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Project Pat

Patrick Houston, better known as Project Pat is an American rapper originating from Memphis, Tennessee.

Pastor Troy Young Dolph Rick Ross Nipsey Hussle Trick Daddy Official Audio Lord Infamous Too Short Yo Gotti

project pat - murderers & robbers was honestly better than Ghetty Green but let's all agree that they were both iconic
Oops, forgot I was meant to be doing this. Hate when you start a project but don't follow through.
Woke up to my parents blasting project pat through the house
Visited the to see the stunning Legacy project created by and Pat Burns-Wendland.
I added a video to a playlist Wiz Khalifa - KK ft. Project Pat and Juicy J [Official Video]
what exactly is the project? after seeing the video exposing Pat, I assume u mean the real Upstream?
Twerk It by Project Pat on listen now and win!
Straight up I took the Project Pat flow for a ride and got carried away. God Bless…
“ELDAC will empower and inform aged care workers to deliver this important element by providing access to advice, t…
“Go Grind” featuring Project Pat on my YouTube channel. Go check it out.
Westside of the Gump just cruising around to Project Pat is a vibe
Love and We're hiring an Entrepreneur Event Project Coordinator to assist with our growi…
Let’s not forget we got “Project Pat” which is juicy J brother on the official version
Stay Down (Radio Edit) by Project Pat f. Young Dolph on Hawaii's Best Internet Radio for Hiphop,...
I haven't heard any Three 6 or Project Pat played in the arena. This is unacceptable.
Project Pat needa make a road trip to ATL and hop on a Migos track
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Just a reminder, Project Pat is better than your favorite modern rapper
New post (Project Pat ft. Juicy J – Money) has been published on Dubstep News -
Premiere: and go in on their new collab "Money"
Project Pat ft. Juicy J – Money: As Project Pat gears up for the upcoming release of his…
Project Pat off the International Players Anthem > Outkast off the International Players Anthem
New Music: releases first single 'Money' off new album ft.
Memphis legend Project Pat joins his brother Juicy J to drop off his new single taken from…
Listen to Project Pat - Gorilla Pimp.mp3 by Graceful Evans on
Thanks Pat. Yes was thinking it'd make a good project
I got a cousin that wrote a song for project pat. He never got credit or got paid. So he dissing pat.
I just went from Herbie Hancock to Project Pat 😂
I still listen 2 3 six mafia project pat 2pac lol... but yes Eminem def came up! H…
For the record, our blog post on Pythia, the novelty detection project:
Get the Ziggy Wisco ft. Project Pat x Dont Save Her on
Been listening to project pat and three six mafia since friday... Gon be a wild fourth this year
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Our commission is exploring how best to tackle pressures on Ldn’s roads & streets. Find out more:
Pat Cleveland of The Balanced Horse Project to be Featured on CUTV News Radio
Rick Ross - Elvis Presley BLVD (Explicit) ft. Project Pat another classic in the making!!
Ride to Anderson with me Friday for the Project Pat concert!
After examining this cover art for Project Pat ("Chickenhead" is my anthem), I just want to know why is this car in th…
Three new framed Pat Metheny posters, including the long-sought 'The Orchestrion Project' movie poster (signed!) https:…
When you from idaho & got hella ribeyes but you tired of baked potatoes & you a genius, you put dem taters
When she tall like you like but swear she a 7 1/2 'cept you used to sell ladies' shoes, you know them toes
NEW: Pat Cleveland talks to Nick Knight about walking in the 'Battle of Versailles 1973' fashion show…
Lucky to be a part of Pat O'Connell's project. Playing/singing with such a gifted group of players Tuesday April...
It's going be a sad day when Project Pat Die
Black women would of had a whole march if project pat released chicken head in 2017
I need a freelancer black female PR in Capetown to work with me on a cool project. please
Bumped Project Pat otw to the field trip and bumpin Dolph otw back to the school
Tryna figure out if imma hit some Project Pat on the mic or serenade Y'all with my rendition of…
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
We need to do Appreciation Days for Pimp C, Project Pat, and Cam'ron soon
Y'all ain't said nothing when Project Pat said "Bald head scallywag"
Pat Wallace exNMI said it shud be used as Dublin Museum. Project!!! You in?
Tourism Baseline Survey project launched in Tobago this morning.
Better to project your own US-centered views and pat responses onto something than to project cruise missiles onto…
"Star" My first single off my upcoming project "Divided"!!
