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Private Jets

Private Jets is a power pop quartet from Sweden, founded in 2001 by twin brothers Erik Westin and Per Westin.

Pastor Tunde Bakare Las Vegas Kenneth Copeland Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor New York Los Angeles Holy Bible Al Gore Mercedes Benz New Testament Emperor Constantine National Assembly

Funny article, lol. "Hillary Clinton Descends from Private Jets to Commercial Flights in Just Two Months"
I added a video to a playlist Asamoah Gyan Net Worth, Cars, House, Private Jets and Luxurious
Offset living good these days from Private Jets to cashing out at the Gucci Store
In the whole of Africa, only Nigerian Artistes fly Private Jets
VI (little) Ps! See which lucky celeb kids have flown on private jets via
I'll believe 28% of federal employees will quit their job over Trump when Al Gore quits private jets and Bernie supporters quit iPhones.
Does it provide for private jets to visit the Pope?? We want transcripts!!!
👍Your Bentley in White, your private Jet in Black, styling.
Apparently Dulles is having trouble finding space for all the private jets arriving. Swamp monsters in droves coming for a piece of pie
I'm sure they'll cry all the way home in their private jets
The newest is basically for private
.Time for the elite left to get out of their little bubble, out of their private jets...and maybe look at this e…
Can't you see the private jets flying over you?
Hannity just said liberals need to get off their private jets and see the country. DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU SUPPORTED FOR PRESI…
His inauguration is "for the people" though. Just like his golden apartment and his private jets and his imported w…
Anonymous said: The baby doesn't fly with private jets because "he's not a dog"!
The $30million fleet of cars, helicopter and 7 full time staffers are all an added bonus to this incredible mansion…
Make em ride a bus you know to save the environment Isn't it bad enough they all flew in on their private jets.
I wish you could be my Kanye and I would be your Kim roll around the streets of Paris in Mercedes Benz and Private Jets to Balenciaga shoes
Davos elites, private jets hangared and sipping Bordeaux, enjoy perks to debate inequality and redistribution
Everybody outchea thinking about being rich and owning a private jet. I just want to be the owner of the company that sells…
Dictators, Palaces, Private Jets and the Pakistan nuclear program
Lots of private jets parked at Washington Dullas for the inauguration.
This from a man flying around in private jets.
with Australia's 1.2%.wat we need to do is get Gore & Dicaprio to stop using private jets
I liked a video from 10 Most Expensive Private Jets In The World
The false choice is one that pushes masses into energy poverty while Obama, Gore, & DiCaprio fly private jets.
Inside the $330m US mansion modelled on super yachts and private yets.
Followed by morning and evening service on Sundays. These pastors are living large moving in private jets when their congregation is hungry.
How many private jets does it take to populate 😯
Yes. Private jets and dynamites for blowing up pipelines
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
My parents only have 3 private jets
I have access to private jets and island estates, but alas, I cannot afford these things.
EFCC claims to have seized Ali Modu Sheriff’s private jets. Their sudden interest in Sheriff is nothing more than a shamele…
What will happen to Trump's private jets after he takes office?
Can't stand this POS. Made billions off housing collapse.Orderin caviar & flyin on private jets while peeps sleep in shelters
Tax on Private Jets and Luxury Cars. This might pinch the elite but they have to key in.
Tired of flying commercial, why not try private jets? Check .
Millionaire like Beckham don't get effected by mass migration. They take private jets. Chuffher cars. And private health care.
Philip Green has bought a 'holy grail of private jets' after the collapse of BHS.
Fickling: They're giving private jets away via
Hotels, jets and limos: How eurocrats spend ��28m of your money via
Fickling: They're giving private jets away
Leaders who fly economy are only doing it for publicity stuff. Be like leaders who took private jets. They are honest about it.
Please have a read of my exciting news! designing private jets!
OUR MONEY wasted on EU high life, jets, limos, luxury hoildays.   10% Off
The frozen assets include homes in the US and Switzerland, a mega-yacht and three private jets. Kola Aluko,...
Pastors these days drive ferraris and own private jets which I find weird cause they claim to represent a man who was homeless & pennyless..
Wow nailed it - just like on climate change as he flits around the globe in private jets,
I don't see it as PDP vs APC. I see it as those with Swiss accounts n private jets vs those without these things. Don't side with politicians
Will instruct his staff to source private jets to fly him to more Euro 16 matches. Austerity doesn't apply to him
They all want to own mansions and private jets. They don't care about the spiritual growth of their members.
FDI reforms in aviation: Experts hail 'liberal' move
he’s getting a taste for the good life, too: Sanders’s campaign spent $1.65 million on private jets in February. Jane and Bernie, the 1%
The elite, lording it over the common man. They will only change if you
New business idea: uber but with private jets instead of cars
We can hide from all this stress and get higher then private jets , coffe & cigarettes.
This $300 million airliner is the hottest new trend in private jets
He's wasting millions of taxpayer $$ on Secret Service, motorcases; and wasting donor dollars on private jets - FRAUD!
Why didn't I think of that? I'll just tell Allison to stop chartering private jets and paying for teachers to attend Harvard.🙄
JetSmarter is the Uber for private jets| check out has them beat
An interesting dive into the stories behind Frank Sinatra’s and Elvis Presley’s private jets.
HuffPo's Grim: 54 Private Jets at Meeting to Stop Trump - via
The CUB's would all be leaving and making sure their private jets are ready to take them back to WA early
Oooh she is at all but not really that conspicuous right? Even with the private jets?
What would that mean for the music business? Maybe fewer private jets. But loyalty and longevity are the ingredients right?
They will promise u riches from the comfort of their private jets and u stay Giving. U redefine foolishness. It's that simple.
Inside the coolest private jets. . 👉 .
from lalomijares I met today this great crew flying a for Delta Private Jets. Awesome guys! I like to …
G+: Flying private to Cuba is the newest luxury getaway
Video: “Are you f**ken kidding me?” – Food, fights and private jets, this is the Wacky Adventures of Dana White, Matt
he should be flown there by one of our taxpayer provided private jets! Thanks soldier
Take a look at Pinnacle Aviation's listings of private jets on our website.
Private jets are not just for the wealthy - Charters are often Cost Efficient
The Jets are riding the Private jets!!! Here we come Sydney!!!
Building airports at the expense of the education & basic health care just to land private jets
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Yup. Flying like all her private jets that flew our money all over the world. Allegedly.
Somehow landed in jets private party!
...from someone who cowardly lobs potshots from five star restaurants & private jets? No thanks
Some people do private jets... I do mobile home parks lol @ Jackpot, Nevada
And Alison is so cute to be arrested. Lol! Hmm! I see many ships and yatch capsiding with some private jets too.
