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Private Eye

Private Eye is a fortnightly British satirical and current affairs magazine, edited by Ian Hislop.

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Christian Brothers hired private eye to 'dig dirt' on abuse victims - via
The private detective has been keeping a close eye on his suspect from his office across t…
Also, people are saying this was 'satire'. . I read Private Eye, I watch HIGNFY, I love Frankie Boyle. I know what Satire is. This isn't it.
'Private Eye' reveals St James Place salesmen who bring in most dosh are clapped-in to blacktie dinner at swanky Grosvenor House Hotel
Michael Gove and Rupert Murdoch's relationship should be investigated, says Private Eye editor Ian Hislop
Private Eye & Sheffield's Central Library. Good question. Maybe in the depression they saw culture & education as of…
No one wants to sue? Really. How about Robert Maxwell suing Private Eye over the Mirror pension fund?
Chris Grayling blames unions for today's Southern rail strike but Private Eye reveals his complicity in the on-going disput…
Is the 1997 reboot/update with Stacy Keach as Mike Hammer, Private Eye too mainstream for your podcast? I really hope not.
| UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson takes no chances - at least that's how Private Eye magazin…
Stanley Baxter will be turning in his grave!(if he's dead! Lol). Have I Got News For You off air: Private Eye stopped? Nah!
any person in the public eye has a private view and public view. Celebrities, politicians... come on..
200bn is easily available to bail out a private bank,But Makerere is closed down at the blink of an eye coz of 28bn salary arrears??
War! What is it good for? Making lots of Money for the connected few.
Private Eye In The Back: Making a killing in the arms trade via
Like *** It's just some stuff you talk about in private. I'm not gunna down you in the public eye.
PSDAG + its private partner PEBEC to offer export mrkt 4 bird-eye chilli produced by Rwandan s/holder farmers meet in
Daily Drop News continues w/Season Finalé of Private Eye: Ep14: The Case of the Missing Ending - Pt3
First, I hired a private eye, and got shocking proof of her prostitution
I know, he's always trying to rewrite history, just like a Communist.This lady hired a private eye who found out he's Hitler's gson
I wrote about one of my all-time favorite movies, the vastly underrated The Long Kiss Goodnight
There´s more than meets d eye with HUMA & everything surrounding dynamics of HILLARY´S "mobile office" MORE than private server system. DEEP
Wow - David Bowie's private modern art collection - That man had the eye, no doubt :
Learn the ins and outs of being or avoiding a Private Eye with sniper, PI, and cop Jimmy Morris Oct31- Nov 13
I'm bringing back Hong Kong Phooey, but in a newer, grittier reboot. It's going to be called "Muay Thai Private Eye."
Ha! If yer gonna stuff something in yer lug hole this sounds fairly high brow. Private Eye woulda been better...
Apparently so, but I'm holding out hope it's the Daily Mash or Private Eye
Wow! I understand being private about personal life in the public eye. Wishing all the best and enjo…
Mmmmph...Lewd.Can we move to a more private area? You know, away from the public eye?
Good to see more African American analysts this election year: It was love at first eye-roll with Angela Rye
you like Hunter more than private eye Jack Doyle? Thanks Guru!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Since I wasn't able to offer the Private Eye pendant for sale (see my earlier post), I found another delightfully...
Yes, gave. Boris oversaw it. And here's Private Eye's take on it
Think this may be my new modus operandi: just make it up. From Private Eye
13L9Ve yah TLC Community™ PRIVATE L9VE all my cuzzos raspect to.All TLC Businesses we rise as one Eye Am nothing without TMHs Big Amma 9.13
Private Eye finds a resolution to the Heathrow runway conundrum
Wonderful piece in Private Eye about what you won't see in the Sun.
A great cover for the new Private Eye
Omg the new South Park episode is literally doing the Cloudburst from 's Private Eye.