Thanks for the follow. Bomber County ex-pat here. This looks an awesome project, great work folks
Follow photographer Pat Martin as he documents daily life in the Bay of Bengal:
leaving the TL because a chick just got called Project Pat
Let's discuss how my mama worked with Kia Shine and used to be Project Pat probation officer. She is a part of Memphis history
Nothing but respect for Mr. Project Pat-a, but I'm all in on the Skinny & T-Rock are ahead of him for me.
I'm talking project pat saved and I think you talking Jesus freak saved. 🤔
I'm on the TL my g I'm out here with it !!! Lol plus you a worthy opponent anybody know Project Pat that means they know lmao
Terrelle Pryor is the guy in class who does his part of the group project perfectly but gets an F bc the rest of the group w…
Akon raised a BILLION $$ for his solar project in Africa, why is this not being broadcasted on every network??!. https…
Penn state wins. A rematch in Phoenix.
it be great if they are and OSU 2. It could happen of Clemson and Washington lose and
If a 2 loss team goes Michigan will be best 2 loss team. Doesn't matter when loses came.
" Tell Dat Busta quit calling you...turn off ya phone" - Project Pat
Best Footprint Forward project looks at digital footprint awareness and education reports
Its the gold teeth french braids call me project pat
Nice! Seattle Bouldering Project is my regular spot.
With 2 losses in three weeks. Forget it. Take the L
Be on the look out for (VISA) J.sims ft Project Pat. in stores now.
-"Project Pat was always like a father figure"
Say this in your DJ Paul or Project Pat Voice.
See, I'm used to my Memphis rappers to be golds wearing, pistol toting, killers. Project Pat would never act the way Black Youngsta does.
Luck/Griffin on the board? Dolphins stand pat, draft a project QB. Elliott, Ramsey, Hargreaves, etc. on the board? Dolphins wait, draft a LT
a fun project for good QB coaches is Pat Mahomes from TTU. Contingent on not playing him early tho
"gotta take the good wit the bad, smile with the sad, love what you got, and remember what you had" - Project Pat
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Hear it now Extraordinaire - World Go Round feat Project Pat and 4 Finga Set .
Project Team decline to appear on Pat Kenny show at9.30 TV3.Old PR trick to hide when you know your story is v weak…
Could Pat Paulsen receive any vote this year, even though he is dead? A very interesting project to research for my Graduate Assistant.
I like Waylon, Merle, and Hank, but I won't hesitate to bump some Three 6 or Project Pat
Bumping Project Pat. MISTA DONT PLAY like he just came out this year. Ski mask. My shyt
Project Pat doesn't do songs about logic.
Was told that good googly moogly by project pat should be my theme song. Okay 😩😂
Great take by Pat Foye: "Technology has to be part of the DNA of every transportation project" listen here:
Thanks Pat. Needed that! Especially since I just lost tons of time on a project I was doing.. made me feel dumb. Love yo face!
On this old project pat & playa fly..them folks still bumping as *** to me
earlier i couldn't get Project Pat's Baby Momma out of my head.
hi ms Pat when will Maine be given another good project so her acting skills will be honed
Listen to Here We Go Ft.Project Pat & Gunplay by SoundsLikeMF on
Ever looking for the dopest track on a juicy J project just gotta look for project Pat or Wiz
Project pat my favorite rapper. Radric Davis second
Update your maps at Navteq
Because all it does is depreciate as soon as you drive it off the lot hardy har har $UVXY
Hey, that's my senior design project advisor! Congratulations, Dr. Dinh!
Project Pat is my spirit animal, Peewee Longway is me in another life and is my inner self
New music from on Spinrilla! With features from a few legends, such as Project Pat, Frayser Boy, Gangasta…
Project pat told us not to save these ***
Oh My Lanta, chose this song to start it off cause of Project Pat. Freaking banger
I heard Josh repping Project Pat outside the Albertsons on SR-84
Hey pat i am doing a school project and was wondering if i could ask you questions
.Pat Roe announces project at to connect college and careers to increase workforce alignment https:/…
hardest beat on this project . Fake Trap (Prod. by Saint Pat) by Johnathan Kash
Project Pat was always like a father figure
I'm pretty mad that I had an invite to be on a mixtape with Kirko Bangz, Dizzy Wright, 808 Mafia, Project Pat, & Montana of 300, and more.
Project Pat gotta be in my personal top 5. My music taste is trash though so yeah.
