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Pub Quiz

A pub quiz is a quiz held in a public house. These events are also called Quiz Nights or trivia nights and may be held in other settings.

Trivia Tuesday Quiz Night

Came 8th in a pub quiz out of 20, no bad like🤙🏼🤓
Just got booed in the pub quiz for answering a question fastest finger first about Geri Halliwell
Pub quiz tonight. Host: "How many American presidents have been assassinated while in office?". Man: "Does it count if he was in a car?"
Sorry, just saw this! Our Pub Quiz always kicks off at 8pm every Thursday!
potentially a pub quiz in Snape towards the end of this month organised by myself and some others…
I love a good although my team's name does need some work compared to these
If you were at the Pub Quiz in Austin in 2008, you already knew this.
Got a pub quiz with your name on it
Hey Trivia Fan's!! American Pub Quiz Trivia has cancelled tonight due to the weather. Please to all, drive safe...
Another episode of Things we Learn in Pub Quiz. Solving an anagram, I found "Marco Zidane" I was confusing 2 soccer…
The first of this years events is a booze themed Pub Quiz at the Green Man! Music, picture and tasting rounds!
is gonna win! — attending Pub Quiz: Not your sister's trivia! at Public House on High
Pub Quiz starts at 8p at the Pub tonight! Here's a clue to one of tonight's questions: Lady Chatterly's Lover's Lover
Pub Quiz tonight from 7.30pm... come and test your knowledge or just enjoy Ben's perfect pronunciation!!
Tickets are now on sale for the world's 1st Pub Quiz to raise funds for
Pub Quiz ~ June 15th ~ Dublin Docklands. All kicking off at 6:30 pm in The Green Room Bar.
Book now for the Pub Quiz on June 28th. Looking forward to Raynes Park Festival.
Rehashing the best scenes ripped from the hallways of Sunnydale High! Buffy Pub Quiz. April 11th
English stand-up comedy at Tennessee Jazz Bar with Pub Quiz
Engineer or not, come along to the Engineering Society's Pub Quiz at £3 non-members, members free
We're hosting a fundraising Pub Quiz on March 31st at The Falcon's Nest, Gosforth Park. Families welcome.
At the Pub Quiz with and What a great night. Raisi…
Buster got his Yoyo . Freddy Mercury invented the thermometer according 2 Mrs Brown in Pub Quiz. 🎄🎄Family Trees.
Pub Quiz time – drinking beer at Holly Bush, Hampstead
16 Over 65's Get Outdoors Group had lovely town walk Music hall to The Foundry where we had a Pub Quiz followed by Soup and Cuppie
Massive thanks to the Anchor pub meat raffle and Quiz Night charitable fund for donating to support Bookham Youth...
Pub quiz name last night was quizlamic state and the people of the crofter bar didn't find it as funny as we did? 🤔😂
Are you gonna come to the Pub quiz as well?
they're great fun, different feel to EGX and the like, defo do the Pub Quiz if you can on the Saturday
Throw on your best Christmas jumper and meet us on 14th Dec for a Christmas Pub Quiz!All proceeds go to help…
Thanks to everyone who came to our pub quiz last night! We all had an excellent time, and hope you did too :)
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Make sure you're at inaugural Christmas Pub Quiz in collab with Next Thurs at The Woodman, 7:30pm 🏆🏆…
when did you get so rock 'n roll?! Pub quiz teams might also be a good one
We are organising a small pub quiz next week and are still looking for funny/interesting questions, drop a line if you have an idea
That dog at the pub quiz has made my week/month
There's a live pub quiz at the Taprooms each Wed 8:00 pm. Follow this for event updates:
How did get on in the Dartcember Pub Quiz? . Disclaimer: contains his rendition of Silent Night.…
When you do a pub quiz for your work teambuild but everyone's had too many pitchers n u can't hear the music for the scr…
Congratulations to our quiz winners
Great festive fun had by all at the annual New Members Group Christmas Quiz! Only time you can earn CPD whilst in a pub…
The Great Big Christmas Pudding Pub Quiz is on at the HomeFood Cafe at Guild House tomorrow from 1.30pm – 3.30pm. 0208 946 0735…
A satire where Corbyn was in a pub quiz signing copies of Labour's Iraq apology the night before by-election disaster would be hacky af.
