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Promised Land

The Promised Land (translit.: Ha'Aretz HaMuvtahat) is a term used to describe the land promised or given by God, according to the Tanakh (the Hebrew Bible), to the Israelites, the descendants of Jacob.

Leon Spinks

Always great to see a new book author of the wonderful "Promised Land".
A concert is an initiation, a church service, a celebration, a release. Thank you for leading us into the promised land.
The wise man said just raise your hand. And reach out for the spell. Find the door to the promised land. Just believe in yourself
Stave will get them to the promised land
Oh My God what a bunch of Bandwagon Hoppers! So Dak the Rook takes them to the promised land!?
Oprah lives in a Mega-Mansion she calls "The Promised Land", average "oppressed" minority has 0 chance of ever setting foot there
the best tuesday morning surprise I've had/heard in too many weeks and months and years to tell (https:/…
How do you reach the abdominal promised land? The plan is simple: six-pack, 7%, 8 weeks. https:…
2 years ago dared me to find a job in Mexico. I went and got hired in a mariachi band.
It's also a common misconception that we were all the first sperm to reach the egg. Hundreds of sperm reached the promised land before "us."
When God led His people into the Promised Land, He did so step by step.
In the Land of the Twelve Tribes and the Promised Land of Canaan, there is no mention at all of Palestine.
Imagining America : Stories from the Promised Land by Wesley Brown and Amy...
“You will only find everything necessary for a happy and successful life in the Promised Land of your calling” . ― Pastor Sunday Adelaja
I'll remain positive for the time being... Take us to the promised land, dear Jeffrey:
A Land Twice Promised is featured on Can one woman's quest for change the world?
Started reading 'One Punch From The Promised Land'. Leon Spinks and Marine Drill Instructors didn't get on too well! "His favourite target."
JRsmith gonna take the cavs to the promised land in 4
Buhari promised to implement the UNEP report to clean-up Ogoni land during the presidential campaigns - Amaechi
Yes,the storm is temporary because He promised peace, stability and an eternal Government. The new Land where He rules.
I'll see you all in the Promised Land!
Finishing yr 1 in I am so grateful to have made it to the Promised Land!
For all the shut down strangers and hot rod angels,. Rumbling through this promised land.
Developer seeking to acquire county land to build a package distribution facility
Congolese citizens don't want another Mobutu. But the president seems to have other ideas https:…
I am with u & will watch over u wherever u go, & I will bring u back 2 this land. I will not leave u until I have don…
Come, see how great the power of slander! How do we know? From the story of the spies that went into the Promised Land.- Talmud Arakhim
The Ogoni land clean-up has commenced today.This is filfulment of the PMB as promised which the past...
Meg travels the land of Tellius searching for her promised man...; art by Daisuke Izuka
Dems Absolutely Desperate to Stop Trump. After 8 Yrs of Obama, They're so Close to The Globalist Promised Land h…
Turn left on to Rattlesnake Speedway for the Promised Land
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Niger Delta Avengers promised to annihilate Buhari if he'd step foot in Ogoni land yesterday! "PMB would not leave Ogoni alive"
When you've finally found the promised land
Is the momo strong enough to whip the hippo, limping & screaming to the promised land? It's straining under
With glory and spoil, back to their promised land.
Welcome Garry let's all pull together and get this great club back to the promised land
Hey Satan!. Payin' my dues. Playin' in a rockin' band. Hey, mamma. Look at me. I'm on the way to the promised land. I'm on the highway to ***
To get to the Promised Land you have to your way through the wilderness.
Lebron's got the weight of an entire city on his back, time to lead them to the promised land!
j-hope [bursts into the room]: guys ive seen the Promised Land!. jungkook: did u die. jimin: he literally jus checked out my as…
We're almost there! We've almost reached the promised land!
Im taking my team to the Promised land. Thats a fact...
When Moses left Egypt, he was with countless multitudes. Nevertheless, only two reached the Promised Land.
Trip to the promised land on my day off (redditch)
Johny cash lead me to the promised land
Do not settle for manna in the desert when there is milk & honey in the promised land! Via
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
. City > Eden. Kingdom > Promised Land > Wilderness. not sure you can compare between these; different planes
We are not in the promised land we are I. The land of promises. Archbishop Elias Chacour
Will ride john Polichetti to the promised land, Bruce . Yennaco style (look it up, kids)? Or is Salem due?
Promised Land Art Festival - a project that we're working on with the city of Łódź! More: https:/…
NBA Finals is finally here, brehs. We made it to the promised land.
'Promised Land' at The Egg this coming bank holiday Sunday with a whole heap of guests inc Marshall Jefferson & Fast Eddie.
God GIVES, but we have to TAKE. He gave the promised land to Israel, but they had to take it. He gives us salvation, but we have to take it.
this is our man, he doesn't believe in God but thinks God promised us the land
If we win we're back into the promised land, secure a trophy and we're hitting the transfer market hard.
