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Puerto Rican

A Puerto Rican (Taíno term: boricua) is a person who was born in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Oscar Lopez Rivera Phife Dawg Kimberly Guilfoyle Puerto Ricans Hector Lavoe Native American Roger Ailes Cape Verdean Bruiser Brody Marc Anthony Manor House African American New York President Obama

Everything a Puerto Rican owns says "Puerto Rico" on it.
I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian,. Name is Phife Dawg from the Zulu Nation
Puerto Ricans be like " how did you know I was Puerto Rican? "
"I am mixed with Puerto Rican, Spanish, and Lebanese and I was raised by wolves" face ***
I'm going to see a movie about Puerto Rican radicals later tonight. You should too, probably.
I like em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican, or Haitian, name is Phyfe Dawg from the Zulu nation
Jlo and Arod are the beginning of a peace treaty between Puerto Rican's and Dominicans in the Bronx and Washington Height…
My mom told me my dad was Juan Gonzales all my life and I started to believe it. So I started telling ppl I was Puerto Rican..lmfao scammer
I walk up and slap this Puerto Rican right while he got his plate in his mouth. Make it all power rangers funny.
As a Puerto Rican from Carolina, I'll always want to punch Ezra Koenig.
I would be the Puerto Rican version of Sarah Paulson, but for viola davis or Michelle Obama.
Mom of the baby in the finale of is upset w/people thinking he's black, says he's Puerto Rican & Haitian
Some of our best fighters are not only Puerto Rican greats but all-time greats of the sport. Carlos Ortiz, Wilfredo Gomez
Puerto Rican is Hispanic/Latino ma'am according to the United States of America Census.
I'm just glad Aaron Hernandez shattered the stereo type about Puerto Rican *** being crazy.
I'm seeing people citing with quotes that State Police said today he is Puerto Rican and NOT an il…
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My mom's Puerto Rican. That's why i'm so lively and colorful.
But nothing will ever compare the love I have for a Puerto Rican de pura cepa de la isla. I fall in love instantly.
Raisins, sugar and dark Puerto Rican rum... I'm going to let it…
As noted in NPR story, the US armed forces also subjected Japanese-American and Puerto Rican soldiers to mustard gas tests in World War II
These 3 Puerto Rican scientists are helping to save endangered parrots, turtles and manatees
We will stand with the Puerto Rican workers in El San Juan Hotel until they have a fair contract.
When this whole thing ends Fake Jake you won't be able to report on Puerto Rican bowling mat…
I'm starting to see a lot of people with the name Julian. And I'm seeing a lot more Puerto Rican's. They need to know I'm the King. Bow!!
I'm just seeing this. Got a BA in Africana Studies and BA in Puerto Rican/ Latino studies
Dude, the title was a parody of Buzzfeed. I'm Puerto Rican & Native American, but I'm called white, which is also the joke.…
Fact check: Vicente Padilla is Nicaraguan, Jose Lima is Puerto Rican. Mason&Ireland Show is
Puerto Rican girls everywhere just got mad hype to cop these and wear them to the club with their dresses
i thought you knew American, Australian, English, Spanish, Puerto Rican and Cuban.
Marc Anthony, Frankie Ruiz, & Hector Lavoe are the best Puerto Rican salsa singers of all time. 🇵🇷
but then again us fellow Puerto Rican's have Taino Indian roots, along with colonization and Africans being brought over.
Everyone is Dominican and Puerto Rican now but no one comes out to play baseball on Sunday's... smh
Puerto Rican's gon pull out their Air Force ones with the Puerto Rican flag on the side
Real real life Puerto Rican and Dominican interactions are always full of love this all jokes.
jewish are white & Puerto Rican is a nationality. there can be black Puerto Rican's ex. Roberto Clemente
Puerto Rican percussionist Marcos Lopez and Etienne Rivera jamming at Vic Firth. Marcos website:...