Wow! See the Number of Private Jets in Nigeria - The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority,...
Join us for the 2pm Grand Prize Drawing!! Private Jets, Best Bets and Sunsets
Ignorance is when you believe a pastor who says "shun worldly things" yet the same pastor lives in a $10m mansion complete…
The 5 most surprising things about designing private jets and my interview with (pg 56).
I would rather charter several private jets than purchase a Bugatti.
bruh, he's too important now. I mean living on an island, private jets & crazy net worth type. Won't come cause of safety reasons.
Air Charter Miami to New York: Mercury Jets is an on demand private charter provider, based…
As some Nigerians live ostentatiously, moving around the world in their private jets, the Federal Government is...
on plains with lots of people not private jets! Some people are flying all the time!
I'm giving serious consideration to moving from my usual supplier of private jets and helipcoters
I have a great view the private jets & helicopters arriving at Liverpool airport, should pitch up here for exclusives! 😂
the country needs Heathrow extended. We don't all fly business class or private jets.
'Hands in the air if u been broke I see millionaires making bread that's in dough private jets benzo.'!
Govt plans luxury tax as more Nigerians buy private jets
Multi-millionaires have private jets. For everyone else, there are ultralight powered hang gliders.
Is Africa the next hotspot for jets?shares in this issue of AfricanBusiness.
that removes all small flights of 30 or less people private jets etc that use Heathrow out of the equation but heyho done deal
Beware of preachers in sheep clothing when in actuality, are wolves. Preachers own private jets and mansions while the lost souls suffer.
Looks like the rich friends who also drive Prius's to their private jets & lavish parties 4 on Green lawns
These frequent visits by private jets abroad by Gandhi's is all about type things. must come clean.
Private Jets available for Global Champions Tour - London. Fly into the ultra VIP Farnborough airport with...
Global Superstar to TV Actress. Sold Out Stadiums to Theaters. Private Jets to economy class flights 😪
1,700 Private Jets will fly in to forum on "decarbonizing the global eonomy"
Jonathan met five Private Jets and still bought 4 more Jets. Whereas he can't buy a world class jet for our Nigerian Airforce.
Over 2million African kids need Just 15cents for Malaria vaccines...While Africa's Bishop hoards 4 private Jets ; $30m each. Ignorance is When you believe a Pastor who says "Shun Worldly Things".Yet the same pastor lives in a $10m Mansion complete with Private Jets. A Gulf-stream V Jet cost $30m...Only one Man in Africa owns 4 of this...A Bishop D. Oyedepo. Even though Africa is one of the man made World's Poorest Continents, it has more pastors with private Jets than ANY other Continent. In 2012, 4 pastors from Nigeria made Forbes Magazine's List of "Top 15 Wealthiest pastors"..While 60% of Nigerians live on less than $1/day. The Worst Type of christians are those who are Poor and yet still Vehemently defend their Millionaire pastors who rob them Blind. Kenneth Copeland one of America's wealthiest pastors spent $320,000 on a Rolls-Royce in 2009..Yet his church has never paid tax to date. He who pays the Priest controls the Sermon...This is why pastors never speak out against the corrupt politicians who p ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
If you really want to find out how to fly like a pro, check out our partner Private Jets at First Class pricing!
Private Jets, First Class I been flew that. Who dat? I'm just tryna sum up my success. it's like sleeping on the best... Egyptian Cotton
President Jonathan, Private Jets and The Poverty He Can't See . The month of May is a significant one. The firs
oh ok are these private jets or commercial? Guessing private? Thanks for reply
All you thots taking pics in private jets with some quote about success need to stop. Taking *** for a trip is not being …
Jesus in the Philippines Lives in a Mansion with a Private Jet??? Jesus is in the Philippines! And he asks that you donate your money to him or else you will go to *** People give him money so they can go to heaven, and so that he can have private jets and mansions. What are your thoughts on this???
Of course, the Uber for private jets is here
With pastors owning Private Jets,why shouldn't d church pay Tax, it's all biznez,pls pay your tax like everyone else: htt…
The app is like Uber for private jets:...
Ebola is not totally useless after all. Hang on; don’t think I have lost my mind, not at all. ‘’I have the mind of Christ’’. Check it out: Nigeria & Africa in general are suddenly waking up from slumber and dilemma of ‘’Sidon look attitude because God dey’’ evidenced by decadence of the entire social system. Ebola should rouse the government to revamp our health institution to a world class standard, reason being that they too must soon be needing localised health care - believe me on this one. A note of warning & passionate advice to leaders who loot the nation’s treasury and stash them abroad for selfish interest. I know you had no problem jetting out at ease to the West for the best medical check-up and treatment that money can afford. Can I surprise you a bit? ‘’Western nations’’ will not, I repeat will not accept you nor your family members who contact Ebola into their country even if you fly in, in your private jets or pledge to pay with the entirety of your country’s s ...
Open Letter To President Jonathan: How Will You Be Remembered? With utter sincerity and sober thought, I write this simple letter to the president of Nigeria. It is pertinent I present you with these words and thoughts before it is too late as your god-father said. There is love, there is respect, there is power and there is nothing. Which do you possess? Which will be your legacy? General Muhammadu Buhari has love. He is not appreciated for his wealth or power today, but he is loved. His people love him; they will take a bullet for him. They know they may never again directly benefit a single thing from him, yet they love him to death. That Sir is love. Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has love. People will die for him. They respect him. He speaks for some people; as irrational as what he says is to some, he is recognized as the voice and hope of others. Dokubo has love. If tomorrow he has no money and no power, there will be tons of people who will take him in, vote for him, feed him, listen to him. Dokubo has love ...
“The app is like Uber for private jets: @ its finest ✈️
Lemmi download this! “The app is like Uber for private jets:
Watch: Hillary Clinton is mocked for her extravagant demands for private jets & presidential suites.
Whoa🙌 That's “The app is like Uber for private jets:
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The app is like Uber for private jets:
I've seen at the least.. Ten private jets fly in within the last 20 minutes
anything is possible huh? I want a triple story mansion and 4 private jets... :)
In our little frankly fan chat we planned to steal private jets, fly to an unknown island and hold hostage..
Eclipse of charters private jets across Colorado, the US, and Internationally.
Inside the gloriously opulent Private jets of the world's Richest -
High-stakes bettors accounted for about two-thirds of $45 billion casino revenue last year in Macau:
Private jet means getting what you want: good food, privacy, & having a waiting for you. 310.289.9800
Oprah teaches us that the deepest spiritual journeys are the ones taken on private jets.
