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Project Fear

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won't doubt your sincerity & honesty. But fear that the governance of this project isn't what you hope it to be
it was myth, most of project fear was supposedly an immediate effect. Rate rise, tax rise, house price collapse.
.says other parties fought a campaign of "project fear"; says SF want to restore the institutions
It has reminded me of the ignorance, hate & fear that seemed to be everywhere back then. Thanks for doing this project
‘We do not fear the unknown. We fear what we project onto the unknown and giving up the known.’
No, but in this case, Project Fear is sooo tempting! There's just so much to be fearful of.
'Brexit Breakdown' still not happening, can you hear us Project Fear?
can we have an inquiry into DavidcCameron's project fear & those part of it?
Both Scotland and now N. Ireland have elected parties which have promised to somehow keep them in the EU. But 'Project Fear' remember.
After being on the receiving end of the Brexit "project fear", I can't say I wouldn't have been insulted by how Scotland w…
I think the SNP generally avoided the 'Project Fear' approach in the EU ref and kept aloof from the mainstream Remain.
Project fear they said, when warned of the inevitable taxonomy crisis that would follow Brexit.
Why project fear at expense of immigrants? Nothing will change for all those in UK. Future MANAGED img is what will change!!!
vote can be explained by project fear, also by preference for GFA to work and deliver
Honestly, I have no idea. I fear the project may be dead. I'm hoping I'm wrong.
if Remain has focused on Project Crocodile Shark instead of Project Fear, who knows how it might've turned out...
Read and weep Leavers. You were warned. You chose not to listen. Project 'Fear' becoming Reality Fear.
never underestimate the power of Project Fear.
Project cars and layers of fear are not showing in my "ready to install" bar, whats going on?
the Nats are now launching into their own Project Fear, and are insulting everyone's intelligence while they do so.
May doesn't need Project Fear she knows the positive case for our Union-Scotland export 4x as much to the UK than EU h…
Our research with shows a striking increase in anti-immigrant rhetoric in Read the report:
Project fear really is dead in the water- the budget will increase UK growth to 2% & big reduction in borrowing https:…
Ruth Davidson is a . Joe Pike's book: "Project Fear" details exactly who came up with it.
Ruth Davidson's speech in the LSE:. Ruth doesn't know who coined the phrase "Project Fear".
Banks are moving workers, inflation is up. Project Fear is coming true | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian
Would lie to you? Oh yes he would. Project Fear was fabrication via via
Rogers only connected to EU 3 years! George Osbourne is hardly a good example! Project Fear using inappropriate econ. formulae
READ: Prominent Leaver Dan Hannan blasts Bank of England governor Mark Carney for his role in Project Fear.
Well said David, Browne has joined carney in Project Fear diatribe as sad remoaners. They should GO!
- more Project Fear. Or if u wish to ignore it Brenial. Please get real folks b4 it's too late!!
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Bank of England's inflation warning, Mark Carney predicts rise. Why has this Project Fear shill not been sacked?
A government watchdog has delivered a withering assessment of the Project Fear campaign waged by David Cameron and George Osborne – saying
'I'd have made a better job of it': Nicola Sturgeon blasts indyref Project Fear two years on
Project Fear leaders Osborne and Carney admit they were wrong
"Project Fear tactics have had their day", says Diane James. Does she mean this?
EU referendum had 'no impact' on UK economy despite Osborne's Project Fear 'myths' -
George Osborne's Project Fear spin doctor handed top role in Brexit talks I can see TROUBLE a…
The man who helped run Project Fear is now a key figure in Brexit negotiations
Project Fear & those who promoted it (Osborne, Carney etc) being shown up as mistaken or deliberately misleading. https:…
Wetherspoon pub chief savages David Cameron and George Osborne for Project Fear -
Theresa May and François Hollande confirmed the Le Touquet agreement will hold. So much for Project Fear's lies. https…
Project Fear,Government Propaganda Leaflet,Death of Jo Cox. Each worth a million votes to Remain..who still lost
George Osborne makes a pitch for the Foreign Office in new Cabinet. Osborne has to go after Project Fear!
