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Professor Slughorn

The following fictional characters are staff members and denizens of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter books written by J. K.

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Professor Slughorn will be in Game of Thrones. And if this rumour is true, the role is an awesome one!
Jim Broadbent, aka Professor Slughorn, to play Marwyn the Mage for season 7 of Game of Thrones. *** Yes. I approv…
Jim "Professor Slughorn" Broadbent just said WAY too much about who he's playing on season 7.
I liked a video from Why Did Professor Slughorn Like To Collect Wizards?
House Slytherin gets so much crap but you know what- Professor Slughorn who was terrified of Voldy- stayed and fought. He could have ran.
Exciting that Professor Slughorn is the new judge on ! Magical even!
I swear Professor Slughorn is my favorite professor in all of the Harry Potter saga
"When you have seen as much of life as I have, you will not underestimate the power of obssessive love" . *** right, Professor Slughorn
"You said Professor Slughorn will try to collect me. Do you want me to let him?"
In honour of World Book Day, behold the best book-related costume: a child dressed as Professor Slughorn transfigured into…
Harry Potter fact: Professor Slughorn mentioned Rupert Grint in a reference for Ronald Weasley in the 6th book.
LOL that Professor Slughorn is the Dean in Indiana Jones
Cannot cope with how much Lord Lawson sounds like Professor Slughorn.
to go. He and his friends move towards the Gryffindor tower before Sirius says he has a detention at Professor Slughorn's.
what did Snape use his vile of Felix Felicis for when he won it from Professor Slughorn as a student when he attended Hogwarts?
I might have to start saying "merlin's beard!" like professor slughorn when I'm amazed by something
»front of the classroom waiting for the rest of the class to show as well with Professor Slughorn.
pero like that is so Professor Slughorn no?
Don't you mean Veritaserum? *tsks* Professor Slughorn would be disappointed. No Slug Club for you! 😉
The scene where Harry drinks the liquid luck potion and finds Professor Slughorn is my favorite scene bc Harry acts so goofy.
I'm going to be like professor slughorn and collect outstanding students...
In the 6th book, Professor Slughorn refers to Ron Weasley by several names, one of which is Rupert.
Horace Slughorn is the cutest professor Harry has had ever
I want a teacher like Professor Slughorn 😂😂
>study but to prepare for the next class lesson in Potions with Professor Slughorn. For once the mention of breakfast in the>
Professor Slughorn is nailing his role in London Spy though
My land law professor talks like Slughorn and makes such lame granddad jokes it's so cute-- land law is still boring tho
*i go to my classes, it was an amazing night with you, so I am kind sleepy in potion that the professor Slughorn is admired with+
How does Harry get the important memory from Professor Slughorn?
Thank you Professor Slughorn for explaining why people should join the army.
Not a fan of professor Slughorn's new wig
{Peter Pettigrew and... Peter swallowed hard at the teachers words. "B-But... Professor Slughorn! Y-You can't!". He --
"That's life. They come and then suddenly you go, poof." - Professor Slughorn
- jealous that Professor Slughorn prefers me better than you." She said with a shrug. As they approached the portrait, -
Remember when Professor Dumbledore pimped Harry out to Professor Slughorn? Sick.
Harry talking to Professor Slughorn after drinking Felix Felicis is so funny😂😂
I've always wanted the huge dish of ice cream they eat at the meeting with Professor Slughorn.
I KNOW OKAY IT *** but I can't break my soul into more pieces, Professor Slughorn--
Hangover remedies are available in the hospital wing & Professor Slughorn's office, although I suspect he may be needing…
I want to drink with Professor Slughorn
When Ron has taken the Love potion and talks to Professor Slughorn 😂
What is the exclusive club that Professor Slughorn has invited Harry and Hermione to join?
"But that's life, I suppose. You go along and then suddenly, poof!" -Professor Slughorn, HP6
"Though your body will decay, your spirit lingers on" -Professor Slughorn
Lol at the funeral hagrid Harry and professor slughorn held for the arachnid aragog
This movie has professor slughorn, bill and mrs. weasley omg bless
My pet nice Harry (black) and Professor Horace Slughorn (ginger) enjoy lunch together. Or maybe they're praying.
