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Publishers Clearing House

Publishers Clearing House (PCH) is an American multi-channel direct-marketing company that offers discounted magazine subscriptions and household merchandise to consumers with the chance to enter one of its many ongoing sweepstakes.

Ed McMahon Port Washington

Publishers clearing house sweepstakes u win!. Want me to sign the cover of the ball glenn close knocked off?
Not sure I am going to survive the next 20 years of teaching. Publishers Clearing House please? scam it seems.Publishers Clearing House called (I don't think it was Ed McMahon) and said I was a...
I had a dream I won Publishers Clearing House. . And I just got an email saying I won...should I open it? 😐
Ok publishers clearing house says they are coming to my house
Mail in your Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes notice. Who knows?
I will probably win publishers clearing house before I get a boyfriend and I haven't even entered yet.
I just heard the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes is still a thing…& now I'm imagining the ghost of Ed McMahon delivering the checks.
Macy has her own book called . "I'm awesome, you suck" . which is published by . publishers clearing house.
if YOU want to WIN $10,000.00! Publishers clearing house..this is ligit
Doesn't that mean you win the publishers clearing house or something?
life would be much simpler if I'd win publishers clearing
By the way all hot guys should be entering Publishers Clearing House. :)
Wow i didnt win Publishers Clearing House..really "Congrats to Dawn J. of Sylmar, CA! I Tried!
These publishers clearing house emails are pretty pushy
When I first clicked there was a Publishers Clearing House ad. I was so confused.
watching preseason in like getting a publishers clearing house sweepstakes letter. You just dont know how much to believe
lol ikr! If you come banging at my door that early you better be the police, a really hot celebrity or publis…
You can reach me on amazon. You can by me a subway, but don't show up at my house unless your Publishers Clearing house. Balloons Baby!
Statistical Intern: NY-Port Washington, Publishers Clearing House is looking for a self-motiva...
..So now I've angered the Publishers Clearing House lady! LOL! Some people get so sensitive when you present the truth out here.
I have no idea .>Better to ask her. >She works for them, but here's more info on them
Residents receiving Publishers Clearing House scam calls: "At Publishers Clearing House, we do not notify our ...
Responses to this: irony, people. Jesus. Hey, ma, letter says we've won $1 million from Publishers Clearing House!
The best McDonalds job application ever and very funny This is an actual job application a 17 year old boy submitted at a McDonald’s fast-food establishment in Florida…and they hired him because he was so honest and funny! NAME: Greg Bulmash SEX: Not yet. Still waiting for the right person. DESIRED POSITION: Company’s President or Vice President. But seriously, whatever’s available. If I was in a position to be picky, I wouldn’t be applying here in the first place. DESIRED SALARY: $185,000 a year plus stock options and a Michael Ovitz style severance package. If that’s not possible, make an offer and we can haggle. EDUCATION: Yes. LAST POSITION HELD: Target for middle management hostility. SALARY: Less than I’m worth. MOST NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENT: My incredible collection of stolen pens and post-it notes. REASON FOR LEAVING: It sucked. HOURS AVAILABLE TO WORK: Any. PREFERRED HOURS: 1:30-3:30 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. DO YOU HAVE ANY SPECIAL SKILLS?: Yes, but they’re better suited to ...
Hi my name is Michelle Reyes from Denver Colorado I am playing Publishers Clearinghouse Super Prize Giveaway number 3080 for $5,000.00 a week Forever. I claim entry for this Super Prize. I hope that I am chosen and that the Prize Patrol come to my door, but if not its been fun and exciting checking my email each day and playing the games hoping for the chance to WIN. Good Luck to all that have participated. I will continue trying to Win Publishers Clearinghouse Giveaway. You just never know if you will Win...
