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Professor Griff

Professor Griff is an American rapper and spoken word artist. He is a member of the Hip Hop group Public Enemy and head of the Security of the First World.

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Professor Griff - Excerpts from the Professor Griff Lecture Series: via
Wondering whether using "the Professor Griff school of International Relations" on anti-semites is a too out-dated reference?
Just a note that I met Professor Griff and we sat and had coffee and talked for a few hours. I also did a photo shoot of him.
please be our minister of information like professor griff! We're running out of topics . There's only so many Karbala tunes to make
Folks call me Professor, Professor Griff, X Clan, and all other hilarious references to those that…
With the legendary Professor Griff. What a day!
Today I saw a man and a woman picking there noses, Professor Griff says this is very unsanitary, use a tissue when your picking a winner!
Don't mind me, just compiling a bibliography of Professor Griff's works RE: massive Illuminati conspiracy to destroy hip-hop.
I liked a video from Professor Griff on The Willie Lynch Letter on TWSCE
real hard work. Professor Griff summed him up In 1 story. Look it up. Come out the closet Russell. How about that !!
Dj cool herc invented hiphop one bigdaddykane song I ain't no joke and yes I have listened to Public Enemy and professor griff
Look up professor griff man and LISTEN.
I added a video to a playlist Professor Griff - Jail Sale
I got footage that these *** could NEVER GET! Wait til I drop this professor griff on them. Casting couch interview *** ***
Professor Griff is crazy! "Please avoid the vaccine coz a woman in the Bronx had it n started walking backwards."LMAO
Never thought I would come across a Youtube vid titled "Professor Griff on Miley Cyrus and the Twerking Industrial Complex", but here we are
Not sure if its true. It is from the Minister of Information Professor Griff himself.
is the 21st century Professor Griff exposing these Salute to
Professor Griff from Public Enemy in town 2 nights we would like the box to come out if possible.
Professor Griff wb in town discussing the state of Hip Hop. We want you to attnd this event Mike5kwatts if possible.
Lead or Follow. ..your choice. I'll lift as I CLIMB. Professor Griff | Culture Manipulation, Celebrity…:
i dont have a book lol there are some out there by Professor Griff, but stuff like that makes me paranoid. Google articles
I liked a video from Professor Griff Mentions ConspiracyScope
I liked a video Professor Griff - 13 Bloodlines of The illuminati Full Interview 2013
State of the Black Race w/ Professor Griff, ZaZa Ali and Kalonji Changa
Although in all seriousness Terminator X and Professor Griff are both good names for a cat.
I would love to talk intimately with Khalid Muhammad, Dhoruba Bin Wahad, Professor Griff and Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu. I admire them so much.
PE member Professor Griff on the Willy Lynch Letter, a famous document on establishing mental slave…
Will Professor Griff be on tour? We missed him in Brixton, London in June.
Sometimes I just wanna scream! Professor Griff Exposes Russsell Simmons and Kany…:
Not long until Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff and co will be live on Stockton's Riverside... Who'd have...
Professor Griff speak on some real stuff ✊
I love people like Professor Griff and Dr.Umar Johnson
Could listen to professor griff talk all day, an so should you
Absolutely! Professor Griff is very respected and speaks the truth!
If you want to keep it real, then you will listen to Professor Griff
Congratulations to Warren Ballentine, Professor Griff & Zaza Ali, and Bev Smith... The numbers don't lie.
I liked a video Professor Griff Exposes Illuminati Michael Jackson Hologram and HAARP
Professor Griff is the new Ginger Joe with this track naming genius.
there actually are some that are keeping the ancestral spirit alive like Dr. Umar Johnson, Professor Griff, Dr.Phil Valentine,
I saw PE in 1990... One of about 5 white guys there. Proud of that. Just glad Professor Griff didn't see me.
Djehuty will be speaking live at the Philly Locks Conference, Saturday, October 4, 2014 @ 2:30 P.M. Also, Professor Griff, Runoko Rashidi.
"Professor Griff speaks on Donald Sterling Visitin…" on YouTube - Professor Griff speaks on Donald Sterling Visitin…:
Peace, Come listen to all of the PODCAST of NMEmindz Blog Talk Nmemindz Radio with Professor Griff and ZaZa Ali...
B.E.T. is owned by a white guy. Robert Johnson was once the owner but he sold the company to a white corporation which continues to the destruction of our black youth. I have not watched B.E.T. for seven years now and have started listening to real black entertainment that uplifts my intellects such as *** Gregory, Professor Griff, Zaza Ali, Dr Umar Johnson, Dr. Phil Valentine, Marcus Garvey speeches, Martin Luther King Jr. Speeches, Malcolm X, and a whole list of others every day. I do not degrade women I would rather uplift you than tear you down. Im tired of seeing this city tear its self apart we no longer have communities we have hoods. Definition of community is when you control everything in your surroundings from your stores, banks, politics, etc. Definition of hood something that is pulled over something to hide something else from being seen. Its time to reverse this direction for the future of the children
Professor Griff on Breaking the set; Music Culture and Government :
I am pleased that I had a chance to DJ and be a part of the 5 Elements: The Gathering featuring Professor Griff.
