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Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is an American multi-channel direct-marketing company that offers discounted magazine subscriptions and household merchandise to consumers with the chance to enter one of its many ongoing sweepstakes.

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes

Prosperity gospel is Publishers Clearing House spirituality. Donations don't increase chances of answered prayers, but they don't hurt ;)
I get so excited when an unknown number calls - Publishers Clearing House? Unexpected inheritance? Nope. Someone asking for 💰. Always.
1:00pm news ch. Again today mail to: Publishers Clearing House; Melville,NY ,soon from now. TRUTH, My WORDS READ
Really wish publishers clearing house would just tell me I won 10,000 dollars a week for life :/
This is not your moms . Publishers Clearing House. Or is it? 😬
I just found a coupon for my favorite Thai restaurant. I almost cried like those ppl who open door and Publishers Clearing House is there!😂😜
Publishers clearing house I'm waiting (frantically searches to see if that's still a thing)
Ladies and Gentlemen! It's your Publishers Clearing House, Diversity Ambassadors !That guy in…
Whenever I see women crying I make myself feel better about doing nothing by imagining they just won the publishers clearin…
2 BILLION, SIX HUNDRED MILLION TO ONE! - Odds of winning the big prize in Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Why would anyone bother?
Police warn of Publishers Clearing House phone scam
Check out this article from Detroit Free Press:. Hey, you've just won $3.5 million! Now, send us $99.
Oh & by the way ..Publishers Clearing House says they r coming too my house. I hope it's😉
Any Publishers Clearing House winners here? If so, how has your life changed since the win?
I want to meet someone who won the Publishers Clearing House. Really?
to mr newts following. Have you ever met anyone who has won anything! From publishers clearing house? Seriously? ANYONE???
How many people think Clearing House is real. I don't. Never met a winner and I will not be one.
Publishers Clearing House Cash Slots is 3 years old today !
New FB post: $7 loose cash in our mailbox today. Publishers' Clearing House, maybe? Monty Smith
Lemme peep this Publishers Clearing House situation. Talm bout 7k/week for LIFE?
I am a believer in myself and I do believe that one day I will become a Publishers Clearing House officials winter # knock knock
How does Publishers Clearing House know how many people I've had sex with?!?!?
I need to enter into publishers clearing house so I can be set for life
Those who have won the Publishers Clearing House $7000 a week for life sweepstakes, how does it REALLY work?
I probably have some of your mail!! And do you have my winning Publishers Clearing House ticket??
My ultimate fantasy involves a knock on the door and a giant Publishers Clearing House check every week for life.
I liked a video Win Your Dream Car from Publishers Clearing House!
Get the PCH APP you will not miss anything Publishers Clearing House has to offer win Sweepstakes and prizes for free win MONEY.
Wish Publishers Clearing House would hurry up and bring me champaigne, flowers and MONEY! :D
How does Publishers Clearing House work? Like where do they get all the money they give away? Is it a scheme?
How come Publishers Clearing House only shows up at brick houses with people who appear to have $ already?
domain names
No, thanks. If somebody wants my daily garbage from Publishers Clearing House, they are welcome to it.
Who would you call FIRST if you won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?
interesting video on Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes (PCH)
I won $10.00 from publishers clearing house last. Yay!
and now I have to play Publishers Clearing House and hope I win to make ends meat. What happened? My life was so good with Bush
I want to win the Publishers Clearing House soon on August 31 2016 life forever
Is your work related to the Publishers Clearing House?
Has anyone ever won The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes? How has your life changed?
Thought we were publishers clearing house!
Publishers Clearing House. this would be better if you could really win all i ever get are stupid tokens
Our Jason John, offers his views on the skills for success, and tips via
oh yea my Publishers clearing house win the staff was no one could cheat so I hack the token points&yea I did win
Winning big could lead to big losses: Watch out for Publishers Clearing House scam.
Watch out for Publishers Clearing House scam: A local woman we will call “Mrs. Smith” phoned the BBB to say s...
for Publishers Clearing House to show up at my door.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Criminals use 'Publishers Clearing House' name to try and steal your money
Has anyone EVER met anyone that has won money from The Publishers Clearing House? I haven't.
