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Project Runway

Project Runway is an American reality television series on Lifetime Television, previously on the Bravo network, which focuses on fashion design and is hosted by model Heidi Klum.

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After the news that ‘Project Runway’ Season 3 finalist Mychael Knight had passed on broke earlier today, celebs to…
how satisfying is the beginning of the latest Project Runway?!!!?? 😀
Mychael Knight of Project Runway is dead to me!
Mychael Knight of project runway died today! This is why we must show love to ALL because you never know!...
My favorite contestant on project runway has passed away :(
I AM UTTERLY HEARTBROKEN. Mychael Knight from project runway season 3 has passed. Babe you made it work
Shocking and absolutely heartbreaking news! Such a talented man.
So sad😭He was one of my favs on Project Runway.
RIP Mychael Knight. The finalist has died at just 39 years old.
Mychael Knight . RIP . He was so young , I loved him on Project Runway . 💙
I saw that he died earlier. They didn't say how. I'm still sad for him and his family. He was a project runway fav.
star Mychael Knight reportedly dies at 39 via
I feel like jinsoul would be that overconfident designer in project runway that gets eliminated in a challenge they thought was their forte
Designer & Alumnus, Mychael Knight has passed away. The young talent will be greatly missed.
tbh I miss the early days of project runway? like the first 7 seasons or so
Just learned of Fashion Designer & Project Runway contestant passing today. Crazy! This was in '13 N…
Project Runway All Stars alum Mychael Knight has died at 39 years old.
Mychael was such a handsome sweetie on Project Runway. I loved his designs, especially his Jet Set outfit. Such sad news.
'Project Runway' fashion designer Mychael Knight dies - was always sharp and chic in his personal style and tha...
'Project Runway' star Mychael Knight dies at 39 -
Georgia fashion designer Mychael Knight, who was a finalist on the popular competition show "Project Runway," has died. He was 39.
"Project Runway" contestant Mychael Knight has passed away. He was at 39
RIP Mychael Knight. Will forever be one of my favorite designers from Project Runway! 😫
Designer and former Project Runway contestant Mychael Knight dies at age 39
Fashion designer and former "Project Runway" finalist Mychael Knight dead at 39
Project Runway contestant and fashion designer Mychael Knight dead at 39
'Project Runway' designer and finalist Mychael Knight dies at 39
Everyone under 28 on Project Runway: My style is androgynous Andy Warhol muse but in the French Riviera after a nuclea…
Cannot beat a breezy Sat eve, windows open & a PVR surprise of new season of Project Runway
With every new season, the aesthetic of the average Project Runway contestant moves one step closer to Caesar Flickerman/Effie Trinket.
Project Runway and Top Chef have prepared me for the experience of not having enough time to do what I want and just trying to make it work.
Why does Euron Greyjoy look like he's on Project Runway.
Tim Gunn, on Project Runway: "I'm going to quote a dear friend. Fear never conquered anything."
Tim Gunn chasing Swatch the dog in S8 Project Runway is me
Tim Gunn is the best thing about Project Runway
I too enjoy the creative process chaos of Project Runway, presided over by the angel man Tim Gunn. Thanks,…
5) My wife makes me watch Project Runway. I actually don't mind and wish Tim Gunn was my real dad.
Emojis are great, but what I REALLY need is a transcribed video index of everything Tim Gunn has ever said on Project Runway.
Nothing says "I'm Project Runway fangirl trash" like freaking out over Joanna Coles speaking at my NYU program.
Same, gf made me 👀Project Runway and RuPaul...but man do I love Ru and Tim Gunn. They seem like the most sincere nice peeps.
If Tim Gunn from Project Runway said to you, "Make it Work!" What would you do differently about how you network?
I’ve been watching Project Runway and now my whole day is mentally narrated by Tim Gunn
for this Project Runway scene, Tim Gunn is wearing a camouflage suit with cargo suit pants and it's literally ruining my life
Join us next THURSDAY for our Project Runway event With . 6PM- March 16th - DIT Aungier Street
There needs to be a season two of Project Runway: Fashion Startup I miss it already
REwatching Season 9 of Project were my favorite from the beginning! Love your stuff!
