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Priyanka Gandhi

Priyanka Vadra also referred as Priyanka Gandhi, (born 12 January 1972) is an Indian politician, daughter of late Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.

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he should instead give tips on how to find bride like Priyanka Gandhi n become damaadG :P
Mr Rahul Gandhi doing nothing except politics , better her sister priyanka Gandhi should come in politics
Priyanka Gandhi should take leadership of Congress party immediately.
congress need to see beyond "Gandhi".. can't play on silver hairs of Priyanka and…
Priyanka Gandhi and/or Priyanka Vadra. Dumb deception. Stealing Gandhi name to cheat
Let Robert Vadra to have a normal life, in defence of married life on Priyanka Gandhi. Deserves respect as Rajiv's baby.
You don't even start your imaginary novels .. do you *** to Nehru's picture ?? Or Rahul Gandhi ? Or you prefer Son…
Rahul Gandhi is thinking of becoming Congress Head but what will he do bout competition from Priyanka Vadra?
Death of Smt Indira Gandhi was terrible blow to me, to Rajiv ji and to Rahul and Priyanka.
Priyanka Gandhi is married yaar,why so much concerns for others
Priyanka gandhi and about The Chest of Robert Vadra .. What a Joke
If the same thing happened to princess Priyanka Gandhi, your reaction would be different .
get priyanka Gandhi for prime minister post u will win
Priyanka Gandhi's hand in Congress roping in Sidhu
Narayan - Media is comparing Priyanka with Indira Gandhi - Will she enter politics?!
If Rahul Gandhi wants to do good for the country n his party then he should leave congress n allow Priyanka Gandhi to beco…
OK.wants a second failure like Priyanka from the Gandhi family ?
Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vadra likely to join her
same thought bro. After murder they will bring Priyanka Gandhi on board
. convey my thanks to Priyanka Agarwal Chaudhary . for explaining cashless payments simply
in that case Priyanka Gandhi must be provided with extra security, as who knows they will show "बेटी बचाओ" is also not working.
camouflaged to look like genuine hack. It's internal job under direct observation and mandate from Priyanka Gandhi. Desper…
Priyanka Gandhi to play 'major role' in UP Assembly polls: Cong via
When Cong says "what will happen to poor farmers?", they r probably talkng abt Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi.
Poignant old picture of Priyanka Gandhi touching the eye (in pic) of her father-at the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Lectur…
Can I think about next Indira Gandhi in priyanka gandhi or you will take concrete action..plz answer
watch this video..can India need another Indira Gandhi , so my next P.M will priyanka G...
I think Rahul carries Nehru genes n Priyanka Mrs Gandhi's...Time for them to now come out as A Combined force...
If they would have interviewed you, Rahul Gandhi would have got all he ratings ! Pew : Priyanka's Eternal Winner !
Yes Indira Gandhi was gd PM. Doesnt mean Priyanka and Pappu can do anything by acting like Bollywood duplicates and…
looks like. a Trend to Launch Priyanka Gandhi. in the absence of Rahul Gandhi's. interest & ability to lead Congress
Priyanka Gandhi is nothing in front of Indira Gandhi. Don't make fun of India's ex-PM.
I'm sure many Priyanka Gandhi fans will not agree with me but I personally feel she's is basically a female pappu.
is that ur acknowledgement of Failure of Sonia Ji n Rahul Gandhi along with Priyanka Ji.. ?
"I would like her (Priyanka Gandhi) to be actively involved in politics," Rahul Gandhi
Who else are caring, Sanjay? Priyanka Vadra or Sonia Gandhi? After looting India for 60 years, they'll…
Congress says it is up to the Gandhi family to decide on when should Priyanka Gandhi join politics.
Priyanka cannot be forced into active politics, says Singh
Rahul Gandhi wants to see his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra playing an active role in politics
Rahul Gandhi Wants 2 See Priyanka Playing an Active Role in Politics wat people want never figures with this family!
TIL Desk New Delhi/ Even as calls for Priyanka Gandhi to join politics growing, Congress Vice President Rahul...
Reporter- Tell me one thing that heroines in bollywood do which heroines in hollywood can never do?. Priyanka-
i trust most on my sister priyanka gandhi says Rahul Gandhi... Read More:
Would like to see Priyanka in active politics: .
yesterday you hard slapped on face of your boot licker by saying you have most trust with Priyanka Gandhi.. poor congreseee
Would like to see Priyanka in active politics: Rahul Gandhi.
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Priyanka's joining politics as Rahul Gandhi wants now, may save the Congress from extinction.
hey Priyanka it seems that u need to read more about BJP! It's looks like poor attitude is in name! Priyanka Gandhi or U?:)
. Her voice & her eyes are like priyanka gandhi too. I thought only she copies or has her hair style
Congress on UP floor by Priyanka for Gandhi family administration monopoly, the factor isolating Cong.
