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Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is an American multi-channel direct-marketing company that offers discounted magazine subscriptions and household merchandise to consumers with the chance to enter one of its many ongoing sweepstakes.

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Prize Patrol Ed McMahon Port Washington

Congrats to Donna Boyd from Corpus Christi who won $10,000 from the Publishers Clearing House…
Do not log onto Publishers Clearing House website, it will give you a horrible malware virus.
.my grandmother believed White Jesus and Publishers Clearing House were the keys to her happiness. .I loved her dearly
I need to win the lottery.. Can publishers clearing house knock on my door please..
Am I a total grandma for signing up for Publishers Clearing House? Lol tryna get that money.
Got a call from Publishers Clearing House this morning. Turned out to be a scam, but dang, that would have been nice!
I do not want to die a horrible death by ice-cold suicide in Utah!!! Please Publishers Clearing House :):) xx Good luck everyone...2 DAYS!!!
Hang up on this Amarillo phone scam. Publishers Clearing House?.
Hey out here does anyone ever win Publishers Clearing house…..I see the commercials but they look like...
My roomate just called and Publishers Clearing House is at my door with a big giant check! I gotta go!
EVERY lane at Wal-Mart was open today! Is this a dream? Am I dead? What's next, a publishers clearing house...
"I'm sad right now Publishers Clearing House winner's circle New York New York claims I have the 4900 of a winter selectionslist
Had such a great day shooting with and the entire Publishers Clearing House team..Thanks for a great day http…
I've been playing Publishers Clearing House online for about 4 yrs haven't won nothing I believe if they knocked on my door I would die
Congrats to my bro Philip who just won the Publishers Clearing House!! You deserve it!! Thanks
Tell me why this old *** woman at her door lookin like she waitin on the Publishers Clearing House man to drop off a big *** cardboard check
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There are so many chances to at are you utilizing them all?
Easy 40pts. Publishers Clearing House. Sign up using new email. --
Publishers Clearing House is looking for a Senior Digital Designer in Port Washington, NY on
I LOVED the presentation of the grants! It felt like Educational Publishers Clearing House!
I finally decided to go on line to the BBB and find out data regarding Publishers Clearing House, Port Washington, New york. Result: entirely too many complaints about service and so on. Even though they have an A+ rating, they are not of high standing with BBB. What made me research was the quality of their merchandise.selling 2.00 worth of candy for 4 payments of 4.75. Selling a special sealing tape for 4 payments of 300 that turns out to be 10 feet of sticky tape.sealing their fate with me: Submit their massive mailings on or around the 10thof the month for a drawing somewhere around the 28th, then on the 13th of the month, another mailing for the following month without reason. WHO WON IT? Ran a few names on records check and find that 99 percent received a whopping 20.00 in winnings, 18.00 of which was deducted for shipping charges. Personally, I think the shredder is the best place for their garbage and mail fraud attempts. Some of you out there may swear that the clearing house is above b ...
Scam alert. BEWARE I just got a call from Publishers Clearing house. His name is Mr D. I didnt give him tim to take. Told him to have a nice day an I wasnt interested. It shows up on ur phone id as No Caller ID. Be aware.
Beware of a person calling saying that they are from the United States Postal Service. Saying they are contacting you for publishers clearing house and you have won a cash prize and a car. The caller ID says MI on it they are really calling from Jamaica.
The Publishers Clearing House is going to show up at Homestead-Miami Speedway Sunday night. blog.
Ever wonder how your favorite games are made? Take a look of the Play&Win office:
news story about 90 year old woman scammed out of life savings. Can you help?
WWII vet's widow loses everything to scam claiming to be Publishers Clearing House: via
WWII vet's widow loses 'everything' to scam
Publishers Clearing House has chosen me tons of times. I'm super rich.
Publishers Clearinghouse always feels like they're clearing their house of every last scrap of get-rich junk mail. From their house to ours.
