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Public Health England

Public Health England is an executive agency of the Department of Health in the United Kingdom that began operating on 1 April 2013. Its formation came as a result of reorganisation of the National Health Service (NHS) in England outlined in the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It took on the role of the Health Protection Agency, the National Treatment Agency for Substance Misuse and a number of other health bodies.

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Public Health England have a multifaceted approach to obesity - but is it working?
Public Health England submits £400 million planning application for world-leading science campus in Harlow |
Public Health England (PHE) said cases of meningitis caused by the meningococcal W strain are still rising in the...
Targets for calorie cuts in pizzas, ready meals and other manufactured food to be set by Public Health England - following…
So why won't Public Health England identify Supermarket 'X'?The public has a right to know. Where is the voice of the Ch…
Public health England and the alz soc have recently sent out messages to people aged 40-64 . The advice was how to live healthy . Cont
This is the 2014 report from PHE. All their latest reports are here:
Outrage over decision not to name store that infected people with Hepatitis via
We need a radical review of Public Health England.It is more concerned with the business than the public interest https:…
Our multifaceted approach to tackling obesity | Letter from Dr Alison Tedstone of Public Health England
A UK supermarket may have 'infected thousands of people with Hepatitis E'
Students heading to university across the South West are reminded by Public Health England to get vaccinated...
Students must get meningitis vaccination before university. . Public Health England (PHE) said cases of meni…
How active should an adult be? Guidelines by Public Health England.
UK supermarket ‘may have infected thousands with from and .
New news story on the M_R_F site "Public Health England reminding young people to get vaccinated now against deadl…
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Public Health England announce calorie reduction programme. Find out more on Nutrition News
There is a public health England document which has conditions which should be kept off school and c…
UK supermarket ‘may have infected thousands with hepatitis E from sausages and ham’
Public Health England submit £400 million planning application for new science campus in Harlow.
In their wisdom Public Health England has centralised tRegional Observatories and scrapped name .Liverpool was the first…
Public Health England urges food manufacturers to reduce the calories in foods particularly enjoyed by children
Why is Public Health England not prepared to name the supermarket? How can people protect themselves if this informat…
MORAL OF STOR - BUY BRITISH!. Thousands of Brits could be infected with HEPATITIS after eating sausages from EU pigs ht…
Public Health England have advertised for Director of Emergency and Response Department. Closes 4th Sept.…
Plan submitted by Public Health England for £400m Harlow science hub
Dementia and Alzheimer’s main cause of death for women, says Public Health England
Public Health England have produced this animation providing an overview of obesity and weight management. If...
North Yorkshire County Council is asking people to take notice of a new campaign from Public Health England (PHE)...
This "cliff edge" decision by Public Health England will result in cervical screening transferring to private companies
Public Health England campaign launches in South West to improve breastfeeding rates - ITV News :
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Public Health England new war on smoking meanwhile in the real world NHS smoking cessation cli…
Smoking should be banned in NHS buildings and grounds - Public Health England
For good health, Public Health England recommend that you base all meals on starchy carbohydrates
Campaign for complete ban on smoking in all NHS buildings & grounds has been launched by Public Health England (PHE)
Campaign launched for smoking to be completely banned in all NHS buildings and grounds by Public Health England
NHS "tobacco free" campaign launched by Public Health England.
Did you know Health Education England & Public Health England are having their budgets slashed by 30%?. Huge ramification…
Public Health England 'Improving Health Through the Home Workshop' today with and Publi…
Public Health England's calling for smoking to be completely banned at NHS hospitals in England and for smoking shelte…
BBC News - NHS 'tobacco free' campaign launched by Public Health England Why is Tobacco legal & Ca…
Public Health England launches campaign aimed at 40 to 60-year-olds, 83% of whom weigh too much or drink above...
More than a fifth of 4 to 5 year olds in Cornwall are overweight...Public Health England say childhood obesity need…
Public Health England fighting an uphill battle. Not enough U.K. Government support. Apps are a drop in ocean.
