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Provincial Administration

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The provincial administration is even unconstitutional. Colonial era tactics by the DESK OFFICER
The Provincial Administration is still around 6 years after promulgation of the Constitution jostling for relevance with elected leaders (2)
The creation of Devolved units was supposed to replace the Provincial Administration, an outmoded remnant of the colonial edifice (1)
Uhuru retained the provincial administration to frustrate and oppress the opposition, this thing should be abolish…
I tried this as an elementary public school teacher -- Administration disapproved -- of everything non-provincial.
CM activates provincial administration to pave way for KCR
A few provincial administration officers and Nelson marwa is the coolest of them all.
Things can be turned around. Imagine if the entire Gauteng Provincial administration was equally as diligent.
Hooray & a big well done to John Tory on getting the money out of the Provincial Liberal administration for Safe Injection Site initiatives!
Was speaking specifically of extensive archives of provincial administration re: persona of restraint in Roman governors
Eberle: provincial annexation and direct administration driven by desire to distribute extra-italiam land to Roman Citizens.
15. Gone was the provincial administration headed by a ruthless cadre of bureaucrats sporting ridiculous pith helmets and khaki uniforms
letter of Severus, their provincial administration remained on his rival with the most striking and singular preeminence. The fragments of
Maybe it's a result of bad administration at provincial level! Good action plan but lack of implementation and execution
Why have these municipalities not been put under provincial administration with an undertaking / payment made by the province?!
Saskatchewan moves to a provincial system for administration and health care delivery. EMS even gets a mention
The EC provincial education department MUST be put under administration by the National Dept to remedy the situation
Very poor of the Eastern Cape. Something must give. If it has to be the MEC's head and the entire provincial admini…
Let's see what Provincial offences court administration will say about this $100 parking ticket
Provincial violence rises as pressure mounts on Ghani administration to deliver pledged security resolution.
NTT opposes plan to build shelters for immigrants: The East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) provincial administration has ...
The office of the president in conjunction with the Provincial Administration will be carrying out mobile...
Do you know that PS for interior manages police, provincial administration and NIS? has that person been competent or a failure?
PERSONAL ASSISTANT, Government Job. Limpopo, Provincial Administration. Must have national diploma or equivalent.
Field Marshall Robin Kosgei Hon. Raila Odinga is coming back a very rejuvenated man and all the crystal balls of any Jubilee hooligans are freezed to the lowest point esp their clueless President and their crying Deputy, apparently Kimaiyo is a man under 'sieke' and driving a 'dinded fieko'. On my own behalf and that of my family I say: welcome back home Mr President, while you were away the following happened: 1) Over 100 people died from consuming killer brews. 2) Embu Governor Wambora was impeached twice, reinstated by court. 3) Dr. Kidero is removed by the Court of Appeal and reinstated by the Supreme Court. 4) Prof Paul Chepkwony was impeached. 5) NYS Director Kiplimo Rugut was fired and replaced by Nelson Githinji (due to the challenges of his second name.) 6) County Commissioners were given new powers by Uhuru and now officially the Provincial Administration is back. We are back to KANU days. 7) Britain issued travel advisory to its citizens. Uhuru govt crying foul. But they don't care that securit ...
President Uhuru Kenyatta clashed with Kakamega Senator Bonny Khalwale over the creation of a new national administration structure. Khalwale had earlier sparked off debate, telling President Uhuru to his face that the Provincial Administration, as it is, was unconstitutional. But the President said…
I am one the few people who are never fooled by Uhuru's antics. In 2017, Raila Odinga( because he relies on oldies like Adhu Awiti for advice and strategy) will again cry or help someone cry that their votes have been stolen again yet when Uhuru is laying his strategy to steal that election, the ODM fraternity is clueless on his current three prong strategy. This strategy is threefold: Use of the "PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION, NYS and Raise Billions of Money through entrenched tribalism in Key sectors of this economy that will be managing billions.The "Provincial Administration" has been given the same powers they had in Moi's Kanu at the height of its dictatorship in effect putting in place key infrastructure for rigging and killing devolution. the NYS will be given 30 billion to revamp itself and recruit 20,000 youth annually as Uhuru stated. The serving NYS director was sacked through sms last wek and Dr. Nelson Githinji, a Kikuyu placed in charge to manage the billions on behalf of the house of Mumbi wit ...
