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Project Pat

Patrick Houston, better known as Project Pat is an American rapper originating from Memphis, Tennessee.

Pastor Troy Lex Luger Drumma Boy Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa-KK ft. Project Pat and Juicy J, is officially my favorite song of all time!
Project Pat told us you can't turn a *** into a housewife.
these preachers kids go all the way left once "free". Another example is Juicy J and Project Pat
Project pat will help me get through this though😞🙏
I don't understand how you turn a freak into a wife - Project Pat
When Playa Fly had it locked, was repping that Funky town. When Project Pat hit the streets, he shut the whole town down.
Mad Decent block party added RiFF and Project Pat to the line up today.
Without 8ball & MJG there might not have been a Yo Gotti, 3-6 Mafia, Project Pat, ect. They put Memphis on the map
I grew up off that 36 Mafia and Project Pat that north Memphis 10 musik.
People grew listening to Jay Z. I grew up listening to Project Pat, 3 6, Pastor Troy, Gucci, etc.
He jamming! My big brother use to have me listening to all of that, Drama, Pastor Troy, Project Pat, Crucial Conflict. Smh good times.
All 7 contestants of the 'KARA Project' come together in group posters
Good Morning been on my nightly promotions grind for the June 28th Car, Truck, and Bike Show Hosted by Derty North Ent, Turning Point, and Trend Settaz, and of course ya boy Dj Big Kountry we got performances feat. Colonel Loud, Project Pat, Shyst Vader, Snootie Wild, Zed Zilla, and Wave Chapelle We giving away $500 or more to the Twerker that's right you heard me $500 Music will be Powered by DJ Dynasty and DJ Micky D so come turn up with us this the event you don't want to miss so lets get it!
Guatemala's indigenous community threatened by mega-dam project. "This dam is not development for us" via
Next on the morning news: Laila and I dissect the lyrics to Project Pat's 2001 hit "Chicken Head".
Project Pat – We Can Get Gangsta | Music Video - The legendary southern lyricist known to the world...
1 project done and an essay all in one day I deserve a pat in the back lol 🙌!
"College makes you appreciate home. Home makes you appreciate college." - Every College
Just cause he say he gone ride don't mean he loyal
Now it's hard for me to trust somebody, family neither!!
Was just thinking, some people are only my friend when they need r want something. They only call to be noisy r ask for something. Don't even ask how me r da family is doing. Dat's why I keep to myself now! Some talk about their problems but don't want to listen to mine. So for those of you who had to think about dis like project pat said "dont call me no more don't text me no more cause I'm through wit ya"
So excited for the journey ahead of us. has no idea what she's in for. 😍😃😘
Save the date may 30th. Project Pat live in concert! @ epic center aka Secrets. Booking artists now!
Especially since im up listening to old music like Project Pat
Well that's 129 minutes I won't get back
Kickstarter project for Becoming California (music by Pat Metheny). With $50 or more you get the dvd/br in October: htt…
Project Pat reschedule / make up show is confirmed for Saturday May 31.
Listen to TrapHouse Digital / Pop-A-Lot ft Project Pat & Pimp V - Twerk Season | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters an...
I must say, everything and anything I know street wise, I learned from listening to 36 mafia, project pat, and tha headbusstaz. Wish they would come out with some more tracks from when they lived in the hood.
For u Nosy Basterds here is a list of those who influenced me to rap n no particular order 1) Three Six Mafia/Project Pat 2)Biggie 3)Nas 4)Shyne 5)Cam'ron 6)DMX 7)Kurupt 8)Eminem 9)Ice Cube 10)Redman Somehow some way these artist influenced me to rap at a young age up to now
Project Pat reschedule / make up show is confirmed..Saturday May 31 at Jabronis Bar.
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Open up for project pat may 30th! Looking for the hottest rap acts in chicago! Location: epic center (old secrets)
Tell me that gorilla pimp song by project pat still don't go hard and I'll call u a lie lol
So bessemer thank they fye cause they had Master P and Project Pat in they city. Like my *** Jay
The New Hit Single from Black Feniks feat. Project Pat off the upcoming StreetTape "Live 2B Remembered"! Mixede and Mastered By Rob Gee(sl...
Cuz the early burddd……gone get the wurmmm…...lay with my bread, choppa straighten you like a purmmm - PROJECT PAT
Crook by da Book ft Project Pat on da TrapHouse rite now!!! We workin!!!
Moving to cleveland soon. Here's the upcoming projects. 2 studios need marketing -Worldwide Studios on the West Side -Collaboratory studios in Cleveland Heights -2 weekend club events -managing 3 runway models - sales for High Art Videography -Marketing for a fitness instructor /supplement center -Project Pat Tour -Roofing So please stop asking me what I'm up to ^^^ there it is.
COULD TODAY GET ANY BETTER!!! Got the money for the project pat and bizzy bone videos, heard back from a producer I've been wanting to work w/ forever to have an opportunity to work with and he's on board and Dj Assassin in Cali showin luv on the music tip... Sheeew I'm so grateful and excited this hard work is beginning to pay off, god is truly amazing
Im ready for project pat on the 29th im ready for Courtney Langhorn hat show and Mailika Bracey event coming up getting ready for the modeling show with my kids this saturday for my auntie Sandra Bailey our modeling wear ordered and to be delivered thursday its gonna be a wonderful month and im enthused about next month as well im GEEKED lol and how could i forget im sorry cuz my lovely cousin Marion Harrison Bovan wedding in the beginning of next month my family and I are gonna be busy but we're blessed Dana Bush Banks im getting my vip tickets for the male striipers to this week plz cal me
Had a blast at the Car and Bike Show with Doe Bs Mom, Project pat, the nae nae boys we are toons, Rickey Smiley, & you know my people was with me !❤️
Buying you Taco Bell while a pimp eating steak cornbread collard greens chitilins on my plate - Project Pat the philosopher
How many ppl remember when Project Pat was like the Biggie Smalls of Southern Rap???
Corn bread, collard greens, chitterlings on my plate! -Project Pat
Cant think of an athlete who embodies the city he plays in more than Z-Bo. He's basically Project Pat.
Loving that Juicy J is back making music!! He & Project Pat take me back to my younger days riding around bumpin Three 6 Mafia.
Tah...Project Pat said "I'll rob em all jus to see who got that fattest stash".
Cleveland tonite! JUICY J w/ Travis Scott, Project Pat and more will be performing. Hosted by
I have the most unorthodox music playlists lol.. I went from Kanye, to Skyy, to Project Pat, to Pharrell, to Jay Z, to Angela Winbush lol
I don't think y'all heard me the first time lol My dude has some of the best beats in South Florida! He's worked with Project Pat and many other huge names!!! Add him! My homie from back in the day… It would mean a lot to both of us… GO ADD Modine Drop A Beat!!!