Driving by the airport, checking the private jets. About 50 of them and if 1 costs 10Mio- thats 500mio worth of planes right…
Lawyers talking about flying their private jets in the elevator.
Shout out to Grandeur Homes for sponsoring our biggest gala: Exotic Supercar Evening. A mix of private jets & exotics
Snap chat tutorials, private jets, GW Bush.wherever you work, I'm jealous and are they hiring?
Private jets have their own sets of ultra rich magazines.
From private jets to pizza onsies, see what got up to on her 22nd birthday...
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Explore a selection of our most popular in our gallery, here: http…
We love chartering Private Jets out of EL Paso!
Re: Nigerian Looters' Paradise: Wealthy Nigerians Spend $6.5bn on 130 Private Jets “Most of the (private) jets are bought by top politicians, oil magnets, and other business moguls in Nigeria”. These are the epitome of Dr. George BN Ayittey’s “phalanx of bandits, gangsters, crooks, and scoundrels who use the machinery of the state to enrich themselves”. In case there is a recent alien visiting from another planet who might wonder as to how these “vampire elites and government ministers” manage to acquire the immense outlay of “$50m, as the average cost of each brand new private jet”, Dr. Ayittey has your answer in his book, Africa In Chaos. He writes, and I quote: “Dishonesty, thievery, peculation, and embezzlement pervade the public sector. Public servants embezzle state funds, and high-ranking ministers are on the take. Government then becomes irrelevant to the people. What then exists is a vampire state”, en quote. It is unconscionable “that Nigeria currently rival(s) China as o ...
BITS & *** N13billion spent by the Petroleum Minister on Private Jets in 2years' - News (Daily Newspapers, National Assembly and the Online Press).Some human beings whose total essence devolves on court-jesting and political jobbing will attempt a defense of this. Some have argued that I am anti-PDP and some have said that I am anti-APC this reality enlivens my soul because I belong to The THIRD Forum, the PEOPLE.It is clear that we have demons and soulless beings in governance be they of the PDP or of the APC.With unemployment everywhere we read about how a Minister spends 13b on private jets in 2years. We read about 7.8b being spent on a talk-shop which is obviously ill-timed, ill-conceived and programmed to engage/distract the people whilst the shenanigans of politicians continues. Alas not a few Nigerians are deceived. Sad.I have and will continue to say that true progressive change can and will only come through the PEOPLE. We must demand responsible and responsive governance through proactive actio ...
Teen Mania Spends Thousands on Private Jets, Stretch Escalades while laying off staff.
CLERGY and PRIVATE JETS. Authoritatively, according to the Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers, Nigeria presently has about 200 private jets, owned by various people in the Country. However, something keeps amazing me. It is the way Newsmen, Information Outlets and many critical people pick out the about 5 or so preachers in Nigeria who have private Jets! Out of 200 Private Jets in a Nation, these 5 preachers have been stylishly picked out for 'spanking', for having what they need! Wait...Who owns the remaining of those 200 Jets, yet we never see them 'blamed' too (that's even if the blaming makes sense in the first place)???!! For example, Alhaji Aliko Dangote is said to have 3 Jets and a Yatch, but we've no reason to 'blame' him! Former Borno State Governor- Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff formerly had three private jets, but he recently added another- a brand new Gulfstream G650 model worth about $72 million (N11.5 billion). Let a Pastor get a gift of latest Mercedes Benz, we see it more 'critical ...
The Banky and Tiwa Show debuts on Africa’s First Global Black Entertainment Network, EbonyLife TV, Channel 165 on DSTV, on Tuesday December 17, 2013, at 09:30 WAT. The Banky & Tiwa Show is a brand new, star-driven talk show, propelled by the multiple-award winning African pop singer, the ever-charming Banky W and Nigeria’s first lady of pop, the beautiful Tiwa Savage. On this show, topical and controversial social issues that border on the way we live our lives as Africans are discussed in a mature, non-judgmental and non-preachy manner. Some of these engaging social issues will include: addictions, homosexuality, broken marriages, infidelity, Pastors and Private Jets, Transactional Sex and many more. Continue to see photos from the launch… Photos source: Linda ikejiblog
Kenneth Copeland said his Private Jets are nobodys business! And he walked away... That got to him... Lol
Î think_Madiba's Final Message to the Nation* Lay me to Rest in my Rural while my Eyes are Closed-Open Your Eyes. You will be flying into my Village in your Private Jets and arriving in your luxurious SUV & 4x4's.and other very comfortable and safe modes of transport. and-You will complain about the Mud because of the bad weather-you will complain about the bad roads because of the mountainous terrain-you will complain about the bad infrastructure and Low cell phone reception.because of its Rural Nature* My Point is:-Let Qunu be a Stark Reminder of what Every Rural (and even Urban) South African is subjected to every God-given Day. In your Soul you know that Our People do not Deserve This Inferior Quality of Life with very Limited Opportunities- if you Claim that You Love Your Country and Her People-then Let ALL of them.ALL of South Africa.Enjoy a Quality of Life Even Better than Your Own Life_because YOU are Their Servant and You Should Lead them to the Land We Had Promised Them during our D ...
In the wake of the 2011 presidential election, when Bola Tinubu went to congratulate Jonathan, He told Tinubu to join hands with him to finish Muslims in Nigeria. The *** is so daft that he forgot that Tinubu is a Muslim. And immediately, Jonathan was sworn in he made sure that 95% of all those he appointed as CEOs of Federal Government Agencies and Parastatals are Christians ( we have the complete list), all his service chiefs( Airforce, Army, Navy) are Christians, Auditor General, Accountant General, Surveyor General are Christians, All Ministers from Yoruba land are Christians, 70% of his Ministers are Christians, Ayo Oritsejafor, the CAN President was made the most powerful person abusing Muslims and calling the shots at the presidency. Jonathan bought Private Jets to Christian Leaders of the Church eg Oritsejafor, Adeboye and Many others. Jonathan sponsored Boko Haram to destabilize Muslim States and hide under that cover to assassinate Muslim leaders like General Shuwa. May the Almighty God DESTRO . ...
Food For Thought About The Land of Opportunities : People get on their Private Jets to fly around the world to find people to work for them. Jobs for people to pay their bills,to live pay check to pay check, but Leverage for the Entrepreneur to pay for their Jets and Life Style. If you knew how you could someday have the money to afford a Jet to fly around the world, would you ? Maybe you don't want the Jet, would you settle for the knowledge, the wisdom, the training to position yourself to be debt free to have choices for you and your family ? It's Possible in America for you to Leverage other people's time to over time, earn a 6 , 7 figure residual income. Giving those people and opportunity to also earn a 6, 7 figure income ? We have a system in place for you to work full time on your JOB to pay your bills and part time on your own business to make your own fortune, so you too can go first class, when you want, with whom you want when ever you want. Were you able to write off your dry cleaning bill, l ...