During the grand coalition government, Raila Odinga was given his nusu mkate as William Rutto always refers it to.He (Raila) appointed cabinet ministers as follows 1.Ministry of State for Provincial Administration and In ternal Security - Assistant Ministers - Simon Lesirma (ODM) and Joshua Orwa Ojode (ODM) 2.Ministry of State for Defence - Assistant Ministers - Retired General Joseph Nkaisserry (ODM). 3.Office of the Vice President and Ministry of Home Affairs- Assistant Minister - Lorna Laboso (ODM). 4.Ministry of State for Immigration and Registration of Persons - Minister - Gerald Otieno Kajwang (ODM), Assistant Minister - Francis Baya (ODM). 5.Ministry of State for National Heritage and Culture - Minister - William Ole Nti mama (ODM). Assistant Minister - Joel Onyancha Omagwa (ODM) 6.Office of the Prime Minister - Prime Minister - Raila Amollo Odinga (ODM) - Party leader. Assistant Minister - Alfred. Khang’ati (ODM). 7.Ministry of State for Planning, National Development and Vision 2030 - Minister ...
I was so sad and confused to receive sad news of the passing on of my best friend and brother Andrew Mulenga Chimbaya. He was called to rest by our God yesterday at UTH Lusaka. He worked at NCU Kasama as Internal Auditor then Provincial Administration Northern as Assistant Accountant / Accountant. At Local Government Kasama he was a Project Accountant under Cooperation for District Development Programme (CDD). He moved to Kabwe Prisons HQ where he worked as Accountant. In Ndola he served in the same capacity under Ministry of Home Affairs, He was then transferred and promoted at Provincial Administration Southern Livingstone as substantive Senior Accountant and finally Provincial Administration, Luapula Mansa as Principal Accountant (PACU). GRZ has lost a qualified and experienced certified chartered accountant as well as a career Civil Servant. His parents are in central town, Kasama. This afternoon we will transport his body to Lunte in Chief Chitoshi Mporokoso off Luwingu Road for burial tomorrow via . ...
First thing first my old man Grand Chief Sir Michael Thomas Somare needs to be on Sabathian Leave where he deserves that meaning he has done much from the very beginning and we need to rest him (Sabath) so his task would be just to approve things and make final decision on whatever the subject in the Parliament house but to move around and playing all the supid political games with Belden Namah & Peter O'Neill sould be not repeated again for my heart deeply goes for him cos he's the only source left for this Nation. Once again he needs to be on Sabathian Leave as soon as posible. and his work load by his Deputy and the Provincial Administration. and the so called Belden Namah and Peter O'Neill needs to clearify us more on the issue. n not usin media to play us around. Goodnight friends for your attention and may the Good Lord guide us through this time of confusion. Bless You.
The Government is diverting its ENERGY from fighting CORRUPTION to TERRORISM. We are forgeting that the forces of corruption messed our ELECTIONS TWICE in 2007 and 2013. Instead of charging the Chairman of ELECTORAL COMMISSION together with others we have left them off the hook. Jubilee Coalition represents the forces of CORRUPTION. The corruption made Kenyans to kill each other in 2007/8. The corrupt vehicles from Kibaki's REGIME are intact in this Government. They are talking about terrorism in order to get funding from the west they dispised during and after the BOTCHED ELECTIONS. Stop cheating Kenyans. YOU HAVE NOT EVEN TRIED TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS. YOUR KINSMEN CONTROL ARMY, POLICE, NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE, PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION ETC. Uhuru Kenyatta IS JUST AN AGENT. HE CAN DO NOTHING.