Fancy an eve of festive fun quizzing in the run-up to Crimbo? Join us at the Inksplott Pub Quiz Weds 14th Dec - Santa hats o…
However be aware at future pub quiz questions. He was not the first American in space. That was Alan Shephard. A bit of a trick question.
Lovely pub meal and pub quiz with the VI Form, what a great bunch of lads.
Train driver knocking out a pub quiz at 7am ... Good lad
A mixture of luck at Pub Quiz last night . More news later. Perhaps.
We got kicked out of the pub quiz yday it was my December highlight of the month
It certainly has the glam but Pub Quiz had everyone in stitches -- and then some!
TONIGHT and every Thursday it's TRIVIA at 7:30pm Geeks Who Drink Pub Quiz with Jacy McRae, then at 9:30pm…
Christmas Pub Quiz team names for sale: jingle my bell, see what comes out. Ronnie Christmas. David Shatenborough, Santa's…
Games, beer and pizza; no, it's not a nerdy college party... so what’s the occasion? The Great Pub Quiz!
Stephen Phillips will go down in history as the answer to a pub quiz question that nobody gets right.
Are you smarter than a fifth of vodka? Come to Brickell and check out Fado Pub Quiz this, next, and every Tuesday...
My towns rough... went to local pub for Quiz Night. quiz masters first question was..."What are you looking at"?
Buzzing I won a free bottle of wine at the pub quiz tonight
A fun pub quiz with good company in Birmingham tonight :)
Honestly pub quiz with my best friends is the highlight of my week, wish I was off every Wednesday 😭✨
Feel like a right muggle not having won the Harry Potter/Disney pub quiz
You know it's at the Boogaloo when is doing the pub quiz.
Had a really great evening at Pub Quiz tonight raising money for Big thanks to Tobias (
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Fresh from the oven!! Don't forget dessert while enjoying all day Happy Hour, Pub Quiz with NoCo Geeks Who Drink...
Don't forget to join us for our Pub Quiz, tonight at 8pm, for your chance to win drink and monetary prizes galore
Got some time to kill at ⏰ why not take this just for fun Pub Quiz 🍻: https:…
DD Pub Quiz Sunday: According to the Wild Colonial website there is a Pub Quiz tonight. Com...
Hey Trivia fans. Pub Quiz is this Thur.Free beer each round. Reserve your spot before it fills up!
I don't drink but I'd be the star on your pub quiz team
love your work, Arsenio. Miss you on TV. You are a trivia answer at my weekly pub quiz trivia! :-D
Pub Quiz...from 8pm. Finish off your Sunday with Quiz master Sadie...
DUDE this time next week I will be kicking your *** at the pub quiz 😈
Just won a pub quiz tiebreaker against a team of rappers. What is the name of a squirrel's nest? Luckily for me they forgot about drey.
Oh god I'll be showering the a week getting ready for the pub quiz. Insomnia is getting into the mere stages
Seems almost certain it will be voted against and forever be a pub quiz question.
Join us for an evening of fun with our pub quiz prizes
Can't believe how excited I am for pub quiz tomorrow 😂
just found out he's an Irish citizen now. One for the pub quiz. You never know 😊
Hi Tim. Pub quiz question for you, can you cry in space? It's very important that we get this one right. £5s riding on it.
yeah I should be about mate, pub quiz is tomorrow night 🙈🙈😂😂
Back tomorrow from 9am on with the pub quiz, Ben’s corking games compendium, great music & more
Duke of Somerset Pub in London is putting on a special Easter Quiz for you all on Thursday...
Trio banned for being too good at pub quiz at The Horn in St...
Already well booked! See you at the pub quiz, you plebs!