- so Project Runway can have a dramatic season finally.
Links to watch Project Runway: Junior season 2 episode 9 online could be found on
made a collection that could have won adult Project Runway so he can't be too bummed he didn't win the Junior season.
Pics or it didn't happen: Chopped meets Project Runway at Food in Fashion:
I read this as "Maggie Simpson" so I thought Project Runway was the answer
I did learn a lot from 'Project Runway,' things I could incorpor...
S3 of Project Runway all stars starting on Vibe tomorrow
.says she was approached many times to do a show abt many times--she met Rob Bagshaw at Project Runway: All Stars
I go on a Project Runway binge every so often and god I love Tim Gunn 💛
I learned it from Tim Gunn on Project Runway
was Jake talking about Project Runway? Like Tim Gunn from project runway?
the man in the gif is Tim Gunn, advisor on Project Runway. *** FYI.
Binge watching Project Runway is my latest obsession! Tim Gunn is my hero! — watching Project Runway
Anthony Ryan who won the Project Runway all-stars has a store here and he is so nice.
I want bc so I can open my locked rooms and host Project Runway and American Idol. So help a poor young student ;-(
I posted images of Project Runway alumni Jake Wall and Blake Patterson when I shot their collections shortly...
Anyhow Project Runway Finale didn't even have a real Catwalk this year was there a cut in the budget??? . Looked EL - CHEAPO without it!
I'm so mad at Project Runway, 2016 sponsored by people winning things they shouldn't
If I was a judge on project runway i wouldn't have given it to erin just because of her over use of the word like.
Project Runway Finale (15) - Banana Head would have Yellow & Banana's in her collection! I knew she'd win before I watched it tonite!
Catching up on Project Runway. Actual quote: "I'm really excited about the worms on my dress!"
Lucky's is so proud of our girl Erin!!!...
I feel like there's stuff I should be doing- wrapping or baking- but f it, I'm saving it all for tomorrow night & watching Project Runway.
Me: wow I hope they don't win project runway. **they win 2 seconds later**
I love project runway but I think they got it wrong last night. Erin looks did not impress. not
Love that my parents get into project runway with me lol
Mom and I made cake and three kinds of cookies today before eating Indian food and watching the Project Runway finale. A great Xmas Eve Eve!
Chris on Project Runway Junior looks like a *** 17 year old
I am done with Project Runway. Plz stop making this show.
Just now watching last nights Project Runway!!! Can't wait to see who wins 😊😊   10% Off
Were Heidi and her fellow judges drinking champagne when they made their decision on Project Runway? Bad choice!
At my house we are either watching Narcos or Project Runway. Game of Thrones or Keeping Up with the Kardashians. There is no middle ground
please ignore the other *** and focus on this one for a minute, Did you watch Project Runway this season? It was AWFUL.
Can we just have a season of Project Runway Junior where none of the kids leave and they just have fashion shows every week??
Project Runway, you are going into wrong directions
The judges on project runway are deliberating right now and I am having PALPITATIONS 😰😰😰
Can we have a more recent series of "where are they now: project runway" show? Pretty please?
That dress reminds me of an early project runway. Santino picked a fabric I knew would give him the win. It did.
I've been so far up SENSE8's *** that I forgot the project runway finale is out skdfhskjdfksd erin better not have won!
I found out the truth about project runway...
Last night's looks from episode are up for grabs! Proceeds go to the Bid here:
Project runway got it wrong. Roberi was robbed
Constantly findin myself wondering if these ppl on TV have had Botox...but then I realize that all I'm watching is Proje…
It's impossible to watch project runway with my mom bc she just says "who would wear that" over and over
Just watch Project Runway finale . no wonder Hiedi Klum is in the worst dressed list . *** ?
So my favorite artist just helped win Project Runway. AHHH CONGRATULATIONS I'm SO happy the world is seeing your work!
U can now own one of the pieces that walked down the finale. All proceeds will benefit https:/…
So disappointed...let's just call this season Arts&Craft Project Runway. It should have been anyone BUT Erin
Intel, ‘Project Runway’ team on virtual reality viewing for season finale
In shock that Erin's runway art project won 😳 I can't take this serious! Roberi was the clear winner!