Hamilton Collection
Anti-terror war not negotiable, says William Samoei Ruto MURANG’A, Kenya, Apr 12 – Deputy President William Ruto has said the government is not ready to negotiate with any group of persons hindering peace efforts in the country. He says the government will not engage in discussions over the issue since it has a constitutional mandate to ensure security for all Kenyans. “Let it be clear that there will be no debate or discussions on our resolve to crackdown on all criminal gangs terrorising wananchi in any part of this country. We must win the war against terror,” said Ruto.The Deputy President made the remarks during a thanksgiving service for Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege as well as a fund-raiser for United Women Sacco, Murang’a attended by more than 19 MPs drawn from Senate and National Assembly.The Deputy President assured that the government will do everything possible to ensure law and order is maintained across the country to enable citizens engage in development without fea ...
there is no law that allows provincial administration to give out land,these are words of the vice chair of the Kenya lands commission.thanks to this great gathering at st johns catholic church.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is working in cooperation with the Krabi Provincial Administration, Railay Rock Climbing Club, Krabi Tourism Association and various local tourism operators to jointly arrange and host the “6th Krabi Rock and Fire International Contest” from 21 to 23 April, 2014, at Railay Beach and Tonsai Bay, Mueang district.
The three minors suspect of the Baragoi police guns is a failer of the provincial administration sleeping in the job and inadequacy to mobilize the children to be take to school since the start of free primary education. The government should now realize that there are hundreds of such in all the pastoralist communities. What is the gavo doing?
Standard Digital News - Existence of Provincial Administration is unconstitutional, waste of funds
Cheserem: Restructuring the Provincial Administration is the starting point if anyone wants to reduce the cc
Cheserem: On the the sad part of it is that provincial administration should have been restructured 2 avoid duplication of duties.
County Commissioners role is administrative like former Provincial administration. They play no security role, and are redundant.
The County Commisioners are redundant since they represent the obsolete Provincial Administration. They are illegaly in office.
We reject attempts to reinvent the old colonial structures including the provincial administration using insecurity as an excuse.
1.The GOK wants to upgrade their equpiment e.g vehicles for provincial administration to ensure response time is enhanced
Pastika to endorse location for Buleleng airport: The provincial administration will soon decide the precise l...
Jubilee Administration's restructuring of Provincial Administration is suspect ...Dr. Adams Oloo.
I'm a shoot out between two photographers — at Provincial Administration, Chipata
The EQAO provincial testing administration dates for the rest of this year and a2014-2015 are now posted on...
Update your maps at Navteq
Russian flag over Ukrainian city: Protestors raised the Russian flag over a provincial administration building...
KNOW YOUR GOVERNOR:In 2002 Peter Munya campaigned for and won the Tigania East parliamentary seat in the then Meru North District. He was subsequently sworn into the 9th Kenyan Parliament on 9 January 2003. In the 9th Parliament, Hon. Peter Munya founded and Chaired Kenya Young Parliamentarians Association with the aim of championing in Parliament, issues affecting Kenya youth. He was also member of the Health Club Management committee and the Parliamentary Investment Committee (PIC) before his appointment to the government in 2006 as the Assistant Minister, Ministry of Internal Security and Provincial Administration. In December 2007 Hon. Peter Munya was elected for a second consecutive term as the representative for his Tigania East Constituency. Both as a back-bencher and a minister, Hon. Peter Munya distinguished himself as a very able debater with good grasp of the burning issues of the day. As a Member of Parliament for Tigania East, Hon. Peter Munya has been a champion for social and economic inclu ...
BURSARIES FOR NURSING - PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION: KWAZULU NATAL Postal Address: Private Bag X9051, Pietermaritzburg, 3200, South Africa Contact Person: The Director: Human Resources Development Department of Health Info: Bursaries for Nursing - Provincial Administration: Kwazulu Natal Who can apply: BCur: Students who are SA citizens and permanently resident in the KwaZulu-Natal Province. Please note: Applicants from outside the KwaZulu-Natal Province will not be considered. Students must: have good academic results be financially needy not be in possession of another diploma/degree be willing to work in the outlying rural areas. Candidates will be required to serve their internship in the Public Service. Year-for-year service contract in the Public Service only. Closing date: 31 August annually - for return of completed forms. Applications received after this date will not be considered.