My custom made design for Tiger Airways and PAL Private Jets. For air bus too! ✈
Tony Nammor CITIZENS QUOTE OF THE DAY : ".About 150 private jets have been purchased since Jonathan became president without a corresponding economic activity to explain this. And while all these are happening, our oil production has plummeted from 2.6 million barrels per day to 1.7 million due to stealing of the crude clearly with cover from some people in the government. Those who steal this crude oil are now telling us that they will kill all of us if we do not vote Jonathan for another term in 2015"..END QUOTE By– Sam Nda-Isaiah Sam ; TRUISM. 150 Private Jets; 0-ZERO National Airline on both domestic and foreign flight. Few years ago; Nigerians complained that they pay more to travel to Nigeria than flying to the far east of the world. Today, the issue is no more about the fare it simply about the absence of a national pride (airline) but replaced with private jets and the major airports now build , private hangers for the jets.2.6million down to 1.7 million and they go borrowing more money from IMF ...
MY GLORIOUS DAY HAS BEEN SET!!! Family and friends my wedding will be coming up on the 25th December 2013. For your Invitation; Regular: N50,000 VIP: N100,000, VVIP: N150,000, To sit with the couple: N250,000, To be with the bride: N10 million. Warning to all my friends; On that my wedding day please I don't want gifts like Coolers, kettles, Frying pan, Wall Clock, Stove, Clip, Broom, Lantern... But I want things like; Range rovers, Private Jets, Visa to do my honeymoon in Dubai, Puerto Rico, Bahamas etc, or cash gift of minimum million. I hope I haven't asked for too much. Happy weekend Pals. .YD
SHOCKING* "WIPE Out The Whole N/Delta For Peace To Reign" - Hon Bala Ibn Na’Allah of Kebi State. As part of the effort to resolve the trouble in the Niger Delta region, a member of the National Assembly who was against Amnesty, suggested that the JTF should attack them and wipe out the whole N/Delta region for peace to reign in Nigeria. Hon Bala Ibn Na’Allah representing Zuru/Fakai/ Sakaba/ Wasagu District of Kebi State "Since Nigeria is a populous country with over 160 million people he will not mind so much if the 20 million people of the Niger Delta who are giving the rest of the nation so much 'headache' in the exploitation of the crude oil in the place are exterminated so that the rest of Nigeria can have peace". There is nothing was wrong in sacrificing 20 million people to protect over 160 million people." Hon. Bala Ibn Na‟Allah has made history on Monday, June 15, 2009 as the first lawmaker in Nigeria to acquire a Private Jet. The Honourable member claimed that Private Jets are cheaper than ...
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7Planes are flyable, they range from World War 2 fighter planes to Private Jets.
MATE! I'm looking at Kenneth Copeland in a different life! Private Jets etc when ppl suffer! Kmtt!
Can't you see the private jets flyin over you? Mayback bumper sticker read "WHAT WOULD HOVA DO?"
And when I realy bored I look at private jets for sell.
let go, my bags will be packed In 30 minutes.. My private jets waiting at Manchester for us..
Are you a good fit for this job? Charter Broker - Private Jets in London, United Kingdom
Think it is pretty cheap for Biz class travel return from US with 7 days thrown in, and private jets.
So Justin Bieber's mother has a book of her biography? Tell me more about the meals you cooked him before you started eating in private jets
Don't forget how you endorse private liquor-stocked jets for millionaires:
I'm trying to go from the pj's to the pj's. from the projects to the private jets!
Private jets my flights don't fly virgin.
# of private jets at LUX airport increasing?
Fly to death private jets fly me cross an island
Thought I saw a huge mansion, but it was just someones hangar for their private jets.
Every 2 yrs the music industry gets new hype. They get gassed up and the labels give them a SHOW. THE PRIVATE JETS HOT FEATURES ECT.
Do I have to freaking buy 20 private jets to get press coverage?
Can't u see the private jets flying over u ✈
Miami CB Brandon McGee has private workouts for Eagles, Bears, Jets interest from Patriots, Redskins, Vikings
Why haven't the Held a private practice with free agent QB Pat White
Wichita is the air capital of the world because we make private jets. He can have his choice
Can't you see all private jets we flying over,you can't you see all the tunnels we building under you
He has access to private jets, I'm guessing. Maybe there's still a chance he shows?
private jets and commercial flights it said. But, obviously not the major 'ports. Seems odd alright
nah private jets are too mainstream. Coach is what's in style these days
Judas was just mad private jets werent in his time...
I just meant that they have to fly anyway, at least they aren't booking private jets & being *more* wasteful
yeah they would but i found another one it looks more comfty:Daww lyt babe, well you made my day:)
Jets have a private meeting with Swearinger.ugh
I dream of Range Rover squads and private jets with the team at least once a week.
Oooh get you! It'll be private jets and a 10 million biopic next!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Magellan Jets Expands into Russia to Meet The Increasing Demand for Private Jet Charter to the U.S.
No it's people like Al Gore who have the private jets & tell us to sit in the cold.
Have you flown the flying office? See our private heavy jets category. 866.521.5387
I've also learned the have a private workout coming up with University of Miami CB Brandon McGee.
Only 8 private jets by Larnaca runway now. They've probably given up on getting their money...
Here are the pastors that I have found and know of that own Private Jets * Benny Hinn * Frederick K.C. Price * Creflo Dollar * Jan and Paul Crouch * K.A. Paul * Joyce Meyer * Paula And Randy White * Mike Murdock * Kenny Copeland * Rod Parsley
Being a Pope was a burden, just as being a true and a genuine man of God in words and deeds is a challenge especially in this materialistic christian world of today. Unlike SOME OF our Nigerian General Overseers, Bishops and 419 Pastors. The Pope do not have unquestionable access to billions of Naira, Private Jets, exotic cars, Mansions all over the World, Beautiful girls and in some cases another man's wives like Chris Okotie. In a Church/City State that boast of more than $200 million annually as income, the head of the Catholic Church doesn't really have a monthly salary or get paid as he has his every day needs provided by the Holy See. However, as a retired Pope, he will be paid a little sum of $3,340 (less than a million Naira) a month as his holy pension and that is what he will earn monthly for the rest of his life. 86-year-old Joseph Ratzinger plans to live his remaining days on earth not as a ceremonial politician of any sort or disguise but in prayer and meditation. Apart from some books, lette ...