Dear Publishers clearing house, stop f***ing with my emotions... Y'all prize patrol ain't coming to my neck of the woods dammit 😭😂
It really reads like an off-brand publishers clearing house mail-in scam
Has anyone ever met anyone, who knows anyone, who has won Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes? Just sayin..
Note to when calling the US as Publishers Clearing House...please learn to mask your…
And I want $5000 a week for life from Publishers Clearing House, just like on TV.
Publishers Clearing House move over, MRIS is hitting the road to visit all 25 Associations!
Myra F. From Republic MO. Congratulations on winning with Publishers Clearing House on winning Wednesday love the smiles.💯 %
I need publishers clearing house to show up at my front door.
# Yes, I have won several prizes on different games , gift cards and a great $1000 . Thank you Publishers Clearing house
Don't let your elderly parents, grandparents get ripped off like this ... Boynton Beach woman, 92, conned by scam
It's times like these where I wish for nothing more than to be opening to door to publishers clearing house.
So at 219 north Walcott. street a woman. from church. sign me up with pch publishers clearing. house. she said. i could win 5000 dollars. Ok
Anybody know anyone that has won the publishers clearing house? How they maintaining ?
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
I'd rather have the $5K a week for life from Publishers Clearing House. :D
My only wish is to win publishers clearing house. 🙄
Does Publishers Clearing House do anything other than give away prizes?
Hi friends. Newest scam of the week, Publishers Clearing House. Icon is a big red you PCH with some words on it.
Publishers Clearing House I hope you get this message and come to Albion NY and deliver the big…
"I just really wanna win the Publishers' Clearing House Sweepstakes. I think I'm gonna..." -Mom
U should set ur publishers clearing house* residual check up for direct deposit
I really want to win Publishers Clearing House 😂
Do people actually win the Publishers Clearing House?? That's my deep thought for the day.
Meet the new head of Publishers Clearing House: Andrew Cuomo!
How does publishers clearing house have all this money to give away??
Trump is basing his numbers on letter from Publishers Clearing House that told him he's a winner
Good news. I just got a call from the publishers clearing house saying I won $1.8 million & a cherry red 2015 Mercedes-Benz. 😂
If I hear that Publishers Clearing House advert one more time - " Because I'm Happy " song - Gr — feeling annoyed
Publishers clearing house called me from Jamaica, I didn't know that's where they started...
Has anyone ever actually known someone or known someone who knew someone who won Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes? Anyone?
But really though, how do you win the publishers clearing house money?
think it's worth it? I've thought about it if I ever win publishers clearing house. Also should i start with c++/UE4? Thx~
I'm convinced Publishers Clearing House does NOT really exist...
You won a million dollars from Publishers Clearing House?
Hello to noone! I never have anything exciting going on. Can't even win publishers clearing house!
Publishers clearing house free online games
"Gen. Yin. I'm actually with Publishers Clearing House and I have good news."
What exactly IS Publishers Clearing House and how is it still a thing?
Well I would like to tell Todd Sloane from Publishers Clearing House my accomplishment this year is playing and still believing I can win
Publishers Clearing House was supposed to swing by yesterday with $2 million and a Lincoln MKZ, but they never showed. I blame Google Maps.
The NBA ain't hiring for water boys or something?🤔 Cuz they giving money away like publishers clearing house
The neighbor lady got her publishers clearing house flower bulbs & I've got $o that's our new
AP states Hillary has won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
Hutch police warn against scammers posing as Westar and Publishers Clearing House
Contrary to the AP report, I may not have already won $20,000,000 from Publishers Clearing House.
I might be leaving Firebirds. Publishers Clearing House just said: I just Won a million dollars.
AP now reporting Hillary Clinton will win next month’s Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
I just searched for a gif of Ed McMahon & his giant check. Then I realized I had it wrong - & so does everyone else.
When I win Publishers Clearing house this is what im going to do then go to to meet Pandas
She called back. The real reason she called was she needs money. She ordered too much from publishers clearing House. I didnt know they sold
Man people be getting stupid. Everybody knows Publishers Clearing House has no second place and they show up at your doorstep.
Pch sweepstakes: Pch sweepstakes. My mother has been entering Publishers Clearing House for a com/, enter the...