91-yr old Sammamish woman scammed out of $370K by fake Publishers Clearing House - might lose home husband built.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I didn't check my mail today so I'll continue to wonder if I finally won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
Publishers Clearing House - Google+-We all have fears, but you can overcome them by following the
Publishers Clearing House - Google+-Well I have noticed when all three are given it's a really
Publishers Clearing House - Google+.Did you know that eating certain foods can help you fight dis
Is it just me or does it seem like publishers clearing house gives the prize to everyone but me-you... And i always order crap
Talking bout publishers clearing house !! I do not play about money lol
voice: "It's the Publishers Clearing House, sir, and --" me: "Yeah, does the Publishers Clearing House usually call from Jamaica?" *click*
Don't mind me, I'm just here waiting for Mr Right, or the Publishers Clearing House people and their humongous check, either one will do.
What would you do with the Dream Life Prize? Check out our "Reflections" video for some ideas.
If you're at today see the Publishers Clearing House booth. CASH prizes & pix with the
It stand for Publishers Clearing House..! And place come home! Too! Come knock at my door! :)
Still enters the publishers clearing house every year.
I just got a call saying they were from Publishers Clearing House when I asked them what my name was the called me a *** that's not it...
Publishers Clearing House (Please Come Here) to my house yeah, another great blog!
Copywriter - Publishers Clearing House - Port Washington, NY: Creative is King! Creative, flexible and willin...
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Copywriter - Publishers Clearing House - Port Washington, NY: PCH is looking for a Copywriter to join our tea...
is a 2014 recipient of the Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll. Find out more:
Not winning the Publishers Clearing House $5 million when I was 9. Knew I was gonna win that money.
Publishers Clearing House scams up, says BBB and Postal Inspectors
We want all of our fans to stay safe. Here are great PCHlotto tips to avoid scams!
Publishers Clearing House is giving you a chance to win $25,000 for ... -
Beware as con artists try to convince you that youve won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes or a lottery
On publishers clearing house website playing lotto games.
Publishers Clearing House does not notify winners via phone!
He wanted my input on Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. He talks like he is a sure win & would open a Disney store the size of scheels
My parents received a call this evening from someone that claim to be from Publishers Clearing House. They had a...
I wish I loved anything as much as our cleaning lady loves Publishers Clearing House.
the suspense is killing us over here...have you won Publishers Clearing House??
I just spent 10 minutes laughing hysterically at the thought of my dad winning a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
So many fun people at the Publishers Clearing House booth at
THANKS for joining the Prize Patrol yesterday for the $10,000 Odessa TX winner! Great video! http:…
The Prize Patrol sure knows to have fun with that Big Publishers Clearing House check!
Report: Publishers Clearing House misleading seniors into buying products, improve chances of winning big prizes
See what came from Publishers Clearing House today in the mail,a real check, only $10.00.Better than nothing,I WON ! h…
So not ready for the work week.. So much for that Publishers Clearing House entry 😾
Publishers Clearing House called me this morning. I won 2.5M!! I had no idea they had offices in Nigeria.
The publishers clearing house gift of business practice
Gus should go enter into publishers house clearing and just retire already.
You run your mouth! I'll show up at your door like publishers clearing house!
Happy Halloween from publishers clearing house & runaway bride!
Breaking: Grimes to sue Publishers' Clearing House. Official looking envelope made her think she'd won big!
Publishers Clearing House winner at our bar... Halloween is full of surprises!!
one big fat scam,very disappointed in Publishers Clearing House
On my way to meet the next winner of publishers clearing house.
So this # grim Jamaica called me claiming they were from publishers clearing house and I won 2.5 mil. Lmao. Hung up n they called back
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Can i just win Publishers Clearing House and call it a life?! Please 😫
Halloween costume? My guess would be Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol or What would you take? $ or your
TIL That Ed McMahon never worked for Publishers Clearing House, and never surprised people with giant checks.
Congrats to Liz for winning the Publishers Clearing House! Governor Herbert and Princess Grace gave the check.
is that the guy from Publishers Clearing house? lol
Our employees are the best! The Publishers Clearing House made an appearance at today!
Really? They're shooting a commercial outside my house? Drones & all! thought i won publishers clearing house for a second!
warning: someone claiming to be is calling people saying they "won." One man lost $500. More here:
The only form of payment I accept is large checks - Publishers Clearing House style!