The total of money earned by Oscar winners: 18.4 billion dollars. That's enough to bring American out of Debt. That's about equal to the net worth of NASA. That's enough to put food in the mouths of millions of starving people. That's enough to give homes to millions of homeless. If put towards military paychecks our troops would have legit benefits. If if burned it would keep warm all the people who live without heat. But in the pockets of Oscar winners its spent on Drugs, Plastic Surgery, Fancy Cars, Huge Mansions, Private Jets, Jewelry, and Personal Service.
How many times will I warn you to STOP condemning, criticising and casting aspersions at CATHOLIC CHURCH MOVEMENT.     If CATHOLISM is occult, then Christianity is sub-occultic.     If not for CATHOLIC, their wont be:Prosperity ministers,Holiness ministers,Morality ministers,Healing and Miracles ministers,&their wont be Heavens' bound ministers.     Oh CATHOLIC MOVEMENT, without you their won't be any:New Testament,Holy Bible,In fact, Christianity won't exist without Emperor Constantine!     Remember the Franks or better still the great Crusaders? Without them, you can't have a liberal Spain, Germany, and parts of Italy. You see your so much admire holy land in Jerusalem would not have been accessible it was simply in the hands of the Mohammedians back then!     CATHOLICISM IS CHRISTIANITY. They gave many Christian ministers the ability to collect Tithes and Offerings without being a Levite!     It will be an act of ungratefulness for my Private Jets owning Christian Ministers to talk about CA ...
VALENTINE'S DAY, FEBRUARY 14TH, 2013 NOON-1PM UNION SQUARE PARK $6M Giveaway 1st 1,000 guests to arrive will receive a comped membership + a complimentary companion seat to any BlackJet destination. GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Private Jet Trip to Las Vegas for 2 ~Roundtrip Private Jet Seat service from San Francisco to Las Vegas ~Departs Thursday February 14th @ 6pm. Returns Sunday at 6pm ~3 Nights at the Bellagio, Limo transfers and $1,000 in CASH! Local SF fave DJ David Carvalho will be playing some lunchtime beats, so come on down and get your free membership along with your photo taken in our aviation themed digital photobooth! BlackJet’s San Francisco Launch Event will celebrate their new direct service route connecting San Francisco with Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas. Already dubbed the “Uber for Private Jets," BlackJet is an online service and phone app that connects travelers with the reliability and convenience of a private jet experience at commercial prices. BlackJet is backed by Garrett Cam ...
agreed. She kept it 100 at last nights dinner. I would be obsessed with her fancy life w/Private Jets.
Airplane and helicopter tours and charter flights within and without the Republic of Panama. Private Jets for sale
HEROES OF THE DAY: THE ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Flat; Hapless; Lacklustre. These were some of the words used in describing the Super Eagles of Nigeria who took on Stallions of Burkina Faso in their first game of AFCON '13. Bad as it was though, the show must go on. Great events were experienced today 21st January, 2013. There were funny ones too and our first nominee portrayed that. A man at Agip bus stop along Ada George, Port Harcourt City, Nigeria today out of sheer anger burnt his car himself. TIMARIV (Rivers State form of LASTMA) caught the man today. According to the man, that was the 3rd time this year(and we arent even done with the first month). He got fed up of their troubles(cos bail na like 40-50k) so he decide to end the matter once and for all by burning d car. May be someone should remind him that wat triggered the 'Arab Spring' was a Tunisian unemployed youth who burnt himself alive. So why bother the car? The Nigerian Government also banned the importation of 'Private Jets'. Hmm, I don't think i'l ...
My Future is brighter than I imagine•I imagine givin out Private Jets and Luxury Whips•Giving Millions to Nations•Being King Solomon of Time
The Prosperity gospel.AIN'T NO ONE GOT TIME FOR THAT! It sickens me, it disgusts me, it angers me that the Prosperity gospel is being preached to the poor, lost, easily-fooled people in third world countries. There told by some TV-Evangelist who takes his or private jet to Africa,or any other poor nation that if you become a Christian you'll become rich, healthy, your wife won't have a miscarriage, your kid will be cured of HIV tomorrow. All the Prosperity gospel does is condemn lost souls to a Devil's *** Jesus never promised a healthy marriage, a stable bank account, a brand new BMW in your driveway. He promised a life of suffering, pain, sacrifice, being forsaken by family, friends, your own church, and those who want their ears tickled by false, full of crap, wealthy pastors or tv evangelists who own Rolls Royces, Private Jets, Nice Suits, more than one Manshion, a house in Calinfornia, and a house in Miami, oh and everyone knows that you just have to have a third house in Beverly Hills on a big mou . ...
Private Jets for Jesus? Last week, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, the current president of Christian Association of Nigeria, received a private jet from his congregation, the Word of Life Bible Church in Warri. By accepting this gift, Oritsejafor joins what bloggers have been calling an “elite club” of other private-jet-owning Nigerian Pentecostal pastors, politicians, business people, and government officials. This luxurious gift (James Ozundu points out that private jets cost between 2.4-9.4 billion naira and require over 83 million naira a year to maintain) comes at a time when thousands of Nigerians are still displaced by floods and terrorism. There has been much outrage expressed in social media and on the blogosphere. James Ozundu and Feyi Fawehinmi write particularly thoughtful critiques of the upsurge of private jets ownership in Nigeria, pointing out that such lavish investments come at the expense of building a working transportation infrastructure. Pastors (who, according to Forbes and the Guardia ...
God’s Private Jets and Limousines By Ogaga Ifowodo Posted: November 27, 2012 - 20:21 Posted by siteadmin Columnist: Ogaga Ifowodo And it came to pass, that the congregation of the Lord in the Word of Life Bible Church took count of the forty years marked by the wonderful things that Jehovah, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, had done through his humble servant, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, in their lives and they were ashamed that they had treated the anointed servant of the Lord very poorly. They had left him to the indignity of traveling by car and commercial air travel to his many deliverance missions in near and far places even when his fellow Daddy Overseers owned private jets. And being deeply shamed, they said unto themselves, Behold, in this year of our Lord, our father in Christ shall mark the fortieth year of the “unique anointing upon his life” that has “brought Salvation, Deliverance, Revival, Healing and outstanding Miracles to millions across the world as God’s power is demonstrated with ...
“Demosthenic vitriol against spiritual megalomaniacs” – Obahiagbon speaks on pastors with private jets
Conservative government expected to downsize fleet of private Challenger jets, seen as a travel perk and luxury
The thing in vogue in Nigeria now is Pastor getting private jets. And someone asked me to differentiate between...
Yea , let me call our private jets which color should we hop out in ?
