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Puerto Rican

A Puerto Rican (Taíno term: boricua) is a person who was born in Puerto Rico.

Oscar Lopez Rivera Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Day Parade Native American Humboldt Park Frankie Ruiz Taino Indian Marc Anthony Daddy Yankee Luis Fonsi New York African American

Thoughts go out to the Puerto Rican people...except Miguel Cotto.
My Puerto Rican twink blowing me in the public bathroom before he gets used. Check out for more…
If she's Cuban, Puerto Rican, or Dominican... she's gonna ruin your life.
I tease this Puerto Rican girl at work and I can't help myself but laugh when she's goes off on me in Spanish 😂
A black woman won an Emmy for writing a show this weekend and a Puerto Rican woman is headlining next weekend…
"You did this to yourself, I don't need no help, this Puerto Rican Handing Out Beatings, This Heat Will Make You Melt!…
Europe, Spain/Portugal, and Africa. There's more mixed in but that's the Puerto Rican part lmfao.
Ok the 🐥 name is Monique & shes Puerto Rican & in a rock band hmm doesn't look much like a rock star to me!
I got my DNA kit back and it doesn't say I'm Puerto Rican but you can clearly see that I am because I come from:
This is that Puerto Rican OG. Its flavors are classic kush, with patchouli on the exhale. You'll feel a peaceful euphoria.
Every Puerto Rican person I know smiles the same🤔
What part of Kevin is Puerto Rican don't you understand?
Puerto Rican blood. Bronx raised. Currently an art education student who loves teaching and learni…
The observer to Puerto Rican women, had reason we illustrate these insights into eros, Deleuze finds itself sink and more
I'm Mars, a mixed Puerto Rican artist that likes drawing cute girls!
The second they start acting funny, cut em like a Puerto Rican
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Hey, !!! I am a Mexican/ Puerto Rican *** artist who works in animation and kid's lit! I love d…
This was racist. He's not even mexican he's Puerto Rican.
me llamo Taí. i am a puerto rican artist from detroit/pontiac and i like to draw monsters and animal people.
Hi, I'm Pastrie!! Im mixed white & Colombian/Puerto Rican. I love drawing fanart of games and ocs!.
its the Puerto Rican pee wee Herman .
One of my best friends is Puerto Rican. We were talking about the hurricane. I told him whenever Jose' shows up, Uncle Juan & Julio follow
To honor tonight's game in Cincinnati I'm gonna dump some Skyline Chili all over the *** of my Puerto Rican hooker.
..could you say the same about Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez, Classified Information Leaker Bradley Manning?
u claim u Puerto Rican but never heard of Tego Calderon or Oscar Lopez?
It doesn't matter if you're white, black, brown, Puerto Rican or Persian, we're all just trying to raise money for…
Puerto Rican white nationalist Alex Michael Ramos arrested in the beating of Deandre Harris
A Puerto Rican is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States🇺🇸 Puer…
4 Puerto Rican men inspired by MC Gabe: Andre Mull, Jerry Rivera, and of course Luis Fonsi and D…
Presenting the 2017 Grand Marshal of the Puerto Rican and Hispanic Day Parade of WNY .
Lucas Potter '17 is a future leader and junior grand marshal of the Puerto Rican & Hispanic Day Parade:
Joan Smalls Begins Acting Career. The Puerto Rican beauty is the latest model to transition from the cat ..… of the former speakers was a Puerto Rican & another an Indian running for Elizabeth Warrens seat.
fans: come see us at the Puerto Rican & Hispanic Day Parade tomorrow & meet 3-5 PM at the…
Trying to get this sitcom sold. looking to be the 3rd Puerto Rican with his own Sitcom. Who remembers Freddie Prinz…
Memorable night for Puerto Rican baseball. Ivan Rodriguez and Edgar Martinez having their numbers retired. Edgar belongs in t…
You have 2000+ Puerto Rican constituents, Will you support Pueto Rico's fight for statehood?
U already know Al Hayman gon setup that Mikey Garica/Swift Garcia fight in the near future. That continued Mexican vs Puerto Rican rivalry.
