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Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is an American multi-channel direct-marketing company that offers discounted magazine subscriptions and household merchandise to consumers with the chance to enter one of its many ongoing sweepstakes.

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Prize Patrol Big Bang Ed McMahon

SCAM ALERT!!! I just got a phone call from Jamaica claiming to be the Publishers Clearing House to award me with $2.5M, plus a new Mercedes vehicle. They want you to go to CVS, Walgreens or RiteAid to purchase a $350 transaction card. They claim that they can deliver yo...
The "act" of celebration has the generic surprise as Publishers Clearing House recipients.
Answers to some frequently asked questions about how to contact Publishers Clearing House!
someone with a foreign voice is calling to say you are the winner of PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE do not give any information to them this is a scam and they have been reported, the names are John Baker and JJ Washington.
This appears to be a hook for Publishers Clearing House (which pisses me off), but I'd like to say: 1: her beauty which comes from within and shines for all to see. 2: her honesty. 3: her strength. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!
Publishers Clearing House | America's Premier Destination for Prize-Winning Fun! Sign up today for awesome online games and exciting sweepstakes. Remember - it's all about winning!
Look out friends and family. There's a new scam on FB. A person staying they're from publishers clearing house is contacting people saying they've won but you need to buy a green dot card and give them that number.
I really don't want to work on I have come.up with a few excuses... 1. I changed the locks on my door and I can't get out..2 that man on the TV told me to stay tuned...3 someone must have put decaf in the wrong pot..4i have to study for my rectal exam.. 5 publishers clearing house may come today with my check!!...
Publishers Clearing House - PCH 3 Million Dream Home Sweepstakes. The PCH winner will receive $3,000,000.00 in one lump-sum with Giveaway No. 3080 for a
Ok now I'm in the hospital and some *** contacts me saying I won 1 million dollars from publishers clearing house but can call me from Jamaica and Florida. Whatever he's so fake he said he was dave sawyer but was a foreigner on the line. Now real update about me. As long as nothing severe happens by Monday they are gonna check the dopplers again and decide from there whether to deliver the baby or not. So I will be here at least until then.
Still waiting on Publishers Clearing House to knock on my door
Apparently I just won the Publishers Clearing House 1mil. Someone from Jamaica called and told me.
Personal note to publishers clearing house stop please stop with the emails holy cow
For years the friendly faces at Publishers Clearing House have been giving consumers hope that they've won or are about to win a fabulous prize. But does the company mislead consumers with deceptiv...
Who’s knocking at your door? The Prize Patrol from Publishers Clearing House? The chances of that happening is about 1 in 2 million! According to Revelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” Hello, Jesus is knocking! For the non-Christian, the knock is one of hope and healing from the death sentence of sin. For the Christian, the knock is that of true abiding fellowship with the Lover of our soul. Listen! Do you hear a knock at the door of your heart? It’s Jesus, and He wants your heart to be His home. Will you let Him in?
I added a video to a playlist Follow Publishers Clearing House On Social Media!
I'm not that smart! It might be Publishers Clearing House too! Million dollar dance!
Mount Bethel woman out-cons the con artists: Someone calls, claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House, and...
Over these past months I have been dedicating most of my wake time to Publishers Clearing House! After 4/30 need I NICOLE MARIE MCDOUGAL say anymore. ?...!!!
I'd be given one of those huge *** Publishers Clearing House checks for $1 million and I'd still lose it
If by PCH, you mean The Publishers Clearing House... Pick me up a prize or two! :)
If u get called by anyone on your cell phone with a crappy accent claiming they work for publishers clearing house hang up asap! It is a SCAM you didn't win anything I jus got called by them thought it was a prank if u don't kno wat I'm talking about get off fb & watch the news its not a joke this is really happening in Colorado
Hi Ok just received my bills from Delray medical center for the surgery on my neck it is about 300,300 dollars they want to know when they can expect payment I told them as soon as publishers clearing house sends me the million dollars they keep telling I might have won all I Heard was a laugh and the phone went dead hope you all have a great Easter
Publishers Clearing House never makes good on their threats.
I just got a call front Publishers Clearing house. I won 485,000.00 and a 2012 Cherry Red BMW. I got a name and phone number verification code. Then the man said you need to wire me 595.00. I ask him why do I send you money to get money. He said he was a rich man and had a rich company this was not a scam. I said you can stay rich and I will continue to be the poor girl with at least 595.00.
"Its like publishers clearing house we showing up checking *** -JC
.. Look what happens when Rick meets The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes... . Part 1. Rick who is it?
SCAM ALERT! I just received a call from an 876 area code saying I won the publishers clearing house. They wanted me to go to Walgreens or CVS and pay 1%of the taxes so I could give the proof of payment to the driver who would be here in an hour and a half. I turned it in and reported the phone number they used. Apparently, a lot of people actually send the payment.
I hope to god PCH Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol is tellinge the truth n if so thank you sooo much publishers clearing house
Just got a call from Publishers Clearing House. Funny though when did they move their office to Jamaica? Lol. Scam!
She's afraid that if she opens the door I'll feel at home. I'm afraid if she doesn't she will miss out on winning publishers clearing house
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I just won $550,000 in publishers clearing house and all I have to do is send them $299 on a green dot card. Wow what a deal lol! You would think they would actually have someone call that can speak proper English.
Watched a DVD the other night named NEBRASKA. Have you watched it yet? It was an interesting movie, kind of a cross between LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE and TRIP TO BOUNTIFUL. The story is about an old man that thinks he has won the million dollar prize from the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Plus I also saw the video of SHREK: THE MUSICAL which is exactly what it sounds like. It was the video of the live Broadways play.
Received a call on my phone from (876) 596-1777 Jamaica, claiming they are Publishers Clearing House to let me know I won $5 million. Wow!
Please Publishers clearing house please come to our house on April 30th i have been doing this for a very long...
PCH is famous for surprising winners. But if you're wondering, did I really win from Publishers Clearing House?, here's some tips to help you know for sure.