If anything comes from it is never to trust any *** who calls it a project!!
.Project Fear II has turned out to be a lot of exaggeration & lies. If EU referendum was run again today we'…
Remain people who back May haven't learnt from their awful referendum campaign.Project fear now project smear
Another Project Fear statement from Remain that has been proven to be wrong.
"project fear has become project smear" DOWN IT DOWN IT
Project Fear - Project Smear - let's not create more chaos by banding around cliche headlines
Project Fear, it turns out, is now . Can't keep accusing us of lying when these things actually happening
Project Fear should have taught them a lesson. I suppose it is too much to expect honest campaigning?
Arron Banks gives backing to Andrea Leadsom: 'I think Project Fear is becoming Project fear'. Says Theresa May would kill Brexit
Banks says he's had no contact with and "project fear has moved in to project smear"
If the people saw through the thick dense fog of project fear and hate spotting what's going on with the MSM to Andrea…
Project fear now it's project smear. Davis Patel Fox Grayling have really lost the plot voting for EU…
In effect, Leave's "Project Fear" about community worked better than Remain's about the economy?
Time will tell. But Leave campaign was good at dismissing all naysaying that way. Some "Project Fear" seems very real right now
Does not know the meaning of a clean fight after "PROJECT FEAR" sitting next to DAVE and OZZY day after day c…
So any criticism is now 'project fear' attacks from the establishment, even within the Tory party? Brilliant
The fight for the referendum is over. The fight for Brexit has only just begun. Now we see the next stage of…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
He's right project FEAR to project SMEAR
Project Fear continues. Or just more media lies: Pro-EU Labour and Tory MPs look at forming a new centrist party
Time to help the country move on from project fear to project faith.
Ian Duncan Smith says is the victim of 'black ops' by the Tory establishment. 'Project Fear has morphed into Project Smear.'
There is no chance of that happening. Project fear to elect NoWayMay
Project Fear missed that one out. Bet they're kicking themselves now.
what lies on Remain campaign? Project Fear has turned into Project Bloody Happening
Of course not, it was just part of Project Fear lies. Obama admin says Britain won't be at 'back of the queue'. https:/…
Michael Gove: Brexit WILL make Britain safer, don't believe Project Fear
It's the reason Project Fear doesn't work with them they'd never believe they're 'too wee, too poor etc'
Everything you have ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.
Project fear is now project smear. Andrea getting a taste of what Nigel had to put up with for years.
Project fear in action once again well i hope it get's a bloody nose again . Vote Andrea for PM https:…
Britain is gripped by 'Project Fear hysteria': Boris Johnson demands Brexit plan NOW
We don't need the EU, Obama will be gone soon and Project Fear was a load of nonsense
In the wake of the referendum vote Project Fear appears to be over and done. It's time to look to the future.
Labour's Peter Shore on Project Fear. before 10pm tonight!
1975:Labour's Peter Shore on Project Fear - "The message that comes out ...
Turkey is your Project Fear - I've just listened to Tim Montgomery on LBC & he sounds depressed & accepting Remain wins
Just posted: The late MP and the Killer Lie as Project Fear becomes Project Smear - Tom Winnifrith
Shame on you for yet more Project Fear! It won't work! British public have had enough! Sadly you are so out of touch
Project fear 2016 . you couldn't make it up !. Osborne losing it ?
Fear In The Blood: Help Fund The C... - campaign is at 71% funded
Project Fear - Cameron using intimidation in the pursuit of political aims
Now David Cameron's EU deal is confirmed, how do you intend to vote in the referendum on June 23? Leave the EU
Massive JOB LOSSES whilst we are members of the EU. Remember this when promote their Project Fear Scam http…
if I was No10 I watch this and really, really worry. Project fear is failing
Wasn't called project fear for nothing 👍
If anyone doubted "project fear" was in full swing then watch a rerun of this.