Forest | Public Health England's new quit smoking campaign is "emotional blackmail" say campaigners
A Bentley student has tested positive for mumps, according to the Mass. Dept. of Public Health.
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Merry Christmas from us all at Public Health England London!
Merry Christmas to you all, from everyone working at Public Health England in the South West
Fluxpress meningite batterica Public Health England has announced a pronounced increase in Meningitis is University students. Ze ...
87% of UK councils ignore advice from Public Health England (Check out our new report.
UKactive, National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine and Public Health England research - get involved:…
Price’s record demonstrates less concern for the sick, the poor, and the health of the public and much greater...
"Eat less meat and processed foods and more plant-based foods" - Public Health England being clear re. what to eat.
Government confirms 2 wild birds in England test positive for H5N8 strain of bird flu; Public Health England says risk to public remains low
Culture Collections are proud to be a PHE Biological Resource Centre. Read about PHE's aims and priorities.
The latest Public health in England! Thanks to
Eatwell badly misrepresents the SACN recommendations.
Dr. David Humphreys recently involved, as Advisory Board. Member for Public Health England (PHE) on review:
hi, would be great if you could sign this petition. I can put a link to yr organisation
great hearing this critical issue highlighted on Please see petition
great hearing u speak Please see this petition
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critical discussion about mothers' health. Mothers need more support . ·
So who's going to apply to be chair of - applications close at noon on 5 Jan
Public Health England are holding a workshop for bowel cancer patients on 13 February in Leeds
Annual Report (2015) On the State of the Public’s Health Baby Boomers: Fit for the Future
Public Health England will put data and digital at the heart of its 3-year marketing plan,to be unveiled next year https…
Explicit suicide scenes in Yan England film not classroom friendly, public health
Public England will focus on for 2020 marketing strategy
Kids from low income families twice as likely to be obese as those from high income families
England will focus on data for 2020 marketing strategy
Obesity and sugar – is Public Health England right to demand a sugar tax? Part 1.
Public Health England marketing chief: Know who to trust
PHE Public Health England rightly getting the spotlight on them
It's disgusting that Public Health England tried to blame Pauline Cafferkey for its own failings. The poor woman.
Public Health England should be held to account both for their process failing & for smeering Pauline Cafferkey ...
Public Health England is a disgusting body. Jacqui Smith should be prosecuted.
Public Health England brands the advice from the NOF to eat more fat as 'irresponsible'
“A practical guide to healthy caring”, a new guide available from Public Health England
Exposure prone procedures in dental practice new document from Public Health England
Public Health England has released a new Eat well Guide to help members of the public make healthier decisions...
"Public Health England cannot resist talking to us as if we were children," says
Middle-aged people targeted in Public Health England campaign
Public Health England holds roadshow in Sale to raise awareness of cancer
NHS England prepares for sugar tax with ban on unhealthy food adverts
Interesting blog by Public Health England: Investing in prevention: is it cost-effective?
Public Health England strengthens its advice on Zika, saying pregnant women should postpone non-essential travel to areas with outbreaks
Public Health England is reviewing its digital and direct advertising, currently held by OgilvyOne
Northumberland health services praised by Public Health England - ChronicleLive
Newcastle: Northumberland health services praised by Public Health England
NEWS Northumberland health services praised by Public Health England: Duncan Selbie met with Nort...
The NCSCT Briefing on Ecigs and Smoking Cessation: “Public Health England recommends that stop smoking service...
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Northumberland health services praised by Public Health England
Thank you to Public Health England for sharing this Free Commisisoners Forum in April.
Latest drug & alcohol stats by info from 2015 Focal Point On Drugs report from Public Health England
Much-delayed Public Health England study looking at incinerator emissions expected this year -
An academic fellowship from is helping to improve understanding of homelessness:
Consider approaching public health England to share best practice you are providing: 'we love case studies!'