So I just won $1mil in a publishers clearing house lottery.the excitement :p
Win $7,000 a week for life / no PQ: Win $7,000 a week for life from Publishers Clearing House
Enter the latest Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes & you could win $7,000/week for life!
Okay Publishers Clearing House I have responded 9000 times just give me the money ***
New .report raises questions about Publishers Clearing House solicitations
Well, I'm going to try to take a long afternoon nap ! Unless you're publishers clearing house or you've got a booking for me please don't call or knock on my door. Thank you. I've got a new place I'm playing at tonight and I want to be well rested for it ! The place is called Fatboys in Biddeford ! Enjoy your day my friends and come to my show later !
It’s going to be a great day! I just got my OWN unique SuperPrize® Number from Publishers Clearing House. They...
Nothing to do look up pch and have fun
This just in! I have been notified by Publishers Clearing House that somebody in NoDak with the initials CE is going to win $7,000 a week for life! I mean, how many people in NoDak can have the initials CE? And the excitement builds.
So this guy calls my phone talking about he is calling from publishers clearing house and ive won money.but first I have to go to Walgreens and get a green dot card put $500.00 on it and give him the card number so he can deposit the money um excuse me but my name is Taneesha NOT stupid.scammers always scamming...if its a prize its a prize I shouldnt have to give you money to give me money.
Wishful thinking.where's Publishers Clearing house when you need them...; )
A word from me cause I can. Earlier today on the way to work I was called by an unknown number and, so being the bad *** that I am, answered it. It was from the president of publishers clearing house, first thought in my head was 'i won something? Nah...really?' And I went into the whole thing and was answering questions he was asking while keeping one vital thing in mind...never give out your bank info/birthday/ssn...and thats what I wanted to say. It was a scam, a thought out scam but a scam nonetheless. Once I was told that I needed to pay to get what I had won I knew it was a joke, a bad one that tasted like gym socks and stale chocolate. my family and friends, if you get a call from pch its most likely a scam. And now a word from our sponsors.
Why do I keep getting emails for publishers clearing house and seniors meet??? I'm only 17
I got a message saying that I has won 8.1 million dollars from Publishers Clearing House. Total scam. They wanted me to pay the taxes first. 1 don't even have the tax for $8.10. This really sucked. Anyone who knows my situation knows how cruel this really is. Still hoping to win the real Publishers Clearing House sweepstake though.
Was it a Publishers Clearing House kind of day?
Call after call. We see you would like to go back to school. NO AN THANKS Publishers clearing House for selling my phone number jeez.
Dear Publishers Clearing House please stop getting my hopes up with your vigorous lying emails telling me I won , I mean really everyday you send something and tell me I won next one I get I'm gonna start collecting
Obamacare won what?!? Must be a Publishers Clearing House winning number for her to bail.
BREAKING: Publishers Clearing House Scam Hits Fort Thomas. READ how to recognize the scam:
Publishers Clearing House unable to locate prize winner: Can you help? via
Yay for publishers clearing house scams. Raise my hopes about winning 450k and a free Mercedes? Then I'm going to vent my frustration by calling the actual publishers clearing house and reporting fraud. Maybe someday I'll have a giant novelty check in my hands...but not today.
I forgot to tell you guys. Yesterday after my tests i received a phone call which told me i was a finalists in the 1 million dollar sweepstakes for PCH. But since i told them i had no job they said i couldnt qualify for it. When i got home i told my mom and she said it was a scam. I just looked up PCH= publishers clearing house and its not a scam!!! IF I ONLY I LIED OR SAID I DID HAVE A JOB I WOULD HAVE HAD A MILLION DOLLARS RIGHT NOW! *** !! I HATE LIFE SOMETIMES, UGH... im still in the running though for 7,000 a week for life. hopefully i win this one as well. im excited!
omg y'all Hosni Mubarak's wife, Mrs. SuSanne, sent me an email AND I won the Publishers Clearing House prize.
Not sure who just knocked on my door a few minutes ago but unless you're Publishers Clearing House and got a million dollar check in my name I don't do surprise visits. You could knock till your knuckles bleed..
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Grandma blowing my phone up telling me to sign her up for publishers clearing house 😐
Oh I'm sick of publishers clearing house . How many times do you have to enter . I get emails every day. I'm gonna block them . Lol
I got a topic for ya. Has anyone ever won the publishers clearing House contest?
PCH is SO rare, there isn't even a for it. Guess I'll use (my has nothing to do with Publishers Clearing House)!
Nominees for husband of the year come out tonight but I hope that van in our driveway is Publishers Clearing House.
My mom said she got a call from the publishers clearing house they told her she won $350,000 then her phone died.. If it wasn't a scam then gotdamnit
Eh hem--PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE, Douglas Gibb and I are @ 2060 N. Center Street Mesa, the door is open, our smiles are ready for the Big Check-- so bring it on Over, we are off the 202! PS, till then, phone will be going off, so if ya need me, email me--mariemineowill be out too, so there! Come on PCH!
How to opt-out of Publishers Clearing House and other stuff
We're being warned to watch out for a phone involving caller claiming to be with Publishers Clearing House.
Well I just had foreign publishers clearing house people call me and tell me I won 955,000 and a 2014 Mercedes Benz and I hung up on them cuz the wanted me to go to my local dollar general and purchase a pay pal card and put 999.00 on it before they came to my house in 45 min for the taxes on the Benz. Lol. Dont fall foe it folks. Im still waiting for the balloons and cameras. Gonna turn it into the local authorities cuz some *** would probably do it.
It was like Publishers Clearing House... We were just showing up knocking on doors. If you weren't…
Well crap-PCH Publishers Clearing House just showed up at my front door-and i thought they were the Jehovah Witnesses that were here last week...So-i did what everyone of my sick friends thought i should do and -- dropped my drawers and yelled "YAY" while i mooned them---Oh *** i coulda used that money--yay--:(
Dear Publishers Clearing House: I am sure an order would be appreciated! Winning one of your sweepstakes would also be appreciated so I propose that I buy something after I win. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours...
Sorry, "Publishers Clearing House" calling from Jamaica, I don't believe you.