The Sun going after Keir Starmer for *rightly* not apologising for Op Elveden today. Here's Private Eye on why The Sun is lyin…
Keep an eye on yeur competitors by putting them in private Tyitter lists to monitor their strategies and activities.
This weeks Private Eye on history and Al Levels
as per in Private Eye - Hunt and Stevens now in dance of death trying to pass blame for service failure
Private Eye's "City" page is dedicated to Amber Rudd and her family's dodgy businesses.
Small wonder that he's the one of Private Eye's Three Musketeers known as Dedlos.
I cancelled Private Eye in January after 20+ years. Met Ian Hislop in London a week later by sheer coincidence!
All purpose parts banner
The best/worst thing is that he's a TERRIBLE writer - like one of Craig Brown's parodies in Private Eye.
The times Jeremy Corbyn was disloyal to Labour leaders in the new Private Eye
Private Eye got it right, Charles Kennedy got it right, Robin Cook got it right, The Sun got it wrong
Anyone who thinks Andrea has the interests of ordinary people at heart should read this, from Private Eye http…
. This blog post fleshes out the Private Eye report. Full article
The solution is get rid of Southern, but the government won't. See article in Private Eye.
...worth looking at page 7 current Private Eye story 'All At Sea' shows how patrol vessels are used/not used by gov't - awful
He's also a main board director of BT plc (British Telecom) and HMRC. So is the butt of Private Eye. Google him.
Private Eye: policies of former Energy secretary Ed Davey for burning waste and trees more polluting & CO2 than coal
Ed Davey former energy secretary in Private Eye re his policies of burning waste and trees more polluting than coal
COMING UP: Actors Jason Priestley and Cindy Sampson, a Halifax native, talk about their show Private Eye making its debut this week.
lol Cheryl f*d with a public eye how dare you expect she be kept private! She gon learn
The latest prediction from the EU referendum campaign, as features on the cover of Private Eye. by davidwooding …
󾭚TODAY ONLY󾭚. Private message me if you want to try our "sold out 3 times last year" Eye Cream! Order is going in TODAY!
Private airlines making huge money at the cost of passenger. Reminds of UPA where dhrithrastra had turned blind eye
Don't know if any of you have iOS, but the Private Eye podcast "Page 94" is a great listen. .
Another consequence of Thanks for this, Private Eye.
Private Eye on apparent withholding of phone records by News International during hacking investigations.
Gotta love Private Eye. Tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations could pay for NHS shortfall.
If you have any wealth in any form you should be. Look at what Jeffrey Archer did to Private Eye even though he was guilty.
Brilliant story in Private Eye re. Neil McCormick of
Forum: Ealing Council in Private Eye over Heller House - The Council has made Rotten Boroughs in an item en...
Large batch Private Eye & Daily Mirror roughs (I'll even throw in a couple of published originals!!!) £149 the lot
Private eye have a tool to check who owns what near you..
show the proposed development land registered in Bermuda to avoid paying tax
I suspect Suzanne Moore will be featuring heavily in the Princeballs column in the next private eye
New trailer revealed for Private Eye: (v…
Read about this in Private Eye he took a lady friend too 😡
😂😂 *** you guys are freaking da bomb! I can't stop laughing! If anyone needs a private eye are you girls 4hire
See write up about the documentary after the private screening Thursday
Before there was Get the lowdown on tax dodging
apropos newspapers separation of ads (&clicks) from editorial convo: Xmas Private Eye
Even by the Mail on Sunday's standards, this story in the new Private Eye is completely hideous
Jack please private message me i have to tell you something but i dont want any one knowing
Now i has new motivation to do better, really want to get into a Private School in San Diego. Out of the few ive seen this one caught my eye
I can make you blush even more away from the private eye~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Now Baroness Altman - check out her dodginess in Private Eye, criticises IDS - they are indeed unravelling!! disabled p…
Grief is such a private thing. I can't imagine dealing with it in the public eye. Am just gutted for his friends and family.
