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Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is an American multi-channel direct-marketing company that offers discounted magazine subscriptions and household merchandise to consumers with the chance to enter one of its many ongoing sweepstakes.

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes

I think it is a wild group of normal folks going out and making people happy with the prizes they give out to wild and crazy folks like myself
If money isn't endless in our budget, why are we protecting all information the same?. That's like protecting the e…
Congratulations Belinda S. for winning GWY 8331 only from PCH Publishers Clearing House.
yeah sure and I won Publishers Clearing House. Your check is in the mail
Someone asked me who called her roommate. I said it was Publishers Clearing House.
Carjack the Publishers Clearing House prize patrol minivan.
I found oatmeal in the back of the fridge and got a letter from Publishers Clearing House, so my we…
What if it was Publishers Clearing House with your giant check?
Words With A Publishers Clearing House Winner – Fran Chargar hope no matter the weather you'll come
please tell me it was one of those comically oversized Publishers Clearing House checks
Well, I guess this means that I drop off the Publishers Clearing House list!
Puts a whole new spin on Publishers Clearing House contest.
. Alone late at night at the station, Bill and Lisa play a game of strip poker, which Bill loses. Yet,…
Which misspellings of Publishers Clearing House do you see the most?
feeling like publishers clearing house is a scam. Signed up and getting bombarded with too many emails…
Short of Publishers Clearing House ringing your doorbell, this is the next best thing, they are practically giving…
Some dude is saying he's from Publishers clearing house trying to scam people be ready.
*switches phone to silent so I don’t get called about voting or timeshares or lowering interest rates or…
it needs to be like a Publishers Clearing House event.
Publishers Clearing House called and said I was PROBABLY gonna win 100 grand a year for life, but would have to agr…
Maybe TIME magazine nominations are like Publishers Clearing House and everyone gets a letter saying y…
*** they pulled up like Publishers Clearing House
Maybe publishers clearing house is there with him??! 😜🤓
Publishers Clearing House walked up to my door with a giant check and rang the doorbell. But I was baking hot pocke…
Publishers Clearing House called to say I won the big $100 million prize and they would be sending over a reporter…
Oh yeah? Well I just got mail from Publishers Clearing House. I may have already won 10 million dollars!
And, I'm probably going to be on the next space shuttle..after I win 1 million $$ from…
Publishers Clearing House called to say I PROBABLY won 50 million dollars, but I would have to agree to an intervie…
This is exactly like the time Publishers Clearing House said I was PROBABLY going to win a million…
Publishers Clearing House called to say I was probably going to win the big priz…
Publishers Clearing House called and said I might be the next winner. They wanted to interview me and take pictures…
Publishers Clearing House told me I PROBABLY already have the winning numbers.
Donald Trump Time Man of the Year? Well not exactly. But he did get a notice saying that he "may have already won…
I'm sure Publishers Clearing House told him he was probably going to win $5 million for life. He's…
Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be the next “$10,000,000 winner”,…
Publishers clearing house called & said I was PROBABLY going to win their sweepstakes's but I would ha…
I was mistaken about my call early today from It wasn’t them it was publishers clearing house. I could be a winne…
My goal is to beat astronomical odds. What I want is to win the Publishers Clearing House. What I’ll probably get is struck by a meteor.
Man, I wanted that drive to end in a TD more than I wanted to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes as a kid.
Boycotting Publishers Clearing House and Sandals because they advertise on Hannity! Name two you will boycott and…
Until Publishers Clearing House stops advertising on Hannity is a friend to fake news and conspiracy t…
.Don’t you have enough money left from publishers clearing house? You should leave too.
Mostly scam artists you wouldn't do business with anyway. They need a…
Congress never doing it's job, corruption is easier. Dept. of Homeland Security not doing PEE DIDLY because there a…
Publishers Clearing House used to be a charming company with smiling faces of close families & cute grandmas, now y…
I won the Publishers Clearing House 💰 You heard it here first 🔥🏆🔥
Heller's staff seems to think the is like publishers clearing house or something.