We received a cruel scam letter yesterday. It was allegedly from Publishers Clearing House, which we have been trying to win for decades, informing us that although we hadn't won the major prize, we had won a $1,150,000 prize. Though we were excited, we were also cautious. Oh, it looked official enough, proper letter head, addresses, phone numbers, CEO names all included. Unfortunately, we received our mail too late to confirm this with the "real" Publisher's Clearing House customer service number, so we had to wait until this morning to make our call. I was advised that they do not contact winners in this manner & was referred to the Fraud Department where they took all the information that they needed from the form letter. They said this one was a little different. Past scams have included partial checks being sent or asking for tax money up front, etc. This one did sound quite legitimate. Marcy was more practical than I. I slept fitfully, not having been able to clarify this yesterday. If there are any ...
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Is it sad that the news of JDub's grand slam makes me just as excited as tho Publishers Clearing House arrived at my front door w/ a check?
I'm still waiting for Publishers Clearing House to show up
The Stonington Police Department is warning area residents of a telephone scam involving individuals who claim to represent Publishers Clearing House. “PCH employees would never contact you personally or in advance to notify you of a prize award,” stated a press release on the website. “Our prize awards are presented just the way you see in our popular TV commercials, ‘live and in person’ by our Prize Patrol, with balloons, champagne and check in hand - - and with no advance notification!” Subscriber Link:
"Congratulations, your email address has won ($1,000,000.00USD) in the on going Publishers Clearing House lotto draw"
Its like publishers clearing house how we just showed up - checkin *** 👨💥🔫 👦💥🔫 👮💥🔫 🎅💥🔫
"Publishers Clearing House spreads out into mobile apps and games" why does this depress me
Publishers Clearing House goes digital, views as the new magazines: via
My Publishers Clearing House check must be lost in the mail.
I feel like I'm officially old cause publishers clearing house keeps sending me letters for raffles and contests
Be on the lookout for a phone scam by Publishers Clearing House. . Visit for more information.
If it hits 1.00 it will be like Publishers Clearing House...I will send gifts for life
Dalton Police warn of new phone scam - con artists claim to be with Publisher's Clearing House...
How to Recognize Publishers Clearing House Scams:. PCH Doesn't Email or Call Its Big Winners. If you receive an...
I think I could win the Publishers Clearing House award this year...If I win, I would buy another house to store my magazine subscriptions.
Must have dropped of mailing list because I didn't realize Publishers Clearing House has outlasted many publishers -
Via Further confirmation that this is no longer your Grandpa's
The Evolution of Publishers Clearing House Continues: From its 1953 inception and entry into the giveaway busi...
Publishers Clearing House branches into digital — it sees apps and games as the new magazines via
Is it sad that I'm playing the Publishers Clearing House?
Have new voice mails, one tells me I've won $1.5M on Publishers Clearing House and to call so & so number .Hmm! Really?
Follow Publishers Clearing House On Social Media!. Come on folks join the Fun! :-))
Follow Publishers Clearing House On Social Media! Well, What are you waiting for ?
I wonder who Biwwy thinks is "official". Folks from Publishers Clearing House?
This is an actual job application that a 16 year old boy submitted to McDonald's in Sydney... and they hired him because he was so honest and funny! NAME: Paul James SEX: Not yet. Still waiting for the right person. DESIRED POSITION: Company's President or Vice President. But seriously, whatever's available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn't be applying here in the first place. DESIRED SALARY: $185,000 a year plus stock options and a Michael Ovitz style severance package. If that's not possible, make an offer and we can haggle. EDUCATION: Yes. LAST POSITION HELD: Target for middle management hostility. SALARY: Less than I'm worth. MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and post-it notes. REASON FOR LEAVING: It sucked. HOURS AVAILABLE TO WORK: Any. PREFERRED HOURS: 1:30-3:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL SKILLS?: Yes, but they're better suited to a more intimate environment. MAY WE CONTACT YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYER?: If I had one, would I b ...
Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is a leading provider of both sweepstakes and prize-promotions as well as a provider…
Publisher's Clearing House warns of scam using its sweepstakes, especially on
Listening to the news and they report that people are calling people with a scam about publishers clearing house saying they won money but need to send money to get the prize. *** if I won take what I owe you and send me the rest!!! Cause the way my bank account set up.
I am feeling rich tonight! Received a call from publishers clearing house telling me I'd won a large prize. But of course I needed to go to cvs or walmart to buy a green dot reloadable scratch card! Sorry, I may get sucked into bidding on a toaster, but won't fall for this one!! Better luck next time!!
Responding to "Do you have my check from Publishers Clearing House?" like you've never heard that question before can be a challenge.
I received a call today that I won $550,000 from Publishers Clearing House. Sadly, I haven't entered a contest and the guy didn't even know my name. He sounded like a Dell support team member and didn't think it was funny when I laughed at him. :(
Other than publishers clearing house, this has to be the best mail to receive.
My day started with a phone from Mr. David Washington. He said that I won a half million dollars and a new car from Publishers Clearing House. He asked if I would be home today and I said I would be out and about today. Then he said is there a K-Mart, Rite-Aid or Walgreens near by, because I have to purchase a $500 pre-paid Visa Card to pay for the taxes on my winnings. LOL
Lucky Loot Wheel ALSO Gave me 5 Entries into the PCH Publishers Clearing House $3 Million Dollar Dream Home Giveaway ~ What Did It Give You Today? ***NOTE: The $3 Million Dollar Dream Home Giveaway will be awarded in July, 2014, if you play everyday a Player can accumulate about 25 Entries per Week for This Sweepstakes; which would give that player about 750 Entries after 7 months of Entering Daily, which slightly increases the odds of Winning the Super Prize.
I'm having a better day than , just got an email saying I'm cleared for $10 prize from Publishers Clearing House
Has/is anyone else experiencing phone calls from Publishers Clearing House in Jamaica? They have called me 3 times in 2 minutes.
Attention Sierra Patterson I am going to either A come where you are and unscrew your seats and then put them back to find my phone or B order another one because this phone will not and I repeat will not let me play publishers clearing house and you already know ! Text me !