Comment on Publishers Clearing House Scam:by angeliner wilson
Dearest PCH Publishers Clearing House, or God~ I don't need much...just enough to get by and survive. Although I have many skills and I am making a genuine attempt, at this point in life I have not found my "niche". It really doesn't matter if minimum wage here in MI goes up, because employers are only hiring people for part-time hours. Sometimes no matter how hard you try... life is a struggle. At this age, I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up this fight, for it has been a lifetime battle. Please, Amen~ (I don't care which one helps, but please, one of them come through ;) )
Clovis Police are warning about yet another scam circulating. This time it is through the mail involving fake Publishers Clearing House prize winning notifications. The documents are official looking and ask for a $500 processing fee. PCH does not ever ask for fees. This current scam is targeting elderly people. Please tell parents, grandparents and neighbors not to fall for it!
Can Publishers Clearing House make a deal with Entertainment Weekly to sell their magazines on the PCH website? =)
Ed McMahon was man I truly love. I enter the PCH entry several times but never won. Wasn't upset but kept on entering saying maybe one day I will be chosen or pick. My husband which I was with 25 years but departed always tell me you and your dreams will never be. But I'm still continuously keep on playing. If I would win I would help my family. And say Lord I made it. It was a long journey, I MADE IT. ALL THE STRUGGLING IS ALL OVER IN MY LAST DAYS. I'M STRUGGLING TO KEEP GOING ON WITH MY HEALTH AND WINNING I CAN HAVE HOPE FOR MY FAMILY AND PCH PRIZE PATROL ELITE come knocking at my door. LEAVE SOMETHING BEHIND THAT represent ROBBIN PERRY to the WORLD. I hope I'm the next winner on August 28th.
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I've been playing pch for years under a different email but I lost my old email address and had to create a new one. To win would be a blessing. Having pch prize patrol elite to come knocking at my door. Right now my health is going down quick but if I win I would be able to leave my legacy behind for my family and the world . If August 28th pch prize patrol come knocking at my door my last and final dreams has come true. The legacy of Robbin Perry will be presented to the whole world.
Ever since I ordered from Publishers Clearing House, I've been getting mailings almost every day. Using up all my stamps.
Alright Publishers Clearing House. You're okay to show up at my doorstep.
My wife just received a 10x8x6-inch mailing box from Publishers Clearing House. I hope we didn't win an urn filled with Ed McMahon's ashes.
Have a great trip to all of the publishers clearing house PRIZEPATROL #
I just won a cash prize from Thanks Publishers Clearing House, I was so happy to win :)
Do you ever wonder where the prize money for Publishers Clearing House comes from?
Tip of the Day- A is going around via email regarding the Publishers Clearing House. These are fake documents.
To bad it wasn't for the publishers clearing house lol
One of these days publishers clearing house will knock at my door
Publishers Clearing House need to be knocking on my door with a check!
I still wish that publishers clearing house would show up at my door!
not sure we are talking about the same thing but yes it's true I didn't win publishers clearing house
I'm still waiting for Ed McMahon and publishers clearing house. Oh wait he died. No wonder he didn't show up
If only Publishers Clearing House would come to my house with a fat check! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Publishers Clearing House fails to find a super prize winner again via wow that's got to hurt.
Check out fresh jobs at Publishers Clearing House, Vaudeville Ventures, Stanton & Company + more on
Paying for erotic massages with giant, Publishers' Clearing House checks since 1997.
Someone calls me and says I won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes. They are going to send me a check, they had the numbers of my old address. They give me a few numbers to call. One of the numbers was to Washington. Then I call my brother. He calls them. Then he gets mad at me. Hey, I am not trying to scam anyone. Wt. Oh no! I didn't do anything wrong. Oh, I hope he does not stayed at me. He googled the numbers. I was on my way to the gym to workout. They had me on the phone when I could have been in class. Ugh! What a morning. I hope we all have a good day. With an area code (202). Today is going to be a good day. Winner I will always be.
