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Public Service Announcement

There are many different definitions for a public service announcement (PSA) or public service ad, but the simplified version is PSAs are messages in the public interest disseminated by the media without charge, with the objective of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behavior towards a social issue.

Public Service Announcement;. If you ever see me driving a Prius. run like *** invasion of the body snatchers
Please watch this important Public Service Announcement:. Thank you,. Todd Russell🙂
This is a Public Service Announcement: the chip stands in Sturgeon Falls are officially open. . Your welcome.
"Don't get burned by the same flame twice" a Public Service Announcement
Public Service Announcement: Paul F. Tompkins is the funniest person living. Go listen to Brillia…
A Public Service Announcement from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:
Here follows a Public Service Announcement! Inverurie/Oldmeldrum road at Uryside School will be closed from 27/2 - 10/3.…
Public Service Announcement: it is a logical impossibility for "illegal leaks" to also be "FAKE NEWS" fabricated by the Dem…
Busy day so we're late with this Public Service Announcement:. *ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT* to buy our community shares!
Public Service Announcement: We'll be closed tomorrow (Monday 30th) all day for our staff Christmas bash. Back Tuesday at midday.
Public Service Announcement: the world is the way it is whether it fits nicely with your political agenda or not.
SwearNet's GETTIN' LEARNT WITH RICKY has an important Public Service Announcement for Christmas Day! https:/…
Public Service Announcement! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put return address labels on your Christmas…
Starting tomorrow Bott Radio Network 92.3 FM here in Kansas City will be running a Public Service Announcement on...
Public Service Announcement from Eddie Redmayne, proud Hufflepuff & star of ⚡️
Public Service Announcement 📣 | Southern Californians has passed and yes, you will need to bring reusable...
Public Service Announcement. Habeus corpus repealed. NSA-monitored. Trump in power. Be careful of your e-communications.
And now this Public Service Announcement from Robert De Niro on Donald Trump. WOWZERS 😲.
Public Service Announcement: If any clown decides to roam around oak ridge road, they can and will be shot. Thank you for your cooperation.
Public Service Announcement: Great British Bake Off starts tonight. It's all or muffin.
And here's my short public service announcement on why I will
Public Service Announcement: I'll never stop loving 1D and y'all know this. They are ALL individually my babies. I. https:…
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT, GET YOU A 😁 she cute, loyal (but slept on 💤), sweet, funny, can kinda danc…
certainly are. The way they whisper you're name in your ear (disclaimer public service announcement, kids drugs are bad)
Public service announcement. Chads drunk. That is all. Thank you
- RCMP was only too happy to comply when she volunteered to record an RCMP Public Service Announcement against domestic…
HEY Y'ALL! This is a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT from the local but: you big younguns out there, start taking aspirin to avoid arthritis!!!
Public service announcement, Kylie jenner is the baddest woman on our planet. That is all.💯
This is a public service announcement. is a great human being.
public service announcement, is the WORST texter ever
Public service announcement - let me address something real quick .
. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT . The amount of dogs dying outside chained up without shade,... htt…
Public service announcement: Cecil is a real one too 🙄😂
It's intermission time so go get some pop-corn and yummies and hit the bathroom. Now a public service announcement
OH AND PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT...some of y'all boys who have "beards" ...look like y'all have chin pubes. that is all bye
public service announcement I'm really sensitive today please treat me like a delicate flower 🌷
Congrats to on their win for Public Service Announcement (WINTER IS HERE! BUT THE DROUGHT IS FAR FROM OVER).
...otherwise birds will peck your empty eye sockets. This has been a Public Service Announcement. You may now resume your pr…
This is a public service announcement: The "Chicken Wing" post is no longer considered stylish." You are welcome.
hello yes i love Jaylah. this has been a public service announcement.
This is a public service announcement: Tip your bartender.
'03 Bonnie 'n Clyde. Holy Grail. Beach is better . Public Service Announcement
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: . Individuals create solutions, not government.