Do you know why the Publishers Clearing House checks are so *** big?
I've had 2 phone calls telling me that I have won money from PCH Publishers Clearing House. Needles to say its a scam and they want money.
Watch out for the Mega Millions scam coming soon to a phone near you. Twice in the last week we received a call informing us that we've won $1.5 million in the Mega Millions sweepstakes. (They also said it was the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes later on during the call.) Taxes paid everything ready to go they just need a processing fee to release the check. I know none of you are dumb enough to fall for this but if you know someone who might benefit from the heads-up, let them know. (At first he told me he was a Christian and that he would never lie to me. He also told me that the FBI was recording the phone call. I asked him for their federal tax ID number but of course they don't give that information out. Later on when I called him on the scam he told me that I was a (expletive)ing red neck and that he would kill me.) So, how was your morning?
I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830,3080, 3726 april 30
Just had a man ring my doorbell and when I opened the door he was walking back up the driveway to his car. He saw me but kept going! Nothing on my door or porch so I'm a little confused!! Of course I stay confused, wasn't publishers clearing house either cause he didn't have balloons and flowers! lol
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Going to get my Physical Therapy schedule set up today with Community Hospital. Well a few clothes to wash today and some more bills to take care of. Gee, I wish I would win that $10,000,000 million from Publishers Clearing House, but won't hold my breath about it--lol.
Waiting for publishers clearing house to knock at my door and for them to say Melinda Barrow you have just won $7000 a week for life :), lol I wish but I've been playing for years now and going to keep continuing playing :) SHOW ME THE BALLOONS
Lonnie wasn't this your surprise birthday party? Cause Karen looks like Publishers Clearing House just showed up (TBT)
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
don't forget "hope of winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes" ... that's some real deal motivation for the elderly!
I sent in my publishers clearing house mailer to win 7,000 per week forr life.I got Three emails from you that unfortunatly I cant respond to because I dont have a computer or androyd phone. This phone just has a small browser.
I'm bout to sign up for publishers clearing house
So. some husbands come home with flowers for their wife.some come home with gifts and surprises.not mine..he come home with a new car.I feel like I just won publishers clearing house! He is so good to me. Only God knows why he loves me and I am thankful it is me he loves!
Have to go to work tomorrow unless win publishers clearing house comes by tonight. Waiting on the knock on the door.
I never should have accepted this assignment in a Publishers Clearing House sleeper cell. Taking forEVER to be activated.
When Publishers Clearing House knocks at my door with that giant blown up check, I'm hauling out my 4 x 6 ft deposit slip
If u get a call from someone claiming to be Don Freeman from publishers clearing house telling you that you have won money. 99% chance its a scam. Call the real pch and report them. The Feds will b paying them a visit. They tried to scam me just a few hrs ago.
Publishers Clearing House will award a million dollar check this week to someone, somewhere in America. And they chose to air the win during commercial time for NBC Nightly News on Friday,April 16 That's probably a smart move, since NBC recently captured the highest ratings of all the networks thanks to their Sochi Olympics coverage. But aside from all that, have you ever wondered how the direct marketing magazine and more company determines who will receive their big check prizes?
Got a bill in the mail from Publishers Clearing House for $39.00 for magazines they said I ordered. Four magazines they were 1. Seventeen, 2. Photo, 3. Outdoor, 4. Playboy. First of all I do not read Seventeen, Photo and I hate camping outside on the ground and no way would I have ordered Playboy it would have been Playgirl. Called them and told them and they said they were sorry, and will remove it from my bill. However whomever did do this had to have gotten my mail and ordered it, what a piece of crap. They should have ordered my magazines I like.
My mom just won publishers clearing house?!?
Okay I was in the middle of planning a combat order, an offensive engagement, when I get a call from (876) 894-6469 Jamaica, informing me that I'd won a Publishers Clearing House sweepstake (which I had not entered) winning several million dollars, a new Mercedes and just needed some info. I told the guy sure since I was in the middle if planning a combat attack and could he give me his location! 😃 He hung up for some reason??? What the *** !! At least let me know where and when do I get my money!
Whatever you do .do not sign up for the Publishers Clearing House thing on FB because all they will do is bombard you everyday with a ton of emails like poking a sharp stick at a caged lion..
Danielle, I bet you love your job. Because you get to go to work everyday and put smiles on peoples faces. That would be an awesome job to have working for Publishers Clearing House.
Ok so got a call from someone pretending to be from publishers clearing house. Call shows Jamaica. He said I won 2.8 million dollars and a Mercedes Then tried to get me to tell him my name. Really if I won you know my name. And we know I didn't win
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Not even I would have expected this but... I have decided to stop playing the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. I. Am. Shocked. The end
Am I the only one who still believes in Publishers Clearing House??
Watch out for a phone call from a guy name David Lopez saying you won Publishers Clearing House he gives you a phone # to call & talk to a John White he tells you that you won but you have to go to a Walmart Walgreen Dollar General & purchase a card & put 1% of your winnings on he hung up after I told him if I won I don't give money I get money only.! Good try you low life crook!!!
Do these people actually win these publishers clearing house things? Or is that just for show?
Just won a million dollars from Publishers Clearing House
8:15 and i already have a headache. Publishers clearing house please knock on my door!!!
Back to work tomm where publishers clearing house when u need them
Do you get Publishers Clearing House contest stuff? some of the products they offer are a little outdated?...
You look at me like entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes isn't working.
80% of Publishers' Clearing House $10 million winners did not purchase any magazine subscriptions
I dont like phone calls that begin with " do u know who this is" unless its publishers clearing house .
For her to watching publishers clearing house lol love her though
what a great reaction shot - it's like Josh won these cookies from Publishers Clearing House
Really hope that wasn't the Publishers Clearing House people who's knocking I just ignored.
Odd. Found the other source for Flickr alerts this morning. Photo of made it to the front of the Publishers Clearing House site.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
If we get rid of the Post office, who is going to deliver my publishers clearing house Million dollars a week for life?