💁🏻 Bobby Junes was project director for Campaign Manager for Pat. Pat asked him to be parks and rec commissioner in Henrico.
This Friday at the Pike House: Project Pat pays us a visit.
Helis Oil abandons fracking project in St. Tammany Parish President Pat still praising
Project Pat on Poppin My Collar is the greatest flow ever.
Talk that talk Juicy j N Wiz and Project Pat
Listen to Project Pat Ft Young Ma x Big Trill x Coca Vango - 30 by Project Pat on
I just wanna be happy like Project Pat
Congrats to MSoc AOTW. "Success is a project that is always under constructi…
So last night Project Pat took my phone on stage and this happened 🎉🎉
song will be out tomorrow. . project pat feature.. Going for the radio next 󾭻󾠀
Pat Cartwright joined as. Senior Project Manager at Inc. Read more:
Im leaking one song ..ft project pat.. Yall gotta wait till end of summer for the rest..
Dis 98' project pat got a boi feelin like an OG whodie
Gonna check out the Post Malone, Juicy J, Ace Hood, Project Pat, and Kodak Black tapes
Project pat this early in the morning
If yo girl know project pat songs , because of her dad 💀 DO NOT HURT HER ! Her daddy a real street *** he gone kill you 😂😂
Ain from the 6 mafia but I gotta juicy project pat
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
You are looking at the Official Va Contact for Project Pat Get your features today!
A Story you might Like for their next Movie project.
I hit him with da tech-a . *** near tore off his neck-a. He praying I wont shoot him. He shoulda prayed to Mecca . Project pat…
Pediatric patients find hope with spacesuit art project http…
maybe. But project fear just leads to an intense disgust for experts. From US elect. To climate change: take note
U gotta take the good with the bad... Happy with the sad.. Love Wat u got and remember Wat u had 💯. -Project Pat
Hannibal buress and project pat brothers
Come in my face imma kill you like the dragon slayer 😂😂 - Juicy J and Project Pat
I added a video to a playlist Project Pat - Fight
The himself stamping the brand! Major salute to Project Pat. Been showing love since I…
Need someone to go with me to the Legends of Southern Hip Hop Tour. Trick Daddy, Project Pat, Juvenile, 8ball & MJG, Pastor Troy!
MJG . Juvenile . Trick Daddy . Pastor Troy . Project Pat . All in one concert???. Y'all playin frfr..
Pat Friedman spent years fighting Donald Trump's projects on Long Island. She now supports him for president.
Listen to Tryna to Get Rich Ft. Project Pat by Supastarrz on
Project Pat always been hilarious to me
What do a Rwandan ex-pat, shamanic healer, martial artist, & cancer survivor have in common? In common with you?
She acting like a *** and I'mma let her! Learned the game from Project Pat. Pimping gotta Masters!
I look like a light skin project pat with this wave cap on😂
Juss a reminder that we really working hard man, more new music Prod. By Coming Soon 🔥🔥🔑
Hi Shawn! Scarborough Waterfront Pro is impt to Toronto/Great Lakes. If interested feel free to connect htt…
I'm sitting here watching the Project pat Chickenhead video dying 😂😂😂😂
My first song i ever did so u know i was never local... 󾓑
Twerk by Juicy J and Project Pat is legendary 💯👏🏽
16-bit rpg was released on Monday, built in Unity. Overall project is a video game + theatre performance realizing " Don't save her she don't wanna be saved " in No Role models is from Project pat
The Pat Hunter Project has a show on 04/16/2016 at 09:00 PM @ igot's Mar... in Lake Worth, FL
Wanna lose weight.. run to Twerk Dat *** by project pat on the treadmill.. Speed gotta be on like 12 though
I swear that old project pat still go hard ‼️
Project Pat should've won 5 Grammys for I Ain't Goin' Back to Jail alone
Kobe's most impressive stat is getting the Lakers to pay him $25 million to win 16 games.
Juvenile, Too Short, 8Ball and MJG, Trick Daddy, Project Pat, and Pastor's like 1999 all over!
They the only rappers poppin outta Memphis since Three 6 Mafia n Project Pat
Hey, can we get an Unsung on Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, Prophet Posse etc? Memphis Unsung period. We may need 2hrs tho!
Juvie, Trick Daddy, Too Short, Project Pat, and Pastor Troy? Might have to do it for the culture.
