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Professor Stephen Hawking

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Professor Stephen Hawking awarded Honorary Freedom of the City of London
Professor Stephen Hawking calls for Jeremy Corbyn to stand down as leader, claiming he is a "disaster" for the party. h…
I added a video to a playlist Professor Stephen Hawking Q and A
Wise words from Professor Stephen Hawking at the
Catch Alien Mysterious overnight at 01:30 with Professor Stephen Hawking and billionaire alien hunter.
Stephen Hawking is an incredible man with an incredible mind. Happy 75th Birthday, Professor.
Just watched The Theory Of Everything. Such an amazing film, also made me honoured that I have seen Professor Stephen Hawking in Cambridge
"Stephen Hawking is the Donald Trump of AI" - my CS professor 😂😂😂
My astronomy professor went to stephen hawking's birthday party how cool is that
Professor Stephen Hawking CBE will be opening nasen Live 2017 by video link! Will you be there? Get your ticket now
Technically, it makes sense, considering his last name is Hawking.
Professor Stephen Hawking was, I felt embarrassed when a lady friend looked at me like I was so DUMB after I asked, "Who is he?".
Just heard Professor Stephen Hawking is unwell and unable to make this week's public lecture in Oxford. Here's to a very speedy recovery.
It's Stephen Hawking's birthday today! Here's Eddie talking about meeting Professor Hawking during the filming of "The Th…
Professor Stephen Hawking wants to say be careful of Mr Boris Johnson he has committed crimes on a war scale for Nazis.
We're excited to confirm that Professor Stephen Hawking CBE will open with video intro
Happy Birthday Professor Hawking, you are an inspiration to us all!
Happy birthday to professor Stephen Hawking, who turns 75 today!
Happy birthday to Professor Stephen Hawking, who is 75 today, and on Pink Floyd's Keep Talking and Talkin' Hawkin':
given a choice between Stephen Hawking & the fictional bible, I trust the professor EVERY time
Professor Stephen Hawking makes excellent points why we need to rethink our relationship with money after
'Every aspect of our lives will be transformed' - Professor Stephen Hawking:
I just uploaded “Professor Stephen Hawking 75th Birthday Fireworks Display to
Professor Stephen Hawking contacted Ant and Dec after that controversial sketch
Professor Stephen Hawking says humanity has less than 1000 years left until extinction
Professor Stephen Hawking: Humanity will not survive another 1,000 years if we don’t escape our planet
Fantastic talk yesterday listening to a great scholar Professor Stephen Hawking…
Hear Professor Stephen Hawking speak on 1st November at
Professor Stephen Hawking will be presenting the closing keynote at Future Decoded Day 1.
It was a great privilege to hear Professor Stephen Hawking speak earlier today at Imperial College on the physics o…
When did retire from boxing and become Professor Stephen Hawking's minder?
Professor Stephen Hawking pulls out of charity event over ‘ill health’
Professor Stephen Hawking to present keynote at this year's Future Decoded. Registered yet?
I wish I was going to the 'an evening with Professor Stephen Hawking' event today😭😭
Professor Stephen Hawking will be here today tapi sebelum register Imperial lagi event dh full.
Question is, on a scale of Joey Essex to Professor Stephen Hawking, how thick should gravy be?
Professor Hawking devised an ingeniously simple experiment to prove whether time travel to the past was possible...
Pleased to announce that Professor Stephen Hawking. Have you registered yet?
Professor Stephen Hawking has pulled out of appearing at a brain injury conference in today due to ill…
I just saw Professor Stephen Hawking in an ad for a luxury car. I put it to you that he does not actually drive this vehicle.
Future Decoded 2016 – Professor Stephen Hawking to present closing keynote on day one
Professor Stephen Hawking Is Jaguar's Latest 'British Villain' - just saw on BBC America, check it out!
Register now for & experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, a speech by Professor Stephen Hawking
So excited to be apart of with headliner Professor Stephen Hawking!!!
Professor Stephen is in a This is must-see
For the famous British Theoretical Physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking, alien life is real.
Professor Stephen Hawking to be keynote speaker at Microsoft’s event in London…
Legendary theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking will be sharing his views on at
Professor Stephen Hawking is our keynote speaker for the business day at See you there!
