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Puerto Ricans

Stateside Puerto Ricans (or Puerto Rican Diaspora, Nuyoricans for those born in New York, stateside or mainland Puerto Ricans, or in ) are American citizens of Puerto Rican origin, including those who migrated from Puerto Rico to the United States and those who were born outside of Puerto Rico in the United States.

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Thousands of Puerto Ricans take refuge in shelters as island braces for Hurricane direct hit on Wednesday
Thank you Senator Rubio on behalf of all the Puerto Ricans that have made Florida their home. United We Stand!
Ingraham appears to not know that Puerto Rico is part of the United States and that Puerto Ricans are Americans
"Steve Irwin was murdered by a sting ray... or as I like to call them, the Puerto Ricans of the sea" - Dave Attell
has already taken three lives, flattened buildings on St. Martin and now 600,000 Puerto Ricans lose power: https:/…
News: Hurricane Irma strengths into a Category 4 storm. Expected to hit later this week. . Puerto Ricans:
News: "Hurricane Irma headed towards Puerto Rico. We advise all Citizens of PR to prepare." . Puerto Ricans:
PRIM’s executive director Miguel Fiol: “Our mission has been to bring the diaspora of Puerto Ricans together”
Puerto Ricans living on the island have lower household incomes, higher child poverty rates than those on U.S.
Yes. In the USA, that's typically AfrAms, Native Ams, Mex-Ams, Puerto Ricans, those from Guam, Nort…
More than 97% of Puerto Ricans say they should become the 51st U.S. state. 👉🏻
Puerto Ricans overwhelmingly voted to become the 51st state on Sunday
Today Puerto Ricans vote on whether PR should:. 1) be the 51st state. 2) be an independent nation. 3) stay a territory http…
Hopefully my fellow Puerto Ricans today vote for statehood.
I am Pro statehood I truly believe Puerto Rico should become a state. Puerto Ricans have been…
Puerto Ricans are voting for referendum, Kurds in Iraq will vote in Sept, Catalonia is close to it. Nigeria should give Biafra theirs
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We gotta show more solidarity with Puerto Ricans.
To Puerto Ricans around the world, peace & love. Vive
Oscar Lopez Rivera Puerto Ricans were the first wave on non-European immigration to come to New York due to America…
S/o to all my Puerto Ricans on your Day much love. 🙏🏽
remember that when you vote in the plebiscite @ island Puerto Ricans
Puerto Ricans voting in referendum on political status
Puerto Ricans to "We made you a wealthy company, traitors!" . https:…
FYI to idiotic liberals. Puerto Ricans are American citizens. They have nothing to do with illegal immigration.
Mired in bankruptcy, Puerto Ricans head to the polls to vote on statehood
If the island became a state, Puerto Ricans would've to pay federal taxes, said Manuel Calderon , vice pr…
PEURTO RICO: Divided Puerto Ricans head to polls to vote on U.S. statehood…
Puerto Ricans began to head to the polls Sunday morning for their fifth plebiscite.
Puerto Ricans vote on future with U.S.: statehood, free association/independence, or the current territorial status
the US never wanted to grant citizenship to Puerto Ricans. they couldn't force them in the draft during WW1 so granted citizenship
🇵🇷 50,000 Puerto Ricans Deep, I'm to violent to be around em 🇵🇷
Breast Cancer Awareness
Puerto Rico mulls political status in new referendum: Puerto Ricans got the chance Sunday…
For Puerto Rico to enter the union, Congress needs to pass a law admitting it
Puerto Ricans ARE Americans, just disenfranchised ones with no representation
Many Puerto Ricans crave statehood — but the timing couldn’t be worse
Puerto Ricans are voting in a referendum about their island's status. Should Puerto Rico become a state? VOTE:
Oh, Stop focusing on Oscar Lopez Rivera, This parade is for Puerto Ricans, not him.
Puerto Ricans vote in referendum on US statehood
Puerto Ricans have US passport but not nationality. As crazy as
Me when I see Dominicans on the TL trying to slander Puerto Ricans
Puerto Ricans will choose the future status of their island this weekend & I hope they vote for statehood.