I'm always hoping its Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes people awarding me $$, but I think those commercials are fake
Hi a little nervous the waiting is killer who is it who is the winner of Publishers Clearing House $10,000,000.dollar win it all sweepstakes
I wanna win the publishers clearing house SO bad
I'm just gonna win this publishers clearing house thing...
Does anybody know anybody who won publishers clearing house?
I'm working on winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes so I can spoil you properly.
Thankful for great opportunity for free fun games with chances to win BIG Publishers Clearing House PRIZE $$$ to be set for life!
Anybody y'all know ever won Publishers Clearing House? Lol
Publishers Clearing House wants me to use my 13 million tokens to buy sweepstakes entries. Why don't they just give me $13 million?
um you doing publishers clearing house commercials or you got a lost brother? Dudes last name is Jones too
According to this letter I just got from Publishers Clearing House, I may have already been Satoshi Nakamoto.
SCAM ALERT: Just received a scam call saying he was with Publishers Clearing House and I had won $2.7 million...
. just won the publishers clearing house jackpot. *Giggles*
Man loses thousands in Publishers Clearing House scam via
Best part is driving to her old house, surprise visit like Publishers Clearing House.
The doorbell rang twice while I was in the shower... let's hope it wasn't Publishers Clearing House
I didnt win the powerball but once again publishers clearing house sent me mail and i may have already won 10 million..lucky me. Woot woot
Is the Chinese government’s censorship making its way to Hong Kong? .
I signed up for Publishers Clearing House giveaway of $7000 a week for the rest of my life and I unsubscribed and they wont stop emailing me
My mom literally just compared me repeatedly applying for Big Brother to my grandma entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
This was a Big surprise for her indeed after entering for nearly 40 years. Jane is now a pch millionaire. Watch...
Congratulations to Jane Bjork from Urbandale, IA for winning $1,000,000.00 from Publishers Clearing House :).
Congratulations, you've won the $600,000 US grand prize from Publishers Clearing House
Surprise! Iowan just won $1 million from Publishers Clear House this morning.
I just watched someone get a Publishers Clearing House check so apparently that actually happens.
Wilkes Victim of Send to Win Scam: A Wilkes County resident is a recent victim of a Publishers Clearing House...
"I like publishers clearing house, but they need to come up with some type of beer sponsorship" - Red
They just tried to tell me they were from the Publishers Clearing House but the number is based in Jamaica.
I just got a call from Jamaica and it was the "Publishers Clearing House" telling me I won 2.2 Million Dollars.
Publishers Clearing House: The Prize Patrol could be heading to your home next! Enter today…
Cristina Grappo/President Cristina Niole Grappo is looking forward to more Publishers Clearing House gear&winnings!
That time I saw "PCH" in my inbox and thought "but it was just spam from Publishers Clearing House.
Ghost Publishers Clearing House. Even more exclusive. And its in ghost bucks.
Take a look back with Lucky the PCH Big Check at some of the amazing winners Publishers Clearing House has had!
Every time my doorbell rings, I still get the tiniest bit of hope it may be the Publishers Clearing House guys.
Yep, I am giving up on Complete joke. Complete waste of time. Do NOT play Publishers Clearing House.
sent a mail-in for Trump. Best of luck to him on the Publishers Clearing House contest.
Investor must show up at your door like Publishers Clearing House Balloons Signs WE WANT YOU! http…
"What will you become?" OMG Erin, that trailer would have made me shoo away Publishers Clearing House trying to give me a check!
Better than Publishers Clearing House! Follow as they surprise teacher of the year finalists
I can do this, but I need the oversize novelty checks from Publishers Clearing House
Does working for Publishers Clearing House and our slots games count?
Publishers clearing house is a big *** scam
Is this like Publishers Clearing House?. what do I have a "chance" at winning if I search? ;)
If I don't win Publishers Clearing House Idk what I will do
Find out how Publishers Clearing House has overcome data and technology challenges on April 13:
Taylor Swift winning 3 "iHeartRadio Awards" is essentially the same as me winning Publishers Clearing House 3 times. It means nothing
. Not according to national polls. Where was that info from? Publishers Clearing House? Be fair
[ring, ring].."Hello, this is Ed McMahon from Publishers Clearing House!...wait,..I'm dead?...sorry, but you could be a..."
The lady calling saying the baby is mine, isn't what you think. I won that baby from Publishers Clearing House.