African American, Native American, Puerto Rican, Irish, English, Polish and French= my baby will be beautttfil
I’m Puerto Rican, black, Cherokee and Taino Indian, and Italian 😂
Casting Alice Braga to play black a Puerto Rican character in the upcoming New Mutants movie is an incredibly excruciating act of erasure.
No Puerto Rican women slander will be tolerated, they a blessing.
If you're Puerto Rican and a late 80s 90s baby you were probably conceived to Lisa Lisa
in 1952 Puerto Rico's constitution went into effect. Research your Puerto Rican ancestry with this guide.…
I can help with the issues you're experiencing with your Comcast internet. Follow us, DM your acco…
Too white for the Asian kids & too much Asian for the white kids to get me 100% ha. Too white for…
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
love this article!as someone who identifies as a Black Puerto Rican woman,I enjoyed authors critique…
Name another race more hype than Puerto Rican's during baseball season.
Coming Soon….. Season 2 of The Amazin’ Life presented by Featuring: Keith and Ron
"What a wonderful experience - loved hearing the Reustle stories as well as Gloria's Puerto Rican Rice & Beans...
Is someone going to make a bts as Puerto Rican's thread or do I have to do everything in this house
My son is Sicilian Irish Puerto rican and Native American... Born in FL lol
Puerto Rican artist: first Latino honored by the Woodmere Art Museum
Trump to BSA: "Plus she's Puerto Rican, which, I don't know if you kids know..."
Ive got the skills of a Puerto Rican player though... I fit in like a glove.
My mom made an interesting observation the other day. Im the only white guy on my softball team, the rest are Puerto Rican.
The historical roots of today's Puerto Rican predicament took shape 119 yrs ago today
Y'all pray for my fine *** gma. The Puerto Rican queen needs your support 💕👑 she's having surgery tomorrow 😔
. chopping it up with the Puerto Rican Princess
How can I translate this article ? lol it's all spanish and I know i'm suppose to be puerto rican but i'm rusty
Cumberland County hosting events throughout the week, leading to the 50th annual Puerto Rican Festival and Parade:…
domain names
I don't see Trump granting Clemency to Convicted Domestic Unrepentant Puerto Rican Terrorists whose group MURDERED US citizens
If I have a little Nigerian, Asian, Puerto Rican baby. Omg 😩 I can't even imagine how they'd look.
She must be Puerto Rican and from the Bronx
I've got a new print for sale- portrait of Puerto Rican poet Julia de Burgos
Puerto Rican food will forever have my heart
As a Hispanic I can truly say Puerto Rican's are the most extra people alive
has a *** Puerto Rican and a bisexual Cuban-American as MCs. If the book doesn't hit on the NYT lis…
Guys who find out I'm Puerto Rican and then go "ay papí" make me wanna bust out a chancla.
Sofia is a Puerto Rican artist and activist who is co-director of Beta-Local, a non-profit supporting art & critical thou…
sounds like a plot for BIG MONEY to unload BAD investment via media promotion as GOOD
I have a special American flag, the one used by my Puerto Rican son in his Army uniform, who returned from a deployed in…
When a guy tells me he's Puerto Rican or Dominican
The pill was tested on Puerto Rican women and side effects included permanent sterilization of those women
I think it's just this idea that ppl have that Dominicans, Cubans and Puerto Rican's can't have si…
Two Puerto Rican mixologists who made it all the way to Stockholm to create what they love to do best: cocktails!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
she's very identifiably a Dominican more than anything to the point that I forget she's supposed to be Puerto Rican all the time
pay attention to the art in wicker park and you'll find remanences of the Puerto Rican culture that used to occupy it not even 20 years ago
I always get the "why you so puerto rican but so black" "You sure you not from New York?" "You sure you not from jersey?" NO
So proud of my Puerto Rican compatriots. Love the song and the video. ❤❤❤❤❤
There's a movie coming out named after my hood Bushwick ain't see no Puerto Rican's or Dominicans in it but imma go see it
Yes! Proud of my Puerto Rican men and Daddy Yankee. Great song & video showcasing our beautiful island!…
Slow Cooked Puerto Rican Pork (Pernil) | A perfect match for all the pork lovers!