Looking forward to listening to Professor Stephen Hawking at in a few weeks courtesy of at
Ooh.. a chance to see Professor Stephen Hawking speak for free at
can't someone, you know, sort out this Brexit mess? preferably not a politician. Professor Stephen Hawking maybe? He seems quite clever.
University of Surrey Professor and BBC presenter receives Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication
Cambridge professor photographed on pedophile's private island. Elite circle and a favorite isle for
Professor Stephen Hawking announced as a keynote speaker for :-) How exciting, cant wait! h…
Professor Stephen Hawking considers Brexit voters to be a contributing factor to the self-destruction of humanity. https:…
Says the man who makes George. W. Bush look like Professor Stephen Hawking
..-will you listen to Professor Stephen Hawking when he asks for an independent inquiry?. ht…
As a favour to me could you suggest to the Committee that Sir Andrew Wiles and Professor Stephen Hawking collect a NP for +
Professor Stephen Hawking says stupidity (I agree) still is the biggest threat to humanity.
Professor Stephen Hawking warns of rogue robot rebellion evolving faster than humans
"Its scientifically proven. You absolutely can't go wrong with Disney" - Professor Stephen Hawking
There's a synopsis of Professor Stephen Hawking's latest paper on in at
"While there is life,. there is hope.". - Professor Stephen Hawking
Professor Stephen Hawking, the world’s smartest man, cal... via
"Spreading out may be the only thing that saves us from ourselves" - Professor Stephen Hawking speaking at
Professor Stephen Hawking will be honoured with a concert that features Queen’s Brian May and Hans Zimmer.
Had no idea an Icarus mission was in process in Stevenage! Professor Stephen Hawking is next on the bill htt…
Professor Stephen Hawking delivers an exclusive pre-recorded talk especially for
My mate is following Professor Stephen Hawking on next! Check it out !
Professor Stephen Hawking, centre, at the May Ball Fayre at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 1963.
Can you think like a genius? Professor Stephen Hawking thinks you can:
The Reith Lectures, Professor Stephen Hawking: Black Holes, Black holes ain't as black as they are painted.
The Reith Lectures, Professor Stephen Hawking: Black Holes, Do black holes have no hair?
Don't forget to tune into Professor Stephen Hawking's at 9:30pm this evening!:
Happy 74th birthday to an astoundingly accomplished humanist: Professor Stephen Hawking!
Looking forward to tomorrow's Reith Lecture by Stephen Hawking at the Royal Institution. Anyone else going?
Professor Stephen Hawking talking. . A Global Goals Message to all of us.
This time last year Eddie Redmayne was mesmorizing us as Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.
Tech is increasing inequality - MIT professor, Stephen Hawking say.
Spend 2 minutes, and listen to what Professor Stephen Hawking has to say
my brothers mate got ran over by Professor Stephen Hawking. *** didn't even say sorry.
Professor Stephen Hawking has revealed in an interview with the BBC that he believes, “The development of full...
Stephen Hawking says AI could spell the end of the human race: Professor Stephen Hawking has revealed in an i...
Best actor ...of professor stephen Hawking une year . The theory of everything.
Why Professor Stephen Hawking has the only free ticket to
We need everyone to . A very important message from Professor Stephen Hawking about the htt…
I wonder if Professor Stephen Hawking drinks tea...
Stephen Hawking now reading. I was recommended from professor of university🌏
Mon PM shout out 2 Kev & & team . More solutions than Professor Stephen Hawking. (Who once did a vocal on a…
Fotoset: sandandglass: Professor Stephen Hawking believes Zayn might still be in One Direction - in a...
"Professor Stephen Hawking in his wheelchair in front of university buildings, Cambridge, 1977. . Photo Ian Berry.
Hawking: 'nomadic aliens could wipe us out': Professor Stephen Hawking has warned that hostile extraterrestria...
Global Goals Message from Professor Stephen Hawking (I carried him up a flight of stairs once...)
I wonder if Professor Stephen Hawking has applied for I wonder what rate he gets or would get?
Got this from Professor Stephen Hawking. Please watch, listen and pass it on .
