight in San Diego and plenty of Puerto Rico fans wait near the team bus to cheer their heroes.
My uncle deadass dyed his hair blonde for Puerto Rico.
i Im sell my mind soul and body to Puerto Rico yabucoa ponce *** santeria santerian foot fetish addiction
I just want to take the first flight out to Puerto Rico & stay there forever. necesito estar con mi gente :((
Read up on research by Ansari Lab postdoc alum now assistant prof at University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Ok so why is Sting in Puerto Rico the same night I am trying to go to St. Lucia for the jazz festival?
Feel pretty concerned that Enrique Hernandez can barely get starts for Puerto Rico over Pagan, Fuentes and Rosario
Dominican Republic vs Puerto Rico today. Y'all are about to see a divide like never before in the latin community
The group of death: Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, United States and Venezuela
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