Well, this is all going swimmingly. Project Fear, eh? Bloody ***
Probably terrified that he'd have to recycle Project Fear for a third time. With predictable result.
just like Scottish referendum's remain campaign, project fear is actually biggest driving force behind Brexit increase imo.
Looks like arn't checking facts. Their own version of 'Project Fear'? 🤔
now here is where I say to me both sides argument is project fear.
Now they know how the rest us feel. They we're moaning when they won the Election last year. Loved project fear then.
If scare stories are true, why did want an in the first place? https:…
Don't give in to project fear or foreigners will invade our land take our money rape our women & enslave us
makes me wonder if the only reason this one is happening as they used here as a "dry run", so to speak, for Project Fear.
ditto. Crete. Enjoy your hols as if I get my way and we leave project fear say costs will rocket
Don't capitulate to Project Fear, like Corbyn 100% convinced your first thoughts were right.
Project fear backlash as Osborne accused of 'treating the British public like ***
Amber Rudd is saying that those who perpetrate Project Fear and petrified and running scared of a proper debate
Project fear V project fear. Only endorses you can't trust a Tory. I'm voting IN. Can you imagine what they'll do if we leave?
I was an undecided Tory, project fear is backfiring, you are so far removed from UK public ("little englanders"), now
Brilliant bit of telly that. So Cameron who we all hate is going to get our vote because if we go with Farage we're a racist. PROJECT FEAR!
So David Cameron is unable to forecast immigration but he is able forecast almost everything else to do with project fear
after project fear in 2014 I switch off at any headline with 'warns' in it, every time, too jaded from the horrors
WOW Pete,i see you've gone down the"project fear"route to push for an in vote!As an Indy YES voter&SNP member,…
Welcome to 'project hope' leader tells 'Project fear' is what sits begins Leave
I've tried to understand this concern, but I just don't see project fear on remain side. To me it's about being realistic.
If the scare stories are true, why did Cameron want an EU referendum in the first place?
I'm convinced project fear will win. Then, I have little faith in integrity of voting system
You want project fear? I'll give you project fear? Meet your PM & Deputy PM in waiting. Or you could vote
I've heard Cameron say 10x "we need to stay in EU to stand upto putin" lol. Project fear smh. Sick of it. Hollow points
Remains project fear turns into project smear, the good old racist card being played now. Desperate
Why some tactics from the Scottish Independence playbook may not work in the EU debate
Been growing for weeks, endless threats and lie and organising project fear. Vote and we get project hope
. Don't think recognising political problems facing parties is 'project fear' stuff. . More a statement of the obvious;)
Cameron did an expert job of sounding positive while peddling Project Fear, and also changing subjects to make a positive point
Rubbish, frankly. Cameron was full of spin and Project Fear. He was detached, evasive & disingenuous
Surely no one is allowed to get out. I thought that was whole message of Project Fear. Buy the EU ticket, you take the ride.
Cameron declares fear over "another Scottish referendum" he should know about fear he was the master of…
I think boris more of a plant he was pro until recently. Fortunately project fear has been a disaster so evened
8. Fear, now writes the QUESTIONS 4 us. 1. How wel will this project turn out?. 2. Who will care 2 listen if I start speak…
- project fear and project tripe in full flow. Keeps on about secured reforms which aren't.
Just watched a great horror movie, Project Fear vs The Fear Project. Quality broadcasting... That just gave me the Fear :(
Cameron is pushing reasonable Con/Lab voters towards Ukip with his Project Fear. He has to go on 24th June.
. If they only have project fear perhaps they havent got anything else they bullied the scots thought it would work twice.
Nigel Farage slams Project Fear ‘BALONEY’ & warns the EU it will DISINTEGRATE after Brexit
It gets worse Cameron now worrying that Scotland will demand an if England votes out any trick as we saw in or…
David Cameron's 'Project Fear'. Michael Gove, the Justice Secretary and part of the Leave.EU campaign will face questions tonight.