Great news everyone...Publishers clearing house just informed me that a local florist has mapped out there route for them to my house to announce that i am the winner of the $5,000.00 a week for life.what to wear what to wear...lmao
I signed up for Publishers Clearing House lol
When they say ur approved its sounds like to me you won
I'm pretty sure it's done like Publishers clearing House or something like that. let me know if they have free T Shirts though!
I wish to win the publishers clearing house sweepstakes. 3:33
Publishers Clearing House is supposed be hitting the Birmingham area this month.I need them to stop by my house w/a check!!! ASAP
I really need to win the publishers clearing house. Aug 28th is the date. Please oh please. Please.
I'm gonna win Publishers Clearing House later this month. Then I'll be set. :)
Remember the Publishers Clearing House commercials where Ed McMahon knocks on somebody's door and gives em a...
Manila envelopes excite me GREATLY!! . Until I find them addressed from publishers clearing house! . Me with the mail
Ok i need money so i applied for publishers clearing house
I just got an email from Publishers Clearing House telling me I won a million dollars. all I had to do was fill out the form in the email and send it back. It has to be true, they sent me the email.I wonder if I have to send them my bank information so they can deposit my check .ha, ha, ha ! I'm half tempted to open the email just to see what they ask for...
My fist thought was sounds to good to be true now I kno pch is not only a merchant but also an entertainment like a hobby if you love to read emails a nd play games you start to love there gs slots & learn to search its like a Puzzle putting it together yMD MDim Loving it I've turn into a VIP fan for life and i do feel and kno i will see the crew out side my door with a Million dollar prize Lol. thank you.
You ever vividly envision ramdom stuff happening? Like the dog starts complaining about his food... or publishers clearing house is knocking
You know things are bad, when you only get a Happy Birthday wish from Marlboro and Publishers Clearing House online.. LOL :(
- Publishers clearing house loves emailing me at 2 a.m lol :p
Was waiting all day for the Publishers Clearing House van.,,. Asshples never did show up.
Omg! Did you win the publishers clearing house sweepstakes?!
Who needs free cigars when you're going to win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. [photo]
Apparently I just won Publishers Clearing house. All I need is to send ALL my personal info. What Happened to the giant check at my door?
I would agree. Unless your Publishers Clearing House or bringing rare booze.
The Making of A Publishers Clearing House Million…: of preperation and dedication goes into this day!
very true indeed.what do they call it when we wait by the door for Publishers Clearing House to ring the bell?? lol
I thought I had won the publishers clearing house...
Remember the odds of having Ed McMahon deliver you a check from Publishers Clearing House? It Works is giving 20...
How does it work if Terry Pegula buys the Does he give them one of those Publishers Clearing house clown checks or something?
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Why is publishers clearing house or PCH trying to force me to purchase items in order to win knowing I'm not.
I just subscribed to Publishers Clearing House because I'm clearly hungover and dying. But, like, 5000 a week for life? Sign me up.
you are like Publishers Clearing House. Thanks for engaging and encouraging PLNs
My dad a few weeks ago sent something from the Publishers Clearing House since he thought he was going to actually win something.
Don't be jealous but this is like the 20th year in a row I'm a finalist to win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.
According to this random call I am on, I am the winner of 1.5 Million from Publishers Clearing House. Apparently,...
Phishing emails Targeting Publishers Clearing House on the rise. Be aware!
I'm on Easy Street as of 3pm tomorrow: Today I get a phone call from Publishers Clearing House stating that I ...
Just sent in my Publishers Clearing House entry. . I'm officially a housewife.
WOOWHO! PCH Publishers Clearing House just called and I won't have to work another day in my life.
Unless you're Publishers Clearing House, do not just show up at my home uninvited. There's very little I find more annoying!
I don't recall the least time I looked through my email. It's just publishers clearing house letting me know I'll never win.
Pacific Coast News, Sourcebooks, Publishers Clearing House + more are hiring. Details on
I've been waiting to win this prize for a lifetime. Now that I am in love and happy for the first time I want to spread the joy of winning and help my entire family...can I just win now?