Congress may decide on Priyanka Gandhi after October
Priyanka Gandhi or Priyanaka Robert Vadera as we would like to call her..
Congress may decide on Priyanka Gandhi after October | The Asian Age
sir if Priyanka Gandhi was India's PM she would have asked the men in uniform to retaliate. You people have no guts
The grand old party accepted defeat in UP by selecting Sheila Dixit as it's CM.Now dynasty leaders Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi absolve blame.
Media always calls Priyanka Vadra as Priyanka Gandhi. Now they should start calling Robert Vadra as "Robert Gandhi". (Actua…
Priyanka Gandhi will lead the Congress' election campaign in Uttar Pradesh:Gulam Nabi Azad.
Only qualification Leela Samson had as Censor board chief was she was Priyanka Gandhi's dance teacher. No word from sickulars then !!
Priyanka Gandhi should take charge now , Future of congress
Priyanka Gandhi driving. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi sitting next to her.
Priyanka Gandhi displaying tricks of martial arts in order to counter the Eve teasers of Gujarat. (2014)
Priyanka Gandhi ji is so poor.She buys household items on Antyodaya Ration Card..How can she pay 53K/month..Modi govt is…
I am ready to pay the full rent to live in 35 Lodhi Road a.k.a Priyanka Gandhi's current house
Govt house was allotted 2 Priyanka Gandhi in 1997,on d recommendations of d SPG,cabinet secretariat & d home...
May be Priyanka Gandhi can do one item song in Bollywood pay all her rent or other options would b play body double to Tiger shroff in movie
In-Laws of Priyanka Gandhi died unnatural deaths. Now except Vadra no one remains in his family.
if u really want scoop release papers of Indian politicians.. Sonia Gandhi,Robert Vadra,Priyanka Gandhi, Rahul G
Sonia & Priyanka Gandhi for being related to Rahul & wives of Yechury & Sharma for marrying them! https:…
Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra at the Congress Party Chintan Baithak in Bhopal (2013)
Shabbir Ali lost hope on prince Rahul Gandhi and trying his level best to show Priyanka Gandhi is people's...
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra taking charge will add more strength ???
Whatever bad thing that Rahul/Sonia/Priyanka Gandhi do says that are always positives associated with those…
Say some anti-social elements molest Priyanka Gandhi but by co-incidence they were Dalits. So what will Rahul do?.
Wow so Barkha Dutt, Priyanka & Rahul Gandhi are taught to our kids in school & we wonder why our education is sub standard
Priyanka Gandhi was ready to spare her father's killer out of compassion? Ghanta. Cong wanted power in TN. For power family c…
Forget writing about Priyanka Gandhi, wouldn't even write about Priyanka Chaturnari this way. Stooges
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There is also a class angle here. You can bet no matter how old she gets, Priyanka Gandhi will never get called "Aunty". Thin…
You are a patriotic person. You love Rahul or Priyanka gandhi ? -
n i'll only support congress if Priyanka gandhi takes over the party.. u know hw much I admire her dynami…
Please bring Priyanka Gandhi into mainstream politics.
Good question for .Why is propoganda material about Rahul Gandhi/Priyanka Vadra still in school texts? htt…
Was ranting about absence of Rudramadevi, boudhayana, and brahmagupta in textbooks.never knew Rahul Gandhi, priyanka …
Priyanka Gandhi wanted 'pardon' for Rajiv killers. So what does it make her? Amusing logic. Obfuscation
Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and their family are the real imminent threat to India and Idea of India.
6. Did Priyanka Gandhi went to see Nalini in JAIL to pardoned her? did she pardoned her?.
So if today is Milk Day, i need breast-feeding from Priyanka Gandhi and Neha Sharma.
Must tell it's not Vadra but Priyanka Gandhi has been allotted house being an SPG protectee. Why Swamy been…
he need nt to marry for producing another Gandhi.Somehw, Kids of Priyanka Vadra will bcm Gandhi.And the legacy continue ...
Sir could there be a day Mrs Gandhi or Mr Rahul Gandhi or Priyanka Gandhi come to the adalat .
Rajiv killers should be released. Gandhi family has pardoned them. Priyanka met killers in jail . Nation must learn to forgive.
Sonia Gandhi has already given 100% Dynasty shares to Priyanka Vadra Gandhi.
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Both Rahul & Priyanka Gandhi use Italian passports. Rahul was picked by FBI in 2001 with Italian passport+1.6$ cash
Pity for sonia priyanka and gandhi family for having a chchichora like raga in the family
tried to frame Priyanka gandhi accusing her in fake case of possessing multiple din num.
Rahul Gandhi has found his voice. But has he actually found his calling?