*dances furiously in an Private Eye coat*
...Prince was very private...they REALLY need to just leave it alone...all that dirt digging ain't necessary... 😒
KEEP WATCH! From GenZ! A new kind of mystery series with a NEW Private Eye! https:/…
The antics of City of York Council Lord Mayor & officers have hit 'Private Eye' this week (video now restored).
How come the Daily Heil is attacking Byline, Hacked Off and the BBC and not Private Eye? Suspicious!
It was nothing to do with Hacked Off or the BBC but was broken by Byline and Private Eye. Don't believe the Daily Heil!
Private Eye: So who's the target you need me to follow?. *slides photo across table*. PE: This is a picture of you. Me: Will…
Private Eye appears to have found a way for Gideon to plug the black hole caused by his volte face on PIP cuts.
Private Eye stands firm against the terrorists
'Private Eye' suggests possible reasons as to why Lord Robertson and Lord Hutton are keen on renewing
Joining us now is Ian Hislop reading Mark Piggott to Private Eye “The Grand Bi-Polar Old Duke of York”
It is bizarre that the BBC, the very embodiment of wasteful misuse of public funds (see every issue of Private Eye), to spin this angle.
Get a birds-eye view of the eco-friendly Fanjove Private Island Lodge
Pro-EU business letter in 'The Times'. Excellent from Private Eye.
Leading Brexiteer Boris Johnson on the front cover of this week's Private Eye
private eye summary of why Junior docs contract is flawed. Over to you Mr Caneron!
Thaddeus Black is a Black private eye with a nose for trouble, and hot women!
In which Private Eye discovers how PLP minutes are always, always written.
I should hang outside with a can of cold Taiwan beer and some binoculars looking like a lazy private eye. Maybe a surprise!
Unexpected career moments ... being quoted in Private Eye...
That time Private Eye exposed Tom Newton Dunn bullying a waitress and accusing her of stealing - now wants BBC job
I think reading Private Eye in the mornings is making me angrier than usual.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Cartoon cloned from old Private Eye magazine.
it was supposed to be on Saturday but something is rapidly changing within the private fold.. Don't eye for any big news!
great column this week in private eye. Sums it all up.
Good morning family ? . . Dear family PRIVATE eye is back unequivocally, our first stop is . 1,DEP Governors office...
A private eye caught cheating husbands by luring them with hot soccer moms, but was it all a scam?
Private Eye and the new university fascists.
I feel like you would make a good hardboiled private eye tbh
i feel like there should be some private eye leaning against a wall out there smoking a cheap cigar and monologuing about a woman, THAT's
I dabble in the questionable but this is cause for investigation may have to put my private eye on the case
.if john won the presidency, he wouldn't be nearly as effective as he is in the private sector. keep your eye on McAfee.
Great to see the not so Magnificent 17 feature in Private Eye's - 'Rotten Boroughs' column. A wonderful own goal from SCC?
The guy who set up Hillary's private server has just been given immunity to talk by DOJ. I would sleep w one eye open if I was him.
Current Private Eye on the hidden deaths caused by motor traffic pollution:
Just read "The Private Eye" and the correspondence between you and M.M. You have a dream job. Creating and envisioning... So lucky
Jennifer Schreier, private eye, will be the next guest speaker for
I've got my eye on a big private home on the edge of a sheer cliff near me.
Underdogs! The award-winning adventures of a werewolf private eye and her girlfriend.
Private Eye, regarding - an interesting point. I do wonder how the BBC can extract themselves now. https:…
Neglect of Luke Howard's house in Private Eye this week. Still hoping for some positive action from
The new Private Eye is - even by the mag's own high standards - an absolute snorter. (Cartoon by Martin Ross.)
racist Birmingham Mail is no coincidence. "Private Eye" would NEVER give similar plug to an anti-racist publication in a comparable "entry"
Congratulations to Mayor Joe Anderson for winning Private Eye brass neck award
What an absolute moron Dylan Jones is. From latest issue of Private Eye:.