Project Pat Mista Don't Play one of greatest CDs ever... We used to jus let that joint ride start to end
Can we all agree that Project Pat has top 3 flows of ALL TIME?
Project Pat - Real Players (remix) Ft Ninjah by Ninjah on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds
Shoutout to my cousin Trevan who introduced me to Project Pat and Triple 6
Working in the is the future. It makes teamwork easier and enables you to continue your project anywhere.
Don't save her she don't want be saved word to my *** Project Pat
Yvon Chouinard opposes the Tesoro Oil Project; urges action from civic & business leaders at
If you haven't listened to Project Pat you haven't lived
Gotta put the Project Pat & Pastor Troy playlist to the side before I get a ticket
"Ms" by Uzi Dre. Music video this Saturday with Karlie Redd and Project Pat
DJ Scream feat Young Dolph, Fat Treal and Project Pat - Whole Thang (Clean) on
Project Pat looks more like Hannibal Burress than I realized.
Wish Lord Infamous, Project Pat, and Gangsta Boo would've been a group
Never boom bap I was just a project cat in the projects wit packs listening to project pat on 🔝
S/O to for keeping all of his followers up to date on Georgia Football.
How is it possible that someone remade Project Pat "Don't Save Her" to make it 100x softer but also 10x more misogynist and it wasn't Drake?
y'all bout finna b listening to Project Pat tonight cause his pandora station goin in lol
Thank you to Andy Thayer and Brent Betterly of the NATO 3, and Pat Duby from the Future City Project at...
The way Project Pat rhymed bisexual with ménage à trois on "Ooh Nuthin" is genius and you can't change my mind
Wes Anderson's next project is a stop-motion movie about dogs:
Cruising through the city in the rain blunt is sparked. bangin project pat..its a good day Dawg.
I'm just reppin Tennessee like my homie project pat-young buck
and project pat Scrape it my favorite track on 100% juice
Posted a new blog entry "Project Pat is on a very Hot track called She Did It. with Teyzer Cost to C..."
Listen to If You Ain't from My Hood (feat. DJ Paul & Juicy J) by Project Pat on
Listen to Cheese and Dope by Project Pat on
Listen to Relax and Take Notes by 8Ball & MJG & Project Pat on
"Dont save her, she don't wanna be saved"- PROJECT PAT
Heading to Illuminus tonight? Don't miss Pat Falco's thing he's doing there, we're all really hoping it works...
People really out here not knowing "Don't save her" is from project pat not j Cole.
"I'm going to take a short break from rap. It has been consuming me lately..." [immediately listens to entire Project Pat discography] = me
15 minutes till our big project announcement with who is excited 🙌🙌 -B
My current view you know the bidness (Project Pat voice)
Baby E – Dat Chick (feat. Juicy J & Project Pat) - Lil Wayne’s new artist links up with the Taylor Gang for new cl...
The following artists are available to buy features from: Twista, Nipsey Hussle, Juicy J, Project Pat, Trae. DM for RATES
it's right up there with the Willie Hutch "I Choose You" sample used by Project Pat then UGK/Outkast.
"Oops wrong hole what she said when we hit the shower already hit the booty hole for a hr" Project Pat
They got they flow from Lord Infamous, Project Pat, Bone Thugs, Twista and Busta Rhymes
PROJECt PAT sizes up..a dude in purple who grabs the mic: Project Pat sizes him up... in the dmv DC
I can't help but holler out North Memphis everytime I listen to a Three Six or Project Pat song
Kelly Green (f/ Juicy J) by Project Pat from the album Loud Pack
Listen to Project Pat - Them O's feat Young Dolph by TheJuicyJ on dun bumped this junt 10x 2day ..
I be feeling smooth riding to that Project Pat "flexington"
Listen to Ace Gutta ft. Project Pat & Inf Kraze / We Got It by Ace Gutta 704 on
If anyone would approve of my Project Pat pandora station it would be
Project Pat is a giant I'm 6 2 and felt short...he said he's bout to go HAM tonight
I missed when David placed 3rd city-wide on his science project. I was in Houston. . Tonite him & I celebrate at Red Lobster.