With the money I win from Publishers Clearing House, I can visit Britney Spears in Las Vegas, and buy her a wedding ring.
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If I win the money prize of $5 thousand dollars per week for life, from Publishers Clearing House, I can win Britney's heart.
if I win they should contact me I hope if there the real Publishers clearing house
cultA What about ol dude delivering your "$5 mill" from Publishers Clearing House, victim of circumstance. He dies too??
*** think they gon wake up rich.. na ot dont work that way unless publishers clearing house come knocking at ya door. Lmao weak ***
full-time Front-End / UI Developer at Publishers Clearing House (PCH) on site Port Washington, NY
Positively thinking about winning the Publishers Clearing House.
Whoever signed me up for Publishers clearing house, thanks but NO THANKS! I've had 9 different people call me with a blocked number!
I keep getting emails from publishers clearing house. I wonder who signed me up for them. That's my move!
My kids have a plan: I am to win that Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes & get $5,000/wk for me & split the other &5,000/wk between them
Publishers Clearing House is looking for a Front-End/UI Developer in Port Washington, NY on
Nothing says ghetto quite like a lid full of pennies to send a publishers clearing house form 😒
that's not fair I don't boast and I am still waiting for publishers clearing house lol
Had such a great day shooting with and the entire Publishers Clearing House team..Thanks for a great day
Some great offers from publishers clearing house
Sorry I'm late... I accidentally signed up for Publishers Clearing House and spent like 47 days unsubscribing to Publisher…
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I entered the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes because my dad has cancer
I just need that Publishers Clearing House $1k a day for the rest of your life. Thats it
It would be just my luck to pull the stop drop & roll routine upon hearing the doorbell and find out it's the Publishe…
Wow! Win $10,000.00 Instantly from Publishers Clearing House. Now no time to find the Letter of Intent for Gwy 3080
publishers clearing house is sending me all types of e-mails. geesh, I thought i cancelled the subscription...
Can I just be selected for as the grand prize winner for the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes already?
Wish the Publishers Clearing House would quit jacking me around and just choose me as a lifetime winner already.
. Sign up Publishers Clearing House. most time they're just magazines instead of book's Webster's dictionary comes out ea yr=-O
A chance to make a difference in making others get through financially , and do what it takes to give back for the next generation!
Publishers clearing house keep sending me letters ... Well come on then please save me I'm a mother of five we need a house hurry up!
Ordering these DVDs from Publishers Clearing House, so I'll be real sexual AND find out how the Internet works.
Has anyone actually won something from Publishers Clearing House?
How does publishers clearing house get their money!?
Publishers Clearing House needs to knock on my door sometime soon ✊✊
Okay, maybe it's not Publishers Clearing House, but our FREE BOOZE $25 Gift Certificate deadline is 10pm tonight...
You know you're getting old when you start getting Publishers Clearing House stuff in your mail box
Pretend your Publishers Clearing House when you show up. Balloons and flowers.
I hope I win something since Publishers Clearing House wanna send me stuff in the mail
Got a call from Jamaica. Evidently the "Publishers Clearing House" there will exchange $900k for access to my bank account.
I would really like to win something from the publishers clearing house! 💰
Copywriter - Publishers Clearing House - Port Washington, NY: Summary: PCH is looking for a Copywriter to joi...
Publishers Clearing House offers a prize that gets willed down 2 generations when u die. My family would kill me be4 I cashed the 1st check.
The publishers clearing house crank call was probably the perfect end of today.
So everyone says America is broke.. What about publishers clearing house they give people $5,000 a week for life??
Things that I don't understand: Publishers Clearing House. So they just show up at ppls houses and give them large sums of $? Sounds made up
Where does publishers clearing house get their money!?
I don't know one person who has ever won with publishers clearing house
I think the Publishers Clearing House people were at my door but I couldn't answer it because I was in my underwear.
wants to keep you safe! So read up as much as you can on these Scams.
Does the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes REALLY exist? Like are there REALLY people who win that?