One love to the 5th Element for last nights event! It was an honor to host and introduce the Legend Professor Griff to the stage and to hear him share his wisdom. Hip Hop was definitely in the building! We celebrated Graffers, Breakers, DJs ,and MCs all under 1 roof =) Which brought forth the 5th element "Knowledge" =) And to make it even more awesome ALL the proceeds from last night were donated to Team Orlando teen poets to help get them to compete in this years Brave New Voices youth poetry slam! I love Orlandos Hip Hop scene...its Organic, transcending and undeniable. Thank you all who supported ..Keep a look out for next month =)
Woww so im watching this Public Enemy professor griff interview about how Hip Hop n the celebrities in there is actually believing that theyre GODS and the holders of light.the first thing i said was the only Holders of light i know is JESUS CHRIST.satan is really using this illuminati and Hip Hop industry stuff to keep us in bondage from the truth.woww thats cruel how they have to kill off stars for a sacrifice in order to keep the truth from being heard or because they don't want to go through the satanic rituals just so that they dont lose their talent in the spotlight, what really makes it so hard to accept is that i actually like some of those rappers n Hip Hop artists.but one thing i am glad to hear is that the professor griff Guy managed to survive and bypass satan's plot to kill him off too due to his attempt that he's revealing the TRUTH and exploiting the works of the enemy to all the viewers.wat he also said is those hand symbols that they be using is really satanic other words they .. ...
doing work at BBoy spot at the five elements gathering with Professor Griff
Got a chance to meet the Great Professor Griff of the Revolutionary group Public Enemy speak
Professor Griff will be in Pensacola, Fl July 26,2014 the event will be held @ Muhammad Mosque starting @ 6 p.m tickets are $15 inbox me to purchase your ticket!
I liked a video Public Enemy, Illuminati, Jay Z and Obama with Professor Griff
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; Public Enemy's own Professor Griff was incredible! Check out images from the event on...
Professor Griff at The B Boy Spot in Orlando! Tag each other and network within your community.
The Professor Griff show at BBoy spot some pictures are a little blurry but here it comes
Professor Griff & Sister Za Za Ali on the air with Conshus @ WPRK 91.5fm, just before "5 Elements: The Gathering"...!!! :)
Why was professor griff poisoned and burned down his house, wat r we not supposed to bring truth to power?
Had an amazing time tonight .. Thank you all that came out. Big shouts to Professor Griff for coming and saying some real ish …
The incredible Professor Griff from Public Enemy y'all rocking all the b boy spot
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Happening now the one and only Professor Griff from Public Enemy
going to watch Professor Griff videos all day.. better learn you something.
I liked a video Professor Griff Exposes Jay-Z and Beyonce
PROFESSOR GRIFF at the BBOY SPOT today for the 5 Elements of HipHop gathering 6-10pm. Be there.
[EVENT] Professor Griff of is coming to Orlando THIS SATURDAY! More info at
as u should! keep blazing brother P.E. is a beast with Chuck D professor Griff and Flava Flav, is the TerminatorX with you?
Check out Professor Griff on Please subscribe to my channel always uploading new videos. I do not intend to violate any laws I'm ...
On YouTube listening to professor griff
Join The DMorris Show as we welcome the "Minista of information Professor Griff" for a conversation about current and past events. As we dig deep into topics about hip-hop , government , new and old generations e.t.c. Professor Griff is also internationally renowned educator, writer, producer, music…
Trailer for Professor Griff's lecture series on DVD Purchase your copy at
Video: Prof. Griff & Zaza Ali discuss Chuck D, Dame Dash, and the Culture Vultures in Music Professor Griff...
Today in Our City: 11am - 5pm, Springfield’s Gammon House Museum will celebrate Juneteenth with food, live entertainment and more with its fourth annual Barbecue Cook-off, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday. The Gammon House Museum is located at 620 Piqua Place. Juneteenth commemorates the abolition of slavery in the U.S. when it was announced in Texas on May 19, 1865, more than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. The Gammon House was an Ohio stop and safe house on the Underground Railroad. The Gammon family were free African-Americans who helped the movement despite a significant risk if they were caught. (News Sun) 2pm, Professor Griff formerly of Public Enemy will be speaking at The Marriott. 8pm, The Family Stone at the 2014 Summer Arts Festival 10:30pm - 12:30am, Stargazing presented by the Clark County Park District, George Rogers Clark Park, Meet at the Circle, 930 South Tecumseh Road, Springfield, Ohio. Bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on. For me? Had an 830am meeting. Now, I h ...
"Professor Griff": Illuminati makes blacks *** to conquer the world // And has said Jews resp for world's trouble.
"Professor Griff" of the group "Public Enemy" on the Illuminati, has also been interviewed by RT
This is track 7 of 14 from Professor Griff's "Pawns In The Game" album which was released in 1990.