There are white Puerto Ricans. Nationality and race aren't the same. And being a Bernie supporter doesn't erase internal…
Puerto Ricans celebrating a terrorist today, does ISIS have a float also?
This Sunday night Puerto Ricans and Puerto Rico with myself,
Puerto Ricans would rather live in the worse slum in NY than live in PR, that should tell you something
Puerto Ricans are celebrating their Heritage today at the 60th Annual Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City 🗽🇵🇷 🇵🇷 🇵🇷…
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A tale of two parades: how a New York governor throws Puerto Ricans under the bus commitment to Israeli apartheid
Because support for independence has always been scant, many now see joining the union as the least-bad option
Puerto Ricans vote on whether they should remain a U.S. territory, become a state or pursue independence.
Heads up.Puerto Ricans are Americans and THERE IS NO OFFICIAL NATIONAL LANGUAGE. We are HERE. Deal with it. 💁🏽👋🏽
The majority of Puerto Ricans, in the island & in the mainland, do not support Oscar Lopez. In our democracy he is…
82% of Puerto Ricans on the island oppose the Puerto Rican Day parade to be dedicated to Oscar Lopez the terrorist.…
Nah mad Puerto Ricans are a size smaller like a size 6. All the female sneakerheads back in…
Idk what you talking bout mad Puerto Ricans wear size 7 b
Why do Puerto Ricans sound like they gargling coquito.
"... Puerto Ricans have rejected becoming the 51st state on each of the four occasions we have voted on the matter…
Puerto Ricans faked the moon landing!!!
gurl get better friends.. They can say dominicans & Puerto Ricans are the same thing but Mexican?? Naah
since when do Puerto Ricans speak Spanish
"According to the study funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation, 61 percent of all Puerto Ricans have...
Fyi. Negra is a term of endearment with Puerto Ricans. Just so you know.
"Didn't they already build the wall to block Puerto Ricans from coming here?"
Puerto Ricans protest on May Day as debt deadline nears
This is OUTRAGEOUS and a disgrace. We call on all people of goodwill, especialy Puerto Ricans and New Yorkers, to... https…
Trump doesn't even know that Puerto Ricans are actually U.S citizens (I know this, and I'm not even...
Puerto Ricans be like " how did you know I was Puerto Rican? "
Puerto Ricans speak spanish the worst way possible i literally never understand anything they *** is a "caho" its "CARRO"
US billionaires urge for America’s poorest (Puerto Ricans) to sacrifice more. Sees no systemic problem. Obscene.
61% of Puerto Ricans also wish for their territory to become a US state. They want to be more intert…
To be fair a majority of Puerto Ricans voted to become a state 4 years ago and Congress hasn't done anything
"I'm sure Puerto Ricans like looking up Puerto Rico". Yeee, you're not wrong bud
Expensive produce and an economy in crisis is sending Puerto Ricans into the fields, by
‘120yrs of imperialism: US owes Puerto Ricans much more than it’s offering’
Do Puerto Ricans feel like they’d be better off independent or with statehood?…
what why not!! Hey Puerto Ricans have them genes though.
An unelected board in governs the island as a collection agency for hedge funds/Wall Street speculators.
Update your maps at Navteq
When are Puerto Ricans gonna wise up and demand Independence?? by
I swear I'd never heard "dale galleta" referring to baseball, southern Puerto Ricans are so weird
It's not 2 late to sign up for the PR Diaspora Summit 2 learn the latest news and what you can do.
I'm going through all my interactions with Cubans, Dominicans and Puerto Ricans and this made me laugh 😂😂
I swear it's only Puerto Ricans that wanna make sure everyone knows they're from PR with hella flags all over the place.
wait Puerto Ricans what is my blood dooing there?
Help Puerto Ricans by signing this petition to audit the We will only pay what was rightfully used.