Professor Stephen Hawking your moon is broke I was told it would be big and red I want a refund
Find out why Stephen Hawking needs your help
“‘Colonize planets to save the human race’ – Professor Stephen all white ppl know …
I just liked "Professor Stephen Hawking asks everyone to support the Global Goals" on
dear you got a very important message from Professor Stephen Hawking
professor stephen hawking talking about how he believes that zayn is still in 1d in a different universe I love this h…
A personalized massage from Professor Stephen Hawking to Louis about the . I'm literally…
"A personalised message from Professor Stephen Hawking to the world's influencers about the *SCREAMS*
Professor Stephen Hawking one of the most powerful people in science asked Louis Tomlinson from One Direction to help on
Check out the message from Professor Stephen Hawking:
Hamilton Collection
"I am aware of the preciousness of time." Global Goals Message from Professor Stephen Hawking via
I liked a video Global Goals Message from Professor Stephen Hawking
Well, if Brian's an *** it's only due to getting knocked down by Professor Stephen Hawking 😂
Professor Stephen Hawking has a Global Goals request for you
Have you heard Professor Stephen Hawking's message for the world? Watch it here:
On August 24, Professor Stephen Hawking presented a new theory about black holes at Stockholm’s KTH Royal Institut…
Professor Stephen Hawking has outlined a new theory about black holes
Professor Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire back $100 million quest to find ET . . . . by 2025 ! zz.
New hunt for alien life: Professor Stephen Hawking and Russian billionaire back $100 ... -
Administrator Bolden met with Professor Stephen Hawking today to discuss our
BREAKING - Professor Stephen Hawking has had his disability benefits stopped after he was spotted doing keepie uppies in hi…
Today I learned that Queen Elizabeth II, Professor Stephen Hawking, Stephen Fry and Professor Richard Dawkings are all big Doctor Who fans.
Stephen Hawking... Professor, genius and stand up comedian 😅
Wait, Zayn Malik COULD be back in One Direction in another universe? Professor Stephen Hawking has the answers...
Good news for One Direction fans: Zayn Malik could still be in 1D, according to Professor Stephen Hawking
Professor Stephen Hawking comforts fans saying Zayn could still be in the band in another universe
Professor Stephen Hawking answered this Zayn/1D question so eloquently 😂👌🏻.
Hologram Stephen Hawking visits Australia with TelePresence A hologram of professor Stephen Hawking graced the st…
You are always a genius and a funny man, Professor Stephen Hawking! Wooo, idol!
'Zayn is still in One Direction' – Stephen Hawking's brilliant answer to concerned 1D question: The 73 year old professor swaps talk...
Professor Stephen Hawking reveals is 'still in
Professor Stephen Hawking reveals Zayn is 'still in
Stephen Hawking: "Zayn Malik is still in One Direction (albeit in a parallel universe)":
Professor Stephen Hawking with good news for 1D fans
And the others professor lol ? Stephen Hawking tells fans Zayn Malik could still be in a parallel One Direction
Professor Stephen Hawking gives his backing to Labour
Professor Stephen Hawking talks One Direction and alternative universes at hologram Q&A
Professor Stephen Hawking applies to to his name
"Professor Stephen Hawking is backing the academic boycott of Israel by pulling out of a conference hosted by...
Stephen Hawking, former Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge and author of A Brief...
The idaho brahmin is showing that today will be known as the knowledge that he does – professor stephen hawking.
Watched and mind blowned by Stephen Hawking's story in Theory of Everything. avid fan of yours Professor
I'm with you on this one, Professor Hawking.
Eddie Redmayne deserved the Oscar of best male actor...amazing portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking.. Left me in awe !
Professor Stephen Hawking is one of the most famous and remarkable scientists of our age and the aut
If Professor Stephen Hawking says preserve NHS from Commercial Interests -that's good enough for me!
Just finished watching The Theory of Everything. Wow what an amazing film about Professor Stephen Hawking's life...
Referring to Professor Stephen Hawking “He is exceptional,” Nigel Leigh, a professor of clinical neurology at...
professor Stephen hawking with a steel drum and kazoo?
Here's Stephen Hawking on empathy. He's one helluva smartypants. “The human failing I would most like to correct...
Jesus Christ said this over 2000 years ago - seems Professor Hawking needs to read a book!
Alan Turing & Stephen Hawking are two GREAT examples of the UK's innovative legacy:
"During the tour, which included the double helix, Adaeze asked Professor Hawking what of our common shortcomings...
"Milo will petition Cambridge to make a biopic about Eddie Redmayne, starring Professor Stephen Hawking."
Stephen Hawking praises Eddie Redmayne's Oscar win: "I'm very proud of you!" - actor portrayed the professor.