Bay Area loves Asians but I am not Asian enough. I'm Puerto Rican not Indian or south East Asian or whatever Asian. But my mom is Filipino
not only that, but theo rossi plays a dominican and a character that is from Puerto Rican and African-American descent, NICE!1
Michigan men's team set to travel to San Juan to compete against IL, ASU & the Puerto Rican & Spanish national teams
Little Havana was fun because the reason for him taking me was "We don't have Puerto Rican food. This kinda the same, right?"
Dominicans and Puerto Rican's love Honda Accords. They be buying them brand new and making them look sexy af
Danny Garcia says a win over Keith Thurman will put him up there with great Puerto Rican fighters like Miguel Cotto
It's officially the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month. I'm glad to be part Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican :D
Deport Jorge Ramos e had a 'sham marriage' with a Puerto Rican woman for his citizenship.
Artist Papo Colo is spending 400 days of solitude in the Puerto Rican jungle:
WRONG he is Hawaiian born there. His descent is 1/4 Puerto Rican & 1/4 Ashkenazi Jew from Dad and 1/2 Filipino from Mom
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
will be remembered for NOT calling our Puerto Rican's during roll call at tonight's Marc Anthony concert. Who does that?!
My aunt Lucy gave my mom the recipe to her Puerto Rican rice and now she won't stop making it🙄🙄
The story behind the Puerto Rican couple who got engaged on kisscam during Saturday's game:
Puerto Rican girl that caught white guy looking at her - m4w (Humboldt Park)
Or name her Maria Valencia Martinez Rojas Rodriguez. And if anyone calls her black, say she's not black, she's Puerto Rican
Oscar Lopez Rivera, renowned Puerto Rican independence leader, will be a free man in May, after serving 35 years in the…
Listen to superb piece on Lopez Rivera here :
Puerto rican caillou in his feelings
I almost hung up the phone when they told me no red meat earlier... no red meat?! A Puerto Rican that doesn't eat red meat is unheard of.
If a Puerto Rican can help bomb a hundred people and get out, why the *** not?
" The will of the Puerto Rican people in any status referendum should be considered as Congress follows through."
I'll have to look on the net. Maybe Amazon, lol. I'm from Ky, married a Puerto Rican, and retired here. It's super nice!
One Obama commutation that will cause an uproar: Oscar Lopez-Rivera, Puerto Rican nationalist who was part of a U.S. bombing…
prospect Drew Ferguson collects three more hits in the Puerto Rican Winter League Finals.…
My 2 beautiful nieces this is the real Puerto Rican beauty I love…
If this ain't every Puerto Rican, idk what is 😂
who's lil Puerto Rican mami can I be ? 😂😂😂😂
Obama commutes mastermind of '70s Puerto Rican terror group
This is the Puerto Rican terrorist that President Obama pardoned. Unforgivable.
Among the 64 pardoned today by Obama is Puerto Rican Oscar López Rivera, one of the longest-serving political prisoners in U.S.…
So tired of eating microwavable food 😫 want a home cooked Puerto Rican meal so bad 😣
More amazing news: President Obama to commute sentence of Puerto Rican independence advocate Oscar Lopez Rivera.
Maduro said he'd free if US took him in exchange for Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez. Today Obama said h…
Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera got a 70-year sentence on weapons charges. Obama cut that in half today. https:…
The Latest: WikiLeaks hails commutation of Manning sentence
Obama commutes sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera, member of Puerto Rican militant group
| Oscar Lopez Rivera, Puerto Rican freedom fighter to be freed after spending 36 years in the U.S. prison. ht…
Obama grants clemency to Puerto Rican terrorist
ex father in law, Puerto Rican, once refused my Easter dinner with "I ain't eating no white man's food." went to Sonic. 😐
She's not Puerto Rican, Mexican, or white (I think she's white tho) lol just black & Cherokee Indian
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Goes to show you Cong Luis Gutierrez while He's Puerto Rican he is a traitor to Puerto Ricans and Americans.