Knowing Towson, they probably got Juicy J mixed up with someone else in Three Six Mafia..we getting Project Pat
William Thompson Sanequa Miller Thompson Heard Kevin Makesha Bolds just looked at the line up for 2014 Memphis in May Snoop Dog, Juicy J, Bone Thugs& Harmony, Patti LaBelle, Kid Rock, Bootsy Collins, Project Pat, and gazillion more.$92 for 3 day pass or $41 for each day
94.5 just played "Chicken Head" by Project Pat and it brought me back to the peak years of my hoodness. Glad those days are far behind me! Lol
20 more days until Juicy J and Project Pat turn up in Cleveland at the Agora !
Juicy J, Project Pat, and Travi$ Scott will be performing in CLEVELAND on March 5th at the Agora Theatre!
Red Robin's Whiskey River BBQ burger can be summed up with the immortal words of Project Pat: "Good googly moogly that thang is juicy".
I'm probably the only person alive who can be pleased with every song on a playlist that includes these artists. Elvis, Tupac, Hank Williams Jr, No Doubt, Metallica, Bob Marley, Pink, Project Pat, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Beethoven, Bach, I could go on all *** day. The concept of diversity was not lost on me.
I'm willing to swear on the bible in front of Barack Obama and my nana that Jillian Pierce had tears in her eyes when she saw Project Pat!
Yung Dro really comes through and kills every Grand Hustle track and he isn't even a member. Reminds me of Project Pat & 3 6 Mafia
Now booking dates for these artists in 2014, if your a promoter, venue owner or want to get a feature from these guys send me a message if serious. Three 6 Mafia aka Da Mafia 6 , Waka Flocka Flame, Oj Da Juiceman, Do or Die, Twista, LiL Scrappy, Ja Rule, Mario R&B singer, Project Pat, 2 Pacs Outlawz, LiL Kim, LiL Durk, R. Kelly, Mac Miller, No Limit Soldiers, Juicy J , and more. Please only contact me if serious, thanks.
I'm starting to get drunk and the only thing I can think about right now is my enormous man crush on Calvin Johnson.
About to be at the Walmart near house
OMW to my moms listening to "YOU KNOW THE BIZNESS" by PROJECT PAT...missing my MEMPHIS FAM!!! I WILL see ya'll soon! THUMBS UP NORTH MEMPHIS!
Was sitting at the table with everyone in my family and my phone starts playing Project Pat ***
Casting for a juicy j n project pat video
need 3 lead models & 2 dancers for Bay Bay, Juicy J & Project Pat video. we are going through casting process today. Send your head shots and body shots to jeffThis would be a great video to be a part of.
Just left the NorthSide of The Bay cooling wit Cuz Project Pat.. I'm out chea
Check out the homie new project SPAZ TAPE at
Project Pat in Dermott at Club Hamps.. Next Saturday .. I can get yu VIP for $40
Dude is Mark Henry's theme song performed by juicy j and project pat? Lolz
Have you heard ‘Lex Luger x Project Pat x Fredo Santana Type Beat’ by on
I almost for got to thank master p, project pat and lil Wayne pre carter III
Roo ima make some calls see what's shaking I'll let you know something by 7. I'm suppose to b town wit Project Pat tomorrow
Me my mom have been listening to Project Pat and Three 6 Mafia all day!
(Feeling like Project Pat) I want some, "Cornbread, Collard Greens, CHIT-TER-LINGS on my plate!" Lol. Happy Thanksgiving my good people!! Tis' the season to be thankful...
Everytime I interview celebrities. I'm SICK :/ . Gotta interview Juicy J & Project Pat tomorrow @ CARNAVAL and im already getting sick. aghhh lol What should I drink to get better ? ? ?
Cornbread, collard greens, chitterlings on my plate. In my Project Pat voice.
When brought project pat out last year in Nashville that place went crazy still one of my greatest memor…
Project Pat performed and gave a shout
Pat re: The Alan Parsons Project, "I've never heard that song in my life, but it makes perfect sense that I hear it in Jersey."
Stafford cool it on the Turnovers please.
Pat: What is this?. Me: It's The Alan Parsons Project. Pat: It is terrible, just awful. Me: Then change it!. Pat: No, I can't. It's the worst.
My how things have changed since a few weeks ago. I have no hope for this team anymore.
Why am i listening to twerk by project pat...Idk it feels wrong caz it's thanksgiving
Cornbread Collard greens chitterlings on my plate! -Project Pat
“Get your tickets/VIPS on line for Dec 5 Project Pat live @ JUANITAS in LiL Rock along…
Followers, I am thankful for all of you! I have made a donation in your honor to Tom's birthday project:
Juicy j ft project pat prod by young chop"No heart no love""
Talking to project pat, today may b a good day
Happy thanksgiving to all my friends and family its a good morning listening to a little bit of project pat while cleaning a d cooking just feeling good this morning
This boy woke up singin some old project pat , then gone say Im thankful for my dog , my babymomma , Im thankful for TJ ... & I immediately went off *** yo dog aint special Lhfh why he play so much
Twerk that azz.Juicy J ft Project Pat and Webbie
If yall want to see tha project pat leak fo tha album ht cgonelove1913 trust the rest of tha track crazy TUCSON STAND UP...PERIOD
Friday I have a shoot with A Bay Bay featuring Juicy J & Project Pat. We have to MURDER this one. who is in?
This friday juicy j and project pat! At club carnival! Also celebrating my boy Julio Garcia bday bash. He will be performing as well!! Come party with us! You need details hit me up.
Project Pat taught me a life lesson dont save her she dont wanna be saved
bold head scalawag hair cant touch her back .baaak.baaak Project Pat ah ah Silence when i wal wal by you!!!
O yea I get in the car and ma playing project pat and juicy j ratchet! lls sike naw got to love her! :)
You trippy mayne? We trippy mayne! Juicy J's Official Stay Trippy Tour After Party with Project Pat! Holla at me to get in the VIP Guest List!
who else got that old Project Pat mista don't play ft chiccen head! or dat Wayne cater 1!! maybe dat Gucci state vs R davis! dat first Yung Joc! or Webbie SL1-3 Boosie Bad azz 1-2
"Sippin on Paul Masson like sweet kool aid." - Project Pat
Is the term "Chickenhead" an appropriate word to use for Females? I just woke up thinking about that word and how Romeo used to call Girls on The Steve Harvey Show Chickenheads. I also know that Project Pat used the word Chickenhead in 1 of his songs as well.