Good to see Professor Stephen Hawking down at Millwall vs Sheff Weds last night. Here's his match report -
It was a privilege to host Prof Stephen Hawking and this week: http:/…
Professor: whats the name of that scientist in the wheelchair?. Girl in class: Professor X. Professor: no,the real life one, Stephen Hawking 😒
Watching the Theory of Everything finally, and I can't believe Stephen Hawking was taught by Professor Lupin.
The Theory of Everything is an excellent film. Gave me a new insight into one of my heroes, Professor Stephen Hawking.
My math professor is in a wheelchair and kinda reminds me of Stephen Hawking and today he said the most amazing thing
Vincent Kompany is having about as much of an effect on Man City as Professor Stephen Hawking would at the minute.
Stephen Hawking congratulates Eddie Redmayne on Best Actor win at Oscars as he is also nominated in Empire Awards:
Keep on living Professor the world needs you!
Professor Stephen Hawking loves his new Celestron telescope & posts some stunning images he took himself.
The Theory of Everything was sooo good. 👍 Eddie Redmayne at his very best. Superb! And hats off to Professor Stephen Hawking 🎬
The quality I would most like 2 magnify is empathy. It brings us together in a peaceful, loving state Stephen Hawking
Our patron Professor Stephen Hawking takes to to congratulate Eddie Redmayne on his Oscar.
Eddie Redmayne left gutted as Professor Hawking was banned from attending
Photoset: Professor Stephen Hawking poses with Benedict Cumberbatch and Eddie Redmayne on the set of the...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Following public demand, professor Stephen Hawking did the charity Ice Bucket challenge today, and then nominated. "Ftz."
He did indeed. More on his visit here
This is Royalqueen607 Blog: Eddie Redmayne dedicates his BAFTA awards to Professor Stephen Hawking
Eddie played our patron Professor Stephen Hawking who he said has lived his life 'passionately, fully and with great humour.'…
A very Happy 72nd Birthday to you Professor Stephen Hawking! We're privileged to have you here in Cambridge :)X http:/…
Eddie Redmayne shines as Professor Stephen Hawking in this moving biopic The Theory Of Everything.
VIDEO: Hawking film premieres in London - The famous physicist Professor Stephen Hawking is to attend the premiere...
Sent to: Prime Minister, George Osborne, Cabinet Office, Dorset Eye, Ed Miliband Subject: GREAT News About The Economy! Prime Minister. I am pleased to be able to report that I have the solution to the Chancellor's financial woes, and your Eurosceptic problem, all inspired by this article: you can see, we have been looking at the universe all wrong, so what is required is an education programme that encourages the general public to acquire the same method of thinking as that used by quantum physicists and applied mathematicians all over the world. As you can see, this would enable the Treasury to completely redefine the existence of the universe, just as they have already done with food and fuel poverty, which the esteemed Professor Stephen Hawking will confirm is perfectly legitimate, because the universe only exists because we want it to. It has taken huge amounts of government money to enable Hawking and his colleagues to arrive at this conclusion that so very many ordinary people will doubtless rus .. ...
Professor Stephen Hawking is getting an upgrade to the technology that allows him to communicate. But the...
Professor Stephen Hawking has said the rise of artificial intelligence could see the human race become extinct.
Professor Stephen Hawking, the subject of the highly-acclaimed biopic The Theory of Everything, has revealed that he wouldn’t be averse to appearing ...
Quick and interesting read from Professor Stephen Hawking. Will artificial intelligence supersede humans?
Professor Stephen Hawking (pictured) is scared of AI, the Steven Spielberg film directed by Stanley Kubrick.
Professor Stephen Hawking has suggested that artificial intelligence could post a threat to the future of mankind.
Professor Stephen Hawking unveils a new system that improves his everyday tasks tenfold
domain names
Artificial intelligence could mean the end of the human race, says Professor Stephen Hawking
Professor Stephen Hawking's speedy new Intel speech system is built on Swiftkey via
Could artificial intelligence take over humans one day?Professor Stephen Hawking issues a strong warning and belief.
Stephen Hawking fears robot uprising: Professor Stephen Hawking has suggested that efforts to create th...
Professor Stephen Hawking warns that the Terminator films may not just be fantasy.
Professor Stephen Hawking has a pretty stark warning about the future.
Professor Stephen Hawking: Could Artificial Intelligence signal the end of the human race?