Obahiagbon: By pleading with B/H to bomb private jets & uninhabited mansions built with stolen public funds only, not innocent souls
Guess u don't want us to ve our own private jets
Can't you see the private jets flyin ova you? Maybach bumper sticker read "What would Hova do?"
Shawdy got 3 private jets... cause She dont waste money.. she flip it
Don't you see the private jets flying over you.
wait, my shades, probably cost a thousand Fly to death, private jets, fly me across an island
World tour best believe your city next, private jets, no security checks
I can change your life if you get with flip, I take private jets to Vegas maynn 😊
The political and corporate elites in the industrialized world continue, in spite of overwhelming scientific data, to place short-term corporate profit and expediency before the protection of human life and the ecosystem.
Order Miche Bag Online!
HON PATRICK OBAHIAGBON: "... in their demosthenic vitriol against spiritual megalomaniacs whose modus vivendi has become increasingly byzanthine and repulsively narcissistic. We must all begin to deprecate this razzmatazz and Nestorian braggadocio in the “HOUSE OF GOD”, because when there is no difference between the values of a Pastor and a typical Nigerian Politician,then it’s truly a bolekaja...
Perhaps Mr Buffet should hire his Secretary's Tax Attorney! Private Jets, Buffett and Taxes
KiaAa my head dey crack 4 dis GraMmar
Delta consolidating its private jet service in Cincinnati: Delta Private Jets, based at the Cincinnati/Northern ...
“I know that a lot of us believed when we lowered capital gains rates in the 1990’s, that that was the right thing to do; that it would stimulate growth. (But) you go ten, 15 years later, and you see this divide between the richest Americans and the poorest Americans. You drive through Manhattan, Greenwich (Connecticut), where people have just accumulated — and Boston, wherever — just remarkable wealth! Vast sums of wealth! They are, you know, the landed gentry! And you sit there and you go, ‘You know what? These people that live in these mansions, and private jets, and live an extraordinary life like few Americans lived 30 years ago — they can probably deal with a 20 percent tax rate on capital gains instead of 15 percent. I don’t think that’s going to wreck the economy.’ And I think there are a lot of Republicans that are saying what a few of us were saying (during) the election — I think Bill Kristol said it: ‘Why are we fighting and risking our majorities protecting billionaires ...
dude, think of what $1 million means. You'd sooo kill for expensive hookers, mansions, private jets, private islands, etc.
Should a pastor own a private jet? That this is even a debate issue in Nigeria reflects just how wayward some of our Christianity has travelled, particularly since the end of the civil war and the arrival of large piles of oil money.
CAN: Pastors need private jets for prayers close to heaven -
I don't know if he's needy but I know he like to fly private jets even if it's thanks to a mad african tyran like
if d efforts u put on private jets is channeled to solving those nuisance called BH, we'll ve made progress. Live jets&face teroris
No more southwest now it's like private jets
Fly private jets with the wifey continental for the sidepiece
Lol I'm always thinking of the crazy raves I'd throw if I had the $$. I'm thinking private jets, private islands & my trance fam.
I just knew this from my mom that the owner of St.Regis Bangkok's wife. She drives Honda CRV eventho she has 4 private jets.
Pastors are buying private jets when some of their church members can't afford 3square meal *what is the world turning into?
It's how we got here. Private Jets print on Navy T-shirt. 100% cotton made in USA, fits true to size.
I just became one of MoveOn's 5 million members, and you can too by clicking here. MoveOn brings real Americans back into the political process to realize the progressive promise of our country.
its madness! Its like Harrods selling elephants and a 4 poster bed for a dog £10k !! I have wealthy clients with private jets
Prayer of a Young Nigerian Evangelist "Dear God, I wish to let the world know you more, since our dear Daddy Ayo Oritesejafor belives that we need to hv private jets to spread your word. So God I would like to have either a bombardier or a boeing 737 to enable me obey your call Effectively by flying around the world. Amen"
"please if you want to listen to Igodo mi Igodo talking,your chambers dictionary must be by your side''
Yup. No accountability or fear of failure on Jets players. No fear of a Tuna-like tirade against them in private AND public
Deny it all u can - private jets would hardly translate into wider & better evangelical outreach; it's sheer competition...
No private jets 3 hours, 4 with thomas cook lol
It's EXACTLY three weeks to my birthday, dear good friends, better start buying 'em gifts, or look for where to hide if you forget. Will be updating you on how many days left so there's no excuses.Please note that I'm only 25years old so buy age appropriate gifts, flat screens, private jets, five storied rental houses, e.t.c
God save us frm dis man grammar ooo
I found myself exasperated after musing and cogitating on the scripture,most especially(MATT 6:24).I was stupefied and flabbergasted by what these our so called MOG does to the church.They are like cancer in the body of Christ. Dont the bible and other scripture preach love and sharing.You own private jets ,jeeps,fleets of cars, mansions only for you to mislead your members telling them that there is heaven on earth.To me you are MOW or WISC(Wolves in sheep clothing).Jesus rode on donkey not horses though everything were created through him and for him(Col 1:15).Yet his humility cant be preached let alone practiced.Asking this question,does Sultan of sokoto possess any jet?Yet you show off with your jets,jeeps and cars in a poverty stricken environment tasking your members to pay tax in which you call tithe.You can never mock God(Gal 6:7).Your true investment is no longer in heaven but on earth.You preach Jesus is a rich man and even misinterpret what was written in 3john3:2. The bible clearly point out . ...
Heard on d news 2day dat 4rm Jan 2013 all churches n mosques re 2stat givin account 2d govt... I bet it has 2do wit d private jets
"We must all deprecate this razzmatazz and Nestorian braggadocio" - Obahiagbon slams pastors with private jets -
Feature I shot and edited about luxury private jets.
Sen McCain was rebuked in 1989 for exercising "poor judgement" by flying around on Keatings private jets. Umm glass house? Stones?
Pastors are now considering private jets a necessity instead of a luxury ??? Jesus didn't die for this.
anywers better than hull! We'll b dotted around the world with private jets visiting eachother x
It's ironic that the UN climate committee members take private jets to their exotic meeting locations such as cancun and Bali
"Private Jets for Jesus - by Sonala Olumhense | more at only needed a donkey, Mohammed SAW, a camel...
It is embarrasing for men of god to own a private jets, is against the teachings of their religion.
Use of the challengers has attracted share of controversy, seen as expensive private jets ferrying government officials.
Nigerian Pastors & private jets: Is there an airport in heaven?
Guy whig version of dictionary you da use..LMAO!
Please hold your cold drink before you read
Pastors and private jets: is there an airport in Heaven? Where is the picture of A humble Christ from Galilee?