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Can I please just win the lottery or publishers clearing house? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you. — feeling broke
Wishing I could win publishers clearing house- oh how I wish to be in a better situation
Dear Publishers Clearing House, Stop taunting me with dreams of winning $5k a week for life. Y'all know your (cont)
publishers clearing house knocked on ya door oh well they use the front door I don't know them muthas ain't nobody knock on the front door
Another example of a phone scam in the Webster-Calhoun area. Thanks to a Barnum subscriber for alerting us!...
I hope you have a Publishers Clearing House envelope!!!
Why don't You hear bout the winners for publishers clearing house? Cuz that ish ain't real.
Well there goes that publishers clearing house money right out the door
I see you sexy publishers clearing house lady
Putting all my eggs in the hope I win the publishers clearing house jackpot basket
I just got an email from publishers clearing house. That's still a thing? o_O
Call me cynical, but I'm guessing the Publishers Clearing House is operated by a Nigerian prince.
right! $250 per day per person. Family of five! That's more than publishers Clearing house pays!! GOOOAALL!
The big check from publishers clearing house will arrive
What if the old Publishers Clearing House “Miracles Can Happen” commercials have that effect?
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afyer buying 25 magazine subscription you will win Publishers Clearing House.
But actually you have to send the stupid thing back into publishers clearing house & then youre entered into a drawing & you might win the $
Just got so excited bc I thought Grandma Snertie won $40 from Publishers Clearing House.
As I watch commercials and see the one for Publishers Clearing House $5k a week forever, I wonder if anyone has...
Stand down, everyone. LeBron won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. That's all.
Just saw the Publishers Clearing House people droppin off a fat check to someone on Copeland street in Quincy. Hood dreams really come true
That Publishers Clearing House check sure would hit the spot
Ima sign up for that publishers clearing house contest where you win $5,000 a week forever !
Publishers Clearing House ain't nothing but a big *** hoax. All my *** life I never seen a real person win that cash. Have u?
Serious question, who is funding Publishers Clearing House?? $5000/week for life?!?!? That's drug money right there...
The publishers clearing house $5k/week forever commercial now triggers thoughts about the Rule Against Perpetuities.
Watch out for lotto scams online! Here are great ways to protect yourself:
when the phone rang they said it was Publishers Clearing house. I'm going to fire that *** phone screener.
I'm on publishers clearing house cause ya homegurl is broke
Publishers Clearing House. Enter to Win $5,000 a Week For Life, then after that, someone you choose gets $5,000 a...
I don't believe there is any obligation. Unless it is your mother. Or Publishers Clearing House with a big check and balloons.
Quit trying to run my life, Publishers Clearing House.
Got dressed real nice today in case Publishers Clearing House is planning on coming by.
I was about 10 years old, I entered an art Contest through publishers clearing house I was to meet cartoon Charles shuLtz author of Peanuts
The PCH Publishers Clearing House is organizing the Fix For Free Giveaway Sweepstakes and is giving ... -
It's great that PCH gives everyone a chance to Enter and win.
11. Publishers clearing House knocks on your door and tells you that you've won... Twitpic your reaction.
*** is that Ed McMahon died before bringing me my Publishers Clearing house winning check
how about Ed McMahon at your door telling you that you won publishers clearing house
Publishers Clearing House Scam Alert: Don't get too excited, because "winning" can cost you. ... While Publish...
When asked would I rather win Publishers Clearing house or ??? The Plane, The Plane.
Beware of a phone scam that could be very costly .
Why does someone from Jamaica keep calling me to tell me I won Publishers Clearing House? Just show me the money!
I wanna win PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE MORE THAN ANYTHING.I Will be the most grateful winner ever.But the way things have been.Its doubtful.
Wow, just realized I hit 100 followers. What now? Does Publishers Clearing House come to my door and present me with a check?
Lmao :-) Your right! U just won Publishers Clearing house prize
I mean, is Publishers Clearing House still a thing? What do they make you do!? Was it her cat? Kidneys? Sasquatch eggs?