Subscribe to BBC News HERE Professor Stephen Hawking has told the BBC that artificial intelligence could spell the end for the human ra...
SwiftKey already helps hundreds of thousands of people with its predictive typing app, and now the company can add Professor Stephen Hawking to the list. Working with Intel over the past two years, the SwiftKey team has integrated its technology...
Professor Stephen Hawking is just AWESOME. I forgot how long ago Doctors said he was supposed to die. And still going! I see there is new movie out about his amazing life & times.. ["The Theory of Everything"], bet it makes you feel like something got in your eye. We should all overcome as well as he did. "Where there is life, there is hope." (y)
Professor Stephen Hawking is saying theoretically the Higgs Boson or the God Particle is very unstable at high energies and thinks that it's possible with a ...
Professor Stephen Hawking asks a few Great Questions about our known knowledge of universe and the universe itself, how did the even universe begin with no matter at all? How did life initiated? Are we really alone? and he argues how we might go about reacting them.
The elusive 'God particle' discovered by scientists in 2012 has the potential to destroy the universe, Professor Stephen Hawking has warned. At very high energy levels, the Higgs boson could cause space and time suddenly collapse - and 'we wouldn't see it coming', the...
MND Association patron Professor Stephen Hawking does the Ice Bucket Challenge. To donate to the Association text ICED55 £5 to 70070 or visit www.justgiving.
More than 200 celebrities including Judi Dench, Simon Cowell and Professor Stephen Hawking have called for a Scottish indep…
World Cup 2014: Stephen Hawking's theory for England victory in Brazil Professor Stephen Hawking presents his findings on the optimal conditions for England success at the World Cup in Brazil and how Steven Gerrard and team can score the perfect penalty. World-renowned physicist Professor Stephen Hawking has taken a swipe at "ballerina" Luis Suarez after producing a formula to guarantee England World Cup success in Brazil. The scientist, whose book A Brief History Of Time was a best-seller, analysed data from every tournament since 1966. He thinks prospects for Roy Hodgson's men will be improved if they get a European referee for their group stage match with Uruguay and their mercurial Liverpool striker Suarez because he reckons match officials from the northern hemisphere will be less sympathetic to his on-pitch dramatics. Prof Hawking has also come up with "a formula for the perfect penalty" - because "as we say in science, England couldn't hit a cow's *** with a banjo". Setting out his analysis, which ...
VIDEO: Professor Stephen Hawking predicts England's top World Cup scorer Professor Hawking - who has dealt with some of the most complex questions in theoretical physics- revealed whether he thinks it will be Rooney or Sturridge. BBC Newsnight has a video of his full World Cup predictions, including who should take the penalties World Cup
Professor Stephen Hawking and Dame Mary Peters will join HM in thanking for supporting disabled peopl…
2 weeks to go so on from 7 - you'll hear from Hodgson, Gerrard, Ranieri, Bilic, Ginola and Professor Stephen Hawking.
[VT & ODDS] Professor Stephen Hawking tips to be England's top scorer at WC. - htt…
It's Throwback Thursday: In 2011, Professor Stephen Hawking discusses built on the UV.
Stephen Hawking advises England footballers to 'welly it' in Paddy Power viral, Professor Stephen Hawking has lamented the England football team's...
Who needs Roy Hodgson? Professor Stephen Hawking tips Daniel Sturridge to be England's top scorer at World Cup
I met Professor Stephen Hawking at the Savoy today. He is very funny and charismatic. Check out…
"Get a runup of more than three steps. Give it some welly" Professor Stephen Hawking on penalties. Awesome
How 🇬🇧 can win the 2014 by Professor Stephen Hawking (VIDEO) via
Professor Stephen Hawking unveils just how England can win the World Cup
Professor Stephen Hawking calling Luis Suarez a "ballerina" is the highlight of my day so far:
W ill England win the Professor Stephen Hawking has the answer!
Professor Stephen Hawking's formula for the perfect penalty, via |
Daily Mail article: Professor Stephen Hawking pictured with some of our easels
To all those happy Banjo Players out there who may be looking for a new act!
"European referees are less sympathetic to ballerinas like Suarez" -Professor Stephen Hawking
Stephen Hawking: “As we say in science, England couldn’t hit a cow’s *** with a banjo”
Professor Stephen Hawking: How can win the - (via
World Cup 2014: 'England players bringing their WAGs to Brazil will have no ...