Me receiving a random phone call:. Guy: Hello this is _ from the Publishers Clearing House. Me: Oh, the people…
They can surprise them with balloons at their front door like publishers clearing house, and the local sheriffs
How to win prizes with Publishers Clearing House... :) ;)
Turn Back Time prize event! Publishers Clearing House are looking for someone to take home the prize that pays...
"My greed took over:" Local woman warns others about Publishers Clearing House scam via
SCAM ALERT – KENTUCKY – PUBLISHERS. CLEARING HOUSE SCAM ALERT - Beshear warns of new scam – Learn more:
Can you see yourself as a Data Entry Administrator at Publishers Clearing House? Check out this job!
Blind Faith Does Not Exist in True Christianity. Recently, I was notified by Publishers Clearing House that...
SOUTH DAKOTA – PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE SCAM ALERT - You may already be a winner ... but don't bet on it
The Publishers Clearing House team walked away sadly, another of those giant novelty checks gone to waste.
I just want to say how disappointed I am that I didn't win Publishers Clearing House today.
I didn't win the publishers clearing house
OMG -- look who won PCH Publishers Clearing House -- a woman from
it was Publishers Clearing House...asking for directions. I told them to go to ***
Just the opposite, here. 2 years after my mother-in-law's death, she keeps winning the Publishers Cleari…
"I’ve never won anything, so this is like unbelievable," said winner today.
Publishers Clearing House please come to Boston this is Charisse DuBois IWould like to be the winner.
spent a little bit of time yesterday messing with these Publishers Clearing House scammers - figured…
Nice job ducking out on the main prize again. Require winners!
Now if we only win the Publishers Clearing House drawing later today, ha ha!. The drawing is in fact today.
Someone just called me trying to convince me I want to million dollars and a Ford pick up from Publishers Clearing House
Explaining to older patrons that they haven’t won a Publishers Clearing House prize is one of the most sad and frustrating Library tasks
Talk about publishers clearing house...
The DMV? I thought those licenses come from Publishers Clearing House. Subscribe to three magazines or…
Hello but directly to Publishers Clearing house I deserve the win
This was 💯 embarrassing... how much did the publishers-clearing-house-sized dr…
Those charities would have more of a chance winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
Once a week Nana calls me to check if she won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. They might as well just run her a check already
Real pch sweepstakes biggest republic fat lier racist black winners , worries white trash trailer win only !
Hamilton Collection
It's clear to me that I either need a sugar daddy, win publishers clearing house or become republican (they steal money) for my lifestyle.
To Publishers Clearing House I'm going to read your blog and it's called a Law Firm but that's woman get after y'all call the *** you put
If you get this phone call, report it to .
To PCH f*** Publishers Clearing House y'all bunch of f* Liars promise me something and didn't deliver it
F*** you Publishers Clearing House I ain't buying no more s*** from y'all I got better things to do with my money give me Bonnie's b*
Publishers Clearing House lied to me all the hard work I put in and they promised me something and never delivered it instead he we
Publishers Clearing House is full of s*** y'all watch what y'all doing they are full of s***they get you to buy s*** promise you s***
Publishers Clearing House.Is one big Scam ! Yesterday they told me I won a million dollars and a brand new car and a Free Vacation . Scam
A lady in my town won lately. My entry must have be confused with hers. Thought of you and our trip.
I'll bet he writes it on a cartoonishly large Publishers Clearing House-like check with his name in bold and presen…
Please, don't hold your breath. It's the same as waiting for Publishers Clearing House to knock on your…
No, he'll have a rally and hand one of those big…
Publishers Clearing House scams again. Have notice saying "Prize Winner" will be announced 8/31/17 on NBC Nightly News. IT WASN'T.
Did he sign a oversized mock check with a gigantic pen and hand it over, Publishers Clearing House style?.
This local couple won $1 million with Publishers Clearing House a year ago today
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
I don't like to be lead believe that I won publishers clearing house. I do not like to be lied to at all.
If I win Publishers Clearing House, I'll make sure we all get to…
So it looks like I didn't win the lottery from Publishers Clearing House again:( .
This would have been funnier with like a publishers clearing house check for like 13 grand
You can go one step further and sign the up for a publishers clearing house email list. Will send the…
Kind of like the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes telling you this is the last time you'll receive a mailing from us.