Public Service Announcement: I haven't seen in over a week how am I suppose to live without her
Public Service Announcement: If you left an open box of donuts out today, IT IS NOT POWDERED SUGAR, IT'S ASH.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
A public service announcement to my cucks with assistance from lover BBC ht…
Public Service Announcement:. I'm still trying to make "Fetch!" happen. 💁🏻
Public service announcement: is the biggest cutie and my favorite ever
Public service announcement: DO NOT tell a person who wants to pursue a life in the arts that they need a backup plan. I…
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: to all you dudes out there learn the *** difference between COMPLIMENTING a female and SEXUALLY HARASSING her
Public service announcement: If you want to stand, head down to where people are standing. Lot of us are enjoying sitting.
It's hot. Wear deodorant. Thank you. This has been a public service announcement.
public service announcement: Chris hemsworth okay that is all
Make your raw data files read-only. This is a public service announcement.
Public service announcement for all dog/cat owners!
With mobile phones everywhere drinking with no pants will become TMZ fodder. Also more a public service announcement http…
Public Service Announcement: Harrison Ford is turning 74, not 73. You're welcome.
Public Service Announcement brought to you by Tommy Flanagan 😎🖕
Public Service Announcement. Ekiti State Governor, Mr Ayodele Fayose has approved to the immediate redeployment...
Public Service Announcement; We are passing away tonight Downtown Spokane. Funeral is tomorrow hosted at San fran 🍻
Order Miche Bag Online!
Public Service Announcement:. While you Negroes were drinking your liquor and eating your pork for Father's day!...
Public Service Announcement: . No=Disagree . Know=To be aware or have knowledge of something
"Public Service Announcement" on The Ruckus tomorrow at 8pmPT/11pmET w/ Demetrius Andrade and John Molina.
Public Service Announcement. Please give the cleaning guys outside in this heat a cold bottle of water and something to eat.…
Public Service Announcement : I now have access to distribution company…
Public Service Announcement: My name is Carolyn Graham not Carolyn Brown. ;-)
Public Service Announcement 👉🏽 *** be hyping their *** to act stupid because they want her lmfao 😂😂💀💀
Public Service Announcement: Get A Clue starring a young & talented will be on in 2 hours
how to defend against dog attack- self defence - Public Service Announcement: do not let dogs bite you!.
Join us tomorrow, 9:30am @ the Old City Hall in Stoney Creek for our Public Service Announcement launch.
A Public Service Announcement from your Aunt Barbara. Help save the bee population.
Public Service Announcement from the Jefferson Township OEM:. Residents are advised Lower Cozy Lake Road will be...
This is a Public Service Announcement: Feed Your *** Yeen. I didn't feed and look what happened!
The women are now unleashing the pics. Public Service Announcement!
Public Service Announcement: If you haven't seen The Office, you need to.. That show is amazing
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Public Service Announcement: There's a difference between singing the melody right and voice quality.
ASTEP launches a Public Service Announcement, produced by Jason Katims (creator of the shows Friday Night Lights...
Public Service Announcement for all AVA players. Red tickets and Blue tickets will be removed. Price point for...
2016 ESGR Public Service Announcement. This is an important PSA for any national guard and reserve soldiers,...
Public Service Announcement ! ARS is open tonight for your Zombie Jesus rib...lambalaya .crabcakes ...You know.
This has been your Public Service Announcement of the day
Public Service Announcement for those that Can't Read.. Im its in My Bio Im a Journalist who Chooses to be
Public Service Announcement:. This Chat is open to all Grads who've attended any conference! . Not Just NASPA/ACPA!
For Americans especially and some Canadians!. Public Service Announcement from Dublin Fire Brigade Pipe Band.
Public Service Announcement from the Dublin Fire Brigade Pipe Band for March 17th St.Patrick's Day !
Public Service Announcement: Pick up Easter & St. Patrick's Day library books that you want to use soon - they...
Public Service Announcement: Rihanna is not twerking. She is whining. A specific form of dance created in the Caribbean with …
*Breaking News* Rodger Goodell has released his comments from todays Public Service Announcement. Take a look!
**Public Service Announcement**. Do not go to the Fort Payne Walmart, every redneck in Dekalb County is there buying beer and roses.
Public Service Announcement - Sevier Co students: IF you go to school it will be a delay. Jeff & Cocke Co are out = Sevier Co will be too.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Public Service Announcement:. Sometimes in 2011, the Nigerian First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan was awarded an...