Tom is such a nice guy, at the i53 pub quiz (even while slightly intoxicated) he was friendly
Guys, what time can you pick up pub quiz tickets from? I have completely forgot
Pub quiz's and live music all happening in your local Barnsley pubs
I’m raising money with another Pub Quiz for LD:NorthEast and Portage. Please sponsor me at
All set up&ready for the Maidenhead Rotary pub Quiz https…
As I didn't get to do then pub quiz last year this year it will be my mission!
PUB QUIZ TIME!. This question is an absolute hoot...
So excited for pub quiz with the fam tomorrow, don't think they realise how competitive I get 💪🏼
there's a Buffy the Vampire Slayer special round at the pub quiz tomorrow and our team needs you because we are all clueless
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Julien Faubert - a player that's played for both Kilmarnock and Real Madrid. . That'll be a great pub quiz question in years to come.
QUIZ: How soon will you get married?
Heading to a quiz in aid of this afternoon in Prince Edward pub in Homerton. 4pm. I SHALL WIN.
Pub quiz factoid of the day... Dad's Army star Toby Jones is the son of Freddie Jones, Emmerdale's Sandy Thomas!
Anybody in Oxford fancy a pub quiz on Sunday with me and a few mates? 7.30 in Port Mahon
Come to our Royal pub Quiz to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday. Tickets from The Commandery https…
Flying back to the UK just in time for i57 :D Looking forward to see you at the pub quiz again xD
Tobias just answered a question in the Pub Quiz - what make of car are D-types and E-types? No surprise really!
They call it insomnia because after the pub quiz that's what you'll have for the next two weeks
Doing crap at the final fantasy pub quiz
Team Muddy came mid-table in Thursday's pub quiz. Poor show, we were gunning for last place. Rematch demanded
Training for Thursday's pub quiz ongoing!
Going to add 'excellent at accessorising' and 'organised several pub quiz teams' to mine.
Catching up with and adore the consultant with the fountain of geeky general knowledge. We'd make a great pub quiz duo.
Good luck to for pub quiz in tonight in aid of Moneys raised for
I'm at the UK fan-gathering and the Pub Quiz is about to start :D. Go Team Mandragora!
What a night! Thank you so much to everyone that supported the pub quiz last…
Who is joining us today/tonight?? 󾍗🏼. Pub Quiz at 7pm £2 per person-. Prizes include a mini cocktail masterclass...
Wut? Oye Tikka shikka I guess? And a pub quiz in south delhi or South india? Because one is not like the other
Alas, I find myself in Punjab. But SON! Tomorrow. Got something in NE Delhi, then heading south for food and later pub quiz.
So who thinks they can beat us at the Pub Quiz? Who's coming to get something signed?
stunning third place on our debut in pub quiz last night, is there anything on the news about it? Is there *** Biased mainstream media
The winners of the Pub Quiz this evening. Team Quizz Khalifa!
Signifier/signified? What can we deduce from this? 2nd in the pub quiz. team name Roland Farthes
Took this on my way to the pub quiz last night.
Tomorrows race will now be followed by a pub quiz to test this theory!.Not! Well maybe the pub's a good idea!
Keep your diary clear for our upcoming pub Quiz Night on 13 April, more details will follow: https:/…
Pub Quiz time again - join us Tues 7.30pm for some Easter themed fun! It's FREE to play if you eat first!
teaser: Which 3 labels were the signed up to? SEE
round Monument somewhere - it was our firm pub quiz. My team came second. I'm still furious.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Last nights pub quiz was a huge success, very proud of Now to go and teach some kids about King Arthur 👑
Plan your now! We've got Breakfasts and Sunday Roasts, plus a challenging-yet-fun Pub Quiz on Sunday night htt…
Trivia Night In A Box: Are you running a pub Quiz Night at your local pub or host...
do you ever say "I've got a video coming on this" whist at a pub quiz. Please tell me you've said that at least once...
First trophy of the year for tonight. Fen Ditton PTFA Pub Quiz in Kings Head
here's a pub quiz question for you - there was a 1980s film called DARYL but what did it stand for? No cheating! ;)
huge crowd at feile 16 pub quiz. Thanks for all your support !!