Ok! Some *** calls claiming I won 2.5 million dollars. Says he's from the publishers clearing house meanwhile I have caller id.
I dream of the day I win Publishers Clearing House: Pizza Edition
Publishers Clearing says last to 'win it all', but scam reports grow - Jun 23 @ 3:00 PM ET
Lady at the post office mailing a huge box addressed to "PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE". Man. What is in that box???
The way I'd believe in a higher authority is Publishers Clearing House delivering The Grand Prize to my door.
Follow Publishers Clearing House On Social Media! via I follow you it's heart warming to watch winners
New Publishers Clearing House Oct 2012 Commercial via like this video to see the excitement of the winners
Hoarder's Anonymous is also know as Publishers Clearing House.
I love my magazine, s and the games andit is awesome, how pch gives hope to so many people. I have dreams and I will be praying for the dream of a lifetime. Thank you.
I hate when someone uses ur phone and doesn't tell u when the line beeps.. like omg, Publishers Clearing House could've been callin'
PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE ! Hey, PCH, you out there??? I've written you 3 times, I've called you 2x's and e-mailed you twice. Is the only time you respond when we are buying something? Oh, yeah, I also contacted you on FB to no avail. Randy ( you have all my contact info) Anybody home... the lights are on, but.
day to enter Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes June 30 here's my entry
I have four dogs.U better be showing a Publishers Clearing House check in your hands before I go to all the trouble of opening my frt door.
I wonder if they will randomly deliver giraffes to unsuspecting homeowners, like Publishers Clearing House!
I think publishers clearing house must be run by the postal service.
Geriatric Park:The Ride (admission is 1 sheet publishers clearing house stamps for your own mobile scooter)
I remember when I was little I thought we'd win Publishers Clearing House...
Ryan is actually letting me borrow nhl 14 this is almost close to winning the publishers clearing house
I strive everyday to win anything at my favorite site publishers clearing house..
*** I just signed up to get 5 free CDs and the chance to win $1m from publishers clearing house if I send 1xbt
*** is publishers clearing house SWeepStakeS
it was in regards to people stealing mail. It was my lame joke that they could take my publishers clearing house check
That's the same as Publishers Clearing House telling me I've "probably" already won some amazing cash prizes
Reddit, have you ever won or know someone who won Publishers Clearing House? What is it like?
Like Publishers Clearing House big check with balloons on the doorstep paid.
I think door to door evangelism would be much more effective if we dressed up as Publishers Clearing House reps.
I wonder if Publishers Clearing House has made the transition to a giant check that just takes forever to download.
I'm more convinced than ever that I should win the lottery or at least Publishers Clearing House
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Today is THE day! Who won the June 30th PCH Prize Event? in it to win it and win it big I want the big check
Didn't hear from Publishers Clearing House again today!
I just got a call from Publishers Clearing House. 99.999% sure it was a scam. Is it still a thing?
I always thought I was going to win publishers clearing house maybe when I'm 75 😔
I'on know s**t about the publishers clearing house. Bumb ***
It makes me giggle when people act shocked when the subway doors close on them. This guy just looked like he won publishers clearing house.
Congratulations! You've won the Publishers Clearing House! All we need is your electronic signature within the next 6 days.
Publishers Clearing House Customers! Check UR accounts really GOOD make sure they are not placing orders for U they could be ripping U off!
I love PCH games I spent 3 hours trying to finish games and I did finish..If you goto publishers clearing house u will luv the oppertunity
Publishers Clearing House just came MRI - spinal cord $1360
The only calls I'm taking during are from Publishers Clearing House and David Beckham. To *** with the rest of you.
It would hurt that you didn't know i won the lottery several times and American publishers clearing house ,nd etc . I put
Publishers Clearing House looking for an online marketing analyst in Port Washington, NY
Funny search results. Is Publishers Clearing House telling me that I'm more likely to have sex than win?