John Mann MP suggested I contact you re FCA's failure to protect consumers in the FX industry. Private Eye picked it up today.
But didn't Rebecca Brooks do much of the same thing with her official car? (please refer to Private Eye!)
this had been kicking around in Private Eye, it's another change, like student loans, slipped in..gross
I wonder. Is Ian Hislop miffed that Charlie Hebdo is taken far more seriously than Private Eye? Just asking.
My blood donor stories in The Guardian and Private Eye
Pilot Season: There ain't no way to hide this Private Eye. Because it's Glenn Frey
Private Eye exposes hypocrisy of Sun Managing Editor/Former director of Press Complaints Commission
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that grinning Rob Terry pic on every article reminds me of Private Eye's repeated print of Andrew Neil
The Halls that I remember, by Private Eye cartoonist Barry Fantoni via
Private Eye cartoonist Barry Fantoni on the Fairfield Halls and Sixties memories
The Fairfield Halls of the Sixties, as recalled by Private Eye cartoonist Barry Fantoni
Private Eye on Government’s Attempt to Destroy Freedom of Information Act
have you seen the Private Eye article about NTFC and Tony Cardoza? Think you'll find it interesting
The future of university debates by Private Eye. Snort.
Brian K. Vaughn also wrote Y the Last Man, Ex Machina, Dr. Strange the Oath with art by Marcos Martin, same artist of Private Eye
I suspect Private Eye has much more dirt to dish up on the obnoxious Michael Jones, Leader of the incompetent Cheshire East…
Private Eye expose George Osborne's father's company has not paid corporation tax for 7 years despite sales of £200m
apparently were all in this together, well it seems that Osborne and his family are: this from Private Eye.
Sometimes digital such as with Private Eye by BKV & Marcos Martin, but rare. I love Comic Factory 4 too much! That geeky smell!
Private Eye, before the Internet unguarded for a clarification in the lounge at emfcamp: How to words? Up on the London Datastore is SO PRET
Great research by Private Eye about London property deals and the Mayor
Was this before, during or after he was supposedly shagging Sue Barker. As Private Eye's famous line -"I think we should be told"
Frank Cushnahan's solicitor is Paul Tweed who's also used by Ian Paisley Jr and Peter Robinson. From Private Eye
"Do you believe in CQC?" . Private Eye, CQC, Homerton maternity & whistlers. ht…
Addenbrookes and Homerton users please read the latest from Private Eye
still can prove Private Eye's COVER wrong about 2020
Again, both the Guardian and Private Eye lack the necessary basis for moral high ground. We've updated on their lack of ethics and morality
1308 GMT Over at the Private Eye, Ian Hislop may have AVOIDED LOOKING an "overpaid X" but can he deny being overpaid? mf
I'm not crying.. . There's just a little Private Practice feels in my eye 😥😍👌🏼
Very recent cartoon from Private Eye (this week) on Beckett's Waiting for Godot (do tramps have smartphones?)
Tax bombshell awaiting six out of ten private landlords - Property Industry Eye
Wonder what capital "Private Eye" will make out of Cameron and Ashcroft...
He backed away from CSA stories because he got found out The same story was exposed in Private Eye yrs before
Experience romantic sunset cruise with breathtaking view on Old Town Dubrovnik .
is it possibly to try too hard to get myself in Private Eye I wonder?
"Lee Joon becomes vampire private eye for OCN "
Do you believe in the CQC? Who should be held accountable as more services are labelled inadequate and/or unsafe?
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
What a pity there is no Private Eye this week...
Private Eye nails it on Corbyn and Labour
You only have to read the 'rotten boroughs' pages of Private Eye to see why we need more and better regional journalism.
One of our merchants sent us in this clipping from Private Eye. Sums up our frustrations!