This qualifying system is well on its way to being a trivia/pub quiz question in the future.
New Yorker art critic Peter Schjeldahl (& his thoughts on Hillary & Bernie) stars in this week's Pub Quiz newsletter
Get your team together for Pub Quiz tonight with NoCo Geeks Who Drink! The fun starts at 8pm!
Tonight's the night! Pub Quiz. Geeks Who Drink at Kick Butt Coffee Music and Booze. Starts at 8pm. No Cover.
St. Lawrence's Church (Bapchild) will be holding a Pub Quiz at the Fox and Goose next week.
Action Trivia tonight Wednesday 9pm at Bigfoot Lodge East! This quiz was named one of the 10 best pub quizzes in...
And remember you promised to be on my pub quiz team...
It's the first Wednesday of 2016 and it's time for another TONIGHT from 8:45pm at The Seal.
Pub Quiz Night! It's literally just us against the world! Lol. Just us against groups of 5-6 people. Gaaah! But fun!
Eurosceptic? Enjoy a pub quiz? Then this is the event of you! I'm hosting a Brexit pub quiz on 29 Jan in Westminster
No worries - thanks for coming back to me so quickly. :) (think we're in for pub quiz soon anyways)
And check out the first of 3 videos of our events too, courtesy of Adam Swann
Another fun Quiz Night on Feb 3 at with back as quizmaster
quiz tonight at 8pm at The Lord Palmerston pub, Dartmouth Park. Fantastic local pub with delicious food.
New pub quiz category for next year: Real or
Re Question in the pub quiz last night; I cannot believe this statue went for $141m. Madness.
Book your places now for the 16th annual C22 Charity Pub Quiz - 1st March at the Bottlescrue, St Pauls Don't miss it
Welcome back, Eagles! Now that we've all had a few days to readjust to our routines and settle down from all the...
Great fun last night at the pub quiz! Thanks to all the teams and well done to the winners
Quiz Night Thursday 9..00 at the mouse pub westbury on trym
amazing :-) I'm all good. Let's do drinks at Cheq/The Bell soon (or pub quiz). Detoxing right now tho. Cliche that i am.
Quiz Night tonight from 8:30pm! The Play Your Cards Right jackpot rocketed up last week, so we start tonight just shy of £500!
Dugher, Reynolds and now Doughty is the latest bruised egoist to throw his toys out the pram. Remember these names for pub quiz tie-breakers
Got the January blues? We've got the perfect antidote with our Winter Pub Quiz
HI! Our weekly pub quiz is now starting at 7PM and we are offering 2 for 1 on all burgers and…
Pub Quiz tonight at 7.30pm with Geeks Who Drink - Orange County
It is VERY annoying :-/... Fixing it.. Won't be a problem the next pub quiz.. Promise!
your sound system is rather annoying during the pub quiz, at Andheri
Pub quiz tonight at Sandys 8:30pm. Prizes up for grabs. Then join us in Pub 66 for live Irish music.
The following link will expose you to the scores from trivia at the last night:
Have YOU created a team yet for the Woman's Trust Pub Quiz Night?! For more info: via …
pretty lame how excited I am that the old pint pot has started doing a Sunday roast and a pub quiz, game changer
Don’t forget and Todd Margaret Pub Quiz Trivia + Todd Talk with David Cross is today!
Pub Quiz at the Bandon Arms this evening hosted by Jay Adkins. Returns Tonight 8.00pm come along bring your...
The first Pub Quiz of 2016 is sure to be a doozy. Obviously, only a fool would not show up tonight. Plus with a...
Love ? Love a ? Join us on Sunday at 7pm for our first quiz
Pub Quiz. Please share with all your family and friends. Here is the poster for the Pub Quiz taking place next...
Dogs Welcome here! We even sometimes have one that joins us for Quiz Night!
Word on the street is you are a pub quiz G! Prove it TONIGHT at 830PM down at the bluebell!