NV student Pat Longo received a 90 and a hand shake because this project was done so well
Project Pat x Three 6ix Mafia Type Beat (Snippet) by Meauxten on
I listen to so much different stuff on Spotify. My account probably just lookin at me weird. Project Pat, Whitney Houston, rain sounds
When the Dj at Cats blended Don't tell em by YG ft Jeremih into Oh nana by Trey Songz into Twerk dat *** by Project Pat into Get Low 👏💃
Who needs project pat tix for sat... Hit me up or BT
Memphis rapper Project Pat has opened up and broken the silence on why his brother Juicy J is not working with DJ Paul, Three 6 Mafia and others. It is
SGH = LightShow, 2 Chainz, Project Pat, Kur, Pastor Troy, RondoNumbaNine, more on the way
Project pat said it first"Dont save her she dont want to be saved - J.Cole."
I feel like Tennessee don't appreciate Project Pat like they should
I listen to Project Pat and still read The Autobiography of Malcoln X
I grew up off soulja slim and project pat
Working on the branding project for my peeps at •Conquer• sketches
Tell us who you would rather see live at KMF 2015!. Lil Flip - Project Pat - Pastor…
It is exciting to be a part of the team supporting NASA for this project, I never would have guessed this is where I…
No reason why I'm so amped listening to Project Pat
"She don't wanna be saved.don't save her" you dont know nothing bout project pat lol
Project Pat on Any Potential Three 6 Mafia Reunion: "J not going to be a part of it."
“"Don't save her. She don't wanna be saved". Cole channeling his inner Project Pat ✊”that's what I was sayin…
Or I ain't going back to jail 😂 Getty green lol idk i fux with project pat brah
Kk ft project pat and juicy j wiz khalifa.
The only one I know "Chicken head" Whats ur favorite Project Pat song?”
A chick who listens to Project Pat is bae
Project of the Day: Restoring hundreds of hectares of former mine sites, transforming a community
Rick Ross drops off a remix of "Elvis Presley Blvd" with Yo Gotti, Project Pat, Juicy J, MJG & Young Dolph. With Hood Billionaire due out in twenty days time...
Playn chopped & screwed Project Pat at the MRquette after party.
It upsets me how one self could not possibly know that juicy & project pat are from 3-6 ...
I hope 2015 has more Project Pat songs and less Rick Ross songs
Project Pat made an African reference and then subsequently turned the bar into a rhyme about leprechauns on this new Ross song. GOAT
Juan Mendoza is Rekage, a multi-faceted artist and entertainer hailing from the historic Lower East Side neighborhood in New York City. Rek is a reflection of how the recording artist has evolved over the past few decades. He is a singer, rapper, engineer, producer, and passionate songwriter all packed into one. Rekage has been working for years to perfect his craft. Starting as an intern with Avalanche Management and AV8 Records, moving on to Electric Feel Management, Vice President of Urban with Nightlife Productions, CEO of RekMusic. Rekage has gained the necessary skills and knowledge to stake his claim in the industry. His outgoing personality has allowed him to develop close relationships with some of the most talented people in the industry, establishing numerous collaborations with top artists in urban music. Rekage has worked with some of Hip Hops finest including AZ, Foxy Brown, Styles P, Cormega, French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Jae Millz, Murda Mook, Pastor Troy, Tru Life, Project Pat, Bonaf ...
Slapping Project Pat its raining hella hard
caffiene in Soda I need it every morning lmbo The Project Pat Of Pug dogs lol
Before Gucci I was bumpin project pat and Pastor Troy. Hadn't een heard of "trap music"
Wiz Khalifa -- KK feat. Project Pat and Juicy J [Official Audio] Blacc Hollywood pre-sale See Wiz in your city this summer ...
Music video by Project Pat performing Chickenhead. Off the album Mista Don't Play: Everythangs Workin'. © 2001 Relativity
Project Pat: "One thing about Memphis, we got soul, we get them booties moving…"
I gotta get on a track with project pat
Project pat said "staying with the greens... like colllahd" X___X
2005 - Memphis rapper Project Pat is released from pri...
Gucci Mane said Project Pat is his favorite rapper in Birds of Feather.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Project Pat 1 of my favorite rappers out the south
Bout to go see Project Pat & all I wanna know is.. whos comin wit me???
He learned from 8-ball, Project Pat and Lord Infamous. I fear him.
Who even knew Project Pat was still preforming? Only God song he got is "ChickenHead".
Project Pat is performing in Louisville in a few weeks. I'd totally go if I actually fit in at his concerts
I don't even care. Project Pat 'Chicken Head' still slays!
please do. Big reason why I was hesitating is because Back & Project Pat at Howard Theater next Sat for $30
I dedicate this song to all my ratchets . Project pat - chicken head
and Juicy J & Project Pat are still crushing it. These guys have had the formula down for like 20+ years.