I still appreciate the brief period of suspicious enthusiasm "frank morgan" from "publishers clearing house" gave me today
I am ready for PCH to knock on my door and Show me the $
Publishers Clearing House - Google+ Says.You should always listen to your gut! Find out what your
well, who ever is in here won't be getting this GIANT check from Publishers Clearing House
Oh publishers clearing house stop toying with me 󾌯
Publishers Clearing House: average ago of respondent 55-65. Don't pay out $5 million. Give them $10K for the rest of their life. Brilliant.
A lot like Publishers Clearing House, except people were happy to see Ed McMahon.
publishers clearing house pop up. Strange mash up blast from two different pasts.
word man mine was from publishers clearing house I ain't sign up for that shxt lmao
not sure yet night just show up like publishers clearing house minus the big check I do have your address after all
omg! Publishers Clearing House... cmon man! lol I need to help explain this to Red.
If the call from the Publishers Clearing House is from area code 876, congratulations, it's a Jamaican scam! Just got one myself...
Got a follow & now I just need a knock on the door from Publishers Clearing House and my Sunday is complete.
Publishers Clearing House on Google+ wants to know.I say. In a safe place .then I would tr
Publishers Clearing House on Google+ Says.You love your dog and want to give them the best! Find
Publishers Clearing House - Google+.I am a and the best part is ...You
Publishers Clearing House - Google+ I like this game so I will definitely go a few rounds (Smiles)
Publishers Clearing House - Google+ and ST.Jude What a tag team to stamp out Cancer
239.400.3721 was the number. Claiming I won Publishers Clearing House sweeps. Though I never entered. :)
We would never win Publishers Clearing House b/c we would never answer the front door to the house!
I'll say I'm Publishers clearing house. "And you have won $1,000,000. Lmao
What if I won Publishers Clearing House and didn't know it?
When I see the commercials for publishers clearing house for $5000 a week for life I think *** I'd be happy with $500 a week for life
Oh yeah got me a real check from publishers clearing house, you $10.00! Wwwaaahhho yup, lunch tomorrow!
Holy Crap! I actually won $10 from Publishers Clearing House! Who'da thunk? Think I'll go buy some lotto tickets ;-)
Yahoo Mail keeps showing me ads for seniorpeoplemeet .com and Publishers Clearing House so I guess it thinks I'm hopeful. And old.
When I win Publishers Clearing House I'm taking and on an RV trip to every race.
As most of you know, Publishers Clearing House is doing this win $10,000 for life...If you had won this prize...
I won Publishers Clearing House. Better not spend it all in one place. 
opted out of my contract? I was just trying to sign up for Publishers Clearing House. Stupid contraption-Madden
Turns out Klout is about what you do on social media, so, sorry about that. Got it confused with publishers clearing house.
I won $10.00 from PCH Publishers Clearing House Hee, hee :D. If I had magic, I would add more zeros to it!
Seriously.has there ever been a publishers clearing house winner? What's up with that name. ...its all a scam.
Heard a knock not the Door, Hoped it was Publishers Clearing House with a check, Turned out it was Jehovah's Witnesses with salvation.
Well I just found out we can dress up at work this year!!! So super excited! I think I am going as a publishers clearing house winner.
Job Application This is an actual job application that a 17 year old boy submitted to McDonald's in Florida... and they hired him because he was so honest and funny! NAME: Greg Bulmash. SEX: Not yet. Still waiting for the right person. DESIRED POSITION: Company's President or Vice President. But seriously, whatever's available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn't be applying here in the first place. DESIRED SALARY: $185,000 a year plus stock options and a Michael Ovitz style severance package. If that's not possible, make an offer and we can haggle. EDUCATION: Yes. LAST POSITION HELD: Target for middle management hostility. SALARY: Less than I'm worth. MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and post-it notes. REASON FOR LEAVING: It sucked. HOURS AVAILABLE TO WORK: Any. PREFERRED HOURS: 1:30-3:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL SKILLS?: Yes, but they're better suited to a more intimate environment. MAY WE CONTACT YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYER?: If ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Biggest question in my life right now, "how the *** does publishers clearing house work"? Where does the money come from?
Hey, Publishers Clearing House, my doors wide open...
Publishers Clearing House Scam: It's a scam we've told you about before, but with a little bit of a twist. Wil...