Public Service Announcement: Lays and Tostitos are the same company.
*Public Service Announcement*. The first Mfebo Anonymous meeting will be held at Trinity Church in Oxford a week after new years
Public Service Announcement: Monsanto Claims they & their Product are Perfect. So Let the Poison Company Make Your Food. .
Public Service Announcement: . The Winter of Mixed Drinks by Frightened Rabbit is spectacular.
Tom Brokaw's Public Service Announcement: 'blame guns, blame the 2nd Amendment'...for the TERRORISTS and CRAZIES who kill us.
Public Service Announcement: there are some man eating aliens disguised as in the area.
Public service announcement. ItsASStro is now banned for life. Enjoy your rest of your holiday fellas
Ghetto public service announcement lol
public service announcement for Oliver Bonas is open again
This is a public service announcement...sans guitar! She's so cute!
Public service announcement: is so annoying for her snaps just now 🙄😂
Public Service Announcement: I am (still) the fastest finger drummer on Earth.
Serious public service announcement, this is no joke, he is hilarious
Public Service Announcement: Tardy sweeps happening every class period starting today after lunch.
Public service announcement I understand it's bout to be a new year and all I don't want to hear "new year, new me" NO you said it last year
This is a public service announcement ..With guitar ... and the Record Show at 8pm
A Google Image Search of "Jeff Reed" is like a public service announcement against partying.
Public Service Announcement: My author name is Chelsea M. Cameron. There is also an author named Chelsea Camaron. I am not her.
Young Journey Public Service Announcement - is a global day of giving to...
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: if you're not following you are missing out.
just a little public service announcement that I do not actually have a crush on and she's just my bestfriend, thank u
SUCC. this public service announcement brought to you by the GerberLife Grow-up Plan
Public service announcement: Elf is on ABC family tonight at 8. That is all.
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! It's that time of year again, y'all. Go move your car.
Public service announcement: WINGED eyeliner and a CATEYE are different ladies...
Just a small public service announcement that we are in the month Star Wars Episode VII comes out. That is all.
Drowning in emails, yikes! Public service announcement, don't send emails, we are at capacity. Good luck chicky
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Sister Sister now shows on TV. The first episode is currently airing on The Vault as we speak 🙌🏾
Public Service Announcement: Anyone in the greater Tampa Bay Area in need of landscape design & installation,...
Public service announcement: it's josh hausler's birthday today
Public service announcement: rather than paying evil eBay scalpers £stupid for a copy with a subscribe!
Public service announcement, I am single the photo on ig is my lil sister n I
IMPORTANT PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: I just realized shan't is a real word so it's officially lit.
Public Service Announcement: Symptoms that went away last week on their own do not require evaluation in the emergency d…
Ladies & Gentlemen this is a public service announcement!!! I need everyone to go follow the very…
Public Service Announcement: No need to "accidentally" leave your car/truck/SUV/flatbed on Broad Street today...
I liked a video from FALLOUT 4 Public Service Announcement - Mods
Public service announcement: People can post anything they want online. It doesn’t make it true.
Public Service Announcement: We're meeting in the ALDEN ROOM of the LIBRARY tomorrow and NOT in HUNT
Public Service Announcement to Burger King. This is still happening.
Public Service Announcement to youngsters that put in action with "friend" that puts it in with "mobbed up guy"..There is no "mobbed up guy"
Public Service Announcement: When you for beds make sure you secure keys in your pocket. (Thank you for finding my keys!)
Public Service Announcement: Britten Vilander listens to Kris Jenners' "I Love My Friends" in the shower
Public Service Announcement: . the dinning hall at Todd has hot apple cider and it's delicious 😊
Here is my Public Service Announcement for the day: According to the California Secretary of State's office, in...
**Public Service Announcement**. YKG and WC at Laredo Energy Arena . AKdaRockStarr and friends at El Patio.. . LET'S...
Public Service Announcement: Setting yourself on fire is stupid and you shouldn't do it. Duh.
Public Service Announcement: Every time you use Uber, you put money in David Plouffe's pocket.