Priyanka Chaturvedi gets हताश when Nalin Khohli gets on with Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi on Intolerance Issues
proud to be Congressi. :) It's only because of Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka.
Instead of Priyanka Gandhi fans attack Robert Vadra. must know the pattern, by now, na ?
Ask MPs, MLAs, how come they become rich people after joining politics? How come Priyanka Gandhi turns billionaire?
also target Priyanka Gandhi land in HP non himachali cantt buy land in HP ,for residence he had to take permission on valid reason
SuSu next target will be Priyanka Gandhi's children. I hope he alteast spares them
Bachchan receiving guests at Priyanka's wedding, Bachchan getting a DU honorary degree - Bachchan-Gandhi rift can be dismissed as a tamasha
If they choose Gandhi also it will not be Rahul, Sonia or Priyanka Gandhi.
Sonia Gandhi on vacation again, just few months back she was in London splurging pounds with Priyanka Vadra.
who is this? The one who was gazing Priyanka Gandhi pictures in assembly? BJP MLA ? Same?
Ha ha,then more shame on the voters who think Priyanka Gandhi can weed out corruption and change system.
No..Congress will revamp under Priyanka Gandhi..She will be very much active in Politics post 2017. She's tough to beat.
:Says the supporter of Modi who disgustingly got his caste in debate when Priyanka Gandhi called his rajniti as neech
yes he used to treat Priyanka Gandhi and I think also Rahul.
This piece by is a brilliant, insightful commentary on modern India media and their biases.
Time for Rahul Gandhi to take back seat. . Bring Priyanka Gandhi in front to lead the party " India's future PM"
Gandhi family has been in public eye no hidden on they it life .. Especially Rahul, Priyanka
orop is any way implemented by Sonia Gandhi long back... Only rahul Only priyanka
I fully support Priyanka Gandhi's right to be referred to by her maiden name. I am sure Sonia Maino would agree with me!
PA: Sir, what is the Full form of GST?. Rahul Gandhi: Gandhi Sales Tax. Priyanka Chaturvedi: 👏👏👍👌
Relief for Priyanka Gandhi as Himachal HC stays order to make public information on land purchases: The Himach...
Robert Vadra's name removed from special treatment .. what happened to the sentimental letter of Priyanka Gandhi?
For the simple reason that Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra belong to the Gandhi family, they're being vindicted and targeted by the BJP
The investment of Lalit Modi in Dushyant Singh's company is being blown out of proportion to hide Priyanka Gandhi's meetin…
HRD min tells me Gandhis rattled by her visit to Amethi. 1 yr back Priyanka Gandhi didnt even know her name…
Priyanka Gandhi might also ask this in the future:. "Why didnt SL do a victory lap after the 2011 Cricket World cup Finals?"
Wish and Priyanka Gandhi knew about Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information Technology Amethi (A Campus of IIIT Allahabad)
Q. What's up with Navjot Singh Sidhu?. Priyanka Gandhi: Smriti must answer.
Why did Jackie Shroff named his son Tiger?. Priyanka Gandhi: Smriti must answer
'This is not a family tea-party, it's an ideological war': Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to NDTV on Varun Gandhi
Priyanka Gandhi should be more active in party: Oscar Fernandes, Congress General Secretary
BJP says Priyanka Gandhi's usage of the word 'neech' was a deliberate ploy to provoke BJP
By the way what's the religion of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi & Priyanka Vadra. Someone, pl remove this confusion.
Priyanka Gandhi writes to SPG for withdrawal of special facilities 11357142
this Priyanka may want to die in Rahul Gandhi's bed. Stooge.
Seems like priyanka gandhi is doing dard-e-disco
Kanishka Singh, Gandhi’s aide for more than a decade, is now devoting time in managing his sister Priyanka...
hai na? I thought it's Just me who thought that way. Also tiger shroff looks like Priyanka Gandhi with biceps
Wo to theek hai but where is Priyanka Gandhi? She could prove herself to be an asset for Congress yet.
I would be very grateful to all concerned if they desisted from encouraging such baseless rumors: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
Priyanka gandhi please continue Technology on your name,from your side.
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Priyanka Gandhi should have expressed regret earlier: BJP …
Lovely pic. Rahul Gandhi with a small kid during his padayatra to Kedarnath.
what a shame that u can't even understand what he is saying. Priyanka gandhi said "modi is doing neech rajneeti"
Also the will always mention Priyanka GANDHI and not Priyanka Vadra !
The first to be shifted to aid Priyanka was Rahul's Man Friday Kanishka Singh, who now sits at 35, Lodhi Estate,... http…
Priyanka Gandhi: What Manmohan ji? It seems your brother is helping the BJP win. Manmohan: Er... what about your brother? B-)
Rahul Gandhi returns from vacation; Sonia, Priyanka reach his residence Is this da only way he coul…
:) he did before lol sabha polls. To such an extent that i was very surprised. Especially twisting Priyanka Gandhi's comment.