Lest we forget, Puerto Rican's didn't elect to be U.S. citizens. The Jones Act conveniently made them citizens as the
Carmelo Anthony on dustup with Al Horford: 'A Dominican and Puerto Rican' - Comcast SportsNet New England
My sister is playing old school Jerry Rivera and my little Puerto Rican heart is feeling emotional 😭
yeah, recognize the name now. He was at our property Mexican independence day, which is odd cuz I think he's Puerto Rican
New this weekend - Cooper River Coquito! to try this traditional Puerto Rican favorite here in Camden!…
nahh John was Puerto Rican that night
You know, you may not be born in Puerto Rico, but Puerto Rican is defi...
Reading The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano by Sonia Manzano: history and fiction mix to tell about Puerto Rican families and culture. Enjoying
Since my sister on law is Puerto Rican she makes coquito for the holidays 😊
The best Thanksgiving dinner is a combination of Puerto Rican and southern soul food.
Miguel Cotto had a quiet 16, as the Puerto Rican hitter chose to stay on the sidelines, and bide his time until the right opportunity arises
I'm Puerto Rican w more than 75% African heritage - my jaw dropped whn I saw this! What it's being embraced. Show hate, claim love?
everyone knows you're Puerto Rican. That makes it worse.
"I asked my Mexican friend how they can vote for Trump and they said 'Che, I'm Mexican. I'm Puerto Rican.'"
If was raised in a Hispanic household, and if she ever spoke to Puerto Rican mom or dad, her white *** wouldn't be standing.
anyway i love west side story but jesus i did not realise how many white actors were cast as puerto rican characters. Yikes
How big is Andrew 😂 — Have you ever been with a puerto rican *** 🤔😂
If you Puerto Rican, your mom swears Vicks is a cure all . That's law
What about the unjust murders of black youth by other black youth in Chicago? Those lives matter!! As a Puerto Rica…
A Puerto Rican ruined my life, done snatched my soul and all.
Shouting "bye-bye illegals" at a group Puerto Ricans, one of them my half Puerto Rican daughter, reveals you to be a *** like all bigots
You came to a kickback at my crib with a Puerto Rican calf shirt on bro! LMFAO
Ya'll don't know the holidays unless you're Puerto Rican. 🤘🏻
Puerto Rican slang lesson no 2, ID theft, and LIFE
It's not going to be the same with out him blasting Puerto Rican Christmas music. 😭😭
Hmm, you dated a Mexican last, maybe you'll date a Puerto Rican next
Celebrating the History, Culture and Heritage of Puerto Rico; Puerto Rican Week is here!!! 🔵❤⚪
if you see your Nationality RT. African American😎. Chinese☺️. Indians 😄. Jamaican😜 . Haitian😇. Dominican😊. Puerto Rican😍. Cuba…
Why do Puerto Rican's wave the Puerto Rican flag like they didn't escape a failing island?
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as soon as i get home tomorrow, i'm passing out😴 this Puerto Rican turn⬆️ has prevented me from so nice needed rest.
If you're Colombian or Puerto Rican u can *** my life too 🙄
I need me some of that Puerto Rican peach. 🍆🍑
My bm Puerto Rican , Hawaiian like we go have some bomb *** kids 😍
Wow sweetie . from Puerto Rico got up before daylight. just to watch you. Yes, she's Puerto Rican. lol
Bartend at City scales while ya Puerto Rican boyfriend watch you from the corner of the bar
get out of nadines Puerto Rican home
I love that my girl is Puerto Rican 🇵🇷
Meanwhile Casey Kasem probably still propped up at the dinner table like a Puerto Rican wake, waiting for his kids to spl…
"I be Puerto Rican day parade floatin'."
Reminiscing the Puerto Rican day parade and I got dumb wasted my parents had to pick me up in Brooklyn 😭😭😭
That moment you learn your beautiful Puerto Rican child was told to "get back over the wall." Their response?...
I wanna go to the Puerto Rican day parade
Today 3.5 million Puerto Rican's on the island, all American citizens, will not be allowed to vote, this is NEVER ACKNOWL…
i be Puerto Rican day parade floatin' that Benz Marina Del Rey coastin'
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"I'm Puerto Rican, and I'm probably more American than he is." Jon-Carlos Perez talking about
When I taught in S. PHX, a Black kid asked me if all Mexicans from New York were Puerto Rican. We got out a map and had a chat.
Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon in Florida: new Puerto Rican arrivals
"I'm full Puerto Rican and he is Irish, German and French Canadian. We love our mixed family!" By: Breni…
Roberto Perez hit the first Indians home run in the World Series since Sandy Alomar in 1997. Both are Puerto Rican catchers
Driving and smoking a cigar while blasting Hector Lavoe. How much more Puerto Rican can I get right now?
Throw the ultimate Puerto Rican feast with help from
"The only difference between a Dominican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Jamaican, Haitian, Bahamian and African American is a boa…
Correction, Paige was snorting cocaine in the Puerto Rican shower stall where Bruiser Brody was murdered.
definition of Hispanic/Latino is "A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American
Btw I'm the wrong person to ever get an attitude with lol I'm half Puerto Rican el Salvadorian I doubt you wana go their .
My mother's Puerto Rican and my father's Russian-Jewish, so we consider ourselves to be Jewr
"Son, if the Lord had intended for you to eat Puerto Rican food, he'd of lined your stomach with Pepto-Bismal." -- Fred Sanford 😂
Buck once sent O'day, Tillman, Tommy Hunter, Schoop and Wieters to play against a HS Puerto Rican team because "my guys need work"
Jean-Michel Basquiat An American artist of Haitian-Puerto Rican descent who died at age 27 in 1988,
I know Spanish pretty well. I'm half-Puerto Rican - my mom is from Puerto Rico - so I have a
Puerto Rican culture is very lively; very lively people; very warm people; and the food is re
Nowhere else for us to go drive around in a Testarossa. Puerto Rican and she from the Costa same girl that was on my poster🚨🎶
My Dominican, Cuban, Puerto Rican and Costa Rican brothers and sisters, don't allow them to deny you your blackness.
Ooc I'm Puerto Rican, Native American (Cherokee), German, Swedish, and Irish. . That's only putting it short.
I was discriminated against because I was Jewish, Italian, black and Puerto Rican. But m
I'm black and Puerto Rican and most Puerto Ricans in the states deny the fact that we can come in dark/brown skinned.
Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Cuban women have the highest mortality rates of Hispanic women in the U.S.
Puerto Rican & Mexican women have highest mortality rates of all U.S. Hispanic women w/ breast cancer: ht…
", white, Puerto Rican or Haitian, my name is Phife Dawg from the Zulu Nation" 🎧
I like them brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian - RIP Phife Dawg ATCQ
Eating some good Puerto Rican food. Made me feel like I was home.
There is an amazing Puerto Rican restaurant in Spanish Harlem. La Fonda! 106th and 3rd. Not art but great food
Support Puerto Rican artists and you will see more Puerto Rican art! "La Mariposa" plays El Barrio in Sep.8-Oct 2 -
and they had the Puerto Rican contingent with Savio Vega and them.
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You try and say Roberto Clemente wasn't all that and an old Puerto Rican will fight you
Roger Ailes' insults: called Kimberly Guilfoyle a 'Puerto Rican w***e, referred to Stacey Dash as 'the black girl '
Roger Ailes lawsuit claims he called Kimberly Guilfoyle a 'Puerto Rican w*': Andrea Tantaros claims in her...
Roger Ailes: Kimberly 'Puerto Rican w***e,' asked if Greg Gutfeld was *** referred to Stacey as ' black girl'...
New lawsuit claims Ailes called Kimberly Guilfoyle a 'Puerto Rican w***e' and asked if Gutfeld was ***
Chicago's National museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture the only Puerto Rican museum outside of la isla is...
For those wondering about walkout music, it is Aguanile by Puerto Rican music legend Hector Lavoe
i never ever would have guessed that Today Show Natalie Morales was half-Brazilian/half-Puerto Rican
Worst spots in US for Zika: Puerto Rico & a historically Puerto Rican neighborhood of Miami. GOP refuses to fund prevention. Linked.
Tomorrow night... Puerto Rican night at the Manor House. In addition to this special menu we will have our...