And I acknowledge I have African roots too...a lot of Puerto Ricans are racist as *** and they act as if th…
How Puerto Ricans tryna scoop the Dominican shawties after the game
Puerto Ricans dont have fed tax liability for income earned on island & don't owe +$56k in fed debt per pp. Not app…
But isn't that the same for so called Mexicans, and puerto…
In reply to your question: WHY oh WHY would mainland Puerto Ricans even Consider or Thi…
The great majority of Puerto Ricans on the Island do not support this small group that wants ti separate us from the US
This Saturday has us talk about art inspiring social change & awareness about Puerto Rico! https:/…
Puerto Ricans still souped to be recognized as Americans?... Smh.
Little Giant Ladders
...Cubans, Puerto Ricans, and Filipinos from their tyrannical yoke. If they lingered on too long in the Philippines, it was to protect...
Happy Cinco de Mayo to all the Puerto Ricans 🎉🇱🇷
Cinco De Mayo has nothing to do with Puerto Ricans, sweetie.
Taina really had 6 Puerto Ricans and 3 African Americans in it's main cast.
After 100 years of citizenship, the per capita income of Puerto Ricans is ~$15,200—half that of Mississippi, the poorest state in the union
The median household income of Puerto Ricans living on the island was $18,626 in 2015.
So there were Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Asians, and S. Americans playing in the World Se…
The only people who understand the comments in Puerto Rican Dominican wars are Puerto Ricans and Dominicans
Kissimmee is so overpopulated by Puerto Ricans that Old Town is gonna be the New Viejo San Juan.
Only 4% of Puerto Ricans want independence & most of these, like Luis Gutierrez & Nydia Velazquez LIVE IN STATES.
100 years ago Puerto Ricans on the island were granted citizenship.
Idk why Puerto Ricans have a hard time understanding that we are of African descent.
"Esau is the WHITE MAN.". "Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and Indians are ISRAELITES.". "I'm King David REINCARNATED.". "Joseph…
When ICE doesn't know that Puerto Ricans are American citizens.
Sorry, but Puerto Ricans aren't the Hawaiians and the natives in Alaska... a people reduced by economic & cultural genocide.
I appreciate listening to Puerto Ricans and people worldwide who believe Oscar Lopez Rivera deserves a chance to enj…
Oscar Lopez Rivera trained terrorists to kill his fellow Americans and Puerto Ricans. Barack Obama let him go to breathe fre…
Goes to show you Cong Luis Gutierrez while He's Puerto Rican he is a traitor to Puerto Ricans and Americans.
Puerto Ricans, African Americans, and the Pursuit of Racial Justice: An Interview with Sonia Lee
Shouting "bye-bye illegals" at a group Puerto Ricans, one of them my half Puerto Rican daughter, reveals you to be a *** like all bigots
I'm going back to Dominican Republic.Can't say the same for Puerto Ricans 😂
Also, millions of Puerto Ricans can't vote in a presidential election that will have significant ramifications for their isla…
TODAY - OCT 14 @ 1pm - in ORLANDO - We call all Puerto Ricans to join the NPRA, Rep. Luis Gutierrez (IL) and FL...
Hamilton guy's SNL intro urging us to vote for Clinton can suck it. She respects Puerto Ricans about as much as the Jets did.
thats like saying Puerto Ricans aren't black when the entire culture stems from Spain Africa…
aims to register to vote 1M Puerto Ricans in -many of them 1st time voters htt…
I am hoping Puerto Ricans who have come into central Florida will also bypass the democratic party lie and vote Tru…
Through marriage my family is now rich with Mexican and Puerto Ricans. Also Vietnamese, Japanese and Filipino etc.
Im not really into Puerto Ricans but u are 😍
Two things you should never provoke: Mothers and Puerto Ricans. When combined, run. Run until your feet bleed. Then keep running.
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I'm black and Puerto Rican and most Puerto Ricans in the states deny the fact that we can come in dark/brown skinned.
Sept 15: Puerto Ricans have what scientists call "perfect genes" meaning that we're descended from almost every race
I know...Puerto Ricans only exist in Florida and only till November it seems. Sad.
It's sounds like is unaware of the fact that Puerto Ricans are Americans.
You can't win Florida w/o the Puerto Ricans in Central FL. What r u going to do for PR? Don't take us x granted!!