The "Publishers Clearing House" is offering me millions of dollars! Probably for all the books I promised to write but never finished!
Tell you what, though. If I ever win the big Publishers Clearing House prize I'll buy you something nice!
"Can we give out Dulce's address to all ur fans and have everyone mail her a rubber *** She'd think she won the publishers clearing house"
thanks I'm so going to be wearing it during the summer!! 💕 Dad ordered it for me from PCH (publishers clearing house )
I've formulated a foolproof retirement plan that mostly involves my winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
"HARK! do I hear publishers clearing house at my door?!". . no mom
Can I just win the publishers clearing house $7,000 a week?
Buy they're good for you. This message brought to you by the Independent Ebook Publishers Clearing House.
Jim Kelly--Interesting Read The patience of Jim - By Rick Reilly Next time you're running about two quarts low on hope, or feel like you're on the wrong end of God's Whac-A-Mole game, think of Jim Kelly and be glad you're not him. Jim Kelly is sport's Job. If it's raining anywhere, it's raining on Jim Kelly. He's as unlucky as a one-legged dog. The former Buffalo Bills QB has endured more pain, grief and disappointment than many nations, and it's only getting worse. "Jim has had the highest of highs and the lowest of lows," says his brother Pat. "Lately, it's been some really low lows." And yet when you see Jim Kelly, he acts as if he just won Publishers Clearing House. "I've been blessed," says Kelly, 54. "I wouldn't change a thing." Really? Because I wouldn't wish what has happened to him on a tax collector. He's in 24-hour pain. He can't feel the skin on the left half of his face. He says his lip feels like it's constantly on fire. He has had his upper left jaw removed and all but two of his t ...
You just received a phone call saying you won $1,000,000.00 from the Publishers Clearing House. How exciting,...
Have you entered the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes at
I gave up years ago on Publishers Clearing House...out of the blue I receive this! Is it a sign??? Off I go to mail...wish me luck family and friends we will all be rich! Oh Happy Days!
Watch out for Peter Hendrix (unlisted number, Asian sounding, Badge number 0014ph, and package tracking number 41427uf) from Publishers Clearing House. He is claiming that is “legitimately won $885,000”. How kind! Evidently he did not think I qualified after telling him that I retired at 23 and have been a pan handler since and am now 57 that I didn’t qualify any longer because he hung up on me. I was already with my Social Security and bank account number…
Anyone else getting email from Publishers Clearing House promising you $ 7,000 per week if you buy magazines ? WHO do they think they are kidding? This should be illegal I say .
The Roanoke Police Department is investigating a case where scam artists sent a victim a phony Publishers Clearing House check, telling the victim he/she had won.…
Publishers clearing house are miracle givers right now I'm looking for a BIG MIRACLE! My family and I are having A LOT of struggles right now. It's hard to make ends meet. I promised I'd try to help us as much as humanly possible but it is impossible to work 2 jobs and watch my little brother...I had to quit mcdonalds because I can't work with the fumes it was making me too sick to I work at old country buffet making 7.75 an hour trying to help my family pay bills..this wouldn't be for me it would be for my family to. I need a miracle right now...
I keep getting E-Mails from Publishers Clearing House telling me that I am in danger of forfeting if I don't open their E=Mail. Why should a person have to keep filling out the junk they send???
Phone scam going on telling people they are from publishers clearing house and they have won cash and prizes and instructing them to purchase a green pack card from Walmart to claim prize. Don't give out any information
j just had a phone call, said from Publishers clearing house and said I had won five hundred thousand dollars, I told him thank you and go ahead and deliver to my house and I hung up!
They got the wrong people looking for that plane, send the friend of the court Oakland county division. Tell them Tyrone Jackson owes 50,000 and has just won publishers clearing house. They need his body to release the funds to the state of Michigan. SEE WHAT WILL HAPPEN if that don't work hire my mother
Now that I haven't worked for a month I've learned being a bum is my true calling. I feel good about my publishers clearing house odds
It 's a great Company it sell many nice and useful items. I know I buy a lot of the things, make nice gifts too.
Publishers Clearing House: You are hearby doomed to be a gullible naive fool with your wishing & your hoping, but please buy something.
Blue van pulled up in front of my building Wahh wahhh not Publishers Clearing House
The Dunn County Sheriff’s Office would like to alert the public about an ongoing sophisticated telephone “phishing” scam operating out of Jamaica. A number of Dunn County residents have been victimized by this scam and other scams the amount lost by the victim varies from several hundred dollars to in excess of 75,000 dollars. Scammers will call elderly victims claiming they have won a sweepstakes and that they need to pay a fee to collect their winnings. The callers may represent themselves as representatives of Publishers Clearing House or foreign lotteries. They will also pose as federal agents from the FBI, U.S. Customs, or the IRS. The scammers work to build victims’ trust and to learn information. They then use personal information to coerce them into sending large sums of money. Once victims send money as requested they are often asked to send increasingly larger sums of money until they have no more money to send. The suspects will then provide an address often outside the state and instru ...
a camera... that's all i'm trying to publishers clearing house. it's selfish, i know, but I want this.
I just won the publishers clearing house Again this morning.That makes 3 times I've won.Lucky me!
A couple from Sulphur Springs received a call of a lifetime-- or so they thought. Someone from Publishers Clearing House called to congratulate them on winning $500,000 plus some other sweet prizes. It was what the caller told them to do next that tipped them off it was a scam. Make sure you check out News Channel 11's first SCAM BUSTERS report this morning or check it out here:
for 2 years my grandma has been writing to publishers clearing house & nothing. I told her to write to if she wants a miracle
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
“Just in case Publishers Clearing House shows up.
BREAKING NEWS: I may have won Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Winning notice is possibly in my mail box. I will search tomorrow a.m.
Congradulations to the publishers clearing house winners
Helen Norris, whose papers I am privileged to be housing at the moment, is one of the best writers we've ever had in the south. Her humor in her speaking and in her letters is inimitable. One quote from a letter (first part missing) advising a writer on getting published: "Harper Collins, which seems to be the leader of the pack at present, receives 35,000 submissions a year, out of which they publish 3. I would bet out of those 3, two are known quantities. (They've been published before.) One's chances are better with Publishers Clearing House or the lottery."