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This Saturday Springfield Ohio!. Professor Griff will be in the building
If u don't understand racism white supremacy everything u THINK u understand will only confuse u - Professor Griff
Professor Griff-put his foot in Peter Rosenberg behind . Video
wouldn't surprise me if he got dealt. After all didn't Professor Griff say no one was untouchable? Smh
Professor Griff is fam! Out there helping his people shamelessly the way real black leaders are supposed to! I would pay 2 see him
Professor griff has to be one of my favorite conspiracy theorist
Chuck D, Flavor Flav, and Professor Griff had been telling me to be myself all along, but I had mentally been...
I liked a video Professor Griff: 21 Goals of The Illuminati
Check out my Interview: Attorneymom speaks with Professor Griff & ZaZa Ali
Professor griff lookin like young Chris // “87 LONDON
Its All Been Lies Chuck D. Professor Griff Needs To Holla At Yae and really blow this can make a real Hip Hop Shift
Professor Griff Speaks on LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling's Racism Controversy please watch, this is real. Evil dem
first read this when Professor Griff mentioned it. Am still sceptical until we have absolute proof
I had fav'd a pic of him and I think it was Professor Griff with and elderly Curtis Mayfield.
Fight the Power was song of video age Visuals w/Professor Griff & S1W and community in action was powerful
Check out professor griff and ZaZa Ali NMEmindz Radio Tuesday and Thursday nights 8pm …
Professor Griff is the minister of information .
Professor Griff joins Underground Railroad Radio to discuss the over-sexualization of black women in the media
Whilst in America I got to meet Professor Griff of PE, Sa-Roc and Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets and they like so far
Please join Professor Griff as we dive into the Science of Business. Let's build on what Capitalism truly means. We'll also be dealing with starting a business, the 22 immutable laws of success, & the Kemetic science of prosperity. Let's bounce some ideas about how to get started, even with little t…
KRS-One and Professor Griff speak out on Barack Obama, The New World Order & The Federal Reserve -
As Professor Griff said the new currency of worship is attention
Professor Griff and Zaza Ali join U.G.R. Radio to discuss the recent school shooting that took place in Santa Barbara, California
Fatherama Knows Best (the ANTI-WACKNESS blog): MsVTV Interviews Professor Griff on the Condition of Hip Hop ...
Okay I rock with my brother Chuck D of Public Enemy,and It was Professor Griff who gave me my first opportunity...
Thanks for the add !!! Would like to let all you Public Enemy fans in the Orlando Florida area that we are starting a monthly event called "5 Elements :The Gathering" !! This first one stars Professor Griff and a host of other old school artists will be in attendance !!! Please message me for more details or contact us on our FB page with the same name !!! Thank you for your support !! BLESS !!!
S//o professor griff for spreading a great message
did ya know saggin is *** spelled backwards!!! just learned that from forma rapper from Public Enemy named PROFESSOR GRIFF
kinda like ice cube saying "chop suey" describing Koreans or professor griff on Jews or Jamar n ***
You do know that originally created the "Brain Guy" persona to replace Professor Griff's role in Public Enemy, right?
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NEW Professor Griff exposes illuminati: watching this he is bang on correct
Professor Griff explains the whole purpose of everything we see on t.v.
Oh they coming after Katt Williams ... He tell's too much Truth -- Professor Griff
If you want something done properly ...ask a professor to do it!!
it ain't hip hip no more. In the words of Professor Griff its "S.h.i.t. Hop"
Reading Acapella Revolution by Professor Griff, and yes I know the author of the book!!
My man is out here dropping that Professor Griff knowledge!!! Your girl look like Ayn Rand. U callin her Bae Rand.
Props to professor Griff true black king right There
"Revolution is not an event, it's a process" -professor griff just blew my mind!
Professor Griff will set you straight
and check out this guy named professor griff on YouTube he get deeper into it
If you really wanna get up on game... Look up professor Griff..
Kalonji Changa of The FTP Movement Interviews Professor Griff (of Public Enemy) and ZaZa Ali on People TV regarding The State of the Black Race" *Note the ...
Rap Hip-Hop Timeline 1970-1989 Rap Hip-Hop Timeline: Page 1: 1970-1989 Page 2: 1990-1999 Page 3: 2000-2004 Criteria: - The history of Rap/Hip-Hop year by year from it's beginings at the block parties in New York City, through it's diversification of styles and genres to the present day. This page covers the first two decades from 1970 to the end of 1989. Edited By: Stereo Williams ( 1970 The Last Poets release their eponymous debut album. It's combination of spare funk and aggressive, socially-conscious spoken word will be an early brick in the foundation of what would come to be hip-hop. James Brown releases 'The Big Payback', an early funk gem that emphasizes the groove rather than melody over his aggressively spoken vocals. A young immigrant from Kingston, Jamaica named Clive Campbell begins deejaying at local parties. As DJ Kool Herc, he invents a new technique of deejaying that would cut two of the same records and extend the middle instrumental, or 'break,' of the popular funk and d . ...