80% of Publishers' Clearing House 10 million winners did not purchase any magazine subscriptions.
don't enter Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes unless you want thousands of emails saying 1 last step to enter...😡
Silly me-- I sent in Publishers Clearing House entry, cpl months ago. Got at least 5 more mailings from them now. I'll soon throw all away!
That was a multiplatinum affair. Publishers Clearing house checks.
Just tell me it's never going to happen so I can give up. Me, every time I get a Publishers Clearing House notification.
So apparently when CPS comes to your house with a welfare check, they're not bringing a huge check like Publishers Clearin…
Join our discussion with Experian Marketing Services and Publishers Clearing House on April 13:
[Ed McMahon preparing to propose]. let's turn this Publishers Clearing House into a Publishers Clearing Home
JCSD warn residents of Publishers Clearing House scam
Stop dreaming of winning the Publishers Clearing House and vote for the President who will level the playing field.
Can someone explain to me what the publishers clearing house is?
Thought he was waiting on the publishers clearing house van to give him his check
Bedford County authorities warn of Publishers Clearing House scam
SCAM ALERT: Be on the look out for a Publisher's Clearing House scam.
Question: Is publishers clearing house run by the illuminati?
Publishers Clearing House ~Written by a world-renowned reflexologist, this book provides in-depth kn
Publishers Clearing House Here's a great way to store your veggies. Just add water to the bottom of
Publishers Clearing House Native American-inspired design Traditionally hung over the bed, to "captu
Hey &I think Publishers Clearing House is delivering my 1M and 2016 Mercedes tomorrow! No Cameras Please😂😂
Some scammer from "Publishers Clearing House" kept calling me; wouldn't bug off until I threatened him. What a ***
EVERY TIME I go to my dads house, there's something new from Publishers Clearing House
The moment I found Publishers Clearing House on the computer it was like seeing an old friend that I had missed.
- Sure -- and I may have already won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes too ...
Police are investigating complaints about calls from scammers claiming to be from Publisher's Clearing House.
Winners? LOL! Publishers Clearing House is the only winner with overpriced garbage pitched at the desperate & elderly.
My mom thought she finally won Publishers Clearing House because she got a scam call saying she won a million dollars and a car I'M CRYING 😂
Could somebody please win that stinking Publishers Clearing House contest already. I'm so sick of those commercials.
People that have won or knew someone who has won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, what was it like? Did old van really show up an…
I'm gonna win the Publishers Clearing House. Watch out, y'all!
Wow! can not get help from Publishers Clearing House.
It's like Christmas, Birthday & winning Publishers Clearing House all rolled into one
I checked my Michigan address yesterday after registering for publishers clearing house with it, and I had 1500 emails in it
I've been waiting years to win the publishers clearing house. Manziel is like a shovel with a broken handle get rid of it!!
You are a Good worries...btw I cashed your Publishers Clearing House check!
Pch entry: Claim your daily entries to official Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes! Mar 8, 2010 by emails (...
Pch sweepstakes games: Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a direct marketing company that markets merchandise ...
Husband got a call yesterday he won Publishers Clearing House, amazing the call came from a Jamaican number...hmmm yeah that's real..NOT!!
Kind of like Publishers Clearing House - only better! . We're surprising season ticket holders to say thanks! 💼
it was Publishers Clearing House. You missed out on $8000 a week for life. Sorry bro.
I keep writing the same 2 jokes and they send me publishers clearing house sized checks. Btw prescription pads get lost easily
the only thing I'm living for is possibly winning the Publishers Clearing House i can run away of Trump wins.
Publishers Clearing House. I said no, but I wished him luck in his winnings, and I noticed he was holding a lottery ticket...
Just received a letter in the mail letting me know I won $10 million...thanks publishers clearing house
Ted Cruz is using every decades old scams to try to win this election. He's the "publishers clearing house" of candidates.
Publishers Clearing House came to my house with one of those oversized checks.
news story of yesterday's $10,000 Publishers Clearing House winner!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Happy Valentines Day to you & PCH folks who bring so much joy to so many people! Long LIVE PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE!!
I've seen more official looking documents from Publishers Clearing House.
If this constitutes fraud Publishers Clearing House is in HUGE trouble!