PROMESA conference economist says Puerto Ricans are “slow by nature.”
Got into a 6man lobby full of Puerto Ricans
"Puerto Ricans are the uspa version of Dominicans" 😂😂😂😂
I just got asked why us Puerto Ricans talk with our hands flying everywhere looking like we tryna box the person lmfao
Don't forget Hawaiians and Alaskans and Puerto Ricans are Also Native Americans!.
When your mom says that Lin looks funny,you say that all Puerto Ricans look funny, then she claims that your own dad doesn't look funny.
Yup just like your idol says "Puerto Ricans are the worst kind of Mexicans" Guess you think Trump is a retard too? 💀
Another one representing us Puerto Ricans tonight at great seeing you man! 🇵🇷
No mention of Puerto Rico by Obama tonight. Touts Cuba as Puerto Ricans are having hard times at 4.25 an hour
Love Obama but he dropped the ball on the Puerto Ricans that fought all wars for USA. Cuba did not and is just the Flavor du jour
Puerto Ricans are the USPA version of Dominicans
Puerto Ricans are probably better educated about how progressives can destroy a country. Trump 2016!
there's over 8 mil Mexicans compare to the thousand of Cubans or Puerto Ricans etc she most likely grow up around Mexicans
After reading I am able to say to Puerto Ricans and Mexicans and others "Happy "Latinx" Heritage Month 9/15-10/15.
Puerto Ricans = *** that speak Spanish but shout out to all of us 🇵🇷
Puerto Ricans aren't actually real, Puerto Rico was actually annexed by Cuba in 1988 in exchange for 100 American prostitutes
90 percent of the 49 victims killed in Orlando *** nightclub were
And Puerto Ricans know that it won't come to anything...
I love "mistaking" southern Italians for Puerto Ricans.
Puerto Ricans & Filipinos believe if you slap on some vicks & chug water you'll never need a hospital.
Puerto Ricans know how to clean with anything lmao
Trump "doesn’t have knowledge of Hispanic [and] working people culture. We Puerto Ricans don’t like his comments"
Puerto Ricans are the best barbers. @ me
"Puerto Ricans, dominicans, cubans...aint nothin but black folks that can swim..." 😂😂😂
Puerto Ricans who find they can no longer afford to keep their pets often choose to dro
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. 1) Dominicans . 2) Chipotle. 3) the kind that use *** fighting to get land Pancho Villa stole from their family. 4) Puerto Ricans
Vox Sentences: A quarter of Puerto Ricans will probably get Zika in 2016
I get so happy when I see that Javier Baez is 100% for Puerto Rico because most Puerto Ricans get somewhere and forget where they're from :/
The Puerto Ricans jobs in the Vietnam War was to go in the holes where the be in the means used to be at a lot of Puerto Ricans died.
I want you guys to remember this that was 65000 Puerto Ricans from Puerto Rico that went to fight in the Vietnam War.
Luis “Wisin” Negron says he helped to bring hundreds of Puerto Ricans to Chicago, to controversial rehab programs...
why don't you guys repeal the Jones act Puerto Rico, Promesa bill is a slap in the face to all Puerto Ricans
As 100s of 1000s of Puerto Ricans living in FL know, bad policies can turn a paradise into an economic ghost town.
Flow of Puerto Ricans to Florida has tripled in the past two years, says former PR Gov. Luis Fortuno.
The dem platform MUST include release of Oscar Lopez Rivera or Puerto Ricans should think twice about the…
"Dominicans, Puerto Ricans & Cubans are nothing but black folks that could swim" - Paul Mooney
Not to worry. Puerto Ricans in Orlando area will carry the I-4 corridor for Clinton. Tampa is Kathy Castor territory. All good.
VETO It will privatize the island hurting millions of Puerto Ricans and continuing the colonial status! http…
This bill requires Puerto Ricans to pay for the undemocratic control board at an unbelievable sum of $370 million. That's a…
Puerto Ricans. They think they mom is their aunt and their grandma is their mom
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The massacre of Puerto Ricans in Orlando might just be the "TREYVON MARTIN pivotal moment" in our history...