Professor griff and Zaza Ali discuss Hollywood's attempt to introduce homosexuality to the black community through the media
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professor Griff it's bigger than hIp-hop FULL FILM: via
Old but still enlighten Professor Griff interview
Professor Griff and Jimi Hendrix have a lot in common. They both have African and Native American ancestary. They both have taken a stand against the power structures of their day. And, they are both enshrined in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Professor Griff of Public Enemy joins us for a lively d…
Monday at 11 PM EST time--Prof Griff talking Hendrix and other topics of note:...
Professor Griff and Zaza Ali discuss what's really happening with the Nigerian missing girls and whether or not Boko Haram is CIA operated
Professor griff and Zaza Ali have a extensive conversation with U.G.R. Radio about race, white supremacy, and the recent Donald Sterling controversy. A MUST ...
Ok I'm really going to get a life right now, but if you are reading this and you have not seen the professor griff video I posted about sex and your children being exposed to it, then you might want to check that out, 2:30 in all the way to the end you'll probably keep watching anyway
Love is what is love, so when you give it or express it do so fully.Professor Griff
It is a proven fact, you have to love and respect yourself before your able to share these emotions with another. It's another Friday upon us lets us not resort to violence & lets enjoy ourselves with family,friends and rejoice our loveones who've gone forth. Professor Griff.
PSA: Learn to walk away until it is nolonger an option. You can resolve any issues with out a life being loss. Chicago & Texas put a side the guns ny black & brown ppl. Professor Griff
rite, you should check out this dude out, professor Griff on YouTube one day
S/o to Professor Griff for posting my photo..
ON THIS DAY IN MUSIC MAY 22nd (Don't forget to "LIKE/FOLLOW" AMERICANA MUSIC FOUNDATION to get your daily posts of daily history) 1954: Although his birthday is not for another two days, a 13-year-old Robert Zimmerman later known as Bob Dylan) gets barmitzvahed at the Agudath Achim Synagogue in Hibbing, MN. 1955: Police in Bridgeport, Connecticut cancel a dance at the Ritz ballroom featuring Fats Domino. Authorities say the cancellation is because they discovered that "Rock and Roll dances might be featured" and justify their action by citing "a recent near riot at the New Haven Arena" where Rock 'n' Roll dances were held. 1958: Jerry Lee Lewis arrived at London's Heathrow Airport to begin his first British tour, along with his new bride, 13 year old third cousin, Myra (whom he passes off as 14). Although advised not to mention it, Lewis answered all questions about his private life. The London Morning Star runs an editorial calling Lewis "an undesirable alien" and calls for his deportation and the p ...
When Professor Griff made comments about Jews, he was ostracized for years. Why does Mack le *** get a pass for the hook nose outfit?
PROFESSOR GRIFF'S REVOLUTIONARY SPRING CLEANING discusses why he started discussing the illuminati, the importance of unity and more. This is the intro to hi...
Professor Griff rung my cells today. It seems the only way to get at public figures is to strike a nerve.
FACTS!! Saggin' isn't a sin. Homosexuality is. Lesbianism is. Professor Griff will open y'all's eyes to a lot of...
May 22, 1989 - Public Enemy fired one of its members, Professor Griff, after he made anti-Semitic remarks in the...
Professor Griff barrack Obama is a Corporation called America. Check out my Full Article and many more at
McDevil's in the words of Professor Griff
Gabe Robinson, Pamelia Gore Stanley and I are excited about this event. Professor Griff (Xminista ProfGriff ) is our keynote speaker. You will hear from our sponsors, Michael Gaskin, Steve Coleman, and David Cain. Our MC from the first 2 events, Antonio JohnnycWeaver Mack will be back with us. Our keynote from the last event, Ellard Thomas, is coming to lead the panel discussion. We will have Traci Young Fant with us as our 1st ever woman on a B.O.S.S. panel. And I am blessed to have Marcus Scurry, Taurice Bussey ( Taurice Bussey ), Karl Daniel, Oeasy Christianrapper, Sparatic General, Jamal Bugsy Calhoun Washington, Moody Black ( MOody bLaCk ), Charlton DopePoet Oni, Denise Bannerman, Larry Johnson, Juanita Davenport Hozey and Enidan Tsirhclig Nadine Gilchrist and Rejoice 1090 family all partner with me to make this event a success. Don't miss this event. Register today!
interview about Mass Media Deception! Professor Griff talked about FCC voting in favor of...
Did you miss the interview from Monday? We talked about Mass Media Deception! Professor Griff...
Listen to Professor Griff on that real life education for ya ears & Jesse Ventura on how we really need our government to be ran ..
Y'all better start studying " Professor Griff " frfr .. Smartest guy on this planet .. Well top 10
Watching Congo. This close from going a Professor Griff tirade but not really
I liked a video Professor Griff Exposes Russell Simmons for Making Harriet Tubman Sex Tape and talks
Professor Griff-Griff took a selfie while he was conducting 😂💁
Professor Griff kicks knowledge. Check em out || YouTube
PROFESSOR GRIFF from Public Enemy talks about the NWO, ILLUMINATI, Hip Hop Music Industry & Future
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Professor Griff says some good stuff
About to listen to professor griff and Zaza Ali talk about the science of business
I really thought I would get a letter of recommendation from Professor Griff.