Nigeria left Egypt but is now lost on her way to that promised land. I hope God can use us to fix this.
ships boats yachts swimming on logs to reach Palestine your so called promised land
Feel like dancing dance cause we are freeI've got my homeIn the promised land and i feel like homeI want you to...
Despite all these, let's make it to our promised land.
When will we get to the promised land??
Can't get much deeper than that! This is what the promised land looks like :P
We are going . To the promised land !
The followers of Trump and Bernie are looking for the Promised Land, it spells for them disapointment!
Wednesday is HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF, Promised Land Sound & Christina Wagner at JACK RABBITS, tix at …
BIAFRA: Our Freedom Is Unstoppable IPOB Worldwide,we can sight the promised land, victory is assured, we asserted this…
Tracklist of our new single: 1.Promised Land (Club Mix),2.Promised Land (RMX by Intent:Outtake),3.Promised Land (Saviour Mix). Out 2morrow!
I can't keep my silence anymore, its the PROMISED land. Not the promise land. Read a bible or something.
If u and ur cohorts did what u promised,and d masses enjoy d good of this land, probably woudnt av make that statement Sir.
either Patrick O'Brien or Tristan Gebbia will take us to the promised land!!
Has promised you a position in his make believe land of crazy ideas and racism?
Don't just GO THROUGH the WILDERNESS, make sure you GET TO the other side... THE PROMISED LAND. https:…
YASS! I must travel to this fabled place, this promised land, ASAP! You are my hero Armand!
Museveni has will be sworn in as the "new" old President of Uganda. Elected himself and is ready to lead Ugandans to the "promi…
On the upcoming two Sundays, May 15 and 22, we’ll be taking a break from ‘The Promised Land’ series and sharing...
DC teams letting its peeps down. Maybe Durant will take you guys to the promised land lol
You Island folk always making noise, so that is the promised land you people always make noise about. Gutter still dey sha.
Refugees heading to the promised land but only finding paper towns
I'm keeping tabs but mainly hoops right now...although I'm not super optimistic about the promised land there either
It does isn't a myth.i have seen the promised land!…
For i have been promised al land of my own
for your listening pleasure Soulchillaz Promised Land
Getting to the promised land. You dont want problems I promise maaan.
19. Manchild in the Promised Land by Claude Brown.. This is a great book S/O to for putting me on 💕 https…
Happy Independence Day, Israel. May the Promised Land one day have eternal peace ❤ //…
California Dreaming!. Guess how AWESOME living looks like in the Promised Land:.
🎵🎵and leads me through the Promised Land what a day, day that will be!!!🎵🎵 Praising
Promised Land was funded in part by an UAE company with oil ties. Can't wait to learn more about Berg's Deepwater Horizon funding.
One Punch from the Promised Land: Leon Spinks, Michael Spinks, and the Myth of t
Israel Zionist State = The new State of the Khazar Jews = Rothschild's Promised Land by Arthur Balfour = State of World Governors.
I don't forget about the people of the Promised Land:
All too often, we stop short of God's Promised Land and the life He wanted for us.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
“I’ve seen the Promised Land. I may not get there with you” preached Martin Luther King, 1968, the day before his assassination.
Kenya like the Biblical Israel, just that we don't have Moses for our 40yrs in anyhowness before arriving Promised Land
It seemed so promising. The Israelites had entered by the mighty hand of God into the Promised Land. Joshua left...
Trust God to lead you out of it to your Promised Land in His time when knows you are ready.
I loved getting to do Promised Land with him. I mean, he's really there for...
making Wolverhampton Civic Hall sound like the Promised Land.
"Promised Land" by Jesse Snyder is a big one for me. "Absence of Affection" by Rob Thomas & *** of a Night" by Dustin Lynch.
HEAR FROM GOD:. 1. A major key to finding your promised land is to look beyond the natural. Go to God and ask him...
The verdict is in—our fans are raving about Promised Land Dairy! Check out what they have to say on our blog.
“Just because you wander in the desert, it does not mean there is a promised land.” ― Paul Auster, The Invention of Solitude
Go Blue. Headed to the promised land
My daughter and I just saw you overhead. She asked if you’d like to come for tea when you land. I promised I’d ask
Mr. Elvis Presley tackles Promised Land by Chuck Berry - awesome vocals, great Berry-lyrics and good guitar too -...
He's got to go lead his people to the promised land where they can sit around & expound abt how they're not leeches on society
on "Where is the Promised Land? That land starts right here in America,…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
GOD can be a very present Help in time of trouble. Obedience, repentance, and humility is what is required to make it to the promised land.
me neither. It's usually burying RAW/SD, putting Lucha Underground over, & wanting to see TNA reach the promised land again.