Lucy to have speaking at our obesity group study day on public health England.
Back & neck pain the leading cause of disability in England. Cost £5 billion... HT htt…
How hypocritical of Bailey and Khorsandi speaking at end austerity rallies but taking large fees from Public Health England.
Public Health England has issued travel advice for pregnant women
There is advice from Public Health England on our website and also at Cumbria County Council
Adult heroin user recovery remains a challenge in England (from Public Health England)...
Recommendations to reduce “excessive” levels of sugar in diet published by Public Health England
The first case of since 2006 has been found in a cow in Wiltshire, Public Health
Anthrax discovered in Wiltshire cow. Public Health England: "Risk of infection in close human contacts of the animal is v…
Young people's mental wellbeing: Public Health England has published a guide to measuring the mental wellbeing...
Today I have been learning about quality in the NHS and discussing Public Health England's report "Sugar Reduction The evidence for action".
Simply unbelievable that the Head of Public Health England isn't taking added sugar in our food seriously
The cow in Wiltshire was the first recorded case in England since 2006 and while public Health officials say t...
Public Health England have suggested a 20% sugar tax to combat sugar addiction would work:
Can I eat that lettuce? Can digital engagement help us influence the health system?
A case of anthrax has been discovered in a cow in Wiltshire, Public Health England says.
Read our position on the new Public Health England (report on sugar ->
Public Health England has recently published an evidence review about e-cigarettes. More at
Public Health England said it is the first case of the deadly disease to have been found in an animal since 2006
Anthrax case confirmed on farm: A case of anthrax in a cow is confirmed on a farm in Wiltshire, Public Health England confirms.
Anthrax discovered in cow in Wiltshire, Public Health England has confirmed
Case of anthrax found in cow in Wiltshire - the first in an animal since 2006, Public Health England says
Free places at Public Health England events on antibiotic resistance | Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS)
From today, councils take over responsibility for commissioning Health Visiting services from Public Health England. http:/…
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.& has really put Harlow on the map by bringing Public Health England here!!!
More digital news and views... Public Health England gets personal for biggest Stoptober campaign ahead of new smo...
Public Health England declare to be 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco:
Yes. Good article in The Guardian the other day on this. Convinced me!
sound analysis from public health england on benefits of e-cigs. Hope other countries please fo…
Check out this Officer at Public Health England in
Good news for ecigs. I'm happy to see you trying to use it more and quit smoking. Don't give up!
We agree w/ New England Journal of Medicine. are a public health issue. ht…
Vaping is safer than smoking, UK government says
'How music saved my life' - Public Health England and Jeremy Hunt please have a read
GMOs, Herbicides, and Public Health - The New England Journal of Medicine by Philip J. Landrigan, M.D., and Charle...
not to mention Public Health England, who have reviewed ALL the evidence
.I guess Public Health England's report isn't as authoritative as a one-sided article from a Daily Beast fitness writer.
Tobacco or e-cigarettes? The answer is that e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes:
Public Health England creates new job to tackle childhood obesity
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Proposal to ban chewing tobacco from Boston ballparks gaining support from public health advocates.
Check out this Practitioner at Public Health England in
Apply now to work for Public Health England as in
gave out very +ve release last week on PHE report. Now, why dont agree but support WG??
"GMOs, Herbicides, and Public Health" -- important comment in New England Journal of Medicine
Public Health England is hiring a Advisor, apply now!
"British Dental Health Foundation responds to Public Health England e-cigarette review"... Read more
Smokeless Cigarettes Public Health England: E-cigs 95% safer than smoking, considers free distribution for smokers
Public Health England - "they help most smokers to quit tobacco"
A win for across the world! UK makes first official statement that are safer than tobacco
E-cigarettes 95% less harmful than tobacco and helping smokers quit, says Public Health England after review.