Priyanka Gandhi comments on is look like ke hasi comments on own figure.
Two camps are forming in Gandhi dynasty. Mata maino n priyanka one side and rahul another. both trying to b active n propoor.
If Rahul Gandhi is India's future, then Sonia and Priyanka are India's future ki maa behn.
I think priyanka gandhi is suitable for gandhis legacy
There's a strong feeling among people that Priyanka Gandhi is a better leader than Rahul Gandhi
Priyanka gandhi, pari please help me out in the USA.
those who wanted to call Priyanka must be very disappointed by this
Imagine, if a camera had be discovered by Priyanka Gandhi in a Gujju dress store in Gujarat. would have called U…
thing to wonder is after producing Rahul Gandhi Rajiv went ahead and tried to do it all again ?? for Priyanka ?
Excellent takedown of Rahul Gandhi's pretensions in today's Business Standard editorial.
When Priyanka Gandhi said "I will be happy if Rahul leads a normal life"
Priyanka Gandhi has looked more of a leader than Rahul Gandhi in his entire life
in a conversation vth priyanka Gandhi does Rahul refer Sonia Gandhi as ur mother. ..then y does he use ur prime minister?
Priyanka C must have written this speech for Rahul Gandhi !
Priyanka Gandhi is popular. She should join politics.
Now out of everyone Robert Vadra whose only claim to fame is Priyanka Gandhi is lecturing Govt. Dear ji plz show him his place
Now next Amethi visit ll be in 2019 Durin loksabha election along with Priyanka Gandhi ;)
Priyanka asks HP government not release details of her property
I demand that few honours should be reserved for children of Rahul Gandhi and priyanka gandhi as well
U&Modijihas gone mad over revenge policy &not for Nation progress,why u can't take Mrs Priyanka Gandhi illegal land assets
No outsider can buy property in rules were bend and . land was given to her there...? What activity...
Smt.Sonia Gandhi,Shri Rahul Gandhi and Smt.Priyanka Gandhi interacting with farmer representatives from Amethi
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Sanghis who are searching for suit boot Rahul could only find his SUITable Photo of Priyanka Gandhi Marriage :)
Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi interacting with farmers from Amethi at Jawahar Bhawan today
Why news traders have deliberately changed Priyanka Vadra's name to Priyanka Gandhi during election ?
Priyanka Vadra not Priyanka Gandhi . how much more mileage needed .For " Garibi hatao" how many of family needed.
Allow the desh ki beti Priyanka Gandhi to live.. howsoever Robert Vadra is wrong, forgive for the Indira Gandhi's sake, for PGV looks like..
is it mirror to Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and Robert Vadra and all dynastic politicians? I think so! RE
Priyanka Gandhi was in director board of companies of Vadra when Haryana Govt illegally gave them land. Any outrage Barkha?
Priyanka Gandhi to be appointed Congress’ general secretary&via
Priyanka Gandhi to be appointed Congress’ general secretary?
According to Priyanka Gandhi is likely to be next General Secretary of Indian National Congress. About time
In case Priyanka Gandhi does not take over, it will not be a bad idea if Congress merges with Aam Aadmi Party.
Priyanka Gandhi is the daughter of Rajivji first and wife of Vadra later.
What about palatial bungalow for Priyanka Gandhi & Robert Vadra? She is not even an MP!
Today is special day.. Ex dance teacher of Priyanka Gandhi, Leela Samson Resigns as Censor Board Chief.
Leela Sansom used to be the dance teacher 4 Priyanka Gandhi. A person who rarely watches films was made Censor chief. http…
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Reaction after india's succesful mars mission:-Alia bhatt = Ab 'MARS' wali chocolate aur bhi sasti *** jayegi..Rahul Gandhi = Mein mars se chunav ladunga...Priyanka Gandhi = We should change the name of mars to Rajiv Gandhi Lal Grah..Anil ambani = my ipl team cricketers will be from MARS. i will name it after my wife's name"MARS TINA HOTTERS".Sonia Gandhi = Martians should be declared as Minorities...Kejriwal = It is illegal step by Modi's government to conquer mars. Hum MARS par dharna karenge..Geelani = We want Mars free from India...Chidambaram = Mars is a Special Economic Zone area. It Should be given to Robert Vadra..Akhilesh yadav = Mars par Uttar Pradesh se jyaada balaatkaar hote hai. Hamar media naahi batavat hai..And the best statement comes from pakistanBilawal Bhutto = Hum Mars ka ek ek inch bharat se le lawange .