Arising out of the increased killings and radicalisation at the Coast, Haki Africa has organised a two days conference bringing together criminal justice actors and civil society to discuss and deliberate on security and human rights. The Conference is being held today Friday 31st January and tomorrow Saturday 1st February. It brings together representatives of Kenya Police, Administration Police, Office of the Senator, KNCHR, Kenya Prisons, ATPU, KEMWA, Provincial Administration, Haki Centre, Probation Department, LICODEP, County Government, HURIA, National Counter Terrorism Centre, MUHURI, International Community, CICC, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and Haki Africa Africa. The conference will be officiated by the Principal Secretary of Internal Security Ministry - Mutea Iringo, Senator of Mombasa - Hassan Omar, Mombasa County Commissioner - Nelson Marwa, Regional Police Commander - Aggrey Adoli, Regional Coordinator - Samuel Kilele, British High Commission Officer - Chris Halliday and Ha ...
THE STORY OF THE LATE DR. ROBERT OUKO ROBERT OUKO WAS KILLED IN "OPERATION BIKINI SUCCESSION": WEEKLY TOPIC NEWSPAPER OF UGANDA 6 SEPTEMBER 1991 at 8:10 PM · Minister killed in "Operation Bikini succession", the inside story by a correspondent in Nairobi, as published in the "Weekly Topic" newspaper of Uganda of 6th September 1991 (Reproduced verbatim) Through errors of omissions and commission the late Kenya's minister of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Dr. Robert John Ouko caused his murder on February 12, 1990. Ouko's problems are said to have started in 1983 when he fell out with Hezekiah Oyugi the then Permanent Secretary in the Office of the President in charge of Internal Security and Provincial Administration. Oyugi was then a Provincial Commissioner in Moi's home province of Rift Valley and was said to enjoy powers beyond even his boss, Permanent Secretary J. Mathenge whom the former later succeeded. Having been business associates in a number of commercial ventures, Ouko and Oyug ...
The Senate has lined up two crucial resolutions that will help it define its role as the guardian of devolution of power and resources to all the 47 county governments. One of the resolutions seeks to form a key committee that will audit all the laws of the country to eliminate conflict with the devolution as prescribed in the Constitution, with a possible consequence of trimming the powers of the Provincial Administration. The other one seeks to bind county governments to enter into agreements with the national government on how money for infrastructure development will be transferred from the National Treasury to the county treasuries. Mr James Orengo (Siaya) will conclude moving a motion that seeks to form a special committee of the Senate to audit every law to make sure that “all existing legislation that may undermine the authority, mandate and functions of the county governments” are brought into conformity with the Constitution. He said the audit, especially for the Provincial Administration, w ...
IF YOU GOOGLE KIMEMIA THIS IS WHAT YOU GET Francis Kimemia is the current Head of Civil Service and Secretary to the Cabinet of Kenya.[1] He took over from Francis Muthaura in 2012. He previously served as Permanent Secretary, Ministry of State for Provincial Administration and Internal Security of the Republic of Kenya. Francis Kimemia holds a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Public Administration and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. COMPARE WITH RAILA Raila Amollo Odinga (born 7 January 1945), also popularly known to his supporters as Agwambo, is a Kenyan politician who was Prime Minister of Kenya, leading a coalition government, from 2008 to 2013. Odinga, who was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Langata in 1992, served as Minister of Energy from 2001 to 2002 and as Minister of Roads, Public Works, and Housing from 2003 to 2005. He was the main opposition candidate in the 2007 presidential election. Following a violent post-electoral crisis, Odinga took office as Prime ...