Hello, take a peek at our conference … we think it may be of interest :)
E-cigarettes should be recommended to smokers, says Public Health England ... - Sydney…
with ・・・. from - Public Health England, an agency sponsore…
Public Health England, an agency sponsored by the UK's Department for Health, has concluded that…
VIDEO: Breast cancer signs 'not always a lump': Dr Ann Hoskins of Public Health England and 'Green Goddess' an...
Campaigners point finger at austerity as Public Health England report shows first decline across all age groups...
Royal Society, Public Health England and Environment Agency say that risks are minimal and manageable. Public can rest easy.
Public Health England's grant to local authorities report from
Some great cold-weather reminders from Dr Angie Bone of Public Health England in their alert:
The tests that are done in the UK on NHS are sent to Public Health England and are 90% negative.
Public Health England is raising awareness of the risk of using bath seats following accidental drowning incidents
Public Health England’s updated report on Hepatitis C in London published today
The smartphone accessory that can test for HIV in 15 minutes Read more: Public Health England using big data to fi…
Accidental drowning in baths is a tragic but preventable cause of child injury and death. Public Health England:
Public Health England (PHE) welcomes the 2nd report from the review on
Public Health England has issued new guidance on managing outbreaks of acute respiratory disease in care homes
quite remarkable how satisfied the scottish public are given terrible health outcomes compared to England
The are done in conjunction with public health England, so the forecast is only for England. But still cold for the rest of UK!
Public Health England issues updated guidance on antiviral agents for influenza including children
going to Public Health England then a forensic course. Hopefully relatively interesting
Shale gas extraction emissions are a ‘low’ risk to public...
Want an overview of current Take a look at our briefing by
So this was the view from the Public Health England LGBT Health conference today. Any guesses?
Where would we be without Public Health England?
Public Health England talking about a tobacco free future
Public health England hopeful for a tobacco free England.
Campaign to raise awareness of stroke symptoms saves thousands from lasting damage, Public Health England says.
Brace yourself for more cold weather as Public Health England issue alert for
A public health scandal. "Welfare reforms are main cause of homelessness in England, study finds"
Public Health England launch their action plan for LGB (MSN) health and wellbeing in England
Three people test negative for after outbreak at Hampshire farm, confirms Public Health England
Today I'm meeting with Public Health England to discuss their new scheme to promote mental resilience among young people - Dom
Council is ready to stub out smoking: CALDERDALE Council has welcomed new figures from Public Health England a...
Dr Anne Marie Connolly - Public Health England highlights that there are different sorts of evidence and we need lots of different sorts
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Beginner's running group launched by Public Health and Wellbeing team and Run England
On Public Health England highlight in their blog the impacts of on older people
Share › Public Health England: Action plan tackles health inequalities for men who have sex with men
At the conference - inspired by the breadth and depth of work from public health england!
Live with HIV? Stigma & discrimination affected your daily life? New survey from FPA/ Public Health England...
Public Health England - Holistic approach is needed: moving beyond to tackle health and wellbeing of in 2015.
Public Health England can't lead on health without having its own house in order: lots of internal commitments
Speaking today at Public Health England's LGBT health conference
is in the top 10 trends at the moment! Follow for more updates from today's Public Health England health con…
Public Health England (is holding a conference today on LGB&T health - keep an eye on the hashtag:
Public Health England host their first ever health conference today. Follow updates at
Public Health England is only about 18 months old. Wow.
Now Kevin Fenton, national director of health and wellbeing, Public Health England. Sounds important!!
A patient at a North Manchester General Hospital is being tested for the Ebola virus, Public Health England confirms http…
Public Health England says a patient at North General Hospital is being tested for as a precaution
Breast Cancer Awareness
. Public Health England says air pollution kills 29,000 people a year. Liz Truss says monitoring it is a…
3,200 children living in poverty in Cheltenham, Public Health England report shows | via
Public Health England (PHE) is seeking views on the proposed NHS Health Check research priorities:
Public Health England says a man at the County Hospital in doesn't have ebola. The test was a precaution because of his symptoms.