I'm going to be from publishers clearing house sorry oops
The time has come for me to realize I'm never gonna win publishers clearing house
hold up.I just notice that Black has that "publishers clearing house" avi image tho
Can You Tell the Difference Between a PCH Win and a Scam?
Oneida City man doesn’t fall for bogus Publishers Clearing House check scam
If I won the publishers clearing house $10, 000 a week for life, We could finally stop struggling and life would be AMAZING!
Do you know all the ways to win with Don't miss out on a single chance to win!
Wake me up from my sleep, it better be for sex or Publishers clearing house with a check at my door!! If not, you gotta die
*Publishers Clearing House knocks on door*. You've win a million dollars!!. Ok, but I'm not putting my pants on for this.
Even though I've got the TV on mute I just saw a Publisher's PCH Publishers Clearing House commercial and don't...
Long story short, it was a large check. Like one of those Publishers Clearing House checks.
Good luck depositing a Publishers Clearing House check with your bank's mobile app.
"Behold, I stand at the door and knock," to which someone else had added, "If your not from Publishers Clearing House go away you Bad Boy."
This is not a package from Publishers Clearing House!
I wanna be in the Prize Patrol that delivers Publishers Clearing House checks bc everyone is always excited to see you. 🎈🎉💰
Win $10,000 A Week for Life: Register to win with Publishers Clearing House for a chance to win bi...
I got an email today from PCH abuse that states I HAVE WON! With publishers clearing house. 7 day receipt
Can Publishers Clearing House rebrand itself to engage millenials?
I just won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes?!?!
Can a new digital strategy change the brand image for this
Obama has it made. I pity the guy on Publishers Clearing House commercials who hustles up to all the front doors while running like a woman.
Publishers Clearing House just knocked on my door but I told them to come back later.
I really really wish I would win the lottery or publishers clearing house so I could get out of this rut.
Im so tired of pch publishers clearing house emailing me wit the bs aint no tuck gonna pull up in my yard wit a big *** card board check and stop tryna rent space in my head pch.
Looking forward to the great work Jason John is going to be doing with the Publishers Clearing House, br…
Publishers Clearing House is a brand in need of a remake. Its ticket out? Millennials, of course:
Publishers Clearing House tries to recast its for via
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Idc what any of you say I will someday win publishers clearing house God damnit
This ain't no Ed McMahon publishers clearing house
We always want our fans to be safe. This blog has 4 scam prevention tips:
plz i have big win plz help me What's more, should you win with a timely entry from this notice, the Prize Patrol would arrive at the Shahzadcheema home to deliver a "Big Check" along with news that you're a millionaire winner. Trust us, you'll know who we are -- the ID badges to the left are proof of Prize Patrol photo identification. confirmed, you will be presented with an incredible offer from a valued PCH partner. So be sure to use one of the special links to get all details and your Publishers Clearing House entry. Best of Luck, The PCH Prize Patrol Elite Team
my boss Butch benda said I would win 10,000,000 dollars from publishers clearing house
I never know whether to believe these Publishers Clearing House things. This one says I won but
like Publishers Clearing House ... NOBODY actually wins those
So I just got called by an identity thief. Apparently I won 1.5 million & a car from publishers clearing house.
Suggestion to an Old Person Brand on how to target Millennials: "I wouldn’t just be giving money away."
well if Publishers Clearing House show up at your door...
Publishers Clearing House making a come back with via
Who doesn't love giant checks? I know that I do. Better idea: they don't even need to be real, just bigger than me:
Publishers Clearing House is a brand with a troubled past. It's ticket out? Millennials:
Publishers Clearing House is recasting itself as a digital entertainment company for the millennial generation:
Publishers Clearing House tries to recast its brand for millennials focussed on games & apps. No more "Prize Patrol"
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Publishers Clearing House - Stay safe PCH fans and don't be fooled! Learn more about our safety tip
Publishers Clearing House says.This retired firefighter received a visit from the Prize Patrol
Publishers Clearing House - I would learn to make teapots on a potter's wheel (Smiles)
Publishers Clearing House says.Who ever thought that 'I Love Lucy' could actually teach us life
Josephine bell my thanks to all at Publishers clearing House.
Sweepstakes marketer Publishers Clearing House continues its digital expansion with the launch of a new mobile...