YES if any of you are interested in the p…
Erin Robertson is the Donald Trump of Project Runway. She lost the popular vote and she doesn't know what she's doing.…
Project Runway - Finale, Part 2 was recently added to HCTV.
I want to watch project runway junior but watching talented kids with their lives together will probably make me want to die
I did love the collection Erin showed, but Roberi should've won Project Runway.
We can't wait to watch on the season finale tonight!. See the sneak peek pics here:
if your mad that Roberi didn't win project runway season 15
Ally is a future "Project Runway" star. Sewing fun at HarborWalk Village and Cartoons by Deano, Inc.
Season 15 continued the 2016 tradition of surprising people with thing…
Decided to binge watch Project Runway. So much for using my break time wisely. (lol)
Website Builder 728x90
I haven't seen the Project Runway finale yet so no spoilers but here are some caricatures from memory of the final 4
. Were you in agreement with who won Project Runway?
Pro tip: just watch the last 20 mins of the season finale of project runway it's kind of all u need 2 see
I just got my dad genuinely interested in an episode of project runway.
Nobody. NOBODY. Throws more shade than my father while watching Project Runway.
Intel, 'Project Runway' team on virtual reality viewing for season final.. Related Articles:
Can't wait to go to sleep. Might not even just put on PJs. I'll just curl up in my clothes and watch project runway until I die/collapse
Dash Rendar's shoulders are more padded than a Project Runway finale.
When you spot Mrs.R at the mall and your wearing a non school appropriate outfit and walk by her like your modeling on pr…
watch an entire season of 2hr project runway episodes and then ERIN is given the win? the ultimate
you think Erin was the rightful winner of project runway season 15 ¿ can't relate
I have not watched Project Runway in years but omg Tim Gunn! I love him. 😍
Tim Gunn's Christmas wish: An all plus-size season of 'Project Runway' . via
I love 'Project Runway.' It's my favorite show!...
Guys Grocery Games, or Project Runway. Ooohhh, or Snoop & Marthas new cooking show. 🙂
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
not if you're watching Project Runway. That's Tim Gunn's catchphrase.
Hulu has 7 seasons of Project Runway and 4 seasons of All Stars so I'm just gonna kiss my life away now
'Project Runway' was my guilty pleasure while my son was napping or nu...
Heidi Klum said "hoochie mama" on Project Runway and im like, who still does that?!?!
Heidi Klum isn't pregnant for this season of Project Runway? Pass
Heidi Klum shows off her slender figure on Instagram, Project Runway host’s diet secrets revealed
I think I'm the only person who still watches project runway 😂
I'm trying to watch project runway and ppl keep bothering me 😓
I'm just going to snuggle in blankets and watch project runway all day bc everyone I know is gone☹☹☹
lady Heidi, would you every have Tyra Bank as one of the judges on Project Runway
Anyway, I gotta get out of my own head. Shifting focus to Project Runway and how the makeup never looks all that good.
'Project Runway' Season Schedule 15: Breaking Down the Seems to be of 'There IS Crying…
Did you catch project Runway Fashion Startup last night?! We will be appearing in just 13 days…
I have so much stuff to do but project runway seems more important
Are tator tots “in” now? When were they “out”? I don’t think tots are in a Project Runway ontological situation. It’s not either/or.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
[Project Runway]. Me as a designer: I think my model looks good. Heidi Klum: [irritated] she's wearing a trash bag & he…
I bought a fitted bed sheet for a toga last night & my pals went project runway so that I didn't look like the Pill…
Well I'm trying to watch project runway, this video buffering clearly has other plans in mind.
There Is Crying in Fashion - Project Runway...: There Is Crying in Fashion - Project Runway
Why am I crying about this project runway episode?
New ep of the podcast: & I chat about the cocktail dress challenge on this season of PROJECT RUNWAY
"I like your overalls!" A kid, to me, this morning. At this rate, she'll NEVAH be on Project Runway.
The copper pineapples on last night's Project Runway are adorable & would definitely result in me drunkenly poking myself w/ metal leaves.
that.was watch Project Runway on my phone
Last night's episode was Cocktail dress HEL!