Public Service Announcement: I'm the worst friend ever and lost in downtown Lax. 😳
Public Service Announcement: the term 'wife beater' has been changed to 'sexism beater.' Please change your vocabulary accordingly.
Public Service Announcement: Im on EyeEm Aaa a beautiful photo sharing app, Join me?
Public Service Announcement: If you can't write a 500-word paper, you might not need to be in college.
Public Service Announcement: The are busting out the black matte helmets for tomorrow night's game.
Public Service Announcement: You should be listening to with & SO GOOD
"Public Service Announcement: why should someone have the "choice" to dispose of a conceived fetus
Public Service Announcement: Only 15 tickets left for Jenny Eclair in Barnard Castle on 31 Oct. Now, don't fight over them lovelies! x
Photo: protego-et-servio: PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Fetal tissue is not the same as fetal organs. Tissues...
LOUIS LOVES ELEANOR - this has been a public service announcement thank you for your time
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Dear, Women who smoke cigarettes and try to cover up the smell with body spray... It's not…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
public service announcement: kate archer is the Best. thank you.
Public service announcement !! Luke lane are now officially close .
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT : Don't go out if you can't tip
Public Service Announcement: You should always be able to feel your face regardless of who you are with.
And in an obligatory public service announcement, is currently playing on Starz.
This is a Public Service Announcement: 1 month until Election Day. Take time to vote on October 19th. No excuses.
This is a public service announcement. There is a new podcast. I repeat, a new Adam Buxton podcast
Public service announcement: I am sorry if I offend anyone tonight, my fever seems to have melted the good judgement center of my brain.
I liked a video from A Public Service Bait Announcement
public service announcement. Bacon is the way to Molly's heart
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a new DJ at our Homecoming dance! 7-10 pm, get your tickets and date asap. htt…
HEY PEOPLE THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT. Follow my boyfriend & go bug him or something. I'm trying to get him active 💘
Public service announcement: I promise i know how to spell, I just get excited to get my point across to i type really fast. That's all
Ok, public service announcement to AP Chem students: the molarities of THAM and H2SO4 is given to you, they're both 0.1 …
This has been a public service announcement to you all
Public Service Announcement:. The Dominica Air & Sea Ports Authority wishes to inform the general public that any...
Public Service Announcement: don't accidentally spray you and friends with pepper spray (it doesn't feel very good)
Public Service Announcement: Hot Tamales are the best candies in the world.
wonder what the guy from kebbi will say?Public Service Announcement- North is as diverse as Ogun State and Akwa Ibom
Public Service Announcement . The ministry of Education in conjunction with the National Association of...
Public Service Announcement to Ashton Irwin, your band members are inviting you to Netflix and chill
Before the trailer i feel the need to make an public service announcement;. TONY STARK IS NOT THE VILLAIN . you may continue to scroll
A public service announcement to never waste cheat day. .
We interrupt your timeline for a public service announcement from the Jedi Council:
Public service announcement. Please don't broadcast what happened on Power. Thank you. I'm waiting until tonight
In situations like this, I beg people not to get "facts" from forum posters. This has been a public service announcement.
Public service announcement to those who think it's cool to be rude to their parents: it's not cool and its embarrassing
Existing Verizon customers public service announcement: you can switch to the cheaper, higher GB new plans now on their confounding website.
I hella made a PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT on my snap and he knew it was about him 😂
BBC Home Service broadcasting that the public should stand by for an important announcement in an hour
A public service announcement: be warned people.
Public Service Announcement: if you drop your curling tongs, do not attempt to catch them! Ouch! 🔥
public service announcement: me and Julia meet in 25 days and we see 5sos in 25 days
Public service announcement by Crafton... Gonna be hot up there, make sure to stay hydrated w plenty of liquids. OK!
Public Service Announcement: Girls from Nova, stay away from me.
Public service announcement: I'm cutting down my flists because it's gotten overwhelmingly. No hard feelings, but please don't pester.
A public service announcement brought to you by safe sex. Beware!!!, lol
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: So umm come get your car washed at Partners Pizza in Tyrone! We accept donations... And so yeah
Public Service Announcement: Flavoured beer is not beer.