Boener to start a lawsuit against publishers clearing house.."they told me I won every year since I was 18, and I haven't received a penny"
Scam Alert. Sheriff Rich Haskell warning public about Publisher's Clearing House scams. Info from the genuine PCH at.
PCH has changed so many people life's . I can only hope and pray that my name is chosen so that my life can change is so many ways.
you better check them! You might have won publishers clearing house!!!
Just got a phone call from Publishers Clearing House notifying me that I've "won a major cash prize". I didn't know that was still a thing.
mail box?! How about something with publishers clearing house!?
Publishers Clearing House sent a letter that i won $1M. Im taking it to the bank for a line of credit on a new Lamborghini.
Just got a call: "We are from Publishers Clearing House and you just won a free card and a check. Will you be...
Fake IRS and Publishers Clearing House scams target elderly victims. Police look to ID suspect in photo
Publishers clearing house didn't show up over the weekend, guess I'm going to work..
when I clicked the link 'here' I got a blank screen, another link brought me to the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
You might be a redneck if PCH means "Publishers Clearing House" and not "Pacific Coast Highway."
Why do I feel like Publishers Clearing House is a scam?
Part-time book-binder in White City wins Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes via
Publishers Clearing House . There is NO WAY to CONTACT PCH online. My ACCT NO. is incorrect so I CAN't PAY MY BILL.Phone not free Costa rica
I want my crown,gown,heels,golds,cash from publishers clearing House on you
*Playing mw* "do you see this..publishers clearing house"
A New York City postman hoarded 40,000 pieces of mail in Flatbush, Brooklyn; but Publishers Clearing House never showed up
"When it comes to federal grants it's not like the Publishers Clearing House. Federal grants are are done...
Top 4 Publishers Clearing House Scam Prevention Tips: That's why today we wanted to give you our top 4 Publish...
this hotline number came from a order that came in the mail from publishers clearing House
Sure the "latté salute was de classe, but so is the way the Obama's treat the presidency, as if it was a Publishers Clearing House prize.
Publishers Clearing House - Google+---I really like this of the Elite Team (Smiles)
well I hope publishers clearing house isn't trying to get a hold of ya... 📞📞📞📞
EBI Fact: Feeling Lucky? 80% of Publishers' Clearing House $10 million winners did not purchase any...
My mom is convinced that she won Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for 1M. She's been convinced for 2 years now 😂
876 area code is from Jamaica which is a SCAMMERS paradise, so if you get a Publishers Clearing House call that you won. you didn't. Besides, if you win any large amount, they like to surprise the person by presenting it in person to get your reaction on camera, another good reason to realize that the phone call is a scam.
Does anyone know anybody that Won Anything From publishers clearing House Joke
My thoughts for Pch is,I don't know If I really believe Pch, but I play just In case its real.
from Mexico there as an illegal or legal immigrant of a publishers sweeps stake model but the clearing house is the number of people and
Acacia Brinley Clark is a paid for model publishers clearing house attendant of her own gift registry to run around taking photos and videos
Publishers Clearing House is the poor man's Vegas casino . and whorehouse ... and all-you-can-eat buffet. I don't get out much.
Publishers Clearing House Scam: While many con-artists have gone high-tech, using the Internet and cell phones...
Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes scams continue to reel in victims:
: Police: posing as Publishers Clearing House employees - KLTV...
Special Early Look at the Publishers Clearing House "Forever" Prize have waited all my life to be a PCH BIG WINNER!
You guys Publishers Clearing house keeps sending me action item emails. I am gonna win and get
Quest for the Best chicken contest winner is Dooky Chase's -- the Publishers Clearing House moment
first it was illegally seized by Publishers Clearing House Inc rather than waiting as Jean Papa Living Will they took over Mario to clean
Albert Onolunose pleads guilty to fraud and fraudulently using a postal stamp in
I'm sick/at home today. But I did my hair and makeup incase publishers clearing house comes to my door or something.
BREAKING NEWS - Albert Onolunose pleads guilty to fraud and fraudulently... Talk Calgary
What has Sue Draper done with her Publishers Clearing House $25000.00 winnings? I wanna know!
Hey, Publishers Clearing House, where ya at? One million dollars would be sweet, but even $25k would be life changing.