My mum is watching project runway ,and she's calling me to watch it with her
Watching Project Runway from last night. Erin is pretty full of herself, isn't she? Is it justified? Some of these dresses are not very good
Accessory designer WXYZ is on the new show Project Runway:Fashion Startup. Good Luck! We love…
was an excellent judge on project runway. She needs to become a regular
im watching last nights episode of Project drooling over Heidi in red lipstick
-watching project runway-. me & mom: this look is FIERCE, she is WERKIN it. judges: this is the most hideous thing i've ever seen
I had such a vivid dream I actually started to believe I WAS on project runway for a season but "forgot about it".
New Designer Julia Fischer used to watch each episode of Project Runway 3 times! See her collection Saturday! htt…
Dear . Can you please get Project Runway. Sincerely,. Someone who really wants Project Runway on Netflix
Meadows Field is a three-phase, multi-year project to reconstruct Runway 12L/30R
In the mood split this rainy day between watching project runway in bed and listening to fleetwood mac. WHO IS WITH ME?!
lol! I am ready to support marathoning as I open my Project Runway list 5 weeks behind...
When I premier on Project Runway I will be wearing a shirt that says. (I AM FROM LAKE WORTH) — feeling excited
Fashion Startup: Watch the Welcome to Fashion Startup full episode from Season 1, Episode 1 of Lifetime's ser...
Stay tuned for a special episode by our amazing star in project runway on Saturday October 8 at 9:00PM ksa on
I'm so glad I started watching project runway again this season.
Buzzlab alumni and founder of Alex Shadrow will be appearing on Lifetime's Project Runway…
*watching project runway*. Dad: she looks like a way older Jennifer Aniston. Me: oh my god are you talking about Nina García?. He was.
Come watch Sock 101 on Project Runway Fashion Startup on Thursday, November 3rd! Get your tickets here:
When is one of your favorite designers on project runway!!!
Hot tips for self love: throw your scale in a dumpster while listening to beyonce then make a *** sandwich and watch…
I would like to see Project Runway: Cosplay Edition.
Spend a night out on the town in these cocktail dresses! All proceeds go to
Laverne Cox's dinner outfit just won her the next seasons of both Project Runway and RuPaul's Drag Race.
My favorite thing about Project Runway is Nina Garcia being absolutely unmoved by tears. In joy or sadness they do nothing. I love it.
There's this one guy on Project Runway who makes me think of a *** Toby Ziegler and he is just ADORABLE.
Currently looking at Project Runway contestant's fashion week collections, Friday night is lit
I've just watched episode S08E14 of Project Runway!
This is like when Project Runway went to Lifetime and immediately died, except SO MUCH WORSE THAN THAT.
The pair posted together at Project Runway's 15th season finale show as part of New York Fashion Week on Friday.
Funding alert: & are accepting applications for their accelerator + $10,000.
Zendaya rocks black suit from her own collection to ‘Project Runway’ fashion show
Our kind of Project Runway. Perhaps a few seasons from now?
this is going to be like when Project Runway went to Lifetime, but worse
it's no Great Interior Design Challenge. (it's actually not as good as Project Runway/Catwalk)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
The fact that the new project runway season primers this week is honestly the only thing getting me through this week
Also, she was competing on like, Celebrity Project Runway. She was prepping the kid's things for school and the airing of that night's ep.
This reminds me of when Project Runway went to Lifetime from Bravo. It has sucked ever since.
JCPenney, Project Runway winner look to change the plus-size fashion game - Chicago Tribune
jesus everything is on Thursdays. Drag Race, Ink Master, Steven Universe, and soon Project Runway. I have WORK to do, primetime tv!!
I've just watched episode S08E13 of Project Runway!
Ashley Nell Tipton of 'Project Runway' debuts her plus-size fashion line at JCPenney
Every time I go on YouTube now an episode of catfish or project runway pops up and then 40 minutes of my time is wasted
😐 do I look like a project runway contestant?
My favorite part about watching project runway is when Jay, Bri and I decide which designer we hate the most.
Yes. Project Runway is only one episode! she was a guest star and already shot for it.