Gringa: Oh you speak Spanish? You're Mexican right?. Me: No I'm Puerto Rican. Gringa: Ain't it the same thing?. Me:. https…
world news is running a story on yes Brits talking about "Puerto Rican artists Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee" LIFE
No I know I've met Puerto Rican's that can roll the R and others that can't and the ones that can't s…
Mimi jealous of Joseline 😂 she was happy af that she quit! going to be corny af without the Puerto Rican princess 🤣🤣
Listen you're incorrect and I know this bc I'm Puerto Rican and we basically invented coffee
Always here for Puerto Rican slander/m
A Puerto Rican hit has dethroned Justin Bieber to become the most streamed track ever
Those nice sonnets projected before the concert starts ! Thanks to for pointing that out!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Despacito: how a Puerto Rican pop song became a global hit at football grounds
Labels also inform our cultures, religions & shared experiences. Miles' dad is Black Amer…
the most unbelievable thing in OITNB is that Daya is supposed to be a Puerto Rican
Just a young Puerto Rican youngin and I'm ballin for the summer
3. Now think about books like RADIANT CHILD that show depth of life child born in Brooklyn to Haitian fa…
best part about having a Puerto Rican family, no one is ever drunk alone 😈
Just ran into the Puerto Rican Princess told her to Free Bonnie Bella. 💕👶🏾
Scripps Oceanography geoscientist Jane Willenbring and colleagues track the forces that created a Puerto Rican rainfores…
Black-Puerto Rican lol. While they made him Spider-Man, fans make sure to call him Miles Morales.
He's African American and Puerto Rican. His race is Black but he has two ethnic backgrounds
Puerto Rico celebrates 99 years! Founded in 1918 our Puerto Rican franchise was the 1st North American bank established in…
But on the real, what he's saying is code for Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Dominican. Aka not like those good Florida Cubans.
petition by Arthur Garfield Hayes to SCOTUS in defense of Puerto Rican patriot Attorney Pedro Albizu Campos (…
It's a shame I don't know so many Puerto Rican musicians, besides maybe Ricky, Tito Rodriguez... Would you educate me?
idc what nobody say, i love me some Joseline Hernandez 😭😭 that's my Puerto Rican princess
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I'm more influential in the Puerto Rican community than Pedro Albizu Campos. on We have the pow…
theosahosAfro Puerto Rican drum and dance performance from Summer Solstice Festival…
Bruh when is the Puerto Rican festival comin to Raleigh I need some rice beans and plantains 🤤😂
Puerto Rican festival with my trio. I really miss performing ❤❤ I need a stage runway…
I want to go to some sort of Puerto Rican festival this summer 😆 I just have to go
Puerto Rican parade and the Colombian festival honestly what makes Connecticut feel like home
CLT Puerto Rican festival in august! Im ready for the food bro 🇵🇷
This July 7, 8 and 9 BomPlenazo Fest Comes to Chicago! . The most cheerful Puerto Rican cultural festival and the...
The Vibes on this day were great! . Puerto Rican and Cuban Festival 2014
Bruno Mars is Puerto Rican & Filipino. He has never claimed to be Black. He constantly gives credit when it is due. Also, Goog…
At the Puerto Rican festival in Southbridge promoting the Latinos family Festival
Puerto Rican Festival in Daygo on Sunday. Gotta take my tata and link up with the rest of my Puerto Rican fam.
people who never had arroz con gondules or tostones or Puerto Rican food in general is crazy
Who's tryin to go to Humboldt Park for the Puerto Rican fest lol 🇵🇷
Ponch & John having fun while keeping people safe at Puerto Rican fest in Humboldt Park.
Gundlach is a vulture investor, buying up distressed debt like mortgage-backed securities and Puerto Rican bonds to strip out any last value
" Puerto Rican's have been influenced by the black panthers and the brown berets, culminating in the young lords"
Puerto Rican voters back statehood in questioned referendum - ABC News - via
someone said what's bachata lol, yikes..only true puerto rican's would understand omg i'm so mad..bachata and reggaeton is MY LIFE 😩😩💛
PICA Y SE EXTIENDE: coalition of Lawmakers, Businessmen, and Activists in Downtown Orlando on Wednesday to push for Pu…
well i got an early start 2 puerto rican pride wknd by hooking up w a fellow puerto rican HOWEVER he appears to be a drug dealer.:.::
to 96% of America's 8 million Puerto Rican Americans w…
i live for spanish vines so heres a thread of my favs. This will probably be 80% vines from that puerto rican
If you know that I'm the Puerto Rican mess with the strong attitude and you know any little thing can set me off...WHY EVEN SPEAK?!