Juicy J links up with Wiz Khalifa & Project Pat for this new anthem titled “Cash In A Rubberband”.
I've opened for Crime Mob, Yung LA, Dolla Boi, Lantana, Project Pat, Juvenile, and soon to be Rittz, Snow Tha Product, and Jarren Benton. No big deal (in my J-Sheetz voice). Oh yea... And
I really was raised on nothing but No Limit Soldiers, Three 6 Mafia/Project Pat, & Cash Money growing up
The NAACP, and United *** College Fund are going to write an Open Letter to Juicy, then Project Pat will pimp smack Ben Jealous
It feel like a Project Pat type of day... It's been a while. Might throw some Pastor Troy on
"Breh Id beat the brakes off Martin Luther King Jr if he played some Project Pat at one of his Civil Right speeches"
Project Pat was NEVER a MEMBER of THREE 6 MAFIA ... Once AGAIN Project Pat was NEVER a MEMBER So please stop asking that question .
Did anyone see Justin Bieber's punk *** at the heat game on TV? C'mon dude. You are so gangster... I thought Project Pat, Travis Barker, and Rich Boy were hardest in the music game but I was wrong. Justin is obviously the most hard *** musician ever. This kid is going the way of Brittany spears, keep watching and he will implode soon.
Left Nashville, Tennessee almost a week ago. Was the last planned trip to the South for the year. ...Even though there is always the chance might have to pick up another trip to the Bible Belt should business needs change. Hardly had much knowledge of Nashville... or Tennessee before this trip. About all that knew was Jack Daniels was made in the state. Have recently found out a man named Elvis had Memphis as his home. Recently saw an "Elvis cheesecake" at the flagship Whole Foods in Austin. At which point learned of the "Elvis sandwich" - peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich. Apparently Mr. Presley was known for eating such a tasty treat regularly. Also, one of my high school era role models - a man by the name Project Pat - represents Memphis, which is in Tennessee. But zero visit to Memphis on this trip so why care of such matters... The week before Tennessee was in North Carolina. Just the other side of the Appalachian mountains & on similar latitude as Tennessee. So figured it would be just as g ...
Att; All idie artist and producers if you trying to get your material in the hands of someone who can truly make some moves for you, you need to be at Club Skyy June 8th for the Project Pat concert cause Aunt-Tee Promotions will be in Vip with Project Pat and looking for new talent in the East Tx area.
I've opened for Future,Webbie,Project Pat,& more!..Check out the banga Turn Up Green..Thanks!. Lil' Sly.
one of the funniest skits I've ever seen
that's ridiculous. This actually pisses me off
Joe Johnson should not be doing that
Shout-out to my good friend and roommate Project Pat on his graduation today. Buy the man a shot when you see him out.
We could use your skills to finish our MASON JAR project. Find Pat at the lead center tonight, 6pm - complete. LET ATTACK AS A TEAM! Thanks
Drake need to drop that song with Lil herb and project pat now.
This man got Project Pat AND Geto Boyz samples on !! Southern acceptance? Check!
Just watched st. Mary's from 2 years ago... played like warrior
Helped out with some beautiful cake deliveries today... and taught my dad the ratchetness of that old Project Pat Chickenhead song.
“you are the best WR I have ever seen :)” So you don't open your eyes to often...? Lol
“Bryce Harper now has 9 HRs in 23 games. That puts him on pace for 63. He is 20 years old.”
Guy next to me on the train taps me says "you listening to Project Pat?" Me: Yep. He says "I knew it, Im from Memphis"
This Juicy J and Project Pat is giving me everything!!!
ever {Project Pat been raw since forever.}
What a pal! You should take him up on the taco offer - you WILL thank him after. And us too.
Project Pat been raw since forever.
I sincerely feel bad for you and the rest of the browns fans
Thank GOD I took 3 hours of my Saturday afternoon to watch the Browns in the NFL Draft!
Stupid OKC Thunder ball boy threatens to kill Patrick Beverley for injuring Russell Westbrook:
20 pounds of Reggie weed all 20 gettin sold (project pat voice)
Buccaneers select defensive end William Gholston of Michigan State at No. 126.
Lord infamous and project pat was my favorite from 3 6
random but the Project Pat to Johnny Cash transition wasnt awkward at all.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct iPod is loaded with John Denver, Country, and Project Pat.
special yarn can be a bit paralyzing too - no project is good enough for it! Have heard of people buying it just to pat it :)
I sent Crazy Mike some beats and a track I recently produced for Project Pat. It'd be super dope if you check em out!
Doing the Psych project the right way
Almost done with my book project... pat myself on the back
“🎶 Weed smoke ,got me all floatin , weed smoke got me all choking” Project Pat >>>>
Dont save her if she dont wanna be saved lol Project Pat voice
Juicy j an project pat rap the same.
She look like a African project pat😩😩😂
Check out my new video ft. Project Pat Back RT
Listening to India Arie got me feeling all warm and fuzzy ... *switches to Project Pat radio on Pandora*
No way am I doin a project for ramble
lmao sounds like Terrence Howard playing Project Pat
next time you need a video hit me up. Work with Juicy j, Wiz Khalifa, project pat, casey veggies and more.
This spanish project is ridiculous. And I go to dean. I hope you all enjoy the end of pat's video
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Iont fear no man dat bleed red jus like ido pat once said
Last nite was pretty fun. Project Pat, Lantana, K - Riley, Hi-Tek all in the building.
Random thought, while driving and listening to BG and Manny Fresh... 3 concerts I would kill to see, and pay any amount of money: 1.) Cash money reunion tour, like bring the old school cash money and the new school young money.. When I say old school, I mean The Hot Boys( but it has to be ALL of them.. Back when lil wayne was a rapper, and not an auto tunes pop artist wearing girl jeans!)..Big Tymers (not "birdman," but Baby when he was the Numba one Stunna lol). Juvenile performing all his songs from 400 degrees and The G-Code, I wouldn't know how to act lol... Then let the newbies come on stage and learn something.. well, mainly just Drake, Nikki Minaj isnt really needed for this concert lol..This is my absolute DREAM concert! 2.) When the smoke clears tour: bring back Project Pat and ALL of three 6 Mafia!!! Bring back Lachat and gangsta boo!!! Whhhaaat?!?! 3.) No Limit soldiers tour: Let my man C-Murder out of jail just to perform "F them other Ns," Master P and Silk the Shocker sing Lets Ride, Mystika ...
I don't Understand How you could Turn a freak into Wife~Project Pat
Made it home about 30 minutes ago...finally. Thank you Project Pat, Black eyed peas, and Monsta jamz for keeping me company on the ride home.