Zendaya leaving project runway or walking the runway? No one will ever know. . PS she's wearing Daya by Zendaya 😍 https:/…
Me: *stays up all night watching old seasons of Project Runway on DVD*. Property Manager:
Book prizes are funny but I feel like you can call the winners via the old project runway koan: "don't bore nina"
About to make some Project Runway references to some people who won't get any of them, while…
RCRs talks to Project Runway's at Day2 of Creative Arts
The beautiful Zendaya leaving the project runway fashion show in NYC 🎌
I have seen print making on project runway and CS is beyond talented... Can you help?
I have been a fan since your days on Project Runway! So inspired by your talent! You deserve all of this! ❤️
Zendaya leaving the Project Runway fashion show in NYC.
Project Runway Middle East kicks of on September 17th with the grand finale being broadcasted live from
But in still hooked on project runway so that's what I've been doing for the past few days
I want to watch project runway but in India its not launching...
You become legendary as the first winner of Project Runway Season 1 jay McCarron
Girl you know how its done.Project runway winner season 6 Irina Shabayeva had a private show…
I always loved Project Runway and this essay by Tim Gunn is required reading. He needs to add women of a certain...
'Project Runway' Mentor Tim Gunn Blasts the Fashion Industry for 'Lack of Imagination' in Pl...
I love Tim Gunn so much you guys yes I've transitioned into Project Runway and he's doing a save
Dang it. Now I will forever hear his name like that impression of Tim Gunn on Project Runway.
Tim Gunn on Project Runway's humble beginning: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis -
I have the same birthday as Tim Gunn from Project Runway and that's great
Chris Sale to miss remainder of season to be a contestant on Lifetime's Project Runway. My column:
Project Runway meets the Intolerable Acts: andyi posted a photo:. One of my favorite old photos. A Colonia...
I want there to be a Project Runway but for interior design. Like designers get two days to decorate a house!
Russel Westbrook needs to be a guest judge on Project Runway
There's a designer in Project Runway wearing a fedora complaining about how difficult it is being a straight man in a *** man's world.
'Project Runway' and 'Waiting for Godot'. Which is more overrated?
You are my fav designer EVER on Project Runway. I hope you come back to Boston with another show soon!
I watch so much Project Runway and Americas Next Top Model but yet I wear leggings everyday
Nick Verreos may well be the worst contestant to have ever had a career after Project Runway tbh
Attend Austin Fashion Week and you will not be disappointed. Project Runway stars and designers will amaze you! .
Alyssa Milano talks 'Project Runway' and her loud '80s looks
Show idea: Project Runway w/ husbands of viewers. Each week's winner gets to go home w/ $10K. Loser of the season pays production costs.
This season of Project Runway should be called Bicker Runway. I'm here all week people! And, yes, I watch Project Runway.
Project Runway really finds every opportunity to push the Broadway "Finding Neverland" each season.
It saddens me that I have never won a single challenge in any season of Project Runway. :(
Project Runway season 2 winner, Chloe Dao, gifted me a prom dress...why am i so lucky 😭
daily Lauren Graham spam. today's theme: Project Runway
vanessa hudgens, coco rocha, and kesha are all guest judges on Project Runway this season what kind of slayage
So good memories Jessica was thrilled participate in "Project Runway". season 13
'Project Runway' and 'The Lawrence Welk Show'. Which is more overrated?
The view from the Entertainment world on Project Runway
► Ludlowe students to strut in style at 'Project Runway: Falcon Edition' - Fairfield Citizen
waiting for the Drag Race/Project Runway crossover, with hosts: Tim Gunn, Bianca Del Rio, and Sam Donovan. LET ME DREAM.
my professor ! When he sent that email saying no test I decided to celebrate by watching project runway for 4hours :')
Today I watched The Sopranos AND Project Runway in the same class. Senior year has been a wild ride, let me tell ya.
Nora, Just realized that your friend Peaches was one of my faves on Project Runway! Wish she had made it to the end!!