Professor Griff will be in Detroit speaking at Nandis knowledge Cafe. Don't miss it!
Professor Griff stokes the truth waves worldwide, check him out and suppport him:
Macklemore is no Professor Griff, I must say.
Countdown to "Reveal 25" Post XI. - Finally have a moment (not really) to get back to posting from my Guild archives. I love that the Guild Literary Complex is simultaneously honoring the past and strongly pivoting to the future with its "Reveal 25" celebration tonight. This is the last day that I am going to concentrate on posting from my archives leading up to tonight's benefit. I will share as much as possible throughout the day. Please share with your network. I promised more Gwendolyn Brooks. Here is another one of her amazing letters, this one connected to the time we featured Chuck D at the Chopin Theatre. There is supposed to be a third image here - an autographed photo from Professor Griff, who also appeared at event. I brought that photo with me to Chicago and it is missing. If anyone has it please call me. The program featuring Chuck D was part of our Musicality of Poetry Series. The series emerged out of an event Andrea Change organized and hosted called the Musicality of Black Poetry. It was ...
Just got word that two of my shirts are in the video and one is in a scene with Professor Griff from Public Enemy. That's wow. I can't express how awesome that is. Making it happen.
The Hip Hop culture has grown into a 10 billion dollar a year cash cow. Unfortunately, along with its growth came a monumental diversion from its original artistic standards and fundamental rules. Lost is the loyalty to the art form, and the desire to be true to ones roots and artistic expression. Found is the insatiable appetite for money, drugs, sex, and debilitating lifestyles. FACTS! -Professor Griff : Covert war on Hip Hop
Professor Griff of Public Enemy talks about Kanye west and Kim Kardashian. When asked to share his thoughts on Kanye allegedly threatening to move to Africa due to racism in the United States, Griff informed the Chicago emcee to “Move your *** to Africa.” Following his comments on Kanye, Griff then referred to the rapper’s fiancée as “a rich *** ”
Professor Griff & Zaza Ali joins UGR Radio to discuss Al Sharpton and his career as a FBI informant. They disucss some stuff you won't hear in the mainstream...
According to Professor Griff formerly of Public Enemy and others tht believe this, pretty much all of our black Superstars r successful with the help of the illuminati. Including Our current President! Only names I havnt heard mentioned are Oprah n Tyler Perry . Of course the Republican Party also says our President out to ruin America. Is it being said that our black entertainers can't attain an exceptional income unless they sell out to an occult? As an entertainer, this sounds discouraging. Wut abt my contemporaries tht are aspiring to make a mark in this business called entertainment. I'd love to a superstar Tammi Mac, Donald Welch, Vincent Ward, ScrewRoy Rice, Wallace Millions Demarria,Tish Singin N Blingin,Joey Paschal,Comedian Novakane ,Starring Sophia Flot-Warner, etc,etc to reach heights like that, so I can say I knew them when. Am I to start believing tht unless these ppl sell themselves to a so called devilish illuminati cult n sacrifice a loved one. They'll never become a household name outsid ...
Professor Griff, founding member of the Public Enemy, had lunch with us today. It was a pleasure serving him.
Professor Griff on Fire: World UNITES Against the ILLUMINATI & NWO [ALEX...: via
Black Celebrities who belong to Five Percent Nation List of Major black celebrities who belong to or support group that wants a race war with white people. White celebrities are publicly crucified for any perceived “racism.” Black celebrities can openly support groups that advocate race war. Five Percent Nation is a militant Nation of Islam Splinter Group. The term “5 Percent” refers to the black vanguard. They are supposed to be the ones preparing to fight a race war in which all white people will be exterminated from the face of the earth. Five Percent Nation has also gone by the name “Nation of Gods and Earths.” They believe that the black male is the embodiment of God and the black female is the embodiment of the earth. Supporters: Jay-Z Members: Tariq Luqmaan Trotter (AKA “Black Thought,” singer of the Roots, Jimmy Fallon Show) Busta Rhymes (famous rapper) Carmelo Anthony (basketball star, NBA) Members of Digable Planets (grammy winning Jazz/Rap group) Nas (rap star) Allah Mathematics ...
The government took my tax refund. And towed my car. I believe to put a tracking device. I have been watching several conspiracy theory videos and now my phone constantly tells me to update my location. Alex Jones, Professor Griff and others speak about these things. I'm definitely being watched!
My friend Amanda got me a Rap Pack from '91. Professor Griff card says he, "made history with a controversial interview." One way to put it.
I recently started learning more about government conspiracies etc from u and Professor Griff. Strange things are happening
are you the real professor Griff?? If so I need to ask your advice. Very important. Regarding your YouTube videos
If you ain't hip on Professor Griff get hip man...we gotta wake up
This *** just got kicked out of my business communications class for sexually harassing our professor
PROFESSOR GRIFF confirms my thoughts on the ousting of Arron Mcgruder creater of
I liked a video from Professor Griff & Others - Music Industry Exposed 2013…
I liked a video from Professor Griff - The illuminati Agenda NWO Breakd…
Alex Cross also look up professor Griff the truth is out here find it.