I know you sick of the sicker when you see the rims thicker The paint dripper, the ice in my range glitter I straight flip-ah, the cheese like pancake-ah Rollin' for cheese like the leaves in my handbreak-ah Project Pat ah tracting dime pieces-ah Dirty South-Ah, french braid, gold teeth-ah I'm out here making sense cause I'm out here making dollars I keep a fast bro dawg and I pop collars
Yeah I'm white so what. Project Pat is that old school fire! 🔥
Got this Project Pat mix tape. Lol all I need is a system
why are white kids so fascinated with Project Pat? Is he made of Wonder Bread or sumthin?
A psycho-delic adventure into the lyrics of the south's realest Gangster, Project Pat, and his biggest music junkie of them all, DP the f'n Legend, who liste...
Project Pat and Mannie Fresh in the same week? Southern takeover.
2000s: Beginning and origins The term "trap music" originates from the American South, where dangerous neighborhoods were referred to as "the trap." According to DJ Scream, "If you were in the trap, you were gonna get shot, [people] were gonna come get you… it's just that… you're trapped."[3] Trap music emerged in the southern hip-hop scene in the early 2000s. The production was heavily inspired by southern hip-hop and crunk music and the lyrics covered topics about life in "the trap," drug dealing and the struggle for success.[1] The works of Three 6 Mafia (especially group affiliate Project Pat) and UGK are early examples of trap music. In 2003, trap began to emerge in the mainstream after the success of a number of albums and singles released by the time. T.I.'s second studio album Trap Muzik achieved major commercial success, selling over 1.7 million copies and was met with favorable reviews. The album's lead single "24's" was featured on EA's popular video game Need for Speed: Underground. Young ...
"I smoke & get high like Project Pat, even a *** in the trap like an army brat"
Project Pat from Memphis, is in Denver, Colorado. Friday check him out: The Roxy Theatre is on Welton Avenue.
Apparently hatn is at a all tyme high n I just want to go on record n say dat Kae State is ONE OF da MANY ARTIST n da city makn major power moves in da music indusTry n if mfs did dey hmwrk b4 dey hope on da screen FB banging they would know exactly WHO HIS IS so since there seem to b ONE mf who's doesn't know while u cyber surfn hop on youtoube n check out da ft Young Buck,Project Pat,Scoupe etc or goggle 75south music group n see how many results pop up boo boo...Nw for the ppl dats reading this let me clarify before the bs can even start I makn dis post cuz I'm a artist myself n so I have nothing but sincere RESPECT fo STATE n for all da rest of the local ppl tryn knock dwn da doors of tha music industry n I'm just sick n tired of mfs constantly hatn n not given the many talented artists,beat makers,djs,n promoters we have n LEX so frm da 1stLAdy to y'all STOP HATN N SNEAK DISSN n colab together n lift us up so KY can b reconized the way it should be instead of tanted by ignorance,violence,pettyness... ...
Website Builder 728x90
Imma be peforming with Haystak,Big Snap,Project Pat & Lil Wyte all in one month
Lol Bryan Olfers. Funniest movie quotes, of all movies. Can be shows or songs too (if its a song quote, it has to be something dumb. Like when Project Pat makes up his own words).
MSR/GBE live Feb 8th with Project Pat $15 then with Snow White Tha Product Feb 16th $17 @ the Roxy, all tix are selling fast if you want em!!! Better get em!!!
I just saw McCrory drive through Uptown blasting Project Pat. He’s celebrating early with his unoffin9z
10 new beats on deck leave email so I can send them ! my credits:Project Pat,DJ Paul,Fetti Gang,Murdah Baby,etc.
great news!! Pat Henry is getting involved with you guys. I'm going to donate $500 to your turf project if you get 40 guys!!!
Check out my new joint ft. Project Pat
Congratulations to PFLAG Board member, Dr. Pat Tetreault, for winning the 2013 Chancellor's "Fulfilling the Dream" Award. UNL remains committed to diversity and the ideals espoused by Martin Luther King Jr. This award provides a platform to celebrate and recognize contemporary leaders who are role models both on and off-campus. The award was established in 1997 to honor individuals who have contributed to the UNL community or the wider Lincoln community by their exemplary action in promoting the goals and vision of King. The awards are presented each January during ceremonies at the University's celebration of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday. The 2013 presentation will be Jan. 22. Tetreault has devoted 20 years of service to students, staff and faculty at UNL, first as the sexual education program coordinator at the University Health Center. While at the University Health Center, she wrote a proposal that resulted in the creation of an assistant director position for GLBT programs and services in the . ...
How can you throw a Fairly n WHITHAVEN Alumni party an you not from the haven ? just CURIOUS ... IF YOU AINT FROM MY HOOD YOU CAN GET FROM ROUND HERE ! # PROJECT PAT
Nothing annoys me more than my dad watching the news every hour like really it doesn't change!
Check out my single ft. Project Pat
Becca Fraley Sharp i could see this in bryces room eh? Lol
well yeah; it's been a Pat Robertson project for 20 years. That's what school voucher programs are.; , "Christian based" education
‘We gave Muslim foreigners IDs to vote’ NEWS/COMMENTARIES Wednesday, 16 January 2013 Super Admin Sabah NRD director tells the RCI that he was personally instructed by Megat Junid Megat Ayub to recruit new voters. (FMT) - KOTA KINABALU: A former National Registration Department (NRD) officer told an inquiry here that he took part in a project to give foreigners here identity cards so that they could vote in an election in the 1990s. Mohd Nasir Sugip, who was detained under the now repealed Internal Security Act (ISA), told the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) he was part of a top secret operation dubbed ‘Ops Durian Buruk’ (Operation Rotten Durian) on the instruction of his bosses in the department. He claimed the operation ran from 1992 to 1995 and said the instruction to furnish the foreigners with identity cards so that they could vote came from the state Election Commission (EC). “At that time, Sabah SPR director Wan Ahmad handed over a list of 16,000 names to be made into ‘bumiputera Isla ...
Lifting to project pat radio on pandora
I want someone to sing Project Pat's Chicken Head on
What project pat mix tape sound like?
Gorilla Pimp by project pat is the flyest southern song after Space Age Pimpin'
Where I'm from mane ain't no sunshine only shine on a dogs *** if his *** don't get on the grind-project pat
{NEW SINGLE] "U Can Do It" Feat: Project Pat, Lil Flip, Ron Browz & Torch get it from itunes now!!!