How am i watching project runway for the first time in 2k16
Bella Hadid and some project runway winner. (Forgot what season he won)
White girl on project runway says her collection is "asian" inspired
I CANNOT with this queen on season 12 of project runway...
anyways,d finally get to watch project runway all-stars, rooting for Kini, Emily, Fäde, Asha, Ken, Layana, Valerie, and Dom
I got home from tour today. I will be doing nothing but watching project runway for the next 24 hours. Be back soon. ❤️
In the past few weeks, my new home city has had a Project Runway Junior champ, a Best in Show finalist, and a Mortal Kombat runner-up
What is your favorite Indiana Jones movie?! Join us for Project Runway on Wednesday at 12:30!
I'm about to finish the last season of project runway and I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. 😅
I'm still sitting in this same spot after 2hrs watching Project Runway 😂😂 This is my Show
I tried to tell ya'll Christian Siriano has been coming for necks since Project Runway... I mean, sheesh
Project Runway needs a new mentor. Tim...sigh.
Tim Gunn on Project Runway always calls those "Titscrepencies."
I just realized all I did this weekend was binge on project runway.
Watching Project Runway Junior late. Where did you find these kids? It's insane how good they are. Better than the All Stars!
Project Runway always makes me want to make my own clothes. And it makes me miss my baby mama
Guess who came out to help today?! Local Fashion Designer from Project Runway…
All three designs were rejected by Project Runway.
Im back on the Project Runway Allstars tonight!!! 9 pm Lifetime
Heh. I am more of a Project Runway person tbh. I think I'd end up tearing my hair out at The Bach
to be working with for our Project Runway in Find out more here:
they look like first losers on early seasons of Project Runway.
Pentatonix up there looking like Project Runway contestants.
I thought Pentatonix was the cast of Project Runway.
i seriously thought he was with Project Runway contestants.
Favorite pasttime: watching Project Runway and complaining about everything in the show.
honestly I have watched so many seasons of project runway and antm I'm basically Joan rivers
I've watched enough Project Runway to know she's doing 100x things wrong
I miss seeing you on Project Runway! I hope things are going great for you!!
Don't forget to get your tickets for Draping With Emily from Project Runway All Stars! Saturday February 20!. Get...
is all about the choppy bobs and Project Runway unconventional challenges
Gaga looks like an unconventional materials project runway challenge sponsored by Get a grip.
I think Jaxson from Project Runway Junior would love that side slit.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Y'all need to chill. Ciara looks like she's wearing a bedazzled project runway garbage bag.
guess ill watch some project runway on DVR
OMG they have Project runway contestants designing dresses on the red carpet 💕😍
Wow, Micheal Costello REALLY been caking since project runway
Project Runway makeover, same as Aoyagi. Only Yamato also got surgery on his forearm.
ciara's dress look like a project runway challenge. I'm sorry to say it. Still love ya, sis
3...2...1... Project Runway. Our kids. I love them. P.S. Is it too much to yell YAS QUEEN! (asking for a friend.)
finally got around to watching ep 1 of Project Runway All Stars. Turns out I don't care if any of them win - that's One Pass getting a pass.
you should go on Project Runway with that outfit it's very on trend with the leather & sportswear & stuff
I am so judgmental whenever I watch Project Runway .. Like "oh no .. The hem on that is al wrong 🙄" 😂😂😂
Kelly Osborn scandal: she just said. "White does not leave room for error". (but its only Project Runway talk - not race relations! Phew!)
"it's like Project Runway with drag queens" Ana Matronic on RuPaul's Drag Race 😂😂
We catch up with Project Runway favorite, Project Runway: All Stars winner, Under the Gunn mentor and HIV role...
He talks about life, Project Runway, Lana Del Rey and Harry Styles.
I like watching project runway junior 😌😂
I was watching project runway junior and started crying bc my fav boy was about to leave and they decided to keep them both 😭💘💘💘
Tonight, in 5 minutes, don't miss Project Runway on Lifetime!
I can sit and watch Project Runway all day 😍
Project runway: Junior is the greatest show
The judges break down in tears tonight on Watch:
Zach from project runway junior is from Louisville, Ky! 🤗
My roommate is openly watching project runway.
Lowkey I wanna go to project runway but I lost my creativity
I'm so comfortable watching project runway juniors marathon in my fuzzy blanket
All I wanna do is crawl into bed with a cup of coffee while watching the next episode of project runway not sit through this Econ lecture..
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