Professor Stephen Hawking's formula of the England World Cup success
dropping some advice for England in
Professor Hawking outlines the keys for an England victory in the World Cup; also, he calls Suarez a ballerina.
Step aside Hansen, Lineker and Ferdinand. This World Cup Paddy Power has teamed up the legendary theoretical physicist Professor Stephen Hawking. Here he pre...
Professor Stephen Hawking says Luis Suarez is a "ballerina" as he devises a ...
Never associated Stephen Hawking with football, but...Professor Stephen Hawking and his team have spent time working out 'The Ideal Conditions for England Success'. Temperature: Temperate climates are best. A 5C rise in temperature is expected to reduce England's chances of winning by 59%. Altitude: England are twice as likely to win when playing below 500m above sea level. Distance from home: England are 22% more likely to win when travelling short haul. Cultural differences and jet lag take their toll. Kick-off: England are creatures of habit and their chances of winning could improve by a third when starting at 15.00 local time. The evening kick-off against Italy is bad news. Formation: A confident 4-3-3 has a success rate of 58% compared to 48% when playing 4-4-2. Shirt colour: Wear red. England's success rate has been 20% higher in coloured shirts. Red makes teams feel more confident and can lead them to being perceived as more aggressive and dominant. Nationality of referee: European referees give E ...
Physics genius Professor Stephen Hawking has told Roy Hodgson that his best chances of winning the World Cup in Brazil rest on key factors like playing a 4-3-3 formation, wearing red shirts and persuading the blondest players to take the penalties.
It’s not every day you witness Professor Stephen Hawking being wheeled onto a stage to the booming tones of The Prodigy.
Professor Stephen Hawking is best known for helping to solve the mysteries of the universe.
Professor Stephen Hawking was commissioned by Paddy Power to lead a month long study into the science of England’s World Cup performances and the results pinpoint the ideal conditions for World Cup success and the best way to take a penalty. Paddy Power… [ 760 more words. ]
Address of Professor Stephen Hawking to the participants of the Global University Summit in Moscow
Professor Stephen Hawking defended the National Health Service from attacks by the American Right, claiming that he would not be alive without it.
Professor Stephen Hawking explains why the International Space Station is so vital to the future survival of humankind. LIVE FROM SPACE AIRS FRI MARCH 14 at 8P.
The Freuds Heroes Index for 2014 has been topped by three disabled people. From Able Magazine (March/April 2014) Paralympic swimmer, Ellie Simmonds came third, with Professor Stephen Hawking second behind Falklands War veteran, Simon Weston first. The nationwide research conducted by the strate...
"If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans" Quote: Professor Stephen Hawking 'Settlers' - Matt Baldwin-Ives
Professor Stephen Hawking explains how stars are made. Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking - The Story of Everything This video belongs to Discovery Commu...
Professor Stephen Hawking is featured in the latest TV ad by Save the Children giving his voice to the children of Syria. The ad tackles the worst humanitari...
Professor Stephen Hawking giving his voice to the children of Syria.
KEEP TALKING -- "For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen. Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible. Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking. It doesn't have to be like this. Our greatest hopes could become reality in the future. With the technology at our disposal, the possibilities are unbounded. All we need to do is make sure we keep talking." - Professor Stephen Hawking
Honoured to have Professor Stephen Hawking attend at 'The Simpsons and their mathematical secrets' event
In this epic, spell-binding series, Professor Stephen Hawking takes viewers on a mind-blowing journey across the universe, spanning the whole of space and time. From the awe-inspiring energy of the Big Bang to the end of time itself, this is a feast for both the eyes and the mind, using CGI to take…
Professor Stephen Hawking asks some big questions about our universe -- How did the universe begin? How did life begin? Are we alone?
Professor Stephen Hawking - the only real scientist to ever appeared on Star Trek TNG?
Professor Stephen Hawking to speak at the Annual Dinner this Saturday
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Professor Stephen Hawking, the greatest physicist of our (and maybe ALL) time: He says based on the evidence he's seen, he cannot rule out the existence of God!
Professor Stephen Hawking answers one of the most important questions facing us in the current century: how can we reduce our impact on the environment witho...