Didn't know as much kelp forest in UK as broadleaf. Good pub quiz fact from Prof during seminar
En route to Stop by Pub Central w/Commons & CORE questions—& to reserve a spot at the literary trivia quiz!
Can't wait to come second last in the pub quiz tonight
Second in the pub quiz last night by a measly 2 points. here's to the next one
Back to work blues...? Chin up old chap & look fwd to joining us this week at our pub quiz!! 🤔…
Happy Humpday. It's Wednesday already and that means it's time to welcome back our Pub Quiz! 8pm start | £2 entry
Monday sees our last ever Never Mind the Pub Quiz at Let's make it a good 'un! 8pm start / £3 otd
Two hours to the live Pub Quiz at both the Taprooms! Win beer for knowing answers to some cool questions.
I am buzzing for Waters Edge and the pub quiz with the kids tonight 👭👬
I scored 33/37 on the Visiter Can you name these Southport pubs? quiz. Can you beat me?
we wouldnt instruct citizens to be condescending of others.why does call me dave the PM treats pmqs like a pub quiz
Join us for the Pub Quiz at the Bandra and Andheri Taprooms at 8:00 pm. A friendly, informal quiz!
Congrats Timothy! Winner of the cash jackpot draw at the pub quiz! Oh yeah bayby! https:/…
A spot of fun to liven up your week. A pub quiz every Wednesday night (8 pm) at two venues in Mumbai!.
Good Grief !! Think I would cause quite a stir if I went to pub quiz in these. Ohh, I am sure they would fit. m
Date for the diary: I will be hosting a pub quiz at from 7.30pm on Sunday 31st January. Cash Prize! h…
Club hero is hosting a pub quiz at on Sunday 31st Jan at 7.30pm. http…
Ricky Hatton there. Not one for your Pub Quiz team.
GEEKS who DRINK -- Pub Quiz at the Shannon Pub tonight at 8:00pm! Come early!
Pub Quiz with GEEKS WHO DRINK tonight at 8- FREE! Be there and be square too!
Geeks Who Drink - FREE Pub Quiz with prizes tonite at 7PM.
Down Syndrome Sligo are hosting a Pub Quiz in the Harp Tavern Thursday 12th Nov @ 9pm!
Pub Quiz w/is on Monday, Nov 9th at 7 167 Main St W in Monmouth.
A reminder-our first Pub Quiz is happening on Wednesday 21st. Buff up on your Sports, Music & Movie Knowledge! Come along and support us!
Welcome back to Pumpy's Pub Quiz!. Every Tuesday with this charming fella. $5 mulled wine + $5 mulled cider.
on the way home from a Pub Quiz in Burgess Hill with my partner Becky hoping we're now ready for the bag!
Hosting another Pub Quiz at in Peacehaven, 205, South Coast Road tomorrow night starting from 8.15pm!
Pub Quiz! 21st June at the Queen Victoria Inn in Blaenavon. See poster for more details
Who is coming to our Pub Quiz tonight? As a special prize we are giving away a pair of tickets for our Christmas Show: Sleeping Beauty!
Shout out to my team (The Infamous Five) Eddie, Frank, Ronnie, & myself for winning the Pub Quiz last night.
Quiz time: who wrote The Dangers of American Liberty?
it's an impossible decision. I'm seriously contemplating offering the decision up as a prize in the pub quiz over the road.
Rad, now ya know the inspiration, upping yer pub quiz trivia skilz on chi craftbrew
I my periscope our pub quiz on Monday. That would be amazing.
Pub quiz triumph for the Nordics at the
Happy recipients of the exclusive trophys for winning the pub quiz boomtown
Only me and Carla would walk in during a pub quiz lol oh well drinks in then 🙈
Giving up on the pub quiz in round 3 fml 🙈😂
I'm at the pub quiz. On the Sportswomen round I totallies forgot about Kelly Holmes and that other one that ran and did a medal.
Tonight is a night of many Trivia questions! Come one, come all to The Mad Hatter for Trivia Tuesday's! Brought to you by America's Pub Quiz
No way am i ever replacing sleep with study dont care if it the leaving cert or a pub quiz
I'm in a pub quiz team called Watership Down Crywank Marathon.