I honestly don't see how it could be anything other than the publishers clearing house Prize Patrol. Congrats!
When I was a kid in the 80's Publishers Clearing House was a big thing, don't know it still is or if Jim McMahn is still alive?
Villager wants to alert fellow residents to Publishers Clearing House scam
I got a call from Jamaica saying I won something from publishers clearing house... Why does that sound sketchy?
woke up to a call this morning from a dude saying I won an amount of money. I know about Publishers Clearing House.
Guess I'll have to fall back on my lucrative Publishers Clearing House gig.
"Congratulations, you've just changed your password" is a minor thrill akin to being runner up in Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
obama i know you and your CREW think that they won a publishers clearing house vacation /golf prize,but your supposed to protect america?
Winning Publishers Clearing House, Mega-Million Jackpot or traveling to parallel universes to draw. Grabbing sketchbook, hello new universe.
BBB alerts public to Publishers Clearing House scam.
BBB alerts public to Publishers Clearing House scam: The Better Business Bureau is advising the public to be c...
Virginia> BBB alerts public to Clearing House scam
BBB alerts public to Publishers Clearing House scam
So many common misconceptions about Publishers Clearing House. Find out what's real and what's not. Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes real facts. Is
Shoutout to Publishers Clearing House calling me and offering 4 million dollor. You seemed legit. Also thanks for screaming when I said 400.
# Looking forward to the Day that I can come and stay!! When I WIN the Publishers Clearing house SUPERPRIZE! !
Publishers Clearing House just called and said I won a bunch of money. Too bad it was a scam😒
Just got a call from Jamaica and spoke to a slow talking man who said he was with Publishers Clearing House. It didn't last long.
Who Won PCH's Million-Dollar SuperPrize in...: Find out who won Publishers Clearing House's million-dollar sup...
You just won 5 million dollars from the publishers clearing house sweepsta... — I go to noodles and eat until I die
*** just came across an advertisement from PCH (Publishers Clearing House) that they are selling Paracord...
Schools shouldn't be acting like offshoots of the Publishers Clearing House, Nancy Flanagan says
LOVE traveling all over the country as the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol girl!!!
Publishers Clearing House never came to the hood w/ those checks smh
Be careful for the publishers clearing house scam..if you won money but they ask to send money and say they're gonna come when it's night...
that's 2013! In 2014 the US Senate Cmte says Publishers Clearing House sweepstake mailings are MISLEADING!
Reminders! that's not what the US Senate Cmte says about Publishers Clearing House sweepstake mail
Publishers clearing house emailed me again. I can enter in $5,000 cash prize for life since I'm a sept baby and I'm a top finalist. I'm lame
Poaching Students the Publishers Clearing House Way - Teacher in a Strange Land… see more
do you remember the Publishers Clearing House stuff when u were a kid?
How can an overhyped state-mandated turnaround school lure more students? The Publishers Clearing House way:
Publishers Clearing House is still around? And scammers are using its good name to con people? via
aha! Same here.. I mean can I hol sumthin.. Y'all showin up like publishers clearing house
Ever wondered how you contact us at Here's how!
Ever wonder how to get in touch with us? Check out this blog for the answer:
Jerrys kids are searching for farfelle. Publishers clearing nearing dearing house sweepstakes
Publishers Clearing House impostors are targeting the elderly in Northeast Ohio, the Better…
freedom is a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. :P
The Better Business Bureau has issued a warning that Publishers Clearing House impostors “have come back in full...
BEWARE OF PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE SCAMS!. Be advised that Oberlin Police has received a report from one of our...
Publishers Clearing House is giving $5000 a week for the rest of your life! | Extreme Coupon Prof
Gonzalez Luck: The Publishers Clearing House Patrol would stop at OUR house.And ask for directions!
it was publishers clearing house gurl you won the money , but since you didn't answer the old cat lady will win now! WTG
Honored to be in the team that won this award. "Publishers Clearing House Win Marketing ARC Award"
Me too! I need to win Publishers Clearing House and retire! ;)
hopefully one of us the lottery or we win publishers clearing house! Lol
I'm tryna win . PCH (Publishers Clearing House) don't need a million $5k a week for the rest of my life would do just fine
I plan on winning publishers clearing house on the 29th. I'll private jet her.