2013 Summary of the Cultural Boycott of Israel by DPAI (UK, Australia, Ireland, USA) Mira Nair This year brought with it bold public statements from Pink Floyd founder Roger Waters and acclaimed filmmaker Mira Nair that they support the cultural boycott of Israel and respect the boycott call by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). Such declarations paralleled the wide-reaching news that Professor Stephen Hawking, the renowned University of Cambridge physicist and cosmologist, had joined the academic boycott of Israel. Meanwhile, artists that had played in Israel prior to the boycott call continued to refuse to entertain apartheid. A few examples are Rage Against The Machine, Suede and Radiohead, who all played Israel in 2000, but since Palestinian Civil Society made the boycott call in 2005, all three bands have refrained. Peter Hammill also has not returned to play Israel since his concert there in 2001. January 2013: Stanley Jordan delights many of his jaz .. ...
What did Professor Stephen Hawking say after his computer crashed? . Nothing.
JUST CONFIRMED; Professor Stephen Hawking will join us for the launch event for an extra-special reveal of this year's May Ball Theme! You may have seen him in hall before, but never have we had the honour of having him address us personally. Get excited.
In a paper posted online this week Professor Stephen Hawking claimed that black holes do not exist - at least, not as we currently understand them.
Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the most brilliant minds alive
No Black Holes?? Professor Stephen Hawkings recent assumptions that "black holes do not actually exit-at least not in the way we currently perceive them" against the backdrop of Gene mechanics would reveal several things.
Mareya Shanta has written about Hawking: 'in the future brains could be separated from the body' Professor Stephen Hawking has predicted that it could be possible to preserve a mind as powerful as his on a computer - but not with technology existing today. The cosmologist, 71, said the brain operates in a similar way to a computer programme, meaning it could in theory be kept running without a body to power it. Prof Hawking was speaking after the premiere of a new biopic about his life, which he narrates himself, at the Cambridge Film Festival. Asked about whether a person's consciousness can live on after they die, he said: "I think the brain is like a programme in the mind, which is like a computer, so it's theoretically possible to copy the brain onto a computer and so provide a form of life after death. "However, this is way beyond out present capabilities. I think the conventional afterlife is a fairy tale for people afraid of the dark." The film tells the story of Prof Hawking's life, from his child ...
This class has so much potential, but the professor acts like it's a joke and just laughed at Stephen Hawking. How freaking unprofessional?
Professor Stephen Hawking, the world’s smartest man, calls into York bar
Why have I always assumed Professor . Stephen Hawking was American?!
Turns out my professor was previously at MIT, worked for CERN, was Stephen Hawking's student and was a badass in general.
Jesse eisenberg as lex luthor, aye dead on. What next, Stephen hawking as professor x...oh wait a minute
Professor Stephen Hawking in a speak at premiere of the documentary film about his life, said that brain ‘could exist outside the body’ and like a...
Imagine having Stephen Hawking as a professor? Where will my headaches come from? The topic or his synthesizer?
Professor Stephen Hawking has claimed black holes do not exist in a landmark new paper.
David Blaine meet Stephen Hawking. Magician David Blaine has paid a visit to Professor Stephen Hawking for a new TV show to air next week. The illusionist, w...
Super-bright youngsters have IQ's higher than Einstein or Hawking:.
Stephen Hawking: The Einstein Theory of Relativity: Professor Lorentz is credited by Einstein with sharing the develo
The 71-year-old hardcore-Professor, author of A Brief History of Time, said that it could be possible for the...
performing a sing-along with pupils from school with Professor Stephen Hawking!
I got...surprise, surprise...professor. I think it was destined when I chose Stephen Hawking and Scientific American
Meet the schoolchildren who are smarter than Einstein and Stephen Hawking:
Meeting Professor Stephen Hawking at a lecture in Dublin, Ireland.
Found out my physics professor did research with Stephen Hawking. Maybe that's why he can't dumb down the lecture so that I can understand.
Absolutely heartbroken, I've finished watching my Professor Stephen hawking DVDs
My world religions professor looks like Stephen Hawking.
Astronomy professor spends 5 minutes actually lecturing, the other 75 swooning over Stephen Hawking
We need something new. We can't predict what that will be or when we will find it because if we knew that, we would have found it already! By Professor Stephen Hawking.
Professor Stephen Hawking has one of the greatest minds of our time. In this video from Discovery, he throws a party and sends out invitations afterward in the hopes of attracting time travellers from the future.
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