In these difficult economic times, Publishers Clearing House Scam Busters want to remind you to be wary of sweepstakes offers that may sound too good to be true.�
I am so done w/ publishers clearing house I've been licking those stamps for years... Not going to do it anymore... I have my self respect... Plus I'm not getting anything out of it... Lol
So where is the publishers clearing house van when you need them?!?
Just in case Publishers Clearing House shows up.
Whad'ya mean I can't get this from Publishers Clearing House?
Since when does Publishers Clearing House send notices to inform you they regret you LOST! Rub it in-- I waited for Dave for years! I bet he has died hasn't he?? I cleaned the house and had my gold ticket by the door ready to win that extra 5000 on the spot should they show up! I practiced my excited Winnerrship crap. What a waste when all in life has gone wrong already, to find out I lost again. Im depressed! somebody mail me some chocolate I'll eat it even if its melted !
Wooo Hooo! Won $15 on last nights tickets, not the big one but paid for my ticket and sold 5 bunny booties on top of that... Rollin in the cash;) Publishers Clearing House is next!!!
You are very popular with winners, especially Publishers Clearing House.
. I sent it to Publishers Clearing House for them always crammin up my box. Watch, my hole entry is gonna explode w/win
My team is pushing SO hard towards their goals this month, I am BEYOND proud of them. I wish I could teleport all around the world and show up at their door like publishers clearing house with balloons and a giant check. I'm so overwhelmingly in love with so many people.I had no idea my heart could ever grow to such a size as this. I am beyond blessed. So thankful for having all of you in our life. Thank you so much for your continuos outpouring of love and support!
2 years later & my granny is still trying to win $$$ off of publishers clearing house. She should watch with me
I WAS WONDERING WHY I NEVER RECEIVED MY PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE WINNING NOTICE: Forget the rain, sleet, and snow days, this guy just didn’t feel like going postal any time. If he goes to prison, do you think he should be allowed to receive mail? Cops: Lazy Mailman Trashed 1K Letters, Packages PATRICK PASKETT CHARGED WITH MAIL DESTRUCTION If you never got grandma's Christmas card and happen to live on Long Island, this might explain things: A mail carrier threw more than a thousand pieces of mail into garbage bins along his Massapequa and Seaford route ... simply because he was too lazy to deliver them, police say, per the New York Post. Federal agents first started looking into Patrick Paskett's delivery practices after receiving complaints of missing letters and packages, and on March 6, the 24-year-old was observed throwing a stack of letters into a Massapequa garbage can, according to a court complaint. When confronted, police say Paskett, who began work in June, admitted he'd chucked mail about 1 ...
Today... I sat with a hero.. Brad Schoelen has been receiving phone calls from someone claiming to be Publishers Clearing House, trying to get him to send them money so he can claim his prize. There has been several cases here in Gillette of this. Today he did his part to rid the world of this VERMIN!! He called the fine people at the Gillette WY police department to report it! Of course they told him theres nothing they can do about it, BUT. He reported it! Still a hero in my book! *UPDATE* Feeling the "call of duty" so to speak to do my part as well, I have done what the Gillette Police Dept apparently can not do, and have conducted my own investigation. I have found out that the US and Jamaican governments have started a task force called JOLT to try to stop these telephone/lottery scams. If you or anyone you know have been violated by these scam scums, you can contact the task force. The US contact is "ICE". Their web site is In the upper right hand of the page is a link to rep ...
Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes the longest running scam in America
Apparently I "won" the "Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes" . so I annoyed the guy until he hung up when I heard a dog barking XD
does anyone on my list know somebody who ever won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?
Well, you could do all those things (and more!) if you win the Publishers Clearing House ?Forever? If there is, Publishers Clearing House will award $5,000 a week ?Forever?
Now I know where my $1 mill Publishers Clearing House winnings check went.
Publishers Clearing House called me last night and then we got disconnected
I'm not even a member I'm just waiting for them to give me a code like Publishers Clearing House
if they only added Publishers Clearing House it might be 90%
Sweepstakes winner: IN THE NEWS: Publishers Clearing House representatives showed up to deliver a prize for a ...
There is a man wearing a TLC polo on the bus staring at me. Not sure if I won Publishers Clearing House or if my face is going in a freezer.
My great aunt won 10 grand from the publishers clearing house today. I wanna cut tbh 💸💸💸
Margery Thomas, congratulations for winning the publishers clearing house in Glasgow, KY 42141.
I love this video. This is the science version of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol
Publishers Clearing House shows up to deliver $10,000 prize, but the plan hits a slight snag
When Publishers Clearing House knocks, what if no one answers?: What happens when someone wins a Publishers...
MT Scam Warning: There is no Jamaican Publishers Clearing House. Never send money to claim a prize. http:…
Got an email from publishers clearing house. Just hoping they deliver big cardboard checks to the barracks that would be the ***
scammers now saying from publishers clearing house in phone calls. Everyone protect your privacy!
This vid is awesome! It's the cosmological equiv of the surprise Publishers Clearing House surprise visit! .
There is a publishers clearing house winner in this area! Local florist confirms they are here with flower order an hour ago!
This is like publishers' clearing house for physicists
I don't understand this, but I love it. It's like winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for nerds.
Discovering the Big Bang is way better than winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes:
The reaction of this physicist is like winning the Big Bang version of the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
Publishers clearing house is rigged and a fraud
Might be alone in this, but is displaying publishers clearing house ads/garbage. Anyone else?
This year Publishers Clearing House hired Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips to lobby for them in Washington.
. I tell them, "It's Ed McMahon, and you've just won Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes."
"I signed up for Publishers Clearing House. I'm expecting a check in the mail any day now."
A doorstep surprise to rival Publishers Clearing House—Shocked physicist learns his Big Bang theory is true [video]
I have your Publishers Clearing House giant check right here
Publishers clearing house gotta be the longest running accepted scam in America.