Real Talk: I just plugged my cat's name into the publishers clearing house search bar and Josh Groban can get it.
The next winner of the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes gets a magazine company a month for life.
Invitations to play games on FB have replaced the Publishers Clearing House mailers of the 80's.
Sweet Pea will chose 1winner who will recieve a $100 bill when their order is delivered! It's like Publishers Clearing House...but not.
Hope ,excitement, and just fun thanks publishing clearing house.thanks for possible dreams to help all I need too & help all will try. And god bless
Hope excited and just fun thanks publishing clearing house.
I feel like only black ppl win publishers clearing house money. lmao. they're always in the commercials.
PCH Publishers Clearing House conversation... randomly PM'd me. wow and how it pch: You are indeed in...
I'm convinced that Publishers Clearing House giveaways are a hoax.
I just received a call from Jamaica telling me they were Publishers Clearing House, and they needed info to send me my prize. Here's the number (876) 880-2966. If you call, tell them everyone in KY said to kiss our *** and next time reach out and touch a Duke fan.
Call me crazy, but I have a REALLY GOOD FEELING about this year's Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes!
Scammers target South Florida seniors: A caller claiming he was with Publishers Clearing House to...
Publishers Clearing House gave up trying to find the front door of my building :(
Anyone know of any place hiring part time. I need a second job like asap. It's the only thing I can think to do. Unless you know how to win the lottery or the publishers clearing House thing I'm at a loss
If you get a call from a Jamaican man from publishers clearing house, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD HANG UP! Five people that I am aware of have been targeted in the county. My grandmother was another target and good thing she had enough sense to hangup, but not before we got some more information regarding this "operation."
The mail from Publishers Clearing House. *** pills from PCH. 💣
I just won 1.4 mil, 75 in cash and a trip to Vegas from publishers clearing house! Can I borrow $500.00 so I can pay them my delivery fee? Lol The con artist need to step up and at least higher 1 American to close the deal. .ijs
Publishers Clearing House to offer ad-testing platform
The publishers clearing house just called and apparently I won.
I'm hoping the yard is dry enough to mow this morning. I'm expecting the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol this afternoon.
just won 3.2million dollars from publishers clearing house and a mercede bendz all I had to do was give them my bank acct and they wood put the funds in I said oh just mail me the check he HUNG UP how rude now how will I get my prizes lol
I'm counting on winning the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes next month...after all the stalking they've done, they owe me 💵🎈🎉
It's not publishers clearing house, but look for your invite in the mail to one of our area events.
. I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830,3080 june30th. I want to win
80 of Publishers Clearing House 10 million winners did not purchase any mag
Is it too much to ask for a gallant beard and the publishers clearing house people to show up on my doorstep?
One day I will win publishers clearing house
FYI So here's a new one going around: my mom just called me and said that she's had three phone calls from the same number telling her that they won the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes! She's smarter than that usually and so she hung up on him and they call back 3 times from the same number so I went and did a reverse lookup on the number! It comes out that this phone is out of Jamaica and they've got about 50 numbers that are starting with 1847 434 and the last 4 numbers are all different! This is a scam so please be aware and don't give any information out to anyone that calls from a 184 7434 number!
I'm thinking about borrowing a minivan from a soccer mom, buying a Publishers Clearing House magnet and slapping it on the side, and then go knocking on some doors in a suit with balloons in hand. I doubt it will end well but the laughs will last forever. the injuries sustained should heal. Who's with me? Robert Anthony Jr.
Im starting to wonder if Publishers Clearing House was a governmental scam w/ Ed McMahon to serve warrants and help serial killers
alot of the businesses that offer diamonds do NOT work.esp the 1s f/pch(publishers clearing house).I was cheated out of 100s!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I want to win it all on June 30, $2 Million, $10,000.00, and that brand new car from Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes
My dream is to win publishers clearing house
How can I be down with the Publishers Clearing House?