Treasury group SAVAGES Osborne over Project Fear claims Brexit would devastate Britain
.accuses Cameron and Osborne of re-running 'Project Fear' over 'Brexit' https:/…
Ukip accuse John McDonnell of turning "Project Fear into Project Knee Cap" with threat to supporters https:…
Also, many of those on the right now decrying Project Fear approach were four square behind it two years ago.
Brexiteers' revisionist history about Project Fear, how they disregard that term's origins show how insular their sense of the UK is.
My latest column in played Project Fear at their own game. . You can read it here:
Eck, Project Fear was also seen at the debates during the .a true rant fest.
Ignore the Westminster narrative. Project Fear is working > Mail On Sunday >
More from Project Fear: Spain 'could' pounce on Gibraltar if UK votes for Brexit
Project Fear won't use this! Truth is beyond them. Frit by the truth - Friday Night's Movie Pt 1 Enjoy and Share... https:…
So creators of Project Fear don't like Project Fear? > vent anger over 'Project Fear' attacks
Independent: Conservatives vent anger over 'Project Fear' Brexit attacks
Tories vent anger over 'Project Fear' Brexit attacks. IDS:- now you know how Jeremy Corbyn feels. ...
Conservatives vent anger over 'Project Fear' Brexit attacks
Tories vent anger over 'Project Fear' Brexit attacks
Another ridiculous claim from Project Fear. The EU is playing with our money- agric is not under threat.
Pro-EU establishment already in full-panic mode with Project Fear. Let's Leave EU and run our own country!
By 23 June David Cameron's Project Fear will have destroyed quite a few trees as it pumps out propaganda . https:…
This Government Document is a fvcking disgrace..straight out of Project Fear's arsenal...
What has Europe ever done for us? Prefer this to depressing reruns of 'Project Fear'
a group that "YOU called Project Fear" says Andrew to Nicola Sturgeon. No Andrew, that's what t…
Frank Roy is Labour's camapaign manager for Holyrood?. Are there enough Galaxy bars* in Scotland?. *Project Fear, Joe Pike
Reading Joe Pike's 'Project Fear' on Better Together. 1 gem is that BT head office didn't know Orkney isn't connected to m…
You need to read Project Fear by Joe Pike. A backstage pass to the Better Together campaign
Work by a student of Project Fear: Fearless Initiative for Recovery and Empowerment @ Hyde Park Art…
My review of "Project Fear": I just wish somebody would write a similar book about
Great to see today author of the best political book of the year, Project Fear, on sale at conference bookstall
On the Project Fear movie trailer? Aye. And I was Corbyn, Rennie, Ruth, Andy Burnham, Corbyn, Cameron, Ken Mac and Robertson.
Today's courtesy of mindful Let go of fear-
So, Project X Zone 2 will not be featuring THE iDOLMBUT! Do not fear. There's still time for some news!
"The more important a project is to your soul's evolution, the more you'll resist it." via
MSM doing best to make sure bump is minor. Related to Satan it seems in the r w project fear comics masquerading as newspapers.
Fear of arrest is why every science project I ever turned in was a wasps nest.
Project Fear II, not seen this much bias since the The UK media is making an absolute show of itself, again http…
. WM should be starting to realise it's going to happen sooner rather than later. Project Fear has no place in Scotland anymore.
Create an environment of vigilant fear, act surprised and aghast when a kid's project sets it off.
My biggest fear is that someday Kanye will read my Kanye project because if he hated it my existence would be meaningless and futile
in murikkka, a child making a school project better not also be name Ahmed...
Looks like Jezza is getting the full Project Fear monstering by Ch4 News Michael Crick & BBC Allegra Stratton over a hospitalised cameraman.
Political class are freaking out cos the only thing that can beat project fear is project hope h…
I thought Project fear was bad enough last year until I see what's being thrown at Corbyn after just 3 days as leader!
"How far would you go to save the region you love?". Project Fear: Rise of the Separatists -
Project Fear II has already begun. Expect us. We never lose. We win, or we learn.