Personally, I know y'all are exactly alike. I get you and I have to say, the Puerto Rican was the worst person ever. EV ER. So...
I thought belinda & ricky were playing dominos & she said that was the most puerto rican thing Ive ever said lmao facts tho...
Puerto Rican papi got that product and that peso. Get that perico on Broadway. Chi Chi get the yayo
More than 97% of Puerto Ricans say they should become the 51st U.S. state. 👉🏻
Happy Birthday to this beautiful bad a$$ puerto-rican bruja 💖
ATTENTION: If You are a Puerto Rican Mami please enter my dms this darkskin will love you and never break your heart I promise ❤️
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Everytime i go out i get asked if i'm puerto rican lol
Carving of a Puerto Rican flag in the stones at Montrose Beach
Swear had like 5 people walk up to me speaking Spanish and asking if I'm Puerto Rican, than having to explain that I'm Native American.
Sirs/Madames: no romance being a Puerto Rican colony while States you represent are in Union...civil rights
Well Ruby Dee is my name and I'm a Puerto Rican, you might think I'm Black by the way I'm speaking.
PRIMED & READY - Puerto Rican prospect Hector 'Macho' Camacho poses for the cameras at Connie's Gym in NYC (1983).
Congratulations to the Puerto Rican people. Banks should never be free to ruin a country, territory, or state.
Happy. Puerto Rican day – ♫Puerto Rico by Frankie Ruiz, from with LiveLyrics®
Omg if yall have a puerto rican fair or parade in your area tell me about it so i can laugh at us
NYC celebrates Puerto Rican thugs. Cut ties as a territory! Let em sink or swim. No more nonsense! Hypocrisy of Mr…
They shoulda threw in a Puerto Rican character for balance
The Dominican and Puerto Rican beef always has me dead😂
New York's Puerto Rican Day Parade has dealt with controversy even before the decision to honor militant. h…
Yeah this defense that he can't be racist because he's (I thought part Puerto Rican) is stupid.
We would also love to march at the Puerto Rican Day Parade but it's supposed to be 95 degrees and sunny, and we're much…
.pushes for Puerto Rican statehood as call voters to the polls:
Puerto Rican parade tries to move past storm over militant via the App Terrorist Being Honored - DiBlassio!
Dragging all of my friends to the Puerto Rican Day Parade tomorrow.
i can go to the puerto rican pride parade tomorrow if i left for nyc rn HDKSJCJS
I know tomorrow is the Puerto Rican Day Parade but tomorrow is the the day the victims from the Orlando…
33 Pct. Auxiliary Coordinator Arico with his team keeping everyone safe at the 2017 Puerto Rican Day Festival in Ma…
Why do Puerto Rican's get super mad when you call em Hispanic ??? I need a real answer on this
AFTER THE FACT!. De Blasio claims he always objected to ex-terror leader as Puerto Rican parade honoree
Just met a Puerto Rican from Jamaica *** from Ocho Rios lmao he would be from a area with a Spanish name 🤣🤣
Manny gets double-teamed by Randy and Brysen under the Puerto Rican sun.
Studies available in Puerto Rico for Puerto Rican patients with or without breast cancer.
Lmfao you Puerto Rican screennames was always annoying like that
He doesn't understand me so I just give him the total, he asks if I speak Spanish and if I am Puerto Rican. I say "No, Dominicana."
ive had diarrhea for being myself. I'm Puerto Rican
I was working at Cumberland today and this Puerto Rican older man comes in, gets two items. I ring them in and ask if that will be all.