Just won the pub quiz. That's two pub quiz victories, two nights on the trot
Heading to local pub Quiz Night. Well I say "Quiz Night", the past few we've been to just turned out to be "night".
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
.Highlights: Grownup scrabblers squabbling over spelling at a spelling bee in a pub, then similar pedantry at the Book Quiz
At a pub quiz and they say a section is on geography! Good job 4 of us did it at GCSE at the good old ridings. 😂👎
The free food at this pub quiz is so bad, but still so good
Man we should catch up a bit. Will you be at the NSHipster Pub Quiz later today?
My man just got a question right in the pub quiz that only 3 out of 17 teams got right
Doing a pub quiz and our friend left so it's just me and rach 😩 help us
My biggest determining factor for finding a bar/pub for quiz is not beer selection, but rather the cheeseburger and fries.
We're halfway through Never Mind the Pub Quiz and having a cracking time
my mum's friends stood her up at a Pub Quiz so she made me come to rescue her so she didn't look alone
hi mate, gooners holding a pub quiz 18 June fundraising for Spread the word!
Pub quiz has no questions. Amazing.
Tomorrow's pub quiz features a round on theme tunes! There's prizes to be won and entry is free, so join us at 8pm!
Definitely! Cant beat a bit of cheating at a pub quiz ;)
For one not get only, you should change your pub quiz team name to The Numpties. I have only won a pub quiz once .
Team feeling confident at the pub quiz
Every Tuesday Night we let the drinkin' do the thinkin'!. Geeks Who Drink pub quiz starts at 7PM.
"And trail blazing the way in our vodka revs pub quiz is the mighty..thomas the *** engine". Might win my first pub quiz!!
It's been a while since I've done a pub quiz but I'm quite proud of our topical team name: "HSBC You Next Tuesday"
The Pub Quiz is well underway at right now as part of festival
Open Knowledge does pub quiz. come and help us!!!
Killing it at the pub quiz with the sexy ladies kourtneyshaw1 we're…
Time to get out your pen and paper - It's the Tuesday Night pub quiz !
Apologies to Rachel, Katie &Sarah for forgetting to advertise the pub quiz for Tearfund. See what you missed -
Good pub quiz knowledge perhaps. Map of countries whose flags contain red or blue
Our annual Pub Quiz for raised a whopping £900 last night! Huge thanks to everyone who took part!
Pub Quiz in aid of Oxfam coming soon! May 21st, from 8pm at the Carlton Club in Whalley Range. £2 pp and all proceeds go…
We need you - Enter a team for Pub Quiz supporting Will B bags of fun
There's no Committee meeting tonight, meet us at our Pub Quiz instead tomorrow at the Yacht Club Clontarf from...
Pub Quiz tonight at the Red Lion, West Pennard in aid of run for Starts at 7pm. £5…
TRIVIA NIGHT tonight hosted by America's Pub Quiz! It's FREE to play and you can win awesome prizes!!
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Only two weeks to our fabulous Pub Quiz. Let us know if you are coming so we can keep you a table. Don't miss out.
Before leaving Heidelberg it had to be, last time Pub Quiz!!! The team we proofed wrote Juan Martinez…
Shaking because I'm sitting opposite Aled Jones at the Pub Quiz. 🍻
Pub Quiz in aid of Fleadh Cheoil Ciarraí in Keating's Corner House Friday 30th Jan @ 9pm. Tables of 3+ and €5 per person!
I don't know how to put this but.Pub Quiz is kind of a big deal! Starts at 9pm. Don't be late!
Don't miss the Domino's Pub Quiz in Riverside Bar hosted by the Science Fiction Society! £1 to play. Free Pizza. Great drink offers. 8 PM.
Big thanks to ... Correcting identifying you in the Pub Quiz this eve meant we won!
Heads up! Pub Quiz this Wednesday 8:30pm at the Queens. All proceeds in aid of St Michael's Hospice
Pub Quiz tonight at The Font! £1 to enter and £1 to enter the prize raffle. Winners will recieve Font Vouchers and Free cocktail!