Public Health England think a man in doesn't actually have ebola. He's now being tested at the County Hopsital as a precaution.
Ebola: Heathrow to start screening passengers Heathrow airport is to start screening for Ebola among passengers flying into the UK from countries at risk. The health secretary told MPs a "handful" of cases were expected to reach the UK before Christmas. Screening will start at Terminal 1, before being extended to other terminals, Gatwick airport and Eurostar by the end of the week. In September, about 1,000 people arrived in the UK from Ebola-affected countries in West Africa. Meanwhile, a UN medical official infected with Ebola while working in Liberia has died in a hospital in Germany. Most passengers flying from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, where Ebola has killed more than 4,000 people, are screened before being allowed to board the plane. Under the new UK screening measures, they will be identified by Border Force officers upon arrival. Nurses and consultants from Public Health England will then carry out the actual screening. Passengers will have their temperatures taken, complete a risk questio ...
Public Health England will start screening and monitoring incoming patients travelling from Ebola-affected countries at Heathrow Terminal One from tomorrow, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said.
Britain stages national exercise to test Ebola preparedness LONDON, Oct. 12 (PNA/Xinhua) -- Britain on Saturday held a national exercise to test preparedness for an Ebola outbreak in the country, following recent enhanced screening among arrivals from countries affected by the disease. Senior ministers, government departments and expert medical professionals from ambulance services, hospitals and Public Health England, along with the country's chief medical officer, took part in the national exercise, according to the British Department of Health. To ensure the public is protected, British Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered the exercise as part of Britain's ongoing contingency planning. The 8-hour exercise involved actors simulating Ebola symptoms and emergency services responding to them in multiple areas around the country. Some people taking part in the exercise may be wearing personal protective equipment. "It is vital that we test these plans in as realistic a situation as possible, with real p ...
Public Health England has ruled out screening travellers for Ebola despite admitting it is a real risk to Britain
NHS England shows its support for PHE’s public flu vaccination campaign and encourages health staff to get vaccinated too
Public England + urging people "at risk" to get vaccinated against flu this winter
From BioPortfolio: Children aged four living in England will be offered flu vaccinations, free of charge, in coming weeks - a first-time provision. PHE's (Public Health England's)...
Ebola a real risk to UK but we won't be screening arrivals say UK Govt because we don't want to upset anyone
Ebola is a 'real risk' to UK - but no screening Know why ? Even longer queues at Border Control.
The Department of Public Health in England can help you out. Sign up for their quit program here:
No plans to introduce screening for those arriving in UK, Public Health England says
Public Health England, have said there are no plans to introduce Ebola screening for those arriving in the
Our new infographic shows the routine immunisation programme in England. See the full graphic
In what parallel universe is this sensible given our history with MRSA and Cdiff !
is now a 'real risk' to UK, public health experts admit
No Ebola screening for arrivals to UK - Public Health England (via
Public Health England says screening against Ebola not needed. Wait for that to come back and bite them on the ***
Ebola is a 'real risk' to UK, says Public Health England, but rules out screening: Travellers entering the UK ...
Public Health body say Ebola a real risk to the UK but won't carry out screening-good idea doing nothing will stop it …
Public Health England has announced national campaign to raise awareness of blood in urine as a symptom of bladder and kidney cancers.
New tool for local authorities on outcomes and expenditure - - Public Health England 27 August 2014
The Saudi health minister has been sacked without explanation, as the Mers coronavirus death toll there climbed to 81. Abdullah al-Rabiah was dismissed just days after visiting hospitals in Jeddah to calm a public hit by panic over the spread of the respiratory virus. Saudi has registered the largest number of infections of Mers (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome). The ministry said it had registered 261 cases of infection across the kingdom. The World Health Organization (WHO) says it has been informed of 243 laboratory-confirmed cases worldwide, including 93 deaths since the virus was first discovered in September 2012. The WHO, which has been monitoring the global situation, says there is currently no reason to impose any travel restrictions because of the virus. Public Health England said the recent rise in the number of Mers infections in Saudi could be the result of a number of factors: a change in the virus itself, a consequence of more active surveillance or some sort of, as yet unexplained, season ...