Fraunces Tavern bombing kills four, injures dozens in 1975 from Puerto Rico terrorist group
Oscar López Rivera won't be honored at Puerto Rican Day Parade after all via now this is good news
hold on ... she might have did sum here 🤔 Puerto Rican Princess Wyd 👀
Mayor Bill de Blasio: Oscar Lopez Rivera agrees to step aside from formal role in Puerto Rican Day Parade.
I am so proud of her. My Puerto Rican princess.
A whole lotta fuss about an 80 degree day where hundreds of ppl aimlessly do a walk-a-thon that benefits no one
Puerto Rican Day Parade fiasco? Check with Island cops who lived those moments
NiLP Report: Federico Perez on the Politicization of the Puerto Rican Parade
Former FALN member at center of controversy pulls out of NY's Puerto Rican parade. Hear my story on Fox News Headlines 24/7 on 115
Get yourself a Puerto Rican ting... its life changing
I'm half Puerto Rican and half Filipino, I get told I'm not Asian all the time. I understand
Yo I can't wait for June 17th! Gulo gang takes over Puerto Rican parade ✨🇵🇷
I actually was thinking of Lana dancing to Despacito, as this song has been stuck in my head for a while!! So Puert…
Or commit to not honoring a terrorist at the NYC Puerto Rican Day Parade.
More politicians pull out of Puerto Rican Day Parade via
The recent vicious backlash to Oscar López in the upcoming Puerto Rican parade in NYC might be proof…
Mayor: Puerto Rican militant to step aside from parade role (from
I just don't want people to forget my Puerto Rican brothers and sisters, many who left the isl…
Poetic justice: Oscar marches a free man, American corporations scatter like roaches.
I have a Puerto Rican friend that did the ancestry thing & she was so shocked she's 79% black... I guess she was expe…
Are ya'll going to hashtag Oprah for The Puerto Rican Princess or nah?! 😩
Puerto Rican nationalist from Chicago steps down from New York parade after sponsors back out
I ain't gon lie I love my Puerto Rican bros but why ya moms be lighting it
Devin Booker looks one of those really sensitive Puerto Rican dudes that date girls that are 400 pounds and i mean that in the…
Puerto Rican nationalist steps aside from role in NYC parade, de Blasio says
JUST IN: Oscar Lopez Rivera steps aside as honoree, but will still march as a "proud Puerto Rican."
What I have discovered — and been told by many people who live here — is that Puerto Rican night life starts at midnight and goes from there
This is one of the filthiest strikeouts I've ever seen 👀🔥
Venezolanos en Puerto Rican Basketball teams up to our video about Krishna Dharabasi
There are no hopeless situations only people who think hopelessly
Are you going to cover anything on the Puerto Rican Referendum coming up in June?.
Nobody touching this scene right here
A Dominican and a Puerto Rican together. This is Bronx Love
Yankees join FDNY in skipping Puerto Rican Day Parade over decision to honor Obama-freed terrorist
Yes, the song is sung with Puerto Rican artists. He used words generalizing Latino co…
Cops complain about white people wasting police time calling 911 with irrational fears of Black people .
Of course, will be there with bells on...
Bi-lingual AMERICAN speaks Spanish to his own Puerto Rican mother. . White supremacist overhears this and blows up, calls hi…
Oscar Lopez Rivera: You have a Puerto Rican that has never promoted separatism, I come here to fight and work, that’s w…
pulls sponsorship of Puerto Rican Day Parade after organizers decide to honor terrorist -…
wait. do ya'll think jb is gonna do the thing drake did & start acting puerto rican now cause i swear to god if i see him in ONE pelle pelle
The people his gang murdered remain dead and unavailable for comment. via
Oscar Lopez Rivera when asked if he will stay in Puerto Rico "I am Puerto Rican so I will stay in Puerto Rico."
Classic Puerto Rican sent you guys a DM yesterday
Puerto Rican Freedom Fighter is free after spending 35 yrs in jail for beliefs that his island sh…
"I've had long hours in the middle of the night trying to figure out what I am missing, why he has all this support"
They are.. in celebration of Puerto Rican terrorist Oscar Lopez-Rivera's release today thanks to a…
Hey, fyi, Oscar is Puerto Rican, not Cuban. The flags and culture are similar, but not the same. Ya'll should know this.