Check out Part 1 of the exclusive Interview with Griff. We will also be playing some new music on the show and taking callers. Part 2 of the Professor Griff Interview will be on Sun 4/13 on the Church of Reality at 9pm CST also. So make sure to tune into that show to hear the conclusion of the inter...
I got so much respect for professor griff
Photos from House of Consciousness's post in Professor Griff presents: The TRIPLE ALPHABET THEORY!
WOW! Public Enemy Professor Griff Breaks Down Illuminati Music Industry ...: via think!. Do Know what it is
Professor Griff Exposes Russell Simmons and Kanye West Tho no longer a 'black' nationalist, I still b on my RBG. IamU
"You don't find the illuminati, the illuminati come finds you." -Professor Griff
Professor Griff & Katt Williams Presents... Truth about Hollywood & the Consequences of exposing it via
Where has Professor Griff been all my life! 😩🙌
Professor Griff telling the truth about the Black church: via
exactly!! Do you know who professor griff is from PE?? He predicted all this nonsense in the rap game bout 5 years ago
I added a video to a playlist PROFESSOR GRIFF EXPOSES KOBE BRYANT!
current lineup is Warren Ballintine, Professor Griff, and Blackanomics ,
"revolution is not an event, its a process" - Professor Griff of Public Enemy
You actin like professor griff too? “Men putting on heels is not a sign of men supporting non violence against women.”
Professor griff and Black Dot was at nicholas Bookstore in Brooklyn, NYC to talk about several topics. They discussed the Dmx/Zimmerman fight, why *** are...
Late afternoon listening to cassette tapes of Professor Griff. ®1989. From the vault.
"Dial 1* 900 stereotype." --Professor Griff. Beats Cre8 & me digesting in our mental enlightenment menu. :) blessed.
There's no people like us... because all people come from us" - Professor Griff
Professor Griff shares his opinion on music heavyweights Jay-z and Beyonce
Professor Griff feat Umar Johnson, Taj Tarik Bey and Omali Yeshtela (part 1 and 3 blocked) this is the final installment.
Professor griff and Black Dot speak on Stripper Culture, DMX/Zimmerman f...: via . TRUTH!!!
I liked a video from Professor Griff on Illuminati Princess Miley Cyrus & The Twerking
it depends on what education they say he who masters the English language is already lost as a Black Man-Professor Griff
professor griff/PE or Jay Z/Dame Dash type betrayal cause this 2 shall pass let's not forget her tactics
***MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED*** Illuminati Exposed within the music industry. Talk of secret societies in government, Hollywood and the music industry abounds. As a new flock of talented artists hit the scene, conspiracy theorists and the like have taken to watching popular hip-hop and pop stars and their subtle gestures. Whether it be blatant hand signals, clothing choices, or the lyrics in their s...ongs, artists such as Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Rihanna, and more have been linked to the hip-hop illuminati.  *LINKS & ARTICLES* The Secret meeting that changed rap music and destroyed a generation RIHANNA, NICKI MINAJ, JAYZ AN MORE IN HIPHOP & DOCUMENTARIES** DMX The Industry Expose Pt1: Celebrities who sold their souls and channel spirits  Eye of the illuminati (2012 Full Documentary)  Government Whistleblower Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy  Kat Williams speaks out about illuminati MUSIC INDUSTRY: Ex Illuminati Member EXPOSES SATANIC RITUALS + rapper ASAP ROCKY EXPOSED! Jay-Z: Illuminati Musical Satanism: The Documen ...
"The *** agenda." Professor Griff tried to warn you through his youtube vids/documentaries. Now its more evident than ever..
I think Professor Griff is my hero.
Professor Griff been dropping knowledge. It's a shame half of y'all don't know who that is smh
Just gave professor griff a big hug. Have not saw him in a good while. Salute comrade! Dr. Kwesi in the building!
NEW Professor Griff exposes illuminati: via Professor Griff broke it all the way down!
I'm at Flying Biscuit and Professor Griff is in here.
Forbez DVD Video: Professor Griff and ZaZa Ali discuss Jay-Z's Connection to Nation of Gods and Earths via
Honestly, just feeling pretty happy that Professor Griff took the time to read my writing.
They need to be reminded about that thing he said about Professor Griff that time. You know, that thing...
Professor Griff Music industry magic, sports are masonic 5 of 8 YouTube featured in NBC s Science of Love
I liked a video from Professor Griff VS Obama, the Illuminati Exposed
just playing the DR_DRE_ tune ! SAY WHAT U SAY! Professor-griff said u paid a out of court settlement to KRISS-CROSS
World Unites Against the Illuminati: Professor Griff on Fire! - Professor Griff lists Obama's lies, describes why Hip Hop stars are in...