Heartlands Hospital are working with Public Health England who are investigating a national outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis.
Congrats in top 10 national Public Health England inaugural PHE Health X prog
A national outbreak of Salmonella that has affected 156 people is being investigated, Public Health England said.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Public Health England: "We are currently awaiting the coroner’s report concerning the third patient."
Public Health England: "Salmonella was not cited as a contributing factor on the death certificates of two patients."
Public Health England: "Sadly, three hospital patients who were part of the Birmingham outbreak passed away."
Public Health England investigate Salmonella outbreak which has recently affected 156 people in England
Public health England say they're hopeful the Salmonella outbreak has been contained as no further cases have been reported.
Public Health is investigating an outbreak of
how on earth did we ever survive without "yellow severe warnings" for wind? Surprised public health England arent involved
55 cases of salmonella in Hampshire being investigated by Public Health England. 32 linked to just 1 restaurant in Eastleigh. More in Drive
Public Health England investigating national outbreak of
Why has head of Public Health England, Duncan Selbie, not answered letter that expoaed probs of breast cancer trial?
Health Alert: Public Health England investigating national outbreak of
Public Health England is investigating an outbreak of Salmonella which has ... - BBC News
Public Health England investigating an outbreak of Salmonella affected 156 ppl in England in past few months - seems may be from one source
Public Health England investigates outbreak affecting 150+ people
National outbreak of Salmonella under investigation: Public Health England (PHE) said it was looking into an o...
Public Health England investigating outbreak of Salmonella affecting 156 people in England over the past few months
Investigation into a national salmonella outbreak launched by Public Health England. 156 cases across the country.
Public Health England says national outbreak of Salmonella "probably linked to poultry" - 156 people.
.how many multi-professional DPHs in England went through public health training? I know of Tessa LIndfield, can't t…
Public Health England today announced that 156 people had fallen ill including 55 cases in Hampshire, 33 in Cheshire and 43 in the We...
Public Health England investigating a national outbreak of a type of Salmonella Enteritidis which has affected 156 people.
Public Health England says it is investigating a national outbreak of Salmonella
I'll be posting on works intranet to let all staff in NHS and public health England to never buy furniture from asda!
Salmonella outbreak investigated: Public Health England is investigating a Salmonella outbreak which has affec...
A consultant gets excellence award & Dep Director Nursing at Public Health England commends our staff and volunteers.
“Belly fat clearest sign of type 2 diabetes risk,” The Guardian reports. This comes as Public Health England publishes a report highlighting the links between bulging waistlines, obesity and type 2 diabetes risk. According to a new report, men whose waist size is over 102cm (40.2 inches) are five times more likely to develop diabetes than those with a smaller waist size. Women with a waist over 88cm (34.7 inches) are three times more likely to develop the condition. The report says that being overweight or obese is the main avoidable risk factor for type 2 diabetes. The condition is now a major public health issue, with all types of diabetes projected to rise to 4.6 million – nearly 10% of the adult population – by 2030. Some people may have the misconception that type 2 diabetes is an inconvenience, like back pain or arthritis, but not especially serious. This is not the case. Type 2 diabetes can lead to blindness (diabetic retinopathy), heart problems and even reduce blood supply to the limbs, w ...
Belly fat clearest sign of diabetes risk: Public Health England states categorically for first time that...
British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says the Ebola outbreak in West Africa poses a threat to Britain. England's public health authority warned the virus is out of control. Hammond was to chair a government's crisis response committee to *** Britain's preparations to cope with any possible outbreak of the disease. The Department of Health (DoH) ministry confirmed that one person in Britain has been tested for Ebola, but the tests proved negative. Reports suggested he had travelled from West Africa to central England. Health professionals have been warned to be vigilant for signs of the deadly virus. Since March, there have been one-thousand-201 cases of Ebola and 672 deaths in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Dr Brian McCloskey, director of global health at Public Health England (PHE), said the body was closely monitoring developments in West Africa.