Did I just click a link for the Publishers Clearing House contest? Yes. Probably just downloaded a virus. I'm real desperate for that 5k/wk
How to win pch sweepstakes: The odds of winning a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes vary . Enter to win th...
Markov should go to work for Publishers Clearing House, he is so good at giveaways
I just won $10 from Publishers Clearing House for the second time.
Lemme go ahead and enter this Publishers Clearing House so maybe there's a chance one of these days I won't have to come to work.
Just got my $10 prize check from Publishers Clearing House. . Winning!!👍
Product Manager, Core Systems | Publishers Clearing House - US - MA - Boston, Liquid is on a mission to make ad...
it's never too late. But now you have to send it as a comically large cashiers check. Publishers Clearing House style.
Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes van came by.
Odds of winning PCH are 1 in 1.7 billion, odds of falling victim to a PCH scam are a lot smaller:
I made Publishers Clearing House I told them directly to have me win now I want everyone dead that plays it
If Publishers Clearing House gave me a dollar for every email they send me, I wouldn't need to win the PCH Sweepstakes.
when I was a kid I played Publishers Clearing House for at least 5 to 10 years
Great day filming at Publishers Clearing House headquarters today!
Good thing I never won one those Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes I always entered when I was a kid.
Publisher's Clearing House Phone Scam. NPSO Deputies have received recent complaints in reference to Publishers...
Today's motto is stolen from Ed McMahon of Publishers Clearing House: "You can't win unless you send it in." . Go forth, and do.
I won the Publishers Clearing House grand prize and they couldn't find my apartment to give me the giant check
Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes entry form: Publishers House is best known for its dramatic sweepstakes,...
Ok so I didnt win the billion dollar powerball but I'm not giving up on my quest for a giant Publishers Clearing House check
I had a temp job proofreading at Publishers Clearing House once. If that didn't get me to drink, nothing will.
I wish this was like Publishers Clearing House and Sam would show up at my door w balloons. 😉🎈🎉
Don’t Lose in ‘Winning’ Publishers Clearing House Prizes- If you didn't enter you didn't win!
3 years ago! Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol on ! 1st time I met &
I love seeing local news covering Publishers Clearing House winners! Here's one about Laurie Aragon the 12/30 winner https…
If you didn't enter, you didn't win. Period. Watch out for
"Coach Saban, Publishers Clearing house here. You've won 10 million dollars.". Saban: "Get off of my porch."
This year, I'm going to win the Publishers clearing house "win 5000$ a week for forever" giveaway. Also going to brush my hair more
Why everybody in the publishers clearing house commercial live in a house? No apt renters can win the grand prize?? The stairs a hindrance?
2015... one more year I didn't win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
My brother has this crazy dream that he's gonna win Publishers Clearing House
And WHERE is Publishers Clearing House with all of the balloons and great big cardboard check? Lol
Publishers Clearing House is just a cover for what's left of Manson's cult.
Ugh some *** with a similiar name signed up for PCH Publishers Clearing House emails...they are still a thing?...
do you still own your music? Really?!?! Publishers Clearing house? Now you can get this here for free . SMH
Publishers Clearing House is a scam. They give people false hope.
Another day at Publishers Clearing House, another prize! $11,000.00 today! Where could we be?!…
$5000 a week for your favourite person. Publishers Clearing House can break up a lot of families with that one. A cruel social experiment.
Well *** Publishers Clearing House didn't stop by my house today with that 10 Grand a week check.
Publisher's Clearing House appears to prey on old people.
And i have been spending all of my time playing Publishers Clearing House
Ppl from Publishers Clearing House should be showing up at your door any day now.
How cute is this picture of today's $1 million Publishers Clearing House winner's grandson!? He…
Iv waited around all day for publishers clearing house to bring me my million dollars , sheesh I think they got lost.. Lol. heheeheheh
Thus this house is now called PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE and deal was taken by JOE KELLY for MARIA SPORTAFRAMDA
I have been a member of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes since Jan~
I wonder how long I'm going to have to wait for Publishers Clearing House to bring me my money today?. The CASINOS are calling my name..
no shock. Publishers Clearing House has doing it for 62 years.
Hey PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE, I wont quit till u close down. Time ur reign of terror on seniors ends. Every day a new lie from u shows up.