Back by popular demand! Puerto Rican night!. Tomorrow night, Thurs., July 28. beginning at 4PM at The Manor House...
Puerto Rican fest allows community to embrace colorful culture
he looks like a fat Puerto Rican version of Karl Malden
Who'd listen to a man who let Kimberly Guilfoyle get away? Dude, she's Irish and Puerto Rican. It doesn't get much better.
Rita Moreno, Puerto Rican. Singer,dancer,actor. 2nd Latinx to win an Academy Award, only w/ an EGOT h…
FL's rapid non-white surge driven by huge Puerto Rican influx in Osceola County. Big surges in Broward, Seminole, Pasco, Or…
Born with Puerto Rican heritage, Laurie is the one of the youngest team members, turned 16 in July.
Morally, should we allow Wall Street to make huge profits, while nutrition programs for Puerto Rican kids are cut?.
when your Puerto Rican friend tells you she's never listened to El Gran Combo
For a Russian girl, Natalie Woods was one hot Puerto Rican.
A boat anchored by the beach has been BLASTING Puerto Rican music for last hour. They just turned it off. Everyone on the beach cheered.
Don Q is Puerto Rican rum, while Don Julio is tequila. I wondered why the bartender have me such a weird look.
The $2 bill Puerto Rican default tomorrow is still gonna happen. ain't about restructuring the debt. Be smarter. Do better.
I be Puerto Rican day parade floating. 🤘🏽
I'm so happy Kanye brought back his . She be Puerto Rican day parade wavin' . verse! . Way better than . she in school to be a real estate agent
Miguel Cotto vs Juan Manuel Marquez fight: 'Dinamita' will retire instead of facing Puerto Rican at 150
Are we gonna hear this dude call himself Puerto Rican sensation all summer? You killed Bruiser Brody...
Sen.Tim Kane on MSNBC says Senate focused on anti *** anti-Puerto Rican, mental health, and gun law angles. No mention of Is…
"I may be the Puerto Rican in every Mexican's heart" -- uff, this poem by Great words in there.
Kevin Gates can't decide if he's black, Puerto Rican, Jamaican, John Gotti or Michael Jackson 💀.
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Back when I played for a Puerto Rican baseball select team over a summer back in the day.i miss Puerto Rico so much
Get you a Puerto Rican mixed with Cape Verdean mixed with Chinese👸🏼
I hope every Puerto Rican, Californian, & New Jerseyan can post this in the next couple of days!
yeah been Puerto Rican for 20 years and still hate them
Tried Thai, Puerto Rican and real Chinese food this week. Gotta try new things when I get back to Maryland
So exotic with that Puerto Rican tan
and told me his ex was puerto rican and crazy. And i asked how she crazy...
"You look too tan.". ...Well, you look too white. I laid out at pool pero like sorry I'm Puerto Rican and I have more melanin than you.
Puerto Rican families don't make breakfast at all, better know how to make yo own 😒
The epitome of a Puerto Rican summer.
None of the types of girls I like like me. That's why I only pull short and pale Puerto Rican *** with daddy issues.
Puerto Rican version of "poor people food". So good I almost licked the plate. Still a possibility 🤔
Knew these mf's would try and prevent out senior skip day 😒
"Hey so can I get your number?" . "Uh I have a boyfriend js". "It's okay I don't mind." . I gave him a random unknown Puerto Ri…
Juan González: Puerto Rican situation is 'of one nation imposing colonial control on another nation'
Louisiana congressmen have impact on Puerto Rican debt crisis
Puerto Rican poppy he used to be a deacon...
As a Puerto Rican it is so hard to explain to people what a "mulatto" is when they ask you what race you are .
30 years ago today, the Rangers signed superstar Puerto Rican outfielder Juan Gonzalez as an amateur free agent. https:/…
Butta pecan Puerto Rican she screaming out Bucky every time a *** deep in😎💦
i have the best puerto rican neighbors they are all outside BBQ-ing listening to beyoncé throwbacks in fedoras and hanging out
Today's leader is Puerto Rican actress best known for her roles in musical theatre https:/…
So Elliot told me a Puerto Rican festival is poppin today. Gonna go just for food. No honeys for me though
Electric Death, created a buzz in the late 70s by combining pure rock riffs with nuances of traditional Puerto Rican music
lol I down 7 and left. I'm at a Puerto Rican street festival now 😁
Yadier Molina is the 3rd best Puerto Rican baseball player to play the game Idc what anyone says
Kick off to all Puerto Rican festival!