Island mourns loss of 23 Puerto Ricans slain in Orlando club
.highlights poll showing few know Puerto Ricans are American citizens weeks after calling them refugees:
Sanders: Puerto Ricans don't matter cause they have no money; Virgin Islanders aren't counted cause they've had no sex. On to Philly!
the Puerto Ricans are making the Virgin Islanders look like marathoners by comparison, the polls have been close for four hours arleady
. "Dominicans are better". Romeo Santos . I'm the best cook out here . Parties . "Puerto Ricans suck"
I'm halfway bilingual.but Puerto Ricans don't speak regular Spanish so I'm like .¿?¿?
.1 of 5 Puerto Ricans in Congress, won't support PROMESA, says oversight board has too much power
Here goes BS with his purity tests again. He can't vote 2 help Puerto Ricans, cuz it may benefit someone on WS. https…
if you don't like Puerto Ricans you prolly Puerto Rican yourself or a salty Mexican who lost his girl to a pr 🤗🙏🏻
I'm confused. So it's not racist when Michael Che says all Puerto Ricans imigrating daily have moved into the apartment above his?
Happy Friday tweeps the best taco bowls aren't at Trump Grill. I love Puerto Ricans!!
P.R. isn't looking for a bail-out and you forget Puerto Ricans are tax payers. Maybe if American companies like Walmart
It's hot outside so i know all the Puerto Ricans out in Cleveland *sigh* i miss home
Make sure you support our brother Luis Guzman with his movie Puerto Ricans in Paris. Coming…
I liked a video from Puerto Ricans in Paris MOVIE TRAILER (Luis Guzman, Edgar Garcia)
Puerto Ricans would go crazy if they had these in seafood city
So the whole fake Mexican thing didn't work out for Los Matadores. Why not try them as Puerto Ricans now.
PR is a United States territory, therefore we are born U.S citizens. Also, Mexicans & Puerto Ricans are different
Puerto Ricans feel used and neglected. Why the United States made Puerto Rico a Commonwealth? We are American Citizens too.
"St.Patrick's Day:A day the Irish celebrate their rich heritage by acting like a bunch of Puerto Ricans." Neal Brennan. S/O to my Boricua
Influx of Puerto Ricans could be game-changer in country's biggest swing state
West Side Story was a very successful musical later made into a very successful movie about fact that Puerto Ricans are American citizens
what about the Chinese? Japanese? Puerto Ricans? Indians? Mexicans?HELLO!. It should be based solely on talent NOT ethnicity!
Cuban-Americans, Puerto Ricans, other Hispanics who find the term "Latino" degrading (generally) look down on "other" types of Latinos
I've always said that Puerto Ricans r an extremely diverse race.
Puerto Ricans and Cubans have like the best singing voices
Seen two bad Puerto Ricans last night. In other news, I also saw a small person throwin it in the club, and was the only white guy.
Agreed! That's why West Side Story annoys me sometimes. AS IF white people could mambo and salsa better than Puerto Ricans
Puerto Ricans we're slaves too not only the African-Americans we we're slaves at the same time they we're.
I'm always surprised how often in academic circles Puerto Ricans are ignored when it comes to discussing American history, lit, culture.
yeah it's awesome. Granted they have colorism but they have a solid national identity as Puerto Ricans first which we dont
Or is it just a bunch of 20/30/40 year old singles looking to party and be young among the Chinese immigrants and Puerto Ricans?
well Puerto Ricans are light skin black people
I liked a video from Puerto Ricans Tasting Japanese Candy ♡ |nailymint|
stop acting like the victim here. People also judge Puerto Ricans all the time. ;-;
they unloyal, and plus Puerto Ricans winnin at everything 👀😋😻
Guatemalans and Puerto Ricans are my weakness 😛😁😍
lol how was that ? Puerto Ricans Do be fine asf 😩 & white boys be too deep in their feelings !!
I liked a video Puerto Ricans vs. Dominicans
When ppl say Dominican and Puerto Ricans don't get along 🙄
Yes one believes she can see Russia from her house and the other thinks Puerto Ricans are Mexicans .