The multi-platinum selling Public Enemy, which includes members Chuck D, Flavor Flav, DJ LORD, The S1W group, Khari Wynn and Professor Griff, head to the Riverside with one of the most impressive back catalogues in rap music. Named in Rolling Stone Magazines 100 Greatest Artists of All Time and inducted in to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 the group will perform hits such as Don’t Believe The Hype, Bring The Noise, Fight The Power, Get Up Stand Up and Harder Than You Think, which was the official theme tune to the 2012 Paralympic Games
Watched Arsenio Hall interview Chuck D. of Public Enemy and if you have never listened to this amazing and inspirational rap group I can't do anything better than urge you to do so. Songs from the album "It takes a nation of Millions" were anthems for me during my high school years. Professor Griff, Flavor Flav, The S1Ws...It was more than a musical group, it was and is a movement that can lift your consciousness. He still has an inimitable way with words e.g. he said "Watch out for Whippings of Mass Distraction". Chuck D. is no Twit-iot.Underground and underfound Music (and ideas in general)dats always what I love.
Hip Hop Legend of the group Public Enemy..Professor Griff in Nicholas Brooklyn on Feb. 9..Power Point…
Public Enemy & Professor Griff Full Documentary - Prophets of Rage~ the revolution will not be televised!
I see Arsenio got chuck d on the show , can you picture professor griff on the couch , Grand opening Grand Closing
Part 1 w/ Professor Griff from Public Enemy who talks about his book Illuminati's Take Over of Hip Hop "Psychological Covert War on Hip Hop". We talk about t...
Nice joint worked by Johnny Juice Rosado, with vocal lead by Carl Ryder, vocal fill by Professor Griff and vocal soul by Kyle Jason.
Whyte Boiz on stage with the Legendary Professor Griff of Public Enemy!
Shout out to Ra Mega for having me at Soul Power Event. Performed for Professor Griff from Public…
ALEISTER CROWLEY, MUSIC, AND SEX HipHop Rap Music was created for minorities to band together in unity, rise against the system, expose evil forces, be creative, and to encourage spoken word poetry and thinking. The Elite saw it as a very dangerous weapon. Seeing the danger of the possible resistance to tyranny, they corrupted the whole industry and now use it as one of the main tools of tricking people to follow Satan and his Culture. FBI COINTELPRO helped carry out the process of the "niggerization" of Hip Hop. Now the HipHop Industry promotes Murder, Sex, Drugs, Drinking, Possessions, Money, and other things that should not be promoted or worshipped and constantly says the "N"(igger) word. Def Jam is one of HipHop's Biggest Record Labels owned by Satanists Russell Simmons who is obsessed with Yoga and Rick Rubin is also partial owner. Professor Griff was a member of one of Hip Hop's first Rap Groups and was and is a Spoken Word Poet and Lecturer. His group Public Enemy made songs like "Fight t ...
I stare at the ceiling sometimes, wondering how much Public Enemy paid Professor Griff to just march around the stage.
Professor Griff on Jay Z, Rick Ross, Illuminati, and How Chuck D Gave him his name
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Can we interview Professor Griff to get his Richard Sherman take? Dan Patrick...the Master of Overkill
Thanks for supporting the by playing your song to professor Griff tonight…
Up here wit Professor Griff gettin ready to perform the Economic BluePrint Song
Hi all we would like to ask you to help us open a gathering place for like minded individuals. Individuals who can come together for the truth, to learn, share, lend, listen and borrow knowledge from one another. In our conscious environment the truth is what is given and expected. If your tired of half truths, lies and just not know who you are, where you come from or where you're going then the Conscious Café is where you belong. What would it be like to sit and drink organic coffee, or tea, eat a healthy meal and listen to lectures from the great and Honorable Elijah Muhammad, Angela Davis, Professor Griff, Mahdi Gandhi just to name a few. Free Health fairs and lectures. This is where you will come to properly nourish your body and soul. You will be able to come relax while reading books before you buy, play chess, socialize in a safe secure comfy environment. If your an artesian you may sell your hand crafted items. All will be welcome, Saturday afternoons are designated for our children to come lear ...
Me and gettin ready to hit sound check for our show tonight at Professor Griff's event at Mardi Gras Cafe
Justin Bieber is showing classic signs that his programming is coming apart. They are going to send him to “rehab“ to readjust his programming. He started showing symptoms of this months ago when he started fighting with the paparazzi. When his behavior becomes too much to control then they will kill him. That way they will profit off of his music and things that are copyrighted to Justin Bieber. After listening to Professor Griff I have noticed this pattern take place as far back is ODB. Ol' Dirty *** went to rehab twice shortly before he died. But there's also footage that same year of him on MTV warning people about the government in the Illuminati. As the saying goes they only remember You when you are dead. Jive Records made a cool little penny the day after Whitney Houston died.
Professor Griff too deep Illuminati is real!
Show tonight at MadiGras Cafe' 886 MLK DRIVE. ATL.,Ga.30311 Soul Power Music Event 7-2am. if you need tickets call602-561-7296 I will be performing with a live band...professor Griff and many more artist and poets.