If Congress need to regain its lost glory to defeat Shri.Modithen Congress must leave inefficient Mr.Rahul Gandhi, Mrs.Priyanka Gandhi and concentrate on Congress Development Model and end up Dynastic rule politics and Anti-Hindu Bashing. Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia is best person to choose for Congress General Secretary and INC-UPA Prime Minister Candidate as well as INC Prime Minister Candidate for 2019 Lok Sabha Election replacing Mr. Rahul Gandhi. Jyotiraditya Scindiais best bet against Narendra Modiin matter of Development Politics. We see in the eyes of Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia, a young dyanamic turk with positive synergies same like the veteran Prime Ministers like Indira Gandhi, Lal Bahadur Shastri, P.V. Narashima Rao and Rajiv Gandhi. We pray to God for political success of INC Party and Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia for future endevour as Prime Minister of India after 2019 Lok Sabha Election through Congress Development Politics.
After ruling for 10 years, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul amd its clique, the loyal gang have lost their sense of appreciation. Salmam Khurshid, the self-boosting lawyer, Sanjay Jha and some others comment that the huge crowds that greet Narendra Modi are stage-managed. Does the congress take these Australian crowds as fools. Are they dumb driven cattle? The moment they give such a silly response congress loses thousands of votes. Even after series of defeats congress does not introspect. Even their high command also goes on pursuing this kind of public stance. It is the surest way to their total liquidation. The famous writer/authour Chetan Bhagat says that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi together sholud, like Narendra Modi, boldly replace the old outdated congress leaders with younger blood. However, people believe that first of all these three heads rather the block- heads must be removed. - Rajnikant R Pandya.
Kumar Vishwas,others sat in Amethi police station pressing for FIR against Priyanka,Rahul Gandhi,Cong workers alleging a threat to his life
If Rahul Gandhi is the brain of the Congress party, then Sonia and Priyanka are."Dimaag ki maa behen" Sincerely Admin
Was surprised to hear comment on Priyanka Gandhi, from seasoned journalist like U. And who knows she could be future PM.
If not Sheila dixit thn who vl lead congress in Delhi? The best bet wud be PRIYANKA GANDHI.
11/2/2014: FRONT PAGE: ‘ Priyanka Gandhi does politics like an item girl’
When PChidambaram said a non Gandhi could lead congress in future he was referring to Priyanka Vadra. So stop celebrating.
Save Congress-Sonia n Rahul should install new team n Support from Outside-Priyanka with Vadra Baggage stay out..Nation wants Non Gandhi..
Questions never dared to ask in past, after all, PRIYANKA GANDHI VADERA family loyalty is JOURNALISM
Wasn't Priyanka Gandhi aware of her husband's business affairs?. If not, she shld investigate his personal affairs as well.
Arnab, think of Rehan, Priyanka Gandhi's son.Why going bonkers on Vadra? Journo in hospital? No na? chill,relax.
If puts Vadra on a truth serum test,Robert may admit,he hit Congress doll Priyanka Gandhi many times.That is bad. …
Vote on the poll Do you think Priyanka Gandhi can become a great leader? on itimevia
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What is priyanka gandhi's favorite song these days . T.V. Pe breaking news hay re mera vadra
Bharkhaji,you have promoted priyanka Gandhi vigioursly in 2014 election,in your friendly interview you never ask any uncomfortablQ
Priyanka Gandhi - Item Girl analogy by Rajdeep just wrong. And the accompanying laughter of "intellectuals" shows that mis…
i have posted my notes to Priyanka Gandhi and Barrack Obama...and George Bush
Priyanka Gandhi : Baby, come on tell. me those three magical words. Robert Vadra : Are you serious? :P
Same HS Phoolka who fought on an AAP ticket from Ludhiana was also a member of Sonia Gandhi's NAC & helped draft the Communa…
Sanghis are angry over his remark on Priyanka Gandhi, that she is an item girl of politics.
Himesh replacing Honey Singh in India's Raw Star is like Priyanka Gandhi replacing Rahul Gandhi in congress.
Is Priyanka Gandhi an item girl? . Should we condone the journalist for this outrageous remark. Read this blog.
Talks at length about his relationship with Priyanka Gandhi before and after. In depth insights on Modi's Varanasi campaign...
CMO: Cong. want to try from Delhi?OK, Only Priyanka Gandhi lead (Not a single bite of RG or OLD leaders) all young new faces-Can they? Can't
Rajdeep first refers Priyanka Gandhi as an Item Girl, then justifies that he is not anti-Modi. Hints the pressure on media lobby these days
Why Priyanka Gandhi is a dud and Narendra Modi will continue to rise - Page2 - The Economic Times
This is the character of India’s third-rate star journalists - always looking for a bone from whoever is in power.
I would want Priyanka Gandhi to come and talk to media on She talked so much during elections
Forget property, how did he acquire Priyanka Gandhi?.