I couldn't be happier for you even if I had one the publishers clearing house lottery. Well actually ..…
It would be cool if she showed up at one flooded house in hip waders with a big cardboard check like…
It was Publishers Clearing House with your check.
I've had calls from Kingstown( or kingston), Jamaica saying they were in Lawrence ks and I had won…
Publishers Clearing House Win $5,000 A Week For Life Please give me entry to Win $5,000 a week for life
Howie from Publishers Clearing House is here to answer one of your frequently asked questions: "What Is A Special E…
I would like to find real people with honesty not the publishers clearing house or Jennifer Lawrence,Kendall Jenner David o Russell, nomore
The newest will be surprised IN PERSON ON 8/31! If you're contacted any other way, read this
Sign him up for the Publishers Clearing House. They're relentless.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
OMG I just got the most beautiful letter from Publishers Clearing House
Quest you were the Publishers Clearing House winner? Wow. I am impressed
My 93 yo dad who is waiting to win publishers clearing house wanted to wait til the…
Congratulations Betsy on winning at Publishers Clearing House and meeting the PCH Prize Patrol keep s…
Almost looks as believable as the publishers clearing house commercials.
Publishers Clearing House is in trouble.Ca,.A.G,. Xavier Becerra,forced PCH to sign secret agreement suspend Ca.player prior to prize award.
Yes! I Entered☺ Blessings to every PCH Publishers Clearing House Fan who took the time to Enter👍
Just don't take as long as Publishers Clearing House. I have been waiting for Ed Mc…
A letter from Publishers Clearing House indicating you may have already won $50 Million Dollars is
I worked there for a year I think till they moved me to publishers clearing house and I quit. What a dump
Two Corrupt thieves to stay away from: California Attorney General Xavier Becerra & his friends at Publishers Clearing House. Bad people.
Thank You PCH Publishers Clearing House for your inspiration to Us Loyal and dedicated Fans👍
If anyone is bored, call up a Publishers Clearing House scam at 1876-817-2384. Every minute tied up is a minute they can't scam someone
Nothing's worse than to play Publishers Clearing House.Secret agreement of PCH with Calif A.G. to suspend players prior to prize awards.Bad.
It would be great if they taped the delivery of the letters like the Publishers Clearing House does !
I wish publishers clearing house,would show up at my door so I can pay off my student loans and finish my bachelor's degree
Attorney General of Calif is corrupt along with Publishers Clearing House,secret agreement to suspend Calif PCH player prior to prize award.
Trip KNOWS THIS IS THE YEAR he'll win the publishers clearing house money
Attorney General of California & Publishers Clearing House are both connected and dishonest.Suspends Calif participants prior to prize award
Publishers Clearing House is a Corrupt organization.Has most States Attorney Generals in their pocket.Above law.Treats player like shee-it.
If the Illuminati knocked on your front door like the Publishers Clearing House..what u spending ur first check on..
Publishers clearing house is at the door!
Every one in this thread is now a Publishers C…
Bernie should work for Publishers Clearing House... The give aways are endless...
Why did California Attorney General cut a secret agreement with Publishers Clearing House to suspend Calif PCH players prior to prize award?
Believing in Man-made climate change is the equivalent of thinking you might actually win…
It's Publishers Clearing House 9th birthday! Reply back with some birthday love!
TIP: Pay for a prize? – Clearing house will never ask you to pay a fee to receive a prize…
Telephone scam in Adams County regarding Sheriff VonderHaar and Publishers Clearing House
Ed McMahon isn't apart of publishers clearing house.
OMG, can I just win the lottery or Publishers Clearing House. I am so over this job. I just want to watch videos all day.
Has probably won publishers clearing house twice and gotten free tickets to south America.
Did you really win Publishers Clearing House or is it a scam? Read the attached article to recognize PCH scams.
I was laughing the other day because the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes is taking place but I'm not falling for that this year😄
Really hoping this is like Publishers Clearing House and they'll just show up on my doorstep next week 😬🤞🏼
Learn how unifies visitor experiences across sites and reduces cart abandonment with personalization!
Oh yes, random guy calling from a 702 area code, please tell me again how I've just won a Publishers Clearing House contest. 🙄😒
After years of entering, finally won Publishers Clearing House!