~after what seems to be weeks for Sirius, it ends. Professor Slughorn, however, stops his students before they leave.~
In Bridget Jones' Diary her parents are professor slughorn and Moaning Myrtle, no wonder she turned out so weird
Has anyone ever noticed that in the movie version of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Professor Slughorn is wearing academic regalia?
one of my professors is just like professor slughorn and I love it
All I see is Professor Slughorn tootling around in an office in a wicked hat with a giant stuffed peacock.
"You see, Professor Slughorn possesses something that I greatly desire, something that he will not give up easily.". o.o
Hello! On HP, will Professor Slughorn said he would like to teach Sirius Black? Because it's an answer on a society game. Thx!
Harry just because of that! What does a Patronus on the march, and square... even before Dumbledore died, he got from Professor Slughorn.
professor slughorn is not a bad guy AT ALL i feel for him loads
4. She gets so excited when Harry invites her (as friends) to Professor Slughorn’s party
time to talk. Taking a sip from his pumpkin juice he stood up, his next class was potions. With Professor Slughorn there >
It's weird seeing professor Slughorn as a normal muggle on normal television.
1>Professor Slughorn walked around the classroom, ignoring the failed concoctions of his students. He stopped at
*I smile and open my books as Professor Slughorn enters the classroom.*
Gotta love a professor who disguises himself as a cushy armchair. Time to meet Slughorn in the Harry Potter Reread:
I have the nicest train conductor today, he found me a seat alone ☺️ who happens to look and speak like Jim Broadbent (Professor Slughorn)
- on his best impression of Professor Slughorn, watching James' smirk dip into a frown as Peter doubles over with the force of-
"We're living in mad times! Mad times I tell you!" - Marco Rubio giving his best Professor Slughorn from Harry Potter & the HBP
"if a monster existed, it was buried deep within" -Professor Slughorn
I just heard from Professor Slughorn that they found those cadavers. Looks like they were just misplaced. . .not stolen.
14th September 1996: Professor Slughorn hosts the first Slug Club dinner of the year.
September 14, 1996: The first Slug Club dinner is held, hosted by Professor Slughorn.
Is Jim Broadbent actually playing Professor Slughorn in and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull?
Professor Slughorn from Harry Potter also plays a professor in Indiana Jones bet u didn't know that!!!
Professor Slughorn recognizes Ginny as "Ms Weasley" but insists on calling Ron "Wallenby" the whole movie
Most people would frown upon Professor Slughorn's late night "slumber parties".
There's this one American who looks like Professor Umbridge and a Russian who looks like Profeasor Slughorn
I call Professor Slughorn on Ed Oxenbould; that kid will be hosting a daytime show by the time he's 19.
There's something very disturbing about Professor Slughorn.
Professor Slughorn - character in Harry Potter and new name for my willy.
Paddington: starring the Earl of Grantham, Molly Weasley, Dumbledore, Dolores Umbridge, Professor Slughorn, Virginia Woolf, and The Doctor.
Horace Slughorn is the most forgettable Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.
Professor Slughorn has a special place in my heart 💘
Professor slughorn is that professor at hogwarts that you could have a beer or ten with
Am I the only one who thinks Professor Slughorn having students over for a dinner party is a little weird and creepy?
"Liquid Luck. One sip and you will find that all your endeavors succeed." - Professor Slughorn
I want to take a class with professor slughorn
Professor Slughorn legitimately makes me sad
Professor Slughorn is a sketchy dude😳
Professor Slughorn is playing a killer game of Pokémon... gotta catch 'em all!
Professor Slughorn is a good potions master, but is better.
I expect all of my students to do great things so I can "collect" you like Professor Slughorn.
*Professor Slughorn, in a fit of annoyance from what happened, dismisses class early and I gather my things and stand up. I--
--angry Professor Slughorn glaring right at you and Peter.*
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Did teachers really used to dress in them stoopid hats an cloaks? They look like Professor Slughorn out of Harry Potter XD
December 20, 1996: Professor Horace Slughorn hosts a Christmas party in his office for his favourite students and other assoc…
~ had to run and get it. She apologised to Professor Slughorn who really didnt seem to care and she looked around. The only ~
professor Slughorn is the most demanding professor in Harry Potter besides snape
Hmm, well, alright. I suppose we can do this in stages. But I get to play Professor Slughorn when we get to him.