Professor Griff visits East Tennessee State University. Part three of four. ETSU Online Programs -
I just got off the phone with Professor Griff!!! Wow, what an honor! If you don't know who he is...I urge you to look him up!
For all my Hip Hop heads today I met a Hip Hop LEGEND and dude was super cool Professor Griff from Public Enemy and he was super cool
Can't sleep with this loud professor
Professor Griff Exposes Quincy Jones. All of the men on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air come off as *** ..
I liked a video from Professor Griff It's bigger than hIp-hop
I liked a video NEW Professor Griff exposes illuminati
i got bord today and started reading this book written by professor griff man this is a cold world we live inn Satan brain washing the *** out of everybody take your time pick up a book learn some for a change..
Yes! My professor said Obama gets griff because he's black! Everybody was like 👀👀
Please join Professor Griff & ZaZa Ali, as we welcome Minister Paul Scott of The Messaniac Afrikan Nation, as We discuss Hip Hop in 2014. Our topics will include, but not be limited to - The Militant Mind Movement, Who controls Hip Hop, the difference between rap & Hip Hop, The origin of the Ni99a,…
I just saw Professor Griff at the fax shop! Dude automatically knew who I was and told me to keep doing what I do!!!
I got MADD respect for professor griff that *** put me up on so much game
My professor just told us that our entire generation will be in *** s fire because of illegal downloads... We are all sitting here like 😳
u shoulda met Professor Griff wit me...u gotta watch the movies i got...
Professor: y'all only have 4 problems on y'all's homework! *gets home and realizes that there are 25 questions within each "one" question*😡
Public Enemy's Professor Griff on Cultural Integrity in Music, Miley Cyrus & the Twerking Industrial Complex
Hello,just inviting you out Thursday January 24th Professor Griff will be hosting the show 886b Martin Luther King Madi Gras Cafe'.
We holdin it down this Thurs at the Mardi Gras Cafe with Professor Griff
Media: Multi-ethnic destruction in America quote by Professor Griff Public Enemy
Professor Griff from Public Enemy will be at Nicholas Brooklyn on Sunday, Feb 9th. "Exposing the…
Met Professor Griff down here in Atl at HFTH. I pray he listen to my CD & possibly gets inspired by It!! Pray 4 me! Bout 2 perform! Happy MLK day!!
You can't say you Hip Hop, but You don't know Professor Griff.
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Freedom to speak freedom to teach part 2. Get your tickets now. This is a message from Professor Griff From Public Enemy: I will be at the next music event January 23, 2014. Thursday Mardi Gras-Cafe
Im watching professor Griff right now on youtube...weird!
Professor Griff another bang out.. Get ur tickets now... $15 all weekend event..April. 12/13
Public Enemy's Professor Griff talks P Diddy, Trayvon Martin, NSA, and the War on Hip Hop Part 2
ALEX JONES And PROFESSOR GRIFF - 21 GOALS Of The ILLUMINATI Alex welcomes back Professor Griff to the show. Griff is a member of the Hip Hop group Public Ene...
Public Enemy CHANGED MY LIFE! They have just been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Tenia Foster and Julie Wilson Ragland Remember being backstage? Me debating Professor Griff? Running from Flavor Flav??? LOL! Good times!
“Dare to be different, dare to tell the truth.” - Professor Griff
Just finished watching another lecture from professor griff they say he crazy he is not crazy peaple just affraid of the truth
I was hoping Professor Griff would get in there.
the Dopest Conscious Hip-Hop 24/7!! presents our groundbreaking interview with rap artist Professor Griff of Publ...
Professor Griff of Public Enemy talks about Jay - Z,The Illuminati and Obama:.
Professor griff predicted beyonces future! SMH beyoncé! I thought he was lyin too!
I prefer to think of you as Professor Griff,
Dare to be different and dare to tell the truth- Professor Griff
This professor griff video is really going in!
Maybe can review albums, like Professor. Griff's "Blackdraft":. htt…
Big Ups to Professor Griff, 95.7 Jamz, Council persons Sheila Tyson and Jay Roberson for putting on the Hip Hop to...
Maybe can review albums, like Professor. Griff's "Blackdraft":.
I recall when they came back with Flava Flav and down played Professor Griff.. done on purpose, but w...
Professor Griff has visited multiple schools today in the Birmingham area.
Professor Griff and Councilors Tyson and Roberson only minutes before the start of the HipHop to HipHope.
Councilors Tyson and Roberson prepare for the HipHop to HipHope Summit at Wenonah High School with special guest Professor Griff of the award winning Public Enemy.
When I cried to keep my A my professor just looked at me like... Smile and all
Professor Griff teaches us to not just look at the message, but to look IN the message for its true meaning.
Eric Sayward from We are change Wisconsin gives a review of the book "the psychological covert war on Hip Hop" by Professor Griff, Founding member and ...
They're slowly catching on, people like Professor Griff, ex-Black Panther guys&others getting the word out-we need2work 2gether!
We're talking to Professor Griff (of tonight! It'll be everything from to 805.292.0337
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