Noone can trust a govt that supports companies like Publishers Clearing House, who do nothing but lie and cheat seniors. SHUT THEM DOWN
Publishers Clearing House has been scamming seniors for years I asked u nicely to stop stealing from my dad You wouldnt listen, so be damned
Publishers Clearing House, I WARNED you to stop taking advantage of people. Now its ur turn to face the music. Time to shut ur fraud down.
If Publishers Clearing House comes to visit me tomorrow, I'll let you know.
There is no truth to the rumour some wag at Publishers Clearing House wants to hire
I would love to win Publishers Clearing House
Publishers Clearing House knocking on my door in the next 15 minutes
Stick to Publisher's Clearing House, million dollar giveaway is a hoax.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Saw my auntie on publishers clearing house lol
Weekend plans... I'll only open the door if it's the people from Publishers Clearing House.
A gift from my grandparents. I...dont know what this is. It came from publishers clearing house. What do
Getting ready for Publishers Clearing House visit to my house on Wednesday! 🙏😀💰
AMA request: Someone who has received that knock from the Publishers Clearing House.
I'm trying to win. Publishers Clearing House. And some other sweepstake so I can make this dream come true
Unless it's publishers clearing house coming to say I win 5k a week for life don't roll up on me unexpected lol
Steve Harvey announces you've won the Publishers Clearing House prize.
Check out this great InboxDollars offer from Publishers Clearing House! Earn real cash when you complete it here:
"You have emerge as one of our star prize winner" - jeez "Publishers Clearing House," get an editor before you tell me I won the sweepstakes
Publishers Clearing House is dealing with a I got this call today -these people need to get a job
Been called by Reno Co. Sheriff's Deputy Miller, "officials" from IRS or Publishers Clearing House? All are scams
Do you enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes or play their online games? Have you ever won anything?
I'm told the PCH Official Port N Y Washington Publishers Clearing House, I wanted that smart watch for a gifts
I'm still holding out for Clearing House! I want to know what it feels like to win! I can't wait for my next life ! needs it :)
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
AOL is not sending my messages to Publishers Clearing House. Please send them for me.
Just trying to win publishers clearing house 10k a week for life...
Pretty sure it came from Publishers Clearing House.
Castle Rock man wins $1 million from Publishers Clearing House
Progs will probably claim he won Publishers Clearing House. Can anyone verify where Ed McMahon was?
Maybe he won ISIS version of Publishers' Clearing House ?
because there isn't one. Unless it's publishers clearing house telling me they're outside. Lol
Publishers Clearing House really be making you feel like you about to win some big money. 😂😂😂🙅 been playing for years and only won TOKENS
"New suspect in shooting story.". "Should we use his Publishers Clearing House reaction shot?". "Why not?"
I don't have beef with nobody but if I did I'd be at ya front door like publishers clearing house
oh easily. You are a lucky lady. Almost like winning publishers clearing house, except without the big check
Aggie really opened up a RayBan box and put them in her closet bc she thought they were a free gift from the Publishers Clearing House...
PCH Publishers Clearing House needs to chose me for their $10,000 a week drawing.I could have the perfect life.
Am waiting for the phone call to say I have won a pair of AA panties every week for life like Publishers Clearing House lol 😂😍
This email from Publishers Clearing House tells me that the company operates on the misguided theory that I care when other folks win money.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I have successfully reported all four scammers claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House .
friends please be aware of the scammers out there the only way you'll win Publishers Clearing House is at your...
Don't expect Publishers Clearing House to knock on your door & give you money- You have to go out & get it yourself
Be aware, there's a scam in Eastern Iowa.
That Redlands landlord would probably let in the TV crew from Publishers Clearing House
I guess you missed the one from Publishers clearing house! 😂
Yet another telephone call scam is reported operating in the area, with the latest using the Publisher's Clearing...
I am reporting publishers clearing house to consumer affairs. Disgusting that nobody will acknowledge phone calls
I've attended zero events based on a card stuck on my car window in case publishers clearing house is updating statistics.
I need fanart of Deathstroke holding a giant Publishers Clearing House check right now.
In defense of Publishers Clearing House, they took the time to do this.
,that's why I Love playing,along with publishers CLEARING HOUSE
. Publishers Clearing House people coming up sidewalk read that and turned around. She's mean.
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