When momma be like "why you meddling? " I be like umm why you making a public service announcement to the house? But I'm meddling lmao
And that ladies and gentlemen is what you call a public service announcement.
TFLN: This is a public service announcement.
NYC smells particularly rancid today. Consider this a public service announcement.
Public service announcement the house bunny just started on tbs
This is a public service announcement Minneapolis is offering free outdoor sauna all day today
Public service announcement for my timeline
Thank you, this concludes my public service announcement.
Every time I see or hear about 50 shades of grey I think grey is favorite color this has beena public Service Announcement lol
A public service announcement & especially to all you current and future Lets get it right!
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT regarding the NWA movie:. Remember, the only person not living is Eazy-E. All of the...
*Public Service Announcement*. The videos that I have seen from. . Is too official! Follow him!. Check out his wor…
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT . Remember if you see something say something...
I added a video to a playlist Jay z Public service announcement
You can never be too hydrated, a public service announcement.
This is a public service announcement to all my *** "WE ARE BETTER OFF AS FRIENDS"
SEBASTIAN OLZANSKI. This has been a public service announcement. Carry on scrolling. :3
Public service announcement. . I don't exist to please anyone else but myself and I'm not sorry.
Public service announcement fight night at tubbys is subject to happen all year long whenever the time
"Tom Brady made this place ERUPT when he came out to Public Service Announcement by Jay-Z" -
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Public Service Announcement . S/O to Morgan for washing our dishes, and cleaning half our house just bc she knew I wasn't gonna…
Public Service Announcement for Cedar Falls: Fountain pop is $0.54 through August 13th at Kwik Star on the Hill.
Public Service Announcement: The Miracle of Childbirth is not an appropriate workplace conversation
Public Service Announcement : The university of Tennessee Knoxville has renamed the Black Cultural Center to Frieson Bl…
Public Service Announcement for the Greater St. Louis area: The Cardinals have a record of 40-21.
I'm happy to share this California State Parks Foundation and SUBWAY Public Service Announcement including 2 of...
'This is a Public Service Announcement' by Sarah Carne has begun! And here's the blog
Public Service Announcement to Small Business Owners: . I'm seeing great results with Video Ads - See Below. Quote...
Public Service Announcement: Panda Express next to Woodman's in Oak Creek is now open!
Public Service Announcement, Anthony Anderson is my nephew. I am not a way to get in contact with him, nor am I...
SPONSORED AND PAID MEDIA - Public Service Announcement award. Winner... Plan Norway with Trigger with
Public Service Announcement: If anyone buys me a LeBron James Sprite Remix, I will offer a compliment or hug.
Public Service Announcement: - pydiapack: If you see anyone reblogging a photo of Ian Bohen holding Holland...
Public Service Announcement - 100th anniversary of the Second Battle of Ypres and unveiling of Lieutenant-Colo...
Public Service Announcement: watch Penny Dreadful for spooky fun. New season on May 3rd.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
More Car Audio:Public Service Announcement: This is what happens when you let your insurance company tell you wher…
Public Service Announcement: don't over-sing the day before your scene goes up 😪
Public Service Announcement: . Sturgill's Austin City Limits show streaming live on the ACL YouTube channel right now. . You're welcome.
Public Service Announcement: Recruitment into the Delta State Civil Service: It is hereby announced for the in...
Public Service Announcement: I will give my entire paycheck to the day he lands more than 4 critical punches in a fight.
Public Service Announcement it is always appropriate, no matter the weather/temp, to put the windows down and blast "Brown Eyed Girl."
And now a Public Service Announcement from and Register at
Public Service Announcement: . has a TDE shirt on her avi, therefore, she is bae.
Public Service Announcement - Renaissance Science in at 6.30pm this evening with Alison Hackett is almost booked up!
Public Service Announcement: The final episode of Breaking Bad starts in 10 minutes before the first two episodes of Better Call Saul
Public Service Announcement: White Light, White Heat is available as a name your price DL right now!
Right now, in my head, I'm Laila Ali. I also happen to be blasting Jay Z's Public Service Announcement.
Public Service Announcement from the Universal Life Church World Headquarters and Department of Homeland Security...