The celebration of Puerto Rican culture leading up to the begins today at 152nd St. Culture Festival!
Puerto Rican day parade floatin. Except it was just a festival.
Kids workshop at the Puerto Rican festival! D293! 👏
I really wanna go to the Puerto Rican festival
If I get that weekend off I'm totally gonna stay in NYC for the salsa festival and Puerto Rican parade 😍😍😍
My heart is half Puerto Rican, half Canadian. That is how I feel.
Obama signs bill striking offensive terms from US laws So now 'Alaska Native Pie'; but, still have a Puerto Rican?
Dorian was the real Carlos arroyo back n Hs short lil Puerto Rican shooting threes and flopping all over the place lol
Sanders breaks w/ White House on Puerto Rican rescue plan, saying it would make 'a terrible situation even worse'
if you don't like Puerto Ricans you prolly Puerto Rican yourself or a salty Mexican who lost his girl to a pr 🤗🙏🏻
It's pretty hard to explain how a 19y/o Puerto Rican who's making min wage is responsible for this situation.
Link here to see stupidity of a white woman teaching a Puerto Rican on racism or "eugenics"
Miguel Zenon journeys into his Puerto Rican identity, via jazz
TJ Miller (appreciates my Puerto Rican muppet face but Thomas Middleditch…
Buddy Holly's wife was the first semi-famous American Puerto Rican I'd ever heard of. As a part Puerto Rican gal. I enjoy the story more.
my family has the same mixture. My mom was Native American and Puerto Rican with auburn hair that she had me color black.
Spider man is Black and Puerto Rican, his name is Miles Morales
Felix Trinidad was one of the best I've ever seen and the greatest Puerto Rican boxer I've seen so far.
When Bernard Hopkins threw that Puerto Rican flag on the ground v Felix Trinidad and almost caused a riot.
Jerry Rivers' mother Jewish, father Puerto Rican, he & his bro had bar mitzvahs
Hence the push for Puerto Rican statehood. 2 Dem Senators, etc.
Sonia Sotomayor, Puerto Rican. 3rd female justice & 1st Latinx on bench of the Supreme Court
Arrieta is Puerto Rican. How about El Toro.. (the bull)
PS3 ground war is full of mexican, Puerto Rican, and hacking tryhards. So annoying.
I like em brown yellow Puerto Rican and Haitian
I'm never going to find a nice hot Puerto Rican that will treat me right in Deltona, wanna move to Orlando but I already own a house :/
My white co-worker told my Puerto Rican co-worker "Happy Cinco de Mayo! I know it's your day." 😳😳 I wish I heard the rest of the convo.
Woman at the American Beer Festival said she's never met a Puerto Rican before and wanted a photo to document it
'I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican and Haitian', name is Phife Dawg from the Zulu nation.
there's no Jamaican, Dominican, Trinidadian, Cape Verdean, Puerto Rican food anywhere in LA
Views got me feeling like I'm Puerto Rican freakin at an underground low key Latino salsa bar on a sweaty *** Friday night
I always get Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican in that order. They never believe that I'm black.
Puerto Rican artist Ken-Y admitted that he's addicted to social media, especially Instagram, thanks to his fans. https:…
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I agree! Little do they know there is a lot of Hispanic and black conservatives. I'm a quarter Puerto Rican.
but my dad is Puerto Rican and Cherokee. my mom is African American. My hair is non white by heritage.
If one more customer comes in here and says stop being a Puerto Rican. Detective James Carter gonna come out
not even Puerto Rican, but as soon as I see Luis Guzmán's amazing face.. *starts furiously waving PR flag & singing "pronto llegaraaa"*
People on my personal always using Erica Mena & Evelyn for Puerto Rican memes
Monique on Stephanie's show. Switching from frying up Tostones to Bacalaitos, Puerto Rican pride. Thanks Stephanie Miller!