Feeling pretty good about this Publishers Clearing House® sweepstakes I just entered. Time to update my Zoosk® profile.
I just entered into that publishers clearing house $7000 a week for life thing if I don't win I'm gonna jump off a bridge
So Publishers Clearing House has given away the money and yet I am still getting 5 emails a day. ***
Come on, Publishers Clearing House pop-up ads? Seriously!? That's just tacky.
New case study: Publishers Clearing House gets 36% lift in online visitor engagement w/real-time marketing
I like to think Publishers Clearing House for giving me the opportunity to have my dreams come true and also Thanks to the hard-working prize Patrol who make their dreams a reality
You should but for publishers clearing house. I can't get to the clip. Link doesn't work
Got a question for the Prize Patrol? Our terrific trio gives answers to about
I wish Publishers Clearing House would hurry up and get here, I have things to do !
Every year my wife makes a big deal about entering Publishers Clearing House. Let's see if they knock on our door with a big check this year
You totally have the life. Did you win Publishers Clearing House? Lucky ***
Publishers Clearing House would sell more magazines if they studied your marketing plans.
Dreams CAN really come true with Find out what it can mean for you!
Nice try, caller from Jamaica claiming to be Publishers Clearing House.
Didn't I show you a picture of the email I got telling me I won $1 million dollars from Publishers Clearing House? Huh? =)
Hello Mr. Tom Davis, we're here with the Publishers Clearing House.
I shamelessly play the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes in the hopes that I will win lots of money for my daughter.
I just need to win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes.
My financial planning is just me crossing my fingers that I finally win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes
Publishers Clearing House scam: Publishers Clearing House has opened their sweepstakes with an opportunity to ...
sequel idea: Godzilla wins a Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes and the giant novelty check is exactly the right size for him
Kind of like the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes. I haven't won yet. And oh yeah - Powerball. That too.
It's like publishers clearing house and we're clearing house
Monroe woman wins $1 million from Publishers Clearing House - Connecticut Postings: The mother of four can be ...
Not exactly the Publishers Clearing House win I have dreamed of, but I think I can find something to do with my $50 Target gift certificate. :]
After 22 years of being a police officer and wearing a heavy gun belt I am officially tired of wearing the belt. I wish I could hang it up for good. It has been hurting my back for a while but now im ready to stop wearing one. My back is still hurting after days of rest. Im old and not healing fast enough. I wish I was one of those who loved an inside office job. To bad for me I am not one of those, I like being outside and this blue has gotten in my blood. So it looks like ill keep wishing for publishers clearing house to show up on my door step with the giant check with my name on it.
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PLEASE SHARE !WARNING! Publishers Clearing House Scam The Willcox Police Department has received a report of a scam involving Publishers Clearing House (PCH). The caller identifies himself as a member of the Willox Police Department and a me...
Today's valuable tips. 1.) you can't expect people to behave the way you do because they are not you 2.) weird dude at hair cut glad I only to you to move your *** when you patted Mallerie's leg and sat closer to her than I felt was necessary.if I wasn't relaxed I would have cut you.NOT COOL!!! This momma doesn't play. 3.) I did not win the Publishers Clearing House . Bummer.
I'm still on a quest .to find just ONE PERSON who has won at least 5000.00 a month for life through PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE SWEEP STAKES. .JUST ONE! REPOST AND LET'S SEE IF THEY ARE REALLY WHAT THEY SAY THEY ARE!
My wife JUST WON Publishers clearing house . HONEST TO GOD .the bad news is it was 10 bucks
Might of just hung up on publishers clearing house but I never signed up to that ish
Publishers Clearing House hands out millions of bucks daily but they have to get a cover of a Hall & Oates song in their commercial
Ok, Publishers Clearing House - I really wish you would quit emailing me all day and just hurry up and knock on my door with my bouquet of flowers and giant check already, geez!!!
Has anyone noticed that when you scroll through items offered at Publishers Clearing House, you are disconnected if you don't buy something?
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