Guest who the host of Pub Quiz... ME!!!. Get your team together and get involved to win some prizes. See you all Wednesday!
Hello all! Please come join us tonight at Fado Irish Pub for the best Pub Quiz in the city! Start time is 8:00pm.
Pub Quiz with Eric and Geeks Who Drink WED 7pm $$$prizes and free Big Time Stuff
Seven teams turned up for Pub Quiz at The Shamrock last night and Stumped By Oscar Pistorious took full honours.
Pub Quiz, how can you get a solitary point for knowing the answer is the fibonacci code and yet get 5 points for knowing the words to the Spice Girls wannabe
Welcome back from your long weekend everyone. Roxy Bar is closed tonight in honor of HRH the Queen's Birthday. A Happy Mother's Day to every Mother in Thailand and abroad. Join us tomorrow night for our free, weekly Pub Quiz. Garrett will be our Quiz Master. I can assure you all the equipment is up and running, and we at Roxy, apolize for last months equipment failure. Check out our ALL NEW Special Quiz Night Menu: @ 79 Baht 1. Cheese Quesadilla 2. Vegetarian Chili w/Corn Chips 3. French Fries 4. Onion Rings 5. Green Salad @ 89 Baht 6. Chicken Quesadilla 7. Chicken Tacos 8. Chicken Burritos 9. Chicken Wings @ 99 Baht 10. Beef Tacos 11. Beef Burritos 12. Beef Chili w/ Corn Chips 13. Chili Fries (Beef or Vegetarian) Order with any above item with a Domestic Beer* Between 7-9pm at only 150 Baht!!! (one offer/person). Valid Wednesday only 5pm-12am. Hope you will come and join the fun!!!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
In tonight 7:30: Pub Quiz put on by Bethel Church at the Ilkley Moor Vaults. Q's about trivia & a short talk giving A's about Jesus.
Pub Quiz begins at 9pm. 'Sitcoms of the 2000s'. 'Back to School'. 'Spaced Out'. & general trivia from golf to Shakespeare!. CHEERS!
Writing two more rounds for tonight's £111 ROLLOVER of Simon Happily's Pub Quiz at The Sir Richard Steele Pub, NW3 4RL (Chalk Farm/Belsize Park). I can't wait as it should be a good one!
1 week until the SPN Pub Quiz! SPN Awards and Boulevardia tickets on the line. RSVP to guarantee your spot:
Tomorrow's Pub Quiz is SOLD OUT! We will be raising money for Gimli High School and their recording studio / multimedia room initiative. As a live music venue, Ship & Plough is pleased to support the area's next generation of musicians! Renderings courtesy of Ron O. Vermeulen.
On a delayed train. Pub Quiz time: What is it that St Johnstone FC have that no other British football club has?
Pit your wits against other young farmers in our Pub Quiz! Empress Ballroom at 2pm.
Pub Quiz tonight in aid of Ennistymon Tidy Towns at 8, all welcome!
A big weekend ahead, with the launch of The Weddle on Bank Holiday Monday (11am). Also looking further ahead, two weeks tonight is the 2nd RBBC Pub Quiz, cash bar, trivia and spot prizes. Do you remember which TV show had the Mysterons in it? Who is headlining at Glastonbury this year? How much is it to download a music track from iTunes? Which consituency does Nigel Farage represent? FREE entry for members, (Guests £5 each) bring food to share with your team and prove to us all just how clever you really are. max team size is 8. RBBC PUB CLUB QUIZ - 7.30pm Friday 16th May @ the RBBC Clubhouse.
Lavely evening at the Pick Me Up exhibition, despite our feeble attempt at the Pub Quiz...
This just in: This coming Pub Quiz's topic will be "Chicago!" 9:30 PM. $50 off the bill if you win. (Oysters are considered "brain food".)
Don't forget tonight is Pub Quiz with Andrew McLarty!!. Thursday Night we got Spirits of the House for Irish...