"I do not have blood on my hands, and for that I cannot be a terrorist," Oscar López Rivera, newly freed Puerto Rican independence fighter.
Parade organizers say Goya threatens 100 scholarships, see no connection to their own stupidity via
He's not Cuban, he's Puerto Rican, and that behind him is the Cuban flag. Please you're a Latin magazine…
Smh never call a Puerto Rican Mexican they don't like that you'll end up with a right hook to the face
Sinaloenses are the Puerto Rican's of Mexico. They'll have car decals n gold chains telling you they're from there lol.
Lmao. Gotta stay away from them all. Them and Puerto Rican men. 😂
If anyone has extra grad tickets hmu. Puerto Rican families are huge and if I dont get enough tickets my abuela will beat me.
Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera freed from house arrest after 36 years
Allen Craig, the Puerto Rican first baseman from California who went to school in California
Puerto Rican girls get pregnant off eye contact. Pulling out doesn't work on them.
Puerto Rican militant Oscar Lopez Rivera freed from custody after 36 years; will be in Chicago Thursday
It says a lot about the Democratic Party that it isn't more vocal of a champion of DC and Puerto Rican statehood.
Freed after more more than 34 years in prison, nationalist defends use of violence h…
Be advised you're sponsoring Puerto Rican Day Parade .Whereby thery're elevating the figure of aTERRORIST to H…
Your next deposit pays for a terrorist-honoring parade in NYC. .
US media is MAD Puerto Rican national & political prisoner Oscar López Rivera was freed today after 36 yrs. Lol Theyre…
Not only will I be rocking a fat girl bikini on the beach this summer, but I'm also gonna rock a Puerto Rican flag towel. It's lit.
After 35 years in a cage, . Puerto Rican political prisoner . is free at last!
Puerto Rican freedom fighter Oscar Lopez Rivera free after 36 years in a US jail
Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera is free after 36 years in prison!.
lmao nah I only let Puerto Rican & Black people cut my hair 😭😂😂 you'll be in a dominican barbershop the whole day
Everything a Puerto Rican owns says "Puerto Rico" on it.
I like 'em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican or Haitian,. Name is Phife Dawg from the Zulu Nation
Puerto Ricans be like " how did you know I was Puerto Rican? "
Hidden treasure on Vieques Island. Waldo the Paella man🥘. He was right - Puerto Rican paella is better!!
"I am mixed with Puerto Rican, Spanish, and Lebanese and I was raised by wolves" face ***
I'm going to see a movie about Puerto Rican radicals later tonight. You should too, probably.
I like em brown, yellow, Puerto Rican, or Haitian, name is Phyfe Dawg from the Zulu nation
Jlo and Arod are the beginning of a peace treaty between Puerto Rican's and Dominicans in the Bronx and Washington Height…
My mom told me my dad was Juan Gonzales all my life and I started to believe it. So I started telling ppl I was Puerto Rican..lmfao scammer
I walk up and slap this Puerto Rican right while he got his plate in his mouth. Make it all power rangers funny.
As a Puerto Rican from Carolina, I'll always want to punch Ezra Koenig.
I would be the Puerto Rican version of Sarah Paulson, but for viola davis or Michelle Obama.
Mom of the baby in the finale of is upset w/people thinking he's black, says he's Puerto Rican & Haitian
Some of our best fighters are not only Puerto Rican greats but all-time greats of the sport. Carlos Ortiz, Wilfredo Gomez
Puerto Rican is Hispanic/Latino ma'am according to the United States of America Census.
I'm just glad Aaron Hernandez shattered the stereo type about Puerto Rican *** being crazy.
I'm seeing people citing with quotes that State Police said today he is Puerto Rican and NOT an il…
My mom's Puerto Rican. That's why i'm so lively and colorful.
But nothing will ever compare the love I have for a Puerto Rican de pura cepa de la isla. I fall in love instantly.
Raisins, sugar and dark Puerto Rican rum... I'm going to let it…
As noted in NPR story, the US armed forces also subjected Japanese-American and Puerto Rican soldiers to mustard gas tests in World War II
These 3 Puerto Rican scientists are helping to save endangered parrots, turtles and manatees
We will stand with the Puerto Rican workers in El San Juan Hotel until they have a fair contract.