Who am I to give relationship advice and i be messing up myself
"That Project Pat mixtape go hard to me"wat u kno bro
Ill be spinnin at Tobacco Road tomorrow for glock/Phil. And club eve Friday for glock at the project pat show. Come out yo pce
Since the publication of the March issue of The Islamic Post in which we, Al-Azhar University scholars in Cairo, Egypt, exposed Tahir Qadri as a fraud, multiple exposés have been posted regarding Mr Muhammad Tahir, who has given himself the title “Sheikh-ul-Islam” and conferred upon himself the alias of “Tahir-ul-Qadri”, having spent a great deal of time, money, and effort promoting himself under the aforementioned title. He has managed to deceive many Muslims who are ill-informed of his background and have been deceived by the media glitz & glamour of his paid advertising published on the Internet. In reflecting upon the warnings of the Holy Last Messenger (PBUH), we find that such people who spend such effort to achieve this type of recognition and honour upon worldly pursuits are always disgraced. Tahir-ul-Qadri (a native of Jhang, in Pakistan) is founding chairman of the political party Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT), which was organised during one of the most corrupt periods in the country. He ...
Thursday on The Project: Sugary drinks, Canberra fires, Obama on guns, the London helicopter crash, Rose Byrne, and Prime Minister Julia Gillard joins us live from Kirribilli to talk about the year ahead!
Well - kid down for the count. But you gotta laugh when he lifts his head up from the toilet bowl long enough to assert that he's not going to school tomorrow. Although I am charged with emailing the teacher tomorrow to ascertain what state he got for the 50 state project.
2 chainz, juelz santana, future, OG Boo dirty, and Project pat had my attention all week and they keep it coming
I built a blanket fort today. What the *** did you do?
On Friday 22nd February, inakustik will release a compilation of three rare and previously unreleased German concerts recorded and filmed in 1989, 1995 and 2000, from the Canadian blues rock guitarist, Jeff Healey.
A short film about guitarist Pat Zelenka and his band The Pat Zelenka Project. Filmed by Big Foot Media at Troubadour Recording Studios in Lansing Michigan. ...
Just got a request to see if I could locate this for a short film. They are looking for a long hallway that would look like a hospital corridor to film in. The filming would be a few hours in February. If you have a place or know of a place, please message me and I will pass on the information. Thanks :)
We look back at some of the most dreadful artists of all time.
I just got off the phone with local train historian, John Tiabi. He is the gentleman who lives in the old O&W station in Munnsville that I posted up a story about a while back. Also, he is the one who has all the railroad lectures at the Oneida library. Anyway, he has agreed to be on our committee. It was a very exciting conversation, and man o' man is this guy a wealth of knowledge about these old railroads. He knows what is left of them in every direction, and who owns it for the most part. He has pictures for EVERY bridge of all three railroads. This is going to be a tremendous asset for this project, and this community going forward. Gonna be lots to be proud of going forward folks. Do your stretching first, but then reach around and firmly pat yourself on the back...for being a part of it. thanks Joe Mag
THIS IS SO COMPLETELY STUPID - Please read and do something!!! On Dec.19, Pisgah National Forest posted the notice for the Courthouse Timber Sale. This means the public has until Jan. 18 to comment on this 472 acre logging project below Devil's Courthouse in the very headwaters of the French Broad River. The Western North Carolina Alliance is opposed to this project for many reasons. 192 acres of timber harvest is planned in an area known as the "Pisgah Ridge/Pilot Mountain Significant Natural Heritage Area" identified by biologists with the North Carolina Natural Heritage Program as one of the most important areas of middle and high elevation forest in North Carolina. Logging will have impacts on at least three rare species: Vasey's azalea, small footed bat, and brown creeper, a bird that thrives in old-growth conditions. Current plans turn this important natural area into a timber farm including 576 acres of past clearcuts, 472 acres of commercial logging, and 357 acres of non-commercial tree cutting. C ...
Name a band you love, that still has it's original lineup. Preferably a band that has been around awhile.
Blunt to my lips. Gun on my hip. rocks in my sock. pocket full of chips. watchin for the pigs. splitin hataz wigs. stackin me some grip. playa can ya dig. # project pat
Sak Full official video off Cheese and Dope Mixtape:
who wants to help me do this project summary for brother pat? :P
Scattered Thoughts.from Dorothy Nobis It was an amazing party! The Farmington Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet/Masquerade Ball held January 11 was the most fun ever, with 250 of our closest friends sharing in the fun and celebration with us. Banquet Committee chair, Heather Fortner, and her committee did an awesome job creating a lovely atmosphere that was “classy” at its finest. The San Juan Country Club, as always, offered up delicious food and perfect beverages. Southwest DJ provided music our friends danced to until the wee hours of the morning, and Leslie Dimmick caught it all on camera, for lasting memories. The best part of the evening, however, was the announcement of the 2012 Citizen, Humanitarian and Business of the Year. Brenda Shepherd introduced Riley Industrial as the Business of the Year and her introduction was full of appreciation and emotion – Riley is a good friend to the citizens of Farmington and San Juan County and we appreciate all they do to make our community better. Ed ** ...
I'm dehydrating potatoes. What are y'all up to? :) *Michille
Project Pat - Cheez N Dope Hosted by DJ Scream - Free Mixtape Download or Stream it
We had a blast working on this project! Even more special with our couple Emily and Pat as the models!
So there is DJ Night at the Double Tree?? Was going through the Weekly's events and there are a ton of "DJ Nights" in Boise...
Good day today. Greeted six classmates in Psychology, had small talk with a cashier, and small talk with a classmate I had in Accounting last semester, plus greeted random people. Pretty good for someone who's usually super reserved. Going to start a project for psychology where I have to greet random strangers because we're are going to record peoples' behavior on how they react to a hand shake and a pat on the shoulder Friday. Another good way to work on my social skills.
DO NOT EVER buy furniture from Thomasville on Hall Road in Shelby Twp. The store manager, Pat McCormick, and her sales staff, specifically Corinne Peters, are some of the worst salespeople I have ever worked with. I have spent the last six months renovating my house and redecorating. Every single establishment I placed orders with were wonderful with the exception of Thomasville. After three months and exactly one call from my salesperson (after I called two weeks ago), I was told today that I was a liar and that they had been in communication with me all along. Not only that, but there was nothing they could do when a fabric was backordered, you just have to wait. (Hmmm... not the same answer I got from the District Manager I spoke to). That District Manager was also very apologetic and completely understanding when I informed him that I planned to make sure everyone I knew NEVER shopped at his Hall Road location. So Corinne and Pat, hope you aren't planning to live on the commission you make off ...