The trailer for the film that's probably no based on the book. Project Fear: Rise of the Separatists -
.Truthout: 'Jeremy Corbyn's Victory Is a Political Bombshell for the UK' Its project fear 2.0 at
Fear of 14-year old science project... Student Builds Clock - Cuffed for Bomb Hoax
my project i'm doing along side my paper because Lit class is so easy . it's for H.P Lovecraft's The Lurking Fear
Join and in an evening celebrating recovery, community, and choosing love over fear...
Catch up on my interview with And pre-order
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They did exactly the same a year ago with Scots : Project Fear and then again with SNP / Sturgeon
Supporting the arrest of a child with a science project? How pathetic. Fear monger much?
The manipulation by media/Gov has people seeing bogey men at every corner. A major Project Fear. 😱
Kudos to the for challenging the anti-Project Fear.
Hey right wing, your fear-mongering anti-Muslim rhetoric got a kid arrested for a science project. Hope you're happy.
Imagine being part of 'project fear'? Being part of team Tories? Having to talk down your countries potential. *** mend t…
Jesus. Project Fear is now resorting to tarnishing the memory of Clement Attlee to persuade voters to reject Corbyn. They r…
The election trail is getting messy -- looks like Project Fear again
No analysis from Treasury is independent - stop re-running Project Fear & try saying something positive about Scotland
correct! Unless you are a unionist or unionist media outlet. Then NS is the wicked witch. Project Fear -The Return!
That tangible fear, when facing a dream project, typically indicates you are on the right track.
I think you have to be able to give voice to a project in order to manifest it. moving past fear of failure is huge.
I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of ***
Hi Not new, but just found it refreshing to see how clear Project Fear was to others outside UK.
So, the next time Hollywood spikes a project out of fear of upsetting a pressure group or their best pals, remind them of The Interview.
Senator Barry Goldwater - this is one of the reasons why they don't want disclosure. Planes being shot down = Fear.
It’s those that project things and help it gain traction with ambiguous comments like “oh wow look, that’s bad”. Those are the ones I fear.
and be totally clear. Project Fear was what Blair coined the No campaign. Nothing to do with yes.
project fear won't work in May. More Scots are waking up to the lies.
you should be very proud, Blair. Project Fear worked a treat... You won. Merry Xmas
or maybe it was your proud Project Fear that scared them into voting. You MUST be proud of that tactic...
I admit it: the man who coined Project Fear label | Herald Scotland via
Stakeholders in the Shepparton Court re-development fear they'll continue to have little input on the $73M dollar project.
She actually isn't very secure in her own abilities, and chose to not undergo the trials on Kylani for fear of failing.
"My desire to create grew bigger than my fear of failure and that's when the project began"
But looking back I think the person was warning me about looking at myself with fear and uneasiness. Don't project that on yourself
Psychological term "projection" is used for those who project certain traits to others , out of fear of acknowledging them w/in themselves☝️
"No voters should look at the people they sided with and feel profound shame"
this is actually a very good idea, and something i've considered, but I fear spending too much overall time on each project if I do
How about reigniting the Pyongyang project now that we're not cowed by fear anymore?
Yes of course. And there was project fear. Hang on that didn't really exist did it-
you sound right out the fkn Project Fear handbook
The fear of failing has caused many people to fail before they attempt to start let a lone finish the project.
I never had kids for fear bad parenting was hereditary! So I project 'best mum' onto the animals .
Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing. We Want SarahG&LycaG In One Project
The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. We Want SarahG&LycaG In One Project. Lyca The Future OPM Royalty
Getting closure on a creative project is a high priority now, ... More for Virgo
Often, what we fear has already happened, in this life or past lives. We project our fears into the future, but they are …
No, we try to project all animals because they all can experience fear and pain
Why is that first project so important?
Fear of heights..?!. The 'wow project': first look at the new glass floor installed in Tower Bridge
The project was born out of fear, is destined to fail and is unable to respond to a rapidly changing globalised world. Time for
PROJECT STEAL BITCOIN. Slow Clap. Director: John Reed. It's a tale about love, fear and.