I love Publishers Clearing House and The Prize Patrol and Dave ,Todd and Dianna and all the People That work for the coperate office ,Thy Make it Happen for people thy are real. From ( Patricia W Roland)
Publishers Clearing house is a real scam just to get you to buy products. When receiving the products, they never work. This is a total scam
Eat it, Publishers Clearing House. Son just informed me we've won a free kroos.
*** doing that 15 hour day goin hard again today and tonight.. Was doing so good man, haven't had a redbull in like 3 days smh .. Gotta doin it while I can or until I hit this lotta or Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.. $7,000 a week for life can be a game changer for sure:: crosses fingers:: but will I even be home to answer the door 😳😳😬
thank you from Emily coughlin for letting me know that I may be a winner with PCH Publishers Clearing House
Is there a storm coming? I hope so or publishers clearing house with my mega millions! 27 years a slave...that's how long I've been working shesssh!!!
Breakfast with the roomy and now it's time for work. When will you find my door publishers clearing house?
Just looked at a new stove and realized that I need the PCH Publishers Clearing House at my front door!! I will share the $$ .don't need it all.or the balloons & flowers. Save the money. What do you think my chances are Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol??
Woo Hoo second win!! I just won $10 on an instant prize scratch off thru Publishers Clearing House.
Ok. I just got a voice mail from publishers clearing house asking for me telling me I won the grand prize and for me too call back and verify my social security number but the number was broken. I don't get I want my *** money!
I just read that someone in Arkansas won the $million for life publishers clearing house...Bella vista?
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
I guess it doesn't matter that I didn't respond to the Barrister in the U.K. about being the next-of-kin to a dead long lost relative, or that I decided not to reply to the email from the Prince of Zimbabwe's requesting to shelter some of his money in exchange for a percentage. You see, Publisher's Clearing House said that someone in Indianapolis with the initials C.B. is going to win a Million a Year for life. Good thing I didn't go for those other deals because I wouldn't have been home when the Publishers Clearing House van arrived.
I won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.jk
A new beginning each day. Have a great day. Enjoy. Pondering Life's Dilemma's:  No mans land. As an adopted kid I often wonder where do I fit in. I am one of the lucky ones that was adopted by my maternal grandparents and raised. Lucky me. I never want to complain about the fact. I loved my parents with everything I am and miss them. My pondering moments come from where do I fit in? My older siblings who are my aunt, uncle and mother if you want to go with birth line, however with adoption they became my brothers and sister. I am listed as the fifth birth of my maternal grandmother as all the records were changed. This make for confusion on ancestry searches, however I claim what my birth certificate reads as the former person  no longer exists. This places me in a quandary however. Where do I belong. I have brothers and sister by my birth father and birth mother, however only one of those siblings claim me. I had more but they have passed on to greener pastures. I really do not belong to the older sibl ...
I've never met any of those people shown in the publishers clearing house's 💰 for life commercials...
Nebraska Dern I feel until this year has never received the acclaim he truly deserves. With an impeccable career that has spanned over 50 years, the man is truly a master of his craft. His Oscar nomination for Best Actor is well deserved. June Squibb also deserves her nomination as well. It is truly a shame none of them won. Dern plays Woody Grant, a cranky old father and Squibb is his quirky wife. Woody receives a Publishers Clearing House type letter in the mail that says he's won a $1,000,000. He is bound and determined to walk to Nebraska from Montana to claim his prize. His younger son tries desperately to convince him it is all a scam. Woody refuses to believe it and several times is picked up from the highway and brought home. His son frustrated with it all drives him to Nebraska just to convince him of the scam and shut him up. Well I don't want to give away any more of this rare gem. The black and white film adds a soothing Midwest aura to the film. Everything about this film is superb ...
Don't miss out on this easy chance to win with Publishers Clearing House!
Come on Publishers Clearing House, been waiting on you now for 20 years...lets do this! Good night all...dream well!
32 Reasons Not to Become a Vampire 1. No more garlic toast. 2. Blood diet causes the WORST morning breath. 3. Thanks to Madonna, Holy Symbols have become fashionable. 4. All elder vampires have that “More Tormented than Thou” attitude. 5. Those pesky mortals all have read the morning paper before you. 6. Eternal embarrassment at having been represented by Tom Cruise. 7. Sleeping in native earth causes toadstools to grow in one’s shorts. 8. Roving gangs of werewolves beat up on vampires just to prove they can. 9. Impossible to get pizza with blood as a topping. 10. Inability to see self in mirror makes grooming difficult. 11. This town has _no_ nightlife. 12. Transylvanian vampire Mafia wants 20% of all the blood you drink. 13. Anne Rice fans constantly pestering you to give them “the Dark Gift.” 14. Complete lack of tan causes people to mistake you for Bill Gates. 15. Can’t find a comfortable coffin anywhere. 16. Dracula’s really an not a very nice person when you get to know him. Lestat too ...
It used to be that the magazines were fairly well discounted. Now it's so so . And many of the magazines that I read are not available through PCH. The household goods stuff is horrendously over priced. . I really get tired of being told multiple times per week that if I don't 'search' today, I will lose out. Like I'll be dis-qualified. Getting tired of the continual BS.
OK folks.Doyle got his call on his seems that he, too won 2,000,000 from Publishers Clearing House.and the Benz. The guy ask him if he was home and Doyle said "yes" and then he wanted to know if Doyle ever went to Walmart? Doyle said "oh no, never".the guy hung up on him!! There went our money & car!!! Geez, I just pray that people will NOT fall for this and meet these guys somewhere.please let everyone know that these calls are really working our area now. I know that several here in Marlow and received these calls already.pass the word!
Hello there, PCH Team! I did get One PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE WHITE ENVELOPE, with a letter (sounds very personal) in it and Signed!? by "TODD SLOANE!??? I know this is a Scam!! It says I should not ignore the Brown "RECORD OF DEPOSIT" Package ! with a bulleting (W-12) in it that I'll be receiving in a few days, that provide me with the opportunity to win " $1,500.00! A Month For A Year? this April 30th! This Letter has a PCH Black & White Round Logo showing an Eagle, in the front!!! And on the other side a BIG LOGO of a flying Eagle with the AMERICAN FLAG!!! Again reminding me, that the Publishers Clearing House, could very well be Knocking at my door to announce me as the Winner of an INCREDIBLE!! "$1,500.00!!! A MONTH For "A Year "TEXAS"-Only Prize!