Mapping English land purchased with money from outside the UK, lots of work by
Private eye at its best, fantastic read
Build it and they will rent! Institutional investors eye up the private rented sector
Keep an eye on your competitors by putt,ng thdm in private nwitter lists to monitor tueir strategies and activities.
I like browsing this shelf! Private Eye is always worth a look.
Private Eye's subsequent investigation found very little foreign ownership in Cambridge though.
probably Private Eye or Armageddon. You've definitely gone with the right album
Learn how to get fast, accurate, and detailed workload analytics.
And that these investigations delay, deny & defend wrong.
Accorong to the 'Private Eye', James Purnell was hired by the overpaid benefit-claimant Tony Hall to be the BBC's link to the likely Regime
The Current Trend is not to Employ a Private Eye and instead use Surveillance T ... -
A proud moment for Scottish Borders Council. Finally making Private Eye's rotten boroughs. Hopefully not the last.
Are you the colossal twit and hypocrite sounding off about charity mismanagement as seen in Private Eye, Mr Northern Rock?
I am still wondering if this is a new project by Chris Morris or the Private Eye writers.
Private Eye | Official Site - the UK's number one best-selling news and current affairs...
You need a reminder of this great 'Tory anti-politics' *** from Private Eye http:/…
has Private Eye. worth serious study. -there isnt a Frost Report and no equiv of Jon Steward. Rory Bremner?
Looks like Paul Sherwen referred himself to Private Eye here. At £10 a time he could make himself a fortune!
John Walker and Private Eye exposed Simth in the 70s.
He did not expose Cyril Smith, John Walker and Private Eye did in 1979. He steals others thunder
I think of it like the Private Eye pic of Andrew Neil or the Viz pic of the bloke kissing that lady's bum
Private Eye: shooting Faconnable Fall Winter season - breathtaking backdrop of the French Riviera scenery
Maureen Lipman - don't know where that came from as I'm lying reading Private Eye !!
That thing about his Luther bible sounds like Craig Brown is doing Geoffrey Hill's diary in Private Eye.
“.are you insane?I always liked Louise Mensch, but that's a Coleman ball worthy of Private Eye
Private Eye nail it with a joke piece about Nick Clegg, Sheffield & Ched Evans...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
old Private Eye record had "Keith Joseph" saying: "I think I'm perfectly qualified to talk about housing.
I'm delighted Private Eye have corrected their article about me and donated a four figure sum to a Rochdale charity of my…
'Private Eye' on Leicester cathedral's treatment of - spot on! (pic thanks to Paul Booth)
Private Eye also going with Josie Long 's vision of Ed Miliband. Almost
When he edited the Mirror Piers Morgan ordered Graham Brough to investigate Private Eye editor Ian Hislop court told. He …
Well this IS satisfying. Private Eye reveal the truth about Sarah Vine and Ed Mili's communist kitchen (via
Since retiring, goalie Shaka Hislop had his skin bleached, lost 2 feet in height & is now editor of satirical magazine 'Private Eye'.
only Private Eye would touch the Cyril Smith story, establishment pressure stopped Fleet St follow up
As legendary Private Eye editor Ian Hislop puts it: "I'm incandescent with rage after finishing reading the papers each morning."
After BoJo success, should interview Ian Hislop, editor of UK's Private Eye.
Dear Dyfed-Powys Police: I have a subscription to Private Eye magazine. What you gonna do about it, copper ?
"Private Eye on David Cameron's hypocrisy on human rights and free speech
Private Eye: Heath ‘seriously canvassing party opinion as to whether or not he should bring back Reggie Maudling.
1/2 Dates on file are Oct 27 1980 - Mar 20 1981. . Oct 27 could be date of publication of Private Eye issue that outed Sir Pe…
and then a reference from Private eye. But I need more sources to verify.