Project Fear and the Vow killed our independence, but only because media beamed them into every home.
It seems that many project managers and architects fear senior developers and not trust them as they seems to fear to l…
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Despite a project fear that would have made Better Together sound reasonable, Catalonia says yes! And by some margin. Congratulations.
Planning my final project for my design class at SCAD. Can not believe the quarter is almost over already! Fear and Loathing it is!
Procrastination is a form of fear. Dive into that project you have been avoiding and take it one step at a time. You can do it!
Me: didn't sleep last night. Prof: working on the project?. M: fear of death. P: oh. M: actually, it was the project. And the fear of death.
I fully back Ed in his journey to oblivion
so apparently Batman can astral project ...great, now i'm tempted to embrace my fear of OBE's and try it again -.-
I am grateful I've never experienced impostor syndrome in tech. That's a privilege. But I do experience fear working on my own project.
"You won't figure out anything if you give in to fear." - The Maze Runner
It would appear that Project Fear hasn't penetrated the Spanish market just yet. They won't take long to teach those pesky Catalans a lesson
The Many the unknown. When you promote a healthy curiosity, it leads to acceptance.
The Politics of Fear Project:NB. Also: Do MPs really care about the via
My 14yo's science project is to test bacteria levels on hands of frequent vs infrequent iPad users. I fear the results.
The diff is non-trivial and I worry that a project like indie has gotten the illness rather misdiagnosed, and I fear for the 'cure'[3/]
Subscribe to my new webcomic project. A surreal mystery thriller inspired by twin peaks and fear and loathing.
Dear Alex, you were right all along and Project Fear was wrong. Scotland did keep the pound - and our British citizenship.
Control by fear breeds hate, hating people=>slaves, millennial project to reduce all to slavery nears completion.
You don't know true fear until your wifi connection is gone and you have a project due.
Just had a nightmare that I had to do a project for Sandy Padwe on a book I didn't read. The fear was real.
COD Advance Warfare has me now. They will fear Varkervis The God's Bane
Thank you so much for all recent follows have a great day . I love it
When growing up in Escambia Arms Project's, It really baffled me to see the control and fear that my Uncle Walter...
“The Fear Project by looks so good . Downloading now
"Fear only exists when you do not understand that you have the power to project thought and that the Universe will respond…
Was sitting in peace doing my project and then I looked up and was met with my silliest fear...…
When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.
You do know that your comment is a completely un-researched, uneducated, ill-informed load of RW twaddle…
Seem to remember Project Fear said that if Scotland renegaded on UK debt share it would affect it's credit rating
Post-referendum, we keep the Three Amigos, they of the now dissolving vow, rule by Bullingdon Club, and nuclear weapons. Alex Salmond departs. Project Fear was successful and older and wealthier Scotland was successfully mobilised to thwart the hopes of young and poor Scotland. Many hundreds of thousands have learned the power of collective organising and action and, if they remain resolute, can reach out to many of those who were duped into voting No. Austerity and war on the poor and vulnerable will continue and will not exempt many who voted No.
Do people think Tariq is right? Project Fear and the Scottish Vote by TARIQ ALI "Unionists of every stripe from the Orange Lodges to Tories and Labourist all sorts will be delighted with Scottish results. The United Kingdom has been saved. They won by 400,000 votes. Not a great triumph but a victory nonetheless and a defeat for the independence movement. I’ll wait for the detailed breakdown of age, gender, class before commenting on these aspects, but the story isn’t over. Their victory was made possible by Project Fear that required a media campaign of ferocious intensity that even Goebbels might have admired. It was reminiscent of the recent offensives in South America, but there our side won despite 99 percent media opposition. Here, too, the media was backed by a violent corporate campaign–with bankers in the lead— and all the mainstream parties. Despite this the independence vote was almost 45 percent and Glasgow and Dundee had majorities for independence. How short memories are in these tim ...