"If a person identifies themselves as PCH and Ask's YOU for Money... that Person is an IMPOSTER trying to TRICK YOU out your money while simultaneously Soiling The Good Name of PCH Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes !!!" Remember fans, you can NEVER be too safe! "Share" this helpful tip to help others stay safe from scammers.
What is the Publishers Clearing House Record of Depost and do you respond to it? Read more and find out.
As much time as I have spent entering publishers clearing house online I better at least win 10 dollars!
Do you believe what they say about "Publishers Clearing House" Where you don't need to buy anything And you could win 5,000 a week For life? I'm sorry but it sounds a bit fishy to Me! Anybody else think that is a bunch Of bull!
ok, just gotta finish my publishers clearing house entries... no Whammy No Whammy and . WIN!!
Bills! Bills! Bills! And a letter from Publishers Clearing House. Where's the nuts that I ordered??
The Butchers Block just called and told me they have been getting strange calls looking for me so I better go check this out. Might be Publishers Clearing House.
13 Types of Job Applicants You Should Never Hire BY STEVE CODY Beware of candidates like the Chatterbox, the Chameleon, and the Mobile Device Maven, whose behavior during the hiring process portend the disastrous effect they could have on your company. There are some clichés that, though old and somewhat tired, still ring true in the workplace. A company’s greatest assets do ride up and down the elevator every morning. And a few rotten apples do spoil the barrel. As the co-founder of a 100-plus person strategic communications firm, I’ve conducted hundreds, if not thousands, of job interviews over the years. And with each passing year, I seem to get a little bit better at spotting a potentially toxic hire. So here, with the assistance of my crack intern committee managers Samantha Bruno, Jason Green, Julie Hoang, and Kristin Davie, are 13 types of interviewees you should avoid at all costs. 1. The Helicopter Millennial This is the young lady whose mother accompanies her to the interview, waits patient ...
Hi, has any received a phone call presumably by "publishers clearing house " saying you won 2.5 million?
Right now as I try to figure out when and how I will ever be able to financially be able to afford and make all the right decisions to be able to maintain and keep up with the house GOD blessed me with I cry for strength and knowledge to be able to maintain life along with traumatic brain injury. I pray for the reasons GOD left Nicole McDougal here on this earth are to maybe just maybe partner with Publishers Clearing House so "WE" may some way some how let our light shine to America together! PLEASE PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE HEAR AND FEEL ME OUT LETS HELP AMERICA BECOME A SAFER PLACE!!!
Lucky Me!! Publishers clearing house called and said I won a million dollars and a new Mecedes, I've just got to send 10% of the million (he said that's $1,000.) to a phone number in Jamacia. The same week I got an email that says I have been chosen as a winner by Google, I'd won 750,000 British Pounds. Where's my check book?
So sitting here watching this commercial and something came and dawned on me. Since I was a kid every time I saw one of these Publishers Clearing House commercials. It seems like the only people that win their prizes are people that live in houses or elderly. I never see nobody to live in an apartment building winning the big prizes or is that just me.
Go behind the scenes with the PCH Prize Patrol and check out videos of REAL Publishers Clearing House winners!
what if it was the Publishers Clearing House winning red pin?
Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. Wake up & smell the carvey. Hello
ALERT - ALERT - Guys - This is important if you have elderly parents or grandparents - I was talking with my neighbor this morning and she told me she just got back from the bank with her 83 year old mother. Her mother told her she had won Publisher's Clearing House and she needed to go to the bank. When they got there the mother wanted to transfer $30 to Publishers Clearing House to confirm the bank account number before they would deposit her winnings. The mother told her that she had won six times and had sent the money in to verify the account each time, once from India, and several times to New Jersey. She had not received her winnings yet but as soon as the accounts were verified, the winnings would be deposited in her account. They had milked this woman for $180 OVER THE PAST FEW WEEKS, and who knows how much more if the daughter had not found out about it. The daughter showed the bank officials and called the police on this. She also immediately closed her mother's account and opened her a new one ...
So do you think publishers clearing house would privately message you and tell you that you have won! But u have to go to cvs and spend 78 dollars for a card ? Does this make sense? Or open a checking account for them to have a verification no. But they will give you the money to do this?
who says publishers clearing house a joke. I just won 1000.00 from them, just got the check today.. Thanks.
So if Publishers PCH Publishers Clearing House wants to send the Prize Patrol, I am home today
Woo hoo gotta a new Mississippi scam call. I won the publishers clearing house 3 million dollar ms winner TODAY! it'll only cost me $450.00 TODAY! !! lol
I wish Publishers Clearing House would come to my house right now, I would enjoy just enough to pay my bills off, dreaming...
I love playing publishers clearing house
Today I was thinking.Why do you always here about lottery winners going broke. But never here about Publishers Clearing House winners going broke.
I want towin publishers clearing house superprize 1830 I want to win
I wish I could win PCH Publishers Clearing House set for life. To think of all those years of subscribing to Readers Digest, and their things and promise after promise from Ed McMahon that I already won... Yet another chapter in this unending nightmare of bankruptcy :(
He also signed an executive order, making him a publishers clearing house winner, but that's not how it works Mr. P. You actually have to enter the sweepstakes, dingbat!
I'm gna really get down to business wit publishers clearing house entryz n Gamez lol its on Now . lmfao hehe
When I receive mail from Publishers Clearing House I automatically think omg I WON A MILLION DOLLARS😃 but NO😒 some help a puppy foundation
couple could be out $6,000 in scam representing the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, police say -
Prizes, prizes. Like Publishers Clearing House, offers prizes for signing up:
The publishers clearing house just called me to tell me I won $950,000. From Jamaica. 😑
Thanks for the follow!. I will be bringing over the Publishers Clearing House giant check within the week
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