Because you didn't just win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. I would never lie to you
Another phone scam victim today. Was told she won Publishers Clearing House and had to Pay taxes upfront.
There is a new SCAM with people saying you have won 2.5 mil from Publishers Clearing House . Want bank receipt proof to pay tax, SCAM
It's more likely that I will win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes before comes back. Bring on the money!
Follow me soon then i will know you read fix google chrome have work with pchgames Publishers Clearing House
the Publishers Clearing House APP to enter into their monthly
Only if it had a picture of a jury summons. Or notification I had won the Publishers Clearing House sw…
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
to claim a Sweepstakes prize - STOP - You have not heard from the real Publishers Clearing House.
Yea right..and she might find her mind in a closet with a server & Ed McMahon from publisher…
That moment when your friend girl tells you if she wins publishers clearing house she is gonna buy herself a...
SCAMWatch: Residents are receiving phone calls with a claim that they have won a large sum of money.
When I'm an *** and signed up for publishers clearing house and now I get random phone numbers calling me every 5 seconds :)
I'm going to win it one of these days! Just like Publishers Clearing House will be at my door since I bu…
Ready to Win the publishers clearing house on june 30,2017
Publishers' Clearing House does not offer subscriptions to Soft Matter.
Publishers Clearing House will never call, period - Isn't it remarkable that so many Southern Colorado resident...
Publishers Clearing House will never call, period
Voice of the Consumer: Publishers Clearing House will never call, period
You’re Never Going to Get $10,000 for Your United Airlines Seat. // There’s always Publishers Clearing House
I send out 1 a week, for life. It's like a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
Publishers clearing house has been lieing for years remember time they found form…
There should be n investigation on publishers clearing house they lie. Please inv…
I just got a check in the mail from PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE!!! via
Watch out for this new scam in Craig.
of the latest 'Publishers Clearing House' scam!
A woman in Fairmont, West Virginia, is celebrating after winning $1 million from the Publisher's Clearing House.
SURPRISE: PCH Publishers Clearing House gives a Fairmont woman the surprise of her life on Friday afternoon when...
A West Virginia woman won $1 million today from a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. .
I won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. You guys can kiss my ***
The California girl in me thought PCH in my science class was Pacific Coast Highway, but it was actually Publishers Clearing House😂
[Two days later], you've already won:. More priceless than Publishers Clearing…
That letter would go right next to the publishers clearing house giveaway right in he GARBAGE unopened
Wish shared at Win the publishers clearing house prize asap
Does anyone else think of Publishers' Clearing House when they hear September?
I liked a video Publishers Clearing House: 50 Years of Sweepstakes
It's almost that time! PCH Publishers Clearing House is going to be surprising ANOTHER big SuperPrize winner...
View this message from our sponsor while your next winning opportunity loads. Skip. ©2017 Publishers Clearing House. All rights reserved
What would you say if someone asked why you enter Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes? Tell us below!
I liked a video Publishers Clearing House Awards David Levitt Good as Gold!
2 Garin Terrace Gary Volis in Aries Lowell Ma or Mar that is my win in publishers clearing house make it happen Papa
2 Garin Terrace where my mom lives it matches up with my name reverse Ras Publishers Clearing House Make it happen Papa!
There is something missing at Publishers Clearing House: YOU.
I'm wondering if this is for real or if this is just another of those mean things people do to other people to get a laugh...I was told I was in the running also for prize...Been at it for months now game after game day night ..Won nothing..Yet..Ain't gonna quit tho. you ain't the boss of me..Lol
I want one of those big *** checks like on Publishers Clearing House​ you know what I mean
Wow it's 2017. Get direct deposit already. Do you make them pay you with yuge Publishers Clearing House checks?
Weres government now on publishers clearing house they go after little guy
Publishers clearing house should be investigated n check there taxes n bank account n you'll see
Publishers clearing house should be investigated they promise money n never deliver do you know any…
Just got a call from a Private number claiming to be Publishers Clearing House saying I won 10 million and a Mercedes. Funny.
I just just got a phone call about this...they were clever. 5 Ways To Know If It’s A Publishers Clearing House Scam!
The mail never stops! And the more you get out the more that comes In. THen the bar code meter breaks and it…
White House presser or Publishers Clearing House TV spot? Hard to tell!