I wish you Puerto Ricans weren't so crazy, because y'all are beautiful I swear.
Puerto Ricans are the worst but best thing ever created.
At the airport & our San Juan gate is right next to a gate going to Santiago - basically there are Puerto Ricans & Dominicans everywhere
My goodness Puerto Ricans are just simply f* crazy 😒😂
She has the same heated *** temper I do *** Puerto Ricans lol) & I'd talk her down using the GM techniques I learned from that book.
PSA: Puerto Ricans don't cook spicy food so pls stop with the "what kind of Hispanic r u" when I say I don't like spice! Ok?!?!
Puerto Ricans don't belong in the cold😂
Fun fact: Puerto Ricans and New Yorkers will die if they don't let someone know where they're from at least twice a day
white boys and the Puerto Ricans is where it's at 😹 too bad they don't fw blacks 😭
An that's why MOST Puerto Ricans are loyal/trustworthy
There are more Puerto Ricans living in the US than in Puerto Rico
*** these two brothers look like type of Puerto Ricans to ruin your life but so so gorgeous.
The Supreme Court could decide the political fate of 3.5 million Puerto Ricans
cause Dominicans and Puerto Ricans are 2 different types of Hispanics 😂
Yes Puerto Ricans can be fair skinned cuz
american is the term for all North Americans Puerto Ricans are Latinos I am a american citizen but I am a puertorrican
My patience runs thin like the mustache of Puerto Ricans
"What makes Puerto Ricans resilient is our ability to adapt and make it our own."
Martin O'Malley's debate shout-out to Puerto Ricans catches Central Floridians' attention
Don't nobody season their food better than Puerto Ricans ❣
My blind great-grandfather got taken to a barbershop & the first thing he says aloud, "Is it any *** in here?" "Is it any Puerto Ricans?"
Puerto Ricans are extremely territorial, and will be set off by anything that approaches their nest.
Puerto Ricans love to stab people when theyre mad. I was a victim!
The amount of Puerto Ricans that go to this school >>>>
Blacks own nothing and it breaks my heart but then they complain about the "Puerto Ricans" taking over
God damnit Puerto Ricans will forever be my weakness
People think diversity means black. Where are the Asians, Native, East Indians, Puerto Ricans, etc? Would be nice to see.
"When people in your class say Puerto Ricans are dirty and you just sit there like 😳😳" lmfaooo
“If they make me choose between Puerto Ricans and creditors, I will choose Puerto Ricans,” says Gov. Garcia Padilla at Natio…
Madeline Flores' story about her dad and Pluto Nash and Puerto Ricans on the moon is so sweet and funny.
Liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma in Puerto Ricans: underutilization of a curative therapy.: ...
'Crisis escalating': In the past 10 years, 300,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to the mainland!
But all girls do it. Ya singled us out but I know plenty of Puerto Ricans who literally laugh and walk away.
Update your maps at Navteq
Anti Haitian Dominicans and anti afro american Puerto Ricans be black as my grandpas coffee sin leche sin azucar. ALWA…
There is so many Puerto Ricans in Orlando I feel like I'm in Puerto Rico right now.
Only Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Cubans understand my Spanish ... I have no idea what those other *** are talking about
Puerto Ricans something else tbh lol
This weekend alone I done met people from England, Cleveland, Tennessee, Orlando and a rack of Puerto Ricans.
"Puerto Ricans Live Free"- our article on race, language, and Orlando's contested soundscape
Puerto Ricans and Cubans are natural athletes it's crazy how they're good at every sport
Puerto Ricans call them the "Green Plague." Literally millions of giant green iguanas are over running the island...
.THE ANSWER: Only Statehood will bring equality to Puerto Ricans! http:/…
How come there ain't no Puerto Ricans on Walking Dead ?!
Photography: In the '60s and '70s, Maximo Colón sought to capture his fellow Puerto Ricans as they saw themselves.
Author may want to research assertion that "huge percentage" of PR bonds are held by "ordinary Puerto Ricans"
Puerto Ricans are posting stunning shots of the island. Hashtag?