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"Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?" Private Eye: 6 CAUGHT: via
I'm putting private eye out of business, while you're back home wanking on moomins
I have nothing useful to add to this Grizelda cartoon in Private Eye.
MP gets the cream in a dairy disaster - not everyone is suffering from the cash crisis at First Milk
So maybe we could wait for infant mortality data before rushing to build an incinerator?
Thinking Private Eye may be losing its edge with their latest edition?
There was so much to mock this year. Private Eye did not let us down.
I think Private Eye said that with a wink in their eye and their tongue in their cheek!
Marketing genius at work in the current issue of Private Eye (hello and
Here's the world premiere of our latest acoustic video. 'Private Eye' by 1-2-Skiba! .
It's all about the base. 'Does my bum look big enough in this?' Best cartoon in Private Eye this year.
My favourite Private Eye Colemanball from Coleman himself: 'She's not Ben Johnson but then who is?'
"I have an infected eye? Or eyelid? I didn't even know that was a thing until now"its when you peep at private parts
Leon Brittan named in Private Eye and elsewhere in 1984 as the cabinet minister facing allegations of child abuse
Another glorious year for municipal mischief - Britain’s councils of despair. Rotten Boroughs Awards:
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
It should have been investigated in 1984 by Home Secretary, who was delighted with Private Eye's article. …
In 1984 Private Eye suggested that then Home Secretary, had been targeted by MI5 who had smeared him . That ne…
incinerator & Pickles make Private Eye...Good to know our health is in disinterested hands...
'Private Eye' magazine selling well to those big houses in who want lots of little houses on their land
Private Eye on how the election will look - with nearly four months to go
My favourite Charlie Hebdo-related cartoon, in the latest edition of Private Eye.
Cartoon in the Private Eye cartoon special!
Private Eye will have a field day when it comes to the tributes being paid to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – it’ll be like beheading fish in a barrel…
Private Eye: a view of 2014. Ian Hislop and co. take to the National Theatre once again. must watch stuff:
Leon Brittan, cruelly denied chance to defend himself. Lucky that 1984 Private Eye article really put the rumours to b…
I'm serious about Private Eye though. It might seem an odd course of action but I respect Ian Hislop.
How newspapers will cover the election for the next 4 months, according to Private Eye. via
Training day. Hard boiled Private Eye, Sam Spade explains realities of "PI Business" to disbelieving femme fatale.
Private Eye has absolutely nailed the thorny question of whether Idris Elba can be James…
Private Eye editor Ian Hislop: 'Very little seems funny today' after Paris terror attack
Private Eye called. They want their joke back
Goodbye nailed by Spot on re pieces . .
Or show him that wonderful series of comparisons that Private Eye ran a few years back of classical tunes & his...
I don't know if I wrote the best book of the year but I think we can agree it's certainly the best book featuring Hitler as a private eye
The owner of the Daily Mail.. Why Lord Rothermere is parking mad.
... is keeping her private life out of the public eye // Ur doing the right
Her accretion was turbulent, like a nonexistent private-eye
tbh Private Eye is probably a good source of info.
at the risk of sounding like I've made this up, private eye said 3 parties and palace agreed no gongs this year
I have completed the Private Eye festive crossword. Who wants to touch me?
A 1986 Private Eye magazine with Leon Brittan on the cover
Lord Rothmere of the Daily Mail has the strangest Kensington parking arrangements.
in the next issue of Private Eye, please.
you are a more liberal thinker I'm more like Museveni. Don't do it, maybe in private away from the public eye
“Private Eye is on top form this week
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
315 MPs voted to privatise the NHS. 1 in 5 had links to private healthcare companies
MT "Private Eye got there first Why is it taking so lon…
Private Eye on the shady world of purchasing fake followers
THE POET AND THE PRIVATE EYE: Hired to dig dirt on Dylan Thomas. during his last visit to New York, a private i...
This is really grim reading in Private Eye, benefits sanction death.