It's Pub Quiz day! Join us in Playfair's Bar from 8pm to test your knowledge. Prizes up for grabs, great beer and banter guaranteed.
It's Trivia Tuesday! As always, we will be hosting Pub Quiz tonight - the game starts at 7:30pm here at the Alehouse.
THANK YOU so much 2 every1 who came 2 the Clifton Special School Charity Pub Quiz last nite we raised an amazn £530 & had a great nite :-)) xox huge thanks 2 the Quizmaster Del Dornan & his glamorous assistant David..& DJ Amanda McCloy 4 giving up their time 2 help support our Special Children xox
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'If you want to play guessing games go to a pub quiz' 😂 Oliver's straight-talking guide to relationships.
By order of Ashleigh Davison, i hereby instruct Melissa Browning and Audrie Higginson to book this friday nite off work to attend a pub quiz in Lisburn for beverages and gossip (for charity) !! lol
Guessing this will be added to pub quiz but with Timmy's mallet as a surprise for 80s/90s kids.
After quite a long wait the three of us look finally set to be all free for a pub Quiz Night next week. Now we just have to pick where..
A HUGE thank you to all of those who came last night to support our first pub quiz of the year! We had a great turn-out and I can confirm that we raised over £500! We couldn't have done it without all the great volunteers who turned up to help, the very helpful staff at the Lewis and of course all of those you turned up to take part and donate! Also a big shout-out to Peter Cardwell who came to support our event as well! Photos to follow soon!
The coming weeks 40 question pub quiz is now online for download for all less than the price of a pint
So a reminder to you all that we are going to attempt a pub tomorow at 8.30pm (wish my human luck-cd be chaos)
Heard on radio that there are 574 Islands/islets across Ireland. Definitely a future pub quiz question me thinks
Huge thank you to the Cunning Man Pub - £800 for Flood Fund
Raised £305 at hop pole pub quiz & more ppl know about parkinson's.Result! Cheers 2 every1 who took part
Don't forget, fun pub quiz this Sunday starting at 8.15pm :-) :-)
The slimline doing a Pittsburg steak. If only we'd seen this BEFORE the pub quiz
Hi we've created a webpage just for you if you register as a landlord you can update for free
Have to admit, the team name at last nights pub quiz had me giggling a few times; 'Ken Dodd's Dad's Dog's Dead' 😰😂
Superb night at the beer festival then Barry Russells pub quiz then bloody Mary's in the Steamin Syston , I'm not sure how we won, think it must have been the fountain of knowledge AKA Julian Gibson! The rest of us tried our hardest but just drank beer and ate Samosas. Well done Jo Cooper, Anna Cox Emma Gibson Simon Cox
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Pub quiz with Jay and Paula and a bunch of other OC mensans, victory was ours!!! Also I got volunteered to host the quiz next month. Come bring your friends :)
will you join our pub quiz team on Tuesday? (Emergency loan, weakened side due to illness)
Pub quiz held on Wednesdays in The Lion, Clifton, Bristol -
Trivia night questions and pub quiz kits | Trivia Night in a Box Trivia night and pub quiz
Had a dream I went to a pub quiz and Tom Jones was hosting. What does it mean?
Ps if you are ever at a pub quiz & the question relates players scoring 100+ goals. The answer is ALWAYS Emile Heskey!
I lost in a pub quiz last night by one point. The question was: Where do women have the most curly hair? Apparently, the correct answer was Africa! Oops my bad!
Pub Quiz at The Swan, Teynham - Teynham, Sittingbourne, Kent: Pub Quiz at The Swan, TeynhamEnter a team in our...
I learned last night @ pub quiz that 'cute butt' is male attribute per poll of women so “ohemgee emoji!”
A peel night and pub quiz are definitely in order aswell!
Huge thanks to for hosting the Town Ward Pub Quiz yesterday evening!
3rd in the pub quiz. Shocking result Must make more effort (and sneaky use of google) next time
Pub quiz over at. After the 2nd round of questions were on Boats & Ships, we knew 1st place was out of our grasp. Fun night
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