Puerto Ricans Kids be in the first grade still getting pushed in strollers
Puerto Ricans gets so mad when u call em Dominican lmao but Lebanese ppl get offended too when u call em Syrian so yeah lol
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Island’s poor economy sending more Puerto Ricans to Connecticut
Puerto Ricans can pay their debt to the US, by selling their Bodily Organs
He has taken many missteps and squandered many opportunities and as Puerto Ricans go I am Switzerland.
Puerto Ricans should not be forced to suffer so that a handful of wealthy investors can make even more money.
They better pray those Puerto Ricans don't cut them when they pull up
don't do it queen!! We love you and you still need to add Afro-Puerto Ricans to your thread of Afro-Latinxs post!!
Hmmm Alejandra Lugaro comes to mind... Gov. Garcia Padilla disregards Puerto Ricans’ quality of life
He did it so he could get the Hispanic vote. In the north are the Puerto Ricans and to the south are the Mexicans.
Yo who knew Puerto Ricans would have my back 🔫
Crazy *** Puerto Ricans and Mexicans...too crazy of a mix 🇵🇷🇲🇽
Breaking News: Island's poor economy sending more Puerto Ricans to Connecticut
when guys tell me I dance bachata better than Puerto Ricans lmao
livin' la vida loca! "Three real Indians... and the rest was Puerto Ricans with feathers in their hair!"
how many Puerto Ricans does it take to open a bag of tortilla chips??? 3 apparently
Play that Big Pun 100% around some Puerto Ricans and watch them lose they mind. Lol
White girls near alcohol is almost as bad as Puerto Ricans near weed
Sentinel: Gov. Garcia Padilla disregards Puerto Ricans' quality of life
Why do people only come at Dominican men? Puerto Ricans are just as bad lmao
Why have I met so many Puerto Ricans here. I'm probably going to get married
rs I don't talk to Puerto Ricans, I had one and he was a turn off and ever since then I thought that
"Puerto Ricans have, thus, become the model of a modern nomadic community" via
Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans) so Spanish class at the school was a joke bc it was mad unnecessary. I remember being sad bc I wanted 2
Learn about Latino history and Puerto Ricans in New York with a series of events at El Museo del Barrio in East Harlem. 2:30 p.m.
not sure I agree. We're biggest group. Who do they talk about more? Cuban-Americans, Puerto Ricans, Central Americans?
or Puerto Ricans hating blacks or Asians hating whites or blacks hating Puerto Ricans or Steeler fans hating Ravens fans?
Miles morales the new Spider-Man gotta be Dominican lol Puerto Ricans ain't black like that Lmaoo
Donald Trump is going to revoke citizenship for all Puerto Ricans. I'm screwed being Puerto Rican and Mexican. People are supporting too.
Ignorance is not bliss. Puerto Ricans have been citizens since the Jones Act, signed by President Woodrow Wilson on March 2, 1917
Not one person in the crowd understands why these dancing Puerto Ricans are mad at John Paulson. …
Rev. Al Sharpton, one of President Obama must trusted advisors doesn't know that Puerto Ricans are American citizens
The Reverend Al Sharpton Speaks on Puerto Ricans: Listen to what the Reverend had to say about Puerto Ricans. ...
The Reverend Al Sharpton, one of Pres. Obama's senior advisors, speaks on Puerto Ricans. ???!!!
you seriously should not be on TV! Puerto Ricans are American citizens. God MSNBC hires morons and criminal…
are you really that ignorant that you didn't know that Puerto Ricans are American Citizens? And you called yourself nyorker!
don't forget about us Puerto Ricans... Some of us be on that to.. It's sad but true..
This Puerto Ricans vs Dominican argument at my job which we have at least twice day is getting pretty intense lol
Please for the love of God, Puerto Ricans will never be undocumented immigrants, we are not even immigrants. Learn your history
So, Puerto Ricans are Trumps least favorite type of Mexican ? Can you believe this guy ?
This is how stupid this guy is, he included Puerto Rican as immigrants. We Puerto Ricans are Us citizens.
explain how he thinks Puerto Ricans are Mexicans wants to own PR but deport us too is that law too? Okay...
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