“Best British cartoon of the year by Richard Jolley in Private Eye, h/t
But letters allegedly proving the theory have gone missing
The plane's sold out but maybe if you throw your sweater on the middle seat & avoid eye contact someone will give up &…
Wouldn't the best new career for McNulty be a private eye? I can see him investigating cheating wives he's sleeping with
Ok Mr Osborne, so how do you explain these stats? (thanks Private Eye) Seems like you can't do your sums. Out ht…
If your Magnum Peni is for private eyes why do you deny me? I get the Shaft when I ask! I'm no detective but I'd love to ins…
Remember 2014 with Private Eye, a satirical reflection on the year with Ian Hislop, Harry Enfield, Jan Ravens & more: …
Boris Johnson team wined & dined for plan to give Crystal Palace Park to Chinese Co. -Private Eye via
Our favourite Justice Secretary makes Private Eye yet again.
Private Eye | Official Site - magazine, edited by Ian Hislop via Tories look away now.
NTevening with Private Eye was marvellous.Lewis MacLeod was brilliant (also Jan Ravens, Harry Enfield, John Sessions etc.) Xmas has started
Not sure what this says about MY relevance... - Six panels from Brian K Vaughn/Marcos Martin’s Private Eye,...
Jeremy Thorpe has died. Who can forget the Private Eye front page during his trial 'Scott of the *** Antics'?
This new Private Eye series 'The Kippers' tells me that even Ian Hislop thinks it now sells papers. :-/ oops.
Ian Hislop looks like a fruit bat. He's not easy on the Private Eye...
In case you missed it... Check out our interview with Private Eye editor and team captain, Ian Hislop!
Our interview with Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye and HIGNFY team captain. We chat in his personal office:
I love Private Eye but I read somewhere that Ian Hislop finds solstice in the traditions of the church etc? please tell me this is not true
Live in London, read Private Eye & The Guardian, dress at Ann Summers, watch hardly any TV. Who are they?
Here is my response to a recent article in Private Eye: To the editor of Private Eye: Dear Sir, How strange it must seem, to the writer of “Literary Review”, that the millions of people around the world who read and enjoy novels should choose the works of Ken Follett and Stephen King and Stieg Larsson. How odd that they so often ignore the proper novels admired by “Literary Review”. The majority of readers, and the authors they love, clearly have no idea what literature is really about. They insist on exciting stories, soundly plotted and written in clear, vivid sentences. When will they ever learn? Yours faithfully, Ken Follett.
Private Eye and Pret A Manger to kill time thanks to a cancelled train. Could be worse!
Our Council Leader Paul STABBER Watson owned a social club where a man was stabbed in the heart as Private Eye report
lied to you yday when said Support gp exempt 1% cap. Same as benefit freeze: Also see Private Eye.
Saudi and MOD Guns4Bungs: Serious Fraud Office announce new investigation from Private Eye article. Time for Change
Google wants to direct you to journalist Christopher Booker, an interesting diversion as he help found wonderful Private Eye.
Someone really ought to do a 'Private Eye' of the tech industry - satire, leaks, jokes, blind items etc. Might be a bit incestuous though.
Although I am getting my facts from the film Johnny English here so don't ask me to write for Private Eye or anything.
Private Eye's perceptive take on Gordon Brown charging to the rescue the Union!
Fantastic take on Richard Dawkins' Twiiter feed in Private Eye.
worked for or published in all of them. I'd like a long form news magazine. Private Eye a favourite.
Private Eye is a fortnightly British satirical and current affairs magazine, edited by Ian Hislop.
A blog post from Harry McGraw, Private Eye from Murder she Wrote by Jessica Fletcher & Donald Bain:
read Private Eye countys latest 75m cuts get thumbs up from Gloucester Citizen just as well the editor getting married tory ldr
Queen Lizzie (referred to as Brenda in Private Eye) personally knew Rolf Harris was a child rapist
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