Some senior leaders felt that the moment Priyanka Gandhi entered active politics, the Modi government might just...
BJP's Shanta Kumar has demanded that property in Himachal Pradesh, sold to Mrs Gandhi's daughter, Priyanka, should a…
don't agree wit priyanka stmnt. Its India, movie stars have temple. Priyanka's resemblance 2 Indira n Gandhi name will help
Priyanka Gandhi is well mannered and keeps to herself in dignified silence. Yet Rajdeep compares her to An Item Girl.
Sardesai's son, the TV journalist said, "wanted to come back from medical school abroad and vote for Modi".
India's biggest unsolved mystery - What did Priyanka Gandhi see in the unremarkable Robert Vadra.
Congress's one bet was Priyanka Gandhi. Her chances are being scuttled by her huband Robert Vadra by his stupid actions.
'Me Pankaja Gopinath Munde' she used her fathers name while taking oath..when we call Priyanka Gandhi,sanghis says she is Vadra..okk
Sushil Kumar Shinde's daughter has invited Priyanka Gandhi to campaign in Maharashtra
Priyanka Gandhi tries to look like Indira Gandhi but ends up looking like Rahul Gandhi.
BanCyclopedia: The daily news capsule for bank exams! 1. SBI Wants to bring in a management agency to run scandal-hit Bhushan Steel Ltd. 2. Former Bjp Leader Jaswant Singh is in Critical Condtion and he is on Artificial Life Support System said by a Doctor of Army Hospital Delhi as he falling at his house on friday. 3. SEBI Slaps Rs. 13 cr penalty on RIL for Non-disclosure of Disputed Earnings 4. U.S. President Barack Obama ordered U.S. military force to take Legal Actions on ISIS terrorist in Iraq yesterday 5. Priyanka Gandhi dismisses Reports of her taking up Congress Post. 6. India and the US on Friday agreed to go in for co-development and co-production of advanced weapon systems, with Washington pushing New Delhi for early decisions on offers ranging from the next-generation Javelin anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). 7. The Narendra Modi government seems to be facing a tough task to fulfill its promise of "housing for all by 2022",. 8. The government is learnt to ha ...
If Rahul failed how will Priyanka win when media is free unlike during dark ages of Indira Gandhi?
Despite her questionable impact in Amethi campaign, Indian media remains obsessed with "big role" for Priyanka.
Congress party’s latest version of Plan B: Priyanka Gandhi vs Amit Shah in UP? She has long been the Congress's ...
So, Gandhi's are out, Vadras are in!
Priyanka Gandhi will lead Congress Now ,Start From UP , good luck ,
Priyanka set to formally assume big role in Congress. Induction likely after next round of Assembly elections.
And Robert Vadra is back in the news. "Law will take its own course, leading R Vadra to jail"
After all , she is the wife of Robert Vadra! He must be staring out of the psyco jail.
First the courtiers said Rahul Gandhi should assume a bigger role, now they are singing Priyanka tune..
Its Congress's internal matter,we can't say anything-Naresh Agarwal,SP on reports of Priyanka Gandhi set to assume larger role in party
Is Congress going to adopt British tradition? They make their queen as Head of State. Indira Gandhi,Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi.
Priyanka Gandhi--to take a full fledge Poliyical Plunge. d she misguide the Nation regarding the misdeeds of hubby or divorcing Vadra
Priyanka may formally assume big role in Congress.
Priyanka may formally assume big role in Congress. FULL STORY:
Priyanka should try, but some old age leaders should quit the top position. Reformation is required in Congress.
set to formally assume big role in Congress. Headline: The Economic Times newspaper
Congress to undergo major transformation. Gandhi dynasty to be pushed out. Vadras will takeover
Priyanka pseudo Gandhi is set to take bigger role.Please do.We want to reduce in single digit.
Is Priyanka Gandhi joining active politics!? Hm Read this news via
Dainik Bhaskar's flagship school, inaugurated by Sonia Gandhi, has Priyanka Gandhi on its Board
Priyanka Gandhi son who studies in Doon adopted by Rahul Gandhi to give him Gandhi surname writes Sunday Guardian
...Shri Nathu Ram was a person of great caliber and thought process...he slayed gandhi because Gandhi was a politically motivated person...if he was not and if he was a true patriotic person then he would have supported SHAEED BHAGAT SINGH, RAJGURU AND SUKHDEV. gandhi was an evil soul who supported devils like jinnah & nehru...gandhi I hope u are still burning in the flames of *** ..and I also hope that u will stay there till eternity... I spit of the bodies and souls of gandhi, nehru, jinnah, Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, priyanka gandhi, Robert Vadra, and all the corrupt and thanks less politicians such as mulayam singh, mamta banerji, badals, owasi etc.