The Ebola virus, which has killed more than 670 people in West Africa, is a "threat" to the UK, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has told the BBC. He said he would chair an emergency Cobra meeting on the issue later. No Britons had been affected so far and there were no cases in the UK, he said, adding that the government was viewing the outbreak very seriously. It comes after Public Health England issued a national alert to UK doctors amid fears the virus could spread. Last week an infected Liberian man was found to have travelled through a major Nigerian airport. Several West African airlines have now stopped flying to Liberia and Sierra Leone over concerns about the outbreak. Spreading virus Mr Hammond told BBC News the government was "absolutely focused" on tackling the threat posed by the disease, including looking at "whether there are precautions we need to take - either in the UK or to protect our nationals in the area abroad". He went on: "At the moment we don't think any British nationals [abroa ...
Increasing bowel cancer screening take-up is a priority for Public Health England
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Public Health England annual report and accounts 2013 to 2014.
Health watchdog weighs up sugar tax and reduction targets: Public Health England, the h...
Committee on Climate Change, Public Health England, Royal Society, Royal Academy of Mechanical Engineers. Do you Q them too?
Three more babies have suffered blood poisoning from suspected contaminated hospital drips, health officials have revealed. A spokesman for Public Health England said that, so far, 18 infants have been taken ill with septicaemia at several hospitals across the UK. One of them, a youngster who was being treated in intensive care at St Thomas' Hospital in central London, has died.
Public Health England (PHE) took the occasion earlier this month to release an important report about UK electronic cigarettes.
no risk to public health? Uh…no. Article in BMJ refutes Public Health England report.
Public Health England welcomes World Health Organization report on global issue of antimicrobial resi...
At 9.15 we will take evidence from NHSBT & Public Health England on blood/organs. Minister & CMO at 10.15
BBC News - Public Health England to look into the impact of floods on mental health
**Latest News** VIDEO: The effect of floods on mental health: Public Health England has said it will look into...
Two people have developed tuberculosis (TB) after coming into contact with a domestic cat, in the first ever recorded cases of cat-to-human transmission, Public Health England (PHE) has said.
Thursday March 27, 2014 Two people in England have developed tuberculosis after contact with a domestic cat infected with Mycobacterium bovis (M. bovis), Public Health England (PHE) and th
Not sure why public health England doubts the value of spending on green space and housing to achieve health outcomes. …
If Public Health England want fluoride added to all tap water, they'd better give me a free supply of immodium and loo paper.
As he retires, England's longest-serving chief fears reforms and cuts will wreck progress
""There’s a new vocabulary being used to describe the NHS in England that conjures up imag...
Both are responding to treatment for the disease, while Public Health England said the risk of catching tuberculosis from an infected...
Public Health England publish 'snapshots' of children and young people's health by local authority
Two British people catch TB from a pet CAT in the first ever case of feline-human transmission: Public Health England says both patie...
EPA Grants Available to Improve the Environment and Public Health in New England Communities: BOSTON – EPA is ...
Public Health England has today published ‘Water fluoridation: health monitoring report for England 2014’.
Being fat now viewed as normal, warns public health chief
First ever reported transmission from cat to human, Public Health England/UK Department of health reports
PHE welcomes prospect of new Meningitis B vaccine: News from our partners Public Health England. Pu...
Britain: 2 people catch tuberculosis from pet cat: England's public health agency says...
LONDON (AP) — England's public health agency says two people have caught tuberculosis from a pet ... -
Two British people contract tuberculosis after contact with cat: Public Health England says both patient...
Two people have developed tuberculosis in first ever recorded case of cat-to-human transmission of the disease, say Public Health England.
Local authorities across England are diverting ringfenced funds for public health to wider council services to...