JEEEZ! U r emitting more signals than most private jets
The GO of omega power ministry (OPM), Apost. chibuzor chinyere, a man of God with a good human heart, has done it again, what he loves doing most, i mean service to humanity. He recently gave succor to the flood affected victims in Rivers state; He provided them with funds to set up their own businesses, business shops, lands, new apartments and relief materials etc. Other GO's should emulate his gestures, rather than buying private jets, running expensive schools in the expense of their poor followers. Apost, may the good lord always enlarge your coast, for you to do more.
Still on our jet-age pastors... Private jets are for ordinary rich men as orphanages, foundations and humanitarian organizations are for pastors! As long as there is a starving, sick or homeless child anywhere in the world, IT IS A SIN for a man of God to spend more than necessary resources on his personal comfort!
hon. Patrick. We only enjoy ur comedy in form of spoken english, but nt d meaning. Coz i guess 99.9% of d nigerians cnt comprehend wat u're saying. This means that there's break in communication
Its quit disturbin dat church which suppose to lead de way has turned out to be places where corruption thrieves.recently a can of worm was about to be let open.Bishop Kukah was de first to fire de shot when he condemned de crave for private jets by MOG
Last Night I watched "Liz & *** the story of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. They lived a glamorous life; Diamonds, furs, yachts, private jets, traveled the world, known all over the world. Had everything the world says is good and important. Yet it all seemed so shallow to me. Their lives were so messed up. They played characters on stage and screen but they didn't have a good character. They didn't have peace. They didn't know God. So sad and such a waste.
EIU Report On Jonathan’s Nigeria Mon, 26/11/2012 - 2:07am | SAM NDA-ISAIAH The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is a subsidiary of The Economist Group of London. The Economist calls itself a newspaper even though to the rest of us, it looks more like a magazine. But that is the mystique of The Economist, which was first published in 1843 to take part in “a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress.” The EIU is an independent business within The Economist Group. It is respected and very influential. Through integrity, study, inquisition and fact finding, EIU offers forcasting and advisory services to their discerning clients, which have included the world’s intelligence services and high networth investors. The EIU is famous for its country reports, industry reports, country risk service reports and five-year country economic forecasts. In its latest report, EIU has rated Nigeria the “worst place to be born in 2013”. T ...
Hon Patrick is exploding against men of God who has turned acquisition of private jets into a trend
D Clergies of christiandom Lord dia flocks and promotes falsehood (immortality of d soul, purgatory, hellfire and trinity), which d bible do not support. They have prayers 4 people lookin 4 visas, money etc. They've twisted d truth 2 tickle d ears of dia flock. Instead of talkin of doing God's will, they preach money and prosperity. Indeed churches r nw business centres. D world is passin away, yet dey (clergies) accummulate wealth 4 dem selves (private jets); what a contrast of what Jesus taught. Indeed, there have come 2 b many false prophects, and many antichrists...
In a move that will surely rankle his fellow Republicans, Joe Scarborough criticized the GOP's tax policies and argued that wealthy Americans should pay more taxes on Monday's "Morning Joe."
Pastors & private jets.., is there airport in heaven???
Pastors nd private jets,,is there an airport in heaven?
I don't know why some pastors/ reverend I have interviewed failed to agree that the most reliable sign of knowing those who worship God truly is by their ownership of private jet(s)
A piece of advice to my friends who've been saying things about private jets and pastors. Don't join fools to yak rubbish. Just respect your own space in this matter. Why? Romans 14:4 - since I saw it, I knew I had to be careful. It reads: (GNB) "Who are you to judge the servants of someone else? It is their own Master who will decide whether they succeed or fail. And they will succeed, because the Lord is able to make them succeed." (ISV) "Who are you to criticize someone else's servant? His own Lord will determine whether he stands or falls. And stand he will, because God is able to make him stand." (CEV) "What right do you have to criticize someone else's servants? Only their Lord can decide if they are doing right, and the Lord will make sure that they do right." None of you called these men into ministry. Most of you weren't even there when they started. None of you knows the agreements they had with their God. Don't be foolish. God is not like you, or any of us. He doesn't joke with Himself. He w .. ...
Why will our men of God nt hv private jets nd own lucrative business empires? Wen all we give in church end up in their personal bank account. They justify their unquenchable quest for private jet in d name of evangelism bt believe me dey ll never fly to Iran, Iraq, afghanistan or somalia for evangelism. They ll only fly to Europe and America in search of hard currencies under d cover of evangelism. hard cur
Jamisi Latest: Patrick Obahiagbon blasts pastors with private jets
Nearly 200 delegations are in Qatar to plan for a new international climate pact, but there are disagreements over sharing the burden.
De only Man i admire in terms of speaking English-Patrick Obaghabon
12(13) of MUHARRAM 1434A.H. ** 26/11/12. Salvation in flight and poverty abound. Preacher men in private jets as brethens go hungry. Mama don't say weep not child, I'm not a child am a grown man and men do cry every now and then. Mama let the truth be said men cry and sometimes women make men cry.Maybe African men rarely cry in public, but they do cry. I cried like a John Bohner after being prodedby Nancy Polesi when I heard the number of Pastors in flight in their own private jet, where most civil servant don't make $100.00/ a month. Fela rushed me this one from the sky: Dem, dem dey call themselves preachermen na so sowayo wayo dem dey. Na so so poverty men dem be. Dem dey pauperize, pulverize and vaporize.The Toro and Kobo wey mypoor ignorant people dem don get. Yougo say wetin concern me for dat. If you ask I go answer. I go tell say, Chineke no dey sleep, Allah too no dey sleep and Baba Orunmila just dey kampe dey watch dem magicians dey hypnotize everybody. Ignorant or not ignorant, educated or igno ...
This man grammer go kill person na wah
Opinion Poll For Today; What's your take on Nigerian pastors owing private jets?
Men of God owning private jets. Is there any thing wrong with that? Join me today on UNIUYO 100.7 FM and have your say.
I 've decided not to attack the personalities of the folks attacking the personality of my man and his party again. My posts and updates as from this moment shall be issues devoid of slanders. If i had insulted you in the past, please pardon me. I am sorry. Please let us start another union with this latest issue: Former Delta State Governor, thief James Ibori (i called him a thief because he is a certified one) as you all know, looted the treasury and commonwealth of his state dry when he was in office. He bought many traditional titles, Private Jets, Mansions, Oil blocks etc and also assisted countless people with his looted money. Ekiti kete o, let me hint you this info, do you know that one of the beneficiaries of James Onanefe Ibori's looted cash is my dearest former governor of our state, Otunba 'Niyi Adebayo? I can confirm authoritatively that James Onanefe Ibori bought our handsome man, Chief Richard Adeniyi Adebayo's house in Ikoyi, Lagos State for him. O ma se o!