All purpose parts banner
Listening to while doing my Publishers Clearing House entries. Living dangerously.
i entered to win Publishers Clearing House the check is in Gary Volis can you approve this win 7000 a week for life
no wonder tho where probaly getting a crustal pole shift the pope has allowed the people in nice areas to win the publishers Clearing House
i should have used my uncles address for the Publishers Clearing House win i think a visit at my area would be funny Gary Volis
if Publishers Clearing House came to my area i and pch would get shot & robbed from the whole area but i need this win Gary Volis
but if the pope approves this publishers Clearing House win for Gary Volis in the hood that would be hilarious in the hood
Publishers Clearing House never goes to the hood for 2 reason the check will be stolen and the pope dont want my area rebuilt thats a no no
Publishers Clearing House they like Mar because Mar is the God of this world im reverse Ra to the God head
they pick reverse Ras to win it Publishers Clearing House the last name tho is more common i might still win it i Gary reverse to G
im going to sleep with the publishers Clearing House girl that brings my win shes hot and ryan hart won it hes younger than me hes 20
i will know because if i dont win the Publishers Clearing House then the pope dont want to help me than i know the end game
7.000 a week for life i won and i just need approval for the publishers clearing house win for Gary Volis
it sounds like i allready won the publishers clearing house there emailing saying the boston media will be alerted of your win on April 28th
now that i can play lottery online i should win this lottery easy from publishers clearing house on April 28th
It was like a Publishers Clearing House giveaway.   10% Off
Impeach Trump will happen the same day the Left receives their Pink Pony from Publishers Clearing House.
Man avoids scam saying he won $4.8 million from Publishers Clearing House
It would be stupid to put those numbers out there and we all enjoy a good visual…
Should have just used one of those Giant Checks like Publishers Clearing House... 🤣
Outta town numbers need to stop calln me unless it's Publishers Clearing House
Do they think this is Publishers Clearing House?
Still waiting on the day Publishers Clearing House just shows up to my house w/ that big million dollar check.or the $5,000 a week 🙄
I've said it before and I'll say it again: Publishers Clearing House needs to step up their balloon game.
Financial situation: just entered Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
you're on their radar now. You'll be getting those things more frequently than publishers clearing house offers.
I would like to see an investigation show on Publishers clearing house I'm curious to see them talk to real big time winners & what happened
Publishers Clearing House for sure has had people snuffed who have won $7,000 a week for life.
I just won millions of dollars from publishers clearing house without ever signing up! All I have to do is mail...
seen Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol Van in-person. It's like Bigfoot, elusive in the wild.
Just found out I may have won 10 million from Publishers Clearing House. Congress, please investigate
Things I ponder when not anxiety ridden over trump as potus: Are there any real that win publishers clearing house $7,000 a week 4 life?
I just got an email saying I won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. I'm replying asking them to send me mail instead.
How do I win publishers clearing house...Looks sweet...
I may already be a winner for Publishers Clearing House, so I'm going to sit and wait at home.
Publishers clearing house odds of winning- $1 million, 1 in 3.47 billion. $7000 a week for life, 1 in 2.4 billion.
Ed McMahon was never the spokesman for publishers clearing house. I just can't accept this one.
That's cause Publishers Clearing House is about to award their $7K a week for life prize!
Man...why does publishers clearing house never knock on my door?
I'd bet you the Publishers Clearing House give away down blue or nothing- it's a no from Jakey
Can we skip past these publishers clearing house Nick scenes & get to the good stuff already 🙄
Oregonians lose $100K in Publishers Clearing House scam via
In volusia county investigating publishers clearing house scam...impostors claim to be in orlando area with big... https:…
Don't waste ur time... she got a Publishers Clearing House mailing!
Are Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes scams? Find out whether sweepstakes from PCH are worth…
Meanwhile, Chaffetz claims new information that Clinton may have rec'd an email frm Publishers Clearing House. calls 4 review
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I just entered Publishers Clearing House to win $7,000 a week for life. How is your Sunday ending?