I think it's well done. *Professor Slughorn comes to watch and smiles* "Perfect!"
I am. *I say as I read the instructions as well* Which is probably why Professor Slughorn put us together.
*I look at you again as Professor Slughorn opens the door to the classroom for us. All students walk in, some being late. --
Professor Slughorn has a touch of Operation Yewtree about him.
the Gryffindor tower (Accept equivalents.) 9. Professor Slughorn saw Ginny Weasley use this spell on Zacharias Smith and (…
That moment when you are watching Moulin Rouge (for the millionth time) and you realize that Harold Zidler is Professor Slughorn...
Mr. Weasley, Malfoy and Professor Slughorn are all in The Borrowers along with Dr. House
I know the beret and mortarboard each mean something specific but all I can see are Professor Slughorn and the Tootsie Pop Owl.
I've seen Professor McGonagall, Professor Slughorn, Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, and Ironman all in one day of watching Shakespeare films.
Harry: [talking to Slughorn] Be brave, Professor. Be brave like my mother... Otherwise, you disgrace her. Otherwise, she died for nothing.
"Well that's life! I suppose... You, you go along and then SUDDENLY... Poof." Wise words from Professor Slughorn.
Professor Slughorn from HP plays the professor in Narnia! 😆👌⚡️
Though he plays favorites, slughorn does seem like a good professor
That adorable moment when Snape is announced as DADA professor and you see Slughorn start to awkwardly applaud in the background.
Got Professor Slughorn and I do not agree!
I answered this AS Catbug and got Professor Slughorn! umm...? via
What is it with me and fire signs? I sense them, I chase them, I hold onto them, I treasure them. I’m bloody Professor Slughorn.
Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter reminds me so much of my grandpa ☺👃👓
If you're ever jealous of the teacher's pet in a class, remember than Professor Slughorn's favorite student was Tom Riddle 💁
Luna, Honestly, this letter came as a bit of a surprise. I thought for sure you were into Harry. What a relief! When you went with him to Professor Slughorn's Christmas party, I about died. I mean… I
Professor slughorn from Harry Potter reminds me of mr. Nowinski
Why is face built like Professor Horace Slughorn from Harry Potter?
Get some Crystalised Pineapple for Professor Slughorn (or another favorite professor) from Sugar Dukes Magical...
Professor slughorn you dirty devil you :O
"You didn't bring Professor back here just to teach Potions, did you, sir?" is such a chessmaster.
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'There can be no light without the dark, as for me I always try to live within the light' - Professor Slughorn
My mom does this every day, I might as well give it a shot! Three Good Things: 1) Got some rockin' gesture drawings going in life drawing, no wimpy start for me today! 2) Ate one of my four pints of strawberries I got on an awesome sale! 3) Found out that my life drawing professor was also the acting coach for the man who plays Professor Slughorn in Harry Potter, Pod Clock in The Borrowers, and Harry Zidler in Moulin Rouge. Yet another crazy thing about Gary that surprised me!
Professor Slughorn is my spirit animal!
17 Years ago today, Harry Potter used Felix Felicis to obtain the Horcrux memory from Professor Slughorn.
i just realized... JK Rowling must be obsessed with Doctor Who. Moaning Myrtle, Professor Snape, Bartemius Crouch Jr, Dumbledor, Narcissa Malfoy, Nearly-Headless Nick, Professor Hooch, Professor Slughorn, Dobby, Rufus Scrimgeour, Barty Crouch Sr, James Potter, Filch, The Portrait of the Fat Lady, Amos Diggory, as well as the Bloody Baron. And there are more that I won't list here. Holy crap.
I'm picturing my political science professor as Professor Slughorn. I hope I'm not disappointed.
Snily HC Chapter 3 After that first Saturday, potions became nearly unbearable. Because almost no one would sit next to either Lily or Severus, they were usually sitting next to each other. Throughout each of Professor Slughorn's lessons, Severus constantly glanced at Lilly, only to see her staring straight ahead at Slughorn or glancing around the room. Quite often, Severus would see Lily glancing towards James, and then quickly glancing away. Each time he caught this, he was stabbed with a sharp pain of jealousy so intense he felt like he would black out. A couple weeks after this, Severus finally got up the courage to talk to Lily. During lunch on Tuesday, just before Double Potions, Severus stared at his reflection in the boys lavatory mirror. "Alright, Severus Snape. You are going to go into potions today and sit next to Lily, as usual. Then, when she least expects it, you are going to tell her how you feel about her. No matter what she says back, you love her and want her to know that. Get it? Got it ...