I would like to encourage those of you who voted for social change and a fairer society to be the change you want to see. Don't give up. Here's some ideas: First up - here's a vitally important URL: write to your MP / MSP and demand the trident be removed. If there is another rally against it, i will be there. With flowers in my hair. - ask them what they are doing to protect our NHS - hug a nurse / doctor / auxiliary - well, don't, but support them. We have astonishing free healthcare. Stop moaning about it. - If you can afford private healthcare, kindly use it and leave the NHS to those who need it - Donate regularly to foodbanks. They don't just need food, they also need toiletries and the occasional luxury items - Lobby your MP / MSP to put a stop, a FULL STOP to sanctions. - Ask your MP what they're doing to bring jobs to Scotland. - VOTE VOTE VOTE - make your vote count every.single.time - support small businesses - I plan to turn my back on the organisations who took part in Project Fear. I will m ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Bitterly, bitterly disappointed. Well done Project Fear, you managed to beat down what was the most exciting and...
I just voted against David Cameron and the Bullingdon Club, Gordon Brown the financer of the Iraq war & evil Tony Blair, Lord George Robertson, the Orange Order, UKIP racists, Obama, Sirs Bob Geldof and Paul McCartney, the BBC & dirty Nick Robinson, George Galloway, nuclear weapons of mass extermination, the UK newspaper industry, Project Fear, Trinny & Susannah, RBS, Standard Life, the Scottish landed gentry, liar Nick Robinson (twice), Conservative Friends of Israel including David Cameron, Labour Friends of Israel including Ed Miliband, Lib Dem Friends of Israel including Nick somebody or other, the Spanish & Australian governments, Jimmy Savile & Margaret Thatcher (posthumously). I feared I would inadvertently break David Cameron's heart, support ISIS, a Russian invasion of Scotland, Kim Jong Un, Waitrose prices at Asda, economic meltdown, increased poverty for pensioners, the Ebola virus, a plague of boils & the death of the first born. On balance...even if Project Fear wins. .. it feels so good.
When a government resorts to tyranny in order to control the electorate you know it has failed. The attempts to scare the Scots into voting No are just that. Tyranny. The Project Fear campaign has been spearheaded by a cruel, unreasonable and arbitrary use of power to control. The Westminster government has acted against its own people, the Scots, by attempting to frighten the living daylights out of the referendum electorate. Rather than give them credible information in order to make an informed decision they have used verbal violence on a grand scale and have leaned on big business to add a new dimension to the fear factor. I was aware that they had called themselves Project Fear, but never for one minute did I think they would stoop as low as they have done. Can you imagine the psychological damage being done to those vulnerable people who are being made to fear for their future through claims that make headlines but are often discredited within hours of them being given mainstream exposure by media o ...
Wee Ginger Dug « Biting the hand of Project Fear « Page 2 . click on arresting ronnie kray
boycott BP, ASDA ,John Lewis and other corporate fascists joining Project Fear to scare people to vote No to freedom and democracy
Kenyon Wright on Project Fear: we now need interdependent independence | Herald Scotland via
To date I haven't said a thing about the referendum, I've liked this or that in other posts and would have been compelled to hit "dislike" in here on a number of occasions such is the misinformation being peddled by BOTH sides. But nonetheless I am voting Yes and here is why. You've got a friend or relative in a relationship, a partnership, a union. They announce they want to leave. If the best their partner can do is say "Well okay but you're not getting the kids, the house, the car, the big TV" then they have already lost the argument, they have not given one positive reason for staying. And in the most part that has been the tactics of the Better Together campaign. On June 23 2013 The Sunday Herald claimed that privately some of the No campaigners within Better Together have indeed been calling it Project Fear and that is exactly what it is. It has been a campaign about what we may lose, what we wont get, I haven't heard one compelling positive bit of reasoning from them and that in itself is testament ...