Got to take da good with the bad,smile with da sad, love what u got nd remember what u hadpat
A non-homeschooling mom is seeking suggestions. She writes: I am a non-homeschooling mom of a very intelligent 9yr old. We have been discussing homeschooling for the upcoming 2013/14 year. But now we have a loop thrown in. Our child has been tested in the public school system.using standardized testing and it has come back advanced. The public school has now asked that we consider a special class for gifted students. I was really looking forward to homeschooling but also see an opportunity for her in this class. I understand that this is common for homeschooled children to be academically advanced situation is a bit flipped. Should I attempt homeschool still or send her to the special class for academically advanced? I'm not looking for someone to make mind for me or convert me, just insight. Thank you all very much in advance. I absolutely love this page by the way
For the first time in the university’s history, immersive learning projects are receiving awards for excellence in student development.
HausHaus – in the tree I’d like to tell you about an amazing idea my neighbours had last summer. They have a cute little summer house with a small terrace in the front. In total the house has about...
Join AARP New Hampshire for an inspiring presentation and learn more about the New Hampshire Senior Leadership Series! It's Not About the Hike We all have our own mountains to climb. Your mountain may be a 4,000-footer in the White Mountains. But it could also be going to college, getting a j...
What band would you most like to see us tour with?
Project Pat probably has the hardest mix tape out right now.
You can count on 1 hand the number of 'rap songs' that empower or uplift Women Of Color and that's a *** SHAME!
Alright I'm building my new itunes on this desk top, so give me some songs or albums to look at
I keep writing about Danny, but no more. His funeral is on Friday and that is (as they say) that.
I pull into memphis and i did what any normal person would do.throw on some T.I. and start rappin through the airport.miss it here
I don’t venture out very often but I was treated like royalty this afternoon on my way to P/U kitty litter. Around the corner the construction crew (that previously took over our street) is digging and connecting pipe for the sewer project. Richie (one of the same crew) was heading north in the street with his head down. He just happened to look up as I was passing by. He gives me a huge grin, a wave and whistles to the other crewmembers. As I continue John on the backhoe beeps, Pat in the excavator beeps, Craig the crew chief leaps out into the lane to wave hello. Crewmembers I don’t even remember are smiling, waving hello and whistling. It made my day to know this team thought so highly of me! You would have thought I was the mayor or the owner of the company with the response I got. Thanx guys and right back at ya! I guess I wasn’t the only enjoying myself this past summer.
What are you doing? I'm Playing with Electric Quilt today!
The Nikki Rich Show talks with Project Pat and Monica Shorter. Project Pat from north memphisOf the many hardcore rappers to emerge from Memphis during the late '90s,His affiliation with Three 6 Mafia collective introduced him to many listeners, especially after he was featured on the group'...
CAT RESOLUTIONS I will not flush the toilet while my human is in the shower. I will not puff my entire body to twice its size for no reason after my humans watch a horror movie. I will not slurp fish food from the surface of the aquarium. I will not eat large numbers of assorted bugs, then come home and barf them up so the humans can see that I'm getting plenty of roughage. My human will never let me eat her pet rat, and I am at peace with that. I will not help myself to Q-tips, and I will not attempt to stuff them down the drain to dispose of them. I will not perch on my human's chest in the middle of the night and stare into her eyes until she wakes up. As fast as I am, I must remember that I cannot run through closed doors. I will not back up off the front porch and fall into the bushes just as my human is explaining to his girlfriend how graceful I am. I will remember that my human really will wake up and feed me. I do not have to pry his eyelids open with my claws. I will remember that a warm peppero ...
Hamilton Collection
Move over KFC, McDonald's is expanding their talonprint on the chicken world. The fast food giant is strutting Mighty Wings into test markets. One of those cities is Chicago, the other being Atlanta, so I felt obligated to try them for you.
At some point, people have to save themselves.
Niq Waters,Valerie Shenae Jones,Alorra Shields,Kryztian Skool'n Work are we not seeing Future, or Project Pat UnThawed Pearly where is MY CUP! UGH
Want to change the minds of the staunchest opponents to gun control? Have all groups representing African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, LGBT urge their members to buy Bushmasters with high capacity clips in order to be ready to fight the government when the time comes. That'll change a tune or two.
Here is what's on my mind...All my life I've read the Bible, but it's only NOW (these past 8 years) that I realized I wasn't reading the true text but other translations and interpretation and worse of all VERSIONS. Get it King James "Version." Can anybody tell me the difference between one man's "version" and another man's "version?"
Smoking Og kush from another time zone..
Alright so I've looked up videos and read up on horses that fight rather than flight. It looks like it's harder to desensitize a fighting horse sense their defenses are up. I've done the whole " work overand over" technique but looks like I'm going to have to work harder to get my mare to understand that my lariot is not out to get her. =\ LOL We're going to do lots of sacking out this next month. I'm not going to ride her so much this winter and just work on square 1. =] I showed her a tarp the other day and she tried to kill it too. Showed her the whip and tried the 7 games of Pat perrili and she tried to kill those objects too. Hmm, Tom Leonard I will need some help. :D
Joe Gore from performs his electric guitar rendition of a Bartók string quartet movement from 1928.
Helen, Pat and Samara as Metal Mountains tonight at Secret Project Robot.
Project Pat serves up some "Cheez N Dope" on his latest mixtape, which features Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, Nasty Mane, Bun B and more. Production from Drumma Boy,...
ARTICLE FROM SF CHRONICLE ON ONE OF 'MY LITTLE FARM' ALUMA: TUCKER FISH Tucker Fish had very little experience when he started in the candy business. Then again, he is only 13. But the Santa Rosa eighth-grade entrepreneur - he attends Rincon Middle School - doesn't let age define him. He has a mission: to earn enough money to put himself through college and help others do the same. So he's making candy bars to sell, because no one knows more about sweets than a kid, he says. Under the new California Homemade Food Act (Cottage Food Law), which went into effect this month, he can make the candy in his home kitchen as long as he follows county regulations and health codes as mapped out by the legislation. Celebrity chef Guy Fieri, who also lives in the area, has looked over Tucker's business proposal and is spurring him on. After 11 tries and a little help from his uncle - "he's a really good cook" - Tucker has his recipe down pat. The candy, called College Bound Bar and made from chocolate, toffee, graham c ...
The Zeke Martin Project is performing this FRIDAY at Slades 7p to 1030p with Pat Loomis on Sax, Scott Tarulli on Guitar, Joe Sumrell on Bass and Zeke Martin on Drums. Come on down and enjoy some great music and great food. See you there!!!
New Project Pat, Juelz Santana, and Master P projects.It's like 2001 in 2013, but with mixtapes! "Ya know I downloaded all three!"