The Iron Lady is on Film4. Ser Jorah Mormont is Maggie's dad, and she marries Viserys Targaryen/Professor Slughorn. Spotted Giles too...
"I got it from Professor Slughorn before he was was busted for 'collecting' young boys"
Professor Slughorn is in Moulin Rouge 😍😍😍
If so can it be romantic between me and fred I would be in my 6th year I am a hufflepuff with blonde hair and bright green eyes   "Have you seen her?" Fred asked George, his eyes watching a girl in her 6th year walking down the corridor. "That is some extreme hotness right there, Georgey." George just shook his head and laughed at his brother; he had been like this for the last few weeks, going mad about a Hufflepuff girl.   Her blonde hair swayed side to side as she walked down the corridor to her next lesson which was Potions. It gleamed in the sunlight as the sun beamed down through the arches in the castle, casting shadows of her curvy figure onto the castle walls.   Fred left George tutting by himself, and he followed this beautiful girl down the corridor as well, as Fred had Potions as well. Maybe he could check out this girl he had stared at for weeks now, maybe months...   * * * * * * * * * * *   "Today class," Professor Slughorn started once all the class were settled down, "we are to be ma ...
WELCOME, WELCOME WITCHES AND WIZARDS.   Now you wonderful people, here at "Why's it always me?" -Neville Longbottom, WE ARE HAVING A TEMPORARY 3 DAY ADMIN COMPETITION. *everyone whoops and cheers*   We aren't sure how long this is going to run for but it will be a while and will give a lot of you a chance to be an admin here!:) Just answer the questions in as much depth as you like and truthfully! BE ORIGINAL AND DON'T COPY ANYONE ELSE.   One) Age Two) House Three) Can you be super duper active for your 3 days? Four) You're out hunting with Luna and you come across a strange creature that hasn't been identified before. The ministry ask you to describe the creature and name it. Five) You're in Professor Slughorn's class, and for you to get a Felix Felicis bottle, you have to create your own potion that does something different from any other existing potion. What are your ingredients (5 ingredients) and what does your potion do? Six) If you could use the time-turner once in real life, what moment woul ...
Part 5 - Marauders Pass Notes First lesson on a Monday was Potions with Professor Slughorn. Practical Potions lessons were almost always small catastrophes with me. That's why I usually worked with James, the third best potioneer in the class (Lily and Severus being the best). However, on this day, when it was time for us to start making the Befuddlement Draft - "notoriously tricky to perfect" according to Slughorn - I stalked straight past James and bagged Lily as my partner. Severus would just have to find someone else. The expression on Potter's face was one of hurt, and with his ego slightly bruised, he partnered Peter, since Sirius was not on talking terms with him either. Peter was even worse than me at producing potions, so James would be hard-pressed to stop him from melting his pewter cauldron into a soggy, sticky blob. I shook my head at him. 'Serves him right,' I thought. 'Might stop him from recording people in an intimate position.' "Remus?" Lily snapped her fingers in my face. "I was talking ...
The Forgotten Black Chapter One: Regulus Black was proud of who he was. He came from the highest of pure-blood families, an ancient generation of witches and wizards. The only tainting in his blood line was his older brother Sirius, who ran around the school with his friends and girlfriend blowing things up and causing mischief. He had run away from home when he was sixteen, leaving their mother broken-hearted. But at least she had Regulus. Regulus had one ambition in life: To become a Death Eater. He was determined to join from an early age, growing up hearing stories of the Dark Lord and all that he stood for. His was a smart cause to join, Regulus was sure of it. Sirius had left school by the time Regulus was in his sixth year of course. Popular amongst students and teachers, Regulus was well liked and smart. He was in the 'Slug Club', a little gathering of people that Professor Slughorn selected himself. Everyone who was in the club went far and did amazing things. One of the reasons that Regulus was ...