Puerto Rican combat unit honored with Congressional Gold Medal
How'd Angel Rodriguez get court side seats? Unless that's really the Puerto Rican dude from New York Undercover
She's a Puerto Rican sister. Get that laser eye surgery brother today. Not am ounce of White Privilege on my friend!
I must have my Puerto Rican tattoo before I go to the Puerto Rican day parade in June🇵🇷
So I'm tryna go to the Puerto Rican parade in NY
I be Puerto Rican day parade wavin' ...
She be Puerto Rican day parade waving.🌊🌊🌊
September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic heritage month in the United States. Meet Esmeralda Santiago, Puerto Rican 🇵🇷 http:…
She be Puerto Rican day parade wavinnn 🎶
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I be Puerto Rican parade day floatin🇵🇷
I be Puerto Rican day parade floatiiin
I be Puerto Rican day parade floatin...
Click here to watch the movie: Puerto Rican *** Parade with Nikki Delano
Bring on the Puerto Rican parade so I can be puti for a day 🙋🙆
I be Puerto Rican day parade floatin
I forget the actor's name, but is it just me or does Primo look like a Puerto Rican version of the guy from Snow Dogs?
Los Matadores are now just 2 Puerto Rican guys? After being 2 Spaniards? Vince does know not all Hispanics are the same right?
I've always known, even as a kid, that I was Puerto Rican. Bio-dad left when I was 3 months old, and showed back up when I was 16.
"you don't look Puerto Rican". "how come your english is so good?". "you look like you're from Russia or Spain"
A few months after the donations, Bill proposes increased Medicare reimbursements for Puerto Rican hosp…
I'm Puerto Rican and I want to know how to speak Spanish and get my dad to teach me
I am Cuban, Puerto Rican, Jamaican & Lebanese. But I'm just SO proud of my Cuban culture and my family's coming to America story.
"Lydia can't be racist she's Puerto Rican, well shes only half racist"
Racism is definitely taught my niece doesn't even what race is let alone the fact that her bestfriend is Puerto Rican and she's black
I was always happy sir. I'm just Puerto Rican
Hello good luck for trump support for my Puerto Rican brother so lm form New York city
My moms makin plantanos Puerto Rican rice and beans for dinner mhmmm
I don't see @ DT as New Yorker said Irizarry who is of Puerto Rican&Italian descent I look at him way look at Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian
You know you Puerto Rican when you point with your lips 😂😂
TRAVEL UPDATE: Mofondo - my 1st Puerto Rican meal... Mofondo consists of a large slab of boiled plantain that is...
on me I been planned that .. lol I do speak Spanish and I can pass for a Puerto rican
I'm the lovely Italian mare and my 1 hot Puerto Rican man Jerry! Do I dare to dream!?!?
that got me so angry!! I deserved to be chantel she's half Puerto Rican
1. If he Dominican, Puerto Rican, Black, Colombian, or Jamaican, he a devil.
I get into LA and the first guy I meet, besides the taxi driver, is a Puerto Rican from Washington Heights. Can't get away…
Check out Spanglish: Puerto Rican food truck with Southern Charm by Spanglish on
Hangin with and at Industry Nite. Delicious Puerto Rican food
I received a letter today confirming that I passed my Bilingual Certification (only a level 1 out of 3 though ).
A Puerto Rican genius won a Pulitzer Prize today.
U.S. congress to finally recognize the Puerto Rican veterans, the Borinqueneers 💪🇵🇷
I hope Puerto Rican Johnny is one lol
I've got Puerto Rican poppi to my left slinging drugs on the phone, this new server strung out on heroine to my right.
I be Puerto Rican day parade waving
You cook me Puerto Rican food, I eat it, you pay me US dollars of money, and we both agree that makes me a nanny.
. Why a Puerto Rican will probably never be President. A little wacky
I need some Puerto Rican food in my life
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