Hi Everyone.It's probably around six weeks or so until we have our first nesting Leatherback and the start of a new season on 'The Island'.Another adventure for new and returning volunteers. Everyday we have people that are interested in coming, looking at this page, seeing how past volunteers/heroes have enjoyed it. You may have been here for just a week or for three months either last year or seven years ago. It is an experience that stays with you. In season 2012, we had 11,438 babies released on Pacuare which is a great testament to all the volunteers, guides and staff working there. A sincere big thank you and pat on the back to everyone. Great job. The turtles (and Carlos) would love you if you took a minute to write on La Tortuga Feliz's wall in a few words or a couple of sentences (If you are feeling fancy even post a photo!!!) what your favorite memory of your time at the project was with the aim of encouraging more potential heroes to come to LTF and join our special family. :)
thank u so much for tagging me those past pics..miss those crazy days..young,wild n free..we have grown,changed in so many ways n gone our own ways but it's great to see we still friends..luv u all n may God bless u all. still wish i had removed those pics from d reception computer in '09'..lekk laikimz na temporary
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Could this be the new stadium at Belmont Park?
1.16.13 Update from the Acton, MA. area. Oh, how I hope Bridgett experienced joy in the fresh snow today. I watched as my other husky, Roxy, tore through the snow at incredible speed, leaping, and making sharp turns, and the look of rapture was so evident on her face. Buster, my Finnish Lapphund, likes to roll over and over the entire length of the yard attaching huge snow-berries to his very long fur. They both had such a great time this morning, and my thoughts turned to Bridgett. Was she racing through the snow? I have only seen her in freshly fallen snow once. She moved like a gazelle through it ... light with joy, a literal spring in her step. Bridgie, I do hope you stopped long enough to play. There is nothing new on the video cameras since the footage of the husky in the fog. I would have been disheartened by that a few weeks ago, and now I am just waiting to see if my hunch is right. If it is, she should be back in video-land tonight or tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed, everyone. Leanne ...
It has been almost three years since I launched my environmental board game. The purpose was to educate children in a playful manner about the environment, get them to like and love the forest, wildlife...nature. And at the same time they have fun, make friends and enjoy the games. I would like to give a big thanks to the following people that helped me out and bought my game. NGO's : FTB , WWF , WildlifeAlliance , Komar Rich Raiy , CRDT , Equal Access , Friends International , CAPE , ... Friends : Amanda , Jacques , Sophanna , Nana , Joe , Gert , Cecile , Sara , Sina...and many children. Others :A Project of Education Youth and Sport Ministry (distributed around the country) ,Hope International School , Northbright International School. My board games are still for sale in PP at Peace Book Store , Sydney Supermarket and Hong Hout Shop. In Koh Kong you find them in the community based eco-tourism centers , Chi Pat commune , Thmor Bang district and CBDO. Please forgive me if I forgot anybody , my sincere t ...
The Moon Rock Project is Coming to the College of the Mainland! Hi, All: This summer I have been asked to teach a class at the College of the Mainland titled "The Moon Rock Project". I am still teaching at the University of Phoenix. The class will be 8 weeks long. The college is located in Texas City, Texas.
It feel good got the kids out the crib basement clean still got. A whole house to go bout to twist sumthen up roc to my *** project pat new mix tape cheese and dope .
TORONTO, Jan. 10, 2013 /CNW/ - ACTRA Toronto is delighted to announce the nominees for the 11th Annual ACTRA Awards in Toronto. The gala industry event will take place at The Carlu on Saturday, February 23, 2013.
Heading the Klamath Falls, Oregon today. Sure wish the wildlife refuges weren't frozen over.just have to take another project to do in my down time.
Project Pat did his normal due on this new mixtape. He got DJ Spinz,Sonny Digital,Drumma Boy,Lex Luger&Ricky Racks? Oh yeah!
the Great Uncle Luke n the 2LiveCrew, Travis Porter, 3-6 Mafia, Project Pat and whoever made that *** bounce music!!!
I just seen a Project Pat video and that *** soound like he been in a time capsule for 13 years. Pat still got corn rows and everything.
Get a slot on a track with Project Pat & Killa-T for $500 first come first served! Killa's recent track
Roger. Roger, tell'em Roger that, its the gold teeth, french braids, call me Project Pat
No, Project Pat is not similar to Tennessee Williams.
congrats my brotha! Lil bruh and Trev will be opening up for project pat. Progress. Watch & Share the video
as you were typing Project Pat lyrics tho..he got a couple worth it tracks
With the gold teeth , french braid , call me project pat .
I personally would choose project pat over all them ***
Alright guys for a chance to be part of the 5 people to win our recharge cards and 2 Tickets to "THE STAND UP NIGERIA CONCERT", lets see how creative you can be tonight. What would you do if you were the Nigerian President for a day??? Bring it on.
Project pat is at kings n diamonds tonight?
On project X why ain't they just have the party at cuz house who had no parents?
"If a *** ain't got no respect for herself, then why should I have respect for her?" As Project Pat would say "We Dnt Save Em'
Me n angel gone beat n his team cause I been practicing at the gym today I'm making all shots...LOL...
ran into Project Pat last night up the street from my house lol ***
1:52 after the hook on Project Pat - If You Ain't From My Hood still one of the coldest beat changes ever
Bruh Project Pat use to be my *** back in the day. I blame him for a lot of my reckless activities and thoughts lol.
The wackiest battle to me would be Project Pat VS Paul Wall lmfao..
A non-disclosure agreement signed by state officials in July was the first hint that a big employment project might be coming down the line in Oregon. It turned out to be Nike.
For some reason I'm in the mood to listen to Project Pat
It's the gold teeth french braids call me project pat
A short film inspired by a cassette tape diary from the 1970s that considers the different ways our memory can be interpreted.
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*Goes back to listening to Project Pat "Crown Vic. Old School. Squeezing on her boo boo." *
150 Construction Jobs Boost - Energy Minister, Pat Rabbitte, today announced the delivery of 150 construction jobs in a large wind energy project at Mount Lucas, east Offaly.
Listening to hood rich playlist this morning: Jeezy, Future, Rocko, Juicy J, Project Pat, Meek Mills. too turnt up right now
Who else wants to lose a stone of fat or gain a stone of muscle in just 28 days?! Last chance to get the early bird price for my online programs for January! (After 10pm tonight they will go up to €85) Last chance to get the early bird price of just €60. Both are 28 day online programs where you are given step by step guidance, nutritional plans and 4-5 workouts a week. For Project Alpha (Fat loss) Made Easy
Going to see Project Pat tonight at Kings and Diamonds . Guess ill wear sweats and a tee.