Councils in England are using public health budgets to fund other services, an investigation for the British...
The strategy was launched at an event in London with the support of Sir David Nicholson (Chief Executive, NHS England), Duncan Selbie (Chief Executive, Public Health England) and Michael Coughlin (Executive Director, Local Government Association).
‘Scandal’ of liver disease inaction Last updated Mar 25, 2014, 6:04 PM GMT+01:00 Two people with liver disease talk about the damage caused to their livers By Fergus Walsh Medical correspondent The lack of action to tackle liver disease in the UK is "scandalous" according to a group of MPs. In a report, the all-party Parliamentary Hepatology Group says deaths from liver disease in England have risen 40% between 2001-2012. It argues continuing complacency is leading to a "shameful waste of lives". Liver disease accounts for the fifth highest number of deaths in the UK, but is the only one of the major killers that does not have a national strategy. David Amess MP, who co-chairs the Parliamentary Hepatology Group said if the rise in liver disease continues to be ignored then "before long every one of us will know somebody with cirrhosis, end stage liver disease or liver cancer." The main causes of liver disease - alcohol misuse, obesity and viral hepatitis - are all preventable. The MPs took evidence fr ...
"Adding fluoride to water should be considered by councils in England to improve dental health, says the Government's public health advisory body, Public Health England. " Just came across the above article on page 6 of today's Evening Echo, Wednesday, 26th March. I could and can never understand why enforced mass public medication is necessary - particularly when fluoride toothpaste is readily available for those who wish to exercise their choice to use it. Time to invest in plumbed-in water filters ?
FOR DENTISTS WHO ARE STILL SKEPTICS ABOUT FLUORIDES ..Please read this report and inform all the health professionals that this a must for dental caries prevention. Water fluoridation is good for your oral health 25th Mar 2014 Public Health England (PHE) has published a new report on water fluoridation for England 2014. The report says it provides further reassurance that water fluoridation is a safe and effective public health measure Public Health Dentistryc Health England, 2014).
Shocking new data has revealed the true scale of England’s obesity crisis, with more than three-quarters of people in some towns and cities either overweight or obese. Cumbria has been named the fattest county in England with 68.3 per cent of people overweight or obese, followed by Lincolnshire on 68.2 per cent and North Yorkshire and Staffordshire, both on 67.9 per cent. Overall, 63.8 per cent of adults in England are overweight or obese, with a body mass index (BMI) of 25 or over. Professor Kevin Fenton, director of health and wellbeing at Public Health England, said the new data will help all local areas ‘monitor their progress’ in tackling obesity. ‘There is no silver bullet to reducing obesity; it is a complex issue that requires action at individual, family, local and national levels,’ he said. ‘We can all play our part in this by eating a healthy, balanced diet and being more active.’
Public Health England (PHE) is an executive agency of the Department of Health providing; strategic leadership, research, advice and support for Government, local authorities and the NHS in protecting and improving the nation?s health. Job Purpose / Summary This is an exciting opportunity for an...
Just received and email from Susie Crome, Public Health Locality Manager for Tower Hamlets asking us to forward this message to residents:~ Dear Residents, Public Health Tower Hamlets is bringing together three national campaigns promoted by Public Health England, Smokefree, Change4Life and physical activity into a series of places where there is a large footfall of residents who could benefit from participation. The event will bring together various players to provide an event that engages local people in the ideas and activities that can help them achieve healthier living. Having run a successful event outside ASDA on the Isle of Dogs we would like to repeat this event in Watney Market. We have attended the Watney Market Town Team Portas Pilot meeting and have engaged key partners who will support the delivery of an engaging and informative event. We will be accessing the vacant library space for 2 days NEXT WEEK (Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th). Volunteers, outreach workers, members of the Bangladesh ...
Almost two-thirds of adults in England overweight and in some districts, three out of four via
hmm just noticed it in p8. Guess it could be public health emergency related...
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