SCAM ALERT: Lufkin woman scammed out of hundred in fake Publisher's Clearing House drawing
PCH Sweepstakes | enter to win the $10,000,000.00 Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes ...
Lufkin woman scammed out of hundreds in fake Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.
someone from Jamaica called me and said it was the publishers clearing house
Statistics and Probabilities. In my mail today I was notified by Publishers Clearing House that because my first...
in front of his kids and everything 1 of my cust just almost got scammed by "publishers clearing house" 2 days ago. Tryna getcha
Publishers clearing house needs to swing on by the crib.
Online at home in Elk Grove, California PCH Publishers Clearing House Customer Service 101 winners circle port...
Lots reports of phone scams with people claiming to be from Microsoft or Publishers Clearing House. Know who you are talking to on the phone
Stress-pay my bills with my next paycheck. looking forward to Publishers Clearing House showing up my door with a fat check
Another wish for the Dream Genie: I wish i win the$5,000aweek forever prize from publishers clearing house
You May Already Be a Winner! The Story of Publishers Clearing House via few words from the wise
Hold on one minute, I got to grab my publishers clearing house special entry! BRB
BBB on telemarketing scam: Don't be fooled by a familiar name -
Public Service Announcement August 19, 2014 The Alamogordo Police Department would like to warn residents of the latest phone scam. On August 19, 2014, an Alamogordo resident reported receiving a call from an individual identifying himself as a Special Agent with the FBI. The fictitious Special Agent advised the resident that he was the recipient of a large cash award from Publishers Clearing House. The resident was requested to send $950.00 under a fictitious name to an address in Mexico City, Mexico. When the resident told the fictitious Special Agent he was not interested due to believing this was a phone scam, the fictitious Special Agent informed the resident that to verify his story, a representative from the local police department would be contacting him. The resident then reported he was contacted by a subject identifying himself as a Police Officer at the Alamogordo Police Department. The person claiming to be an APD Police Officer then verified to the resident that the cash award from Publisher ...
A friend of mine got a call yesterday saying that they were from Publishers clearing house and he was a grand prize winner, he just had to give them some information. He came to me and we did some investigating on the call. Come to find out.PCH will only come to your door if you are a winner. When they called him again and he said "Well, I spoke to PCH and they said".that's all he got out and they quickly hung up. It's a scam! Don't give any information to these people!!! He was lucky.I don't want anyone else to get scammed by these *** !!
FYI.WARNING!!!.With all the mailings coming from Publishers Clearing House to our house, we received a call claiming to be PCH .After a spill and a claim that Gary had won 1M $ he said taxes had been paid the only thing Gary needed to do was PURCHASE a $300 Green Dot Card and return a call to him/them with the scratch-off # found on the back of the card. (the key to get the $300.)Then someone from his team would deliver the check to our house. They had our name, phone # and address. FAST $300 to be made on unsuspecting people. I want Gary to contact the KY Attorney General. For Sure if YOU have to spend/send $ in any way IT'S A SCAM!!
Joining in the fight to raise awareness for ALS, the PCH Prize Patrol's Danielle Lam took the Ice Bucket Challenge! Publishers Clearing House is also donating $5,000 to the ALS Association!
The St. Albans Police Department is warning over a Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes scam.
There is a scam going around about winning Publishers Clearing House on Caller ID the call is from Jamaica also one going around to lower your interest on Credit cards the Area code they use is 405 and the local number shows a Rotan Number
Great results for client Real-time web personalization driving conversions and revenue.
I've won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes everyday this week. You know, according to my emails anyway.
Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes u win!. Want me to sign the cover of the ball glenn close knocked off?
Not sure I am going to survive the next 20 years of teaching. Publishers Clearing House please? scam it seems.Publishers Clearing House called (I don't think it was Ed McMahon) and said I was a...
I had a dream I won Publishers Clearing House. . And I just got an email saying I won...should I open it? 😐
Ok publishers clearing house says they are coming to my house
Mail in your Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes notice. Who knows?
I will probably win publishers clearing house before I get a boyfriend and I haven't even entered yet.
I just heard the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes is still a thing…& now I'm imagining the ghost of Ed McMahon delivering the checks.
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