Part 1 of Jily Lily sat by her steaming cauldron, a deep line set between her eyes as she frowned in concentration. She carefully added 3 mane hairs from a unicorn and stirred the potion 3 times anti-clockwise. The Amortentia potion began to bubble a deep mother of pearl sheen, and Lily grinned and put her hand in the air. Professor Slughorn warbled over excitedly to his favourite student, and looked into her cauldron. “50 Points to Gryffindor! For being the only one to get it right!” He exclaimed in delight at the shimmering contents. Lily smiled and turned back to her potion as Slughorn walked to the Slytherin table, where a strong burning odour was lingering. She took a deep sniff of the scent rising from her potion and opened her mouth in shock. ‘It has a different aroma for everyone who smells it, reminding each person of the things that they find most attractive, even if the person themselves doesn't acknowledge or is unaware of their fondness for the object of their affection’ -Lily remem . ...
Draco Malfoy, Professor Slughorn, and Arthur Weasley! Also Hugh Laurie just showed up!
The Dark Lord Returns...Up next: The ministry knows that 'He who shall not be named' is back, and we have a new Potions master, Professor Slughorn. Harry is having special meetings with Dumbledore. What's it all about?
Watching the Borrowers the old one and remebered how much I loves this movie also relized that there is alot of Harry Potter characters in this movie Mark Williams ( Mr. Weasley) Tom Felton ( Draco Malfoy) and Jim Broadbent ( Professor Slughorn) oh and Hugh Laurie ( Dr. House) They must have liked the chemestry between Mark Williams and Hugh Laurie because this movies was a year after 101 Dalmatians
Draco Malfoy, Professor Slughorn, Professor Trewlaney, and Arthur Weasley all in the same movie! I love The Borrowers(:
Skyler's Cinema Posting - Baz Luhrmann's "Moulin Rouge!" (2001) is one of those films that's hard to forget. Originally inspired after viewing a "Bollywood" production in India, Moulin Rouge is a westernize musical done in that style... featuring high drama & comedy and being an over the top spectacle. This film tells the story of a writer falling in love with a courtesan in 1900's Paris. It draws heavily on Bohemian culture as well as Indian ( as seen in the on stage production within the film "Spectacular, Spectacular" ). The film starred Nicole Kidman (in probably my favourite role of hers) as well as Ewan McGregor (who played "Jedi Master Ben Kenobi" in the new Star Wars movies). The film also featured Jim Broadbent ( who played Professor Slughorn in the Harry Potter movies... also a fav.) The movie features a unique blending of musical numbers set to modern day songs. With artists such as David Bowie, Christina Aguilera, Queen, Madonna, Elton John, The Police and even Nirvana. Because of the amount o ...
Over Labor Day weekend, we watched The Borrowers at my brother's house. I felt like I was watching a Harry Potter prequel! It had Draco Malfoy, Arthur Weasley, and Professor Slughorn. It even had Hugh Laurie in it. It was great. And, on a related side note, my wife's pregnant.
Remember the movie "The Borrowers?" We were watching it on Netflix today, and Whitney pointed out that the father borrower is Professor Slughorn and the son borrower is Draco Malfoy and the exterminator is Mr. Weasley! Holy cow!!!
Watching The Borrowers and catching up on painting orders :) John Goodman is one of my favorite goofy villains. And since I haven't watched this in several years, I just realized Mr. Weasley and Professor Slughorn from HP are in this.
Professor Slughorn and Moaning Myrtle are both in Bridget Jones' Diary
Just realized that the people who played Draco Malfoy, Mr Weasley and Professor Slughorn were all in The Borrowers!
All right, I'll do it! But I want Professor Merrythought's office, not that water closet I had before. And I want a raise, these are mad times we live in. MAD! -Professor Slughorn, The half-blood prince. (he's one of my favorite professors at hogwarts)
The Borrowers is a great movie (John Goodman, the guy who plays Professor Slughorn, and Arthur Weasley), but I've never seen so much flagrant product placement since Honey I Shrunk the Kids. Speaking of which, I'd pay big bucks to see a mashup of Honey I Shrunk the Kids, the Borrowers, and the Indian in the cupboard. Toss Toy Story into the deal and I'd kill for it.
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