A Public Service Announcement from the Land (Where we Usually Have) The Ice And Snow: Here is a "meticulously curated, highly selective" list of everything worth watching on Netflix, Amazon and Hulu (free) should you find yourself needing entertainment while housebound. Hulu: Smack The Pony: Thus disproving again that women aren't funny. The Bridge (Don't watch the US version.) Black Books (brilliant.) The Wrong Mans (James Corden!) Horrible Histories (fun and educational!) Web Therapy (what Lisa Kudrow did between The Comeback(s)) Netflix: Rita (Danish. Best coming out of a 15 year old ever televised.) Luther (Why have you not watched this yet?) Sherlock (duh.) The Killing (US: The third (which is really the second) season is heartbreaking and the acting is very, very good.) The IT Crowd Broadchurch (NOT Gracepoint) Hinterland Black Mirror (I'm sorry about S01E01. Maybe skip that.) The Fall (Season 2: Gillian Anderson and Archie Panjabi. Yes.) Happy Valley Amazon Prime: Transparent (duh.) The Man In The ...
Public Service Announcement: If you have a teaching degree and are looking for a job, Frederick County School District is now accepting online applications. Ijs.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Public Service Announcement: On everythang I love that NEW Lil Wayne Sorry For The Wait 2 is killing all the New Music that drop far as on a Lyrical Note that boy threw with Cash Money and got a point to prove. OMG this *** 100% Percently Snapped on every single got *** song.
A Public Service Announcement to all Sports Franchises and College Sports teams: DO NOT allow your Locker Room Victory celebrations get recorded. Why? Because if they go viral, you will anger the Sports Gods and then you will pay for it dearly. With an *** whoopin. Examples? The Colt's Ric Flair celebration. It went viral, the Colt's Cheerleaders made a version(OMG) and thenBOOM the Pats handed out a big heaping can full of old school Stone Cold Steve Austin WHOOP ***
Public Service Announcement brought to you by the City of Los Angeles
A Public Service Announcement to the darling ladies of Hollywood Boulevard on a Friday night: The Cardinal Rule of Respectable Whoring states you can either show all your *** or all your *** Never both. *** or *** Take your *** pick. Also, for the love of God, practice walking in those heels before you embarrass yourselves in public. That's all.
Public Service Announcement: I'm about to save someone some money by explaining why you should not purchase our products. 1. The products only work when used according to directions. If you purchase the supplements and leave them in the bottle, they just will not work. I'm sorry. I wish they did but I haven't found a way for that to happen. If you purchase supplements and take one every now and then, nope, not gonna work. 2. If you purchase the wraps and don't follow instructions, odds are that you won't get good results. I get great feed back all the time from people that did use the products correctly and I use them as well so I KNOW THEY WORK. But I'm just being real here because I really want people to use the products the right way if they purchase them. Yes, any purchase makes me money but I would rather the customer get great results. ALSO, if you are considering joining this company as a distributor, you need to know that JUST joining the company is NOT going to make you money. It's a ...
Public Service Announcement about road closures for the 1st Day 5k. Registration for race closes tonight!
*Public Service Announcement* Men think twice before you click like once.Ladies we don't condone violence just a joke maybe lol
Public Service Announcement: Rufus Hound tries to be funny. You have been warned.
Public Service Announcement by all day long
Public Service Announcement: Christmas is around the corner. Accidents take seconds to happen but suffering last a lifetime.
Public Service Announcement: The Raiders have been reclassified as a High School JV Team
Hoodies are 50% off all over the place . *Public Service Announcement for the ladies who have to buy their own
Public Service Announcement: I am taking My first Behind The Wheel today, so watch out for the sake of your vehicle.You're Welcome.😬🙏
Public Service Announcement: I miss and she can come home now.
Public Service Announcement: I'm not going to put y'all out there but get it together. Y'all females…
A new favorite: Public Service Announcement - S3RL by S3RL on
Public Service Announcement: Idina Menzel is going on tour and will be in Atlanta July 24. That would be the best Christmas present ever!!!
In this Public Service Announcement, President Barack Obama encourages Americans to consider serving as Peace Corps Volunteers to make a difference around th...
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