Don Jazzy shared the following link and had this to say about it:Private Jets: CAN Blasts Kukah, Labels Him Greatest Beneficiary Of Govt In Ten Years Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah and Pastor Tunde Bakare, have come under ‘friendly fire’ from ...
I like Pastor Tunde Bakare for his undiluted teachings. I am beginning to question his stance on things which I think he should know better. He is too REACTIONARY especially on Private Jets that some men of God acquired to further the gospel into “samaria and other parts of the world” as the Bible teaches. He is becoming a Judge in the Kingdom by asserting the Pastors including Adeboye go to prisons. Comments pls.
Private Jets on Offer 15 Nov 2012 Font Size: a / A Private-Jets.jpg - Private-Jets.jpg Olawale Olaleye A time comes in the life of every man when he needs the support of those around him. Such a time came Wednesday for former Kwara State Governor, Dr. Bukola Saraki, and his siblings following the death of their father, Dr. Olusola Saraki. It was a moment that served as a litmus test of their friendship with so many people, both in government and in the private sector, who rallied round Bukola, Ms. Gbemisola Saraki-Fowora and their siblings at their critical moment. The Sarakis, in accordance with Islamic injunctions, had planned to bury their father Wednesday. Their father was no ordinary man that could be buried anywhere, except in Ilorin, his hometown, where for almost 40 years, he played a prominent role, not only in governance, but also in the lives of hundreds of thousands of its inhabitants. Immediately it was clear that burial plans were in top gear, friends of the Sarakis did not only besiege the ...
Copied from a friend wall page, Fola Babalola, I think you need to read this. enjoy... 2000 years from now, Another Bible woulda replaced the one we are using and the new Acts 16:16-30 will go something like this. 16 Once when we were going to the place of prayer, we were met by a Pastor called Bakare who believed himself to be a truth sayer. He earned a great deal of respect. 17 He followed Oyedepo and Oyakhilome, shouting, “These men are not servants of the Most High God, They have private Jets at the expense of their poor congregation.” 18 He kept this up for many days. Finally Oyedepo became so annoyed that he turned around and said to the man, “If it’s your own private jet you want, why not just ask!” At that moment Pastor Bakare was disgusted. 19 When people realized all they cared about was Private Jets, they seized Oyedepo and Oyakhilome and dragged them into the marketplace to face the authorities. 20 They brought them before the magistrates and said, “These men are Con men, and are i ...
Some people spend money to save time;others spend time to save money. Typical scenario. Two people are to travel to Abuja from Lagos.One thought of the things he has to still do on the same day after he returns,and heads for the Airport;he gets a Ticket and boards his flight. The other man equally has a lot to also do,but thinks of the cost of a Flight Ticket and in other to save costs,decides to enter a very cheap Public Transport. We,especially as Believers need our Minds renewed. A Car is a necessity;so also an Aircraft. Its like traveling by public transport and using your private car. When some Secular Artists bought a Private Jet,the whole Country clapped but its a Taboo for a Preacher to have one. Mind you,its not only Preachers who have Private Jets in this Country. Dr Myles Munroe said there was a day he came down from his Jet and walked towards the V.I.P Lounge and a Secular American Artist also came down from her Private Jet and walked towards the Lounge;when they met,she asked if he was a Amba ...
FOR PASTORS... 1,Why they don't preach Rapture and Second-coming again 2,Why Churches build schools that members cannot afford 3,Why pastors visit Governors but cannot visit members on Hospital bed 4,Why pastor divorce their wives 5,Why they buy Private Jets but members trek 3km to church 6,Why Governors sit close to the Altar even when they arrive late 7,Why they emphasize on Tithing and not Salvation...pls who can answer d question 4 me
Air Traffic Control can’t handle all the request for Private Jets to land in Florida! Attorneys’ in Route!
At Your Service, HB, LLC, Las Vegas, NV, will be attending the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, this Weekend its the 53rd Annual Event. I have partner with the Royal Concierge Services, BVI, Partnering give us the opportunity to spead our wings in the Caribbean, Latin American, UK, Europe and the Mediterranean. Our Group is delighted to join forces with a well establish company in the Caribbean. With our focus on the Elite Traveler we offer a wide range of services, Private Jets, Yacht Charters, referrals for Security/Ex Military/High Risk Training/Close Protection Contracts Only. Limousine, House Sitting/Vacation Property Upkeep, Contracts Only. I have Partners with Creative Professional of all types. Our belief to better served of Elite Clientele, we needed to focus on current staff training with Professional in the Luxury Resort Industry. We currently have Spanish on our Company Website and planning by April 2013, to have three more languages Italian, French, Russian, there is NO Easy Way To Expand in the 2 ...
I believe in the teaching & calling of Bishop David Oyedepo but truth be told, 4 Private Jets in his kitting is grossly innapropriate!
Private Jets and First Class Flights!!! Haters on ground zero looking above still hating. Haters Please Get A Life!!
Gotta love Paddy Cosgrave's announcements about the upcoming F.ounders! My favorite part from the recent one: "Private Jets: Dublin Airport have alerted us that their private terminal may reach capacity during F.ounders, and private planes may be redirected elsewhere in the greater Dublin area. If this happens, we will have a private car to you within 20 minutes of landing. We're providing private transfers from all airports." Even though I'm not taking my private jet this time around, this should be rather exciting! :)
Private Jets: The No-Frill Option: A number of companies are implementing the same strategies that have turned l...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Private Jets for biz or leisure travel worldwide – Las Vegas, Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles- you name the place, we’ll get you there!
So Mandela struggles to raise funds to build Mandelas Children's Hospital that would help under privileged children yet government has money to borrow King Mswati, IMF and buy Private Jets?
When The Travel Channel is showing Yachts, Private Jets, and Island Destinations, TURN THE CHANNEL. They got me looking up how much it would take to take my 205 foot Yacht through the Suez canal so I can make it to Malaysia.
Life is really a BIG Lesson. Big Cars, Being famous & Popular, Beautiful Wife, Six figure Salaries, Real Estates, Power & Influence, Private Jets & Other Material Possessions, Are all NOTHING compared to. Good Health, Peace of Mind, Joy, Rightiousness & Most of all BEING ALIVE. Thank you God for you have given me the Most Important & Most Valuable. All i ask now is 'KUTOSHEKA' & APPRECIATE what you have given me. THANK YOU.
Interior Design for Private Jets in China As sales of private jets increase in China, interior design companies...
No Takeoff Yet for China's Private Jets: China's private jet demand is throttling up, but regulatory and infrast...
To Reach Simple Life of Summer Camp, Lining Up for Private Jets - -
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