When this whole thing ends Fake Jake you won't be able to report on Puerto Rican bowling mat…
I'm starting to see a lot of people with the name Julian. And I'm seeing a lot more Puerto Rican's. They need to know I'm the King. Bow!!
I'm just seeing this. Got a BA in Africana Studies and BA in Puerto Rican/ Latino studies
Dude, the title was a parody of Buzzfeed. I'm Puerto Rican & Native American, but I'm called white, which is also the joke.…
Fact check: Vicente Padilla is Nicaraguan, Jose Lima is Puerto Rican. Mason&Ireland Show is
Puerto Rican girls everywhere just got mad hype to cop these and wear them to the club with their dresses
i thought you knew American, Australian, English, Spanish, Puerto Rican and Cuban.
Marc Anthony, Frankie Ruiz, & Hector Lavoe are the best Puerto Rican salsa singers of all time. 🇵🇷
but then again us fellow Puerto Rican's have Taino Indian roots, along with colonization and Africans being brought over.
Everyone is Dominican and Puerto Rican now but no one comes out to play baseball on Sunday's... smh
Puerto Rican's gon pull out their Air Force ones with the Puerto Rican flag on the side
Real real life Puerto Rican and Dominican interactions are always full of love this all jokes.
jewish are white & Puerto Rican is a nationality. there can be black Puerto Rican's ex. Roberto Clemente
Puerto Rican percussionist Marcos Lopez and Etienne Rivera jamming at Vic Firth. Marcos website:...
Bay Area loves Asians but I am not Asian enough. I'm Puerto Rican not Indian or south East Asian or whatever Asian. But my mom is Filipino
not only that, but theo rossi plays a dominican and a character that is from Puerto Rican and African-American descent, NICE!1
Michigan men's team set to travel to San Juan to compete against IL, ASU & the Puerto Rican & Spanish national teams
Little Havana was fun because the reason for him taking me was "We don't have Puerto Rican food. This kinda the same, right?"
Dominicans and Puerto Rican's love Honda Accords. They be buying them brand new and making them look sexy af
Danny Garcia says a win over Keith Thurman will put him up there with great Puerto Rican fighters like Miguel Cotto
It's officially the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month. I'm glad to be part Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican :D
Deport Jorge Ramos e had a 'sham marriage' with a Puerto Rican woman for his citizenship.
Artist Papo Colo is spending 400 days of solitude in the Puerto Rican jungle:
WRONG he is Hawaiian born there. His descent is 1/4 Puerto Rican & 1/4 Ashkenazi Jew from Dad and 1/2 Filipino from Mom
will be remembered for NOT calling our Puerto Rican's during roll call at tonight's Marc Anthony concert. Who does that?!
My aunt Lucy gave my mom the recipe to her Puerto Rican rice and now she won't stop making it🙄🙄
The story behind the Puerto Rican couple who got engaged on kisscam during Saturday's game:
Puerto Rican girl that caught white guy looking at her - m4w (Humboldt Park)
Or name her Maria Valencia Martinez Rojas Rodriguez. And if anyone calls her black, say she's not black, she's Puerto Rican
Oscar Lopez Rivera, renowned Puerto Rican independence leader, will be a free man in May, after serving 35 years in the…
Listen to superb piece on Lopez Rivera here :
Puerto rican caillou in his feelings
I almost hung up the phone when they told me no red meat earlier... no red meat?! A Puerto Rican that doesn't eat red meat is unheard of.
If a Puerto Rican can help bomb a hundred people and get out, why the *** not?
" The will of the Puerto Rican people in any status referendum should be considered as Congress follows through."
I'll have to look on the net. Maybe Amazon, lol. I'm from Ky, married a Puerto Rican, and retired here. It's super nice!
One Obama commutation that will cause an uproar: Oscar Lopez-Rivera, Puerto Rican nationalist who was part of a U.S. bombing…
prospect Drew Ferguson collects three more hits in the Puerto Rican Winter League Finals.…
My 2 beautiful nieces this is the real Puerto Rican beauty I love…
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