Prasanna Ds is following the Interest "Priyanka Gandhi" on -
Son of Priyanka Gandhi. May be future of Indian National Congress.
Once upon a time. Rare 1 minute video of Indira Gandhi with her grandkids Priyanka and Rahul. !
What's the fuss about Priyanka "Gandhi's" son Rehan "Vadra" visiting parliament? Why they are airing it as a prominent news?
Priyanka Chopra as Mary Kom is the first step towards Women Empowerment ~ Rahul Gandhi.
Priyanka Vadra's Son Raihan Visits Parliament: Priyanka Gandhi's son Raihan today caused a flutter in Parliament as he watched house ...
and should that law be then applied to Priyanka gandhi for meeting convicted terrorists?
even priyanka gandhi met Nalini Sriharan a one of terrorists who was behind our PM assassination...3/4
"Priyanka Gandhi's son Raihan visits Parliament. Line of succession in cat nap ??.
Eternally grateful for the news"Priyanka Gandhi's son Raihan visits Parliament.
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's son Raihan today visited Parliament with friends - NDTV: ...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
we can accept Ben Kingsley as Gandhi so why not priyanka as Mary Kom ??!!
"Priyanka Gandhi's son reaches Parliament. giving commando as was flop show of
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the future PM nominee of Congress - Raimann Vadra (s/o Priyanka Gandhi Vadra)
Between whom? Rahul Gandhi is childless. Priyanka will probably be the leader by 2019, Rahul will take volunatary retirement.
was he born before Priyanka Vadra use to be priyanka gandhi? How is priyanka a gandhi moron n y glorifying it ?
So anyone can visit when they feel like? "Priyanka Gandhi's son visits Parliament.
How is she a Gandhi? Priyanka Gandhi's son visits Parliament.
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra's son Raihaan visits Parliament - Perhaps won't get a chance when he grows up :)
Future PM ;-) "Priyanka Gandhi's son Raihan Vadra visits Parliament to watch House proceedings.
Commenting on reports of Congress President Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Gandhi's willingness to contest elections from Varanasi, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Monday said that Gandhi would have been thrashed if she had done so as she drinks too much alcohol and has a…
I was shocked to see Nalin Kohli compare Robert Vadra n Priyanka Gandhi to Hafiz Saeed and Sanjay Jha looking lost!
I would love to direct a movie on Indira Gandhi with Priyanka Gandhi playing the lead character .this remains an unfulfilled desire.
Priyanka Gandhi has only one DIN. Lies of Swamy exposed in public again. Cc
The power of the Loom - Power Dressing in India Women, in the echleons of power choose to wear traditional Indian wear that make them look elegant, graceful and at the same time authoritative. Some women who chose Handlooms for POWER DRESSING Arundhati Roy, She put the Indian writing on the world radar. An activist who has been fighting against globalisation, she won the coveted Booker Prize in 1997 for her first novel The God of Small Things. You would normally find her in a traditional Indian attire. Chanda Kochchar , She has been ranked as the most powerful woman in business. She heads ICICI Bank, and had begun her career as a management trainee in 1984 and successfully rose through the ranks. Fortune magazine credits Kochchar for balancing growth and profitability and pushing up the bank’s valuation by almost two-thirds. Priyanka Gandhi, The suave non-political ‘politician’ who introduced power dressing to the world of Indian politics, sticks to her signature style – of teaming gorgeous cotton ...
Sonia Gandhi said Cong will return with huge mandate after 5 yrs. So basically, Rahul & Priyanka are not at fault; it is a khandaani problem
Priyanka Gandhi is the demand of our Secular and Democratic Nation. Save the Secular Character of our Nation.
Believe u can and u r halfway there. :) Once upon a TIME, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra with Indira Gandhi. ayenge
Some in Indian media won't drop idea that Priyanka is solution to Congress's woes. How about somebody whose name is not…
same indian culture and Priyanka Vadra is still addressed as Priyanka Gandhi, selective faith?
My younger bro is watching Doraemon now, and I am feeling bored. Now I know how Priyanka Gandhi feels all the time.
If not Pryanka perhaps congress can induct Priyanka's muslim named son into congrss!
Priyanka even cud not get the margin in Amethi n congress guys think India needs her NDTV
Who’s using your data? New technology to track how your private data is used online - using your data? New t...
Bringing Fabregas so late is like Congress bringing Priyanka Gandhi for the final campaign in a losing cause...