The government has announced free maternity services in all public heath facilites starting today, June 1st 2013 President Uhuru Kenyatta delivered the good news during Madaraka Day celebrations at the Nyayo National Stadium to mark 50 years of independence. User fee in all public dispensaries have also been waived in line Jubilee manifesto. 0 inShare Uhuru also assured Kenyans of his commitment to ensuring national unity inorder to fight ethnic tension and rivalry. “National Unity is a key pre-requisite for the realisation of Kenya we all desire. I assure Kenyans that uniting our people is my passion’, the president said. He added: “A united Kenya has a tremendous potential for growth” The Head of State also ordered redeployment of Provincial Commissioners to other national duties as part of restructuring the Provincial Administration in line with the constitution. In order to fight poverty, Uhuru said the government will work in partnership with private sector to ensure modern agriculture, imp . ...
Why do you ask me to comment on issues that you yourself call allegations. Whichever case it could have been,Mr Francis Kimemia didn't help Uhuru Kenyatta take the presidency. He voted once,and we are not even sure whether he voted for Uhuru. His role then,as Head of Civil Service cannot be taken for granted.He chairs the NSIS and also chaired The Committee on Assumption of Office(Office of The President).He undertook his roles respectably and within the law.Lets not malign people to issues that we are not even sure of. When some goons pupport that The whole Provincial Administration and NSIS campaigned for Jubilee,one wonders why no one ever campaigns for them. Are there no civil servants,or holders of high public offices,affiliated to the gentleman(loser). Someone called me the other day,and all he wanted to know is whether I get paid by Jubilee,to defend it,so heartly.I gave an answer I thought could serve him right,"I NEVER AND WILL NEVER BOOTLICK POLITICIANS". Now,if my peasant like me would stand b ...
copy paste: When I put up this post earlier in the day, "Gitobu Imanyara concedes defeat to Kiraitu Murungi as more MRC suspects arrested- to be arraigned in court. Kabando wa Kabando attacked by youth in Mukurweini!!", I got a terrible share of castigation from people around here and I was left wondering how come Gitobu Imanyara conceded defeat that earlier. I have been informed that one of the senior politicians from Meru region was actually involved in stuffing votes and using GK vehicles with conceled number plates to ferry votes. This is a shame and confirms Coalition for Reform and Democracy - CORD Railonzo 2013's fears that someone was using the Provincial Administration to rig elections. It is confirmed in Meru. The car, a former GK car but currently used as an escort vehickled for a former Cabinet Minister with the number plate KAB 029T was mobbed by voters. Hon. Ababu Namwamba has just jetted into Meru to deal with this this. Please some people here, dont take us back to 2007- you dont have to w ...
Orengo, Oburu claim has been using the Provincial Administration to woo voters in favour of Jubilee Alliance
Raila & Kalonzo accuse Civil Service boss Francis Kimemia of using Provincial Administration to campaign for Jubilee TEAM, writes to
The CORD fraternity is perturbed by the continued trend of members of the Provincial Administration and other public servants getting involved in the current political campaigns. I would like to bring to the government's attention of the incident where Mr. Stephen Ikua the Lamu County Commissioner is currently giving chiefs and assistant chiefs Ksh. 50, 000 to campaign for Jubilee Alliance/TNA. This is unacceptable and a total disregard of the Constitution and the relevant election Law. We want a level playing ground where Civil Servants will not be used to hoodwink voters to serve interests of the Jubilee Alliance. Hon Prof Peter Anyang Nyong'o Secretary General - ODM 20/02/2013
I hope that what is being reported to be happening in Meru County on intimidation of the Provincial Administration by certain politicians who are contesting key county seats is not common across Kenya.