The week that put victory firmly within the Yes camp's grasp Iain Macwhirter Columnist Sunday 31 August 2014 The Yes campaign surprised itself last week. Though they would never admit it, many supporters had settled into a defeatist rut, consoling themselves that they had run the best campaign but in the end could not break through the default unionism of the "mainstream media" and its promotion of Project Fear. Well, that's all changed. A Yes victory is now absolutely possible and we really could be living in the early days of that better nation. The only question is whether this extraordinary grass-roots campaign - the first truly "bottom up" political movement I have had the privilege to witness - really has the will to win, to press home its advantage. What made the difference? Well, clearly Alex Salmond's victory in the second televised debate with Alistair Darling on Monday was a defining moment. It was not just that the First Minister found his form - actually he was still only firing on three cyli ...
Why have the newspapers buried Alex Salmond's victory? British Establishment are terrified. Project Fear's biting them on…
Fear not—here are tips for eliminating fear in your team:
Why is it that women are harder to move to yes ? I am inclined to believe that it has to do with either biological or social or both conditioning to concern over security. The yes campaign is positive it doesn't concentrate on fear in contrast to the negative project fear campaign. Perhaps yes should explain the fear aspect of voting no that security is actually more with yes and that there is everything to be worried about if the result (god forbid) was no after the 18 sept ? Any ideas ?
You have to applaud Project Fear. With their constant threat of "consequences" they have made afraid one of the bravest…
"opponents make sensationally exaggerated false allegations about a project w/o any fear of reprisal" - Gwen Morgan
might be something to do with Project Fear discovering that Scots voters aren't Fearties.
Is this a real and verifiable figure of £6bn? Or should I file it as project fear?
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Don't listen to the pish spouted by project fear! It's as much my pound as it is osbournes
So Project Fear has frighten people with "minimal education" into thinking a Yes vote is too much of a risk
Complicated Indie economic issues are being used by rUK to ‘create confusion’ and help with the project fear process.
If project fear is convincing voters to hesitate & vote No; fight fire with fire; explain the disaster of a NO vote!
Obviously an editorial not controlled by Project Fear
. Stop being the rag of Project Fear.
If you read most independent experts, Scots currency best option. Salmond didn't think he could sell it to Scots electorate. Project Fear?
I hope he leaves, purely for his own safety now. I fear he may be your next project if he doesn't.
well polls have been wrong before. No pollster has asked my opinion as of yet. Difficult to fight project fear.
After the No vote cue the Nationalist hysteria 'FIX, Project Fear, LIES'. Or maybe Scots just preferred to stay in the UK?
Can anyone help with examples of tree pits with frames around them - need to show work & council support as part of project…
Indeed. I find the strongest motivation for finishing any project to be the lingering fear of getting run over by a bus.
Planning for the Project Fear Haunted House 2014 has officially began!
Today u will hear project fear threatening job losses if we voteno + the yes campaign telling us how jobs will b created in iscot
The Best of the Best: Vote No Borders, the UK Treasury and Project Fear: Weekly Review
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Everyone Should Watch this to get rid of the Doubts that the 'Better Together' project Fear has thrust on us all...
Or will I close my heart, project fear instead of extending love, judge others, and thus bind myself to fear?
Robin Williams on the Scots. Supreme. A sad, sad loss.
Is this letter a conspiracy to project Al Qaeda is bettr than ISIS?.
Project Fear is real mate I saw it with my own eyes, bordering on the occult i promise you!
I am ashamed of my involvement with project fear and will work till i drop to ensure a yes vote to redeem myself!
Desert Horror Story: Campus -- The fear is real. Watch and share our latest project.
What are Project Fear's plans A to Z in an Indy Scot? Be honest to No voters. This is more important.
Project Fear in full flow right now tonight.
Scottish secretary doesn't condemn the existence of food banks. Labours Jackie Baillie joining in on Project Fear
I've seen what Project Fear is about:th issue of money & EU membership,but these attacks r far from th actual truth & they know it
Truly. Learning to see our kids (and one another) as we are, not as who we imagine, fear or project into being is a worthy goal.
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