8 reasons why chia seeds (or sabja) are the new superfood chiaChia seeds are either brown or black coloured whole seeds that have gained much popularity recently. These mighty seeds are not only power-packed with a brilliant nutritional profile but are also a must-have for reducing your waistline. Chia seeds are generally soaked in water and consumed after they swell up. They are tasteless by itself and can can be added to almost anything without altering the taste of the dish. In Hindi, these seeds are called sabja or even falooda (once they swell up). Benefits of chia seeds or sabja Chia seeds have a balanced proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fats which makes them an excellent source of energy-boosting food. These seeds do not require any processing to be consumed. Unlike other seeds, chia seeds are absorbed by the body in the whole form and they can be eaten without any further preparation. Chia seeds are a great source of dietary fibre. They provide 34g of dietary fibre per 100g and have a high ...
Speaking on daughter Priyanka Gandhi, the UPA Chairperson said that the former would continue to work for the...
Priyanka Gandhi will continue to work in Rae Bareilly: Sonia Gandhi
'Priyanka will continue to walk with you': Sonia Gandhi to Congress workers in Raebareli
Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra -- favourite leaders of common people
Courtsey Modi sri Robert Vadra ji will be prtected by SPG. Does it mean Sonia & Priyanka Gandhi.. Or what?
WiKiLeaks reveals that Rahul Gandhi failed in 5th grade. Priyanka Gandhi says it's highly impossible because he scored neg…
New Delhi: After Priyanka Gandhi and Karti Chidambaram, who have been faulted for having more than one Director Identification Number (DIN), new coal and power minister Piyush Goyal has joined the list with two DINs registered with the ministry of corporate affairs in his name. The two DINs registered with the corporate affairs ministry in the name of Goyal, a chartered accountant by qualification, are 00610218 and 00024431. According to sources, a complaint was filed on Thursday with the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) on the aberration, as an individual is allowed only one DIN. The complaint acknowledgment number registered with the CVC is 11125/2014. According to sources, since CVC has no jurisdiction over Union ministers, the complaint will be forwarded to the Prime Minister's Office or the Cabinet secretariat. Priyanka Gandhi had three DINs in her name. As per The Companies Act, holding more than one DIN is a punishable offence with imprisonment of six months and a fine of Rs 50,000. DIN is a uniq ...
BIOGRAPHY OF Robert Vadra :- Robert Vadra was born to Rajendra and Maureen Vadra on 18 May 1969. Rajendra Vadra hails from, Uttar Pradesh, and Maureen (née McDonagh) was of Scottish origin. Rajendra was a resident of Civil Lines area of Moradabad and ran a brass and wood handicrafts business. The family is originally from Sialkot, Pakistan, and Rajendra's father moved to India at the time of partition. Robert Vadra, who studied till 10th Class, had two siblings, Richard and Michelle. Vadra met Priyanka Gandhi when she was aged 25 and they married in 1997. The couple have two children: a son Raihan and daughter Miraya. Vadra has a keen interest in fitness. Businesses :- Rents from DLF Limited for purchase of land, India's largest real estate conglomerate. Sky Light Hospitality Pvt Ltd (owned by Vadra and his mother Maureen Vadra), is a partner in a firm that owns Hilton Garden Inn in the South Delhi business district Saket. DLF Hotel Holdings is another partner in this firm. North India IT Parks Pvt Ltd . ...
Priyanka Gandhi visits Kashmir to pray at Kheerbhawni Temple :- Congress President Sonia Gandhi's daughter Priyanka Gandhi made an unscheduled visit to the Kashmir valley on Thursday to pray at a famous shrine and returned to New Delhi the same evening. Priyanka drove straight to the Mata Khirbhawani shrine in north Kashmir's Ganderbal district after arriving at Srinagar International Airport. The shrine is 24 km from Srinagar city. All traffic to and from Tullamulla town in district was stopped for her security during the visit. "She was on a private one-day visit to Kashmir which was kept under wraps for security reasons. Even some top local Congress leaders did not know about this visit", a senior official of the state intelligence told a news agency in summer capital Srinagar. Priyanka prayed at the Mata Khirbhawani Shrine for nearly an hour before returning to Srinagar city. Khirbhawani Shrine is the holiest shrine of the Kashmiri Pandit community. Priyanka's grandmother Indira Gandhi and great grand ...
Priyanka Gandhi makes surprise visit to Srinagar. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra Thursday made a surprise visit to Kashmir. Priyanka’s visit was strictly private and not even top Congress functionaries were aware about it, sources said. Priyanka, 42, the daughter of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and Congress Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, and younger sister of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, after reaching Srinagar went straight to Kheer Bhawani temple in Tulmulla area of eastern Kashmir district of Ganderbal. After paying her obeisance at the temple of the goddess Kheer Bhawani, Priyanka also met some Kashmiri Pandits. Later she visited Swami Lakshmanjoo ashram at Nishat, adjacent to the famous Nishat Mughal garden.
Priyanka Gandhi : I need some space in our relationship dear. Robert Vadra : Ok dear, take Noida sector 62 and 63, is that enough for you? :3
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