FYI.. Governor, PA, Senior Officials walk the Streets in Kavieng. Kavieng Town was given a first hand inspection by Sir Julius Chan, the Provincial Administrator and Senior Officials to identify Proper Building sites, titles, proper street spacing and not encroaching on the main street and provision of Toilet Facilities. Governor Sir Julius Chan directed the Provincial Administration for an immediate survey and rigidly enforce titles and after the market closure- Ban sales of betel-nut, Invoke council penalty on chewing and spitting of betel nut in public places. These are to be re-enforced through Provincial Assembly Legislation and become Laws with severe penalties. As well, Sir Julius directs immediate start on all town priority projects. He also directed the Business Houses to fully implement the public notice and follow the 31st January deadline on the town cleaning up process. He then added the time has come for Business Houses to treat the peace loving people of New Ireland with dignity and respect ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Provincial Administration vs PSMD at Libala seondary school ground at 11:00hrs
BREAKING NEWS:Waiganjo took part in the assasination of Prof.Saitoti and Hon.Ojodeh.He was working under the directives of Uhuru Kenyatta and Company.He also participated in the brutal killings of police officers in Baragoi. Think about this,both Ole Metito(Minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration) and Yusuf Hajji(Minister for Defence) are very close allies of Uhuru Kenyatta and members of the ill-intentioned Jubilee Coalition. Wakenya waambiwe ukweli!
Mr Kalungi was arrested between 2a.m. and 3a.m Friday morning.Mombasa is at least 14 hours by road from Malaba border post." Interesting. Let's assume the earliest; Kalungi was arrested at 3.a.m. in Mombasa. Knowing the slow pace of the Kenyan police, it must have taken at least one hour from the place of arrest to the Police station. Kalungi must have then been booked into the Kenyan police cells ... and the fact that the Kenyan Police may have interrogated him, we can give another 3 hours to cover that time. After discovering that Kalungi was the suspect sought by the Ugandan police over murder investigations, Kenyan police in Mombasa may have had to contact their Provincial Police Officer (PPO) who in turn contacts the Kenyan Inspector General of Police (IGP). As required there would be a need for extradition, the IGP would then contact the minister of Internal Security and Provincial Administration. The minister would need to brief his President over the matter. Contacts would also be made with the At ...
THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT CO-ORDINATION BILL, 2012 I wish to voice my support for this Bill, and thank the Minister for Internal Security for finally publishing the Bill. The Bill deals with two issues of critical concern to the implementation of our Constitution: One is to streamline the functioning of the Cabinet at national level. Secondly, the Bill proposes to restructure the Provincial Administration to fit into the new devolved system. The restructuring of the Provincial Administration, has unfortunately been bedevilled by confusion and division; indeed the lack of clarity led to public demonstrations by – for the first time since independence - Chiefs, and other officers. They had a genuine reason to do so! How does the government expect the Chiefs, and their Assistants to maintain order, and security when their jobs are not assured? They are also human, and have families to feed! The passage of this Bill gives them that assurance and clarity. We also need their services as we move towards the gene ...
And remember Lesirma comes from the region.What's he done as the *** Min.Internal Security & Provincial Administration? Nothing.
calls on the Ministers for Defense and Internal Security, as soon as practically possible, coordinate the development of a joint security strategy that will pool all the security resources of the Kenya Defense Forces, the Kenya Police, Administration Police, the National Youth Service, the National Security Intelligence Services, the Kenya Wild Life Service, the Kenya Forest Service, the Kenya, Prisons Wardens, Police Reservists, the Provincial Administration and other related departments to ensure Kenya holds peaceful and secure general elections. The police resources would be deployed before, during and after the general elections.
Prime Minister Raila Odinga has assured the Provincial Administration that they will not be laid off during restructuring of the system to realign it with the Constitution.
Metito is the new Internal Security minister: Katoo ole Metito is the new Minister for Provincial Administration and Internal Security and Ababu Namwamba takes over the Sports docket following a presidential appointment.
Plot to retain Provincial Administration intact “Under the firm supervision and management of the Provincial Administration, the 1988 elections rewrote the history books on electoral mismanagement. Clear winners were declared losers and vice versa in broad daylight. The new constitution is under attack! The watermelons and anti-reformists are charging.” By Nixon Inziria The Standard published on 11 Sep 12 When Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka recently traversed Kisii and Nyamira Counties to popularise his 2013 presidential bid and promised to protect and retain the Provincial Administration in its current form if elected president, many thought it was the political rhetoric Kenyans have gotten used to. But when, immediately after, chiefs in Nyamira County who had attended the campaign meetings congregated and addressed a press conference issuing tough ultimatums to rival presidential candidates demanding firm commitments to protect them, we smell a rat. Could this be the activation of an elaborate campa ...