If u ain't from my hood u can get from round here old gangsta music project pat
"Gotta take the good with the bad... Smiles with the sad... Love what you got & remember what you had" - Project Pat
If you were old school you would go Gold w/ a diamond.btw Joe Pesci, Project Pat etc.. All badasses rocking single Golds
Roger, Roger, tell em roger that Its that gold teeth, french braid, call it Project Pat
An unwise move Assuring the public that SMRT will put special effort to improve public transport has been negated by SMRT venture into a big retail project at the new Sports Hub. What is happening? After a change of CEO in the company, it is obvious that the culture has not changed. Tendering for retail business in this uncertain time? This is a distraction from the core transport business no matter how SMRT tries to justify its decision. All promises and attempts to revamp the bus services with the aid of govt. pumping in over $1 billion to help shoulder higher bus costs, is already seen by the public as helping privatised companies to make more profits. Has SMRT already done enough to satisfy the public? Bad timing and poor judgement have added insult to injury. Singaporeans know that the decline in maintenance and service was because of diversification from the core transport business, especially into retail. Yet the lesson has not been learnt! Sad.
Chelsea are stepping up their bid to sign Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao after agreeing to sell Daniel Sturridge to Liverpool. Standard Sport revealed earlier this month that Sturridge would join Brendan Rodgers’s side next month after making it clear that a move to Anfield was his only choice. Chelsea will reinvest the funds from his £12million transfer as part of a spending spree on at least three players during the transfer window, with Falcao their main target. Club officials have already been to Madrid to open negotiations with Atletico, who would prefer to sell him to Chelsea rather than fierce rivals Real Madrid. Chelsea are favourites for Falcao’s signature and owner Roman Abramovich is prepared to pay the £48m release clause in his contract as well as give him a salary that matches that of Fernando Torres’s £175,000 a week. -FL08-
English Grammar – Idiomatic Expressions – Lesson down... dry up... dry out… be up to something…. beat around the bush…. come to an end…. put an end to….. get even with… fool around…. look out on… stir up…. take in…. . To slow down: to go, or cause to go, more slowly (also: to slow up) (S) This idiom can be used both with and without an object. The car was going so fast that the motorist couldn’t slow it down enough to make the sharp curve. You’re eating too fast to digest your food well. Slow down! Slow up a bit! You’re talking so quickly that I can’t catch on well. . To dry up: to lose, or cause to lose, all moisture (S), to be depleted Every summer the extreme heat in this valley dries the stream up. All funds for the project dried up when the local government faced a budget crisis. . To dry out: to lose, or cause to lose moisture gradually (S), to stop drinking alcohol in excess (also: to sober up) Martha hung the towel outside on the clothesline in order to dry it out. ...
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS PROJECT: Checks payable to: Southwest Sports Foundation/Mallon Fund Send to: Danny Mickan 30230 Oakmont Dr. Georgetown, Texas 78628 We will mail you a receipt for your TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATION. Southwestern University has approved this project but our fundraising efforts are not associated with gifts to the University. We are tentativley scheduling the project completion in time for the 2014 baseball season. Email Pat Leonard bpleon67or Danny Mickan dannyif you would like more information. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT - THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!
ITN Source News provides unlimited access to more than 80 new broadcast quality highlight clips per week via our easy to use self service website. Available as a subscription service, the downloadable highlight clips can be used to enhance your own news gathering or on a standalone basis. The clips ...
I'd like to thank all of my friends that have worked long and hard this week while helping me recondition the enclosed race car trailer. Without your help this project would be much more difficult to complete on time. Thanks to: Desiree Mouck, Trevor Tufts, Charles Bernier, Ian O'Brien, Sonny Langlois, Marty Theriault, Loris Corzato, Pat Fortin and Greg Schwemler.
A huge THANK YOU to the 11 volunteers who came this afternoon to wrap up presents for the Christmas Hamper Project. We would be there for days if it wasn't for you ladies. Pat yourselves on the back!!
FROM KATC Maddie Garrett: The Lafayette City-Parish Council is discussing a one cent sales tax increase to help offset budget woes. What do you think? Would you support a sales tax increase to bring in more revenue for local government?
The idea of community gains traction with tiny house builders and enthusiasts.
Thanks to all who supported me and my dream this past year. Although it was a leap, and a bit scary to adventure into the unknown, it has totally been worthwhile. I have enjoyed working on every project and all the new creations! I am inspired to start new things and look forward to what the future holds for krystal clear designs. Thank you all so much! May your Christmases be blessed with good tidings and joy! :) Merry Christmas one and all!
Thank you all for the warm wishes on this next part of our lives! I appreciate each and every one of your comments. This morning went well but I am really out of practice at getting up so early!
So! Heading in to 2013 we are planning a lot of new and fun things and we'd love to do more *with* you! So, since I love hearing from you I want you to tell me, what would you like to see or see more of in 2013?
There is so much to say about "A Christmas Story" and Curtains Up! Theatre Company and the people who were a part of this first show...where to begin!? My heart is full and I'm humbled by the support and love that has surrounded Curtains Up! November 30th, 2012 marks a day that an idea and lifetime dream became a reality. Wow!! How about that! So many wonderful people in my life. So many amazing supporters of this crazy, fun dream. It is with YOU that WE accomplished this. I'm very proud of the cast and crew and and of everyone that touched this project in some form or fashion. Whether it was a pat on the back, a "you can do it", to building the set, acting, to box couldn't have come together without YOU. So much was learned in this process and I know that there were many things that weren't perfect along the way...but at the end of the day we shared a fun story and provided a great show to our community. We have new followers, friends and enthusiasm to take the next step. We have momentum! W ...
Part 3 of The Bohannon Project. Bidding is up to $310! remember where the money goes friends! This is for hurricane Sandy victims!
Creativity Unlimited Arts Council, provides opportunities for self-expression through classes, exhibitions, performances and events. The Prairie Arts Center will provide a 'home for the arts' in western Nebraska.
Join us for a Homeless Persons’ Memorial Tuesday in Chicago, IL A memorial service and candlelight vigil to remember those who died while homeless will be held at Old St. Patrick’s Church (700 W. Adams) on Tuesday, Dec. 18. The 6 p.m. service is a collaborative effort by CCH, Ignatian Spirituality Project, Harmony, Hope & Healing Choir, and Old St. Pat’s. It is part of a movement to mark National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day during the first days of winter, with Chicago among more than 150 cities expected to participate in 2012. More than 50 residents from A Safe Haven shelters will participate in the hour-long service through the work of Senior Community Organizer Wayne Richard. During the service, the names of those who have died will be read. Please join us to memorialize the homeless women and men who lost their lives on the streets of metropolitan Chicago this year. Free parking is available in the lot on the southeast corner of West Adams Street and South Desplaines Street. The service bui ...
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