Ireland was no promised land in 1846. Valentia didn't know that.
The Carriage Driver, Mike Friedman. A carriage ride to the Promised Land. A Story of Hope.
For the next three weeks, Ireland really is the Promised Land. 26 February. via
in a queue on the Wirral waiting to get through the tunnel back to the promised land - I've seen *** and this is it
Cam leading us to the promised land?
Looking to binge-watch The West Wing? Let and I lead you to the Bartlet promised land!
As promised, details on lawsuit against Involves insurer dropping from network:
The Sanders Democrats. I have seen the promised land.
. Bye to the promised land
"The Promised Land always lies on the other side of a Wilderness." Havelock Ellis (born Feb. 2, 1859). A mantra for difficult times.
you ruined my relationship with YHVH, I cant get to the promised land if im rolling
Whether it be this season, or the next.. This man will make sure we get to that promised land. 🐏
Stadiums don't often generate economic returns promised, in light of tax breaks, land subsidies provided cc
Promised Land's first duty is to protect the Rastafari, not run their Promised Land.
Listen to anime OPs , EDs, and OSTs at the gym to open an aural portal to the promised land and stimulate your brain to induce maximum gains
also worth checking out the versions of Thunder Road and Promised Land, and The River (he tells a great story about his dad)
Finding Home in the Promised Land and I'll be at Shelf Life Books, Calgary Jan 21 (Thurs.) 7:00 pm. See you there. https:/…
"Ruby take my hand, please lead me to the Promised Land. Tell me, where am I from, your eyes say, "Shada dee da dum.""
Moses didn't see the Promised Land. Paul's thorn was never removed. Even Jesus submitted to God's will.
Ruby, take my hand. Please lead me to the Promised Land
The US is not the Promised Land...the American Dream is predicated on 2 things: an empty continent and free labor
The good old days, the honest man, The restless heart, the Promised Land..
“If you have given your heart to Christ, God has given the Promised Land to you.
“Prices have reached the Promised Land,” billionaire collector Eli Broad said after the sale. via
"Language must be the first revolution! Every conversation in Yiddish or Russian delays..the [use of] the holy tongue in the Promised Land!"
On until 8pm with the Promised Land show.
when you look at others with their land & gold. think that Christ Has promised you His wealth untold. your blessings.
Natalie Prass at Neumos in Seattle, WA on Fri Oct 30 at 8 pm - Seattle Events Calendar - The Stranger
Buy Miche Bag Online!
They left for the promised land of california lol
People are starting to call LPQ the promised land - Here's the solution.
The Cetras return to the Promised Land. A land that promises boundless happiness.
won't stop until we reach the promised land.Long live Class 2015.
Haven't been to Miami in a minute. I think it's time I return to the promised land
Israel belongs to the most high God. He promised Abraham the land and he delivered, he is the one they oppose not Jews.
Our Promised Land is in heaven. It's no more about a tiny piece of land. Christ's heavenly kingdom is for all.
You measure an MVP on the ability to get the team in the regular season to an opportunity to go to the promised land
Life has struggles.You’re already equipped to conquer them. new book says how. .
Over the Promised Land to God so dear;
Out of ignorance joseph's enemies paid his transport fare to his promised land...think about it
I wish Riviera: the Promised Land was a better game. I got screwed over in a later chapter of the game due to being unable to backtrack :x
kool aid chugging cult member , hopefully Harper can Jim Jones his whole following on his way to the promised land.
Me to the promised land...I mean of
Almost 40 years since the '76 youth & it took the children of Israel 40 years to enter the promised land. SA it's time to claim the land!
Be Thy work our chiefest joy;. Then, the promised land possessed,. Bid us enter into rest.
“It is my job, it is our job, to see Dr. King’s dream become a reality.” -Adrian Crawford:
I'm coming for the promised land, Columbus, OH
Going down to Arizona this December for like 4 days YES. The promised land 🙏
Bonn to Paris: On the way to the Promised land
OTOH, if JUDEO-Christianity is our foundation, just proclaim America as our Promised Land. Your move, Marxists.
BEE Against Monsanto & Their FrankenBees!! The Promised Land of the Robobee, Monsanto and DARPA:
re: moses ref in My Shot-moses never got to see the promised land he worked toward his entire life. parallel or diff to ham?💁🏻
Your promised land has giants. They are challenges n obstacles on ur path in your Giants fall when…
Prestigious French dictionary defines Promised Land as ‘present-day Palestine’: Larousse Bible glossary for ch...
So true Steve. It was Moses who took Dr J, Andrew Toney, Bobby Jones, & Mo Cheeks to the Promised Land in '83
Now playing on WGMU: Promised Land - The Ash And Clay by The Milk Carton Kids from
Lesser Ury - circa 1927, Moses on Mount Nebo Looking at the Promised Land.
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