Now Inutu Suba taken to Luapula as Sata avoids her August 7, 2012 | Filed under: Zambia | Posted by: Lumbiwe After being rejected by civil servants in Central province, Permanent Secretary Inutu Suba has been transferred to Luapula province quietly. Suba running away from angry civil servants in Kabwe But Suba has refused to go to Luapula but instead is fighting to meet President Michael Sata to lobby for a job in the diplomatic service. Sata is avoiding her, according to government sources. Suba has been swapped by Luapula province Permanent Secretary who has already taken up office in Kabwe. Suba has been sent to Luapula after she was almost lynched by workers at the Provincial Administration office in Kabwe some three weeks ago for her rude conduct and use of vulgar language towards Civil Servants. Suba was also sent parking earlier from Southern Province where she first served as PS in the PF Government. This was after Workers at Cabinet Office Livingstone staged a tow-days strike against what they de ...
President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga are under pressure to make substantive appointments in the ministries of Local Government, and Internal Security and Provincial Administration because of pending elections.
President Mwai Kibaki on Monday appointed Defence Minister Yussuf Mohamed Haji as acting Minister for Provincial Administration and Internal Security.
Defence Minister Yusuf Haji was on Monday evening appointed the acting Minister for Provincial Administration
May I repeat and qualify what I said yesterday. During the two sad days of laying our two great sons to rest last weekend, both the President and the Prime Minister appealed to all of us to embrase one government and not PNU and ODM sides of government. I propose that in the spirit of togetherness and for continuity, Hon. Yusuf Haji having been a Provincial Commissioner (PC), has the requisite experience in Provincial Administration and Internal Security, Maj Gen (Rtd) J K Nkaissery is a retired soldier hence can ably perform as Minister of Defence where he is currently an Assistant and he will give our sons and daughters (KDF) in Somalia, motivation that one of their own is heading their ministry. He also comes from Kajiado where Prof. Saitoti came from. Hon. Mbadi is a good debater, worker and able manager from what I knowof him hence can perform as an Assistant Minister for Internal Security. This is towards "A Just, Equitable and Prosperous Kenya".
Hon Yusuf Haji is now the acting minister for Internal Security and Provincial Administration on top of his Defence docket.I've personally known him for quite a number of years since he was the Provincial Commissioner for Rift Valley;he's had a steady rise as a religious,loyal,careful and disciplined government official during Moi's era and now as one of Kibaki's most reliable lieutenants.I think he's smart enough to be able to multi-task for both posts considering that he's a prolific administrator and a suave politician at the same time adding up to a smooth operator who always endeavours to stay aloof from controversies and contentions unlike our stereotype political leaders.Kudos MYH!
something common with the late Hon Saitoti en Hon Ojode : all worked in same Ministries @ different tyms and portfolios i.e Education,Foreign affairs and lately Internal affairs en Provincial Administration
Tuesday May 29, 2012-Immigration Minister Otieno Kajwang’ has called upon all police officers attached to Luo Nyanza and the area Provincial Administration in the area, to crack down on the area residents who do not have identification cards (ID) as they will endanger chances of Prime Minister Raila Odinga becoming the Fourth president of republic of Kenya. Speaking at Ojolla within Kisumu North District, Kajwang’ pleaded with the area DC David Chabari who was present during the meeting, saying as a Cabinet Minister associated with Raila he cannot lay back and see Luos messing Raila in the forthcoming general elections. “Its now or never, I am instructing the Provincial Administration and the police to crack down on Luos without IDs, these are the people who are presently making Raila’s route to State House impossible, they either have the vital document or you harass them till they get it” Kajwan’g told the crowd whose facial expressions was full of disagreement with his view. During the ev ...
PM Raila Odinga: Provincial Administration is here to stay.
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