Grab from producers who worked with Young Buck, Lola Monroe, Project Pat, +More. |
Listening to Getty Green... Project Pat came hard af on this... real
Wanted to thank those that helped with the 2-QB project Part 1
Project Pat said that his sources told him that Bismack "Daddy" Biyombo is opting out next year.
I go from jack johnson to project pat in about .25781 seconds
Project Pat walked in the bank, put the loot in the culdesac.
All purpose parts banner
Note to self: do not listen to gangsta blac, project pat, koopsta knicca, or Lord Infamous with built up anger
Wiz Khalifa drops an anthem for Mary Jane enthusiasts titled "KK," featuring Project Pat and Juicy J.
3 6 mafia... UGK... project pat in heavy rotation today 😁
"Twerk that *** by project pat and juicy j, Hammers! Ima make a Skate video with this song for sure.
*** Be Like , "I Don't Usually Do This." 😂. see her run off in the background…
Wo! sign aka Project Pat for 3 years. He was my 3rd fav on the team last year. Love his game.
"First of the year tax time keep me wit a smile. Imma get a extra couple g's claimin' yo' child" - Project Pat
Bumpin Project Pat the whole way...adding some Memphis flavor while in Dallas 🎶💯
I wonder if any classy women listen to project pat or enjoy ugk
Project Pat is the best rapper to ever touch a mic. go debate a pseudo intellectual conscious black person
The best Kickstarter project I've ever seen.
Don't be that guy that brings nothing to the party
I added a video to a playlist Three 6 Mafia - Feat. Project Pat - Twerk
You could say Toronto is trying to form Patterson into a different player. Taking on a Project Pat.
Today, we celebrate when Bikini Bottom finally declared its independence from Bikini Top. We love you Bikini Top, but it’s b…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Project Pat told us you can't turn a *** into a housewife.
these preachers kids go all the way left once "free". Another example is Juicy J and Project Pat
Project pat will help me get through this though😞🙏
I don't understand how you turn a freak into a wife - Project Pat
When Playa Fly had it locked, was repping that Funky town. When Project Pat hit the streets, he shut the whole town down.
Mad Decent block party added RiFF and Project Pat to the line up today.
Without 8ball & MJG there might not have been a Yo Gotti, 3-6 Mafia, Project Pat, ect. They put Memphis on the map
I grew up off that 36 Mafia and Project Pat that north Memphis 10 musik.
People grew listening to Jay Z. I grew up listening to Project Pat, 3 6, Pastor Troy, Gucci, etc.
He jamming! My big brother use to have me listening to all of that, Drama, Pastor Troy, Project Pat, Crucial Conflict. Smh good times.
All 7 contestants of the 'KARA Project' come together in group posters
Good Morning been on my nightly promotions grind for the June 28th Car, Truck, and Bike Show Hosted by Derty North Ent, Turning Point, and Trend Settaz, and of course ya boy Dj Big Kountry we got performances feat. Colonel Loud, Project Pat, Shyst Vader, Snootie Wild, Zed Zilla, and Wave Chapelle We giving away $500 or more to the Twerker that's right you heard me $500 Music will be Powered by DJ Dynasty and DJ Micky D so come turn up with us this the event you don't want to miss so lets get it!
Guatemala's indigenous community threatened by mega-dam project. "This dam is not development for us" via
Next on the morning news: Laila and I dissect the lyrics to Project Pat's 2001 hit "Chicken Head".
Project Pat – We Can Get Gangsta | Music Video - The legendary southern lyricist known to the world...
1 project done and an essay all in one day I deserve a pat in the back lol 🙌!
"College makes you appreciate home. Home makes you appreciate college." - Every College
Just cause he say he gone ride don't mean he loyal
Now it's hard for me to trust somebody, family neither!!
Was just thinking, some people are only my friend when they need r want something. They only call to be noisy r ask for something. Don't even ask how me r da family is doing. Dat's why I keep to myself now! Some talk about their problems but don't want to listen to mine. So for those of you who had to think about dis like project pat said "dont call me no more don't text me no more cause I'm through wit ya"
So excited for the journey ahead of us. has no idea what she's in for. 😍😃😘
Save the date may 30th. Project Pat live in concert! @ epic center aka Secrets. Booking artists now!
Especially since im up listening to old music like Project Pat
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