They are also staying home waiting 4 a knock from . Ed McMahon @ Publishers Clearing House so they can retire. Funny…
Still trying to understand how publishers clearing house is able to just give away money all the time
Heart i would love to be the next winner of $10,000,000.00 from Publishers Clearing House hav…
Got a call from a guy claiming to be with publishers clearing house. Told me I need to have a check from a western…
It was someone claiming to be from publishers clearing house. Asked that I have a check from a western union. SCAM!
Publishers Clearing House sent me 4 entries for their sweepstakes today. At least one of them MUST BE the winning entry!
Leon Williams of San Antonio, Texas I know I want to win the Publishers Clearing House
My family came to this country to seek refuge but mainly for a chance to win the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
I want to claim in access of pch giveaway numbers 6900,8705,9035
I am roxsanne clark in I want to win big
Or a big cheque that says food and drink. Payable to CJ. Like a Publishers Clearing House sized one.
I was led to believe that I would have been a Publishers Clearing House winner by now.
I'll name you to get the $5000 a week for the rest of your life in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes if you'll name me to get it.
Do people actually win publishers clearing house?
Me and all of the other Publishers clearing house winners are part of a secret society that gets together for brunch on Sunday's.
Whoot Whoot! I just got called by Olly McDonald from Publishers Clearing House & I won the "Whopping 5.5 million...
The SLPD received a report of a phone scam today involving Publishers Clearing House. We wanted to pass on some...
Wow! Publishers Clearing House is taking it up a notch! @ Northwood, Baltimore
I've met people who have won the lottery but never publishers clearing house ... scam scam scam
Publishers Clearing House saying 'You're already a winner'
New . Ed McMahon was never an affiliate or spokesperson for Publishers Clearing House 😱.
Seriously publishers clearing house, I fill out your contest form online to save paper and this is what shows up in…
I feel for that dude and just hope it was publishers clearing house junkmail
I just read that Ed McMahon never worked for Publishers Clearing House . ***
I've never known, seen or met anyone who's won Publishers Clearing House. You?
We aren't publishers clearing. house. But by God. We all . have issues!! .
What Publishers Clearing House would prefer you not know: The odds of winning its top prize is 1 in 2.6 BILLION !!!
Be aware of the Scammers Claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House!
What are your odds of winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes? has the answer ne…
"He didn't win Publishers Clearing House $5,000 a week for life for a loved one so screw it- I'm deleting."
I am still waiting for someone to show up at the door with one of those giant publishers clearing house cheques
Dear Publishers Clearing House: If I win one of your big prizes I promise to buy 2 of everything you sell!
Publishers clearing house with a check for $10,000,000. But hey, rest my child.
It's ok if Madeleine Albright wants to register as Muslim. I'd suggest she not register w/ Publishers Clearing House. They are relentless!
FINALLY feeling better and back to recording voice overs for Publishers Clearing House! I…
My aunt woke up, put on her favorite Blake shirt & finds out she won the Publishers Clearing House. Says is h…
Publishers Clearing House keeps spamming my email. Guess they still do the sweepstakes thing.
blip gots so many "tokens" on Publishers Clearing House that maybe blip can win enuff Amazon tokens for that iWatch?
I want publishers clearing house just come knock on my door
Yeah and I won the Publishers Clearing house millions too huh?
Click here for Trump's evil plan to get rid of Publishers Clearing House.
The only Russian i want to hear about is me winning a SU-35 in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes or Putin kicking ***
No joke your chances or becoming president or winning the lottery are greater than winning publishers clearing house . Lol
I want to meet someone who’s won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
I'm just waiting to win the publishers clearing house 5000 a week forever
Not sure if all 40 are really PUBLISHER'S CLEARING HOUSE JOB OPENINGS OR NOT here is the link
Tomorrow, sure would be a good day to have someone from the Publishers Clearing House come to my door with a check.
Speaking of seniors, they are getting taken advantage up by crooks and scammers at places like Publishers Clearing House.
I don't know why, but something about winning $5,000 "forever" from Publishers Clearing House just seems a little... Off.
If I win the publishers clearing house 5k/week for life, I plan to choose U as the friend who also gets 5k/week for life too.
Local woman warns of scammer claiming to be Publisher's Clearing House via
Local woman warns of scammer claiming to be Publisher’s Clearing House.
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